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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 13, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EST

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99% sure we got him. the fight against isis playing a key role in tuesday's fox business/"wall street journal" republican presidential debate. >> they are coming for us. they recruit americans using social media. they don't hate us simply because we support israel. they hate us because of our values. they hate us because our girls go to school. they hate us because women drive in the united states. >> their desire is to destroy us an destroy our way of life. we have to say how do we make them look like losers? that is the way they're able to gather a lot of influence. maria: we will have. more on this developing story throughout the hour. "jihadi john" apparently caught and dead. turning to the markets this morning futures showing a higher opening for the broader averages. the here is where we stand. the markets turned mix with major averages very much flat. dow industrials sitting where it closed yesterday unchanged. s&p and nasdaq similar story.
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in europe the french economy returning to growth but german economy slowing in the third quarter. as you can see we have weakness there as it appears the eurozone weakened in the last couple months. the early action is to the downside. similar story in asia overnight. hang seng in honk dong down better than 2%. weakness across the board in asian markets. one stock to watch today is cisco. the networking giant reporting quarterly earnings that topped expectations. however the real story is the disappointing guidance for the current quarter. the stock under pressure that will be the one that leads the market today lower. >> knew that was going to be a slugfest, no question about it. maria: disappointing? and a slugfest it was, rex ryan taking his buffalo bills into metlife stadium first time since the jets fired him, holding off a fourth quarter comeback by the jets. ryan's defense put up a goal
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line stand in the waning minutes of the game to secure victory 22-17. buffalo moving ahead of jets in the wildcard race. >> who are you? >> i'm the one. ♪ >> follow me. >> nothing will stand in our way. i'll show them the dark side. maria: then there's this. more excitement for "star wars" fans this morning. a brand new trailer released ahead of the december opening for the film. we'll have full video later on this hour on that "star wars" trailer. brac to breaking news right now, officials are assessing whether a us air strike killed "jihadi john," a british silt send seen in videos depicting beheadings by hostages held by isis.
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fox news quoting a official who said we are 99% sure we got him. we have peter brookes. senior fellow heritage foundation. we'll get to him momentarily. we have dagen and jo and cheryl in the studio. what can you tell us about this story? >> it is certainly symbolic. i was reading "the wall street journal." it may not result in any major strategic shift of damage done to isis but given this man's history and public profile it certainly helps the obama administration and the white house say, hey, we have increased our forces in the region. you have 50 special operations force troops that are being deployed to syria to basically assess conditions for military action. so this will let the white house point to certainly greater vigilance on their part to fight back isis. >> also, maria, we had david cameron come out a few moments ago in the last hour, speaking.
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we had him on fox business, "fbn:am," that they are thanking the united states, talking about the operation. they have been following him, maria for a long time, u.s. forces had. they wanted to be 100% sure it was him when they took out the vehicle. one pentagon official telling fox news, he was quote, evaporated in this attack. >> but the british prime minister just in the last hour saying also that they're not yet certain that the us air strike killed the militant known as "jihadi john." there is still some uncertainty here. maria: peter brookes on the phone, national security affairs, senior fellow at the heritage foundation. peter, thanks very much for joining us. what do you think this represents? we're still trying to get a handle if he is dead. this official telling fox they're 99% sure they got him. this is bigger story than him being dead, isn't it? maria: he is public face of isis and public face of evil and
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their brutality. but there is still a lot of work to do. he is only one individual. a blow for justice certainly but the fact of the matter is there is still a lot of work to do defeating isis. we'll see -- he was essentially responsible for social media, for portraying isis internationally especially to western audiences. the leader, baghdad did i is still alive. there is fighting in the field and fighting around sinjar. this is blow for justice and psychological blow for isis but, i don't think it is the end of isis at this point. maria: no, no of course not. but the truth is, this is an individual who has been a leader in terms of soliciting other people to join isis. >> absolutely. maria: using technology very effectively.
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tell us how he has done that. >> isis recruited people as we know capable of social media. this was kuwaiti-born individual, became a brit, willing to go on international communitycations networks and portray isis as up-and-coming force in the middle east. he was quite correct about that. he was even worse. more willing to show brutality of isis and radicalized and recruit ad lot of individuals. isis wouldn't be what it is today without influx of foreign fighters. they're coming from 100 countries around the world. we're talking 30 to 40,000 of them. he was critof in that especially in social media. that is the one of the reasons isis has been so successful. maria: of course the pentagon is monitoring the aftermath of that strike before making a definitive confirmation in fact they got him. we'll keep watching that. peter, that u have etch. we appreciate your insights. >> thank you.
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maria: one stock to watch this morning, cisco. the technology giant reports weak guidance. that has the stock under pressure. they topped expectations in earnings for the recent quarter but the warning is about the next couple quarters. that is indicating tough times ahead. ceo chuck robbins blaming the strong dollar and weak global economy or the lowered outlook. the stock is under pressure and the issue here cisco is so critical to so many industries it is really indicator that business is not as strong as many people expected. jo, cisco, obviously a gut check for the entire technology sector. what do you think the ripple effects will be? >> continuing to see the move over into software and cloud for so many bellwether tech companies that provide hardware. the one bright spot, look at conferences technology, versus router hardware, it is doing better. it grew 17%.
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they expect it to continue to grow. cisco also with this new ceo, chuck robbins moving in new direction, shutting down businesses making expensive acquisition. we'll see what kind of ripple effect it has in the current quarter. zero to 2% revenue growth for the current quarter is very flat. >> the stock -- i was saying stock was already underperforming this year. up only 3%. that was total return through yesterday. with nasdaq up more than 5 1/2%. maria: so they're talking about international story. we know that the china story has been weaker than expected. but if we're seeing continue persistence that the international story continues to weaken that obviously will have an impact on a lot more than technology. that is why this is such an important indicator to watch for broader s&p 500. >> also, maria, to your point about that, we have to watch what will happen with the dollar, particularly if we get the rate hike in december, which seems more and more likely this
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morning if you look at fed fund futures. that will affect all companies internationally, absolutely, that are trading overseas. maria: now the stock is looking weaker as we expected. so you would expect some of these networkers to come under selling pressure but also industrial names. it is indicating in fact if cisco is not doing well, that is indicator for large multinational companies? >> i would add, maria, this market traded off nothing but whether the fed is going to move in december or not. remember we had a bounceback after august selloff because it looked like the central bank was going to back away from tightening and now it looks likes we got the good jobs report, the federal reserve if results from company like cisco in coming days and weeks look awful, the fed won't move and market will stablize unfortunately. maria: isn't it unbelievable that every time we're expecting that we're going to see the federal reserve raise interest rates, we get one more piece of
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data just sometimes takes it off the table. >> that's right. retail sales are out this morning. nordstrom is being hit. >> nordstrom is looking bad in the premarket, we should tell you. maria:. over past several months we were told consumer would break out. retail sales would be important to watch. what goes on in terms of consumer sector last month. >> i was looking at nordstrom. third quarter numbers, they warned about the forecast. this is bad news going into the holiday season. basically same story nordstrom came for the street, what macy's said. can't compete with amazon. can't get online business going as they want. nordstrom, jcpenney, this is all disconcerting for the economy. maria: wow, 63.47.
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is where it closed. could open as low as 49.25. dagen, that is similar, saw a huge selloff in walmart a couple weeks ago as well. >> walmart related more to costs having to raise -- their sales have been so-so, but raised minimum wage for workers. that is putting pressure on its bottom line. i will say this, anecdotally among luxury retailers in apparel sales, i heard reports, this is at street, these are not publicly-traded companies, 50% declines in apparel sales from one year ago. this is very, very high-end. like, $5,000 swayed jacket. that is russia, that is china. that is your stronger dollar. maria: yeah. we'll keep watching that. retail sector and networking sector up pressure this morning. thank you, ladies. coming up next, donald trump going off on fellow candidates, what he had to say about ben carson's quote, pathological
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maria: welcome back. a verdict was reached in the case against an alleged gangster. cheryl casone with the story and headlines this morning right now. cheryl, good morning. >> that's right, maria. big story here in new york. federal jury acquitted vincent asaro, alleged third generation mobster of all count in connection with the 1978 multimillion-dollar lufthansa airlines heist. the case was retold in martin scorsese's hit film, "goodfellas." that was making headlines, he says the whole thing was overkill.
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he would have a nice dinner. we're watching this for you this morning, for dagen. the force is strong on all nippon airways, r2-d2 themed jet. look at these photos. the star wars-themed boeing 787 dreamliner was created in partnership with disney owned films is painted to resemble the iconic droid. it has flight attendant props, whatever that will be. there you go, light sabres for the flight attendants. finally this. gop hopeful donald trump going on another tirade claiming rival dr. ben carson has curable quote, pathological temper equating it to something else that is incurrable. >> says he has pathological disease. he actually said pathological temper and defined it as disease. if you're pathological. there is no cure for that folks. if you're a child molester, a sick puppy, you're a child molester, there is no cure for
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that. so he is pathological, damaged, temper, a problem. >> okay. maria. that tirade went on, and on, as you can imagine. maria: wow. wow. >> did he just say child molester? did he just say child mow tester, -- child molester? maria: he did. i knew politics can get tough but what do you make of tirade? >> people discussed how will donald trump deal with not winning and not being number one? now he is still number one in some polls. but ben carson is close second and leading in others.
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there was no applause. very clear what some voters in iowa think about this. you go back to what trump is referring to in carson's book. really clear. carson said that yes, he had this pathological temper and this disease. and he said it controlled him and made i am irrational. he later had what he called an epiphany and that made him the person that he is today. so, trump isn't telling the whole story of his fellow candidate because it doesn't benefit him in the short term. maria: right. i mean there is a point of saying, you know, as it is, i'm
6:19 am
saying, as it isn't. right? >> he is spit balling and doesn't know when to shut his yap, that is pretty much it. it will get him into trouble eventually. if it didn't about women, this might hurt him because carson is quite frankly beloved in iowa. maria: yeah, we'll see what happens. we'll take a short break. coming up next, hillary clinton lays out a energy package to struggling part of energy sector hit hard by regulations from the white house. we have details coming up. stay with us on that. but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier. it's your idea
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maria: welcome back. hillary clinton introducing a stimulus plan for the coal industry which has been hit hard and hit hard by president obama's energy regulations phil flynn at cme group in
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chicago right now. phil, what is your take on the plan? >> my take that the hillary clinton administration is signaling will go nuclear when it comes to war on coal. one of hillary clinton's base in the past has been the lunch bucket crowd, the coal mine workers. basically saying with this proposal, guess what, i know if you vote for me you will probably lose your job. don't worry about it, i will spend a lot of government money to try to create job opportunities and reeducate you and spend $30 billion to make your highway as lot better. problem with that, that will take a lot of time. nobody cares about highway if they don't have a job to drive to. maria: how are they going to do that? what specifically is she proposing in this plan then, phil? >> well, she is looking at some tax breaks, eliminating capital-gains taxes for new businesses that go in, hard hit coal counties. such as appalachia and new york,
6:24 am
some of the other coal-producing countries. at the same time, spend $30 billion on infrastructure, rebuilding highways and on education. the problem is, $30 billion isn't going that long of a way, if you're talking about all of those programs. how is that going to filter down to the individual in those coal countries probably going to lose their job under new policies that will be proposed by hillary clinton? maria: you know, interesting. dagen, this package is being framed as a move to help communities that have already been hurt by the decline of the coal industry. does it address the fundamental issues? and of course the most recent epa regulations? >> the coal industry has in part been decimated because of regulations from the obama administration. maria: right. >> i will point to somebody that jeb bush -- i would say one of his shining moments in that debate on tuesday night, when he said, i will repeal every regulation that president obama put in place. i will start with regulation of
6:25 am
the internet, the water, the waters of the u.s. rule and then, the clean power plants. so i think there is a way to target these hard-hit areas without spending, but it is to pull back on some of these regulations that have caused the job losses. maria: so many companies have pointedto those most recent epa regulations the reason they're sitting on cash, not hiring. we'll keep watching that. let's take a short break. phil flynn, thank you. we'll check back in with you on markets in terms of energy as well. coming up, will it be a december to remember for the federal reserve? the chances janet yellen and company make a move. we'll take a look next because a lot of action ridings on whether or not she raises rates in next couple weeks at the december meeting. we're back in a moment. ♪
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maria: happy friday, i am maria bartiroma coming to you live for the strategic growth forum in palm springs, calif.. it is november 13th, with me from our new york headquarters dagen mcdowell, cheryl casone and jo lin kent. top stories at 6:30 on the east coast, breaking news, the pentagon announcing over night and air strike which targeted the terrorist known as jihadi john inside sealed. the british national has been responsible for the be heading of multiple isis hostages including american journalists james foley and stephen satloff.
6:30 am
they are 99% sure we got him. the fight against isis played a big role in tuesday's fox business network wall street journal presidential debate. watch this. >> they are coming for us. they recruit americans using social me he and they don't hate us because we support israel, they hate us because of our values, because our girls go to school, because women driving the united states. >> their desire is to destroy as and destroy our way of life. we have to say how do we make some look like losers? that is the way they gather a lot of influence. maria: they are doing a good job with that. we have more on this developing story throughout the hour on the campaign trail, donald trump ripping and his fellow presidential contender ben carson at an event yesterday in iowa. listen to this. >> he has a pathological disease, he said at a logical
6:31 am
temper and defined it as disease, if you are pathological there is no cure. if you are a child molester, a sick puppy, you are a child molester there is no cure. he is a pathological, damaged, temper -- maria: we will see how that plays out for donald trump. we are looking at a weaker open for broader averages, cisco and nordstrom stocks selling off, the market is looking lower because of worries over growth. stimulus in europe, the french economy return to growth and the german unexpectedly the economy there slowed in the third quarter but even the french growth numbers were very low. 0.3% a week have weakness in european markets. similar story in asia, the hang seng and hong kong down 2% setting the tone and on the
6:32 am
heels of the cisco warning. rex ryan taking his buffalo bills in to metlife stadium coming away with a victory, his first visit to his old home since being fired by the jets, the bill's squeaking out a 22-17 victory after a late fourth quarter goal line stand. viewers in the mattress in the area did not see any commercials for draft kings leave cbs's new york affiliate pulling the spot in the wake of the state attorney general eric schneiderman's order, stop operating inside n.y. and the daily fantasies sites planning not protest outside the new york city office later this morning. the federal reserve, popular topic during the presidential debate, trump blamed the central bank for no social security increases, rand paul held the fed responsible for widening income inequality. >> the federal reserve destroys the value of the currency, what you are finding is a few of 4, if you make $20,000 a year and have three or four kids and are
6:33 am
trying to get by, at your prices rise, the value of the dollar shrinks, these are the people that hurt the worst. we need to reexamine whether we want a federal reserve that involves so much in determining interest rates. maria: this conversation at going into the december meeting, joining us is federal reserve bank of dallas official, thanks for joining us, welcome. >> good morning. maria: let me ask you, i know you worked with richard fisher, former head of the dallas federal reserve very closely and he over the last couple years has been talking about a strengthening economy. how do you see things? when you look at something like retail sales under pressure cisco coming out warning the next quarter is not going to be so great and we have this weakness due to international markets, what is your sense of
6:34 am
the fed and whether they see this economy is strengthening and raise interest rates? >> we call a heard quite a bit yesterday, there was more confusion to the market from what we saw yesterday but the bottom line is to senator paul's point the average household in this country is being squeezed and we see that playing out in the retail sales data and what we have been hearing out of macy's and nordstrom, once you get past the essentials when making a household balance sheet errors often very little in the way of anything to go after what are not considered necessities and pay for them. maria: what does that mean in terms of the fed moved and where we are in the economy? obviously the consumer is incredibly important, two thirds of economic growth, you are seeing pretty weak results from major retailers like macy's, nordstrom and a month ago walmart. >> absolutely but at the same time sometimes you will see a lot of strength in the headline retail sales figure and that is largely a reflection of the fact
6:35 am
that we have seen credit get where credit can get in the fed cycle and that would be with auto sales and sub prime automobile lending and i think that is largely what bolstered retail sales. once you get that headline figure, you see more underlying weakness and that is a reflection of the fallacy of what policymakers call but will affect which i consider to be truly broken. maria: what does your gut tell you about the fed next month given all we know now, will they raise rates? >> janet yellen could have been more neutral had she tried. they said what was expected. the hawks said what was expected but the chair herself was very inconclusive yesterday in her results. i think they will fall retail sales like a hawk. any surprise figure in the upcoming nonfarm payroll report could be a game changer, october
6:36 am
was an anomaly and we see renewed downtick in oil prices and they keep hoping it will be transitory in major but as long as oil prices stay as weak as they are, we do see weakness emanating from that. maria: what does your gut tell you? will the fed raise next month? >> they want to raise rates badly. there are certain things being discussed around the table that none of us understand but from everything we are hearing, but majority of the board they want to raise rates. barring anything disasters in the data we will see 25 basis points on the sixteenth of december. maria: that is the issue. there is so much pressure for the fed to raise rates even though the economic signals probably suggests perhaps the economy is feeling in a week mode. dagen: it does look shaky at times depending on the numbers you look at but you heard time
6:37 am
and again on this program, get off your -- i am going to -- let me paraphrase, get off your butt and raise interest rates. we heard that from wilbur ross, there are a lot of business leaders who say we need some sort of certainty and we are not in an economy here that says crisis. these are crisis levels and they have been sitting on the sidelines too long. liz: janet yellen said looking at what happens with global banks around the world, why do you look at what is happening at home, come on. maria: no reason to be at such extreme measures, this is not 2009. they wait long enough it might be again but that goes to financial instability and the longer they wait the more pressure is building in the system and that is not a good thing. maria: do you think raising rates in 2016, an election year makes the fed look political. do they want to avoid doing too
6:38 am
many moves in 16? >> optics are one of the reasons they would prefer to pull the trigger on december 16th so they appear to be less politicized. i don't live that they are not publicized. dagen: janet yellen is going to get bashed by a these candidates. you already see it. and i want to point out she has a term. you don't have to renew her term. she will be out in basically one year after the new president is inaugurated. they can say what they want about her and rand paul is touching on not note about the way he phrased it at that debate, the dollar is 22% stronger since 2008 and we had 2% inflation for the last three years so don't talk about destroying the value of the currency. the purchasing power of americans is better because of
6:39 am
that. >> interesting to see when it comes to janet yellen's position. is rare to see dissension at the board of governors and if we learned anything since the decision to not hike is she is having a hard time holding together. maria: different data points suggest the fed may not want to raise right now, thank you. facebook experimenting with the new feature that will make messages disappear. nicole petallides on that story. nicole: facebook is testing a new feature that gives users the option to make your messages disappear. it will live within the facebook messenger apps and is only available in france right now but the company says it could
6:40 am
extend to other countries in the future. this is the direct shot at social media rivals snap chat which has grown in popularity whose core use is similar to face book's new messaging feature. the move comes two years after facebook reported the offered to buy snapple chat for $3 billion but was turned down by the snap chat ceo, so this is what we are looking at, you have the ability to turn on and off using an icon and you can always take a screen shot so your message may disappear in an hour. >> interesting because of a snap chat success where messages disappear and are not saved so we will see about that. start your day every week they with nicole petallides and lauren simonetti on "fbn a.m.". catch you at 5:00 a.m. eastern
6:41 am
right before "mornings with maria". money trail on the campaign trail, president obama's biggest donors not opening their wallets, bernie sanders just yet, more on that next. back in a moment. buddy- nice place, nice car what happened?
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td ameritrade. you got this. maria: campbell's soup recalling
6:45 am
one of its popular products, cheryl casone in new york. >> campbell's soup is saying oh oh spaghettios, voluntarily recalling 355,000 cans after pieces of red plastic were found in a small number of the cans in the united states. the company said the plastic peeled off of the cans's lining and could be a choking hazard but campbell's saying full refund or exchanges would be offered if you want them. leave it to technology to find a solution to a top problem. do by ordering jet packs for firefighters to protect its forest of skyscrapers including the world's tallest building that sits at 2700 feet, $200 each so they will have a kospi of 45 miles an hour and can climb to 3,000 feet. finally, in iowa, donald from
6:46 am
attacking ben carson's own description of his pathological kemper as a young man. take a listen. >> he said he has psychological diseases, he said pathological temper and defined it as disease. if you are pathological there is no cure. if you are child molester, a sick puppy, you are a child molester, no cure for that. he is a pathological, damaged, temper, a problem. maria: carson described the uncontrollable leiner he felt at times when growing up in inner-city they troy but obviously from ran with that but take a lot further. >> joining us is d.c. editor johnson, what is your take on trump's comments. >> it is so interesting because
6:47 am
ben carson has the highest favorability rating of any republican candidate so the governing consensus has been his challenger simply cannot attack him but donald trump has not behaved according to the rules of politics up to now so it will be interesting to see if this attack backfires on him. it is pretty wild, we have to see if he has broken any unspoken rules and is's--hurt by what he said. i have a difficult time believe in anything he says will hurt him but we will see. maria: dagen mcdowell made a point that any applause -- it didn't appear that people like that. we have to wonder if people will start to get turned off by a tax like that which obviously are
6:48 am
based on nothing. >> absolutely. ben carson comes across as the gentle, mild mannered, sincere, but devout christian and this sort of person voters like and donald trump's description of him as an angry, pathological, hysterical person doesn't resonate and may puzzle lot of people and actually donald trump sounds more to be describing himself than he does to be describing ben carson. it will be interesting to see how this attack plays and if donald trump continues to use it. maria: i liked when dr. carson said to neil cavuto thank you for not asking me what i said in the tenth grade. obviously the media is grabbing everything he said all the laid-back from when he was a boy. also think about the issue here and whether or not carson and
6:49 am
donald trump have a real handle on the economic issues that are so important. >> i think the issue for both of them is not so much personal biographies but matters of policy which because personalities play such but huge role in this race we haven't gotten into talks so much about policy matters but then cars and has begun to be tested a little bit particular leon is medicare replacement plan and i think the more this primary becomes a matter of a policy debate which the fox business channel debate was the tougher it will be for an outsider candidates like donald trump and ben carson. maria: i agree with you. we learned a lot in that regard at the fox business network debate this week because we really did zero in on things like his health savings account, tax plan which we don't have a lot of details on either of those, thank you, see you soon.
6:50 am
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>> the dark side. maria: surprise. but force gaining steam leading
6:54 am
a to the december 18th premier. . this film dropping another star wars trailer. joining me in here is michael, good to see you. any new revelations in the new trailer? what do you think? >> i am getting sick of these trailers. the force can awaken fast, i can and handle it anymore. what we are starting to see is a little bit of a story, the framework, it looks like the main character is going to be played by this character by daisy rid the who is kind of off in the wilderness in a similar way luke was in the first star wars, a remora she is probably the daughter of han solo and no longer princess leah. she is now a general, thank you very much. in over 30 years. there is a rumored somehow adam
6:55 am
driver will be her brother sayre is this the bling family story line going on with this one. disney was very smart, abc which is owned by disney and releasing starboards tied this trailer into their old saint got its thursday lineup. the trailer premier during gray's anatomy. maria: is smart to be releasing these trailers in using the big audience vehicles to release them because it is creeping up sell giving more hints and hints, the film released in december. >> four special coverages, double issue, you can go in
6:56 am
depth behind-the-scenes of star wars, go out and collect all four. it is time. release the movie at this point. i am tired of talking about it. if jar jar being stearns, on the muppets i am done. maria: thank you very much in new york. it has been a tough week for stocks but one group has been especially had heart. nicole petallides with your weekly edf report. nicole: the metals and mining edf tumbling 6.5% so more than the markets during this tough week. one reason, if it worries, whether they are raising rates, strong u.s. dollar, gold, five below, copper lowest in six years so with that the big names, freeport mcnamara down 8%, globe special metals tumbled 14%, big picture, metals and
6:57 am
mining get hit hardest, much more on "mornings with maria" from palm springs coming up after the break sustain with us.
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7:00 am
maria: good morning. i am maria bartiroma coming live from the strategic growth forum in poem springs, calif.. it is november 13th and joining me from new york headquarters dagen mcdowell. cheryl casone and jo lin kent. top stories at 7:00 a.m. breaking news this morning, the pentagon announcing overnight an air strike targeted and likely kill the terrorist known as jihadi john in syria. senior u.s. military force telling fox news, quote, we are 99% sure we got him. jihadi john is responsible for the beginning of multiple isis hostages including james foley and stephen sotloff.
7:01 am
wall street journal republican presidential debate, watch. >> they are coming for us. they recruit americans using soviet and they don't hate us because we support israel but because of our values, because our girls go to school, because women driving the united states. >> their desire is to destroy us and destroy our way of life so we have to be saying how do we make the look like losers? that is the way they are able to gather a lot of influence. maria: we have more on this story throughout the hour. donald trump stepping up attacks on ben carson. >> he said he has a pathological disease, he said have a logical temper and defined it as a disease. if you are pathological there is no is your for that. a sick puppy. you are a child molester,
7:02 am
there's no cure for that. he is a pathological, damaged, temper, a problem. maria: trump went even further expressing disbelief asking, quote, house to but are the people of iowa and all americans, more coming up on this developing story. turning to markets, pressuring global markets, futures to a lower open, has to do with earnings and weakness in the retail sector. we expect a decline of 36 points on the dow jones industrial average, nasdaq and isn't the 500 and treasure after cisco offered guidance on the wind recent earnings report, cisco ceo joy robins under the macro environment, currency attacks with a disappointing outlook. in europe rose unexpectedly slowing in the region in the third quarter to just 0.3%. making it more likely the ecb will extend its stimulus
7:03 am
program, early action shows declines. the cac quarante in paris, we hereby 1%. in asia weakness across the board, the hang saying better than 2%. now there is this. >> i knew that was going to be at slugfests, no question about it. maria: a slugfest it was, rex ryan taking the buffalo bills in to metlife stadium for the first time since the jets fired him, holding of the fourth quarter come back, ryan's defense putting up that goal line stand in the waning minutes a game to secure victory 22-17, buffalo moving ahead of the jets in the wild card race. >> yahoo! are you? >> no one.
7:04 am
>> nothing will stand in our way. the dark side. maria: they are teasing us again. more excitement for star wars fans, a new trailer released ahead of the december opening of the field, the new video coming up la star wars. breaking news of the hour, officials assessing whether a u.s. air strike killed jihadi john, a british citizen seen in videos depicting the be getting of hostages held by isis. a senior u.s. military official, we are 99% sure we got him. british prime minister david cameron responding to reports earlier this morning, listen to this. >> this was an act of self-defense. it was the right thing to do. he posed an ongoing and serious threat to innocent civilians not only in syria but around the world.
7:05 am
maria: joining us by phone is army lieutenant-colonel ralph peters. thanks for joining us, good to have you. >> if these reports of the death of jihadi john are proven true is very good news. maria: very good news. what do you think this represents? obviously he was a major leader within isis. he also represented one of their technology leaders in terms of recruiting people to joel in their cult. >> yes, that is true but his primary value was as a charismatic figure on the internet. in general he had a lot of followers. he was seen, be heading western hostages, the fact the justice is done to him is not only satisfying and not formal sense but one of the few ways we can win an information warfare. when we try to reason or make
7:06 am
arguments about that is not true the islam that registers with nobody. when you kill them, when you kill their spokesperson, when you kill their leaders, when they cannot deny it, that is when you change the information then. this ultimately is partly about information warfare and ultimately it is about killing. maria: the pentagon is not confirming 100% that he is dead but they give that quote the we are 90% sure we got him, tell us what you think this means going forward in terms of isis because it also could represent a weakening of the old world position of isis if their leader is gone. who is on the bench if you will take his place? >> jihad created a deep bench. the fact the obama administration has taken some steps, has been unwilling to act with sufficient force to change
7:07 am
the equation on the ground in iraq and syria and the middle east means there are literally legions of jihadis and we don't know all their names but they have been appallingly good, dangerously good at replacing people who fall. nonetheless this is a long war, it is of war of attrition and when you take out someone as high-profile as mohammad emwaazi it makes a difference, it reverberates for months and months. it is the long struggle and ultimately this is important, the more important thing is happening in what used to be iraq, the kurds supported by air power have cut through the syrian capital berge jihadi john was and mosul. these symbolic victories are satisfying and very important and keep killing their leaders
7:08 am
as fast as we can what really matters in this end is on the ground, killing them in large numbers, that sounds harsh but we have 2,000 years of documented history, where the edges fanatic insurgencies in every major religion and the 2,000 years there's not a single example putting down one of these fanatical insurgencies without killing them until a few survivors quit. maria: amazing, thank you, appreciate your time this morning. colonel ralph peters, back on the campaign trail more problems for jeb bush, donald trump furrowing the governor and olive branch tuesday night at the debate. >> you yourself said that governor bush speak. >> thank you, donald, for allowing me to speak at the debate, that is very nice of you, really appreciate that. a generous man you are. maria: not exactly the olive
7:09 am
branch you expect they had fun with it. new poles provided exclusively to the fox business network show jeb bush's best days could be behind him. the former political pollster joining the conversation, the former bush 43 political director and principal at cove strategies, good to see you, thanks for joining us. what does your data tell us about jeb bush? >> we are 79 days out and as we enter the next phase of the campaign we can clearly see voters are starting to form opinions and make assessments so what i did, i did a poll last week, using the same marketing intelligence i do from my corporate clients and i have one metric that could assess the current state of the campaign, do you think your candidates's best days are ahead or behind and if we look at the data here we can look at if you think your
7:10 am
candidate's best days are ahead, you are enthusiastic and optimistic about the future and you concede carson, hillary, marco rubio at the top and those are brands like nike, google would look like, best days ahead but if we look at the bottom we could see jeb bush, 70% of voters think jeb bush's best days are behind, that is blackberry territory, a great brand i like that is not for me in the future. one end of the spectrum google, avalanche nike are front runners and jeb bush looking like blackberry and that gives us the assessment where we are. democrats and republicans are starting to form opinions and they will lead the best they the kind. maria: what do you think of that? would is your take on this? >> what is good about it is we're getting behind the horse race which is the exact percentage each candidate has. we don't know what percentage these candidates have. all that matters is their direction and the trend and for
7:11 am
the jeb bush campaign there's a lot of money to spend, their super pac has a lot of money to spend and we have a long time before the first ballots cast and he has to continue to connect to voters and that is the key. don't worry about our streets polls. >> that is important -- maria: you make a good point about these polls. i want your take on how these goals are done. i talked to somebody about this and one of the issues he mentioned was the polls are only on land lines. they call you at home on a land line, not using cellphones at all and so just the idea you're doing landlines probably skews to an older voters, probably skews to -- because you are not doing cellphones, does that play into your thinking in terms of house seriously we should take these polls? >> there is no pollster in america doing reliable polls on
7:12 am
land lines. that would be the antiquated method i used in 1987. we are using internet, cellphones, we are using land mines to get a broad spectrum of all voters. it is called multimodal research and you get as many older voters on the internet, younger voters tend to go on mobile devices, we don't need to look at the accuracy of the mode of collection, but get the data and the point, looking at the best days ahead and the best days behind metric is the way, this election will be about optimism, it will be about the future, presidential politics are about tomorrow. they never looked at yesterday. the getting dependent voters, they are just entering the decision making process and if we look at best days ahead or best days behind look how split they are. they are 50/50 on all the
7:13 am
candidates except for one. jeb bush is 74%, best days behind with independents and 26 best days ahead. that is another key indicator that america puts. in 41, 43, jeb bush as former president, not president to be. >> might i jump in here. at -- of course they are going to associate him with history but if you bring up these polls and this poll, not attacking this poll but when you bring about the polls you are right, but sample sizes are too small, a margin of error is too large. the most recent poll what looked at dr. carson supporters, 82% of them said they were not strongly supporting carson and were very open to supporting other candidates. people who are watching this race should not assume these polls, head to head reflect reality much at all. maria: that is what i was
7:14 am
suggesting earlier. grape in sight, appreciate your time, we will be with us, markets under pressure, growth worries the region. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial.
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the great beauty of owning a property is that you can create wealth through capital appreciation, and this has been denied to many south africans for generations. this is an opportunity to right that wrong. the idea was to bring capital into the affordable housing space in south africa, with a fund that offers families of modest income safe and good accommodation. citi got involved very early on and showed an enormous commitment. and that gave other investors confidence. citi's really unique, because they bring deep understanding of what's happening in africa. i really believe we only live once, and so you need to take an idea that you have and go for it. you have the opportunity to say, "i've been part of the creation of over 27,000 units of housing,"
7:16 am
and to replicate this across the entire african continent.
7:17 am
maria: welcome back, neil cavuto, wall street journal debate with comedian says meyers, cheryl casone has the story. cheryl: our e very un neil cavuto appearing on late night with staff myers last night asking about the fox business wall street journal debate earlier this week. >> what do they all do during the commercial breaks? eight people, eight candidates on the podium. do you worry they are going to wander off? >> i do. invariably they come out during the break, some feel they haven't gotten adequate time. they won't be all at you, they
7:18 am
just come over like tony soprano. and the next debate, you haven't given enough time. maria: how little bit of new jersey came out in that. going forward. don't mess with me. i might get out of my chair. neel was great, we will have some words with neil coming up. he was awesome last night. watching a couple other stories, campbell's soup is saying oh oh spaghettios, recalling 355,000 cans after pieces of red plastic were found in a small number of cans in the u.s. this could be a choking hazard, they are offering full refunds or exchanges, back to politics in iowa, donald trump attacking ben
7:19 am
carson's description of his pathological temper as a young man. >> he said he has had a logical disease, he said that the logical temper and defined it as disease. if you are pathological there is no cure for that. if you are a child molester, a sick puppy, you are child molester, no cure for that. he is a pathological, damaged, temper, a problem. maria: in his book carson did describe the and controlling her he felt at times when growing up in inner-city detour. a lot of people, reaction oliver social media and that from might have gone too far on this one. maria: i would say. democratic presidential front runner hillary clinton unveiling a $30 billion plan to help coal communities, it has drawn review prick from republicans, we will break that down particularly after the president's regulations on the industry.
7:20 am
we will be right back. the internet of things. what we're recommending as your consultants... the new consultants are here. it's not just big data, its bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪ xerox believes finding the right solution shouldn't be so much work. by engineering a better way for people, process and technology to work together. work can work better. with xerox.
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maria: hillary clinton introducing a stimulus plan for the coal industry which was hit hard by president obama's and deregulations. phil flynn at this cme. what do you think of this plan? >> i think of this plan as a warning to the coal industry that you are going to be losing your jobs under a hillary clinton administration and what she is trying to do is get back to her base and seeing if you vote for me you are voting to probably eliminate your job, don't worry, the government will
7:24 am
be here to help you. we have a $30 billion plan to fix the infrastructure, we will try to get tax breaks to businesses to replace those jobs, the problem is that is going to be a tough sell in appellation where people are already hurting because of democratic policy. you add to this, hillary clinton said she wants 100% clean energy future that means 100% of those jobs in coal will go away. maria: she is talking about putting money into infrastructure with the expectation she things it needs to jobs. >> right. the problem is is a short-term solution not solving the long term problem. she hopes it gives the economy little bit of a boost while people are losing their jobs so they can be retrained temporarily, they can get new businesses to relocate there because of tax breaks, but at the end of the day what they are
7:25 am
saying is there is an eager growing in the unions because of the energy policies under the last administration and the killing of keystone, the clean energy act is going to cost a lot of jobs and she tried to get the base back by giving away perks to them with the hopes of getting their votes. maria: we will keep watching. and we get retail sales number out at 8:30 a.m. up 0.3% of the expectations, dagen mcdowell, do you think this plan out of hillary clinton does address fundamental issues? dagen: i point out not to quote the great ronald reagan, the nine most terrifying words in the english-language are i am from the government and i am here to help. maria: you understand about this clinton plan, but at what is happening where you are in california. look at the proposals for the
7:26 am
wind and solar projects, the taxes they are proposing, jerry brown is proposing, that will be a big speed for hillary. how does he balance this whole plan with what she will be from california voters? none of this makes sense. >> you are right, good point. we will take a short break, gop candidates fighting for support, competing tax plans, which policy is best for economic growth, that is next on the fox business network. shouldn't what makes each of us a unique individual,
7:27 am
help individualize our cancer treatment? now through advanced genomic testing, we may be able to pinpoint and diagnose what makes your cancer different, which can reveal precise treatment options that were not considered previously. with this important breakthrough at the intersection of science and technology, we've arrived at precision cancer treatment. the evolution of cancer care is here at cancer treatment centers of america. call or visit to learn more about precision cancer treatment.
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maria: good friday morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo. coming to you live this morning in the ey strategic growth forum in palm springs, california, friday, november 13 with me fox business network dagen mcdowell cheryl casone jo ling kent top story 7:30 a.m. on east coast breaking news this morning texture pentagon announcing overnight an air strikes,
7:30 am
targeted likely killed terrorist ♪ he known as jihadi john telling folks news we are % sure we got him british national suspiciously for beheading of multiple hostages including james foley steven, sotloff fight against isis a big hole in tuesday's nights fox network republican presidential debate. >> here to coming for us he they recruit americans using social media, they don't hate us because just because we support israel they hate us because of our values they hate us our girls go to school they hit a is women drive in the united states. >> there you are desire is to destroy us destroy our way of life so we have to be saying, how do we make them look like losers because that is the way they are able to gather a lot of influence. maria: a pretty good job doing that themselves, on to campaign trail we go, to
7:31 am
donald trump, ripping contender ben carson in an inventory in iowa yesterday watch. >> in, he he said he's got pathological did see he actually said passage temper defined i want to eases diseased if you are pathological there is no crew of for that folks if you are a child molester, a sick puppy a child molester no cure for that so he is a pathological damaged temper -- >> there you go, turning to markets, growth concerns putting pressure on global markets lower opening on heels of tough day yesterday weak gains from sysco a gloomy picture for the economy waiting on retail sales number out one hour, 3/10 of a per cent increase what is we are
7:32 am
expecting, over in europe, growth unexpectedly slowing in the eurozone last quarter to 3/10 of 1% more likely ecb will expand its stimulus program next month early action under pressure as you can see as growth numbers under overwhelm ft 100 down, cac quarante same thing dax also weaker by 100 points that is lower by 1%, in asia similar story tactically hang hang i do know, shanghai kospi lower rex ryan taking the buffalo bills into new york's met police stadium with a victory ryan's first visit to old home since being fired by jets squeaking out a victory of 22-17 after a late fourth quarter goal line stand viewers in new york city metro area did not see commercials for daley at the fantasy fanduel or draftkings deciding to pull spot in wake of state attorney general eric.
7:33 am
>> i hadman's order to stop operating inside new york fans of sights are planning a previous to outside of his new york city office this morning. that is politics donald trump about attacking ben carson yesterday doug aiken the american, a forum president thanks so much for joining us i want to get your take on tax plans, but first what is your observation of donald trump's comments about ben carson? >> look, here is a long history of candidates questioning, the suitability of opponents to be president whether they have the characteristic and temperament to do it but when they do that display in the process i don't think donald trump accomplished that. maria: it is hard to have hear some of the attacks it really is, and ugly business i guess, i don't know. the republican presidential candidates, of course, competing to propose dramatic changes to tax policy, i want to ask you, as you looked at all plans, what you think
7:34 am
about it, first, let's talk about donald trump's plan and what he said yesterday listen to this, doug. >> mine is going to be dynamic, first of all, i am it is called simplification, substantially reducing rates corporate rate is going to be 15% to bring money back into the country you know we have 2 1/2 trillion dollars out that we know of we think it is going to be much higher bring money into the country going to be 10%. maria: so his goal has been, to make sure, that addresses all of the money sitting on international markets he wants that money from multinational companies to come back to u.s. what is your take on the overall tax plan, from these candidates? >> well if you look at trump plan in particular, i am a big fan about 15% corporate rate when he he talks about getting money to come back from over assesses not because it is voluntary because he will tax everything one time 10% adequate deemed reupdate
7:35 am
preyings thereafter have a worldwide system the same system got us in problems losing headquarters to companies unable to compete internationally much wiser closer to what rivals her taxed on basis what you earn a in united states bush plan rubio plan would do most other candidates are proposing one of the big differences in tax plans everyone in favor of growth every won in a favor of lower set of rates returning to sake of investments invasion taxed left heavily but important differences between plans. >> tanning about differences i want to make sure viewers understand how to distinguish each plan, i mean they all want to take corporate taxes lower. they all certainly want government to get smaller, but when you look at for example the marco rubio plan, he has the high of the individual tax rate at 35%, when you look at the highest earners, that is
7:36 am
basically to pay for his child tax credits; correct? >> yes, he has got a very ambitious child credit expensive, you know, new entitlement program quite frankly refundable like earned income tax credit what does it relief the values are growth, basically, a very aggressive pro growth program despite high rates base reward saying investment also about families he is spending a lot of money for those people who have children that is how he -- >> of there you got somebody a ted cruz 10% income tax 16% business tax, then, of course, i mentioned jeb bush's plan whose plan do you think is best in terms of moving the needle on economic growth? >> i think if you want to you know, i am going to -- i like tax plans that get out of the way of the private sector tookts have little influence
7:37 am
on decisions people make get based on values based on what strategies are what bush plan is he equalizes corporate noncorporate business dourpt matter what kind of is about, first around the alibiing earn aers doesn't matter whether husband or wife goes to work he equalizes treatment of debt equities not tax dictating financing designed to be very neutral only thing does it does have fairly aggressive recovery of vote. costs expending so you have to -- >> i like that kind of approach, our number one problem is growth. what has been missing in u.s. economy an aggressive cap, missing for entire recovery we need to focus on that, that is where we get productivity that is where you get real wage he increases number one priority as a nation better economic growth. maria: yeah, okay. so sounds like you like the bush plan the best when it comes to taxes, real quick how much of a priority do you think tax reform is for these candidates gop voters want this to be done asap do you
7:38 am
think we see tax reform first year of new president's administration or is that too optimistic? >> i think the key is how effective they are in convincing average american tax reform will make them better off retail sale tax codes hurting we need a better tax code if you can make that sale tax reform 457 hasn't happened since 1986 non made that case to the american public. maria: wow, we will see, good to see you thank you. >> good to see you. maria: doug there coming up ey global chairman ceo mark wine begger with us his take on tuesday's record-setting debate tax plans from palm springs keep it right here on the fox business network. ♪ ♪
7:39 am
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7:42 am
. maria: welcome back, as we have been reporting a. s air strike targeting theies member known as jihadi john cheryl casone with that headlines this is a big story. cheryl: it really is maria talking about this all morning this point the pentagon is telling fox news, that the strike hit a vehicle carrying jihadi john, in northern syria, a sf defense official telling fox u.s. is 99% sure it is him a british prime minister cameron saying starting was quote a strike at the heart of isis.
7:43 am
well in other headlines leave it to dubai ordering jet pacs to protect sky k schairpz the tallest building at 2700 feet, machines cost 200,000 dollars each, having top speed of 4 to 5 miles an hour can climb up to 3,000 feet. a lot of -- critical stories coming out by guinness world record one notable this guy skateboarding. through a human tunnel 30 people in peru set a record longest human tunnel travel by a dog on a skateboard look at him. >> how happy he is, i don't know that was otto bulldog from 506,000 who tried you to break records that was 11th annual guinness world record you know the people here we
7:44 am
love our dogs, i know you do. maria: of course. great video u.s. economy center stage in gp debate unemployment low wainlz, dominating much of the conversation. >> i am doing great with the of hispanic i'm going to win of hispanics they know i am going to bring back jobs from lots of including wind yoo lots of places. maria: that was donald trump with us yesterday talking about his plan to create jobs, in the u.s. i am here now with ey global chairman ceo mark winery wine weinberger mark good to see you thank you for hosting us. >> a pleasure thank you. >> we appreciate being here you speak to so many companies around the how many countries is ey in. >> about 152 you've got employees all over the world a good acceptance what is going on in economy i want to get your take off the bat, because this morning, we have news that nordstrom fallen out of
7:45 am
bed down sharply because of weak sales numbers that sysco. >> there is headwinds out there you can see from numbers, maria, there is -- i call it uncertainty tax, and not 2008 troubles fall off a cliff anything like that, but when you look at geopolitical uncertainties that are out there whether or not, russia, u.s. are going to escalate in syria china devalue the dollar or what may happen in the growth rates of china, you look at monetary policy around the world u.s. thinking of raising u.k., is going ahead i thinking about ecb expansion of quantitative easing, and you look at oil prices all over it is hard to make this decision with all this going on. >> right so uncertainty factor has companies sitting on cash, waiting to make hiring decisions until more clarity is seen seems like a fragile situation, what do you think
7:46 am
it is going to take to sort of break out of mall aides. >> gast the cliff malaise. >> lots of good things call them when we see them i do think going to take time still when you look at what is going on out there, the nationalistic focus of countries, trying to get over the frustration of 8 years of slow growth, building walls around their economies, what that is doing is having a negative affect on global trade really important would be great to get trade deals moving, research you talked about a lot great job with colleagues in the debate bringing up substantive issues there those type of things a boost to business investment. >> explain to our audience why tax reform, matters, and why it will lead to jobs you know we talk all about tax reform i know that average guy and gallon out there understand why it is so important, because it may lead to jobs tell us why. >> two elements one overall jobs, two u.s. jobs, so the
7:47 am
issue is is that we have a very uncompetitive tax system we have the highest rate with global taxation all u.s. businesses out of step with with the rest of the world remember, 95% of the world with consumers, 80% of all gdp activity occurs outside united states, and 50% or more u.s. businesses revenues from outside united states if they are going to do well we need strong u.s. economy you need to compete overseas we talk about two trillion dollars overseas if u.s. businesses can't earn a that can't brittle home that is wr57d in democrats republican talking points about a more level-playing field in the taxi area without that certainly of lower rates a competitive base capx going down every quarter job hiring slower than would it be in order to fulfill needs of business going forward. maria: why gop voters, who are watching the dean the other night tax reform is critical, they want it top of the agenda, let me get your take on what you are
7:48 am
expecting, for the fourth quarter here we are in a quarter where we have heard from cisco says a tough performance next quarter, christmas holiday season so important for he overall business what does it look like you to. >> the strong dollar continues to be, a heavyweight. >> manufacturing has weak ended a collapse in the commodities, complex. >> absolutely right, the commodities, collapsed, manufacturing slowness even the retail sector you've talked about so much when you look at it lack of to our system from overseas because of the strong dollar inventories too high bring down inventory lovers slower are getting short term you hear weather issue the real question what is the longer term, economic opportunity, and when we get more certainty around some of these economic and political issues i think we will be better off. maria: which tax plan do you think is best, i mean coming from you, this is important, you were former treasury official studying this, to tax
7:49 am
a student of tax reform so many years what do you think looks like go have goods to move things when tax plan. >> i learned in political season you get a lot of great ideas when you get about elected you go through legislative process reality focusing, republicans at least are focusing on lower rate more competitive international tax system. >> what you want. >> absolutely right that is critical that is crucial that is where the rest of the world was the ocb countries 90% lowered corporate ratcontracted base 10 years u.s. outlier in 1986 we loader to 35% one of the lowest now we are the highest, it is we really need to get that fixed, whether 20 or 25%, what your base is going to be, that is going to be worth out to legislative process, the other element that the republicans put on the table expending now we have bonus depreciation expires every couple years
7:50 am
would be a boon to capital investment. >> we need capx, quick on u.s. versus the rest of the world, because, if a person wants to invest, or company wants to invest they are doing much investment in the u.s. even though the account payabcapx is. >> if you talk to people saying where allocate resources financial companies or manufacturers, 60, 70 cents every dollar is goekt in u.s. because of fear the rest of the world of rapidly changing commodity prices or, occurrences 3r5i9s relative to rest of the world u.s. strong will is not remain unless the rest of the world continues to brother. maria: emerging markets what is going to get those markets moving? >> well, it is china slowdown about, of course, commodity markets brazil africa others hurts them oil prices a mixed effectuate on different markets reality if you talk to business have to can 24i long emergency room you understand i had is asking many times short term thinking versus
7:51 am
long term you are got to separate the signal from the noise until a 90% under 30 in issue emerging markets, businesses have to be there you have to get through volatility. maria: good stuff thanks for insights, mark. >> always a pleasure. maria: good to see you mark weinberger right back. stay with us lots to cover this morning, back in a moment. xerox engineers a better way for people, process and technology to work together. improving how the world shops, travels, pleases customers, learns, banks, and stays healthy, so... life works better. work can work better. with xerox.
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. s. maria: we'll back facebook experiment with feature that could stack up closely to snapchat's game the story. jo ling: dwook testing a disappearing message win messenger app will directly complete with snap chait allow messages that disappear after an hour can be turned on and off.
7:55 am
as of now facebook tells it is experimenting with feature only in france may expand to other countries, this comes after, news that snapchat jettisons 6 billion video views every day, but nap khat might loss will you rephrase the fidelity cut its evaluation by 25%. >> we saw that, fidelity taking money out of that do we know why do you think they are talking about valuations too excessive. >> seems cutting across the board, all in drop box other companies there is concern perhaps valuations are too high or companies are burning too much cash. maria: thank you next hour we will break down the latest on 2016 race with alan murray backing rick sanstr are to
7:56 am
santorum keep it right here stay with us. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. but it is not the device mobithat is mobile, it is you.
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8:00 am
99% sure we got him, jihadi john responsible for the beheading of multiple isis hostages including american journalist james follow plea and steven, the fight a big role in fox business network/wall street journal republican presidential debate, listen. >> they are coming for is they recruit americans using social media. they don't hate us because simple because we support israel they hate us because of our values they hate us because our girls go to school, they hate us because women drive in the united states. >> their desire is to destroy us, and destroy our way of life. so we have to be think how do we make them look like losers that is the way they are able to gather a lot of influence. maria: well we will have much more on developing story throughout the hour then on the campaign trail, donald trump, stepping up attack on dr. ben carson. >> he said he's got pathological disease he
8:01 am
actually pathological people beer then defined as did see if you are pathological there is no cure for that if you are a child molester a sick puppy a child molester there is no cure for that so he is a pathological dangled temper -- >> trump going further disbelief at carson's rise saying quote how stupid are the people of iowa. how supd are all americans? we will have more coming up, turning to markets, growth concernings about pressuring globally markets in u.s., futures pointing to a lower opening on heels of tough day yesterday dow jones industrial average expected down 40 points, this after cisco offered weak guidenz last night chuck robbins blaming uncertainty over macroenvironment, and the impact have been currency for a disappointing outlook stock expected to open lower, and may pressure others as well then in europe growth unexpectedly slowing in the
8:02 am
eurozone third quarter as well, growth of just 3/10 of 1% maybeing it more likely ecb will expand stimulus program, next month the early action declined about 1 to 1 1/4 percent all major afternoons there some time in asia because of the cisco news hang seng in hong kong down better than 2% major averages throughout asia under selling pressure then there is this. >> whoa. >> i knew that was going to be a slugfest, no question about it. maria: yeah a slugfest all right, rex ryan taking buffalo bills into met police stadium for the first time since jets fired him hoting off fourth quarter comeback a goal line stand the a winning 22-17. >> in wild card race.
8:03 am
>> who are you? >> i am the one. >> ♪ follow me. >> i will show them the dark side. maria: more excitement to "star wars" fans as they teas as you brand-new trailer ahead of the december opening for the phillip full video later this hour stay wis on that, "star wars" teaser breaking news first officials are assessing whether u.s. air strike did in fact kill jihadi john seen in videos k depicting beheading of hounlz by isis, telling fox news that we are 99% sure we got him that is his quote british prime minister daif cameron responded to reports earlier this morning listen to this.
8:04 am
>> this was an act of self-defense. it was the right thing to do. ef posed an ongoing and serious threat to innocent civilians not only in syria but around the world. maria: joining is right now on telephone is walid fox news terrorism expert how important is it that jihadi john has been captured and potentially killed? >> well, it is very important. first of all, on the pentagon and officials say 99%, it is almost one hundred percent. they will have to give details later when we get it second very important, because if we don't do it, or we have if we haven't been able to do it that would have been against us against allies in demonstrates the west and u.s. can if they want, render justice even after days and months and years, from the crime. maria: yeah, i guess when i asked you, i know why is this important how important is
8:05 am
this, what i am talking about is influence, that this one individual has held in terms of isis and beheadings, he was the guy very savvy when it comes technology a in issuing to solicit and lyou hadn't re people around the world even americans to join their fight, so you know, that is why i was suggesting that this is really a big deal, not just any isis soldier this is one of the major leaders. >> it is a big deal, he is not really the major leader but highly symbol cal, a cop killer -- top be header deterrent i don't want to say killing him is going to -- this is sending a strong message more allies in the region, but you know, project one thing maria going to be another jihadi john this is an
8:06 am
positions on with thesis people. maria: what does back drop look like in terms of isis let's say he anies fact taken out who who is on the bench if you will in terms of other dangerous people that we need have to look at, in terms of their you know, their whole caliphate? >> well, first of all, those are killers, jihadi john, i am sure that the eye liance u.s. u.k. others are going after case there going to be another jihadi john not a british or another european, but most importantly is leadership and record the city has been hit this guy was killed in the capital of isis so that is very significant most likely alliance now is focusing on top leaders t. >> great insights thanks for joining us we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> see you soon sir, campaign
8:07 am
trail in u.s. gop hope of donald trump on another tirade yesterday claiming rival dr. ben carson has incurable pathological temper listen to this. >> said he's got pathological did see actually said pathological temper twined as disease if you are pathological there is no cure for that if you are a child molester a sick puppy, you are a child modify evidenter there is no cure interior spokesperson is a pathological damaged temper -- >> wow, joining me right now is the editor in chief of for an mag. >> i this you you guidance a wonderful job at debate other nightly showing the difference between the substantive serious candidates, and donald trump. you know. and that may be part of what was happening yesterday that
8:08 am
was quite a rant went on and on and on he was sort of personally attacking slandering marco rubio ben carson, i think, it is i think it is wearing on people and he knows it. >> who won the debate in your view? >> oh, i think i would have to say rubio ended up on top part of it is he very cleverly stayed out of immigration debate good place to be the party is deeply divided over immigration going to be a tough one you saw ted cruz and donald trump taking the hard line, shut off the border, versus jeb bush and john kasich i think rubio by background, is going to be a somewhat sort of candidate on immigration and i think smart to stay out of the debate. maria: i am glad you mentioned this donald trump keeps reiterating this is pledge to deport 11 million illegal immigrants i want your comments on that there has been a lot of discussion since so, but listen to this.
8:09 am
>> we are a country of laws. we need are borders. we will have a wall. the wall will be built. the wall will be successful. and if you think walls don't work all you have to do is ask israel the wall workings ploof me properly zmeen everybody from president obama to other candidates have commented on his pledge to send 11 million people back. are they say highly unrealistic. >> it is, look you have to look at republican party this is the most deeply divisive issue in the republican party sort of one half of the public that is sympathetic to what donald trump is saying then you have kind of of business oriented republicans think our policies don't make any sense, and particularly wondered why when the best and bright of the in the world want to come to the u.s. help us build a country up, why sending them back shutting the doors, so, it is a big divide bigger problem for republicans if
8:10 am
they go with donald trump views very hard to see how they win a national election. >> we said that we were going to focus on the issues for that debate. and, you know, you always wonder if okay we want to focus on issues always wonder if that is what people want they say they want substance, in fact, we learned they in fact did want substance, we are going to have -- >> ratings -- >> stayed, ratings got better throughout. >> i think a turning point in election we sort of moved past the crazy entertainment stage said let's really talk about what it means to be president of the united states which a policies you would impose it was interesting it was a for the most part, let's put trump aside for a minute very articulate conversation, i really got a sense of each of the candidates. maria: what you want to see hopefully will continue this discussion as field narrows, good to see. >> you good to be here. >> thank you so much alan murray joining us the money flowing to republican a
8:11 am
democrats donors are not empty ig pockets just yet for hillary clinton we will talk about that. stay with us. ♪ i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen and i may even lose a little weight. trulicity is a once-weekly injectable prescription medicine to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes.
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8:14 am
. maria: we'll back neil cavuto guest on late night with seth meyers cheryl casone with story and headlines. cheryl: maria i think this is the headlined here, neil cavuto, appeared on late night, discussing the stakes in fox business/wall street journal republican presidential debate this week. >> i physicality like there was pressure on this debate because everyone felt like cnbc debate had gotten off is real, afterwards everybody the candidates certainly seem happy with the job you did donald trump went so far as to call it elegant debate, but did you --
8:15 am
>> elegant in my name have never been together, so -- did i hear that right elegant? >> you heard that right. cheryl: he said elegant, also speaking of the race for president donald trump attacked rival ben carson description of pathological temper as a young boy. >> said thesis got pathological did see tall pathological temper then india as disease if you are pathological there is no cure for that if you are a child molester, issue a sick puppy, a child molester no cure for that so he is a pathological damaged temper carson described uncontrollable anger felt growing up in detroit talking about a lot this morning headlined following this morning, a group of
8:16 am
fantasy sports fans holding a protest, outside new york state attorney general's office, after he ordered draft kings fan duel to stop accepting bets from new york residents saying games constitute illegal gambling coupled expecting more heat noesh new yorkers fighting back. >> really are fantasy fights worth billions of dollars now pushback from regulators this could be the death knell? >> that is question amazing how moral outrage begins dagen can talk to this better than i can all of a sudden mmz of dollars involved, decide to make a case here. dagen: about gambling is illegal if justice department -- looking into daily faept sports business, if justice department makes a decision, that this is illegal, it would be illegal nationwide.
8:17 am
except, of course, unless they register in state of nevada that state demanded, another issue, you have nfl team owners meeting on december 2, you have bob kraft, and jerry jones, at th both own stakes in draft kings as does our apparent company, but the owners nfl policy strictly prohibits the league employees team haernz patching or facilitating any form of gambling, so it raises the issue if people in this country regulators calling these gambling sites two owners would be forced to sell their stakes. maria: there any comparison to upset around uber, you know obviously we didn't get this kind of of a ruling, but -- but you know there was a lot of you upset when uber came on scene if -- uber just fine. >> it is a different back lark locates and cities felt like
8:18 am
uber was enencroaching on taxi drivers and in the cities, but generally speaking, operating a taxi, or a limo service, is not illegal if you have the proper license. so -- and customer demanded did but people demanded over they pushed back on a lot of cities, and opened the doors like you can use uber in las vegas, but i think this is a different issue, because gambling nationwide except in some circumstances, and native american casinos in vegas, it is illegal. >> hillary clinton coming out with a plan to save struggling coal workers we will look into it money trouble on campaign trail president obama biggest donors say they are not opening wallets jet in support of secretary clinton bernie sanders more on that, keep it right here on fox business network, back in a moment.
8:19 am
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maria: welcome back, secretary hillary clinton introducing surplus plan for coal sector have it hard president obama regulation, phil phillip at cme group let's talk details on hillary clinton's plan right here, what is your observation? >> well my observation, is that this is a sign that under a hillary clinton administration, they are going nuclear when it comes to the war on coal, obviously there is some important things in
8:23 am
this plan, 30 billion dollars for infrastructure, tax credits for new businesses that have been affected by coal plants shutdowns, going to be broadband good when out of a job you probably want to sit at home be on internet things we're seeing this is obviously a political payback, because they realize president clinton will realize that they cost a lot of those jobs because of their administration's plans. maria: i want to get to dagen for a second real quick phil give me your observation on decline in oil prize we've been brent selling off you've got oil selling off what is the sentiment on the floor this morning? >> well still very, very negative we've got a report from international energy agency basically warned we have more oil in storage than ever before 30 billion barrels call it unprecedented -- that is definitely weighing on
8:24 am
sentiment what really is weighing on market sentiment they sea weakness in energy demand signals downside risk for the global economy. maria: sure is dagen on that coal plant from secretary clinton isn't it interesting, that she is now trying to help a sector that was decimated by president obama's new rules. >> she will probably be if she was ever tlegd to the presidency, elected much your antiforceful fewel than even obama administration repeal you heard in debate will be two words never uttered out of her mouth these democrats want u.s. off fossil fuel has been gravest driver of growth, since the crash and -- they hate it they hate to admit that it is notification brought back jobs and
8:25 am
greatness. >> coming up next could major republican donor be in play as candidate i supports remains low in the polls find out from the man himself joining the conversation next keep it right here on fox business network we will be right back. i accept i'm not the rower i used to be.. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept is getting out there with less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, i will. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus it had significantly less
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>> welcome back. donald trump shaking up the g.o.p. with controversial comments. >> good morning to you, donald trump took it to entire different level of presidential politics. at one point during an hour and a half speech in iowa, donald trump compared dr. ben carson to a child molester, that he had a path logical temper and
8:29 am
led to this. >> if you're a child molester there's no cure. pathological, he said he was pathological. and recounted when he was a kid is he tried to stab a kid and tried to hit his mom with a hammer. that led trump to question voters. how stupid are the people of iowa, how stupid are the people of this country to believe this crap. >> well, carly fiorina raised to his defense. you would know something about pathological. how was that meeting with putin or wharton anyone can turn an inheritance and won't. so far no response from carson.
8:30 am
he has a meeting. maria: you know what, carly fiorina fighting back against trump. that's interesting. blake, thank you. joining us now is multi-millionaire investor, thank you for being with us. >> i can hardly wait to get to new york to the studio. been too long since we've crossed paths. maria: we look forward to having you onset. thanks, foster. let me first get your take on trump attack on ben carson. it's turning quite ugly in terms of the attacks. what's your take on it? >> i'm not sure everyone takes those comments of donald trump seriously. i spent time with ben carson one-on-one and the man is
8:31 am
pathologically honest, pathologically committed and kind american patriot. that's what i love to see in a man. maria: that's very kind of you to say and quite accurate and i think that's why some of these comments from donald trump are sort of bouncing off ben carson. people aren't taking him too seriously about him. so, would you consider switching your support to ben carson. i know you're a rick santorum supporter, but he's low in the polls. >> remember the kentucky governor race, maria, where the guy was down 3% in the polls, and he winds up winning by 9 in kentucky so the polls don't mean a lot. when you look at what's happening on the ground in iowa, rick is getting a lot more support, a lot more county chairman and activity on ground that counts. the polls have been kind of discounted. i understand the polesters have some challenges now because people are using cell phones rather than land lines and had some kind of perverse efforts to get the results that they'd
8:32 am
like to achieve. maria: i think that's a good analysis. we're just getting news out, foster, about the economy, retail sales for month of october up 1/10 of a percent. really not a good showing, weaker than expected. the meats were 3/10 of a percent growth. what's your take? you're out there, you know, seeing the real economy on the ground. when you see numbers like this, the retail sales up just 1/10 of a percent, does that jibe with what you're seeing on the ground? how would you characterize things now? >> i see a lot of activities in the malls and i see a lot of people at restaurants and it's hard to gauge that. i think as far as the economy goes, maria, what we have to do is get a more efficient economy. for example, think of the costs that the whole world is incurring with the refugees fleeing if we would have
8:33 am
supported peshmerga, they would have been months ago. and they're sort of beholden to the shiite governor in baghdad. and people don't realize the ties to our economy by what's happening in that battle. i was excited to learn that the peshmerga got to the mayor's office in cenjari and gained access of highway 47 east and west and perhaps cut off supply to the peshmerga. the economy is affected by that and people don't realize that. all of these refugees would have never had to leave if we'd given the support to the peshmerga that they deserve. they love america and you can't find a kurd you don't like. and i know that's not a direct answer, but i had to sneak that in about the peshmerga. maria: mai'm glad you did. the uncertainty in the middle
8:34 am
east, it's under the umbrella, whether or not are we going to defeat icy. the news today that jihadi john, symbolic, the guy in the videos of the beheadings, the pentagon 99% sure we got him in the most recent air strike. your thoughts on the news this morning that jihadi john may be captured and dead actually. >> well, i think that's the problem, maria. we focus in on the symbolism, jihadi john, how many people are out there just as evil as he was. there's thousands and thousands of these people, beheading people, crucifying christians. i drove by the holocaust museum in washington d.c. and saw emblazoned, never again, never again and see this unfold on tv and turn into singing country clubs and we'll pray for the poor people and decide who is going to head up the rum ma'
8:35 am
ma'am-- rummage sale. the christian community ought to be calling their congressmen, support the peshmerga, the true people fighting for our cause. should be our boots on the ground. we he send 50 special forces that's symbolism. 50 special forces. that's important we did that, but why in the heaven's name aren't we giving them every piece of equipment they nee like charles krauthammer said to give them what they need to win the war. they'll win the war for us. maria: you're not the first to question the foreign policy strategy that we have, the strategy to lead from behind. let me move on to the g.o.p., foster. we had a debate where we really did discuss the issues this week. what was your take in terms of those discussions, in terms of the frontrunners or the main stage debate. i know you're supporting santorum, was there a plan that
8:36 am
struck you that was sort of best? >> well, well, here is something very fascinating. a national center for policy analysis headed by a very conservative guy, alan west. they made five plans that were advanced and mentioned four without mentioning rick santorums. but art laffer, steve forbes, steve moore, grover norquist, all of these are giants, giants in american's tax policy gave not only endorsement, but accolades to the 20% flat tax from santorum, gets rid of everything, but the house it deduction and rick is like a demolition derby. his car is on the outside perimeter and not much contact and i think once the press catches on to some of the things he's advocating. another point, someone, one of
8:37 am
your colleagues said we thank trump for bringing up the immigration issue first time. wait a minute, i was at santorum's announcement speech when he decided to run for president, i am not only in favor of cutting illegal immigration, but i'm for favor for legal immigration. we have to protect the americans and he talked about 74 americans who never graduated, and he's got a lot of opportunity ahead as more and more people are aware of what he's advancing in terms of isis and welfare reform act. it's not all over for rick santorum. keep an eye on him. maria: we will do that. foster, thank you so much. he's supporting rick santorum. we'll be watching santorum, thanks, foster. we'll see you in new york.
8:38 am
bye-bye. mornings with maria starts at 6 a.m. before we take a break, some of the best moments you may have missed earlier in the program. >> how is donald trump going to deal with not winning and not being number one. he's still number one in some polls, but ben carson is a close second and not leading in others. >> the favorite comment from janet yellen, we're looking at what's happening with global banks in the world. why don't you look at what's happening at home, chairperson yell en. >> i think that optics is one of the reasons they'd like to pull the drug on november 16th. politicized. >> i can't handle it anymore. >> democrats and republicans are starting to form opinions. and they're going to leave the best behind. the number one problem is growth. aggressive cap x expansion and missing for the entire recovery
8:39 am
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8:40 am
so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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that's magic! no, that's credit you get so much more than a free credit score so do more with your score at credit >> welcome back. more protesting, demonstrators taking to the streets of new york city, taking backlash against fanduel and draftkings.
8:43 am
a group of sports fans are holding a protest outside of the new york attorney general's office. you're looking at the affiliate right now. this is what happens after draftkings and fanduel were ordered to stop taking bets from new york residents saying it constitutes illegal gambling. protests here in new york disagree with that. we'll follow the story for you today on fox business. also, they don't cover this at the police academy. a cop pulled over a google self-driving car in california where you are for going too slow. [laughter] only to find there was no driver to ticket. it was weird. there was only a passenger in the car. i know you're okay with this, maria, i'm starting to think i'm afraid of this. and finally some big records were broken thanks to the team at guinness world records. here he is, one of the most notable. s this otto the bull dog,
8:44 am
skateboarding effortlessly through a hume tunnel. dagen: he knows how to push, my favorite part. pushing the board. maria: i love it! >> isn't that cute? >> a dog on a skateboard. we're looking at this in new york and i don't know if you had a chance to pick up usa today, it's so darn early where you are, a huge ad from chipotle founder, this is a full page ad. some things he said, nothing more important to me than serving up food that's safe to eat and i want to talk about the produce and make huge changes the a the restaurant, maria. but it's a very, very lengthy written letter about the e. coli outbreak in washington state and oregon. maria: that's exactly what he
8:45 am
should have done. a lot of times when you face the situation straight on, customers forgive you. >> hoping for them. they're making changes for the produce suppliers, that's where they think the e. coli came from. maria: we'll see about that. cheryl, thank you. retail sales were out about 15 minutes ago, much weaker than expected. up 1/10 of a percent. the estimate calls for 3/10 of a percent. scott, good to see you. what's your take on the numbers? >> it's more of the bad stuff, maria. we haven't had a good retail sales number since july and the scary thing is this, had a lot of the retail sales weakness is everywhere, it's building supply stores, it's grocery stores, speaking of chipotle, it's food and beverages. so there's a lot of widespread weakness that's spreading throughout the consumers. so as we go to the important
8:46 am
shopping season, it calls into question how well the retailers are going to do. maria: isn't this a major issue? the fact is we've m a breakdown in the commodities complex. we've had manufacturing under pressure, we've had trade under pressure. a lot of people have been sort of focused on the consumer, that the consumer's going to be the one bright spot, but with the exception of auto sales and maybe some strength in housing, you're not seeing the consumers spend much money. >> not at all. and i think, maria, the tell on that was many months ago when we saw gas prices drop. and the consumer did not go out and spend that money and i think somewhat rightfully so, a lot of them did pay down debts and put the money back in the bank, but eventually, it was thought that that money was going back into the stores. so far, that money isn't showing up there either. maria: so, of course, the next question becomes the federal reserve and what this means for the fed because once again, we've got more data points that fly right in the face of the federal reserve, having an opportunity to raise interest
8:47 am
rates. do you think that the fed raises rates in december and what does that do to this economy that's obviously the recovery is limping along? >> i'm sticking to my guns as i have all year that the fed is not going to raise. we're seeing weakness everywhere else and we're seeing more stimulus everywhere else. i don't see why the fed would pump up our currency when we don't have to. looking at the stock market reaction, just look at, maria, when there's fed speak out there about a possibility of a rate rise, that knocks the s&p down by 1/2 or 1%. i don't think that they'll like an environment where we see higher rates. >> we'll see, but that leaves 2016, i guess they raised then at some point in 2016. you know they're desperate to get off of zero. >> they are. but i think also, maria, they're desperate to see a lot of things. you know, they're desperate to see the economy grow without stimulus. they're test desperate to see
8:48 am
inflation above 2%. unless they have inflation, i don't think they're going to move. maria: we'll see you, scott. >> see you. maria: facebook is setting its sights on snapchat and the big plans to disappear next. ♪ pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world. help individualize our cancer treatment?
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>> breaking news, milan is losing its bid perrigo. milan has been trying to acquire the company that makes
8:52 am
allergy drugs and it's attractive because of the domicile and a lot of the hedge funds jumping in such as paulson and company roughly 5 million. elegant management. highfield capital each with $300 million invested and this was supposed to be a $26 billion dollar deal, but wrapping up and not happening, a rare outcome here and so with that, we're seeing mylan stock higher and perrigo, some say a takeover target, because of its come domicile in ireland. maria: we'll see an impact. we see the perrigo bid and ask. and don't forget to catch nicole at 5 p.m. eastern and the show airs right before "mornings with maria" here on fox business. facebook is experimenting with a new feature that could stack up close to snapchat's claim to
8:53 am
fame. jo. >> it's more about attractis millennials. it's testing within the messenger app that would directly compete with snapchat and allow people to send messages that automatically disappear after an hour and that feature can be turned on and off. and facebook is experimenting only with the feature in france, but may come to other countries. snapchat generates 6 billion video views, but snapchat valued at $16 billion, valuation was cut by 25%. maria: an interesting story, i guess facebook's mark zuckerberg tried to convince them to buy it for $3 billion. they pushed back and said no,
8:54 am
now the valuation 16 billion. dagen: but heading south based on fidelity cutting the books. and the private companies, uber, to name one. i'm surprised that zuckerberg didn't push quicker, it's way beyond the messaging apps and delete those, it's become, its competition to twitter as a news delivery service. >> what they've done, they have a product called discover which is starting to take off with a lot of traditional news organizations and during our life debate, there were people watching from snapchat behind the scenes video. maria: next week some of these deals, you've got going public and square going public. we've been talking about these deals for some time, but that's
8:55 am
probably going to be a lot of excitement around those deals. are you hearing anything, jo, about pricing and how the stocks trade? i believe they go public on thursday. >> the square, they priced more conservatively before they went out on the road so there is some concern about how much it will actually-- how successful it can be, especially given some tech stocks that haven't fared so well after they went public. dagen: and quickly, maria, depot postponed, so that's huge to mention. maria: it's a great point because the ipo market isn't as strong as it was and you've got two majors going public next week. ladies, take a short break, 30 minutes until the opening bell on a friday. what to expect on this friday the 13th next. back in a minute.
8:56 am
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