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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  November 14, 2015 12:00am-1:01am EST

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it's midnight on the east coast, and 6:00 a.m. in pearis. the city of lights coming to terms when 100 people died inside of a concert hall, explosions outside of a stadium and the death toll according to french press reports, the final number is certainly unknown. 150 believed to have died. 200 injured and more walking and dazed and confused. we're getting new accounts of survivor stories. among them, from the bdc, two
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different accounts of survivors at bataclan. told a survivor there told french freida around 60 people escaped onto the roof of a apartment building. saying french radio quotes another survivor, a woman, who hid under the seat, two hours, and finally, french radio a man survived at the concert by hiding behind suspending ceiling two hours. and a brother and sister, one in the stadium, another at the concert. we're just getting the story of those two thanks to local media. one soccer player when the series of bombs exploded his sister at the concert at bataclan. he told the story briefly on twitter, said, quote, my thoughts are with the vips of
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the attacks. he wrote that just about 7:00, hours before learning his sister survived. god takes care of my sister and the french. then, three hours later he wrote thank god my sister was able to get out of the bataclan. all my prayers are with the victims and families. the full story of this terror attack has not yet been written. ramifications we do not yet know. but waiting for authorities as the sun rises an hour from now to begin laying out what they know about what happened. chris lee is staying in a paris hotel now on lock down and is live on the line this morning. chris, what happened from your perspective? >> reporter: yes, thanks. it was a little bit surreal in paris, you're used to hearing sirens but in the space of about 15 minutes we heard two dozen. and when that occurs, you know
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something is wrong. and we immediately within crowds that we're with, there was a sense something was going wrong. >> what did you do? >> reporter: you know, we, as a typical american, we go looking for information because that is what we do. and we turned on our cell phones and we started to get, i started getting texts from numerous friends in america, and it was all of what happened? and i didn't know. and as we're walking to dinner, all of these things, all these things happened. so it was rather surreal. and again, in paris you're used to sirens but that many sirens that quickly you know clearly something is wrong. >> 6:00 in the morning now. what is it like outside? >> rather quiet which is again,
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unusual for paris. and there is always activity in the city of lights. so it is a situation where a lot of people just don't know how to react. i'm certain in much of europe they're used to this activity, in paris i don't think they're. >> all the best to you and yours, and thank you. >> reporter: thank you. >> we've been listening to sky news in the united kingdom. they have fanned out in paris and this is breakfast time now across the uk and europe. let's listen. >> forces to neutralize the threat and secure the areas that could be affected. and i have called a cabinet meeting taking place in a couple
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minutes. two decisions will be made. the state of emergency will be declared meaning that certain areas will be closed, being in those areas will not be allowed. the state of emergency throughout the district. the second decision i have made is to close the borders. we must be sure nobody can enter to commit whatever act they may commit. >> the situation has changed in the last few hours. and the number of dead is sadly risen. the number of terrorists thought to be involved in this has risen as well. from earlier on tonight this, is what the french prosecutor had to say. >> understand it's a bit early to understand too many details for the investigation we're looking at what happened at six locations. we know there are some killed, and at the moment, as far as we
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know, there are 18 dead. one killed. and another with 14 dead. as well as many seriously injured. at the moment we know that five terrorists have been neutralized but details need to be refined. the death toll is very high because we had to leave the number of people killed at bataclan. we're looking at a total of over 120. it's too earl hi to talk about investigations. we just want to find out what happened and determined who were the terrorists and find out if there are accomplices. >> i'm registering the pain, morer and fear tonight. paris is in mourning. the death toll is very, very heavy. very, very heavy. the places were hit were places
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where young people of paris like to go on the weekend or evening. they wanted to hit as much of that liberty of the youth as they could. we've opened the mayor's office in the 11th arrondissement. i want to offer them all solidarity. the valleys of the republic remain. tonight, paris paid a high price for this terrorism. but we're standing up and we still stay standing up. >> a lot to stand up to. this appears to be the worst attack of the night at the bataclan theater. a thousand people were there to see the american band eagles of death metal. and explosions were heard inside after security forces launched an assault there, we know that witnesses, one attacker had an automatic rifle. another had explosives.
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and we have heard from the french prosecutor in the last hour that one of those people involved, one attacker was shot dead by security forces and another blew himselves up using awe suicide belt. there may have been more people involved in this, we do not know. police did bring this to an end. but not about 120 people were killed. this is what president hollande said. >> to these who have seen these awful things we will lead a war that will be pitiless. because terrorists must be certain they're facing a determined france, a united france. a france that is together. and today, we express infinite
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zorro. >> rebecca williams is here monitoring events since last night. we heard in the last 30 minutes saying they're updating the number of terrorists involved into eight. they have killed 8, 8 were dead and saying, chillingly there may be people still at large here? >> yes. that is what they said in the last few minutes or so. you can see the pictures on the screen at the moment. there are a lot of police on the ground in paris. we understand that 1500 soldiers through universities and schools will be shut today. the deadliest attack was at the bataclan theater. eagles of death metal were playing there and 100 people were killed there in what was a horrendous attack. two attackers, we understand
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young men, they're reported to be. they opened fire in the theater and took a number of people hostage and of course, we understand that there are dozens of survivors, too. a capacity of 1200 in that hall. we have seen people coming out being covered in foil wraps to keep them warm and covered in blood. horrendous hits, people are visibly shaken. you can't imagine what went on in there tonight. some people describing it as carnage and people tried to hide under seats just to go unnoticed. but of course, that wasn't the only scene of complete chaos tonight. there are shootings in restaurants across paris and these explosions that went off by one of the gates while an international match was going on
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between france and germany. so a more yendus night. just 11 months since the charlie hebdo attacks in january. i was there at that time. and this is a country that was shocked and in fear i would say of what happened. >> they're in shock again, updating some of the information, sky news, our sister network in the united kingdom and europe. they mentioned there were questions about whether all perpetrators had been stopped. the latest word and this is official from the french news agency is that there are eight perpetrators, seven died by their own bulletproof vests. eight attackers. the authorities reconfirmed to fox news they believe all attackers are dead and believe no attackers are on the loose. she mentioned there were two attackers inside of the theater
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there and there were. now we've been updated and know there were four in total and discrepancy seems to be when police went into the hall, what shooters were active. we can't know that yet. but we can tell through that three of the shooters inside, their belts blew up and the fourth shot outside of the theater. all perpetrators are believed to be dead. 12 minutes after 6:00 a.m. in paris. and we're expecting that as morning news begins there, that we'll get more from the president's office and security services. the borders were initially closed by the president. he said so in a live address and the border is closed to outgoing as they're trying to make sure no one who might have been involve woulded leave.
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now, they believe to be certain all are of the perpetrators are in custody. think of that what you will. they believe the immediate danger has passed. and they're trying to figure out how to prep. the main airport is open. flights are being allowed in early this morning. we're not confident they're being allowed out. we know that flights from the united states are moving. american airlines announced suspended flights across france. borders were said to be closed. they're having tight security but they're allowing people to pass there and on the rails as it's believed the french did not want to send a message they have shut them down, instead that life will go on. the president made it clear, french president, that a war will happen, it will be pitiless and the french people will stand
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bataclanbataclan. 16 minutes past the hour live now. guardian newspaper reporting across france, hospitals are appealing for blood donations saturday morning. 60 people said to have been very
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seriously injured. 200 in hospitals across the area. and now, early saturday mosh morning that appeal for blood donations is just the last 15 minutes. what is the security situation like this saturday morning? >> in paris, horrors throughout the city. the security situation is very tight. we're away from the scene where the violence took place. the latest death toll is 126 people. 250 people injured. 80 of these occurred at the
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bataclan theater attack. that is where i am currently situated. the attackers are believed to have detonated in explosive vests when police closed in on what was not only a hostage situation but according to survivors a methodic execution. survivors have been receiving psychological assistance from the authorities from the past couple hours and it's been confirmed by the paris prosecutor that eight attackers have been killed. three at the national stadium
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where a friendly football match was taking place between france and germany. and a final attacker killed. these attacks have taken place amid a heightened security situation here. and given this conference is attended by 100 heads of state including u.s. president barack obama. >> you're near the theater there, the bataclan. are people who live in the area able to return home? >> the area is locked down.
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and police are able to see the neighborhood without screening by police forces. people have found shelters in hotels near the area. it's a busy area and there are many hotels in the area and some of the survivors of the attacks taken shelter in nearly hotels. >> good morning to you and all of the best, thank you for your reporting. we've just received here at fox news channel, some video new to us from outside of the restaurant.
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where this shoot be happened, i'm told. >> again, this is outside of the restaurant where the first shootings happened. it's being described as a drive
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by. the gunman went inside of the building. a local television news reporter apparently talked to a survivor on scene from abc 57 and tells me all he needed was a ticket. saying everybody was panicking and people were walking over bodies. so saturday morning that is an instagram picture from, as far as i know, before the carnage began from the bataclan. paris authorities tell us all eight gunmen aredead.
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describing the scene outside of the stadium and sirens wailed throughout the night in paris. many firsthand accounts given to us. they heard explosions inside and evacuated. at the theater, the bataclan where the american group was playing there were so many that described what happened including this. dozens of people escaped and frederick nowak at that concert with his 23-year-old son told the telegraph, about 30 minutes into the concert i saw two men firing into the crowd.
12:27 am
and first hid behind a speaker. the men were firing, he said wildly into the crowd and people on the ground, then, he said he followed people at the right of the stage that led to stairs but the doors off the stairs were locked. he goes on, people were stuck there about ten minutes and there were 30 or 40 people. then, we went up the stairs arriving at the roof. got out through a window and saw a man in his apartment waving to us. he let us in through his attic window. we stayed there until hearing the police raiding the venue. he said he got a look at one shooter. he said the guy was young, in his 20s and dressed casually. in the end it would appear they were all dressed casually. none wearing masks.
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now, to figure out who they were and why they did this. and if, in fact an orring niedzed terror group will claim responsibility. our coverage continues with a reset at the bottom of the hour, right after this. ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown!
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is plug in hum for a smarter, safer car diagnostic updates, certified mechanics hotline and pinpoint emergency assistance hum by verizon put some smarts in your car breaking news in half past 6:00 a.m. in paris, investigators are still at six separate attack scenes trying to piece together the events of the fateful night where terrorists went from location to location and killed well north of 120 people. reaction from foreign leaders and jake rosen is live in washington tonight with details. >> shep, good morning we're hearing a lot of countries that are going to be represented at
12:32 am
the g 20 summit in turkey. president obama will be leaving for there tomorrow. we've heard from american leaders and now, a german chancellor saying she's shaken bethe news and picture, brittic prime minister david cameron saying we'll do whatever we can to help and a spokesman for the chinese foreign ministry saying that that country is quote, deeply shocked and adding china supports france in maintaining national security and stability. now, you can see the capitol bell and the speaker of the house, paul ryan saying it will take time to grasp the scale of this horror but there is one thing we know. terror will not win. we will.
12:33 am
hillary clinton saying we will stand side by side to wage and win the struggle against terrorism, and quote, violent extremist. and donald trump tweeting tonight my prayers are with the victims and hostages of the terrorist attacks. may god be with you all. we're seeing from elected officials and those who hope to become elected officials and this is going to play out and have political ramifications in this country and certainly throughout europe. >> james live from capitol hill. security has been very tight across paris. this is charlie hebdo attacks in january. at the highest security alert in that city since then. there have been no special notices, no word of increased terror chatter but security was as tight as it had been in paris
12:34 am
for many years. john bussy is live with us on set this morning. any word? >> they were trying to be and it didn't work. and in january, they had a bitter experience. those attackers had been under surveillance, then, they ran out of resources to keep them under surveillance. they went on their way and launched this attack. so the french put thousands of soldiers on the streets, to protect hard targets, and synagogues, government offices. they spent hundreds of millions of europ euros, and ran into resistance from civil liberties group but required very little judicial oversight to sift through internet e-mails and phone calls. and yet, they didn't pick up these guys in operation. it goes to show how difficult it
12:35 am
is with fluid borders, remember, europe's borders are open, france's too, until tonight. when they were shut down as we saw from this attack. the borders people moving back and forth, how difficult it is to stay on top of the many different potential individuals who might launch an attack. >> we can't know for sure what security is like. if you were to go to a concert of this kind, a rock concert in new york city, my way of example, security would be very tight. you'd have metal detectors in many cases. in all cases you'd have security at every door. from everything we've been able to pull together, that wasn't the case there. >> you know what is going to happen. this attack is because it was successful. then, the government is going to
12:36 am
crack down and there will be friction with islamic groups and france and elsewhere in europe. that is going to serve as evidence. dozens and dozens of french left france to go fight in syria. that is why france launched attacks in september against targets of syria. worried syrians were training europeans to come back and attack france. with this effort with the u.s. and britain they were not able to figure out that this group was preparing these attacks. >> you're describing what has been unresolvable cycle. there is an attack, a response, and there is happening again,
12:37 am
and feels like a cycle. >> that suggests that countries are going to look at this. the white house came out and said that they felt isis was contained in iraq. it had not been decapitated yet but contained. and we have to rethink that now. there is another related terror group. and this is suggested maybe it could be more attacks in iraq and syria, maybe nato is going to take the eye off ukraine and focus on the middle east. we're probably going to see some evolution because they're going to have to come to the hon
12:38 am
collusion that what they're doing now is not what they're doing. >> in the last two seconds we've gotten words from iran's president condemning this, calling it an inhumane crime. >> right. that is a just illustrative of the difficulty of the middle east right now. they're in the fight against isis but only because isis is intruding into their own terror group, hezbollah in the middle east. it's not a warm and fuzzy embrace by the iranians. >> certainly not. stay with us. trace ghallager preparing with live coverage. >> coming up at the top of the hour, a sobering conversation with a terrorism expert that believes not only is isis behind these attacks but that the terror group will study every aspect of the attacks and use that knowledge to go after other countries. we're also gathering more
12:39 am
information about how french authorities know there were only eight attackers. some say it seemed awfully early to make that kind of blanket statement. fascinating new conversation coming up, that and more as we continue coverage of the paris attacks coming up at the top of the hour. >> trace ghallager, thank you. breakfast programs will kick off across europe. first sun rise scheduled for 7:57 a.m. in paris so we still have more than an hour to go. at some point, authorities are going to have to come forward if history tells us anything and explain to people where we are in this investigation. what life is going to be like for the rest of the weekend and days and weeks still to come. and the president will likely address what he said earlier, that is that the french will lead a war against these terrorists. what did the french president
12:40 am
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state of emergencies has been called and the state of emergency will be applied to the whole french territory.
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and have decided to close the borders. to make sure those that committed crimes can be stopped if they're trying to leave this territory. sate terrible, terrible event upon us. who are these terrorists? who are these criminals? we must, in harsh moments think about the victims who are very numerous, for their families for their wounded. we have to be compassionate and we have to be united and keep a cold head. france needs to be strong and the state needs to be strong. we will be.
12:45 am
call for everyone to be responsible so what the terrorists want is for us to be scared. there is something to be scared about, but in the face of terror, we have to be united and we will vanquish these terrorists. french citizens, we have not finished the operation. there are some very difficult ones we're dealing with right now in paris. have faith and long live the republic and long live france. >> during the height of the
12:46 am
attacks after explosions had been heard at the stadium in paris, after restaurant shootings, after the men had entered the concert hall, but before the explosions happened and before they had been killed, the french president speaking and saying the borders will be closed. all eight attackers are now dead with no more being searched for according to authorities and the country is on a degree of lock down but in an effort to not allow the country to win, borders are not completely closed. you'll remember the attack ended as three attackers ae vests
12:47 am
exploded. and it caused his own belt to explode. we have heard many accounts of those who survived but most have been in the written word, not very much from speaking to cameras, listen. >> a door on the stage and we hit there two hours. 25 people in the room. and this is as if people were being tortured and hurt because they were being shot. >> we ended up in front of the guy but he didn't shoot us. we were able to escape. >> we're able to hear from many except from social media and a lot of help they got, facebook activated it's system by which
12:48 am
relatives can let each other know what happened to them. and i forget the name on it. thank you. thank you. the interior interior ministry set up this alert where people can contact investigators following recent events, it says. and identify victims and people can click on these things. the state department sent out phone numbers for people concerned about a u.s. citizen in paris. if you're one of those and you haven't heard from him or her, i can tell you that that is flight
12:49 am
aware website. we use to show flights into and out of metropolitan areas and going into the airport. you can see i've been asking those who monitor, the number of lights is not as high as it would be on a standard morning. original word is that airport would be closed into and out of paris but many flights are on the move from the united states and beyond and again, the state department website, which is now back up. if you have someone and you're interested to know what happened to you, phone numbers have been put up.
12:50 am
if you're in an area where united states lines don't work, you're an american overseas, in 180 countries, the phone number, washington number, that is for americans who are concerned about relatives who were in paris at the time and certainly, we don't know how many exactly. we can tell you numbers are very large and told the number of americans at the concert hall where the american band from the west coast was playing, the number is unknown. nothing to indicate any americans were killed there but reason to believe that a number of americans were on scene as they were on the soccer match. and our coverage continues throughout the night and will, here, right after this.
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a hand made bomb was very noisy. we heard rumors of a shooter. it was very confusing. >> the crowd started moving and it was impossible to leave. and is very stressful. >> numerous gunshots towards the restaurant and we immediately dropped to the floor with all of the other diners. and we were there for maybe one minute. and lying on the floor. we continued to hear gunshots. i noticed the woman next to me had a fatal injury. >> and shelter in place is the word. she sat next to someone who died
12:55 am
before her eyes. reality in paris on a friday night. we have now video that is new to us from a man named hubert. if you listen, you'll hear the gunfire. >> that was the scene as the shootings were still underway and authorities were working to get control. pictures from sky news now, people wrapped in golden colored blankets as they're escorted out of the area around bataclan where the american band was playing. many on a cold paris night
12:56 am
wondering what happened across the city. the influx of police vehicles around the town. security is tight as they wait for first light in paris. we know this were eight gunmen, 140 people killed, 100 at the theater, the concert hall, and paris authorities will have updates throughout the morning. our coverage continues live throughout the night and morning. trace ghallager will pick up our coverage live from los angeles and paris, right after this. i'm shepard smith, fox news, new york. mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief
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i'm trace galler, in los angeles, it's 7:00 a.m. in paris, france. first light is starting to shine after one of the darkest nights in french history, what being referred to as france's september 11th. the city of paris is on lock down and borders remain closed. french authorities say they believe all of the attackers who carried out the deadly, coordinated strikes have been killed. seven of them, killed by suicide bombs. police are still searching for possible accomplices. america's oldest ally suffering the deadliest terrorist attack in its history.


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