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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  November 7, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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at twitter on kennedy nation or fox good night. we say thank you for joining us. have they great weekend and be with us monday. good night from new york. john: the world has its elites. some are privilege. especially in housing. >> t. know how to do your own laundry? >> 96% went to democrats. >> what's wrong with that? john: media this seems to hate this list. but now some people are pushing back. others pushback against the elite that shape elections. >> donald trump are you a comic book villain and john carson can you do math, john kasich we insult to people over here?
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john: but even on fox some people think politicians run america. >> we elect responsible people to run the country. john: politicians don't run america, we do. i'm glad one politician gets this but voters don't seem inspired. >> i'm still running for president and we have been doing this -- john: the elite and their enemy. that's our show tonight. >> and now jon stossel. john: quella to complain about elites, the people who seem to have a special advantage privileges in life. i think about the rich people who go to the fancy parties that appear in the style section of our newspapers. and the spoiled rich kids who party all night. i resent them because i don't think most of them work for their wealth. they don't contribute. still, those elites are mostly
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harmless but there's one group of truly dangerous elites the politicians who have power over others. the spoiled party kids may have stupid ideas but they can impose them on the rest of us. politicians can. politicians get to use force, government force and like the old soviet tyrants with their five year plans american politicians have plans for us. for example hillary clinton thinks it's her job to create jobs. >> i put forward specific plans about how we are going to create more good paying jobs. john: we are going to create the impression doesn't understand the good-paying jobs come from a free economy and not central planning? republicans have a grand plan stu. >> i have had a plan and now we are working on another plan so how many plans do i have to do before people understand that we will have a plan?
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john: i kind of like kasich i don't want a politician to plan my life. i like politicians to keep us safe but to stay out of our lives as much as possible. and one senator running for president i think stands for that. that is rand paul. rand: absolutely in the things i i say is the soviet union was brought down because they couldn't determine one simple thing, the price of bread and all these planners that nobody could determine the price of bread. only the bargain can predict is that the price to go the bread is gone and decided to high across on the shelves. the market can figure out the perfect price of bread because it has the most amount of people. we don't realize this invisible hand of capitalism how it creates great wealth and distributes it to so many people and there is a danger because we have one candidate running on a platform of socialism in our country. john: verney sanders and people applaud it in the audience when
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he said what's wrong with socialism? is working in europe. what would you say to that? rand: within socialism there is the inherent implied force or violence and i tell people. john: we are going to take care of the poor. rand: there's nothing sexier cool about socialism. it's implied violence and it's not accidental that throughout history when we have had socialist regimes often it ended en masse violence towards people. john: how is it implied violence? rand: it's implied violence begets a take away your choices. for example if you want to sell bread they won't let you sell bread unless you have the official imprimatur of the state or the state owns the bread company. if i want to buy bread for me they won't let me buy it from you either so our choices as consumers are taken away. i think there's some irony here because many say i'm pro-choice. they are very anti-choice when it comes to market decisions.
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they are the antichoice party but that is what socialism is. john: markets have provided us with so much good stuff. i thought your message would resonate with people. i was for you and for you but you are getting killed in the polls. it's not over yet. rand: we haven't even gotten to the voting yet, come on now. i think we don't know what's going to happen yet and i think there are many more people out there who are supportive of libertarian or free-market ideals that are going to come forward. john: i thought people would say i don't like all this command control. i don't like bombing all these other countries. is rand paul guys like incense. i don't think people know yet because there has been sort of a celebrity skew if you haven't noticed. john: i have noticed. rand: nobody knows what economic system that celebrities for bit trust him because he is smarter and all-powerful and given more power and he will fix everything. as a long-standing tradition in our country going back even to
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the magna carta on trying to limit power of people living for too too much power in the hands of an individual comic -- john: even donald trump? rand: even a benign autocrat like trumpet maybe it may not be so good to have so much power the hands of one person. john: i am glad you call him benign. rand: perhaps benign. john: you in your time as senator had pushback against the washington elites. you have filibustered the nsa spying and lying about spying and you oppose budgets that actually cut spending instead of just slowing the growth which is fairly radical to get people's attention. you made -- he made this video where he takes a chainsaw to the tax code. rand: i'm rand paul and i'm trying to kill the tax code, all 70,000 pages of it. john: i like that obviously but did you steal that idea for me because two years ago i did the same kind of thing.
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rand: i think ours was better because we have jimi hendrix playing in the background of hours. john: yours is better and you can steal from me as much as you want. rand: most of america knows you can't -- with a paycheck and they are upset by a government that borrows a million dollars a minute and their ability to make a living. what i find his there are very few if any fiscal conservatives in washington because on the right you have people who are liberal with military spending and i'm a lefty to people that are liberal with welfare spending and guess what sex they get together and they spend money on everything. so really the only compromise in washington is right and left get together and they get what they want, more money spent. john: you have talked about president obama passing out loans to campaign donors. rand: solyndra was a company take a $534 million too. it just so happens the person received money was a billionaire and one of the 20th richest
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man in america and it just so happens was at big contributor for president obama. one side does it but the other side does when they get in power. john: the feds gave money for a motion picture museum. the oscar people can buy their own museum? rand: we discovered last week they spend $800,000 developing televised cricket league for afghanistan. i can give you a thousand of these. we have is that a lot of these on our web site. john: why don't they stop that? rand: spending goes on forever and ever stops but we do have the power and this is what annoys people. we have a republican congress house and senate. republicans -- it's both big spending democrats and big spending republicans. john: maybe that's what the public wants. rand: the public doesn't want the disaster that comes with this. in 2000 get a near disaster and we can have that again if you
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continue with this. we are in an overloaded system. john: the disaster you are referring to is the popping of the housing bubble. rand: right that was created by an overleveraged system federal reserve policy keeping interest rates so low that ever did i keep building and a feedback loop avenges rates rising and i blame that on the said frankly. i think fed policy got us into the panic of 2008 but it's a little bit interrelated because we pay off our debts with low interest rates so the fed allows it in a combination of large debt. their hand in glove together. john: no money to pay for the all people, no money in people's bank accounts. rand: when you destroy that printed out what happens. john: two final exit like to end with. it bothers me when politicians say this about the president, whoever that may be. >> you hired this guy to run the country. rise up and elect responsible
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people to run the country. >> i didn't know you guys ran it country. i thought we free people around your brand of country and you run the government. rand: i am not running to run the economy of the country. in fact i say i'm running to give power back to the people. i think the real problem is we try to run too many things in the economy and we accumulate so much power in the executive branch that we are disturbing the normal market forces that do create wealth. john: a final point to help you bring these ideas to more people new technology like livestreaming having a camera follow him all day. he didn't sound like he thought it was a good idea. here's the clip. rand: the third most popular question, is rand paul still running for president and i don't know we have been doing this livestreaming.
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yes i still am running for president. get over it. john: i find that refreshing. rand: do you know what we are going to do that so popular, you're going to toot tomas livestreaming the sequel. people are excited about this. you can get a t-shirt thasays it. john: thank you senator rand paul. coming up, a refreshing push back against elites at "the new back against elites at "the new york times." at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. john: i'm not a member of the media elite. when i was a consumer reporter i was and then i want lots of many words but once they start criticizing government i lost my status. i host my own tv show. that sounds elite but the real elites in american media are the majority that -- we got it case of their sneering attitude at the last debate.
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>> your board fired you and i wonder why you think we should hire you now? >> donald trump when you look at mdc someone with moral authority to unite the country? >> aggregate your job. john: why canada said we should shrink the tax code he was smeared. eventually senator ted cruz pushed back. >> the questions that have been out so far in this debate illustrates why the american people don't trust the media. [applause] marco rubio what i need to resign? jeb bush why are you numbers falling? john: when cruz said that aycher. finally candidate standing up for the socialist elite. and speaking of the socialist media elite, the best example of that is "the new york times" the so-called paper of record. not that many people actually read it today. katy perry has 77 times more twitter followers than "the new
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york times"'s readers at the time still matter because tv hosts copy this and politicians read it and assume it tells the truth. people assumed the story was true. a huge top of the front page exposé of nail salons that ran for two days claiming salons abuse their workers. the very next day the state had politician announced. >> today we are starting a multiagency effort to help women who work in nail salons. [applause] why? john: why? because the times ran a so-called exposé. that allowed the political elites is that government will come to the rescue. what's wrong with the elite media pointing out a problem and politicians stepping in to fix that? two things. first politicians laws really fix things. they often make problems worse than second in this case the
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times exposé was very misleading. the reason jim epstein learned that when he re-reported the story talking to the same people that the times reporter talked to and what did you find out? >> i find it drafted the story of mass exportation onto an industry where nothing of the sort is going on. john: the writer sarah nehr said managers are routinely underpaid and exploited. >> according to the bureau of labor statistics labor's main -- make nine dozen or base wages and sometimes as much as that in tips and sometimes much more. they do fairly well in their skilled workers. john: nobody's forcing them to work there. presumably this is a better option than their attorney of. >> that's right but it's not a bad option because you can do well as a manager. john: usually been "the new york times" sneers at google
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businesses they just take it but lately some nail salons help protest in front of the times building. [chanting] [chanting] >> the stories are not correct create. john: this nail salon owner happens to be married to "new york times" reporter. >> in this instance their lack of judiciousness led them to serious injury to the reputation of people. john: i think he cares about it because he knows those people. he is one of them. his wife is one of them. >> he is a longtime reader so these hacks are one of the good eggs but it is sort of amazing
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that whenever you read an article about a topic that you know about it never looks anything like what you know so that's talented. john: you interviewed him interview these workers in her different things? >> pretty much everyone i spoke to said they had been misquoted. producer rickie rat left went to the protest and interviewed some of the salon workers and many were upset because the times claims some salons pay some workers just 10 bucks a day. >> is $10 an hour, not $10 a day. >> they said we only pay $10 a day for the worker. it's not true. we pay $10 for the dash not for the worker. we pay 800 $2000 a week. >> they stand by the story because they are afraid of new immigrants being exploited. >> it's totally exploitive.
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>> it's totally fake. we would have closed the shop a long time ago but we know no one -- john: what did she mean no one would come to work for you? >> nael manicurists are skilled employees who have a good deal of earning power and that's because these nail shop owners are constantly looking for good employees. they are putting in these ads in the asian language classifieds because they're trying to find people and they're constantly losing employees so most nail salons are struggling to track workers. john: the times later bragged they got put politicians to act. >> we have a capitalist system that can't abuse workers who are vulnerable. john: the parthenia times is they have the government. "the new york times" runs a story that very next day
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governor cuomo reacts. no independent investigation so why did they have this attitude? >> the underlying view is that these people must not know what is best for them. they are being exploited. they're not making rational choices they somehow turns his preventative them -- presented to them. we know better, we need to work with government intervene and make their lives better for them. john: the result is raising prices eliminating some jobs. >> the result has been a nail salon industry has stopped growing. the people that the times claims to be so concerned that can no longer find jobs in the industry. john: thank you jim epstein of recent tv. coming up, hollywood elite. but next, the elites who run but next, the elites who run colleges.
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john: america e elite tends to go to college and they leave the left. dray left the governor report founded a top universities college professors to donate to politicians, 99 percent give to democrats. jesse waters confronts cornell students about that. he describes the campus this way. >> a budget people from different backgrounds. >> 96% of the donations from faculty went to democrats. >> what's wrong with that? >> you can i get a complete education of almost all your teachers think one way. political science professor teaches at the king's college were not everyone is a leftist. >> when some of the statistics were brought out
9:28 am
they said you have to be smart and people on the right are not. >> you are stupid because you were not like me. that is what has happened. john: the due philosophy department says we try to hire the smartest people available a lot of conservatives we will never hire members of academia tend to be smarter. >> ace to purred with dash a stupid conservative equal amount of libertarian's or conservatives it is just where they need not apply. john: and ucla's steadies' full-time faculty members and they sell the identify of the far left eight-point 8% less than 1% to a 63%.
9:29 am
>> most of the hiring it higher education happen at the departmental levels you have a majority of individuals that will add to their number to get 51 percent wanting someone who shares the same values and political commitments that 51 percent will be 60% and 75 percent before you know, it. john: don't they think it is a diversity of ideas? >> there is no need for that. >> i am not surprised with sociology 16 democrats for what republican but even the economics department? >> that is an area where
9:30 am
libertarian thinkers have done well but even given that trillion dollar debt it is amazing. >> some conservative students say you have to adapt to survive if they have the conservative leading a say they will get a bad grade. >> the right to a paper to bring a conservative viewpoints there, getting a good good grade. >> it is widespread everywhere. so to write what you think but also to tell ito you want to hear this but this is what i really think most will say they have a different opinion but a they want to hear what they have taught and they want to regurgitated. john: to the professors say we all lehigh maier of leftist? regard no placards outside
9:31 am
but they knew you buy what you steady increase steady breath. john: page you dated. coming up the truly disgusting eat of hollywood. >> the size of a closet of a >> the size of a closet of a normal person i am not a
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john: this week i asked to is the america elite? you mentioned celebrities. >> hollywood. >> rock stars movies stars and the idiots that want to hang out with them. they're are silly people in hollywood but it they don't have real power over others
9:36 am
and i assume most of them earned their celebrity but i am wrong. >> everyone knows my cyrus robin thick were bored with a platinum skidded about that almost every actor is riding on someone and rich and famous coattails and you have a right to know. john: he went on and on today's celebrities who had connections. kristin's to work probably a slightly, did you radcliff radcliff, jennifer invested -- anniston. is that fair? ben shapiro is the author of prime time propaganda. is it true? they get their jobs through nepotism? >> there is a high number of people who know people it is a very social business if you're inside the social circle it is a good shot you
9:37 am
have a better shot to get a job that if you just get off the bus from oklahoma as is the common myth. john: they don't go to the beauty salon and get discovered? >> no. then there would be no more waitresses in a glossy angeles because everybody who has tried out if you analyze if somebody can act horsey or if they are talented it is somebody that is in a position of power it doesn't matter how bad your performance and godfather three. john: with all processes go. have been fairly in the business made it harder to succeed. >> people say let's have her come read or if their progeny has city of her parents gift but once you
9:38 am
were in the door delicate you much more critically i think it is a much more uphill battle. john: how would you give the door the first place? there is nepotism and every industry but how many opportunities to get to do the audition or the call back or do they look at the gate to see what she can do? most wait around for their return - - their phone to ring every day. i can imagine with her father i can imagine there is a situation she is waiting for the phone to ring. john: children of elite politicians get special breaks like president hautboys daughter guided internships in chelsea clinton was once paid $600,000 to work as a national correspondent for nbc news. >> purveyed criteria was her brother would she have her name on the foundation?
9:39 am
it has the halo effect they think they are smarter or more beautiful it definitely helps. john: on social media who are america elite? >> kim kardashian, the west's common caitlin jenner they are a member of the kardashian family and oprah would ask about their status >> teeeighteen q. are spoiled? >> no. >> do you know, how to do your laundry? >> no. >> you know, anything about credit? >> not really. >> day you know, how to iron? >> there was pride in their attitude i think they would be embarrassed. >> it is of member of the upper class aristocracy that
9:40 am
shows how far above us. they feel superior to the kardashian they laugh all the way to the bank they have destroyed more american lives than ebola. john: why do you say that? >> the car crash of caitlin gender and a lot more of a dumb ebola has not killed that many people. john: but i see cosmopolitan called the americas first big-league. >> it is awful. the first women nonsense it does demonstrate better cash to just ever royal family. the because the west -- kanye west will run for president.
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john: there is lots of elite
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in america but europe is worse. but even today the english parliament has the house of lords. they don't even get elected they have received if they have a famous name or their a ancestors or if they have powerful friends in government. here is one who has a title. a british lord who joins us from westminster tower. how you get to be the house of lords? to read by inherited as of right to with the election i was elected by the people who were already in their not of the people of the outside is not very democratic but i am one of the hundred have very little power. john: but you do get to vote and did lewinsky ever met. >> yes we do have residual powers but we're not
9:46 am
supposed to use them resettle they started to use them again. john: i am not accusing you to be the elite now you have written the book called "the evolution of everything" arguing ideas emerge in spite of the elite but you read in spite. >> ordinary people interacting with one another we give far too much credit to the people who are in charge that seem to be on top of things they just take the credit. john: with the presidential campaign everyone says i will be a good leader but you point out so much of life is not led by joining together in spontaneous ways like a flock of geese. >> is perfect order that there is not the concern is
9:47 am
as everybody followed me it is because they take a position off of each other the one that the front keep changing it is busy merging spontaneously. >> perhaps you have never seen one i am dr entrepreneur who wants to freeze water into ice been charged people monday to put blades on their feet everybody will skate together the old the ruble is go counterclockwise you would say that is crazy you the rules and though peter but yet you don't they work out it wouldn't if you had a leader and i tried that once >> it didn't improve anyone
9:48 am
skating its made people worse with instruction that. >> please take a microphone away. >> you are like a dictator you are trying to impose order our society which you should let it be merged. john: linkages a good example of spontaneous order >> nobody is in charge of language there are many rules of all the common words are very short but that is because somebody wrote that down 80 emerge from the way we interact with each other. it is crucial to understand you have a very good language without anybody being in charge. john: but because they are spelled illogically they tried to improve on the spontaneous language.
9:49 am
>> the biggest example that william shatner made. the u.s. army says it was the link which of the opposing party. >> qdoba language planned by experts and nobody speaks it. >> that is a nice example why central planning and central direction and is not always the best way to go. we need to learn that election with the political system that what you need to do is get people to produce their own solutions is the ultimate example. >> there were centrally planned it is.
9:50 am
>> we put too much faith in people? >> we say well done to get that politician or to the scientist but if you go back there is the overwhelming patent that people in bed the same thing at the same time thomas medicine invented the light pole but so did 23 other people in the same decade. john: what happened to them? >> in britain we say someone else deserves the credit to and in russia they say somebody else invented the light bulb. they all have a good claim the incandescent light bulb lot of people had the same idea medicine was the best businessman he put together the company to make it possible and entered into a business so he got the
9:51 am
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john: lead on social media who are the elite day live-in of -- washington with lots of money
9:55 am
lifetime's salaries and exempt from the law and we elected them. sadly that is often true. and they seem to be exempt but occasionally in the politicians do get prosecuted occasionally. >> some of the washington elite does have a lifetime salary out of it ted richest counties six surround washington but most of those are lobbyist the rate they're ready to manipulate government al gore made most of his $2 trillion feeding of greek energy subsidies after he left office. but the riches politicians got rich outside politics nancy pelosi of $100 million, and john kerry to do 50 million although
9:56 am
they very rich people the richest politicians created business is so good for them. that is why senator warner has to do $50 million in apparel iss. >> donald trump brags about his big assets of $9,240,000,000. john: so he says. but i draw that distinction between trump and elite. he is different from government elite yes to convince people to pay he cannot force you to do business with him. but with one exception kiki and if he partners with their cronies and the
9:57 am
government which he has done and i gave him a hard time about that. >> to call them protease is unfair. >> backed is a special case but in general the business elite cannot force you to do a bit against your will only government can do that. , the visions of the agreed ted should be called the conceit of the silvery ted politicians use the word ask as we're just asking everyone to pay their fair share. but governments do not ask they tell the irs does not ask for contributions but it takes them. that is why they are the most dangerous elite a relatively small group of people to impose a heavy cost of others of taxes, of
9:58 am
lost jobs, it leads to lots of damage that is what it matt ridley said it doesn't come from the ldp but a bubbles up from the bottom. they could not even make this pencil as this video explains. >> graphite, a cedar, metal and rubber. to have all the elements of a pencil in for a debut could you make one? no single person on the face of the earth could do it. the most immediate ancestor of the cedar tree of the pacific northwest for those loggers they are assisted by that people that produced the saw in the rope of the
9:59 am
two walls baroda and trucks in the systems that design and build them. all of them are necessary to process. so far all we have is a state flag. >> it is a coordination of thousands of people and that matilda and. >> and then to promote the end. john: they do it without force. millions of people are motivated to cooperate voluntarily to trade with people or speak their language.
10:00 am
and so much more that is our show. we will see you next week. detective wheeler, upbusiness.c. good night. next lou dobbs keeps right here on fox business. :good evening everybody. talk of donald trump's decline is over stated. a brand new poll shows trump leading the republican race with the backing of 26 percent of the gop voters. voters also identifying trump as the best candidate on the economy, and the most likely to beat hillary clinton. tonight we exam the fox news poll, and it's coming up. also more reasons 2for democrats and republicans and


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