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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  November 11, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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if you ask good questions based on substantive things, you hopefully will get real answers. i mean we're doing that on behalf of the american public there, asking the questions that they need answers to, neil. terrific job from you guys last night. it was an honor for me to be on that stage last night. we had real substance. we got real answers, everyone. welcome to "the intelligence report." i am trish regan. we have a lot to cover next hour. fox business debate delivering substantive information voters were demanding from day one. here are a few highlights for candidates last night. >> everyone will get lower rates, keep more of their own money, be able to file their tax returns in 15 minutes. by the way good thing, i will be able to fire a whole bunch of irs agents once we do that. >> we can't have an economy if we're not safe. there are radical jihadists in the middle east beheading people and crucifying christians. >> we must take our government back. >> by having congressional
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oversight of the fed which is historically an independent body you would be making the fed much more political. how would you navigate that risk? >> i don't think you can make it anymore political than it's been. they are protecting a president that is overtaxing and overregulating, shutting down this economy. >> washington is fundamentally corrupt. there are more words in the irs code than there are in the bible. and not a unwith them is as good. >> well, first of all thank you for not asking me what i said in the 10th grade. i appreciate that. >> the wall will be built. the wall will be successful. if you think walls don't work, all you have to do is ask israel. the wall works, believe me, properly done, believe me. >> hillary clinton has said that barack obama's policies get an a. really? >> all i can say, is you're lucky in ohio that you struck oil. that is for one thing. trish: all right. what a night. full analysis from fox business's blake burman,
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economist steve moore and gop pollster kellyanne conway. thanks for being here. >> congrats on a great job. trish: thank you. it was a terrific night. we had a big win for the network. in terms of overall viewership. >> you beat cnbc? shocked. trish: and i think it was really a substantive night. that was really what was critical here. because that's part of what had been missing in this debate. but as you look overall at the evening, we had three hours plus, blake, of debate there, on stage, who is it that you're hearing really emerged as the winner so to speak? >> so still obviously incredibly early, right? we're in first 12 or 20 hours, whatever it is. online polls which gauge enthuse as. , go online and say who won and who lost is pointing towards donald trump. that is the way it has been with the last few debates as well. i thought interesting frank luntz poll out new hampshire,
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last night, a state you're familiar with, pointed toward marco rubio. that is name you're hearing emerging with this back-to-back debates, rubio will wind up getting something from this. as you know as well you have to wait a few days, if not more than that, the next batch of polls come out to see who might have come up, who might have come down. trish: marco rubio, he has been sort of the dark horse emerging. >> not such a dark horse anymore. trish: right. with a lot of the establishment right now. kellyanne, what is your intel telling you who might really start to emerge in this process? >> thank you for having me and as we've seen after these three first debates, who wins the debate, quote, unquote, whether based on quality of information like focus groups or polls afterwards or well-reported stories from journalists in attendance doesn't really reflect in the polls as well. cruise and rubio had a bump up late after the october 28 debate. after last night, most of the
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journalists feel cruz and rubio acquitted themselves well, outsiders with insider experience and can argue for transformational change in republican party leadership. ben carson never really has a great debate in my view. it was find last night. seems impervious to the poll standing, same thing with donald trump. slow and steady wins the race for him but i think what we saw last night, two very different performances from the guys on the end. rand paul i think had his best debate. took rubio to task a trillion dollar in military spending is not very conservative. trish: do we have the bite? i know we'll play later in the show. one of our producers found it. jess, do you have the bite for us? that showed juxtaposition. look if you're going to be fiscal on serve tiff you have to be a conservative. here is rand paul, everyone. >> i know that rand is a committed isolationist. i'm not. i believe the world is a stronger and better place when the united states is strongest
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military power in the world. [applause] >> marco, marco, how is it conservative, how is it conserve it to add trillion dollar expenditure to the government you're not paying for? >> talking about the military, rand? >> how is it conservative to add a trillion dollars in military which expenditures? you can not be conservative if you keep promoting new programs that you're not going to pay for? >> may i respond? trish: that said, that said i don't know how rand paul moves forward not spending on platform. >> republin primy. here's the thing, that interchange between the two of them, actually benefited both of them because rand paul has to get back his libertarian base which is actually gone over to trump. i think he succeeded in what he needed to do last night, which is get back the 15% or so of republicans who are libertarians. he appealed to them. whereas with rubio, more military hawks in the party.
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i think it was an exchange benefited both of them in a big way. rand lives another day. the guy lives another day to fight is jeb bush. if he not had -- he was good, not great, but he was good. good enough, kellyanne to fight another day. i don't know -- trish: let me jump in here. jeb bush really benefited from having debate forum that was more substantive. >> yep. trish: a little less name-calling. more substance, more policy oriented. this is something frankly, he is pretty good at, right? this is his strength. the performance aspect of it may not necessarily be so though. >> every answer -- trish: hang on one second. >> jeb bush embraced that in my view. he should go out there and say look i'm not going to be most entertaining or funniest or coolest or most with twitterrish, i'm a substantive guy. last time i checked president of the united states, commander-in-chief needs to be
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steward of domestic economy and lead our troops abroad, keep our troops safe abroad. the question for him -- trish: he is embracing it. blake go ahead. hang on one second, kellyanne. that is okay. we're remote. >> clear turn for jeb bush we're asin the last debate he went after marco rubio. if you look back at transcript, every single answer or most of the answers no matter what was asked about him brought it back to hillary clinton. so much so, during the debate, jeb camp sent out email say along lines, jeb, dot, dot, dot, hillary clinton in the email. it was clearly pivot for jeb bush. >> he ignored -- trish: chris christie. we have sound of chris christie going after hillary clinton because he kept doing it over and over again at 7:00. okay. we'll hang on to that. we'll play it later for you. chris at this was -- she was star of all the candidates.
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trish: jindal came out swinging. >> in 11th place, why do you go after the guy in ninth place? i don't understand that strategy. christie was good at, number one, you're right, every answer he went after hillary. hillary is the real adversary if you're republican. he has these short, pithy punches, there is the toughness, right, of christie that we all loved when he first emerged on the scene. trish: i asked him about speaking of toughness, exactly what he will do on china, given they're stealing our intellectual property, spying on american corporations, spying on american citizens. what can we do about it, what should we be doing about it. here is what he had to say. >> in chinese commit cyber warfare against us, they will see cyber warfare they have never seen before. they're building islands in the south china sea. up until receny the esident wouldn't send a ship 12 miles or
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send a plane. i will fly air force one over those islands. they will know we mean business. trish: oh. talking tough on china. is this, is this what we need from a leader right now? the fear of course, in the back of everyone's mind, are you going to get yourself in trade war or worse with china? the idea being, we want to continue to have access to all these important markets, incredible marketplace how do you toe the line being tough on china -- >> after a president who has been milquetoast and pushed around by putin and pushed around by other countries i think that kind of toughness really plays right now. >> it is cyber aspect of china because it is what's next. we have never been there, right? he can go back talk about taxes 18 hundreds or talk about this issue, go back to whatever, cyber issue we're not at finish line here. this is clearly starting point. what next, what do you do.
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that is what chris christie was starting to get into. i think it will become an issue down the line. trish: chris christie we'll continue watching him, marco rubio. jeb bush is still in the game. >> still a headline, jeb bush. trish: we'll be, we have lots more to talk about over course of next hour. thank you so much, blake. great to have you here. steve likewise. kellyanne, good to see you. stay with us, everyone. breaking this hour, ben carson is taking questions right now at liberty university. this is non-profit christian college in lynchburg, virginia. you see that live picture there being fed into us from virginia. we'll be listening in there to see if he gives anymore clarity on the past, a past called into question over course of last week after several reports refuted what the former brain surgeon described in this book, being offered a quote, unquote full scholarship, scholarship was word he used to west point. critics pointing out you don't get a scholarship to west point.
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rather that tuition is free, in exchange provide your service to the military. so a lot of questions being raised about ben carson. he did get many so of those questions last night. we'll bring you some of his answers and we'll continue watching the feed coming in to us from virginia right now to see if he sheds more light on all of it. we talked about who might have won overall debate? who won the money debate? who will get all the money needed right now to run their campaign? our own charlie gasparino is following that money and talking to the donors. he is here next with intel. coming up, i asked candidate how can republicans beat democrats with all their promises of free stuff? you said that the democrats message is one of quote, free stuff. in contrast republicans want to reduce spending. how do you win a national election when the democrats are
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offering free health care, free or subsidized college education and you're the party that is seemingly offering nothing in the way of immediate tangible benefits? can a business have a mind?
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i just had a horrible nightmare. my company's entire network went down, and i was home in bed, unaware. but that would never happen. comcast business monitors my company's network 24 hours a day and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. trish: senator santorum, a single mom with no job and two kids in new hampshire, home of the first-in-the-nation primary is eligible for more than $30,000 a year in benefits. senator, how do you help and incentivize her to go to work? >> the answer is first, we need to do something about a tax code that does penalize i'm very
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pro-family. you have a $2700 tax credit, period, for every person in that family. trish: let's not forget. that single mom i was talking about in new hampshire, she is many cases making a pretty rational choice. if she can even find a job, she needs to find child care. often times she may conclude she is better off living off government benefits. so what is the role of policy in all this? are we actually creating a culture of dependency? joining me, matt welch, editor-in-chief of "reason" magazine, ralph reed, founder and chairman of the safe and freedom coalition. matt reed, or ralph reed, i will start with you, i think we're a humane society. we want to do what is best for every person. we want to make sure they have the opportunity to succeed, but in doing so we have run a risk
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here. the risk is we're making it somehow more advantageous to not go to work, to not pursue something. >> right. trish: how do we, how do we navigate this in the way of policy? what could, should be done and should this be on on the agenda right now of republicans in this election? >> i think it should, trish, and i think your raising last night was one of the more important moments in the debate. what we really need, and rick santorum and a lot of other candidates on the stage talked about, the sort of nextwave in welfare reform. in 1990s, when i was at christian coalition we moved two people from welfare to work. we reformed welfare. we instituted time requirements. we instituted work requirements. why? we believed welfare created a culture of dependency that made
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it more attractive for some not to work and be dependent upon government than it was for themwork and learn and safe -- save. i think similarly we're at the point again with medicaid, food stamps and other government benefits. so what we favor at faith and freedom coalition, looking doing same kinds of things with those programs that we did with welfare, starting with food stamps. block grant them back to the states. reduce them, time limit them. so that people are incentivized to work. secondly, we do favor either a larger standard deduction per family, or a child tax credit. we can debate the amount. so that we're providing needed tax relief to middle class families. trish: matt what about work fare? why do we penalize people? why do you have to have cutoff level at certain amount? isn't there a way to find a path for that mom, with two kids so
2:19 pm
she can go to work, she can manage to pay for child care, and she can find a path, out of that dependency culture she may have gotten stuck in? >> one of the problems is that the economy that we've had, that we've seen over past, not just eight years or seven years, but the last 15 years is that most, kind of depressed end of the scale is right there. it is entering the workforce. you have a democratic regime right now in states and cities as well as federally, trying to add a lot of burdens at lower level. they're trying to boost minimum wage to $15 an hour or for selected categories. you will reduce number of jobs available there. so that is a bad combination. trish: you're talking about minimum wage. we are talking about that coming up but you know it's challenging and i asked senator santorum this, how do you get elected when you're the guy or gal that wants to cut benefits for americans dependent on them?
2:20 pm
it is challenging, because you have to offer some kind of a new solution to this problem and somehow get elected. face it, you have all the ideas in the world. if you can't get elected how do you implement them. it is challenging for somebody giving out all this free stuff. >> trish, can i say something about that? trish: i yes. >> i agree with what mike huckabee on government benefits, people on poverty or near poverty, their dream what they want their life to look like is not to be on medicaid and food stamps, to have a job, to have dignity and have education to provide better future for their children. you offer that hopeful, optimistic vision, you not only get votes of traditional republican grassroots, you will get the votes of a lot of people including in the minority community who have not felt welcome in our ranks. that is message and unapologetically make that our message. >> both rand paul and ted cruz
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advocated eliminating payroll tax which would have poor americans in a way disproportional -- trish: a lot on the table. good we're talking about. matt and ralph the, thank you so much. don't miss, fox business on fox business tomorrow with maria. happening at 7:00 a.m. eastern. it will be huge. don't miss it. coming up the race for campaign cash. good debate performance can mean big bucks in fund-raising. our very own charlie gasparino, with the intel of the money trail. that's next. see you right back here. ♪
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trish: all right. candidates are not only courting voters, they're after big money donors of course. a strong debate performance can make-or-break you when it comes to bringing in all that campaign cash. our own charlie gasparino is
2:25 pm
following all the money. he has intel for us. who is really commanding big bucks right now? >> i think rubio among the establishment types. i think, i don't think jeb bush or kasich did themselves any good. jeb was better, made a couple interesting points along the way. trish: kasich when he talked about bailouts comes to the establishment. >> where both jeb and kasich lost me on banks. this is something i cover a lot. i covered financial crisis. you know, all their prescriptions about how to deal with banks, particularly kasich, i think, listen, i want to be intellectually honest, what he said was probably right. neil, i think who asked him if bank of america went under, would you bail them out. he said we would have to. he is kind of right about that, okay in it is current state, bank of america because so big -- trish: he went on to say? >> two points there, from a political standpoint he is not going to win a lot of republican
2:26 pm
voters by saying that. most republican voters, most democrats, most people don't want banks basically to be bailed out again. then he went on sort of like, convoluted explanation which showed he kind of didn't get it. what is interesting about john kasich, he worked for a bank. he worked for lehman brothers. trish: he worked for lehman. >> so did jeb, which was kind of odd that both -- trish: they weren't banker, bankers, that we know. they were sort of like the rainmakers that would help facilitate -- >> we should point out, i thinks, was there in for a long time. there for four years. jeb was there for two years. then he was at barclays. you would think based on being there and being smart you would have a bigger -- trish: money going away from jeb and going to rubio? >> i think it is hard to tell right now. right now jeb's people, if you talk to anthony, he is the best source on this, anthony scaramucci, a fox news coributor, on jeb bush
2:27 pm
campaign, i think they're right now trying to figure out where they go from here. i think they understand it will be a tough road going forward, while their guy did well, didn't do well enough. i think kasich for all intents and purposes, people i hearsay he's done. rubio among the establishment is -- trish: up-and-comer. >> i will say this about rubio, just because you win the establishment doesn't mean you will be president. this is weird election and weird republican electorate. different, not weird, different. trish: if you're part of the establishment, then you may actually see your chances go down. this is the past bush's problem initially. >> right. i wonder if rubio could ever appeal to the people that are going to vote for trump and carson? you see what i'm saying? trish: very good point. >> think about who might appeal to them the best. you know who it is going to be? got to be ted cruz. he appeals to both trump and carson. religious conservatives. tea party people.
2:28 pm
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trish: you are looking at pictures the. protesters. hundreds of them outside the debate. demanding that the minimum wage the race to $15 an hour. we asked the candidates their position on that. here is what they had to say. >> taxes too high, wages too high. we will not be able to compete against the world. i hate to say it, we have to leave it the way it is. >> particularly a problem in the black community. only 19.8% of black teenagers have a job. they are looking for one. that is because of those high wages. if you lowered lower those wages, that comes down.
2:33 pm
>> if i think it was the best way, i would be all for it. if you raise the minimum wage, you will make people more expensive than a machine. trish: joining me right now is john from the "wall street journal" and greg who knows pretty much first-hand. the ceo of hostess. he tried to cut wages and benefits to stay in business. the union objected to the whole thing. they went on strike and the company went under. the union, because they wanted those higher wages drove it out of business they are. good to have both of you guys here on set he had what is your reaction? >> the responses i heard make sense. very few of the people will say, oh, yeah, this is a great idea. you can have all the arguments about economics than that.
2:34 pm
does that displaced workers? i think ben carson made a great point. trish: entry-level jobs. you want to give the kid that is just starting out a shot. that job may not exist. >> at the end of the day, i hear democrats grow at the unemployment rate coming down. i look at our economy and i see this. and a lot of it has been around mcdonald's. those jobs are not career jobs. they were never intended to be career jobs. we have people into those jobs that have families to support. that structure does not work. that will not work to support a family. that is not what it was intended for. trish: the law of unintended consequences. it unfortunately comes into play here.
2:35 pm
we will raise wages across the board. we will mandate this or that. suddenly, the small business owner cannot afford to employ them anymore. you wind up with fewer people making money. >> i think that the law of physics applies here. there is no action that is not met with equal and opposite reaction. the minimum wage goes up. i look very carefully at this study that was done by the congressional budget office. if the government raise the federal minimum wage to $10 an hour, you end up with 500,000 fewer jobs. there would be millions of people that would be making more money with higher minimum wage. it would be at the expense of those half a million people that all of a sudden have no income at all. the other point that i would make here is when you raise the minimum wage, the idea is to help people in poverty.
2:36 pm
only 20% of people in poverty would benefit from this. one third of people who are in higher income families, you know, getting their first jobs would benefit. is that really what we want out of a policy like that. >> it comes back to this notion of free stuff. how do you win an election when the other side is saying we will give you this. we will give you that. we will make sure you make $15 an hour. as a voter, you may not be getting that that job exists. how do the republicans when in this kind of environment when they are up against things that the other guy is given out. >> i think that last night was a good step for these candidates to have a forum where they can talk about the differences of those plans that make sense. talking about minimum wage and raising minimum wage across the board, across the country, you
2:37 pm
are trying to fix a symptom. the problem with underemployment. no growth in the economy. too many people dependent. who has an economic plan that will lower the corporate tax rate. bringing money back home. and to invest in job growth. that is the answer. frankly, i think jeb bush can say 4% all he wants. there has to be something underneath that. they detail out. here is how i will drive the economy. >> we did. >> this is really the important point here. the question is, how can you get wages up? i found it interesting that trump said that wages were too high. i do not think that voters want to hear that wages are too high. the key ingredient here is economic growth.
2:38 pm
that is where i think republicans ought to be focusing. spelling out how they will generate more economic growth. >> we need more debates like we have last night. you need that conversation. americans are right. they are hungry for it. great to have you here. thank you. coming up next, jeb bush having a better performance last night. was it enough to give the campaign to boost it needs. >> excuse me. [applause] >> governor bush. >> i would like to comment. >> more questions coming up. more questioners for you governor kasich. >> i want to get my question. ♪ jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in. it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created.
2:39 pm
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2:41 pm
14%. hitting a 52 week low here today. cutting earnings outlook. on the other hand, amazon going. the stock up 2% on the day. a new all-time all time high with 675.96. that is the latest from the new york stock exchange. war trish regan after this. ♪ technology empowers us to achieve more.
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trish: welcome back, everyone. marco rubio making the connection between international security and economic security. take a look. >> i know that he is a committed isolationists. i am not. >> a trillion dollar expenditure. >> we cannot even have an economy if we are not safe. beheading people and crucifying christians. trying to get a nuclear weapons. chinese taking over the south china sea. yes, i believe the world is safer. no, i do not believe, i know that it is a safer and better place. trish: a standout moment for marco rubio. what does it mean for rand paul? joining me now is general maccormick and judy. good to have both of you here.
2:44 pm
i think, i think that this was a breakout moment where he made that link. he made the link about the importance of us seeing the success economically being based on us having strength. internationally. tying us together. >> i think it was great politically. ted cruz and donald trump came out and sided with marco rubio in that debate. the center of gravity in that party is for strong defense. i think rubio's next opportunity is he did not explain fully that you cannot budget the balance on the military. he got cut off better. i think he has a strong argument to make. >> he wants to take action to the budget. we have to be more disciplined here. we cannot spend this much money on our military given that we just do not have it. coming back to marco rubio's
2:45 pm
point, you do not have much of a country. you do not have a nation if you are not safe. i think that that is what will truly resonate here with a lot of republican voters. i do not know how rand paul continues in an isolationist kind of mode. let's face it, we are living in a very different world. is is t 1802. we do not have to wait for a shift to come over here and get us. >> a phenomenal job yesterday. trish: i appreciate that. >> as to your point, i think what rand paul was trying to do is take apart marco rubio's troubling map. he wants tax credit. he wants to fund the military. he wants to balance the budget. he wants a stronger defense.
2:46 pm
a balanced budget. rubio, he is so headed shoulders above everybody else. taking an attack on himself and turning it around and making it a net positive for himself. he is for a strong defense. he is pro- military. that is exactly what he needs to do. the premise is not about a strong military. it is faulty when talking about a balanced budget while spending extra money. >> when you look at that, let's keep in mind, a performance to all of this. you are up there as a candidate in the theater. you get it delivered. you have to project. i think that chris christie really came across as project name. personality, humor, substance. in that next ebay, you got a
2:47 pm
lot of that for marco rubio. jeb bush knows his stuff. it is harder for him to communicated on such a big platform. >> best example of somebody who has amazing skill in terms of presenting himself and interpreting a message. deflecting questions about himself. his record in new jersey is pretty indispensable. the second highest unemployment in the nation. he is masterful at turning this around and making this all about strong leadership did there is nobody better on that stage. except for marco rubio. trish: it has been economically extorting weight challenging there. still has not recovered from that entirely.
2:48 pm
taking on the teachers unions. doing so in a pretty pricey way. i will see you back in new york. good to have you here. we have some breaking news we want to get to. ben carson just moments ago was taking questions from the press. he also talks about his flat tax plan. how it would work with state and local taxes. we have an excerpt for you. >> i have looked at that. the reason that we have 50 states is because they have some degree. the federal government should not try to control them. if they have onerous tax policies, everyone should leave the state and moved to a different state. that is the way it is designed to work. >> we will hear more on this. they are taking questions in
2:49 pm
virginia. they have had a lot of questions about his past. his biography. we will continue to bring you the information on this. stay tuned. ♪ we live in a pick and choose world.
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trish: season two of strange inheritance is back tonight. full of all of these unusual stories. george washington's wallet and also a ghost town goldmine, here is a sneak peek. >> no. just the history i was interested in. you really could not manipulate.
2:53 pm
she would call your hand on it. >> joining me right now is jamie colby. good to have you here. i am so intrigued by the personal story that all of these objects provide. connecting to the families and these people. >> when people inherit something, there is bound to be a squabble. a viewer submission. people have been e-mailing us with their inheritance stories. a teenager befriended the wife of a prospector in goldfield the data. they were very active. even a special on their gold mining activities. their mind is all dried up at this point. he inherited it from her.
2:54 pm
she has family members. a big lawsuit over it. you will have to watch tonight to see whether or not he one. some of the -- you could tell now i know about gold mining to. [laughter] you know what, it is worth 100 times more than he could have ever imagined. he inherited a goldmine. that episode is great. i am really excited about the greatest guinness book of world records. you mentioned, look at that. putting the go pro inside. big mistake when i am behind the wheel. >> that is great. trish: we will be tuning in tonight. >> it is a lot of fun. jamie colby. make sure you do not miss it.
2:55 pm
strange inheritance. season two premieres tonight. fox business 9:00 p.m. eastern. it is veterans day. a day where we have fox business and around the country honor the thousands of men and women that serve our country each and every day. i asked the kennedys about america's connection to our military. and what needs to be done to improve it. >> americans connections have been increasingly fading. as a society, how do we restore that sense of duty, that sense of pride that was the hallmark of the greatest generation. >> we have not taken seriously the moral obligation, taking care of the veterans and to keep america's promise to the ones who kept their promise to america. >> the way to reconnect americans to the minute women in
2:56 pm
uniform is to first and foremost give them a commander in chief who respects the military. trish: all right. coming up next. my insight. my intel on last night's debate. ♪ : you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly
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. >> i thought that the moderators were great. i thought trish and sandra and gerry did a great job, i thought they asked good substantive questions. i thought they did a good job of controlling the banter back and forth. and i thought they did a wonderful job. a good format, great audienc and i felt great about how it went last night. >> thank you, governor christie. i felt really good about it, too. this is an honor, this is an honor to take part in all of it, i took the job very seriously. i wanted to make sure that we had the right kind of substantive questions there, for these candidates to really lay out their plans for the economy. jobs, taxes, trade --
3:00 pm
these are the things that are going to dictate our future. the size of government. entitlements, all of these topics are so important right now, and we got to it. we did it. and we couldn't be happier. i am very pleased and i think you all are, too. a good night all around, congrats to the entire intel team and fox business. liz claman, over to you. liz: trish, a job well done to you, the fox business team, "wall street journal" journalists, it was bangup, amazing, get to the markets here. what do you get when you mix red with green? a day kind of like today. stocks moving up and down, down for the moment. no real firm conviction, the dow jones industrials is getting lower, down about 43 points. but the s&p and the nasdaq straddling the green line on this veterans day. bond markets and banks are closed due to the holiday. no surprise trading that volumes are slightly below average. but there is definite convon


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