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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 9, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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have very smart and capable people on that stage. no matter how much mud they sling it seems that -- lou: i'm sorry georgette but we are running out of time here. they are going to be tested that's for sure in the 90 seconds we provide for answers is going to be real test. georgette: as long as they don't beat each other up, that's all i hoped for. lou: there you go. we are coming right back. we are coming to you live from the milwaukee theatre in milwaukee wisconsin. this is where eight candidates will take the stage iv the second of two republican presidential debate here on "fox business" network read much of the spotlight likely to be on the two men who have been trading the title of front-runner, donald trump and ben carson. carson has been fighting the mainstream media.
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one of the stories debunked by buzzfeed. carson confirming carson did in fact fall victim to such a prank tricking him into taking a fake exam when he attended yale university. joining us now "fox news" digital politics editor will sort all of that out and tell us all happen in the debate tomorrow. chris i mean that is to me the mother load of politics to have a highly questioned story that he has been attacked relentlessly for and then comes out validated. >> and if not fully validated comes out in a certain sense where he says for all of the things that are happening, for all of the problems for everything they that could be discussed the fact that we are down to well, it's mostly true and we can see how he would have seen it that way but he missed this detail. come on, come on. lou: as we are sitting here i
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have to say all that he is taken in the way of abuse from the national liberal media and i want to ask you about that because it turns out today i studied shows that 7%, 7% of working journalists in this country self-identify as republicans. >> and who are they? they are out of work rate i don't know, i guess everybody "the weekly standard." i'm not really getting that. lou: and the "fox business" channel. >> it is really stunning to think 7%. the last time i saw it and it's been seven or eight years ago it was about 71% liberal. this is something frantic. >> part of the reason that reporters are so bad at covering ben carson is that he brings together two things that they are totally unfamiliar with which is many of them. one is a reverent love of jesus christ as their lord and savior, which is not hip.
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it's not something that's going on and the other thing they bring in is the contempt for the political process. they don't understand how hated they are and how institutions are watching how ordinary americans will samer bolted by this woman they say to ben carson you are not being ordinary and not sing the things that you're supposed to say republican primary voters go hell yes and those reporters are also saying please whatever it takes. be utterly predictable and if you ever doubted the fight or flight in states, watch that reaction amongst reporters when you say jesus christ in washington d.c.. >> and don't mean it that you are -- lou: nearly every time. let's turn to this debate. talk about the political business and finance which is what it's going to be about. that doesn't have to be stultifying stuff. that is a broad, broad range for these candidates.
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>> i love what you guys are doing here. i love this idea of cracking a walnut open, so in order, when you have 10 people you have to go so much faster with 52nd answers moving through. this is okay guys you say you want his talk substance, talk substance and then he put them to the test and it will be exciting and dare i say substantive. lou: what is your sense right now of the country? >> have looked at the poll and the most recent one from south carolina trump on the top by one point it looks like we are starting to see some congealing if i can use that awful word. >> i think the concealment is like this, there people who are legitimate in the hunt for the republican nomination and that's donald trump and ben carson, marco rubio and ted cruz. carson is up and trumpeting some slippage and rubio and cruz are starting to solidify support
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from the rest of the field. you have 10 people sitting on 20%. you have 10 people with an average vote share 2%. some of those people have to stop running for president. lou: that first debate, those are some pretty powerful candidates and powerful personalities. you're talking about chris christie and huckabee and former senator rick santorum and former governor jindal. do you expect that to bates to produce some surprises at all? >> very much so because when you are at the end and if you are chris christie, if you are huckabee, if your job was on the main stage this is an existential moment neither. either you are going to demonstrate their viability in the field or you will have to stop running and those folks about the most to show in chris christie is not afraid to. lou: do you have a sense of which of these candidates has the best economic perspective and vision?
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>> well it's not just about perspective and vision. it's about how can you articulate in a way that doesn't make you sound like a, the reading of the federal reserve ward minutes. lou: you are so cruel. >> you have to be able to talk about it at the kitchen table where people can relate to their own lives. lou: i won't ask you to name the name of that dog. >> ted cruz is a dangerous man on that stage. lou: i didn't ask you. >> i did. lou: chris stirewalt and don't forget to tune in tomorrow night for the debate 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on the "fox business" network. we will be covering both debates beginning at six eastern live from milwaukee. please be with us. at the white house today president obama and israeli prime minister and netanyahu holding their first face-to-face meeting more than a year and the president and the prime minister looking to come together or at least give the impression that they have done so.
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netanyahu lopping against the nuclear deal with iran. "fox news" white house correspondent kevin court with our report. >> even before the two and a half hour-long meeting the president and prime minister acknowledged the elephant in the room, that iran's nuclear deal drove a huge wedge between them but wouldn't keep them from moving forward together. >> it's no secret the prime minister and i have had strong disagreement on this narrow issue but we don't have a disagreement on the need to make sure that iran does not get a nuclear weapon. >> the controversial nuclear agreement one of several areas where the two leaders disagree. among others the growth of jewish settlement and the lack of progress toward the two-state solution between israelis and palestinians though netanyahu said today he still supports the latter. no issue is like -- they ran nuclear deal is a risky separation a time when iran and russia strengthening the partnership including the recent
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sale of surface to air missiles to iran all the issa spreads throughout syria and iraq. >> i think this is a tremendously important opportunity for us to work together to see how we can defend ourselves against this aggression in this terror, how we can roll it back. it's a daunting task. >> that task is even tougher because of the relationship between the two men. >> it doesn't mean that they are the best of friends but it does mean there will able to work effectively together to advance the interests of the citizens of their country. >> further complicating the relationship-month-old comments from the prime minister's spokesman over the weekend who said the president's criticism of bb's speech during the iran debate was an example of quote modern anti-semitism and said secretary of state john kerry's quote mental age doesn't exceed that of a 12-year-old. comments that drew a strong rebuke from the vice president biden. >> there should be no tolerance
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for any member or employee of the israeli administration referring to the president of the united states in derogatory terms. not, period, period. >> the israelis are said to be seeking from the administration a 10 year, 50 billion-dollar military aid project to defend themselves. that shouldn't come as as a prize given the week ended naval commander suggested their ratings have done little to change their behaviors and signing the iran deal in july. lou: kevin court from the white house. coming up next fact checkers call out hillary clinton as she filed papers today are the new hampshire primary. stay with us. we are gearing up for the first "fox business" presidential debate in milwaukee wisconsin. we are coming right back. it's quite a place, isn't it, the milwaukee theatre.
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house benghazi commitment that the state department system has 90 to 95% of her work related e-mails. a state department spokesman says that figure does not come from them and is rather a calculation from, get this, the clinton campaign. "washington post" that checker says the state department is correct and has given hillary clinton three pinocchio's, for misrepresenting not having to write data, lighting, you pick the verb. joining us free beacon reporter lachlan marquis and author colon is fox news contributor jessica. tell me, let me start with you, the fact that she gets three pinocchio's. is there really any surprise out there? >> now, i mean she's a national disgrace. it's been nothing but deceit from the start lack of transparency and this is why people were searching for anyone else but that's why bernie
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sanders is bringing out out crowds in and that's way of people rooting for joe biden. this is what hillary is about. she's made it clear that she's a liar and she doesn't care that she's a liar because she's going to get away with it anyway. you are pulling or flex their believe you are honest or truth on this stuff matters to them so good luck with this record on trans -- transparency. >> obviously she is not considered trustworthy person. lou: i would say that's a bit of an understatement. >> she does have a very, i mean it's a pretty obvious strategy to deal with the scandal but it seems to be effective. she's basically waiting for the american voters eyes to glaze over so they can follow these things and they hope -- lou: how would you characterize the strategy of hers that permits third to be not only the front-runner but really up against only one serious candidate and that's senator bernie sanders.
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what is the strategy that was heard dominate like this? >> what was her dominate is there is no viable challenger on the other side. lou: but what i'm saying with with this e-mail scandal like jedediah said every news organization that fact checks called her a liar and yet she is apparently absolutely in the end >> she thinks people don't care because she feels hillary clinton feels that people already know that she is corrupt and she is a liar that's the bottom line so if you're going to support or you're going to support her anyway. she feels that people will sit back and say this is just the clintons and be okay with it because she feels the characters not an integral role. look at her husband. this is someone whose family has shown that character is an important to people. i think things are different because i think she got away with it lack of transparency in this day and age when people look at the obama administration in tiger to that lack of transparency they say i'm ready
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for something different and they will hold them to different standard and also she's not likeable. she doesn't get away with this thing that president obama got away with. lou: let's turn to some charismatic folks who are going to be right here in milwaukee theatre in milwaukee wisconsin tomorrow night. that did they, give us a sense lachlan if you will do what you expect. our digital politics editor said he has the highest expectations for ted cruz. >> i was going to say the same thing. i think everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop when it comes to trump and carson with 40 to 50% in every poll but no one really seemed to believe that they could keep that going so the question is if everyone pontotoc chrissy is right is ted cruz going to be around and have a momentum to pick up the pieces? maybe that will determine it and
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i'm still going to predict its coming down to rubio and. chris: again. >> i really agree and i think it will be an interesting contrast because ruby and. chris: had very good night last time but they are very different candidates. they have a different delivery style. they both have fascinating stories and i think rubio is going to pull a lot of the establishment vote. will ted cruz pulled the conservative wing that may or not be disappointed in the trump in the carson and the outsider so i'm excited to see. lou: tomorrow night is going to be great. >> much better than the democrat debate until you that much. lou: jesediah bila and lachlan markay thank you very much. the panel joining us later in the broadcast as well as a reminder to vote in tonight's poll. the question is a excited to watch candidates debate one another on the "fox business" network and tell us how they plan to restore prosperity and assure the american dream for all. cast your vote at lou we would like to hear from him please fellow man social media follow us on twitter.
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go to our facebook page/lou dobbs links to everything found at lou up next here china's president meeting with taiwan's president in the first-ever ever encounter between leaders of the neighbors and long-time rivals. the meeting coming as china's economic growth is likely to slow next year and perhaps persist and that slowness. what does it mean for our economy quickly take it appear next. also with us we are previewing the box business republican debate here at the milwaukee theatre tomorrow evening. wow, what an extraordinary magnificent building. we will be right back. stay with us.
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lou: china issuing a new challenge to the obama administration. beijing announcing it will begin direct training between iran and the swiss franc beginning tomorrow. to move that cuts the dollar, cuts the 11 step closer on many steps required to becoming a global reserve currency. the obama if has refused to name china the manipulator even as those mepi and its currency. china's xi jinping becoming the first president of china to shake hands with the president of taiwan. that happened over the weekend and according to the financial times, mr.. >> 's decision to break from decades of ostracism was the edge of a confident leader and the chinese president boldness probably reflects the anxiety as much as confidence. among the pressures push back
8:25 pm
over its territorial claims in the south china sea. new trade deal from between america and other nations that include china and in fact targets china. joining us now to take a look at all of this and how will affect our economy "fox business" network chilling cans. good to have you here. >> good to be here. >> going to take some time to look at this element of our global economy because these candidates are ignoring it to this point. quite remarkably i think. >> is pretty much par for the course but never before has there have been so much going on regarding china and its position in the world and how it affects the u.s. economy. lou: the slowdown we know now israel and it's creating some desperation on the part of the leadership in china. it's also creating another problem for the rest of the world. the data, the information about the chinese economy that they are transmitting to the world. it's not being received with
8:26 pm
much. >> you mean you don't believe the gdp. lou: i do. i believe everything. it's all those other folks. >> that's the thing. you have the chinese issuing gdp numbers and if you notice they're trying to backtrack that number. it's gone from seven% to 6.5%. president xi jinping having trouble with this market economy , issues that really do affect internal stability and as a result impact on china affects the world economy. lou: as we look at the export numbers which are declining dramatically those elements now our reason for the domestic economy the european economy in particular. everyone is now reacting and again that's a suggestion of softness here because we are not demanding so much that we rely on china more whether it's technology.
8:27 pm
we are seeing at downshift here of dramatic proportions. >> when you have weak wage growth and issues in the west that will no doubt affect demand that yes, sir member was happening on the other side. inside china right now the government is actively trying to make this export-driven economy any more consumer led economy like ours in the u.s. so all of that row for that change that transition is extremely bumpy and it's hard to do when you are a one-party system and the need to maintain political stability to make it work. it's very very difficult and they're not handling it very well. too i love that expression, one-party system. there are markets that are going south right now. >> certainly a challenge ahead and a good question for the debate time it is how will these candidates go up against china engage with china and alternately take advantage of what they are faced with there. lou: jo ling kent great to have you here. the university of missouri president resigns amid
8:28 pm
controversy over his handling of alleged racism on campus. it demonstrators who ousted him say it is only the beginning. we take it up with bishop harry jackson and bishop ew jackson and we will preview fox business republican presidential debate right here in the milwaukee theatre in milwaukee, wisconsin tomorrow night. former reagan political white house director "fox news" ed rollins joins me. we are coming right back. stay with us. there's every reason to stay with us.
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and click to activate your within. lou: welcome back. this is a venue for tomorrow's republican debate here on the "fox business" network. it was making candidates making their last minute preparations for the all important debate. the candidates under pressure to persuade the american public about their positions on critical issues. 11 weeks until the iowa caucuses much more in that coming up later in the broadcast. israeli prime minister and netanyahu meeting with a person at the white house with boatman promising to find common ground and they downplay their disagreement today over the iranian nuclear deal. and the university of missouri president and chancellor both resigning today after student claims racism and threaten a boycott of schools football
8:34 pm
team. joining us then to discuss racism on his country's university campuses and the actions today in particular, missouri and yale, bishop harry jackson senior, the pastor of the christian church. pastor and president of the high impact leadership coalition. it's great to have you with us. and bishop ew jackson present of the group staying true to america's national destiny senior fellow with the family research council. harry, if i may call you harry we will get confused on bishop that forgive me. the necessary informality if i may. the idea that these two top officials at the university of missouri resigned today, is it simply mob rules? is that what has happened in missouri? >> i don't think so. i think the fact that the coach came out on the side of the players says there is something
8:35 pm
going on rivasseau there is a swastika that was put up and also folksy yelling out racial epitaphs, so it's not widely known in the state that a lot of friends in the region exactly what has happened but it seems as though there is an impression and a feeling that there has been an allowing of the atmosphere to shift on that campus somewhat creates so i don't think it's mob rule. i think though how we address these kinds of things, i wonder whether we are going to get long-term change from just getting quotas and just getting kids into the school and perhaps will get a chance to talk more about what should be done but i think the kids need support and i think you need to make sure that nobody is absolutely called racial slurs and pressured when you are legitimately a minority on campus like that.
8:36 pm
>> i don't think anyone would disagree with you whatsoever. and ew let me ask you this way, one of the demands though was that the president of the university except, it meant i think is the way the students put it to white privilege. that's really quite a remarkable demand, isn't it? >> thanks for having me and we should commend the students. they have done is peacefully and base their feelings peacefully but look unfortunately they are representing a kind of ideological perspective that is very extreme. i don't think there's any such thing as white privilege. i know people who are white born in poverty and have had to struggle. i know people that are white or dyslexic and they have had to struggle. everybody is a struggle in life and this time they are separating us by race and all whites are privileged and all blacks are somehow distant image
8:37 pm
is really preposterous. i would say this lou we have a presidential debate tomorrow night. we have got to get these candidates offering leadership unlike what this president has done that will begin to unify is racially instead of dividing us. lou: i would agree. >> lou can i interject? i would agree with the fact that we have an opportunity for expanding but i believe we have asked for kind of a reeducation of the faculty as opposed to tangible things so labeling the behavior of the president and making him admit to something is not so much important as creating tangible solutions to the problems that do exist. i'm assuming they are there on the campus. >> we have got to have a program , a private-sector approach that brings churches
8:38 pm
and businesses together to address these issues rather than more government. lou: very quickly onta touch on gaels halloween advice stoking a racially charged debate to say the least. student groups question whether the administration was being sensitive enough and it's concerned over offensive quote unquote costumes. ew your thoughts on that? >> we have termite people lou it's not the skin, it's the plan then we keep focusing on the outward. we have got to focus on the inward on character and the issues that make human beings treat one another with respect and dignity, not more rules, not totalitarian systems. but how about do unto others as you would have them do unto you. that's the message we have got to get across to all americans frankly. lou: that is the message that it's fair to say that stood the test of time. thank you both for being here.
8:39 pm
we are flat out of time. bishop harry jackson and bishop ew jackson, thank you very much. and thank you for letting me resort to your first names tonight. >> quite all right. >> no problem. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. are you excited to watch candidates debate one another on the "fox business" network and tell us tomorrow how they plan to restore prosperity and it sure the american dream for all of us. cast your vote at lou up next protesters go after donald trump during his appearance on saturday night live. something about trump creates audiences. we'll talk about the former reagan political white house director, political strategists ed rollins and we are live from milwaukee, wisconsin. we are coming right back. stay with us. you don't want to miss a thing.
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lou: breaking news tonight a federal appellate court has upheld an injunction that blocks president obama's plan to protect an estimated 5 million people living in the united states illegally to protect them
8:44 pm
from deportation. the ruling from the new orleans-based this circuit court is to defeat obviously for the obama administration. but the release of the fifth circuit court decision today appears to allow the supreme court time to hear the dispute should the justices choose to take up the issue before the expiration of the term in late june or early july of next year. joining us now former reagan white house political director "fox news" political analyst ed rollins. good to have you with us. as we approach tomorrow and the time for the debates, for the debate with the republicans do you have the sense that there is some desperation in the air for many of these candidates? ed: there is desperation and people are starting to focus on who they are going to vote for. i think it's a very serious debate. fox business is doing it issues
8:45 pm
that are significant to most americans who say the economy is the critical factor are going to get good questions and not a lot of gamesmanship. i think the reality is our team, your team will do a great job of putting the questions i've been looking at the candidates as they answer. lou: i assure your confidence obviously in that. i may be somewhat less confident that the candidates will be content to confine themselves to economics and business to fiscal policy and monetary policy responses. they may want to go broadly into the political economy which by the way i think it's entirely appropriate but what are your thoughts about the time, 90 seconds for answer? >> that's a lot more time than it had before and having a couple less candidates on the stage will make a big difference but i think the key thing here is there are four people on that stage today they're still really
8:46 pm
viable and that's the fore front-runners rubio, cruz and the two-front runners trump and carson. i have difficulty seeing trump is the front-runner but he's been a front-runner for a long time and obviously carson. they are right on that cusp. a couple of them are on the edge of getting knocked off and i think a certain extent you are getting to the point where money matters, organization matters and if you don't make a good impression people like bush and kasich and others are going to fall by the wayside. lou: you know lachlan markey and jedediah bila and our editor chris felt that ted cruz was likely potentially, most likely to benefit from this debate subject matter and what is required. who do you see? >> i certainly think
8:47 pm
particularly talking about energy policy and what have you the senator from texas should know more about energy policy than anybody else. rubio to certain extent will continue. i think a big test, think ours is getting a different look now even though he has done okay in former debates i think people will analyze not the stuff that's been going on the last couple of days but is there something there beyond being a brilliant insurgent? does he know the issues and obviously that's going to be at issue in trumpetto of i think had a lackluster debate last time to a certain extent the kinds of questions he is going to get a yes answer these things. how the reform entitlement? ps all the quick answer i'm the greatest and therefore i can do it. lou: i think first of all i sensed that he was purposely laying back in the last debate and it will be interesting to
8:48 pm
see what his strategy is this time but also we are going to be talking about social security. we are going to be talking about entitlements and honestly i think there something different in the air about this campaign, this cycle. we are talking about candidates embracing the third rail whether it's social security or broadly entitlements. we have candidates who are talking with great specificity about value-added taxes. they call them business tax and other names that they are talking about fundamental in some cases radical change in the tax policy and they seemed to be excited about it in the national media. i think they have been shocked and surprised to the point that they are not reacting to it at this point. ed: they have it reacted in the candidates have to add great clarity in their positions. i think you really need to be very specific. here's how i'm going to do it and here's how you get the economy moving. here is what reducing corporate
8:49 pm
tax will do to create small business and creating jobs which is so important. my sense again eight people on the stage and 45 very articulate people with a lot of substance have to make their points very clear. they have to have more time to do that. lou: ed rollins is always thinks for being with us. ed: thank you. lou: don't forget to watch the debates tomorrow night here on the "fox business" network. the first debate begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern. my colleagues trish reagan and sandra smith moderating. jerry from "the wall street journal" and then the second debate begins at nine eastern moderated by neil cavuto and journalist jerrod baker. up next here we are counting down the hours until the first fox business republican presidential debate. expected to be focused on jobs, the economy and the media's tense relationship with the candidates. there is little of that out there though and the candidates
8:50 pm
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but it is not the device mobithat is mobile, it is you. >>
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lou: we're back in milwaukee with ebony williams, lachlan markey and jedediah bila, as we prepare for tomorrow
8:54 pm
night's fourth republican presidential debate, here on the fox business network, it is going to be quite an evening. as we have talked about all of these issues. look at all that is transpiring. there are so few issues that could not be brought under the umbrella of the economy. ebony? >> i think this is an opportunity of donald trump living up to -- he is pulling up 60% most trusted to handle the economy, he is the rich guy on the stand. but can that translate to america being better doing great again, this will be one two things a sla slamdunk or maybe he will be exposed. >> he was exposed on saturday night live, he raised snl ratings to highest level in 3 years. >> i'm going to watch ben
8:55 pm
carson tomorrow, it will be a test. lou: lachlan just dismissed the entertainer, ignored billions of dollars, and the wealth he created. >> american politics. >> ronald reagan of a great entertainer i remind you. >> there is precedence for it. >> now with media the way it is, your policy is important, but it is equally important how you articulate that policy, i think that making people laugh, having a since of humor, and being likeable are important. >> i think carson is at such a crucial point here, you have seen a little bit of a short temper with him lately, you can't really blame him for a lot of it, it will be a test whether he can maintain this persona as by far the most likeable man in the race. lou: i think the man has been remarkable. he has been validated by the media. it turns out he was the telling the truth.
8:56 pm
i file -- feel a little bit guilty saying this guy, this a doctor, he has done so much good, and sort of surveyed by national liberal media. >> i think it works for him, i think he benefits from it but, to the point, we're talking economy policy tomorrow night. doctor karszon is a vulnerable on that issue.
8:57 pm
>> it will work for him. lou: you are every newsiastic. -- enthusiastic about ted cruz's chances tomorrow. you are talking about donald trump here. you know, a natural here would be jeb bush but i don't hear you mentioning his name. >> that is the problem, he has vanished issue he is not come across as terribly likeable, he not charismatic, he is not resonating on voters, and he is picks on other candidates in a way that makes him look really small, he looks like a malman onstage -- small man onstage, he looks like he is afraid, and intimidated, he does not look like he could handle the job of president, when we have conversations about candidates we're not
8:58 pm
inspired to talk about him. >> we forget about him, not only is he not likeable he worse than that, he is forgettable. >> i think that this debate topic plays to his strength, a very good ik enemkpalic -- economic record in florida. >> nobody cares, that is unfortunate, he has i think a good governor record to run on . this is his fourth opportunity to go out there, and talk about those accomplishments it not resonating. lou: the first debate tomorrow, it begins at 7:00 eastern here on fox business network. features mike huckabee, governor christie, bobby jindal, senator santorum. that is a group of folks who will have an opportunity, they are four horses if you will, i think that you may see some break out here. >> i think christie will stand
8:59 pm
out. he always manages to stand out, i think he will, and i think people will be left fielding he was on the other stage, christie has been great. directing his commentary to the audience, i think a lot of his interviews have been fantastic, he is flipping because the trait that people love about christie, exists in trump as well. >> he had a great couple of weeks, have a video go viral he is talking about the heroin epidemic in new hampshire. >> i agree with that, the other thing he has been handling what happened to him in polls well. he is not whining or crying, i think that krea really makes us more beholden. lou: tune in tomorrow night, we'll see who whines who is best. >> and forget full. >> thank you all. >> thank you. lou: in our on-line poll, 98% of you responded saying was
9:00 pm
there never a chance in hell that president obama would have supported keystone pipeline, and created all those jobs. shame on you. thank you for being with us, we'll see you here tomorrow night, thanks for being with us tonight, join us for debate coverage tomorrow. >> are politicians authentic or fake. >> fake. >> they want to look authentic . >> donald trump real.y >> he is so evasive. >> issues are real. >> a war on cops right now. >> police officers are being hunted. >> a republican war on women. >> really? >> political reality, is our r show t


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