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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 9, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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they don't want a smart. come forward with their own ideas about how they're going to use conservative principles to advance the cause of expanding the middle class and helping the poor get out of poverty. deirdre: we'll leave it there. thank you so much. charles payne is here. charles: stocks stumbled out the gauge this morning and remain lower all day long. and is it just the start of the rally? and netanyahu as israel rises and iran gets billions to further spread their rain of terror. and the gop debate on fox business we're going to discuss the issues and how will the candidates make their points tomorrow night? making money starts right now. well, the countdown is on as our network gets ready to host our first republican presidential debate. and the timing couldn't be better as there are several narratives and let's face it. the voters are eager for more
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details. while outsiders continue to dominate the chase, there are has been a change at the so-called top of the establishment and that also means none of those guys can really be counted out, though. first we want to discuss the real big thing; right? and that's the rise of the nonpolitician. joining me now, scott brown, fox news contributor, richard and katrina pearson, the campaign spokesperson. katrina, i'll start with you gusty i think the tea party can take a big bow with what's happening in this presidential race and still the outsiders that dominate. >> charles, you are as well right. this is the product of years of grassroots activist on the ground informing their neighbors, working in their state capitals and pushing those conservative policies to the top. but more importantly identifying the real problems in washington and that's why these outsiders are climbing. charles: scott brown, i know that you're considered part of the establishment although you
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also understand what's happening so far. but you think somewhere along the line the tide turns. is there an establishment candidate that can pick up on this theme that's resonating right now? >> well, what people want to hear right now answers and solutions and you point out in your opening. people want to know what they're going to do with their debt, deficit, security, jobs, national security and now they want details. they can't have an overview of are things going to be great, everything's great, faq, you can't avoid questions. people want details and the disengagement versus nonestablishment, listen charles with all due respect, we're americans first and every single one of these people running whether they're considered establishment or not would make a better president than hillary clinton and bernie sanders. charles: i agree with you but they're all going to be trying to get that one spot, richard, and i think ultimately obviously senator brown makes a point about details. there's no doubt we want to know how you're going to make all of this happen but there's another component to it, i found. and that's could we believe
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who can get it done? because that plays a big role in it as well. >> yeah, there's no question. you've got to be able to produce. i think, you know, somebody like trump needs somebody like scott brown on the ticket. needs to have somebody that knows the senate. somebody who knows how to get things done. trump or carson or even carly fiorina, the outside message is fantastic but they're going to have to have a team of people that know how washington works. washington is unique. i'm not somebody who thinks washington works. but the reality is the outside guys are going to need somebody on the inside who knows how to pull the levers, how to play the power games, and i think having somebody from the establishment with someone not from the establishment or vice versa is exactly what we need. we need to be able to listen to the grassroots, not tell them what to think. charles: you know, katrina, that's been tossed around,
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kasich has been talked about as a vp candidate, rubio, what do you make of the notion that the outsider wins the ticket and let's face it. this washington dysfunction didn't happen overnight. it's amazing confusion where there's a lot of self interest involved and you've got to know how to play that game. >> well, and those games are all brought upon by those career politicians. i really don't thank people are too consumed by the details because the last couple of cycles, we've seen plenty of 14-point plans, auto we've heard plenty of promises of getting rid of obamacare stopping amnesty and they didn't do any of it. so really i think people want to know what is your plan in general how are they going to get it done? and the reason why the outsiders are resonating so much is it because they know that this people aren't to those game players in washington. charles: scott brown, that's a great point. let's face it. president obama was elected on hope and change and not a lot
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of details and he had a pretty overwhelming victory and. >> look where we are today, our allies don't trust us, we're in big trouble. i don't want four to eight more years of that. so while you're talking about establishment versus nonestablishment, don't forget we can't make marco rubios, rand paul or graham, because you need to retain the senate and if you don't obtain the senate, forget about it. there is a role for somebody who knows how to get things done and bring coalitions together and to have a figure head whether he's an insider or outsider just want somebody to reunite this country. if it's donald trump, great i'll be behind him. if it's lindsey gram, i'll be behind him. we have to make sure that as a party we don't have four to eight more years of hillary clinton, obama, or bernie sanders. charles: richard, though, how
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about the idea that donald trump has been so tough on career politicians? that if he is indeed the nominee or he gets into the white house, you know, senator brown just talked about coalitions. we already see that within parties themselves there are different faxes and different coalitions. so could president trump actually get a gop to support him when, in fact, most of the establishment would be just biting their time for him to come and go? >> look, i think it's really important that we unite aren't the idea that we're for limited government and personal responsibility. that's what unites us. that's what we can all get behind. the details of where you fall in terms of policy divisions, i think it's time that people understand that the reagan rule of when you're with me, the majority of the time, then you're my friend. we cannot have purists in the
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party who say i'm only voting for somebody if i agree with them 100% of the time. if that's your criteria, then congratulations you're the candidate because no one agrees with somebody 100% of the time. charles: yeah, of course the reagan rule that you never jumped on the other guy. but we'll tweak it for 2015/'16. on that note, though, katrina, we are seeing word that now these candidates are maybe going after each other more so than in the past. and we have to come to expect that it's going to intensify that the personal attacks are going to intensify, and i remember last election cycle when governor huckabee sat out, i saw him one day and i said why aren't you running? and he said it was such a bruising process. whoever the ultimate nominee is just such a wounded candidate, we don't have a chance. do you feel we're going down that path? >> no. i don't think it's going to get that bad. particularly because trump's in the race. he has essentially set off the $100 million super pac that but she was getting ready to
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unload on all the conservatives in elections past. so i think they're going to be a little bit banged up but as you see for carson, he can barrel handle answering questions about stuff he wrote. so it's good we're having discussions and opening up the differences so tha voters can see who they are. charles: coming into the whole carson thing, it felt like he maybe got the better of it over the weekend, he raised a lot of money, most of the media said okay. even the liberal stuff i watched on sunday afternoons. but, again, having said that, richard, we know that -- there will be some knock-down, drag-outs. as we get down, remember tomorrow there will only be eight candidates on the center stage and after that fewer and fewer, it's going to be, you know, the last manned standing or woman in this case. and i would suspect that there will be a point where someone goes for the knock out. what do you think tomorrow night? who's going to go tomorrow night? and i suspect jeb bush will be at the end of that. >> well, look, i think going for the knock out means you've
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got to go for someone's policy positions, show someone who has been a hypocrite on what they're articulated. now, that's a knock out punch. i think degrading somebody personally is not going to work. it may have a quick ratings bump because people are laughing. but when people are laughing, i don't necessarily think that they respect you enough to vote for you. so i hope that we can get rid of the personal attacks and really look at people's policy positions so that we cannot have what we just did the last two elections, which is have somebody with a quick campaign slogan like hope and change and the media not scrutinize the details and then we're left holding the bag. charles: let's leave it prior to, by the way, at home you can't miss fox business' very own republican debate. make sure you tune in, you're going to see the gop hopefuls tomorrow night, 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox business. you know, in the end, it's all about our wallets and our pocketbooks. so the big question is which
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so that mean the right tax, trade, and fiscal policy. the big question is who's got it right? capital president and cio hilary kramer, and peter mauricey. they're all talking about lower tax rates, some flat taxes, some not. overall, who do you think has the best economic plan? >> donald trump. you might not like his rhetoric but the fact is he's got the best crafted tax plan, he understands the performance of doing something about china and doing something about immigration. we simply won't get wages up, small businesses creating jobs and the u.s. economy firing on all eight cylinders. charles: what do you make of the tax foundation saying that his plan could leave us as much as $12 trillion addition to the deficit in the ten-year period. >> there's absolutely no tax plan that gets proposed that doesn't have problems like that where the rates aren't going to be somewhat higher than the candidate originally
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envisioned it happen but the reality is simplification, encouraging small businesses, making the system work more for capital formation. the man is a businessman. he knows what will stimulate him. what will get him to do something, and he went out and got experts to help him do it right. i'm so disappointed that ben carson being the intellectual he is and knowing what bents human body and how systems work has not responded with a more complex, sophisticated, and frankly nuanced plan. i like trump better than all the rest. charles: hillary. >> trump is some kind of utopia world, it's not realistic anyway. governor kasich really makes sense because he's looking at all ways to provide cincinnati to our economy. the most important of which is on the investment side. you want to lower the taxes on dividends, you want to lower the taxes on capital gains, bring that down to 15% or find ways to bring it lower, even hillary clinton that was the first thing she shot with
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let's get reinventing and we have to do everything to make sure that we do not have hillary clinton in the white house because she's going to bring the tax -- the tax rate up to 50% on individuals. so we need -- we really need the right plan. the other one is marco rubio. now, he's a little bit more realistic at 35%, although we would all love to go down to 25% tax rate, but he's really focusing on families, and ends the cincinnati of the individual having more money in their pocket and spending. charles: peter, we are so attached at the hip with china, with respect to our bonds and the trade that we do with them. are you okay. then, with some sort of tariff war with them? >> i wouldn't call it a tariff war because we already have one. china subsidizing its exports by under valuing its currency. putting in place some conversion of dollars would really offset this, neutralize it. right now we have a trade war. unfortunately, they're doing
6:17 pm
all the shooting, and we're doing all the bleeding. that's why in -- this economy we're only growing at 2% whereas in ronald reagan we grew at better than 4.5. charles: great stuff. we've got to leave it there, though. right now next we want to talk about the issues that are on facebook, you know, really a proxy for the millennials. what do they want to hear? what are some of the most important things for them at tomorrow's gop debate. believe it or not the top issues for them will absolutely surprise you. by the way, did the largest voting about block now, jo ling kent is going to join you go us live from milwaukee. next
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6:21 pm
what's engaging the voter and the people on facebook who are using and talking about the issues? well, the top five issues according to facebook and the data that we've worked with them on are government ethics actually tops the list followed by the economy very serious issues there of course, and we're going to be talking about during the debate tomorrow night followed by government assistants third and then religion and guns in the aftermath of mass shootings around the country. now, i also want to show you what facebook is showing as the top five gop candidates. no surprise there, charles. donald trump topping the list followed by ben carson, ted cruz, jeb bush, and then rand paul. but you'll be interested to know the top five overall candidates, including the democrats. cruz has topped the five for the first time, especially coming out of the debate a couple of weeks ago so we'll see him trying to fire off fireworks tomorrow night. also looking at trump a little bit more closely. what are the issues that people care about on facebook
6:22 pm
regarding trump? no surprise here. i am vague. very hot topic regarding donald trump and then you have the economy, which we're expecting him to address in detail here tomorrow night in milwaukee, followed by finance, relational issues, and then religion. so donald trump has a whole bunch of issues tied to him, facebook users are interested in hearing more from him whether they support him or not. so facebook certainly a big, very important trove of data for all of the campaigns and all of the voters. a billion people, charles, now logging onto facebook every single day. charles: absolutely. jo ling kent, thank you very, very much. >> sure. charles: so the top election issues as jo ling just mentioned, government, ethics, guns, those are your top fives, the proxy for millennials, there you have the other issues so what does this mean for candidates who might have the edge in these? joining me now for this millennial talk, kiersten and vice president lisa booth,
6:23 pm
ladies, thanks for joining. i was shocked when i heard that these were things, particularly i guess government ethics. what candidate do you think benefits most from this, kiersten, and how did that be number one? >> the candidates that benefit the most are going to be the outsiders and those who have taken a stand in ethics -- in all form. that's why you saw ted cruz get that big bump. especially millennials enjoyed someone who's going to be authentic, who's going to call people out and really have a facebook or tweetable moment. and really not being afraid to call people out and, you know, bring those issues out onto the carpet. i think that's what you're going to see. charles: i honestly think when the comes to pure belief and their points or thoughts, ted cruz is the most authentic. he's done the least amount, found his path early on, he's this very smart guy and never wavered, even though it's made him unpopular but he's got momentum right now. >> well, i think his approach was interesting last week --
6:24 pm
or the last debate and sparked a lot of attention. i think that there are a lot of people in this country that are sick and tired of the liberal mainstream media so to see a candidate like that take them on was inspiring, and i'm sure, you know, led to a lot of campaign donations as well. when b for millennials specifically, i think tomorrow what would be really important is hearing about the economy, hearing about student loan debt. if you look, use unemployment is in double digits right now and the average student -- charles: do you think that the millennials want to hear how this is going to be moved or lessened or how they can get great jobs to pay it? do they want the government to take away the debt or find them a job to pay it off? >> well, i think it's important for these candidates to be able to differentiate between the two. because if you look at the recent study from the federal reserve bank of new york, they indicated that for every $3 the federal government pumps into this system, that school tuition rates increase by $2. charles: well, there's no doubt that government
6:25 pm
shouldn't have gotten involved in the first place. but who would a millennial vote for? hey, i'll vote for the person that would create an atmosphere where i can get a great job and pay off the loan myself or i'll vote for the person who promises to cut my loan in half and cut the whole thing away? >> 50% of millennials are under employed. that means they're working a job that requires a high school degree or less. that's a depression situation to be in, but especially young people who are cynical anyway because all of their dreams have basically been shattered because of the economy and because of obama's hope. so they want an economy where they can get a great job that gives them hope so they can pay off. charles: so they can 1207 working in the parking lot and maybe own the parking lot. >> amen. charles: ladies, thank you very much. so which candidate will break out tomorrow in this fox business debate? tweet me your thoughts. i'm added cvpayne we'll be right back. we'll be right back you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments
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charles: tomorrow night is the big fox business g.o.p. debate, a new poll has trump and carson neck-and-neck. what do they need tomorrow night's debate to break the tie? joining me now. gina laden, and chris hahn, and katrina pearson. the poll in south carolina, carson is 1%age point ahead of trump, trump of at 30 now at 27. 26 not too low from where he was, carson more or less
6:31 pm
doubled his support, it feels like a real battle. >> one of the interesting things about the numbers could is that trump has remain steady since i believe in june or july, he held those numbers. so numbers that carson has accumulated have come from other candidates, not from trump, this tells you who the strong steady candidate is in the race. charles: katrina, i get that part. but, some people would argue that if feel like perhaps trump has plateaued. he sit his number early out, and has bin spinning his wheels, he is not gaining that creates opportunities for others. >> i think normally by this time, you would have seen half of the field begun. but everyone is gone but everyone is in the race, the numbers spread out, the fact they are so close in polls, this is people want somebody
6:32 pm
outside, all that needs to be done now, it can be done tomorrow in the debate on fox business for trump to show where he and carson are different, particularly with the economy, one supports amnesty, one du dud not -- does not. charles: in the same poll say did break out, outsiders, they had carson 38, trump at 30. does that more worry in for you? katrina? >> no, i think that carson has been doing well, he has not had to talk about a lot of the policies issue there was an article that talked about him supports tprogra tp p. this has not made it out in south carolina yet. charles: poll november 4-november 8, maybe it will
6:33 pm
make it out in a radio commercial. what do you think? as a progressive looking at this. >>ly meet put on my analyst hat, i look at that poll, i see ted cruz the win south carolina, i don't think that ben carson makes it to south carolina, if he does his numbers will be eroded. where do they go? they go to go to ted cruz, he is steady and less gaffe prone, and he has serious credential that i think that christian conservatives are going for in south carolina anda wa. iowa. charles: if ben carson drop out i do suspect cruz would pick up a big chunk. but hard to leave out rubio too. he was 32%, and jeb ye jeb bush 13, with big money establishment, he has wind in his sails.
6:34 pm
>> charles, don't you remember them telling us, that we had to have a centrist, an establishment candidate. someone with experience, now we're seeing what conservatives have always said, if you get someone who is an outsider it would motivate the base, all rubio can muster from the centrist support is that tiny percentage that is fascinating. charles: all right, whole thing is absolutely fascinating. i can't wait. you can't either. you don't have long, it were night fox business, our very own republican debate, tune in check out hopefuls, they will take center stage in wisconsin it werit were night, 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. eastern right here on fox business network. charles: president obama sat down today with netanyahu. lieutenant colonel ralph peters will join me to discuss this next. jeb bush: we do not have to be the world's policeman.
6:35 pm
we have to be the world's leader. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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charles: benjamin netanyahu and barack obama raise today for first time in over a year.
6:38 pm
charles: president obama sat down today with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu for the first time since u.s. signed that major nuclear deal with iran. many say that obama administration has foster most hostile relationship with our greatest ally in the region since carter. joining me now lieutenant cal lute colonel ralph peters, fox nuisance lift, how do you think that -- news analyst, the meeting went as expected. >> one level, the meetings are contest to see when of them
6:39 pm
obama or netanyahu can force the most least sincere smile. but they of transaction will, obama knows he angered a lot of american-jeworks witjews with the iran nuclear deal. for his part, netanyahu knows a same thing, he knows that now is a time that he can hit obama hard for more military aid, especially for morad vance weapon such as advance bunker buster bombs, that might have be used against iran. there no love lost here. >> it appeared that body language was different, there was a time there were so much acrimony, they wore their disdain on their sleeves, now to your point there are
6:40 pm
greater issues beside personalty, both wanting something out of this, do you think that will bullpen pro-- help propel this relationship. >> it is never going to be fully repaired. obama has been hateful toward netanyahu personaly. that makes it very rich that vice president biden criticized a netanyahu advisor for saying that john kerry is a dunce. let's remember that israel is fighting for its survival. it its opposition to the nuclear deal was not political, it was about fears for israel's survival if iran gets nukes, they believe, netanyahu believes that this deal facilitates iran's acquisition of nuclear arms, for president obama this was an attempt to get a feather in his cap, being the great
6:41 pm
peacemaker, the iran nuke deal is so poisonous that damage cannot be prepared during obama administration, but both leaders know they have to work together on some level. you know, chris you know, christmas is not widely celebrated in israel. but netanyahu will go back with a christmas stockingful of stuff, promises for more military aid, whereas obama gets the throttle down the rhetoric with the upcoming presidential elect looms. charles: shifting gears, department of homeland security spent more 1 million taxpayer money to digitize immigration paperwork so far a grand total of one document has been put on-line. it sheds light on national security risk. this is shocking. this is worse than the obamacare web site, how could you spend a billion dollars
6:42 pm
and this much of a failure. >> i hear that one document is very good. charles: like one-trick ponyy. >> charles. the department of homeland security bears blame in this, but having worked in government, i would lay the lion's share of the blame on government contracting rules and regulations. it is appalling, first of all, bureaucracy are not agile to begin with but the way we contract and execute contracts is so convoluted it is almost impossible to get a good product in a timely manner. you put out proffer, you want to buy something for the government, you have to consider, well you know, is it under union contract requirement? you know what are the really requirements here. what can we enforce? when contractors don't deliver, and the government
6:43 pm
tries to impose penalties they sue issue they sue the government, they get away with it, contracts that don't deliver bid on the next contract anyway, a great majority of the time, a example of how screwed up this it av a fierce competition, air force let contract inning nothing for -- innin toking northrop grumman for the new manned bomber, lockheed-martin immediately sued, that delays the bomber, that is very patriotic lockheed-martin thank you very much, that adds cost, this system is so broken. one billion homeland security, that is chump change at pentagon. charles: true, i think that large guys lockheed-martin and boeing are both suing, but they know how to gain the system, we all pay a heavy price, thank you. >> thank you.
6:44 pm
charles: a tough day for market, do you closed down 179, wild talk about the market and the economy, and the fed's next move when we come back. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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i saihi, i'm andrew luck.... could anyone use some of my lucky beard for retirement? i could use some luck.
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know about this fox business "wall street journal" republican debate after this show 7 p.m. on fbn, tomorrow is the big fox business g.o.p. debate, live in milwaukee, my all-star panel will i don't know me next for a preview, you don't want to go away. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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charles: we're one day away from the big fox business, our first g.o.p. presidential debate, all eyes on their debate, really, can we get answers in we want them, we want beyond the slogans,
6:52 pm
beyond sound bites, we're not expecting our federators to -- moderators to go to war with our candidates. i want to let audience know, it has been announced, that katrina pearson is now donald trump's senior national spokesperson. she was on show earlier, we'll have her on more. but, let me go to new milwaukee. i have to imagine that energy out there is electric? >> the energy is ramping up, it is quiet but 24 hours from now it will be filled with hundreds of politicos coming in to spin their candidates, the big issues are how to create jobs, we're expecting the moderate ors to ask questions about what and how you do, that trump will get a loss of focus his attention on the economy.
6:53 pm
we're expecting to hear from cruz, and rubio trying to break out, and up their numbers in the poll. according to facebook data, cruz has been resonating among g.o.p., talking about him on facebook. >> senator brown, i think -- i think cruz of the the winner of last debate, but it was so crazy, like wild west, now good news is that a lot of these also-rans, guys and gals, got air time, i think it serve them well. what do you think will happen this time, we want to hear from all candidates, but especially front-runners. >> i think that marco and cruz did well last time, it shows in terms of they getting money they are receiving, you talk about the energy here, there a lot of energy but spiking with maria and neil, they are excited, a little nervous but excited, it will be a different debate issue we're talking specifics, this is fox business, we talks business-related issues, you
6:54 pm
want that knock out punch we will probably hear it was too wonky, they talked too much about facts and figures, i almost fell asleep, but we have to careful, we have to give them what they want. charles: i have to believe that for the jeb bushes of the world. this is it, this might be make or break time. i hear it is not, that everyone is cool, calm and collected. but he was the initial frontrunner with all money, and name, all that is gone. >> it is. it does not seem to be reviving in anyway, shape or form, it looks like most of bush's support is trickling off to other candidates. we know that maria and neil will be fair, nobody will be tail to blame it on made rate or this time -- moderator this
6:55 pm
time, it will be on candidates, i that break out moment comes when they speak to the heart of conservatives that is key to what happened with trump and his lead and carson. charles: chris to that point, we know that conservatives a lot of things matter to them, tea party eva evab evangelicals are most vocal. one thing that unify us is our wallet. if someone can explain how their policy is better than the next person, and then how i, me, the average person would benefit. >> that is key, they have to distinguish why they are different from other 7 on the stage, we keep hearing them saying over and over, any one of us is better than hillary clinton, that is nonsense, they don't believe that themselves issue they have to
6:56 pm
say about what extinguishes them. >> i think that senator brown you have three candidates who talk flat tax, others talk lower tax rates, i find it tough on new an difference between -- nuance difference about the tax rate differences what is better than the other. >> i know you understand that is what you do, but average voter at home is probably falling asleep, you have said it quite a few time, conservative this and conservative that. i am a national security hawk. i never vote for a tax increase, but we're not all conservatives. the question is, what do we do as a republican to move forward. i think that anyone onstage would make a better president than hillary, and bernie sanders, is there going to be a great out moment? i'm not sure, that would have answers so people we know more
6:57 pm
than just slogans, i want specifics, i want to know how my kids can pay for school. not getting out with $150 thousand dollars worth of debt, and i want tax policy, 3 to 6 to 9 years out, deal with regulations and high taxes, let's get going. >> you know what senator bayh sayinsense -- by saying we're all good, you are giving credit bill to to candidates to don't deserve that credibility that is why you have team like donald trump beating ticket, would be bea barry goal water times a thousand. >> great we'll see, that is the beauty of politics we have an opportunity to, not over until it's over. charles: >> it's whoever charles -- i think that can speak the strongest against crony capitalism, because that is what the base of this party is the most concerned about with the establishment candidate. charles: back to you.
6:58 pm
we keep hearing that there could be a break out moment, again, i don't know how they will distinguish themselves, is there a feeling have you been there. is there whisper talk about so and so will find a way to break out. >> among operative, issue is all around what will happen to jeb bush, will he be able to ramp up, and reactor sert himself -- assert him sift, i walked to debate stage, there used to be 10 podium, now there are 8, and then, the answers are no longer 60 seconds they are 90, they will have time too flush out more of details that we're looking for that senator brown mentioned, you and chris christie moving to the earlier debate, you can expect some more fireworks there with governor huckabee as well, there are a lot of opportunities to engage in a new way because of a different
6:59 pm
format, if you look at what viewers, and voters' to facebook, where everyone is gathering and voicing their opinion they would like to know about the economy. jobs, how ca can increase wage growth. but voters want more of that for day-to-day paycheck. charles: spot brown, the thing, you know talking about interesting thins to facebook, number one. government ethics, and religion and guns, the mainstream media does not talk about it but they are resonating. >> you talk ethics they are really talking about hillary clinton and e-mail server and lack of trust. ta that said, let's talk about jeb bush, not just about debates he is others are resonating in new hampshire first in nation primary state they are spending time to do town halls, we had them at my house over 300 people. at our no bs backyard barbecue, he nailed it.
7:00 pm
charles: i know christie is resonating as well. >> thank you very much. at home watch us every night 6 p.m., lou dobbs is next with a live two hour debate preview show, you do not want to miss it keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening i am lou dobbs we're coming you to live from milwaukee theater in milwaukee, wisconsin. we're now 24 hours away from the first of what will be two republican presidential debate hosted here on the fox business network. it will be fourth republican presidential debate of this elect cycle. you can expect tomorrow's debate on fox business network to become pehling and focus -- compelling and focus on issues that matter most, economy growth, jobs, our standard of living in this country. and we'll find out how each candidate, plans to return


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