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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  November 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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investigators leaving no unturn. five have identified on this hour. they launched an international manhunt for the man on your screen. the belgium-born individual. he was detained at the french border on saturday but then released. citing several sources and police sources as well but at least one top french security official. france not wasting any time on this. french fighter jets responders by founding inside of syria yesterday. the french mittrary in coordination with u.s.
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intelligence dropping 20 bombs. jihadi recruitment and depo. 72 hours before attack. weapons, effle tower, warned of an asalt on the west just one day before the actual paris attack. cac moving. we have looked at past paris attacks and we typically do not get market reactions, also flat this morning. we are following to see any reaction to the upset.
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at home futures are down as well. lower opening to flat for the u.s. market. overnight in asia. finishing mostly larger. japanese market on the move. japan's economy contracting for the second straight quarter. we will have every angle covered live from paris. joining me live this morning from new york headquarters our fox business network sandra smith and dagen mcdowell. >> sandra: good morning, maria. >> dagen: good morning, maria. >> maria: retired navy captain john cocrin. give us your observation this morning. >> hello to you in paris the french government is really engaged on three levels. the level most important to them
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is go after who per pep -- perpetrated the attack. that's a challenging one. the government is not talking about it because they need to have plans. the third one that you just mentioned is strikes in maria. this is the beginning, desert, appeartize -- appetizer. three levels as far as we can see. >> maria: clearly so much was missed. i guess what i'm looking for is how you would say this could have been missed that we have such coordination in term of
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telecom around the world. how did we misall of that equipment and all of that coming into the country? >> john: it was not taken seriously as well as allies provided france as well as other european countries. their borders are very poorest and that's not taking with refugees coming across syria have infacility -- ifiltrated governments. >> maria: what can you tell us globally? >> sandra: really interesting as futures started trading last night, a calm, taking a lot of people i know by surprise. in addition to a lot of people
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talking about the borders, maria, i'd be interesting to hearing what they say about the borders. it was a shock when he announced when he closed the borders. washington post actually publishing an article to that effect, what did it really mean when france closed the borders. i would do curious to see what kind of control you've seen since you've been on the ground. >> maria: very crowded. a lot of people taking a lot longer to get through the airports. it's jammed packed around me right here. two more paris attackers have been identified. one from syria and one french facing terror charges.
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we are on high alert across the world. we are waiting for more information. dagen mcdowell, what can you tell us in terms to have reaction in the u.s.? >> dagen: maria, i think you have people here and around the world that are speechless given the fact that the continent can't detect a coordinated attack like this. the more we learn about attackers, the more shocking that this is possible. you have one of the men, national french national that traveled to syria over a two-year period. he had been on an extremist and arrested for petty crimes but he was still out there and not under surveillance.
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>> maria: what should we be thinking that the communication was not tracked or looked closer . >> let's dive to what's behind that. the french has long list, extremists, we are talking about thousands and thousands of people, neither france nor the united states can follow up on that kind of a number, but they have another list which basically the intelligence and security services, those specialized in counterterrorism have. it's probably in the high 2,000. those are under a more deeper surveillance. from the numbers we understood from the french, some of these terrorists were not on the second list. they were on the general list. we cannot observe all of the
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time, and what the french don't have is a way to see when an extremist becomes a terrorists or is moving weapons. >> maria: i see. john, let me ask you about that because clearly the refugee story is being rethought across the world in terms of how individuals coming and wandering to europe and the u.s., what can you tell us thinking about that given the fact that one was an isis perpetrator in refugee clothing. >> there's no control of how we can actually screen the individuals. it's been pointed out that a lot of them are young males. if you take a small percentage of that, the intelligence agencies have no way of
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screening out the potential, you know, how many percentages of these guys coming across are actually warriors are terrorists. you know, europe has a big problem and hopefully we stop it before it comes to our border. >> maria: right, the other issue is the syrian government. i don't know, is there a syrian government? it's collapsed. how do we do that bedding. it's important when you have nobody on the other side to give you real information about the individual in question. >> john: maria, with the coalition that we are working right now with air strikes, we have to take to ground side. we have to be able to work with the governments all over europe and actually the middle eastern governments of saudi arabia, kuwait, jordan that are dealing with these issues day-to-day to kind of get a handle on these people that are in these refugee
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camps that are moving forward and have to take aggressive action by the administration to get a seriously grip around the issue. >> maria: yeah, for sure. john, walid, thank you. we will take a short break. a city in mourning. stay with us. we will be right back. >> what has happened is just not fair. you can't take peoples' lives. these nut heads, you can't say you do it for a religion. is a y >> does move my to get away from paris. i live here it's kind of a losing proposition to keep going this way.
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>> maria: welcome back, the suspected master mind has been named. joe lingcent. >> jo ling: also being reported by sky news. that video clip reported sounds of the first gunshots that were shot, killed over 80 people. you can see the silhouettes of
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the band move around that dark stage and just as the music began the stage brightness and a spray of gunfire, chilling photos of the show and concrete floor with flood where survivors tried to drag the dead. belgium issued warrant. one of three brothers suspected in the terrorist attacks that killed 129 people in paris. was then let through. president obama join world leaders in turkey, the final day, obama says the two-day summit has assumeed importance to respond to paris massacre. president obama and president putin reached a new agreement that syria needs to lead their
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own political transition. and president obama will hold a news conference 10:30 eastern time and we will have it live right here on fox business. four isis-sinked social media accounts began sharing messages 72 hours before atax. images of weapons, eiffel tower and mission. maria, back to you in paris. >> maria: and jo, that he was the master mind of other attacks in paris. so this is an individual who they had been tracking before. >> jo ling: this is someone with experience. we will bring you more as we get more on that, maria.
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>> maria: thank you. how markets are reacting monday morning around the world. back in a moment. >> we were connected and i think because we were so connected and the world is getting smaller and smaller thanks to the genius of new technology, we have to get bigger and bigger inside and this is happening to all of us. >> our children, brothers, and sisters and there's no stop to it. the message is clear that we are against it and we will need to do whatever it takes to stop it
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>> maria: welcome back live from paris. want to get a check. first reaction since deadly attacks here in paris. in london the british blue ship currently looks like this. we do see it in positive territory. it's a flat situation across european indices this morning. not a big of an impact as you would expect. french tourism were hit the hardest this morning and one would expect. this is going to affect economic backdrops. similar situation here. also in a green. turning to the markets in the united states, right now early on looking at a positive situation across the board. dow jones industrial average indicated to open up in double
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digits pointing to a higher opening to broader averages in the u.s. in the heels of similar stories across europe. joining us from capital founder and ceo mike murphy along with sandra and dagen. you actually do not see a big market reaction to a situation like this, what would you expect this morning, mike. >> mike: that's been an opportunity to make money. that's one of the reasons. we saw some weakness in europe this morning. as the day has progressed, we see futures back now in the green. the one thing i'm watching is oil. oil had a terrible week last week. now we are seeing oil up about 1% this morning. i think that's something to really keep on eye on. >> maria: i think that's a great point.
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you have oil up better than 1%. it has been selling off the last two weeks. to what do you attribute the selloff? >> mike: there's just too much oil on the market. global both has slowed. i look at a very key area. we broke it and rallied hard to 39 to 50 over the summer. oil rebounds on the concern for increased fight over in the middle east. you're going to see the markets rally on that also. >> maria: dagen, i'm remembering the day after 9/11 when i was down there on the floor of the new york stock exchange, once the markets did reopened that monday morning, okay, we are down but we are not out and a feeling where you want to say a positive reaction from markets just on soladarity.
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>> dagen: absolutely. s&p was nearly down 5% or 4.9%. the market bottomed 11 calendars days later and recouped all of the losses within 31 days. that's important to remember comparing this to that of the united states. i wanted to add, there's been so much concern about reserve, if the federal needs another reason not to make that move, this could be it. >> maria: i think that's such a good point, you're absolutely right. sandra, in terms of sectors and industries you are looking at this morning, what's moving mostly, we know what's moving on in terms of european indices,
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broader economic industries, getting hit hard? >> sandra: we are talking about the fact that cac in france is posting gains right now. you have the airline sector getting hit hard this morning. you have air france, klm, moving more than 5%. british airways, all of them are down between 5 and 3%. the market might look flat but sectors are getting beat up. anything travel related. he was selling all the travel stocks, hitting bids across the board there. there's just a lot of concern to what this is going to do to consumer confidence and with global travel. >> maria: which leads me back to
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the fed issue. after that job's number in october we were pretty much expected that the fed is going to move in december post this situation. >> dagen: you saw the weak retail sales numbers last week. that's your biggest area of worry, and the fed has to be thinking about, am i -- are we going to do something else that would rattle consumers at this point. i think this certainly must give them pause and make them rethink what's happening. >> maria: all right. we are going to get into what wall street and the global trading community is looking at this morning post horrific attacks. we will take a short break. tribute around the world as everyone is looking to paris. the latest from paris as the
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city tries to recover and continues in mourning from the brutal attacks. back in a moment. ♪you want ♪ pro inv ♪ the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier. it's your idea powered by active trader pro. another way fidelity gives you a more powerful investing experience. call our specialists today to get up and running.
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>> maria: welcome back, live from paris.
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i'm maria bartiromo reporting live from paris. the attacks that gripped paris on friday night were a series of well-planned assaulted that were reportedly carried out by three coordinated teams. here is a look at the timeline of terror as it played out on friday evening. >> enjoying friday evening. november 9th, hours began to unfold. these were the first victims of six simultaneous attacks. shooting through windows at a coffee and restaurant in the same street. by now the number of dead had already reached double figures. there were reports of others shooting.
5:32 am
if there was any doubt paris was under siege the sounds, left nobody in doubt. [sirens] >> be driven away to a new location. terrifying night, seemingly the only safe place they were prepared to go. a look of fear on some of the most famous faces of international football as players were led away unsure of what was happening. there were reports of at least one suicide bomber at two fast-food coffees close and designed to main fans flocking to game and as things couldn't get worse, it became a major
5:33 am
situation in one of paris' music venues. security units surrounded the theater with hostage situation now well underway those inside trying to escape from the gunmen. this footage shows the back of the theater and the efforts for some to flee. lierveing from windows to avoid picking off. an injured manmade it through the back door. [speaking in native tongue] >> what's happening shouted someone? >> other made it to safety.
5:34 am
they started killing hostages. elite forced units to move quickliment one witness said the gunman was silent and calm and shot people randomly. they would reload and carry on. the attackers in the hole recordedly. >> reportedly blue up when the police raided the place. [sirens] >> survivors left in submission and in horror. state of emergency has now been announced. 1500 military personnel have
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been launched to capital now in lockdown and the response was almost immediate from france. launch massive air strikes in syria over the weekend. fox news is live on the ground with that angle, amy, good morning to you. >> hi, maria, in the last i would say half hour or so a french official has named the master mind of the paris attacks as abdelhamid abaaoud. he was seen in an isis truck looking positive, so he had traveled to syria but there are mix reports about whether he has return today europe or remains
5:36 am
in syria, but he's been linked with many other attacks i might add as well and also back to the retaliation and those war strikes, those air strikes, francis ferocious to date. so france having declared that it is a war, it's at war, it's putting its money where its mouth is and hitting hard. believed to be the black of the volkswagen used in the attacks in concert venue, he was questioned by police and let go and now they are looking for him. he's on the loose. possibly to be the eighth suicide bomber who was part of friday night's atrocities not knowing where he is, one of his brothers also was one of the
5:37 am
bombers, blew himself up at the concert venue but there's a manhunt for hymn as well, maria. >> maria: amy, let me get back to specific targets that france along with the u.s. hit. you are talking about recruitment centers. why did we need another attack in france in order to hit ice -- isis headquarters if we knew exactly where they were beforehand. >> that's a question that many people have been asking. why haven't all of these sophisticated satellite which have spotted training centers and recruited centers and convoys of isis personnel moving across syria, why weren't they taking out more instantly.
5:38 am
the answer to that is i -- illusive, the other question is some of the people that were involved on friday night were on police and security rad radar, how did they slip off that radar. 150 locations maybe a sign that france is going to start going every person is believed linked to some sort of jehadist or radical movement. >> maria: we know there were 2,000 people traveling back and forth. right now there's about 100 people that we know off that have traveled back and forth between the u.s. and syria. so again, the bedding and the constant tracking of those individuals will obviously become clearer as we get more information, amy.
5:39 am
thank you very much, amy right there on the scene. joining us right now u.s. congressman, thanks very much for joining us. what happens now? what are the steps that law enforcement are taking to in fact, get on that tracking that we've been speaking about, congressman? >> here at home we have seen our intelligence network of boiling plots. we had here one in queens just a few months ago. now we are going to have to continue to monitor footprints that are left behind as you try plans like in paris. the threat can increase with the policy that we should be bringing in for refugees from syria and elsewhere specially without the proper screening process. while you work with networks and other countries around the world and you continue to foil plots
5:40 am
since the beginning of the year, we have to monitor where the threat might get even worse if the obama administration tries to carry out the policy, flawed policy of bringing in all these refugees. >> let me ask you about that because the thinking about the refugees right now has it changed? what is the plan? how many refugees are -- how many are we expect today take in? we know that it's become chaotic in europe. what's the plan in terms of the u.s.? has refugees have come in? >> they started with some refugees. they are looking at several, tens of thousands at the democratic debate consensus with the number of 65,000. the president is continuing to be stubborn on his policy, there
5:41 am
have been no assurances provided . so as far as this administration goes, i haven't seen that they've quite grasp the reality check that even, let's say you brought in 65,000, if 64,950 of them carried an attack on u.s. soil and we see what happened in paris in new york city, that's too much. it doesn't matter. yes, we have compassion for, you know, that innocent women and child, but at the same exact time, you can't be bringing in individuals who are going to inflict harm and instill fear. >> maria: right, what is your best ges in terms of how this slipped by authorities, the attack in france i'm talking about, given the fact that we are supposed to be tracking conversations online.
5:42 am
we know that assault weapons are bad. you cannot buy assault weapons, how did assault weapons get in this country and all of the other that they took in? >> for whatever reason it wasn't made. it's terribly sad what happened, i wouldn't be surprise that the french knew a lot them that we believed them to know as of right now. >> maria: thank you very much for your insight. we will take a short break. live for a manhunt that's still under loose.
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♪ ♪ >> maria: welcome back, we are come to go you live from the streets of paris on the heels of the deadly attack over the weekend. joining us right now student liana, you were at home when the first attack took place. >> i was watching a series under french television and i come back to french news tv. >> maria: so you saw things happening while you were on television? >> i heard terrorist attack was
5:47 am
happening, so we were very shocked because we are france, we are not in a war place and fear for us because we are not really prepared for these things. we are very shocked and afraid because we don't know where our family were. >> maria: but everyone and your family and friends have been accounted for at this point? >> may were at home. >> maria: so your family is safe. what is your sentiments among friends -- you live in the city. what is the sentiments and the people on the ground? >> the people were very shocked. >> maria: have they changed
5:48 am
behavior in anyway, stopped going out, a sense of fear, what can you tell us how people are feeling? >> they were looking at everyone like -- >> skeptically. >> they were looking at us -- >> maria: thank you very much. thank you for joining us in terms of being here in the city. up next we are looking at security. security is heightened around the world, certainly here in paris. we will take a look at dc's response, we will take you to washington next. back in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> maria: welcome back to the program, an extended session of this program this morning. we are broadcasting live in paris today. morejoining us right now with reaction to the devastating attacks former fbi assistant ron hasco. thank you so much for joining us. can you tell us about fbi coming to paris and specifically interested in looking at communications and devices.
5:53 am
tell us about that ron. >> i think the fbi's mission would be twofold. fist we had u.s. citizens killed and injured in this attack. there's some counterterrorism jurisdiction and the fbi will be pursuing domestically as well. but the other part of it is to loan tools, information, intelligence to the french so that they can help them in their investigation if there's something in the u.s. possession, a tactic, technique and certainly information, they want to push that to the french and make sure this investigation goes forward. >> maria: and of course, an immediate reaction from french officials, france dispatching war planes to bomb islamic planes. what was your observation about that and do we expect that operation to continue? >> well, i think that it is a
5:54 am
big curious that the reaction was so quick on apparently known targets. i think that's a positive, there's more than just rhetoric. back home fbi has instructed their field offices to tightened up look at existing targets and scrub information about what's coming out of france so we know connections domestically against the french subjects. >> maria: we know that there were twitter accounts that were releasing messages, twitter accounts by isis fighters, what can you tell us about what's most important right now, what the fbi will be looking at and what further intelligence we can gain from the technology and communications out there? >> right to really be affective in looking forward. we have to look back. analysts across the world in our
5:55 am
allied countries have to be looking at what has happened in recent days over twitter and other communications methodologies to see what we can glean. >> maria: yeah. >> it's not one of the immediate incrimination because the french are going on overtime and trying to chase the other threats and know the scope of the network. but we have to look back to look forward effectively. >> maria: what did we miss? what was the most important of what we missed? >> today we don't know that. some were on the french radar. my concern here and certainly this is a concern here. it's a matter of scale.
5:56 am
how many people can be radicalized and how many u.s. resources, fbi, resources to have to push up against them to surveil them and know what their intentions are. it is very concerning. >> maria: yeah, very concerning. thank you for your insights, ron, thank you, ron hosko joining us there. we are live from paris. stay with back in a moment.eneratio ♪ ♪ the idea was to bring capital into the affordable housing space in south africa, with a fund that offers families of modest income safe and good accommodation. citi got involved very early on and showed an enormous commitment. and that gave other investors confidence. citi's really unique,
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>> maria: good morning, i'm maria bartiromo. the country mourns from the deadly attacks. the city remains on edge over attacks, more than 300 more injured and as the city tries to cope with the senseless and cowardly attacks investigators are leaving in stones unturned.
6:00 am
police arresting people over night and ceasing weapons included rocket launchers. french police have launched international manhunt for the man on your screen, belgium-born individual helped with attacked along with brothers. he was detained on saturday but then released. he may have been just arrested, more on that coming up. market reaction this morning. stocks are flat in france and germany this morning. as you look at a reaction, many people are expecting consumer-related like hotels to be under pressure but they do believe that will be short-term. we are looking at positive and negative territory since the opening of trading this morning. there will be a moment of


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