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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  November 13, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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neil: i do but invariably what they do is come out during the break and some feel they have not put enough -- they won't yell at you, they just come over like tony soprano. you haven't given them enough time. stuart: that was neil cavuto, now here isthe real live human being in person. neil: i am going to kill you. all the candidates -- good luck getting home tonight. thanks, great show as always. we have an interesting show because it is going viral, something that happened yesterday and was not that appearance with seth myers which i enjoyed but a certain chat with a young college student who says now is the time for the rich to pony up. is only fair, let's just say a million viral looks later a lot
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of you do not agree. this is what started it. >> people earning over $1 million a year should be contributing to society. neil: 50% with taxes. the top rated 90%, should we get back to that? >> i think eventually we will get back to that. neil: you are ok with it? your friends are ok with that? they want to be successful themselves and they will be happy to get to level, $250,000, they pay 90% taxes on that? >> absolutely. neil: your friends are going to be happy getting to a point in their careers take a look outside and say finally i am eagle to pay 90% in taxes? >> obviously people in your position don't want to pay 90%.
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neil: unless you are high as a kite you would not volunteer to pay 90%. even if you took all the money from the rich you say are getting away with murder, took it all away, it wouldn't support one entitlement in this country for three years. >> i don't believe that. i just don't, that sounds completely ludicrous to me. neil: do you know what it will cost to mandate a $15 minimum wage across the country, have everyone's student loan paid off, pay for public college? do you have a rough idea, the cost of the educational part on the student loan? >> absolutely. $1.3 trillion in student debt, that is just the beginning and billions of dollars neil: taxing the 1%? 100%? >> is it close to the number,
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$15 trillion to bail out the banks in 2008? neil: a reminder. which would barely keep medicare going for three years, one area even if we've reposition it to go into the area you want, we don't have enough to do it so you have to find other means of getting money, right? >> i think that that is the starting point. neil: no idea something like that, no one got angry, no one got nasty, she is a wonderful girl, don't get me wrong, that it would go as viral as it did. our only point in having this discussion with her was get to the crux of this battle where you have so many vying for so much from washington whether it is free college or uncle sam taking out the debt or we could extend it to enforcing lower prices, drug prices. focus on just the cost of
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giveaways that get to be out of the ballpark, crunching some numbers and seeing how much you could get taxing the rich no matter how you define the rich. connell: we did that with four sets of numbers that will break down and back up a lot of what you were talking about with that young lady yesterday. the first number raise 83.9%, that is the percentage of u.s. income taxes paid by the top 20% in the united states. lot of talk about the top 1%, this is just the top 20, a lot of the taxes, let's break it down and look at that. people making $615,000 or more per year, get into what is classified as the top 1% of earners and they pay nearly half the taxes, 47% of the taxes are paid by that group. those are the numbers. what does that actually pay for for the comparisons made yesterday? $1.75 trillion per year is the number. what number?
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if you were to take the top 1%, take all of their money, tax them at 100% you again $1.75 trillion. to do the math even further and that these figures on the screen behind me you are looking at the average outlay, one year of medicare and social security and you are almost there already, well over $1 trillion. non the weed -- you are -- argument backed up by the numbers we dug through after that viral video from yesterday. neil: you are telling me you immediately went to your computer and said i don't believe a word, we wanted to make sure -- connell: she said herself she doubted what you were saying. nobody doubts neil cavuto, certainly not here. for young thing, we had to go back and say -- neil: i have never seen you do that. you just leapt at it. kind of had a good week, i feel
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in a good mood. kind of like an in lot. always good having you. stay in your far away perch. seriously, thank you. you could give the around these numbers any way you want to especially when we talk about the 1%. that is a moving figure because those earning $250,000, medicare surcharges for the president's health-care law gets even more nuanced but the figures are what the figures are. gerri willis was at those protests, she knows the rage is not about mad as much about a anger over people feeling slighted. dagen mcdowell as well, democratic strategist richard goodstein. you talk to a lot of these kids and they are just saying enough is enough. i can understand exasperate mission with college bills, austin loan debts piling up but do they really think with the wave of all want on the 1% all
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that goes away? >> they think it is easy, they think it is simple and they haven't thought it through as you saw with this young lady, i asked young woman how are you going to pay for that, the free tuition, of the $1.5 trillion, she shrugged, she had no idea. i think they're grasping of government spending and the economy is not there. i also want to say don't look too hard at this because you are already paying for these college degrees as it is this the president has a program called a as you earn where you pay as much as you can afford and last year, just months ago we found a $21 billion deficit in the student loan programs because of it. you are already. neil: my problem is not with kids. you are what you are exposed to and i wish they were exposed to
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basic math, nothing against the educational system among basic requirements, should be a quick math 101. many in congress, from the same course. >> the bailout culture in this country. neil: the bank bailout. dagen: you bail out the banks but where is mine and this is growing into something much larger that might be irreversible and it is not just the bank bailouts but individuals who are not making anything on their savings, people expect to live in a coastal area, not insure their home and the government to rebuild it after a major hurricane just like that. this is happening time and again and the american people are lying to ourselves. it is not just young people but older people, you are taking more out of medicare and social security and you paid in, that is the case with many americans and they are lying to themselves if they think it is any
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different. neil: something in our public dien a for the last eight years, back to the prior read ministrations with a bank bailout completed by this president, you could say that conservative crowd that winces at this is just as much looking for will leave. hi wary that that exposes kids that if things get rough enough someone will back you up, someone will back you up, if you are a big bank or a beleaguered automaker or if you are behind the mortgage payments, someone will back you up every step of the way and that is being bred into our culture. >> i think these students are on to something in this regard which is -- students--incidentally i hope you didn't feel proud of yourself letting that woman, ill informed and she was kind of travel on like that.
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good for you to put the spotlight. i can defend myself. here is the point. student loan debt has tripled over the past ten years, 43 million americans now have student debt and the problem with it, paying off in one fell swoop is idiotic, you won't get any argument from me. the problem with having all the student debt is people can't buy houses, they can't buy durable goods, they can't buy nondurable goods, gasoline prices, where's all the money going, probably one of the places it is going is people paying off all this debt, that is why these proposals you have seen from hillary clinton to help get kids out of public universities -- >> it comes down to this. you have to do the math yourself, quote the numbers, can i afford the debt i am taking on, the money i will make as a journalist, with sustained
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$60,000 a year of tuition? no it will not. people have to be savvy. i have talked to many college students who can't even tell you what they owe and the total figure, they don't know. they have their eyes closed and hoping, hoping. neil: people know when they sign on to these, and i remember -- i knew i had to pay back. that much i knew. do they actually think when they sign that there is no obligation to repay? dagen: people go into debt to go to school with good intentions but they don't do the math that this is what i need to earn, this is what i need to learn when i get out of college and how long it will take, i want to add something else, when people -- it does back to the bailout culture of being subsidized and you get drunk on those subsidies, you are high on the subsidies. in recent history the subsidies have been pulled back, and the
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tuition costs borne by the individual and the student has been going up because states had to choose things like oh prison? paying for medicaid and paying for kindergarten over subsidizing these education so you expect the subsidy to be there forever and it went away and you had to bear more of the cost, that is where the anger is coming from. neil: this is where the right and left should join forces on the debt, unfunded liabilities because payments on that are choking one out of $4 going into washington. imagine if you free that up and we didn't have interest payments on a big gold visa bill which is our collective debt, which could start exploring some of these remedies you talk about. right now beggars can't be choosers. >> that would be huge. a couple points, one regarding the tuition at nyu or any university if they were spending all the money and this is part of hillary's plan, on education and not wreck centers and athletic facilities and things that actually --
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neil: appleby right. >> these kids congratulate and have skills rather than feeling that a country club, that would be a step in the right direction. the debt is killing us but i will say one thing, next time you host one of these debates, do the same analysis you just did with that woman's suggesting about taxing the 1% and 90%, do that with any of these proposals, subject to the same scrutiny, you will find the same kind of frontal attack on the debt as you did from this idiotic proposal about 90% taxation to pay off student debt. neil: it started with jesus but i will ask -- it is an interesting debate but thank you all very much. the bottom line on these types of issues, the money isn't there. the bottom line the money is not there. we will keep track of it here because in any debate at any
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time is how you pay for something. keeping track of developments in the political world, marco rubi orlando, holding it at disney world. jeb bush in new hampshire, he will hit the sunshine stomachs. it is so crucial to both of these men. would that be point give me the wednesday? the guy is leading in that state, donald trump. donald trump is beating both in their state. amerivest selects the funds and manages your portfolio.
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for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this. neil: welcome back. i am amazed by people who get caught in the moment, impossible situations that can or can't happen in a moment. i think back around 1991 at this time when we had the seven
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democratic candidates vying to take down george bush sr. when he was at 80% approval in the polls and looked unstoppable. they used to call those democratic candidates the seven boards and they were led by bill clinton and everyone, even the establishment press lacked, they had no shot at all. i only mention it then because we know what happened in retrospect, but what could happen again? all these people say with other republican candidates will guarantee their eventual defeat, they can't get on the same page, same was said of those democratic candidates said they did. miley point is to say on the right or the left you are often wrong, sticking to a sentiment based on polls in the moment. chris christie --. 43, that is the only point. it is not a political point, it is a reminder, be careful basing something on the snapshot. >> exactly right.
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in 1991 president bush 41 was riding high, doing a great job, led a successful coalition in iraq and look what happened, less than a year later he found himself at the other end of a stunning defeat to. while we had seven dwarfs led by bill clinton in 1991 into 1992, the 15 boards on the republican side, wouldn't count them out yet, there's a lot that can happen between now and i won, new hampshire in february. neil: the mistake president bush sr. made was not focusing enough on the economy. it was beginning to slow down. the odd thing was by the time we had the election in 1992 it was coming out of that recession technically but we didn't appreciate that until some months later. having said all of that is your sense that republicans have to keep the focus on the economy issue i think all elections
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which are clear and dangerous, it always comes back to the economy. if that is the case then how do they found that? >> it is pretty simple for me. 94 million americans are out of work, you have the job, work force participation rate the lowest it has ever been since 1977 and those folks looking for full-time employment are not finding those jobs, cobbling together one or two part-time jobs to make ends meet, still lot of economic insecurity, wait growth has not risen as fast as people would like to have seen so if i were a republican candidate and the their running i would continue to hammer and say the obama economy hasn't worked. the obama recovery is not a recovery. neil: a lot of people will hear these republicans are just whining about an unemployment rate that is half what it does, market double what it was and there are all sorts of reasons, the participation rate, all these things people don't feel
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the recovery, a lot come across as whining about something and not offering a prescription for something better. again, that could change that that is the rack, the pain-free old guy on the front porch yelling at kids to get off the lawn. >> get off my lawn! this is one thing i give bill clinton a lot of credit for. when he famously said i feel your pain the republican candidates need to show more empathy, they need to talk not inside wall street jargon you and i doing about labor work force participation but what does it really mean, where we are now, when president obama came into office and a particular be looking at people of color, african-american unemployment is at double digits, the constituency many believe america's first black president would herald a new change in the economy and job creation has not done it for african-americans. we can do better, republicans need to find a more empathetic way of getting the point across.
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neil: thank you very much, good seeing you again. another guy has borne that out and pounded and around the country. chris christie it has got the message that is up listing and in some states that is resonating. talked about viral videos, that appeal to people's hearts is why the governor might be gaining some ground. we will talk about that on your world today. they are well off of the lows of the day, 55 points, you know the drill with this, based on the growing perception, the we will see interest rate hike. that was a fear because they don't want to see interest rates hiked but something happened along the way that all the data doesn't support. retail data like your move going into the christmas shopping season indications that you might not be poised to be so
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neil: going back to the presidential debate looking at nordstrom numbers and other retail numbers, some of than missing severe early and the sector is getting pounded, something carly fiorina told me in the spin room after the debate, which you are getting if you're seeing it now which is a nonsensical thing to say, she does not think it is a gimme that the federal reserve will raise rates and they will cling to any sign of weak data to hold off. the isn't it is from carly fiorina. >> the thinking seems to be the fed will raise rates. >> i will make a bet with you
12:27 pm
that they don't do it and i have made that bat over and over and won that bat because something always changes their mind. my bet is they won't do anything until after the election. neil: very interesting, she makes good sense. what she is saying if you think about it, and free time we have gone a battle between strong data and weak data for the fed to move or not move, based on the weak data, it was a convenient excuse to hold off with the by the excuse or 9 and now we have these retail numbers. what do you think? >> i think you are right. the reason the fed raises rates is you have an overheating economy, inflation slowing down as well. we missed the window to raise rates 9 to 12 months ago, the cleveland fed president said it is time to raise rates but there isn't the rationale behind it. carly fiorina is right that now is not the time, there is at chance they won't.
12:28 pm
the market thinks they will. neil: if they don't and they base it on weak numbers, they could risk confusing the markets and airline in the sand means nothing, and afraid because they think they do raise it will cause more harm. either way i would think under whatever the scenario not good. >> market goes down either way as happened the month or two away, what they didn't say was more important, the u.s. economy is not a big enough growth engine to power a global growth that is in stagnation globally because the market sold off, it will sell-off in december with a you raise rates or don't. neil: let's say they are not inclined to do so, they are getting pressure from other central banks across the world, the excuse you here for not hiking is the dollar is already
12:29 pm
strong and by comparison we are already doing better so there is no reason to do this especially if there is no inflation and if janet yellen and the others can position it that way and explain it that way the monkey is off their back. >> not sure that is true. the former kansas city fed chief's biggest concern was if you have the systemic risk and have to raise rates going into a recession which we have a slowing economy and talk about raising rates into that it is very similar, we don't have a question right now and that is what the fed is trying to get to but now is not the time because your rationale for raising rates is simply not there. neil: good seeing you again. we are hearing more about hollywood candidates in this race sometimes loudly, sometimes in a tweeting manor, jennifer loren speaking out against the gop and particular the donald trump. next thing you know she will reach out and it will get ugly. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow! neil: celebrities carry a lot of weight in these elections. believe me, it gets media attention. jennifer lawrence, when she comments on the gdp, it gets attention. my view on the election is pretty cut and dry. if donald trump is the president of the united states, it will be the end of the world. democrats can stop that.
12:34 pm
she should know. if donald trump became president, she would probably kill him with a bow and arrow. i do not know that. based on her movie. what do you make of that? liz, to you first. celebrities weighing in. she is a well-liked celebrity. >> she is a well-liked celebrity. i think that she is a good actor. she is not a democratic strategist. i think her point of view is just her point of view. i do not think it necessarily reflects the point of view of the democratic party. it does not mean that that is what america is focused on. i will agree with her, however, i do not think that donald trump will be the right choice to be president of the united states. i do not think that he will be
12:35 pm
the president of the united states. >> i know a lot of people that just do not like to hear. what i do worry about is you can move and motivate and change the minds of millions of people. they base their view on a celebrity. i know that that is how advertising works. a brand of sneakers. a beer. a soda. i understand that. i think that we should, though, those that want to lead our country. >> jennifer lawrence is living in her hollywood castle. for her to try to understand the basic rights of women, really looking at the numbers. looking under president obama. we have seen the economic policies. it has been crushing for women. to will a country -- 2 million
12:36 pm
in poverty. 57 million. an all-time high out of the labor force. not collecting a paycheck. you want to talk about the basic likes of these women out there, economic opportunity. i hate to say it, if hillary could not follow obama's policies, i do not know where the women will benefit. neil: i am old enough to remember when maggie thatcher became the prime minister of written here it a leader of a big major country. the message was between a major world economic power. a woman at the top of that power. it was a big deal. many women at that time. why did it have to be -- the world was waiting.
12:37 pm
we have seen women as they have advanced. certainly conservative. angela merkel comes to mind in germany. what do you make of that. anomaly? >> i am not sure that i would completely agree with you on all of that. neil: you must agree. [laughter] >> i understand. i do not think i agree with that wholeheartedly. when an electric, wherever it be in the world, when an electorate has an idea about one political party or another and the opposing party comes forward and does something that is counterintuitive, it will capture people's imagination. however, i do want to address the issue of women's rights and which party here in america how much democrats or republicans,
12:38 pm
are doing better. i think the republican record on women's rights is basic economic issues. equal pay for equal rights. i do not think that they are front and center. that is exactly why you see huge gender gaps. barack obama, the current president, walked away with 20% more. neil: the problem is, that is how candidates treat women. all women, most pay the bills and a lot of households, do not want to be separated that way. what will you do to improve the economy? >> it is the kitchen table issues. how will i be able to pay my bills? how will i be able to have economic growth. the economic reality.
12:39 pm
i think it will be interesting to see where they go. i think for the gop candidate, you know, it will be important for them to address these issues and really be able to connect with the women out there. neil: well spoken, both of you. i appreciate it. ladies, thank you. this may get back. what if i told you that four out of five oh obama voters, those that committed money to barack obama, are not committed yet to hillary clinton. not committed yet to bernie sanders. who exactly are they committed to? what you don't know. ♪
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>> the candidate certainly seem happy with the job that you did. an elegant evening. neil: never been together. did i hear that right? cause you elegant? >> big media figures just love me. what's not to love. i was expecting something worse. we had fun talking about the debate reaction. now getting a lot of mainstream reaction. good to see you. >> you were such a rockstar. charlie: he does not hold a candle to you. neil: i love you. charlie: everywhere i went.
12:44 pm
neil: everyone wants to know what you are like. the steam room. you and charlie were fighting. i said you love each other like brothers. i think that you are like two italian brothers that fight a lot. i said, yes. charlie: fighting is like loving and italian. neil: i got to see a lot of people up close. charlie: the candidates. it is like there is a public persona. when they put their guard down. they wander around. charlie: donald trump is the one guy, when he is one-on-one, is the same way. neil: absolutely.
12:45 pm
whether you like it or not, now they are all jumping on him, that is him. unfiltered. let me first get to that. i know i want to talk to hillary donors. on donald trump. the latest comments. dan carson. twisting the pathological thing. so many others have not. i do not think so. charlie: ben carson has a life story that is interesting. if you are going to put yourself out there, you have to expect people to take a couple shots. neil: you know, you are a child abuser. that is pathological. ben carson never did, what is trump of two? >> half of me thinks that he is doing this and says he's out
12:46 pm
rages things because he does not want to spend his own money. >> he brilliantly did that with jeb bush. >> that was more apt. by the way, that is all anyone talks about right now. donald may know something about that person that has not come out yet. the other one is, hillary clinton. no shortage of money there. where is that money going? >> i just cannot imagine she will not get that at some point. >> a are not running to bernie sanders either. charlie: i know people that raise money. there is a reason why chris christie cannot raise money now. busting down people's doors right now.
12:47 pm
>> she could do it in a second. neil: that is when that oh obama money would roll out. charlie: she does not really need it. initially, inc. and 25-$50 increments. charlie: able to raise so much money. he established support on wall street. a few other people. neil: they all got together. they started raising a lot of money. that campaign then targeted the small donations. i am sure hillary is doing the same thing right now. they will go out and raise those small donations. neil: is that the money we are talking about would talk about four or five donors?
12:48 pm
>> i think that they are included in the irony. listen, i know the wall street guys are looking to see where this thing is going. it is interesting. i am not saying that the election will be rammed by wall street. if there is an establishment wall street candidate that wins, john kasich becomes the winner or jeb bush becomes the winner, they will be a will to raise money from moderate democrats. neil: okay. i see what you are saying. marco rubio. he is the one i hear democrats worry about the most. charlie: it was jeb bush initially. i do not hate jeb bush. i just-- neil: jeb is in new hampshire higher. charlie: never get the grass roots folks. it is jeb bush because of immigration.
12:49 pm
i think that it is john kasich based on banks. i think those guys. neil: thank you, buddy. they should be opening question on fantasy sports. [laughter] neil: that is right. now it may be germane. some of these guys are shoving it right back in the state prosecutors face by hopping on fantasy sports. should they all be arrested? should they all be indicted? they are all acting like charlie gasparino. they are doing it. they prosecutors thing. ♪ doing to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right.
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neil: we're getting new details. fantasy sports sites. betting online. a number of them have filed lawsuits to contest in order to shut down their sites in new york state. the number of people that do this stuff i doing it right outside the state prosecutors office. the government should stay out of this. the issue, though, becomes whether you recognize this as gambling like gambling and if it is gambling, we have laws and rules for that. what to make of that? >> i think that it is interesting. is this chance or is it strategy? i would say that it is more strategy. at the same time, it is all about who you have on your team.
12:54 pm
who will shake things up. while that may be chance, the rest of it is pure strategy. neil: there is a strategy to what they are doing. >> my grandmother loves playing those penny machines at the casino. there is no strategy. it is mind numbing. neil: the luck of the draw. i am not big on this stuff. i just go for the breakfast buffets when i am bear. i am wondering if there could be some real reason to crack down on this. the rules are so loosey-goosey. it should be a system. you could make the argument, one guy hops online. does do this. >> i feel like that happens. a lot of situations, though.
12:55 pm
i think the argument can be made that maybe it does need to be investigated here it i think that congress has called on the fec to be able to do that. >> gone way too far. >> why just shut the whole thing down without an actual investigation? >> i will be interested to hear what they have to say. they have two separate ones. they will be making their cases separately. i think overall, it is such a popular thing. they owe it to their fan base into their players to give reasons to why they think it should exist. i think just shutting it down altogether, doesn't the government have better things to do? at the same time, you can investigate it. if you feel it needs to be investigated, though for it.
12:56 pm
neil: i would have never guessed it 1000 years that you got into this whole fantasy sports thing. >> if i have patriots players on my team, i am obviously going to win. thank you. have a great weekend. neil: we will have a big battle in the sunshine state. they will involve marco rubio and jeb bush. the way the polls are now, more than just a kick, a real possibility. winner take all primary. going to someone else? just not to him. ♪ [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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1:00 pm
neil: we have the dow down about 115. a good chunk of it seems to be concerned about you, the american shopper and whether you are shopping. disappointing numbers led by nordstrom. i think that they are the ones. rocard lists, you don't know? >> i don't know. wisconsin cheese, i would start worrying. bottom line, retailers are in trouble. they should be worrying. the concern is they are obviously telegraphing trouble. what does that mean? >> so glad to be with you. i had to take my chance to tell you how great you did at the debate. you are the best looking on the stage as well.
1:01 pm
i do not know if that helps, but it was good. i think that jeb bush is, too. i will extend it to the camera guy behind position for. talking about this consumer kind of hiccuping. you are hearing it from high-end retailers all the way down to walmart. even though they are hiring a lot a temporary workers for the holidays, i get mixed reviews. right now is a really troubling time. if you look at our economy from top to bottom, the global economy is not hard to find the strength. there retailers have been heavily discounting products long before when they get into this kind of final quarter of the year where they get really competitive on price to get you in to keep their volume site they have been discounting
1:02 pm
already. they do not have much further to go and still be able to turn a profit. it is really unique. >> what does that mean for christmas sales? >> that is right. the job market is weak. people do not have as much money. the consumer confidence is heading in the wrong direction. everything is now trickling down. lost their jobs in the energy sector. the economy was built on lies. you look at the fact that everyone is concerned now about a potential u.s. rate hike. there is no good place for people to get any sort of confidence right now. that goes all the way down. the consumers are just not spending their money as they have in years past. that is hurting the retailers. neil: you are on it. following this very, very
1:03 pm
closely. what we are seeing coming out of these retailers. this is something that i think are leafy arena was warning me about. she specifically addressed it. one of the reasons that the fed could clean to not raising rates. something that the fed would seize on avoiding raising rates. >> it seems to be that the fed will raise rates next month. >> i am going to make a bet with you. i am going to make a bet that they do not do it. i will make that that over and over. my bed is, they will not do anything until after the election. neil: today again am. what do you think of that? they do not want to do anything to hurt the status quo. hurting hillary clinton's chances. connell: i do not know about the political part.
1:04 pm
she is right about finding an excuse. at some point, though, there has to be some question about the federal reserve's credibility and all of this. they want to raise rates. i know they seem that way last time, too. this time, it really does think that they are setting us up for an interest rate hike. if it does not happen, and then we get past december, we go through this whole cycle again. they did not do it this time and they did not do it that time. >> justified action. that is the danger of not acting. taking you into 2016. we had the move in an election year. they are rare. >> rather not deal with that. in terms of janet yelling, the credibility of the central bank
1:05 pm
is more important than president obama. her term expires one year after the next president is inaugurated. she is not there four life. >> if you cannot, people who are campaigning the hardest against the fed and trying to make in issue likely will not get the nomination. i do not like hearing even presidential candidates talking so much about monetary policy. even rand paul, from all the cheap and easy money, it is just not accurate. he was talking about the dollar falling and our purchasing power declining because of the fed. that has not happened since 2008. my issue,, it comes back to bite you.
1:06 pm
i do not want to be cynical here. bernanke supporting the economy. is it any wonder? that was at a time where we were providing $60 million to the markets. you could make the argument. >> old conspiracy theory. look out. [laughter] >> from that side of it, it is an easy target. dagen: unless she fouls off and raises interest rates. >> fed presidents. the form are. he was coming. dagen: he said in the book that the goturned on him. >> they do more to the middle. they consort of statesmen.
1:07 pm
maybe that is what happened. >> speaking of statesmen, you are going to need a bigger studio. your head has gotten so big. all of these complements. neil: you put him in a good mood. connell: i was trying to look it up. they would be getting rid of them for the last how many years. i think that they are all gone. i did not really want to bring this all up. i had to break it to you. >> this is the one? >> ralph just connected another one. ralph. >> still looking for radioshack. >> thank you, ralph. thank you all. >> you are right.
1:08 pm
dagen: i have to bring you back down. [laughter] neil: all right. we have blake bergman. very nice today. clause i respectful in milwaukee. as any young man should be. connell: a great job on that debate. let's talk a little bit about what is going on there. disney world. all the top candidates will be there. the two i am focusing on are obviously bush and rubio. well. what are we going to make of that? connell: jeb bush.
1:09 pm
the presidential candidate making their way over to florida in the next two days. seven today. seven tomorrow. you talk about the poll numbers therefore to very popular republicans. they both are looking up. this is a real clear politics average. trump cards and one / two. then you have rubio. jeb bush all the way down there. many people months ago would question if this picture were real. rubio already talk there today and florida. not surprisingly, i should say. rubio did not really get into the whole back and forth. as to who may take that state and whatnot. actually, i want to play for you a quick soundbite, neil. apparently, he liked the line he used in the debate a couple nights ago.
1:10 pm
>> it took the telephone 75 years to reach a million people. it took handed crush one year to reach 1 million people. the world is changing. it is disrupting people's lives. connell: that was the candy crush line from the other night. actually asked about this at the town hall. he said pretty good year and 67% approval rating. he thinks that he says he will win florida. neil, back to you. neil: going to one of these other guys. thank you very much. talking about some of these other candidates. one and two certainly in florida. trump their cars then. now, donald trump is taking the gloves off. as if he ever had them on and really going after carson. this video about this whole pathology thing that has gotten carson into some hot water,
1:11 pm
taking it to a new level. look at this donald trump had. >> i try to stab him in the abdomen. >> what? >> was this a guy that you knew? neil: some scary stuff. will this resignation bush and mike. >> congratulations with the debate, neil. my husband was there. we wanted to get your attention, though we could not get through that policy of yours. neil: thank you for that. if i am ben carson, does this worry me? it has not resonated. not stop. do i just keep it going? >> if i were advising donald trump, i would advise not to go
1:12 pm
in this direction. the conservative voters are concerned about jobs. they are concerned about the economy. not these personal attacks or the other candidates. i would suggest not to go in that direction. really to talk about what he is going to do to turn the economy around. he is a businessman. on the flipside of that, that is something that doctor ben carson, that is not his skill set in terms of business. neil: trump wants to do both. he knows that he has suffered very little in the past. getting pretty nasty and personal with them. this changes things quite a bit. rand paul being on stage. this cuts to something far different and gets a little on comparable. almost like john mccain is not a hero uncomfortable.
1:13 pm
that did not get him into trouble either. >> this is another level, neil. a lot of doctor carson supporters trust him. they respect him. they believe in him. he is an example of america's exceptionalism. he came from nothing. broken households. got into trouble as a young person. able to turn his life around. a true success story that a lot of americans can really aspire to. neil: some of these charges have to step. we will see. the ones making the charges. they are just not as early as it was. thank you very, very much. chris christie has been weighing on all of this stuff. all throughout his race on what the republican party should stand for. things a little different now with videos that have gone viral
1:14 pm
and a statement to what the republican party should represent at its core. an interview today on your world and where he wants to go to. chris christie with me today on your world. jihadi john targeted and gone. we think. if he is gone, is isis soon to follow? ♪ the future belongs to the fast.
1:15 pm
and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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1:17 pm
neil: the white house on these strikes. supposedly targeting jihadi john. the u.s. is making progress. you have taken out jihadi john. in the even that you did not,
1:18 pm
making progress taking out isis. that would be my interpretation. what we can make of where we stand in this battle with isis. what do you make of that? this notion that this, to the white house, is a clear sign we are taking the fight to isis. pressuring isis. while you need proof that maybe we have it? jihadi john is dead. >> let me just echo the sentiment. you did a great job on the debate the other night. jihadi john. taking him out. striking our targets consistently. we do not have that indication yet. we do not want to spike that too early. >> they know. 99% sure. they would be breaking about it if they got them.
1:19 pm
they are not saying that he is dead. osama bin laden they wanted double, can drupal, triple confirmation that they got him. here, they don't. >> that is something like even if we did strike one guy, that is not the end. air campaigns and operations increasing. the fight against the oil in the finances. that is one phase of this. if we take out one man, the fight is not over. we have seen that with other leaders. we see this all the time. we cannot let our guard down. these ought to be part of a larger strategy. we certainly ought to celebrate and take pause. giving everyone some hope that we are still continuing. both the strategy and the tactics on the ground. >> smashing whatever means they have to do what they do.
1:20 pm
having control of the oil refineries. that is a good point. you take that away from them. sucking off their financing. >> yes, absolutely. one phase and operation. that has to also be met with the ground tactics and strategy. we ought to be prepared if we do strangle some of their finances. isis will change tactics. we have to be anticipating what comes next. sort of a financial investment. once that happens, we will be looking for movement on the ground. if we do not have the ground forces to back it up, we cannot expect a long-term strategy. neil: all right, my friend. a pretty modest guy. done a lot for this country. never brags about it. thank you very, very much.
1:21 pm
did you hear about the ones, the google self driving car and it was pulled over and know when to give the ticket to. it actually happened. right after this. ♪ (vo) rush hour around here starts at 6:30 a.m. - on the nose. but for me, it starts with the opening bell. and the rush i get, lasts way more than an hour. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we've built powerful technology to alert you to your next opportunity. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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1:24 pm
p 15 we have a busy news day. ted cruz said to implement a land. he has been very critical, for example, of his rival marco rubio. immigration reform. how these two are separating themselves. they see themselves as being the established candidates. again, we will get the details. we will get reaction to all of that. in the meantime, i told you the story about the driverless car. though google self driving car that got pulled over. for going too slow.
1:25 pm
tilling can has all the details for us right now. getting started. tell us what happened. >> going to slow. it was a passenger. if you are a passenger in a driverless car, no ticket was issued. in fact, it was just perhaps not impeding traffic. what would be called the drivers seat. >> believes to be in the passenger seat. >> this is really getting -- that self driving car we are driving. this is like a type of story. google was very cheeky about it.
1:26 pm
1.2 million miles. it is the human equivalent of 90 years. lock really is our greatest. >> definitely using google. neil: you think that it is very promising? >> it is already integrated in so many vehicles. the parking aids -- neil: would you buy one? a self driving car. >> i would be thrilled if that is what i got for christmas. neil: revalued your life. >> dank you. i appreciate that affirmation. yeah, i would still do it. maybe not go 100 miles per hour. neil: the whole generation is crazy. let's which is something equally crazy.
1:27 pm
facebook is testing somethings ? >> testing disappearing messages. they're doing this in france. you send a message or a photo or a video and it will appear within 24 hours. they are doing it because not chat has had such success by doing this. 6 billion video views a day. valued at $16 billion. it is temporary. communicate with people and then there is no record of it afterwards. neil: what are you guys hiding? >> everything. neil: something that starts in france. >> there is a back story. neil: trying to rain on that
1:28 pm
parade? >> yes. mark zuckerberg tries to buy snap chat. snap chat is valued at 16 million. try to develop this type of technology. what i think is a take-home point here is facebook is developing and testing. marking down valuations by 25%. they also marked down dropbox as well. you think about facebook adopting this technology. it is a little bit of an alarm going off. one of the major investors. we know that you are really valuable. let's bring it down a notch. square is going to go public next week. there is a lot of anxiety surrounding that.
1:29 pm
that is what is jumping out. >> i did not understand a word you said. you are so good at it. you explain it. that is interesting. well, yeah. i guess it is really interesting. thank you very, very much. >> thank you, neil. hello. stop. you are scaring me. when we come back, a young woman not much younger than joe lane, leading this push. the 1% pay for college. the 1% pay off loan debt. i think to myself, can you sit down and talk to joe lane? i do not know. more bitter than ever. have not even eat lunch. it is like double jeopardy. after this.
1:30 pm
♪ it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? . . . . you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone.
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1:34 pm
i got a lot of response. i'm told these things can go viral. whatever that means. first i started contagion. it was explained to me about people smarter than i on thing called internet which will be big. ralph, two million hits, which apparently is a lot. anyway to charlie gasparino, steve lieb, charles payne, lizzie macdonald on this push. the fact that it did go viral, charles payne tells me it resonated in a way that people are just, flabbergasted. >> they are flabbergasted, could be poster-child for inefficiency of k12 system already. i almost felt sorry for the girl. it points to entitlement. neil: i don't blame her. i blame what she exposed to and her parent and. >> schools. neil: buildings behind her that egg them on. >> same token, one much these things. not just this, something we are going off all-time record he low business birth rates, household formation. something is going on with
1:35 pm
younger adults. it is more than just entitlements. >> i agree. i don't blame her at all. i think she is product of her environment. neil: absolutely. >> thing is, we're babying -- neil: eight years -- >> we're babying these students when, hang on, they can drive. they can own a gun. they can vote. we're babying them. not giving them debate topics and issues to form their mind in opinions. >> we should blame them. >> you didn't say whacky things at age 18? >> guess what? i got blamed for it. and i will say this. >> she is getting blamed now. >> she should be. millenials, we beat up on millenials a lot. remember millenials are greatest kids. fight our wars for us. they protect this country. do it valiantly. half of them doing that. or maybe, a third of them doing that. then we have the rest, pampered, you know, kids like this who think they deserve this. neil: can't blame her, but what
1:36 pm
she is exposed to. >> neil, the thing that gets me, okay? they don't have the facts, okay, about these loans. 90% of the people that carry loans greater than $50,000 are either graduate students where it will pay off for them, or people that go to these darn for-profit colleges. i looked at some of data. i'm amazed. i'm on the board of water company. this is bunch of plumbers that go around fixing leaks all over country. one of them fixed your swimming pool. you said they did a lousy job. >> indoor swimming pool? >> anyway, you know -- neil: you do have a point. >> what average salary of a plumber is? $50,000. $50,000. >> the problem is also non-profit schools. >> that's what i'm saying. >> they should be protesting against tuition-gouging of millenials. neil: my point with this, whatever your views on this,
1:37 pm
even for, we were in school, coming out we had loans and all that, but they will argue today, even on percentage basis they're up dramatically for these kids. is that the fault of loans always been there or -- >> no. there is a lot of factors. neil: charles payne? >> i think more recently, pushing middleman, obama said out of this thing, having government rubberstamp every approval for every loan. >> it's crazy. >> my own personal experience. my son combs home tonight. gone to school in london. paid for whole thing. he wants to come here to lobby me. he wants $1500 to get a table at hottest nightclub in london for him and his mates to hang out in. neil: i love this. >> no, no. 11 years old. when i was 18 i was sending my mother money. i joined air force at 17. i sent my mother money. to think he could ask me for $1500 for a table at disco he is nuts.
1:38 pm
neil: you are going to say no. >> i don't think so. neil: charlie and i will give him money. i want to go. >> listen, she has a lost student debt, this woman. so do a lot of people. when i was a kid, here we go, i didn't exactly, have a lot money. i looked at various graduate schools and, i picked the best, cheapest one because i figured i would be able to pay the loan back. got it paid off. >> we're in different world. neil: you really are. their burden is very, not saying that you shouldn't -- >> you look at best, cheapest school. they don't believe they should do that. they feel entitled to go to the best. neil: a lot of people don't know when they sign a loan document you have to pay that back. >> they don't. these non-payments come from people that are dropouts. they ignore it. neil: not all. not all. >> but wait a second -- >> what about the environment they're in? neil: go ahead. >> isn't it striking chris rock
1:39 pm
and jerry seinfeld we can't get into college campuses to talk or condoleeza rice or bill maher. so one way in their thinking. that is what we all grew up with and broke away from. went to college and -- >> i agree, in that respect -- >> same way of thinking. >> alan bloom back in 1985, wrote closing of the american mind. it is now completely closed in college campuses. the one thing that we, my teachers were -- >> i think open but to one point of view. >> that's what i mean. our professors were liberals, for the most part but, they were open-minded liberals where they allowed debate. professors at these colleges are stalin its. -- stalinists. >> what happens when you hear the president of the united states say over and over again every time he speaks, he always talks in college students you shouldn't have pay these loans? neil: charles, that started with the bank bailouts. i'm not judging. these kids are exposed -- >> that is such a good point.
1:40 pm
neil: bank bailouts. auto bailouts. >> that is such a good point. neil: although know in formative years is that. >> by the way, hang on bailouts started in 2000 two. after 9/11 of bailout of airline industry. i'm saying history of bailouts is -- neil: if that's their formative experience. >> conservative party, republican party right now is debating this right now. if, your hold, that bailout set, bank bailout set such a bad precedent, so wide-ranging, it was more than airlines. republican party is against it. when you ask john kasich about bailing out bank of america during the debate and he said, yes i would bail them out, he is toast right now. neil: way he explained it -- final word. make it quick. no stories about pools. >> only 1% of college students owned $50,000. that is 10%. almost entirely due to for-profit institution.
1:41 pm
>> and non-profit. >> no, for profit. >> universities are non-profit. >> talking about the for profit, university of phoenix and those places. if you directed those kids to vocational schools and plumbing much better world. >> the friend that fixed your pool, was he swimming with bathing suit on? >> he was a good plumber. a lot of these plumbers started with no education at all and ended up millionaires. i see them at this convention. >> get to peek on him skinny dipping. >> go right to commercial break. [laughter] neil: when we come back, i'm sure you're picturing that at home and liking it. when we come back, bernie sanders is expected to come out swinging at this democratic debate. yes, there is democratic debate or calling it a forum? whatever it is -- same guys that criticize republican debates say theirs will be hard-hitting. >> really? y neil: after this. i was privilege
1:42 pm
in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances.
1:43 pm
>> time for the fox business brief which is our minute to kind of catch our breath after "bitter boomers" on a friday. cisco systems is one of the movers we're looking at. we'll run through some of the big individual movers. disappointing guidance has the stock down and down big, a 7% drop in the friday session for cisco. you know gopro, like the cameras. the stock is another discussion.
1:44 pm
below ipo price, 24 bucks. many retailers this makes sense, having tough day on individual news. broad retail sales we talked about earlier this morning. fossil, nordstrom, the place used to have pianos, gamestop. kohl's, under armour, they're all down. want a gainer? one to find is yelp. we'll be right back. it's more than a network and the cloud.
1:45 pm
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1:46 pm
neil: democrat will have their own debate or forum. big ones will be there, hillary clinton and bernie sanders. whether this time bernie sanders comes out swinging. last time he ceded whole email thing to her. what happens now? >> he ceded whole email thing but i don't expect that. he seems to be regretting that. practicing with staffers in vermont to hit her possibly on trade and reversals on tpp, the trade deal and also her reversals on keystone and hit her on emails possibly. this is break or break moment for sanders to get some real movement going in his campaign. neil: chris, i know it is backwards here, why did he say the hell with your emails, i don't care, we don't care, when he had to know obviously investigations were ensuing and
1:47 pm
seen ante up this week, with reports fbi expanding the investigation, it might no-go anywhere. you can't ignore it because we could be talking about serious legalities here? the campaign is going to have to bring it back, right? >> yeah. the speculation is that it was a misstep by him. he hasn't been on a stage nearly this high before. kind of a side, left-wing, not even quite a democrat politician. suddenly on the main stage. he is honest, straight talker. shoots from the hip. and whether hillary clinton reached out to him and shook his hand, that sealed the deal. you could tell he wished he could have talked about this a little more especially on national security aspects where that could be going. neil: do you think that if he has a good performance or trips her up it changes things or is it kind of baked in the cake take almost like a huge event, maybe an fbi recommendation to take punishing action on part of the justice department to change this? >> so he is in a pretty tough
1:48 pm
place but so is she. 4/5 of democratic donars maxed out to president obama's re-election campaign haven't committed yet. he got at 200,000 postal union to back him up. 40% of the democrats are not happy with with they're saying. he is really good place. i don't think in any way he will overcome the juggernaut. he could really do is hurt her, what democrats afraid of. one of the best campaign ads ronald reagan had when he had ted kennedy constantly attacking, attacking when he ran a primary challenge. that is good way for him to bring up sound bites to hurt hillary. the next three debates before voting starts, saturday and sunday when no one is watching. neil: bad move on that. chris bedford, thank you very much, from "the daily caller." the read right now on the president's new isis strategy that might have taken down a really bad guy, or might not have, after this. you totalled your brand new car.
1:49 pm
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liberty mutual insurance.
1:52 pm
neil: we can't be totally sure we got jihad john, the responsible for attacking americans an journalists and beheading them. and it is this a sign white house is taking battle to isis and are they succeeding? to ben stein and adam lashinsky, what do you think? >> if we are succeeding, likely because the russians are putting jihadists with so much pressure in syria and maybe we're succeeding. after all, remember mr. obama called them a jv team a while ago. they made incredible territorial gains, incredible slaughter. i think they are very highly motivated, highly disciplined and highly trained, i hate to say this courageous bunch of fighters and too soon to count
1:53 pm
any of them out. neil: they are like cockroaches, kill one an more come to replace them. is that the fear that we don't have a strategy for dealing with that, new ones keep emerging then killing them off? >> well i don't disagree with anything ben said. i don't disagree with anything you said. neil, i'm just not quite a sure what strategy would be with these people. we have tactics -- >> very good point. >> that i think the appropriate tactics. remember a strategy might entail, i will make something up here, sending tens of thousands of troops on the ground to fight them. we don't have the political will for that. we don't intend to do that. neil: part of the strategy here is what it was, this is to say this is traditional type policy as it was with president bush, take out leaders, go after leaders. in george bush's case he used a lot more american troops to do that but one of the other strategizing they're utilizing, ben,trying to go after financing an oil wells are, where their revenue centers are, not as much
1:54 pm
attention to that. what do you think of that? >> i don't think they really depend on getting a huge flow of money. they steal weapons they use. they coerce and tomorrow meant people into following them. and plus they have the love of people genuinely believe in fundamental islam. i think these people will be very, very hard to deal with. i liked your example the cockroaches where you see one, there are a thousand more hidden. they're very, very dangerous. i think counting them out at this stage is extremely serious mistake. by the way, i totally agree with my friend adam, i don't know what the plan would be. what would the plan be? you can not kill an idea, idea of extremely reactionary fundamental islam against decadence of the west. that is an idea. you can't kill an idea with bullets. neil: even now donald trump is saying adam, if the russians take the fight to isis and to ben's earlier point might have led us to this attack on jihad johnny, let them do it.
1:55 pm
let them take that battle to isis. what do you think of that? >> well, the irony that is exactly what we have done. i mean they -- neil: that wasn't our intention. >> no, i agree. my point is, we're doing what we can. i think going after leaders and people like this, like this nut jeb job we perhaps we -- nutjob, that we hope we killed is the right way. we have tactical strikes. russians came along in that way we didn't expect anyone to behave so it is helping. we pay attention to that. i don't think he is wrong. we can't necessarily plan for these sorts of things. neil: ben, one final thought, people will always hate us. they might have different names. taliban, then became al qaeda and became isis. i don't know what the next new name is. >> well-said. neil: that is just the reality. how do we address that. >> there are a lot of haters in the world.
1:56 pm
an extraordinarily large number of mentally ill people. a lot of people jealous of america. a lot of people jealous of israel. there are a lot of sick people in the world. isis will have no trouble finding plenty more of them. neil: thank you very much. corner of wall and broad, a selloff going on. oil is collapsing. oil is prominent component of market averages. retail sales were very, very soft. add that all up, what do you think it means? i think we know, after this. one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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>> >> >> >>
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1:59 pm
neil: all right. down to the markets. the slowdown of the economy. maybe carly fiorina was right. that ammunition not to do so. carly fiorina says that it is political in nature. this is the sort of thing that
2:00 pm
the fed seizes on. any evidence that doing so would be unwise. it would make things worse. we will see. we will get that from the likes of chris christie. presidential candidate. he says that he is resonating and his poll numbers are starting to punch through. trish regan. trish: great job on late-night. neil: thank you. trish: donald trump doubling down his attacks today against dan carson following and then ethic town hall meeting in iowa. a brand-new video on his instagram titled happy friday the 13th. >> i try to stop him in the abdomen. >> what? >> was this a guy that you knew?


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