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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 9, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EST

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lower. nasdaq and s&p 500 also selling pressure this monday morning. let's take a look at the action in europe. german down quarter of percent. ftse 100 is up. markets in asia this morning, closing mix. nikkei in japan up almost 2%. hang seng and hong kong lower and kospi weaker overnight. >> and fire and it's caught in the run. inside the end zone for a touchdown to win the game. >> maria: philadelphia eagles a fourth-quarter comeback against the dallas cowboys in overtime. game winner.
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philadelphia winning by a score of 33-27. let's turn to the top story, that is the main event this week, fourth gop presidential debate live tomorrow night. the stage is set for both of the debates held in milwaukee, wisconsin. what can we expect to see the candidates, joining us right now david walker. joining us right now, good to see you david. >> good to be back with you, maria. we need to talk about what we are going to do to grow the economy, secure social security and medicare and obtain energy security and get our infrastructure back in shape, and obviously fbn is good about dealing with economic issues and we need to push these people for specifics about what are they proposed to do and how are they going to get it done. >> maria: we have the panel
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talking about just that. senator brown, let me ask you about what the republican voter feels is most important? we know tax reform is in the agenda. >> we see a lot of nitpicking. we have to get down to issues, deficit spending, national security, foreign policy, immigration, those are things that people want to hear in new hampshire. what are the candidates going to do about it. >> maria: one issue is that candidates have similarities. they all believe that smaller government is better, taxes need to come down, debt and deficits an issue, where do you think the differences are when you look at these candidates running for presidents? >> first you have to recognize they are running for three jobs, chief executive officer of the united states, commander in chief for the military and leader of the free world. you have to be able to say, to what extent are they qualified, how can they demonstrate that
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and what type of proven track record do they have of solving serious problems on a bipartisan basis. jeb bush has been a lot more specific with regard to not only taxes, which everybody talks about, but also the issue of social security, medicare, healthcare reform. we need to start talking more specifics rather generalities. >> do you think any of the candidates have a plan to deal with the $20 trillion of debt and continuing growth? >> what really matters is debt as a percentage of the economy. it's more than tripled and it's still growing. what we are seeing are various candidates come out with pieces of the puzzle. jeb bush has come out with more pieces than anybody else so far. we need to push these people, but ultimately we have to put
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the pieces together to find out whether or not they will get gdp down to a sustainable level by 2030. >> john: what's the rate that you would recommend? >> make changes that have known demographic changes and we can keep it at that level. the latest budget deal had a lot of gimmicks in it and didn't really deal with the disease. >> dagen: david, it's dagen mcdowell. you talk about the entitlement reform but will that designate with the american people until we are in a crisis situation, interest rates get so high that we are struggling to pay the interest on the existing debt? >> we are manipulating interest rates.
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27 states including milwaukee, wisconsin in 2012, did town hall meetings, editorial boards. the american people are willing to accept tough choices if they're part of a comprehensive plan that principles and values based and deem it to be fair. but 68 to 92% margins we gained agreement on budget reform, social security, health care, and other things. we need leadership. we need proof. we need somebody who could bring somebody together rather than divide people apart. >> good point, david, scott brown here. when you talk about bush's plan, also chris christie has been detailed about what to do with social security and a lot of the entitlements. aside from the candidates who do you think is third and fourth?
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>> if you look at governors, they had positions where they made tough choices, if you will. fiorina had significant government experience. governors have a competitive advantage. the problem with governor christie he talks about a lot of good things. his track record in new jersey is terrible. financial condition and competitive posture has deteriorated dramatically. >> maria: scott, you know how this woks. -- works. >> well, if you have a great divider in president obama who doesn't speak to their own party and doesn't come and work through things, this is what you're going to have, the division. >> maria: you need to see an element of the candidates to
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being able to negotiate and reach other to the other side, david walker. >> i agree. we need a president who is united rather than divider. we need a president who is willing to spend time to build relationships in both of the aisle, who is willing to accept 80% solution and fight for another day, a president who will use the power of the presidency, the only person elected by all the people and go directly to the american people with the facts, the truth, tough choices and a way forward. >> john: anybody on that stage, david? >> if you look at the jobs involved, bush, kasich, fiorina. i think rubio is going to be in the mix but he doesn't have the executive experience or proven track record. you have to watch out if there's a hung convention, people may turn to romney or ryan.
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>> maria: you haven't mentioned donald trump. >> he has no government experience and there's a question about temperament. he clearly has the leadership ability. he's very successful. when you're a ceo of a company that embarrass your name, you can fire people, that's not president of the united states. >> maria: that's absolutely right. david walker, thank you so much. blake burman is just outside with the behind-the-scenes look at that. good morning. >> blake: good morning. interesting conversation talking about the substance that's needed in the debate tomorrow night. over the weekend a fairly decent portion of the narrative had to do with something else. the continuing questions surrounding dr. ben carson and his storyline.
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as we know he was raised in detroit in poverty. some are questioning whether or not the details in his book about points in between are completely accurate. the doctor dismisses this as unnecessary scrutiny that has never risen to a level that's been poured upon him. donald trump over the weekend continued to raise questions about carson's storyline for pretty much -- for pretty much the first time carson responded back. >> what does it say about people who immediately jump on the band wagon rather than waiting out for the truth. >> what does it day?
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>> i would not be interested to have a commander in chief who acted that way. >> blake: he would not be anxious to have a commander in chief that acted like that. it'll be interesting to see if this is brought up, if this is brought up by any of the candidates. donald trump has largely stayed off of carson in the debates. eight candidates on the -- during the 9:00 o'clock debate or four during the 7:00 o'clock as well. >> maria: blake burman. senator brown, i'm speaking with dr. carson. explain how you see this. >> when you do a book you get things out there and -- >> john: a lot of people bought your book. [laughter] >> you're going to have the media and that's what's happening right now. >> dagen: there's a lot of material out there.
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>> this one is about his life where it gets detailed. when we were talking about the double standard, anthony. >> anthony: yeah. >> this is politics. >> dagen: hes has never run for office. >> the pressure is coming. >> dagen: i'm going through the dumpster that most of the people has. >> maria: he doesn't realize what was in the book, for example, he took a hammer to his mother's head and almost stabbed his friend and he saw jesus and realized that he controlled his anger. >> compelling story. >> maria: he wrote it. >> i did a book as i said and i put out some things that i am not proud of. >> dagen: if he wants nomination and he's going to run with hillary clinton, he's going to deal with the clinton machine.
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>> maria: you're absolutely right. >> anthony: he's not anxious to have a commander in chief like donald trump. i've never seen him anxious. this will not be do -- the defining issue. >> dagen: that says it all. >> maria: who do you watch on the stage tomorrow night that has to have a good performance? is it jeb bush, you're a bush supporter? >> we had jeb bush in the house. he came and saw the crowd, over 250 people, he nailed it hard in terms of being focused and laser-focused on the issue. >> anthony: my fear about the governor is that he comes in tense and explosive out of the gate and that's not his
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personality. same thing about marco rubio. let's get governor bush to be himself like he was in your backyard. that would be a big win for him tomorrow night. >> maria: we will take a short break. dr. ben carson is to set the stage tomorrow in debate. we will continue our coverage live from milwaukee next. keep it right here in the fox business network. ♪ ♪ ♪ can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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i saihi, i'm andrew luck.... could anyone use some of my lucky beard for retirement? i could use some luck. make a wish. nice. thanks. your turn! no... thanks andrew. see,td ameritrade has everything i need for retirement. like rollover consultants for assistance and portfolio planning tools to help me manage my ira. so, i think i'm good. oh well. luck is in the air. um... td ameritrade. you got this. >> maria: welcome back, new details surrounding the crash of a russian airliner. cheryl casone standing by in new york.
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>> cheryl: they are 90% sure that a noise heard in the final second was an an -- by a bomb. football players at the school not participating in any team activities until the school's president is removed from office. the head football coach tweeting support for his players. the concerns need to be addressed t. southern california resident panicking after seeing a flash across the sky. video texts video all over media. it was a missile test, the navy launching from a submarine. snapchat hit a billion videos
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per day. that's a three-fold increase maria since the month of may. setting it back to you in milwaukee. >> maria: one republican candidate pulling back. he should let a setback and let a more senior take control. >> marco you need to wait in line. i don't know what we are waiting for. >> maria: site of next republican presidential debate. keep it up right here in fox business network. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> i'm running for president. that's what i'm running for. i don't have any interest for being the vice president. >> maria: how do you push back on those that say, maybe at some point, not right now.
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>> that's the argument the establishment the republican party makes. i don't know what we are waiting for. this country can't have another four years like the last eight. >> maria: that was republican presidential candidate marco rubio speaking with me on the fox news channel. he's rising on the polls. why would the establishment be calling to take a step back. >> as i've told you, we spoke last night, marco is one of the hardest working guys that i know. you see him on tv, very limited time on camera and all of a sudden it's like boom, he's sharp and knows this stuff. >> anthony: so who does the establishment want if it's not marco rubio? they want jeb. >> dagen: they want rubio over a ted cruz, because if you put them next together based --
6:23 am
>> establishment wants jeb or rubio, you don't think that? >> maria: republican voters want to know who is going to beat hillary clinton, bottom line. >> dagen: it's not clear yet. >> nothing is clear yet. we haven't had the first vote cast. obviously new hampshire happens, four or five people drop out. >> maria: do you believe the polls with donald trump and carson and rubio? >> i believe they're so fluid but it's not over till it's over. in new hampshire traditionally four, five, six days they ultimately make decisions. that's the same with other places. they are testing the waters to see who can handle the pressure and the pressure is being turned up on dr. carson. >> anthony: this would be the election that they write papers about. if what happens in the past, maria, that these guys at the
6:24 am
top right now fall to the bottom and rubio and bush rise to the top. if that doesn't happen, boy, this is going to be a big, big change in the way politics at presidential level happens in the united states. >> dagen: trump and carson are communicating with the american people. other speaks in tones but they are communicating, connecting with people than other candidates are and it's real talk. they at least express a sense of upset and rage in this country. >> anthony: so rubio wasn't doing that yesterday? >> the first few debates it's been donald all of the time. >> dagen: not the last one. >> but before that, bang, they are leading now. they are getting more press. the other people are having trouble.
6:25 am
>> maria: is trump -- >> anthony: he was a lot more reserve on saturday night live. >> how many times people have told him you need to act presidential? >> anthony: he didn't call you a loser? >> dagen: turning a couple of notches. >> people are looking at you like you're just piling on. focus on the issue. >> anthony: i've had it up to here with rand paul. i was like, wow. i'm glad i wasn't standing next to trump at the moment. >> maria: wow. the market is coming off of a six-week winning streak. what's going on with your money? we will take a look and navigate all the deals. coming up ben carson responding
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to con con con tro >> you don't want to miss the interview. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ the wolf was huffing and puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa?
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. . . maria: welcome back it is monday, november 9 coming to i live from milwaukee, wisconsin the site of tomorrow night post-republican presidential debate host by fox business network and "the wall street journal" with me this morning former mass senator scott brown skybridge capital founder anthony scaramucci, first top stories. dr. ben carson in loading on media several questions about his past, at issue now series of claims made in carson's book, including a mention of a so-called scholarship offer to west point, pointing to a quote on a political hit job. >> going to every other day,
6:30 am
every week, you know going to come out with you said this when you were 13, you did this you did, and whole point is to zrak the populous me, if you got a scandal if you got something that is really important, i'm let's talk about that. maria: dr. carson special congest joining me live in 8:00 a.m. hour to talk about controversies and strategy tomorrow tonight's event markets futures a decline at opening of trading, we are coming off 6 weeks of gains looking at weakness this morning, as you can see, on the heels of the jobs numbers last week, and a pretty good rally in stocks for the week in europe early action like this this morning, also mostly lose as you can see ft100, one standout off a fraction, other indices lower, overnight in asia markets like this largely declines there the nikkei average in japan up 2% shanghai composite in china, up 1 1/2% markets elsewhere.
6:31 am
>>. >> and fires in the corner the run, and inside the pen into tend zone goes mathews for a touchdown to win the game! [cheers and applause] maria: dallas cowboys blowing a fourth quarter lead losing to philadelphia eagles overtime, quarterback bradford with mathews game winning extra period first drive philadelphia winning 33-27 checks markets slightly lower this morning coming off 6th straight weeks gain, lots of deals happening on wall street this morning, in particular, in the energy sector want to bring in recon capital chief vote. officer thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> what do you think is dr. markets this week? >> i think going to drive markets this week is how companies are going to address going into next year, and what they are going to do to drive revenues a big republican problem here, in the united states, we have seen 43% of
6:32 am
companies in s&p 500 beat on the revenue side, so but conversely in europe if you look at eurostocks 50, earnings and revenue set to top 10% for this year 5.7% for next year that is why you are going to see deal making atmosphere happen recovery in united states consumer side ism, nonmanufacturing, managers index that was up a robust 59.1 this month, that is a great sign that is showing that the prices the pump are translating into services being used in the economy. maria: yeah, and, of course, then the deal flow anthony your take bloomberg reported 18 billion-dollar oil company received unyou solicited aufsh waiting on commentary apparently rejected initial offer we see consolidation in the energy space. >> it is stuff you and i talked about of an about the
6:33 am
unbelievable amount of cash on balance sheet most of these companies, in addition on energy side because it was going on price of oil, you are going to see more consolidation, because they have to cut costs, in order to keep profits up, so you will see a lot of that, cost synergies take place into the first and second quarter 2016. maria: a bid and ask on apache a gain for the stock to this morning on this speculation, do you think oil prices bottomed. >> this is a start to oil, prices, starting to bottom, right when you start seeing deal activity happen you need companies to go through some pain, and go bankrupt, but it is not necessarily a bottom, one of the reasons you are seeing a slower growth environment globally right we have not seen a bottom in copper yet we're seeing exports out of china down again, for 7% on a year over year basis, and so that is showing, that he emerging
6:34 am
markets are hurting natural buyer of resources growing and supposed to be in expansionary role because we're not seeing conviction may be 2016 story when they bottom shouldn't have be till the end of the year. >> in terms of of the m&a activity, above the top story in the wonl is how these low quality takeover loans, that very little appetite for them, that bankers having trouble selling billions of dollars, that is a major sign, that at least some of this m&a activity could slow down dramatically. >> maria, also anthony you were talking about this earlier, a lot of companies are already did that streamlining consolidation laid off nothing left either they have to, get taken over or they have to shift their business practice, oil, energy companies in administrator where do they go from here. >> i mean, where do they go from here incrementally highering people fed likely increase rates in december or
6:35 am
shortly there after jobs number, scott hard to look at the federal you know fomc, say you this should not be a rate hike in a if oil prices stay low as they are how does that affect the bottom line. >> i think that is beneficial to some of the companies, but not over all beneficial to the united states, imagine in 1980 pods, us saying that oil prices getting whacked by 60%, wouldn't have benefit united states just speaks to the dependence now that we have in large parts of the country, on oil. -- gdp tied to it. >> fed drat esperate to raise rates candidates complaining about federal reserve manipulating the price do you think fisdz raises next month. >> fed does raise gotten every indication whether even on wage side, up over on the 6-year high 2.5% on annual basis, wages up that leaves the healthy inflation, we already know if we go by core
6:36 am
cpi, 1. % shy of 2%, we are at the full employment they need we are going to start getting that inflation that they want we're seeing in it numbers, so this is a great time for them to do it can do one and done, buy a year, where they don't have to do anything else see the shakeout really 25 basis points, is nominal not going to move anything but going to help fed a lot especially in the year they need to address this issue again. >> if dudley makes a speech next two weeks that is usually the indication, he is the one that is put it on the table taken it off o table over the last two years, so he is the canary in coal mine. >> if they don't do it next month then in a political you know, they are in a political year, it is election year, and -- dagen: you want to feel hate from presidential candidates start i go raising interest rates. >> hurts the most secretary clinton if nominee. >> most certainly would. >> democratic nominee --
6:37 am
>> because if economy starts to soften republicans can blame it on economic policies of the prior administration, and tag her with that maria. >> a high raise anybody just a figurehead. >> won't go for higher raise probably 25 to 50 base points. >> better numbers on economy, there are so many expectations that in fact we could go into recession in 2016 is that what you think. >> every seven years we do we need about 300 basis points to stimulus every seven years to keep the economy on the even keel we can't do 300 basis points stimulus at zero. >> repatriate that money. >> well that is why it is time for fiscal pryings with the congress and the president. >> why, republican primary voters quantity taxi reform up there on agenda, good to see you, joining us in new york, gunpoint presidential candidates prepping for face-off tomorrow night blake blake with behind have seeps look over to you. reporter: good morning to you,
6:38 am
ahead of i had a gop antive tell me two things drive naifrt polling and debate, and that is part of the reason this oprative feels this dean is so important you look at calendar, and after were to night there is a four week gap, in will the next debate, so what happens, tomorrow night could very well end up driving i think narrative between now and then. you can make the argument that there haven't been anybody benefited from debates more than carly fiorina she was polling at zero and one per cent this summer rose all the way up, to 15%, after a except strong performances back down into 3% range but told you yesterday, on "sunday morning futures," she is still likes that trajectory. >> first, remember that may 4 when i launched my candidates i was 16 out of 16, the polling companies didn't even ask voters about my name because less than 4% of them
6:39 am
had ever heard of me, now i am in 6th place on main stage i kind of like that trajectory different trajectory faster trajectory than any other candidate out there given the fact i remain least well known candidate. >> front and center donald trump and dr. ben carson, one and two wording to polls out there, and, it will be interesting to see if anything is brought up with carson in terms of the questions now surrounding his life story, details in his book that some are questioning if they are a hundred percent factually true carson dismissed it over weekend as ago in more than distraction i know you will talk to him shortly later this morning back to you. maria: yep, we will a speak 8:00 a.m. eastern, thank you. >> up to you you are asking the questions, good luck. >> well, listen i think, people want to understand, better, the noise around this, because there has been so much attacks -- >> what if doctor said why
6:40 am
would you let truth get in the way of a good story i was telling a navy got a little here or there would that kill him. >> i don't think people want exaggerations from a presidential candidate they want to feel he is being straight. >> hillary rodham clinton. >> for heaven's stake a good point it is funny that you mentioned hillary clinton because she has not been tested on any of this stuff even though it is very clear that she lied about the benghazi story. >> the family of the victim of one of the victims, evench. >> the book has to be fantastic, all the businesses fantastic, i mean, you don't think there might be high personly in that? so why taking-on carson basically the question. >> he is a -- that is why. >> also, it has to do with style, at the end of the day if you are bombastic a little
6:41 am
bit of xag xagrator they cut you civil law being. >> carson today do make a good point that he will help himself by focusing more on the issues, and honing his approaches to medicare work on details of that what -- >> i think, that there is room for challenge, and there is room for tough questions, of course, in any election. what bothers medium are the gotc whostility. >> you are going to ask if you can't handle a tough question how are you going to be able to handle a problem dealing with putin. >> do you think? >> running for the highest office in the land did you think people weren't going to go through your garbage can that is what happens to everybody. >> brand-new bomb flick module success seconded biggest bond ever. >> ben carson will respond to the scrutiny surrounding his past everything you need to
6:42 am
know about his alleged scholarship offer to west point, stay with us. ♪ ♪ (under loud music) this is the place. ♪ ♪ their beard salve is made from ♪ ♪ sustainable tea tree oil and kale... you, my friend, recognize when a trend has reached critical mass. yes, when others focus on one thing, you see what's coming next. you see opportunity. that's what a type e* does. and so it begins. with e*trade's investing insights center,
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you can spot trends before they become trendy. e*trade. opportunity is everywhere.
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. > . maria: welcome back, it looks like not everybody is cheery about holiday cups from starbucks, the headlines good morning. cheryl: the couples released yesterday features subtle shades of red the starbucks
6:46 am
logo it be objectives ornamentals on cups but this is much expressing displeasure on social media deposited a video telling people merry christmas on cubs in place of their name. the video, has almost 12 million views on youtube. hop in mississippi a problem over the weekend part of its parking lot caved in gobbling up 12 cars 35 feet wide 400-feet long after town received 3 inches of rain to nearly 10 inches the past two weeks, luckily no injuries have been reported, james bond taking the top spot at weekend box office "spectre" in bond certify reese raking in 73 million dollars, failed to reach the 88-million-dollar opening "skyfall" in 2012 "spectre" second highest opening for craig in four bond films, there is a deal this
6:47 am
morning, in timber weyerhaeuser big for 8.4 billion dollars in stock the purchase will create the largest timber land and forest products company in the u.s., the company will keep the name and have more than 13 million acheers timber landed you back to you in milwaukee. maria: weyerhaeuser saying will buy 2 1/2 billion dollars of stock after that deal closes adding on to that back to top story of the week that is fourth gunpoint presidential debate on fox business network, tomorrow, joining me right now from studio in new york is wisconsin lieutenant governor, good to have you on the program thanks for joining us. >> great irony the fact you are there in a milwaukee and i am in your studio, in new york. so welcome. >> thank you very much, it is a really irony let me ask you this about -- about the state in particular in terms of economic backdrop you've got lots of people in the
6:48 am
audience, about 3,000, plus in the audience, here, what do you think they are thinking about the economic backdrop . >> you are go you can to talk about economy so many care about make suring we continue to make a great recovery, miss consinites would like to hear what with a folks do to fill what we kill a skill gap, in wisconsin we have 100,000 open jobs, and yet administrators 70% stay they are biggest worry is fining people with the right skill sets to fill their consisting jobs, and so it is an interesting problem, i am curious to hear hoi potential presidents of the united states, would solve that problem. >> yeah, it is a problem across the country for sure, but specifically, looking at this town, milwaukee
6:49 am
unemployment rate higher than the rest of the country to what do you attribute the lagging performance in terms of keeping up with the rest of the country on job creation? >> well, you are talking about milwaukee specifically if you look at wisconsin as a whole unemployment rate 4.3% considerable lower than federal unemployment rate, but in milwaukee an issue with african-american men about 50%, today are unemployed i would love to hear criminal jis reform how we can get folks the training in order to get jobs they want for bright futures we want everyone to be able to live the american dream would i love to hear folks talk on that. >> what would be one of the policies that you would recommend, to one of these republican accounts to implement to help with this problem. >> well you know that you can reduce recidivism at the same time, that you get folks job training they need, in order to jobs, once they return to
6:50 am
their communities, and in wisconsin 97% of our offenders will turn if they get job training they need inside ab correctional institutions we have got great potential to get folks into society assimilate reproductive recidivism turn people into taxpayers, now moving two different, you are reducing number of people on entitlement programs at the same time, you are increasing the number of people you have paying taxes, and giving people dignity of work. >> good to have you on the program thanks so much. >> stay in milwaukee so long as you like. maria: thank you, next time we could see you here. or maybe there we will see you soon thank you very much we come right back more from milwaukee sight of the gop presidential debate keep it right here on the fox business network. we'll be right back. .
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> . maria: welcome back we are coming to you monday morning from milwaukee, wisconsin this is site of the next republican presidential debate, but first quick check on the markets this morning we are looking at lower opening, this morning for the broader averages after straight weeks of gains, for stocks from october skybridge capital anthony scaramucci with me i know you won't be moderating when me what key questions do you want answered what do you think business on wall street wants. >> i think you are going to do a great job if you can get people to think about what candidates are like from a policy perspective as relates to the economy. people walk out of this debate say oh, there was a gotcha moment or gotcha moment here i don't think going to be sufficiently i know you and neil are working carefully on formulating questions so that when the debate is over, we have a real crystal essence what 8 people are talking
6:55 am
about as relates to jobs, economy, the government. >> i think people want to distinguish one from the next, one -- facts. >> i think tired of other stuff, you said this or that -- you said that about -- >> i am tired of it too. >> they want to also know how that individual is going to actually unite the country get congress to work to get solutions because it is not just the president i know our president now to executive order and pen on postpone. >> harry reid, stalling things will go down as worst majority leader in the history of our country, by the way, then saying what are we doing about repatriation about getting, you know, get the economy moving so, allies, trust us, about those we are feared economically militarily educational lao how that is going to has been. >> a sea change in recent years where you have people who are, taking money from the government an entitlement nation, how far have we gone
6:56 am
how do you get, the on this 95 million people not part of the workforce back into the workforce. >> yep. >>. dagen: going to be a giant shift but who is to best to do. >> it. maria: president wants flee stuff to give out free stuff. dagen: how do you take it away get people to vote for you are. maria: question on entitlements as well next mower republican pollster will weigh in on presidential polls out of the debate tomorrow 8:00 a.m. hour dr. ben carson controversy surrounding his campaign don't miss that coming up right here on the fox business network, we'll be right back.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
. >> announcer: live from milwaukee, wisconsin, here is maria bartiromo. maria: hi welcome back good morning happy monday to you it is monday, about november 9 i am maria bartiromo. coming to i live today from
7:00 am
milwaukee, wisconsin. this despite a tomorrow night republican presidential debate hosted by fox business network and "the wall street journal" with me o former massachusetts senator scott brown skybridge capital founder wall street week who was anthony scaramucci fox business network dagen mcdowell we talk in a minute coming up top stories 7:00 a.m. east coast dr. ben carson accusing media of a political hit job after series of questions raised about claims made in his book. >> every single day, every other day, or every week, you know they are going to emcould you tell with oh, you said this when 13 you did this you did this the whole point is to distract, distract the populous distract me, if you got a real scalabled something really important, i'm -- let's talk about that. maria: we will dr. carson joins live 8:00 a.m. eastern hour to talk strategy tomorrow tonight, we will talk with him coming up in the program.
7:01 am
let's turn to, ma, this morning we are looking at lower opening for the broader averages coming off 6 straight weeks of gains, for the major afternoons u.s. a big october up 9% major afternoons day a little bit of a pullback o you do expected to open down 50 points s&p nasdaq under selling pressure not a lot happening in business this week veterans today wednesday and the debate tuesday night, in -- europe mixed markets as well mostly downside, the dax in germany down a third of a per cent cac quarante in paris down half a per cent ft 100 was hive earlier reversed course, in asia very much a mixed story, good upcoming in japan, nikkei average up almost 2% shanghai in chane up 1 havd hang seng kospi underwater there is this. >> [cheers and applause] . >> and -- fires on the run, and the end zone mathews for a
7:02 am
touchdown to win the game. >> late night sports action philadelphia eagles a fourth quarter comeback against cowboys before icing the game in ot, the game win philadelphia won a score of 33 to 27. gop presidential candidates preparing for their upcoming game upcoming face-off tomorrow night's debate blake blake outside, the milwaukee tlshg the latest good morning to you. >> hi. good morning to you as well some candidates will start getting into town, later today they will all be here, of course, by tomorrow night, for our debate here, on the fox business network. two debates 9:00, and 7:00, 12 different candidates focus much leading up to this have been on one of those candidacy, dr. ben carson. specifically, whether some of the details some of the accounts of his life story written about in his book, are completely true, or as some
7:03 am
have claimed at least, a little bit emwill be i should carson pushed back greatly the last couple days as you know, he has risen to the top of the polls with that always comes vetting, and increased scrutiny of who ever rises to the top carson says at this point it has reached the level of unfair and over the top. >> there have never seen this before many other people, who are politically experiencinged tell me they've never seen it before either. >> you don't think bill clinton, or the president, with his birth certificate people -- >> not oi. >> refuse to believe. >> not even close. >> so, where do you think is going on why you? >> because i am a threat. >> to? >> uh -- pro agreesive movement, he will be surrounded by a stage full of he conservatives tomorrow front and center with donald
7:04 am
trump, around them will be rubio and cruifiorina bush, 7:0 four onstage huckabee, christie, jindal santorum back to you. maria: yeah the 7 pm debate exciting as well with that grouping, thank you blake berman here in wisconsin which us senator brown speaking with dr. carson 8:00 after them eastern in terms of what you want to hear from him in terms of how he is about handing scrutiny. >> he is not used to it i think appropriate to be asked about his past each has a past, you have a right to ask it, and she answer it you know headed on answer it then say i am done i will move on, he needs to actually -- >> he has everything in past disqualifies him? >> no, people have a right to know they are curious. >> west point scholarly a process has to be
7:05 am
congressional appointment or a directly from west point itself, there is no -- information or indication that he actually was offered that -- that appointment. so, yeah, they have a right to ask what we are talking about earlier people want to no specifics about economic plan they want to understand, okay, doctor how are you going to handle -- >> he has been a lot more vague than any other candidates on that. >> dr. carson what i am hearing in new hampshire from people want to -- >> one example that "the wall street journal" editorial page points out today that he talks about medical savings accounts as long term health care reform but you need to dig down in the details and explain to the american people, hey, if you are medicare the future but we're not going to take medicare away again if you don't articulate, that vision, for medicare better it is going to be commercial after commercial from democrats assuming would he get nomination. >> what do voters want in maria if they don't want
7:06 am
detailed analysis and getting, the top polling is going to the most vague people? what do voters want. maria: i think i think we've seen polling and stuff i think they want to hear plans on jobs, i think they want to hear plans on debt and deficits. >> why is dr. carson donald trump the top of the beholds have not laid out the details of some of the other candidates. >> i think top three. >> ted cruz as well. >> i don't think trump is so vague on immigration i think pretty clear how he wants to handle it that is resonating like it or not. >> my point is that dr. carson has been vague, we all agree on that, trump more vague than some other candidates, yet there is a top of the polls what is that saying about electorate? >> what is it saying about the -- the presidential cycle right now this is part of the season, where you can getaway with lack of detail but that is why debates --
7:07 am
>> people want authenticity don't bs me i am tired of it that is what they are saying. >> no bs. >> -- right now -- voting for carson, and trump because they know it is irritating republican establishment. >> sending a message of customer complaint we're not happy so now the question is will that turn from a customer complaint into a real vote, on substance and policy that will be, up to you maria. tomorrow night. >> get that out. >> i do think that something we have talked about in the show the power of social media, is connecting with voters, and earlier voters in a way that we haven't seen before, and there is nobody better at it than donald trump. that is a huge -- >> in terms of those of connecting. >> he does it all himself, he said who is youred a visor. >> my gut. maria: people want to know who is advising on military issues, look at happening
7:08 am
right now, in terms of russia being much more of aggressive than ever, and he said i'm going to get along with everybody, what does that mean i am going to get along with putin. maria: we will have more and more specifics as we get closer to voting. i agree with you dagen this is kind of testing poking progressed getting the framework i like him i like her going to have to make a decision okay. that is great i like them how are they going to protect me when kids go to travel how are they going to protect me at malls knowing there is not you a terrorist threat. >> and how are they do going to make sure kids have jobs, 200,000 dollars, college debt. >> how about skill set issue, lieutenant governor brought up this is not just in wisconsin people there are jobs available but people can't get jobs because thedon't have skill sets companies want, that goes back to education. >> there is about 85 or 87 days till the first primary, so, when does that change, that is the question, really. >> the division -- over. >> a couple more mince i think
7:09 am
it changes within the last couple weeks especially with early primary states people in those states, absolutely people just getting back to school, kind of getting in holidays kind of getting in sports schedules ready for winter now finally starting to pay attention i think you are right anthony, december time frame. >> -- a loser nerd i sit around collect stuff all a day out last week usa day article said top five technology companies command 70% of the industry 300 billion dollars in revenue, so there is not only like a vast division in the workforce in united states, but people many who can't get jobs, because they don't have skill set there is even a growing divide within the technology industry. where it is -- if you don't work for one of the top one of the biggest companies, like your future is -- is shaky i wind up worked for not nothing and start-ups. maria: right what about wall street market a story in the
7:10 am
journal this morning wombonuses going to be down what do you think. >> i think it takes heat off wall street can say we're not this is not the boom industry that it was a few years ago. that there is only going to be down 5 to so% quite frankly -- and i think four years, but not the -- it will take some of the heat off industry that is a punching bag every politician loves. >> you are mr. wall street, gordon gekko what do you have to. >> i good-bye, hold on, but i am -- on top of the wall street they are going to cut they are going to cut back, because us the profits are not there lost money on principal side trading not trading as much as used to i would say in hedge fund industry performance not terrifically expect their bonuses down as well. >> coming up -- >> telegraphing to employees skybridge bonus is there -- >> all right.
7:11 am
>> -- are you preparing to containing stage republican presidential candidate ben carson joins us first to discuss the recent controversy surrounding his campaign how he plans to take on donald trump a lot more live from milwaukee this morning we are back in a minute.
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
. maria: breaking news reports of three people shot at new york penn station one fatally cheryl casone with the latest the. cheryl: getting reports right now three people shot right near new york penn station, one person fatally shot in the subway inside penn station two others, wound police say suspect vehicle seen fleeing along 8th you are looking at live pictures from wnyone of the many as far as we know the on on loose waiting for update from nypd right now will bring
7:15 am
it to your viewers as we get it looking at some updates, with regards to the vacation in egypt quote now saying 90% is for sure that a noise was heard on that final seconded of a cockpit recording on that jet was an explosion caused by a bomb over weekend russia said it had flown over 1 1 tourists home from egypt sun on california residents to social media by thousands saturday night a mysterious light streaked across the sky twitter lit up thousands in videos of the object could be seen many thought this was a ufo, it turns out it was a trident missile test fired by navy from a submarine off the coast of southern california was visible we should say nevada, arizona. and just for dayingin for you maria "star wars" fans have more to feed anticipation next edition of the saga new "star wars: the force awakens" tv spot a glimpse into in connection with part confident story in theatres next month 30-second video begins with a
7:16 am
host falcon flying over in a vista includes lead architects harrison ford, many others we should say the franchise newest bb8 featured in the big new ad, back to you. maria: we featured as well on show a couple months ago dagen was in love with this. dagen: one item on christmas list i told husband i want the remote with -- >> pajamas. >>. dagen: with feet. >> pajamas my daughter i took my daughters in -- not only when first one, i went to the first one but whether the second ones came out we went and saw them, they loved them so we are excited to go too. maria: that is the -- sort of secret sauce all the products to sell, okay. it is like a huge boom. >> think about the price disney paid for the entire thing, to make back in two
7:17 am
years, it is sensational vote. maria: pretty important this you straight ahead taking to streets as we ask public what they want to hear in tomorrow night's debate catch my interview with dr. ben carson coming up responding to the allegations surrounding his past that is today 8 km eastern right here "mornings with maria" stay with us we will be right back.
7:18 am
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. maria: welcome back ahead of tomorrow gop presidential debate on fox business network juniory willis took to new york been asking people what they want the candidates to address when it comes to the economy. >> that is right maria good
7:21 am
morning, recession in may have ended june 2009 but many americans say they are having trouble providing for their family, the majority of misinterprets have less than 1,000 dollars in emergency savings, social security administration last week said that half of us errand 30,000 dollars a year or less. despite jobs' report friday americans say they have serious questions about jobs, health care, and taxes. >> america wants specifics on job creation, right, instead of saying i have a plan i can create jobs i know what are donald trump says you know just listen to be i will create the about those jo, but i think people want to actually know how is he going to create the jobs. >> what are they going to do to fix health care the problem is not fixed i feel it is getting worse. maria: . >> just a couple folks we talked to on the streets, they come from all walks of life we have business owners, single moms you name it all kinds of people throughout the day, i will be bringing their information their questions
7:22 am
for the candidates, to fox business network, so. stay tuned for those reports all day long. maria: all right we many watch thanks so much, in new york. and scott brown let me ask you about that i am glad she brought up obamacare we know this is one of the priorities for voters right now. the fact is all this money people say on oil, gasoline pump oil down 50%, they are not spending that because they have higher bills for the affordable care act. >> not only do trillion -- billions from -- strike that not good for businesses in that it is put more and more regulations, the people are keeping their employment low they don't want thresholds you have cadillac tax clicking in unions so-called cadillac plans are going to get hammered soon tremendous amount of -- insecurity when it comes to tax and the regulatory certainty don't know what is next are holding back. maria: isn't it true business
7:23 am
started changing the way they mire my hair, take your hours down they don't want to be married to the fact they are forced to give benefits it is costing so much. >> literally a law to encourage part-time employment not full-time employment only last self-years you are starting to see the broad economic impact across the country, you see, not just the premiums going up, i mean, even for like kind of the choice tiers of plans lack of choice. people are more and more losing the options and choices, that they were given in appreciative health care, it is turned into something -- it is not what was sold to the -- not any way, shape or form. >> new taxes three quarters of a trldz cut from sr., medicare coops in kentucky choices are getting less and less and less just, you look at obamacare that is the va in a couple of years.
7:24 am
>> no wonder we saw election that way in kentucky, by the way. >> all what was just said, leads to lower quality jobs. so even though the numbers are big, maria, the jobs in terms of people what they are getting are not the high quality jobs that we saw in the 90s. maria: you say numbers big, big last month. >> 271,000 -- >> is he disincentive to get out there. >> they are under 40 hours a week, they may or may not include the health care. from the companies, so medium to opt for obamacare and so it happen law will be that it was a small business jobs killer, and that is really where most higher quality jobs come from. maria: taxi reform get into that for a minute, because all of the candidates are talking about the tax code being convoluted, regulatory environment holding back business from hiring then not all specific. >> the highest corporate tax rate industrialized world more regulation stifling job growth job creation we need to be
7:25 am
competitive on a global basis this is not a parochial situation competing amongst ourselves we are competing against the rest of the world no surprise, that the businesses have you a fiduciary duty to maximum moody's shareholder values. >> we have tax reform in 1956 tax reform in 1986 now 29 years away from the last tax reform, you need to reform the taxes every generation maria lobbyists and congressmen no offense to the congressman here layer on, specific interests, tax codes, and exemptions, exceptions, 76,000 pages now, since the 86 tax reform a disaster -- >> hillary clinton wants to double capital gauins taxes. >> more complicated 6 -- >> i think it is bernie sanders did it try to keep people on left voting for him. >> by the way, what democrats will do hillary clinton bernie sanders focused on drug
7:26 am
prices, which is a small fraction overall health care spending in this country 10% they are going to focus on drug priegs going up rather than wholly obamacare saying we need to rip it up, talk. maria: i know it is important to you we got to get into that a huge issue the gst involved in pricing of drugs, coming up dr. ben carson to take center stage tomorrow, first he will join us, talk about everything from controversy joining us to how he is prepping for normal tight we are live, coming to you from milwaukee keep it right here on the fox business network. can a business have a mind? a subconscious.
7:27 am
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. .
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maria: welcome back, from milwaukee, wisconsin monday, november 9 live from milwaukee, the site of tomorrow night's republican presidential debate hosted by fox business network the "the wall street journal," with me former massachusetts senator scott brown skybridge capital founder anthony scaramucci fox business network dagen mcdowell, your top stories 7:30 a.m. on east coast, dr. ben carson unloading on media after several questions were raised about his past at issue a series of claims made in a carson's book, including a mention of a so-called scholarship offer, to west point. here is car on those pointing to a quote political hit job from media. >> every signel day every other day every week, you know they are going to emcould you tell with oh, you said this when you were 13 you kid this you did -- >> the whole point is to distract, distract the populous distract me, you know if you got a real scandal something really important, i am -- let's talk about that.
7:31 am
>> dr. ben carson is a special guest joining me today live in 8:00 a.m. hour to talk about the controversy his strategy in tomorrow tonight's event futures indicating a lower opening broader averages we are coming off 6 straight weeks of gains, markets pulling back today, not a lot of economic data quite on the business front, this week president obama meeting with -- israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu markets lower in u.s. in europe early action mixed performances we have gains, in europe, but we have seen reversal of course ft 100 higher now negative 2 points. cac quarante in paris down half a per cent, dax in germany down a third of a per cent overnight in asia gains nikkei arduous up 2% shanghai composite up 1 1/2% in china then there is this. >> [cheers and applause] .
7:32 am
>> and -- fires in on the run, inside the, end zone a touchdown to win the game! maria: dallas cowboys losing to the philadelphia egges overtime last night quarterback bradford looking up with mathews game win on extra period first drive philadelphia won game a score of 33-27. to be story this morning we are geared up for the next republican presidential debate right here milwaukee, wisconsin, all eyes on the prime time stage where outsiders donald trump and ben carson, face off against rising star senators ted cruz and marco rubio gaining momentum in the polls i bring in lee carter republican pollster, and partners good to see you thanks for joining us. >> how do you assess the field for tomorrow night's debate. >> i think going to be really exciting, i am looking forward to seeing hoi everybody comes out i think all ice right now on rubio i don't think as many people are talking about cruz i expect cruz to have great one liners i think rubio is on the rise, trump is poised
7:33 am
ready to come out again i think after his performance on "saturday night live" great night from him carly also a does well in debates hopefully for her campaign, she is going to come out have a strong night we will see her surge again. >> very articulate, for sure. let me ask you about rubio what do you think is behind recent surge. >> i think there is two different rubios, one hand, did not ooh across confident young charge can simplify complex ideas talks about what is in it for people comes off so, so amazingly strong on the other sand rubio seems like student government president in a suit that is the too big a bit uncomfortable, vacillates between two thut i think last debate we saw him strong from the beginning to the end starting to see the potential that he can be. got to continue to act this way, but i think that is what we're seeing in him coming to his own. maria: yeah, that is interesting, because you know, when he first game out, onstage people were like been there done that right guys we
7:34 am
had that with senator the, jr., senator obama. look what we got. >> michael has a tremendous -- amount of experience over president obama, at this point in careers don't forget marco speaker of the house, he has been doing a great job as senator, working very hard, i love what is going to be happening tomorrow tonight very exciting, and congratulations to you and your team good luck obviously, people are looking i think as we talked about, you to focus on economic issues, how is it going to affect the pocketbooks wallets what are they going to do to make my life years so i don't have to work rear end off kids can get out of school without 100,000 plus dollars debt they want to hear about don't want to know did you do this when you were a kid. >> ben carson upset about the media scrutiny he has got i point to marco rubio dealing with scrutiny over personal finances since he ran for senate struggling somewhat to deal with that i am interested to see the if other candidates take a shot at rubio. maria: great point, lee is that appropriate, looking at
7:35 am
marco rubio finances, and the way he handled his personal finance as gage how he may handle things running free world. >> i think introduces for opponents to go after personal finances in part most americans struggled with personal finances last decade what he has been able to do turned himself around many ways a miniamerican dream i think dangerous strategy when you are running for president all bets areoff. so anything is game i think that you have to be prepared for it but i don't think in long term i have the is really going to really going to hurt him. >> if you were directing the debate, and you were going to meet with all 8 candidates beforehand, you had to offer one piece of advice, broad advice to all candidates what would it be? >> oh. you know, if upper to give, a piece of advice to each candidate everybody says they want to share spechz not necessarily about what they mean they want to know how you are going to make lives better but want to hear master story
7:36 am
a narrative about what their lives are going to look like if they are president so if you think about it, the last three presidents have been elected president general election -- have positive optimistic messages, whether it was hope and change in obama whether we like it or not, whether reagan making america great clinton building a bridge 21st century a narrative could hit on it over and over again helped -- >> here is what they i totally agree, they don't want -- them to go after each other they want them to focus on hillary clinton. >> why the best. >> go up to hillary clinton. >> last debate audience booed when they felt they were pith each candidate because not what audience wants. >> i think you win the debate if you can walk out of there with lee just said here is my narrative, two or three essences what i am going to do, from the leader of the country. >> master navy is red car on the road to victory, that is
7:37 am
the that is what you have to focus on everything -- >> also right too many specifics, get drowned out by the voter, they are really looked for somebody that has got the -- analysis package that can look at problems as they come in, and deal with them in a way, that the voters confident in. >> marco has been so good limited amount of time, spot-on. >> we know navies we know marco rubio story, son of a bartender, you know hotel maid was mother we know to some others more vague whose narrative do we need to understand better. >> i think we need to understand all of of them the only one anybody can repeat to me talking to voters out there is trump, make america great again he will hit on it over and over and over again. carly talk about possibilities hasn't clearly articulated it, christie state talker bush fix it, i think what they really need towns is this. steven colbert said best ones big than you and me all about
7:38 am
me i think with a candidates need to do is start articulateing a vision that makes me understand what is in it for me if you are president of the united states. maria: that is good, will he thank you very much appreciate it. >> thank you. maria: he we will see you soon lee carter social media buzzing ahead of the debate tomorrow coming up jo ling kent breaks down issues people want to hear about hashtag gop debate tweet us morning maria and mornings maria at maria bartiromo, any interview with dr. be on ben won't want to miss it keep it right here on fox business network live from milwaukee.
7:39 am
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7:42 am
. maria: welcome back, we have breaking news right now three people have been shot at new york penn station one fatally cheryl casone standing by with that right now. cheryl: good morning, police now confirming to fox that three people were shot around 6:15 a.m. eastern time, this morning one person was killed at a subway station in that shooting, two others were wounded police say both of the victims rushed to a hospital in serious condition intense search under way for the gunman that vehicle getting away 8th avenue we will keep you posted on breaking news out of new york, also, this, a
7:43 am
new ihop in mississippi has a problem this morning part of its plat caved in, gobbling up 12 cars hole 35 feet wide 400-feet long about 3 inches of rain over weekend nearly 10 inches past two weeks believe it or not, no series juries reported by this, owner of tiner okay cupid plans for initial public offering match group plans to raise 5 hundred million dollars in the offering part of barry diller's empire ipo priced 33 million shares between 12 and 14 bucks a share a list on nasdaq under mtch, this monday james bond taking the top spot, at the weekend box office "spectre" 24th film bond series raking in 73 million dollars. but it did fail to reach 88-million-dollar opening of sky fall, back in 12, about "spectre" second highest
7:44 am
opening for daniel craig in four bond films if you belief internet this might be his last bond film. maria: that is right that is right thank you so much turning back to tomorrow's debate over weekend i spoke with former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina asked about her place on the stage and following months in. >> just remember may 4 when i launched my candidacy i was 16 out of 16 polling companies didn't even ask voters about my name because less than 4% of them had ever heard of me. now i am in 6th place on main stage i kind of like that traject a different trajectory than any other candidate out there plrl given the fact i remain least well known candidate. >> true has had a pretty good trajectory from start to finish is she fading. >> interesting, after the debate usually surges, then there is a lull, then she goes down we had 450 people at our backyard barbecue loved it, so the more she gets out there
7:45 am
more the people see her they tend to really like her there has been a lull in between debates there is a concern, whether is the next debate after this. >> she did not break through she needs to go beyond to your point, carly will regularly say i will be the best candidate to go up against hillary clinton. >> why? tell me, why get into. maria: because a woman. >> right but. maria: not enough. >> you need more than that apology yeah. >> i think it is money. she needs -- >> probable right. >> without money can't get name out there as broadly as other candidacy i think having a harder time raising money relative to marco rubio or governor bush. >> about articulate, very sharp. >> i think that the 8 people you are going to be interviewing, maria, they have really good credentials each one in their category, is an impressive person. the problem is nobody in my opinion is fully broken out
7:46 am
yet the great news every one of them will make better president than hillary clinton and bernie sanders or o'malley. >> i thought john kasich would have resonated more at this point are you surprised that john kasich is also -- >> did you have any his did he meaner he is who he is i think medicaid issue accepting the medicaid money from federal government i think that might hurt him. he needs to -- he said i did the best thing for my state, he needs to articulate what he has done for the state more on kind of a national scale that is kind of his that is his delivery you don't want him to be somebody he is not. >> without donald trump without ben carson he would be. >> busting out. maria: . >> we had over 300 backyard for him i thought his answer on medicaid was really unbelievable said we have taken that money used to it deal with the -- epidemic happening with drugs in the
7:47 am
overdoeses. >> a segment on it last week drug abuse in the state of new hampshire one poll was the top issue, for the voters in new hampshire, so now you are starting to hear o carly fiorina has effective message on that you also have but also, jeb bush started talking about his daughter somewhat chris christie talking about a friend of his, so i think that that kasich -- >> nailing it a great question on that, huge in new hampshire. maria: leads to crime, which is what we're seeing the numbers go up across the country. but you also take into gun conversation -- dagen: absolutely. maria: which is something we have not talked about enough about given that crime is up in double digits in increasing number of states. >> it is obviously revolted, you have people who are taking drugs and need money losing their jobs, they are affecting not only family and friends lives but yes then next conversation about guns, i
7:48 am
think it may be shifts to treatment, and rehabilitation, programs within those states because a lot of criminals are coming out of jail no future they have nothing, and going into selling and applying drugs, and there is a difference believe it or not, between good and bad heroin kidding me is that the conversation we're having now kasich has a great answer christie has a great carly dealing with it personal experience affect them trying to relate to everybody. >> going to bob aura of the person, and what are their capabilities in handling the problems as they come about. >> trump and carson have been resonating because coming out and they are being interest straightforward not getting that specific, yet it is working. >> yeah. maria: dagen: ive one question who didn't have a did he cent crowd at this harqueue. >> 85 compared to carly's four -- lindsey -- probably lowest. >> who shows up for the no bs.
7:49 am
>> all independent voters democrat republican independents new hampshire we have a limited amount of phones in new hampshire i think the difference between one and seven, is going to be within 100, 200 votes between first and seventh place. >> cooking all this food. >> i have unh republican kids helping out. maria: i like that. next one next one on 30th. >> 30th marco rubio. maria: you are expecting a big crowd. >> we are. maria: dagen: fox in new hampshire you've got gun toting progressives. >> seriously, they feel the first in the nation all starts with them. maria: up next candidacy prepare to take the stage the voters turn to social media we take a look a at what is trending ahead of tomorrow night's big debate. back in a minute.
7:50 am
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maria: welcome back facebook fox business network a partnership working together to compile data in advance of the debate jo ling kent with the story good morning. jo ling: good morning, maria every single day a billion people are logging to know facebook so we want to know, aside from the polls, how are voters what are they talking about, who are they in favor of well here are the top issues according to the facebook data that we have just gathered, that facebookers are talking about right now the first is government ethics follow by religion third guns fourth the
7:54 am
economy is also a top of mind for voters fifth taxes and tax reform, we also wanted to know aside from polls, hoi are gop candidates going on facebook and there is no surprise there trump leads the pack followed by dr. ben carson, senator ted cruz. but, lots of issues to talk about government spending is on the top of minds many useers look at who is talking about the issues in terms of government spending 53% of them are male 47% family who is most concerned about it, 55 years of age, and older millenials not so much concerned about government spending right now i thought was very interesting. so we will have lots more data coming for you next hour, maria back to you. maria: all right jo thanks so much jo ling kent there anthony how much do you predict data changed after the debate we actually heer what they have to say about this, ethics number one -- >> that is oxymoron isn't it?
7:55 am
>> for some reason i think i don't think it matters the thing that concerns me most is the millennial data, where they don't really care a lot about the governmental spending, stan druckenmiller has a report put together, about generational theft where the older generations are taking from the younger generations in terms of borrowing the younger generation doesn't seem to care i think that is a big problem. >> when you say he thickens i think revolting back to what secretary clinton is going through, polling that says they don't like her don't trust her, benghazi e-mail investors et cetera, et cetera i think they say ethics that is what they talk about. >> isn't it interesting she admitted sent e-mail to daughter saying this is not a video this is a real terrorist attack on september 11 libya, in no big deal for the media and then getting on ben carson, for -- talking about what he wrote in his book. dagen: economy going to move it if it weakens.
7:56 am
>> great see you tomorrow. >>. maria: see you tomorrow next hour sit down with 2016 hope of go ben carson so much to talk become from controversy west point scholarship comments to tomorrow night gob debate stay with us on the fox business network. buddy- nice place, nice car what happened?
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maria: . >> announcer: live from milwaukee, wisconsin here is maria bartiromo. >> good monday morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo it is monday, november 9 we are coming to you live from a milwaukee, wisconsin, the site of tomorrow night's republican presidential debate, hosted by fox business network and the "the wall street journal." with me this morning skybridge capital founder anthony scaramucci fox business network sandra smith, we are going to talk coming up but first get to top stories 8:00
8:00 am
a.m. right now east coast. dr. ben carson accusing news media of a quote political hit job after series can have questions raised about claims made in his book. dr. ben carson: every single day every other day or ever week, you know they are going to it come with oh, you said this when you were 13 you did this you did that. the whole point is to distract, distract the populous distract me, you know if you got a real scandal if you got something that is really important, let's talk about that. maria: dr. carson will join me live in moments, in interview you do not want to miss, he will be joining us coming up, turning to markets this morning we are expecting a lower opening from the broader averages take a look coming off several straight weeks of gains for the broader averages today looki a fractional decline the open of trading, not a whole lot happening this week in business, veterans day on wednesday, president meeting with ben manipulate netanyahu in bausht european action we did see markets reverse course
8:01 am
go negative there as well as you can see, we are looking at there is a chance from being a someone to half a percent lower in london paris germany in asia we had wins nikkei average in japan up 2%, shanghai composite in china up 1 1/2% largely weakness away from there then there is this. >> [cheers and applause] . >> and -- fires on the run, and inside the into the end zone goes mathews for touchdown to win the game. >> late night sports action philadelphia eagles fourth quarter comeback, the philadelphia winning a score of 33-27. gop presidential candidates dr. ben carson under scrutiny over allegations that he exaggerated the truth in his autobiograp
8:02 am
autobiography donald trump taking a opportunity to throw punches. >> if you think about what carson is saying he hit his mother over head with a hammer knee almost did but whatever. >> he hit a friend in the face with a lock he tried to kill somebody with a knife, he said he suffers from pathological disease. >> okay. >> joining me from his home, in west palm beach, florida is republican presidential cd dr. ben carson, thanks very much for joining us. dr. ben carson: my pleasure, thank you. maria: first i want to get out of the way some of the attacks from media we know what you've said give us a straight answer dr. carson in your autobiography gifted hands ben carson story you tell of the story of being offered a sharply to west point at high school sometime after having durn with u.s. army chiefs of staff general william westmorland with you with general westmorland at that time. >> i don't remember if i was with him when the offer came
8:03 am
the offer was not as i recall, from him, but they were multiple other officers around several things i was invited to because of status as city executive offer general westmorland was at one of them, there were congressional medal of honorer wins there as well really quite an honor but honestly 45 to 50 years ago, so i can't remember every single detail about it. but. maria: okay. dr. ben carson: many people subsequently have had that same offer, by the way, are willing to come out and talk about it. gentleman i only asked because his schedule his permanent schedule shows that the general was not in detroit, on memorial dayor day is preceding following the holiday you wrote in the book everyone as you said, is going back in that being boo, and scrutinizing what you wrote when you wrote it i think interesting that i wrote before you fixed anger issues
8:04 am
that you did take a hammer almost, to your mother, and you did almost stab someone if not for belt buckle you are saying this really happened but media is basically saying, you were not a thug as a kid you are saying i was a thug, it is pretty ironic. >> i guess that is a great compliment to me if they don't think i was ever capable of that. maria: let me ask you dr. cars on an about the issues the american voter cares about, and not that they don't care about this, because they want honestly they want integrity for sure and so that is why i think the media has focused on these things. but i want to ask you about your freelance forts economy tell us how you plan to create jobs. dr. ben carson: well, first of all, we have to recognize, that we don't have this growing economy many administration want you to believe we have. 5% unemployment rate, you can make that number anything you want by who you include and don't include, obviously we
8:05 am
should be talking about the labor force participation rate at 38-year low. now, what are -- what we have to being are, is that this kin possesses the most powerful economic engine the world has ever known but it cannot function, because we have so many regulations ramping around it we have tax policy that does not risk taking capital investment would i jump-start the economy recognize that jove seas 2.1 trillion dollars will not come back with kind of corporate tax rates we have i would declare a holiday on that tax. courage that so we repatriate that money, and only stipulation being that 10% of it be used in enterprise zones to create jobs for people who are up
8:06 am
ployed or on welfare that would be one of the biggest sometime will youses that we've seen signs fdrs new deal, it wouldn't cost taxpayers one single penny, but it also gets business industry in the mind frame of once again investing in a community something that we used to do at higher level before the government came in and said we will take care of all that. and they may have a meant well thut they have done a who are endous job in the process created a lot more dependence in our compromise i. maria: you are focused making shire corporate money overseas comes back to encourage businesses to do that we had specifics in terms of of the tax plan from the number of your colleagues that will be stage tomorrow night. not as much from you. why is that? do you have an over all plan that you want to share? away from just getting that money from corporations? dr. ben carson: absolutely.
8:07 am
you know, i am in favor of a flat tax. because of proportionately everybody should be hit exactly the same. in order have to you know remain revenue neutral we would have to make that rate at about 15%. and eliminate all the deductions and all loopholes. that would get us about 2.7 trillion. which is still short of the 3.5, trillion that we need. but we haven't talked about every aspect of capital investment. capital gains also at 15% we have not talked about foreign income not coming back now but would continue to come back at a 15% rate not at 35 to 40% rate. i think that would make up pretty much all of the difference. but in addition to that, we have 4.1 million federal employees we don't need 4.1 million federal employees thousands retire each year, so
8:08 am
by the process of attrition aallow that number to come down over the course of the few years will make a big difference we have 645 federal agencies subagencies every single one has fat in it trim by 2, or 3% you've got a lot of savings there, you know, applying things like sick sigma to easig sigma to energies so we don't waste money. >> the regulatory environment you have spoken, about, a situation all new regulations keeping business from hiring, which specific regulations would you change and how? what industries do you think you will affect if in fact you change these regulations? dr. ben carson: well i would look at cost to benefit ratio of all the regulations. and obviously, that has to work in the benefit of
8:09 am
society. recognizing that every single federal regulation costs money. and that money gets passed on to the consumers. goods and services. that doesn't hurt a rich person but when a poor person walks in that store, and that has gone up 10 cents they notice it when middle class comes up to cash registrationter with a carton full of different things gone k that are putting a real damper on the american dream on ability to do what families want to do. maria: dr. carson who is reviving you on economic issues? dr. ben carson: a number of advisors but the chief one is ristisi professor economic at george mason. maria: i asked people know how successful you you've been as neurosurgeon you bring a lot to table in terms of experiencing there.
8:10 am
but what does that mean for your experience in running the largest economy in the world, dealing with -- with adversaries all over the world make the case that you are the one to take the job given your experience is not necessarily in step with the traditional person that you would see running america. dr. ben carson: well -- first of all, i would say everybody has different experiences. and in political class has managed to convince people that they are the only ones who can solve our problems. when in fact, our system was designed for the citizen stateman not career politicians. having said that there is you plenty of political experience, academic medical center particularly when you are appointed director of pediatric nurse surgery at age 33 pied at rabbiing neurosurgery not on map so you
8:11 am
do what is necessary by 2008, ranked number one in the united states that requires, a lot of ability to bring people together, and to operate in a political atmosphere. also, you know, learning a lot about national international business sitting on major corporate boards and starting a national fiscally arz program reading program that has won major national awards these are not things that most people do. and i would daresay no one else was ring has done those kinds of things the real question is -- what makes you capable of bringing together a team a complex team accomplishing things those are things that i have done. i am not sure who else has done that to be honest with you. but the real issue is can you solve problems, because right now we have problems that threaten to destroy us, and destroy the future for our children. and i don't believe that there is any one person who has all
8:12 am
the answers but i think we have some incredibly talented people and knowing how this utilize them synergistic fashion will solve problems. maria: where will you look in terms of getting the right people in right jobs? dr. ben carson: well -- i will be talking to a lot of the people that i know. and respect. many of them are older quite frankly. and probably wouldn't be able to do it now themselves but have had many, many years of perspective and have become familiar with a lot of people around the country. and, you know, i would do it the same way do i everything. you know when i am studying a complex surgical caseworking on something people have not been successful at doing before, i take in consideration a lot of accounts i look at you know what has worked what has failed in the past.
8:13 am
maria: yep dr. carson good to have you on the program this morning thanks so much for joining us. dr. ben carson: also a a pleasure thank you. maria: we will see you in a milwaukee tomorrow night we will be right back with reaction. stay with us. .
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
maria: dr. ben carson: i don't remember if i was with him when the offer came the offer was not as i recall from him but there were multiple -- other officers around there were several things that i was invited to because of my status as the city executive officer and general westmorland was at one of them there were congressional medal of honor winners there as well quite an honor but honestly it is 45 to 50 years ago, so i
8:17 am
can't remember every single detail about it. >> that was presidential candidate dr. ben carson a moment ago reacting to allegations that he actually never met with general westmorland regarding a west point scholarship sandra smith here with anthony scaramucci what do you think of dr. carson's comments anthony. >> unbelievable bedside manner very soothing guy, he is dodging it a little bit maria but i think he wants to get back to focusing on the issues. i don't see this killing his candidacy. he could have stretched the story a little bit in autobiography maybe he did really doesn't matter sort of gotcha stuff people fine disgusting overany supporter will drop out as a result of that maria: is there anything wrong asking about information about take harmony to his mother's head what is wrong with that. >> talking more about -- >> now i am talking about this. >> westmorland piece he
8:18 am
answered a lot of questions on this, since this all unfolded last friday 11:00 in the morning headlined came out when politico was challenged they moved are from a used conseated looking for anything they cannot just dr. carson but any we are at that point, in the election, maria where this is happening, so he obviously is prepared to field those questions show that in that interview, and he is showing ready to get to the real issues like anthony was saying taxes economy jobs back, talks about flat tax. >> hammer is not going to hurt him a story of redemption maria assist supporters bought into redemption his resonating message. >> i think this -- i agree with you, but at the end of the day, he does need some real granular comments, and plan about the economy. >> that is the issue that is why we're counting on you tomorrow night to teas all
8:19 am
this out of these people. maria: . >> i love what he said i wrote it down he talked about we have to bring back the ability for that entrepreneurial spirit to want to tablike risk module thing in this count incentivization is gone. >> are you surprised we are getting all attacks from media against him at top of the polls isn't that the reason, that now they are on ben carson because he is so close up there with donald trump? >> also, again, the next who ever rises above him or -- at that level, they are going to get hit the nature of this thing. >> short of break coming up next sharing the stage with me tomorrow night neil cavuto joining the conversation, give us preview of what we should expect to see during the debate, neil up next back in a minute.
8:20 am
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. . > . maria: welcome back, live from milwaukee, wisconsin, the stage is set for the naeks republican presintial debate, joining us a peek of tomorrow's night my kro moderator neil cavuto good to see. >> you an exciting night tomorrow. >> -- >> right, it is doing the 7:00, central time. >> you and i 9:00 with jerry baker what is your sense before. >> i don't know but everyone offered me an idea for a question walking over from hotel to here here is what you got to -- my -- sons weighed in everybody weighed in with a question so you just want to
8:24 am
get -- issues loaf it that the no shortage of people with ideas. >> we are going to feel energy in the room, because if audience don't have like the question they will make abundantly clear. >> expected to fill the theatre no prern. >> you didn't tell me about this. >> live audience. >> there it is, set up for the prime time debate, all poems -- podiums there. >> people behind. >> i mean i think that you know, we know what are the voter cares about. >> right. maria: jobs, wages, how to you know, make a better tomorrow for america, but then the stuff about going around i feel like most things are economic issues. >> you know you look at the top five globally, globally, they will come back economic issues, so we all chase the --
8:25 am
the hot story of the moment but if you think about it all the big stories they are all coming back to job security, kids, what is going to happen to them, my retirement, and i think, the one thing and this is come up in a media interviews i am sure we've all done this motion that business journalists have a reluctance to talk about proper pretend in english are fine valid not the same. >> i feel we haven't heard all solutions from all the candidates some more vague than others we had dr. ben carson don i not that i know know average guy and gallon understands the differences of each candidates' plans what they mean. >> they are tripping over themselves big tax cut who can do more big almost to man and woman saying the other side giving you everything you want behooves you to say what are you taking away legitimate
8:26 am
issues i want to go the other way all acronyms arcane -- she what they do. maria: what about ppi? >> you know, my futures comments i know going to feel it, but -- even though i hand. maria: idthe questions we ask canhop a maim in other informed decision we know a lot of people undivided at this point in the election this is a really important night important maria you know that you ask the right questions. >> you think about it too, inflection the closer to caulk becauses i would say you could have mother teresa live her ask questions would be ripped some are on life support they
8:27 am
feel need to come back and lash out at you or say that was not a fair question i think so long as we keep it to the facts, it is economic numbers, keep to it what you are going to do how do you differentiate from some colleagues on this stage either stage that is fine. >> cool to smack around the moderates. >> it has i find it interesting you talk about effect of the crowd that crowd is -- tends to be really jazz about ed about the inventoevent to le know how they feel any nuance to what you are asking if you left any wiggle room they will pounce on you as much as the candidates. >> sure will we see neil myself sandra tomorrow night for debate cavuto coast-to-coast, stay with us, neil, thank you.
8:28 am
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8:31 am
>> welcome back, john presidential candidates preparing for their upcoming face-off. here in milwaukee, our blake berman is here with a behind the scenes look. >> good morning to you, a lot of the focus coming into the debate has been on dr. ben carson in the last few days or so and his personal story from poverty in detroit to renowned now retired neurosurgeon from baltimore. a part of the questions have been from his book. "gifted hands" his autobiography and is that the complete truth he pointed out decades ago. one of the passages here called into question and you asked the doctor about this a half hour or so ago, an offer for a scholarship to west point and
8:32 am
whether or not general william westmoreland was there. i want to read you a part of the passage from carson's autobiography, sergeant hunt introduced me to general westmoreland and i had dinner with him and the congressional medal winners. later, i was offered a full scholarship to west point. when you spoke with dr. carson a half hour ago he said of the meeting with westmoreland now, he doesn't remember if it happened. >> i don't remember if i was with him when the offer came. the offer was not, as i recall, from him, but there were multiple other officers around. there were several things that i was invited to because of my status as the city executive officer and general westmoreland was at one of them. >> carson has risen to the top of the field in the last few weeks or so. with it comes scrutiny about his past record. the doctor has called this for the most part distraction. maria. maria: all right.
8:33 am
blake, thank you so much, joining us now is the editor in chief of the wall street journal and my co-moderator of tomorrow night's debate, jerry baker. jerry, i want to talk about what we should inspect. and what is going on? the journal has done a number of things about ben carson. >> there were inconsistencies with his book and the scholarship and whatever his admission, if that's what it was to west point and as we reported over the weekend, some question marks about some incidents that took place when he was at yale, for example, when he was a student. look, i think -- so i think there is a legitimate source of questions, a legitimate source of inquiry, he's come across and presented himself as the honest outsider someone who speaks truth in the way that politicians perhaps don't. so it's reasonable to look at that. maria: it is. >> i don't think, i don't think
8:34 am
to be fair to i am had, that what he's alleged to be inconsistent about, if you like, is something that's fundamentally damaging to his reputation or to the campaign. these are incidents that happened decades ago, that are not absolutely jermaine to his central story. nobody has really come up with proof that he fundamentally lied, he had a co-author for that book and maybe the co-author took some things he said. we'll continue to look at some gaps between what he said and other people recall, but i don't see it is as essential to the campaign. the reason we're here is because we want to talk about the big issues. maria: the big issues, including those pocket book issues important to the american voter out there. we can't forget why we do these debates, that is to help the viewer, better distinguish between each candidate's proposals when it comes to jobs and economic growth. >> exactly, this is an important opportunity, this is really the first time they will
8:35 am
have had a question about substantive issues that are in voter's minds. we have a couple of debates so far, not really focused on the issues, on the issues of taxes, jobs, wages, the economy more broadly, and i want to get to the candidates about the important policy developments that happened recently, particularly with regard to trade and we're in a very important moment for the u.s. economy, the economy's growing, but not growing as rapidly as it could. the rest of the world looks honorable. so we really, and the candidates, the interesting thing about tomorrow night, maria. they have issues on taxes or trades or what to do about jobs or the new economy, i want to talk about that. there's a real opportunity for them to demonstrate that they-- what they understand about the issues, but also to distance themselves from each other and to give voters a real choice. >> so the onus is on you and neil cavuto. let's talk about trade for a second.
8:36 am
the ttp is now done and there's a wide disagreement in terms. way it was done and who is involved and part of this trans-pacific partnership. what's your take? >> republican presidents and democratic presidents, but particularly republicans have been strongly protrade. you can argue about this and trade certainly does have differential effects, but over time the global economy benefits. the world economy seems to benefit when markets are opened and the u.s. economy has benefitted, too, so presidents of both parties, including president obama signing this trans-pacific partnership and now he's going to get it through congress. they've supported a trade or market opening measures. now you have republicans who are skeptical about that and voters who are skeptical about that. i think we want to probe them and see whether perhaps there is a he an argument that perhaps this trade opening, this market opening agreement is not in the best interest of the country, but i want to
8:37 am
examine that. >> and there's the issue how to go about it. you want free trade and open trade for american companies to sell their goods particularly where there's a big population like china, but you're talking about tariffs that could be one of the sticking points. i mean, trump has said yes adama adamantly, we're going to have tariffs in terms of trading partners and not allow them to get cheaper goods into this country. >> i'm not making a judgment about what he's saying, that would be a step backwards. the deal had been signed with 11 other pacific countries. and 8le 0% of trade is tariff freed, 80%. it doesn't impose tariffs on most goods a limited number of sectors. this would lift the tariffs and also lift tariffs from other countries and other nontariffs
8:38 am
from other countries and u.s. would sell their goods around the world. it's not just one-sided, it's not just about the u.s.-- >> what about american goods. >> america being able to sell in places look vietnam, and japan, and other countries in southeast asia. you know, it's a potentially big opportunity. >> and china not involved in the ttp, we'll talk about that, jerry, great to partner with you tomorrow night. >> looking forward to it, thank you. maria: bigger leaders in politics, and take a look back at today's moments on the program. >> we need to president who is a uniter, not divider. we need a president who is willing to spend relationships on both sides of the aisle and willing to accept an 80% solution and fight for another day. a president who will use the power of the presidency, who is the only person who is elected by all the people and a bully pulpit to go correctly to the american people for the tough
8:39 am
choices and the way forward. fbn is good at dealing with economic issues and we need to push these people for specifics what do they propose to do and how are they going to get it done. maria: they want authenticity. don't b-s me i'm tired of it, that's what they're saying. no b-s. but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform,
8:40 am
the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier. it's your idea powered by active trader pro. another way fidelity gives you a more powerful investing experience. call our specialists today to get up and running.
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>> welcome back. thousands of russians coming home from egypt. >> good morning, the russian government says that 25,000 russians in egypt have returned home. russia suspended all flights to the country due to security concerns following a plane crash that killed 224 people on board. investigators say that they're quote, 90% sure a noise heard in the final second of a cockpit recording was an explosion caused by a bomb. the plane took off from the egyptian resort from sharm el-sheikh. officials say a palestinian woman was shot dead after look at this, attempting to stab an israeli security guard. you saw the knife in her hand. this is at a check point in the occupied west bank. this was today. and guards fired warning shots. >> the navy says a planned
8:44 am
missile test saturday night off the coast of southern california. some residents went into panic mode posting videos all over social media, making calls to law enforcement. the unarmed missile was from a ballistic submarine and you can see the missile, we should say from arizona and nevada. people thinking ufo in the air, but it was not. back to you. maria: all right. cheryl, thanks so much. we'll he see you later. we're back in milwaukee, wisconsin, the site of the g.o.p. debate. earlier i spoke with dr. ben carson asking him what makes him qualified to be the country's next president aside from the fact of being a neurosurgeon. >> learning about national and international business by sitting on corporate boards and starting a national scholars program and reading program that has won major national awards. these are not things that
8:45 am
people do, and i would dare say no one running has done those kinds of things. maria: i want to bring in wisconsin senator ron johnson with more on that, who is running for reelection in the state of wisconsin. good to see you, sir. thank you so much for joining us, do you agree with ben carson's comments there, that, look, he's got this experience and nobody else has it? >> i don't have a dog in the fight yet. i'm endorsing no one. what i agree with, what we as republicans, we have to show the american people what we're going to do to grow our economy and create opportunities we're looking for. how can we gain a sense of security for this nation that people are craving. maria: how are you feeling as you head toward this reelection? these are big issues not just for the voters in wisconsin, but across the country. are you going to be able to do that and is it resonating? >> when i travel the state of wisconsin, of' been doing that for five years. i can sum it up. it's security. job security, income security, retirement security, health care security.
8:46 am
people are hungering for leadership looking for people that are willing to tell them the truth and recognize the reality and then move forward with a real vision for this country and it really is about understanding what made this country great. individual liberties. lifting more people out of poverty than any other economic system. let's keep energy prices low and have regulatory reform and do pro growth tax reform and those are the agenda items i want to hear about tomorrow night. >> what about the foreign policy issues? the idea that isis is getting stronger. and the terrorists are getting more sophisticated when it comes to cyber, when it comes to communicating and getting new people in there and what are the answers? >> we're finding that president obama's strategy of peace through withdrawal has been a miserable failure. the world hungers for american leadership. publicly they'll sometimes rip the united states, but when we don't lead, there's some real void, some voids and we're seeing this genocide in syria. the refugee problem flowing
8:47 am
into europe. and that's going to stabilize other countries as well. we can't turn our face away from this evil and this danger. we need to degrade and defeat isis the sooner the better. maria: go ahead. >> and let's talk about how you're going to win reelection. senator brown left the stage and said you're the most targeted republican. >> great to be number one. >> great to be number one. and tell us what you're going to do to win? >> listen, i feel pretty good about it. i understand how disgusted the american people are about what's happening in washington. people are starting to realize when you outsource your compassion, the federal government hasn't worked too well. we're mortgaging our children's future. and we are the solutions are powered back to the state. if we put wisconsin back on the right path, again, concentrating on the basics, economic growth, reducing regulations and by pro growth tax reform.
8:48 am
a clean environment and let's keep energy-- >> well, you know, wisconsin's been pretty much a purple state. pretty red in nonpresidential years. trending blue in presidential years. but we've got five members of congress now, last time around three, we've grown our numbers in the state assembly, the state senate, and we've got a great grass roots team. this is a bellwether state, an important state. so, you know, let's face it, there are some battle ground states, incredibly important and wisconsin is one of them. sandra: what are you seeing as far as businesses in the state of wisconsin, you've been travelling and on the ground talking to people for five years. what are you seeing as far as businesses that are looking to go elsewhere? or, you know, people wanting to leave the state. what is the temperature? what's the climate here right now? >> first thing i'm in manufacturing myself. for 20 years, literally, i could not hire enough people and that's still true, i've not gone to one manufacturer in the
8:49 am
state of wisconsin that would hire enough people. can't make the connection. we don't make the connections and-- >> job skills? >> it's a worker gap. we paid people not to work. we tell our kids that you've got to get a four year degree which implies working in the factory, like second class status, it's not. all work has value. >> what are you going to do about it? >> we're trying to make the connections, we are, we're holding sessions and government skills and using interstate churches to people that are generally seeking those students and connecting them to the students that are out there in the state. and again, that's what our party is about. economic growth and opportunity. >> and you just called the state a purple state and you said you're a horse of a different color i'm reading somewhere else. >> yeah, i am. i'm a systems legislator. i have a financial background, i'm an accountant. we have financial problems. know the a lot of people--
8:50 am
>> senator ron johnson. tomorrow night's republican debate and live announcements about what you're talking about on facebook. keep them coming. we've got mornings with maria next. ♪
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8:54 am
that is looking higher. priceline looking down almost $75. live from milwaukee where the debate is going to be taking place tomorrow.
8:55 am
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>> welcome back to fox business network and facebook has a partnership. we're working together to compile some special data in advance of the debate. we're coming from milwaukee where the next debate will take place tomorrow night, jo. >> i want to tell you what the top five issues are we've got a billion people every day. the government assets, religion, guns, the economy and then taxes. you can really see the economy taking a pretty big churning chunk right here. and closely by donald trump, bernie sanders and senator cruz the top five.
8:58 am
and we want to look as of the people supporting trump what are the top issues they really, really care about. interestingly, the economy comes in second place. first, of course, is immigration, one of the hottest topics and campaign fans is third. followed by racial issues and religion. this is what's resonating as we go into the debate tomorrow night. >> it's interesting these things are resonating. i would have thought that jobs were number one. >> that's inside the economy that we're gathering. and that's number one? >> maybe it's related to mrs. clinton or secretary clinton. >> remember, these are all topics that people are talking about not necessarily who they support. >> people feel they can't trust their government. and that's why they've been so popular back to the government. >> jo, what's your issue of the five. >> the economy and jobs, i'm surprised the government ethics comes out on top. it's interesting to see how the candidates respond because all
8:59 am
of these campaigns are getting internal data as well and probably going to think how can we resonate with people who use facebook, a billion every day. maria: do you think this, sandra, changes the debate. sandra: the way the candidates prepare for the debate, surely. if they're seeing the data come out. these are real conversations happening with real people on facebook every day. so, they have to take that into consideration because if they want a strike a cord with the american people, they can easily know where that's at. maria: great insight, jo. sandra smith, always a pleasure. tune in tomorrow morning with mornings with maria. we're returning from milwaukee, wisconsin, the home of the presidential debate. we'll talk to chris stirewell and mitch daniels, all here right here at the site of the republican debates. it starts at seven eastern. and the washington bureau
9:00 am
chief. i'll be co-moderating the prime time debate with my colleague neil cavuto. and 7 to 9 and 9 to 11. charles payne it in for stuart varney back at headquarters. charles, have a good show. >> i'm charles payne, stuart is going to be back tomorrow. in time for the debate and, well, that's one of the big stories, here is the other big story, the g.o.p. candidates will take center stage in milwaukee tomorrow night right here on the fox business network. dr. ben carson answering questions about his past and taking on the mainstream media. the question is, is he being vetted fairly. and the u.s. considering moving troops into and around europe in response to vladimir putin. and a controversy brewing over starbucks, the new red cups. check it out. some are saying these are anti-christmas. tell us what you think.


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