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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 12, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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"strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching. and remember, you can't take it with you. stay with us. . lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. more trouble for hillary clinton tonight. intelligence sources tell fox news that the fbi is expanding its investigation into her e-mails. the inquiry now going beyond a provision involving gross negligence that is negligence in the handling of national defense information. fbi agents are now looking into whether she or any of her top aides made statements that violate a federal statute, prohibiting materially false statements? also tonight, donald trump defending his proposal to deport the country's illegal immigrants.
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he said it can be done much as it was done under president eisenhower. >> that was brutal what they did to those people, to kick them back. i mean, the stuff they did was really brutal. it could never happen today. >> i've heard it both ways. >> no, no, you know me. >> we would do it in a very humane way. >> you're going to have a deportation force. you have millions of people that are waiting in line to come into the country and waiting to come in legally. lou: we'll be exploring all the candidates' proposals and how they compare with how past presidents have tried to deal with the issue of illegal immigration. and senator marco rubio moving closer today to the trump position on deportation. we'll have that for you. and russian state television airing plans for what had been, until today, a top secret, high-speed drone submarine capable of delivering
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a nuclear warhead. the kremlin claims the leak was an accident, but was it? or was russia sending a warning to president obama and nato? we'll take it up with former nato allied supreme commander admiral james stavridis. top story, new developments that could short circuit hillary clinton's presidential ambitions. the fbi expanding investigation into her private e-maila server. the focus now whether clinton and her team made statements that misled investigators. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with our report. >> reporter: intelligence sources tell fox, the fbi is expanding probe of hillary clinton's e-mail with agents exploring whether there are violations of a fault statement statuta known as 18 usc 1001, the same statute in 2004 got martha stewart into trouble with insider trading.
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>> martha stewart was having a conversation with an fbi agent and her lawyer in the fbi agent's office. she was not sworn to tell the truth. she was asked about certain activities and she lied about them. as a result of those lies, she was prosecuted. >> reporter: section 1001 pertains to materially false statements given either in writing, orally or a third party to federal agents. not required that the statements are given under oath. while not publicly known who may have been interviewed by the fbi, the statute could apply if clinton, her aides or attorney were not forthcoming about her use of personal e-mail for state department business as well as document destruction. >> the fbi takes any false statement seriously. you're away from the time of fbi agents that could be spending time on multiple leads. >> reporter: separately two u.s. government officials said the fbi is doing its own independent classification review of the clinton e-mails by going directly to the intelligence agencies.
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effectively cutting out a grinding process at the state department. >> in order to have a substantive, pure investigation, you want to go to the originating source of that information. >> reporter: a member of the benghazi committee said it remains a very serious matter. >> it is now readily apparent that there was high-level classified information contained on a server that didn't have the normal protections, and secretary clinton's server did not meet the standard. >> reporter: fbi director comey avoids commenting on any ongoing investigation but confirmed he is getting regular updates, emphasizing the bureau's agents are independent. the clinton campaign did not respond to requests for comment. lou? lou: catherine, thank you. catherine herridge. on the republican side, immigration becoming a hot topic on the campaign trail. donald trump says he believes in deporting illegal immigrants and modeling his thoughts after the efforts of the eisenhower administration. and looking for historical
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perspective, we turn to fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen. >> reporter: this week's republican primary debate on fbn, donald trump invoked president eisenhower as a model in the mass deportation of illegal immigrants. >> i like ike, moved a million and a half illegal immigrants out of this country. moved them way south. they never came back. ♪ reporter: official figures at the time claimed eishowner a program officially named operation wetback deported 1.3 million people, but historians say the figure was closer to 250,000, and there have been varying assessments how brutal the process was. >> families were torn apart, they would be taken to holding areas, large parking lots, stadiums and so forth and put on buses often without water, without food, to parts of mexico they'da never been to
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before. >> reporter: president truman told congress his administration deported close to 2,000 illegals in two years, and americans increasingly refused to perform menial jobs and many lack the skills to perform tech jobs, foreign workers have permeated the u.s. economy and posed acute problems for presidents. >> so help me god. >> reporter: president reagan bolstered penalties on the employers of illegals as the law he signed provided those with a path to citizenship in. the 21st century, the bush/cheney administration distinguished between removal and returns where illegals were put on buses bound for mexico without court orders and the like. add up both categories and the bush 43 administration evicted more than 10 million people in 8 years. president obama, while using executive action to prevent deportations kept the two categories and exceeded his predecessor in the number of removals but not when removals
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and returns are counted together. >> to deport 12 million immigrants from this country is unrealistic. both as a practical matter, but also as a fiscal matter. >> reporter: asked if he was trying to put a price tag on the rule of law. ernest said donald trump should be asked how much the deportation force would cost but called it inhumane. lou? lou: james, thank you very much, james rosen. turning to the war against the islamic state, kurdish fighters backed by u.s. airstrikes launched a major assault to retake the strategic northern iraqi town of sinjar. the islamic state overran sinjar last year shortly after the radical islamist terrorists seized iraq's second largest city mosul. operation involves 7500 kurdish fighters attacking the city from three sides attempting to take control of all supply routes in the region. at the white house today, president obama awarded a medal
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of honor to retired army captain florent groberg, captain groberg tackled a suicide bomber saving the lives of many of his fellow soldiers. the explosion ripped apart groberg's leg, an injury that required three years of recovery and more than 30 surgeries at walter reed hospital. captain groberg said he was just doing his job and mourns his fellow soldiers who died that day. >> this medal belongs to the true heroes, major gray, major kennedy who made the ultimate sacrifice and didn't come home, and belongs to their families. the true heroes who live with that day every day, missing one of the key members of their families. so i'm honored, i'm overwhelmed but i hope to become the right carrier for them.
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lou: congratulations captain groberg and thank you for you your service, your valor. we're coming right back. the kremlin swearing that a live picture of a secret nuclear torpedo on russian television was an accident. was it really? or it was a warning to the united states? nato's former supreme allied commander admiral james stavridis joins us next. and what happened last night? more than a dozen aircraft all across the country, passenger jetliners, helicopters and police aircraft, all hit by lasers in the space of 24 hours? (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas.
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. lou: two of our b-52 bombers flew over chinese built islands in the latest challenge to china's territorial claims in the south china sea, those bombers were contacted by ground controllers in the area during that mission earlier this week but continue flying without any attempted obstruction of their overflight. last month, a u.s. guided missile destroyer sailed within 12 nautical miles of the disputed territory in the south china sea.
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joining us former nato supreme allied commander, dean of the fletcher school of law and diplomacy of tufts university, admiral james stavridis. good to have you with us. looks as if the overflights are going to become routine, if you will. >> they will, lou, this is not just a mindlessly poking at china. there is a real rationale for doing this in international law, and it's because if we allow china to build the artificial islands and act as though that is territorial and avoid it, don't fly over it, or don't go within 12 miles of it, we effectively acquiesce in the chinese view that they own the south china sea it. becomes their territorial sea, so it's critical we continue the freedom of navigation patrols. lou: the free navigation, as you point out, if you will, in comparison to the way we
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responded along with nato to russia and his ambitions and annexation of crimea, his threats against everything from astonia to all of eastern ukraine, why the difference? >> i think we are very, very gentle with vladimir putin and we should not be. partly it's because he has 8,000 nuclear weapons and keeps waving that card in front of us. partly because of timidity on the part of some of our european allies, particularly those in the western part of the alliance. and partly because we were trying to keep russia on side as we negotiated this deal with the iranians. that's a bad set of reasons. we need to stand up more directly to president putin. lou: now he's insinuating himself, his policies and his political and military power into the middle east as never before. with, again, without response from the united states.
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are we again simply making a misjudgment? >> what we need to do in the middle east is get putin, if he's serious, and wants to do something constructive, to strike the islamic stata. it's becoming quite apparent that the islamic state is who blew up the russian airliner, killed over 200 innocent russians, including children, so let's hope he starts to actually attack the islamic state. at the moment what he's doing is supporting the regime of assad, who's a thug and killer unparalleled in the world today. lou: and he's doing so at the same time as iran with whom this president has just concluded a nuclear treaty, he's doing so as iran is now prodding, probing, and in point of fact trying, it seems, to provoke this administration, not destroying its centrifuges as has been agreed, and
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basically turning up the level on their anti-american rhetoric? >> that's absolutely right, and it's not just anti-american, as you know, lou. it's also highly directed against our arab sunni allies and against israel. we're going to continue to see iran as an imperial power attempt to consolidate domination over various capitals and nations in the region. they're also very involved in yemen, they're involved in the -- in what's happening in lebanon. they're involved in syria and, of course very involved in iraq. so we're going to see this imperial spread from iran, and we need to face that and recognize that if we don't help our allies in the region, stand up to it, iran will continue to aggrandize its power. lou: it is reminiscent of 30 years ago when there were those in this country that wanted to quote, unquote decouple human rights considerations from the military interests,
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geopolitical interests of this country, and they did so. in the instance of china, they tried to do so, in the instavens the soviet union and failed. are we making a similar mistake here? this administration making a similar mistake trying to decouple iran's behavior from the issue of its nuclear program? >> yeah, i think we are, and that is very concerning because we don't have the correct site picture of iran. they see themselves as a manifestation of the persian empire of 2,000 years ago and will continue to push out for religious, for geopolitical, and for economic reasons, lou, and as the sanctions come off, they're going to have the resources to do it, unfortunately. lou: admiral james stavridis, as always, thank you. >> pleasure, lou, thank you. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight, the question is --
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we'd like to hear from you on the issue. cast your vote at and follow me -- . federal officials barning a disturbing trend. laser strikes against aircraft are rising at a record pace. last night, the federal aviation administration had to respond to reports from all over the country of more than 20 aircraft that were struck by laser pointers, that can temporarily blind pilots. you're looking at the scene of one of the incidents in new york city where a laser was pointed at a television news helicopter. the folks on the ground were promptly arrested. so far this year there have
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been an incredible 5300 laser strikes on aircraft, compared to 3900 the previous year. all of last year. up next, a few thoughts on the critical debate on campuses all across this country, and we'll tell you why an elderly man is suddenly a viral video star for just crossing the street? stay with us. we'll show you that and more straight ahead. the future belongs to the fast.
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. lou: these are perilous times in this country, certainly for the first amendment and our first amendment rights. a few thoughts now on free speech. political correctness, and the conflict between the two on our nation's college campuses. the university of missouri today named an interim president after missouri's president and chancellor had resigned earlier this week, giving into demands from
11:25 pm
protesting students, who charged the university with a weak response to alleged racism on campus. but the university did today show considerable judgment and spine as they rejected the resignation of a popular professor who quit after students lashed out at him for not cancelling an exam amid spiraling protests. even the aclu called on the university of missouri to protect free speech rights. after campus police asked students to report what they called hurtful speech. imagine that. asking the campus police to report hurtful speech. this, on the university of missouri which has one of the leads journalism schools in the country. but the chaos and the idiocy is spreading across our campuses. ithaca demanded the resignation of the school's president. at vanderbilt students call for
11:26 pm
the dismissal of professor over incidents of perceived racism. yale protested free speech. think about that one for a while. students at more than 20 campuses are planning to protest in solidarity. the "wall street journal" editorial board warned to expect more of this chaos writing, quote -- well said. and these demonstrators are not only, well, merely intellectually precocious, they are a herd of left-wing activists who are far more authoritarian than open-minded students or scholars. is there any doubt whatsoever
11:27 pm
that their actions amount to utter fascism? the radical activities are devoid of intellectual integrity and around the country at the same time, clearly, clearly demonstrates the protests are orchestrated. coming up in the broadcast tonight, i'll take up the spread of what one student calls protofascism, i'll be talking with a harvard law student who is calling out protesters and university administrators alike. now our quotation of the evening about fascism. the words of english author p.d. james. we're coming right back. among all of his rivals, donald trump sees only two
11:28 pm
candidates as his principal challengers, and guess what? dr. ben carson isn't one of them. we'll find out what eboni williams and guy benson thinks about the trump perspective? and a u.s. navy s.e.a.l. has a unique tribute for his fellow servicemen and women, and he sets a new world record and he sets a new world record while he's at it.
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lou: top news at this hour, fbi spanning its investigation to hillary clinton, examine whether she or her staffers made a number of false and misleading statements about her servers. >> clinton losing support of postal workers union today, endorsing today senator bernie sanders. donald trump tonight, demanding "wall street journal" apologize to him for saying, he had his facts wrong on trade, during the fox business network debate. trump on fox, short time ago reiterating his position, saying that china is not part of the recent tpp trade deal, they can still and will exploit it. >> i know tpp probably better than almost anyone, it is 6,000 pages, i am totally against it. a group of people took an expensive ad, about 6 months ago, i know that china is not
11:33 pm
a part of tpp. about i say, they are smarter than our representatives, they are going to come in through the backdoor, and get the best of tpp. lou: joining us, town, guy benson, political editor. and ebony williams, fox news contributors and more than welcome here. let me start with you, guy. this with trump and the "wall street journal" and issue of free trade. there is no surprise that the journal would be upset with mr. trump for criticizing a quote, unquote free trade treaty. >> no. they have differences of opinion. and different views who was conservatism looks like on trade, immigration and a number of things, they will call trump out on things he will push back, that is what he does.
11:34 pm
lou: and clinton, e-mail probe is expanding, ebony. this is the last thing she really needed? >> absolutely. the believability and authenticity of hillary clinton, polls are so low. jim has been deliberate, saying this is in the little bit -- not political for him, he is doing his job. i am not surprised to see this investigation expanding to a very broad scope. people want to know, will she be prosecuted. this is a separate issue that can go deep as comey wants it to. we have to wait to see what the evidence is, and whether loretta lynch will move forward with a prosecution. lou: i think you are right, guy, to donald trump, and his immigration plan. and senator marco rubio today moving it seemed to me, closer
11:35 pm
to trump on the issue of the departing of -- deporting of illegal immigrants. >> i think that donald trump is talking about deportation of up to 11 million people using what he is describing a deportation force, almost everyone else in feel field rejects, rubio made comments saying yes more people will have to be deported. but that is really not a departure from his previous position, even the "gang of 8" called for deportation of criminal illegal immigrants. lou: this has nothing to do with illegal immigrants, rubio's comes were clear, if you have laws you have to enforce them. enforcing them, would bring us to position we're in i think, you would agree now that a appellate court supported a district court injunction against president leaving 5 million illegal immigrants in limbo as they await a decision
11:36 pm
as to whether or not they will be deported. >> i think that every conservative in america does and should oppose the president's illegal amnesty move, that is marco rubio, and donald trump, and everyone in the field. what has been interesting is watching intend sparring on twitter and spokespeople between marco rubio and ted cruz. they seem to be going head-to-head, coming after each other hard on that issue. lou: at the same time, trump is saying, even though he and dr. ben carson are locked up, he saying his real competition in this field are senator rubio, and senator cruz. what do you make of that reasoning? >> i have to say momentum behind marco rubio is undeniable. he is looking more and more like a candidate that is might head-to-head with hillary clinton in a strong way. i'm not surprised to see marco
11:37 pm
rubio moving a little bit closer to the right on this immigration issue. i was in that auditorium, many team were saying about me, we like him but the immigration issue will be a prob lim fo problem for him getting out of the primary. lou: let's share what marco rubio said, if we may role that video. i'm told hig we can't. rubio saying we have to deport some of the immigrants, illegal immigrants, otherwise echoing in some ways what donald trump has been saying, guy, otherwise we're not -- we do have it. i'll let the senator speak. >> i think both sides have points to make that are valid, we'll have to deport some
11:38 pm
people, if you are not going to enforce your laws, what is the point of having the laws, criminals will be deported, people over staying visas will be deported, that is how you enforce immigration laws, but i do not believe you can round up andy it port 11 million people -- round up and deport 11 mile wro million people, there has to be a process to deal that realistically. lou: senator did an ad admirable job of having to both ways. >> that is part of a politician, also that marco rubio was chastened after the "gang of 8" crashed and burned, he said, not that much of a change in tune from what he has been saying for years on this issue. lou: he has changed his views a number of time. >> some of the work visa issue
11:39 pm
is what you may be referring to. politicians have a tough job, they want to please as many voters as possible. but that is where people will be somewhat skeptical with a harder line. lou: i don't think that anyone in this conversation suggestions that everyone some suspend their skepticism of each of these candidates, ebony and guy thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: vote in tonight's poll, does the world's only super power lack a the resources and cape bill tie or b the little bit at will to secure our borders and support millions of illegal immigrants. >> u.s. navy seal going to great ledges for a great cause. andy stump, performing a wing suit jump in a bid to raise money for the families of our fallen servicemembers. ex navy seal not only raised thousands of dollars for the
11:40 pm
cause but also took world record for longest distance flown in a wing suit. his astounding 18.26 mile flight, dedicated to his best friend, jason lewis, killed in iraq in 2,000 7. -- in 2007. >> you were next, risk, dangers of being a police officer on video. we'll have that for you, here next. and students across the country, walking out of their classrooms, they are demonstrating. you know, we'll tell but it here next. some ways you may find this an incredible set of demands. we're coming right back. if a denture were to be
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lou: our next guest is at forefront of the immigration debate in this country, joining us the exe executive director of national immigration forum. good to see you. you have got to be -- what is your reaction to hearing
11:45 pm
senator rubio move closer to trump, trump putting a very strong standard in the ground talking about the deportation of 11.5 million illegal immigrants. >> strangely enough. i think that what donald trump doing is presenting a clear, good choice for the american people, do they support donald trump and deporting 11 million people or support a rational choice of how do we bring people out of shadows make them taxpayers and fully contributing members to society. at end of the day, results of pointing looking for a pr pragmatic solution will delton don we're looking -- donald trump we're looking for a smart solution. lou: there is a subtext, ollie as you know. many considered to be out right invitation toil goining
11:46 pm
ing well -- illegal immigrants to register and vote, in california effort to turn over with automatic registration with driver license application to illegal immigrants that would inplate the roles of voters. that is an impediment for the rational humane arguments that are made you know i think on both sides of the aisle, both republicans and democrats, does it not? >> what the administration is doing in terms of taking this to supreme court, saying by granting individuals on a case by case basis a temporary status they have prioritize law enforcement resources. in california those who are undocumented are eligible for a driving privilege card, not a license, they never go to a process where they regger to
11:47 pm
to vote. -- register to vote. lou: there is a bald face effort, on part of left, supported by this administration, and many other sanctuary city, state of california to try to enroll, consequence of what they are doing, most americans are blind, and unaware of what is happening. we're talking about numbers that could reach 15 or 20 million people. in this country, depending on who you want to believe. this is a dangerous obstacle to again, those who seek rational human solutions to this issue. >> the rational solution is looking for the documenting to register for legal status, pass a background check, learn english and become taxpayers, what happen --
11:48 pm
lou: wait, wait, this is not gone the claim for most of immigration advocates, i think including yourself. because insistence has been, a 7 pact to citizenship. that is a change if that is what you saying, you left that out of what you described, i think you may be making news today if you drop that as the ying. >> for the people we should be able to apply for achieve legal status and enter the process to citizenship that is a long-term plan, at end of the day do we want renders or owners, i think that we want owners of th american dream. lou: what would you say if i say to you, i believe that donald trump, irrespective of any other claim, what he has succeeded, is altered the initial bargaining position in the debate on how to resolve
11:49 pm
our illegal immigration crisis in the country, he has been effective iff that, do you not think. >> that donald trump has put forward a proposal that would create a huge government apparatus. lou: i know, i know you are against it. i'm saying in terms of the debate itself, he has changed condition presiding the initial bargaining position. >> he has presented a clear choice. that choice i think in long run is good for us. lou: debate is underway with a new level of energy. i hope stability. ollie i know that is what you bring, thank you. >> thank you. lou: national immigration forum executive director. on wall street's blood bath.
11:50 pm
volume almost 4 billion shares. listen to my reports 3 time a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. a woman chose to mess with the wrong police officer after she decided to do something unthinkable. this body cam video, releases by the officer in oklahoma. shows a woman suspected of being under the influin insurgents -- influence, ramming a stolen car into his cruiser. the woman not hit by gunfire. but she was arrested after being shot by a stun gun. she faces assault, battery charges, the officer received minor injuries, luckily only minor. incredible. law enforcement officers in this country have to put up
11:51 pm
with, day in and day out, people' to carry on a campaign against them. unbelievable. a jaw-dropping moment, on camera in a video, check this out, a man, elderly man, narrowly is that close enough? narrowly avoids a oncoming train. in brazil. he was unaware. do you think he was unaware? who else could -- wa strolling across fro railroad tracks, he avoided death. continued to walk without looking back. not even knowing sh he should say thank you, god. up next. college campuses across the country. we'll talk with a harvard law school student who said that political correctness has run
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you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right lou: on college campuses, across the country, students leaving class to take part in a process for free tuition, cancel student debt, and a $15 minimum wage for anyone that
11:56 pm
works on campus. the actual number is unclear, hardly reliable numbers. so far. today, facebook page for the event had just about 3,000 rsvp's, turning to the free speech -- i don't know what you call it, crisis. now at supposed institutions of higher learning. criticize students in yale and others, says in a harvard law record opposite. -- op set, far too often in college campuses. also, a form of fashion. >> bill barlo a third year harvard school student, congratulation on your op-ed. i have to just have to know have been well received on
11:57 pm
your reincin reasoning on this. >> you know, i have been surprised, it has been really well received, on the moderate left. there are elements of the far left that have made some unkind comments about it, and have written replies, but by and large on moderate lift left, people are appalled by some tactics. >> give us a sense, from your perspective, to what your generation is thinking about, i am inviting you to speak for everyone at harvard, but across the country. because it is stunning, that suddenly there are these demands for free college, a free lunch. that there be reprisals for speaking in ways and saying thins that others don't like. there is a certain madness in this. >> yeah, i think that it is wonderful when students
11:58 pm
express themselves when they feel path at. about the problem has been that they have gone beyond that, they said, if you say something i disagree with, you should be fired and spat opeople left and right need to come together and say that is wrong. lou: as you point out in your op set, this is freu true fascism. it is fas fascism, it seems to be enlarging this not littlpolitical correctness controlling speech and thought this is something that is dangerous to me. >> it very dangerous. you think of the university as a microcosm for future, in 20 or 30 years these people will be leaders of the nation. that is why i think this important to speak out now,
11:59 pm
saying that behavior is unacceptable call it what it is fascism so we don't see it coming back to harm us 30 years from now. lou: you are in a sea of liberalism, if not out right liftest socialism in some cases, faculties are left wing, students so. are. is there a way to reverse what is a 7 lack of intellectual diversity and integrity, i think? >> i think it starts with conservative students speaking out, i have talked to a lot of conservatives that are afraid of writing articles, and expressing their opinions they think they will be shout down in class or call out for being a racist, it starts up with conservatives having courage to speak out say their mind. lou: bill barlo, good to have
12:00 am
you on the show, continued good luck. keeps exercising your firstmm rights. medica. >> first amendment rights. >> in our online poll, the debate did not change your mind who you will voting for. kennedy: hello i'm back. thank you for your kind words, wishes and thoughts and prayers i appreciate it on behalf of my fallly. i am watching fallout of fox business debate. a discussion about rivetting issues that affect struggling americans and those hoping to ride a wave of prosperity and true recovery, the night could have unravele carson's


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