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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  November 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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november 14th, 2015. and this is a fox news alert. act of war moments ago the president of france declaring isis responsible for this. [explosion] >> explosions outside a stadium setting off a murderous rampage in multiple likes across paris. more than 120 people dead and this morning a new message from the terrorists. >> isis cheering the highly coordinated the well-planned attacks last night.
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why did the president tell us just this yesterday. >> isil continues to shrink in its scope of operations. >> this morning, this country on high alert. >> also this morning, the world is mourning with paris. a peace sign going viral as the freedom tower lights up in the colors of the french flag. "fox & friends" begins now. >> good morning. would want to get to that fox news alert. just moments ago isis claiming responsibility for a string of murderous attacks in paris. french president calling it all an act of war. [beings. [explosions] [sirens] >> at least 127 people are
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dead. that number expected to rise as nearly 200 more are hurt at six locations. the worst violence seen in the country since world war ii. the most people killed at the it bataclan concert hall were a california based rock band was playing. attackers storming in and opening fire on the audience and taking them hostage. all members of that american band are safe but the night of violence started here. [explosion] >> you heard those three explosions they were set off north of the cap capital where a soccer match between french and german teams. dozens more are killed at four locations including a
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cambodian restaurant in paris a bar, a cafe and mall. witnesses report hearing the gunman shout allah iraq bar and this is for syria as they open fire. >> especially in paris it's surreal. the ambulances and gurneys with people. >> police confirm 8 attackers are dead by detective ton naghtd explosive belts. the president calling the attacks an act of war and vowing attacks against isis. >> police hunt for more possible accomplices. german report an arrest in bavaria tied to the attacks. send out to greg palkot who is live in paris. good morning, greg. >> hi, folks. i think this sums it up pretty well with, better than i could ever say.
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the front page of the pa parissian. a state of emergency, state of high alert not just in paris but throughout the country. behind me behind the international medium sacrum is the bataclan theater is the scene of the great carnage. get to more details of that in a moment. let's just tell you what authorities are telling french people right now. as you noted eight attackers dead. authorities are are saying there is no way that might be all of the attackers. they are now, as you hear the police sirens, searching for any other attackers, co-attackers they call them. also accomplices that could have helped these individuals do what they did here and throughout this city on a night of rampage. president hollande said it best our war will be mercyless we will not stop until we find everybody involved. again the bataclan was the scene of the greatest carnage. men dressed in black
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flashing semiautomatic guns going into the concert shooting, shooting, shooting whatever and whoever they could find. some people managed to get out. many others were killed. many others were injured. and it just ended when the police stormed in but, yes, our first sign of a possible link to the group that we're so transfixed with right now the isis islamic group allah akbar was the call and what are you doing in syria? a sign of france's role in the u.s. led coalition against isis in syria and iraq. we are looking at cafes and restaurants here. there are people in them now. but last night, again, it was a scene of terror. right around here circumference of several blocks, restaurants and cafes were shot up. the terrorists would go along the street, shoot into the restaurant, not necessarily have to go in. just right through the windows and they did their damage. 18 killed in one location.
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14 killed in another location. this is war time fatality figures. this is not civilian style casualty figures. president hollande was a target, too believe it or not. he was at the stade de france. he was at the soccer stadium that was also the target of suicide attacks. and he said today that his war will be mercyless and he met today with his emergency cabinet ministry looking for new moves, new efforts against this new foe. there is a manhunt for those involved. there is a growing certainty that isis is in some way involved, that these individuals who were killed and behind this, they could have gone to syria, could have gotten their orders as one did, in fact, who was arrested in august and very telling to me. i uncovered it last night as i was going through my research that man was told in syria by his isis leaders
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when he was there in may shoot up a concert hall. shoot up a concert hall with a lot of people in it. that man was arrested back in august, but other men, well, we see what they did. a coordinated attack, almost simultaneous attacks. again, the mood of the people solemn, fearful, but i would be remiss if i said paris was frozen right now. it is not true. there are cars. there are people moving around. but president hollande has asked the french people to stay closer to home, to stay closer to where they feel safe and to not go out in the streets if they don't have to. and so there is a little bit of a quieter mood here. certainly a mood of fear. a little bit of deja vu feeling. we were here back in january as the terrible charlie hebdo killings which shocked this country while this toll, this death toll higher
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still. shocking the people one more time. back to you guys. >> greg palkot live for us in paris, france, thanks a lot, greg. appreciate it. >> now that isis has officially claimed responsibility for acts terror what does it mean going. walid phares joins us live this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> what do you think the purpose of these attaches was? what was isis strategic goal in carrying these out? >> well, if you do a comparison, the charlie hebdo attack was probably comparable to our first twin towers attack in 1993. this one is comparison, of course, with 9/11 in terms of the shock, in terms of many people killed on the streets. but there is more to it. the fact that 9/11 was done by people coming from outside the united states, all of them. though they spent some time; here, you have french analysis that says that there is let me say it
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jihadi army inside france. the intelligence services, i was told by some experts in france already yesterday knew that something was coming. they didn't know how and where and when but they knew there was an action. this is basically goichange theh are going to deal with the issue on two grounds quickly. ground number one, what we're going to see over the next few days is a decision that they will have to make inside france not on syria, not on iraq yet. inside france. there is a whole network and they know it of individuals who got training in syria and iraq and came back to france. will the government go after them now or not is the big question. >> wall lead, walid, we have video and i want want to warn our viewers it is fairly graphic. we have video of some of the people running out to escape these horrific attacks. it's important that we show it, at least occasionally so that those of us in america who have not personally experienced this kind of thing before see what these
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animals really are capable of. obviously terrorism is just about getting you to alter your callly routine to live in fear. but how should the french people respond? president hollande says this is an act of war. how do you go to war against unseen enemy? we're going to play that video now before you answer. hang on. [shouting] [explosion] >> you can see some of the victims inside that concert hall, the bataclan concert hall carrying friends out as
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you hear the attackers shouting allah akbar. back to the question,&h walid, france says it's an act of war. how do they respond? >> let me say something about this scene. this is more like beirut or aleppo or places in the middle east. this is now a french scene. this is psychologically shocking for the french who are going to see this coming in the french debate. but how the french are going to respond is going to be at two levels. you have the government and then you have the public. the government we can't project that they will have to do something inside france. they know that there are weapons caches. they will have to go in areas where they should have gone in the past. mostly in the suburbs. now they can because they would have public support. with regards to syria and iraq, definitely this is going to be a prompt meeting between french and the allies to decide are they going to go on the ground or not. the french public is going to react. it's going to pay more attention now to it a lot of
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other details. for example, you know, the radicalization process. many people are going to ask how is this happening? this is going to be a cultural shock in france. >> many people are going to be asking and they already are, how could an attack this sophisticated, this coordinated involving this many people, how could it have escapedcz the notice of authorities, intelligence authorities? >> let me share what i heard last night when i spoke with some of the analysts in france with whom i spoke after charlie hebdo and during the past month. they said the intelligence community knew that there was an attack coming to france. they knew they had had warnings. what they don't know, what they can't figure out because if they do figure out, then the attack went happen. they disrupt it remember in america we had two or three violent attacks in the past few years but we disrupted about 40, 45. this one they knew it was coming. they didn't know where and how and it hit them big time now. >> walid, the problem is when you see an attack like
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this that is so well coordinated and given all the different recent terror attacks and especially the most recent one at charlie hebdo in france, why is it that they were allowed and able to carry off this level, this scale of an operation without some kind of more specific intel or terror chatter to alert them of the specifics? >> we will know more soon but what i have learned so far that's very limitside that the chatter was there. they knew that there were threats. actually it was even on twitter and other means. they knew that something is going to happen. the problem in france at this point in time is how many jihaddists there are. talking to the presidential leadership and president hollande can we preelement? should we preempt. this has political
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ramifications in france. will t. will not just change french culture but change french politics. >> walid, there have got to be lessons for us in america on all a of this. why are there so many jihadis in france? >> because in france the demography of jihadists is much larger. 50's a and 60's and 70's and radicalized. second it's a democratic concentration there are entire areas that have been radicalized around paris known as the suburbsq which we don't have here. having said that what we have seen is those heroic sceneries are not scenes we may not see elsewhere in the west. this is a warning to us to the british, canadians, australians and here as well. >> the problem is, i think they are going to have to really radically think about the way they are conducting business, doing policing in france, in paris because
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when you have something of this magnitude walid, there has to be a change in course. cannot be that concerned about politics when this level of cash carnage is taking place. >> the french, this is a debate inside france that is not well understood here have been talking about areas around paris and leon and other places where potential jihaddists can hide. police don't go there. what the french are talking about now and the act of war not just with regard to syria and with regard to iraq. it's to give the president and government in france and their authorities the ability into those no-go areas and try to clean them up from potential jihaddists that are coming back from syria and iraq. >> stay with us. i want to play for our viewers the report of a witness who lives about 150 feet away from the stadium where these bombings
6:16 am
took place. listen. >> all right. we want to go to claude, he is standing by. eyewitness to what happened last night. are you there? >> yeah, i'm here. >> thank you for joining us. tell us what you saw last night. >> i didn't really see anything. i was in my apartment watching the game and we. i live like 50 millimeters from the stadium. i heard a boom my wife asked me if i heard a boom. i thought it was just the people in the stadium celebrating because the game was going on. then a few minutes later we heard another one louder that's when looking through the wi÷kzuñ i realized what was going on. and then i started to look at my facebook feed and twitter and i noticed that there was actually an explosion. >> we are hearing from authorities in france that french intelligence had a sense there was something
6:17 am
coming. did you, as someone who lives in france, have any heightened sense of awareness? were you concerned about a terror attack in the last week or so? >> no. because just 20 minutes before it happened, i walked past the stage, on my instagram uploaded a video of the stadium like right 20 minutes before that happened. so nobody -- i will admit like, okay, every time we have a game at the stadium, they put the -- light early during the daylight. 12 noon. just a usual day. we couldn't expect that. >> take you back to january, the charlie hebdo attacks shocked all of paris, all of france. those two assailants were killed. had a feeling of normalcy descended on paris? was there ever the expectation that this kind of thing on this scale could take place again?
6:18 am
>> no. the thing in paris is, things like that doesn't happen often. so, when they happen, of course we are shocked. but because of how the media and everything works, i will say after a week or two everything went back to normal. we didn't have it in mind. it's only yesterday that it started charlie hebdo again. a lot of stuff you might see in the states. that's not what's going on here. like the no-go zones. we have no no-go zones in south paris. this is funny to us but -- >> do you think this is going to change now the way you perceive your level of safety, whether people will actually think something like this now is possible to happen again, especially given the large scale of these attacks and how well coordinated they were? >> yes and no. because now we know it's coming from the outside and i believe that you will never be ready enough. so i think we have to go back to normal life.
6:19 am
and hopebó that it thing that
6:20 am
hurts me is everybody that got killed and hurt yesterday have one thing in common, friday night we are going out to party or -- >> that's the saddest thing. >> it really is. >> your president hollande calling it an act of war that has committing to be merciless in radio venging the loss of life in your country. just hours before the attacks began president obama said isis was shrinking. counter terrorism experts is a bags is weighs in next.
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a fox news alert. isis is now claiming responsibility for the coordinated terror attacks in paris. this as new video reveals the chaos in the aftermath of those attacks. you are looking there at the back of the theater that was under attack. this after president obama claimed his strategy for fighting the terror group is working. >> to start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. they have not gained ground in iraq. and in syria, they will come in, they will leave. but you don't seejy this systematic march by isil across the terrain. >> so what shift does the obama administration need to make to win the war against isis? joining us now major general matthew c. horne
6:25 am
distinguished chair sabastian gore can gorka. thanks so much for being with us. will this change anything in the president's approach? >> i hope so but unfortunately if you look at the last seven years and specifically the last four years, i very much doubt it. isis did not exist as a threat group that holds territory until we left iraq in 2011 ewe territory expanse of great britain. they have established in anew caliphate. they have a new emperor al baghdadi and they recruited up to 60,000 fighters more than 20,000 of which have come from outside iraq and syria and in which 4,000 are westerners, americans, brits, french citizens who
6:26 am
can travel freely and can go back to the lands of their citizenship to do these kinds of attacks. so, it's absolutely uncon thennable to say that we are winning or as secretary kerry said yesterday isis is losing. they have achieved what all other i didn't jihady groups have failed to to establish the caliphate. the war against jihaddism isn't something happening 9,000 away in the middle east it's on the streets of our cities whether it's garland, texas, whether it's the boston bombing of the marathon. i worked on the trial. i was an expert for the prosecution. the documents that were on tsarnaev's hard drive, they are the same documents that they use in the middle east to justify violence.-y
6:27 am
it's the same i i jihad narrative. linked to isis, the united states. unless we take this threat seriously we will see more of these attacks on the streets of our allies and unfortunately probably on the streets of america. >> well then the easy question is how do you stop them? how do you prevent that? >> two thie serious about this war. we have to be serious why it's occurring and how the enemy is winning. we can't have this political censorship of our intelligence community saying oh it's all about economics, unemployment and lack of education. that's absurd. look at jihadi john, look at the 19 hijackers, none of these people were born in palestinian refugee camps. this is a jihadi franchise, a global movement. let's be honest about who they are. let's support the people in the region who can really close with the enemy. it's not about us defeating
6:28 am
isis necessarily but us empowering the egyptians, jordanians, not canceling our training program in syria. not saying oh what russia is doing is done out of weakness and isis is losing. no. let's talk about helping the people in the region, redeploying our special forces, especially as trainers and advisors and closing with the enemy and destroying them on the battlefield but also in the ideological domain. >> under president -- all right, we're going to have to leave it there. thanks very much sebastian good morning can a. gore carks thank you so much. >> breaking news coverage continues next. isis officially takes responsibility for the attacks in paris. were there warning signs? how were they missed if so? lt. colonel tony shaffer weighs in.
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6:33 am
war ii. >> french president hollande act of war as police look for more accomplices. greg palkot is back with us live from paris with the latest. greg. >> hey john, hey folks. let me show you this latest headline it's from the kidnap -- kip newspaper. this is sports newspaper they are declaring the horror. they have a stake in this, of course, there was a germany-france soccer going on at the stade de france that's the main stadium here in paris when suicide bombs were launched, were set off outside of that stadium. i lived in paris for nine years. and i never thought that i would say those words that suicide bombs went off just close by paris outside of the stadium. amazing stuff. in the past 20 minutes since we last talked to you, we have gathered more details about what police are doing to find out what happened
6:34 am
here in those horrible hours. we're actually, if you can come back to me and pierre, try zoom in a little bit. you will see a red and yellow building front sticking out there. that is the bataclan theater. that is where the main carnage went. and what i find interesting and hearing about this, covering terror as i have done and covering paris as i have done is how openly the terrorists acted. they went into this theater, something like four people without any masks on, showing their faces, and shooting up the place using rifles and then, of in fact, explosive, i'm looking at cafes and restaurants in the adjacent several blocks they drove around in cars and they shot up those store fronts right now we are told v single witness. could find inside that
6:35 am
theater, inside the cafe that saw anything that could describe anything about their faces, about their cars, about their license plates on their cars. to me, guys, it sounds like these folks were, well, let's put it this way amateurs to some degree. we heard that they go to syria, get trained up for maybe a week or so, a lot of these homegrown terrorists, and then come back, launched here to launch an attack. and this is what these people seem to be. they seem to be more in the symbolic display. this could be a big help for the police. not only are the police interrogating the witnesses. they are examining the remains. remember, 8 dead attackers, seven blown up with their own explosives trapped to -- strapped to them. another shot by police. we are told, our producer sicily who follows this stuff closely has heard that they will be able to make out something from these
6:36 am
remains, certainly the d.n.a. for sure and other aspects of their bodies to try to track this down. let's look -- just run down the attack points. bataclan, the theater here where we are right now, it is on lockdown. we are behind a sacrum scrum of international media. i saw two soldiers outside of one cafe in the middle of nowhere so they are looking for any kind of soft points. any kind of vulnerabilities. a lot of soldiers marching in unison according to our producer phil who saw that at the airport. so, yes, security very high. as you have been noting there is a state of emergency. a state of high aalert here. francois hollande the president describing a merciless war he will be waging he met with his top security cabinet. his national defense
6:37 am
council, the security council. he met with the defense ministers, interior ministers, heads of police to try to come up with a plan. and it is a plan to go for co-attackers who they feel could very well be out there. accomplices who could very well be out there as well to track them down. as for the people of paris, surfaces can be deceiving. yes, on the surface here in paris, life goes on. i would be remiss to say city is dead, it is not. there are cars. there are are people. but fewer than normal and the message from president hollande is if you don't have to go out, if you don't have to drive around. if you don't have to make a big show of yourself then don't. so a lot more people staying closer to home. traffic we noted was lighter here and a lot of concern about what's to come in the future, guys. >> dark day in the city of light. greg palkot. greg, thank you. >> thanks a lot, greg. the question is how does the united states respond to these attacks in france?
6:38 am
tony shaffer, lt. colonel old friend joins us now with the implications for us. gooded to see you this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> how do you respond to this. >> two things. first off, figure out how the french failed to do their job to keep the people safe. i don't know if they didn't go far enough to detect and defeat the charlie hebdo network or this was a new network. any way you cut it, we need to figure out)> rapidly, tucker, why this failed. what were the on or on or obser. this was sophisticated. this was a rolling attack. this had to be rehearsed. we had suicide bombers bombers h vests. a bomb maker had to be present to build those. they had to rehearse. this this was a military style attack. military aged men involved were probably jihadis went back to europe. they should have been observable and they weren't. secondly, take that lesson and figure out how to
6:39 am
penetrate the network to. defeat a network you must penetrate it. that means old fashioned espionage. that means old fashioned special operations, grabbing people, interrogating them. i'm sorry that's a rough word in some circles around here but you need to figure out what's going on inside the network. inside the heads of the terrorists to defeat it as seb gorka said earlier go to the root cause back in syria. we have to do both immediately. >> colonel shaffer, so when we look at these type of things happening, it's really disturbing to see that france has been hit very hard now in two very major terror attacks. almost to the point where you see soft targets like concert halls and perhaps stadiums where there aren't proper security or additional security like we have seen some of those attacks in the u.s. what's the lesson and the message from here and really it should be concerning to the president of france that they have been hit like in this severely. >> he will with, i think again we need to get on the
6:40 am
intelligence game. we can't be everywhere constantly. as much as we have organizations like the nypd, they have got a global intelligence collection system. we have to really get in there next thing, we have to be as a society more vigilant. we have to understand, kimberly, that people are are out to do us harm. president obama was ill-timed and i think ill-informed to say what he said yesterday. isis is not contained. isis is not remotely on the run. we have to get ahead of these folks and recognize that we as a society, those folks in europe all have to be vigilant to the fact that people are going to be planning to do catastrophic attackst2 against soft targets that means every individual has to be aware and we have to demand more of our political leaders to understand that we must look where the threat is. radical islam is the key. they are coming for us and i think -- i'm sorry to say -- i don't want to be alarmist here their next target is going to be the united states. i think we have to take the threat of isis seriously. they have followed through
6:41 am
with every threat they have made so far. there is no reason to doubt that they are going to come to our direction now. >> walid phares our terrorism analyst was talking to us earlier. he said that to his understanding there had been suggestions that something was coming, french authorities knew that something was up. they just didn't have a handle on it and they didn't expect anything this big. failure of intelligence, tony or just good planning on the part of the terrorists? >> both. john, this was clearly a failure of intelligence. you cannot plan something of this scope without, what i would call observables, again, this was planned. this was rehearsed. this was executed flawlessly which means they went through the step-by-step. this is something they should have seen. was this a step up by the terrorists? no doubt. this is a level game on their part but, john, you know, the bottom line here the french security services failed. again, this is less than a year ago was charlie hebdo attack. this is where i would be firing people right now for failing to understand the need to go and look at the
6:42 am
difficult places they have to look. where the terrorists exist. again, this has to go back to we have to do the hard job of putting assets out there. morton storm was on with megyn kelly last night. he was a pen trant of al qaeda. he was inside man. we need to get inside men in niece networks to get ahead of them. drones don't help us by the fact they only kill people. you cannot interrogate a dead man. we have to get back to the business of doing the hard work of penetrating these networks. >> thank you: a game changer on the war on terrorism say authorities has french intelligence been too overwhelmed by the wave of refugees streaming in from the middle east and could we have the same problem here in the u.s.? we will bring you the very latest coming up. i6ietly plucks] right on cue.
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welcome back, france under a state of emergency this morning closing its borders after terrorists unleashed a coordinated attacks of last night. 127 people murdered. deadliest day in that country since the second world war. joiningzk us now a reporter who has covered stories from around the world jamie. why did this happen? >> i think it's very clearly an attack on our civilization. if you look at the places that were attacked. this was a concert hall. this was outside a soccer stadium, bars and restaurants. the statement that came out referred to the people at the concert as idolaters. i think this is very much symbols of freedom. i mean, what's more a symbol of freedom than two countries playing a friendly soccer game or going out to a bar or concert on friday night. symbolic attack much the way the charlie hebdo attacks were attack on freedom and freedom of speech and also later on anti-semitic attack
6:47 am
as well. >> what's so chilling is from the early indications the attackers appear to be from within the country. these are not necessarily foreigner who's travel there to commit these atrocities people raised under the french system. what does that tell us about the state of france right now? >> i think it's a clear problem that's been going on for decades. a failure to assimilate. integrate large numbers of their muslim population. i also think it's important that you say these were homegrown as we understand them. people are trying to conflate these attacks in france refugee crisis. i don't think that's correct because for one, this clearly needed a a long time to plan this attack. >> france hasn't taken that many refugees from syria. >> exactly there have been very few refugees coming in. i think it's important to distinguish these two issues. >> doesn't it make it even more interesting and troubling these in some cases are the children or grandchildren of refugees, immigrants into france who have been there for 50 years. >> in french citizens. >> right. >> absolutely.
6:48 am
this is why the he'dology behind this jihadiism is so threatening and dangerous and frightening. how do you fight it? certainly the same -- all these foreign fighters or many of these foreign fighters leaving from europe were raised in europe. born in europe. well-educated. in fact, show you more this is an ideological question. it's not one of poverty or economics. jihadi john killed yesterday rg attackers on 7/7. >> what were the implications for american policy. >> i think what they should be is anp absolutely more increasing involvement in the war on isis is. understand this is a war. the policy of the last year and a half has not been sufficient clearly in stopping this which the administration has claimed. i hope we will see more movements on that and certainly, you know, sending support to our allies in the region, troops on the
6:49 am
ground. and also we need to be careful not to fall into this trap that i think the russians want us to fall into. because the ally with them in the so-called war on isis that they are waging, we will hear calls for that in the next couple of weeks. i don't think that that is what the russians are really doing. i don't think they are really fighting a war on isis. i they that the policy of propping up assad and ignoring assad and allowing him to go on for so long i think that has driven the sunni population of syria into the arms of isis. so the past several years of inaction on syria i think is why we are seeing this problem fester today. >> jamie joining us live this morning. thanks for that. i appreciate it well, breaking news continues all throughout the hour and the morning. next, as france locks down its borders. what does that mean for security here in the united states? could would he be vulnerable to a terrorist cell. do they exist already within our borders? wool bring you the very latest on that next. ♪
6:50 am
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a fox news alert. isis is claiming responsibility now for the carnage across the city of paris last night. france's president has also come out and said isis is behind the attacks, calling it an act of war. >> now fears this morning the terror will inspire some americans to join forces with jihadists. a security analyst with the clarion project and joins us on set good morning, ryan. >> good morning. >> what's the take away with this what's happening in paris and apply it to here at home. >> basically isis has initiated a deadly new phase that's frightening for terrorism analysts to see where they have gone to inspire a couple guys to carry out attack on their own to sophisticated al
6:54 am
qaeda type attacks. that will earn them a whole new wave of recruits. that's what they thrive off of is success. one year after u.s. military operations began bombing them, they are stronger than ever and striking in france and a apparently the russian airliner as well. it's important to put those two things together. >> true. >> there is obviously a huge muslim2 population in france. you say that isis is actually hoping for a backlash against muslims. >> right. this is one of the things i have seen on the pro-isis account that we have been monitoring over the night which is that a lot of them are saying get ready are to the infidel to come after innocent muslims in europe and come to their homes and can you tell that they are actually craving it. what this are saying that will force muslims to feel like they have to choose either the west or choose isis. and they want it to be separated into two camps. >> let's bring it here home to u.s. soil. could this actually inspire cells here to activate when they have seen the relative widespread success of this terror attack that's occurred in paris?
6:55 am
>> definitely. that's for two reasons. number one there is the copycat element where they will want to add their name to this story and say i want to strike and make this bigger so my name can be part of this story. second element those concerned that they are already on the radar and that there is going to be a crackdown that results in the feds breaking down their door into their home and so they are going to want to strike before that' happens. so there is a concern about that. and there is a congressional terror report that we reported on that calm out that said that 250 americans had joined the jihadists in syria and dozens had come back into the country after doing that. >> so, some of these attackers potentially could be carrying -- could have been carrying american passports? >> apparently so. because according to the congressional terror report, the speed at which radicalization is happening with americans is unlike anything that we have seen before and there just aren't enough resources to track everyone that's an extremists. you can't have everyone being monitored 24/7 and so what you might see happening, in the coming days as these attackers are
6:56 am
id, you t. might turn out they had intelligence about them they are in a database somewhere but, again, you can't track everyone always. >> how do you explain this accelerated radicalization happening and especially seeing it here on u.s. soil they are recruiting americans at such a rapid pace? >> it comes down to success the fact that he this are able to right a narrative. important to right losses sinjar and jihadi john as part of our coverage of this. don't write the headlines that's favorable for them. they are losing that's part of the equation and part of the story we need to tell. >> ryan morrow,5a clarion is the website. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you for your time. and coming up our breaking news coverage continues right here on the fox news channel. we are live on the ground in paris top of the hour. the beast
6:57 am
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it's saturday, november 14th, 2015 and this is a fox news alert. breaking right now, isis claiming responsibility for this. [explosion] >> a massive killing spree acrossabax the city of paris. france's president calling it an act of war. explosions. >> moreuyub& than 120 people ded and this morning, a new message from the terrorists. >> and then the attacks hitting close to home inside the fox news family. >> did you know it was a bomb? what did you think it was? >> i thought it was a bomb initially andmu then no one made a s


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