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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 11, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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i head to -- countdown. i head it to david and medical list. david: thank you, liz. why the fox business was great were issues that affect your lives and were front and center. we have karl rove and our own bret baier. melissa: on this veterans day we're taking a look at the crisis at the va we're now learning nearly $150 million was paid out in bonuses there amid all the scandals. david: some of the people that got the money deserved it the very least. [closing bell rings] we get to the stocks, slide the close on wall street. we see all red as a kay -- day. goldenedded bad but this lowest level in gold we've seen more than five years. bad day for the gold bugs. melissa: wow. while markets wait for tomorrow
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here is what he need to know. results on fox business were big success. cnn says no debate over fox business. moderators better than cnbc. "daily beast," fox debate earnings rave reviews. very nice. reince priebus, tweeting, that, cnbc, is how you run a debate. david: that's nice. melissa: debate shattering rates record for fox business network. 13 1/2 million tuned in. thank you so much. most watched live streaming event ever. beating nbc's super bowl this year. it was number one trending topic on twitter and top post on facebook. david: wow. here are some highlights just in case you missed it. take a look. >> if you think that mike huckabee won't be the kind of president who will cut back spending or chris christie or john kasich, wait until you see what hillary clinton will do to this country and how she will drown us in debt. >> you know who i respect if the
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democratic party, why i respect them, because they fight. >> we will have a wall. the wall will be built. the wall will be successful. >> thank you for not asking me what i said in the 10th grade. i appreciate that. [laughter]. >> we can't even have an economy if we're not safe. there are radical jihadists in the middle east beheading people and crucifying christians. >> all this has to be done and the citizens of this nation must tell a president fiorina get it done. we must take our government back. >> hillary clinton has said, that barack obama's policies get an a. really? >> if republicans join democrats as the party of amnesty, we will lose. >> i do not think we are any safer from bankruptcy court. as we go further and further into debt, we become less and less safe. melissa: lots ever memorable moments at republican debate. here to pick winners and losers, karl rove, former deputy chief of staff for president george w. bush. he is also a fox news contributor. who surprised you, karl?
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>> well, first of all, what was surprising how good the moderators were. they made the debate. they gave the candidates a chance to shine. i think four of them did particularly well, marco rubio, ted cruz, carly fiorina in the main event. ted christie in the preliminary event. i think for different reasons both jeb bush and ben carson did, what they needed to do last night. they weren't as effective as the first four but they both achieved what they needed to do last night. and went on from there. my sense is, bobby jindal and john kasich, for different reasons didn't fare as well. jindal, you know, had the little sniping comments at chris christie who left them pass him by. kasich made good points but looked petulent and angry trying to barge into the conversation last night. that is not a good impression to leave. the big loser of the night was donald trump. melissa: why? >> well, because first of all we
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know he can entertain. last night he didn't have very good moments. he got his lunch handed to him by jeb bush i think on the immigration question. and then the takedown of the night was that exchange on china. there is trump, rattling on how this deal is terrible, china will come in through the back door and do whatever they do, rand paul takes him down with one line, maybe we ought to remember, china is not part of this deal. melissa: i'm surprised we haven't heard more people talking about that today. that seemed like a big moment. i don't feel like i mentioned much today. why do you think he handed his lunch on immigration? that is always his tack all along? even if you don't agree with him, that answer has been working for him? >> look, last night proved you needed to raise your game. marco rubio did great because he was visionary and specific when it was needed. what new did we hear donald trump say last night? it was same old formulation, same kind of words.
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he had a good line last night he used before, which is, we're either have a country or we don't. and it was a good line. i don't disparage that but it wasn't new. and we heard nothing more about, how are you going to build the wall? what is it going to cost. he got a little bit conflicted last night in two instances. first he said we'll run all the people out of the country and they will come back. melissa: let me ask you, because i don't want to run out of time and your wisdom is so important on this issue. who do you think can beat hillary clinton? as republicans were watching last night, that was top of mine, not who is your favorite person. we know who we're facing. who can actually beat her turnout of votes in the general, who do you think. >> look, we don't know. melissa: you must know? >> the debate tells us something. when you start getting into the combat of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina and nevada and march 1st and march 8th and march 15th primaries there will be end of
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march before we have a scenes how the people can comport themselves under terrible strain of campaign. we got a good sense who can handle themselves on a stage last night with eight candidates or four candidates. even that is a little bit misleading, like more of a news conference than it's a debate. going up hillary clinton is mano-a-mano. melissa: more standing on issues they can appeal to across the board being enough in right position for the republicans they can do the turnout. >> absolutely. melissa: you have to have a really good sense. who are three people you think could beat hillary possibly? >> i think we saw last night a number of people capable of doing it, my sense will be, try to do this reverse alphabetical order so i don't offend anybody. melissa: okay. >> i would say marco rubio, ted cruz, chris christie, jeb bush.
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they would have rigors to handle a long campaign. there may be others. carly fiorina may be able to do it. i'm dubious about donald trump. he is not growing in the debates. he is simply standing pat. while ben carson did what he needed to do last night, i still think we need to see a little bit more of him -- he was not confident in dealing with economic questions but hit it out of the park dealing with personal attacks on biography. he was so strong on that donald trump, who has been beating him up about it, remained quiet about it. it was that strong. melissa: carl, thank you so much. appreciate it. david? david: some day karl will surprise the world, yeah, donald trump can do it. our debate was one of the top posts on facebook last night, it had the top streaming number of all debates thus far. the social media network providing key numbers who and what was trending the most. jo ling kent was watching all the online action. joins us with a breakdown. jo? >> social media was buzzing in the hours after the debate.
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facebook and fox business got all internal data what people were talking about. the candidates that resonated most on facebook started starteh benson, followed by donald trump, rand paul, ted cruz and carly fiorina. but the issues really did take the center stage here. more americans on facebook were talking about taxes during the debate, followed by immigration, minimum wage, jobs and health care. but there was a difference between men and women on facebook and how they responded to the candidates. senator rand paul came in first among the discussion among men whereas more women were talking about dr. ben carson. now we wanted to also look at the top moment on social media, on facebook last night. that was when senator rubio went after senator paul and they were discussing and arguing about the size of the u.s. military and how much the government should be spending. back to you. david: jo ling kent. thank you very much. melissa. melissa: candidates back on the campaign trail today, no rest.
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gop contenders back at work, but still taking time to respond to fox business's record debate. our very own peter barnes is in d.c. with the latest. peter? reporter: yeah, melissa, just mack from milwaukee myself. melissa: there you go. you're hard-working my friend. reporter: we had a great time last night. the candidates flew off to key early voting states to follow up on their debate performances. donald trump is in new hampshire today. bush, rubio, paul and christie in iowa. ben carson here in washington area and virginia. they all expressed appreciation for two debates heavy on policy questions. some had different reactions. the second one featured eight candidates in the highest in the polls. the reactions may have been whether they were in the second debate. >> i thought it was excellent. it was not about the moderators. it was actually about the candidates. and i hope it will set a new standard. and we actually dealt with
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substantive issues that are important to the people, not little gotcha stuff. not trying to create conflict. >> i think on the main stage, what you saw again, a lost interruptions, a lot of back and forth against each other. the fact is, differences between us on that stage, while real, are much, much less significant than the differences that we have with hillary clinton. and i think we've got to get a lot smarter how we focus our conversation going forward. reporter: governor christie was in which debate yesterday? melissa. melissa: oh, peter. reporter: no, they were all good. melissa: absolutely. peter, thank you. david? david: as you heard from jo ling, the fight over defense spending very popular on social media last night as marco rubio spoke about building up our military but rand paul, questioned how we would pay for it all. fox news's special report
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bret baier joining us with his take on that. melissa: tax reform was the number one issue at the debate, with at least one candidate saying he will bring an end to the irs all together if elected. is that what we need? i like the sound of that. david: certainly what a lot of us want. melissa: it's a start. david: on this veterans day we do honor the men and women who serve to protect our great nation. president obama using occasion to propose new reforms. we're live inside of the beltwa after this break. ♪ with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier. it's your idea powered by active trader pro. another way fidelity gives you a more powerful investing experience. call our specialists today to get up and running.
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4:15 pm
white house with details. kevin? reporter: melissa, good afternoon to you. you're right a moment to remember and thank quite frankly all the veterans that served this country on veterans day. for the president, that means an annual trip to the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery. to be frank while it is his seventh time the each time the moment is truly felt by everyone in attendance. veterans attended who felt the sacrifice and those who are still in harm's way. the president's message was simple we could do a better job serving those who served us so bravely. >> my message to every single veteran, to all veterans across the country. i'm still not satisfied, and bob mcdonald is still not satisfied. we'll keep investing in facility, the staff and physicians to make sure our veterans get the care you need when you need it. that is our obligation.
4:16 pm
we will never let up. reporter: as you point out, melissa, i think rightly so, the white house talked about a number of initiatives to unilaterally to help veterans among them, the one most paramount, the idea of ending homelessness among veterans a number of municipalities and virginia and new york doing hard to work to do just that the president talked about expanding jobs and education and opportunities for veterans. he quipped during the his message, if you want the job done right, hire a vet. very few people could argue with that. melissa: absolutely. kevin, thank you so much for that. david: back to the debate, the number of young people expected to vote in the presidential election is expected to grow. were the candidates hip enough to woo millenials? we have a millenial panel to answer that. americans in the midwest bracing for severe winter weather of all kinds. stay tuned for details from our
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david: some severe weather threatening up to 60 million americans. areas in the midwest bracing for snow, thunderstorms, even tornadoes there. fox news chief meet roll exist rick reichmuth with the -- meteorologist, rick reichmuth is there in the weather center. >> we get severe weather in the fall but usually farther to the south. because the warm air is toward the north this is where we're getting it. this potent system brought blizzard conditions across parts of colorado and snow across parts of nebraska but the front end of this is really warm. that is where we see weather. one tornado watch since 6:00 p.m. since i have been on the air they add another one. this expires my guess this will go well into the overnight hours as this line of storms pulse off towards the east. we have a lot of tornado warnings in this line of storms. one is headed towards the des moines area right now.
4:21 pm
if you're in anywhere in central iowa, be careful and on the alert towards eastern iowa throughout the afternoon. this is that bull's-eye for severe weather. we could see a little bit of it across parts of arkansas and louisiana and eastern texas through the overnight hours. look at the map. you see how warm it is in front of the system. behind it, 34 degrees in nebraska. 70 degrees in kansas city. the wind is whipping up across the area. wind advisories from the great lakes across parts of central plains. winds may be up to 70 miles an hour as the storm continues to pull off. show you one more thing. it will pull colder air in thursday or friday. parts of minnesota and parts of wisconsin, seeing snow. eventually colder air comes in, settles for central parts of appalachians where we see snow in the higher elevations there. david: our fox business hosts got out of minneapolis just
4:22 pm
ahead of the storm. rick, thank you. melissa: samsung heading into the world of virtual reality. the company's new headset gear vr is available for order in the u.s. the device is 99 bucks. david: that's not bad. melissa: david, that is very interesting. it is available online, at samsung, amazon, best buy, by the way. the gear vr kicks off rush of virtual reality headsets expected to launch next year. i'm not buying one because i will never see my son's eyes again. david: that is true. makes you seasick watching 3d movies. this would be intense version. i would still like to try it out. battle over military spending. rand paul going on offensive after marco rubio. fox news's bret baier is here to respond. melissa: highly anticipated second season of "strange inheritance" kicks off tonight. jamie colby joins us with what to expect. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts,
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melissa: it was the biggest night in fox business history. the republican debate shattering rating records for the network. 13.5 million viewers tuned in to see the candidates answer real questions about business. our very own blake burman is in milwaukee with all of the highlights.
4:27 pm
reporter: there was lots of areas of agreement last night among the republican presidential contenders. among them, how to cut tax, reducing regulations, getting rid of obamacare. there were also some areas of disagreement. among them immigration reform and military spending. on the issue of immigration reform john kasich got things started off challenging donald trump's plan and that is when ted cruz jumped in. the senator from texas challenged the way the issue was being framed by the media and to even posed a question for reporters. >> i will say the politics of it would be very, very different if a bunch of lawyers or bankers were crossing the rio grande. or if a bunch of people with journalism degrees were coming over and driving down the wages in the press. [laughter] [applause] reporter: later on in the night it was senators marco rubio an rand paul who got into the issue of military spending. paul talking about the cost of a potential rubio plan that has
4:28 pm
been floated in the recent days. rubio circled back around to keeping our country safe. >> i know that rand is a committed isolationist. i'm not. i believe the world is a stronger and better place when the united states is the strongest military power in the world. >> marco, marco, how is it conservative, how is it conservative to add a trillion dollar expenditure for the federal government that you're not paying for? how is it conservative to add a trillion dollars in military expenditures? you can not be a conservative if you're going to keep promoting new programs that you're not going to pay for. >> may i respond? [applause] we can't even have an economy if we're not safe. reporter: in the end the debate was widely lauded for sticking to issues and substance at the end of the day. what matters to the voters. donald trump even called the bate, elegant. melissa: i like that. [laughing] blake, thank you so much. david? david: hear to weigh in on
4:29 pm
winners and losers of the debate battles, bret baier, host of "special report" on fox news. bret, i saw the whole thing and i saw what rand said. he was making points against marco, but marco struck back. seemed he miss ad perfect opportunity, one example that $43 million gas station in afghanistan. talk about ways we can make the pentagon a little more efficient, this would be one of them. >> of course, yeah, david. there is a ton of fat in the pentagon budget. there is a ton of waste that we know across all of government but i think what you saw in that debate between rand paul and marco rubio was really indicative of a split in the party. and, you know rand paul on one side, which, very concerned about the spending, military spending. david: yeah. >> rubio on the other side where he is kind of looking at it like building up the military in a reaganesque kind of way in the wake of threats around the world.
4:30 pm
david: right. and of course he was, rand was striking back, saying it is conservative to do what i'm doing, to think every branch of government could save money. let's move on to another candidate, chris christie. of course he was in the first debate. he didn't make it into the second one but from my perspective he really shown out and he picked one issue i don't think any other candidate picked as well as he did. that's crime. let's get a sound bite and get your reaction. >> i tell you the thing that disturbs me most what is going on with the democratic party in washington, that they're not standing behind our police officers across this country. [applause] they're allowing lawlessness, they're allowing lawlessness to reign in this country. i spent seven years of my life in law enforcement. all 700,000 should note tonight, when president christie is in the oval office, i will have your back. david: bret, i think that is really smart. he picked an issue i think democrats are very vulnerable
4:31 pm
with the "black lives matter" movement right now and unwillingness to back that movement up. wait a minute you guys go over the line in some instances. >> no, you're exactly right. look at democratic primary, martin o'malley said all lives matter and apologizing for that. this is wedge issue built for republicans. and chris christie hopped on that. i will say, david, christie really in the first debate, almost every answer distinguished himself from hillary clinton, rather than from the other candidates. david: that's right. >> from the other candidates on the stage. jeb bush tried to do that a little bit later. that will be formula going forward as there is hunger for the gop electorate to start making contrast to hillary clinton, eventual democratic nominee. david: absolutely. bret baier, great to hear your perspective. thank you, bret. >> see you. melissa: one thing candidates agreed on the debate, something has to be done about the broken tax system.
4:32 pm
but they couldn't quite agree on the fix. >> there are more words in the irs code than there in the bible, and not a one of them is as good. >> when you balance the budget and cut taxes people get work. >> innovation and entrepreneurship is crushed by the crushing load of a 73,000 page tax code. we need to get to a three-page tax code, and yes, that plan exist. >> each one of those tax plans is better than the mess that we have right now. melissa: here with their take on who said it best, katie pavlich, news editor and fox news contributor. sabrina schaefer independent women's forum executive director, and byron york from the washington examiner. thank you all for joining us. byron, who is winning on the tax code? >> actually i don't think anyone really won on the tax code issue. it was talked a lot about a lot. the word taxes was used 120 times in the debate.
4:33 pm
most in very biggest picture are kind of same. reduce individual tax rates. some zero to a bottom. some a little bit from the bottom. they would reduce corporate tax rates. melissa: wait, byron, i have to stop you there. there is a lot of really dramatic plans on the tax code. if you look at rand paul and ted cruz, they are talking about going to a vat tax instead. you look at huckabee's plan. marco rubio's plan. he talks about he doesn't lower individual rate that much but does a ton for s-corp and sole proprietors. in terms of growth, marco rubio scores the highest. there is a lot of bold plans in there. >> there are a lot of bold plans, but they don't differ hugely from one another. they differ hugely from what democrats would say. there is controversy, for example, over ted cruz's plan. people worried adding a vat tax would be bad idea if you don't eliminate enough taxes in other areas. so yeah, there are some areas of disagreement. but in the broadest areas i think they're somewhat similar. melissa: hmmm.
4:34 pm
katie, what was your take on this? and was there enough spending cuts to match that? i hate it when people talk about cutting taxes and shrinking the tax code, which is important without matching it with cutting spending? >> that's one thing that, you know, as many people thought john kasich did a poor job last night, that is one thing he did bring up during the debate. look you can talk about changing tax code all you want, but my plan is only one that actually balances budget. you can't talk about cutting taxes unless you talk about where the spending is going to go, and money that will fill those voids. common element we have here is fairness. i think everyone can agree that 70,000 page tax code is insane. it's unfair. all of the plans, despite their differences have fairness component in mind. people having skin in the game and being able to wrap their brain around how our tax system even works. melissa: yeah.
4:35 pm
is a breen now, how do you win with voters on this one? do you do something like carly fiorina, i cut it down to three pages and i cut it for corporations? do you sort of drown people in detail which you're supposed to have, but at the same time, for voters sometimes it's too much unfortunately? >> it absolutely is. it was kind of funny, like sputnik type tax race to the top. who could have more dramatic plan. as katie said there are two sides of the ledger. i didn't hear much about reigning in progressive state. christie is big on reining in our entitlement programs. to your point, so much about the debates that is important about sort of fashioning these people as human beings, not just potential presidents. i think people are going to get lost in what an s-corp tax is or what a payroll taxes are. people need to feel, we need to be able to bring it back down to the kitchen table level. so far i think candidates are doing sort of a solid b in that area.
4:36 pm
they have a little work to do. melissa: although maybe trump won, because he said anybody on this stage, their tax plan is better than mess we have and what the other side is proposing. if you believe in lower tax, smaller government, less spending, everybody on the stage had better plan than everybody on other side. guys, thank you so much. >> thanks. melissa: stay tuned to fox business. catch donald trump on "mornings with maria," that is tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. i'm sure he will say some of those things again. anybody's plan here is better than theirs. david: we'll be watching. more trouble for the va they talked a little bit it last night. candidates slamming the system at the fox business debate. we have details coming up. millions of dollars in bonuses were given out at the va despite scandals last year and those bonuses specifically went to people embroiled in the scandals. details coming next about that s sure thing, right? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with, i'd steer clear.
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they come into this iworld ugly and messy. ideas are frightening because they threaten what is known. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile.
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but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right >> barack obama hasn't stood behind our men and women here at home because he hasn't stood
4:40 pm
behind them overseas. >> we've not taken seriously the moral, not monetary, the moral obligation to take care of veterans and to keep america's promise to the ones who kept their promise to america. [applause] melissa: problems still plaguing the va according to new report. the va handed out $142 million in performance bonuses, one year after reports surfaced extended wait times for veterans trying to get medical attention, some dying before getting any attention at all? here with the details, is fox news's doug mckelway from d.c. doug? reporter: hey, melissa. if the va needed anymore embarassment, last week two high-ranking officials at department of veterans affairs pleaded the fifth rather than testify before a senate committee about an alleged scheme which they raked more than 400,000-dollar taxpayer-funded relocation benefits.
4:41 pm
i.g. report recommended criminal prosecution against the two. that is one problem that continues to plague the agency. the two central figures in the original wait time scandal remain to this very day on paid leave, 18 months after the scandal broke. in addition, october 15th, 2015 i.g. report seven morphine nix area veterans died after delayed treatment and lapses in medical care. the va hasn't successfully fired a single phoenix employee for wait time manipulation. this morning, va secretary bob mcdonald said va made under his leadership. >> our average wait times are down to five days for specialty care, four days for primary care, three days for mental health care but we still have opportunities. reporter: mcdonald says he continues to apply private sector solutions to troubled agency. some are questioning whether they are working citing va construction projects routinely come in hundreds of millions of dollars overbudget and years
4:42 pm
behind schedule. "usa today" is reporting that va handed out $142 million in performance bonuses in 2014 as the scandals were breaking. melissa? melissa: wow, doug, thank you so much. david: now, katie pavlich, political reporter and pete hegseth, concerned veterans for america. both fox news contributors. they're addressing problems, certainly glad bit. on the other hand the bonuses are outrageous. they went exactly to the wrong people. there is one program in denver a billion dollars overbudget. it is way overdue. and that particular project, they were handing out bonuses. what is going on? >> that's right. they're not actually addressing the problems. they speak the language of accountability but no one is held accountable. think about the phoenix scandal. bob mcdonald,
4:43 pm
"washington post" gave him four pinocchios are pating for care. david: katie, some people are being held accountable. you still have outrage just bonus an still comments from hillary clinton saying the stuff is overblown. it is not overblown. these examples in "usa today" are very specific. >> no. this is a disgrace. pete is absolutely right, when he says this initiative is not being addressed. we're hearing a lot of talk both from va officials and from congress quite frankly. this is an issue of a culture of corruption inside of the va that will the not be changed until congress gets its act together and takes on the issue of firing federal employees. a story in the "new york post" saying easier to pay the people off, we see at va, even though people are dying, than to fire them. when you don't fire people, to hold them accountable. david: always easier to pay our
4:44 pm
money. they have all the money they want. they dig into the treasury. pull it out and throw it up. pete, i want to mention one thing. there are some va facilities that are terrific. my son goes to one. i know doctors at others that are very well-run. it is not the whole system that's bad. it is the top brass. it is the bureaucracy. it is the bureaucratic element of this program that really stinks. that is where the waste and fraud is taking place. am i wrong? >> that's right. a government agency attempting to run a health care system. and as a result there is lot of impediments between veteran trying to seek care and actual hospital examining room. it is middle management. it is bureaucracy, wait times, delays. that is the big problem. a lot of wonderful people work at va. we know that. if you're waiting 60 days for an appointment, that is not good care. that is really, really bad care. david: some start in the bureaucracy. >> that important to point out. david: the stuff that is really messed up.
4:45 pm
that is what we have to attack. that's where most of the money goes. quickly, katie. >> these people are being paid for bad behavior. david: exactly. >> getting paid bonuses when this was breaking. a year later wait times are better. they're getting paid for bad behavior. it is congress's job to change mentality. david: you don't incentivize bad behavior. great discussion. appreciate it. melissa. melissa: he was father of the country. the face on the one dollar bill. he is at the center of one of the strangest inheritances jamie colby comes across. george washington's wallet. one of four brand new "strange inheritance" stories premiering tonight on the fox business network. joining us our very own jamie colby. what is the story behind the wallet? i love that. >> this is the wallet. we had it authenticated. it increased in value. it is in a family unrelated to george washington. but they acquired it over 100 years ago. they will not part with it, even though they could make quite a pretty penny.
4:46 pm
melissa: wow! >> elderly woman. she loaned it to a museum where it was stoleen. she had only $500 for reward. one. four stories. she got it back and give it to the museum. melissa: what if that is crazy. >> i couldn't get close. we got it out of the case. i saw how it was authenticated. yes, george washington, one of our first veterans, an amazing piece of history. melissa: wow that is amazing. we zoo that tonight. what else do you have? >> i am driving tanks. i hate to brag. not everybody can say they did that this show allows me to do that. they put the go pro-inside. my drive something not so sturdy. i also got to fire a cannon. this is frontier for the in texas. two viewers wrote us in about this one. we put inheritances together with one episode.
4:47 pm
a gun collection and frontier port where general lee and picket -- i am operating the win. of a gold mine. a teenager inherited a gold mine. we tested the gold in abandoned mine he inherited. it is actually a gold mine. it is worth a gold mine. melissa: amazing. i can't wait to watch it. i'm a huge fan. >> i know you are. melissa: i'm all set. >> now what he it is, melissa? tonight is night for whole family. we have only known photograph of shoeless joe jackson. you have to see it to believe it. melissa: make sure you tune into the season premier of "strange inheritance." roll the prompter up for me, fox business network at 9:00 p.m. david: we will be watching. from sea to shining say the fight for 15 bucks an hour, ending up outside of fox business republican debate. how millenials look at the debate. also victoria secret's
4:48 pm
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david: toth annual victoria secret fashion show set to air 185 countries december 8th. i know that is on everybody's calendar. four are paid on forbes highest paid model list. combined they earn 50 million bucks. not bad, ladies. melissa: presidential hopefuls for everyone at the debate, ranging from tax plans. did they have something for millenials? harvard ip poll, number one issue young voters want to hear about is the economy. economic concerns may differ from those of older counterparts. here with their take. catherine tim f fox news contributor.
4:52 pm
tell me how to say your name krebsly i apologize. >> don't worry. katie mcinamerican any. mcnerney. melissa: they're looking for more tough on the economy but about what? did they hear what they wanted last night? i don't think so. there is disconnect. 36% of eligible voters are millenials. you listened to the debate last night, to my recollection one person mentioned young people. that was ben carson with reference to the minimum wage. young people tune in. they want to hear one thing, want to hear jobs. millenials come out of college cat strophic debt load. they want to here a message from the repuicans. >> i heard a lot of people talk about jobs, specifically marco rubio. he mentioned idea robots are coming and replacing a lot of workers in the economy this is exactly what the fight about the minimum wage is about.
4:53 pm
the idea if you raise wages higher you will drive more into automation. in fact donald trump mentioned the same thing. he said the quote people are hearing all day long, wages are too high. so they did address this but was it in a way that millenials heard? maybe not? >> they didn't specifically mention millenials. and millenial or not, the argument is same, yes you can be replaced by machines. no you might not have the chance at entry level job which is kind of job millenials will look right out of college. if you're more expensive to be hired, someone will be less likely to take a chance on you, especially if you're less experienced. you lose out on opportunity to work your way up. that is something that i know. that is not something they mentioned specifically. i don't know if they need to or should but they should, when i think about it, it is really kind of hard to argue against giving people more money. it sound really great on the surface if you don't explain it a little bit. melissa: meanwhile protesters fighting for higher minimum wage outside of a theater in
4:54 pm
milwaukee last night, didn't get the answer they wanted from candidates. listen. >> so do not raise the minimum wage? >> i would not raise the minimum. >> sir, just to be clear, you would not raise it? >> i would not raise it. >> if you raise the minimum wage you will make people more expensive than a machine. that means all the automation replacing jobs and people right now will only be accelerated. melissa: okay, so did they get it right? caylee, what do you think? >> ben carson got it right, when ben carson spoke about the minimum wage, he said it specifically, you know who this will hurt, african-american young person who will hurt. look at germany where there is no minimum wage, they have the lowest youth unemployment of any country. the facts are there. the facts are on republican side. they need to couch it in terms relatable to young people. it's a victory for them, solid victory if they do. melissa: katherine, what do you think of that. >> i agree.
4:55 pm
it is logical you will not hire same amount of people if you have to pay them more money, if you pay them a little less money to let them work their way up. it seems obvious if you think about it. a lot people don't think about it. they can't get past the idea why do you want people to get more money? republicans don't care if people are poor. republicans hate poor people. for some reason people are able to get away with that narrative even though it is ridiculous. kind of explaining with examples of people who it is hurting like carson did, is really what republicans need to be doing. melissa: others made report, not having minimum wage job. it is about entrepreneurship. learning that career you're not making minimum wage. you're doing better than that. we appreciate it. david? david: why all the stats about the military budget we heard last night, really didn't add up our disciplined investment approach remains. we ask questions here. look for risks there. and search for opportunity everywhere.
4:56 pm
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david: military budget as if it was abstract economical class. for a lot of us, particularly here at fox, it is not abstract. it is very real particularly on this veterans day. my own son recently wrote us why he has been a marine for six teen years. he keeps coming back to 9/11. here is what he said. i'm quoting him. that day was more than a news day. for some marines it was a calling to make a sacrifice. for others it was deliberate decision to make positive impact how this country responds. it reminds us why what we do is so important. why what we stand for is important. and how we live our lives is important. and how we remember and pray for those vets on this veterans day is important as well. proud of that boy. >> i was going to say you must be so proud. david: a lot of people at fox, have a lot of people in the military. you hear all these figures bandied about about money and overruns and the way the pentagon spent. it call comes down to individuals, to individuals.
5:00 pm
that is who we have to focus on this veterans day. >> absolutely. on this day we're so grateful to everyone who keeps us safe and secures our freedom. thank you. david: we're grateful to you for watching the debate by the way. >> that's right. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> is this comic book version of presidential campaign? >> why not slow down, get a few more things done first. >> in terms of all of that, your board fired you. >> why would you serve on a company whose policies seemed to run counter to your views on homosexuality. >> nobody watching at home believes that any of the moderators had any intention of voting in a republican primary. >> democrats have ultimate super-pac. all the mainstream media. >> i'm wearing a trump tie tonight. get over that one, okay? >> you want to answer or you want to answer? even in new jersey what you're doing is called rude. >> moderators why awful.


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