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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 9, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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and honor the results. so whatever you think of the campaign, remember that the making of an american president can be a pretty wonderful thing. that's our show. thanks for watching. business. lou: good evening i am lou dobbs we're coming you to live from milwaukee theater in milwaukee, wisconsin. we're now 24 hours away from the first of what will be two republican presidential debate hosted here on the fox business network. it will be fourth republican presidential debate of this elect cycle. you can expect tomorrow's debate on fox business network to become pehling and focus -- compelling and focus on issues that matter most, economy growth, jobs, our standard of living in this country. and we'll find out how each candidate, plans to return prosperity to america.
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among our guests tonight, economist douglas holt, and wilbur ross, also tonight, president obama meeting with prime minister netanyahu for the first time since the signing of the iranian nuclear deal. >> it's no secret that the prime minister and i have had a strong disagreement on this narrow issue. but we don't have a disagreement on the need to making sure that iran does not get nuclear weapon or about destabilizing activities. lou: iran ta far from only issue dividing u.s. and israel, there are division on thousand achieve peace between israelis and palestinians, there are policy disagreements how to address deteriorating security in the middle east, and how to blunt advance of
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thes lamis -- islamic state. university of missouri president resigning post amid controversy over state of race relations at school's main catccamp iscampus. >> i'm resigning as president of the university of missouri system. the motivation in making this decision comes from love, i love mu . columbia where i grew up, state of missouri. this is not i repeat not the way that change should come about. change comes from listening, learning, caring, and conversation. use my resignation to heal and start talking again.
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lou: we'll have a full report for you coming up as well, as a discussion on race erase relations -- race relations and what is happening on the nation's campuses. lou: republican presidential candidates descending on milwaukee, wisconsin for the fourth presidential debate to be held tomorrow night, focusing on each candidates plans for jobs issue the economy. there the likely be sparring among the contendors, right now top are ben -- ben carson and donald trump. >> with general e364 days from now. >> a lot of people are saying donald you are the most amazing guy. >> reporter: donald trump emerged from saturday night live unschathed this week is attacking ben carson, and
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carson is attacking the media. >> to the progressives, you know they can look at polling data, they can see that you know i'm the candidate who is most likely to be able to beat hillary clinton. >> reporter: in his book gifted hands carson described several violence incident during his youth, reporters unable to confirm details have since questioned his honesty. trump's has been relentless. >> it's a tough thing, he writes a book where he went av his mother and wanted to hit her over the head with a hammer, hit a friend in the face with a padlock, stabbing someone, but he said he has patpathological disease. >> you don't believe him. >> if you have a path logical
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disease that is a problem. he wrote it, i didn't write it. >> reporter: he charged $22,000 in personal epebse person expenses to g.o.p. card and paid late fees, now ted cruz is positions himself against rubio. ted cruz, rubio and jeb bush are all in a virtual three-way tie for third. fbn moderators neil cavuto, and maria bartiromo have promised substance sive questions. >> there is a battle in ground game for ballot access, they were supposed to file for arkansas primary.
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donald trump, ben carson, marco rubio and ted nugent ted cruz, a big sign of organizational strength over the field. lou: thank you carl. tune in to fox business debate tomorrow night, 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. here on fox business network we'll cover pic both debating begins 6:00 eastern live from milwaukee. >> expectations for today's meeting with israel's prime minister netanyahu and president obama were low. fact their meeting is considered something of an achievement, this was their first face-to-face meeting in over a year, both men never had a great relationship but it hit rock bottom this year after president obama sign a nuclear deal with iran, president dismissed that riff today and promised to find common ground going forward, including among those possibilities eding wave
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violencending the recent wave of violence in israel. >> today a 22 career ol -year-old palestinian woman tried to stab and kill a security guard, he shot and killed her. lou: moscow today, said it will begin delivery of surface-to-air missiles to iran, the system is one of the most advances antiaircraft weapon in the world, it is cape ain'capable of tracking multiple planes at once, israel tried to block that sale, making a potential strike on tehran's nuclear facilities more difficult, russia has been talking about that sale for past 8 years. moscow, using it as a bargaining chip, in its discussions with the west. lou: turning to effort to quell unrest at university of missouri. school's president tim wolfe resigned two days after
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football player announce a boycott of all football related activity, student protestor joined in they allege wolfe had not done enough to address racism on the campus. fox news chief washington contract james rose sen rosen with the story. >> these, use this resignation, to heal. not to hate. let's move forward together. for a brighter tomorrow. >> reporter: evokes stick scripture and taking full responsibility for quote, unquote inaction. tim wolfe buckled and resigned as head of the largest university in the show me state. members of concern student 1950, activist group that draws name from first year when blacks were admitted to mo su .
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but declared their work against systems o epression is for from over. >> demand immediate meeting with faculty count. -- council. >> reporter: wolf'se fall was swift and dramatic. over week nearly 3 dozen plaqublack players on the football team vowed to boycott their games until wolfe was gone. >> missouri is home of ferguson. so you have to understand is that level of racial unrest in the state and among young people and specifically young black people in the state, is
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a high level. maybe high watermark in terms of history. >> hours after wolf announced his resignation, chancellor followed suit, effective at year's end. the deans of 9 university departments demanded his resignment. lou: thank you. >> and we'll have a lot more on this story during the broadcast tonight, we'll talk with bishop harry jackson about race and america's campuses. -- up next new evidence that liberal media is in the tank for democrats. we take it up with our political panel. >> and a light in the sky creating panic and confusion in southern california, we'll have that video for you, and stay with us, we're reviewing,
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lou: doctor ben carson and donald trump virtually tied in a south carolina poll. within the margin of error, senator marco rubio. polling with double digit support at 11%. republican presidential candidates are preparing to debate each other tomorrow night right here at the milwaukee theater, after the last debate, a number of candidates complained about liberal mainstream media bias. a new study confirms their concerns, and fines 7% of journalists identify themselves as republicans, had they do give money to political campaigns they tonight to democrats. 7%. this can be alonely business. >> joining us, attorney, radio tax show host ebony williams,
11:16 pm
and jedediah bila. and rich lowery. fox news contributors, rich has just been going over most recent development with dr. ben carson, and story, i refer to as yale story. which he recalled, being tested in a psychology class, what are the latest developments? >> buzzfeed broke a story that web site, just minutes ago, confirming carson's accounts by talking to yale journalists who were active at the time, it may be carson got some of the details wrong, that is forgivable given 40 years later but his account checks out, this goes to how shameful the rush has been to declare this man a liar. on the basis of very limited media reporting that has not
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established he lie about anything, this has been a campaign of character assasination. lou: i will ask our producers to try to come up with that piece of sound. over week in a reporter. one of the most vicious, hostile attacks i heard in the form of a question from a reporter, you know a long time in my career. if we could find that. and thanks rich for -- i'm told here looking for it right now. let me turn to you, ebony. this dr. carson's right. >> look, we were talk before the break, you can say a lot about him, maybe a little bit inprecise, he had to take a step back, a flat out liar i don't get that from him. lou: a man of integrity would have had to respond. >> it was perfect, he did not
11:18 pm
get defensive and nasty, he said, i could have said it more clearer, most people can understand for a 17-year-old kid in those issues, what of said to him could be cointreaud as what fell like a scholarship to him. i don't think that is far reaching. lou: i will confess to having on occasion more impressions than memories. right. lou: it of the '60s after all. jedediah, this latest poll, carson and trump. tried up tight it is the deal. >> in i think that media is worried about that and carson, they have to paint him as untrustworthy, that is what he has, people look at him onstage, they see a guy like him, a man they can trust, i think that it is going to help him, the way that the stories
11:19 pm
are coming out, most people distrust the media to begin with. for them to come out with a story without a lot of proof, i think that is interesting time for him to did against donald trump as well. >> this debate, tomorrow night, here on the fox business network. rich, your sense of whether or not these candidates, want to be talking about economics, we know they will be asked subta sub-- substantive questions that go to quality of life in america, and the economy. what is your sense of where the candidates are, and their response? >> yes, and no, they will welcome the substantive questions but the stakes are getting higher and higher, it is getting more intent, they will also want to take sideswipes at their competitors. this will be a debate overwhelmingly about the economy, you will hear about
11:20 pm
marco rubio's credit cards coming up, donald trump will bring it up even if no one asks. a key subballot. debate -- subplot, the debate, does jeb bush show up in the way he has not in first 3 debates, if he does not he could soon be in asterisk territory the way scott walker was. lou: we'll leave it here but we'll continue this conversation, about the debate, ebony and jedediah and rich are coming back later. one thing i do sense and believe, they will have that time, and some of them will wish they didn't have that much time, thank you all, we'll talk here later in show. >> be sure if you would to vote in tonight's poll, are you excited to watch the candidates, debate one another on fbn ? tell us how they plan to restore prosperity, and assure american dream for all?
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that question has been lost. it returns tomorrow night. cast your vote lo lou: follow me on social media, and twitter. links to it all on lou: a light in the skies over the week, had many southern californians wondering what they saw, some panicking. >> it fl flew way out. >> he was thinking it was aliens or something like that. lou: it was a se secret missile test conducted by military. a second missile was fired this afternoon, they were fired from ballistic missile submarine uss kentucky off of the california coast, pentagon said they were not armed missiles.
11:22 pm
and mis test has been successfully concluded. >> up next, thousands of germans call for angela merkel to be tougher to immigration. economist dou douglas holt egan will join me to talk about immigration at home. >> a new development in mississippi, trying to generate buzz over what they wanted. we'll have the story. stay with us, we're gearing up for the first fox business presidential debate, coming to you live here in milwaukee, wisconsin. this is quite a little setting here, isn't it? ♪ the way i see it, you have two choices;
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can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? lou: violence in streets of berlin over europe's illegal immigration and refugee crise, thousands, clashing with police, and counter demonstrators over the
11:27 pm
weekend. democrat or angry at chancellor merkel's open door policies, they weaved german flags and chanced merkel must go, trader to the people. >> at home, national security concerns over our immigration system. spending over a billion dollars in taxpayer money to digitize a single form. project, to immigration paperwork, and applications, when supposed to become pleated by 2013. stream lines, cost a half billion, agency has that one single form, out of nearly 100 that is now on-line. decade later. >> it is projected to cost over $3 billion, to cost over 3 billion, and will not become plighted until 4 years distance.
11:28 pm
>> joining us now, former congressional budget office director, douglas holds egan, good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: as we're watching what is happening in europe, we've talked about immigration, and the difficulties, but what we're witnesses in europe, looks like a clinical demonstration. your thoughts? >> europe is a tragedy. on both sides. the immigrants are trying to get out of a bad political situation, they are also getting out of failed economies, in end you have a strong economy from having workers and capital and investing and visitors get a return that is missing. they are leaving to find a situation where it is true issue but in process, we're not having immigration where a worker gets ready to emgreat, and saves up they can take care of themselve, it is
11:29 pm
simply showing up, being award of the state -- ward of the state, no one should be surprised that the europeans are upset about this. lou: and here, candidates expressing opposing views about border security, and illegal immigration. what do you expects in the debate tomorrow? on issue for american people? >> i think immigration will come up, donald trump will put it at center. i don't think that there is and disagreement that illegal immigration is wrong and bad. we have not heard is from the other candidates what they would do about it. that is the key question. i am counting on your colleagues at fox business to get some clarity on that. and more generally, how does that fit cotheir vie -- into the view of their economy, i am hoping will stick to core issues about how do we grow and prosper, make sure next
11:30 pm
generation, inherits what they rightfully should, they have been missing from the debates so far. lou: i agree with you, but, we're talking about fourth debate, it the issue of assuring american prosperity, restoring it, hurrying american dream for generations, we have you know basically some people putting their hands over their heart but no specificity or real articulation of the vision. we hope that we can provide that opportunity tomorrow night here. we'll work hard to do so, i know my colleagues will be working very hard to do so, douglas thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: customers, at an ihop in mississippi getting more than they bargained for, a massive sinkhole swallows more than a dozen cars in a ihop parking
11:31 pm
lot, they remember emerged in mud, no one was hurt. investigator still trying to figure out what happened. what caused that 600 foot long hole to open up. the parking lot was built over a drai drainage ditch that got bigger, and now collapsed. >> the new format for fox business debate, how will that change the dynamic of tomorrow's debate? who will benefit the most? howard kurtz joining me here next. >> and paris police did not like a youtube star. it had manage to do with the eiffel tower. we're coming right back stay with us. the future belongs to the fast.
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lou: welcome back to the milwaukee theater, the venue for tomorrow's republican debate here on fox business news network, republican candidates making their last minute preparations for this make or break debate for many of the candidates. a lot at stake, much more in this coming up, donald trump will be center stage tomorrow night here, one of the biggest draws tomorrow night, certainly.
11:37 pm
he was also a big draw as host of saturday night live, left wing media criticizing his performance, imagine that. >> he gave the show its best ratings this 3 years, and dr. ben carson thanking liberal national media for helping hip raise a lot of money for his campaign. >> speaking of stories, joining me now, host of media buzz on the fox news channel, howard kurd -- kurtz. >> thank you, lou. lou: start with donald trump, highest ratings for snl in 3 years, and the new york times did not approve. >> look at that build up, i have to confess, i thought some of the skits were lame but i do not blame donald trump, i think he is funnier on his own. >> you were to tell me that donald trump is also writing that skits. >> we could blame him then.
11:38 pm
lou: dr. ben carson, validated in a story tonight, his version of the yale story. i thought it was going to be one of those things that had to dissipate and move on, here it is, validating his view and version. >> ben carson is winning his war against media, he has been talking about press bias since high got into that campaign, he was animated for a low key guy. that press conference in florida, and interviews, a big composite be on -- combative one on cnn, it is fair to look at their back ground but you cannot public and broadcast unless you have details be you cannot prove a negative, when he the average viewer, who will watch this, say gee, he was 14 he did this, and he used a wrong word, they don't care, they care about the issues that face the country.
11:39 pm
lou: they are engaging in politics of personal destruction not journalism, i want to share from palm beach last week, a news conference, dr. carson held to defend himself, the tone of this reporter, speaking to ben carson. >> hope you won't prevent to us to verify description -- >> you don't have to believe it. >> details of scholarship offer that may or may not have been, why should we believe this. >> it has been investigating, read not the left wing stuff read some of neutral stuff, including what "new york times" wrote today. read what has been posted today, i'm not talking about left wing organizations there, there is a fairway for business, and a fairway to do this thank you all very much. lou: what do you think?
11:40 pm
>> i have not heard such an accusetarien t tone since the cnbc debate. it is fair for a guy who is running on his inspiring life story for reporters to raise questions, but the way that overreach that we've seen. fabricated westpoint scholarship it has boomeranged on the press, and ben carson is takinga vantage of it. lou: tomorrow, how likely to see a break out on substantive issues. >> if they are dealing with pocketbook issues and the economy that would be great. the country had too many side shows, maybe not about the press for once. second, i think that pressure will be on people like donald trump. and ben carson as frontrunners, maybe d meat to their policy bones, and marco rubio and ted cruz they have had a very good
11:41 pm
debate last time, then there is jeb bush, expectations for pretty low for jeb. lou: i would say low is a generous assessment. i think that there is one surprise awaiting folks that because of structure of that two, debates they are smart people in both debates, they are as you point out, they have to make a move, i think you will see some terrific debating, by some terrific candidates, that is my forecast. >> candidate debate each other not the moderators? >> i think you could say, absolutely not debate the mad raters -- moderators. >> thank you, hour the. >> and a dare devil, using a hot tourist attract for his latest -- latest stunt. a british man, free walking without safety gear, along the efilthe eiffel tower in france. he successfully reached top 900 fight up before police
11:42 pm
arrived and arrested him, he was relieved without charges on condition he agrees to never climb the eiffel tower again, he did soy. >> up next, billion or investor, establishment republican wilbur ross is here with his preview of the gom g.o.p. debates and what the candidates must do to convince him, and boost this country middle class and small businessmen and women. >> later james bond film "spectre" a hit at box office, a hit on whether or not daniel craig will return to play bond for a fifth time. i know you can't wait for that answer. we're coming right back. stay with us. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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lou: china making a bold move against u.s. dollar, beijing, announcing it will begin direct trading between the yuan and the swiss dollar. the obama administration is long refused to label china's currency manipulate or. >> and on wall street today, stocks closed dower, the dow fell 180, s&p down 21, nasdaq
11:47 pm
dropped 52. on the day, volume on big tujunga, picking up -- on big board picking up to 3.8 billion shares, and listen to my reports 3 time a day on salem radio network. >> johning me now, wilbur ross, chairman ceo of wl ross and company, great to have you here, we're a day away from this a great night of debates. you are i think fair to say, a leading establishment republican. tremendous le legendary investor what do you want to hear from candidates tomorrow night, that you think would be persuadive to you and th american people for their votes. >> i think they need good serious answers, that really address the concerns that are on people's minds.
11:48 pm
particularly middle class people. middle class people feel and are right to feel they have been gerjerked around for decade that is the problem that republican party needing to solve i believe, if it is going to recapture the white house. lou: there is a almost ageless saying that economics is a dismal science, there is a potential for candidate to be so distrust full of economics and business and finance to ignore possibilities of great debate, when talking about political economy and setting values and principles and a vision forward, who do you think best has the ability to to do that. >> i think each worth of candidates has a different set of -- each one of the candidates hahas a different shed of chores to succeed, donald trump and ben carson
11:49 pm
need to show they have command of policy details not just slogans. i think that marco rubio mainly needs to show grace under fire, he is going to get attacked i believe from all sides. ted cruz i think he needs to come out in favor of some things as oppose to talking about what he is against. and bush i think, needs to show he really has command of policy details, but not do it in a wonkish way, and carly fiorina, i think needs a memorable line. lou: you know, it is interestin interesting. i think there is a potential here tomorrow night. a get excited about economics and duller stuff, but i
11:50 pm
believe if focus is on middle class as you say, i think you are right, debaters would have found a way to work through to voters, wilbur ross always great to have you here and talk with you. >> thank you, lou. lou: turning to weekend box office, sony's new jame bond film, "spectre" opened in first place bringing in 73 million in sale, bond producer say they expect daniel craig to return at bond but no contract has been signed. i think that is a another way of saying that the price going up. fox's the peanut's movie in second place, 45 million, and in third place, fox's the martion staying strong. >> up next, former presidential candidate, scott walker hitting campaign trail with two republican presidential home fulls -- hopefuls but who is walker endorsing? we'll talk with republican
11:51 pm
fundraisefund raise georgette muss backer. hows republican candidates are gearing up for tomorrow's big debate here on the knock fox business in, stay with us, we'll be right back, there you are there is auditorium with the debate will take place tomorrow night here at milwaukee, wisconsin at the milwaukee theater issue stay with us, we're coming right
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widemack governor scott water attending presidential campaign event with former governor jeb lish and senator marco rubio and wisconsin. "fox news" has confirmed that rubio scott walker support during a phonecall late last week but advisers for walker says well, they say he's not planning to make an immediate endorsement of anyone. walker dropped out of the presidential race back in september. joining us now executive editor of "the weekly standard," fred barnes and republican fund-raiser georgette and fred or "fox news" contributors and we welcome you both to the broadcast. georgia good to see you and welcome to the broadcast. let's start a flame me with this little romance of scott walker.
11:56 pm
who is he going to endorse? >> i think he's smart not to endorse anyone. he's doing the right thing. he doesn't have to. there's nothing in it for him. he might as well wait and see and when we pick the person that's going to represent the republican party, that's one scots will be on the road helping that candidate. lou: and fred what you think of the search now for endorsements if we are coming up to the debate. everyone is going to want this political economy. you think that's -- tomorrow night? fred: will look i think getting scott walker's endorsement would be a real catch and at some point maybe not now, but at some point if he wants to endorse he should and that might help him get a position if the person he endorses gets in the white house and you know that could be marco
11:57 pm
rubio. i think if there is less chance of it being bush at this point. i will certainly watching rubio more than anyone else. i like what he said that rubio needs to show grace under fire. he's done that in the first three debates. there will be more higher tomorrow night lugo and if he does well there it will keep it continuing. [booing] georgette, dr. ben carson buzzfeed reporting that they have talked with those who cooperated his stories of facing frame of the story at yale. that has got to be a boost for him tomorrow going into that debate, don't you think? georgette: i think it is however i think there was one warning to dr. carson. he should be prepared for this kind of scrutiny. i was surprised that he was so outraged by it. he needs to be careful, because his appeal is that he is calm,
11:58 pm
collected, soft-spoken and we don't -- and he doesn't want to show his other side to us. so we have got to be careful that the outrage doesn't take them somewhere where he doesn't want to go. lou: and fred one of your favorite people, donald trump giving saturday night live the top ratings in three years. i know you watched every moment of it. you have to be impressed with that performance. fred: well it wasn't that great but there he was. look, saturday night live needed him more than he needed saturday night live and look trump wherever he goes he's fun to watch whether you are for him or not. he's fun to watch come he's interesting in the ratings go up wherever he is. i would disagree slightly with georgette about ben carson. i found it actually refreshing that he was indignant about the stories of the press was writing. other candidate republicans know they are going to be treated brutally and unfair by the
11:59 pm
mainstream media. then ben carson is not used to that insofar the stories have fallen apart. lou: georgette turning to hillary clinton. washington -- "washington post" gives not as generally as they might free pinocchio's four her lies about her e-mails. 90% of them being in the possession position of the state department. your reaction? georgette: well look that's not new to anybody. i mean it was so obvious that she was lying that we should be used to it by now. after all that was the clinton playbook. whenever they answer whatever they want to answer, whatever you want to hear so i wasn't surprised by that but it doesn't seem to be affecting her so much. i think it's interesting when you look at who's going to be on the stage tomorrow night, we have very smart and capable
12:00 am
people on that stage. no matter how much mud they sling it seems that -- lou: i'm sorry georgette but we are running out of time here. they are going to be tested that's for sure in the 90 seconds we provide for answers is going to be real test. georgette: as long as they don't beat each other up, that's all i hoped for. lou: there you go. we are coming right back. we are coming to you live from the milwaukee theatre in milwaukee wisconsin. this is where eight candidates will take the stage iv the second of two republican presidential debate here on "fox business" network read much of the spotlight likely to be on the two men who have been trading the title of front-runner, donald trump and ben carson. carson has been fighting the mainstream media. one of the stories debunked by buzzfeed.


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