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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 14, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EST

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spend a few days in st. croix and return with a lifetime of experiences. that's virgin islands nice. chaos and carnage in paris. at least 158 people are dead. well more than 200 are wounded after a series of attacks rocked the city last night. thouk for joining us this morning. i'm gregg jarrett. >> and i'm harris faulkner. the attack targeting young people attending a concert, soccer fans and people enjoying a friday night out at popular night spots. >> and there you hear one of the explosions just outside the soccer stadium. here's how it unfolded. first, two suicide bombings and
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an explosion happening outside that national stadium. during a soccer match between the french and german teams. within minutes, another group of attackers sprayed cafes in a very trendy paris neighborhood. nearby a concert hall, and they did it with machine gunfire. then they stormed inside the bataclan hall, featuring an american rock band, the terrorist opening fire. in total, there were six different site where is the attacks occurred. >> and the paris prosecutor's office is saying eight attackers are dead, seven in suicide bombings. security forces killed the eighth attacker inside that concert hall. police are still searching for possible accomplices. so far no one has claimed official responsibility. but experts say the islamic state is at the top of the list.
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>> the french president declaring a state of emergency, shutting down much of paris and closing most of the nation's boarders. he condemned the attacks and pledged france would stand term and be mersiless against its foes. >> pierre is a reporter with channel two in france joins us live by phone. thank you very much. bf we get started, i want to bring something to your attention. germany has offered up its special forces, its anti-terror special forces to france as it deals with finding any accomplices. what can you tell us is the latest from where you are in? >> it's been a terrible night here. it's about 8:00 a.m. in paris right now. people are waking up to a
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totally different mindset and city. i was, as you said last night, nor the location where the most massive shooting happened, which is a concert hall. other popular places near here. it was a crazy night. everybody was watching a football match. it was france versus germany, and some friends told me something strange is happened near the football match. we watched the football match. there was this sort of explosion during the football match but nobody really understood what it was. it's only when i went out and walked towards the place where the concert was happening that i started seeing so many police officers, so nervous, weapons out, telling me to just run away. they're shooting, they were screaming. then i saw the first people
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running away from the concert hall. some of them had blood on their clothes. i spoke with them. they explained how they had escaped from the concert hall. how they had seen two attackers shooting at them from the back of the stage, just shooting randomly for long minutes, that's what they described. everybody was under shock. people were crying on the sidewalks and after a few more minutes, we saw the first injured people, dead bodies on the streets, covered with blankets and emergency response teams doing the first emergency care on those who were just injured. >> pierre, let me ask you this. i know a curfew was put in place. i also saw on social media, the open door word was out on social media. if you were out and about and you did not speak french, people were opening their doors.
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talk with me about security inside that city. i realize it's just after 8:00 in the morgning there, but were they having a hard time finding places? >> i don't know if the curfew was actually in place, because i've been outside until maybe 6:00 in the morning last night. there were police officers everywhere, but they have too much work to worry so much about the curfew. it's true the city of paris and the main government offices told people to stay home and stay away from the windows in some neighborhoods and many people were not able to reach their homes because the different attacks happened in such a big area of paris that some people were not able to go home. >> that makes sense. >> the cafe owners were just
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like opening their doors and saying you can stay there as long as you want. we'll make coffee and whatever you want. you can charge your phones, call your relatives and loved ones. and then on social media, people were saying they were opening doors in case you're stuck somewhere in paris and you can't reach home. so it's closing the boarders, but opening the doors. >> yeah, you know, as the world watches this, just the heart. i was reading on social media just the big heartedness in all of this. i can only imagine being in new york and having gone through what we've gone through, all the fear and just the thought that someone would open their door, open their heart to let people in that they did not know, many seeking those that didn't seek french. >> pierre, it's gregg jarrett, going back to the concert hall, the bataclan where the american
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ro playing. we heard some horrific accounts of what was going on inside, the terrorist armed with guns, shooting people randomly. we also heard accounts that one or more of the terrorists took some people hostage and they were executing them as husbands were begging for the lives of their lives. have you heard such stories? what more have you understood took place inside that concert hall? >> well, i haven't heard such stories in such detail. the people i met were really under shock. they were not able to relate what had happened in such precise details. many of people were not even able to speak. there were also foreigners, probably from germany, from the united states after that concert. some of them were really just trying to go somewhere, not
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knowing where to go. the attackers came from behind the stage. i know that concert hall quite well. it's a very popular mace and people were telling me at first they thought they were firecrackers, maybe part of the show. they turned around and saw people falling all around them because they were hurt and they realized people were shooting at them. some people told us that blood started to be everywhere on the floor, they started crawling, tr trying to escape. but they consider stuck in a staircase while hearing automatic weapons for long, long minutes. i don't know if people were really taken hostage. from what i understand, the attackers were just shooting nonstop until a few of them blew themselves up. >> pierre, i want to ask you about the movement of people
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inside your city and country right now. we were told that the boarders would be shut down. but they were going to leave the airports open. of course, american airlines is the first to say they were not going to continue to fly in and out of paris for some period of time. they were going to halt their flights. are people able to get around, can they go home? what is the situation like? >> yeah, well, as we speak right now, i'm exactly in the center of paris, i'm outside. i'm right in front of the paris city hall. it's pretty deserted for a saturday morning. but the traffic is going on. i think most stores will not open today. i know all the public events in paris have been canceled. but the airport, from what i just heard, are working more or less normally. i think american airlines is the
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only airline not flying. as far as boarders being closed, it was something already in the minds of the french government in preparation for the cop 21, the major climate summit happening in paris in just a few days. that was already sort of in place. also, you have to understand that since the "charlie hebdo" attacks of last january, paris has been living with that fear, the fear that something exactly like that would happen and it struck me yesterday night, police officers were really shocked, but responding in a sort of mechanical way. >> very military fashion, yeah. >> yeah. and last night was that time. >> you definitely also had a lot of french military on the streets. what about the search for any accomplices, what is the latest on that that you're hearing? >> yeah, i think also closing the boarders is intended in that
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way, make sure that nobody leaves the country opposed to coming in, maybe. we're not entirely sure the attack is over. it's just a few hours ago, and the last time in the "charlie hebdo" attacks, the attacks happened for two or thee days actually. so everybody is very cautious as to whether the threat is over or is it still there on paris? but yeah, the search is happening. the french intelligence agencies are monitoring a few hundred people at all times in paris. obviously, right now they're going to see if some of these people that they usually monitor, you know, knew anything. if they missed something on the communication intelligence, and if some people are still out
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there and where was the planning of this attack. >> i've got to tell you, as people watch this from around the world, you've got to bet something got missed. this was a hellish night. pierre, thank you very much. germany's interior minister is now giving more details about the german special forces. they want to offer up the gsg-9 anti-terror unit created after the attacks on the munich olympics in 1972. we saw the first major operation of that during the hijacking of that lufthansa plane by a palestinian group. so that's what they're offering up to france now. >> i would imagine other european countries will want to assist, the united states perhaps as well. we are getting some updated information that national security forces in paris are looking for accomplices, looking at possible safe houses, transportation, escape routes as well as anybody who may be sheltering those who help
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organize and carry out these attacks. as we say, paris is -- or the french government is saying eight attackers, all now dead. but that number could change, depending on what they find over the course of the next several hours. importantly, no americans reported dead so far. you heard pierre talking about americans inside the bataclan music hall. but 70 are unaccounted for. that may be because of the curfew, we heard geraldo's daughter simone talking about transportation was shut down. so it's been very difficult for people to get in contact with their family and loved ones to tell them that they are okay. but 730 still unaccounted for. the u.s. embassy set up a hotline. >> and i'm on the safety check to just kind of see what the latest is on that situation.
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it's a very user friendly type thing. the facebook safety check. a lot of people are using it right now. once they hear from their loved ones, then posting it on social media to make sure all family members are aware. >> the fbi and the department of homeland security have issued a joint statement. they say they're monitoring the situation very closely. they're in touch hourly with their counterparts in europe, especially in paris. but they say there is no specific or credible threat to the united states. let me repeat that. no specific, credible threat to the united states. the dhs and the fbi are not aware of any credible threats.
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degalle airport is open at the moment. american airlines canceled one flight in paris. other flights are still operating for american airlines. we do understand united is operating some of their flights, but american saying all of our flights are ongoing right now. in the meantime, let's go live to a freelance journalist who is live there in paris. seth, tell us where you were, what you've learned, heard and seen. >> reporter: sure. right now i'm at the airport, and flights are taking off. i was taking at a apartment in the neighborhood, directly next door to one of the restaurant shootings. it was a busy intersection. there's a mcdonald's, a couple
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cafes. i stepped out of the building perhaps right a of the shooting occurred and the first thing i see hunched in the gateway of my building is a man with a bloody hand. my first thought is he had gotten into a bar fight. but stepping a couple steps later, i see a large number of police officers. there are people around snapping photos, posting them on social media. it's the kind of crowd that might come around a car wreck or something being arrested for doing silly in the streets. then i saw the police officers take out their guns and hunch behind their vans. it was like a scene from a movie. i never seen anything like that before. then dozens and dozens of firefighters appear out of know where and start closing you have the streets to vehicle traffic. of course, there's dozens of
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onlookers and none of us know what's going on. you step ten feet from there and people are chatting on their phones, laughing. they have no idea. >> then tell us what else happened. you walk ten feet from there and people have no idea. then you can see them have a realization that something is occurring. we definitely didn't know about the other attacks. i think people thought this was an isolated gun incident. i think the idea there was something else going on didn't occur to anybody on the scene at that time. when i was talking to people, they said oh, somebody got shot. then you hear several people got shot. then you hear it was a machine gun and you hear, oh, the dpoi is still out there on the run in a neighborhood.
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so i went a very, very long way around, about half the city, and saw the city just empty out before coming back to my apartment just as police were closing off that street. >> seth, i'm curious to know just about that communication system. you know, we had a lot of lessons learned after september 11th here in new york city. just kind of getting the word out and bulletins. you get a universal on your phone. is it like that where you are, where people are instantaneously informed? because it sounds like there was much more confusion, particularly since they had been through something like this before and not too long ago. >> i'm an american, i live in new york. so i have no idea how it works back here in that regard.
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this is before the other attacks even occurred. for all the police knew, it was just an isolated gun incident. once the information got out there, it spread rather quickly. as you radiate out from where this was, you see more and more people who you could tell knew what was happening. for people out on a friday night, they look one day. you're walking by cafes, a lot of people are in there taking cover. pretty soon the police are joined by large rifles, as well. >> seth, thank you for taking the time. a series of terrorist attacks on france aimed at young concertgoers. parisians dining on a balmy friday night. and concertgoers, plus the
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soccer stands in the stadium. in all, 158 dead. that may rise. more than 200 wounded. we'll have the latest news for you when we come back.
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one of the attackers reportedly said "this is for syria." as we continue our coverage now of what's happened across paris. so far, no one has claimed official responsibility for the terror attacks yet. at least six coordinated attacks, leaving some 158 people dead, and many injured and some reports saying as many as 80 of those injuries very serious. and another number to tell you about.
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1500 additional soldiers have been mobilized to guard french facilities following the country's deadliest attacks in decades. president for american islamic forum for democracy, dr. jaser joins us now from atlanta. my first question is, and i know isis is quick to probably take credit for this. but we have to figure out where this really goes. any early signs of who this points to? >> well, i think it most clearly is going to point to isis. isis is basically leading the jihadi grind around the world. right now they've divided the world as they build their caliphate. so when their recruits can't travel to syria, as europe has begun to restrict passports. so they say if you can't come fight in syria, fight in france, fight in germany, fight in
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america. we've seen an escalation, if you will, from ft. hood to ottawa, to "charlie hebdo" to chattanooga. they're happening closer to each larger because of ing more social media and the civil war in syria is becoming more and more bloody and grotesque and barbaric. this is going to cause them to act out even more around the world. >> we know that isis' central command is raqqa in syria. if these guys are any indication, what they're saying is true, this is for syria, some of them would have gotten some training there. did they activate an idea about passports too late in this process? if they've already gone and come back, they don't need to go back to do something like this. >> absolutely. what these guys want is they're seeking martyrdom. they want chaos in the west. they want to make us into
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isolationist. in syria, we see russia wasn't attacking isis, and there's been these authoritarian regimes that radical -- isis, that's why they attacked in tunisia and the egyptian airliner, because the egyptian revolution didn't become as bloody as syria and has been a threat to not only the islamist but any dictator. this is why if there's going to be a new normal, it has to be america to say you know what? that's enough of this whack-a-mole. let's know where islam is in its time in history, which is to
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fight against theocractheocracy. isis wants to take away our resolve and make us turn inward. >> i wrote down what you said, a new normal. i thought that's where we were going to go with jihadi john, the man who is seen in all of those videos with journalists like james foley and steven sotloff beheading them. it is interesting to note just the timing that happening, just a day and a half ago. thank you very much. >> thank you. the impact from the attacks in paris being felt all over the world. here in the united states, there are no specific or credible threats of similar attacks. that affording to the secretary of homeland security, jeh johnson, johnson saying the fbi and dhs are monitoring the
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situation. president obama saying these were not just attacks of the people of france, but attacks on all of humanity and the universal values we share. >> we're reminded in this time of tragedy that the bonds of liberty are not only values that the french people care so deeply about, but they are values that we share. and those values are going to endure far beyond any act of terrorism or the hateful vision of those who perpetrated the crimes this evening. >> joining us now, fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen. james, what can you tell us? >> reporter: you heard from the president. secretary of state john kerry is in vienna for a summit on the syrian crisis. he issued a statement deploring this violent assault and saying the u.s. embassy in paris is
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working to account for the welfare of of the citizens. the rock band that was performing are all accounted for but some 70 americans known to have -- the state department has released a state department for those that need assistance. that number is 888-407-4747. that's for those calling within the u.s. or if you're calling from outside the u.s., 202-501-4444. again, if you're calling from outside the u.s., 202-501-4444. the respective front-runners for the democratic and republican nominations are weighing in, hillary clinton saying even in this darkest night paris remains the city of light and calling on
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the obama administration she once served. donald trump meantime tweeting, while the attacks were still under way, his prayers are with the victims and the hostages in the horrible paris attacks. and mr. trump adding, may god be with you all. on the eve of tomorrow's democratic debate, the emphasis of that debate has changed with the international terrorism now the subject for the first section of the debate. >> james, thank you very much. >> i am now tweeting out those numbers he gave. i know people will want to use those. as we continue to follow this, we have a lot of questions about intelligence, and also the search for any accomplices. we know that the government in france has confirmed eight attackers dead. they are looking to see if they
3:31 am
had any help. estimates early on is it might take upwards of a dozen people to pull off something like this. we're close on the story. stay close to us.
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this is a fox news alert. at least 158 people are dead, more than 200 wounded.
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this is the deadliest violence to strike france since world war ii. >> the attacks are targeting young people at a concert, soccer fans and people enjoying the night out. the president of france was at that soccer game when this started. >> we're told that eight attackers are dead, seven of them in suicide bombings. but police are still searching for possible accomplices, safe houses, those who helped them try to get away. so far no one has claimed responsibility, but terrorism experts are looking closely at the islamic state. french police say they believe all the attackers involved in the shootings and bombings are dead. despite this, authorities still searching for others who may have had some organizational involvement perhaps. although nobody has claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks, some believe -- some
3:36 am
terrorism experts believe isis or isil is likely responsible. joining us now with more, fox news correspondent kitty logan. kitty, what are you hearing? >> reporter: gregg, well, the attack appears to be over, but the fear factor certainly isn't. french police are searching for any accomplices in these attacks. eight were kid, one by police, the others were suicide attackers. police are extremely concerned about who might have been behind it. we don't know who planned this attack. we don't know what the motive was. there is speculation it could be linked to syria or isis. but all we know is this a complex, coordinated professional attack that seemed to be very well planned. at the moment, france is counting its dead and injured in that concert hall alone, it's
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believed 87 people died there. when gunmen went into that live concert, firing from the exit doors so people were unable to leave and detonating special forces belt when police forces stormed that building. there are many, many dead and many, many injured. paris today in shock, the government declaring a state of emergency and calling a special meeting to secure the situation, worried that there could be further attacks. gregg? >> kitty logan, our correspondent live in london with the latest. thank you. following the terror attacks in paris now, the city is on lockdown. in fact, all of france is in a state of emergency. joining us live from d.c., our terrorism analyst matt graham, former u.s. intelligence officer andrew peak, as well. and terrorism expert tom rogan. mr. graham, a weapons instructor
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and specializes in hostage rescue and we certainly saw that was a need. as you talk about how they would have pulled this off, i read a few motorof them. what is the methodology you think they're using? >> either a direct communication line or just predetermining how you're going to act and then. so since we have multiple attacks and multiple sites, it could have been as a certain time, this is when you're going to act. and from that, you take your attack, you hit the targets you want to hit, then you just create as much carnage as you can. so it's very difficult from a response stand point to fight that because it truly is an organic piece.
3:39 am
>> andrew, i'm going to ask you about kind of the logistics of how this would work. the military and police would respond to a scene very differently. what we saw last night, both groups on the streets of paris. you saw an extra 1500 soldiers moving in. does the enemy take advantage of that, or is that an advantage of those trying to stop this from happening? >> the interesting thing about french counterterrorism is it's highly militarized. the french do not have the feeling, which i think the angelo saxon countries have, about wanting to put a civil face on this. they will roll in, paramilitary groups, virtually and immediate why, and really make a significant show of force in the center of paris. >> tom, let me go to you. it's gregg jaret.
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it was just yesterday that president obama announced ice is not getting stronger, we have contained them. do you believe that perhaps we underestimate just how forbiddable isis really is. >> i think obviously at the moment we don't know which group is responsible for this. certainly the president -- i don't think there's any question since the beginning of the rise of the islamic state originally in iraq, now syria, the president has been behind the curb on this, that there has been the belief that hopefully it will go away. not only i would say is it ludicrous, it's outrageous, because the facts on the ground are not simply in terms of the european counterterrorism situation. i guaranty you, for example, the british government will be
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looking closely. it's just tragic. >> i almost want matt and andrew to talk to each other. i find it hard to believe how much weaponry they had on them. how do you miss that, andrew? how do you miss these guys rolling think your city with that much killing power? >> we talk about the complexity of what happened when in reality it's very simple. it's a simple tasking of here's a rifle, here are explosives. shoot as many as you can, and then kill yourself. so the weapons trade and trafficking is one of the largest businesses in the world.
3:42 am
>> andrew, when you talk about what got missed in all of this and how much it must have taken to kill that many people, again i have to ask the question, what got missed here and what we do better? >> reporter: well, look, i think on the macro level, even apart from the guys walk around paris with suicide vests and automatic rifles. on the macro level, there noded to be a concerted national french effort. it is such a potent inspirational symbol of romantic resistance against the west, that it's going to play a large role in inspiring those attacks instill the isis caliphate is
3:43 am
ended. >> you know, tom, let me go back to you. the reason we are talking to as much about isis is because of what ear witnesses heard, "this is for syria." what do you worry about the most? somebody inspired by isis or a lone wolf? >> that's the great difficulty, you have to worry about all those. unfortunately in french society, partly because of its colonial past, and isolation socially of young muslim men, there is an opportunity for imams to recruit people. and then return back.
3:44 am
and the contingent point is, with these movements across the -- land boarders accessible to eu movement and it's easier to get across. >> tom, andrew, matt, thank you very much. we'll be right back. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung.
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a fox news alert. welcome back to our continuing coverage of the paris terror attacks now. we want to give you a tick-tock
3:48 am
of what's going on in europe right now. germany's foreign minister has offered up their special forces in what he is calling an inferno of terror right now. he said that those special forces will be commensurate with what they would use in other attacks they've responded to, including an attack on lufthansa planes by palestinian terrorists. the next point here is that disneyland, in an almost unprecedented move in paris, decided not to open today. they get 14 million visitors a year. and they will not be opening their doors today in light of what's happening. the german chancellor says the attackers who killed more than 100 people simply hate freedom. so we're starting to hear more and more. >> of course, some stern words from the french president. he was, while this was literally still unfolding, he took to the
3:49 am
air. he condemned the attacks and said the response by the french would be merciless toward those who organized it. six different sites, 158 people dead, more than 200 wounded. we just got word, there are cameras that are posted outside, and all of the cabinet members have now arrived individually for a cabinet meeting and the french president will be presiding. that will be an important meeting, not only what to do today but in the days and weeks ahead to go after those behind this horrific, vile, heinous, terrorist attack, the worst that paris has seen certainly certain world war ii with so many dead and so many different venues happening almost simultaneously.
3:50 am
indeed, the french president imhe feel was at that soccer stadium when one of the first blasts occurred. >> our coverage will continue moments away from now. at least 158 people dead in the paris attacks. stay close.
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the city of paris on lockdown tonight following multiple terror attacks across the city. at least 158 people believed killed in the attack. we caution you, the situation still very fluid. that number could change up. it could change down. there are great many wounded. some of them are in critical condition at french hospitals. in the meantime, the president there has convened a security meeting this morning of all cabinet members. he vowed to be merciless with the nation's foes. joining us now on the phone to talk a bit more about this is the senior vice president with the center for security policy, a former cia analyst. fred, you've had several hours now to digest these horrific events in paris. your thoughts? >> gregg and harris, good morning. it's hard to compose myself
3:55 am
watching the horror here. i wrote in a november 6th we are in a very dangerous period right now. i'm concerned that american weakness in the middle east is going to lead the possibility of major terrorist attacks against the united states. we saw that al qaeda launched 9/11 because of the weakness shown by the clinton administration, especially in somalia. we're thinking of letting 10,000 refugees into the united states next year from syria. the homeland security committee said we have no way of screening them for terrorists and extremists. i'm scared to death for what this means to the united states. >> fred, i'm curious about another development that we are perhaps on the precipice of, and that is the president using his
3:56 am
executive authority to close guantanamo bay and there doesn't seem to be a unified vision within the beltway of our nation's capital about what we would do with those inmates. would we put them here, try to house them here? cities don't want them. i mean, is it time to really, really rethink closing gitmo, or at least putting it off or does it all tie together or not? >> i think it does tie together. i worked with congress to stop those terrorists from coming to michigan. those are the worst of the worst. no state wants these terrorists in their state. and the people who work at these prisons do not want to have to deal with these people because they know the implications and the violence it could bring upon their families and communities. >> fred, thank you very much.
3:57 am
if you don't mind, i know you have a great many more thoughts on this, some insights that we have not yet gotten into. so if you'll stick around, we're going to be talking with you some more. we'll be right back.
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a dark day in the city of lights. multiple terrorist attacks in paris last night reportedly leaving at least 158 dead. a great number more are wounded. thanks for joining us. >> we were just seeing reports of many more people in critical condition, so we are anticipating some movement in the numbers. friends and relatives are taking to social media at this hour searching for their loved ones. france is tightening its borders and deploying 1500 additional troops around paris. schools, universities closed. and even disneyland paris, which this is rare, is closed now to the public. it


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