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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 11, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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"strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. les: corny, i'll take . >> i think rubio won. charles: we all won, thank you for watching every night 6:00 p.m., if you can't see the show, dvr it. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. republican presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail tonight after giving it their all in the first ever fox business network presidential debate in milwaukee last night. tonight, we go over the winners and losers as best we can choose them. candidates debating how to improve the economy, create jobs. last night's debate certainly illuminating major differences on a host of issues including illegal immigration, voters getting a chance to see how republican hopefuls including jeb bush and governor john kasich would do on the issue of
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illegal immigration while donald trump and senator ted cruz followed a different direction. we'll show you that clash among the candidates. also tonight, a teacher has resigned after she was caught on video blocking a student journalist at the university of missouri from taking pictures during demonstrations. >> can i talk now is. >> no, you need to get out. you need to get out. >> no, i don't. >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? i need some muscle over here! >> wow. it turns out she's a professor in journalism. we take up what's happened to freedom of speech at the university of missouri and radical rule and are the liberal mobs on campuses going to have their ways across the country. we're going to talk with among others fox's juan williams here in just moments. and president obama today
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spending much of his day saluting the men and women who have served in this country's armed services on this veterans day, but there's still a lot of concern over what his administration is doing to head off the many threats facing those who are now in uniform. fox news white house correspondent kevin corke has our report. >> reporter: in laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns, president obama paused to remember and thank those who service the country we honor this veterans day. >> what has always made america great, what has always made us exceptional are the patriots who generation after generation dedicate themselves to building a nation that is stronger, freer, a little more perfect. >> reporter: even as the president saluted the troops, his administration's convoluted strategy to fighting isis in syria is facing renewed criticism from members of his
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own party. >> the problem is we don't have a comprehensive strategy. >> reporter: it's more than the loss of blood and treasure, it's the apparent lack of direction. the administration now on third strategic approach to solving the problem, watching syrian rebels take the fight to isis and the assad regime hasn't worked, neither has the plan to train and equip syrian fighters despite a cost of 50 million dollars. now the pentagon is sending a cadre of 50 operations forces to advise and assist. in an editorial dubbed plan c usa today says -- . >> i don't think it's a strategy that will work long-term. i think isil is a grave threat to the region. >> reporter: instability punctuated by increasing attacks by rush wra on the syrian rebels that washington has armed. this as a russian proposal tend to the crisis has been rejected by syrian opposition leaders. meanwhile secretary of state
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john kerry and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu met today ahead of kerry's major policy speech on syria set to take place tomorrow. gop lawmakers believe it should include more u.s. boots on the ground, something the president has vowed to avoid. >> we don't hit them there, they're coming here, how many times do they have to say we want to kill you before we take them serious? >> reporter: the next steps in the president's combined diplomatic military approach is in the speech by secretary kerry. what the white house is betting on kerry will push a cease-fire in syria and peaceful transition of power for the assad regime. a long bed indeed. lou? lou: a long and difficult certainly bet, and i suspect the odds are certainly against. kevin corke from the white house, thank you very much. during the president's veterans day remarks today, the president said he was, quote,
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still not satisfied with the scandal ridden department of veterans affairs. that's likely because the veterans administration is still sparking plenty of taxpayer outrage. a new report today finds the va paid out more than $142 million in bonuses last year, despite those scandals, including falsified wait times and their contribution to the deaths of some of our veterans. among those receiving bonuses, a philadelphia benefits office that investigators dubbed the very worst in the country, yes, last year. and the va gave out thousands of dollars to executives who manage construction of a facility in denver. that was years overdue in its construction, and more than a billion dollars over budget. republican presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail after their debate last night that largely
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focused on economic issues and certainly avoided personal attacks between either the moderators or the candidates themselves. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron was in milwaukee, wisconsin and has our report. >> reporter: the debate ended at 11:17 p.m. eastern time and at 8:30 this morning donald trump was in new hampshire beaming about his performance. >> we started off with 17 and one by one by one they're disappearing. disappearing. it's a beautiful thing to watch as they go out. >> reporter: ben carson who spearheaded debate reforms was pleased. >> i thought it was excellent. it was not about the moderators. it was actually about the candidates, and i hope it will set a new standard. >> reporter: at once skewering the media and hillary clinton some said carson had the best line of the night. >> i have no problem being vetted. what i have a problem with is
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being lied about, and putting that out there as truth. when i look at somebody like hillary clinton, who sits there and tells her daughter and a government official that, no, this was a terrorist attack, and tells everybody else that it was a video. where i came from, they call that a lie. >> reporter: on immigration, ted cruz joined trump against amnesty while jeb bush and john kasich argued mass deportation won't work. >> a country of laws and have to go out and come back, but they have to go out and hopefully come back. >> we all know you can't ship them back across the border. >> they're doing high fives in the clinton campaign when they hear this. >> we're tired of being told it's anti-immigrant. it's offensive. >> reporter: bush, cruz, carly fiorina and marco rubio clashed with trump and rand paul on military spending and foreign policy. >> we have to decide what is conservative and what isn't conservative.
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is it fiscally conservative to have a trillion dollar expenditure? i know that vand a committed isolationist, i'm not. >> we can't continue to be the policemen of the world. >> donald is wrong on this, we're not going to be the world's policeman but better be the world's leader. >> reporter: fiorina who's been dropping in the polls got audience support courtesy of mr. trump. >> i can finish with my time? why does she keep interrupting everybody. look, terrible. >> i'd like to finish my response basically. >> reporter: on the domestic economy, kasich got a strong reaction for saying he would bail out banks to help certain depositors. >> as an executive i would figure out how to separate those people who can afford it versus those people who are the hard working folks who put money in the institutions. no, no, say another thing. >> reporter: rubio had one of the memorable lines of the
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night on job training. >> welders make more money than philosophers. >> reporter: hoping to build on momentum last night, ted cruz brought his campaign to new hampshire for veterans day, going after hillary clinton for her offensive dismissal of the mismanagement of veterans administration, and casting himself as the true anti-amnesty conservative in the race against virtually all the other candidates. carl cameron, fox news. lou: actually turns out that senator rubio had that wrong, philosophers make more than welders, according to the "wall street journal," undergraduates do make more money than welders, but welders make a pretty good living in the country. here's what some in the media are saying about their perceived winners and losers of last night's debate. the "wall street journal" itself reporting on an online poll that found donald trump, marco rubio winning the gop debate. the hill publication, rubio, cruz have strong performances
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that seem more like an assessment than any quantitative measure, and "politico," kasich faces conservative backlash over debate performance. that was pretty obvious in the room. if i may say. we're coming right back with much more, don't miss a thing. stay with us. who won the fourth republican presidential debate? who lost? and what are the large donors behind the candidates thinking? here to tell us which candidates are building momentum, chris plante and betsy woodruff next. milwaukee was not only the site of the presidential debate and what a great city it is, it was also the site of anti-law enforcement demonstrations and also the site of anti-american demonstrations. and their attempt to set fire to the american flag, well, it backfired. and you have to see what happened for yourself. particularly on this day we honor and salute our nation's
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your credit score is 650. that's magic! no, that's credit you get so much more than a free credit score so do more with your score at credit . lou: i want to tell you the republican debates on the fox business network last night were a huge success. the first debate averaged almost 5 million viewers during
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the 7:00 hour, setting a record. and the second debate had 13.5 million viewers at 9:00 p.m. eastern, making yesterday, this network's highest watched day in its history, and we want to thank you for joining us for the debate and being with us tonight as well. joining me the host of the chris plante show on wmal, chris plante, and politics reporter at the daily beast, betsy woodruff. good to have you both here. let me do this, first i want your impression of the debate and whether you see or saw someone step out in such a way as to change your mind who was doing best in this campaign to this point. betsy, you first? >> i thought the candidate who had the most interesting night, maybe not the best was rand paul. and i don't expect to see his numbers change, i think he stood out because he was so energetic and impassions and excited about not raising military spending.
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that's not an issue that's going to win him the republican primary but excited some of the libertarians who love him, and he's having fun, usually he's looked like he's bummed out during the course of the campaign. i think that was good news for him. lou: chris? >> well, in the macrosense, you know, i think all the candidates did well. i think it was a great debate. i think it was very refreshing to have moderator asks serious questions and behave as adults, it was like alister cook does a debate, should have been a cellist in the corner, it was serious stuff, weighty, hefty, it was real. and everybody except perhaps john kasich had a good night. john kasich had a particularly bad night. jeb bush fairly mediocre night, couple of big whiffs by him. marco rubio had a very good night. ted cruz misnaming five
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government departments and repeated the commerce department once, honestly, i think it was very refreshing. i was proud to be an american last night. and that hasn't happened during the last couple of debates, that's for sure. lou: interesting point, because being there in milwaukee in the milwaukee theatre, having an opportunity to see some of the debate in the room itself, the crowd was with these candidates, now admittedly, they were obviously partisans, but there was an elevated sense of participation, i thought, and i thought there was a -- i felt better leaving milwaukee than i felt when i got there. i think that the republican party has put together -- and i had a chance to tell this to the rnc chairman, who he hasn't heard this from me before, they think this group of candidates is really quite remarkable. you know, it's interesting, betsy, i agree with you. i think that rand paul had a very good night. he made some important
11:18 pm
statements and he called out trump for example on china. he made his case, and i think the fact that the debate was organized around a minute and a half answers gave the candidates a few times some of them wished they had about 30 secos rather than 90, but i think for the most part it gave us a real chance to hear what they're thinking. the issue they thought was most astounding is to listen to jeb bush and john kasich, basically say, you know, we're about amnesty did. that surprise you, betsy? >> not particularly. this is where jeb's at on the issue, if you read his books an easy read, he details on a granular level why he feels the way he does about immigration. i don't know about the difference the way jeb talked about it and kasich talked about it. kasich was overly negative. he said you can't get rid of the people. that's not grown-up. he was just critical, jeb was like this doesn't happen.
11:19 pm
lou: there's a lot in the book he doesn't admit to on the debate stage. the reality is that they both pandered to such a degree before a partisan audience. i thought it was breathtaking, and again, chris, donald trump schooled everybody on the fact that this country has removed illegal immigrants before en masse. i think there were people who actually looked visibly shocked by his statements. >> well, yeah, it was an interesting approach to take, talking about eisenhower and deportation of a millionaire. lou: he said everybody liked ike, like ike. >> he blazes the trail everywhere he goes, donald trump, no doubt about that. you mentioned talking to reince priebus, i think reince priebus had a good night last night. he's been getting beat up for a
11:20 pm
lot of things and perhaps rightly so. things came off as you want them to come off and should get credit if he gets blamed when things go badly. and the press, which you enjoyed also, the wi-fi, the rnc made the password for the press, stop hillary, and wanted to get onto the internet wireless. that's amusing, funny, should get a couple of points nar. lou: and i think you're exactly right. priebus should get a lot of credit for last night because of the candidates, the strength, they're getting stronger with each debate, with each month that passes. he's done very well, and by the way, it's his stomping grounds as you know, wisconsin. quite an evening for the chairman. chris plante, betsy woodruff, as always, great to see you both. >> sure thing. lou: be sure to vote in the poll tonight did any candidates' performance change your mind who you would
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consider voting for? we'd like to hear from you -- make sure to follow me on social media follow us on twitter at lou dobbs news, go to our facebook page -- . everything found at, we want to thank you, the viewers, for tweeting and commenting on my posts from milwaukee. i have a couple more behind the scenes pictures from milwaukee we're posting, so be sure to follow me on twitter and instagram and facebook and everything else for crying out loud. get involved in the show. tweet me during the show using the hashtag dobbs and let us know what you're thinking. milwaukee police, i want to say before we go into this last night, what we witnessed last night at debate, with everything else going owas tremendous security, and this
11:22 pm
war on law enforcement needs to really stop, and i hope the president takes steps, because that debate, an exercise of our political rights and our free speech could not happen without our men and women in law enforcement in milwaukee and around the count reassuring the security of the candidates and everyone participating. thanks to all the law enforcement officers in milwaukee for doing such a great job. now milwaukee police took a moment after a night of debate protests to reestablish respect for the american flag. the officers gave old glory a proper sendoff after had it been burned and torn by a demonstrator, outside the theater where the debate was taking place. this video of the flag ceremony where the officers respectfully folded and saluted the flag garnered hundreds of thousands
11:23 pm
of views on social media and our eternal thanks. up next, a few thoughts on something the republican party should go out of its way to highlight in this election cycle in my opinion. and the european union slowly but surely coming around to the importance of protecting their borders and protecting their nations in the face of an illegal immigration and refugee crisis that has hundreds of thousands of people crossing their borders illegally. we're coming right back with the latest. stay with us. attention americans eligible for medicare.
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11:28 pm
on the diverse field of candidates. i'm not talking about just about racial or ethnic diversity. there is plenty of that, rubio and cruz of cuban decent, carson, african-american, and jindal, the grandson of a coal miner, kasich, the son of a firefighter, huckabee himself an ordained minister. and fiorina started out a secretary and ended up ceo. paul an ophthalmologist, trump a billionaire businessman, he's also a reality tv star but a lot more than that. he's diverse all by himself. three sitting governor, christie, jindal, kasich, senators, paul, rubio and cruz, and represent broad thinking philosophy. unafraid to debate third rail. have you noticed that this year? people are talking about social security entitlements, they're talking about the tough stuff,
11:29 pm
and guess what they're not talking about, did you notice what they're not talking about? they're not talking about abortion, they're not talking about gay marriage, they're not talking about because they don't have to, the second amendment. this is a fascinating year. it is i think pivotal for the republican party, taking on border security, so-called free trade. reforming social security, tax reform, illegal immigration, talking about race, civil rights and civil order. they're talking straight about many of the contradictions and the conflicts in our foreign policy. insisting on making sense of a global war on terror and the madness of this government through several administrations of not naming the enemy. radical islamist. fighting a global war but somehow leaving our ports and our borders undefended, unsecured and wide open. now we should all take note. this is a republican field that
11:30 pm
is leading change in the republican party. recognizing the changes in this country and the gop establishment as i will tell you, reeling, they're unsure of what to make of it all. multibillionaire charles koch deciding not to back a candidate in the primaries. he'll wait until the general election to support the nominee or perhaps not at all. but the republican field this time is different. it's heterogenous, it is diverse in so many ways, sparking great interest, even enthusiasm, certainly among republicans. i wish you could all have been in the milwaukee theatre as the candidates took on one another and the issues. i think as most of us now recognize, ours is a society and economy out of balance, even out of whack, and unlikely to get better quickly. it certainly won't happen on its own. these final moments and months and this final year of the obama administration a perilous
11:31 pm
period for us all, should be of considerable comfort to all that we have a political party that recognizes those imbalance in society, the imbalance of our economy. the republican candidates, and i say this to a person, understand the national interest and the necessity to meet head on, our challenges at home and abroad, insisting on governing the nation with energy, with reverence for our founding values, ideals and principles. i think that we're going to see all americans inspire. i think they are intent on restoring prosperity, assuring future generations of their birth rights as americans. i'm thrilled they're talking about it, they'll have to do far more about it. i'm thrilled the republicans put forward these candidates who reflect the diversity of our great nation, and offer us a diversity of choices for our next president. the republicans have, in my opinion, given us all reason to
11:32 pm
be encouraged as we prepare to meet the challenges that surely await this great nation. our quotation of the evening as we consider those challenges and who our leaders should be, and as we express on this day our thanks to the men and women who served in uniform, i would like to quote the reverend billy graham who said -- to our veterans tonight, thanks for stiffening our spines and saving all of our necks time and time again throughout our nation's history. thank you so much. we're coming right back. after the debate, the candidates taking their case to the voters, donald trump taking his directly to the battleground state of new hampshire. he has the lead. can he hold it? former white house chief of staff, former new hampshire governor john sununu with us here next.
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. lou: joining us now, former white house chief of staff under george h.w. bush, former new hampshire governor john sununu, also the author of the new book "the quiet man."
11:37 pm
good to see you. what did you think of the debate last night? >> i thought it was a great debate. we finally got serious discussion on issues, the moderators did a good job and the candidates all did a very exceptional job, in at least trying to define in a constructive way the differences among themselves. lou: and the clash particularly between most of the candidates, i'll put it that way, and kasich and bush who were intent it seemed on distancing themselves from trump and his call for deportation of 11 million immigrants. how do you think that went? >> well, you know, all those candidates, all the candidates are for sealing the border. and i think that's an important thing for everybody involved in the republican primary process. so that critical issue -- lou: can i interrupt you? can i interrupt you?
11:38 pm
such a thing was unthinkable in 2012 among the field of candidate that there be unanimity on that. this has been, if i may use the expression, a migration for the republican party in four years, almost four years. >> i think it started to happen about a year, year and a half ago, and i think that so that's a very important point to put on the table. i think what kasich and bush were talking about is the practicality of achieving what sounds like a great sound bite, and you know, people ought to at least examine in serious detail what point they were trying to make there. i really do think that across the board, though, all those candidates with the differences among them, at least started to define themselves to the republican voters, in a way that i don't think had been happening before. lou: i was struck by the candidates that one would have assumed, and charlie gasparino pointed this out.
11:39 pm
folks employed by banks including john kasich, seemed a little confused about the banking laws of the country and the impact. what was your reaction? >> well, look, that question is a hard one to answer in public. it's a hard one to answer in private. are you going to let the banks go down and destroy the value that all the depositors have there? that's a real tough issue. are you going to do what conservatives don't like and bail the banks out? in a real crisis, the real question is, is it just the case of one bank going under or is it one bank with all the other banks going to go under? and what do you is different in each case, and i think that would have been a better answer for the two candidates, for all the candidates. lou: i think the reality is, and one of the things i'm so excited about the field of candidates, they're talking about the tough questions, and i'm going to bet thought next
11:40 pm
debate, those republican candidates will have answers that make some sense and particularly those folks, bush and kasich, they're going to know what they're talking about the next time because we've got to have answers to those questions that's what the process is about is formulating a national consensus around answers that make sense to the most of us, to the majority in the country. >> it was a pivotal night i thought. and look, i think people pointed out rubio and cruz had their moments, and they did. i think the biggest net net winner contrary to a lot of folks' perception, the biggest net net winner was jeb who pulled himself back into the mix and being back in the mix and maybe the strength of his campaign can come to play there. was another interesting moment that nobody's talked about, after trump was kind of railing the tpp, china was getting away
11:41 pm
with murder and tpp, carly pointed out that china is not even part. lou: actually it was rand paul who pointed it out. >> was it rand? yeah, but the point is -- lou: who i thought had a better night than, if i may say, jeb bush. >> well, i think they all had good nights. lou: i've got a hard wrap coming here, we'll leave it as they all had a good night. can we do that? >> good night! [ laughter ]. lou: good to have you here. >> say good night, lou. lou: yes, sir. we've got something to add to your holiday wish list. take a look at this video of australian inventor flying over new york harbor with a what's called personal jet pack. there is an idea, folks. strapped to his back as jet packs are want to be, jet pack aviation is the company, they're the creators of the contraption, claim it can go up to 10 -- look at this, the statue of liberty. what a way to take a look at
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this big old town. he can go up to 10,000 feet in the air, at speeds up to 100 miles an hour. you talk about a quick tour of the big apple. not available commercially, as you might guess, it's under development and its on its way, we'll keep you posted. up next, a new series of "strange inheritance," jamie colby is here with a broadcast of the show and the wonderful things we'll see, be with us for that. and more resignations at the university of missouri as protests escalate. what are the protesters demanding now? is this university out of its mind? we'll take it up with fox contributor juan williams. contributor juan williams. he joins me you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. contributor juan williams. he joins me suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right
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. lou: joining me now, the five co-host columnist for the hill, juan williams. great to see you. >> thank you. lou: let's get to the university of missouri deal. we have shown video of this assistant professor, professor of journalism trying to shut down a student journalist in the midst of that on the university of missouri campus. it could get more complete, just the definition of chaos? >> inexcusable.
11:47 pm
i just find it totally an anath ema. lou: look at this woman, trying to call down help. >> she wants violent action against a student journalist who's doing his job. he said he had never seen it except when he was in ferguson. that was the state authority and the police. to get this from somebody supposedly teaching journalism at an esteemed journalism schools. lou: one of the country's best if not the best. >> it's tragic, given what's going on across the country. yale, ithaca, several campuses where they are cracking down on the idea of free speech. lou, if i was involved in the protest, i would want press to pay attention to me and echo my voice and whatever my list of complaints might be. no, here they're saying, we don't trust you, we don't want you here, and we don't -- we ideally want to control what you have to say.
11:48 pm
lou: and they don't want a public record what they are doing, nor do they want to have, they, the demonstrators, questioning of judgment as they question the judgment of the institution itself? i would submit to you that these are some of the most intellectual -- i can say this gently. most intellectualy precocious young people on the campus. i'm a product of the 60s. we had our views as students and made them heard, and we upset people. there is no intellectual integrity, however, in my judgment to what is happening on the campuses. not in the response of the administration, not in the demands of the students. white privilege? are you kidding me? white privilege? that's a demand? that's absurd. >> in a way that reminds me of when those students -- i don't think they're students but the folks involved with black lives matter met with hillary clinton. lou: radical activists week can
11:49 pm
say that. >> what they said to hillary clinton is we want to know if you acknowledge white privilege. hillary clinton said i could be in yankee stadium and do that. what difference does it make? we want to talk about things that amount to change. i don't want to get lost, i don't know what complaints the students had per se, but the idea of violating free speech at a liberal arts institution? lou: the contest there, between free speech and asserting -- it's getting preposterous. >> it's a joke. but the sad part is it's a joke on the young people and specifically, i'm thinking about the young black people who may have legitimate arguments and complaints i understand, somebody was arrested and all the rest today for threatening to kill people, but that gets lost when you are finding yourself now on, posing free speech and the rights of a journalist to do his job. lou: and wouldn't have happened without someone documenting what's going on.
11:50 pm
university of missouri and yale and ithaca. universities across this country, they're left-wing institutions to begin with. they've lost their way. >> i think so. lou: they're american left-wing institutions or used to be. >> hurts my heart, i can't believe theya think journalists are the enemy. lou: they think america is the enemy, too. i just say i've got one thought for them on that, the hell with them. thank you so much. appreciate it. tonight on the fox business network another big night, the brand-new season of "strange inheritance" premieres at 9:00 eastern. we have a sneak peek for you. here we go. >> the sample i received from john was only a pound in size, we crushed the material, and then ground the material down to a fine powder. >> this could be in a very hot zone in a vein, there's no telling if the vein is two inches or 50 feet deep, but this is by far the hottest
11:51 pm
result i've ever worked with. >> you're a smooth operator. >> no. it was just the history i was interested in. she was a lady you couldn't really manipulate because she would figure you out, and she would call your hand on it. >> this was once the property of george washington. >> we want these things because we want a connection to these men. >> you're vip. >> yeah. >> are you a descendant of george washington? >> no, i'm not. it's quite a long story. lou: a long story and the host of "strange inheritance," jamie colby is here. it premieres tonight, and she has the story. this is fascinating. >> i love this story. george washington, the father of our country, one of our first veterans and his wallet still exist. it's in really good condition, lou. this family has taken care of it all these years, they gave it to a museum and it was stolen from this woman at the museum, and now she's got it
11:52 pm
back, and she could sell it, get $100,000 for, it we were told by an appraiser and move to a better home, she will not give it up in her lifetime, i'm told it's smithsonian worthy. they are that proud. lou: 100,000, the bidding might take us somewhere. >> it is george washington. lou: absolutely. and this old ghost town gold mine. tell me about the gold mine. >> this is fascinating. i went to gold field, nevada. what's a nice girl like me going there? i went gold mining, this teenager was writing a book report. he met the older woman, a wife of prospect martin duffy, he would visit and talk about gold mining. she left it to him. he thought it was a tired old mine. we had the gold tested from the mine, guess what? that gold mine is worth a goldmine. he literally inherited a
11:53 pm
goldmine, worth 100 or 200 times more potent gold price than what he imagined. wait until you hear what he said, it's like about [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ] when i tell him what he's actually inherited. one of four episodes tonight. lou: i think that's something we all can relate to. we'd likes to be able to say. we'd like to say you're kidding. anyway. >> i'm not kidding, lou. these are some of the wackiest, wildest inheritances have you seen. season 1 on steroids. 26 new episodes coming your way. lou: season 1 was different to begin with. appreciate it, jamie. the new season of "strange inheritance" premiering at 9:00 eastern on the fox business network. you mustn't miss it. up next, more mustn't miss its. starbucks stirring up controversy with coffee cups, big opportunity for someone else. yeah, the market's working.
11:54 pm
we'll take it up and a lot more with red eye co-host joanne many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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lou: starbucks brewing controversy with their new holiday cups, red cups. facebook and twitter erupted this week. the cups are red but lack any
11:58 pm
other decoration like merry christmas, facebook user, claiming that starbucks removed christmas from the holiday season with intend, dunkin' donuts capitalizing on the outrage, and seize the opportunity, promoting their holiday cups, you may notice says joy. and a wreath. i am looking for a merry christmas there. when things like this happen we turn to folks who can help us most, andy levy, and joanne antwa nosuchinsky former miss new york usa. >> >> >> >> lou. >> i am 300 thousand% more outraged than you or this. >> outstanding, thank -- fact
11:59 pm
that starbucks never had a cup that says merry christmas on it, and continues that this year is an outrage. the 3 people who are upset about this i believe they have a right to be, i am going to starbucks and getting joy written on my cup. lou: clever, major levels of outrage, can you put yours in a context and compare to say, andy's hay. >> okay, i am outraged when people say happy holidays, instead of merry christmas. lou: oh, yes. >> all of this outrage is speaking more so secularization of the holiday, i will put aside the fact my holiday lattes are 5 plus dollars. that something to be outraged about. lou: some people can't afford that level of outrage, i don't
12:00 am
know where their ends up, do we just -- is there going to be a christmas war. >> i think because of starbucks thing, went 5 years, christmas will be illegal, that is my guess. lou: you are raising my level -- >> that is what i'm here for. >> lou: we'll see, and prospect of going to war over the season peace would be quite i think we would call that ironic, turn to, debate, i think you have to be as excited as nearly every else in america. >> yeah! lou: it was great. >> it was, it was a meat and potatoes debate, it left me full, i was satiated, i learned a lot, i think there was a winner of the debate, that was lou dobbs. >> okay. dobbs. thank you.


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