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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 10, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EST

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finances. >> dagen: trump, of course, responding marco rubio is a total lightweight which i wouldn't hire to run one of my smaller companies. well, this leads up to tonight, you must tune in, 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. republican debate, the latter comoderated by the host of this program maria bartiromo. of course, niel cavuto and gerard baker. 200-point drop from the dow. the dow in the red for the year. that's the worst day for the broader average in nearly six weeks. futures are showing a lower open this morning. in europe the early action showing a little bit of selling about two-thirds of a percent loss in france and germany. in asia overnight the market there were trending lower with a nikkei just showing a slight
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gain. >> second and ten, finds pocket. what a grab for a touchdown! one hand. chicago leads! >> dagen: get down, the bears pulling off a fourth-quarter, over the middle for a game-winning touchdown. one-handed catch to secure the victory. breaking the franchise record for career touchdown passes in the process. top story this morning and all day long t candidates are gereing up for what is sure to be a showdown at tonight's big republican debate right here on fox business. blake burman is live in milwaukee, wisconsin. what's going on? >> blake: 35 is not that bad,
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dagen, it could be worse in the middle of milwaukee. all the candidates for the most part have been talking into the lead-up about how they would like this to be about the issues, the substance, what matters to you and yours, specially your walt. that's -- wallet. but then there was last night aurally involving donald trump k one of those mega rallies. he was to our south here in illinois in the city of springfield, thousands of people in the arena. he also brought up an issue that has been front page here in this campaign in the last four or five six days ago, that being the personal story of dr. ben carson. trump has not let up one inch. >> if you try to hit your mother
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in the head with a hammer, your poll numbers go up. i haven't seen that yet, probably that's going to happen. this is a strange election, isn't it? >> blake: carson appeared on the o'reilly factor and he said that he is looking forward to to be the's debate because he wants to talk about the issues and he feels that will happen given the moderators, that being maria and niel. i said maria, i'm sorry, dagen, back to you. >> dagen: that's a high complement. how do you win tonight, how do you stand down? >> americans aren't looking for a complainter in chief. candidates who comes in tonight and can present in a positive
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way their ideas particularly on the economic issues which is tonight's debate is going to focus on, it's kind of the underreported stories. every one of the candidates has good tax plans and hopefully tonight we will have a deep discussion on those and it's going to be pretty exciting. >> dagen: you saw the back and forth, all of the dirt and still going on, you know it's going to come up and quite frankly in some of the last debates these candidates stood out because they were able to deflect the attacks of like a donald trump with fiorina a come of debates ago with marco rubbia and jeb bush, that was what helped them to wins with being able to throw back the -- >> you bring up an excellent point. candidates are going to try to distinguish themselves from one another. those candidates who can take a perceived weakness and turn it into a strength. you saw senator rubio do that
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last debate when governor bush attacked him. those come out winners in the debate. this is one debate. nomination isn't going to get decided tonight. it's the next phase. >> dagen: moneybags over here can tell you that it does help fundraising. [laughter] >> dagen: no offense, senator. about -- >> anthony: is this going the way you thought it was going to go? >> no. >> anthony: where is it today from where you thought it was going to be? >> it's not going to be one of the outsiders. we haven't nominated an outsider since 1940. it's going to be somebody with government experience, track record that republicans can use
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to distinguish rhetoric versus reality. those who have a plan that fall within the gop principles and have government experiences to show they can get something done, that's who is going to be our nominee. >> anthony: why hasn't that bubble popped, the outsider popped? >> we love to talk about it. the folks in new hampshire are just starting to focus. >> that's a great point. they'll make that decision in four or five days. as we have people over the house, we talked about it for a couple of days now. i love that person, i love this person, it changes every time a new person comes in. also it's interesting to say you don't think it's going to be an outsider. i didn't think so. it may be a combination approach so it has been a fascinating situation.
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i thought what happened with marco going after trump and vice versa is just the beginning. i think -- >> dagen: beginning of what? >> marco hit a nerve, i think, i can tell you so many people friends included who are living credit card to credit card and paycheck to paycheck because the economy and the democrats put forth prior to the senate being taken over by the republicans, the lack of getting things done and the lack of actually addressing the concerns of everyday people. marco represents that. he started from nothing. lived on credit card to credit card. >> dagen: do americans hold presidential candidates to a different standards? >> marco is a regular guy, one of the hardest-people i know. >> anthony: you think the american people just want a regular guy in the oval office. >> no candidate perfect out there. you want somebody who can do the job. >> dagen: trump is nothing but a
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regular guy. >> he's the exception. >> for those on conservative side it's been a rough seven years. they want someone that can actually get results. >> anthony: i want to bid an auction for trump to write my high schoolers tweets. it's unbelievable the way he fits all the stuff. >> i spoke with him about a month, who does all your tweeting and how you deal with the back and forth. he says, i do it myself. i just speak from my gut and i do it myself, i appreciate that, but that also comes with pitfalls. >> dagen: trump has ad about china currency manipulation and goes to more than currency. i will crack down on the theft
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of intellectual property and goes into pretty serious details here. >> those are important issues. the united states has used every tool in the tool box to get the economy doing and china is going to do whatever it is to get the economy moving. number one trading partner now. everyone is playing the game to keep economies moving because it's flat. >> anthony: you are faced with all the security threats from north korea and you have to deal with china on -- >> dagen: i agree. this is the primary season and you're going to have people -- you have people promising tax cuts that might not ever get through a congress, but you still at least have an idea of where you want to take the country. final word, you get one word, what -- one word to sum up what's going to happen. >> show, competence. >> dagen: thank you very much. coming up the stage set for tonight's presidential debate on
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amerivest selects the funds and manages your portfolio. is it run by robots? no no, you can talk to a person anytime. 'cause i don't trust robots. right...well, if the portfolio you're invested in doesn't perform well for two consecutive quarters, amerivest will reimburse your advisory fees for those quarters. i wasn't born yesterday. well, actually it looks like you were born yesterday. happy belated birthday. thanks. for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this. >> dagen: two key administrators stepping down. cheryl casone has details and the other top stories this morning. hey, cheryl. >> cheryl: good morning, dagen and good morning everyone. he will step down from his post after months of student and faculty protests. the missouri football
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team threatened a strike he will transition into a new role at the university. a federal appeals court dealing potentially fatal blow to president obama's immigration plan. u.s. court of appeals upholding the challenge brought by the state of texas and 25 other states with republican governors, will the president lack executive order for action. why not try what british citizen james kingston did, take a look at this video, during a trip to paris kingston and his crew performed a late-night climb and captured it on tape. this is illegal. he was arrested later. finally i want to give you the story, sea world is closing the curtain on the killer whale
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show. the company announcing plans to reinvent the attraction, center of animal cruelty claims against the park and reopen a year later. i guess more of a natural experience and we should say the company, the revenues have been really hit at sea world because of the controversy. >> dagen: right, it's called becoming an aquarium. they are going for a flat tax, others have very little detail about the tax plan at all. which way will the voters swing. we are live from milwaukee. keep it right here on fox business. >> look, the stakes are
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higher, i think the upcoming debate is critical. >> my biggest goal is to get a straight answer, not a speech. on the left or the right we are used to hearing that, but we need answers, we need clarity. >> there are
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jeb bush: leadership means it's not about yappin'.. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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>> i'm a favor of a flat tax, everybody should be hit exactly the same. in order to remain revenue neutral, we would have to make that rate at about 15% and eliminate all deductions and all the loopholes. that would get us about 2.7 trillion. which is still short of the 3.5 trillion that we need. >> dagen: that was republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson speaking with maria bartiromo yesterday. joining the conversation morgan ortega. this plan from carson, i will point out, at least he's honest in saying or frank in saying, rather,
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that i will get rid of all deductions which a lot candidates want to cut tax. >> ben carson is not the first person to talk about and every republican debate that we've heard in the past two years has talked about the flat tax at some point. i don't see it as being entirely different. if you're for the flat tax and if you want to get rid of the loopholes, what you'll have to do is get congress on board for this plan, over the past six years we had a president with ideas, he can't get much through congress except obama care and he uses executive action to get things done. my question is for carson and for ted cruz and others who support the flat tax and getting rid of deductions is how are you going to get this through congress to get things done. great plan, how are you going to do it.
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>> great points and i agree with you. something that i was speaking with folks about yesterday is that you have many of the candidates, have these wonderful tax plans but you need 60 votes in the senate, you have to get some type of unification in house and senate to get these things done. i don't see the mortgage interest reduction going any time soon. while it's a good starting point, i think ultimately if it moves forward it'll have to be tweaked to take care of the sacred cows. what do you think on that? >> i think tonight i expect the fox business moderators to hold these candidates accountable for what they're saying. great plans, how you going to implement them. there's a lot of things going on in the world today. there are so many different things that dagen pointed out
6:23 am
earlier. these are real issues, not sort of rhetorical i want flat tax plans. >> dagen: it's better for families, my tax are better for businesses. i want to get your take on the following. this is all over the place this morning. jeb bush causing some controversy say if he could go back in time he would kill baby hitler in his crib. what are your thoughts? >> i don't know that -- [laughter] >> i mean, who would want to get rid of hitler as a jewish woman, thank you, jeb bush. this is one of them. >> dagen: if you get asked that anthony, what are you going to say? what are you going to say? >> i'm jewish, i think i would kill baby hitler. >> anthony: there was a
6:24 am
little bit of a joke. you have to take him out, you have to act, it's a silly question, he was responding with a silly answer, but this stuff goes into the atmosphere. >> dagen: headline. >> anthony: not answering a question like that and he could have just said, that's not where i want to go and just dodged the question. i think it's a super ridiculous question. i wouldn't answer the question, if you ask me. >> i can't tell you the amount of silly questions that i received and sometimes you have to just say, that's a crazy question. that's silly or inappropriate question. do you have a real question, similar to what trump has done. >> anthony: it was a silly question. i watched the tape last night. >> dagen: make or break
6:25 am
tonight. we found a point of disagreement. we will debate. >> the election is not tomorrow. >> anthony: the momentum and -- >> starts in the first in primary states. >> dagen: we are going to debate this later. thank you. >> six. >> dagen: we are asking the presidential candidates the questions you want answers to tonight right here on fox business, more from milwaukee and morgan, thank you so much. morgan ortegues. ♪ ♪ ♪
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dagen: welcome back, and dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiroma, we are coming live from
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milwaukee, wisconsin. it is tuesday november 10th. with me this hour, scott brown and let equally handsome anthony. >> we are going to work on these things. dagen: let's get your top stories at 6:30 on the east coast. we are hours from the republican presidential candidates. the fourth debate of this election season, candidates gearing up for a very important night. >> donald trump taken for companies into bankruptcy should be lecturing anyone about finances. dagen: from responding to marco rubio's campaign, quote, marco rubio is a total white way i
6:30 am
would not hire to run one of my smaller companies. highly underrated politician. tune in at 7:00 p.m. and 9::00 p.m. for the republican presidential debate. moderated by a host of this program, maria bartiroma. turning to markets after yesterday's 2 the point drop for the dow that sent the blue chips into the ran for the year, futures showing lower open. we have some skittishness in those losses, futures off by 40 points. in europe the early action is showing across the board, the selling seems to be contained. in asia, losses across the board, biggest losers the hang seng and kospi, eking out a tiny gain. the leader of an isis related terror group claimed responsibility for the bombing
6:31 am
of a russian airliner over the sinai peninsula had been killed overnight according to egypt's interior ministry. candidates for the showdown at tonight's big republican debate, blake berman live outside in milwaukee, wisconsin. >> good morning. the ongoing feud that has escalated in the last couple weeks between donald trump and marco rubio, didn't quiet down again at all on the eve of tonight's debate, as they continue to go back and forth last night, this ongoing questions about charge card spending during marco rubio's days as a florida lawmaker in the 2,000s, donald trump was one of the more vocal critics question marco rubio's finances, marco rubio's credit card spending was called a disaster. marco rubio has been fighting back against donald trump and
6:32 am
that did not slow any last night when marco rubio appeared with sean hannity. >> i am not sure someone like donald trump who has taken four companies into bankruptcy should be lecturing anyone about finances. >> reporter: not long after that donald trump took to twitter and unleashed several tweets, here was just one of them, quote, marco rubio couldn't even respond properly to president obama's state of the union speech without pouring sweat and chugging water. he joked. the also said he wouldn't trust marco rubio to run one of his smaller companies. they will be standing next to we did tonight on that 9:00 stage. dagen: keeping a card catalog of every snafu marco rubio has made, how far back in history do you have to go for that one? outside the theater in milwaukee, staying on the campaign trail, ben carson speaking with maria bartiroma
6:33 am
yesterday. what he had to say about a recent allegations that he never met with general westmoreland regarding a west point scholarship. >> i don't remember if i was with him when the offer came. the offer was not as i recall from him that there were multiple other officers around. there were several things i was invited to because of my status as city executive officer and general westmoreland was one of them and there were congressional medal of honor winner is there as well. it was quite an honor but honestly, 45 to 50 years ago, i can't remember every single detail about it. dagen: joining me is ben carson's campaign press secretary, in terms of the response, ben carson has been clearly very upset about a level of scrutiny saying he is being attacked in ways other candidates haven't but you had to expect this.
6:34 am
he has written nine books, there is a lot out there. his history and his story are part of his appeal. did you expect him to be hit? >> we expected ben carson's biography to be scrutinized, we expected -- the american people, we expect no less for them from the media. the issue was the way he has been scrutinized is the level of the things they are questioning our ridiculous. we haven't received calls from legitimate news firms who were wondering was in seventh grade or 8 grader when this happened, they don't deny certain things happen but it was seventh grade and other people saying it is a great or ninth grade. the class was called prospective 201. others say it was perspective 203. like that level of scrutiny is a little ridiculous and ben carson recognizes he stepped into the public eye and because he has
6:35 am
done that, the american people, we only expect h to be -- his biography to be reviewed but the kinds of questions being asked, did a dagen: say he wins the republican nomination and goes up against hillary clinton and the clinton machine and sydney bloom and fall and hiding in the broom closet, this is a walk in the park potentially with the dirty politics he could face. >> we believe people have done their best to find opposition research on dr. carson. if we are going up against hillary and her e-mail servers and the other skeletons in her closet and the issue is whether you call it a scholarship or whatever the name you want to use when he met with him in march or february, those things if they had this much time to do this much digging and the best they can do is your mom said in 1997 maybe it was in seventh
6:36 am
grade a you say it was in a great acting dr. carson's background is pretty cool. >> congratulations on all your success. anthony has written a book, dr. carson who is a lovely man, thoughtful, intelligent, saying yesterday to some of the folks that were here imagine being a neurosurgeon and a short time ago basically operating and now you are first or second depending on what will you are looking at and then the incredible media scrutiny. you are a target. when you are leading and in seventh, ninth place it wouldn't matter. to think that he is going to avoid this is not going to happen. that being said your analysis of him going to 7 tory grade did he get an appointment or a commission? dagen: it seems to have died down. >> the fact he needs to hit it and answered and say i am done but going up against hillary and benghazi and the foundation and the e-mail servers and lack of
6:37 am
trust and people's thinking she is a liar is the argument you want to have. >> the groundswell of support dr. person continues to receive in light of this week's crazy media scrutiny. >> how is this going to change the trajectory of dr. carson's candidacy, has anything been changed? >> he will not change in terms of the is not going to attack the attended a, we have our strong republican binge and the goal is to make sure the american public understands the differences between the different candidates. the idea of attacking -- dagen: worry surprise donald trump went after dr. carson? they had been, there was the choice between the two of them. once there was -- he was attacking the incidents.
6:38 am
>> we recognize we were breathing down donald trump's neck and understand this is what he does when people get close but again dr. carson has a great deal of request for any of the candidates and he will not criticize and staff alike criticize in that way. dagen: thank you for getting up this early. >> dr. carson's tweet. dagen: scott likes to take photographs. thank you so much. dagen: gaining ground steadily after strong debate performances. can marco rubio catalyze on tonight's big event to push himself into the front-runner position? one of his top advisers reveals his strategy next.
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maria: welcome back to what is with maria. cheryl: we head back to milwaukee in a moment but here are some headlines we are walking today. a report from the world antidumping agency damaging russia's status, world athletic stage. it accuses the company of complicity in widespread dopeing and cover-up on track and field athletes with major events. russia should be banned from competition until the country corrects the application. and will hold the next world cup
6:44 am
in 2018. there is a big railway merger that could be in the works this morning, the canadian pacific held preliminary discussions with norfolk southern if the deal is reached, a blaze reshaping of the north american rail industry. canadian pacific one of canada's biggest railroad operators after the government deregulated the industry in the 80s a number of companies was drastically reduced. colorado rockies shortstop jose reyes arrest in hawaii. reports say is wife told police october 41st he grabbed her by the neck. and in at maui resort raise could be the first player subject to major league baseball and domestic violence policy that allows major league baseball to decide on the appropriate punishment. look at this. they just look like ufos that these were no alien invasive is just a stepping into the cloud formation happened in south
6:45 am
africa. the lens like shapes, they are usually formed by air flowing over the mountains. those are your headlines, sending it back to milwaukee and dagen mcdowell. take it away. dagen: look where we are. we are inside the theater where the republican presidential debate will take place tonight. we cannot wait. looks jazzy when you have the lights up. is pretty fantastic. they have killed themselves here in milwaukee in the theater and all people with fox news and fox business putting them together. i am joy and by an adviser to one of the men who will try to stand out tonight. suwannee chen with the hoover institution, an adviser to marco rubio, you worked on the romney/ryan campaign. tell me what is the strategy? had had any input in how marco rubio, is going to tried to
6:46 am
break out tonight? he did that in the last debate but with the help of jeb bush going after him. >> i think marco rubio's specialty is the issues and this will be an issue oriented debate particularly on the economy, talking about his tax plan to grow the economy and talking about all the economic policy plans the demonstrating his proficiency on foreign policy so he's looking forward to this evening, great opportunity for all the candidates to be on stage or talk about the future of the pantry. dagen: still in you have the dirt slinging, donald from continuing to go after marco rubio on his personal finances, marco rubio shot back on sean hannity and said what about your bankrupt companies, does that necessarily hurt him if it goes that way? >> these debates are always going to be a chance for candidates to engage with one another but we will try to focus on the issue, that is what marco rubio wants to do, present his vision and based on what i heard
6:47 am
it is going to be a substantive discussion so we are looking forward to that. dagen: will you let me asking him about personal finances is legitimate territory given he wants to be the leader of the nation? >> it has in a non issue, he has talked about this, we had significant disclosure and what we would love to talk about is how to grow this economy and create jobs. dagen: in terms of the tax plan marie at interviewed the senator on sundsunday morning futures o weekend doesn't want tax on capital gains and dividends and increase tax credit for families in this country but how do you pay for all of that? >> two goals, want to create a pro-growth tax code, another family tax code and the biggest thing, though we haven't had for several years as president obama
6:48 am
has been in office is growth, we haven't had real growth so we have to get the economy growing, that is the first goal, get the economy growing and have reasonable and smart in title and reform, smart right sizing of the federal government. if you combined those things you will see the american economy in a good place and that is the goal of these plans. dagen: are you excited? or are you nervous? >> we are excited? marco rubio is excited to present his vision for america and the future. he had a great couple debates. this is a beautiful stage and we are looking forward to it. dagen: we learned he can hold his own. thank you, it will all happen here tonight. it will be so exciting and spectacular. you have to tune in but meantime we will be right back, everybody.
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dagen: welcome back. i ran from the theater and i am sweating. i apologize in advance. we are live from the milwaukee wisconsin site of the republican presidential debate. let's take a quick check of the futures, this economy is topic number one tonight and there is no better indication than what stocks are doing and they're coming off of their worst day in six weeks, futures down 21 points all other lows of the morning. donald trump pending an op-ed in the wall street journal of the
6:53 am
debate about ending china's currency manipulation. he blasts the president over foreign policy saying the incompetent rudderless obama administration's negligence in foreign policy, trade and national security is making america less confident, less prosperous and less safe. americans deserve better and a from administration will turn us into winners again with senator brown, your reaction to this? is easy to go after the president but what about where would the other candidates stand? >> when i was a senator we took a vote on the manipulation and it has 100-0. it is appropriate. if you listened to the theme and everything bottle is doing, we're going to be winners again, we are the best, make america great comedies are themes people are focusing on. every candidate is saying the same thing the donald trump has
6:54 am
a bigger bully pulpit. >> let's go to the facts for one second. the you on has appreciated from 1995 to 2014 by 53%. the imf says the you on is fairly valued on a relative basis on the rest of the world's currency. what donald trump is talking about happened 15 or 20 years ago at the advent of the chinese getting into the world trade organization. dagen: headline doesn't have the most -- >> it has stabilized. my question, you are in less than it passing this thing on currency manipulation. are they still doing a or is this a past fact? >> they did it. we did it two years ago, we took that vote and as we talked about earlier every country right now is using every tool in the toolbox to make sure their country is going to continue to not slide into some type of recession or depression. is hurting the united states
6:55 am
that they will do whatever they do to take care of their own citizens. that being said how do we deal with that? we have to lower our corporate tax rate, we have to become more competitive. >> not to have a foreign policy discussion but -- dagen: we have one minute. >> these things are all connected like a rubik's cube, spinning in this direction this we what will the chinese do in areas we need their help? >> i don't disagree. we need someone who has some ability to communicate. bring it together. >> not where we need to go. dagen: you have read it and the last paragraph of this is like the list of things he wants to do including building the military to contain china's of reach in the pacific rim and south china sea. >> it is militaristic! that we have to be careful.
6:56 am
dagen: i promise we will talk about jeb bush because anthony is a supporter of jeb bush so we are going to -- >> not trying to be critical of donald trump because i'm a supporter of jeb bush. i'm trying to look at the fact objectively and try to understand what is going on in the context of the global. more specific -- dagen: grover norquist coming up, stay with us.
6:57 am
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dagen: good morning, a and dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiroma and their use see it, the milwaukee theater where we are live at this hour, 7 a m on the east coast or nearly 7:00 a.m. to night. this is where the fox business wall street journal presidential
7:00 am
debate will happen. it is tuesday november 10th and with me this hour for massachusetts senator scott brown and skybridge capital founder anthony who ordered four shot of espresso over ice, that is the first round, he is about to take off like a rocket but first your top stories at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast, we are hours away from the republican presidential candidates taking the stage for the fourth debate of this election season and candidates are intensifying their attacks on one another. marco rubio taking on donald trump in the lead of to tonight's big event, marco rubio taking issue with trump's at tax and his personal finances. >> i am not sure someone might donald trump has taken four companies into bankruptcy should be lecturing anyone about finances. dagen: from of course immediately respond on twitter writing, quote, marco rubio is a total lightweight who wouldn't
7:01 am
hired to run one of my smaller companies, highly overrated politician. be sure to tune in tonight at 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. for the fox business wall street journal republican debate, the latter co moderated by the host of this program, maria bartiroma. let's turn to the markets after yesterday's 200 point dropped without, futures show a lower open, 21 point loss on the blue chip, slight losses on the isn't the and nasdaq, the dow is in the red for a year. the early action in europe showing losses across the board but selling contained, there was also selling overnight in asia with losses in all your major markets except that the day. >> second and can find the pocket, would address for the touchdown, zack miller, one hand on the air.
7:02 am
dagen: the bears pulling off a stunning fourth quarter come back behind j. cutler, the quarterback hitting at streaking zack miller over the middle for the game-winning touchdown, and amazing cash to secure the victory. cutler mean time breaking the franchise record for career touchdown passes in the process and right here in milwaukee we are dealing up for what is sure to be an epic showdown at the big republican debate, some of our top candidates got started early with back-and-forth yesterday, blake byrne is outside the theater in milwaukee with a behind-the-scenes look. >> reporter: it hasn't slowed down at all. he kept his foot on the pedal leading up to the fox business debate last night or tonight, last night he appeared at one of the omega rallies we have grown accustomed to seeing during this election cycle. was in springfield illinois at an arena thousands of people
7:03 am
turned out to sea from and to use the familiar line, he has been going after ben carson and a certain portion of his life story, in recent days, trump did not slow down at all last night. in fact he said he basically has more questions about ben carson. >> if you try and hit your mother over the head with a hammer your poll numbers go up. i never saw anything like it. >> carson has not touched this all in terms of reacting to from been the last five or six days or so. last night he said he wants to focus on the issues. he feels that will be the case when he gets on this stage. carson appeared on the o'reilly factor speaking about that. >> i am hopeful i will get questions about the economy, given to the questionnaires are going to be. i would rather talk about --
7:04 am
>> reporter: carson hasn't released the exact details about at tax planned but started to talk about a flat tax rate of 15%. he spoke about that with bill o'reilly, those two will be front and center on the stage at 9:00. dagen: thank you so much blake berman outside the theater in milwaukee. for more let's bring in university of wisconsin madison professor of political science barry burden and maverick pact co-chair martin ortega. good of you to be here. iron charles krauthammer last night say jeb needs a win, he is a dead man walking if he doesn't. do you agree or not? >> don't know about deadman walking but he needs to do something in the debate to show his supporters, his donors that there is action there. there is trepidation on their part having more money than the other candidates that put him at the front of the polls.
7:05 am
part of it is waiting to see what happens to these front runners, carson and trump are unlikely to be in these positions among 4 two from al as we get close to iowa. it is a waiting game and letting voters come back to more establishment candidate. dagen: why do you say that? this is an issues oriented debate tonight. that is very clear. in terms of policy and strength on various policies jeb bush has the upper hand compared to what candidates with ben carson just beginning to give details about what he wants to do in terms of tax plan, reforming medicare. donald trump, you get a little bit of it but a skill, not the kind of policy you heard from jeb bush. >> that is one thing that distinguishes these insurgent candidates from establishment candidates, marco rubio and jeb bush and ted cruz are written policies in a way carson and trump are not and the more they focus on policies and more those disparities -- data dead man walking if he doesn't show
7:06 am
something tonight? >> i don't think so but a quick question for the professor. what do you think is going on as a political scientist where they don't care as much about policy and care more about the rhetoric we are hearing? >> republican voters are trying out a variety of candidates. look back and previous cycles like this, there recanted dates like howard dean in 2004 for the democrats, herman cain for the republicans, michele bachman, a variety of candidates with a common bond, donald trump lead in the polls moralist's except for one blip of 90 days. >> for a candidate, he has no background in politics, sternly not elected office. he is different in so many ways with the was a celebrity before he entered the race. he was that it no way that -- dagen: certainly i want to bring morgan in here, thank you for preventing me from doing my
7:07 am
howard dean yelled which i have perfected over the years. >> if i a four shots i will do so. dagen: back then, a lot more than screeching halt of howard dean and his campaign. again, so many other ways to communicate with the electorate at this point, twitter. is that why donald trump has done so well? >> funny you mention twitter. i was ready to go to bed later than i wanted to add the twitter before i went to bed and notice trump was tweeting late at night and whoever's the campaign and letter sets up a glass of scotch, it is not a phenomenon, nothing new we are seeing in politics, it is new for the republican party the we had herman cain 40 years ago we had a tradition of wanting the most conservative and accomplished person to be our nominee.
7:08 am
not -- that is a history i am proud of and not something we should be shying away from. we should not be trying to find a republican version of obama. the and this is an example of what is going on the today week after week. i start talking about jeb and it had that from, talk about rubio it pivots to donald trump. >> is jeb a dead man walking? reaction is not tomorrow, i can tell you in new hampshire, we had 300 people show up and everyone of them walked out -- he was focused commented the questions any e-mail that and people were is there, very impressed. in new hampshire, they make that decision six day is out so with the election was to marley is in trouble but he has the money and
7:09 am
support, he is well poised in new hampshire as is donald from bad demarco is getting more. dagen: anything surprising you are expecting to see tonight? >> it will be a different field, eight candidates, they will get more time to talk about the issues and looking at one another in a way they have not in the past, the gloves are off when it comes to carson. >> i see marco rubio and from coming at it. dagen: what about marco rubio end ted cruz? they have similar -- >> they have a lot of respect to liege other. the yankees candidates have respect for one another until they don't anymore. marco rubio was the jab protegee and jeb comes out with an attack on marco rubio which fell flat. >> to answer your question i don't think he is a dead newaukum. there's a drive between how the public sees jeb bush and who he really is and i think he is
7:10 am
working on trying to close the gap. once he closes the gap i think he will be in the getaway at -- dagen: a lot like me telling me i'd mother i am not that falmouth, i don't use expletives that often but when you did -- thank you. thank you so much for being here this morning. morgan, great to see you, coming got this stage is set for the debate on the issue is. we bring the latest from milwaukee has candidates prepared to take the stage and keep it tuned all morning. we have a major line up coming at you. austan goolsbee, a former indiana governor mitch daniels and grover norquist among our guests. coming right back. can a business have a mind?
7:11 am
a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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7:14 am
-mack shaking things up, everybody at the milwaukee theater, the site of the republican presidential debate, cheryl casone has your headlines, an epic story at the university of missouri. dagen: timothy will stepping down from his post after racial tensions at the school and the rest of the missouri football team to go on strike. this is after he lost and said he would transition for a new gold. and 5 million people living in the u.s. illegally from being deported has been blocked again with a federal appeals court upheld a lower-court ruling against the president's executive action. republicans had criticized the plan as an illegal executive of her reach. the president was within his
7:15 am
authority. colorado rockies shortstop jose reyes reportedly arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife and hawaii hotel room. the alleged incident occurred october 31st at mallee resort. his wife told police he grabbed her by the neck and shoved her into a sliding glass door league be the first player subject to major league baseball's domestic violence policy. finally this. new buzz over a 2013 study on the potential health benefits of champagne. researchers' finding one to two glasses of bubbly a week may prevent forms of dementia and help promote racial memory but experts advise caution in the amount of alcohol consumption. other scientists suggest tell your items such as blueberries and cocoa may achieve similar results. christmas come early, she and the and chocolate are good for you. dagen: of the scores of stories i read this morning i felt that was the most important one.
7:16 am
cheryl: we will test it out when you come back to new york. dagen: you can bet on that. thank you, cheryl casone. jon hilsenrath of the wall street journal coming up. what is the one issue that will be the biggest challenge for the next president that is not getting nearly enough attention? find out next.
7:17 am
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dagen: welcome back. we are live for milwaukee, wisconsin, the home of tonight's presidential debate on the fox business network. a top issue, the economy of course and according to a recent
7:21 am
fox news poll voters are most concerned with government spending and jobs. let's bring in jon hilsenrath, frequent guest on this program, chief economics correspondent, you said there is the biggest economic challenge for the next president is something they're not talking about. what is it? >> economic growth. it is growing at a 2% rate since this expansion began almost two thirds of the rate that has grown in the last six years grown at a 3.5% rate. the real question for the economy is how are these candidates growing faster? is surprising they are not talking about it because this is a chance for republicans to talk about the supply side of the economy. democrats talk about demand, stimulating demand, using low-interest rates, government spending, here's a chance for republicans to stimulate the
7:22 am
supply side. dagen: they do have in some instances something the wall street journal wrote about today, interesting aggressive tax plan. if you look at out rand paul and ted cruz, talking about marco rubio where he doesn't want any capital gains or dividend taxes on new investments, things like that but do you think that is at least the messages are targeted enough, that just being one piece of the difficult puzzle. >> some candidate needs to break out. they tend to talk about taxes and involved process they all sound alike because they say they want to have taxes but to get the economy growing faster you need to target two things, need to expand the size of the labor force. during that 80s a lot of women
7:23 am
came into the labour force and increase productivity, taxes help on both of those fronts. for instance lower-income giving people more incentive to work, brings people into the labour force, they could help on the productivity front but what i want to hear is what else you are going to do on the productivity side to improve education for instance and an important question to me is on immigration. the united states unlike a lot of other economies like japan for instance has this lifeblood of immigration which consistently expands the labor force but it is a controversial issue among republicans. donald trump, if you are not going to promote immigration how do you get the labor force to grow faster? that is a key ingredient to growth. dagen: do you expect the candidates to blame the federal reserve for lack of growth and
7:24 am
the uncertainty? it is the easy punching bag. >> right. as a result of that, i think you probably will see some candidates, we have seen ted cruz talk about going back to the gold standard. i think in this case moderators will be in a good position to press the candidates about the fed. you have jerry baker from the wall street journal who covered the fed and maria bartiroma, who knows a lot about the issue, what is the alternative? that is what you have to keep asking. dagen: to go back to what you were talking of about, looks like parts of the economy are broken with the labour participation rate, the skills gap with lack of wage growth in this country. do you think it there is irreparable damage that has been done?
7:25 am
are these fixable things? >> i think you have to distinguish between damage and predictable events. we new labor force participation was going to decline, we have known it for years because our population is aging and people are retiring. is a natural outcome of demographics. the question is what are these candidates going to do to get us beyond that. is it fixable? sure. it certainly is fixable. one of the elements i mentioned this immigration. it is very interesting that texas has been one of the fastest-growing economies and that is an economy that has attracted a lot of immigrants. dagen: wells said, great to see you, wish you were here. terrific to see you, jon hilsenrath from the wall street journal. up next week adjust mentioning texas taking center stage, we look at the candidates, the best and worst tax plans, more from milwaukee next.
7:26 am
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of money and helped me reach my goals. i just signed up with their free app. what's my credit score? your credit score is 650. that's magic! no, that's credit you get so much more than a free credit score so do more with your score at credit . dagen: welcome back daik dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo live from milwaukee, wisconsin, for tonight's fox business "the wall street journal" republican presidential debate, it is tuesday, november 10. with me this hour former massachusetts senator scott brown sky brim capital founder anthony scaramucci four shots of presso on ice. >> i love you starbucks. >> a rocket ship to great in those top stories 7:30 a.m. on east coast. we are now, just hours away from the republican presidential candidates taking the shaming for the fourth
7:30 am
debate of this selection about cycle the candidates gearing up for an incrediblely important night ramping up their attacks on one another, senator marco rubio taking issue with donald trump's criticism of his finances. >> i'm not sure why someone like donald trump taken four companies into bankruptcy should be lurk you'reing anyone with finances. dagen: trump, of course, was at it immediately, on twitter, writing this, administrator is a total lightweight who i wouldn't hire to run one of my smaller companies, highly overrated politician they meat face-to-face tonight in milwaukee tune in 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm for fox business "the wall street journal" republican debate, latter event comoderatored by host of this program maria bartiromo and who is that neil cavuto guy? >> turning to markets after yesterday's near 200-point drop yu futures lower 47-point loss on the wrou already in the red for the year.
7:31 am
in europe, the early action, has shown losses across the board. they are contained at the moment the biggest loser the cac quarante, in france. in asia overnight most of your major markets lower nikkei managed to eke out a very small gain. the leader of yies red light terror group that claimed responsibility for the bombing of russian airliner other sinai peninsula has been killed overnight that according to egypt interior ministry killed in a shoot-out with police in the sinai province. >> and, in favor if a flat tax, because of proportionately everybody should be have it the same. >> how haven we talked about this how many tax plans have we looked at as conservative voters, hundreds home elections have politicians put forward tax plans every single one it never happens.
7:32 am
>> tax plans are a major focus on it happen 2016 campaign trail, which candidate has laid out the best plan so far? >> let's bring americans for tax reform income tax norquist tax man in a good way not bad way. >> thank you. >> you are groveer who do you need detail ben carson talking about rate that is the beginning of some sort of -- detail from him. at least. >> he laid out an outline, most of the others have actually put forward plans ted cruz rand paul, they have all put together, quite good proposals, what is interesting, is that all the proposals mesh together they all go towards a same rate they all have full expending for business investment, tier are toality. >> corporate rate down not competitive right now we are
7:33 am
35, european average is 25. so what is interesting all the republican plans are very similar in a good way that means, when one of them gets elected, a plan very much like that will pass the house the senate and become law. dagen: which plans do you have problems with at all or they lack of detail from the candidates you might take issue with? >> well, carson hasn't really fleshed it out yet he says he wants a single rate a very good start you should treat everybody the same, not because that is fair, but because it is difficult to raise it is very difficult to raise a single rate tax you have to look everybody in the eye tell them you are going to raise taxes, i am from massachusetts a single rate tax it is 5 1/2% lower than you might expect from a liberal democratically state everybody pays the same rate. >> just one more thing, before i bring in anthony and scott with trump's tax plan he says what is already happening in this country half americans
7:34 am
are not going to pay federal income tax the other half will, bear the burden of financing defense for example he didn't say that. those are my own words do you have issues with that? >> i think we should focus on reducing taxes, not on shifting the tax burden from one to another. overtime incomes raise everyone will pay taxes we need to get more people on the tax rolls through growth, and more jobs. if we've been growing at reagan rates during this recovery we have 12 million in other americans at work that is the human cost of obama's very slow economic growth and i am very excited tonight we are going to have a real debate with real questions about economics, and economic growth, and tax policy, because we haven't had that last three debates. >> groveer i have a question relate to deficit spending a lot of republicans signed your tax pledge, not to increase
7:35 am
taxes, yet they go out, along sided democrats but in all spending packages, are not deficits unfunded tax liability veektly violating your pledge. >> the pledge is not to raise net taxes there is a challenge we have we saw in bush years we need to stop sending so much money. the what we do need to do there is paul ryan budget, the house of representatives has five times passed and the senate could pass it but what we need is a president to sign if it we elect a republican president you will pass paul ryan budget plan, which reforms all entitlements saves about 5 trillion dollars, over the next decade, it really does answer the concern you have which is how do we rein in spending good nice republicans in the house have five years in a row passed a specific budget does just that
7:36 am
it is not some hope. the republicans have done that, what we don't have is a president who will sign the bill yet. >> grover you said one a plan actually comes out and they bring it forward to the house and senate, we're going to pass it you know as well as i do there have been many bills you referencing it had house passed a bill the senate you can't get 60 votes to move it forward or any kind of cooperation, whatsoever. so they have been talking about it as carolina carolina referenced forever they done nothing they know we have highest corporate tax rate incredible overration they know about reupdate rayion yet they have done nothing what makes you so optimistic this time? >> well, if of you a republican president, you could get the bill signed, the problem we have in washington, d.c., is the president obama is not in favor of any tax reform, that doesn't include at least a trillion dollars, in new and higher taxes. he sees tax reform as a
7:37 am
whostage to when he wants to attach massive higher taxes exactly republicans won't give them a republican president will sign one of those tax bills or a version of it. >> thank you. dagen: thank you so much, and i can promise the audience coming up at least with one of our guests maybe scott and anthony let's talk about health care you want to talk about a financial burden on people, broken obamacare, rising premiums rising costs for the american people. you saw what happened in kentucky; right? republicans winning governorship we talk about that coming up if given the opportunity to kill a future german dictator of about the chance to ignite world war ii jeb bush would i kill baby hitler we will talk about that more absurd tees of this season when we some back.
7:38 am
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absurdity. . . . dagen: world antidoping agency shocking report on russia cheryl casone has those for you. cheryl: good morning deviatingen world antidoping
7:42 am
agency accuses russia complicity in widespread doping and coverup, the panel saying that russia should be banned from competition, until it corrects the situation. the head of russian antidoping agency says national laboratory seize creaseed work for now. >> a merge may be in works if reached the latest reshaping of the north american rail strir canadian pacific one of canada's biggest railroad operators, colorado rockies short stop jose reyes arrested in hawaii reports say his wife told police he grabbed her by neck shoved her into a sliding glass door reyes could become first player subject to major league baseball domestic violence policy allows commissioner to decide, on the appropriate punishment dagen no word yet from mlb the
7:43 am
report coming out we will see if they respond shortly. dagen: thank you so much cheryl, in new york city for us, former florida governor jeb bush raising eyebrows with latest comments to the huffington post one e-mailer asked what he would do if he went back in time, and -- well here is what bush had to say. >> if you could go back in time kill baby hitler would you i need to know. >> and? >> hell yeah i would. dagen: this is what they have to deal with; right? >> a tough question. >> did you beat your wife when were you drunk or smoked marijuana at the end of the day no matter how you answer you are in super trouble antisemite or innocent baby killer should know better. >> you get a question like that just -- that is i am not going back in time. >> it itself tv you start taking e-mail questions you start taking twitter,
7:44 am
questions on twitter, even a townhall vet people at town hall but still -- >> just say no, i am not going to than those question i don't advocate killing anybody however hitler was a bad person, and in our country our lives would have been a lot different without him. >> i think jeb has a little bit of a problem the following respect he is trying to be as authentic self-he wants people to see, the kind of character quality that he is so trying do quffit reached into a bowl of mand ms said adopt let anybody see that i am on paleo diet the hitler question be a good dude, you know. >> that is the zwruth the issue when what you said you either are authentic you said he is trying to be. this is authentic self-the disconnect is. >> you are used to these g. dagen: if you are thinkinging of megyn kelly have at it but i don't think that is what you are thinking of. >> no i was looking at lights
7:45 am
these lights for a lot of people, get very self-conscious they get very, very -- totally takes them like this as opposed to being what they are. dagen: let's talk about that mr. calm cool collected in front of a camera that is an issue for some candidates tonight. >> absolutely is, absolutely. i have spokesperson to jeb's people not that chairman shy or light shy it changes some trump is used to it did a show dr. carson not if you watch dr. carson very reserved thoughtful calculating quite frankly with a what jeb bush and others should be doing. >> doing. >> your turn. >> okay but if bottom line with trump he had more experience on the camera, all of these guide combined, also he has a persona when on camera, when you are with donald trump, alone in his office, it is a different person, so he is way more calculating more thoughtful in
7:46 am
person -- but got that operating style using it i think all the bushes have been subjected to that little bit of -- >> he was raised as a genteel gentleman, prim and proper not one of the guys going to yuck it up like we were. dagen: i wasn't raised that way. >> call him -- >>, by the way, just so you no. >> what -- >> i call him jim off the air want to make sure you know that. >> nice try i hope to. >> speaking of invention you have to to avoid a rick perry moo howard dean each has moments i have done it everyone does it i think tonight very interesting i think a combination of the trump-rubio going at it i think that is going to be important, i think carly is going to be jumping in trying to establish hers are. >> needs to do that rand trying to nudge his way in. dagen: i cannot wait we have
7:47 am
more to come we have got an hour about 14 minutes, of more information from it be nescrede guest donald trump calling out china for currency manipulation william roth will weigh in from milwaukee, wisconsin the site of tonight's rein debapublican deb. keep it here. (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term.
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7:51 am
dagen: republican candidate donald trump pending op-ed in "the wall street journal" today killing a out china, for its currency manipulation part of that saying quote china de facto tariff on comortsdz good has cost billions of dollars millions of jobs joining me from boynton beach florida is wrroth and company founder wilbur roth, wilbur so great to see you thank you so much for being here let's get into the trump editorial is it a little too late do you think this will resonate with people? >> i don't think the biggest issue for tonight's debate is china. i think the biggest issue for tonight's debate is getting our economy going and tax policy as part of it. so i think it is an interesting issue. but a very complicated one, one that certainly doesn't lend itself, to 90 second answers like they will have tonight. >> beyond the tax policy, we talk about getting the economy growing.
7:52 am
getting some people, of the what is known as 5 million americans no longer in labor positive force getting them back in the workplace, growing wages in this country closing the skill gap, a lot of that has been talked about literally for-decade it is only gotten worse in many instances what can see here tonight that will change things. >> i think part of it tax policies the way taxes come in, as people move from various benefit programs onto employee rolls. is not a very good thing, some low level incremental tax rate is almost one hundred percent. so there is no wondered why people would rather have a little bit less and do nothing, than to give up most of the money that they earn a, when they get a job, so i think at the about whom end of the tax thing, is a lot of
7:53 am
structural change needed in order to make it easier for people to become interested in working. dagen: i also want to get your take on following centers with senator marco rubio calling out donald trump on personal finances went oft trump on this, listen to this. >> i'm not sure why someone who like donald trump has taken four companies into bankruptcy should be lectureing anyone about finances. dagen: wilbur is that a fair attack do you think in this political season? >> it seems like all attacks are fair. i think trump and others have been complaining about marco with this tiresome fwael the credit card i think they reallyout to focus on not so much attacking each other for this or that but really getting into policy debate i hope tonight won't be just name-calling but really will
7:54 am
be a serious discussion of issues. >> to someone with no political experiencing, and there are a lot of candidates who don't have any formal political experience, their qualified for the job do you think? >> i am not so sure that people in the private sector who had to deal with pols their whole lives can be scribed as not having political experience. i think to the contrary, being on the receiving end of how the political system operates may be a better lesson than being inside the system. dagen: any surprises that you may be hope to see tonight wilbur before we go. >> i don't know if would i call them surprises, but i would like to hear ben carson, really lay out some details behind his programs. and the economic area, he seems to be a little bit vague. and i think it would be very useful for him to be given more clarity to it.
7:55 am
frankly the same thing for donald trump. he hasn't yet really come with a very explicit program. i think for jeb bush the problem is the opposite one he has to show continued command of policy questions without coming across like a wonk. dagen: although -- i am a wonk i think we can all appreciate the wonk in all of us. >> thank you. >> wilbur take carry we will see have you soon, former senior economic advisor joins is to weigh in on academy and republican tax plan he has a different take you can imagine, former wind anna governor daniels joins us with his take on expectations for tonight's debate who he feels is the best candidate for the job more from milwaukee coming up.
7:56 am
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good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo. and you are live from milwaukee, wisconsin. we are -- we are outside of the theatre right down the hall here where the republican candidates for president will meet tonight, and "the wall street journal" fox business debate, it is tuesday, november 10. with me this hour former massachusetts senator scott brown skybridge capital founder, anthony scaramucci, they are fired up, and ready for the next hour. first top story -- east coast we are hours away from the republican presidential candidates taking that stage. for the fourth debate of this cycle the candidates are intensifying their attacks on one another, senator marco rubio take on the front-runner donald trump in leadup to
8:00 am
tonight's big event issue with trump's attacks on his personal finances. >> i'm not sure why someone like donald trump has taken four companies into bankruptcy should be lectureing anyone about finances. dagen: trump fired back immediately, on twitter, writing marco rubio is a totally lightweight who i wouldn't hire to run one of my smaller companies, a highly overrated politician, there is going to be more of that surely tonight, but we will try to focus on the issues. 7:00, 9:00 republican dietary latter comoderatored by the host of this program maria bartiromo. turning to markets after yesterday's nearly 200-point loss for the dow, the blue chips in the red for the year, and futures lower this morning, down 42 points. and, of course, investors will be turning their eyes and ears to debates it is about the economy. in europe early action shows, losses across the board, and
8:01 am
in asia he mostly losses in your major asian markets with nikkei up ever so slightly. [cheers and applause] . >> finds the pocket -- for the touchdown by jack miller, one hand, out of the care chicago leads. >> chicago pulling off a stun fourth quarter comeback behind have arm of quarterback got it done last night bears quarterback hitting a streaking zach miller for middle of the game -- win touchdown amazing one to secure that victory breaking the bears franchise record for career touchdown passes, in the process. and we're gearing up for what is sure to be a incredible showdown tonight's big republican debate some top candidacy got to start early with back and forth yesterday,
8:02 am
blake burman in milwaukee outside the theatre with more hey blake. reporter: hi dagen good morning to you it hasn't slowed down as relates to donald trump at least. and his attacks on dr. been carson in the recent days, over carson's, parts of his life, in the past dealing with his childhood nearly 50 years ago, trump held one of these megarallies we have grown accustomed to last night in illinois springfield, illinois was inside, an arena last night he had thousands of people, and for several minutes there carson was the focus of trump's speech, he questioned hoi carson with an remain at the top of the poll. >> if you try and hit your mother over the headed with a hammer, your poll numbers go up! i never saw anything like it. . reporter: now carson has largely stayed away from the about back and forth here as it relates to trump instead, focusing much of his attention
8:03 am
and really frustration as relates to the topic with the media he called this a distraction, last night' he appeared on the o'reilly factor he said he is really looking forward to tonight because he wants to talk about the issues what it means to voters, and move forward that way. >> and i'm very hopeful that i will get a lot of questions about the economy. given who the questioners are going to be. and i had much rather talk about that -- >> virtually in this case is in a chris christie asked about all of this at least as relates to carson's back story the questions that he has been facing last night, on the kelly file he said look he thinks christie does that this is unfair but he feels they are questions that carson needs to answer, and move on from it if he can. >> blake griffin outside the theatre in milwaukee, for us. for the jeb and rubio duel intensifies that is one of the
8:04 am
headlines for next guest marco rubio releasing a ad attacks bush with his own words listen to this. >> marco has i think, is something that the republican party needs to have which is a hopeful optimistic message. based on our principals. >> i am a huge marco fan probably the most articulate conservative on the scene today to be a good president. >> so proud of his high voltage energy so proud of his enthusiasm so proud of his eloquence. >> i am a huge marco fan. >> i am marco rubio i approved this message. dagen: the fox news digital politics editor joining me there is a fight going on with jeb bush's pack as well what is happening here. >> the context here is that jeb bush had an idea was that he would create a superdurp, pack he wouldn't just have he would have superest pack of
8:05 am
all raised more than 100 million dollars all this money in new york times today put out a threat told marco rubio we're coming for you talking about a 20 million dollars that they would spend, to essentially destroy marco rubio topic of the attack, is even more astonishing from the left on abortion, in a republican primary. so, this is what the bush campaign -- the proxy bush campaign led by mike murphy is threatening to do, to marco rubio rubio just says dude, here is what you used have to say about me remember when it was good? and look, i got to tell i for bush, if this is -- if he is similar pat siin ipatico with murphy this is where heings is going what a catastrophe. >> i laughed that was a word in -- >> we are chuckling as to
8:06 am
tactics of the super pac obviously no control don't you think want to go after two front-runners and headline you hill whenever anyone onstage talks about hillary clinton the differences between them and hillary poll numbers go up, to fight over the scraps, aside from trump and carson which have -- 50 plus% everybody else so many fighting over scraps attacking itch other over scraps if you are going to fight go after front-runners don't go after each other from the same -- i think marco response is brilliant. >> you think about it this way. jeb bush wouldn't raised 100 million dollars for super pac if they said here is our picture for thanksgiving time attacks from the left and republican primary to disqualify marco would have said if you are there in november, you ain't getting there when it comes to march anyway the super pac problem is a problem also you have this, it is exactly what you say. we have 10 candidates splitting up, 20% of the vote. if 10 people running for
8:07 am
president on republican side splitting up we have 2% club, and they are fighting with each other, and 345e7b9 trump and carson blowing their doors off, running down -- >> not taking them on not going -- >> -- need to get in. >> a piece in "new york times," today, i am quoted saying that this internecine fight not good for -- >> looks ugly i can handle a lot of that i can appreciate a lot of like, fighting back and forth, but -- >> don't want to sound like dos eke guys if you don't stay classy all words coming back and biting i couldn't hillary clinton will use it marco rubio absentee from something we learned. >> low energy republicans worked very hard to would i tactics that could be on appropriated by democrats in
8:08 am
general election when they attacked mitt romney they, you know obama campaign said sweet dickety. >> obviously with hillary had debate did she have a debate yet the people two people dropped out, and then right now she is basically under upcoming in debate -- should be -- >> i won't say that, that bernie sanders gave her such a huge pass we don't care about -- >> but now, but now turning saying that the justice department investigation needs to move -- so recently. >> but in terms of class, something else that you've talked about carson policies to the characteristic assassination do you think there is behind him. >> you know what happened right here i did not know until i get here you know what happened right here theodore roosevelt rough rider 1912 shot across the street he came in delivered a speech from that stage from 90 minutes, with a bullet lodged in his
8:09 am
rib cage only slowed down by glasses, and borrowing speech about to give the audience sat no doubt spellbound as he did this survived they tried to take him out he survived. >> ben carson i have never seen the i have never scene a concerted effort go back to george w. bumper sticker reelect probably to find this media freakout degree maybe sarah palin just intensifies they would one after the on the they feel if they keep hitting there there is there there it does damage long term i am not saying it doesn't but short term you know what it does it? is awesome for him the best possible thing, because it keeps the discussion he doesn't want to talk about -- why does like puerto rican statehood he wants the to talk about loaf me alone a good man trying to do a good thing. >> energy level, when personal history by the way he grew up in the projects of boston he
8:10 am
had a very, very, very tough upbringing, if you want to go back and say yeah i made tough decisions angry hurting, i lashed out, look at me now i am a neurosurgeon. >> separated siamese -- >> teddy roosevelt very thick hyde. >> so good to see you i can't wait to see your coverage tonight as well so much more on "mornings with maria," live from milwaukee the economy, a top issue, of course, everything about the economy, let's talk about crony expect alism if you will. even foreign policy impacts on this country we are talking about that, plus the war on isis with fox news lea, austin worked for the obama administration he was on the trail, in 2008. he is going to weigh in on what to expect from tonight's debate i can't wait for that! austin mitch daniel so much
8:11 am
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8:14 am
dagen: we are moving around the theatre here in milwaukee, look at that desk over there. the guest left scaramucci mad i called him phil scott brown i don't know where he went but they made me walk up these stairs i am out of bret thank god not showing my chicken legs important news cheryl casone on the story about the blow to president obama immigration plan hey. cheryl: all right go find those guys get them in shape dagen president obama plans to prevent an estimate 5 million people, living in u.s. illegal, from being deported has been blocked again, a
8:15 am
federal appeals court upheld a lower court ruling against the president executive action. donald trump, spares no one attacks tar bucs after saying it with those a moving christmas decoration now floating the i don't do of boycotting the company a lot from donald trump, colorado rockies short stop jose reyes reportedly arrested for allegedly assault his wife in maui resort sources say his wife told police he grabbed her by neck and shoved her into a sliding gas door reyes could become first player subject to major league baseball's domestic violence policy. finally, check out this video you are looking at what is wild regarded as the largest great white shark ever caught on camera. according according to bring ittain daily mail 20 foot whale
8:16 am
filmed nearly two years ago featured on discovery schaenl jaws strikes back researchers estimate this shark the time 50 years old dagen, that is one big fish back to you. >> i am -- i love watching video of sea life thank you so much for that. cheryl casone in new york for us with all the news that you need to know, and coming up, donald trump attacking president obama's foreign policy strategy lea gabrielle from fox news on that, austan goolsbee in obama administration in twoout with our now president weighs in on the debate tonight, next. .
8:17 am
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8:21 am
. dagen: are it is all about tonight's debate, here live, from milwaukee, wisconsin. we are having a terrific time with people in this theatre fantastic so much hard work into preparations with good people from fox business, fox news and the "the wall street journal." we turn taking places right now to republican candidate donald trump,pinning op-ed in "the wall street journal" blasting president obama, over foreign policy, staying incompetent rudderless in foreign trade national security is making mrm hes confident prosperous safe americans deserve better a trump a administration will turn us into winners again, joining is, is fox news correspondent lea gabrielle what do you make of trump comments broad enough that maybe they connect with voters. >> i think good to see trump, as a candidate, weighing in on china and talking about the issue of china, as far as foreign policy is concerned
8:22 am
kind of bringing, the world economy bringing the u.s. economy, together in terms of how that really answers questions for foreign policy, but his op-ed talks more about obama administration, and what he thinks it is doing wrong, than what he would actually do to change things, now he does on day one trump administration that he would designate china currency men and women manipulator he brings tax reform would bring money in economy make is stronger on the world stage there is more in this what object administration is doing wrong than specifics what at a trump administration would do right. dagen: as a former intelligence officer lea you were a pilot, it -- you know what the candidates have said so far about foreign policy who do you think has laid out the most detailed plan in terms of of the risk and it be risk to us in the solutions? >> well you know dagen when you talk about who is actually laid out the most
8:23 am
comprehensive plan, i would definitely put marco rubio up there i really like for our voters to be able to look at the web sites of candidates you hear so much what they say, and television and interviews, but they really need to be bringing it all together for voters to be able to see what their foreign policy really is. marco rubio clearly lays out foreign policy on web site a lot of other candidates trump included really don't say a lot at any web site about specifics about how they would handle things, you mentioned on former intelligence officer operator i want to bring that in though a, when i look at a candidate i understand that some candidates have never had any experience actually having access to intelligence actually being on inside, of classified briefings when i look back at the obama administration, and how president obama has changed his views overtime it is really clear that those views will change, as candidates and eventually president the president, will have access to the classified information, and classified briefings that
8:24 am
really will shape a lot of the decisions making when it comes to foreign policy, dagen. dagen: just really quickly, to wrap it up, i think that that gives whomever the republican nominee winds up being, givers them an advantage potentially as you were talking about the security in briefings, and classified information, that goes completely against hillary clinton. they are going to be able to use that against a her based on what we know about how she handled her e-mail. >> i would also say on the other side of that, dagen clinton has had access to classified briefings has extensive experience at least has been on. >> i of so many of those kind of understands nuances of foreign diplomacy foreign policy, when it comes to understanding the having the access to intelligent it is more understanding how things work on the fly, what are the conversations about that are not made in public, and i look back to the 2008 election when mccain was about debating obama, and one of the things
8:25 am
president obama then candidate obama talked about was going into pakistan for military force i remember mccain saying you don't say that out allowed, and that was kind of one of the nuances, he understood that there are certain things said out allowed certain things not out loud candidates who don't have that experience will come to see that if elected president. dagen: there is a lot to listen to tonight and a lot to parse terrific to see you as always lea gabrielle fox news. the economy the big issue the biggest issue during the fox business "the wall street journal" debate tonight, will we get more detail former is it right economic advisor austan goolsbee will weigh in next.
8:26 am
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>> welcome back, we're gearing up for tonight's big republican debate and look who came inside. we're in the rotunda here at the milwaukee theater. he was freezing and now, blake berman is here, everybody. >> it's five degrees warmer in here. my hands are still cold, but it's a lot warmer in here, i tell you that. dagen: they need to shoot you so you look your height. they always shoot you, you're taller in person than you are. what are you covering? >> there's a video from marco rubio's campaign a little while ago. there was an ad in the new york times or an article in the new york times last night talking how jeb bush's super pac, right to rise, is potentially gearing
8:30 am
up a $20 million ad blitz to take on marco rubio. while the rubio campaign just moments ago, within about the half hour or so ago released this video in which they use jeb bush's own words touting marco rubio, here it was. >> i'm a huge marco fan. probably the most articulate conservative on the scene today. and to be a good president. >> so the headline there, jeb bush before his phony attacks. in wish jeb bush and republicans rallied to marco rubio's side and they think you have the new york times story. >> one thing i and others have done, you try to anticipate the attacks and have the ads in the can. so when you come out, press a button. i can't tell you how many times this helped many, many candidates toward what you're seeing right now.
8:31 am
>> do you think it's a fair play to use his own words? >> absolutely. >> this is from 2010, and i can tell you from covering that race in florida in miami rjust about every day in 2010. the back story to this was the discontent, borderline hatred toward charlie crist and how they raced to marco rubio's side. is it fair-- >> i think there's going to be blowback. i'm not saying-- >> i disagree. >> all is fair in love, politics and war and there will be a blowback, and people think it's a cheaper thing. >> the less strategy thing, to have $20 million on a republican-- . i certainly, hell of a lot of-- >> and it's going to be catnip for the democrats coming after the domination process. dagen: blake, stick around, i want to get to the next guest, the top issues in tonight's
8:32 am
debate. the economy is a big word and it digs down into jobs, lack of wage growth. taxes in this country and people not in the labor force, entitlements, you name it. what kind of politic details does this gentleman want to hear tonight? he's austan goolsbee, former economic advisor under president obama, on the campaign trail with the president back in 2008. austan, good to see you. i want you to grade the economy right now, a to f. give me a grade on it. >> i'd give it a "b" or a b minus. >> how do you go to an economy that's now growing at 1%, now growing at 4% growth. >> i say give it a b or a b-minus. each year it gets better, doesn't get better that fast and i kind of think that's
8:33 am
where it's been. dagen: sub3% growth for ten years. even as a democrat, it provides an opportunity for a republican candidate if they can articulate a vision for the future? >> i would say if they had a credible plan to raise the growth rate, that be would quite important. what i saw in the last republican debate and the debate playing out in the primary. the group the candidates that kind of are not attached to normal reality, calling for 10% maximum tax rates and things like that, and you've got donald trump saying, he wants to raise the growth rate of the united states to 6% long-term. things that are completely not realistic are pulling the reasonable candidates off of their spots and i think that puts them in great danger in the general election, because that competitive dynamic is
8:34 am
expanding them into extremism. dagen: i heard a sound bite from hillary clinton on the campaign trail and she went back to the last bush administration and blamed the bush administration for what we've gotten in the last seven, seven years. that she still-- we have lackluster growth, it's the republican's fault. does that really resonate? >> you might be right that it may not resonate, but i'd be a little careful. usually the bush administration comes up, republican says this is the lousy recovery. democrat says, well, it's not really. the problem is the first two years of the obama administration looked terrible because we're going down and since then we've come back decently well and then the argument gets over what happened in the first two years of the obama administration and then the democrats say, well, that was because of bush. so, i think there's kind of a
8:35 am
repetitive chain that i agree with you. i don't think it's going to resonate. i don't think that arguing about, if we did the stimulus work or not work in 2009 is going to be what this election is about. >> i want to bring out, because i think-- and i've touched on this earlier, one of the biggest financial issues for the american people, it's going to be and is health care. and it is the affordable care act where you've seen people's premiums go up who have these health plans who couldn't keep the plans that they wanted to keep and one of the bigger issues, and you saw it play out in kentucky, with the victory of republican matt beben. you've had the coops close, and prices are going up, there's less choice. if you're -- shouldn't the republicans be seizing on this if they want to get a leg up over the democrat's nominee?
8:36 am
>> well, i don't know. you may be right, but i point out like many things in the economy, there are different parts of the health care sector. in one part overall, ehealth care costs are growing in 50 years since it passed. there are some groups whose premiums are going up rapidly, but across the board, health care has actually been pricing us at the slowness. dagen: i'll say this, bernie sanders-- let me just jump in. i'll say this, the increase in drug prices or the perceived increase in drug prices is such an issue that hillary clinton and bernie sanders have jumped on that as kind of a center piece of what they're talking about. >> i don't disagree with that. i don't disagree with that. i predict that you're going to see on health care, the same as on the economy, that the republicans in the primary are going to go after the people
8:37 am
most dissatisfied with the affordable care act, but we're going to see a weird flipping once we get out of the republican primary, the overall opinions on obamacare in the polling, at least, have actually dramatically improved from the beginning. now, it was a low bar. i mean, they came out, but it has improved and it's not nearly the negative it was in the past. >> it was good to see you. i last interviewed you the day after president obama won the democratic nomination back in 2008. >> that was a good day. dagen: i hope to see you more often, i often see you on twitter, you always bring it. people not agree with you, but you always bring it. >> thank you. dagen: and blake berman, thank you so much. got to make it quick-- >> the problem is, that's the difference between republicans and democrats. they think that obamacare is great. but it's not reality. you talked to people who's
8:38 am
costs have gone up. and the grim reality. when republicans don't have a plan. no offense, bernie sanders has a plan, take money from your pocket books and wallet and give it to the government. dagen: and if this comes up, i surely hope it does, it's going to be fascinating because they don't have a lot of-- repeal obamacare, what are you going to put in place? blake, it was good to see you, i'm sorry i didn't give you more time. >> no, no, great to be here. dagen: you warmed your feet. >> i'm all good. >> back out there. >> by the lake. dagen: thanks to austan goolsbee, too. big leaders in politics joining mornings with maria. here is a look back at some of the best moments from today's show. >> the american people just want a regular guy. >> they want a regular guy. >> a regular guy in the oval office. >> no one is going to be perfect. >> theres' not any candidate that's perfect out there, but somebody who could do the job. >> i want to bid at auction, for trump to write my high schooler's tweets for just one--
8:39 am
see what calms out of that for my son. >> listen, we're going to be winners again, and themes that people are focusing on because they're tired of being second best. >> it's funny that you mentioned twitter. i was getting ready to go to bed last night later than i wanted to and noticed that trump was tweeting late as night. whoever is his handler, needs to give him a bedtime. i think-- >> how the public sees jeb bush as how he is. i think he's working how to close that gap. once he closes that gap. i think he will be in the pack in a way that will surprise people.
8:40 am
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did you finish your derivative pricing model, honey? for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. >> can i say this? i'm stoked, i'm stoked. i'm legit excited about tonight and the debate. could one of these gentlemen or woman, could be the next president of the united states and they will be vetted by you, the american voter standing on that stage, as part of the process. it's been heated, it will get heated and you will get to see
8:44 am
what the future of this country potentially could look like under one of these individuals. there i said it. we're live from milwaukee. if you didn't know already, the site of the next republican presidential debate. meantime, new developments this morning in the investigation into that catastrophic russian plane crash in egypt. cheryl casone is in new york with the latest. and other headlines. cheryl: yes, dagen, i'm stoked to use your term there. we're following what's happening overseas. u.s. sources saying that russian sources say they believe the plane went down by a bomb, that a device was planted on the plane and exploded shortly after it took off and a source quoted it's more likely caused by a bomb smuggled on the plane not by a passenger. the crash killed all 224 people on board. okay. a change at the top of the university of missouri.
8:45 am
university president timothy wolfe is stepping down after threats from the football team to go on strike. hours after he resigned he'll transition to a new role at the university. take a look at the photo they look just like ufo's, there were no alien invaders just had a stunning cloud formation in south africa. it's formed by air flowing over mountains. finally out of texas, a giant alligator captured near a shopping center near sugarland, texas. the gator was found wandering outside of a mall, dagen, near houston, texas. it's taken to a private reserve. the woman wrapping him up said well, the he's lost and now
8:46 am
he's at a sanctuary and he's fed every single day for the rest of his life and maybe alligator babies. that's a direct quote from the wrangler you're seeing on your screen, dagen, back to you. dagen: that's incredible. iguanas frighten me, that would have sent me to the moon. thank you, cheryl. the stage set for tonight's presidential debate and one of the top issues on the voter agenda is the economic growth or lack thereof. earlier i was joined by americans for tax reform, how to get our country growing again. >> if we'd been growing at reagan rates during the last -- during this recovery we'd have 12 million for americans at work. that's the human cost of obama's very slow economic growth and i'm very excited tonight we're going to have a real debate with real questions about economics and economic growth and tax policy because
8:47 am
we haven't had that in the last three debates. dagen: joining us now is former indiana governor mitch daniels. governor daniels, great to see you. growing the economy is about more than just tax reform. what else do you want to hear about kind of returning the country to strong growth? >> on behalf of the young people on this purdue campus and everywhere in the country, i do hope this becomes the centerpiece not just of tonight, but of the entirety of the rest of the campaign. if we don't get this right and remain stuck at the pathetic 2% level growth rate, we've got long-term problems, not just for the american economy, but for the confidence in our democracy. so, yes, taxes is a big part of it, the incredible burden of regulation, which has been piled on and enormous quantities over the last few years, the handicapping of the best thing we have going right
8:48 am
now, which is our energy sector, you will a -- all of these things ought to be in the mix and the conversation tonight and continuously until next november centers on it. dagen: what about this enormous -- i said this on "coast to coast" with neil cavuto. people are coming out of college and can't get jobs. if you want to work in the tech industry, i was talking to my brother, and you can't get into one of the top schools, you're better not going to work and getting an education than one that still gets you a job. what can they say about tackling this? >> dagen, you're exactly right. the biggest question facing young people today. there's a double-debt question in many cases. first of all, the student debt which so many of them have and which is handicapping their
8:49 am
start in life and it's handicapping the economy. we now know em peer-- empirically that they postpone home debt, and start business at a historically low rate and those are problems for them and the whole economy. the other question, of course, hanging over all this and very much part of the growth question, how long are we going to procrastinate dealing with the incredible and unfair debt which moo i -- my generation and those before it has put on these young people. the average of $30,000, the same person owes a multiple of that they'll have to pay off to the federal government in the future. >> good morning, it's january 21st, 2017, you've got three items of advice for the republican president.
8:50 am
what are those three immediate steps he needs to take to help the economy get moving faster? >> a dramatic move toward a pro-growth tax policy. some sort of moratorium or other policy of restraint on new regulations and perhaps a review or a sunset of many of those on the books now and a proposal to at least start in a careful way to save the safety net and to reform the entitlement programs which left on autopilot are going to bankrupt this country, be a punitive-- have a punitive effect on the generations, the young generations of today, and in my opini opinion, even threatens the support for our democrat institutions on which everything else relies. dagen: governor, it was good to see you. governor mitch daniels, people
8:51 am
still talking about you running. >> got a job, but thanks for the job. dagen: governor mitch daniels from purdue university.
8:52 am
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8:55 am
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8:58 am
business have a partnership and we're working together to compile special data before the debate tonight. jo ling kent is here, what have you got. jo: facebook has a million-- or a billion, rather, people logging on. we wanted to talk in advance of the debate. let's take a look at the top five issues right now. most people are talking about government ethics, which is interesting, regarding, of course, benghazi and the hillary clinton e-mail issue. you also see here the economy coming in number two. let's take a look at who is talking about it. you see, it's more females, 53% versus 47.5%, but it's all across every single age group. that means people on facebook right now are all concerned and engaged in the economy. and let's also see how people are talking about it across the country. you see, dagen, here, that it's midwest, also very west coast and we're concerned about the economy in the midwest here and
8:59 am
the northeast, in particular in vermont. we want to show you who are the top five candidates going into the debate. it's a bipartisan list, if you take a look at the g.o.p., ted cruz, he's coming in, and after the top five debate a couple of weeks ago. who is supporting ted cruz, a very male audience on facebook. it skews older and primarily in texas. interesting data we're gathering for you now and throughout the day. dagen: we'll see you all day. thank you so much, jo ling kent and thank you to are the handsome, intelligent gentlemen for joining me this morning. >> can i say one thing. dagen: quickly. >> the staff and setup here, they should do a show on that. congratulations and good luck tonight. dagen: can i get an amen? yay, everybody!
9:00 am
we've got a long way to go, don't pat yourselves on the back too much. we've got a debate, milwaukee here, 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. eastern and hosted by maria bartiromo, neil cavuto and gerald baker. stuart: good to be back in time for the great debate. it's a big story, is it not? the candidates take the stage ten hours from now. the economy, your money, right there in focus and they have to tell us, the candidates, how they would return america to prosperity. this could also be, make or break for some of those people on the stage tonight. this probably will not come up tonight, but it's turned into a very telling story. donald trump, the front runner.


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