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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 12, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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we're looking for growth. and small and mid sized companies doing some things. join us tomorrow from palm springs, ashley webster is in for stuart today. ashley: enjoy palm springs, stuart will be back tomorrow. donald trump not backing down from the deportation force, he could remove 11 million illegals. and hillary clinton laughing at a voter who says he wants to strangle carly fiorina. they yawn, double standard, anyone? and more than 100 women suing for birth control pill packages that led to birth.
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what they're asking for. ♪ you're simply the best ♪ >> cue the confetti, simply the best the republican debate the highest ever, 13.5 million and on line streaming 1.4 billion people watching there, bigger than the super bowl. because of you the viewer next. >> another fed type speaking today. including janet yellen herself. 9:30 eastern, take a look at dow futures, pointing slightly lower. it's down about half a percent. it moved lower and dragged the market down and it's got inventories coming out. two hours away.
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11 a.m. eastern, by the way, an issue very dear to stuart's heart. gas prices, the national average for regular unleaded gas. how will donald trump remove nearly 12 million illegal immigrants living in the united states? he's going to use what he calls a deportation force. here is what he said when he spoke to maria bartiromo earlier. >> it's illegal, we don't have borders, don't have controls and i get my biggest standing ovations when i go to different places, we're going to texas this week, every arena is sold out with thousands and thousands of people. when i say i'm going to build a wall and i'm going to, you know, create a border, we're going to create an actual border. ashley: let's bring in former state department official christian white. thanks for being here. no doubt, it's a populous issue that says, let's build a wall. deport everyone who is living
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here illegally and, yeah, yeah, that's great. what is the reality in your opinion? >> i think the reality is it's classic donald trump. he raises the last issues, they athey're going to secure the border and did it. what is he proposing? he's proposing the border for us, you can tell in washington, if all they recommend is slapping a new bureaucracy on top of the 10 or 20 bureaucracies that we have. it's classic imprecision. ashley: his deportation force, what message does it send about the republican party to a group that's growing in the united states, the hispanic population? how much damage does it do? >> it makes us look like no-nothings. when kate was murdered in san francisco by someone deported five times, he's discrediting people fighting the program by
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appearing to be a no-nothing and saying we're going to charge mexico for a fence. ashley: it seems to gain traction, at the rallies where thousands show up, he gets the loudest cheer. >> i think it's summertime love, it's howard dean's summer of love, if you will, and it extends into the fall and winter and come january when voters start thinking about that, they're going to look at the candidates. you've seen marco rubio refine his position on immigration. . ashley: i want to ask you about russian revealing this drone sub, i say accidentally, sarcastically on television. >> oh, we didn't mean to release that information, it raises questions if it's an effective system would you leak
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it out that way. you tend to do that with things that don't work if you're russia. we've had nuclear armed torpedos during the cold war, but it's not like a regular torpedo. ashley: we have the plane being brought down, and putin is a master at deflection, do you think it's to get people talking about something else in the news. >> putin likes to pretend that russia is a super power, and they've let him do that. with ukraine, eating our lunch in syria, on the syria on the mediterranean the first time since the cold war.
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ashley: do you think they should be banned from the next olympics? . they're bureaucrat particular and slow even to criticize thug states and is that unequivocal, i think it means, yeah, you should take action. ashley: let me bring you back to politics. there's an interesting story one of the koch brothers hasn't committed his fortune to one of the candidates on the g.o.p. side. if you're one of the candidates, do you think he's looking for someone to come in that's not currently running? >> the concern, as are donors, about the persistence of trump and carson, and carson is qualified in his area liz: the koch brothers are influential, they're going to raise three quarters of a billion dollars for the front runner. he was looking for five
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candidates, rubio, cruz, walker, bush, and walker dropped out. trump is not there and carson is not there. >> eventually the establishment comes behind rubio and fiorina an interesting challenge and ted cruz will consolidate support on the right liz: and fiorina is not there either. ashley: chris christie said that mitt romney would come in on a white horse. >> it will be over in march. ashley: apple and banks apparently now in talks on a mobile person to person payment service, joining us now to talk about this is christina warren with mashable. talking about all things tech. do you use cash for anything these days? >> no, i don't, i-- >> do you use apple pay, if i may ask.
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>> i use apple pay, and places to support it. >> are there many? >> yes, they are, basically every one, more and more retailers are using apple pay a lot, and i honestly use a service venmo, owned by paypal where i can send money to my friends or they can send it to me. ashley: now we have the giant apple coming into the space. what does it mean for square, paypal, venmo. >> square, i think they failed to capitalize on person to person payments. they were good at capturing credit cards for small businesses, very good processing that and never got into payments liz: how does apple pay work, basically using the apple phone to make cash? >> i think we don't know a lot of the details, what i assume they're going to do is you will be able to send people money the same way you can use an i-message.
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here is $25 and then using touch on the iphone and authenticate liz: it would draw is down from your checking. >> and draw down from your checking. if you awuse apple pay and wallet, it's secured on your phone, so it wouldn't be a big challenge to say, look, send this payment to someone else. ashley: is this about apple wanting parity with google? >> yeah, parrotty with google and also parity with some of the services in china, especially chat services you can do almost anything inside the messaging app liz: the question is how will apple charge for it, number one. do you think the banks will be for this? >> i definitely think the banks will be for this liz: how will they change? >> when the banks realize how much money can move back and forth will probably want that. ashley: tim cook had a vision
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of removing the physical wallet. are we close? i still see people writing checks. >> and your numbers are exposed. >> we're closer to the day of not having to use cash. ashley: more bad news for chipotle. there was an e. coli outbreak that they didn't tell people did. in face you missed it. jo: chipotle has had three known e. coli outbreaks and there's a fourth over the summer that is now surfacing. two people in seattle were hospitalized back in late july. officials said it took a while to link the sickened customers to chipotle. and joe's crab shack is the latest to get rid of-- they're getting rid of cash,
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and joe's crab shack say that servers hosts and bar tenders will be paid higher wages and many menu items will go up for the cost. and a man bought a flawless blue diamond, $48 million and some say it's a record. for his 7-year-old daughter. ashley: oh liz: oh, man. is the wife watching? >> seven years old. >> he's a tycoon who has been accused of money laundering and other major issues in macao and lives in hong kong, there's no extradition between the two, he's right across the border buying diamonds, so that's an investment, right liz: what a story. ashley: thank you very much. jo: thanks. ashley: coming up a hillary clinton supporter says he wants
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to strangle carly fiorina and she's furious. her response next. so jill, i know the markets have taken a hit lately. mmm hmm. just wanted to touch base. we came to manage over $800 billion in assets, through face time when you really need it. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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>> the fbi stepping up its investigation of hillary clinton's e-mails, apparently. liz macdonald joins us and what's going on? liz: this comes from catherine herridge, fox news, whether they were written, orally or to a third party, misrepresentation, it's a felony so it looks like the fbi probe is widening to see beyond fears of espionage. we report at fox business as chinese telecom workers easily could have hacked into the server via devices used by mrs. he clinton overseas, and as they told us. a misleading statement. ashley: the fbi is doing their own independent investigation, going to the agencies where the e-mail originated from and asking them what the classification was about the
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e-mail liz: basically whether the classification, whether only nongovernment records were destroyed. boy, it's going to be key to the presidential race. ashley: thank you very much liz: sure. ashley: hillary clinton also laughing at a former hewlett-packard workers joke about strangling carly fiorina, roll tape. >> she says she's a good ceo, every time i see her, i want to reach through and strangle her. >> i want mess with her. [laughter] >> laughing or cackling, whatever you want to call. here is carly's takes. >> i don't take umbrage with mrs. clinton, but umbrage with the media. if this had happened with the-- >> i think they would have apologized. ashley: tamara, carly fiorina
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says i don't have a beef with hillary clinton, but i do have a beef with the media and a double standard. what do you think? >> i think that carly fiorina is it a terrible sport. she gets mad about everything. any comment made about her smile or. ashley: oh. >> the joke is, we all hear this when we're on tv regardless of your side. you have people that say things like i want to strangle you. i turn off the tv. i want to throw the remote at you, go over it. ashley: donald trump had someone in his crowd question the religious beliefs of our president, trump ignored it, didn't give it the time of day. he was lambasted in the media for not putting the guy right and yet, here we have hillary clinton laughing her head off at someone who says they want to choke carly fiorina, is that a double standard? >> no, it's not a double standard, you heard hillary say i don't want to mess with you either. it was an uncomfortable situation, everyone in the crowd was laughing. i mean, it's not that serious.
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it doesn't have to do with a double standard. >> a man attacking a woman and did $. >> she's talking about the need for a female president and gender in the race and here we have someone who shays they want to strangle carly fiorina. >> and look, salei said she should have said, i have a problem with hillary clinton not defending me not the media. ashley: in the russian plane crash, suggesting there could have been a ticking time bomb right next to the engine. and from missouri spreading across the country. ben carson says it's the death of free speech. more varney next.
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>> new intelligence on what may have downed that russian plain in egypt. investigators say there is evidence of a two-hour timer, possibly linked to a bomb at the fuel line and engine. an it would have created a huge explosion which may have explained why they found a look of bomb residue near the wreckage. at college campuses, missouri, columbia, ithaca all having them. listen to what ben carson had to say.
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>> there's a level of intolerance for things that are not so-called politically correct that is growing and it's really threatening our freedom. it seems like we're not really emphasizing the whole concept of freedom of speech and freedom of expression and most importantly, of open dialog. ashley: all right, tamara and liz, your take on what's going on on colleges and does ben carson have a point? liz: to a degree. students are trying to show solidarity for people who were killed by rogue cops. not all cops are bad, but some cops have been killing people. there is an instance though of intolerance, apparently at vanderbilt where reportedly a tenured professor of political science, carol swain in reaction to the charlie hebdo attacks by terrorists said-- phrasing, a honen honest discus
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of islamic terrorism. ashley: i'm not saying that racism isn't, obviously, there are legitimate briefs. >> a hint of free speech is encouraged. i remember my mother telling me when she was in college she protested the vietnam war in college. that is an expansion of that, it's a different issue. another thing, i covered on my show on dot-com. we're seeing student athletes now all of a sudden have more of a voice than ever before. ashley: which is good, but you think it's too far and picking on issues that it doesn't validate what they're doing, their actions. >> if they go too far people don't show up in protest. the westboro church, they've gone too far. they still have freedom of speech and that's what's great about america liz: we showed the image of the university of missouri teaching telling the reporter get out of here. university of missouri has a
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major journalism school so for that teacher to be behaving like that is striking. >> she's gone now. ashley: would you agree that if you say something that they don't agree with you they attack you for it. >> i thought i read that she resigned. you ever you're always going to have somebody who is bananas. ashley: that's where we'll leave it. chipotle had another e. coli outbreak and didn't telling anybody about it and wal-mart's famous door buster deals on black friday, you may not be seeing them this year. we'll tell you why. more varney next.
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>> donald trump raises an important issue, the last three said they would secure the border and they did it. what is he proposing? this border force, you can always tell someone in washington who has a lousy idea folly recommend is lapping a new bureaucracy on top of the 10 or 20 bureaucracies we already have so classic imprecision. ashley: that was christian at the top of the hour. we started this show at 9:00 a.m. eastern every day. they are clapping on wall street and the nasdaq, "the opening
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bell" about the ring, we expect markets to open up today just slightly lower. major averages on course this week to finish lower with a aulos. yesterday we had big oil news, biggest surprise dragging the market down so here we go, just about to get this thursday session underway and there you go, we expect it to be slightly lower. we had some weakness in europe and asia overnight. nothing too dramatic. let's take a look apple shares. apple land banks reportedly in talks on a mobile person to person payment service. let's bring in cheryl casone, liz macdonald, larry levin, john layfield and the stocks they are in. john, first to you, the still use cash for anything? any cash in your wallet? >> very little. i like to use a credit card. not be big on the sharing but i don't think cash going extinct is going to happen anytime soon. you still have 15% of people in
9:31 am
poverty to travel the united states, the majority of cash is going to disappear in the next 10 to 15 years. ashley: any cash? >> i have a couple bucks in my pocket. i don't think cash is going away. small businesses like cash because they don't like to pay the fees. ashley: door buster is ditched in an effort to make holiday shopping easier. wouldn't that be nice? they open at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. >> they did this last year. what walmart is doing is trying to get customers back in the doors, changing the way stores look. for thanksgiving table star door buster deals on the web site, 12:01 pacific time thanksgiving more oni morningyou can stop at ashley: you can save a lot of fights doing that. >> get deals on tvs, they offer the same prices as in-store and
9:32 am
maybe we don't get the video of kids getting trampled at walmart. ashley: let's hope that doesn't happen. is it doing a good job trying to turn things around? >> i think they are. they have the economies of scale, this is a marketing ploy, they always come out because of the economy, special prices the last ten years but the media likes to bite these stories. is a great company. ashley: let's look at chipotle. turns out they had another e. coli outbreak but apparently kept under wraps. not good news. cheryl: reports of a smaller outbreak in july, five people reportedly so still trying to confirm this story. that would make it is true four outbreaks at chipotle of food borne illnesses. this was in seattle. california, washington, oregon, minnesota, near the 200 people
9:33 am
affected by food borne illnesses. question for federal and state regulators is when do chain restaurants need to disclose to the consumer they have a food borne illness. ashley: back to larry i can on oil, a big store yesterday with inventories out later, what are you expecting on the market? >> i think the market will continue to go lower. we have seen the supply situation which was the catalyst stunning downfall in oil but it is not a lot. it would not surprise me to see $40 over the next few days. ashley: higher sales at kohl's helped by strong back-to-school sales. nickel has that story. nicole: that is the part of the news that is good news. back-to-school sales did well october was better than september, but sales were somewhat tepid, profits did dip
9:34 am
but overall numbers beat analysts' estimates and that is why you're seeing stock up 7%. in the midst of a turnaround plan, more brands, more promotions and trying to pin -- pinpoint what people want locally on the heels of macy's yesterday which is that a two year low because they talk about customers coming and spending less and international customers overall getting hit by a strong u.s. dollar. ashley: thank you very much. tune in every morning at 5:00 eastern with lauren simonetti is on maternity leave, you will see cheryl casone and nicole petallides on "fbn a.m." at 5:00 a.m.. cheryl: we are having a lot of fun. ashley: back in the new year. facebook shares still near an
9:35 am
all-time high, up 40% this year, same-store with amazon, that behemoth, stock is up 116%, starbucks not too far from its all-time high, shares of 50% this year, christmas cups or not. netflix shares up 130% this year. cisco reporting after the bell shares have been flat on the year for for cisco and mcdonald's still near an all-time high, shares of 20% this year. coming abandoned mcdonald's ceo steve easterbob brooks it's down with neil cavuto on fox business. do not miss that. interesting conversation. let's talk about oil, inventory coming in at all 11:00 a.m.. last time we tested back in august we got into the 30s. could we get to that level? is this another level for oil? >> really important to see what happens, if we get down to $40 and you see a lot of buying it would not surprise you to hold that level and recover what we
9:36 am
have given up. we don't have that level, people initiating short positions, futures, below 40, 35 the next stop so if you ask where we are going, we had below 40 we will go to 45. ashley: resistance levels we will find out. let's talk about interactive looking to buy and the's list, let me go, is this a deal that makes sense? >> i think it is. we are putting together a host of almost eclectic out liars, they have a great peer to peer sharing service, they have the match sites and i think this is one more in addition to that. putting together a very good branch to me of out liars that are not necessarily youtubes or netflix type models. >> i like it. i think it is great and this is a really smart move because if you look at the other properties
9:37 am
it is website management. that is what it is. and he made it public because the board kept turning him down and they are dealing with fine, i will take it to the airwaves. interesting and fun to hear from barry diller, haven't heard from him in a while and nt's list coincides with other offerings that interact, similar offerings. ashley: i want to get to this story about billionaires battling over the battle of the billionaires, the latest scrap is about coca-cola. is that right? cheryl: this is billionaire on billionaire fighting. warren buffett is number 2 on the tv screen. the berkshire hathaway symposium was yesterday in new york so on he has been insulting valiant pharmaceuticals, they have immoral business practices, believe in the way they operate from a moral perspective.
9:38 am
he shows up at the symposium and says coca-cola, who by the way berkshire has a gigantic -- warren buffett walks around with a coca-cola bottle all the time, basically attacked him. attacking coca-cola at this symposium. if you are talking about my company of will talk about yours. saying it causes obesity and diabetes. ashley: is this just childish by billionaires? >> two parents using them as pawns. it is ridiculous. >> he loves 2 billion on valiant. i can understand why he is upset. ashley: that is away it goes. value and has been in the news for a lot of not so positive reasons. cheryl: it is about the cards so watch it. this is that dicey game to play.
9:39 am
ashley: so who won? >> i don't think anybody feels sorry for two billionaires. refined sugar is an epidemic but so is cigarette smoking and alcohol, buying drugs from a company and pricing those drugs and fairly. ashley: very well put. still on death watch? the grim reaper. down 67% this year, $0.74. cheryl: debris given notice though we are going to delist you. they were hot ten years ago with the younger generation. but ten years ago, that company has lost 95% of its value in the last five years. amazing how you can be hot and then you are not and that is this company. you know where kids are going? they feel like old navy, the
9:40 am
gap, and those brands, the kids are going but they don't care about aerospatiale and none of the adults are going so deathwatch is the right call. ashley: grim reaper just hanging out. larry, back to you quickly, we are seeing the market set off, the dow off 144 points. what is this? why are we seeing this? we have been drifting the last couple sessions and another step down. any particular catalyst? >> people starting to realize december is a good possibility of having this, market takes a hit and people like getting in front of it. i did not think the fed would ruin christmas but it is possible now the we have the good jobs report so shakes things up a little bit. people on lightening up because of that. ashley: seriously, we have known this has been coming for years. is that the reason we are selling off? >> that is part of a reason, we are trying to find a price in the stock market went cited as
9:41 am
a% to 5% that is not a lot but it is 30% with the second-biggest economy in the world, trying to find a price more like it, but larry is right, if the fed does raise rates, in a be a significant amount, the point rate won't affect the economy that bad but the trend is what people are worried about. i don't see why they would increase rates now but they could. ashley: first-time jobless benefits. cheryl: the futures were barely negative. the initial jobless claims number even though it was on par it was more than expected but there was a trend with initial jobless claims, jobs picture is not good and the market said wait a minute. ashley: doesn't that count if it was good and the chances of a fed hike increase which would bring the market down so you i sang wasn't that great. ashley: overall economic tour. cheryl: we haven't seen that much correlation between the jobs numbers and speculation and a fish is doing their own thing and the fed is doing their own
9:42 am
thing completely separate from the day that they're getting even though that is their mandate, they are ignoring it. ashley: last word to you. 9 we talk about is too much. 88 like they have their own hollywood agents. ashley: the market is impacted anyway. you understand. larry, john, cheryl, liz, thank you very much, coming up the ultimate gotcha question plaguing gop presidential candidate. would they or would they not kill off a baby hitler? they asked ben carson. is answer next. it must be the last thing you want to see when you are flying at 30,000 feet, fuel leaking from your plane. yikes. details next.
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ashley: gary moment in the skies, small jetliner made an emergency landing after passengers looked out window and saw that, you'll be king from a list gas cap on the wing the american airlines flight carrying 41 passengers to chattanooga, the plane landed safely in huntsville, alabama. cheryl: nt of extra fuel. if i could be captured back on. the apart. can now. a bit of a sell-off, picking up steam down 176 points on the dow, that is good for 1% drop. we have seen oil drag markets down in recent times but now the specter of a fed rate hike weighing on the sentiments of the markets. just days after jeb bush said he could, he would go back in time and kill baby hitler.
9:47 am
following tuesday night's debate ben carson was asked and he doesn't believe in a boarding any baby in benefit is hitler. author of how jesus reveals himself through the scriptures, welcome, david limbaugh. why are we getting into this killing hitler issue i have no idea. i got to be honest. >> i think it is the track. the pro abortion always want to lay a trap by pointing to the worst, most agree is examples and exceptions and others, saving another's life. ashley: the extremes. >> and try to poke holes in those who are against abortion. is a silly question. i wouldn't abort any one. i am not got. no one knows, as they are omniscient and the only one who is omniscient is gone and psychics on the street in new york. you can't know hitler is going to be hitler at the time. is this to bed -- ashley: i hope it is never asked again.
9:48 am
tell me about your book and why you wrote it. >> finding jesus in the old testament, i wrote it because i wanted to show the old testament and the new testament points to jesus christ, the old testament lays the foundation for christians to know we are inadequate. we can't live up to god's holy standards, at our guardian to be tested christ so we understand our need for a savior. we don't get there by good works, we get there by faith in jesus christ. the idea, the whole bible is integrated, unified, the god of the old testament is the god of the new testament, i want to shake people from their false notion that the old testament is intimidating, that god is a angry, is the same god. cheryl: how many predictions of jesus? >> ten different threads,
9:49 am
messianic friends the point to christ in the old testament. ashley: getting a bad rap in the old testament essentially. >> he was revealed in shatter we form and prefigurings and people at the time did not read, they anticipated a messiah and when he was born, in khanate form, and -- >> he is recognized at the dinner table, at the dinner table. >> the code which gave rise, dejected that there messiah had died without redeeming israel. delivering israel from military and political foes and he said what are you talking about? they didn't recognize it. are you the only guy in the world not to know? this is the guy. took them through scriptures.
9:50 am
and obviously the new testament, however ebitda of them pointed to him. i came to christ through the old testament basically, i want to share that with other people, when you read the old testament through new testament lenss you will see how remarkably points to jesus. ashley: thank you so much, good luck with the book. more politics, trump on immigration, he now wants the deportation force tiexiera out some 11 million people, controversial proposal to say the least. kinky friedman on that next. fd and now officially on the map, gop presidential debate the most watched telecast in our eight year history and the most watched live stream in history for anyone even beating of a super bowl. simply put it is simply amazing. we thank you. more varney next. some cash back cards love to overcomplicate things.
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9:55 am
successful and if you think walls don't work, all you have to do is ask israel, will wall works, believe me. ashley: donald trump on immigration act hour debate, clarified that he would use a deportation force to enforce what he wants to do. kinky friedman joins us, you are from texas, lots of immigrants there. the border issue is a big one. what are your thoughts on donald trump's plan. ? >> the israelis make the law work, they make it successful. i am submitting to israel my song they ain't making jews like jesus anymore for their new national anthem. as far as paul working for us it probably wouldn't work and frankly the way things are going we might want to get out of here. ashley: what do you mean? we want to leave the u.s.? >> we might want to get out of
9:56 am
this country because as the song goes our bleep's bleep ed up. everything is not working well and that is why i support birdie at this point. also i want to see at jeeee in the white house. ashley: you are happy giving 90% of everything you own to the government? you think bernie sanders is right? >> that i don't agree with. i just think if bernie wins hope it will be the first time a jewish family ever moved into a place that a black family had moved out of. ashley: very funny. >> i support birdie at this time. gerri: good morning, cheryl casone. so we never had a woman in the white house. what about that? >> i got to stick with bernie at
9:57 am
the moment. i am certainly not supporting hillary just because she is a woman. from, i like trump and i think he is fine except i don't like it he put his name up everywhere because the people we all love and admire that inspire us died broke most of them, people like jesus and gandhi and martin luther king and nelson mandela and trump always, i would like him to be mr. anonymous once in awhile, given million bucks to a hostile and don't put your name a. ashley: has president obama done a good job? >> of course not. he doesn't really want to be president, i don't think, he doesn't know how to be president so it works out fine. he is like the rest of them. politicians, let them all 2 two terms, when in office. ashley: kinky friedman from austin, texas. thank you very much. the fbi widening its probe into
9:58 am
hillary clinton's e-mail server. the charges she could be facing and almost every dollar unions give political campaigns go to democrat candidate. we will break down the numbers for you. "varney and company" two minutes away. it's more than the cloud. it's multi-layered security and flexibility. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions. including cloud and hosting services - all from a trusted it partner. ... ♪ hi, tom. how's the college visit?
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10:00 am
ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. insurance coverage has expanded nationally and you may now be covered. contact your health plan for the latest information. >> 10 a.m. here on the east coast. i'm ashley webster in for stuart varney today. here are your big stories. the fbi widening its investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. could she be looking at a felony violation. and one wants you to pay with your tone. colleges across the country, has political correctness gone too far? varney, hour two, starts right now. ♪
10:01 am
♪ so get ready, get ready ♪ >> get ready, that's right, cnbc, get ready because here we come. the republican debate scored the highest rated telecast ever. 13.5 million tuning in. >> take that. ashley: and more than nbc got for the super bowl streaming last year. and a big thank you to all of our fox business viewers, we could not have done it without you and we thank you. breaking right now though, let's get to the mortgage rates. freddie mac 30 year. what's the latest, cher. cheryl: cheryl this is died to the fed. 30-year rate 3.98%, that went up. not so great for people looking for a home. if you're buying something, get on it now because we're seeing a trend now of going higher. we're at 3.87 last year, and
10:02 am
now at 3.98. we'll look for 4. ashley: we're under 4, historically it's remarkably cheap. cheryl: a lot of banks going to lenders are probably going to push up above 4. every little bit counts, unfortunately liz: a decade's low. ashley: i remember when it was 16, 17, 18. cheryl: i like a deal. ashley: of course, we all do. thank you, cheryl. the fbi widening an investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. liz, what are the details? >> this is basically about false statements and misleading statements and two federal officials. so, it's widening. this is catherine herridge at fox news breaking the story and it's expansive what the fbi is doing here. intentional misstatement, material misrepresentation, written, orally or to a third party. this is expansive. and this goes beyond the fears that hillary clinton's devices
10:03 am
were hacked into, for example, for potentially chinese telecom workers and the three-month gap from january of 2009 to march of 2009 cyber much researchers say her kwadevices were exposed and anybody who e-mailed her could have had them ripped off. ashley: it is inconsistencies between what the clinton staff said about the e-mails and the people who sent them. >> and forcing the fbi to expand resources and time when you've made potentially misleading statements. cheryl: liz, you know the fbi better than i do, they're using a statute about false statements, but they can go after her, her attorney, her staff. to me, i don't know, do you think she gets indicted? liz: it's interesting, it's about the classifications of the e-mails, what was classified and nonclassified and obstruction of e-mails.
10:04 am
ashley: it's not going away for sure, liz. listen to this exchange between hillary clinton and an audience member who made some aggressive comments about carly fiorina. roll tape. >> every time i see her on tv i want to reach through and strangle her. [laughter] >> you know, i know that doesn't sound very nice. and i-- >> i wouldn't mess with you. [laughter] >> all right. that's an interesting laugh. anyway, carly fiorina was quick to respond to this, let's hear her response. >> i don't even take umbrage with mrs. clinton, i take issue with the clear double standard in the media. if this had happened with a conservative candidate, the liberal media would be all over us to correct him to apologize and the rest of it. ashley: i think she makes a good point. let's bring in morgan ortega, co-chair of the maverick pac. >> good morning. ashley: do you agree with carly fiorina? >> in one way, yes, of course,
10:05 am
we're all used to the liberal media bias, especially because you're republican candidates. everyone is so hypersensitive on the campaign trail that every, you know, candidate is supposed to correct everything that someone says. if it had been the other way around, if a supporter of carly said i want to strangle hillary and that carly should have corrected her. i'm surprised that miss fiorina didn't take umbrage with mrs. clinton. she's not a girl's girl and people take umbrage with her and i think she should expect hillary clinton to stand up for other women running for office. ashley: do you agree that hillary clinton is somewhat awkward and away from the mainstream audience. >> she's a horrible candidate. actually a year ago i was concerned as a republican about her running for office. of course, she's going to have the media for her in the general election, but these past six months to me has
10:06 am
proven what a really awkward and she's just not a natural candidate. i don't think she's ever going to be. she's been doing it for 30 years. i don't think it's getting better than her liz: polls show that people are sick of gridlock. >> i think everyone is sick of it. who is not? we need somebody in washington. look what president obama has done the past six years of congress, nothing. you know? republicans are the enemies and democrats are the enemies, in his own party. we need somebody who can lead both sides. ashley: hillary clinton says that a woman must be president and gender would be the focus of the campaign and someone says i want to choke and strangle carly fiorina and she laughs, you've got to see the double standard? >> yeah, i mean, listen, my politics aren't gender based. i'd love to see women promoted and i think we have a lot of qualified women and men running in the republican party. i love seeing women promoting,
10:07 am
but certainly not basing my vote in the primaries or in november on someone's reproductive organs. ashley: well put, we'll leave it with that. all right, meagan, move on, thank you so much. >> thank you. ashley: now, this billionaire charles koch says he's not endorsing any presidential candidate at this time. morgan, let me bring you back in on this one. where is the money going, do you think? we just-- i'm sorry-- >> we lost her. say goodbye and bring in you guys. cheryl: with this story as well, the koch brothers, a lot of question marks where the money is going. ashley: talking a considerable amount of money, close to three quarters of a billion dollars. cheryl: takes it seem like adelson is chump change if you're running four president. ashley: what does is say about the current group of candidates? >> the koch brothers have been
10:08 am
tentative about endorsing and careful about it. i'll say this, the reports back in april, the koch brothers were for or leaning towards marco rubio, cruz, rand paul, walker and bush, with walker dropping out. ashley: right liz: that's where you think you could lead to-- watch carson and fiorina and trump not on the list. let's bring back morgan, i said good bye prematurely. and what message does it send to the current group of g.o.p. candidates? >> i spoke with someone who had worked with the koch brothers for a while this morning to try to get their take. they spent a lot of money in 2012 on herman cain and a lot of candidates, a lot of donors were burned by the primary process in 2012. the koch brothers are looking for a few things. one, a candidate who can win a general election. these guys are worth billions of dollars, and they're smart
10:09 am
men and don't want to waste their money they give to cancer research, to charity and they've had money around charities. 800 million they've set aside. they want to put our money on a winner and somebody who can take the conservative mantle and run for it. i think they're holding their powder dry to see what can happen in the race. they're a charitable familiarline and a lot of money to give and they're not going to throw it away, quite frankly, on carson and trump. ashley: whoever gets the money, it's the motherload. >> i could use some for miff ri rick. ashley: so you got your blog in. and morgan, thank you so much, appreciate it. >> thank you. ashley: and the big board this morning, we're coming back a little built. we were down-- we're down now 160 points, just under 1%.
10:10 am
apple and banks now in talks on a mobile person to person payment service. bye-bye cash, at least tim cook thinks so. take a look at wal-mart ditching door busters to help sales, we'll see about that. and kohl's with a strong back to school seen, nice move up 47.13. let's get back to the debate, and what the candidates said about taxes and the economy. >> there are more words in the irs code than they are in the bible and not a one of them is as good. >> when you balance the budget and cut taxes, people get work. >> innovation and entrepreneurship is crushed by the crushing load of the at that, code. we need to get to a three-page tax code and yes, that plan exists. >> each one of those plans is better than the mess that we have right now.
10:11 am
ashley: and peter mauricesy now, i liked carly fiorina's answers and the live audience did, a lot of applause. whose plans were the best of the ones you heard at the debate? >> i think that donald trump has the best plan. thisser' all good plans, although carly's plan, not a lot of specifics, same with ben's not a lot of specific. we need a flatter tax that's not so progressive. and for reasons of getting elected they have to do something for working families. rubio is the most intriguing in that regard, the earned income tax credit that the democrats like to keep expanding and expanding and medicare and so forth. they encourage you not to work in a two-income family. rubio's plan, the $2500 credit for each child that could be applied to the payroll tax, as well as the income tax, will actually encourage more people to work. and i like that. because we have too many men sitting on their tails watching
10:12 am
espn, eating twinkies while their wives and girlfriends support them. ashley: peter, all of this is great and all of them want smaller government lower-- tax reform, lower rates. how hard is this going to be to get it through congress and actually make it a reality? >> oh, if a republican wins, it won't be that difficult. they will have to be some compromises because congress has a lot invested in the present system, giving out benefits to their friends. they say they want to clean it up, but they want to clean it up, let's say a favor for exxon or alcoa or whoever the constituent company in their district is. i think this is doable. the reason we can't get something done right now is barack obama believes taxes aren't high enough and he doesn't like congress anyway. he ran for president because he wasn't comfortable over there. ashley: one last question before we say goodbye. who won the debate? >> rubio. looked presidential and most knowledgeable and most of the other candidates said things that aren't feasible.
10:13 am
send 5 million back, and no-fly zone when the russians are there. and carly a huckster, if you can reduce it down to three pages. post it on the web. carly is a graduate of my program you don't see all of us lining up behind her, do you? >> wow, rubio the winner peter says. apple's plan to bring payments to your phone. it started and the university of missouri and now racially charged protests are spreading to edgecle campuses around the country. has political correctness gone too far? more varney coming up next. (vo) what does the world run on?
10:14 am
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10:16 am
>> breaking bad coming to a museum near you. the new home for the props may
10:17 am
surprise you. jo ling kent has that story in case you missed that. love "breaking bad". >> you're a fan. brian cranston and the cast of the show donated hazmat suits, a hat, fake crystal meth. >> best television series ever. >> and you know what else is there, farrah fawcett's swimsuit and archie bunker's chair. jo: i think this is a varnney field trip. forgets about any deals, spirit and frontier are adding new bag frees on spirit september 16th through january 4th. all bags will cost $2 extra each way like in years past and
10:18 am
frontier is adding fees for checked and carry on bags. cheryl: bah humbug. jo: scientists are talking about what they're calling the most important planet, the closest exo rock planet closest to planet earth. the journal "nature", it's about the same size as our planet. ashley: they've got to work on a new name for it. thank you very much, jo, appreciate it. the protests spreading on college campuses nationwide. university of missouri, columbia, ithaca and listen to what ben carson had to say about it. >> it seems like we're not really emphasizing the whole concept of freedom of speech and freedom of expression and most importantly of open dialog. you know, it's okay to disagree with people, but it's not okay to try to destroy them. ashley: yeah, all right.
10:19 am
let's bring in noel, with us now. nicole, do you think that ben carson has had a point, free speech, freedom of expression under fire? >> yes, he does have a valid point. if anything, it's catching like wildfire and i feel like it's almost become in style to protest or to demonstrate like this and i think that, you know, if we don't give -- have an open dialog and have meaningful exchange, i think that what we're going to see is more and more of this almost encouraged because if the other side keeps backing down, what you're going to see, it's going to be catching on like wildfire, almost like a culture. ashley: it seems to me, it's almost a disservice to those students who have legitimate complaints about racial incidents or cases of racism, but when it spreads like this
10:20 am
and starts to involve other topics, do you think it takes away from those legitimate causes? >> yes, it does and that's the problem of it. it just becomes a movement and like i said, in style to do it and it kind of loses, you know, what it really is or what its purpose is. >> the professor of vanderbilt, a science and law professor wrote a column earlier this year, about islam and says what horrendous attack would finally convince us that islam is not like other religions in the united states, that it poses an absolute danger to us and our children. she wrote that column and came under tremendous fire and we have protesters in nashville saying she should be fired. what happened to free speech? >> that's what i'm saying, depends who delivers the message. do you remember what bill maher said, islam or he called the religion out and said it is what it is.
10:21 am
and he didn't get as much fire as, let's just say, this person. ashley: exactly. >> i think it depends who is delivering the message as well. ashley: nicole, thank you-- noelle, pardon me, thank you, we appreciate it. donald trump doubled down for a deportation task force on fox business. you'll hear what he said to maria bartiromo after this. >> we're a country of laws and have to go out and come back, but they're going to go out and hopefully get back, but we have no choice if we're going to run our country properly. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts, ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time, 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station,
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we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> well, that's right, we are the best around after a fantastic republican debate here on fox business.
10:25 am
we thank you for that. 13.-- >> thank you. ashley: thank you very much, 13.5 million of you tuning in for the debate. let's take a look at angie's list, shares moving higher after interactivecorp offering to buy it for 500 million in cash. let's get back to the immigration issue. a lot of talk and donald trump wants estimated 12 million illegals in the united states, he joined maria bartiromo this morning. roll tape. >> it's illegal. we don't have borders, we don't have any controls and i tell you what, i get my biggest standing ovations going to different places, we're going to texas this week and every arena is sold out with thousands and thousands of people when i say i'm going to build a wall and going to create a border, we're going to create an actual border. ashley: an actual border with a deportation group
10:26 am
liz: our borders are pourous, i'm not sure, mr. trump, this is a winning platform. lindsey graham and others say you need hispanic vote. ashley: there's a large voting block. cheryl: when he was talking to maria you know what else he said, the biggest response i get from crowds face-to-face with, campaign trail and talk about immigration and the wall and getting illegals out of the country. he's basing this on what he's hearing from rallies not from your television. ashley: interesting stuff. thank you. all right, as we were saying, a big thanks to our fox viewers, the republican debate the highest ratings ever. we'll break down the numbers for you after this. and here is the confetti. the future belongs to the fast.
10:27 am
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10:30 am
♪ neil: a never-ending catalog of music. we are the best around. right here on fox business network. tuning in to hear about real issues. howard kurtz is here. >> expecting a victory lap. i was in milwaukee. i was impressed. they delivered exactly what they were going to do. it was not a food fight. we learned things.
10:31 am
stuart: the biggest ever, bigger than the super bowl. 1.5 million. it is kind of a landmark measurement. >> that was an eye-popping figure. that figure will grow as people get used to seeing bigger events on their travel and whatever. >> the level that everyone else will be judged by. >> several debates. including the first one on fox news. it got so contentious. the media bashing was one of the big headlines coming out of these debates. what your colleagues show is it is possible to have a serious debate where the candidates can certainly go at it. without having people trying to poke each other's eyes out.
10:32 am
although, the pro wrestling aspect may be better television. trying to decide who should be the next nominee. this is probably a better approach. >> the tone. jeb bush just cannot seem to get any action. >> i think that he did better in this debate. he has dug himself a hole that he needs to get out of. debating is not his natural style. he, clearly, is not comfortable with it. marco rubio winning this fox business d-day. rubio, even though he is trailing carson and trump in the polls, sort of like the media saying he is the man to beat. i had a chance to interview senator rubio on sunday. stuart: howard kurtz, thank you. appreciate it.
10:33 am
let's check the big board for you. the dow up 178 points now. a session that we saw monday. down about 1%. casting a shadow over the trading this morning. individual stocks. reporting lower than expected quarterly results. the stock is down. 13%. down 25, almost $26. now this, a study for the center of union fax. how much they shell out on political spending. $140 million went to the democrats. get this, 40% of union households actually voted for mitt romney in 2012. national review reported. i guess i am not surprised by how much money and where it goes.
10:34 am
i am surprised that 40% voted for mitt romney. >> yes. i think the union population is by no means as democratic as little expenditures. i think what the study did that is so unique is it looks at just the union dues, not political action committees. this is the money that you have to pay to be part of the union. an agenda that does not reflect. stuart: what do you think these people think? >> i spoke with one woman that was really upset about it. she has to pay union dues. she is a devote catholic. upset about money going to planned parenthood. she has decided she would exercise the option to have this money go to charity instead. wanting to give it to a group and the union shot it down.
10:35 am
stuart: what kind of damage do these studies do? certainly, it has two adult. what do something like this due to their image? >> i do not think that they care about it. an opportunity for them to buy political power. unions are functioning as a special interest group. i do not think that they care what their members have to say. stuart: they can do with it whatever they want. >> for the most part. if you do not like it, fight us in court. union members get a little frustrated about that. maybe it is just easier to get the dues money over. >> one union i have looked at in philadelphia. christmas gifts.
10:36 am
money going to be exporting events. i think that this is a field that is ripe for corruption. inflating their pay. stuart: you say that they do not care. it does not seem to hurt them. they will be protected. it is not just planned parenthood. environmental groups. i think that it is a democratic allies. >> i guess that there is no big surprise. okay. thank you so much. i really appreciate it. the pope telling parents they should be turning off all smart phones. spending more time with their families. i kind of agree with him. >> he is saying at the dinner
10:37 am
table. increasingly isolated. the dinner table is so fundamental to the family. hertz can be healed. he is saying, please put down the phone. it is where families find themselves together. >> it does not have to be a fancy restaurant. all of them are just with their heads down looking at their smart phones or tablets or whatever it is. >> i think that the pope is right. it is so isolating. especially four children to see everyone on their phone and not talking to each other. >> the british publication, which you will appreciate, can you imagine the last painting with the apostles on a cell phone? stuart: good stuff. thank you. time for the sector report.
10:38 am
>> wilk at the retailers. i want to bring up macy's in particular. up right now. the news is not good at macy's. i tell you what, if you look at the other retailers, a lot of these guys will have other issues. in the case of walmart, it is an issue. in particular, macy's. more macy's stores across the store. it is all about the online amazon effect. these are the stocks that watch. not just for today, but for a while. stuart: thank you very much, cheryl. up next, our climate change activist behind the study that links processed meat to cancer.
10:39 am
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nicole: i i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. roughly down 2%. dow jones industrial average down almost 1%. the s&p and the nasdaq also pulling back.
10:41 am
six fed speakers. that is on the docket. chevron. down more than 2%. watching apple. relatively flat. they are in talks with u.s. bank. basically jabbing. money they do own them. that to school pressure from activists. the stock is down over 10%. the dow down 154 points. fpn a.m. all the news you need. ♪
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10:43 am
stuart: how about this. united posting a rise in third-quarter revenue. back in the champions league tournament. a new high hitting 1940 this morning. city fans. there you go. shares of apple. up slightly. it is working to launch a person to person payment system. the banks will love this one. >> actual fees. i think they will realize how much money can move back and
10:44 am
forth, probably. stuart: it is a game changer. do you think so? >> we knew before we got this report. a lot of the banks are things were already launching their own payment ads. you have to think about security. i was talking to jill ling about that this morning. apple pay is very secure. the consumers have become very popular. the banks are the ones that will have to deal with the fallout if our phones are hacked and our data is stolen. stuart: they are ready have the app out there. stuart: just wanted to get rid of the physical wallet altogether. trish: that is happening. we are going to be doing
10:45 am
electronic payments more and more. stuart: how often do we do hacking stories? >> it is a cyber security issue. stuart: maybe not. cheryl: i had have people that work in the cyber security industry. they tell me that nothing is secure. new apps and software. stuart: talking about your money. very good. coming under fire. selling smart tvs that actually spy on you. elizabeth macdonald has this story. liz: smart tvs watching what you are watching. it is not just tv shows. >> looking at you sitting on your couch. youtube videos. anything you watch. what happens is when you buy
10:46 am
one, from lg or samsung, your software is turned off. it does not track it. visio product is saying the software has are ready turned on by default. it is already spying on you whenever you turn on the tv. you have to opt out. the fact that this is going on is so serious. it takes your internet address and it adds to your smart phone device. that is why it is a big deal. the privacy laws have not caught up here. we wonder when regulators will step up and do that. stuart: very good. thank you very much. reporting about bacon causing cancer. it could have a climate agenda.
10:47 am
just a small section of that. the cancer warning. it seems particularly well-timed. we have a good writer joining us now. a much bigger agenda behind this. the production is causing climate change. if you eat these needs, you'll get cancer. >> right. that is what it looks like. a report earlier this year. physically targeting red and processed meat. a major contributor to greenhouse gas emission. also listed as a high priority. trying to change the dieting habits. reducing the consumption of cost estimate and more towards a plant based diet. it is bad for the climate.
10:48 am
stuart: how solid is the science behind this, in your opinion? >> the cancer agency is under the world health organization. under the united nations. when you look at the science behind it, it was really a review of 800 scientific studies. as far as the red meat, they concluded that half of the study showed that high consumption of red meat could contribute to cancer. the process meet was a little bit flimsier. in the press release, a committee said even processed meat, you just had a small risk of colon recto cancer. that would require you to eat 50 milligrams per day of processed meat over 30 years. your risk would go from 2% to about 2.4%. red meat was 100 milligrams per
10:49 am
day. you would have to eat a bite of meat every day. maybe it would increase their risk by about 18%. stuart: targeted ahead of the big conference in paris next month where i am sure president obama will upload all sorts of taxpayer money. what is your concern about something like this? >> the agriculture sector and my production in particular has been targeting its environmental activists. number one producer of beef. we are the number three producer of pork. do you target, if you target this stature, you target our country. that fits right in. climate change narrative that we need to move away. not just because it is good for the planet, but because it is
10:50 am
bad for you and you will get cancer. >> julie kelly, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. stuart: coming up at noon. neil cavuto talking to steve easterbrook. don't miss it. right here on fox business. which is more offenses? a christmas letter that makes fun of a mental illness or a holiday ad suggesting that date rape is okay. we will show both of them to you and you decide. a brand-new season of strange inheritance. it starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> it was legitimately signed by joe jackson. >> in my head i'm thinking i am sure you also have a bigfoot / loch ness monster / signed baseball behind that as well. ♪
10:51 am
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10:54 am
>> i was a little surprised. i think hillary clinton is not what i would call a girl's girl. republican women are a huge threat to her. >> student athletes now all of a sudden have more of a voice than ever before. >> then you start picking on
10:55 am
issues that may be do not validate what they are doing. cheryl: if they go too far, people do not show up in protest. liz: make sure you tune in every day at 9:00 a.m. eastern time to catch all of the action. we had two major retailers. bloomingdale's. this is a paper advertisement. see makes to suggest that they prayed is okay. also a target sweater that mocks or makes light of the condition called obsessive-compulsive disorder. do you think that we are too sensitive? >> let's look at these individually. first, the bloomingdale's ad. you cannot really see it on your screen. spike your best friend eggnog when they are not looking. many people say that that is offenses. their response is negative.
10:56 am
drug the girls who can hook up with her at the christmas party. that is what bloomingdale's is saying. this is a different story. this is a target sweater. obsessive christmas disorder. now, the reaction on social media is the office that for this. most people not often did by this one. i call myself ocd all the time. you can eat off the floors of my apartment. i own my obsessiveness. give it up. give me a break. >> i think bloomingdale's -- anyway. coming up, a vaccine for cholesterol. does this mean you can eat as much fatty foods as you want? yes, it is in development. it could become reality. the "wall street journal" saying the gop will not have a clear winner heading into their convention early next year.
10:57 am
will we see an old-school burger convention? is that in the cards? the third hour of arnie is just three minutes away. do not go away. ♪ technology empowers us to achieve more. it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world.
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11:00 am
>> that. sound you heard last night was the sound of all of those hands slapping for had that cnbc. oh, that is how you do it. it really was, no contest. it was a fantastic ebay. sort of unfair to compare it to cnbc. it really was so awful. ♪ stuart: one way or another. fox business will get you. 13 million viewers for tuesday's debate. i am ashley webster. in today for stuart.
11:01 am
the fbi expanding its investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. not only violations of the espionage act, but other felony as well. the "wall street journal" then manager will join us. headed to a brokered convention. can you imagine that? he will make his case in just a few minutes. donald trump. not backing down. he can support a 11 million do it humanely. the third hour of arnie starts right now. ♪ let's get straight to the big board. trying to combat. still down 100 points. just about one hour ago. take a look at walmart. ditching door busters and an effort to make shopping easier.
11:02 am
higher sales at cole's helping a strong back-to-school season. 7%. 46.22. operators in technology. promising results. it is a big winner today. up 93%. we should say that the stock is up $1.22. digital outlay reporting difficult energy. that stock is are ready down 20%. let's get back to politics. if you are wondering when the gop field may narrow, you may be waiting a while. it does not believe that any of the gop candidates will win the majority of primary delegates. dan, you say, i kind of do not want to say i want this, but it will be interesting. no clear winner among the
11:03 am
delegates. >> that was my conclusion after watching the debate the other night. i think that we are headed towards cleveland, which happens to be my hometown. i think you have a lot of good candidates here. understand that as we go through these primaries, 50 states running through june, you cannot win if you have most delegates. somebody has to pull away from the pack. back in june, the front runner was jeb bush. he is kind of like a horse on a rail. against the rail. he has a long way to go. chris christie. everyone is saying that chris christie got a good debate. he is so far back in other states besides new hampshire. marco rubio, people thought that they would rise.
11:04 am
i think it kind of puts people off a little bit. you have to understand, all of these opinion polls are sentiment. when you get to the primaries, you are going to go in him bow. you will not be able to come back in the afternoon and say, oh, i change my mind. i do not see any of them pulling ahead. stuart: to think that this is field on the fact that the gop is split? >> absolutely. the republican party is going through a huge internal debate over what they want to see. rand paul asking who is the real conservative. that is something i think all of these voters have to sort out. taxes, tax policy, immigration, the trade bill even. it is just so much to talk about.
11:05 am
so many candidates to sort through. i think that we are headed to cleveland. stuart: thank you. it is a broken convention. how does that work? >> i am afraid so. many people like to see that. they have not done that since 1948. the delegates would have to sort out among themselves who they want to support. there would be bartering. there would be trading. stuart: could someone come out of the woodwork that is not even in this race right now? >> yes. james garfield. they are pulled him off the shelf. i guess you are asking me whether mitt romney could get in. i think that they would probably try to throw mitt romney into lake erie. i love him, i just do not see that happening.
11:06 am
>> there is a lack of absolute, you know, -- >> getting to the point where they simply could not settle on a nominee. then they start thinking in those directions. then, it is by the door. [laughter] said back and relax. this will be like the daytona 500. it will be fun. stuart: fascinating stuff. thank you so much. the fbi. hillary clinton's e-mails. monica crowley here for that the hour. great to have her. is this going to hurt the campaign? she can pretty much get around this stuff. this is happening. that is happening. does it make any difference? >> on the scene for 25 years. mrs. clinton is a serial liar.
11:07 am
there is corruption there. people argue no about both of the clintons. i think the republicans would be very biased. focusing on the question of confidence rather than the fact that she is a liar. most people accept that. the only thing that could derail her candidacy as if the fbi continues this tightening around her. if there is a grand jury and a subsequent indictment, that i think could really set her off the rails. right now, she is considered inevitable. the fbi, if there is an indictment, that is why think you see people like the vice president like joe biden. al gore kind of waiting. >> what would happen if she is destroyed by this? >> they will have to produce --
11:08 am
cheryl: who would that candidate be? >> all by the way, i am not running. a very weird kind of announcement. this week, al gore, talking about the republicans. mitt romney, that will not happen. hit with uncertainty. they tend to want to reach back to somebody that is stable and known. al gore said it was too early to endorse her. >> interested in running. >> let me bring up what dan was saying on the gop side. he leaves it could be a broken convention. absolutely fascinating. >> it could be. you are dealing with such a sprawling field. a top tier of outsiders. then you have the second tier of others who are considered outsiders. the two cubans. marco rubio.
11:09 am
$100 million sitting in a super pack. it is possible that you go into the primaries with this kind of splintered vote. come july, you do not have a clear winner. a lot of the states are proportional. >> how chaotic could that be? >> a lot of the early-stage are proportional. a lot of the states are winner take all. you could still have a case where no single candidate reaches the threshold. it is fascinating. stuart: i guess that they will get a candidate out of it. >> not necessarily. like dan was pointing out, you do have a revolution going in. i think that if there is a broken convention and the nominees, you will see a revolt among the conservative base.
11:10 am
like you have not seen. liz: great insight. stuart: making great television. i know that. watching the selloff on wall street. down half of a percent. off about 86 on the dow. market watcher is with me. we have been stuck, it seems. first and second gear for a wild now. we were talking about it. now looking further and further away. would you agree? >> i agree. i think that this is going to be a roller coaster ride. stuart: what is your best advice for investors out there? >> you just write out the roller coaster. if you are shorter turn, you may want to look at taking a different route. especially if you are at or near retirement. you may want to take a little different route for the longer-term.
11:11 am
stuart: let's talk about individual pics. what do you like? alibaba. you like alibaba. >> i got excited. i was really happy for the company. china's single day is larger than our black friday and cyber monday combined. the sales soared 60% over their single day from last year. they came from mobile devices. i see it as being that e-commerce big e-commerce go to company for china and for the rest of the world. i have ordered things on alibaba. i was excited for them yesterday. stuart: let's talk about apple. are you buying order selling? i know i love my apple devices. the loyal apple people are going to stay loyal apple people.
11:12 am
i see the sales increasing. i do not see them decreasing. they will go through their cycles. i see apple as being a stay here company. i love my apple devices. i am a buy on that one. stuart: very good. i hope that tim cook is watching today. >> thank you for having me. it has been a pleasure. stuart: same here. speaking of apple. wanting to eliminate cash altogether. anywhere. any place. that is next. ♪
11:13 am
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11:15 am
♪ >> enough talk this morning from rolls-royce.
11:16 am
shares hitting a new 52 week low. look at that. now this. the entertainment system that will let you send money to friends using just your iphone. shayna is now with us. how does this work exactly? >> the peer to peer payment system enables you to type in a friend e-mail address or phone number into your phone. the paypal property. a great way to split a check at a restaurant or go in on a baby gift for a coworker. in talks to develop this for the users. stuart: is this a surprise or has it been in the works for a while? >> outside the industry. apple pay. the mobile to merchant platform.
11:17 am
walking up to a payment center. just pay right now go. they are headed in this direction. it may have surprised some of the paypal investors yesterday. ashley: samsung just started taking pre-orders for a $99 virtual gallery headset. sounds good to me. i guess that you need a samsung phone. >> one big catch. the first headset. it is a strap on headset device that you slide your phone right in front of your eyes. you begin interacting with the virtual world. what the landscape looks like or hanging out with friends and watching videos together. they are pugh ordering this week through best buy. it ships on november 20.
11:18 am
>> we know four or $500. what samsung is doing, do you expect to see more of this? >> certainly we will see more of it. we have facebook. this is a very leading and of the movement. will the average consumer by it. and understand how to use it. i think the $99 price point, trying to hit their toes into the virtual reality. >> very interesting stuff. thank you very, very much. russia mistakenly revealing a new secret weapon. a nuclear bomb and a drone submarine. question is, is it really a mistake? jamie colby. strange inheritance.
11:19 am
get more of it tonight. >> this pocketbook to the best of my knowledge was once the property of george washington. >> vip. ♪ can a business have a mind?
11:20 am
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11:23 am
ashley: take a look at angie's list. buying for more than 500 million in cash. an all-time high. all right. admitting russian television accidentally showed secret plans for a high-speed drone capable of delivering. monica crowley joins us. >> accidentally? a new weapons system. ashley: state-controlled television. the united states and the rest of the world knowing that they have this new weapon system. it should fry in us, actually. one of the things that prove it has been very intense since regaining the presidency is rearming russia. modernizing the nuclear arsenal. this is part of it.
11:24 am
they have been drawing down and not modernizing. he has been going in the opposite direction. he has no money to do it. there is always money for the stuff that you really want to do. >> a russian airliner brought down by what appears to be a terrorist bomb. check this out. >> understand that vladimir putin is to have them bible only one thing. mother russia. that is what crimea is all about. i do not claim vladimir putin. the american commander in chief is not stopping him. western europe. stuart: this defense against
11:25 am
isis and northern iraq. the town of sin -- it involves a highway that was a major port isis. >> this is act actually critical. in order to neutralize them. they cannot talk to them. >> maybe it is how committed obama is to seeing this through. a tax strategy. >> full offensive like this. >> good point. great stuff. could this be real? a vaccine for high cholesterol. eat as many steaks hamburgers as you want. it may be becoming a reality.
11:26 am
the full story after this. ♪ dband network, and cloud and hosting services - all with dedicated, responsive support. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you're free to focus on growing your business. centurylink. your link to what's next. if you're an adult with type 2 diabetes and your a1c is not at goal with certain diabetes pills or daily insulin, your doctor may be talking about adding medication to help lower your a1c. ask your doctor if adding once-a-week tanzeum is right for you. once-a-week tanzeum is an injectable prescription medicine .. along with diet and exercise. once-a-week tanzeum works by helping your body release its own natural insulin when it's needed. tanzeum is not recommended as the first medicine to treat diabetes or in people with severe stomach
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11:29 am
ashley: president obama with in the congressional medal of honor to retired army captain groberg whose actions phil save his fellow soldiers by shoving a
11:30 am
bomb away from his men. the explosive vest detonated and he lost half of his calf muscle, suffered nerve damage and a traumatic brain injury. he became a naturalized american in 2001. he is originally from france. let's check the big board. of bit of a sell-off this morning, 146 points, the fed raising interest rates, chances happening next month, casting a cloud of over trading on wall street. now let's move on to iraq where kurds backed by u.s. air strikes have captured part of the road cutting a vital supply line between two isis strongholds. lieutenant-colonel bill cowan, thank you for joining us.
11:31 am
we were just saying this is encouraging to me. feels like a strong offensive, kurdish fighters on the ground, some u.s. military specialists, we have airstrikes across plains as well. how thick is this? >> agreed to be with you. it is significant, people need to remember that fighting the main supply line helped pave the way for the ultimate assault on most of iraq's largest city controlled by isis. this is a prelude to something we will see down the road. it is good to see the kurdish fighting, the ethnic minority fighting alongside the ethnic minority everyone will remember was pushed up, thousands of women, girls still missing, the ability to go and take it back,
11:32 am
among the iraqi kurds and with u.s. air support tells us we are coming along in the battle against isis. ashley: house symbolic of we could take control back, could be a turning point? >> i don't know how much of a turning point. is definitely symbolic. we remember the battle in syria getting that town back so i think any of these victories are symbolic but this is a tactical and strategic victory, it will be taken, the number of isis people under a thousand, engaged here, may be in the tens of thousands, if there is another subtle message and that is we the united states i getting the kinds of equipment and supplies to the kurds we promised for a long time and never got them and we may be seeing you as special operations forces and iraqi kurds out there helping direct
11:33 am
air strikes on isis targets which is another thing we talked about for a long time but haven't seen happen. ashley: what about the russian president, going against bashar al-assad, and in northern iraq, a what russians have been doing recently with regard to their strategy in the region? >> people need to remember that russia is running their operations in syria proper where his this is an iraq proper, it is doubtful we will see any russian activity anywhere around this. this is iraqi kurds, iraqi forces against isis but clearly plays out separately over what is going on in syria with respect to isis's strength, capabilities and isis will do whatever they can to keep the
11:34 am
pipeline open, russia may impact with strikes in syria. ashley: great stuff as always. thank you for taking the time to talk to us. donald trump spoke to maria bartiroma about his immigration plan. >> it is illegal. we don't have borders, and i get my biggest standing ovations in different places going to texas, every arena is sold out with thousands of people, i will create a border. we will create an actual border. ashley: an actual border. he wants to use something called a deportation force which sounds menacing. what is your take? >> we already have one. it is called ice which carries deportation. that is what he is referring to. we currently have the federal
11:35 am
government that does not enforce federal immigration laws. i will actually be enforcing the nation's immigration laws which means people here in the country, and go back to the line. they can come back legally. ashley: took a lot of heat from fellow gop candidates, isn't this, what about the families, the children wrote, it seems to resonate with people out there. he gets standing ovations and speeches. >> it presents he started talking about it after he announced going to the head of the pack and state, poll after poll shows he's leading the pack by far on this issue. the american people like that. they want a country of laws and they want them and forced. you cannot remain a great power if you have no control over your own sovereignty and borders.
11:36 am
most of the american people, illegal immigration you have to get a handle on the chaos happening at the border and around the country before you can move forward. ashley: we know how important the hispanic population and its vote is and what message from republicans does this send? >> the other message is this is a free-for-all, we are not a nation of laws but there have been a lot of articles written about how donald trump is of spending a lot of hispanics and they won't vote for him and they find appalling. there have been pieces saying working hispanics who have come into the country legally and play by the rules love donald trump and say we respect what he is saying because he is respecting us and respect the country enough to respect those who have respected the country enough to come in the right way so i think it is working against him with that constituency but not to the degree they want you to believe. ashley: thank you. let's go to this next story, a
11:37 am
new vaccine that could prevent high cholesterol, eat as much bacon as you want. not sure the doctor will say that but that is according to a new study that could soon be a reality. thank you for being here. i have high cholesterol, my mother had high cholesterol, my father had high cholesterol, i was doomed as one doctor said to me but this vaccine sounds very exciting as opposed to taking a pill every day. >> correct. this is a very new type of medication. the vaccine targets of protein called pc s can 9. the body continuously flushes cholesterol, it is initiated by. the body continuously flushes cholesterol, it is initiated by binding of cholesterol to receptors, ldl is a bad thing, the more respected you have the more you can flush the cholesterol out of your system.
11:38 am
anything that targets that receptor and lowers it is going to be a bad thing so we now have an in header which breaks down the receptor. ashley: sounds great. is a shot? >> this may be ringing a bell for you. the fda revealed the inhibitors, shots that can be -- ashley: in the arm? >> given once or twice a month. the vaccine has the body increate its own antibodies so basically telling the body to become a machine, manufacture , and the hope is a fraction of the cost because medication is very costly, somewhere between $7,000 to $12,000 per year and will be chronic. ashley: house soon will be available on a cheaper basis? >> very good question.
11:39 am
we don't have any human studies. mice and monkeys showing phenomenal results, unprecedented lowering of ldl but human studies will begin next year so it will be some time but i am encouraged. ashley: sounds great. appreciate it. coming up next russia's olympic doping scandal, vladimir putin says he will investigate. that is reassuring. we will talk to you as olympians up next. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it.
11:40 am
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nicole: i am nicole petallides, dow jones industrial average down 156 points, right now 70,545. major averages to the downside down roughly 2% for the week. let us look at down movers, cisco systems reporting their numbers, stock fractionally higher, 28 and change, united technologies, accelerated by back, that is a winner on the downside, chevron, caterpillar, exxon, energy names under pressure once again, we'll is down more than a block and i ac interactive corp. unsolicited bid for amc's list, 10% premium,
11:42 am
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sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. manhattan ashley: rushing engage in allegations it was involved in
11:44 am
state-sponsored doubling of its athletes. watch this. >> is appalling the links they went to, to the athletes know this is going on. and not really knowing what was going on, where they opened on their own. you want legitimate competition, don't want these cheaters but they are one step ahead of everyone. ashley: all time all-american football player, welcome jeremy bloomer. thank you for being with us. should we be surprised we found this out about the russian athletes? >> without a doubt we should be surprised. this is an unprecedented thing. i have two issues with what is going on. the first lady obviously i can help but feel terrible for the athletes in london who lost that
11:45 am
olympic moment. as olympic athletes we dream of standing on that podium in the world's biggest stage watching our flag getting raised. she never again that moment back, they might get the metals and shall on their door and it will be nice and they will never have that moment back and my number 2 big issue with this is the way the minister of sports in russia has handled this, he is being completely dismissive of 300 page agree disclaims saying this is politically driven, not true, he has not even had a chance to walk into this, he should show global leadership and say we will do everything in our power, we will not sleep until we separate fact from fiction and we will make decisive decisions, that is what travis tiger would do, we saw him do it against lance armstrong, the only person, angle to bring lance down. that is the type of global
11:46 am
leadership investment we need to send. ashley: was in among the athletes always suspected or known that russian athletes were using performance enhancing drugs? >> i think that is an unfair generalization. i don't think you can take an entire country of athletes and say they are dopeing and i would be shocked, a guarantee athletes participating in russia, they shouldn't be punished for this. i don't agree with the idea that unilaterally russia should be banned from the real olympics if this is true. there are people in russia, athletes that are competing and they should not be wrapped up in this but if the administration, confederation of olympic sports is involved to the level mr. pound, former president says they are, this is unprecedented. ashley: they say they have the proof, samples being destroyed at labs, several whistle-blowers
11:47 am
among russian athletes, you mentioned be a. there's a strong call for russia not to be allowed to compete as punishment for this. do you agree or not? >> i don't agree with that. if i was an athlete in russia and i prepared my entire life for rio and never took performance enhancing drugs and was never part of that and lost out on my opportunity to compete on the olympics after a worked my entire life to gain the opportunity i don't think that is fair. i think there should be very strict punishments, whoever is involved should be banned for life without any exception, metals should be reassigned, independent commission should be set up to oversee russia to make sure there is no home cooking in some of the things they said in the report, they need to take decisive action and said the global message that they will uphold the olympic ideals people care for so greatly for. ashley: you might be waiting a
11:48 am
while but hopefully it will turn out, thank you so much for joining us to talk about it, we appreciate it. this is interesting. news for you, iran's president said our relationship with his country could be restored but only if president obama says sorry. we laughed and then we think, president obama, could president obama do that? is that beyond him? here's another example. if you apologize for your past behavior everything will be great. >> what past behavior is you're referring to? i don't know. is no surprise a mortal enemy of the united states, give them an inch they will ask for a yard. they took full the vantage of a us with this nuclear deal, now they feel they can press the case and by asking the united states to say sorry what they're
11:49 am
really doing is putting ascended the jackboot. they want the united states humiliated, they want this grovelling and this president spent a good deal of his first term apologizing for the united states to the islamic world the other rest of the world about u.s. past crimes and behavior so this is no surprise. president obama opened the door for this kind of behavior. ashley: we can expect more of this rhetoric. >> and more bad behavior by iran. ashley: thank you. more than one hundred women say a mixup in their birth control packaging lead to unwanted pregnancies. the result a big lawsuit. find out what they are asking for. all rise, the judge is next. we live in a pick and choose world.
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if you're medicare eligible, call now... and talk to unitedhealthcare about our plans, like aarp medicarecomplete. let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare today. ♪ ashley: go fro hitting a new lifetime lows, the stock down 60% as you can see, shares down 6% at 2352. more than 100 women launched a lawsuit against pharmaceuticals for miss packaging birth control pills they say resulted in unwanted pregnancies. the women want millions in damages, some even asking for the total cost of raising a child until adulthood including education. all rise, judge andrew napolitano is here on this story which is getting a lot of
11:54 am
conversation going. do these women have a case? >> if they can prove that they purchased the package, that they purchased a defective package, that the defective package misled them and that as a result of the misleading information on the package they became pregnant they have a case. the reason i say if, if, and if, the vast majority of these cases do not result in a judgment for the woman because of their inability to make these proofs. we are talking about something that people might not remember where it is or may not have the package any longer, the company claims only one defective package was out there. maybe one used that package, 127, these cases are not consolidated before one is tried at one time and in one place,
11:55 am
they are all over the place. ashley: if they can meet all those requirements and make the proof, compensation for the expenses for the child all the way through education. judge napolitano: the present value and present-day dollars raising a child age 21 is $250,000 if invested and used but that is what we are talking about. we have a shifting of liability here because the drug company is not a manufacturing, the insurance policy for the distributor and manufacturer, and for the vendors sold materials to the manufacturer so liability all over the place and huge deep pockets of cash but these are not cases -- ashley: my next question. judge napolitano: these cases and not get settled, the insurance companies put
11:56 am
plaintiffs to their proof because this is so difficult to prove. ashley: interesting. anything like this before? judge napolitano: there are wrongful birth cases where doctors failed to diagnose a response to a specific request for diagnosis of severe birth defects and you can sue the doctor and hospital to fail to inform the existence of the defect. that is a different mitigation, easier to prove and worth a lot more money we are far more frequent. ashley: we are interesting, 128 cases. the company say they only know of one defective package. i will expect more cases to come out. judge napolitano: because of the conversation we just had. ashley: we reached out to the company that makes the birth control drug and here is their response quote makes the voluntary recall occurred based on an extremely small number of backs managed by a manufacturer.
11:57 am
and manifested a defect and sold to a patient. additionally courts have dismissed cases arising out of recall because the plaintiff could not establish the cheap purchase a defective package, exactly what the judge just said. we have more varney after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> you have a lot of good candidates here but none so great that they pull ahead of a field. understand as we go through these primaries 50 states running through june you did not win if you have most delicates, you have to get the majority of the delicates, somebody has to pull away from the pack.
12:00 pm
ashley: dan henninger doesn't think any gop candidates will pull away from the rest. we will see what viewers have to say about from and immigration which mr. trump is 100% correct, this problem must be dealt with, this country is almost $19 trillion in debt, we cannot afford to take them in but we can afford to go to debate this with neil cavuto. neil: keeping a close eye on that and the protests that are about to happen here. what they're doing and this sounds like what they were doing last week, lot of protests across the country, not on top minimum wage but a lot of protests for help with college loans, a free college, we will get the latest on this but when it comes down to is this, college inflation and tuition inflation running double triple the aggregate inflation numbers and kids saying no, parents


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