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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  November 13, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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here 2:00 in the morning in paris at least 140 have been killed the worst violence since world war ii killed by the terrorist three inside a paris concert hall for the others killed in other locations in and around paris there were six attacks across the city french president -- president hollande said he is closing the country's borders now these are taped pictures of paris of the foreign ministry to see airports will remain open end flights in rail service will continue despite the attacks
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we do know some of the subway metro lines have stopped running. with those exceptions rail service will continue for parisians and for the french. as the country wages airstrikes in syria and iraq and twitter accounts social media that twitter accounts linked to the jihadist are celebrating the is attacks against parents. they are tracking those sites many are expressing disbelief the islamic state could be behind the carnage in one terrorist captured declared he is from isis' or from the islamic state.
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now we're watching tonight what we have talked about over the course of some considerable time the fact the islamic state these attacks are a sophistication and coordination that i take most people doubted. >> it is in just a sophisticated attack it is a military jihadi attack of urban warfare conducted against a western capital of paris. 140 dead 100 in one place if
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you put up 9/11 that was in the air so it is dramatic what is happening right now not just showing the size of the capacity of these fighters and abilities are refugees are they were trained in france are born in france so this is a major change. lou: talking about french muslims to have gone to syria and have also returned to paris and is it fair to say they represent the greatest of the year for
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police military and intelligence they carry on the active the west. >> at least since charlie hebdo that france is witnessing on the inside the jihadi urban army not one single operation that was charlie hebdo it is the south in the north at the same time attacking the restaurant killing about then a concert hall and more incidents at the same time ladies of those hostages were freed but would hundred 40 victims it is a waterloo for france. lou: what about the united
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states because all that is happening with the refugee crisis driven by assyrian refugees or african refugees what does that portend for the united states? >> we're always reserved with these comparisons but when i looked at the herbage and jihadi were for interest we have isis in 50 states so we have to revise our
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strategy's. lou: talking about the prospect of this spreading to the united states? what your thoughts of the possibilities of the very dangerous and deadly possibilities for america? >> i appreciate to be on with you i am sure throughout europe right now everybody is watching this carefully all those countries that just allow those migrants all of those at those radical muslims we have agreed to except 6,000 syrian refugees there is a lot of pressure to increase those numbers.
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lou: the president said to read it thousand over the next two years. >> that is unbelievable. there are jihadi is looking at this law enforcement has done a great job and now france will sit back to say we've missed a lot of warning signals just like we did with the boston bombers. we will have to change rules and laws and regulations and as a result we in the united states will take a hard look how we deal with people who we believe are radical. anybody in the united states with a relationship with isis at all even if just an
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e-mail needs to be arrested and go to jail with pretoria minimum sentences with a relationship. lou: that seems like a peculiar construct as a casual relationship in there are such folks. as you listen to the terrific people trying to understand that the islamic state has created in the city of paris. what should be the response? i don't know. on a number of levels i am sorry for the people and the victims and their families but i am not one was
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thinking we should better understand the enemy. you have to destroy enemy it is seems to be a reticence to me those who would destroy a should be destroyed. >> i agree there was nothing more to draw the army of rolm into a final battle. we should give them 36 hours to clear out entered into a parking lot make that a significant for their caliphate. they are animals they only understand force. ralph peters wrote the great article called kill don't capture. read that article on the internet. we give them every every every single benefit when they haven't even ben on the
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battlefield or recognize the uniform. they are cowards and need to be killed. but more will pop up if we don't, that the ideology we will never stop this is only to% he believed this warm we're talking 10% of a billion or more people. charles denigrate article as well that it may be extreme but if we force of reformation is to seal our own borders over 24 months to save your cancelling all your visa cannot come here even if you have business that does hurt good muslim people and that is the point get them back in jordan and saudi arabia to look at their radical lease is ed neighbors it is because of the well was canceled i am
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losing money is you and that radical mosque and i will on stand for it any more instead be erode the civil liberties of americans said of putting the onus upon the muslim nations to reform their religion. so they are eroding our civil liberties in the wrong place turn up of the heat on the good muslims to reform their religion they are the only people that can. lou: the public dialogue in the midst of the presidential election we had senator linda grant here earlier. were -- lindsay gramm here earlier. and that the right to was captivated by i a red cup of
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christmas and controversy but the eradication of christians has been torn to pieces. what do you have for us benjamin? >> sadly that number is rising we now know in the music called 118 so far dead the rest of paris is 40. it is the biggest attack since world war ii in europe >> american airlines say it will delay all flights flying to paris by united says it will continue so any
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family or friends need to know. say they're closing the french borders and others are to prevent some leading that this is as people, from the middle east into france but the one terrorist that was arrested he had direct orders coming from the terrorist group in the middle east. we're also trying to say that the twitter feeds are starting to block it is all. isis. paris on fire is a #people are delighted and also
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french plate planes are bobbing in the released now it comes around and around and the band that was performing they're trying to find where the band and crew members are we heard from the management company. lou: the opposite of what we were told that the abeyant -- the abeyant had escaped and were safe. referring to a city in the north central syria it has become the headquarters at least symbolically if not operationally of the islamic state os/2 so what
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significance there is the one terrorist captured alive is from raqqah did say he received his instructions from raqqah but as i see on my device that twitter accounts three hours ago have been talking about the responsibility that isis' needed to be congratulated because france is burning so little doubt the jihadi constituencies are supporting what has happened lou: the one to go to something there is the reticence on the part of officials with the prime
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minister of the u.k. talking early to react immediately our president came out at 545 p and said he didn't want to say anything that was premature. one can only imagine he thought would be offended to give us the best information available? as some point as of this government have a responsibility to share the information available? we are adults and we need to know. thanks to the colleagues for those french news sources working tirelessly to bring the information to bear the government acts like it is an investigation into alleged prejudice anybody in court. >> i personally think the
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white house in the agency's already have a lot of information talking to the french there not sharing with the public. it is not just that these are attacks but did want to describe it as a jihadist. >> first of all, the points that have been made are very good but what you see now is a strategic patients just to get obama through his presidency. over the years the enemy gets better and smarter. one year ago a state cannot have pulled this off only charlie hebdo. as time goes by the best
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reason to understand your enemy is it makes it easier to kill them they study our modes of operation is now i am glad we have an id john that is like killing the president's spokesperson not a cabinet member but they have an army of veteran jihadi these include how to get people in and out it is just stunning'' we have allowed to happen. lou: i don't know how much we should make of the conduit's to be laid out across in the border because they are wide open and they have passage from the european union at least through the refugee crisis
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populated happen million people per of the european union and tonight at least 150 people are dead in paris >> is a european refugee invasion not a crisis if you look at what isis could do in the last 10 days to take down a russian airliner able to point attack in paris and that they have chosen freddie the 13th -- friday the 13th really say that but the origin in 13 '07 they were massacred all over europe by the pope but they with the people who did the crusades you took all land back from the muslims in the islamic religion is so the
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fact that this date was chosen the like anniversaries they like to talk about their history and refit -- refer to their peer days the fact on friday the 13th is not a coincidence it is a very deliberate attempt to show the world they can murder and massacre christians. lou: is it your sense the french can take control of their borders to restore order with a high degree of confidence from the public safety? >> the problem with not only france but there is something in the agreement that would never country their refugee comes to first that country is obligated and responsible for that person every serious refugee makes his way the first country is greece but heads
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to germany buffet turn him away in germany then greece is stuck with him. lou: now taking back nearly everything she said about bringing in 1 million assyrian refugees to germany and i think it is fair to say the effect is the number of european countries they are suspending those elements of the european union agreement that threat in their very existence and their citizens we are joined by the former ambassador to the united nations john bolton. is an enormous tragedy it is only mounting as the result
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of a refugee crisis because of the islamic state and in the region of the middle east in paris. >> this tragedy sadly raises the question will this wake people up? we have heard so much nonsense even in this country about the threat of international terrorism to give up the projections of the patriot act or the threat of illegal immigration and it is tragically ironic - - ironic one of his first measures close the borders to make sure the culprits could be apprehended so ask yourself maybe we could have avoided this as they closed their borders in the first place.
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lou: it is understandable as they were talking with our correspondent in london, the european union prides itself to be open to the world but at the same time does not demand of itself open eyes to protect citizens it is open arms and hearts and vice close to the realities and the threats that nights like these will be repeated in the months and years ahead is extraordinary to think europe is already taking steps that were not even imaginable one year ago even after the charlie hebdo tragedy jaime very seventh -- in january 7th.
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it was a cathartic moment to share the star of a tragedy than moving on. obviously not well taken. >> will forget the lymphatic american response sending john kerry and james taylor to sing a song about the united states began their friend. we now have an opportunity sadly to learn from this tragedy as long as we allow isis to have a privileged sanctuary in syria and iran and iraq, these kinds of attacks will increase you mention in the refugee flows into europe the of minister estimated 2% of the refugees could be terrorist so angela merkel in germany offered asylum to 800,000 refugees
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that is 16,000 terrorist if that is correct well they are flooding into words europe now obviously once they get their error of played right away from the united states. lou: just want to update on your screen 158 dead as a result. the information is not conclusive.
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. lou: in the enemy that we face? >> look, by just american lie ysis, this is five times hebdo." 20 times the size of the boston attacks. this is the largest urban engagement attack by a military weapons outside 9/11 in the west. so this is demonstrating in my view that inside france today you have actually an urban army being prepared. i remember this month ten years ago, there was major disturbances in the suburbs. 10,000 cars were burned down when sarkozy was ministry interior, and they did not use weapon, they were organized by network, not everybody who demonstrated was part of the network, the network take people on the ground. what we see ten years later is a mutation. now you can see that isis is now adopting the message of al qaeda and building that army inside france.
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lou: the methods you're referring to the level of coordination we've seen in these attacks. i want to bring to another death toll number that we've just received from the paris police. there are now five, five of the terrorists have been killed. what we do not know is how many terrorists were involved in these attacks because we are also told that the majority of them are still at large and that's why you see the police presence, the military presence on the streets of paris right now as benjamin hall earlier reported also, the reason that the borders in part have been closed, partly to keep other terrorists out but to try to maintain control so the terrorists cannot cross french borders to escape. but as of right now, they have escaped, they are at large and are sought by the military, by the police, and by all law
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enforcement within france. i want to, if i may, go to colonel peters again and ask where do we go from here? in concrete as specific terms as you can possibly frame, if what must the french do to secure and reassure their populace and what should the united states, all western powers be doing to protect themselves against these kinds of terrorist events? >> well, you know, very important questions, and the french need to not only reassure their population. they need to reassure tourists. because that's another benefit hitting paris, just like hitting the plane coming out of sharm el-sheikh, hitting the beaches in tunisia, they want
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to destroy that. in addition to intelligence and police work, display reassures people. lou: let me interject here, ralph, when you talk about the beaches in tunisia, you can talk about what's happened in sharm el-sheikh. >> yeah. lou: and the tourist industry which some conservative estimates put it losing at least 25%, egypt losing 25% of its tourism industry. >> and more. lou: and the likelihood is far more. as you correctly state, this will be one, one of the results of this terrorist attack that has, and i think we have to acknowledge this. in the terms of the islamic state, this is an immense success in global terror. >> well, lou, others have made this point as well. the day started out well. we got jihadi john, we got
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sinjar, they got paris, this is big, i'm sorry which guest it was made the point copycat versions of -- copycats are really, really a threat. walid and i agree this is more than scope of terror, this is islamist insurrection at that point. the greater point is what we, we in the west, not thinking as frenchmen or germans or swedes or americans, we as a western civilization need to, do we can't beat them by constantly playing defense. you can't sue them. you got to kill them. go to the heart. raqaa is the key right now. lou: raqaa is the place where jihadi john was killed in -- by a drone strike in northern -- north central iraq. >> you hit them harder.
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lou: i think i've heard that philosophy somewhere before and applies in so many ways. ralph, forgive me, k.t., we're going to come back to each of you, i to thank you for your patience. congressman ted poe sits on the foreign house affairs committee. as i have listened to colleagues, to my guests tonight, all of them immensely well-informed and experts, if you will, on both terrorism and our national security. what in the world are we going to do about what we are witnessing in paris as we are threatened ourselves here? >> first of all, the administration has to understand that isis is a threat, and they're not contained as the president said. the president needs a strategy, we have no strategy to deal with isis, it's hit or miss and
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usually miss. with them we need to do what france is trying to do. there's 185, at least, french citizens who went to syria and have come back to france. we need to revoke passports of americans who join a foreign terrorist organization so they can't get back in the united states. and i think the other thing that we need to do, and france would have to take the lead on this, is france may decide and request to invoke article 5 of the nato agreement that it's attack on a nato country, it may ask all the other 27 nato countries to actually go after isis. as your talkers or guests have said, we cannot play defense. we have to be on the offense if we truly want to defeat isis. lou: yeah, i think that that is one message that is coming very
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clear from nearly every one of our guests and those who are expert on national security and military affairs that we have heard here tonight. i want to, if i may, suggest that we go to just a quick recount of what is happening. we have some video of where this all began, and it began just about, well, i'm going to say about seven hours ago, at the state of france stadium, coliseum, in paris, and as you watch and listen, you will see the explosions in this video that are set off, and the explosions are suicide bombs going off. if you will, watch and listen as the day's tragedy began. [explosion]
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>> this is a soccer game between france and germany. as you watch and we will hear the explosions and as they're heard, there it is. they hesitate and then they stop. what happens? two suicide bombers on either side of one gate setting off their suicide vest bombs, and with that began the attacks. the terrorist attacks on paris. and here we are, now, it's about 2:30 in the morning in paris, and we know that five of the terrorists have been killed, but unfortunately, all of the other terrorists remain at large. we have heard no update in the past hour as to whether any
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more of the terrorists have been captured or killed, and the death toll, as we feared, is rising, 118 killed in the bataclan theatre. concertgoers just shot in cold blood, one at a time, many of them, the terrorists also throwing hand grenades into the crowd from a balcony above, and then shooting some of those hostages one by one as they move through building. another 40 killed in 6 other sites where the terrorists carried out attacks, and we will have updates on those casualties throughout unfortunately the evening. we'll also tell you that the borders of france have been closed by president francois hollande, that he has called out the french military. they are now in the streets of
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paris along with police and law enforcement in paris, as they pursue those, those terrorists who carried out those heinous terrorist attacks in seven locations. we return now to london. fox news correspondent benjamin hall. ben, have at it. >> reporter: hi, lou, you know we're getting more and more eyewitness reports from some of these atrocities and now know that inside that bataclan music hall, the attackers shouted out, they spoke to the crowd before opening fire. eyewitnesses have told us that they said what are you doing in syria? you are going to pay now, before opening fire. another shouted out, this is for syria, and also some of the other attacks we're hearing that they shouted all too well known allah akbar, there goes.
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just to talk you through that, that is martial law, that gives the government unlimited power to close off areas to search houses to arrest people, so they are taking control of everything over there. we also know that the gunmen, at least in the music hall and in the bar, the restaurant. they were dressed casually, when they came. in when they came in, the firing, we keep hearing the stories of repeated firing, firing, firing, bloodbaths and went oterrible stories. we will hear more of these coming out hour-by-hour over the few days. people pleading for their lives. in the music hall people were trying to get out across the roof. hearing stories of bravery, by letting them across the rooftops and again lots of the stories will be coming out. it's worth talking about what francois hollande has done so far, and it's got to be said that the french police acted remarkably quickly in this even if they weren't prepared
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leading up to it. president francois hollande knew that the bataclan siege was going on, he tried to project an aura of calm. that's what's needed here. he asked people to have faith in the security services, faith they could take care of this situation. i think that's what they need to do here. you know, what the terrorists want is for the country to shut down. if you let that happen, again it's another victory to them. lots of company, lots of travel groups, if you don't want to travel to the usa, you can get a refund from those, if you have a ticket, you can get them. more of the horrible eyewitness stories coming in, and those are the tragic personal stories. lou: thank you very much, benjamin hall bringing us up to date there. establishing, i think, very firmly that this was a terrorist attack by the islamic state and carried out
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altogether far too successfully. as to not shutting down the city of paris, unfortunately, if that's any measure of the success the terrorists have succeeded because martial law, bringing in the french military, as we've said, the streets filled with police, law enforcement. paris is a city shut down, as it should be until public safety can be restored and the terrorists eradicated. majority of whom are at large. what's you're seeing here now is video of the paris police as they are entering the bataclan theatre to carry out their attacks against the terrorists. it turned out three terrorists were remaining as far as we know in the concert hall as the police entered. all three, killed. five terrorists in total have
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now been accounted for and killed. one we understand has been captured and the arrest, and it seems to be a large number, the rest of the terrorists remain at large tonight in paris where it is 2:39, 2:40 in the morning. congressman lee zeldin serves on the house foreign affairs committee. congressman, i know it's got to be as difficult for you to watch these pictures as for any of us, but have you immense responsibilities for the safety of the american people. this is a chilling scene. if it could happen in paris, could not the same happen here? >> no question. we have active investigation going on in all 50 states here in america. we have been successful in foiling plots. we hear about plots basically all year long. it's important for us to take
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this as another reminder that the free world is under attack right now, and whether or not you're -- you should never be looking for conflict, looking for a war, sometimes it finds you whether you are prepared or not. so to be prepared, it should be a wake-up call for us. and i think it's also important to note that there were a lot of indications in the hours and days leading up to these attacks that in paris they were increasing security hours before the attacks, dozens of military patrolling with semiautomatic rifles. one particular train station with dozens of law enforcement as well. in the days leading up to the attack on the subway cars, announcements just about every 15 minutes with the french translation of a danger risk,
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encouraging people to call 3117 if they saw something suspicious. so it will be interesting to know what exactly the french knew beforehand as far as specific intelligence, and also how that impacts us? lou: yeah, and we do know that there had opinion reports. one of the returnees had been debriefed if you will, interrogated a couple of months ago and spoke of being trained specifically in syria for an attack on a concert hall or either a concert hall or a coliseum. so we had those sort of early indications. i want to repeat something you addressed. for everyone watching concerned about loved ones, friends in paris, and want to know as much as can be provided, the state department has established a hotline, and i'd like us to put that up.
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can we do that? we have it up on font, it's 1-888-407-4747. >> congressman, you talked about, and i'd like to bring in jim woolsey, talk about the central point. there are suggestions that some government officials were pulled out of the coliseum at halftime in the soccer game, as congressman zeldin suggests, jim, there were security forces, law enforcement were more animated and certainly more of them on the scene in the hours leading up to this horrible tragedy. what do you make of that? >> sort of strange. maybe they had some kind of general indication from intelligence or from social media or otherwise that
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something might happen, but not enough that they thought they should proceed to shut the game down or whatever. i don't know. that does sound sort of odd. lou: congressman, what do you make of it? >> well, i mean, it's possible, spot-on, that maybe the intelligence wasn't specific enough, maybe they didn't want to cause any fear amongst their citizens, even though they saw a heightened risk. we experience this all of the time in the u.s. where law enforcement receives intelligence, we go on a heightened level of alert. it would just be very important to know exactly what kind of intelligence they had beforehand, and if it was specific enough, i'm sure there is a lot of concern and maybe outrage from the victims in the families as to why the public wasn't notified earlier.
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we need to know more to obviously comment on that. lou: and i want to turn, jim, this is a situation now where the french are going to be making life-altering choices. the president, the french government, whether it be with their borders, whether it be with their immigration policy, and certainly the energy that they devote to counterterrorism. what do you make of the event, and what do you think its implications are here? >> here being the united states? lou: yep. >> well, i think for people who are willing to begin to pay attention, the first thing is that they have to understand we have to describe the problem accurately, forget political correctness and be candid about this being jihadism, about it being tied to one part,
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certainly not all of the slum, and it is not a problem of violent extremism. it's a problem that there are those in the muslim world who are on jihad against us, certainly not all of them, and there are many, many wonderful muslims. some are friends of mine. lou: right. >> but that doesn't mean that this is not tied to religion, and where it is tied to one part of religion, there's a degree of anger and fanaticism present that makes this very different from the challenges we had in many ways during the cold war. lou: i just want to say to congressman lee zeldin who has to leave us. thanks for being here, and we appreciate your insights as always. thanks for being with us here. >> thank you, lou. lou: good to see you. k.t., i apologize for neglecting you, but as we talk about this political
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correctness, the way in which we're dealing with radical islam, radical islamists i prefer, i think it's more definitive. well, i don't have to apologize to k.t. for not getting back to her sooner, sooner she left. >> no, i'm here! i've been fascinated by this conversation, and i agree, it's time to stop pussyfooting around with the political correctness. tsa is effective 5% of the time. better understand whatever the threat is in europe, it comes here next. if we don't start focusing and profiling, not racial profiling, not ethnic profiling, who are the people who are likely to commit terrorist attacks and focus our attention on that small percentage of the population? if we don't start doing, that continue to have 100% of the population, we'll never find the guys. lou: i want to get to the latest from paris right now.
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near the attacks, a freelance writer, producer, near one of the attacks. seth, thanks for being with us. describe what you've seen, what you've experienced there? >> sure, so sitting in an apartment right next to the restaurant shooting. in neighborhood called republique in the 10th district, a nightclub bar, very active, very lively, and i was going out of apartment building, and i believe the shooting occurred while i was in the elevator, as soon as i get outside, it became a man with a bloody hand and dripping blood, and i thought somebody punched the window or guys in a fight and i see a lot of police officers. at first it looked like normal police activity, and you see officers huddled and you realize something different is going on. lou: something different and is
8:49 pm
it quiet at this time? have the sirens finally subsideed? >> no. when this occurred, nobody knew what had happened. you would have walked 20 steps and people were talking on the cell phones, laughs, drinking beer. the word hadn't spread. and unless you were right there. you didn't hear the gunshots. a bomb did not go off here. and we're just kind of -- slowly. there weren't a lot of police officers there, and people thought it was an isolated shooting, and then the cops came, and a lot of them. at first there weren't enough police officers to bother telling people to leave or shooters, people congregated to the benches, took photos. whatever people do whenever there is a scene, he says, and word spread that more than one person got shot, and there was a machine gun, well, that's when things went crazy, and
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that's when i got out of there. lou: well, and good you did. do you -- i don't know how long it's been since you've been out on the streets. do you see evidence of the french military as well as we're talking right now, we're looking at a still picture earlier of french police. you have seen the french army there? >> yes, i have. at first as i said it looked like normal police officers with handguns, and then, you know, hard to tell when they first start showing up, you see men in military uniforms, camouflage and with rifles, and it's become apparent this is not your run-of-the-mill police officer. lou: all right, we appreciate your thoughts and for sharing that information on this tragic evening and morning in paris. thanks so much for being with us, seth.
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i want to turn to jim woolsey, the former cia director. we're hearing a cry here for far more on the part of u.s. government. our military, our leaders, to take on the islamic state, to take on any terrorist organization any, terrorist whatsoever. what is it in your judgment that has held even the words radical islamists from the lips of any official of the obama administration over the course of the past seven years, and largely, largely also has been a banned term on the part of the bush administration that preceded it? >> i think it is a view that one conducts foreign policy by starting with a narrative and where it looks like we may be
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departing from the narrative, the narrative, let's say was bin laden is dead, and terrorism is over, and we don't have a war. we just have some law enforcement to do. lou: right. >> and if that turned out not to be true, then one would fiddle around with the facts in order not to have it conflict with the message, with the narrative, and that way lies danger because you can't correct mistakes and fix your strategy and change it to make it effective if you can't talk about it, and i think that that is a mind-set talking in terms of political correctness, assuming that if we -- all we are doing is as the president said today, we're bringing the perpetrators to justice.
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well, that describes a situation of law enforcement where the problem, if the french terrorists killed an american would simply be that we had to find the terrorist and arrest him and try him somewhere, and it's crazy. lou: it is crazy, but jim, i've heard for some time the president criticized for his refusal, his denial, if ever there were a denier it is he of the lethality and just the raw energy of this organization, the islamic state in the middle east, but what i do not understand is why other officials within that administration, what -- why our intelligence community, why our military has acquiesced in the face of what are generally regarded as lies, no matter how we dress this up, these are lies to the american people.
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we even understand the political point back in 2012. the man was in an election, but to deny now the threat that isis represents, remember, he said, walid, we're going to degrade and destroy the islamic state. walid, he has done nothing of the kind? >> well, the islamic state, isis has grown to become a much larger force. there were 10,000, 15,000, now close to 180,000. they have kept control of third of iraq and third of syria getting closer to lebanon. more importantly, lou, they are in libya. they are in sinai, they may have been behind the downing of the russian jet. and under the impression of the taliban and paris and everywhere else. i don't understand the notion they are shrinking. lou: i want to tell everyone,
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we have just received a statement from the fbi, the federal bureau of investigation, now saying that there is no, i repeat no, no credible threat, no specific threat to the united states as of right now. so that is indeed reassuring. i want to -- congressman poe, are you still with us? >> certainly, lou. lou: you made a reference to the president's remark about containing the islamic state. those are words he uttered this morning to abc's george stephanopoulos. just hours before this event, this attack, these attacks in paris. what are we to make of a congress that does not, that seems to lack the spine, to really assert itself against what are obviously misrepresentations of geopolitical realities and real
8:56 pm
terrorist threats against this country. we've heard -- this seems to be something that is -- it seems republicans perhaps to a lesser degree than democrats, seem unwilling to take on this issue and demand a realistic accounting. why is that? >> are you talking about accounting as to isis or accounting as to the president's statement? lou: i won't hold you responsible for the president's statements, but i would like to think that both parties would find some greater candor than a president who's no longer running for re-election. i realize the problem is a lot of others are, but the american people are witnessing what is happening in the middle east. colonel ralph peters pointing out that the islamic state and others have basically destroyed christianity in the middle east where, it had survived 2,000 years.
8:57 pm
but we are watching bloodshed on the streets in concert halls, shopping malls, restaurants of paris, and we're told by basically everyone it's -- we want to take our time, it's a distant thing. we've got a president who promises to degrade and destroy the islamic state, and i don't hear the congress of the united states representing the people, as you do, say what in the world is wrong with an administration that doesn't carry through on its threats, and its promises to the american people to protect its citizens?
8:58 pm
and to the degree that we can, why is it that we can be conducting a global war on terror now for 14 years, we can be told variously by presidents that we were an immense danger. we have turned over our
8:59 pm
airports and transportation safety security administration, added 15, 20 minutes, taking off our shoes to board an airplane. our ports remain wide-open, borders remain wide-open, and the american people are considered to be so stupid as to not even deserve an answer as to why. >> well, all of what you say is true. we are not doing -- to do the basic come protect the borders. what does that mean? we should no who comes into the united states. that is not happening. we all heard about tsa and how they are inadequate, but it is the responsibility of congress to push this issue. lou: congressman, we have got to go. always good to hear from you. thanks to all who have joined us tonight, most of
9:00 pm
all you. to recap, at least 158 people killed in a number of terrorist attacks throughout paris. terrorists using rifles, , hand grenades, rifles, suicide bombs. 158 people dead.


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