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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  November 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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26 killed in paris. we're going to be staying right on this story throughout the evening. melissa: those reports coming from police. obviously things are changing. three separate attacks it sounds like that have happened in paris right now. president francois hollande has been taken to the interior ministry where he is coordinating a response. we're going to stay on top of this. "risk & reward" will continue coverage of these deadly attacks. deirdre bolton is here to take you through the next hour. deirdre: this is a sad situation. 26 people are confirmed dead by the ap. still trying to determine if these three spots in the city have been coordinated. these three attacks. it seems pretty clear that they are. so you had one attack which according to our sources and
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some social media, some are speculating it was a super, a suicide bomber at the soccer stadium, a friendly match, between france and germany was taking place. the french president was there, francois hollande. he was evacuated. he is apparently in a safe position. meeting with an emergency meeting with his interior minister. second location at a restaurant in the 11th district where apparently a shooter opened fire with an ak-47. and a third location. we're rejoining our colleagues at sky news. >> people are being encouraged to leave and go home. the fear some of these gunmen, grenade carriers, bomb carriers whoever they are are still at large. effectively the whole city is panicked. in a state of some chaos.
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>> tell us about the official reaction. we understand francois holland are in emergency meeting with officials, evacuated from the stade de france to center of paris. are they giving any indication to picture they're building up to the nature of what appears to be terrorist attack >> it would be standard practice for holland ad interior ministry to meet up. they will coordinate with police and antiterrorist officials. we had, we spoke hour ago, hoping against hope it may be something less serious but of course we're looking at the death toll of what, 26, 27 now. lots of people wounded.
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reports of grenades going off, automatic weapons being used. it has got terrorism written all over it. and, as i say the french equivalent will be meeting and coordinating they're response. the officers thing they will have to do is deal with that hostage situation and find terrorists. so we're at very early stage of this incident. >> peter, we're just learning prime minister david cameron issued a statement. i'm shocked by events in paris tonight. our thoughts and prayers are with the french people. we'll do whatever we can to help. indications of course that certainly the fear is that this has been a coordinated terrorist attack on the french capital. is there any particular reason why it should have been timed for now? because there had been this lull since that last attack on "charlie hebdo." >> not to sound melodramatic, thought came to my head when i
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first heard about all this, about an hour ago was that it is friday the 13th tonight. who knows why paris attacks happened at a particular time. but all these kind of symbols are all parts of the armory of terrorists. they think up times and places to get maximum exposure. obviously you're always going to get maximum exposure in beautiful city like paris which is very, very popular all over the world. but again, friday the 13th, all kinds of other reasons you can think of france, national football team were playing germany in a high-profile friendly tonight. that will always attract a lot of attention. we have the climate summit coming up, albeit in a week, two week's time. anytime that they choose to strike, they're going to get the maximum publicity. that is how terrorists operate. >> and yet, it appears that the.
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>> greatest number of debts at the football stadium while the president was there, at least two explosions, no reports of deaths there at the stade de france? >> that is relatively common instance, mark. if you think small enclosed space like the restaurant or "charlie hebdo" offices in january, 11 people died in the building. two died just outside of the building. of course we have that terrible attack on paris's jewish community a couple of days after the actual magazine attack. and there we had four jewish shoppers murdered in cold blood. >> i'm just going to interrupt you. more details from french police, police officials saying at least
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30 dead is the latest we're getting from this television station bfm, quoting afp. but we do have figures from police, coming to this figure of 26 earlier. 11 dead at the restaurant and about 15 at the theater, the bataclan theater where some are being held hostage. >> indeed. epclosed places, which have a lot to operate and they can cause maximum damage. obviously there is a massive stadium and there were numerous police up there earlier. it may be that the police have done something to stop casualties up there, who knows. we'll learn that later. i've been to the theater here. i've been to lots of, we all have, lots of restaurants and bars around paris. you can call it absolute carnage with a gun or grenade.
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>> soft target if you like? >> soft target, mark, that's exactly right. >> thank you for that, peter. let's bring in rebecca monitoring social media reports and latest numbers we're getting now. at least 30? >> desperate situation. we understand the first incident happened at a bar in the 10th district of paris. now this we understand, gunman opened fire with automatic pistol. there we understand, 11 people dead there. people reporting seeing dead bodies in the middle of the street. you see pictures at the moment. there is cordon in place. a desperate, desperate situation. another attack, explosion target ad near the stade de france, a football stadium north of paris. they were hosting a friendly football match with germany.
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>> with the president in attendance. >> the president was there. he was evacuated. we understand he is now in emergency meetings discussing what is going on. we yet know whether there has been any fatalities or injuries in that particular attack. then the third, this rock concert being held, the eagles of death metal were playing at bataclan theater. witnesses said they heard 20 shots being fired and two men claimed to open fire there. we understand, as you say 15 have died there. police said there is some sort of a hostage situation taking place this seems to be some support of coordinated attack. of course paris is on high alert from the "charlie hebdo" attacks in january.
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>> we're getting a some message from figaro, a message going out on live speakers with fans to evacuate calmly. with police helping evacuate the spectators. clearly they held them there in the stadium for that match to continue. now they have the headache of actually getting these people away safely. no doubt news of what is happening elsewhere in the city reverberating around the stadium. >> yes. as you say the match continued for some time but thousands of thousands of people there. we understand the explosion was heard outside of that stadium. there are reports, unconfirmed i should stress, that was a suicide bomber involved in that particular attack, presumably in the coming, minutes, hours we'll get more information on that. but like i say, there are emergency meetings being held with francois hollande at the moment. i have just got more information coming in now. around 60 people said to be inside of the bataclan concert hall in a hostage situation.
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that is coming in at the moment. and we understand they were inside there. we have now heard from police that 15 people in that concert hall have died. we don't know whether that number is right. >> one witness reported seeing two armed men entering the building. that may indicate hostage situation they were talking about earlier. >> seems two men were involved in that particular incident. of course it seems that this is some kind of a coordinated attack. paris is a city that was of course after the january attacks, "charlie hebdo" attacks, very concerned about what had happened. when i went there in january, it was silent virtually. very few people in the streets. of course what happened today will shock this city. >> rebecca reporting there. francois hollande in emergency meeting. equivalent of cobra committee at interior ministry to coordinate the response to this but we are
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of course being told by number 10, prime minister, david cameron has given his response to the attacks by saying, i'm shocked by events in paris tonight. our thoughts and prayers are with the french people. we will do whatever we can to help. clearly there will be these various contingency plans. every european capital put in place. that includes heavily-armed antiterrorist police and riot police put into situation. let's speak to jess seeley. jess, the number put at 30 by the french media. >> yes. the number has been put at 30. the streets are completely in complete chaos. obviously the events started with what we thought was a bar which is actually a restaurant. this is a restaurant heavily populated with nightlife going on. clearly a kamikaze attack happened. opening fire in a restaurant,
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obviously you have multiple victims everhere. observers are saying there are bodies lying in the road. hence why we have cordons everywhere. people have to be evacuated. this is a community, it is an area of paris which is very family-based, very community. heavy police presence since january. police and military walking around, securing places of worship with machine guns and one of areas since january most profound police presence. now with the bataclan just down the road. >> indication they have the problem at stade de france for the match to continue. they have to get tens of thousands of people to safety with all of them having got the news happening elsewhere across the capital.
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>> indeed. i imagine they kept everyone there for safety and easier, and safest option. now they will have to transferee enormous amount of people back to the city. many people also living in in the suburbs area. i'm not sure how they have the capacity to do that at this point and everything is cordoned off. i imagine no public transport. >> we're getting more information from a police official quoted by ap news agency. there are 100 hostages taken at the paris theater, the bataclan. 35 dead. we don't know whether indicating 35 are dead at the location or whether that is the total figure. we had a figure of 30 earlier. 11 perhaps suggested killed at the restaurant. >> yes, indeed. we had a figure earlier of 30. i would have assumed that was more. the restaurant area since we don't have anied in where the
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shooters have gone afterwards. i imagine they have fled the scene. we haven't had police reports which direction they have left. and, hostage situation is still going on. we don't mow hot perpetrators are of the situation. but as, reports have come in earlier, that it was suicide attack, attempted suicide attack at the stade de france. where there has been grenades and heavy police presence around theater and restaurant. >> we're seeing pictures in sta de france with people on the pitch and players trying to get themselves up-to-date with what has been -- at least 40 dead now. this bfmtv station is reporting. this will be a feature with these multiple locations, jess, as they bring together the various reports of those killed and injured. >> indeed. i imagine the death count will continue rising. considering also that the
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bataclan, the hostage situation is still going on. we will see this count continue well into the night and early hours of the morning. >> we're just getting via u.s. homeland authorities who basically say they believe that the attacks were coordinated. this isrd cog to the u.s. security officials. although the deputy mayor of paris saying it is too early to conclude that fact. but it does look that way, what he said in the last few minutes. let's now speak to security consultant francois eastburg joining us on the phone. francois, as we indicated authorities themselves are trying to put this picture together. clearly coordinated attacks. a number, significant number of dead, with what appears to be fairly, in terms of time closely-coordinated attacks. >> clearly coordinated.
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that is just about the only thing that is clear for the time-being. beginning with a double, appears to be suicide attack near the stade de france where football match was going on. and followed immediately by sudden shooting incidents. one in a restaurant, very close to the former headquarters of "charlie hebdo." and a very large attack in terms of the number of dead, at least 15 dead in that single place. music center called the bataclan where there are currently is an ongoing hostage situation. on friday evening that part of town where the shootings are taking place is very, very lively.
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it's, all of the young people go there, to listen to various bands and so on. this is obviously coordinated. and there really is only one organization which today would appear to have that capability and that is jihadi organization. to my knowledge there hasn't been a claim yet. i expect that there will be fairly soon. but, this is moving picture since the bataclan situation is not at all clear. and in the earlier shootings, there appears. it appears that the perpetrators were able to get away. and the police sources do indicate that the initial explosions were suicide attacks.
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>> francois, we're getting reports from the bataclan theater, at least around 100 people have been taken hostage there. the earlier reports say two gunmen seem to be involved there. this will obviously be perhaps the most difficult thing for the police to deal with, as well as trying to establish what has handles where. clearly they have got a significant number of hostages to deal with now? >> this is. this is a tourism nightmare. multiple locations perpetrators at large. plus a massive hostage situation because le bataclan on friday evening there is always lots of people there. the president and minister ever
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interior are holding a crisis meeting at the ministry of interior, as we speak. and, well, this i think the first operation of this sort on this scale in a capital city. , and obviously east of paris is in lockdown mode. but, for the moment there have been no clear instructions given to people. it is not. it is active situation. one which is rapidly evolving. >> francois, can i ask you, presuming that there will have been various contingency plans ready to put in place, following
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"charlie hebdo" and attack on jewish supermarket and so on, but it does appear they have been taken unawares by the three locations, multiple locations of this? >> it's the combination of the multiple locations and of the modusndi. suicide operation near the staid de france. shooting in three locations shortly there after in central district much paris. and a mass hostage taking. for each of these different kind of contingencies, you would have, i would assume fairly good planning. but the combination of the three is, i think, the worst nightmare that one one can imagine. i was involved 10 years ago with
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the drafting of a white paper on terrorism in france. >> yeah. >> and multiple locations contingencies handling worked on at the time. but i'm, i dare say, nothing quite on the scale, with this variety of modus operandi. this sets, if i can use such a word, a new standard in terms of urban hostage terrorism operations. >> we're just looking at these pictures again inside of stade de france. both people on pitch and players inside as well. would be known francois hollande was attending this match, this friendly match between germany and france and significant security would have been in place for that particular location. would it be part of the planning that these attacks elsewhere would have been to wrong foot the security services?
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>> it would appear that indeed you would have wanted to split the effort by the evident military and the police. initially the first explosions at stade de france, itself and it appears to be a secure location and crowd management seems to be extremely well-handled at least until now. that is they actually kept the players continue to play on the pitch and avoid having a mess, mad rush of people to the exits. >> yeah. >> that is possibly the only piece of good news in otherwise pretty terrible night. >> i'm assuming that such one of the goals the terrorists would been trying to achieve as well? >> the mass hostage-taking at le
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bataclan will be epicenter. for that kind of contingency the precedent are not encouraging. they're called islam. they're called, theater in moscow. a few years ago. mass hostage-taking by determined individuals, on a larger scale than at the supermarket in paris last january. >> yeah. >> so this is, this is quite an enormous complex, terrorist operation. >> francois, thank you very much indeed for your professional indication, guidance on that. we'll come back to you a little later if we can. talk to rebecca monitoring latest reports of social media with latest figure of 40 suggested that is the casualty.e french media at the moment. just to bring you a report that
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reuters saying deputy mayor says too early to conclude whether these are coordinated terror attacks but it does look like that way at the moment. indeed u.s. security services have hinted to that. just to bring you up-to-date with what we know so far, we understand there are three separate attacks across paris. at firstly, an attack on a bar in the french capital, in the 10th district. a gunman used automatic gun to open fire in the capital 10th district there. we understand a number of people died there. there have been several injuries. we understand 11 dead confirmed by the police at least. that number likely to rise. witnesses are saying that they can see dead bodies in the streets. you can see pictures at the moment. there is a cordon in place. police have been very quick to respond. the criticism in january following the "charlie hebdo" attacks. >> we had this report, or reports of the explosions
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outside stade de france where francois hollande was watching a match between france and germ i in. you can see on the pitch now, people stunned. we have recording. we can actually hear explosions from within that stadium. let's have a listen. [shouting] [speaking in native tongue] >> certainly can hear there one very loud explosion. reports suggesting that might be a suicide bomber attack. >> they are unconfirmed reports at moment but that is possibility. you hear reaction from the crowd and stadium. >> let's play that again to get indication how loud that explosion was.
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[explosion] quite clearly reaction from the crowd, not quite understanding what it was. they were kept in the stadium until they could establish what was going on outside. reports of two explosions possibly? >> yes. two explosions at that point. we understand the match actually continued for some time. as you say the french president was, watching the match between france and germany. he is now in emergency meetings discussing the situation in paris tonight. we don't yet know whether there is any fatalities in that particular incident. just to bring you up-to-date, with the third, there was bataclan theater. >> this is ongoing. >> this is ongoing at the moment. we understand there is hostage situation. around 100 hostages taken. a number of people have been killed there, the latest figure is 15 at least dead. the eagles of death metal were playing. of course this area is targeted
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a number of people. the majority of people at that concert, young sisters and witnesses saying they heard 20 shots there, witnesses claim two men opened fire. that is an ongoing situation. it seems that obviously all of these attacks are coordinated. >> yeah. >> seems it's a terrorist attack although that has not been confirmed. of course after january and "charlie hebdo" attacks that caused devastation for paris and there was a lot of shots following that, the city on high terror alert. >> as far as we're aware, we're not getting any of the pictures from near the bataclan theater where the hostages are being held. clearly that is going to be a very difficult situation for the authorities and police at the moment. as rebecca's reporting, reports of at least two gunmen being seen between 60, and 100 people being held hostage there at the
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moment. as we're hear from the french government this is nightmare for authorities. hostages taken in building like that. very difficult to get them to safety. it has not proved successful in the past. that at the moment we understand is really focus for the authorities. indications that the u.s. intelligence officials say -- deirdre: okay, we are picking up coverage momentarily from our colleagues in sky news right now. you are hearing those reports so far. 40 people have died in what we understand are three coordinated attacks in paris, france. i will bring in my colleague, fox news reporter benjamin hall, who is standing by now from london with more. ben, from what we understand or
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from what i have been hearing a suicide bomber near the stade de france. an open shooting at at restaurant in the 11th district and an ongoing hostage situation in the 10th district at a theater. ben? >> that's absolutely right. these figures are jumping up every minute. we started with 26 dead, 36 dead. we know there have been three attacks. we know they happened couple hours ago with gunmen opening fire with automatic rifles in a busy nightlife district. we also know near the stade de france there was attack with suicide bombers an grenades used. the biggest threat at the moment is in this music hall number of other attacks in
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france attributed to muslim radicals. now, what we know is that france has a long history of this. "charlie hebdo" scandals. this is unprecedented. one in a restaurant, we believe that was assault rifle followed by grenades or suicide attack and others outside the stadium. while these attacks were going on, there was a football match going on. the president of france, francois hollande was in the stadium. they continued playing for a while trying to get people to leave slowly. but we know that chaos ensued. apparently, i'm hearing there may have been a stampede at one of the other locations which may have killed a number of people as well. this is ongoing. we are hearing new figures, new attacks all the time. paris is certainly not a place -- safe place to be right now. twitter is apparently on fire. so we're going to continue updating but that, but multiple gunmen on the streets of paris,
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holding hostage parisians and foreigners. i'm sure you heard interviews with foreigners in the busy night life district when all hell broke loose. this is a friday night in one of the busiest areas of paris. we expect the death toll to continue rising. of course, today we've seen attacks in the middle east. we saw sinjar, big operation against isis. we saw the death of jihadi john. who knows if this is retaliation for that. we've yet to see what's happening. at the moment, we've had suggestions from u.s. security services that this is operations by terrorists. we've also heard from the deputy mayor of paris who says this is a nightmare, quote. but there are people huddling, hiding in the streets trying to get away from these gunmen. stampedes. 60 people now in that concert hall, rising numbers all the time. suicide attacks, vests, grenades, assault rifles.
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of course the last time we heard was just a few people who died in the "charlie hebdo." this is an attack like no other. this is unprecedented, it is coordinated and it is still continuing. this is a tragedy. deirdre: it is indeed, benjamin hall, thank you so much for that update. we will continue to lean on you throughout the evening. right beside me here, ben collins, a retired green beret. ben, we have been talking, watching this absolutely horrific. unprecedented coverage as my colleague in london benjamin hall was saying. as a green beret in this kind of situation, what would you be doing? what would you be telling your team to do? >> certainly, i think what we're seeing here, it's coordinated for a reason. what they've done is effectively separated the command and control elements for the paris national security. deirdre: so it's harder for emergency response for their own police force to respond. >> so now you have first
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responders, just the police, you also have to have medical care, you also have a counterterrorism team that's getting stood up. you're bringing in essentially national security team. they have three different spots now they have to look, start make decisions, moving pieces, they have an ongoing hostage sin, hostage situations are extremely complex, they're trying to figure out everything they can about the building. what's going on inside the building. what's around the building. they have to make a determination how committed are they? do we go in now? wait? these are things that looking at this, yes, it's a very obviously been coordinated but as far as complex, i think it's something we have to take into account. these people were able to move experts, able to move explosives, able to move guns and in today's environment over there with the refugee crisis, with crime the way it is, and there's no border control so people are able to move fairly easily. deirdre: ben, you heard my colleague benjamin hall from
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london say some reports that there is a suicide attack, there are grenades, vests, that is to say as you rightly pointed out, this has been planned. it's also not over, but clearly planned. somebody gave a go signal and here we are. >> definitely planned. you look at the concert, so concerts definitely planned to how to assault into the concert into the theater. they planned the bombs outside the stadium. it takes time, takes time to move the explosives. takes time to build a bomb. it takes experts to build a bomb. we can do a lot of that online. these people are experts at moving it across the internet. deirdre: they could skype. >> absolutely. it does not take that much to find an ak-47 in the streets of europe, for not a whole lot of money. where there's crime, you will find weapons and abilities. ben also brought up the fact that, look, look what this pushed out of our news cycle.
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all day talking about it. deirdre: you said it and benjamin hall mentioned it from london, apparently a u.s. strike killed the person we understand as jihadi john featured in all the horrific beheading videos in syria known to have kill innocent americans, journalists and otherwise. innocent british citizens, u.k. citizens and innocent japanese person. >> absolutely. and he was the master propagandists of a master organization understand thats media coverage. all day the story -- two stories, the fact that we killed jihadi john, and two siraj, a town in iraq that the kurds successfully took back from isis. so again, if i'm thinking like an isis commander and watching my recruitment or watching the message of my success, i had two hits today. i would have picked up the phone and said look, i know we have people in place, weapons in place, suicide vests in place.
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if there's a plan, let's execute. that is supposition -- >> unfortunately, it makes sense. this to me does seem like a complicated attack. so all of these pieces had to have been in place, and then to your point waiting for a day when perhaps the terrorists don't like the news cycle. >> certainly, and i'll tell you, we have seen a shift, right? we've been talking about the plane explosion in egypt. if that was an isis or isis affiliate, that's a change in strategy. these very well-coordinated dramatic attacks are the hallmarks of al qaeda. al qaeda showed the patience and ability to move material to plan. deirdre: planning for 9/11? >> yeah, 9/11, and they talked about whether it was al qaeda in the arabian peninsula that helped train the one at "charlie hebdo." thats ha the strike of it. if this is an isis-related
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incident as we were discussing, again, it shows a distinct shift in strategy and something we might unfortunately start seeing more of. deirdre: ben, i want to ask you what is to me a scary question. there are all these people inside this theater right now, in the 10th district between 60 and 100 hostages, i know from our colleagues in sky news that two gunmen have been sighted. as a green beret, if you are in charge of getting these people out, what do you do? >> the hostage situation and take hostages back one is of the most complex operations that somebody has to plan. one of the big things that is an unknown are what are the intentions of the hostage take. i don't think anyone doubts the intentions of the hostage-takers. given more time, personally -- >> we need to rejoin our colleagues in sky news
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reporting of another shooting. >> a tense attack and much to the list was the shopping center, bank in the center of paris, the stomach of paris. it's where all the market stores used to be in days gone by. now there's a huge shopping center there which is developing all the time, and the great symbol of prestige of the city and the local council, city council, so it's horrific news as is everything else that is happening tonight. >> and just to look at the picture, presumably this time of night and bearing the security warnings, there wouldn't have been that many people in the area tonight? >> well, there were quite a lot of people in the area. it's a friday night, but there were a lot of people involved in the restaurant. lots going on. football international.
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that would have attracted lots of france football fans who couldn't get to the stade de france, watching in bars and restaurants and walking around the city. there's a lot of concerts going on, as we know. >> i was thinking in particular, the shopping area at this time of night? >> not real. it has lots of shopping and bars on a friday night as well. i would imagine that the crowds, and it's important to say that the less halles has the train network where the suburban trains come in from the suburbs. have you huge crowds, young families who live out in the sticks. they come in via les halles.
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i think i may be wrong, but it's the biggest underground station in western europe. that gives you an idea how many would have been around les halles this evening. >> as we get more news, speak to rebecca in the studio. more from liberation now? >> they are quoting a policeman, there is a gunman in the bataclan theatre. there is a hostage situation, under 100 hostages taken. 15 people are believed to have died there. and people report seeing that they heard at least 20 gunshots and two people open fire there. there was a rock concert going on. the eagles of death metal band were playing tonight, thousands and thousands of people involved. but we are also hearing that there have been a shooting reported at the shopping mall,
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les halles, we don't know a great deal with that yet. just coming in according to french media. a number of different attacks across the city. >> news coming in that the french president francois hollande is calling an emergency cabinet meeting, in about 20 minutes' time clearly to try and get a picture about what's been developing. this is the latest figure we've been seeing there, up to 60 dead. that's being reported by the local television station there in paris. just to confirm, that's not an official figure, but clearly with the various reports we're getting that this could be quite a high death toll here, as they bring the reports in from the multiple locations. >> yes, the figures are fluctuating at the moment and vary depending which media site you look at. one french channel is reporting 60 dead at the various locations.
5:42 pm
you can see the cordon in place at the moment. the police are quick at the scene here. this was an attack on a bar in the french capital in the 10th district. a gunman used an automatic gun to open fire there. the police reported at least 11 dead. witnesses have seen dead bodies on the street there. lots and lots of people injured. and, of course, this other attack, another one, an explosion reported to have targeted a bar near stade de france where a soccer match was taking place. >> white house saying president obama is about to make a statement shortly indicating that clearly they are standing in solidarity. that is what was being talked of earlier, but clearly they will be anxious to reassure people, but in terms of the french government this emergency cabinet meeting in about 20 minutes' time.
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let's speak to andre who is in the capital tonight. and i think you were near the shooting at the restaurant, the goncourt metro station? >> well, i was miles away from there. i'm just, just reminding me, i was so close from the attacks in general, and so just tonight i was in a restaurant with one of my friends. we were having dinner and the phone rang. we understood that something wrong was happening, and the server just show us the exit. we left and we just kind of get far from the crowd knowing shooters were there nearby, and
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we were so afraid and we just run, we run and we got into an unknown apartment, and by chance some people kind of invite us, and we are now watching tv's and having coke. i'm canadian, and i am actually in a very, very strange -- >> you were given a sanctuary by these people in their apartment. >> they get lots of information. they shoot one by one people
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inside the bataclan and we are having fresh information, and i don't know if maybe we need to confirm that, but i think it's very, very helpful what is going on. >> we're getting reports suggesting there may be shootings near the louvre and the pompa due center. >> shooting at the pompadioux? >> yes, there is one radio thing that is not confirmed by the other one. >> clearly there will be all sorts of unease and rumors flying around as people hear things happening. but what is the atmosphere like there in paris tonight?
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>> we are afraid, very afraid. i was not saying that generally. we were all saying we should not fall into the fears, but now -- >> okay, we are waiting for president obama to speak on this ongoing, live terrorist attack that is happening right now in paris. just to sum up what we know so far. there are 40 confirmed dead, we do see president obama approaching the podium. >> i want to make a few brief comments about the attacks across paris tonight. once again, we've seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians. this is an attack not just on paris, it's an attack not just on the people of france, but this is an attack on all of
5:47 pm
humanity and the universal values that we share. we stand prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance that the government and the people of france need to respond. france is our oldest ally. the french people have stood shoulder to shoulder with the united states time and again. we want to be very clear that we stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism. paris itself represents the timeless values of human progress. those who think that they can terrorize the people of france or the values that they stand for are wrong. the american people draw strength from the french people's commitment to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. we are reminded in this time of tragedy that the bonds of
5:48 pm
liberte and legalitye are values that we share, and the values endure far beyond any act of terrorism or the hateful vision of those who perpetrated the crimes this evening. >> we're going to do what it takes to work with the french people and with nations around the world to bring these terrorists to justice and to go after any terrorist networks that go after our people. we don't yet know all the details of what has happened. we have been in contact with french officials to communicate our deepest condolences to the families of those who have been killed, to offer our prayers and thoughts to those who have been wounded. we have offered our full support to them.
5:49 pm
the situation is still unfolding. i have chosen not to call president hollande at this time because my expectation is that he's very busy at the moment. i actually, by coincidence was talking to him earlier today in preparation for the g20 meeting. but i am confident i'll be in direct communications with him in the next few days, and we'll be coordinating dp in any ways they think are helpful in the investigation what's happened. this is a heart-breaking situation, and obviously those of us here in the united states know what it's like. we've gone through these kinds of episodes ourselves. and whenever these kinds of attacks happened, we've always been able to count on the french people to stand with us. they have been an extraordinary counterterrorism partner, and we intend to be there with them
5:50 pm
in that same fashion. i'm sure that in the days ahead, we'll learn more about exactly what happened, and my teams will make sure we are in communication with the press, to provide you accurate information. i don't want to speculate at this point in terms of who was responsible for this. it appears there may still be live activity and dangers that are taking place as we speak. and so until we know from french officials that the situation is under control and we have more information about it, i don't want to speculate. okay? thank you very much. >> any change in their plans, sir? . deirdre: president obama leaving the podium, not answering questions from journalists. you heard him make a very brief statement there. you also heard him say that he is not calling the french president francois hollande because he knows he is in the middle of an emergency situation. president obama saying earlier
5:51 pm
that he happened to be speaking with president francois hollande earlier today in regards to the g20 meeting but not calling him now since he is in an emergency session. just to let you know, recapping the horrific few hours. attacks, coordinated attacks in paris. the first one at a restaurant where someone opened fire in the 11th district not far from the "charlie hebdo" offices where there was the earlier terrorist attack this year. the second attack at a soccer stadium stade de france, there was a friendly game between germany and france. and the president of france, francois hollande was there, he was evacuated out and been in emergency meetings since then. the third is very much live and ongoing in the 10th district at a theater called bataclan, there are two gunmen and between 60-100 hostages.
5:52 pm
there are also words of other shootings at other places around the city. do we have walid phares with us or not? no. he's going to be joining us later. i'm joined to my left by ben collins, a retired green beret. ben, we have been mapping this out together, looking at the map. that is officially up right now. there is word of potentially other shootings as well. as a green beret, what would you be doing now to get the hostages out from the theater? >> so, look, to be honest, i think that the ground force commander, right, in this situation, again, they were very good at separating the command and control elements so people have to make the decisions in these four or five different locations, and it seems like there's a new one popping up. every time something new happens, you are pulling away from the ability at the theater. on the ground, again, you're having to take in all this information and look at situation. we know they've already killed people.
5:53 pm
as i understand it, they've killed people inside the theater as well. we know they have the ability. they have the will to do it, so to be perfectly honest, in this situation, especially when people are getting killed inside. i think waiting is not the right answer. you know, you always want to be able to collect as much information about the building, where the hostages are, where the entry points are, how to breach, how to go inside. up to the rehearse it. certain situations like this, if you already hear shooting inside, they've got to go in and take these guys. deirdre: this is frightening, it is unprecedented. one thing that i've noticed along with yourself, obviously, is that every single part of the city that they are attacking on a friday evening would be full of people. the restaurant on the 11th, people go out there. it's fun. the concert in the 10th, this is all young people. the soccer stadium. this is one shooting, and that is not confirmed.
5:54 pm
unconfirmed shooting in les halles, that is like the biggest subway station in the entire city. the french president, francois hollande is we understand going to make a statement shortly. we will obviously bring that to you as soon as that starts. in the meantime. there he is. we're going to listen in. [ speaking in french ] . deirdre: if i can hear the french president, i'll do my best here. he's saying essentially, this is the french president francois hollande saying he is making a call to every single member of the police, every single military is on notice. he is making two decisions now.
5:55 pm
it is a state of emergency in the city. no circulation, no traffic. stay home. there is a state of emergency in the entire parisian area. there is no reason for any person to come into the area of paris right now. that person will be stopped immediately. who are these criminals? who are these terrorists who are attacking us? my heart goes out to the
5:56 pm
victims, to their family. we will come together in our good faith. france is strong. >> who are these terrorists? who are these criminals? we must in these harsh moments think about the victims who are very numerous, for their families, for the wounded. we have to be compassionate and we have to be united and keep a cold head. france needs to be strong, and the state needs to be strong. we will be. we also must call for everyone to be responsible. what the terrorists want is for us to be scared.
5:57 pm
there is something to be scared about, but it's in the face of terror, we have to be united and we will be vanquish these terrorists. french citizens, we have not finished the operations. there are some very difficult ones that we're dealing with right now in paris. please have faith in our security forces and that they can defend us from terrorism. long live the republic. long live france. deirdre: okay, so that is a statement from the french president francois hollande saying this is, as you heard
5:58 pm
him say, an undergoing, ongoing situation. he asked the french people to have faith in the security forces. obviously said his heart goes out to the victims, to their families, also reminded his own citizens and the rest of the world as well, france is strong and through unity it will beat the terrorists. i want to bring in general jack keane with me now on the phone. i don't know what to say, it's such a sad day, unprecedented, coordinated, very purposeful attacks. ben collins, former green beret has been sitting beside me keeping me company saying this may be a case of wanting to change the dialogue. we were talking earlier about jihadi john, the fact that a u.s. strike killed him, and as ben said if he were running operations for the other side, this is exactly the response. what is your take, sir? >> well, i was in the pentagon on 9/11.
5:59 pm
this is the scenario we feared the most, and multiple attack in major cities requires detailed planning, target selection, comprehensive coordination, and what it does is because it focuses on where people gather and makes them feel very vulnerable, so truly accomplishes the mission in terms of inflicting terror. say this is a terrorist attack, if it's a terrorist attack, it will be likely radical islamist based because the overwhelming majority of terrorists are radical islamists. and you know what frustrates me is we're 14 years after 9/11 and we still, still do not have a comprehensive strategy by the united states and allies to defeat radical islam. that is reprehensible. this is a democratic and a republican administration
6:00 pm
responsible for that. deirdre: okay. general jack keane, please hold those thoughts. i know the entire fox business team is going to be dependent on you throughout the evening. i want to signal lou dobbs is having special coverage 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. eastern, and my colleague charles payne is here right now. he's going to take you through the next hour. >> breaking news out of paris, at least three different simultaneous attacks and explosions in the french capital. so far at least 35 confirmed dead. there are reports of a lot more, however, and at least 100 hostages taken at a paris theater. president obama spoke moments ago. >> once again we've seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians.


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