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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 11, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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over to you. stuart: hold on a second, maria. maria: okay. stuart: you and neil and sandra and trish were flat-out terrific. you scored a home run and much appreciated by everybody else who you left behind in new york, okay? don: thank you, . maria: thank you, stu, appreciate it. stuart: as i said it was a home run for the fox business network. don't take that from me. you take it from cnn, how about that? here is their headline. no debate over fox business mod reporters better than cnbc and also from the head of the rnc. and that is, cnbc is the way you run a debate. and last night there was indeed sharp-edged disagreement on immigration. there was full agreement on reforming and cutting tax rates, and the candidates united in opposition to hillary clinton. in short, the debate laid out
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the republican road map to prosperity. oh, what a change. and the moderators were know the news. oh, what a change. fox business is on the map. and "varney & company" on the fox business network is about to begin. ♪ >> all right. we'll start with the markets. i know that's a little unusual for us. we are starting with the markets. we're up with the dow industrials. not a bad start to this wednesday morning. how about the share price of apple, which was down about 3% yesterday. it's going to open a little bit lower this morning, flat to slightly lower. they've started accepting orders from the ipad pro. that's the news on apple this morning. let's see if later it recovers its lost ground. that's what we give you every morning, 220, that's the
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national average for regular. i'm hoping for two bucks by christmas. however, the big news this morning is clearly the road map to prosperity that the republicans rolled out in the debate last night. there were some memorable moments and here they are. roll tape. >> we have a country of laws, we need borders. we will have a wall, the wall will be built, the wall will be successful. >> thank you for not asking me what i said in the 10th grade. i appreciate that. [laughter] >> we can't have an economy if we're not safe. there are-- >> twe must get it done and we must take our government ban. >> hillary clinton has said that barack obama's policies get a "a", really? >> if the republican join as a party of amnesty, we will lose.
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>> i don't think we're safer from bankruptcy court as we go further and further into debt, we become less and less safe. >> it's not an argument. >> all i can say is you're lucky in ohio that you struck oil. [laughter] >> some amusing moments, weren't there? joining us could discuss the above, i'll go through the whole batch here, all three of you. the question that the viewers are asking, who won, liz liz: american voters won because they got to see intelligent policies rolled out by republican running for office in form in which those withins were taken serious. stuart: i agree with you. >> we needed to have the ideas out there, otherwise, personality-wise, rubio, cruz, and bush, because he didn't do a bad job. stuart: who won, ash. ashley: i would say i wrote
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down rubio, polish and a strong performance. my only concern about it, does he have the gravitas to fill the oval office. stuart: and you? >> rubio. stuart: two for rubio. >> ted cruz, with rubio second. the exchange he had with john kasich over bailouts was gold for ted cruz for his voters. he needs the conservative grass roots out in iowa, they loved every single moment of that and rubio is always good. i thought he was a tick off his game, but just a tick. stuart: okay. i want to focus on donald trump. and here is how he responded to the possible rise in the minimum wage. roll the trump tape on that. >> we are a country that is being beaten on every front, economically, militarily, there's nothing that we do now to win. we don't win anymore. >> so do not raise the minimum wage?
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>> i would not raise the minimum. stuart: first, now, trump has dominated in past debates with his style over substantial. do you think that that style is beginning to look a little old? >> well, he tried to be more subdued and i underlined the word tried. he couldn't help himself, you know, slapping down john kay sis and then the dig which played very poorly in the audience and i think more broadly. the dig at carly fiorina interrupting. when every person on the stage was interruptings. why was he so much at her. stuart: he said why does she keep interrupting. i'm going to start with ben carson, roll his tape. >> [inaudible] . he was there for a second. >> so ben carson had the best
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argument about the minimum wage, which is something we should be talking about. basically as a young man he got a job with no credentials, no experience and people took a chance on him because they dependent have to pay him a enormo enormous amount. and should teenagers being paid $15 an hour and this is a stupid idea that everyone be paid the same minimum wage. stuart: and the republican candidates appeared united in opposition to what the democrats were taying, $15 an hour. how did it come off from the republican point of view? >> i think you're right. carson is interesting, a typical carson debate in some ways, very strong at the beginning and extremely strong at the end with a closing statement, kind of disappeared in the middle, but that doesn't team to have hurt him in any of the events before. >> i think if you wrap it all up.
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it seemed that the republicans presented a united front in how we reachieve prosperity. the opposite of the democrats, democrats all government all the time and republicans, small government. the voter was the winner, a clear choice. >> they said it well. carly fiorina's america's special sauce, entrepreneurship and innovation, a great line. stuart: and i think this is minimum wage. >> every time we raise the minimum of wage the number of jobless people increases. how do we allow people to extend the ladder of opportunity, rather than how do we give them everything and keep them dependent. i would not raise it specifically because i'm interested in making sure that people enter the job market and
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take advantage of opportunities. >> if you raise the minimum wage, you're going to make people more expensive than a machine. and that means all the automation replacing people and jobs will be accelerated. make america the best place in the world to start a business or expand an existing business. tax reform and regulatory reform, bring our debt under control. fully utilize our energy resources so we can reinvigorate manufacturing. stuart: you know, rich, it's going to be very easy for the democrats to demagogue what the republicans said. you lower taxes to give away to the rich. you don't maze the written mum wage. wage. >> the republicans have to come babblin babbling-- back to the research. you raise minimum wage $15 an hour, you're going to bounce people out of the lower level jobs. as carson pointed out, they're not just jobs and income,
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they're training for entry level jobs for everything to succeed in this society. stuart: will that argument beat the counter argument from the democrats? they're not prepared to give a living wage, liao look at them making millions a year. >> then playing defense. stuart: how is the audience going to react to that. it's difficult to make in the public or the arena. ashley: i think the candidates made the consequences of raising that minimum wage very clear last night. >> and i think that small business is a very sympathetic ploy here. it's small businesses that struggle to pay $15 an hour in addition to the food service organizations and so forth. but, you know, that's a very compelling argument, i think. >> mike huckabee, he's the guy who wants a consumption tax, a fair tax, but essentially, he's all about consumption as opposed to taxing income.
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on the show this morning at 10:50. there is other news, surprisingly enough. let's start with this one. new york state is the next to try to shut down fantasy sports sites. cheryl casone, you have the story in case we missed it. >> and maybe they did after that great debate last night. but there is big news. new york attorney general telling fanduel and draftkings to shut down. stuart: draftkings says it's stifling technology and entrepreneurship. hillary clinton not getting support from former vice-president and former presidential candidate al gore. when asked if he supports mrs. clinton his response was, it's still too early in my opinion to endorse a candidate or pick a candidate, ouch. and finally, the internet is breaking this morning over the new trailer for the movie "finding dori", the sequel to
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nemo is six months after. there's more about her fish family. it's on your list. stuart: no, no, my grandchildren can't wait. >> there you go. stuart: and i thought you knew. thank you. coming up, jeb bush surviving the debate, but there were still quite a few awkward moments, roll that tape. >> mr. trump, you yourself said-- >> let governor bush speak. >> thank you, donald for allowing me to speak at the debate, that's nice of you, appreciate that. what a generous man you are.
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>> now, quite a few people said that jeb bush didn't perform in what they called a flowing fashion last night.
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maybe he came across as a little awkward. roll some more jeb bush tape. >> i was in washington, iowa about three months ago, talking about how bad washington d.c. is. it was getting to kind of the-- anyway, 12 million illegal immigrants took them to send back, 500,000 a month. it's just not possible and if you're a moderate islamist, you're not going to be able to survive either. stuart: all right, there you have it. and joining us now, ed, the former co-chair or jeb for governor back in florida. you're a jeb guy, ed. and how do you respond that some say jeb was awkward. >> i thought he was funny. his response back to donald trump was actually very funny. but you know, stuart, i have to compliment fox business. they did a great job. this was a serious and substantive debate, and when we
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got to the substance, jeb bush shines. he unstood the reform he set out and only one talked about regulatory reform and all of the pages of the new federal regulation that obama put out. stuart: in terms of substance, jeb bush has got it. but this is television, ed. it's tv. you've got to be flowing and articulate and one line points. do you think that jeb did enough last night on television to reassure donors he's in it and he can win it? >> well, i actually do because i think the best line of the entire debate was about hillary giving obama a "a", saying it's the best hillary can do, but not the best that america can do. that's a big one for jeb. stuart: and what about mark owe rubio, do you think that he did
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indeed shine maybe at jeb's expensive. >> i don't think that jeb's expense. i think he's an are a particular late candida-- candidate. in a crisis who has had experience in governing and not just talking on the senate floor. stuart: who do you think lost last night? i don't think there was a flat-out loser. name the candidates who you thought sank in the public's estimation? >> i thought john kasich had not his best evening it wasn't the fact that he interrupted, it's the manner in which he did so. and the manner in which he got lost in some of his answers. the big bank xhe, i thought, threw him. stuart: carly fiorina? >> i think she did great.
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stuart: do you think she's going to move up the ranks after last night? >> i don't know, but she has been consistent with respect to her message about crony capitalism, about moving the power. washington back to the people. she's got an excellent one. and the bad comment, he had a bad night when he-- donald trump basically tried to admonish carly for interrupting. talk about awkward moments and when he talked about ttp and rand paul kind of took him to the wood shed saying that china was not part of that. stuart: and the next thing we'll watch the polls. >> thank you again. stuart: a lot of news outside the debate p a the markets. for example, developments from
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the university of missouri. if the structures and student approached them and we had developments there and they're good ones. social network like facebook. who said what on facebook? we'll tell you. ♪ the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can
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to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. ♪ >> can i talk to you? >> no, you need to get out. you need to get out. >> no, i don't. >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> all right, hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here. i immediate some muscle over here. >> astonishingly, that was the university's communications professor. she tried to get that photographer out of there. she has resigned. ashley: was there any other outcome here? when the video went viral, the meeting was called at the university late in the afternoon yesterday, she turned up for it and apparently left before it finished and hadn't resigned, but then decided
9:24 am
later on to call in on the telephone and resign. she did make the statement she said i've reached out to the journalist involved and offered my sincere apology and express regret over my actions. >> she tried to keep a photographer away from protesting students on the grounds that protesting students were very sensitive to what was said to them. okay? a flat-out denunciation of free speech. >> and utmost hypocrisy. this is supposed to be a journalist professor talking about, who i presume is keen on freedom of the press, but when it gets too close to possible exposing things they're not happy about, it's appalling. stuart: do you think we've reached the high point, the high water mark of political correctness, that incident at that university and that resignation starts the downward trend. maybe we'll be free to say what we think? >> i wouldn't count on it.
9:25 am
>> sounds good, stuart, but in the real world, probably not. but in this case justice was-- >> i don't know, a lot of trump success is because he's been politically incorrect and people respond to it and when people respond to that kind of thing, maybe the pc police will bk off. >> from your lips to god's ears. stuart: i think that america is a place that's only going to get better. that's what i think. the opening bell at the new york stock exchange is next. we'll follow apple closely. it was down 3% yesterday and analysts are worried how well that iphone can sell in the future. it's going to be completely lower this morning, again. we'll follow that. ted cruz answering the questions others tried to avoid. he said he would not bail out the banks. he will he'll be on the show
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>> ted cruz with rubio close second. cruz was flawless as usual. that exchange he had with john kasich over bailouts with absolute gold for ted cruz for his voters he is needs a
9:30 am
conservative grass ruse out in iowa they loved every minute of that. rubeover was always good. >> we start 9:00 every weekday morning 9 eastern. opening bell is begun. we're off. here we close around 17,700 up in the early going. 17771. right off the top i want to take a look at the stock price of apple gross yesterday down 3% this morning down a little bit more. 116 on apple a lot more on that in a moment. joining us for pull discussion, first to you shaw, you own apple it was down recently. you're sticking with it. >> love the company. love the product. company, stock is getting nervous might have to buy some protection in here.
9:31 am
not just acting properly. >> buy some protection what does that mean ?rnghts incase it goes down. >> hit that buzzer. [buzzer] please. i'm sticking with it. thank you very much indeed. great answer. in that debate last night. i want to move on to alibaba china singles day world biggest online it is what we call 9:chinese amazon broke its own sales record, and the stock is well it is up 558 -- 55 cents. this began 24 midnight to midnight in the first 8 minutes to 12:08, one billion dollars in sales. it took to 17 million to billion last year by the way. 19 minute it is they rack up five billion. remarkable numbers breaking all of the records and this began back in the 90s by the way as an it anti-thing to be a
9:32 am
bachelor bachelorette and tweeting yrgs. it has grown into this monster. >> 80 dollar stock is up 50 cents. >> let's face is stocks plunge. they have the concern about fake goods on their site and chinese economy is still -- >> it lotion about 30% of its market cap that is right. it has been underwater for some time. >> i want to say i question the numbers. because the trailing 12 months that did 13.5 million in revenue and in the first 90 minutes you have a hard time trusting those numbers. >> interesting. >> the protection on that. [laughter] >> coming up -- >> numbers in china. the big retail names for you. the call of the exchange start request jcpenney i think he's pup big, correct? >> jc jcpenney is up 2%. they settled a class action lawsuit.
9:33 am
i wrote it and walked out here it was up, now turned negative but they settled a class action lawsuit third quarter numbers are up. means the estimate. so maybe go over the unchanged line today. year to date is up 35%. >> so pight it was up 2% but down 6 cents now anyway says i thought that was going to be down, it is. okay you do the story. >> dramatically it is down about 11%. in fact this is a new 52-week low. first of all they said they have seen weak spending by the domestic customers and then the international buyers well a slowdown in the store so that is not good news they have to can the their guidance going forward so mesaings p macy's is under pressure but this one is hurt hard. >> good for their sales. i know about macy's sales. do you have any comment? you don't.
9:34 am
>> stock is hard hit. hard to look at it here. coming up ugly. 2:00 weekday morning you'll see lauren and nicole lauren is off on maternity leave but nicole is there bright and early. 5:00 in the morning. i don't know how she does it. take a look at g. e. it hit a 7-year high. it is up again today. 30, 32 around that high. very high level. you want to tell me about g.e.. >> spinning off asset and stock and back to roots as an industrial company it is looking good. >> that was my dad's stock. >> down, at the chicago -- tell me about general electricity. used to be everybody's favorite tbhowt anymore i think. >> it has made a decent run. a lot has to do request the diversification getting away from the finance and focusing on what they do best so companiesment to be slow plotting ones you own this
9:35 am
overtime you're going to be all right. i don't know if if i would buy at threfl but if we saw a dip in this i would take a look at ge again. >> s and b midterm they merged their deal. getting together 106 billion dollar deal. now miller has agreed to sell some its assets to avoid antitrust problems both are up today. i'm interested in amazon. that stock has gone up 113% this year. and jet, up again. another $8 gain for amazon 6.68 this makes amazon cofounder jay, he's now become fourth richest man in the world. he's gone past carlos slim. give you that number. 57 .8 billion dollars, that is jet's net worth. : whole thing is on paper. owns a fifth of the company doubled over the past year he
9:36 am
beats out if, you know, carlos slim also coke brothers now ranking behind warren -- excuse me. bill gates warren buffett and gentleman from -- owning clothing retailer, so amazon market cap is now bigger than wal-mart even though it has multiple high revenue that is really interesting . >> two of the richest four people in the world are minute who is ran and founded american technology companies. two of the four that says something about american technology it does. what about net flex the service went down last night. some sun scribe terse freaked out ashly? >> 7 p.m. eastern time we know -- we were ready for the debate. [laughter] on multiple platforms exploded with what do i do my netflix is
9:37 am
out. >> a story about time. and stock is down 51 cents at 112. donald trump, calls out janet yellen and federal reserve saying she janet is playing politics for the presidency. dan, you agree with that? is janet yellen playing politics? >> you know, i don't think she's specifically playing politics. but what she's doing is, she's playing the political end of that position. she has to. it's a political appointment. anybody that says fed isn't political isn't being true to themselves. the fact is they have to work within the system that's exactly what janet yellen is doing right now. maybe the question is how can we change that system? >> dan thank you very much. you don't care whether janet yellen is political oral not? >> of course it makes big difference on how monetary policy is conducted it makes big difference. yes -- >> a fiscal part --
9:38 am
>> buying and running it. for the government. president obama is rather weak economic policies. she's chucked in the mung, made everything trying to make everything right. i'm going to stay on the debate last night. here's the question. who came out with the best plan of prosperity? the best true recovery plan? til go around the block. shaw. >> a tossup between marco rubio and if paul. comments and if i like. rand paul flat tax that's the ease of a flat tax makes sense and bashing of the program reserve and like to disband the fed but starting with audit the fed i'll go with him. >> dan, who has the best of the candidates last nights? >> marco rubio does pep he has the opportunity to bring it together. john kasich is behind in the polls so i don't think he'll
9:39 am
have much impact into the final decision here. >> ashley -- l >> same thing. they want to reduce the size of government. reform tax code. lower the rates. i think john came across as angry last night but has a good plan. >> none of that have that vision to reagan. it has to be more than a tax plan. he's talking ab strong military and fluent in a lot of economic policies. >> if everybody agrees that you have to cut taxes tax and corporate tax rates doesn't that make it easy for democratics to give away to the rich? pirgt the working class? you can see it coming a mile -- >> so far. [laughter] american capitalism when 60% of u.s. households gets more in the way of benefits than they do into the systemmage taxes we're
9:40 am
a greedy country aren't we? >> they were out in wisconsin demanding 15 dollars per hour in new york state qoa mote says for government workers $15 an hour is the minimum what do you say to that shaw? >> coming from a democrat side this is governor cuomo and he's a democrat. what he does here in new york, and i'm if against it. it is not free market. >> distribution is what it amount it is to. >> a good subject, it is. coming up, dow industrial is up 28 points as woe speak. still shy of 178. coming up, a fiery plane crash in ohio right into an apartment building. we have details on that in just a moment. back to the fox business debate. candidate eager to mange a lasting impression. the five most talked about candidates on social eyed. more varney in a moment.
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>> flats are higher how we started out this wednesday morning, up 36 points. gold 13 an ounce in january but no inplace down to 1,085. down again today. if you want to know what people were talking about during the and didn't last night look at facebook. jo ling kent following the trend there on the week who very that i had saying about it last niewght on facebook? >> stuart, top ten who resonated the most was dr. ben carson you can see he leads a pack of five followed by donald trump and ted cruz and carly fiorina. now, of course, as you would expect there are differences between how men were talking about these candidates on
9:45 am
facebook versus women so this is who the top candidate was for men. most talked about one. rapped paul that came after his big discussion of who the other candidate about military spending, and size of our mrm. other people that resonated with men or facebook carson trump cruise, and fiorina. but if you flip over to see who women were talking about on facebook you get a very different picture. ben carson coming under the top over the last month looking at ben xar son resonating with women especially in iowa. then women also were talking about donald trump. carly rounding out top five there. as we head into more debate and primaries we'll be watching how candidate spend money based on the facebook data and how vote reverse spending at the polls. stuart. >> just because you are mentioned, because a candidate gets a lot of mentions on facebook, that's not necessarily
9:46 am
positive. it could be actually wildly if negative too, couldn't it? >> exactly. it could be all kinds of different things that's why it is interesting to see with especially senator paul, resonating with men. what was that conference about? did people agree with him? a lot of people did not especially on if military spepgding. >> jo it is lib tarnals they're active and they love rand paul that has something to do with it. >> where is rubio? >> women in action. also one who did the worst in terms of facebook and engagement jeb bush. he came in dead last for men and women no surprise there few he didn't do himself any favors among facebook users. >> thank you very much indeed thanks jo. appreciate it. we assembled it highlights from last night knowing that judge
9:47 am
knapp would love the ones i picked. >> opening question is would you bail out the big banks, i'll give you an answer, absolutely not. are you saying sir that if a bank of america were on the brink, you would let it fail? >> yes. >> you would let a bank of america go? >> let me be clear i would not bail them out. >> which just a little bit more of that. i would not bail them out. okay but another side of the equation would you let them go under. you would -- >> i would senator cruz would andty thank you for the thoughtfulness. those clips there, and i wanted to comment on mentions issue that jo ling kent was talking about. how many time dos i mention the london school of democracies?
9:48 am
it is hard her in a flatting for way because something is mentioned doesn't mean that mentioner is in favor of the mentionee. what is interesting about joling -- yeah, yeah, you're right. sorry. in my day it was communist central. >> glad she said what she said because the puppet needs to realize that. >> dead last among all of those candidates. >> a fine gentleman but yet again in my u view boring. i did think senator cruz answers that request clarity. : it is courageous. to tell an unpopular truth. >> bank and bailouts are widely popular on both -- >> that you love called t.a.r.p. tarp. it is missed bid house of congress. it was popular to bail them out at the time. >> it was a good thing too. a bad thing and public now recognized it you say it is unpopular.
9:49 am
>> i would let a bank of america go under. ted cruz did not confirm that. he said i wouldn't bail them out. >> in fairness to ted cruz and you i'm not running for president of the united states. so what i say is my own view. yes. i would let them go under. it is not the busy of the federal government to pick and choose winners and lose terse in the economy and if bank goes under because of mismanagement it should go under. >> it is stopping a catastrophe for the global financial system. >> what is wrong with that? >> catastrophe on wall street but not on main street varney. >> reaction of the federal reserve and treasure secretary henry paulson prevented a catastrophe worldwide we should thank them. by the way, they told me my time is up. [laughter] >> having a debate that is a advantage offing being the anch. get the last?
9:50 am
>> wait a second. listen to this. who is next sean hannity he's on the fox business news about the fox debate last night. he thinks won, and hillary clinton attacks plans to prioritize the da deep rooted to be fixed by anyone. all government all the way with hillary. back in a moment. >> i think hillary won a debate. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
9:51 am
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>> a small plane crash in ohio late yesterday. debtly crash. as many as nine people onboard a jet that came down in a resident reel building in akron. nobody onboard survived luckily nobody inside the building when it happened but that happen haded late yesterday. then we have a crash with croatia. defense will not limit or lessen. 180,000 people have entered since mid-october. many of them have continued on to austria. germany. the flood is on. macy's let's look at the marts macy's stock price, 33 month low.
9:55 am
4180 now down to 31.21 sales slowing down and cut down stock is down 12%. hillary clinton presenting her plan for veteran affairs vows she will fight any kind of privatization who is here in scott neil he's a veteran green bray kind of guy here with me right now in the studio. >> green bray. better get that right. or a ranger or seal is worsety guess. hillary clinton wants all government all of the time with the v. a. no voucher system no privatization you're a vet what do you say? >> i say veterans have a choice and should choose their own plan like americans choose their plan on economy veterans should have the same choice. and va is broken, and veterans know that. no choice at the moment is there? >> there isn't. i want service from va i go to e hospital if no choice. >> it's not the care but
9:56 am
bureaucracy trying to get an appointment denied or rejected to come back in a time frame that suits the va not the patient. >> veteran should have a choice card. like a voucher. if you're a vet and need treatment you can spend that any way you choose that would be the plan you prefer. >> exactly. i shouldn't have to go 200 miles to a clinic run by the va but down the road to my local doctor same my family and kids go to. >> an observation of veterans day you're a vet. i get the impression that in america today veterans, the military is respect it had in a way it was not respected in my day that would be the 60s and the 70s you agree? >> i agree. veterans at no other time have been appreciated when i tell everybody i'm a veteran i'm
9:57 am
thanked and congratulated but how do we get them back in the economy not relying on the va what's not the solution. how do americans support veteran businesses and small entrepreneurial engagement. >> what surprises me is sought out embedded in iraq and afghanistan. and the quality of the people on the ground. boots on the ground people was extraordinary good. i'm surprised so many it have them have had a hard time in this economy. >> you know, once again how are we enabling veterans we say we're dented and broken but we can choose veteran owned it businesses. >> great to have you we honor you. thank you, sir. coming up next hour, the university of missouri journalism professor called for mous toll stop a journalist from taking pictures at protest she's is resigned. i'm going to call that a huge
9:58 am
win for a free speech and press. my take on that is in a moment.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> ♪ nobody does it better ♪. [laughter] >> oh, very good. ashley: that's funny. stuart: yes, yes, nobody does it better, with a picture of the three moderators for the debate last night. ashley: you're absolutely right. stuart: nobody does it better and that was proven last night. the republican debate on fox business, what a huge success. don't take it from me, no. look at what cnn said. and here is what they said "no debate over fox business moderators better than cnbc", how right you are.
10:01 am
the rnc chair agrees, and that, cnbc is how you run a debate. and jonah goldberg is here. jonah, i think you'll back up those sentiments 100%, go. >> that weird sound you heard last night in the distance was the sound of all of those hands slapping foreheads at cnbc with them, going, oh, that's how you do it. it really was, i mean, no contest. it was a fantastic debate. much-- i mean, it's sort of unfair to compare it to cnbc, because cnbc was really so awful. this was good on the merits not just by comparison. stuart: let's move forward a little bit. when do you think we will see the republican field thin out? now, that's looking forward. how far forward? what do you think? >> yeah, well, look, this is a long-- basically there's a desert between last night's debate and
10:02 am
the one that comes up in december. i could definitely see, you know, maybe lindsey graham, maybe if bobby jindal, bobby jindal clearly didn't get what he wanted out that undercard debate last night. and george pataki could lead tomorrow. i'm not sure that anybody would notice. so, you know, but i think that there's -- we're going to see a thinning soon. i think that coming out of last night's debate, john kasich, i think, really hurt himself and lost a lot of the rationale for his candidacy because he came out so angry and condescending to people. i think he's the only obvious indisputable loser from last night. and my guess is that by next time, christie will have his spot on the main teenage. >> who do you think was the uncontested winner last night, if there was one in your eyes? >> yeah, you know, it's a little tougher because i don't think you have to have a single winner because basically people
10:03 am
are competing in their brackets. i think that the clear winners in their brackets were cruz and rubio, you know? cruz had a very good night, maybe a little better than rubio's. rubio had a very good night. basically what he's trying to do is be the viable alternative to jeb. and i think he did that. cruz is preparing to seem like a viable alternative to carson and trump if they ever fall off. and trump and carson i think had an okay night, but they're doing what the frontrunners always do, base basically turning it into a clinch, not to mix met afores too much and not making any mistakes. >> really fast, ted cruz wants to abolish the irs and repeated that. i said that i think that's pie in the sky dreaming. you're not going to do that. i don't think any candidate, any president can actually do that. is he putting himself out on a limb with that kind of policy idea?
10:04 am
>> well, i mean, yes and no. i certainly agree with you, there's some place you have to send the check to, right? and whether you call it the irs or not, that's the reality of it. but look, this is a country that has never liked paying taxes and seeming like you're going too far by talking about getting rid of the irs, certainly not going to get a trouble with the republican base or with me, you know, i'm surprised he didn't talk about putting a stake through its heart and salting the earth as well. stuart: i think he could be demagogued to death with an issue like that. jonah, don't be such a stranger, you're welcome anytime on "varney & company," okay? >> i appreciate it, very much. stuart: next time we'll pay you. [laughter] thanks very much. this is a financial program, not just politics, so a look at big board. the dow industrials are down 18 points.
10:05 am
we're on business for 34 minutes, down 18 as we speak. look at macy's, maybe that's the stock of the day, that's a new 52-week low for sure. 41.11. sales slowing down, it cuts its outlook and it's down 12%. whoa, what a tumble for a big name like that. how about alibaba, we call them the chinese amazon. they put up record numbers for china singles day. that's the world's biggest on-line shopping event. and sold a billion dollars worth of stuff in the first eight minutes of the single day sales. stock doing nothing is down 3%. 3.8% down there. to the republican debate. the candidates sounding off on the minimum wage. roll tape. >> every time we raise the minimum wage, the number of jobless people increases. >> if you raise the minimum wage you're going to make people more expensive than a machine and all the automation
10:06 am
replacing people would accelerate. >> do not raise the minimum rate? >> i would not raise the minimum. maria: liz, there's clear unity among the republicans. don't raise the minimum wage or-- that's contrasting the democrats who say raise it. >> and bernie sanders, the protesters, he stands with them in raising the minimum wage, this is not a g.o.p. road to go down. you're not going to win the election saying don't raise the minimum wage. stuart: you were a money man for jeb bush. >> yeah, support him. how are we going to come into the minimum wage debate.
10:07 am
>> i think he's agnostic, he doesn't want to get involved such as governor romney suggested. pump it up to $15, the problem is we're so screwed up in so many of our economic policies right now that this is something that the left can examine against the republican party. stuart: absolutely. >> and make the republican party feel like it's out of touch with the average person. so we have to do a better job he thinks plank to people, we don't want them at the $15 an hour jobs, we want them at $100 an hour jobs and we need to rebuild the system in the united states with the right tax policies, the right economic policies. >> it's a shame that this economy is so bad we're talking minimum wage jobs, right? >> that's the problem and they galvanized to this. they say, hey, we can pay more here and there, here is the problem. it hurts the small businesses. stuart: of course, it does. i have a restaurant down the block here and they raised wages and what we had to do,
10:08 am
cut back the staff. he this say you're ogres for doing this. but you have food, rent, alcohol. and remember george mcgovern. he started a. stuart: -- an inn. i'm a champion for the regular guy and you will of those regulations put me out of business at the inn. all of this is different from the sound bites. stuart: if you're a jeb bush guy, there was some criticism, during the debate he was awkward at times. roll the tape please, awkward jeb. >> i was in washington iowa about three months ago talking how bad washington d.c. is. and anyway-- 12 million immigrants to send them back $500,000 a month. it's just not, not possible and if you're a moderate -- a
10:09 am
moderate islamist, your you're not going to be able to survive either. stuart: he was dead last on facebook for mention on men and women. >> he's not going to be the president of the debating society. you've got two other guys who can be the debating president. stuart: but this is television. >> he's a little like his dad there. but are we hiring somebody for a job or a-- >> we're hiring somebody for the next four years. >> i understand that, but if you're getting the policies right and you and i are the chairman of the board of a hiring decision. let's look at the resume', stuart, on the table. this guy has the best resume', the best conservative record and an executive. he can execute the plan. at the a little awkward? duh, he's a little awkward. he is--
10:10 am
that's part of his brand. the american public will end their dating and he'll be the republican. stuart: you're on tape saying just that. >> i'm on tape saying just that. hopefully there won't be any dunking machines. stuart: i've got to look at j.c. penney. do you remember we put them on death watch. i don't remember when. but charles payne, we gave him a hard time because he recommended j.c. penney. were we wrong? look who is here? charles payne himself. it's down to 8.55. and it's down 14 cents despite better sales. >> i hinted at it. but we look profits last year almost $10. i like the fact they're fighting back. you've been talking about amazon and the bottom line we're looking at destruction. i'm rooting for penny's, over
10:11 am
100,000 employers. death may be inevitable ultimately or a fraction of what it is right now. stuart: somebody's got to go amongst all of these department stores, all the retailers out there, with on-line sales, doing what they're doing, what are-- >> you could argue that all of the department stores may have to go. there was an argument about that even before the incident. the departments were antiquated and didn't fit our shopping patterns anymorement i mean, macy's used to get a free ride every time. it got hammered. everything in that space, cheaper gas, stronger dollar, if any that should have been doing well is retail. the only retail superstar out there is amazon. stuart: you're absolutely right, charles payne. take that strik there. and cheryl casone has a story
10:12 am
in case you missed it, i did, what's the story. >> a lot of people missed it. it's a good one, guys. something you might have missed is the rnc wi-fi password at the facility. according to that the password for the press was stop hillary, one word. and they started tweeting about it and put photos on twitter and overall it was a positive reaction. rnc has a sense of humor. >> christie is selling an andy warhol and 331 million brought in, and 36 million, and take christie's commission. and we're not number one, but number two for global charity. and the into number one country being--
10:13 am
>> myanmar. stuart: you read that. >> myanmar, 66% of people say they've volunteered, given to a cause. i will say that we tithe last year number one and now number two. >> under house arrest for two. stuart: smarty pants, liz macdonald, where is myanmar liz: i knew it, burma. stuart: immigration is a big problem, what they couldn't all agree on is how to deal with it. conservative author michelle malkin is next. ♪
10:14 am
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10:16 am
>> the difference between the republicans and democrats was on full display last night.
10:17 am
the republicans were all about low taxes and economic growth. the democrats, of course, were not there, but we know what they think. all government, all the time. the author of the book "sold out" michelle malkin, welcome return to "varney & company." welcome back. >> so glad to be back with you, stuart. stuart: now, i just framed the national debate for republicans for growth, low taxes and small businesses. democrats all government all the time. am i being sim mr. is particular. >> those are the two camps, sometimes the spot loops are blurred and with regard to many of the things that we heard last night, there are huge chasms between big government between republicans and-- >> who are the big name republicans. >> when you've got john kasich
10:18 am
opposition to massive intervention in the marketplace and huge bailouts for wall street and banks. stuart: kasich and? . and jeb bush. >> it's the collusion between government and big business, warming american's best and brightest. stuart: what are the lines last night, contention, immigration and what to do about the current immigration situation. >> forest of you who believe that people should come to the country illegally we're told being told it's anti-immigrant. >> it's just not possible and not embracing american families. ship them out to mexico, but think about the families and children. >> we have no choice if we're
10:19 am
going to run our country. stuart: that was very clear from donald trump, they have to go out. kasich disagrees and jeb bush disagree? >> whose side are you on? >> i can't say i'm not anybody's side. we need a debate focused on immigration. and delve into more. stuart: i'm with you. >> how to prioritize it. stuart: you have to answer the question. >> i'm answering it. if they're illegal you knock on the door and say "you're out". >> we've got an immigrant bureaucracy that is by design broken and we need prioritize. and when they weren't trying to push for a legal amnesty, there were bits of project doing the triage i've been espousing for the last quarter century.
10:20 am
let's go after 600,000 after told by court. and for deportation and fugitives and visa over-stayers. and you hear the platitudes who understand we'll talk about enforcement and security. and they're been saying this for 25 years, and congress passed an exit-entry system six times offer the last dozen years and it's never been put in place. stuart: we miss you, michelle. >> and the kasich hand gesture, but at least i don't have to a blow out the microphone. [laughter] the author michelle malkin. come back againen zoo, all right? news alert. yes, this is a news alert. the department of veterans
10:21 am
affair pulling out millions of bonuses. ashley: unbelievable, 142 million last year and consider these, one went to some claims protesters in philadelphia. they each got 3 to $900 bonuses. managers in wisconsin got up to 1,000 to $4,000 and they were overlooking opiates, one who died. it's to attract not so plate employees. >> you don't do a good job. stuart: and the professor to called in muscle at a protest. she resigned. i say that's freedom of speech. my take is next. >> can i talk to you? >> you need to get out. you need to get out. >> no, i actually don't.
10:22 am
>> hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here. i need some muscle over here.
10:23 am
10:24 am
10:25 am
>> it's a star-studded show we have for you today. first off, governor mike huckabee, he's out with a unique tax plan. he wants to tax what you spend, not what you earn. how would that fly with the average voter? that would be at 10:50 on this program today. melissa click has resigned and this is very good news. she is or was the assistant professor at the university of missouri. she's the one who called for muscle to stop a journalist taking pictures at a student protest. it just may be that her
10:26 am
resignation marks a turning point for political correctness, we can, but hope. at the university where miss click was a different. incidents are racism reported. stands demanded pa safer place. ma consumer photographer tried to particular pictures and melissa click throwed r tried to throw him out. think of this, a journalistic professor wants to throw out a journalist for sensitive questions. >> you cannot be exposed to free speech. you cannot be exposed to opinions that you do not share because you are oh, so sensitive. that's political correctness in the extreme and we have reached that extreme and now, melissa click has resigned. good. maybe others who suppress free speech should go, too. could it be that the pc fever
10:27 am
is about to break? the popularity of donald trump has a lot to do with his nonpc statements. he's doing well, abs september from the oval shoves. i've looked it up mario sab yo, 50 years ago led the berkley free speech movement. that was the beginning of protests across the world. he demanded the right to speak freely on all subjects at all times, what a concept. now we've turned full circle, and you can't talk about anything. maybe, just maybe, free speech, our greatest freedom, bring it back.
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
>> all right a being name you know it kroger will buy a small or supermarket chain had. round is going to pay $800 million. kroger thes to expand in wisconsin, chicago area look at that a 64% pop for roundies. got to get back to that gop debate fox news contradict tore meghan mccain is here. i want to focus in on marco rubio. a lot of people say he was the winner last night you say. >> he had a very, very strong night he's clearly prepared has great debate coaching knows his stuff. >> your guide? >> i worship at the alter marco rubio best candidate to go up i do. best candidate against hillary clinton. i think he had a strong night. i don't think it was a fantastic night really for anyone. rand paul for me came out. >> keep on with ruble owe for a second. >> the way it place out dube rubio will have the moderate guy, the middle the party
10:32 am
playing against conservative guy ted cruz? >> i don't think he's that moderate he's a pretty strong conservative. he's a tea party candidate what he was elected to senate originally but compared but moderate sometimes is blurred with being the adult in the room. he's very formal. he's very i think his answers aren't emotional which appeals to me. only 44 a lot of crossover request millennial and dirty fugally truth we have to get in order to win the white house. >> 44 i can date him technically. [laughter] >> but the oval office that's my problem when i watch he's smooth a great debater but too much out there. >> i think after seven years of hope an change obama promising isn't what had i look for. it make me uncomfortable it is too -- it is too unhinged, another way to describe at this point.
10:33 am
yorn i don't know what will happen and i don't know if it will be amazing or a disaster. >> you're a well known military -- happy veterans day today. >> that is why you brought pup rand paul, isolation fist. you don't like him? >> a libertarian isolation fist response to isis beheading americans is we have to stay out of it. we have to stay out of it. it is wildly out of touch with republicans and americans in general. >> wildly out of touch. a wide body that says anything more to do with that. >> i think once upon a time that was the case. once isis videos beheading americans people see the direct threat. putin becoming a stronger enemy to the united states once upon a time president obama said was an 80s foreign policy plan. i think american public is well aware as ted cruz said best moment of the night last night saying do you know what is a bad
10:34 am
economic policy if we have a terrorist attack to hit the economy. >> i think when had america doesn't lead the world bad things happen. living in a u utopian society. >> you worship at the alter of marco rubio. thank you very much. staying on the debate voters on social media, big time, which states were paying the most attention? jo ling kent has been flog f following the facebook trend tell us all about it. jo. >> that's right, stuart states were engaging in early voting states and swing states, virginia, coming in first in terms of how many people were talking about the gop debate last night. followed by new hampshire first in the nation primary state and then maryland, wisconsin, of course, we're here in milwaukee, and vermont. if i want to know what were they actually talking it be? what were the issues that really resonated that our moderator brought up during the fox
10:35 am
business debate? taxes were top of the ligs. people very much voting with their pocketbook followed by immigration, minimum wage, jobs, and job creation, and health care. so stuart, you see that economy continues to be a very big pressure point for a lot of voters out there. they think about who they want to support. a lot of undecided vote percent state taxings at the top of the list. >> jeb bush for men and women in mentions on facebook. that's -- >> that's right. >> that's remarkable. jo ling kent thank you very much indeed. if a gop candidate is going to win the presidency, they better get support from the millennial a large bunch in this population. look who is here. himself if i believe a millennial. >> i am. [laughter] >> all right so you were watching the debate. which candidate appeals mostly or if appeals well to the millennials? >> i'm going to echo last night what meg opinion mccain said.
10:36 am
i think he offered a contrast to democratic party. he said old ideas, look at us, we're diverse, young, fresh faces i think that will appeal to millennials. >> 34 years old that doesn't hurt. >> doesn't hurt. prchght any candidate who would be a turnoff from millennials? >> jeb bush. i took my notes last night looking at the all pflt candidates i got to jeb so blah. >> why? >> because of the way he performed or what he -- no that is new and if no distinction tweeng democrats to get the millennials otothe polls. >> you were telling me that you were p believing that taxes, economy most important issue for millennials. i have a hard time -- >> i think last night with marco
10:37 am
rubio mentioned vocational jobs. one thing we don't talk about that we need to have higher education in this country, you know millennials are taken advantage of. look at the recent report by 2020, the estimate of number of college grads by 20 million and if go by 7 million were producing a ton of debt on backs of millennial. >> millennials know this. >> they do. look i told you it is completely change 23r-d since '07 we're looking for jobs having to pay taxes we have to foot obamacare so we want someone strong on the economy. >> you're on the line because if question find that in 2016 millennials is vote mass the wait they used to. >> they won't. all about messaging too. republicans are not good at messaging. >> shaping the message? >> i hope so. >> try harder. [laughter]
10:38 am
>> thanks very much for being with us much oblige to you. you're on the balcony behind me. you're watching. >> i lurk every day at this time to do the sector report i'm looking at starbucks you've talked about the fact that there's a huge controversy if red, plain, and frankly they're paparazzi boring well dunkin' donuts has their holiday cup that looks more festive. wreath, snow flakes not sure the stock is affected by it. all over social media prow. 17 crepts i can't make the correlation between the stock and story. but right now, star starbucks and duncan two things and hashtags are all if bring back the cup. bring back the or starbucks cup. see if they listen to their coffee consumers. >> doubt it. i like the look of amazon up $10 what a stock. next, russians respond to allegations that they cheated at
10:39 am
the 2012 olympics in plon don, they say there's no evidence to prove their athletes were doping during games. we'll cover it and fox news all star sean hannity will join us. quare going to put him to the testing. i want his take on the top candidates in 30 seconds. can he meet that time frame? he's up right after this. jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in. it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years.
10:40 am
and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. but it is not the device mobithat is mobile, it is you. >> i'm nicole petallides with
10:41 am
your fox business brief. we're seeing stocks down today. down for the week. worries about global growth when will the feds raise rates? with that live from the market. dow jones industrial average down, s&p 500 down 5. nasdaq down 10. roughly 2 tents of one percent. we have winners of the electric for example with a new high. right now 30% 35. mcdonald's also see it is now apple wal-mart. nick f mike keel under pressure. a new ipad proa out but reeling from yesterday. iphones sales were slower than expected. retailers macy's new low there. left jcpenney down. alabama tear abercrombie down there. mputing time, 3 million lines of code,
10:42 am
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10:43 am
>> a new report alleges some russian athletes were uses performance enhancement drugs. >> it is appalling, length they went to hide this. my question is do athletes know this is going on? are they drugged leak east
10:44 am
germans were in not knowing what was going on or doping on their own and russia covering. as an athlete you want a if legitimate comp it is you don't want cheaters but it always seems like they're one step ahead of everyone. >> russians are responding to charges. ashley what are they saying? >> they're saying wait a minute where's your proof? in is example of the quest trying to make an example so long as they haven't have dimitri that he remain unfounded it. however, let's be honest it be this. a lot of whys physical blow percent in russian athleting saying absolutely we took drugs, and they also took undercover video of the scheme. a lab in moscow destroyed all of if its test results, knowing that the anti-doping people were going to visit. >> this is like the kremlin air brushing -- the favor. they have secret recordings. >> now they ban them from the olympics in brazil? let's see what happens with
10:45 am
that. okay. [laughter] it's that time. here is a true start of news business. that will be sean hannity great to have the you with us. >> great. >> putting you on the clock. you've got 30 seconds on if each of the following candidates your impression from the impression they made from the debate last night. 30 first on, trump, go. >> i have to say i mean this stuart, i think the best debate so far. i thought everybody on the stage of a winner because it was the most substantive debate we've had so far that goes to neil and maria's credit in the undercard debate sandra, and trish did a great job. i thought donald trump had a sole lid night especially i liked when he talked with such passion about the troops and how america pays too much money for these wars, raise questions
10:46 am
about vladimir putin why not let him take out isis solid night for trump. >> ben carson? >> a difort category. i don't have great expectations for him in a debate format. but as far as the debates go, it was probably as best of performance to date especially strong beginning he's not somebody, not in his personality to want to jump out there, and mix it up with everybody else. he will only answer questions when asked. it is probably not the ideal format for him. but solid night. best debate he's had to date. >> ted cruz? >> fabulous night he followed up on a great night in the if previous debate. he had more time than he had in other debates. i think he got to see the knowledge and substance and passion, i would say by far ted cruz probably had the best night of everybody. >> marco rubio. pmpghts not far behind ted cruz another strong solid performance by marco. he is --
10:47 am
he has steps, substance, he's articulate. he's bright, he's passionate he will be the president of the united states one day. i don't know if it is this cycle, but he's a star. >> last jeb bush. >> you know, jeb bush came with three ting weak debate performances, and this timing the you could sew that he was trying hard or. i don't know if it is too little too late. >> you know what emerged for me it was that voters actually won last night because now there's a very clear cut choice. you want to go for economic growth or smaller government or government all of the time. that was the choice that was so presented to us all last night. >> stuart i cannot echo comments enough. with real winners i would argue that the fox business network, more importantly american people because they got to see that there's a very different path for this country to be taking economically on immigration on
10:48 am
foreign policy, and even in differences between candidates i thought it was a benefit for everybody. >> one of these dies if i might get back on your show. all right. thank you very much indeed. got to go. up next governor mike huckabee doesn't want to tax what you earn. but tax what you spend. i wonder if that is going to fly with voters. and then 11:15 this morning. sue is hinting that mitt romney could enter the race. we'll hear from her at 11:15 this morning. ♪ ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon.
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>> we're joined now on varney & company former governor of arkansas that would be governor mike huckabee. governor welcome to the program. good to see you sir. >> great to be with you stew, thank you. you're bright, fresh, alive a matter of hour trs after that grueling debate thank you verify for bears so strikely this morning, sir. >> it is my pleasure, caffeine is a wonderful, wonderful -- [laughter] part of the american diet. >> i want to get right at it. last night, you were talking about a kumtion consumption tax
10:53 am
it is regressive rich people don't pay anymore than poor people. that's not way america is demagogued on that. >> benefit from the fair tax about 14 to 15%. middle economy 7 or 8%. the top of the economy, the richest people they still do better. but only about 4 or 5%. and the reason is a miss understood part of the fair tax that untaxes the people from their basic necessities. so there's -- there's a part of the fair tax a lot of people don't understand. if i guarantee you that people who will benefit the most are the working class people who punished every time they try to work harder and move up income ladder because government has a new tax bracket and socks them in the pocket every time that happens. >> some experience in europe. i remember well back in england where they introduced what was call thed a value added tax.
10:54 am
a consumption tax. we were told at the time bring in consumption tax? >> the cost of the taxes are still hidden from the consumer and wilt in at the if production. in the fair tax, you don't tax production whatsoever. you don't tax labor, you don't tax the capital that goes into it. you pay at the point of purchase. that make it is very different. a lot of countries do have have at, a lot of if countries have it. fair fax is something quite different developed by some of the top economists in the country. over 20 million eve research went into it. so it is not something that i just came up with on a kitchen napkin i wish i was smart enough stuart to come up with a fair tax. i'm not as i say the chemist but just the pharmacist i'm
10:55 am
dispensing the medicine i didn't have the good sense to make it. >> earlier in recent editions i've had ted cruz on the show. i suggested that abolishing irs was the guy dreaming. you never quite get there. i could say the same thing about the fair tax such a huge prom decision that you can't get there. what is your response to that? >> yeah, you can. with with all due respect to the senator and his plan doesn't get rid of the irs because as long as you're taxing people's income what they earn capital gains whatever had it is. you have to have the irs and you have to tell the government how much you made and how you maid it it is the only proposal because their function goes way. we repeal the 16th amendment that takes them, and in terms of tax compliance business owners make business decisions not tack decisions. most business owners especially
10:56 am
small business owners don't make business decisions they have to look at everything from a tax consequence perspective. that disappears with the fair tabs an cost of compliance. 500 billion dollars year just to comply with a tax code. that disappears, people start using that money for productive things last rather than to fillt pairm qork. >> okay it would be still a revolution in tax policy that's what you're calling for. >> yes. governor thank you for being with us explaining the fair tax we appreciate your presence here today. you're looking terrific after all of that effort last night. congratulations sir. >> i appreciate it. hour three of varney & company gets underway? just the moment.
10:57 am
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go to to learn if you may be eligible to receive tanzeum free for 12 months. make every week a tanzeum week. stuart: moments from now, the veterans day ceremony at arlington national cemetery.
11:00 am
two of the unknown soldier. we will take you there. the reviews are in. the fox business debate. a huge success. the line, i think, was clearly drawn. they went right after hillary clinton. world tape. >> hillary clinton has said that barack obama's legislation gets in a period when the fall comes and we run against hillary, which would be a disaster if she gets elected. >> we cannot let hillary clinton, who is the worst secretary of state and our country when this election. stuart: we will get to bret baier, host of special report. he joins us in just a moment. i will bring you back to
11:01 am
arlington national cemetery. president obama has arrived. this is november 11. this is veterans day. we will honor that day with the president. moments from now, that is what you will be seeing. he is there in the background. i know he has arrived. we will show you the wreath laying ceremony just in a couple of moments. the crowd has assembled there. bret baier, i think you are right there. i just laid out the framework. a clear-cut choice between the republicans. the democrats that are all government all the time. is that an accurate portrayal of the way that this election is shaping up? >> good morning. i think that it will be. we continue to wait for the
11:02 am
president at arlington. using hillary clinton more and more. you will hear her more and more in these debates. almost every answer. i think you will see more and more about. there were obviously standouts. my congratulations to fox business network. trish and sandra and the two cherries from "wall street journal." i think that they did a wonderful job. stuart: they were not the news. the debate was a news the news and the candidates. hold on for one second. the president has arrived. let's watch.
11:03 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
11:04 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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11:06 am
♪ total ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
11:07 am
stuart: november 11, 2015. the wreath laying ceremony at arlington national ceremony. president obama. bret baier is still with us. >> may i say one thing about this event. it is such a solemn thing each year.
11:08 am
they march in front of that to 247. rain, shine, sleep, snow. every day, every hour of every week. stuart: it is a very special day. i remember in britain, i was raised on november 11 we would remember at the tomb of the unknown shoulder and monday, we would remember at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the unleavened month. that is when we remembered. it is a somewhat similar tradition in the united states and a fine one. when do you think we will start to see a narrowing of the field? >> i think pretty soon. february 1 in iowa. the path is just not there.
11:09 am
i do think you will get one stage eventually. stuart: thank you very much, indeed for taking time out on a very important day. joining me now, look who is here. andrea. >> hello. stuart: where have you been? >> i have been in a different city. i called when i am invited. stuart: be very careful. who won last night? >> i think that marco rubio one last night. i do not agree with them on the issues, but i think his performance was the best. i will tell you why. he was getting hit by fiscal conservatives. adding 1.4 show again over the next decade.
11:10 am
rubio try to come back and explain it. he botched it. he did not defend his plan. he hammered back on the military. he went on offense about something that conservatives love. we need a strong military. grand missed an opportunity to talk about the cost of war. he missed that opportunity. i thought he turned that around brilliantly. john kasich came out sounding like a liberal. he was like the kanye west of the debate. rudely interrupting everybody. normal is usually terrible. it is all relative.
11:11 am
gerri: how about donald trump? you make huge headlines with his style. coming in a little tired. a little old. what do you say? >> i think that people miss the personality a little bit. >> wanting to be entertained to some degree. >> absolutely. trump missed that one. it was too bad. he is a businessman. should have nailed it. although, he did warm up as things went on. specifics are not drugs strong suit. by the end of the debate, he did improve. he really was playing not to lose. parley p arena, clearly, the most experienced on the economy as far as the outside scope. zero balance budget.
11:12 am
she had to explain to the audience what terms meant. she did that in the beginning. talking about what it means. people love that. ted cruz. i thought that he was okay. his style is a bit too much. stuart: to not be such a stranger to "varney & company." you will be invited act. >> if you invite me, i welcome back. stuart: thank you very much, indeed. raising a possibility of a mitt romney candidacy. put the camera on her when i said possible that romney candidacy. back in a moment, everyone. ♪
11:13 am
♪ so jill, i know the markets have taken a hit lately. mm hmm. just wanted to touch base. how did edward jones come to manage over $800 billion dollars in assets? huh. okay. here's our latest market outlook. two things that i'd like to point out... through face time when you really need it. so that's interesting, you know we had spoken about that before. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
stuart: modest loss. down 45 on the dow industrials. david is with us now. i read the votes. i know what you will say. you like walmart. >> we like blockbusters. this company has 10% of all the sales in the united states. we also like dividends. we like buying on sale. stuart: you are buying on the >> absolutely. amazon is up $11. amazon is killing walmart.
11:17 am
>> absolutely. walmart is invested heavily to go after amazon. any company with 500 billion revenues per year is walmart. walmart is not just about e-commerce. half of the girl she's in the united states are bought their walmart. stuart: it is a long, long that. i have dirty seconds. you have to tell me about facebook. >> i am just following the lead of my kids. storing our pictures. we are not on it. it is an old person site now. stuart: so you would not buy it? >> a 20 time sale. sixty-two times earnings. i think we already priced it. there are ghosts in the past that are staring over facebook. myspace, perhaps.
11:18 am
stuart: do you know how many bubbles you just bursts? now you're trying to pump up walmart. >> there you go. stuart: you may very well be back on this program. thank you, david. we appreciate it. suzy welsh is with me right now. a blockbuster headline. you raise the possibility of that raw meat getting into this race. under what circumstances could you do that? >> the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again with the same results. having debates like the fabulous debate that you have last night. we still have 70% of the electorate undecided. they want to win. that candidate has not yet emerged. stuart: you think that it may be a broken convention. >> i am here. people say at last.
11:19 am
look at how big the field this. the field does not look like it is getting any smaller. the reception of a few. staying in the race. what will happen. will we pump along with 14 candidates? stuart: would that be seen as a sign of failure? >> there are a million ways to criticize it did i wish i could vote again. stuart: what are the odds of that romney being the republican nominee? >> i cannot put a number on that. i do not hang that it is inconceivable that somebody comes to the rescue. stuart: self-support. [laughter] >> remember when he talked about immigration. it was a fantastic term. we use it in our house all the
11:20 am
time. i think the case was self deporting last night. he went for it. it did not work. look at social media today. people were putting their fingers in the air. he gave it the best shot and it did not work. grandpa was another one did people that are not moving the needle on their public support. stuart: carly fiorina. >> it is a campaign with one long debate, she would be first. it is hard for her to stay up when the debates are not going on. stuart: trump, carson, rubio and cruise. >> i am not so sure that that is the for. >> i think that kristi made an incredibly good showing at the children's table last night. he showed he belonged on the big
11:21 am
stage. stuart: the book. >> the real-life nba. nobody has the time or money to get into the nba today. stuart: i am sorry we are so short on time. a big news day. thank you. mixed martial arts fighter rondo row seat out with her endorsement for president. mixed martial arts goes socialist. can you believe that? we will deal with it. ♪
11:22 am
11:23 am
11:24 am
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11:25 am
call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: remember that? that is the diamond that we had on the show. a cushion cut vivid pink. the largest diamond of its type ever to be offered at auction. $28.5 million. we had it right here. how is this for an endorsement. ronda rousey has thrown her support behind socialist. bernie sanders. what is with that?
11:26 am
ashley: she is very popular. especially among the younger folk. she gets a lot of attention. stuart: doesn't she make a lot of money? >> she makes a huge amount of money. >> does not pay corporate money. that is what she likes about bernie sanders. stuart: despite new york state, tried to stop fantasy sports, actually expanding its offices in new york city. cheryl: they are moving from park avenue. taking the three top floors on park avenue. 300 park avenue south. it is a brand-new building. it is beautiful. they have already signed the lease. this could be bad for them. the regulators will come out and say they will not let them
11:27 am
operate in a state where they just signed this gigantic lease. stuart: kicked them out of new york state. can they find a way around that? >> the courts will fight this. that is what lawyers are for. this is not just happening in new york. it has happened already in vegas. people want a piece of the money. they are valued at more than $1 billion right now. all of this could change. stuart: eric snyderman goes out to the banks because he wants the money. wants to regulate tax. headline on the fox business debate. fox did not that cnbc. fox utterly humiliated their competition. don't you love it. ♪
11:28 am
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11:31 am
stuart: now that is a debate. informative and entertaining. voters came away with a clear road to prosperity. that is what we wanted and that
11:32 am
is what was delivered needed hats off to the monitory's. they were not rude or condescending. they let the debates low. what a difference. the elites were on full display at mocking the candidates from their lofty collectives perch. last night, the candidates took center stage and viewers were better for it. how do we get america's economy moving again? that was the point of the debate. how do we get back to prosperity. this is where the candidates came through. the republican party is all about economic growth. all the candidates are radically opposite the president. private enterprise. not government. growth. not stagnation. this is the way it ought to be as the election process roles on. we should be presented with a clearer choice. last night we were.
11:33 am
open for all to see. you want to know how this great country can get moving again, watch this network. as you saw last night, we are not the news. we are not cooking up got your questions. we are not provoking fights. the fox business network is on the map. yeah, really. the same with the debate. that is cnn's headline. no debate over fox business moderators better than cnbc. don't you love it. how about this one. right spree this. that is how you run a debate. a media critic with us now. i think you at go those sentiments. i think you like what you saw from fox business last night. correct?
11:34 am
>> no question about it. very easy to defeat cnbc because of how, because of the embarrassment. let's face it did there are a whole lot of people in the press that would have loved to say that fox business blew it last night. i am looking at some of the comments. charlie rose on cbs said that the fox moderators were focused on issues and ideologies, not on personality. abc, a lot of substance last night. nbc said the clear winner last night was fox business. hats off to fox business. here is the interesting thing. i was reflecting on this. remember the bernie shaw from cnn. stuart: i knew him well. worked with him for many years. >> okay. okay.
11:35 am
i always believed he was the best thinker on television. if you were to ask me to tell you something about bernie shaw all of those years, i cannot think of anything other than he was a tough interviewer. that is what a moderator should do. and anchor should do. if you saw the debate last night, the moderators had nothing to do with the debate other then they asked the questions. it was all about the candidates. that is what the debate is supposed to be about. stuart: the previous fox news debate was a wild success because it was entertaining. was last night's debate entertaining to the average viewer? was it entertaining? >> well, you know, it will not be as entertaining as the other ones. it was serious, economic discussions. it is hard to be entertaining on that. if you are looking for substance and specificity as opposed to
11:36 am
frederick, i think you got a lot of it. you got more out of this fox business debate then in two hours or seemingly eight hours on cnbc. republicans small government, low taxes, economic growth, prosperity. all government, all the time. big government. am i oversimplifying the issues here? >> no, you are not. interesting in the perfect world is that fox business would have these same debates with the same exact questions with the democrats. stuart: that would be good. >> america would see the clear difference. stuart: thank you very much.
11:37 am
>> congratulations, fox. stuart: thank you. one of the hottest topics last night. minimum wage. watch this. >> every time we raise the minimum wage, the number of jobless people increases. >> if you raise a minimum wage, you will make people more expensive than a machine. all of this automation that is replacing jobs will only be accelerated. >> do not raise the minimum wage. >> i would not raise the minimum. stuart: a man that knows how to address that specific area is john topher. what is your opinion on the minimum wage? your opinion, please. >> i think marco rubio nailed it, stuart. when we get minimum wage is too high, people get replacement machines. businesses manage labor costs as a percentage of revenue. not in dollars.
11:38 am
if i can only spend 30% of my revenue on labor, no matter what the pay rate is, i can still only spent 30% of my money on labor. some employees will get her. stuart: i think it was interesting that marco rubio got into the technology of eliminating $15 an hour job. i have not heard that before. i think it was a very good response. i want to move onto mcdonald's. that stock hit a series of new highs. up to about $114 a share. 114-point dirty three. thanks in part to the all-day breakfast that they rolled out. who would have thought? did you expect this kind of thing? >> actually, the quarter result ended september 30. they actually increased same-store sales during the quarter before breakfast. we had a market top as well.
11:39 am
almost 14%. i think they are seeing the turn last quarter and anticipating even more out of preface now. they did make that turn. that turned sort of lowered sales. stuart: how about chipotle. that stock has gone up. it has recovered recently. stores in the northwest were closed because of the e. coli outbreak. they have reopened now. do they have a pr problem that will last for a wild because of the e. coli problem? >> well, you know, it is the epitome of what happens when food is not handled correctly. this was a supplier issue. it did not really happen within the restaurants. i think that they will recover in the long-term. we are starting to see it now. their customers are pretty loyal.
11:40 am
stuart: i want to go back to the debate. in 20 seconds, tell me which candidate most closely conform to your idea of how things flow. >> and economic forum last night. all of them are better for it small business than the other side. i think marco rubio, ted cruz, really had the arms around the actors that would generate higher income and a better environment. stuart: you know television, two. >> last night's debate was interesting. truly articulating their thoughts. the ones that do not get traction now are not going to get it. i think last night was an exciting time for voters. stuart: you know all kinds of
11:41 am
industries. stuart: street under attack at the university of missouri. the political correctness fever finally going to break? the judge is next on that. ♪ edictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here! customer care can work better. with xerox. wait i'm here! mr. kent? (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping! human resources can work better. with xerox.
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♪ nicole: i am the co-petallides with your fox business brief. the dow jones industrial average down. the s&p 500 down to.
11:43 am
the nasdaq is actually showing green. up two points. we are watching oil. back in the red. we are seeing a big selloff. down 6%. over 4% to the downside. let's turn those numbers down. a real winner is amazon. amazon and netflix are the best. new high. 116% this year. green mountain coffee roasters will be announcing their numbers. some cut their earnings-per-share view. start your day on fox business 5:00 a.m. every day. fbn a.m. ♪ ough everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!"
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11:45 am
stuart: how about this. the political endorsement coming down from bob dole. he is backing to bush. the leadership skills needed to get our country back on track. communications professor at the university of missouri has resigned after being caught on tape telling a student journalist that he could not take photos in a public space. you have to watch this. >> can i talk to you? >> no. you need to get out. you need to get out. >> no, i don't. >> you need to get out.
11:46 am
>> actually, i do not. >> i need some muscle over here. stuart: i need some muscle over here. i think we heard that and we certainly read it. judge napolitano is here. resigned. forced out. is it possible that the rising tide has reached a high watermark and we will remove away from it. >> very nicely put. happy if that were the case that may be a little naïve. happy that she resigned. she was an employee of the state of missouri. notoriously and publicly used her authority in that capacity to violate the first amendment rights. not just of the reporter. reporting on what he was seeing. a classic case of political correctness. technically, technically, a violation of the civil rights act of 1964. using color of authority.
11:47 am
suppressing the first amendment right. if this is the high watermark -- we will not know yet. the president of that university resigned. he almost gave some legitimacy. the attitude of this professor and the students to whom she demonstrated. look at what we accomplished by demanding political correctness. stuart: the idea of free speech is back in the headlines. it has become political correctness versus free speech. i do sense that the country is rallying around free speech, not political correctness. >> it is almost inconceivable that on a college campus, where all speech should be tolerated, where students should not be sheltered from what will confront them in the real world that we have people like this
11:48 am
professor that want's them to conform to what she wants to hear. 2015 united states of america. stuart: look at the success of donald trump. especially in the early debates. he was politically incorrect. >> that is why i say maybe the fever, the d.c. fever is breaking. you think i am naïve? stuart: the slayer of political correctness. [laughter] free speech movement california. stuart: you are there demonstrating with him in those days. [laughter] left-wing. >> i was with mick jagger. [laughter] your time is up. >> glad you are here. [laughter]
11:49 am
stuart: i do not know why i am laughing. this is not funny. >> 142 million last year. looking at where this money will go. it will benefit officers in philadelphia. the very worst in the country. bonuses of 300 to $900. overprescribing ops to veterans. one of them died did they got bonuses from one-$4000 each. these awards are designed to attract and retain employees. >> i would not be surprised if the bonus was not in their government worker contracts. >> the american taxpayer should be scandalized at 142 million being given out willy-nilly to any government employee. particularly ones that have behaved so poorly.
11:50 am
>> coming out and saying no change to the va. i will just keep running it. >> proposing this credit card. you go to any healthcare provider. she is against it. it will close down some of the va hospitals. stuart: it took three hours to get agreement. [laughter] tonight, all-new season of strange inheritance. one of the largest private collections of military tanks. i have got to see this. host jamie colby is next. that is a tank. ♪ it's more than a network.
11:51 am
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11:55 am
that was jamie colby in that tank. she joins me right now. somebody and harry did a whole bunch of tanks? >> fox business cover the auction, actually. you do not have to tell me to hit the gas more than once. it was amazing. it was on my bucket list. you need that here in manhattan. look at this collection. it is incredible. he worked for hp. he tank or really well. he built all of these tanks back. it is an amazing collection. the guy that inherited a gold mine in nevada. >> a teenager doing a book report. he meets this woman that is the wife of a prospector in goldfield, nevada. years later he has inherited her gold mine.
11:56 am
we take some of the iron ore that was underneath. we get it tested for him. it is like 200 times more potent gold than he ever imagined. not only is it in heritable, it is a gold mine. tonight. four episodes. do not tell me you are tired. you have to stay up. nine-11:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network. stuart: do you have a shot of the young man when he discovers that this is a gold mine? >> yes. i asked him what he thought about it. [bleep] [bleep] [bleep]. 9:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. eastern. i will put a little post-it on your briefcase. the only known signed photo -- he was illiterate. he could not sign his name. he did once and we found it and
11:57 am
authenticated it. people can follow me at jamie colby tv. if you have an inheritance, that gold mine was a viewer's submission, by the way. stuart: you got it off the show. i know you did. >> fox business. 9:00 o'clock tonight, everyone. more varney in a moment. promise. ♪
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11:59 am
. >> that weird sound you heard last night in the distance was the sound of all of those hands slapping foreheads at cnbc with them going, oh, that's how you do it! it really was, i mean, no contest. it was a fantastic debate. i mean, it's sort of unfair to
12:00 pm
compare it to cnbc, because cnbc really was so awful. stuart: tell it how you see it, jonah. don't hold back. come on. let me introduce you, ladies and gentlemen, to one of the star moderators last night. his name is neil cavuto. neil, round of applause from everybody. fantastic stuff. neil: very kind of you, but i don't think any of us have slept. this might be a tad incoherent two hours here. thank you very much, stuart. we are focusing on the fallout from the debate last night including discussion back and forth whether republicans are inclined to hike the minimum wage because with the debate last night, both debates, there were protests going on outside this building. many calling for more than doubling the minimum wage to $15 an hour. and we put that question right to the candidates. would you be open to raising the minimum wage by any level. take a peek. >> so do not raise the minimum wage.


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