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tv   FOX News Special  FOX Business  November 14, 2015 2:00am-3:01am EST

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seven of them killed by suicide belt. police are still searching for accomplic accomplices. more than 120 were killed. attacks happened starting at six locations, beginning on a
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streetside cafe, then a soccer stadium and to a concert venue where they took hostages and murdered more than 100 people. witnesses said they were shouting allahu akbar." there were reports of shooting at another cafe but so far there is very little information concerning the cafe and there was word that the mall attack may have been a false alarm.
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>> kitty logan, what are you hearing? >> please were forced to storm that building. we don't know exactly the death toll from that concert hall. we don't know what the motive was of the gunmen. there was a lot of speculation about that. we don't know what organization they represent, where they come from but certainly paris on high alert as it tries to come to terms with what is turning out to be its worst tragedy and one of the worst tragedies of its kind. >>
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>>. >> what are you hearing from there what happened? >> it still confusing. the first incident was at a cafe, we understand 10 or perhaps 11 people killed there. but of course the biggest tragedy happened at the concert hall, an american band was playing, heavy metal rock band. gunmen came into the middle of that concert, started firing at the audience while the music of still playing. the band was able to get away. a number of hostages were not able to get away. we understand they were able to save a number of people but those exact details are still emerging and many people are injured in this incident. we're waiting to hear the situation right now. >> kitty logan is live for us in
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london. kitty, thank you. let's get back to jays rosen, our chief washington correspondent. good morning to you. >> good morning once again. president obama spoke by telephone with french president francois hollande. the two leaders pledged to work together to defeat the scourge of terrorism. earlier president obama told reporters in a white house briefing room while the attacks were still in progress that france was america's oldest allies and that our friendship will endure far beyond any acts of terrorism. >> this is a heartbreaking situation. those of us in the united states know what it's like. we've gone through this ourselves. when those kind of acts happened, we've always been able to count on the french people to
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stand with us. they have been an extraordinary counterterrorism partner and we intend to stand with them in the same action. >> british prime minister cameron saying he was shocked and would do what they could to help. angela merkel said she would stand by them in the attacks and just moments ago we also heard from the vatican with the holy see issuing statements denouncing terrorist madness and calling for a halt to the hatred. the u.s. embassy in pearce pari
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working to account for americans in the city. the state department has released a telephone number for american citizens who want to seek assistance in the event you have a family member in paris at the moment. that number is 888-407-4747 for those calling within the u.s. if you're calling from outside the u.s., the number is 202-501-4444. as our live coverage of the catastrophic mass casualty coverage continues overnight, i'll bring you reactions coming in from our allies in the persian gulf. >> james, i want to quickly ask you, we've been talking to some of these military experts in the past hour, we have more coming
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on this hour. they've been hard on the obama administration saying a big reason this happened is because we have not been tough enough on isis and you imagine the administration would say what to that? >> they would point to that these are attacks that are very hard to defend. you're talking about soft targets in the form of theaters, concert halls, cafes. the soccer hall should be a harder target. presumably in all the soccer stadiums i go to, you have to pass through metal detectors to get in. it's the price we pay to live in a society. you can't stop every attack that's going to involve rivals. with explosives, it should be easier to track but it's difficult overall. >> deon delunge is currently on
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the ground for us in paris. what's the latest where you are? >> reporter: good morning. as you can imagine, parisians worked through a state emergency last night after estimates of 126 people were killed in violen violence. the official sources in paris have confirmed that eight attackers have been killed. seven of those died when they detonated explosive device and one was apparently shot and killed by security forces. the paris officials say they are certain that these eight, eight individuals were all the attackers involved in the overnight violence, though it is not clear at this stage how they could be certain of that fact.
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perhaps a clue lies in president hollande's address earlier in the evening in which he said "we know who these terrorists are." >> the president saying he knows who these terrorists are, what was the reaction to that? what was the reaction to the people on the ground when he said he knows who these terrorists are and then to say there were just eight involved in these acts of terror. >> people on the streets are wondering how he could be so certain. it was quite soon after the attack that it was said there were eight people involved and eight people had died. so it has raised the question how the security forces could have known that. >> deon, thank you. it's been just a few short hours
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since paris has been forced to endure one of its worst terrorist attacks in history. we'll cover that and more when we return here on fox news channel.
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the city of lights, paris, france, is waking up after a deadly terrorist attack. joining me is former deputy assistant of the fbi, danny
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coleson. you're worried because you think that terrorist often try these things in different countries before they bring them to the united states. >> that's absolutely true. if you'll remember, al qaeda tried to take down the eiffel tower using aircraft before they took down the world trade center. so what happens there and throughout the world ultimately comes to us. this is almost identical to the attack in mumbai, india, where they did the exact same thing except there was ten of them. they dominated mumbai, india for almost three days. that was more sinister. i hope this is a wake-up call that they're coming here. they rehearsed it there and they'll bring it here. >> are you talking about isis, collial qaeda or copycat kind o
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attack? >> all of the above. primarily isis. we're talking about a philosophy. you can call it al qaeda, boca haram. they're waging a war on us and they're going to be successful. i hope it's a wake-up call. within one of the things that's significant here is the balkanization of france. you have 15 no-go zones in france where police have no presence. so you have 15 areas where thee can launch attacks and feel relatively sure they won't be
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detected and they have a relatively weak immigration policy. we're facing the same thing. i heard someone say today without a border, you're not a country. and i agree with that. the last thing i'll say is i've talked to probably 15 or 20 of my former associates in the counterterrorism business and not one of them was surprised by this or surprised it took place in france. >> danny coullson, thank you. >> let's bring in mike baker, retired brigadier general tony tata. you just heard the form are director of the fbi talking about how there seems to be a sense that there is going to be some political change in france. do you sign on to that? >> no, i don't. and by the way, coulson i think
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is the first hostage rescue leader. the problem is this could have happened anywhere. it could happen in the united states, canada, anywhere. we've got an open society. these are soft targets. very concerned, for example, that the suicide bombers at the football sock are stadium blew those bombs up outside the stadium. makes no sense. i don't think there were any casualties there. i'm not so sure, by the way, that practicing in france to come here. they could come here almost any time. the issue is our response has got to be much more than just military and wanting to wipe isis off the face of the earth. i get that part. but you've got to do more economic and politically because right now we're not winning this wore. >> colonel hunter said this could happen anywhere and it could but there is an argument that the united states has gotten a lot better at cooperating interagency-wise, at
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deciphering intel since 9/11. >> the bottom line, as anybody who deals in counterterrorism knows, you'll never get to risk to zero, it's not going to happen. some folks in counterterrorism will say they're not surprised by this. you always anticipate something will happen. people ask why should we be concerned about isis their own state, why is it our business? the answer is paris. much like al qaeda was able to plot, plan and train for 9/11, when we give the islam
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extremists the comfort of their own territory, it's easy to think we'll give them their own territory and they'll leave everybody alone and that's not how it works. >> general. >> it speaks to the larger issue that i think is going to come in the following hours and days. this was an attack on a nato nation. so we have to look at that whole collective security agreement we're in and article 5, which says an attack on one ally is an attack on all allies. that got invoked after 9/11. within a few weeks after 9/11. i think what we're going to be seeing here is defining who this enemy is, whether or not it falls under the rubric for the north atlantic treaty and then there will be discussions as to how to respond to it as there
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were after 9/11. it starts with defining the enemy and letting the nato process take place. if we're going to respond to this, now we've got 28 member nations. it gets to what colonel hunt was saying about having the political pressure, having the economic pressure and so forth. >> gentlemen, stand by. we'll talk to you again. coming up, french president hollande is vowing to strike back at the perpetrators responsible. you heard early. he said he knows who these people were and he'll strike back with no mercy. plus, more reaction live from the ground coming up as we continue breaking news coverage on fox news channel. ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them. i know. it's so frustrating. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day.
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. >> translator: many people have been injured, some seriously so we wanted to be here to they will them that we will fight back and deal with the perpetrators without mercy. >> that was french president francois hollande to show no mercy when dealing with the perpetrators of last night's attacks. doctor, you believe that this was a complete and total breakdown of intelligence.
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>> well, it was, if there was any intelligence gleaned by the french intelligence services, then these events, this footbal have been closed down or had extra security. it's not like the cold war. it's not about counting tanks across the border or looking at satellite imagery. we are facing non-state actors today that are globally dispersed. if you look at isis, al qaeda, nusra, hezbollah. this isn't a nation state with fixed limited boundary. they could be anywhere. we have all these immigrants flooding into europe. the e.u. itself was borderless.
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once you get on to the continent, that's it. you can move as freely as you wish. so it's a surprise that this didn't happen before, but the fact that it did to such a scale is sadly a true emergencies fail wre you're. >> when you say "such a scale," are you saying the coordinates of it all or are you talking about the impact that it had? >> no, you're slightly right. it's not the technological complication of this. this is a low-tech attack because it's just about small arms, hand grenades and suicide vests. but the really impressive aspect it the dispersion of the targets. this wasn't al done in one part of paris. these were targets that were far, far away from each other and at least eight perpetrator
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working together and they did it very, very well. >> you expect them to do it again? >> they're building a caliphate but we are the enemy. they want to take the fight to the infidel. so whether it a marathon in boston or attack on d.c., we will see more attacks like this in the u.s. we have arrested 80 isis suspect in the united states in 12 months. >> is it moving the front of the war? >> it not dichotomous. they've included on classified estimate at least 4,000 western jihadis. that's americans. that's brits, that's germans. they can travel freely on
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western passports. they're going to take that knowledge to the haeartland of the infidel to try to paralyze us where we live. >> doctor, thank you. >> thank you. >> with us now is a former islamist. he's now a columnist more "the daily beast." i was reading your talking point and you believe this is the new normal. when had you say it's "the new normal," what do you mean by that? starting from today? starting from 9/11? what's your theme? >> if we look at the history of terrorist attacks, there was a time in the 80s with the massive bombing by beirut against the u.s. marines. we knew where it was coming from. it was state sponsored.
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they were setting up proxy, people knew that state were funding, training and equipping supplies to terrorist organizations. then as the world moved on, terrorism moved to a non-state actor level. groups such as al qaeda weren't necessarily any government but still at least we knew where they were. we knew they had to have a headquarters and a physical presence. we could track them down in those places and destroy their capabilities, take out their leaders and work with arresting or killing their leadership to reduce their capabilities. terrorism unfortunately has that first state is the atomization status. you but because in afghanistan
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in sinai, in egypt and yesterday lebanon. i said affiliate and organized branches have been successfully able to launch an attack regardless. >> is that what you mean, that they've split it off? do they have different levels now that they have morphed into a different type of jihadist insurgency. >> yes. what i said now is a full-blown. >> the second is belief in the idea, eideology. this i call islamist extremism. it nice for us to identify. >> and in the long term, it will
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start of the insurge ent of the oxygen it needs to continue thriving. >> and u hear again and again that this is an immigration boredom, they need to be raised in these parts of the world. >> up to 6,000, the germany's accepted up to 800,000 to 00,000 nigerian refugees. hasn't hasn't accepted anyway. i'm arguing because.
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>> fascinating. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> coming up, we'll have the latest developments out of paris as our live coverage continues. breaking news, the darkest night maybe in the history of the city of life. >> start your. all outer wear is buy one get one. >> survive the men's holidays with went's warehouse. >> certified 2 karat sol dare and three-karat rink 7 00. the newliry exchange nationwide. technology gives you control. and now technology gives you hope security in a new and
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jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung. this is a fox news alert. it is morning in paris and the city remains under a threat of terror. >> last night seven attackers died as suicide bombers. one of killed by police, we understand. what we don't know is who was behind this, who might still be out there at the city. at the moment this does seem to be over. when the police stormed that
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concert venue, freeing the reminder of survivors, it seemed to be the last of the coordinated attack. who was behind this, we don't know. what was their motive? we don't know that either. how did the intelligence officers let them slip through their hands? >> do we have an idea of who is going to be answering them? is there any schedule of news conferences, the president coming to speak out, the minister of defense? anyone? >>. >> well, as you know, there will be an emergency government meeting held today and possibly
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round the world. look this happen to us, too. >> the we ask. >> we simply don't know. certainly after what happened in france in january, very, very strange. a lot of people are asking questions how could this possibly have happened again and even -- this is a very well planned, well coordinated attack. it very classic, jihad a. it seems the perry. the question is why and how. >> and then the information coming out of. one fascinating aspect after these attacks is the leaders of
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the arab and mus clim countries to assure the world that the terrorists responsible for the assault did not represent the tenets or practice of islam. from kuwaiti, ameer sheik came the statement, quote, these krr acts of terrorism run counter to all teachings of faith and humanitarian values. and then the spokesman for the irani foreign minister industry do not believe in ethical. the white house released a statement shortly after 11 color and she had spoken in tell fell don't to defeat the courage of terrorism. >> we're going to do whatever it takes to work with french people
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and with nations around the world to bring crists any will go to our family in 407. 4 47. ifor dialing with within the unions. if. suicide belts were used and discovered at two of the sites. president holland was evacuated from the stands of that stadium.
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my cox news ter khat liza detail that suggests they may have established safe houses. the authorities on the ground in paris are now working to identify the slain attackers and run computer checks on their national tease, potential prior arrests, prior eye tcontinue. >> well, don't get pursuit. namely, that the terrorism represents a plot matched and directed by the central isis hierarchy. that it's an affiliate or that it is an uneasy lone wolf cell that draws in there are at yet,
2:41 am
no claims of responsibility. back to you. >> we talk about the flow of information. what do you anticipate coming ot of washington tomorrow. do you anticipate statements talking about this terror attack or in this case do they let the french take the lead? >> certainly they would be tamingle the hound. president obama is taking off to a fine-can federal budget but watching james rosen live for us
2:42 am
in i'm broken in a helter to the power agree. if you would, share your story with us. what happened to you last night? >> i was in a restaurant not far there where everything happened. after i got called oaf to a local pum to watch the football match. and then as i was walking out, i sort of heard them what sounded like gun shots. i thought it was fire crackers. and the next thing saw lots of police. and sort of walking back towards me, which is in the and
2:43 am
basically no one reallyin but it had a door that closed on it. so we were sitting in the dark for about half an hour. >> sorry? >> i said no, i'm sorry, sir. and then some gentleman took us into himself house. >> it's funny, patty, as you tell this story and we hearing, woe said given and again the horrors in paris, there were
2:44 am
some exacts of hitch fiems. lars, i been did it n. >> i was going to seasoned a note. literally i keep encourage. i'm get again and you know, it just seems to be a stit of emergency emergency city. how did you kind of stay when did the informing gien to temperature when i was at the.
2:45 am
i was basically true that i was able to gain knowledge. so the or people there were strength but they were watching frechbd search very. but a. in the about if sfrchlt. >> coming up, we have more live coverage of the deadly attacks here many nothing has this by anymore. you're ready for a remodel?
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this is a fox news alert. authorities in paris are working hard to find out more about
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those responsiblefor carrying out the deadliest terror attack. why would you say an attack like that is impossible in the united states? >> i'd say they're essentially impossible. we have very good intelligence community in the united states. we've been working for 14, 15 years since 9/11.
2:51 am
we start focusing more on police brutality and alleged abuses of some nefarious intelligence community. i think it time we sit back and say, gees, are all these discussions about overcollection, the patriot act, profiling, et cetera, and where we've sort of rescinded from our security status, maybe it tyke to say if we keep going in that direction, we could wind up in a paris situation. >> it's true. the french have kept most of
2:52 am
these migrants out. if we bring a lot of these folks in, even if they're not radicalized today, they're going to become such a fertile ground for recruitment of these type guys in the future, we've got to look beyond what's going to happen tomorrow. we've got to look a little more long term. so borders are important. they do need to be dealt with properly. but i think your earlier guest was correct with regard to france right now. >> would you be surprised, brian finch, if down the road in this investigation taken from a 30,000 foot level that they found out, in fact, that some of these people who conducted the attack last night had, in fact, trained in syria, in iraq? >> wouldn't surprise me at all. remember we had a similar attack
2:53 am
in kenya at a mall, people with these kind of malicious intentions, they're all over the world. it's a mobile world. one was talking about training in improvised explosive devices. one of the best ways to find out who to make an i.e.d. was to go on youtube. it wouldn't surprised me if people came out of syria, iraq and other locations and it wouldn't surprised me if we self-radicalized in the u.s. >> do you think they are taking a hard look at their intel services?
2:54 am
we do need to deter these guys by going after them where they are right now, which is in iraq and syria and we need to go after them hard. >> you go after them hard, brian finch. is it enough? we go drone strikes, we go air strikes. if we go after them say in the future with some trained forces or ground forces is that enough to stop these types of attacks? >> nothing will ever stop these type of attacks. mike bake ar made an excellent point earlier. he said when you're setting up a caliphate in iraq and other locations, you're creating a permanent base where radicalized individuals and groups can organize, launch strikes and deliver instructions. so steve's point, mike's point is exactly right. it's not enough to pat yourself
2:55 am
on the back for taking out individuals who do social media or who conduct televised excuses. you're going to break your own arm patting yourself on the back at some point. we need to go in there and we need to disrupt and make sure there is no secure place where the enemy has freedom of movement to take the time and the energy and the training necessary to launch a coordinated event like this. >> steve, i'll give you the last word. i've got 30 seconds. >> as brian mentioned, we're better than this than almost anybody else, great 911 system to respond. but it's not perfect and somebody could pull off this kind of attack. remember, this isn't the invasion of normandy. it was a squad-size action. let's to the make these supermen. we can stop them but not perfectly. >> it was a squad-size action but it seemed to be better than
2:56 am
many we have seen. gentlemen, that apparently is all the time we have left. again, we have between 120 and 158 people who were killed in paris, france, one of the worst terror attacks in that country's history. much more, continuing coverage of breaking news throughout the night on fox news channel. ion, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes. our passion to make it real. ♪
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our passion to make it real. ♪ ♪virgin islands nice ♪ ♪so nice ♪ ♪so nice, so nice
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♪ spend a few days in st. croix and return with a lifetime of experiences. that's virgin islands nice. chaos and carnage in paris. at least 158 people are dead. well more than 200 are wounded after a series of attacks rocked the city last night. thouk for joining us this morning. i'm gregg jarrett. >> and i'm harris faulkner. the attack targeting young people attending a concert, soccer fans and people enjoying a friday night out at popular night spots. >> and there you hear one of the explosions just outside the soccer stadium.


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