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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> all of the indices are deeply in the bed with oil down another 2.5%. it may get the three handle level on monday morning. let's go straight to the new york stock exchange and ashley webster. >> the closing bell
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mercifully sounded in the last 30 seconds it is all about retail today but the biggest liger of the dow from cisco systems with a profit was below with the analyst wanted to hear it is down nearly 6% blaming us slowdown of order growth and cisco systems getting hammered today. look at the retail sector. all sorts of store names getting hammered. jay z penny fettered an expected quarterly sales. there is a lot of concern about the weak consumer spending over the week holiday season but they said we're doing well and look at the fossil watch and
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accessories maker the stock is down 36 and a half percent it has been like that across the board macies having a tough day and so is nordstrom's as u.s. retail sales last month were very weak so it is the negative outlook headed into a holiday season. david: real hope they buy before christmas. have a good weekend. melissa: donald trump playing doctor with the diagnosis of dr. carson in a new instagram add. >> i stabbed him in the abdomen. >> did you know, him? >> no. >> he is tweeting out the video happy friday the 13th carson is now
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responding and we have the details on the brewing battle between you the front runners. >> donald trump will not back away from the attacks on dr. ben carson. his harshest and most controversial jabbed came last night held ben carson had taught about his pathological temper that is when he compared him to which a child molester. >> if you are a child molester, there is no cure. they cannot stop you. pathological is no cure. he said he was a pathological. >> that was during united is be shuttered into a rant questioning his stories trump even said how stupid are the people of iowa and
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the country to believe that crap? carson did not escalate the exchange but avoided it in south carolina and broaden up when he was asked by several reporters. >> had that is not the dialogue would never engage in. i am hopeful that maybe he will help to understand a word pathological. >> he was dismissive of the story line altogether with a reporter asked about being compared to a child molester. he said he did not see it that way at all. melissa: or just google pathological and understand what the word means it would take about three seconds. >> he said that does not mean it -- we take care of that is the party is trying to make in the feud carly
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fiorina is caught in an crossfire. >> i have to interrupt while you call ben carson pathological he is is suggesting he is lying about his story or esp undeniable life story of redemption and hard work or accusing ben carson to be pathological i just point out he said a few things that are not true as well. melissa: it is it a stand-alone is a modifier but ben carson said in his own book he has a pathological temperature and pathological temper carly fiorina had to do eject herself into the statements
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in order to breathe life into her failing campaign. we will keep you posted as they continue. david: you always wonder if trump will go over the allied but he recovers. republican candidates are in the sunshine state the contenders marco rubio and ted cruz facing off on immigration. we have though latest from orlando spent the rest of the candidates will not to engage with the ben carson donald trump battle they're happy to let them explode one another but with immigration between marco rubio and ted cruz to of all the national polls are in a deadlocked race for third pay - - third place all of the candidates are having a
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cattle call in orlando ted cruz is having a big rally as the speed talking about immigration reform calling for a more conservative view than rubio when it comes to legal immigration reform then after that is expected to discuss with you is your now and rubio would argue that is close to his position. listen to this this is one heck of a fight but i caught it with ted cruz the short time before this event. >> his position is not much different than mine.
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>> i laughed out loud when i heard that eiger standby marco would want to tell people his position is the same as mine. he now regrets taking the position to see where he was i literally laughed out loud to say that we're the same of an immigration like barack obama tuesday he our position is our essay on obamacare. >>. melissa: exactly. democrats start gearing up for a big debate with hillary clinton dominating the polls. joining we is end head grey with a preview. >> some critics of the dnc
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say scheduled debates on saturday to shield hillary clinton because less people will be watching rather than the prime-time events we have seen on fox business and elsewhere. the dnc insisting it isn't a clinton coronation i suspect a lot of people will be watching college football instead of the debate on cbs in des moines. more the lanius seal of the republican side but this time the first one in biggest with five on the stage there is only three so there is a lot more time to fill so the candidates get more time to speak in beat upon the front runners so they will have their chances saturday night to take:hillary clinton directly but remember the
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first round bernie sanders had a opportunity infamously said i don't care about your quote-unquote diem emails he is trying to get to do over to save a matter if it is important but we will see a saturday night martin o'malley or bernie sanders can mount a challenge because despite what the deal and -- dnc says it looks more and more like a clinton coronation. david: is ice is finally on the run after taking a key iraqi city back there may have scored another win against isis. details is straight ahead. >> unveiling plans for immigration better new study shows a challenge for ted cruz. by the first or second smatter the most then
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melissa: major developments in airstrike killed a notorious terrorist known as jihadi john. we are live from the pentagon. >> they're already taking a victory lap to said they are 99 percent sure that they got their man although it
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has been one more -- more than one year since he is on the stage with the gruesome execution videos there are six in all for the first victimizes american and journalist fully in the pentagon followed him of a few days before launching an overnight drowns strike on a car he was driving in to obliterate the car. hostages gave the executioner his name because of his british accent he emigrated before leaving to fight prices. -- isis. the pentagon talks how they could handle with a routine strike after high-value targets with but they admit it is a major military victory but a blow against isis prestige.
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>> is more significant for isis. the primary recruitment tool for the organization we are all familiar with those ghastly videos and barbarism that he displayed against american citizens. he was a human animal in killing him probably made the world a better place. >> the pentagon in the administration know we will use this week of headlines to say the fight against isis is going well with the kurds making some proper -- progress with the help of u.s. air force is something the pentagon has been highlighting a rare week of good headlines. we will wait to see if they will release this surveillance video of jihadi john in to see if they would release the video of the strike itself just to spite
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the football so to speak. david: what does this mean for the battle against isis? the at heritage fellow steve i thought to myself maybe this means that the intelligence on the ground is getting better because those drones' had to be pinpointed at my right? >> bid is big with as well as operational to find one individual is not the easiest thing to do. we don't double whole cities for target this was a victory. david: so a lot of people the other special forces are taking big chances.
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normally be a human intelligence asset of the ground somebody we recruited david: the bravest in the world now looks as if we're having success to push isis back. what took us so all? why did we hold what could be condemned the support they needed? >> the administration has not wanted to jump ball the way into the water they have been very tepid with their support as far as are being the kurds but these are great first steps but steps in the right direction the recapitalized stiffs. david: this is part of the next presidential race and
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be heard from trump i will get your reaction. >> isis is making a tremendous amount of money because they have areas of oil that they took away. i would bomb the of -- out of them. david: i appreciate the language but how to solve that problem? du bomb those whales centers ? >> it does to a degree but bin factor in the collateral damage to civilians around those facilities in the fact we're not interested to forever destroyed the infrastructure team one what about the short-term to lose funding? >> if that is what i believe the pentagon is working on
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but thus far they are reluctant to turn them loose >> let's be thankful the for the success we have had. have a good weekend. melissa: bid to see sports fans fighting back we have the latest. space garbage could be coming to a town near you. stay with us. we live in a world of mobile technology,
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"how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is, why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. david: coming in on the fantasy sports sites ordering them to stop all the operations and a ban dual says they can withdraw there betty able now stop all new deposits in the
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state this comes as there are larry up to sue the new york attorney general and joy and take us now with what we can expect. i know politics is not your special take he is doing a good job. >> this is an embarrassment. >> most of the sports fans what does sites to stay open >> this gives them notoriety to make it clear land is a bigger game in the fight. is the bears into capitalism they called the orders of
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professional sports major league of baseball and an entrepreneur is came up with these ideas obviously the state of new york cannot figure out a way to capture the revenue stream. i am all for deferred regulation but they did not single out this opportunity now they want to find a way to get a piece of it. david: talking about the york attorney general from the competitors. this is a small amount of $25,000 of campaign in contributions that does not include light cantor fitzgerald and have interest in gambling. is that coincidence? >> i cannot speak for him
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and his intentions but i can understand why they want to keep it open because they're losing revenue at the casino level but if this happens in the your gore california because that is for the majority of players are. it is entertainment the state lottery the last dollar of the last paycheck. david: they are not regulated but that is the point he is making a terrible career ruth if he ever wants a higher office as they all do. i think it is political idiocy. trout belong to is quite an attack on ben carson.
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david: seven others wounded at restaurant at a explosion in bar if central paris. there were bodies outside the bar in the restaurant. taking place stadium near france where the football team is playing germany. melissa? melissa: back to the campaign trail. >> if you're a child molester, there's no cure. they can't stop you. pathological, there is no cure. he said he was pathological. he took the knife. went like this. plunged it into the belt. an amazingly the belt stayed totally flat and knife broke. how stupid are the people of iowa? how stupid are the people of the country? to believe this. melissa: wow. donald trump unleashed one of
4:32 pm
his most outspoken tirades yet, on his closest competitor, dr. ben carson and people of iowa. here to weigh in on the colorful rant, steve forbes, forbes media chairman. james freeman of "wall street journal." gina lowden of the tea party activists. thanks to all of you for joining us. steve forbes. wow, just when i think it has gone off the rails, it goes further off the rails and deep into the woods. it is almost like he doesn't understand the most basic message of the book is of reemdid shun, of giving glory to god, at that he was this person and then he -- like he doesn't get what the story was about? >> he is in a hot campaign, carson on his heels. dr. carson on his heels. you look at a piece that will sway voters not the piece that you think will help carson with the voters. melissa: i guess. james, point out to other people in iowa that trump doesn't understand either what the word pathological means, which is totally other thing, or doesn't
4:33 pm
understand what it means to have like a christian awakening and, you know, have, he is demonstrating to them that he doesn't get their core value? >> there is a lot he doesn't know a lot about. he doesn't know a lot about trade, immigration. so, i don't think this is, i thought he peaked and not will be the nominee. i'm not sure this is the moment that kills him because it's in a weird way, kind of entertaining. >> definitely, entertaining. >> then over the top comments. that doesn't seem to bother people about him. doesn't seem to get to play by his own rules. ultimately with will take him down that he hasn't, one, he hasn't shown a commitment to limited government, which is what those voters want. and, and two, he hasn't studied any issues in depth. i think eventually that's a problem for him. >> the gina, a lot of this debate is helping both of them. when carson comes back with the response, we were talking in the
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break, when he says let's pray for him. or many responses he came back with were all very elegant, helps himself with his voters. trump is helping himself with his voters. when you look at people on line, shouting to us on twitter in this segment we're being anti-trump, seems like everybody's base is excited by this. >> clearly no other candidate can get away with say things donald trump says. he is dominating the news cycle. and democrats have debate tomorrow night. melissa: that's true. it is true all the headlines, no matter what network you look at, the thing they're talking about today what is going on with republican, not the debate coming up tomorrow. maybe that is the democrats design. >> certainly hillary clinton likes that. whether bernie sanders can redeem himself after that disasterous first debate is an open question. i don't think he can. what is the interest? there are not a lot of candidates there. a coronation.
4:35 pm
in terms of a trump, i don't think they fully realize his campaign in iowa, maybe they are fully realizing it now, dr. ben carson could win the caucus. maybe he won't win in new hampshire. no basis of support in iowa. you have to bring those people to caucuses several hours. not going up to voting place to cast a ballot and it's done. they could lose to ben carson in iowa. melissa: ted cruz also going on offensive taking rubio to task for immigration plan. rubio may be least of his worries. university of minnesota study finds only average american can listen to ted cruz four seconds. attached electrodes to their head. we're all laughing. i doubt the sincerity behind this study. brings the point he is a little greating to people not in his camp, james. >> i hope viewers can stand me more than four seconds i.
4:36 pm
i think was a joke from "the new yorker." most politicians are unsufferable. try to sit through a obama speech. only one, one of rare ones other than steve when he was running, chris christie, you could talk to him for an hour and not want to jump out the window. most of them it is very tough to listen to. melissa: gina, it goes back to, relationship with rubio and cruz, back and forth on immigration. the two of them duking it out about each other's stance. some folks including cruz, rubio sunk himself he is open to the idea of some form of amnestied. it will be tough and fair and go behind the line behind people who have done it the right way. is this dividing line with republicans this time around? >> i think this is a huge dividing line. "investor's business daily" said 59% of people polled, want deportation.
4:37 pm
that is americans. i have seen those poll numbers reflected in other polls as well, melissa. this is huge issue for people. trump put it on ther from font. i don't think it is going anywhere. even if trump weren't in the race, immigration, people are seeing problems. they're seeing jobs taken in their own communities. seeing crimes happening. like sanctuary city in san francisco in my home state. yeah, i don't think it is going anywhere. melissa: we've got to go. thank you to our panel. david? david: more breaking news on the explosion and shooting in paris. we're learning from sky news, at least four people dead, seven others wounded after a shooting at a paris restaurant. two explosions were heard elsewhere in the city. there has been a soccer game between france and germany taking place at the same time. we are also hearing that president hollande has moved to the interior ministry where he can better keep track of events happening there. let's listen in to our
4:38 pm
colleagues at sky news. >> indicating that the police were returning fire in some way? >> i think that is the general sense at the moment there was a shootout. one man with automatic gun opened fire in this particular area of paris. people here, witnesses saying there were bodies lying on the ground outside of the restaurant. police have seen in these pictures cordoned off the area. they have certainly been very quick to respond. there was criticism of them back in january, following the "charlie hebdo" attacks. they at scene very quickly. this second explosion where the football team were playing germany, the national football team. it was friendly match. president holland was there. he had to be taken out obviously when the reports of this explosion happened. we understand he is fine. it is not clear whether there have been any casualties in that particular explosion.
4:39 pm
however the other one, in this other part of paris, does seem to have been several fatalities. >> just to affirm we are getting these pictures from paris, from bfmtv, parisian television station. so we have no control over these pictures. forgive us. they are obviously trying to cover what is happening there as they get the details. but we're getting indication at this restaurant, that has been targeted, maybe called lacreol-e, in former offices of "charlie hebdo" which have been moved. you can see in pictures, plate glass windows presumably shattered by the gunfire. but, automatic or semiautomatic weapons described as being used in this shootout. i think we can now speak to jessica, 18 dead now.
4:40 pm
confirmation coming through from this french television station. you may have seen that figure on that screen earlier but at least 18 dead there now indicating, from local reports. that is not an official figure but it indicates now i think the nature of what's happened at this restaurant. so that is actually now bringing in jessica joining us in paris. jess, we're getting figures from local television station. no official figures yet, but clearly they are trying to come to terms with number of dead and injured at this restaurant? >> yes, exactly. the restaurant is just down the road, slightly going on the bastille area, where the republican march was back in january. so far we have heard there have been 18 shot but actually, positioned at the moment how many are actually dead. the restaurant is frequently
4:41 pm
visited, it is popular with tourists as well as younger generation, probably around the ages of 20. we still don't know who the perpetrators are of this attack. and although within margin of what has been going on -- as well we'll sure know more information at the moment and, and i -- >> stay with us for a moment. i'm going to just speak to rehe can becca in the studio. we're getting more from afp, quoting police sources about yet another location. >> yes, they are saying that hostages have been taken at a concert hall in paris. that is apparently according to the police. but as you say from the france press. we have not been able to concern that yet. this seems to be various locations across the city have been affected. >> ap quoting french police
4:42 pm
multiple acts of violence in and around paris, several dead. the indications these are being linked by the police in what appears to be some kind of coordinated attack. i understand that they're suggesting this is concert hall. battenklere concert hall that the hostages are taken, is that right? >> we don't know what at this stage is going on there. we'll get more information in a few minutes for you. seems like some sort of a coordinated attack happening across the city. we've got three sites now, this concert hall we understand hostages were taken. we have this in the other district which has been targeted by a gunman. we understand now reports of 18 dead there. so huge numbers. reports of people at the scene saying that bodies are lying in the middle of the road. there are several other people severely injured. presumably we will get a more
4:43 pm
accurate count on number of people who have been killed in the coming hours, minutes and hours. of course there has been this other attack. an explosion close to the to where a friendly match was held between france and germany. the french president was there. he has now been evacuated from that stadium. we don't yet know whether anyone in that area has been affected or of course injured. but we do know that 18 people were, reports of 18 people -- >> this is according to the tv station here we're monitoring. let's update what we do know now. francois hollande at ministry of interior to coordinate. french police are saying multiple acts of violence in and around paris with several dead. unofficial figure so far is 18. the map we're showing is the
4:44 pm
football stadium where there was a france and germany friendly match played earlier, attended indeed by president hollande. he was moved to safety very quickly after two explosions were heard loud enough to silence the crowd we're told. and, indications are that the explosions were near a bar at the football stadium. no indications of deaths or injuries. does appear we have 18 deaths at the other location the le creole, very close to the former offices of "charlie hebdo," the magazine that was targeted of course back in january. so, this is the the picture that the french authorities are trying to link the timings. indications from social media many more people are on the
4:45 pm
pavement outside of this restaurant. >> that's what people seem to be saying. this is widely situation at a concert hall in paris. three different areas have been targeted, seems some sort of coordinated incident and attack. we yet know whether it is terror related. seems like at this stage some sort of coordinated attack. as you say there are 18 fatalities reported by french media in one location. >> rebecca, bear with us. we have another witness joining us now on the line. a tourist visiting from amsterdam who arrived in paris this evening. karsten, thanks for joining us on the phone. what did you see and hear? >> well i just came out of the metro and there were a lot of firing going off. people were shouting and running
4:46 pm
and, we were told to get off the street. so that's what we did. now we're here in a home of people, having a beer and just, like waiting here. >> what happened? i understand that you were told to get off the streets? >> yes. people told us there was gunfire, multiple guns were heard, people told us, told us it's not safe. get off street right now. >> did you actually hear that gunfire? do you see what was going on, as you came out of that metro exit? >> no, we just came out after it happened, but the stop before the metro stop, we got out. people were like yelling and
4:47 pm
shouting like, leave the metro. but i, but i don't speak french. so i didn't get off. >> but you are safe now? >> yes, i hope so. >> was the atmosphere? >> atmosphere? i'm kind of tense because i have never been in a situation like this. but people here, very close to "charlie hebdo." people live here like, been through so, the atmosphere is kind of, people are, having a beer, watching tv and, just waiting what is going to happen. >> thank you very much indeed for joining us with your response tonight, having been in the middle of this as we are getting more from le figuero, which is saying there are three shootings they say. the locations they're giving,
4:48 pm
which is this theater that we were talking about, in the same district. >> we understand there is some sort of hostage situation there that police confirmed that. we don't know when there are any injuries or deaths there. we do know at this other location in this bar near another part of the city that 18 people, french media are reporting, have been killed and many more serious injured. now we understand a gunman there be used an automatic gun. he opened fire in that area and we're just looking at some pictures from the scene at the moment. there is clearly a cordon. the police have been very, very quick to respond. there was of course another explosion reported outside or near the stadede, france, he was
4:49 pm
eevacuated from a friendly match between france and germany. we don't know if there were any injuries. there are people on twitter, of course we can't confirm these, they may have been well suicide bombers involved in this. i don't know whether that is true or not. >> official figure from police, at least 11 dead in shootouts. the figure of 18 we've been report something coming from the french television station is trying to follow events. the police figure we're get something at least 11 at a shootout this restaurant, the republic restaurant. other violence around paris. they are clearly trying to piece this together as quickly as we are to see the scale of this. >> seems as though this is some sort of coordinated attack. to go back to the hostage situation reported at the in paris, we understand the eagles of death metal were playing.
4:50 pm
20 shots were heard to have an been fired by witnesses an witnesses claimed two men opened fire. this is clearly developing situation. information coming in, of course from french media, from the police and also on social media, that we were all, as you say trying to piece together. >> yeah. we're going to stay with these pictures from french television. we'll try to get awe map organized to show you really the link between those various locations. so you get a sense where this is happening. but you can see here from the french police and armament and bulletproof vest this is is huge police response. this is the french television station map showing the -- well there is the theater at bottom of this picture where rebecca has been reporting suggestions
4:51 pm
of at least 20 shots heard and shots at a theater where there was a rock concert was going on. >> this situation occurred north of paris, the football stadium. the stadede france. there was reports that attacker was suicide bombing. there were twitter and media reports about that, but we don't know whether there were fatalities and injuries there. this incident at the district where the bar was in paris, police confirmed number of fatalities as 11. originally we were reporting 18. that is what french media is saying. the police is insisting is 11. >> obviously that would obviously rise as they put various locations together. that map is showing there the scale of the geography. they're not actually that close
4:52 pm
relatively, but clearly, it appears the timing was coordinated in some way in terms of the sequence of events. >> it seems so. a friday night, it would be incredibly busy in paris. this huge match at the stade de france taking place. we understand the match continued after explosion was heard. >> some reports suggest a suicide bomber may have been involved. there were two explosions heard by the crowd at stadium. >> that is what reports are saying. unconfirmed reports that the attacker was a suicide bomber. just to confirm, the police have confirmed that so far at least 11 dead in the other shootout in the 10th district of paris. two police officials confirming that. we understand there was a shootout. police reported shootouts in at least two restaurants in the capital. and as i say, these explosions, they have been heard near the
4:53 pm
stade de france. >> come through the facts and figures we have so far. of the confirmation that francois hollande who was hat the football match at stade did he france. he at interior ministry to coordinate response. huge number of antiterrorist polices on streets of paris at at least three locations. the metro station near the public where this restaurant appears to have been the scene of most of the deaths. 11 confirmed by police. other reports by french media suggesting up to 18. reports of automatic or semiautomatic weapons being fired in a shootout. separately these reports of two explosions outside stade de
4:54 pm
france where suggesting that a suicide bomber may have been involved but no official confirmation of that. past few minutes, a news of another location, the concert hall where near the metro station where a band was with reports of 20 shots being heard there, rebecca. >> from what we understand, i'm just getting in this information, hostage taken underway at the paris bataclan place. eagles of death metal were playing. shots according to witnesses and two men opened fire. we don't know if there are any fatalities. >> bfm, this is the picture we're seeing to the left of your screen, live pictures, they're reporting that this is going on at the moment. so clearly it may be.
4:55 pm
audience members are being held there. >> seems three incidents across paris have some sort of link. we don't know whether there is a terrorist attack although it does seem quite likely at this stage, given three different locations have been targeted. police confirming at least left have been killed in shootout in a bar in the 10th district of paris. we understand a gunman used an automatic gun to open fire there. and people reporting seeing there are body in middle of the street. >> ap reporting that president hollande is gone into meeting with officials. let's speak to jess, we're getting a picture of a major coordinated attack across the french capital. >> indeed. it started off with the first, what we thought was a bar being shot at.
4:56 pm
recently we found out it was korean restaurant just by where the "charlie hebdo" offices were shot at in january. this is area with younger population and recently we heard about a explosion where hollande was attending a paris friendly match. i heard from sources that he has been, he has been put in more safe position obviously and now attending a meeting with the interior minister. shortly just about ten minutes ago, 15 minutes ago we heard about the attack just down the way from the restaurant in the 11th. which is a concert hall where a rock group was playing tonight. we don't know who is being held exactly hostage. we don't know if it is audience members or the group. this is very popular ban stand for younger generation. it's also, about five minutes
4:57 pm
walk from the offices where "charlie hebdo" was being, was being held for all these months since the january attacks. >> yeah. we, understand that "charlie hebdo" have moved their offices for safety reasons, but it does appear that, as you say the two of these locations are fairly close to each other. do we know anything more, jess, about the timings? whether these were simultaneous? >> they were simultaneous. the first one that happened, first firings i heard were coming about 10:30 p.m. >> i will interrupt you, getting news from ap police quoting, at least 26 dead is now the figure we're getting from them. so clearly this is a major incident here. >> yes. this is a major incident and you can definitely feel it on the ground. there is complete chaos on all the roads.
4:58 pm
police have cordoned off areas. no one on streets apart from officials and obviously press. although the press are not being really allowed into much areas at the moment since the magistrates are still dealing with all the people that have been hurt. shortly afterwards there was the stade de france explosion coordinated with the bar. only recently we heard about the explosion down the road where the concert was taking place. >> we think the majority of those who have been killed are at this restaurant near the plaza de republic? >> indeed. a restaurant frequently more so by the younger generation. it is very popular. it is very cool. also with a lot of tourists. so it seems a bit of an unlikely target, more so, a surprise, hoping to find where a lot of people would be on a friday night.
4:59 pm
>> what is the reaction, we're watching live pictures on bfm. what is the reaction of french media? >> the french media are trying to find more information as we all are here at sky. and also we are sending people on to the ground as soon as possible. but for the minute police sources are stating to us than a different amount of deaths we're receiving from ap. we're likely to have a more clear outcome of what the situation, as soon as police receive, send out the report. >> yeah. >> at moment it is a very tense scene and very high pressure. >> it indicates they're obviously trying to establish details as much as everybody else. >> exactly. >> jess, thank you very much indeed for that. let's update you on latest figure from ap, quoting french police source, at least 26 dead now being reported. david: okay. this takes precedence over all other news. 26 killed in paris.
5:00 pm
we're going to be staying right on this story throughout the evening. melissa: those reports coming from police. obviously things are changing. three separate attacks it sounds like that have happened in paris right now. president francois hollande has been taken to the interior ministry where he is coordinating a response. we're going to stay on top of this. "risk & reward" will continue coverage of these deadly attacks. deirdre bolton is here to take you through the next hour. deirdre: this is a sad situation. 26 people are confirmed dead by the ap. still trying to determine if these three spots in the city have been coordinated. these three attacks. it seems pretty clear that they are. so you had one attack which according to our sources and


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