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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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great job of getting out there, great questions for the candidates and holding their feet to the fire. david: the viewer is important, not us, that does it for us, our special debate coverage continues with varney and company right now. >> good evening coming to this network, just a couple of hours from now, candidates will take that stage in milwaukee. fox business "wall street journal" republican debate this is where money holds center stage this is where the candidates spell out their plan. rick santorum, chris christie, mike huckabee, and bobby jindal are up first, then at 9, rick kasich, jeb bush, donald trump, ted cruz, carly
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fiorina and rand paul this is varney and company, kicking off or debate coverage. neil cavuto is in milwaukee, as everyone knows by now. neil, welcome to the show, i want to hear about a return to rprosperity, i want to hear a prosperity plan. am plan. am i going to be happy? neil: do you want to hear it from me or the candidates? you are quite right. they will make the pitch, which could be a favorable environment, fewer of home, more time to make the pitch. they all have an opportunity to sort of pitch that prosperity point that you have been mentioning. no one is doubting there is a recovery, it is tepid. for many the jobs that we've seen are not the big jobs, not
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the quality jobs that a lot of candidates' to see, they have to spell it out, we have given them more time to let them answer, 90 seconds to let another candidate, respond in 60 seconds, the point to explain, get this out in a -- professional manner without need lessagetation that comes up. everything goes back to money issue, to the green. as you pound every day on your show. >> also about getting the message out, in an effective and dramatic fashion. not a question of just talking points. here is my tax plan. it is this is what i believe. this is the way to prosperity. if they can do it like that, they will communicate and win. >> i agree, you have to get
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the big picture right. you have to emphasis the areas where you think you are getting it right. it is not about us. i know this is a big leap for me, a man of considerable size to say, i want to disappear, but i want to disappear, i don't want this to be about me, i want to provoke the debate but no, noto point where it is so provocative it is about me not about them. it will be memorable. it should be memorable for the ponces that we get -- responses that we get, that makes the historic debates. stuart: guaranteed neil cavuto, we'll watch you later on thank you very much.
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look who is here, steve moore with heritage foundation, a distinguished fellow there in milwaukee, you have talked with all of the republican candidates, you offer economy policy advice to all of them. could you tell us who you think has the best plan for returning us to prosperity. maybe you show not endorse anyone, but who has got best plan? you tell us. >> i am pumped up for this debate. i don't know if you can hear background noise, mi minimum wage people are out here and occupy wall street people are out hire. i cannot answer that question, i really like rand paul's tax plan, i have a lot to do with it. jeb bush is right, to strive for 4% growth. you have marco rubio, talking about his own tax reform plan. you know, i saw governor huckabee in the lobby this
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morning, he took me aside we talked about his plan to eliminate the income tax. there are a lot of great plans. stuart: also pie in the sky dreaming. abolish the irs and income tax, that is pie in the sky dreaming. hold on, we're talking about lowering taxes corporate taxes and individual taxes, i got that other side, cutting spending. now who is going to touch the third rail of american politics and say i'm going to cut that, who? >> you know that is a great question, i think that one big stage who will really make that case tonight is john kasich, since last debate he has can't out with a detail plan how to deal with the entitlement programs by cutting back some of the benefits, he is talking about moving the programs to states. in areas like education is
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healthcare. stawrt: is it a good plan in. >> i love that idea, lit the governors do it the governors are reforming the way that state government works, governors say, look uuncle sam give us less money we'll take it. i want to hear something -- go ahead. . >> you reform medicare to save it ha is how communicate i would have thought. >> i would agree with that i want to bring up a subject that i think i really critical to your question. how to we return to prosperity? we have trillions of dollars worth of energy here. we have 200 years of natural gas, we have more energy shan saudi arabia, i want to hear a
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plan about hownese guys will make america, the energy dominant country in the world, that would be a big plus for our economy, jobs and our security. that is a big one. obama on the wrong side of this, so is hillary, coming up this week against the keystone pipeline. stawrt: i have to talk clue am change. >> you know what, one last thing, right now, asia is building 500 coal plants. >> thank you very much. >> trump is warned journal to be nice or element -- or else.
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mary is here. what is your beef with trump about immigration. >> it not with donald trump. g.o.p. has an opportunity to put a growth agenda to place, barack obama's experiment that hasan rouhan-- has failed, donald trump's idea would decimate the economy. if you care about the u.s. those are the ideas we take issue with. we're trying to explain to viewers. viewer. stuart: you say donald trump's economic policies would decimate the u.s. economy. there is a "wall street journal" journal guy on panel of moderators who will be discussing this. >> jerry baker is going to ask
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the questions he's to ask. separate from editorial page. stuart: are we getting fireworks? >> that is not the issue, the issue is returning country to normal growth rate after a recession. stuart: that is not how audience will take it. >> dwroa i don't think that journallives are doing their job if they are not talking about what donald trump's policies would do for the country. >> i'm looking for those fireworks. okay, i want to see that, mayor thank you. >> al gore, de dec declines to give hillary clinton his endorsement. >> al gore has declined to endorse candidates, he is very you know he sort of deal its back.
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he does not wave deep he says into politics, looking in past he has not come out full pledge for endorsing anyone. there has not been good relationship between al gore and hillary clinton for some time. stuart: he is not jumping ship. >> he is not saying i won't endorse hillary clinton, but i am not going to endorse anybody now. stuart: you see big picture here, you are with me, i see this size a debate about prosperity, and how to return america to prosperity, you are discussion it with republican, democrats see it very differently. >> republicans need to step up with a unifying vision that will election fi a skeptical government, tonight we'll see a lot of jabs at people could they are one day headlines but, what is really key here,
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is that you know, the country is turning upside down, 60% of u.s. household get more in form of government benefits than they pay in taxes into the system, that striking, we have a socialist contendor for democratic nomination, that is the question, we -- can they sell, can they sell it. entrepreneurial genius this is america. stuart: we need prosperity that is th glue that binds using it. >> it is -- talking about growth. >> 60% of u.s. householders getting more in government benefits. stuart: are you with me? >> if you would like. we're less than two hours away from first debate, this is
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stuart: this is it tonight is the night, fourth presidential debate among the republicans that is the set. the stage, the candidates will occupy that stage shortly. we will take you right there. meanwhile, social media, you might say is buzzing ahead of debate, jo ling kent is in milwaukee for us, i have two questions, have you information from facebook about which candidates are trending in which parts of the nation. >> reporter: let's look at leader donald trump across board, he is trending much in california, along the border here, alex rodriguez, new mexico -- arizona, new mexico, texas and florida, up the east
5:16 pm
coast, his top issues, the economy. and immigration. he is a candidate to watch tonight. then, if you switch to ben carson, the map transforms where people are talking about dr. carson, in texas, up through nebraska, and also in to deep south. >> that is fascinating. who would have thought you could figure that out from facebook posts, the second question, issues that are tracked to facebook. they have been changing throughout the day. earlier, economy of the fourth most important topic, now it is number two. behind what is this? government ethics? that topic number one? really. >> reporter: yes, that is really resonating on face fact, they are talking about issues with benghazi and secretary clinton's e-mail, and economy in at number two. we have a debate on tonight, focused on the economy. you see here among those talking it skews more women,
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53% of women talking about the economy of that group. 9 million interactions and everyone across the board of voting age is concerned about the economy and jobs. i want to show you one more quick thing, if you look here at government ethics, what is here. about 50/50, then if you look over, people who care about government ethics. it skews older 45 plus. stuart: the young steres gene care about government ethics. >> reporter: not yet. stuart: jo ling kent thank you very much, watching facebook for us. >> to capitol hill, senator mike lee, republican from utah with us, author of the book "our lost constitution" talking about issue of cutting government spending, every single politician promises it, i personaly do not recall any
5:18 pm
serious cuts to any major programs ever. what makes you think that you can indeed cut government seriously? the fact that we're going to be forced to. in near future, if we don't change the way we spend, we will be forced by virtue of fact we'll run out, as we continue to borrow more and more, we will reach a point where treasury yield rates turn to historical average, paying about a trillion a year just in interest. it will have to come from somewhere. >> any of those candidates on the stage tonight, go up and say, i'm going to cut this and that, can they be elected? >> yes, i think they can. if they do it in the right way, if they propose something. that is what we need most right now, we need for people to come forward with an affirmative conservative but proactive legislative agenda, explaining what we're for and against and how we're get to
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where we need to be. stuart: i understand you are a supporter, not necessarily a endorser of senator ted cruz, i think you support idea of abolishing the irs? senator, i don't mean to be argumentive but that is pie in the sky dreaming, i don't think that could ever happen, you say? >> there are a thousand ways to skin this cat. one approach is one that senator cruz recommended, simplify it, get rid of the tax code as we know it adopt something simpler. and abolish irs in process, you don't need an irs if you have something simpler, another approach a little bit more modest involves a tax reform plan like one that i have been developing with senator rubio, the point that we need more people to step forward with an actual agenda. we win with an agenda. stuart: a tax-cutting kind of guy? are you a flat-tax guy or
5:20 pm
lower and individual tax rates? >> i would love to get simple as platt as we could get. it would be fantastic if we could move immediately to a single rate tax system. that can be difficult to do, that is one reason why the plan that i have developed with senator rubio would move to a two-rate system. we think it would be easier to get there but, i would love the idea of flattening the code. >> senator mike lee thank you very much for joining us, we appreciate it we'll watch the debate, so will you. >> thank you. stuart: quick comment. >> interesting, ted cruz against republican party, you heard there, senator mike lee trying to pull in rubio. and align himself there. >> got it. stuart: up next i challenge a new york lawmaker character any republican win state wide office in new york?
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deep blue as it is?
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: in just a few short hours that stage in milwaukee, wisconsin will be occupied by republican candidates for the presidency. if you wish to live stream the debate for free go to fox, hear it free. the nominee has a challenge when it comes to eelectric rally college votes from new york and california, they always vote democrat, they ar deep blue. congressman lee zeldin is
5:25 pm
joining us, a congressman from new york. can you ever see new york state voting state wide for a republican candidate for presidency? >> absolutely. it could 457 in 2016 -- it could happen in 2016, a lot of people look at poll across new york state. hillary clinton is not as popular as you might think being someone from u.s. senator here, she is under water in polls all throughout new york. it presents a great opportunity, people are tired of the 8 years of this president. hillary clinton is not changed. that is not the new direct for new york state or oklahoma. stuart: what kind of republican could carry new york state? a moderate? a middle of the road? moderate or a western-style attacks cutter, less government. get off our backs that person?
5:26 pm
>> i think that the moderate might have more of an ability to appeal to independent voters, maybe more democratic. the more conservative candidate might have a capability of bringing out voters who don't come out unless there is a conservative option. 1980, ronald reagan carried new york, if you were able to run a campaign where you inspire people to come out, who would not come out otherwise, that creates opportunities for conservatives and moderates. stuart: do you see a parallel with 1979-80, and today, back then, i remember well. we had a relatively weak president, trouble with iran, trouble in the middle east, decline in the economy, along comes ronald reagan gets elected in a landslide, do you see a parallel in. >> no question, barack obama is worse than jimmy carter, people who are looking for
5:27 pm
that better direct for the country, people who are concerned about the direction we're heading with this president, they are not going to want to give barack obama a third term, giving jimmer carter a second term, there are parallels i think there a chance for 2016 to be better than 1980, it depends on who gets the nomination, and what kind of campaign are they running, are they inspiring americaning too come out and vote are they uniting the natio nation. you have to reach across the aisle. stuart: this may be like pulling teeth. who is the ronald reagan o. between 16, i do suggestion donald trump. >> they are two very different people, it is hard to say they are the same but you know one thing that you can make a parallel on are people are
5:28 pm
trying to make sense of donald trump support, it is not just a particular type of republican primary voter, he is appealing to a certain level of frustration that a lot of democrats have, and independence have who may not vote in the primary. stuart: are you a trump kind of guy? >> i have not endorsed anyone, i don't have a favorite myself. i do -- i am the type of guy that looks at the entire field, and i am excited about the enter field. stuart: wild remember your predict, between 16th -- 20 16th be a sweep for new york state. >> thank you. stuart: first debate about 90 minutes away, you can watch both for free. live streaming on got it? equals great rates. it's a fact.
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stuart: it is 5:31 eastern time right now, at 7 p.m. eastern time that stage will be filled with republican candidates, and first debate will begin, you can watch it here. and look who is here with me in new york, anthony scar skybridge capital founder, you were scott walker's money guy, scott walker drop out, you transferred your ally jeans to jeb bush. >> i did. stuart: tonight is make or break for jeb bush, he has to breakthrough. >> a lot of guys think it may be, really it will be a assessment by jeb after this, into thanksgiving where the campaign is going, he does have the money, they have been cutting back staff. stuart: is he the kind of guy that is breakthrough with a dramatic appeal to go for prosperity with his tax plan? >> every bush had this awkward moment, you remember that dan
5:33 pm
rage rather episode, my guess he will be able to do that. stuart: tonight is the night. >> tonight is crucial, he has to come across, in my opinion, he is one that put out most policy. liz: i think this, that the republican party has -- is clueless about the forces they are up against, and that have been unleashed. and condoleezza rice, nailed it a fear years ago she said, when you are tired of bitterness and anger, you believe you are a victim. when the 2 twin brother of that is title you are owed eye job. stuart: are you saying this jeb bush can win. liz: i don't think they have a unifying vision. >> the pulse of the country
5:34 pm
has changed. entrepreneurs have to adapt. he has the power. liz: america is not listening to that right now. stuart: he is saying, jeb bush has to pivot, and adapt. >> i do not disagree with what you are saying. more of a pick t focus on economic security. >> no a focus on donald trump now a focus to marco rubio. jeb bush should talk about barack obama, the last 6 years, and tying hillary clinton to last 7 years of 2% growth, he is wasting his time -- liz: 10 years bee low 3% growth, that started, when that bailout of airline after 9/11,. stuart: he is not arguing with you. liz: i know. >> we learned over last 3 months trump has been in lead for 87 of last 90 days we learned that issues don't matter, donald trump has not
5:35 pm
given you any depth in the issues he put a book out, i have not read it yet,. stuart: he has communicated. liz: making america great again. stuart: whether you like it or not. >> he has tapped into that thinker pull that bitterness, people say, he ison outsider be brave talker he will fix it, you know it is harder than that, you grew up in england, right? >> i did. >> that is supper messed upset weighing littl situation, do you think that an outsider can do it. stuart: it is whether the public thinks they can. they think it donald trump is eye doers and jeb bush is not. >> if the fever does not break, you are having a outsider as a president, as a republican outsider i am a team player, will help endorse
5:36 pm
them. i will promise you, i am a team play are, i am a time republican, whoever that person is, i will be there,. just think that jeb is the guy you should put in the job. stuart: anthony thank you very much. good luck. >> i'm bringing boxy gloves next time. stuart: i am going to milwaukee, here is here. deputy campaign manager to carly fiorina. why has carly fiorina kept what i think is a very low profile, between the debates? >> i don't know that i agree. you are not living in iowa or new hampshire and south carolina. and nevada. those are states she is doing town halls nearly of day, and answering votery questions but the debates are important they have the ability to razor profile, looking for tonight. stuart: she is like jeb bush tonight, she has to break forward again, in first debate
5:37 pm
she broke right through, and joined top ranks then sank back, she has to do the same tonight. and i think she could do, that if he can announce a prosperity plan and communicate it well, what say you? >> i think carly has a great plan for how to get the economy growing again, fox business is a great venue for this debate. give than and audience that i hope tunes in, i think that voters will like what carly has to say -- >> can you tell me in a nutshell what is carly fiorina's prosperity plan, and how will she sell that. >> the sell is easy, this economy not hat been recovering with this administration, a lot of folks suffering at their kitchen table, so the plan is, i don't want to get too tar ahead of carly, if it is not simple, it is not fair, our government regulation, are crushing small businesses they are too hard
5:38 pm
to hire the accountants and lobbies and lawyers issue the same with the tax code, the government is too big to actually facilitate an economy recovery. stuart: does that breakthrough? donald trump comes in says make america great again. so many words. >> i'll let you decide whether it breaks through, but, i think voters, absolutely will think that carly fiorina belongings in the over -- oval offers. stuart: do you believe a lot of people believe that carly fiorina belongs as a vice presidential candidate. >> i should leave that to you, i believe carly fiorina should be president of the united states, she can win the job, beat hillary clinton and do the job once she is there she knows more world leaders than almost anyone else on the stage, he has run a come worth $90 billion, that is a start of record of a complete okay ccomplish am. stuart: all right, thank you so much for joining us. we'll see you shortly.
5:39 pm
any comment from liz mary? liz: carly fiorina is greet on messaging -- is great on messaging saying that we turned into a nation of rules. stuart: my problem is. i want a breakthrough message. liz: you are right, i don't think -- >> everyone can understand. liz: only one man has ta right now. stuart: who is it? liz: donald trump, make america great again. >> are right. >> carly fiorina has to get off of the talking points, she has to get grand ular, and explain her tax plan, how is she anything to reform times, what will she do about obamacare. what would she do about comprehensive reform, we have big ideas, some of which sound great. but if is fourth debate, it is
5:40 pm
time to ge guetta grand ular -- grand ular. >> all right. >> after the break, how does shy think tonight's bebait will pan out, kirsten powers up next. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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i can feel the excitement factor growing, from a thousand miles away. it is 5:43 eastern. the debate begins at 7:00, we'll take you right there right now with us fox news contributor christen powers welcome to the program. >> great to be here. stuart: i think you are the mosta mostar tick -- articulate spokesperson of what i call the soft left, slightly left of center. >> thank you. stuart: i think you are. which candidate is most feared by the likely democrat nominee hillary clinton? when candidate does she not want to go up against most? >> well, i can't say for sure. i can talk to a lot of democrats, the person that i think is marco rubio. i think if people who have been watching debate have seen
5:45 pm
why democrats have feared him for some time. i was speaking with democrats a year ago, people who knew marco rubio and sent time with him have said had is someone to watch. stuart: rubio is a condition tate -- candidate for whom it a crucial night, he could step right up there challenges the donald trump and ben carson, right close to them with a good performance tonight. >> yes, well, you know, i think he is in a pretty good spot, i feel he has been in a pretty good spot for a while, in a sense, he does not have to break out tonight, just stay in the game. i do believe that the top candidates are running their course, you have the donald trump phenomenon, now the ben carson phenomenon. and i don't think that they are build to last. something like marco rubio is built to last, he needs to stay in the game, and you know keep inching up slowly. and not make a mistake. stuart: 8 year ago, hillary
5:46 pm
clinton had a 24 point lead over barack obama, 8 years ago rudy guliani of out front this the this stage. >> right. stuart: i also know that you are a practice could christian? i want to know what you feel about this brouhaha of starbucks putting out a red holiday cup. >> now we're getting to really important stuff. stuart: donald trump picked up on that? he started talking about starbucks, a place in the trump building. he will embrace saying merry christmas to everyone. now, as a practicing christian, what do you make of this thing with starbucks and the cup? >> i think it is overblown. >> yes. >> i got -- before this controversy started i got my starbucks and high red cup, i thought oh, christmas season
5:47 pm
that is great. i did not notice anything was off until this grievance mongers let me know that we're supposed to be upset about the cup. they seem christmasy to me, i like them, i think getting caught up in these things suggests that is somehow connected to christmas, connected to birth of christ, that is missing the points. stuart: dunkin' donut came out, announcing they have a cup for christmas. it said, joy on it, it has a grind wreath-likmotif. and comment on that war on christmas at starbucks? yeah, there is no war on christmas. i fight with bill o'reilly about this every year. we live in a pluralist,
5:48 pm
society, if people want to say happy holidays, that is fine. stuart: we have those who want to take us down the european loser road. >> i agree with that, but, i think if someone does not feel like saying merry christmas, and they say happy holidays, i'm fine with that. stuart: thank you. >> thank you. stuart: all right, next story, from for the company, that is mary and liz, marco rubio is out with a new ad, watch this. >> marco has i think is something that republican party needs to have, that is a hopeful optimistic message based on our principles. i am a huge marco fan. he most articulate. >> i am so proud of his enthusiasm of his e.
5:49 pm
>> i am a huge marco plan. >> i am marco rubio and i approve this message. stuart: i thought that was an add for jeb bush, it is an ad for marco rubio. using jeb bush's own words against jeb bush. liz: that is brilliant. stuart: do you think it works? liz: i think it works, and makes jeb job think twice. stuart: i don't know what i was watching. >> it is little bitly savvy, painting jeb bush as a hypocrite for attacking marco rubio. i will be listening for tonight is, jeb bush going to stop these attacks and start to present his ideas. he one candidate who fought long and hard about a lot of the big issues facing the nation. if you ask him about anything, he has an answer. stuart: donald trump has attacked everyone, and beaten back almost all of them.
5:50 pm
liz: for decade. >> stop the circular firing squad talk about the ideas, i have great confidence that moderates tonight will get to a lot of them. stuart: only time will tell. liz: right. stuart: we're coming up on a short break, we'll be back in a moment with more on the big thing tha that is happening in an hour and 10 minutes in milwaukee, wisconsin, back in a moment. no matter how fast the markets change, at t. rowe price, our disciplined investment approach remains. we ask questions here. look for risks there. and search for opportunity everywhere. global markets may be uncertain. but you can feel confident in our investment experience... ... around the world. call a t. rowe price investment specialist, or your advisor... ...and see how we can help you find global opportunity. t. rowe price.
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5:54 pm
the next generation conservative. he is a leader who will help unify as well as inspire our country. that's why i have to the -- gotten behind marco rubio. i heard you clip of jeb bush describing marco rubio. jeb said he is the most articulate conservative. he is hopeful and optimistic and he is a big marco fan. that expresses sentiment of us. why you see marco rubio rising in the polls. stuart: i didn't know who that ad was for. all i saw was jeb bush speaking kindly about marco rubio. i thought it was a jeb bush ad. he is nice guy. no, it was marco rubio's ad attacking jeb bush, using jeb bush's own words. go ahead, senator. sorry. >> that's why i think you see the way marco rubio is running his campaign is demonstration how he will lead this country. he unites people. he inspires people, versus attacks and tear down others. i'm concerned what is going on
5:55 pm
with some attack ads of marco are doing work of hillary clinton. time for us to come together here. let's get marco rubio nominated as kirsten powers just said in your earlier spot, marco rubio is the republican candidate that hillary clinton fears the most. stuart: he is, don't mean to be pejorative here, is he young and a little green for the presidency at this point in had his career? >> no, i don't think so. we've seen that on these debates. look who brings the most substance to the debates. it is marco rubio. he brings tremendous experience. marco rubio also understands the challenges of working families in this country. his dad was a bartender. his mom was a hotel maid and also worked third shift at kmart to make ends meet. marco and his wife have four children the they are not wealthy people. he didn't inherit a bunch of money. he understands challenges of working families in america. stuart: that is when he came alive in the last debate talking about his own not privileged background.
5:56 pm
interesting stuff, senator. steve daines, republican montana. i know you will watch carefully tonight and so will we. thanks very much, senator. appreciate it. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: more "varney" in just a moment. hi i'm heather cox on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck?
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stuart: interesting discussion on the set. mary the candidate would say what? >> i will say i get you a job. stop annoying you, people go in voting booth what will the government do for me. >> morning in america again for everyone. the republicans have to stop, talking to the democratic base. talk to women. talk to minorities. talk to college students. explain how -- stuart: how about this? to for growth. go for prosperity. that is the glue that bind us
6:00 pm
together. >> get a job and get out of my life. stuart: my time is up. lou dobbs is in milwaukee. the sir, the time is now yours. lou: thank you very much, stuart. you have everybody arguing from the final second. good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. we're coming to you live from the milwaukee theater in milwaukee, wisconsin. forgive me for yelling but the theater is filling with excited members of the debate audience. we have less than an hour to go until the first of two republican presidential debates. here tonight on the fox business network. fox business network's sandra smith, trish regan and "wall street journal's" gerry seib, will be moderating the festivities for republican -- four republican candidates in the first debate. new jersey governor chris christie. louisiana governor, bobby


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