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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 13, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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responsible for that. deirdre: okay. general jack keane, please hold those thoughts. i know the entire fox business team is going to be dependent on you throughout the evening. i want to signal lou dobbs is having special coverage 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. eastern, and my colleague charles payne is here right now. he's going to take you through the next hour. >> breaking news out of paris, at least three different simultaneous attacks and explosions in the french capital. so far at least 35 confirmed dead. there are reports of a lot more, however, and at least 100 hostages taken at a paris theater. president obama spoke moments ago. >> once again we've seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians.
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>> >> reports say was a possible suicide bomber there multiple sites all of them on the loose there is panic joining me now we have benjamin hall. tell us how this unfolded because it is a shocking series of events. >> it is still ongoing but this started off with a few coordinated attacks so that
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points to the preplanned terrorist organization we do have suicide bombers outside the national stadium at the time there was a friendly soccer may at match going at that the president of france was at the neck ben mann walked in and opened fire on a crowd of friday night revelers. the numbers are going up now reaching 13 but the most significant attack is that concert hall there was american and playing at the time now at one dash up to 100 being held hostage to armed gunmen have suicide best on them this is a catastrophe we're getting news of other attacks perhaps and i just heard the
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general say in america before 9/11 they said multiple deadman multiple cities that attacks like this with is really unprecedented an ongoing the president of france just gave a press conference on all military in all police to come help it's not a very quick response the situation is not under control we heard the president of united states speaking as well we could talk isis are other groups but suddenly france has had problems like this like a shooting and the train attack more recently but there is an emerging cabinet meeting going on expect the death toll to keep rising. this is a tragedy i think france will have to take a good look at itself with the refugee crisis in europe and
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more people have claimed isis' from france in any other european country. we had a musical under attack 100 people hostage and they're wearing suicide bass proposal they're still trying very hard the french president has just closed the borders nobody can go into paris or leave paris. as state of emergency in france justin go through a couple of the places that have been attacked, this is ongoing to update as it comes across very planned and coordinated whether it is a retaliation for the death of jihadi john we
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don't know but certainly it is preplanned and ogling we will keep bringing you the news as we get it. charles: we welcome back to. the former state department adviser and our fox news military analyst. a state of emergency and possibly one theory turned out to retaliation for the possible death the jihadi john. what do you make of that? >> i think it is a change of character. faugh before they would take individuals and in january there were 17 killed with charlie hebdo but people forget about the chemical
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plant this is a coordinated attack three places it possibly more it is a step up to be for you to look at terrorist attacks, and now looking at now warfare coming to a major metropolitan city. charles: this is our worst nightmare of soft targets every american is watching and wondering as we enter into the holiday season how easy it is to replicate this at a shopping center or a theater. we haven't really talked about that i must charlie hebdo. >> there are so many because in western societies we are mostly a capitalistic society we have our businesses and things are open because we want people to excess them easily because that is what we are about, service and making things available.
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charles: we will switchover. >> to mobilize the army all traffic is off the street people are being advised to stay at home dozens are dead and many more injured there are multiple shootings happening as well as several explosions. there is a hostage crisis going on at a concert venue up to 60 people being held hostage. we do know who is behind these attacks are how many are involved it reminds you of charlie hebdo so this is an ongoing situation and
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president hollande that we're not very far and people are just standing around in the street discussing in they are shocked not knowing what to make of it. a very busy night for paris lots of young people are out and about enjoying themselves now they're trying to go homer make sense of it it is really unprecedented. >> we're getting reports earlier of shooting is being heard. have you heard that? >> all i have heard so far is the emergency vehicles going by and people standing around. i will check but i am not getting any information about that.
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it is a very confused situation at least six shootings. i have not heard any other attack as of yet. >> we will update with the figures coming to reuters at least 40 dead. 60 wounded. now we will speak on the line we're getting the latest figures that this will be one of the worst terrorist outbreaks all that has to be established as a state of emergency. >> i was among the people that said we were at war 18 months ago and that we would be a strike in the coming
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months and tonight is the night. i was at the stadium. charles: that is sky news talking about the unprecedented nature of this and all the different shootings may be as many as six different sites. now we have an ongoing hostage situation suicide best and armed gunman how do police get the hostages out of that live? >> something like this you have to wait and time is on your side because they are ready to go any time if you charge they will set the best offer they may do that anyway. we know we are dealing with the psychopath muslim extremist right now who are willing to die to go to the 72 virgins you're not dealing with people that you can talk to but they are
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trying to go out to kill. charles: obviously isolate the area. >> this would be intelligence back and forth to find out what we're dealing with you don't negotiate with these people. charles: that means the hostages are doomed? >> where real have to do to knock them out or flash grenades. you have to try to save as many as you can bet this will doesn't look like a blend well and they'll have best a lot of people will die and would just like to get as many out of their life. charles: back to sky news.
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>> that was earlier during the match. what did you think that time? >> to be fair, understood it was a bomb 10 seconds later another went off. i did not want to worry anyone especially after that it was very quiet so the game went on 22 minutes. nothing happened. but in deep of myself doing the work that i do usually i carry a gun and since i was going to the stadium i could not take it my first thought was a don't have my gun.
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>> now the response from president hollande the borders are closed, the emergency measures, trips on the street long -- the troops are on the street does it show the authorities were not ready? >> yes. you could say so. experts were claiming we had to change our way to think about these questions and be ready for real attacks. many people saw what happened last january. charles: that was sky news we will go back there for live updates right now we have the foreign desk editor in chief also the former cia director. there is a lot of speculation who'd this might be.
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one of the news presenters mentioned the rifles values did the charlie hebdo attack but others say it is unusual for isis have they changed their modus operandi? >> absolutely. they screamed this is for syria. there is a lot of moving parts but it could be any jihadi element against the west. this is just a sampling unfortunately of many incidents to come with their all moving into europe and moving wester does not just syria and iraq and retaliating against the western coalition and they want to embed themselves.
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this is the fallout this is what france expected and it is only of what is to come. charles: we saw a report earlier that one of the larger refugee camps in france some are fleeing because they said ices showed up are you getting until that they are becoming embedded in these camps? >> absolutely have had reports about this before with lebanon who attended many refugees before the media caught on to the crisis the chicken over 2 million and about 2% can have jihadi allegiance it is the recruitment element after words those said to be lured into carrying out attacks in was a planned justice system -- just this morning in a concert hall
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and sports arena biz's elements of western society attacking the culture of the west it could be isis' or al qaeda or well coordinated to be a wake-up call. charles: went to bring in the ambassador the president spoke moments ago obviously he was very reserved however many americans are frustrated with the administration to be too reserved to not call out what everybody else suspects and to embolden these attacks. >> we have been so politically correct we cannot figure out what to do. you cannot deal with the threat, particularly one that kills large numbers of people without accurately describing it or talking about your strategy to deal with it and at we don't do
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that. this isn't random violence rather than the for a good shooting a few years ago as workplace violence as it was labeled by the defense department. it is more. from their point of view there have worked with us. let's say it is isis they think they are estate and a pull everything together to expand copying what happened in the first years of islamic is a religious commitment and their religious the committed to this war against us. it doesn't make it easier to understand if we call it senseless violence or workplace violence or whenever you cannot buy something if you cannot talk
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about it. charles: to that point president obama toward the end of his telecast mentioned this is an outrageous attack and attempt at terror and i would say it is highly successful progress everybody watching this is afraid people will be worried about our safety here at home. when should the administration did it to be more vocal about protecting americans? >> i would say seven years ago. be candid and stop the nonsense of political correctness the way they describe this. it is partly generated - - generated in the spirit of this jihadi is their view of islam that doesn't mean all muslims are urging potties provide you a marvelous man so committed to sylph --
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civil liberties but that isn't what comes out of the arabian desert and the forum of islam and the manifestations in this war is something we have to face solidly and trotsky once said you may not be interested in war but it may be interested in you and war is interested in us and we continue to fill in around with the late response. and we can fight to effectively. charles: no doubt our enemies are committed to our demise if we like it now. french police just confirmed to suicide attacks one near the stadium government officials believe it was coordinated very fluid right now. it appears to be a soccer
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stadium in the french president and so far not necessarily connected to jihadi john parker you were frustrated that president obama still will not use two words? >> radical islam. you cannot fight it is are the days were frankly looking at who could pull this off with a suicide bombers and hostage takers to animate those enemies the military will play well at the mall and has been 14 years since i've 11 so now it has gone from all wolf with the sunii attack with their rifles and the kosher
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deli and now you have this with the most complex attack since 9/11 with no solution in sight. >> i want to go back to sky news. >> whoever they are if they are disgruntled, we know that syria was of very real threat. to make very clear it is being used like a training camp and are trained to attack the west is our goal. >> and more details tuesday there was a bomb explosion there have been three deaths
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and some injured. the importance of this that president hollande was in the stadium to watch the game. and has to have some concern to the authorities that the first attack fitting in the timeline was then followed by the shootings elsewhere. they coordinate this closely planned attack on the french capital. >> indeed. it is a state of emergency. with the borders of this is unprecedented. this is very serious.
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because the situation is in is unfolding now though last count is six. we don't know who is behind it and looking at what the brothers did back in june and then to outside the deli. there was an attack all the screens throughout the world. charles: this is a report to say this was is lomb and terrorism used in that statement now an acknowledgement of what we thought and feared to stress
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that france has declared a state of emergency that they have closed their borders this could be a turning point with how france deals not only with terrorism but immigration and other issues. >> the key thing that this illustrates you don't want to fight to the terrace outside your front door. the french in spite of positive things they have done to be good allies in dealing with the situation after charlie hebdo had ended up need to bite them at home right in front of their homes and offices. if you defeat them you have to destroy the
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infrastructure. when we fought desert storm for the first time with aircraft bombing and when we were bombing serbia we flew hundreds a day. against isis in syria we're flying eight per day and they don't have spotters before the target. you can put out press releases to say you are fighting but it is ridiculous not doing what
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one has to do to win a war if we don't want to fight them in syria and iraq and destroy ices there -- isis there because their version of war is that it wants us. charles: ben me jump in because shots are being heard live right now at the concert hall where the hostages are being held according to the associated press. it has been reported 100 gunman you said something would happen that people would die because of the nature of the ideology so now what happens? >> then you have to save is
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any issue can. the morsi goes the more he will kill. charles: this could be the beginning of something. >> the hat - - perhaps the police are making major moves. perhaps. and to come to the united states we will join hands together with european countries to combat al qaeda and ed isis. this is true all these people being shot and killed it is so unbelievable. in the city like paris and you have communities over
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there the cops cannot go there but that major problem there also. they are worried about a stop and frisk they cannot even go to those neighborhoods. charles: a completely different story let's go back to sky news. >> this is the bar where the shootings were earlier with 11 people killed. that is very solid huge array of emergency services reacting to these reports many people dead and injured on the pavement but the latest is coming through of operation under way.
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this is coming through from french television . those pictures and sound were just coming winter to us. just a few minutes ago.
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>> let's explain the significance of this. to be held hostage from police the government's so we're not clear what this signifies what the police operation in the last few minutes and they are said to be surrounding the concert hall cyrus of that neighborhood and this comes not long after the french president said security forces would be watching from one of those sites.
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youngsters at the scene. we understood 20 shots heard by witnesses. explosions heard outside. witnesses heard six explosions outside there. this is a difficult situation for the security services and the police to contain. there will certainly be teams to contain the situation and a cordon in place so clearly nobody can get near that. around 60-100 hostages taken. we understand a number dead already. we had one lady on earlier who said people were being shot at one by one. we can't confirm that. >> no official confirmation of that. clearly the authorities will try to work out what's happening within that big concert hall. as rebecca was saying, the french president indicating the operation might have been under
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way as he made an address to the french nation to establish a state of emergency. this is what he said earlier tonight. >> my dear compatriots, at the moment i speak to you terrorist attacks of an unprecedented level are happening in the paris area. dozens dead, many injured. it's a horror. we have at my command mobilized all possible forces to neutralized terrorist threat and secure all the areas that could be affected. i have also asked for military reenforcements to be sure another attack cannot take place. i've called a cabinet meeting which will take place in a couple of minutes. two decisions will be made, a state of emergency will be declared, certain areas will be closed being in the areas, will not be allowed. the state of emergency will be declared throughout the district. the second decision i have made is to close the borders, must be sure nobody can commit whatever acts they may commit.
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>> that's the french president a few minutes ago, and indications that some 200 military personnel moved into these districts in paris to aid the police. let's speak to our defense correspondent joining us in the studio. talking about closing the borders. there are those within paris indicating about the threat from within all these various areas and districts of paris with disaffected, disgruntled north african youngsters and problems that occurred there earlier this year. >> my initial concern would be the threat from internally, that is the history with french terror attacks in recent years, whether it be basque separatists or islamist. the fact that president hollande has chosen to close the borders is an indication how serious the french government is take this. i can't think of another time
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the country closed the border since america did post-9/11. in terms of the military response now, what is really going to be pressing them is what is going on in this concert hall. whatever has gone on at the stade de france and the restaurant, however tragic, is an incident that seems to be over. the bataclan concert hall is the ongoing situation there with the hostages there, talking 100 hostages. if you are a terrorist organization, this is what keeps you in the limelight, keeps you going, we saw that in the "charlie hebdo" incident when they went into the jewish supermarket, it keeps you in the headlines, the terrorists will be looking to keep this going until at least early morning, when europe wakes up to make sure that their cause is being covered across the intentional news channels. >> yeah, within this last few minutes, we've had this sound of gunfire and explosions at that bataclan theatre.
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notoriously difficult to launch any kind of assault on these big auditorium. they've not been successful in the past. >> very, very difficult. you have to calm the situation down. it's not unusual to hear an initial volley of gunfire before the situation relaxes and both sides take their stances. calm down and find out their positions, and then the negotiations begin, and can take 48 hours, however it needs to. the longer it takes tends to favor, i would say, the police, because the terrorists have to try and keep awake, keep alert, they have to make sure they are in control of the situation. so i will be surprised if this unfolded rapidly. i would not be surprised if it continued on through to the morning. >> is there a difference in the calculation that the authorities have to make, bearing in mind that we now have confirmation that one of
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those explosions at stade de france earlier was a suicide bombing. >> appears. three people were killed there. and that indicates perhaps that these are people that you cannot negotiate with. as you would do in a traditional hostage situation. >> it would depend what the motive is at the stade de france? was it a distraction, trying take away resources in central paris where the attacks happened? was it an assassination attempt on president hollande in the stadium. i don't think so, from all indications it sounds like the attack was outside the stadium rather than very close to president hollande. but i think you have to assume with these situations anyone who takes a hostage situation with 100 people hostage has to be willing to go through the endgame and lose their lives. >> let's play the clip inside. this is what was heard the stade de france earlier tonight.
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[explosion] . >> the french president would have heard that? >> inside that stadium. we understand he was taken out quickly. we have pictures we got in of the motorcade being driven away at high speed as he went to paris and the interior ministry. this would have been a pretty bold statement that we can get to you, we can get near to you. >> well, as far as i understand, the second explosion about a minute after that as well. >> gate j, one of the exit gates. the details are so thin at the moment to jump to the conclusion would be unwise to me. to say the explosions happened outside the stadium, they were probably a statement. >> no coincidence. >> i wouldn't have thought there was coincidence of that, nor a terrorist scare at the german hotel early this morning or yesterday morning as it is
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now. which probably coincides with that. >> yeah, of course, it was deliberately targeting president hollande being at the stadium. it was trying to make a very clear point that we are here and we are now taking on paris and paris is under attack, and clearly the french president and his people reacted very quickly and took him to the interior ministry. >> last question before we try and get the latest from paris. have they been taken bearing in mind "charlie hebdo," bearing in mind the attack on the jewish supermarket. it does seem despite the security at stade de france that things have calmed down a little in paris? >> a good question, obviously it will be a degree of intraspection once all of this is over with the french intelligence sources, whether or not they missed it. france is not like the u.k. france is prone to terrorist incidents in the past. since "charlie hebdo" itself
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there has been a number of terrorist incidences. the attempted beheading of a man that has been the attack on the train. >> knife attacks on police. >> it is not uncommon in france for terrorist incidents to happen and the french intelligence services are very, very good as are their military security services as well. >> let's get back to paris. i think we can speak to henry samuel daily telegraph's correspondent there. where are you at the moment? >> a few minutes from the 10th mall which is cordoned off. this is an area i know extremely well and know the restaurant as well, and extremely shocking because the east of paris has taken the brunt of this, very much like it took the brunt of the last attack. the bataclan is literally 200 yards from the former offices
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of "charlie hebdo." there seems to be another attack up the road that hasn't been spoken about very much yet. and you know, the stade de france is slightly further out. but it's extremely shocking, not totally understandable why they chose that part. the symbolism of charl"charlie hebdo," it is a trendy area where people go out on a friday. a soft target i guess. >> degree of coordination of the timing of the attacks and away from the stade de france, were they trying to pull the emergency services in different directions? >> i think they were trying to, theying to pull the emergency services in different directions and cause maximum,
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maximum fear and kind of media coverage. obviously, a little game going on between france and germany and the interior ministry and the explosions inside, and at the same time, you know, there are all these other attacks going on, in a sense saying we're in control here, and president francois hollande gave a speech on the television just a few moments ago was clearly extremely shaken. he was extremely emotional. charles: that was sky news, it's a very fluid situation. tonight go to captain chuck nash. captain nash moments ago we saw and heard horrific scenes, machine gun fire. we've also of course saw president hollande of france declaring this a terrorist attack right out the gate, talking about the horrors of it, mobilizing the military. troops on the street. closing the border. many say this is starting to feel like world war iii. where do you think we go from here, sir?
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>> i think world war iii has possibly started, and we're unwilling, as mr. woolsey just said a little bit ago that we're unwilling to even identify the enemy, so the enemy looks at us with disgust because they realize we're so weak and politically correct we're played in to use the term islamic radicals or militant islam. that's what it is. and france and port of the seas, what we're seeing is mass migrations, not coming as army on horseback with sim taurs, it's coming by the hundreds of millions and bubbling out of the arabian peninsula in the middle east up to the heartland of europe. we are seeing right now the beginnings of a cultural shift in europe which had declining birth rates for decades and now all the sudden, you're going to see families that produce 6, 8 children, whereas the average
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german or swede produces 1.2 to 1.7 children per capita. so all of this is changing. charles: hold on, give me one second captain nash. this is critical, breaking news. security forces have begun, they are launching assault right now on that concert hall. remember, 100 armed terrorists were in there with suicide vests. we already heard gunshot fire, explosions. i'm sorry, 100 hostages are in there. >> yeah. charles: but the terrorists themselves armed with russian assault rifles, machine guns, and according to most counts, suicide vests. >> and charles, this is probably, if they're doing, this probably hopefully a trained hostage rescue team, and what they're looking at are the experiences you remember the beslan school in russia, where terrorists took over the school with children in there and set weapons and explosives around.
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same thing with the moscow opera house, it took russian hrt's going in there, hostage rescue teams and gassed the place and unfortunately killed a lot of the hostages. if you allow them to set up in there, it turns into columbine on a massive scale. that is surrounding the building with police does nothing if there are shooters and people inside with weapons bent on killing everybody. charles: ambassador woolsey, want to go to you, they're making their move, a state of emergency has been declared. this is going to end very bloody, very ugly. a lot of people are saying france must wake up. this must be declarian call to go on the offensive, if you will, to push back the changes in their nation, the changes with respect to these sort of things, modern day paris, this sort of war scene we're seeing right now? >> well, i think france can't do it alone. we need to wake up.
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i think once you're fighting the terrorists on this scale in your capital city, you are already beginning to lose. americans should -- whether they live in tulsa, oklahoma or new york city, they ought to envision this taking place a few blocks from their house, and that's where we're headed. that's where things are going to go, unless we decide we're going to win this war in the middle east. and we don't have to put a lot of american troops on the ground but have to use air power massively. have to use special forces very intensely and cleverly. our military is capable of this. charles: sir, with all due respect, why haven't we done it? you make it sound relatively simple and yet we have not done that. of course, i get the point with the sorties gone from 1,000 when we had the intervention over a decade ago and
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yugoslavia broke apart and genocide going on there, but -- go ahead, sir? >> i guess i would say the president has not decided he wants to fight. he's the commander in chief, and for another 14 months, he is our leader. and if the leader doesn't want to fight -- charles: hold on one second there, ambassador, because we want to go back to sky news. >> all those concerned about british nationals. they brought in extra call handlers tonight. for those worried about relatives, not a general number to ring, if have you family and friends and may be concerned that's 020-7008-1500. we will put this up on the sky news website for you and other sources. so that number again for you if you are concerned about friends or relatives, the foreign operatives established
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020-7008-1500. also, we're told that the department for foreign affairs in dublin has issued a number for those concerned about irish nationals. that number is 003531-4082,000. 003531-4082000. charles: christian white knowon, the inability for president obama to declare this radical islam, what happened with particularly to europe and france, the migrant issue coming to a head. this is boiled over and the worst-case scenario unfolding before our very eyes. >> we can conclude these are islamist terrorists, how many come from abroad and how many are inside? we've seen terrorism by team born in the countries and that
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will tell us whether it is this problem. in america we do a good job of simulating people, including muslims. in europe, they have the ghettoized populations. the french police are doing a good job. we are blessed they are as capable perhaps as the united states or israel or britain in handling this issue, but it's -- when you're playing defense, it's a problem, you need to go on the offense. charles: bo, what you said was going to happen happened. >> they said there was two in there. if i got 2 and 100 people. i'm going shut the power down, use night vision and flash grenades and take head shots and take the two creeps out as fast as i can because i don't want more dead people. moment you leave them in there, they're going to kill more and more people. what they're doing is i believe let's figure take them out. we got two, we can take the two creeps in. charles: i learned that the israelis learned hostages are sitting down or laying down,
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you fire from the waist up, that kind of a thing. >> the bad guys, shut the lights down, go in with night vision, nobody can see what's going on, you can see them. you take head shots. charles: out to benjamin hall in our london bureau for an update. benjamin? >> we're getting a bit more information now. we have about 300 troops on the street and, of course that assault happening at the bataclan music hall. two gunmen we know were in there, they fired from the balconies above. some managed to escape and told the press what was happening. they went one by one after that, the gunmen shooting individuals. then we heard the five explosions, that is perhaps what's made the police assault the building. we're also hearing that there has been one arrest made, and that when they arrested that man, he said i am from isis. now this is just coming through, and yet to be confirmed, but if that is the case, it's what many of us were already suspecting. i just want to mention that the
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last time there was a siege like this, we might remember 2002 in moscow, where the siege was happening in the hall, there and the police were using gas and 160 died. at the moment, this is what's happening in paris. remain gunmen on the street, a precarious situation. they have closed the borders to france. this has huge implications, everything this might have led up to suggests they are coming to terms with the immigration issues, isis issues and this is flowing across into paris. if they didn't see this coming, there will be big questions to be asked. if hollande was accused of not protecting to a right degree, there will be bigger problems there. is this a new strategy for isis? if it is, perhaps they are opening new fronts, taking the battle abroad, and some reports that social media, twitter feeds linked to isis supporters said an attack like this was due to happen.
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we're starting to learn that the attacks at the stadium happened right outside the stadium. they happened at the gates on the way in. this is with a football match that president francois hollande himself was at, and it is remarkable that terrorists wearing suicide vests can get that close. it does seem there have been as many as seven attacks around paris, some still ongoing. if we think back to the "charlie hebdo" attack, we remember follow-up attacks that happened later. france is very much on edge. no one knows what's happening. people have been told to stay indoors. the city shut off. and according to civilians in the city, if anyone is seen on the streets, they're worried the people might shoot them, they don't know who is friend, who is foe. you know if you can't name your enemy, you can't fight your enemy. i think this perhaps is going to open up a whole new chapter in the war against terrorism and many changes coming.
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we have an ongoing battle on the streets of paris and have this assault happening in the bataclan music hall. it's going to be a tense few hours. we'll see what happens coming up. charles: benjamin hall, thank you very much. let's go back out and get some live feed from sky news. >> that's president obama, as we bring you some of the pictures from earlier with the various casualties being taken to ambulances from outside one of the restaurants. senior correspondent david bowden in washington listening to what the president was saying earlier, saying this is an attack on all humanity but equally an attack very difficult to actually until you get the intelligence to combat. >> yeah, and i think you get an idea of how twitchy world leaders are by the number of people letting it be known they are monitoring the situation. john kerry, the secretary of state here is in vienna.
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he said he's monitoring. he's got the embassy in paris checking if americans were involved. we're expecting him to say something from vienna in the next hour or so. we got the department of defense here saying that they're monitoring stuff. homeland security likewise. mayor of new york has come out and said the city is on alert for terrorist incidents. you get this idea of febrile atmosphere across the world, it can grow and escalate so quickly. only two or three hours into this and escalated to dozens of people dead, 100 people held hostage and clearly that place being stormed by military forces from the french government. so everybody i think worried. everybody looking at whether something is happening in syria, iraq, sparking all of this, whether what's happened over the last few days there has caused a wave of resentment in france, and whether it's going to spread anywhere else.
6:54 pm
but i do think this is an issue that lots of western leaders will be saying what are we doing about it? you can bet your bottom dollar security services across the west will be looking at what they're doing and what they need to do. >> david, thank you for that in washington here. in london, our defense correspondent allison bunkel monitoring the pictures. we don't think these are suspects. i wonder if these are some of the hostages from inside the bataclan theatre being taken away? >> i'm hearing some managed to get text messages out to loved once, relatives, perhaps the police, whoever, which might, if true -- >> i'm going to interrupt you, reuters reporting this operation is over. the two attackers have been killed, and what we may be seeing is in fact -- that appears to be a rescue. official confirmation the
6:55 pm
police operation appears to be successful. we don may be hurt or injured? >> that's the key. it is over quickly but the gauge of how successful it would have been is how many people have been killed or how many people survived in the attack. we'll wait to find that out from sources on the ground. it will be over very, very quickly. when you think back to a lot of hostage situations just in paris itself like "charlie hebdo." it can go on for hours if not days. to have brought this to an end before midnight in the u.k., just before 1:00 in paris will be a swift ending to it, but if that resulted in a number of deaths of civilians, you can't really call that a success. if it's resulted in saving lives of people inside the theater, that is swift work by the police. >> we are getting these pictures from french television, and because the
6:56 pm
confusion is there we have at least six various locations where police operations have been under way. we're not quite certain, they appear to be looking at some window here, at a building, we're not sure where this is, but this is one of several police operations going on this evening. but the significant one we have to tell you according to police sources who have been quoted by the local french parisian tv station bfm, the situation at the bataclan is over and other two attackers have been killed. we heard that one had an automatic rifle and another had explosives. that is the bataclan, you can see that behind there. this is the operation that has been going under way. cameras have managed to get close to the scene, but we've got no indication how many people may have been hurt in that operation there. clearly, there are injured.
6:57 pm
just to warn you that we are seeing these pictures as they're coming in, and indications that this may have been successful. what we're seeing here is a mix of emergency workers, the fire brigade who act as paramedics as well as the terrorist police. >> if this was an ongoing situation with terrorists inside and the hostage situation, you wouldn't have emergency services like your regular brigade like that. it would be a far more sterile zone, and you would have a cordon of some degree, albeit fairly short cordon. you would have a cordon for the hostages to be brought out within that. you wouldn't have pompier up close, that would tally with the ground in pairis that the operation to rescue the hostages is over. somewhere injured, of course, that's to be expected. but were there any casualties
6:58 pm
is yet to be determined. >> the other, shall we say, rather macabre conclusion is if the two attackers have been killed, they can't get any intelligence from them, clearly that's the other aspect. they want to know the support network, who was involved. where they got the guns from, and who else may be out there? >> yeah, a good point. there will be, what are we talking two, if there were two in the bataclan concert hall, there are two possible suicide bombers up at the stade de france. that's four, and then who knows how many were involved in the shootings in the restaurant, and you never just have the people who are on the front line. there is always a network behind as well. they will be able to gather some intelligence probably from them, a lot of the time that these guys are known to the security agencies, once they have been discovered, once their identities are -- once they can look at them dead or alive. they can look at who they are
6:59 pm
and have a history of sorts and start piecing the jigsaw together and trace back where this has come from. >> so this is the latest we're getting from the parisian television station which has been reporting that 40 people or more than 40 have been killed, at least 60 injured, but in the last few minutes an operation to free hostages held at a theater may have been successful, that the two attackers involved there have been killed, but no indication how many of the 60-100 people taken hostage may also have been injured in that. but it does appear that that operation, which was announced by the french president has been successful, at least 200 military personnel on the streets in addition to anti-terror police. charles: at least 35 people are dead right now. we had 100 hostages that were taken. however, a police assault at
7:00 pm
the bataclan concert hall where the hostages were held appears to be over. at least two attackers are dead. president obama pledged his support to france and unprecedented state of emergency declared by france's president hollande. the borders are closed, military on the street. he's also asked his people to have faith he can keep them protected. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. we are following breaking news out of paris, where it appears a coordinated terrorist attack has taken place and is unfolding still. it is now 1:00 in the morning in paris. france is reeling from what now is the deadliest attacks ever to hit paris certainly since world war ii. the french president declared a state of emergency. france has closed its borders, and now we don't know who is responsible for it, but we do know the attacks are ongoing, at least 40 people are dead and


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