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tv   FOX News Special  FOX Business  November 14, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EST

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it's saturday, november 14th, 2015 and this is a fox news alert. breaking right now, isis claiming responsibility for this. [explosion] >> a massive killing spree acrossabax the city of paris. france's president calling it an act of war. explosions. >> moreuyub& than 120 people ded and this morning, a new message from the terrorists. >> and then the attacks hitting close to home inside the fox news family. >> did you know it was a bomb? what did you think it was? >> i thought it was a bomb initially andmu then no one
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made a sound and it happened two more times. medical people there. he we thought something was up. >> the daughter of our own geraldo rivera caught in the middle of the chaos in paris. we will tell you what happened coming up. >> and right now the world is mourning with paris. a peace sign going viral as the freedom tower lights up in the colors of the french flag. "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> good morning, get right to that fox news alert. france in lockdown this morning as isis claims responsibility for a string of murderous attacks across the city of paris.év [gunfire] [sirens] >> at least 27 people are dead this morning. that number, unfortunately,
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expected to rise as nearly 200 more are hurt at six locations including several popular cafes. the worst cnage happened at the bataclan concert hall where california-based rock band was playing. attackers stormed in, opened fire from the balcony. the audience huddling on the floor and then taken hostage. it all started when three bombs went off at a stadium north of the capital soccer match. eight attackers have been killed. seven of them by detonating explosive vests they were wearing. france's president calling the attacks an act of war and vowing no mercy against isis. >> greg palkot live in paris with the very latest. greg? >> hey, folks. yeah, this hour's headline carnage in paris, the scene from last night you can see one of the victims of the attacks. it could have been taken anywhere around here. we are just about a block away from the theater that was the scene of a massacre.
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i will tell you, folks. this story really hits home. i lived in paris for nine years working for fox. i walked along these streets on a saturday or sunday afternoon very peaceful, very pleasant as we all know that paris is. for me to say that there were four armed islamist fighters just over there in that building packed with explosives and then blowing themselves up, incredible. and that is the feeling that pa parisians are feeling right now. held a meeting of defense minister security minister security types. there is a way forward. it will be a mercyless war against isis. he has already his police attachments going after eyewitnesses and going after any traces of those involved because they do feel that they there are more co-attackert there and having reported a
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lot on the parisian. a lot of people are asking why france? why these kind of attacks? i can tell you from you talking to experts and from knowing the situation here, that the muslim population or at least elements of them have a lot of problems with french policy both abroad, a very aggressive foreign policy going against isis and other islamist groups, including al qaeda and their domestic policy. a lot ofcn things not happy here among the muslim community that is poverty and what some people would say is policies that go against this community. the government and others would say otherwise. but you there are reasons for that, for france to be the target. also, the question why these targets? i think it's pretty clear. first why are the stade de france. sports, there is nothing more french than sports. they love their soccer.
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they love their competitions and that was a two for for the alleged isis attackers at the stadium that night are france, germany soccer match. the president of france, the foreign minister of germany, you can't get too much more power than that and then, again, these suicide bomb attacks going off there. the attacks around here cafes and restaurants. well with, i think any of you who traveled in paris will know that there is nothing more symbolic of a good life of paris than sitting for long hours at cafes and restaurants and what we understand is that these islamists got in their cars, toured around the neighborhoods, shot from them using rifles, going into the restaurants, shooting through the windows, making a terrible scene. and the scene at this theater. well, night life, too. very famous. going after another symbol of french life, which these islamists detest, then you are going to go after something like this, too. right now, we're seeing
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about 1500 new troops being added to the mix. that word came out in just the last two hours or so. again, you have noted a state of emergency here in france. high alert. we saw it at the airport. we saw it coming in. we saw it with soldiers guarding cafes. as life continues to try to get along as much as normal as it can, but the word coming from the palace. the word coming from president hollande, if you don't have to go out, don't go out. stay at home. let us do our job. and our job is their job is to go after who was responsible for this and to make sure, well, try to make sure it doesn't happen again. back to you. >> greg palkot, thank you., so, in the initial hours after the attacks, france's borders were reported closed. now the president says they are severely restricted. paris is on lockdown.
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what's happening right now and what are authorities looking for? >> let's bring in former covert operations officer from the cia joshua cats. joshua, have you very unique, interesting background. you also served as a ranger and have been in a number of special operations units serving throughout the world and providing national security, intelligence to members of the house committee as well. how do you you see what has happened here in paris how could it have been prevented? what are the next steps? >> the prevention of it is a lengthy discussion. it starts with intelligence. intelligence is -- needs to be the basis for stopping these sort of attacks. they are going to continue. and so unless we invest in more of the intelligence capability, i'm not talking about technological surveillance as part of it but that human element is just vitalling to stopping this and making sure that these sort of attacks never happen again. >> here's one obvious lesson. so for the past 50 years france has imported millions
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-- of people from where radical islam is common. should rethink that policy. >> the administration saying that they can vet people, right? is not true. the french can't do it. the europeans can't do it. we can't do it. to say you that vetting and we can make sure that people don't have ill intent towards us is near impossible. especially when you don't have the intelligence to back it up. right? so if you are trying to see if someone has connections to bad groups, well, if you don't have the intelligence that links it all together, then there is no way to vet that person. so, we can't do that. we need to start at the basics and just secure our country. learn from this mistake really by the french. the french are such a capable service and to let this happen is truly an
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embarrassment for them. and it's a tragedyo that, unfortunately we're going to see again. >> eight attackers dead. the border is severely restricted. how big an organization does it take? i mean, there are surely going to be other people arrested besides, you know -- there are other people involved besides those who were killed. >> absolutely. so the network, so to speak here, is going to be larger than, i think we are actually going to know about, right? because there is a lot of things that are happening here within the intelligence community, within the security community and france, throughout nato, united states and try to get a better handle on how you this happened, where they came from, how things were moved in and out of france, where they received their training and where they received their orders. because this was a coordinated attack.
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this was not something that was done off the cuff or some guys got together one night and just decided to pull off. this was a fairly sophisticated attack. >> isis claiming responsibility and french and arabic on some of the forums and there was one initial report earlier of it)sq" that they had and then of course you have the inner play places like concert halls. very difficult to completely prepare and prevent these types of acts. >> absolutely. because like you said the soft targets, it's -- like in the name, right? and so we have so many soft targets here, europe has so many soft targets, they are easy, so what we have to do is we have to rely on the average person to see things, to identify things, and then to also to say something. but i think the problem is when w. a see something, say something is we don't really know what to look for and we don't know what it means and
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we really don't each know who to tell. afraid to say anything. >> very true. josh katz former advisor to the former cia as well. >> we will find their identities in the coming days already here at fox news our family was touched by it geraldo rivera's daughter simone was in the stadium last night when those suicide bombs went off outside. here is part of the conversation he had with simone right after those attacks. >> did you know it was a bomb? what did you think it was? >> i thought it was a bomb initially and then no one made a sound and then it happened two more times. medical people there. and we thought something was up. and then we tried to leave a little early. and they wouldn't let anyone leave during halftime and there were police there. we thought it was a bit sketchy but they didn't tell us anything. and then we go back in and then we hear another one go off and then we left.
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and it was like literally swat teams and police and people -- everyone was holding their guns and they started ushering like the 70,000 people. >> there she is right there. that is geraldo with his daughter simone. he tweeted out last night the only sentence that really matters she is safe and she is apparently safe. >> he will be joining us at the top of the hour at 8:00 a.m. eastern to tell us the latest developments and the contacts he has had with his daughter simone. >> very good news there. obviously so many people whoy0 have lost loved ones in this attack. more than 100 -- 127 people dead at last count in paris. and the number expected to rise. >> coming up, this is, of course, the worse violence in that country since world war ii. but it's not the first terror attack paris has seen in recent months. why paris? we will give you some sense coming up. hi.
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a fox news alert. 127 people murdered across paris. on the body of one of the suicide bombers who detonated his suicide belt last night was found a syrian passport. the question hangs in the air why france which has been the target of so many terror attacks in recent years. and what does this mean for america? joining us now the president of the american islamic forum for democracy and author of the battle for the soul ofedjl1 islam dr. judy jasser.
7:17 am
icons of the free world was our business centers in 9/11. the parliament in ottawa. our restaurants in australia and cultural centers and sports centers in paris. >> zuhdi i'm zero to interrupt you right there. i hope you will stay with us and come back in a minute. we want to go now to british prime minister david cameron who is addressing this question. >> liberty. but we will not let them. we will redouble our efforts to wipe out this poisonous extremist ideology and together with the french and our allies around the world stand up for all we believe in. i have just chaired a meeting of cobra to review the security situation here in the united kingdom. the threat level is already at severe which means an attack is highly likely and will remain so. our police and intelligence
7:18 am
agencies work around the clock to do all they can to keep us safe. are since the coordinated firearms attack in mumbai in 2008, we have all been working together to ensure we could respond to such an emergency services carried out a major exercise to test our response for multiple firearms attacks. and in light of last night's attacks, we will, of course, review our plans and milwaukee sure we learn any appropriate lessons. it is clear that the threat from isil is evolving. last night's attack suggests a new degree of planning and coordination and a greater ambition for mass casualty attacks. and we must recognize that however strong we are, however much we prepare, we, in the u.k., face the same threat. that's why we encourage to public to remain vigilant
7:19 am
and we will do all we can to support the police and intelligent agencies with the resources and capabilities that this need. the terrorists' aim is clear. it is to divide us and to destroy our way of life. so more than ever we must come together and stand united and carry on with the way of life that we love. and that we know. and that will never be moved off. i hope to speak to president hollande later today and i will make clear that we will do whatever we can to help. your values are our values. your pain is our pain. your fight is our fight. and together we will will defeat these terrorists. >> british prime minister david cameron addressing the terror attacks this paris last night. our fight is your fight, he said. pretty definitive. coming up this morning.
7:20 am
those attacks come just 24 hours after the united states took out isis front man jihadi john in raqqa in a drone strike. could the strikes last night been a pay back for that? a close friend of theman men killed by that mad man weighs in next. we want to go back to the attack when zuhdi jasser. stay tuned.
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>> some quick headlines for you now. hundreds of people evacuated from airport terminal south of london after suspicious item was found there. police say it was being evacuated as a precaution. witnessed a armed officers arrested a man who they believe had a gun in his bag. here in the u.s., major cities now stepping up their security forces just after
7:24 am
these deadly attacks in paris. officials in new york, chicago, and philadelphia increasing city patrols,s specially around places like sports stadiums. right now officials say they have received no credible threats. >> we want to bring back the president of the american islamic forum for democracy and the author "of the battle of the soul of islam" dr. zuhdi jasser. why it seems to be the target of so many attacks in recent years? why do you think that is? >> i think it's a cultural battle, battle of ideologies as the prime minister laid out in that this is a battle between theo crateds, those who want an islamic state not just isis but all islamic states. saudi arabia is is the boot camp for isis, iran, all the
7:25 am
islamic state concept cultural centers, sports centers our media like charlie hebdo that there that there are to challenge muslims. when he rolled out his program in u.k. against political islam and ideology to that were from muslim brotherhood front groups from islamists in the west that claim that the problem is just violence. if we, listen, i love to hear from the president of france that it's an act of war. but now we need to declare who we are at war against. we are at war against islamists not just silent extremists but islamists. >> what's so sobering is of all countries in europe, i would say france has the strongest sense of its own secular society and strongest commitment to assimilation yet they have appeared to have failed so miserably in asimulating immigrants from the middle east. why do you think it is and what are the lessons for us in the u.s.? >> the lessons is that if we call and look at assimilation simply as assimilation into loving our
7:26 am
culture, we will never do it. it's about identification of muslims with the nationalism of our country that we love our constitution, that we love the idea of a secular law based in reason under god but not under islam. then islamists want to die for jihad, want to die for the islam state in sharia. muslims that are against it are going to have to lead this battle. if we're going to have a strategy, we have to take it away from being us versus them to being muslims that are free versus muslims that are thee crafts. that's how we will win this long term battle and get away from the whack amonthly strategy that's been these constant terror attacks. >> it begins with the confidence in our own values, in our own secular constitutional values and coal indicating those. do you think we have the confidence? >> we don't have the leadership. we don't have the media, the universities, the government, the political leaders that want top identify that american patriotism and american
7:27 am
constitutionalism needs to lead who we are in our identity and not be ashamed of what we stand for under our constitution against these sharia constitutions, against the islamic state and say that is incompatible that islam's time in history is the same when i founding fathers fought against thee crafts now it's time for muslims to stand up and reject theocracy. our leaders are not telling muslims and putting fire under the feet of. being given a pass in the name of political correctness and weakness of who we are as a culture. >> so smart. not surprisingly. dr. zuhdi jasser thanks for joining us this morning. we appreciate. >> it thanks, tucker. >> coming up next, more breaking news from paris syrian passport found on the body of one of the suicide bombers. brand new information coming in right now by the moment. back live in just a second. stay tuned.
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7:32 am
you. two different french police officers saying that they found that syrian passport again on the body information to gone o general consensus here is that the people involved with this could be homegrown. that is they could be french, french nationals, french, french muslims who went to syria to get their training and come back. we have no hard information about that. but it would seem to me that from my understanding of the border patrols here it would be pretty difficult for a syrian national with no link to france to come in here and do something like that. but, yeah, it's an example of a very fast moving got some details about the
7:33 am
person arrested in germany last week found in the back of his car, which was stopped in the german stateós of bavaria were guns, were explosives, were ammunition already for yet another terror attack. and, indeed, the police are now saying that arrest in germany could be related to this very string of tacks here. europe is taking notice, guys. u.k. prime minister david cameron was out today speaking to the public and he said that he, the british people stand alongside -- he told the british people almost a churchob;:ñ churchillin
7:34 am
quote. they could be vulnerable to attack. we know the french and british are side by side with the u.s. in the campaign against isis, both in syria and iraq and that seems to be, perhaps, a motivation for some of the terror we are seeing here. americans, a lot of tourists here. we don't have any lines, any information about americans in, for example, the theater behind me. it was a scene of such carnage but there are worries and social media is filled with people reaching out trying to make sure that their loved ones were not involved in any of this. the state department through the u.s. ambassador here is saying if you have any concerns, there is a hotline. we can provide that for you. you can call in here and they are asking americans here in paris if you are here, if you are safe, you might want to just check in with the embassy, too. we will get that information over to you. back to you. >> greg palkot joining us live from paris, france. thanks a lot, greg. joining us now is
7:35 am
best-selling author former speech writer for ronald reagan and "wall street journal" columnist peggy noonan. great to he so you. >> great to be here, guys. >> what are the lessons for us. >> this is an epic moment. i think it's a very big thing that's happened. it's different from previous terrorist events. it's different from charlie hebdo. charlie hebdo was sort of about radical islams feeling about press freedoms. this is about i'm coming to get you. this is about a future has been declared. i think it will have a very big impact on men and women on the street in europe and hardened feelings and also give some sturdiness to a desire to figure out what to do now. this isn't going away. how does it effect us here? it will come here, also. >> you wrote some of the most consequential words for presidents reagan and bush 41. presidential words matter. yesterday our president said isis is shrinking.
7:36 am
what's the effect? >> you know, i think we have turned a sort of point with this story. i think the president actually is irrelevant in it. a new era has begun. nobody looks to mr. obama for wisdom and will in this area of life. he willu say things, something may change a little bit here or there. but i don't think europe will be looking it to him for leadership. and i think they will be figuring this out, the european governments on their own for a while. >> you have said that you believe we are in the middle of a rising crisis regarding global jihadists aggression. >> yeah. >> it's happening. i mean, we are in the middle of a mess. one of the things i was thinking last night is that the recruits who become involved in isis and other groups, homegrown guys who lived in france, who grew up
7:37 am
there and, yet join this. part of it is the power in vac feeling. they are part of a mission. sometimes i think our leaders in the west are -- mostly are political figures are not people who take so seriously the idea of the religious fervour behind these movements. they miss it so they never understand it. they sit back and they say how could a young frenchman who grew up here in a neighborhood decide that islam is the way and he is going to fight the west that raised him? well, he will because it's an empty world and religious fervour and a sense of mission can fill the emptiness for lost young men. >> leadership matters when you think back to the time ronald reagan and margaret thatcher working together in
7:38 am
unison, a strong united fight that sent a message to the world and a strong military and defense, i think this is part of the overall global problem that now terror has stepped in and these groups have had such a resurgence now. >> yeah. and you see in terms of political leadership, you have seen mr. hollande and you have seen the prime minister of britain come forward. i think what happened yesterday in paris is also going to animate in a new way the 2016,í presidential race. terrorism in some new way became real yesterday, realer than it's been in a while. it's going to shape the republican debate. it's going to shape the democratic debate. there is a democratic debate saturday night. >> we are just getting word that the topic has changed pivoted somewhat to foreign policy. >> of course. >> to the macroquestion, the western united states has been so welcoming immigrants
7:39 am
middle east drawn here by our standard of living. we haven't been as good at inculcating our values freedom of expression and pluralism to those immigrants. why is that? do you think we can change? do you think we can effectively assimilate those immigrants. >> we in the west especially in america, but we in the west in general have become less good at telling our young what it is we stand for, how it is we began, what the meaning of the amendments of the constitution are are. that all sounds dry. but you look at what's happening on the american college campuses. >> that's right. >> these are rebellions by kids who don't seem to understand, a, what the first amendment is and why freedom of speech is so important, why the founders didn't make it an after thought but the first amendment to our constitution. they don't seem to have been brought up in a cultural m. where the meaning of america and the special sauce that we have, the special things that have kept us together,
7:40 am
they don't seem to be so aware of that. in europe. the french, the british they are so beautifully sophisticated and laid back and consider patriotism to be mildly embarrassing and something that grandpa did when he was at the argon forest. do you know what i mean? they have moved beyond the values. >> they decadent. ave moved beyond the values and means of this wonderful thing we have had in the the west and america. you will pay a its prove. when you are not protective of something you will lose it we have not been protective of our meaning. can we turn it around? sure. we can always turn it around. but right now maybe we are taking a look at part of the problem. that's a good thing. >> i mentioned at the outset that you have written some of the most beautiful and consequential words for presidents reagan and bush. you have the book out. the "the time of our lives." i know tucker has devoured it. i have not yet.
7:41 am
>> i'm so flattered by that. >> tell us a little bit about it. >> it is, look, i sat down and went through 30 years of work, essays, columns, op. ed pieces, eruptions, commentaries that i had done along the way. i was asked by a publisher go, get what you love most. just look at it for an entire career. what do you love? well, that is a kind of fun thing to do. so i took everything that had deep meaning to me or had a huge response or that made me laugh out loud and i found that it fell into themes and i put it into the book and even i just recently read the book. >> it's so good deep and smart as you are. and if you are looking for something to give to a loved one over christmas or looking for something to read i recommend it;y strongly. >> how nice of you, thank you very much. >> i almost ate it, actually. >> on a day like this when there is an avalanche of bad news we welcome something like this. >> thank you. >> coming up next, the
7:42 am
attacks in paris come just 24 hours after the united states took out isis front man jihadi john, could the attacks been pay back. stay tuned. let's get back there. celebrate the arrival of santa at bass pro shops this saturday, and the unveiling santa's wonderland. time passes. hold on to christmas. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right
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>> headlines making news on this busy day. first up the vatican and pope francis condemning the actions isis taken in france in a statement the we are shocked by in this violence and hatred. this is an attack on peace for all humanity. it requires a supportive response as we counter the spread of homicidal hatred. disney land paris is shutting its doors today. they want to support the country and the victims of the terror attack last night. the most visited theme park in all of europe is just
7:46 am
20 miles from paris. kimberly? >> well, just hours after the obama administration announce the death of isis executioner mohammed emwazi, terrorists launch a massive attack in paris, killing at least 127 people in six different locations. so could these incidents be related? could the attacks, perhaps, be an act of revenge by isis? matthew van dyke was friends with james folly and steven sotloff who were killed by jihadi johnson's of founders of liberty. john, thank you for spending time with us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> what are your thoughts and feelings? i had the pleasure of interviews you some time ago when you were here in new york. now that you have seen what some sees a an act of revenge to in some way make up for the loss of life of two of your friends and the other hostages that were taken, how does it feel today to you to know that it's very likely that this man has been taken out? >> in some ways i'm glad
7:47 am
that he is dead at the same time, you know, i think about james and steven went through, what it must have felt like when the knife was drawn across their throats and really part of me is angry that jihadi john may have been killed without even knowing death was coming with no fear. it seems too easy end for him. what jihadi john deserved was to live to see the fall of the islamic state around him, to be on the run and perhaps be pulled out of a hole like qaddafi was in libya and given a similar type of justice from syrians as qualify. >> court of law to see justice served versus the summary execution by way of predator drone. >> sure. it would have been good to make him face down the families of his victims and to learn what we could from
7:48 am
him but it was always unlikely that it would be possible to take him alive. i mean, the u.s. couldn't even rescue the hostages from raqqa unlikely they could have taken i didn't head john into custody. >> do you feel more should have been?1 done and this is really too little too late? >> absolutely more should have been done to rescue the hostages. the death of jihad john is not going to bring my friends back and it is too little too it late. >> what are your reflections when you see these attacks in paris wide scale attacks and violence that occurred. >> a tragedy but one that is likely to be repeated. it is likely there will be copycat attacks in weeks and months. isis has made it very clear that they want to launch attacks in europe and united states and inspire others to launch attacks on their behalf. the obama administration better think very carefully about this policy of accepting so thousand syrian refugees into the country. i support the syrian revolution. i have plenty of syrian friends.
7:49 am
both syrians in america and syrians in syria. bringing in 10,000 people that you cannot possibly vet, the u.s. government tried to vet 5,000 syrian rebels for training program they were only able to vet a couple hundreds how are they going to vet so thousand people they know nothing about, bring them into the country. complete insanity only a small percentage have to be bad to end up with tears. the policy cannot be bad. >> you have a president also saying that isis is shrinking and this was just on the eve of horrific violence and islamic extremism exhibited on the streets of paris. and we have all, unfortunately seen the carnage and we appreciate your time this morning matthew and i know you spent time over there in the middle east so you know all too well about what we are speaking about this morning. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and coming up, the french president inside the stadium at the exact moment the first bombs went off.
7:50 am
[explosion] >> could this have been an assassination attempt goneqc wrong. a former secret service agent thinks it's possible.
7:51 am
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[explosion] that was the scene underway in paris yesterday. paris versus germany in a soccer match the french president inside the stadium at the exact moment the first bombs went off. could this have been an assassination attempt. joining us now to weigh in on this former secret service agent under president george.
7:54 am
what do you think in the french president is inside a number of suicide bombers detonate their vests outside the stadium assassinationjú attempt? >> a couple of points on this, one, i doubt and i'm pretty sure the intelligence community at large doubts as well that it was a coincidence that two suicide bombers happened to show up outside of a packed stadium where the french president and other french political dignitaries were as well. secondly, this attack is not unheard of in the v.i.p. security community. within the secret service we practiced it -- we would call it the malcolm x style attack. the way they hit malcolm x was they created a diversion at one end, got the security team's attention but the actual hit came from another direction. that may have been what happened here. we may have had kind of an uneventful failure on the assassination front during this suicide attempt. they may have been attempting to flush the french president out. i'm sure i'm not the only one thinking this.
7:55 am
>> obviously it didn't work in that regard, then the gunman who may have been positioned outside the stadium called an audible went on to do something else? >> it's very possible. and, john, this is important. this would open up a very dangerous front. think about what's going on here. again, it's not coincidental that the russian airliner attack was on an airline that was leaving the sinai. sharm mel shake is a very sharm el-sheikh is a popular tourist destination. when they targeted france in recent series of attacks they didn't target the countryside. they targeted the tourist areas. economic war going on. he we have a body count war just based on the pure savagery of these attacks. now the potential of maybe overted political assassination whichgo would open up a political front as well. isis has definitely left a lot of its parochial interests and trying to
7:56 am
export its terror regime. >> dan bongino formerly with the secret service. dan, thanks for your expertise. >> thanks, john. >> coming up, the attacks hit close to home inside the fox news family. >> it is very upsetting. i hate -- i'm used to be in the action myself. i can't -- i can't -- it's a lot easier to report these things. >> geraldo rivera who was -- has been in plenty of scrapes himself had to hear about his daughter caught in the middle of the chaos. where is she this morning? geraldo joins us next.
7:57 am
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it's saturday, november had 14th, 2015. this is a fox news alert. isis gets its revenge, taking credit for the massacre in paris. [explosion] >> a well coordinated series of attacks leave more than 120 people dead. and just moments agnew information about who the killers really are. >> and then the terrorists striking close to home for the fox news family. >> >> did you know it was a bomb? what did you think it was? >> i thought it was a bomb made a sound and then it happened two more times and then we saw medical people there and we thought something was up. >> geraldo is here live in just a second with his daughters. stay tuned. >> how did the people of france respond to these attacks? [singing] >> a show of solidarity from brave survivors of the stadium bombers singing


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