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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 8, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EST

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and the pillars of capitalism to ingrach yat yourself to liberals. i love this country, respect the free market. i'm the opposite of detective wheeler, upbusiness.c. good night. next lou dobbs keeps right here on fox business. :good evening everybody. talk of donald trump's decline is over stated. a brand new poll shows trump leading the republican race with the backing of 26 percent of the gop voters. voters also identifying trump as the best candidate on the economy, and the most likely to beat hillary clinton. tonight we exam the fox news poll, and it's coming up. also more reasons 2for democrats and republicans and
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conservatives ideology con vailing elections across the country yesterday. the race and the contest in kentucky where voters picked the outsider republican over the e sta stablishment. we will be taking up all things with chris and political analyst and democratic strategist and growing evidence tonight that the russian jet liner that crashed in the desert over the weekend may have been brought down by a bomb. britain suspended flights in fear that it was a terrorist bomb and the islamic state has taken responsibility. we will have a full report. the big political news tonight is trudonald trump. fox news on the attack as well. trump going after the opponents as he officially filed for the new hampshire primary.
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>> we have to make the country rich again and then we're going to make the country great again. >> there's a low energy person. ben carson is super low energy. there's an article today that he falls asleep every time that he gets in a car to drive. >> trump targeting rubeio and saying that he is going down next. to sort through all of this is digital politics editor chris and in one quick second we hard from mr. trump and the energy level and the very low energy level of another. he is back on a roll. >> yeah, yes but imagine how much better mr. trump would be doing if not attacked by the rivals. it turns out that was the limiting agent for him. he continues to hold --
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>> did you just say reagent? >> it is. >> i expected you of being a liberal arts graduate. >> yeah i learned enough so that i could make analogies and the personal attacks. >> just like for jeb bush. what killed him. what kills him is personal attack against mark rubio. he made it about the character and jeb bush collapsed and that was the final thing with trump he is out and there's a well spring of support for him. there's huge support of blue collar and people that have been disenfranchised and he goes on the attacks and he cuts himself off because that limits the
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number of people that are receptive. >> how many of these cycles do you you think that you will have to experience. >> you mentioned because it's ben carson beating hillary clinton and it's the general election match up. it's cruz and rubeio both beating and has trump who loses the hillary clinton. there's a reason that he is not well enough liked. the longer that goes on, the harder that it will be for mr. trump because he looks like a bad risk for the general election. >> would you entertain a counter theory to the theory? that is if normal times these were and the national media were
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independent and even handed and would fall off the failing of f the candidates and that might halt. given that's not the case and we stand so tall among those few that represent them in the justice and american way on this network. i think that probably trump may serve himself far fairly well. >> i certainly take kwyour poin on the fractured media. when you get down to it, an attack is like an intentional foul in a football game. a penalty and you may stop the other team from scoring, but you're going to receive a penalty in return, and that's what always happen. trump may feel what's going happen, or hit the people, but each time voters and that's what the polls tell us again and again cannot move outside of the base if people and other voters
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have a negative opinion and they would be stuck there. he has to let others grow to love him as the base does. >> and rubeio rising in new hampshire. trump and carson leading and rubeio doing well. we see cruz with rubeio at the top of the latest poll. this is an important traction for two men that look like thd e they were not going to establish it until the next debate. >> this maybe the phase that's real. everybody else is noted down and single digit and low numbers and struggling down in the space. we may see the next republican field. that's ben carson, donald trump ted cruz and mark rubio as the guys that are in the hunt for the nomination and then a bunch of people waiting to see that
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they are not. >> matt, how about that? a stun er of a result and the outsider prevailing as we witnessed across the country for the most part and a signal to those that would divine something nationally to the kentucky result. >> well, two things. one thing is that the winner of the kentucky election before and the general the party has carried the white house three sickl si cycles and the other thing is that people need to quit reading so many terrible polls. my goodness. the polling in kentucky was hay nus. it was a smart phone and it was not good stuff. it was not blue grass prime. it was not junk. people were putting them out like they were the real thing.
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turns out that they were 13 points off. only trust the good stuff. >> yeah, even then do a little bit closer. >> yeah, as always great to have you here. >> you bet. >> see you in milwaukee by the way. >> oh yeah. forbes is out with the annual ranking of the world's most powerful people and topping the list is russian president putin. germany's leader is next. falling to third place is president obama. this is the first time a sitting u.s. president has not been in the top two in the forbes power ranking. they say that putin is so powerful that he can do what he wants while obama's influence shrinks. up next the administration that claimed that this was the most transparent will not release the e-mails between the president and former secretary of the state.
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david with us next on that and much more. we're coming right back. stay with us.
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the white house saying that he will not release anymore e-mails between obama and
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clinton until after he leaves office. this is after 4,400 e-mails were release from the state department today. 268 of those e-mails contained classified information that had been redakted. once again she did receive and send private information on the server. joining us the president of citizen united and david, glad to have you with us. what do you make of all of these classified e-mails in the utter challengeable untrue claims? >> it's sort of remarkable. i am going to be honest with you. i just shake my head all of the time over what this white house and state department is doing. you look at what the general had had happen to him over a lot less er offense. now, look at clinton hundreds of
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hundreds -- by the way it's the you duty of the person sending to know if it's classified. they train the people to do that. these claims by her are crazy. there's a big problem and the fbi has to be seriously looking at that. >> the fbi may or may not be. let's be real honest. the fbi has been taken it's sweet time. this is a straightforward issue for this fbi. >> well, let me just -- >> let me finish. this is -- i just don't think that we sit will and say that the good fbi -- that's the most politisized justice department in the country. it is. i am just going to hold back hope that when i dealt with the fbi in the 1990s and lou we was
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the fbi director. >> that was a long time ago. that's not the same people. >> thanks a lot. it was a long time ago, but my point is that james watched what happened to louie. he was around in that time period. i know james and he is honorable and has integrity. the fbi always works in the shadows. they're not on the front page like the ben commit tee. they're not working. >> they're used to block -- the fbi is used to block investigations. the fbi and it's investigations have been used to stone wall by this administration whether we're talking of fast and furious or benghazi and i want to be opt optimistic as you are,
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but i can't. i am looking strongly at the facts and that's the other. >> i am an investigator and always have been. i am hopeful. i agree with everything that you say. i am hopeful that jamess and the fbi are doing diligence on the investigation. one thing clear on the classified e-mails we received the classified e-mails on the investigation and both of which the foundation and one of them is has the fbi been to the clinton foundation and received them? >> yeah, if we receive two, there's many more. >> yeah, they have to stand up to be a little louder to be honest. the conservatives have stepped aside and a man that had an f rating that's supposed to drive forward the republican party. i mean i don't know what it is
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of the conservative members of the house right now to govern us in any way. i cannot for the life of us tell the difference in what you have been and is under the leadership and the control of the republican party above the senate and house. there's something awfully awf awfully pa cue lar here. >> you hit it on the head. my only hope and i will say that i believe that paul ryan will be better than john banner. it's only been a day, so we don't know. >> you set that bar way up here. paul has two choices. there's a terrible speaker and that's john banner's route or
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take another approach. >> well, another stance is why is hillary clinton running? what's in front of her right now. one question and what is your reaction? >> well, the common at a tornados are o -- are off. i am shocked that the the rnc cancelled the nbc debate and that's the presuper tuesday one. i thought that was a great thing to do. >> one would think. david good to hear from you. >> thanks if for having me. up next a few thoughts on leadership and thin skin. @
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here is the president at a dnc fundraise er trying to make fun of the candidates demands for the changes and debate format. >> every one of them say that obama is weak. he is, you know, putin is kicking sand in his face. when i talk to putin, he is going to straighten out. they can not handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. [ applause ] >> if you cannot handle those gu guys, then i don't think that the chinese and russians are
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going to be too worried about you. >> but he is the one that ran away from the debate back in 2007 the democrats selected the debate and then senator obama said that he would not participate in the debate held by fox news and the congressional black caucus later that year and then for 2016 the democratic party is holding six whole debates. not one of them is on fox news. so mr. president, it's really you and your fellow democrats that are the ones that are afraid of the rough and tumble debate, and as the remark of the chinese and russians, forgive me. it's pretty clear that it's not worried about either. expanding the influence in all corners of the world and chinese's ties are expanding as they continue to launch the
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attacks against the united states. that's right. the ones that you warned them not to do and to continue to claim the territory in the south china sea. that's right. you warned them about that too. the president's stuff would have worked if he was the commander of chief and not a passive observer of unfolding history that he has no power or influence or no responsibility. our quotations we have turned to thomas jefferson. that's the state that we're in. he said do you want to know who you are, don't ask. act. action will go and define you. that's every bit as true for the republicans as the democrats. we're coming right back. will the attacks on mark rubio on the personal finances hurt him or perhaps help him?
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we will take up who is losing and winning in the presidential sweep stakes next with ed
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the top news at this hour the u.s. and british officials say that there's mounting evidence that a bomb caused the crash of the russian jet liner over egypt. the prime suspect is the islamic state that claims responsibility for the attacks.
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britain suspended flights to and from when the plane went done. four presidential candidates now have double dig it backing in the fox poll. trump, carson and rubeio and then a steep drop off for the rest of the field. more on those in just a moment and the internal numbers we're talking with two of the smartest folks with the business and politics. imagine that. it's a business. and jeb bush apologizing at a jab mark rubio. i am referring to the estimated three days a week. saying sorry to a french and then joining us now is former reagan white house director and fox news analyst ed rollens and democratic president simmons. it's good to have you both. >> good to be with you.
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>> let's start with the poll. i want to get an outsiders perspective on this. trump back on top in the fox news poll where he has been and two resent national polls putting in the second. what do you make of it? >> well, i don't make much of it, but i am intrigued how they're stepping up in iowa and new hampshire. >> did you just -- >> i am not. >> did you just wave your hand and dismiss it? >> i would never you or a fox news poll. i am seeing how people are moving up. that's in the future and more than where carson and trump stand. >> i am sure that it was inappropriate that you were
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missing. ed do you pay attention? >> yeah, they're about what is happening and not at the end of the day and to be totally different. i think what is amazing to me is i like other skeptics and he has not. >> you gave you that up weeks ago. >> yeah, i am not stupid. i can -- i have been doing this for a long time even though that i don't know what is happening out there. 50 years of experience is irrelevant in the sicklcycle anh cruz and rubeio were the same way. the amazing thing is that trump has held the 25 or 30 percent of the vote for a long period of time. he is basically entertaining us out there and he is taking seriously and the more telling story when row get into the polls is that you think that he
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is the guy that fixes the economy. that's a problem. >> they also think that they make one he can of a leader on a number of issues. let's turn to kentucky where matt and the outsider and the tea party candidate ran unsuccessfully and they sent a majority leader in 2014. he was told that he could though the do anything. the experts were saying poor man and following a key thing like dream and here he is winning by a huge margin over another practice and professional democrat. >> yeah, let's approximabe very. it's not easy to give up a government. it was a loss to lose kentucky. here is most telling if you look at the national picture and matt and the issues that he ran on and the support of kim davis and the claim to fame was not to follow the law of the land. >> are you about to bury one of
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your own? >> kim davis is not one of my own. >> i am talking conway and the one that lost to the governor. >> no, i am saying to you that it's no question. it's without question that a loss for my party, but it indicates why they're going to win the presidency. >> i want kacan't bait fowait f >> i just want to remind you if i can take 30 seconds. >> yeah i am looking forward to this. >> yeah, since the president came into office in 2009, they lost many seats. it's a day that's not good for the party. >> in fact we have won -- dem t
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kra i c cat i cans have won the vote in five of the six last elections and have held the senate more than not. >> you're not responding directly to mr. ronalds point and that's a devastating cycle here for democrats. >> i would argue that yes jerry has made it tough for the democrats to win certain states because of the way that districts are drawn. democrats are doing well and they just keep on making the same mistake. they're playing to the tea party and rush limb bah and verses to the main stream. >> did you say children's stone. >> i said people stoned in their parents basement in twitter. >> in my lifetime i am the o oldest one at the table. >> by a hair. >> two republicans in my lifetime has been governor of kentucky. we now have the third.
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that's a long long time. that's one of your space states when it comes to internal statewide politics and you have it wiped out in a lot of places. >> here is a good thing for kentucky. they can make amends. i am not worried. >> the issue is obama care. it was front and center and it was a rejection. >> then the president got re-elected on that issue. >> yeah, i don't think so. >> we did not take up the gun control and the millions that bloomberg shipped in and hillary clinton. >> the great governor of virginia. >> he lost three senate races, but that's okay. >> we don't like do this. >> i am sorry to have to use my notes. >> we carry on. >> good to have you here with us. >> thank you. >> i think that pardon son ship is alive and well in this country. a reminder to tune in to the next republican debate on
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tuesday november 10th and we're broadcasting live from milwaukee, wisconsin. we do that live on monday and always at the forefront. the pentagon is going up the u.s. challenge to chinese claims in the south china sea. we will join the carrier and the uss and the task force tomorrow along with the that lay shan counter part as they control the south china sea. malaysia that laid territory in the disputed waters and the defense secretary's visit and a guided missile destroy er passed within 12 nautical miles of the islands that they now claim to be their territory. joining us now is retired major
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general. great to have you with us. >> well with, it's in the south china sea. >> yeah, it is. i have to tip my hat to ash carter. he is handling this very well. a couple of key points and remember this is a naval theater of war. it's contested by four or five nations. it's far aa from the coast of china. they're trying to express the expansion by contesting that region to the world and what carter has done really well is added american president's over the last couple of years to push back against the expansion and hold them in check. so far by the way, the strategy seems to work very well in these stations. >> it took two years for them to send a ship and in this case the loss of the uss ship that went
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into the south china sea with miles two years do that. >> yeah. >> but it's better late than never. i finally i think that the country is waking up to the threat of china. it's probably not quit as much as we should put in the world. remember the navy is down to 270 ships and spread very thin. they only have five of ten carriers that could be deployed today because of the maintenance problems and shortages and fund in the navy. it's a tough tough time for the navy. >> for the navy and not fearing better and the combat that's been reduced over the years of the obama administration and the challenges mount in syria and also i want to turn to the explanation now that the british have given them for cancelling the commercial airliners into char mono and that's because it
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was a terrorist bomb and responsibility claim bid theize l -- islamic state. >> yeah, remember benghazi. i don't think that the administration has come clean over the terrorist act at fort hood. remember to acknowledge isis as the culprit and points out an incredible political failure in confronting isis. we have been bombing them for 18 months. isis is strong enough to do this and if the facts or the speculation is true, this is a whole new ball game when it comes to the middle east. >> as we watch the british suspend the flights into the region and more likely will occur. what will be the affect in terms of balance of power the commercial interest as well. >> yeah, i will tell you what if
4:41 am
this turns out to be true, putin is going to come after isis. he is a leader that understand the meaning of revenge and he is going do whatever he can to thump isis hard. mainly because he is obviously a strong leader. the russian people will demand it just like we did after 9/11. watch out isis. mr. putin is coming after you. >> they will not express the same as americans did over the course of the succeeding combat. >> yeah, i don't think that he is going pay much attention to the rules of engagement. >> major general bob scales, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> welcome home. up next a uber passenger fire from the job after he assaulted the driver. we take up the case wi ♪
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southern california uber rider caught on video viciously attacking the driver. he is a corporate executive
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attack koe bea at taco bell. now, taco bell is taking action. he is fired ask they offered him to seek professional help. skbro joining us tonight is two of the best attorney in the business. good to have you both here. the video is -- that's an open shut. >> absolutely. >> you hear and talk to the driver. the driver er talks about this and this is unusual but do you think you -- guys are out there and they're getting assaulted verbally all of the time. >> yeah, he is now i want to explain and hitting him with pepper spray and that's not registered with the company or whatever. thank god that he had it. >> this passenger while he may have been in ttoxicated is not explanation or excuse.
4:47 am
you see it on the tape, and i am sure that he will be prosecuted. he has to be prosecuted. cannot allow passengers to be so aggressive and assault a driver. the drivers will not come and pick people up. >> there are laws with the drivers about them having to pick you up and not discriminating against people. the uber driver or taxi driver is in a position that they have to take someone even if intoxicated. they have to by law and take them. >> it's a tough situation because you have an intoxicated person that's vulnerable and danger if you just leave them on the sidewalk or wherever you are. >> what does the driver do there? >> he called into a parking lot
4:48 am
and called 911. >> yeah, you see that happening and the bar owner will have to liability if they don't do something to help the driver get out. i think any way calling 911 and for help. >> here is the deal. that's dash cam made all of the difference in the world. >> it did. >> i mean for taco bell to say. >> every uber should have that and taxi it would seem to me. let's turn to one of my favorite subjects and that's the obama administration and taking the executive action if you will to band the box. federal employers no longer -- well able to ask a job applicant if he or she went to prison or convicted of charges. i mean this is outrageous. to make it -- >> the problem with this is that i understand where they're coming from. we do want prisoners to be able to get back in society if they
4:49 am
are ready. >> yeah. >> absolutely. >> why would you trust the government to make the judgment? >> well, the issue is that the boxes there do not prevent them from doing the job. it enables the employer to have knowledge and further check the person. does it sometimes prevent them from getting the job? absolutely. maybe they're not qualified for that job. >> this presidency seems to air on the side. the last thing that he wants the security and public safety. he is talking about release and 6,000 prisoners and some of them serious criminals convicted of serious charges and not just drug charges as he put it. >> yeah, he said nonviolent. >> yeah, when you destroy people's life with the drugs. >> yeah and you you have people that we look at that are getting out when there's not drug
4:50 am
conviction and firearm convictions. >> why in the world can he get away with it. why in the world? >> he is taking executive action. the next step is that there has to be an opposition. there has to be something. >> we see this and the o opposition and it's really very thin rule that they managed the boil up from time to time. it all dissipates. >> think of the employer that later hears or finds out from whatever reason that the person that they hired was a rapist and then they have the person and then the federal rules say that cannot fire them for any reason. they're stuck with the person that they don't trust. >> what is the way around this. there's a way around the laws like this. >> you can run a criminal background check. >> yeah, it has to be a mandatory background check on everyone. >> that's costly.
4:51 am
it's another step that would not -- you would not consider running background checks. >> these are federal positions for now. then the federal government is going to pay for background checks. if i was in that position i would say that everyone gets background checks. >> you have to. you have to jump, but it's good to have you here. >> we're going jump. >> yeah, my theory and it's fancy and the language displays there. i was just using that to be compelling. up next bill o riley shares the thoughts on the cnbc debate. we will have that for you and take it up on joe and andy. they're coming right up. cnc dee debacle, we'll have that for you, coming ri
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fox news host and the demands for the candidates ahead of next week's business wall street journal debate and joining jimmy fallon on the show and to take that up i am joined by joe and andy levy. both host of red eye. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> was it hard for bill to insist that they stop complaining as the fist demand.
4:56 am
when they ask for equal time, that's the same thing. that's never going to happen and it's wayny. >> yeah, they run for president and not producer. >> he is right on. >> saying that you sound like democrats wining. don't waste your time saying that you ever not been able to
4:57 am
talk. >> earlier today i announced that as the president i will take steps to ban the box. former people will not have to declare the former history of the hiring process. >> i am assuming that was a slip. she meant to say future president. >> yeah, under some threat of indictment. >> she was so funny. when she tells jokes, she was not funny. i hope that more of these happen. she is more likable when they do. >> twitter button is there and that has you upset andy care.
4:58 am
it does not matter to me. twitter does not care and it probably should not. there's no users and getting them and they have done research that says that this makes them more comfortable. it sounds really dumb to me. >> yeah, i don't like to know -- i like the favorite because it was just recognition for something that someone said. i appreciate you tweeting at me, but i like encourages more of that behavior, so i am now nervous when i like something as a favorite. >> it's clear to me as i hear both of you analyze this and witness what's happening on twitter and the fire storm that there's a lot that i am missing about twitter and the sill boll i can. >> well, the reason is when you
4:59 am
do someone's tweet now it's considered as a marriage proposal. you have to be careful. >> yeah. >> speaking of being careful the forbess power list and putin number one. the president slipping down and the president is not in a good position. there he is in show. >> i think this is the first time that a u.s. president has not been in the first or second position, and obama must be losing sleep over that. that's tough. >> yeah, it's one of the things that one thinks, you know, it's the massive sense of superior. >> no, i don't think so. i just -- look speaking personally i know that i am not at all afraid of, you know, a german leader being ranked that high. >> right. >> what could possibly go wrong? >> excellent point. >> you you get the last word. >> it's not a popularity contest, but it should be and maybe we would get on the list. >> i think that you have a very
5:00 am
good point. i applaud you. innovative and probably affective. thank you both. >> thank you. >> as always thanks for we say thank you for joining us. have they great weekend and be with us monday. good night from new york. john: the world has its elites. some are privilege. especially in housing. >> t. know how to do your own laundry? >> 96% went to democrats. >> what's wrong with that? john: media this seems to hate this list. but now some people are pushing back. others pushback against the elite that shape elections. >> donald trump are you a comic book villain and john carson can you do math, john kasich we


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