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tv   FOX News Special  FOX Business  November 14, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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it's saturday, november had 14th, 2015. this is a fox news alert. isis gets its revenge, taking credit for the massacre in paris. [explosion] >> a well coordinated series of attacks leave more than 120 people dead. and just moments agnew information about who the killers really are. >> and then the terrorists striking close to home for the fox news family. >> >> did you know it was a bomb? what did you think it was? >> i thought it was a bomb made a sound and then it happened two more times and then we saw medical people there and we thought something was up. >> geraldo is here live in just a second with his daughters. stay tuned. >> how did the people of france respond to these attacks? [singing] >> a show of solidarity from brave survivors of the stadium bombers singing their national anthem.
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"fox & friends" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> fox news alert right off the top. isis calling france its top target as the terror group claims responsibility for a string of deadly attacks across six locations in paris. several french media outlets reporting up to 153 dead. but officials have yet to update that number. [explosion] >> the attacks starting with three explosions at a soccer stadium north of the capital. that's where police found a syrian passport near the body of one of the bombers. >> gunmen shooting several popular cafes and restaurants but the most carnage took place at the bataclan concert hall where california based rock band was playing there attackers stormed in and opened fire from the balcony on the audience below taking many of them hostage.
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[explosions] [sirens] >> france's president calling the attacks an act of war and vowing, quote, no mercy in his response to isis. >> greg palkot is live in paris with the latest for us now. greg? >> hello, folks. we have no confirmation of that higher death toll. what have confirmation of is that the death toll has crept up. it is now 128. it had been 127. we have to underscore what the authorities here are dealing with. it was 1-v is 27, now 128 dead but 200 injured. and out of those 200 injured, we are told at least 80 seriously wounded. seriously injured. so their fear is that, in fact, the death toll from this horrible night here could go up. it is being recognized around the world, interesting twist right now secretary of state kerry
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meeting with the foreign minister of russia lavrov in vienna discussing a possible end to the syrian crisis, pause for a moment, had a moment of silence to remember the victims of this terror attack, which seems to be quite tied to syria. the word from some of the attackers going into the theater right behind us is words to france "remember syria allah akbar, god is great." people upset. the run down, the death toll here probably the biggest. we are looking at least 82 dead and what seemed like two and a half hours of carnage, men dressed in black. armed with kalashnikov automatic rifles and armed with explosive vests barging into this place. a packed crowd watching, yes, an american california
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heavy metal rock band and that for the next two and a half hours became a shooting spree, as a massacre as has been described. the national stadium of france stade de france was also the scene unbelievably of suicide bomb attacks. in atense president hollande and the foreign minister of germany. a germany-france soccer game being played out there. also deaths reported. and in the various restaurants that i see around here, some of those were targeted as well. and death tolls like we would rattle off death tolls of a war, 14 dead here, 18 dead there. here in the center of paris, a place that the whole world knows but many, many people from tourist travels, et cetera, i lived here for nine years know very intimately. and think of it very personally. the investigation does go on. we mentioned in the last half hour a break, a syrian passport found on one of the attackers, not sure whether
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it's the real thing or false. also an arrestx) made in germany, a man with weapons and ammunition and explosives also tied to this. that investigation is full bore, i can tell you. the thought is there could be more co-attackers out there and certainly a lot of accomplices. the police right now have their hands full. back to you. >> greg palkot reporting live. thank you. >> thanks, greg. we want to bring in geraldo rivera and his daughter isabella. geraldo, your daughter was in amazingly, terrifyingly in the stadium last night. >> she was in the soccer stadium. she heard three explosions. they herded everybody out of the stadium. that's when we first got in touch with her. can you imagine, tucker, as the news was breaking, and we were trying desperately to reach simone and we could not. first we heard that this concert hall had been attacked so here is aiñ concert. paris friday night with an american band and our first fear was that simone was at
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the concert. then when we finally -- her phone wasn't working. she had her girlfriend's phone. tell both of you. >> some of this unfolded live as geraldo was on the air yesterday. i want to play for our viewers a little bit of what that was like. >> did you know it was a bomb? what did you think it was? >> i thought it was a bomb initially and then no one made a sound and then it happened two more times and then stopped-we saw medical people there and we thought something was up. and then we tried to leave a little early and they wouldn't let anyone leave during halftime and there were police there and we thought it was a bit sketchy but they didn't tell us anything. then we go back in and then we hear another one go off and then we left and it was like literally swat teams and police people and people like -- like everyone was
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holding their guns and they started ushering all of the like 70,000 people. >> unbelievable. you know, as a parent, the two things you want, you want good health for your children and be able to keep them safe. what was going through your mind? >> well, that was my desperation, kimberly, was to try to get her out of there. and she was kind of stranded because they shut the metro and then there were no taxis and then everything started shutting. she ran next door to a hotel. they locked it. the hotel wouldn't let anyone in. luckily there was a cafe there. cafe deparis? tell them about what happened with her friend. >> there was a -- stadium and they got separated and she found out this morning that one of the girls who got separated was trampled because there was a stampede trying to get out of the stadium of panic and they wouldn't initially let people out and now her face is all bruised and they just want to come home. so worried about your
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sister. >> i am. did you have any idea she was in the stadium? >> no. she doesn't like soccer. this is the first soccer game that she has ever been to. and she said this morning that she didn't initially want to go because of friday the 13th and she is a bit superstitious and then her silly, we should go. and then being from the united states living in this climate we live in, when you hear those noises, you think of an explosion but most of the people there didn't think anything of it so is the americans were getting scared and trying to go out and then during halftime they wouldn't let anyone out of the stadium. >> oh my gosh. >> that's horrible. >> they don't speak the language. >> very tough. >> luckily we had some friends in paris, and one bravely drove at high speeds and drove her car as close to the barricades as possible and retrieved simone and her friends and took them to her house. simone is back in her own apartment now. i'm going as soon as we get off, i'm going to go and
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bring her home. >> you are doing what any parent would want to do. go right to the scene. have you been in a lot of dangerous places but it's different when it's your child. >> it's so different. first of all, there is a feeling of helplessness and everything is so amplified. i have been a war correspondent for decades. >> right. >> that's what you do. and in a way there is of course, you concern about the humanity of the victims. but it's nothing like when it's your own flesh and blood. you can see. these terrorists know exactly what they are doing. not only are they killing spreading a kind of fever of fear in parents. it's not just the parents of the american students studying abroad, all of paris now, now that nation is at war with these people who have worn to destroy the established. they are apocalyptic. it is so apparent now that
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something has changed. this is now the 9/11 of france, i think. this is. >> it really is. >> this is really going to be an escalation in the war against isis. if ever we needed a message that isis cannot be contained. it must be destroyed, this is it with no more half measures now. these are savages, they killed willy-nilly. they didn't care who they killed. imagine the terry of people who were in that theater. tell. the president n. in aat the present dance, some reports suggesting he was the target of perhaps an assassination attempt. the vulnerability with your daughter there in a foreign country. she is studying abroad. have you spoken with her this morning how is she doing. >> isabella has been texting her. how is she sounding this morning. >> she is so scared. she just wants to get home. like my dad said, she is back in her apartment and she is excited to have thanksgiving back in the states. >> we are all going to paris
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for thanksgiving. >> so scared. >> you must feel so worried for her. >> it will be nice to have it here. >> obviously like so many people, i mean the charlie hebdo attacks took place in january. and things sort of seemed to calm down i'm sure when simone said i want' to go study in paris. you may have had second thoughts. >> you know, john, she just ago, one of her friends has a home in israel, she said, dad, can i go to israel are? i know there has been tension. and i thought about it and i said well, if you stay with a group and you stay in tel aviv and how ironic that she didn't have to go to israel to look for this horrible breakdown in civilization here. she was right there in paris, france. it is unbelievable and the breakdown talking about breakdown intelligence, i mean, this had to be a couple of dozen people involved in this bombing. this was not willy-nilly he a public guy saying let's go
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bomb -- coordinated attack half a dozen locations. at least half a dozen people. maybe more. how did they get there? are they really syrians? did they come in with this refugee wave? how long have they been plotting it? kimberly you mentioned the french president soccer match. is that what they pegged this whole thing to trying to assassinate world leader, leader of france start a whole new chapter in this war on terror? it is to me i don't knoô÷ how the french great in terms of intelligence. how did they miss all of these people plotting, bringing all of these weapons, in assembling, these bombs and making sure that it was all coordinated a half a dozen different locationsjp the training, all wearing black on black with the kalashnikovs and hand grenades. this was a military scale operation
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in the planning. you can't do this on the weekend. i think this is really -- >> on the heels of charlie hebdo. >> people make fun of the -- no one makes fun of the -- >> that ocean won't protect us. that's why isis can't be contained. we have to destroy isis. we have to take raqqa back, take mostly back, we have to help the kurds. we have got to work with the russians to pound the hell out of them. >> geraldo, thanks for joining us, isabella, thank you. >> praying for your family and simone. go and get her and bring her back. >> it is good to know she is okay. >> thank you, john. >> all right. a fox news alert paris is under attack as we have been telling you all morning. we will be back in just a moment with more. it took a massive amount of planning, of course, and a lot of people. the obvious question, how do we protect america? stay tuned.
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so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here. this is a fox news alert continues this morning. paris under attack over 120 dead, at least 200 wounded in a series of coordinated attacks by terrorists in the center of the city. so how do other cities protect themselves and once the attack happens, how should authorities react. hear to weigh in former secret agent and security analysts. good to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> french intelligence, world famous for competence yet apparently didn't learn about this attack in time. what are the lessons for american intelligence
8:18 am
looking abroad at this? >> you know, i just want to touch on something. everyone is kind of looking at france saying what did they miss? what did they miss? >> right. >> they are not going to get everything. we are not going to get everything. that's just a reality. you know, law enforcement and the intelligence community, they really work very hard to try to stop these. and we do a good job. some that you are going to miss. you can't catch everyone. and i think it's not fair because i keep hearing in this morning what did the french do wrong? what did the french do wrong? i don't think that's fair. >> that's such a wise point and this begins with our policies and our policy makers. once you wind up with hundreds of thousands of people within your borders who hate you and bent on your destruction, it's probably too late. so what are the implications for our policy makers with this? >> they really have to look at, again, we have this issue how many power do you want to give police? surveillance is the big thing. mass surveillance. policymakers who are you letting in? why are you letting them in? do we do a proper assessment. a lot of theetsd people seeking refuge they are
8:19 am
fleeing from the same person we don't want anything to do with. they are also being terrorized within the people coming in who we are letting. in you have other people who are mixing in with the people that want our help. >> of course. >> and coming into our borders. you have to i think what they are doing in france locking up the borders right now. trying to sort things out. we have to be very, very aware. we have to change. i think you are saying what can we do? you have to first of all just change our fundamental makeup. this will happen again. i don't know where but it will. we have to think like that. we also have to have a lot more innovation in the way we fight terrorism. the way we try to figure out different ways to fight crime, we have to change fundamentally. we are trying to take this traditional approach. i don't think we are winning the war on terrorism. i don't agree that we have isolated. i believe that this is just propelling. and we have social media and other platforms. so it's not just on the ground it's in every way, shape, and form. >> let's be specific the obama admiñ"mqiq%=9 has agreed to let in very high number of syrian refugees people say they're syrian refugees assured the public
8:20 am
we can vet each and every one of these to make certain not one of them is an agent of radical islam or of isis. are you confident we can do that. >> you can't do that it's impossible to know what's in somebody's mind and heart. somebody can come over in the way we look at crime. you can have no rap sheet and go out there and murder people or commit a crime. it's the same thing. we have to started here within the u.s., one of the speakers before we have to talk about the community working together, our religious sectors working together, schools working together with government, with intelligence to create this we love our country, we believe in our country, but also to make sure that we don't have homegrown terrorists because maybe you keep these new people out but what about the people that are already here because they are and they are leaving, they are going, they are getting training, they come back, there is hate, there is hate. they are also recruiting people who are not muslim. >> so maybe there is some deep lessons here. evy, thanks a lot for that analysis we appreciate it it? >> you are welcome.
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>> how did isis manage to pull off such a massive attack without anyone finding out? we will go inside the mind of a reformed terrorist. he knows first happened. stay tuned. boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down.
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this is a fox news alert. the united states on high alert locking down security after terrorists attack several parts of paris. major cities stepping up police presence and the white house adding extra secret service. tom fitzgerald from fox 5 in d.c. is live outside the french embassy in our nation's capitol and joins you now. tom? >> kimberly, it is a solemn start to this morning here at the french embassy in
8:25 am
georgetown in washington, d.c. let's show you the scene of this morning you will look up in the sky and what you will see the flag of france and the flag of the european union are at half-staff this morning as embassy staff here at the french embassy mark this terrible french attack in the city of paris. now, this is a scene we have seen played out far too often in the nation's capitol in washington, d.c. in other recent terrorist attacks around the world. people in the city of d.c. have descended on the french embassy. this started late last night play coming here with candles. coming here with bottles of wine and coming here with flowers and french flag. there are notes that have been left out here on the gate of embassy of france saying viva la france. messages of support. messages of love. or people coming here determination that the united states and the people washington are standing by their french neighbors.
8:26 am
now, this has not been lost on the embassy staff itself. in fact, last night the ambassador to the united states from france went on twitter thanking everyone of in the city of washington for coming down here and across the united states and showing their support for their french allies. we are live in washington today, tom fitzgerald. we will send it back to you in new york. >> thanks a lot, tom. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and this fox news alert now the state department is saying that american citizens are among the injured in these terrorist attacks and isis is claiming responsibility for the carnage there. so why didn't anyone see it@@&c@ coming? joining us now a man who used to consider himself an islamic extremist, author of the book "radical" founding chairman of counter extremism group called quill yam foundation. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> everybody is shaking heir heads and saying why?
8:27 am
what could motivate people of whatever religious belief, to unload kalashnikov fire in a crowded theater to blow up people outside a stadium. what's the motivation. >> you see, the motives of attack and the way in which they have been described at shooting at people in which they are hunting birds demonstrates something clearly it's about time we recognize that these people have adopted what i call the islamist ideology. they are ideologically dogmatic and driven to bring about a theocracy in the world and those people on the streets of paris weren't responsible for any foreign policy decision these may or may not have been aggrieved by. it(j call, name this ideology for what it is isolated from the vast majority of muslims who don't subscribe to this form of terror. and actually start dealing with the appeal of this ideology. you know, we have if the president has been able to make. >> what is the appeal? >> what's so shock something these are not people from
8:28 am
waziristan. people grow up, i'm assuming in france with all the benefits. >> specifically rejecting every element of that, why? >> um until now the vast majority of them are born and raised in europe. there are legitimate concerns with refugees. of course measures put in place. let's not get distracted from the fact that these are born and raised european citizens. mohammed. jihadi john. went through our entire education. on welfare. the country was giving him everything that he could have hoped for. more so than kuwait gave him and yet, he turned against the country. the appeal here is unfortunately it's not a sense that they are not getting their rights in western countries. there is a fully blown global jihadist insurgency. angry young muslims who want to vent their frustration and they are joining this new bandwagon. unfortunately this jihadist insurgency has taken root among angry european muslims, have to understand without stigma fizzing the
8:29 am
vast majority of muslims that's where it is coming from. put it in pra portion that the terms and put down a long term strategy to make this ideology unappealing. >> what is the best tool to be used against radical extremism, radical jihad we are seeing? it seems to be quite popular and very easy to lure that have had all the benefits of society and great education and upbringing, nevertheless they turn they gravitate toward. >> let's begin by not artificially declaring mission accomplished. yesterday we heard from the president that isis has been shrinking. before that when bin laden was kk2á that's the end of jihadism and al qaeda. this is metastasizing. understand what it is and recognize this isn't going to go away until in the long term we put down a community based strategy whereby people who are bravely challenging this extremist ideology are not called homophobes. recognized for what they are. that is real heroic voices.
8:30 am
>> what turned you? you describe yourself as former islamic extremist. you are not now. why? what was the moment that switched your mind. >> there wasn't a moment. i spent five years as political prisoner in egypt during that time i was living with some of the leading voices of the jihadist movement. before isis, many years. this was from 2002 to 2006. living up close with these people, a thought dawned upon me in 2007. that was my god if these guys ever come to power and declare their caliphate, this is going to be hell on earth. i don't want to live under that type of society because i saw them upclose. a bit like the jihadist version of animal farm. so i called it back in 2006. i said that caliphate is going to be a nightmare. of course now we see it for what it is. >> hell on earth happened in paris just yesterday. thank you for your insight. >> pleasure, thank you. >> coming up, our breaking news coverage continues. we just talked about it the chaos in paris erupting just hours after president obama declared this. >> ice is sill continues to shrink in its scope of
8:31 am
operations. >> that turned out not to be true, of course. counter terrorism expert sebastian gore can a weighs in on the president's approach and how it's working. that's coming up. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow! whether your car is a new car an old car a big car a small car a long car a short car a car you soup up a car you show off a car you deck out a car for the open road a car for off road a car for on the road all you have to do is plug in hum for a smarter, safer car diagnostic updates, certified mechanics hotline, pinpoint roadside assistance
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a fox news alert just in from the state department.
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measures are, unfortunately among the victims in yesterday's terror attacks in paris. no word yet if they are among the dead or the injured but, of course, as wed that we will bring it to you. this parisians line up to donate blood. isis has claimed responsibility for the attacks at six locations. those attacks have left at least 128 people dead. greg palkot in live in paris with much more on this unfolding story. good morning, gre'>ñ >> tucker, that is the lead news this the past 20 minutes or so. the state department answering what we asked them about, what i'm sure a lot of other people have asked them about, are there any american victims in this night of horror, night of terror and, indeed, there are. i got the impression reading that statement that it was injured, americans injured. i don't have a firm conviction from that statement that it is casualties but we will wait and see. and as you noted and we have just seen this literally in the last hour building, there is a great outpouring
8:36 am
of sorrow and expression, connection with those who have died here by the parisian people. at a cafe near this location where we are by the theater that was at the scene of carnage, mountains of flowers are growing. and just about 20 yards from where we are in front of the theater we are also watching french individuals bring flowers. you could tell some of them have a real connection. you could tell some of them were crying as they came up. there was a biker gang that came up and laid flowers and my cameraman pierre found out, yeah, one of their own was in that heavy metal california group concert at the theater behind us and he was one of the victims there. the search for accomplices, the search for other co-attackers continues. we have been reporting this
8:37 am
for the past hour or so, a syrian passport found on one of the dead attackers may be a sign of something, maybe not. an arrest in germany, a man found with explosives, guns, ammunition thought to be linked to this all part of a mask manhunt going on right now as the president of france hollande said today this will be mercyless. this is war. a very convincing on that point. again, the symbols picked by the terrorists here. real icon of french life. stade de france, that's the stadium, the national stadium, the scene of the world cup as well as this theater, it's iconic theater. it's been here for about 200 years and also the night life. all of these symbols of france that these alleged islamists are going after. we will be following it all. back to you. >> thanks a lot. greg palkot live for us in
8:38 am
paris, france. joining us now is the major general matthew c. horner. distinguished chair theory. mr. gorka, thanks for joining us. >> absolutely. >> so we have learned, apparently, that one of the suicide#9 bombers, the man who detonated himself outside the soccer stadium was apparently carrying a syrian passports that's what the syrian reports are suggest ising. does that surprise you? we have been operating under the assumption that these were homegrown, is it possible they weren't? >> absolutely. >> if you look at the fact that eu has no border patrols except around the united kingdom. the freedom of movement is very simple. you get on a boat in north africa. you cross the medicine member containian or spain or italy and you are free to roam. this is not about home growns or lone wolf terrors this is about anybody who shares the ideology of global jihad which clearly these murderers and perpetrators did.
8:39 am
>> the president said yesterday that isis is effectively on the run. i want to play that for you and get a reaction. >> from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them, they have not gained ground in iraq. and in syria, they will come+, in, they will leave, but you don't see the systematic march by isil across the terrain. >> what do you make of that statement by the president? >> shocking. utterly shocking. it's as if the administration lives in a fantasy land like alice in wonderland. isis is the only insurgency in human history to hold territory in multiple nations and multiple continents. they hold territory in iraq and syria, larger than the territory of the united kingdom after boko haram was accepted into their fold all boko haram territory in nigeria falls under the
8:40 am
caliphate of he will baghdadi the head of isis. this is a threat the likes of which he wee have never seen before and much, much more dangerous than al qaeda ever was. >> we have a president who says that isis is shrinking, has referred to them as the jv team and has yet -- failed to basically state a clear and defining policy an idea of how to defeat this ever growing caliphate. >> yes. we have an administration that for seven years has sensorred our analysis. you can't talk about jihad in federal training. you can't talk about the actual religious motivation of suicide bombers of jihadi terrorists. how can you defeat an enemy you can't describe? it's like deploying to the beaches of normandy in 1944 but telling our brave servicemen hang on, guys, don't use the word nazi because you might offend
8:41 am
somebody. you would be court martialed during world war ii 2 for doing that. that is what we are doing today to our brave servicemen and our federal agents and our members of the intelligence community. >> so the administration even as the middle east melts down as accelerated the pace of immigration from that nation into the u.s. there has been no public debate on this at all. anyone who raises his hand to ask a question is shouted down as a nativist. do you think we will see reassessment of those policies in wake of what happened in paris yesterday. >> with the closing of the borders in france, absolutely. as a christian we have to help those in trouble. this is what our civilization is about. but on the flip side, the national security professional, ask yourself, if you are isis, what would you be doing with these refugee influxes? of course you would be packing them full of your agents infiltrating them into europe, into america. if they didn't, that would be the surprise. we will see more attacks of this nature and unfortunately, unless we get
8:42 am
serious about counter intelligence and about sifting these individuals, we will see attacks like this in america. that's the sad truth. >> it seemed that the anti-isis forces were on a bit of a roll. the kurds recaptured a key city in iraq from isis. there was the apparent drone strike that took out jihadi john and then you see something like this, clearlyái the momentum has not shifted on this battle field. >> no. because, remember, what happens in the battlefield is usually kurds taking back kurdish territory or what we saw recently is yaseedys taking about their territory. isis isn't powerful in those areas. isis is powerful in sunni regions. there is no way the kurds or you seedies are going to capture mosul. it's only the good guy sunnies, ally jordanians, egyptians who want to fight with us who can take%idz the battle to the enemy and destroy them. that's not going to happen unless we assist them.
8:43 am
it's not the job of the 82ened airborne or the marines to win this fight on the front line. but if we are not part of this solution, the jihadi threat will grow and so will the new caliphate. >> sebastian, gorka, thank you for your insights. >> you are welcome. >> the french president reacting with the world to the terror in paris. peter johnson jr. says that says it all. how america should be reacting next. flush
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8:47 am
people, that america needs to claim responsibility for taking on isis and not walk away as i believe that we have. let's listen to what john kerry said yesterday about the future of isis about what happened >> the terrorists associated with death need to know this, your days are numbered. and you will be defeated. >> well, unfortunately, that prediction was a little bit too early yesterday for secretary of state kerry, the people of france, and the people of the united states. hopefully that prayer goes to god's ears today. but we understand that freedom is not free and that blood will be shed in england unfortunately according to the prime minister of that great condition tri and france and hopefully not here in the united states. there needs to come a time and the time is now that
8:48 am
people understand in this country that we need to step up, that we can't be isolationists, that we can't say well, let's not offend the muslim community in taking on muslim radicals. islamic extremists in the world. we need to say that we need to fight for our freedoms in this country and for allies around the world and that we need to do so in a strong, robust way and not be embarrassed to do so. and so that's a difficult thing for 56-year-old man to say. i don't want to pledge the blood of young men and young women in america, but i know that our history shows the nazi fight shows the fascist fights show that people like jon scott's son and other people will step up to the plate in this country and fight for us. and if we don't fight for ourselves, these folks will overrun us. >> so true, jon scott's son 26 years of age and serving
8:49 am
in our military. the problem is when you see the leader of the united states of america referring to isis as jay vee, referring to it yesterday as shrinking in nature, when in fact, the horrific events in france show just the opposite. there has been really a political lack of courage and will fortitude and specificity to be able to accomplish the goals at hand. >> that's unfortunate. and i believe in redemption and i believe in progress and i believe that each the president can change in terms of who he is and what he believes in taking that fight to isis. but we need to do two things in this country. we need to empower our the same time, throughout the world, we need to take the fight to those who want to kill us. we must remember the lesson of churchill. he said we will fight them on france. we will fight them on the beaches. we will fight them everywhere. if we are to survive. >> absolutely. we need partners in this
8:50 am
fight in this worldwide battle against terrorism and this encroaching caliphate. peter johnson jr. it was a pleasure to have you today. >> sad day. >> the fbi currently investigating potential isis happen here? how america should fight the enemy among us, next. . >> and she has a build ♪ ♪
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weekend headlines for you this morning. facebook activates the safety check point use er.
8:54 am
it allows the loved ones to know and it's sent to all of their friends on facebook. people showing solidarity and in new york city one of the world trade centers illuminated in the colors of france. red, white blue. in houston several downtown buildings lit up in the color of france to support the country during the dark times. >> the state department confirms that americans are among the victims in the attack. we don't know if they're injured or dead. isis says that they're revenge for the french air strikes in syria. does that mean that the u.s. could face the same kind of attacks?
8:55 am
we're the analytical red teams and the u.s. central commands and frank you wore the uniform of the u.s. navy and intelligence panel lists and these are an enemy that do not wear uniforms. how do we take them on? >> well, john it's up to the vigilantes of the the law enforcement agencies and everyday american citizens. many of the attacks in this country whether a couple in the air and several on the ground have been afforded by american citizen that are vigilante and aware of the surroundings. i cannot stress importance. also the law enforcement agencies are keeping on the state and true skills of human intelligence and active surveillance. it makes my blood run cold of
8:56 am
the nullification of the program in and around new york city. i hope that they continue with other agencies. >> go ahead tucker. >> yeah, it seems that we're asking allot of the former military and the intelligence services and little of the policy makers. they create the policies that those guys are tasked with carrying out. why don't we put the focus on them? >> yeah, this is what we're driving at when we talk about. this is the outrageous acts in public office of the mayor and cancelling the mosque surveillance. these programs are key and when you have a group or militant group that hides under the mask of religion, we have no choice to go to the gathering centers and the islamic reading centers on what is going on behind the walls. you're absolutely right.
8:57 am
policy is at the forefront of this. >> an intelligence expert, thank you for sharing your expertise. >> we're live in paris coming up. stay with us as the dove rage continues on fox news.
8:58 am
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it's saturday november 14th, 2015, and this is a fox news alert. breaking from the u.s. state department, americans are among the victims in the the paris attacks. a well coordinated series of attacks and leaving more than 150 people dead and moments ago new information on who the can i recall really are. >> how should america respond to this? seto


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