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tv   FOX News Special  FOX Business  November 14, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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it's saturday november 14th, 2015, and this is a fox news alert. breaking from the u.s. state department, americans are among the victims in the the paris attacks. a well coordinated series of attacks and leaving more than 150 people dead and moments ago new information on who the can i recall really are. >> how should america respond to this? senator cruz joining us live
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this hour to tell us how he would respond. attacks hitting home and geraldo's daughter was in the stadium, and he joined us earlier with his daughter. >> we were all going to thanks giving for paris. >> it's going to be nice to have her here. >> "fox and friends" starts now. let's get right to that fox news alert. we just learned that americans are among the vick tims tims in night's attack. >> at least 128 people were killed and 200 more hurt across six location in the city. isis has claimed responsibility as the attacks for the french air strikes. >> a french media outlet say
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that they have identified one bomber. greg is live with more from paris. greg? >> well, a lot of moving parts right now on the story. the investigation and the death toll and casualty figures. let's start with the item coming and we first mentioned to it you in the last half hour. yes, there are at least americans injured in the attack. my guess is that it could have been in the theater behind us or a big concert. there were a lot of killed around here at caves and restaurants. the total injured is now 250, and the number seriously injury is 100. the 100 figure has it worried and fearing that the death tool is around 127 or 128 could rise in the coming hours and in the
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coming days. word two on paris shutting down a little bit more. the great tourist sites that a lot of us know paris so well for, are not shining today or tonight. they're not opened to the public either. the fantastic museum and massive museum is closed and eiffel tower is closed. the lights were not on last night, but they noticed that a lot of other lights were on to show solidarity that's not missed on the hard pressed folks here, and in deed the attacks were spread out over several miles and locations and six different locations as the experts describe it. these were accord nacoordinated happening at the same time within a three hour period. we're getting more information on the investigation going forward. the telegraph report thag the
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bfm television outlet saying that the fingerprints from one of the remains has been identified. this person was on a terror watch list and indication that more and more hour by hour a better picture is forming of the horrible attack. >> thank you live in paris. >> jouning us more on the terror attacks is ben stine. the author of america along. he has written about it as the biggest threat to western civilizati civilization. mark, you were writing already about this as the attacks were getting under way. >> yeah, i have been writing about this for a long time. nobody wants to say that they were right about this, but i wrote a book almost ten years ago, and people said that it was a harmist. it's strickiking to me that
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everything that you have had is it really a good idea to admit millions of millions of people to european countries? people then start to tap down and there's a large for people. they don't want to kill people or bomb people and blow them you have. they provide a comfort zone on which the virus is. ask them a question and come up with an answer to it. >> yeah, i felt the president's remarks were so revealing. he said these acts of terror are universal values. suspect that the point that there are not universal values? we have different values for the people that did this.
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does the president recognize this? >> no, he does not. he wants to preserve that. if you look at the two big french attacks for example, this attack was on people who just went to concerts ask restaurants and soccer games. when you get to the free speech thing and the majority of muslims and in france do not accept the concept and it narrow from a tradition on the planet and when the country becomes ten percent and 15 percent and 20 percent muslim, there's less and less mart for a free speech. despite what they say, the value of the free speech will die
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because there are were people that do not share the value. >> you believe that the president has been willfully with respect to the issue. we see not only the attack and we see the massacre that occurred last night and do not forget about the airline plane that was shot down where isis claimed responsibility for that. we're in a real state of an international crisis as it relates to islamic extremist and they're really gaining momentum, and there's a leadership vacuum. what do we need to do to correct the course? >> well, i think what we can't do is do it on intelligence basis. i mean we have been talking about if you can vet people. a lot of the people and the boston massacre bomber and the guy that did the stabbings in colorado just last week, they come in and they're perfectly
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normal little pigs, and then they get radicalized as they live in western societies. a quarter of a million people entered one german state in september and october. a quarter million people. the german police estimate that it takes 60 people working on just tracking one known person on the watch list. cannot solve it by intelligence. you have to actually b tatalk a things and then the immigration and waging the battle. you have to be prepared ask not just talk about our values as cameron did. you have to identify with kwha those values are and be prepared to defend and advance them in the world. don't just say that they're universal. the guy and the goat heard and the fellow that thinks that his daughter got raped, so she deserves to die don't think that.
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obama is useless if that's all that he has to say about it. >> the notion if we don't fight them here, we're fighting them here. some say that's over simple la if i case. is this attack an example of the truth in the phrase? >> yeah, i think that it has to be a two prong thing. this is a domestic battle as an over seas war. these are people that normally are citizen in the western nations and yet feel no allegiance to the nations. we pretend and talk about the fellow in colorado for example. the abc news headline was a santa clara teenager and perpetrated the attacks. we present the people of the normal residence and of the united states and france and canada and they bare and in the end they're sense of identity is
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not french or canadian or australia or american. it's with a pan national identity that actually does not think in terms of nation-states. it's bigger than that. they're not interested in the borders of france or belgium or germany. it's making the con septemberce replacing it with something bigger. >> these are words that are hard for those that run the country to accept. thank you for joining us. >> you too. you have been terrific this morning. >> the magnitude is massive. where there warning signs? how were they missed? what we have to do to keep it from happening again.
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questions are only beginning to bubble to the surface as the terror group isis claims responsibility. some of the victims are among americans, so how do the attacks reflect the capacity and affiliates? do they have a global network of community similar to that of al qaeda? sto former cia joins us now and i think back to september 10, 2001. nobody heard of them and we were going about the daily life and thinking that we were safe, and boom we're not. are there parallels here. >> yeah, there are parallels. that's a good point. we tend to think of the islamic state as the group that exists in syria and iraq.
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well, we have been doing that for the best couple of years and they have been absorbing a large number of extremist and groups and cells and that means acapab. the way that they were able to carry out and the reason to not and train for that is because they have the comfort of afghanistan. they have a territory where they could do this and not worry every second that they were going to be hunted down and killed. the same exist right now for the islamic state. that's why when people ask why be bothered by the state, we have to build the bridges here and the education system. of course we do, we have to figure out how to multitask. if we do not dismantle the territory, it's ideal to believe that if they wants a state, everybody else wants this and we're just happy here. we don't have expansion and of course they do.
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it's domination and so they use that territory to carry out something such as this paris attack with their supporters obviously and the attack ers that were involved. i suspect that it's going to be highly likely that we're going identify that there were communications between the isis leadership and the elements in syria and iraq and the attack ers and support structures in paris. >> last word from the administration is that 50 u.s. special operations were headed to that part of the world. adequate? >> not by any means. unfortunate truth is that if we want to destroy isis, it's not going to happen unless we lead the way. that's the way that the world works right now. we can say we're going sit down and let putin figure it out.
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the interest is in rushing and insuring that he does not lose that influence and capable. secondary fine and he will kill isis. he does not care. that's not the primary interest. we're going to have to lead the way. 50 operators know that it's not enough. nobody wants to hear this or talk about it. part of the problem over the last couple of years is that we're dismantling the program because we're sofa teejed. when people say how you diz this happen in paris because we're trying to find a balance of civil liberties and trying to maintain a level of security that most gain sufficient. >> a great many people are waking up up and saying if that kind of thing can happen in paris, what's to prevent it from happening in new york and chicago and los angeles. what's the answer? >> well, the around the clock efforts of the state, local and federal officials and the intel
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community and everything else that works on this and is unseen. it's no happy coincidence that we have not had something like this in the u.s. it's the result of a great deal of kwork. again we're facing the increasing threats. at the same time as i said we ever been dismantling the parts and just wanting to push it away. we're tired of it. that's a dangerous combination. they don't marry upwell. is this something that can happen? yes, it is. we have been worry aded about i since 9d/11. as a counter terrorism person if you talk to anybody in the field, they will tell you cannot stop everything. you would anticipate that something would happen. we don't want to go down to that, but we have to figure out
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where we want to be with the increasing threats that we're facing from isis and with the other elements. >> mike, former cia operator. thank you very much. coming you up the attacks hitting close to home for the fox news family. >> we were all going to paris. >> you must feel worried for her. >> his oldest daughter was inside. let's give 'em a great breakfast so they can go out there and kick the butt they came here to kick. the reason they hired me is because i care about the details. i care so much it hurts.
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>> new information on the terrorists in paris and the guardian reporting that they
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carried passports from three different nations and syria and france as well as egypt. >> he used to identify himself as an extremist and then multiple passports and nations and i suppose that. >> i would find it in credibly difficult to believe that someone that does not know the way around france and speak fluent french was able to speak this and somewhere in the organizational structure there are french people involved without being detected to coordinate them. the level that we see here is unprecedented in france, and it's a game changer for the world. >> so we know that you thousands of the citizen have travelled to syria to fight and then many
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have come back. what's a reaction in the communities within europe when they leave and go over to syria? >> yeah, up to 6,000 have gone. up until now the communities and of course they're mixed. people are going to join and people are upset. what's happening is a sustained effort and what's done in the civil rights movement, on a civil society level to really truly defeat the totality, we're in the mist of a war that we have never known. this is not a state lead war and in the 90s we had an organization. this is insurgent that are able to attract people no matter where they are. >> you were attracted to it at one point. >> yeah, i joined at 16, and there are a few factors that come into play.
9:25 am
not truly knowing what i am and third and the most i would say negligent neglige neglige negligent and then you're in a way to the world and that's something that we have to address head on. >> you were imprisoned for five years, and it was a defining experience for you and surrounded by people that were radical extremists. what affect did it have on you? >> i was with the presidents and those that survived a case without executed, and over the four years of debate and discussion with jihads i came to the conclusion that if they got the power and a bit like it, we would have held on earthme.
9:26 am
i am glad that i called it and left because i do not want to have part what's going on today. >> they consider me an imposter. i call myself one that's forming the debate around the communities, but i don't get points for that in the current planet. >> there's every possibility of a backlash of muslims generally in france and perhaps world wide. there are suggestions that's what isis wants. do you think so? >> yeah, it's polarization and there's a sense and focus should be on the victims of this terrorist attack, and they're those that isis and those that have killed. there's a secondary conversation in the communities. what's in the secondary is that mu muslim communities should show the same level of solidarity that they expect and the other issues to those of the victims
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attack. it's a two way street. we must stand with everybody else without escaping and completely and totally -- i don't deserve a thank you for sitting it as you don't deserve to be killed. look how low the bar has sunk. what we really want to start or i want to start to see more of is sustained efforts of the communities to uproot the extre extremist and defined by me and it's over society anywhere from now until the end of time. that needs to be completely terminated. this is a difficult struggle ahead of us. >> yeah, a compelling story and people should pick up the book and see how we do that. thank you for the time again this morning. coming up just weeks before attack obama sent troops.
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is it time for more troops on the ground. that's next. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow!
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three countries. and american citizen are among the victims. >> this as memorials grow across the city for the 128 people known dead and hundreds of others hurt. >> we have lived in there for many years and joined live with the latest. good morning greg. >> reporter: hello, sir. lived here a long time and never seen anything like that. none of the french people have seen anything like this since world war ii. the death that happened over a three hour period. the developments are dealing with the investigation and rapidly moving into the attack. one of the bodies of one of the attack ers was examed for finger printed and siting that they're linked to a known french extremist.
9:33 am
passports being found against the france area where several people were killed and suicide bomb attacks. yes, egypt, syria and french all of those likely suspects in all of this. cars are being saw. witnesses are being sought. there are a lot of witnesses at the theater behind me where much of the carnage happened with cafe and restaurants. what i say is how open these terrorists seem to be. very few hoods. the faces are shone. they're riding around in cars with firmly identifiable license plat plates. probably why last night and today we heard the president speak openly on the fact that he believes that it's isis. in his words it was directed from abroad and facilitated and
9:34 am
that's why he has a mercy list and a pity war against isis. i know the french antiterror forces and do their job. a equip wrap up on the numbers that we're seeing. they vary and afp is the leading news agency. i go with them and they're saying 128. they're saying 250 injured. 150 seriously, and yes we have heard from the state department. they have said they're americans injured. they're very specific. they're not saying victims but injured. americans and other tourists here will probably be disappointed along with the sadness, there's a few missing attract places to a lot of sadness shared not just here but with folks around the world. back to you. >> i know that the situation is fluid and information is still coming in but there were reports that the grenades were used
9:35 am
inside of the theater. there's different than smuggling in an ak47. are you able to confirm that they tossed grenades? >> reporter: we don't have that confirmed john, but we have seen that widely reported. all of the attack ers in that theater were using rifles but had had explosive vests on them and when they were cornered they exploded and another attack er was shot. the idea of suicide attacks and bombers and explosive vests right in the heart of paris. you and i have covered a lot of this stuff in iraq, aftergan stan and in the heart of the civilized cities in the world. unbelievable. >> greg, thank you. >> just last week the president made the decision to send more
9:36 am
troops. is it too little too late. is it time for more boots on the ground? time for concerned veterans of america and fox news contribute er and major. good morning. >> good morning. >> such disturbing news, but we have to learn the lessons from this. the president committing some troops to the area, but is it enough? >> no, i don't take away from the operators. they're going to add value to who they partner with. what's happened is the case of a president down playing a threat from the beginning and never telling us the real truth about the energy and he is not preparing the american people. then we're in the providing the capables and never saying that we have the boots on the ground and allowing them to go forward and conduct the combat operations and even though that we saw them killed and then not untying the hands.
9:37 am
the operators and what can they do? is it going to be enough? absolutely not. we have not giving the capabilities to defeat isis and we're at best a stalemate. >> so they are young and male and landed in the united states in new orleans and do you see a disconnect between the two facts? >> okay. 100 percent. you see on the battlefield we're taking a drip by drip and then we're making longer and then how we are between the goals and the capabilities on the ground. then we're seeing a really bowing down and these are young muslim males in europe and united states we're bringing in and we know nothing about. you have had a number of guests talking about it and isis is using it and there using our
9:38 am
culture suicide that we have committed already, and a lot of it is happening in france, and they don't stand up for the values ask we're doing the psalm thing in the spaces today. weaver not able to on o front the growing threat that lives among us. >> i know that a year or two the curds were asking for the simplest kind of bullets basically. >> yeah. >> and small arms and carvings and so forth and were denied. this is a group that wanted to fight terrorist of isis and getting a cold shoulder from the administrati administration. is that going to change? >> i hope so. the curds are taking part of the kurtish areas in the country. we're going to need a real o coalition. we have to get -- the administration says enough with the 53 or 54 names on a chart and you can talk about how big they are. what we would need is a real forging of a real coalition of
9:39 am
actual boots and mostly air and army toss take this fight into the heart of isis territory. until we do that, nothing that we do is going to be worth it. problem is that i don't trust the commander in chief. that's the problem. those that believe that don't trust obama to put together a strategy that we're bust enough or untie the hands and give them the opportunity to be vicious and ruthless that they need to be to defeat the enemy. until it's defeated, you're going see the attacks around the globe. >> yeah, that's increasing the area that they take and thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you kimberly. >> well, our own geraldo got close to this tragedy in france. his daughter simone was inside of the soccer dome.
9:40 am
>> they joined us earlier and they talked about to see a loved one in the center of what happened. >> first of all there's a feeling of helplessness and everything is so amplified. i have been a war corr support da for decades. you're concerned about the vi victims, but it's not like when it's your own flesh and blood. they know what they're doing. not only are they killing and manning, but they're spreading a fever of fear. >> she is finally back in her apartment and she is excited to have thanksgiving back in the states. >> we were all going to paris for thanksgiving. she was so scared. >> it will be nice to have her here. >> that was just this morning on the couch and there you see him
9:41 am
pictured with his younger daughter simone and it was a different situation when she was in the middle of the chaos and he was in flux. watch. >> did you know that it was a bomb or what did you think that it was? >> i thought it was a bomb and then no one made a sound and then it happened two more times and then the medical people were there and we felt something was up. then we tried to leave and they would not let anyone leave during half time. they were there and they did not tell us anything and then we go back in and then we hear another one go off and then we left. there was like literally s.w.a.t. teams and police and people like everybody was holding guns and they start to usher 70,000 people. >> the terrifying moments and the father listening to the heart felt pleas and anxiety to
9:42 am
his daughter studying. geraldo is on his way to pick her up and bring her home safe. she will not be concluding the rest of her year there. she will be back here safe and sound. >> he is in the car to the airport. how should the united states respond to this. what would a president ted cruz do? he joins us next right after the break with the answer. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise, jardiance works around the clock to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes.
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take a look live at what is going on in paris right now. these are live pictures as the memorials begin to grow to those that were killed in the who river i can attacks last evening in paris. >> a city stunned and this as authorities release details on the attack ers that caused the massacre last night.
9:46 am
at th >> americans are among the victims of the attack as well. >> no indication that any americans were killed in the attacks, but we're sorting out the details. meanwhile the reaction in the united states is just taking step. senator ted cruz is live from south carolina. good morning senator cruz. it's difficult to take information from a story that's unfol unfo unfo unfolding, but from this, what can you say about the path and going forward? >> well, first of all we stand in solidarity with the people in french and the president and with the families of all of the victims of the acts of terrific terrorisms, and the american people are standing as one. we're grieving with a nation of france today. we're standing as your friend and allie. secondly these attacks under score that we are facing an enemy who is fierce, who is
9:47 am
relentless and at war with us even if the own president does not understand that it's at war with with us, and will not stop until defeated. it's radical islamic terrorism. as long as we have a chief to say radical islam terrorism, we will not have the things to defeat the radicals before they continue to murder more and more innocent people. >> so the policy is under scrutiny and some have moved into france and some have not. at exactly the moment we're looking at france and the united states is approximabeginning to the refugees. what do you think of paying for the refugees to come here in large numbers? should they be halted? >> president obama and hillary
9:48 am
clint clinton's idea that we should bring tens of thousands of muslim refugees is nothing less than crazy. 77 percent of the refugees were young men. the director of national intelligence here in america has said of he has refugees in europe, it's clear that a number of them maybe isis terrorists. i makes no sense for us to be bringing in refugees that are intelligence and cannot determine if they're here to kill us or not. those that are fleeing should be resettled in the countries. now on the other hand christians that are being targeted and christians that are being beheaded and we should be provided the safe haven to them. we refuse to do that and all of this is a consensquence and it'
9:49 am
not unviolent ex trimmist. it's a particular form that anybody that does not embrace the view must be murdered or forcible converted. that's what we're seeing in paris and israel. i am sorry to tell you but this is coming to america. it's one of the reason that congress needs to pass immediately the ex patriot terrorist act that says at that any american that travels abroad that joins isis and takes up arms and wages jihad against america, immediately forfeit the citizenship. we should not be letting people use u.s. citizen and passports to come pack to america the wage them and murder innocent americans just like we saw them
9:50 am
do yesterday in paris. >> senator cruz, we have a couple of more questions for you. we have to take a break if you can stay with us. we're back in south carolina in just a moment. >> sure. ...served my country... ...carried the weight of a family... ...and walked a daughter down the aisle. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda-approved to treat this pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new, or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica.
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we're back once again with the presidential candidate senator ted cruz. as you know president obama won the presidency in part by recognizing that americans were tired of war. if you do succeed in winning the office, does it mean application of military force for isis? >> it means that we will have a commander in chief that takes seriously defeating terrorism. i recognize that barack bomb
9:54 am
bo obama does not want to defend the country. they're getting stronger and every rejune on earth has gotten worse under the obama clinton foreign policy. that does not mean that we should be sending our sons and daughters to countries and engage and stay there for ever and trying to turn iraq into switzerland. that's not what the object should be. we need a commander in chief that says we need someone to defeat radical terrorism. that looks like number one using overwhelming military power and air power. the first persian gulf war there were 11 attacks a day and obama is doing 15 to 30 attacks a day. it's photo up. >> in sufficient. >> we should be arming the curds. they're on the ground and fierce allies of ours. they're out armed, and yet they're the boots on the ground and obama for political reasons does no t want to upset baghdad
9:55 am
and we're using overwhelming power and the boots on the ground, and it's clear to my militant that if you go and join isis. if you wage jihad against america, you're signing your death warrant. >> senator cruz, if it were president cruz, what would you do differently in the number of troops to the ground. it's going to be composed to this and he is wanting to close gitmo. >> well, both of those are mistakes. if he does that, these are harden terrorists and we're releasing people and substantial of them are returning to wage war against us. i understand that president obama are ideal and they do not recognize the enemies want to kill us. you look at the trade and you traded senior leader for someone
9:56 am
that is right now being tried for affectively deserving his troops. that makes no sense, and then with regard to sending 50 troop itsel s, there's no reason to put the sons and daughters in harm's way without a military plan to keep them safe and win. what's missing is the soldiers, airman and marines are risking their life for us. they have a commander in chief that has no strategy. he will not utter the words radicali radical islamic terrorists. the last one that we saw you had every world leader marching and standing in solidarity. nowhere was to be found obama or hillary clinton or john kerry. the obama administration abandoned the friendly nation of france when the rest of the world came together arm and arm to stand against radicalism. we need a president willing and
9:57 am
able to do that. >> yeah, senator cruz thank you for your time this morning. >> more "fox and friends" coming up next. stay tuned. ve all been missing. ve all been missing. with the arcades... elves... and even a picture with santa. all for free.
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>> thank you for joining us. see you tomorrow. now shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. >> it's 10:00 a.m. tim on the east coast and the worst violence to strike france since world war ii. one bomber has been identified and details coming. pope francis calling the attacks part of a third world war. this is the islamic state claims responsibility for the killings of now than somewhere of 120 innocent men and woman and calling the attack the first of the storm, and isis mocking france as trans lated to o the


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