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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 16, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EST

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police arresting people over night and ceasing weapons included rocket launchers. french police have launched international manhunt for the man on your screen, belgium-born individual helped with attacked along with brothers. he was detained on saturday but then released. he may have been just arrested, more on that coming up. market reaction this morning. stocks are flat in france and germany this morning. as you look at a reaction, many people are expecting consumer-related like hotels to be under pressure but they do believe that will be short-term. we are looking at positive and negative territory since the opening of trading this morning. there will be a moment of silence right now across the
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country. let's listen. [silence] [singing]
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>> 20 bombs. even though u.s. air strikes were reported attacking fuel
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trucks, the u.s. air force calls that kind of attack truck planking where you send our extraordinarily technologyically fighter bombers against >> maria: one question that everyone is asking this morning, if we knew so many specifics in terms of where these recruitment centers were and where other isis headquarters are in syria, why did it take another attack in france to actually begin this bombing on those specific sites? >> because too many leaders in europe and the united states are living in a parallel universe. the president of the united states said on friday, 12 hours before attacks on friday that isis had been contained and i think europe has demonstrated
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its blindness by willingness before friday anyway to accept hundreds of thousands of refugeeses from all across the middle east and north africa claiming to be from syria. i just think that the west collectively has yet again let the guard down and we will see now if the tragedy serves as a wake-up call. i want to ask you if you are seeing a shift in policy. let me bring steven from the wall street journal. steve, what are you reporting from the wall street journal? >> steve: there are a number of things going on. there have been raids across the number of cities in paris. i believe there's one going on in brusselses right now. there's been bomb disposal trucks looking to see at a
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street nearby to see if there's a a bomber -- so there's quite a lot of nervousness and threats are being picked up and followed in the investigation. >> maria: but you wonder if it's too little too late. certainly it's too little too late for those who lost loved ones on friday night in paris. em baa -- embassador, let me get back to the question. has there been a shift in policy in letting in refugees and in terms of general election? >> since our efforts were at an extraordinarily low level, that doesn't necessarily tell you anything. statements from the white house say they don't see any reason to
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shift policy at all etch though every indication i've been able to pick up is that we have really no bedding capability to distinguish refugees. i think the situation is extraordinarily complicated not only by the threat of isis but by the coalition that vladimir putin has put into play with iran, assad regime, hezbollah, the bagdad government, also oppose to isis. this is not a time for tactical suggestions. no fly-zones. this is a time for some leader to come forward, maybe a presidential candidate in this country with a real strategy to do what the president himself wants to do, which is to destroy isis. >> maria: yeah, i believe on the democratic debate over the weekend secretary hillary
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clinton said that she would recommend opening up the borders to 65,000 at least, 65,000 to 100,000 refugees from syria. i guess my question, embassador, we can't even get specifics in terms of who they are from the syrian government. how is it possible to expect any bedding process? >> i don't think that's possible at the moment. people from the ancient christian, but at the moment, it's very difficult to separate the people who have legitimate claims of persecution, well founded fear of persecution versus people that would rather be in the united states than refugee camps than turkey and
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jordan. they've already made what could be a mistake in letting hundreds of thousands of people crossing into europe. who knows what percentage of those are potential terrorists. the united states should not repeat that mistake. >> maria: embassador, thank you very much for your insight this morning. we will check back as news develops. i know that you are reporting on all of those raids. thank you so much, steven. let's get back to amy kellog. we know they were immediate on launching sites in isis headquarters in syria. what can you tell us? >> those were the most ferocious to date. training grounds apparently, all hit overnight as a sign of
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retaliation and some action on the ground, french president françois hollande, saying that france is at war, problem is that some of the people with whom france is at war are french national. we are getting some news right now, it's unconfirmed that the driver of the polo, the black polo mercedes that was used on friday night may have been arrested. they are reporting that he is arrested but we have not had official confirmation of that. he is believed to be the eighth suicide bomber. when isis took responsibility, he said eight brothers had been deployed and only seven were found dead around paris. so it's believed that it may have been the eighth. his brother was one of the bombers, we know that, and a
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third brother is being held in custody possibly questioning of that brother. slipped through the cracks over the last 48 hours. he had been picked up after hours of the french police on the border with belgium and he was allowed to move on. also very important information about this master-mind of the attacks. abdelhamid abaaoud 27-year-old national, connected to very many incidents in the past, attack on the train back in august, american heros swarded. it's not known where he is right now, maria, whether he's in syria or back in europe but last bit of information, there were 168 raids across france over night. france is really going after
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people with any sort of record or tied. >> maria: thank you. coming up next our continuing coverage live from the heart of paris this morning. keep it right here on the fox business network as we check market reaction to the deadly attacks next. ♪ ♪ can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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>> comforting. i think it's also good to know that we are staying united in this terrible moment and we need it. we are really far away from family and friends. >> maria: welcome back.
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we are come to go you live from paris this morning. behind me a vigil, 89 people were killed. one of the attack locations. 89 people out of, of course, 129 people dead, more than 300 injured. coming up and right now we are learning that a wanted suspect in the paris terror attacks is now in custody. jo ling kent more on that. >> jo ling: good morning, maria. he's believed to be the eighth suicide bomber who fled after the terror attacks and killed at least 129 people friday night in paris. but this is not yet been confirmed by fox. meanwhile another belgium abdelhamid abaaoud has been identified as the master mind behind the terror attacks in
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paris. had links to attacks on paris high-speed train and church back in april. he is believed to have been seen in syria last week according to telegraph. take a look at this. a video clip recorded sounds after terrorists killed over 80 people there. you can see the silhouettes of the band move around and react. meanwhile, we have learned that police arrested 223 people and rocket launchers in overnight raid. french says over the last 48 hours 104 people have been placed under house arrest.
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all this is unfolding as president obama joins world leaders in turkey for the g-20 meeting today. we will hold a news conference at 10:30 a.m. eastern time this morning and we will bring it to you right here live in fox business. breaking news, mariott set to buy hotels. 11.9 billion in stock and $340 million in cash. maria. >> maria: this is a big story, jo, because i know the chinese were bidding for starwood, we see that the deal with marriott was happening. a lot of people would wonder if acquisition by the chinese would take place. this is being confirmed right now by marriott? >> jo ling: yes, that's right.
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so many deals the chinese are trying to muscle ahead on. >> maria: thank you very much, we will talk more about that deal coming up. of course, this is a developing story, that would have been the largest acquisition from a chinese company certainly in the hotel business. isis attacks and france respond with air strikes targeting key militant strongholds in syria. keep it right here. we are going to take you live with the developments. next with mornings with maria, live from paris this morning. ♪ ♪
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>> maria: welcome back, we are coming to you live this morning from paris and business news moments ago. we want to get it out to you, marriott is set to acquire starwood hotels and resort. it's just coming across the wire. $12.2 billion, including $11.9 billion in stock as well as $340 million in cash. joining us from new york mike murphy. when i first is that the story cross, i was surprised because there has been debate around china wanting to acquire starwood. this was one of the biggest deals on the docket and people were wondering if u.s. regulators would allow china to acquire one of the largest hotels. what's your take that marriott
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is doing the deal? >> mike: i think there are so many different new -- a lot of the hotels, revenues per room has been decent recently. very interesting. something to look at. the combination is very good. i like the deal for both companies involved. >> maria: travel-related companies started on the heels of the attacks in paris. some people say that it will be a short selloff because confidence long-term the markets
6:25 am
are safe. >> mike: it's good to not give into the terrorists, see are seeing buying. you see oil up almost 2% this morning. that's something that you really want to keep an eye on. looking at the deal of this, the timing is interesting. it's great to the overall market. this will get behind us. people will travel again and the companies, the increased size of them is going to make them more profitable going forward. it's interesting to see a deal like this on a morning like this. >> maria: mike murphy there in new york headquarters. country in shock this morning. its citizens trying to cope and mourn from these deadly attacks. back in a moment. >> we are all connected and because we are so connected and because the world is getting smaller and smaller, thanks to the genius of new technology, we
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>> welcome back i'm maria coming to you live this morning from paris on heel of deadly attack on friday night. international man hunt is underway, the brussel native is considered armed and dangerous, and one of a potential group of 20 people that investigators believe took part in the planning and the operation of this horrific attack. five of those tackers have now been identified. >> with multiple raids taking place across france in belgium, there are reports of a police
6:30 am
standoff in brussels as we speak. we are covering this and we'll bring you the very latest on this. i want to bring in dagan and sandra, the man hunt, what are you hearing? >> the focus on the man hunt there, and also it's very significant what you were talking about these 168 raids on homes in france just overnight. 104 under house arrest. 23 people arrested overnight by french police maria with armed c including rocket launch terse that raises the issue of why weren't these people arrested before the horrific terror it can on friday? something sandra and i have been discussing, i want to point out sandra can add to this, jim, ahead in the u.s. detected there are not more than 900 people not suspected to terror ties but you have a nsa no longer has that
6:31 am
surveillance ability with access to e-mail and instant messages. at the same time, france earlier passed a new surveillance law after the charlie hebe bow attack its that gives french authorities that very power which is very significant that you now have a french government with stronger surveillance power than the u.s. does. >> right, right, this is really -- the heat that we talk about because telecom companies and technology companies some of the largest are encrypting data. there's that balance between our privacy and national security that continues to be debated it. >> yeah, maria, it's unbelievable to watch the fallout morning. turkey said we're not playing the blame game, but we did notify france twice about the paris attackers to the point looking at the sheer number saying there's 900 open investigations prior to the
6:32 am
attack. one might say that doesn't it sound like a lot and wonder if that number will go up substantially now after the attack. maria. >> unbelievable. we want to catch up with our friends and sister network fox news, and fox and friends as we're sigh casting. >> we merged networks not easy to do especially with you over in paris. you were on our coach seems like about an hour ago saying that the word was markets would not be devastated by the attacks. what can you tell us now? >> that's right. you know brian what i'm hearing on trading desk right now, the fact that france was so quick in responding launching air strikes on specific isis targets in syria on sunday night has given the market some confidence. now we're looking at flat
6:33 am
ohmings but earlier on the show typically when you sew a terrorist attack in the past there's not been a major impact to broader markets. now, you have some markets that are taking a hit morning they're hotel and travel related as you would expect because people are speculating that means people will not spend money on these things but they're not driven by overall situation like a terrorist attack but a fundamental earning so not a major reaction. so that french authorities very so fast in tomorrows of their initial response that has given people confidence that there's resiliency on part of global regulators. >> the concern about decline in tourism and the effect on the economy and in trading is how great? >> well, there's a significant throat there as you know, elizabeth. the i mean, the fact is people
6:34 am
scared if they would terrorism will heat up once again they'll change their plan. markets are driven by fundamental and fundamental means earnings it means activity. if you're not going to sew that kind of activity in the travel the sector and airline sector then, of course, you'll see a reactioning there. but broadly speaking i don't to overall state it because you are not seeing the negative reaction that one would expect from this massive attack on friday night here in paris. >> absolutely. on the september 11th attack one of bin laden's goals was to strike at the heart of capitalism, and in the days following, when market is open everything tumbling now we fast forward to today where you've got this strike at the heart of one of europe great capitols and market barely budges does that suggest this is just a new normal? or just used to this kind of stuff now? >> well i think steve there's something to that.
6:35 am
we're in something as a new thunderstorm. as i campaign the scene on the ground as i was seeing on sepght 11th having been down there at the new york stocks exchange there's a feeling of shock. that was the sechtion back then. i think that's the situation here in paris as well that dictates behavior people will change what they're doing they won't spend money. so that had is at this a bit of a new normal. i think my question would be does this attack change the conversation in terms of policy? in terms of the presidential election? now the whole idea of taking in refugees is beginning to become a lot more up for debate than it was earlier. yoim, we don't know if this is changing the president's plan president obama said he wants to take in the refugees. issue is that there's really not any -- circumstance it is where we can vet these people properly. you don't have a syrian government that can actually give you right information about
6:36 am
who they are, and if they are who they say they are, so that's one of the key questions i think post this attack, does this change the shift, does it shift the conversation around refugees, of course, the presidential election next year? >> i tell you you've got to wrong because white house says we have a robust vetting procedure that is the voice of one not the voice of lodge tick that is going to change the die signal egg on the ground. if you're a french citizen and in france and watching and seeing video of the belgium raid how you feel today. >> vet it out. >> that's right. we're looking at behind me this is a vigil taking place 100 feet from the theater where, of course, 89 people were killed on friday night part of the 129 deaths that we saw as a result of the attack. people are in mourning they're feeling saddened and dropping flowers here behind me. this has been going on since the attack.
6:37 am
this is also top of mind for these people here. what will happen next? terms of all of these refugees coming in? >> all right. maria, from fox business, where it is 12:36 on the streets of paris. we thank you very much for the simulcast with fox business. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> and we're live from paris coming up next our continuing coverage, live from the heart of the city. as the city mourns those attacks on friday night. keep it right here on the fox business network. we'll be right back. (vo) what does the world run on?
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with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. >> quite jupg set about what is happening. it's not fair. can't take people's lives like this pip call u them nut heads. you can't just go around and say, you do this as a religion. they're not religious. they're thieves. >> welcome back live from the streets of pairs paris this morning obama administration calling it an act a of war our blake berman is live in washington live covering that angle. good morning, blake. >> good morning to you as well president obama is expected to address paris attacks later this morning at a news campus from the g20 summit but ben roads has already called the attack as you
6:42 am
just mentioned an act of war. world told chris wallace on news sunday there will be a corporation with the marl combating isis. but stop short of saying there will be a major u.s. policy reversal. >> we do not believe the that there's a solution to the challenge in syria or iraq that involve its significant number f u.s. combat troops going in. there needs to be a mix of releaptless counterterrorism pressure and too of resolution pursued yesterday with all of the key nations involved. >> french authorities say it was a 25-year-old syrian who passed through grief in october. obama administration says that u.s. plans on taking in fleeing refugees from syria trying to escape civil war and ice sis inside that country. however, raise additional concerns about the vetting process.
6:43 am
governor of louisiana, and michigan expressed concern about taig in refugees. maria. reporter: thanks very much. blake berman in washington. this is the key question right now for more i'm bringing in retired it u.s. army major general, robert scales joining us right now. he's in washington d.c. sandra and dagan in studio. thank you for joining us. 4re9 me pose that question to you because it is a shift in the confers. a shift in policy, from president obama in terms of refugees, and how many to take into the u.s. as a result of this terrorist attack here in paris? >> absolutely not maria. the policy hasn't changed. the refugee policy hand changed. the military's strategic policy hasn't changed. in a word it's to do the same with flourish the administration hopes that they'll be able to make it through the election
6:44 am
without isis getting its act together, and striking america. it's fine for the administration. not terribly fine for american people no. what ben roads said on saturday i think is the american strategy which is to press on by doing nothing, a pinprick air campaign. no real activity on parking thed and hope and pray that isis won't strike us before the election, maria. >> is twal extraordinary actually. let me ask you what you see this -- how you see this impacting the general election, next year we know that secretary hillary clinton over the weekend the democratic debate said that she is open to taking in 65,000 or higher refugees into the country. even though we really do not have -- a proper way of vetting people coming into this country. >> that's exactly right. there's no data, no data that's coming from syria, and the other
6:45 am
thing is, if we're going to take affected refugees from the region are p why not take the iraqi christians and syrian christians who have been brutalized horribly not only by their -- by isis, but by their own country and receiving up refugee camps? why don't question give the most damaged least likely first priority for coming to the country rather than simply ohming the door for syrian of any stripe 10,000 or so to come to our shores with virtually no vetting, maria? >> that's right. because we don't have the information because syrian government has all but collapsed. how are we supposed to confirm who nb is coming to our shores? i want to ask you about nato. i want to bring in dagan and sandra. given the attack this is a major blow to the president narrative that isis is contained, that
6:46 am
terrorism -- is on the run. how do you see this? >> well is it a blow? because the president based on what had said on friday clearly believes that. will this truly change his thinking and make us a great deal more aggressive at addressing this fight not only over there. but right here at home. you -- if you watch that democratic presidential debate on saturday night when i know most people in this building did you had hillary clinton and bernie sanders refusing to use the term radical islamic terrorist they chose to say jihadist, violent extremist but until, this is to bob scales, until you acknowledge your enemy and know your enemy can you fight that enemy. >> go ahead, bob scales.
6:47 am
>> absolutely right. [laughter] there simply is no military strategy if you're going to be effective with air power which seems to be the strategy, you have to have an air campaign that's hundreds of strikes a day. you have to give up the rules of engagement sellerly say you can't fly a mission if a single civilian life is threatened you can't have an air campaign like that. question of to start building a coalition of arab states and nato states to go in on the ground and capture mosol isis will continue to grow and strike this our own country. >> i think it is important to point out that the french government was so fast in terms of its response immediately going and a hitting some very key targets in syria. isis targets like recruitment centers they knew exactly where they are. i have to ask you this we've been trying to figure this out
6:48 am
all morning because the french coordinated with the u.s. in terms of hitting recruitment isis targets. if we knew exactly where they were, and we knew exactly what to hit, in syria, why did we need to see another attack in france in order to hit these -- the president has been saying he wants to defeat and disable isis. and yet we waited for another attack, more people dead in order to actually hit those targets, why? >> easy answers, it's called rules of engagement. the command is so constricted, ties by rules of engagement by fear of accidentally killing civilian that many of the tarts that the french hilt were targets that we wouldn't hit simple lil because of the rules of engagement also bit pace of the operations. remember, the united states is delivering an average 8, 8, 75%
6:49 am
of whom don't drop their bombs that is not an air campaign those are pinpricks done purely or for style not for substance but until we're able to increase the tempo then nothing will change. >> robert what does this mean for nato, how does nato get involved here? : nato has to get involved because it has been intact but not to article five way to make it work is establish a missouri nato coalition and begin to attack the center of the gravity of the enemy two capitol mosul and iraqi and syria to threaten centers of gravity directly surround them, take them down. isis goes from being a military threat to simply a police threat. isis is on the run and this whole thing is over. but it will be a while bferl we
6:50 am
get our act together to do that. maria. >> it is going to involve a real change of strategy from president obama. bob scales live from paris morning 100 feet away from the theater are 89 people were killed friday night. we'll be right back. keep it right here on the fox business network.
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>> welcome back live from paris this morning. we're broadcasting live this morning from paris. just days after isis militants
6:54 am
attacked and killed more than 120 people. 129 french civilians at key locations across the city. we are right very close to one of those locations, the bataclan threat sr. 100 feet away. fraps responded immediately striking specific isis tarts conducting dozens of raids across the french country side. and we are seeing arrests, they have arrested suspects, we're getting conflicting reports on how many arrests have been confirmed joining me right now is cia analyst. former house community staff member fred, sandra and dagan in new york. thank you for joining us. what are your observations after these attacks in paris? >> i was taken but what president said this was an about
6:55 am
of war by terrorist army. i think for france this really is a game changer and we're seeing this by ire strikings they've conducted in syria. crackdown overnight. this is a serious issue for holland and attacked he's prepared to take decisive action. >> you're right. i think that decisive action has given confidence to markets there's resiliency despite attacks. do you think this creates shift in policy in thinking and in the united states specifically concerning the reft gees that we're expecting to be taking in. >> based on the sunday morning interviews yesterday, i don't see any siphon that. obama administration is going to continue to fight isis from the air, and it's going to rely on this diplomatic process that i don't think is going anywhere. looks like we're going to bring in at least 10,000 refugees next
6:56 am
year which frankly they're not being vetted for terrorist. wn this from michael mccall homeland security committee it's a real concern. of course it should be. how do you vet them? knowing the condition of the syrian government right now? how would they be able to give us any information about any of the refugees that are fleeing that krpght trying to get into the u.s. as well as europe in it is impossible to vet them, isn't that right? >> i think that's right. but you know, we want to have a heart. we want to let in women and children. prosecuted christians and it sounds awful that we cannot let a lot of these refugees in. but the president needs to protect the safety of the united states. they shouldn't come into this country if we can't protect. >> on the debate hillary clinton said she's prepared to let at
6:57 am
least 65,000 in. >> it's just amazing. i don't know what the process is to vet these people. i was with the intelligence community for a long time. she doesn't seem to have an answer either. >> fred thank you. fred joining us there. we continue our live coverage next. back in a moment.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> good morning i'm maria coming to you live this morning from paris days after horrific attacks in frabs. november 16th. the city remains on edge after the deadly terrorist attacks coordinated terrorist attacks leaving 129 people dead. more than 300 others injured. as the city tries to recover, it is mourning this morning and coping with the senseless and could cowardly attack and investigators are leaving no stone unturned this morning watching this church for suspect
7:01 am
and accomplices to this horrific attack. five of the tackers have now been identified. raids are being conducted across brussels this morning at this hour. also, french police have launched an international man hunt for this person who is on your screen right now. take a look. this belgium born individual, they believe, helped organize the attack along with two of his brothers they were reportedly detained, he was at french bordr on saturday but he was reed. associated press is cite several police sources as well as one top french security official. as saying he was detained initially but released. france not wasting any time in its response. frenchers responding to the carnage by pounding islamic state strong hold inside of syria.
7:02 am
french military in coordination with united states intelligence dropping 20 bombs in raqaa targets isis command and control center, a jihadi recruitment center, and a munition depot. katherine is reporting this morning that four credible isis -- social media accounts began sharing messages 72 hour it is before the terrorist attack, including images of weapon, image of the eiffel tower as well as blessings for attackers mission. this, of course, in addition to reports that iraqi intelligence have warned coalition members of an eminent assault on the west just one day before the actual paris attack took place we're watching market reaction as well stocks moving in france and germany fractionally this morning. we did have data overnooght in japan. and that pressured stock in
7:03 am
japan, in europe in france moving between positive and territory we're not seeing much of a marming reaction to this terrorism seasons opening of trading in europe. tax index is some confidence on heel of the quick reaction from french authorities. back in the u.s. piewcheses are also indicating higher opening. what we have seen in the past, to terrorist attacks is that we get a short-termoff but that has been the case where terrorism has occurred throughout the world. overnight in asia markets lower. japan economy is showing weakness contracting once again the second straight quarter of contraction in japan. that pressured stocks overnight. we'll have every angle covered for you live this morning from paris joining us right now, live
7:04 am
throughout the broadcast from new york. at our headquarters fox business network sandra smith and dagen mcdowell joining my this morning. we want to get to global power spurring into action in response to the devastating attacks and we're going to get you the very latest from the obama administration. the administration agreeing with the french government in calling this terrorist attack on friday night, quote, an act of war. that is what president holland said initially and stirred french authorities to immediately respond on sunday night. blake berman live right now in washington with the obama administration's response. blake. >> hi there president obama is expected to address the ferris attacks later this morning. at a news conference from the g20 summit but his deputy national security advisor ben road has already called the attack an act of war. roads told chris wallace on fox news sunday they're describing
7:05 am
an intensification of the cooperation with moving forward in combating isis. but stop short of saying there will be a major u.s. policy reversal or any sort of overall haul. french authorities say this morning one of theers a 25-year-old syrian who passed through grief in october. the obama administration says that u.s. still plans on taking in fleeing refugees from syria who were trying to escape civil war and isis inside that country. >> so still planning to take in syrian refugees. we have very robust vetting procedural for refugees with our national counterterrorism center. excessive interview and vetting against all of the information. u.s. sad it would take in at least 10,000 syrian refugees but as you've been talking about always morning long, question is maria how do you vet these people? governor of alabama, louisiana, and skeptical for one over the
7:06 am
weekend they express their concern in one form or another about taking in refugees into their state. maria, back to you. >> blake thank you very much. blake berman in washington d.c. this morning with reaction there with more toipght bring in former ambassador at large for counterterrorism, paul bremmer, thanks for your time this morning. welcome. let me get your take on that very ambassador do you think there will be a shift in the conversation or shifts in the expectation to tack in refugees in the u.s. rather? >> i don't know it's, obviously, a sensitive question but lets look at the bigger question here maria which is is there going to be a change in american strategy in the islamic extreme ition declared war at the founding of al qaeda and president has said that his objective is to destroy i.c.e. --
7:07 am
isis they can say it is an ideology and you can't destroy an ideology but you can destroy, been done many, many times over thousand years but that is based in raqaa where the french hit yesterday. so a new strategy basically says you kill a snake by cuttings off the head and the head is in iraq raqaa. >> why do we need why 129 people are dead and 300 injured in order to hit sites in raqaa if we knew exactly where they were and recruitment centers and all of these isis head quarters in syria and we knew where they were, why didn't we hit them before we had another attack in france ambassador? ferghts that's a question the administration would have to answer.
7:08 am
the president has said stiement some time ago that he thought isis would be the junior varsity. i hate to see the varsity on the field. >> it is a extraordinary situation that we find ourself it is in. obvious question is what does our strategy look look going forward? an what about nato ambassador? tell us your thoughts in terms of nato countries how nato will work -- going forward? >> they could invoke the article in article 5 which requires all nato allies to come to aid of a member we did it in afghanistan and number of nato aloes including germany. i don't know the french will go that far or not. but all of the european this raises the question to the open borders policy.
7:09 am
one was an e leet immigrant who came in from greece with a passport has to raise serious questions at the highest levels in europe about what they're going to do to keep these jihadists out of europe. so i think there's a big debate in europe and we should be prepared to help them. >> i guess the strategy from merkel questioned giving the chaos that we're seeing vut of the refugee crisis qhab the presidential election is this the event that changes history, change the strategy or become part of the new normal, sir? >> it's a very -- it's a tough question to answer. basically, if uh-uh you look back, and i've been involved in terrorism 30 years all of that time. it's very hard to sustain public attention over a long period of time even 9/11 now is a years
7:10 am
after 9/11, and people's attention begins to fade. i don't know what effect it will have on the presidential election. i do know that president will handle a serious mess in the middle east and he or she will have a new serious thought ab new strait ji strategy not likely to get it based on thed administration. >> how does the most recent iran deal play into this? where we know that iran will have 100 billion or more as a result of this nuclear deal? >> well, iran is the major shia terrorist center an has been identified by state department really since i was there 30 years ago as the major states sponsor of terrorism. that hasn't changed. i don't know how you square that with a program that allows iran to have nuclear weapons.
7:11 am
>> you know from all the of the discussions that we've been having this morning it feels like obama administration has some -- answers to give to the people, do you think we'll hear from president obama in terms of what his steps will be next? >> well, about i don't know. on the bright side it's clear that we're coordinating better with the kurds now in effort to retake city of the cityings sinjar over weekend. the kurds did and that's the first step to retaking mosul. basically this has a triking a it will of cities. and in the end we have to have a strategy that lace out a krenl way to retake the three cities and destroy the callify i hope we hear that from the president. >> this is an a extraordinary situation that is developing
7:12 am
quickly. ambassador we appreciate your time. in shock morning, coming to you live from about 100 feet away from the bataclan theater where 89 people killed in the brutal terrorist attacks. the latest in paris as we continue our live coverage. stay with us. >> all connected. i think because we're so connected, because the world is getting smaller and smaller thanks to the new technology, we have to get bigger and bigger inside, and this is happening to all of us. >> our children, our brothers, our sister, our parents, and there's no -- i think the message is very clear. we're against whatever needs to be done.
7:13 am
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>> welcome back life from paris where 89 people killed. 19 deaths in the deadliest terror attack in several years here in paris. that is what we're covering this morning but there's other businesses this morning to report. a huge deal in the hotel fate. marriott and jo ling kent is in new york with the very latest there. >> marriott is buying star wood hotel and restaurants with 12.2 billion including 11.9 billion in stock and 349 in cash. combined company is largest hotel company in the world with 1.1 million rooms worldwide.
7:17 am
we'll be covering that. meanwhile david cameron says u.k. intelligence services stopped 9 terrorist takes in the fast six months also announced u.k. will recruit 1900 new spy it is to tackle new from the islamic state. hundred it is gathered to honor life of 23-year-old american gonzalez, at her college in long beach. gonzalez killed in paris attacks on fridays while studying abroad as president obama joins world leaders in turkey for the g20 summit. holding news campus at 10:30 a.m. and bring it to you live right here on fox business. maria. >> we'll see if he says anything about the strategy around refugee coming to you live outside a vigil there are people dropping off flower it is in a vigil behind me 100 feet away from 89 people consider killed
7:18 am
friday night. we're live from paris, and we'll be continuing our conch and we'll tack a look at the local global reaction following the terrorist attacks. we'll be right back. >> we didn't want to leave the hotel. there was fear. how do we leave? in small groups okay. >> whole unit, it's not a question of paris. it's maybe next one is in germany. maybe next terrorist attack, i don't know -- >> this mixes in a new feeling which i never knew in paris. always the city of love. now it has to kind of peck the city up, anxiety or at least. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> welcome back to our live coverage from paris this morning we want to check the global
7:22 am
reaction to the terrorist tack on paris on friday night seeing little movement in london, the british blue chip f2100 trading higher on session. at the we look back at various terrorist attacks, the markets typically do not have have a major reaction. although it has been short-term. check in france major indx there moving between positive and negative territory since opening of trading this morning. again, we're seeing fractional move there is. now on to germany where we see that bench mark dax index trading higher this morning and expecting gains for a number of areas within the u.s. as well. the futures right now looks leak this in the united states indicated as you can see there, to show a gain at the opening of tradings, of course, we have a major deal that we've been talking about marriott acquiring star wood in a deal valued at 22 billion. also had economic data out of
7:23 am
jamb. gdp there. japan economy once again in contraction and pressure japanese stocks joinings us right now is capitol founder ceo murphy along with asia group, mike, let me get your observation on business news of the day. dagen mcdowell and sandra smith in new york. we're all mourning what side taken place here in paris, but you have investor and traders concentrate on that marriott deal quite a big situation. >> it's a huge deal. i think maria it props up overall market we're used to coming in on monday morning in this market and seeing large deal that's been happening a lot. this is no disappointment so putting the massive terrorist attack behind us from friday you come in monday morning. you see this big deal with marriott and star wood with the largest hotel company.
7:24 am
that's really a good deal for overall market. i'm looking what i'm seeing here. future rallying it is a selloff god day for the market. >> dagen in the past, we've seen deals like this definitely triggered gains for the broader markets. i think this is such an interesting duel because there's a lot of speculation that china it was going to acquire star wood. they wanted star wood. now you see marriott entering the fray doing this deal. you wonder if this was pressure from thed administration not to have a hotel acquired by a u.s. company. >> and the u.s. most certainly. i want to point out, though, i think that markets overall might be underestimating the threat, the new threat that is isis because you see a strategy shift. they were focused on building islamic nation in syria, iraq, now you have what is
7:25 am
unconventional gorilla warfare attacks in western cities the third attack including the thwarted train attempt in france alone just this year. do we have the ability to fight that? we have thousands of people in this country corporate the fbi who are trying to be radicalized it by isis propaganda over the internet. i think that the market might not be really soaking up how great of threat this is right now. >> right, right what do you have to say about that? mooch from your asia group what's your take on strategy at this point now that we have seen this terrorist attack in paris? is there a new strategy when it comes to refugee or a new strategy overall in trls terms of fighting isis? >> i'll start out by saying attacks on friday indicate that europe is really going to be facing very significant headwinds heading into 2016, the politics is already devicive over refugee with the attack on
7:26 am
friday definitely calling to question merkel refugee policy they introduce a tremendous amount of pressure on mer kl domestically but building consensus on a refugee policy much, much harder in terms of the international response that happened in paris on friday frankly speaking i don't think we're going to see major policy comeang from any. fundamentally what we need is troops on the ground to defeat isis in syria and iraq that is unlookly on the side of the u.s. france have punctuated strikes we have seen that yesterday. that is fund mentally not going to lead to material change or progress against the islamic state that means yoorp will remain politically vulnerable now, of course, on security side things look a lot worse as well. >> right, right which is why we do believe that this will impact the presidential election as well.
7:27 am
mike murphy -- thank you very much gentlemen for your insight on this as we continue to look at the possibility of a changing strategy as far as the u.s. is concerned. up next the chairman of the sub committee on counterterrorism will be joining us. we'll talk about intelligence with congressman peter king next. we're live this morning from paris. back in a moment. stay with fox.
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
. >> welcome back we are coming to you live this morning from paris our live coverage from paris this morning, it is the
7:31 am
7:30 a.m. on east coast 1:30 pm afternoon here in paris, behind me a vigil for the more than 120 people -- 129 people are dead, on the heels of the worst terrorist attack here in paris in years joining us right now congressman peter king, member of the homeland security committee. good morning congressman thank you so much for spending the time with us today. >> morning, maria. >> congressman let me kick it off with your thoughts what needs to be done now in terms of homeland security keeping homeland safe in america. >> well, really two parts to that one is we have to keep attacking them overseas, increase the attacks overseas president hollande is doing makes sense we have to do that i wish our president showed leadership the french president is showing sustain attacks overseas that means having certain numbers of troops on the ground to provide intelligence to be spotted we have to -- we have to stay -- defensively
7:32 am
political correctness aside realize here in united states if it comes i want to is going to come from muslim community has to be increase surveillance in muslim communities, the same as we did, the italian irish communities gangsters organized crime in those communities that is the reality, you have to political correctness aside right now, if there is going to be an attack within the country going to come from the muslim community i would hope that must eliminate community would reach out and ask the police to come in, that they could tell them what is going on in the mosques, we have to just last 14 years, 16 25e789d attacks in new york city they've been stopped we have to now realize isis, that those attempted attacks are going to intensify we have to stand with police get what "new york times" has to say civil liberty union has to say pm let them do their job. >> in fact the french were so fast in terms of respond toiing with 20 bombs at specific isis
7:33 am
targets let me ask you this because the french did work with united states, in terms of dropping those bombs. on isis recruitment centers, on various isis headquarters win syria if we knew exactly where those locations were, beforehand why did we need to see another terrorist attack, and 129 people dead in paris, before we actually moved on those isis targets before? why did we need another terrorist attack before moving on those targets? >> maria i agree with you completely, those targets should have been taken out a year ago, they should have been to an out months ago, fact that the french were able to take them out so quickly raises the question why didn't they do it why are attacks so half hearted if i can ask one thing, that is on the refugee issue, we are a nation opens door to refugees, but the syrian issue is different because we have no way of vetting who refugees are, and with president, and his people say, that we are vetting them that is totally untrue swlm it
7:34 am
is a lie! we are not able to vet them we were told by fbi told by the people airing out supposed vetting there are no databases there are no records there is no way of knowing who thesis people are, the fact that one of the attackers may well will be a syrian refugee ads to that again we know that isis want to infiltrate in country with refugees totally wrong what they are do i go to do should be moratorium on refugees. >> i think you make a really important point congressman i wonder where in a conversation stands right now the fact is the syrian government, is how are they going to give us any information on refugees? >> at this point? i mean, practicable speaking what does vetting involve how do you vet somebody at our brurdz want to go come in we don't have any confidence in terms of those of the government in syria giving us the actual information, you said there is no data there is no record. do people than us?
7:35 am
how we could say yes so long as we vet them. how do you vet them? >> you can't, you talk to the people doing vetting, they tell you they cannot vet them they do ask questions look them in eye, and -- if you don't believe that the isis people can lie, and, you know, fake their we in we are living in a crazy world altogether, no, there is no way there is no way vetting it is not even that is -- not adequate system there is no system no what i when i see top white house advisor yesterday national twilgs talk about how we are doing vetting it is just not true. maria: let me ask you how 24 could have happened in france, i mean, what is the number of people, that you know of, congressman, that have traveled back and forth from france to syria, and what are the numbers in terms of those of the u.s. the people that we know, that we've been tracking we have been following that have traveled, from the u.s. to syria? how -- is it that we missed this communication and they
7:36 am
were so, so sophisticated setting up coordinated attacks throughout paris, of course, there is all the information around, technology how we missed conversations, during the planning of this, can you talk to us a bit about what we know how that was missed? >> yeah, that as far as the french there is no way knowing exactly how many have gone from france to syria, but the numbers range from 1500 to 2000. this is up to 2000 french citizens have gone to syria to fight, to be trained as terrorists, then work their way back into europe. and you have -- at least several hundred that have come back, that they think they know of, then you have the fact that there is a very -- radic radical muslim in paris it is very difficult for the french to monitor all of this activity, it is takes a large number of personnel, and now we've with existing intelligent that existing
7:37 am
technology communicate constant be followed by intelligence agencies communications are encrypted have to find way the zpai on top probably the reason why able to get away with this i was surprised a sophisticated large scale operation as this planned carried out but some trip wire going off along the way that is really a warning signal. maria: is this going to be the kind of 9/11 incident changes that the course of history that changes the dialogue going into the next presidential election? congressman? or do you think this is a new normal that we all have to get used to? >> we can't accept it as being new normal i am hoping if anything good can come from a horrible tragedy like this this will wake up american people the presidential candidates stop having people like rand paul say do away with nsa stop saying this is
7:38 am
up to arabs people in the middle east hillary clinton said isis has to be stopped but -- it is not america's job to do it it is our job we are the world leader if we don't do it they are going to attack us you can't have it both ways about it but i hope people like marco rubio experts experts in foreign will will come to the floor make this an issue of foreign policy national security and homeland security. maria: that is right, the hillary clinton former the secretary the democratic debate saturday night said this is not america's fight. real quick, congressman, before you go, give us this sort of -- debate that is going on right now, technology companies telecom in america e. ncrypting messages making it harder to get information officials may need to actually track terrorism. >> yes. >> they have -- technology available basically preventers anyone from following the conversations following the communications, and they refuse to allow any way to
7:39 am
come in, even under a court order or warrant to allow law enforcement to come in monitor that information. or get that information. they claim once you open the door it is open forever, to me, i mean, if they want platitude on hands they want to have hundreds if not thousands people killed, because they want to sell technology we have to come to terms we live in a dangerous dangerous world, human life should come first. maria: yes, a very important discussion, happening across the country right now. based on our privacy, congressman good to have you on the program thanks so much for insights as always see you soon. >> congressman peter king joining us coming up, thank you so much congressman, will do. >> there are major deals, and at the headlines on wall street bringing them to you marriott acquire starwood 12.2-billion-dollar deal we are watching markets this morning the reaction from terrorist attacks on friday night keep it right here on the fox business network we are live!
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7:44 am
nation grieves from the terrorist attacks on friday night we also have breaking news this morning, in business news, a major deal in the hotel industry, marriott is set to year i starwood hotels resorts 12.2 billion dollars deal this is a stock and cash transaction, the companies will be holding a conference call this morning, at 9:30 a.m. eastern, we want to bring in sandra smith dagen in new york, guys, this is a major deal, and as i mentioned earlier, i am struck by it because i know that the china that chinese company hotel business wanted to acquire starwood, you see marriott swooping in doing this deal. it is actually going to probably impact stocks stay. >>. sandra: hoourj deal china did want to make this deal happen, but they only wanted to come forward with one bid for the company we don't know what happened there we need to look at the offer, that is on the table, this morning, maria you
7:45 am
are looking at 72.08 a share for starwood a discount of about 4% from where the stock closed on friday, so right now, you are looking at the stock, in the premarket trading session off about 3 or 4 dollars at 71.45 a share continental big deal to look at, by the way, a look at luxury starwood owns saint regis s sheridan hotel brand a big deal monday morning. maria: big deal dagen typically after you see a terrorist attack, you actually see, lodging hotels airlines come under selling pressure but this takes the story line for veers in a different direction you wonder if you are going to see further consolidation neither hotel business harl marriott starwood that much brooirl. dagen: i think yelling the stock being about acquired usually goes up starwood stock is down and below that offer
7:46 am
price, of 72 dollars and 72.08 a share, but i do think that this has a bigger economic impact these terror attacks in paris some might be think will it draws into question, individuals, who are radicalized, and become terrorists in boards whether france thousands of people in this country that fbi director has talked about absorbing in the words of the "the wall street journal" absorbing islamic state propaganda on internet social media and communications tools they have strong encryption from companies like google apple, that areuthorities can't break through with n. sa powers so dramatically reduced, after edward snowden i think there are a lot of unanswered questions and you brought this up all morning, why did france into go in doing bombings with
7:47 am
help of our intelligence when we should have been coming this week's ago? >> in fact, peter king congressman from new york said to us should have done those -- centers should have to an out a year ago, weigh knew exactly where recruitment centers were, in syria. we waited for another terrorist attack before we actually did take those out only 20 bombs, of course, the french led yesterday, but it was an immediate reaction and i think it has actually given people confidence of resiliency as a result of his president hollande's leadership. >> resilience, we're seeing in markets this morning maria, i mean most of us, after an event like this, you would expect to come in see markets selling off big this morning, that is not exactly happening. in fact, some investors are coming out large investors saying they won't sell into this news, so, right now looking at green arrows across the board ahead of the open. dagen: i want to point out
7:48 am
according to s&p the median one-day loss for s&p 500 was a little more than 2% and this is going back to the 1941 attack object pearl harbor including here terror events major shocks to the system. and the market the market low was hit 13 days later, but overall, the median recovery only took 25 calendar days, so usually you do see a drop, and then a pretty quick recovery. maria: interesting drops that we see are very short term, sandra, dagen this you as security is many heightened a around the the world as a result of latest terror attacks we will look at washington's response to terror attacks we are back live coming to you this morning from paris. back in a moment.
7:49 am
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maria: welcome back globally powers spurring into action in response to the deadly attacks in paris, we are coming to you this morning live from paris, and joining us right now on telephone is republican presidential candidate -- and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum, thanks very
7:53 am
much for joining us this morning, let me ask you, straight out, senator, if you were president of the united states right now knowing what you know on heels of this deadly attack in practitioner ways have would you be doing? >> i would be organizing -- process of -- offensive, in areas where we can effectively begin to take land back from isis, that would be iraq right now. syria much too complicated a situation to try to engage there right now, iraq we have -- we have taken into recently, we have sunnis willing to fight with us anbar we need to be organized, in having more boots on the ground, obviously, if command and control had been knocked out from isis our -- blocking, certain not been a serious one, we need to step up the bombing campaign in concert with hollande attacks take
7:54 am
back that land that iss important maria because that is the isis legitimacies as cal president a to hold and control lands what they spend at united states defensive against them we have made isis more powerful, by conducting a war in which we're not trying to won so they can say they are fighting a war against the united states, and controlling land holding their land against united states there is much per in the islamic world to be at war with united states and win. maria: senator santorum this is sandra smith dagen mcdowell both in studio maria lost audio for a second we will get back to her we want to jump in here and ask you, dagen and i were talking about these air strikes, over the weekend, by france how do you view those? strategic in nature, or political? on the phone: well, you know you are thinking about -- this
7:55 am
was a good thing, so i -- it seems almost -- it wasn't a random bombing of offensive there seemed some purpose behind it but -- if that is all it is -- there has to be an effort in order to take back this land, through to show that we are willing to fight isis, and defeat them take if land back it is so critical for people to understand that in islamic world when caliphate is established it is -- the legitimacies did he peninsula if shorthandeded expanded or shrinking if they are losing ground up there look like he they are, on the wrong side if you will, then there is they are delegitimated in the islamic world understanding who enemy is democratic -- that we are at war against
7:56 am
global jihadism or radical islam is violate important to understand the strategy put together in order to defeat them. maria: rick santorum let me jump in ask you about refugee situation do you expect a change in tone or a change in strategy as it relates to the refugees the president has said we will be taking in, given the fact, that by all accounts we cannot vet the people coming from syria, we can't get any information about who they are, and if in fact they are who they say they are. >>. on the phone: reality should fit in with this president to understand these are there are potentially and there is a case with france, actually, people who are coming in with refugees that are dangerous, this is not typically refugee 70% of the people coming out of the middle east right now are young fighting -- this is not typically refugee there is something going on we have to start to pay attention to the
7:57 am
president is not doing -- taking refugees for two reasons number one -- that -- number two accomplishing what isis wants relateiow kaiting people we will be right back thanks for joining us stay with us live coverage continues. but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier. it's your idea powered by active trader pro. another way fidelity gives you a more power. call our specialists today to get up and running. it begins from the the second we're because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day.
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legitimize. maria bartiromo once again live from paris this morning we are continuing to follow the reaction to the terrorist attacks friday night monday, november 16 this city remaining on edge, this morning, after friday's coordinated terrorist attacks that left 129 people dead. and over 300 others injured. investigators at this hour, conducting raids across brussels.
8:01 am
french police have launched an international manhunt for this person, man on your screen right now. the french military not wasting any time with a response, french fighter jets responding, to the terrorist attacks immediately, with multiple air strikes, on islamic state strongholds, inside, syria. we are looking at reaction europe markets flat this morning, not a major reaction from global markets, this morning, as markets focus on other news, the cac quarante down fractionally in paris, there is real confidence in these markets, on the heels of the quickness that the french government took in terms of responding to the terrorist attacks, the dax in germany is up slightly we have been telling but the main business news of the day, and that is at home futures indicating a flat open, but the big story, of course, in hotel business marriott acquiring starwood, for 12.72 billion dollars,
8:02 am
overnight in asia market mostly lower japan econo contractored gdp second straight quarter of contraction. >> ever angle covered live from paris 100 feet away from the theatre where 89 people were killed part of 129 deaths as a result of isis attacks, fox news network sandra smith and dagen mcdowell in new york with me this morning, covering all angles this morning, france has launched massive air strikes, against isis targets. in syria. fox news senior correspondent geraldo rivera live with me on the ground here in paris, first this hit home for you geraldo because you came to rescue your daughter i saw that on fox news i thought amazing because you humanized
8:03 am
this for us you heard news rushed to paris. >> you know the suffering of the rivera family pales in comparison to 1500 french family 129 loves loved ones over 400 injured many in critical condition death toll sure to mount for us as parents with student studying here abroad, dear daughter simmon inside the stadium when the suicide bombers attempted to wreak havoc in multiple murders were withtoward the, simmon was destiny we tried to restab communication getting her to a safe place maddening scary for us our story had a happening ending now i fear that we are in a wholly new place maria a wholly new place this is a war now, isis must be crushed this is a -- you know you see the activity, in paris, 168 raids overnight,
8:04 am
over 100 already arrested they think they may have gotten i hear some reports irdon't want to speculate, but i think that there will be dramatic news in terms of those of arrests that have been made make no mistake this is president hollande france in soccer stadium when bombs went off said this is an act of war it is war united states must understand that we are at war with isis. maria: you wonder, if in fact, you know, france responding saying that this is an act of war will dictate or change, the strategy for the united states. as it relates to defeating destroying isis, in particular as it relates to the refugee crisis, what are your thoughts on what happens next in terms of how many people to let in from syria inability really to vet anyone. >> one of the seven dead one of the suicide bombers, came in with the group of refugees, they found a syrian passport
8:05 am
on his dismeshed body through tooishg the danger is real there is no doubt about that, i think that if you don't take out the -- the terrorist base if you they now have a nation isis is a nation, if we don't if we don't detonate they arelicalal in afghanistan, before 9/11, a terrorist nation that must be destroyed. and if it is not, it will continue to send people here to wreck havoc. >> the problem is president has said he wants to destroy isis but people are questioning the strategy since it does appear isis is stronger than ever. >> he met with president putin we saw that yesterday, nose to knows with president of russia i hope they get together russia united states and france and other nations, that are part of the coalition and understand that this is a war that exists cannot be contained not a limited situation, this is a world war, it is the extremists the apop lippic neilists want to
8:06 am
industry everybody that is not suni muslim extremists we have at the to take it very seriously the president has to be empowered to deal with it to save united states atlantic ocean won't protect us. maria: sticking around for the hour thank you very much forties on this joining me right now own the telephone, is former deputy undersecretary, of defense, jed babbin in new york former u.s. navy officer fox news correspondent lea gabriel, thank you very much for joining us let me kick this off with you, i want to get your take on exactly what i was just asking geraldo that is whether we are seeing a shift in the conversation, as it relates to taking in refugees given if fact that we actually have no ability to vet them, proper you are not getting information from syrian government as peter king told us there really is not a database. . on the phone: i think that is absolutely right.
8:07 am
i think there should be but will not be a shift in the conversation we should not be admitting people from syria absent a complete way to vet them there -- does not with an right now exists we don't have database you don't have intelligence information, look maria, 10,000 people can you imagine trying to get individual intelligence dossiers on each one it is simply not going to happen it is beyond our capacity beyond france's compass even if syrians egyptians yemeni all places they are coming from not just syria they wouldn't cooperate anyway so what are we talking about here we need to stop this and republicans in congress have to get opposite of their butts, and tlienl do something. maria: about what do you want them to do i think at a the congress, has -- been trying to push a more aggressive strategy, but if the president the at the end of the day does not move, toward that, and go through executive order, then it won't happen, so what is
8:08 am
the specifically are you looking for congress to do? on the phone: congress needs to use callings power of the purse and cut offo funding, and prevent the president from doing what he intends to do. there is nothing else they can do short of impeaching him never going to do that i am not advocating that although probably worthwhile but the problem you got now is the president has gone so far in not defeating isis strategy a joke the day before paris attack he said isis is can ied, really? i think great news to people in paris who got attacked people who are dead we will have have a president not intellected in defending why you united states not state board of education the procuring isis has not done anything we have used in the past year instructively two to 5%, of the combined airpower navy and air force against unifies. it is a joke! the france bombing empty builds massive air strike geraldo referred to is nothing
8:09 am
of the sort they dropped 20 bombs big frooiking deal you have to attack them win boat parts allotting and kinetic war we're not moving the french are not moving to do either one jo lea gaish realm jump in we know france moved quick starting ating those isis headquarters, they were recruitment centers, various builds inside syria i guess i am levity with a open question if we knew exactly, where those targets were, why have had about the we moved and bombed those targets beforehand? it took another terrorist attack, 129 people are dead, here in paris, for us to move on they targets examine when we already knew existed. >> that is a very good question maria as to what we knew before what we knew after, once a terrorist attack is committed, then it is pretty the intelligence
8:10 am
communities pet quiretty quickl peace together, based on information we have if you know attack happened it is easier to back attract backward time line where it came from the thing that comes to mind for me right now the question is mow do we protect ourselves in the future how do we protect ourselves until the u.s., and isis charter changed when isis starting all about building caliphate pleerdz in military in government have said, that isis is being contained in plis places i ca p syria now they chengs committing acts of terror he externally we have shot ourselves in the foot when it comes to protect ourselves at home we are not allowing, organizations like the nsa, to continue to look at meta data to be able to predicamet people in u.s. connected with guys to watch them preventative these things we don't want to be
8:11 am
going after the fact, figureing out who made twkz we want to get out in front of it to be able to do that we have to be able to look at people's information who they are talking to overseas. maria: yeah, you put your finger on really the big question, and debate happening across america right now, certainly, and that is need for privacy, and desire for privacy, in the face of also, a much bigger need, for national security, jeb babbin where are you on that what do you think needs to be done in order to ensure we're not seeing encryption of messages so government with an better track terrorism. on the phone: a whole bunch of things we need to do quite fravlly metadata program needs to be toured recent court decision said completely unconstitutional all need to be dealt with intelligence community if visa we need to capture kill them, if in united states we need to capture them put them in jail,
8:12 am
i mean that is kind of things we need to do but as always, we are not going to sacrifice our personal liberties, you can do this, you can do the metadata program the prison program a variety of things, that nsa was doing is now no longer doing -- helpful keep us safer right now we need to go back, and, you know, intelligence communities have to say all right mr. president, let's get back into the game here. discuss a frankly we're not. maria: yeah. lea gabriel trading desks talking about companies impacted by the developments, and the sony playstation, rumored to be communication mode for terrorists lots of conversation in terms of what devices are being used, any thoughts on the devices being used and how it is that terrorists have been so successful, isis more sophisticated than ever before. >> you know what the president has said that it has been difficult to key capitate
8:13 am
eulogize command and control structure what i talk about when i look at internet how people communicate over phones, in terms of empowering intelligence community giving them the ability to see who is talking to who who is talking about guys where, when you talk specifically about playstation different how they conduct those coordinated attacks, it is a very difficult problem when you start having terrorists networks that can use technology like that to coordinate attacks and bigger picture that they can use technology like internet to recruit violent extremists in places around the world maria. maria: all right, jeb babbin lea gabrielle thank you very much we appreciate it we will talk soon we will take a short break here overnight raids across belgium france live from paris we many talk with herald -- rivera on all of that when we come right back, stay with us. with us.
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8:17 am
maria: welcome back, we are coming to i live from paris, a video showing just how the firing actually began. at-bat bat concert hall 150 feet behind me sight of biology of the kakarn arduously. >> show that video first. >> is in a that astounded you heard first gunshots at-bat
8:18 am
bat theatre killed -- in sal radare to a u2 the canceled shows, and plug was pulled. >> madonna honored victims in a stockholm concert free speech police arrested 23 people including rocket lawn cherries in 160 overcast raids part of investigation into attacks on paris fren interior minister said people have been placed under house arrest, today for the g-20 summit, president will hopped hold a news conferences this morning we will bring that for you live, right here, on fox business. now to business stories marriott is buying starwood hotels resorts in a deal 12.2 billion dollars, including 11.9 billion dollars, in stock and 340 million in craash
8:19 am
company largest hotel chain in the world 1.1 million rooms a conference call 9:00 a.m. eastern we will cover that maria. maria: all right. thank you so much jo ling kent we are in paris looking at tributes from around the world pouring into france we are about 100 feet away, from the largest carnage would have the of the dwookz on friday at concert hall in paris the latest as city recoveries we will be right back.
8:20 am
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8:23 am
we were informed but -- it is something -- >> welcome back coming live from paris this morning, about 100 feet away from the opera house where the worse carnage occurred friday night people killed at the they are being behind me part of 129 dead if worst terrorist attack in years in paris, global market reaction right now european major indices mixed not a major reaction from global
8:24 am
markets this morning on heels of the paris attack. in united states futures indicating a higher opening for the broader averages we know, that we had a huge deal in hotel business investors are racking to this morning, watching that hotel merge announced this morning marriott acquiring starwood hot oel hotels, to create the largest hotel company in the united states company will become a largest hotsel chain in the world in fact in other i want to bring in rosecliff capital founder ceo mike murphy from new york studio, also with us is mcfarland markets report editor tom let me kick this off with you you studied various attacks in the past you have noted that while sometimes we see short term, negative reaction that is what it is what are you seeing? >> well, this natural tendencies to remember 9/11 attacks awful market decline that unfold, once market
8:25 am
reopened after that, but that was a whole couple orders of magnitude bigger than other kinds of attacks we've been seeing around the world since then, 2005, subway bombing in london -- the boston marathon attacks, the -- charlie hebdo attacks we see everybody thinks market is going to crash because there is attacks there is killings but markets typically up the next day i don't know exactly why but that is the tendency, we saw it last night, when futures opened, down 10shgs on s&p 500, now up slightly, following the same pattern. maria: yeah. mike murphy typically what you see is markets are reacting to fundamentals earnings economic growth you saw in japan when we got gdp out last night basically showed japanese economy, conattracting again, and as a result the nikkei average was down overnight, so markets, tend to react to
8:26 am
funnels earnings economic standings instead of massive stories like this terrorist attacks. >> exactly what you are seeing look at last week we had the energy complex down 6% here in u.s., retailers down almost 10% last week this week going to hear from walmart home depot going to hear from target, so i think a lot of focus is going to be on upcoming earnings reports also on fact that energy, being down 6%, now you have oil, up over 2% this morning, so you are seeing focus i want to watch the energy names, after last week's rout the retailers, we will get a good read on u.s. consumer, this week from some of the companies reporting. >> i think you make a great point, mike because oil prices, of course, have been really one of the major movers, markets global markets the past couple months oil prices the plummeted, back down to around 41, today,
8:27 am
we're seeing a rise in about 2%, tom federal reserve let's talk about that for a moment whether or not, the fed sees this terrorist attack as some kind of a dictator or -- other an impetus to move or not move in terms of those of raising interest rates we got a strong jobs' report, in october. and yet a lot of people thought the fed would raise rates in december, perhaps. does that still stand? given what we are seeing here in paris? >> well, keeping interest rates at zero, has not accomplished what fed wanted it to accomplish so that is probably time to end what was a bad idea to begin with just -- picking the right time to start doing the right thing, a difficult thing for the fed i think even more important for the economy, and for the recession whatever the fed does is what the federal government has been doing with taxes, we have tax receipts for the federal government up to 18% of gdp, whenever you get 18% or higher we also a end up in recession every time.
8:28 am
and so we should not expect to see anything different this time, we are already seeing japan in recession, seeing china slowing down, we already know from lumber he prices falling has bad implications for economic growth for employment in the u.s. we have got to wait for lag time to go by if you want a reason to sell don't sell on terrorism sell on bad prospects second term election jeer. >> may very well be dictating by incidents like the this mike murphy tom mcclellan thank you for joining us, geraldo as i look at survey the reaction from the par resean people it brings back about horrible memories of 9/11, and, of course, what we did see, after 9/11 a horrible tragedy was resiliency i remember powers that be rang opening bell september 17 a couple days after terrorist
8:29 am
attack markets closed a feeling we are down but we are not out we will rise again are we seeing that kind of camaraderie resiliency here in paris as far as you are concerned. >> there is no doubt, that the french people the people of paris, particularly, are showing tremendous resiliency, and strength and camaraderie the only have to look at these makeshift memorials behind us all in front of every single place where the terrorists shed blood of thesis people they have come rallied with flowers and their candles it has been wonderful i think also the underlying tension about immigration here in france i think that it will be a huge issue in the french election as it will be in american election. >> sure and you believe this is number one issue. >> i think that it will certainly be -- the most visceral the most passionate issue geraldo riviera back in a moment on the fox business network.
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
8:33 am
♪ >> welcome back live from paris this morning. joining me right now is former house speaker newt gingrich discussing what we may see next in the heels of the worst terrorist attack in years here in paris. thanks very much for joining us, speaker gingrich. >> well, it's good to be with you, but on a very sad occasion. maria: if you were in your role today, what would you be doing as a response to what we saw happen over the weekend? >> well, i think the congress has to look at two things in
8:34 am
the immediate future. one is, suspending all of the syrian refugees, not allowing them into the united states until we understand what percentage are t how we're going to figure out who is who. we currently have no intelligence that would allow us any comfort to vet which are legitimate and which are purveyors of radicalism. there's a second problem i think the french are hiding from. it's fine to go and bomb syria, but the fact is, for example, there are an estimated 47 mosques in the paris region which teach sharreya. which suggests that jihad is legitimate to impose sharreya law. you're going to find most of the people involved in the killing last saturday were european citizen iz and not people coming from syria. there were belgians involved
8:35 am
and at least one french citizen involved. that leads a question to home grown terrorism. and it will lead to a civil liberties debate. are we going to be intrusive to find out. remember, it only took eight people to pull off this massacre, that's a sobering thought about the kind of force multiplier the terrorists have. maria: it sure is. and in fact, jeb bush was speaking with fox and friends just in the last hour, speaker gingrich, and he was asked specifically this question how the west could boost security to prevent attacks like what we saw in paris on friday. listen to what he had to say and like your reaction to it. >> profile, yeah, i mean, absolutely. that's what screening is. we should be profiling. of course we should. this is islamic terrorism. the democrats have no clue about this or they just refuse to call it what it is. these are islamic terrorists that are trying to take out our
8:36 am
country and destroy western civilization. maria: and in fact, mr. speaker, i mean, in any other day, and any other time, profiling would be looked down upon, but we're in a new normal. >> right. that's right. maria: the terrorists-- go ahead. >> first of all, jeb bush deserves a lot of credit for having the courage to be very blunt and direct about what we're faced with. this is a worldwide fight. this is not a syrian fight. there is a radical islamist movement which would like to impose islam on the rest of us, either by having us convert or having us submit. they're prepared to cut off our heads to do so. they're prepared to kill us as in the theater. one of the most-- the boldest said saturday i want to repeat. if the french had a policy, for example, that all active and retired police and military carried weapons when they were out, for example, going to the theater, they would have cut down a number of casualties dramatically.
8:37 am
we live in a world where we are surrounded by people who want to kill us. we had better adjust to this new reality or we're going to suffer terrific casualties. if they get a nuclear weapon, we're going to lose a city, that's how serious this is. maria: well, you say if they get a nuclear weapon. we know we just did a major nuclear deal with iran, and we know that they're about to be getting a huge windfall of money. do you think that this changes the dialog going into the presidential election? >> it should. maria: and hillary clinton the former secretary of state on saturday night at the democratic debate saying, yes, she's open to allowing 65,000 at least, refugees coming into america. she said this was not america's fight. >> well, i think that the reaction of the american left to evil version on psychosis. how do you get them to understand you live in a world, it's not just iran, pakistan probably has over 200 nuclear welcomes.
8:38 am
north korea by chinese estimates may have 30 to 40 nuclear weapons. we're moving from the 50 year effort to contain nuclear weapons into a new challenge which nobody is debating it, which is how do you survive in a world with nuclear weapons when you have radical enemies eager to use them if they can get one. this is a really serious problem and a matter in the long run of the survival of our civilization exactly as jeb bush said this morning on that clip. maria: and i'm with geraldo rivera this morning outside the bataclan theater where 90 people were killed on friday night. geraldo, you have to ask yourse yourself how so much was missed. assaults weapons are banned in france and they had a huge armament of equipment and weaponry. >> i have responses, one is this is a colassel failure of
8:39 am
intelligence, i primarily blame edward snowden, giving away how the united states and others collect information on terrorists. and jeb bush, because of my mustache and last name, i was constantly profiled and i understood it and i think the islamic people have to understand it as well. and third is immigration, we let in somalia refugees, they went to the twin cities area primarily, and at least two dozen young men went back to africa to join al-shabaab, al qaeda related terrorist groups. it's a real, real problem. vetting is very difficult. i want to be compassionate, but practical, also. maria: mr. speaker, do you agree with that, edward snowden in terms of what geraldo was saying in terms of so much-- >> let me tell you how delighted we were that geraldo's daughter was safe and we followed that family
8:40 am
dramatic that we really are thrilled. maria: that's true. >> that she is safe. and geraldo's exactly right. first of all, snowden is a traitor, he's a person who has blood on his hands and he has distorted-- we're probably going to have to outlaw encryption not shared with the government. that's a huge change, the fact is, we have sophisticated encryption that the government can't break and that's what the terrorists are using to communicate and find the way it's plain outlawed. and i just finished a novel called "due policety about the somal somalis", there are 124,800 are probably totally patriotic and came over long before this war started and they're settled into the community and we have one in my novel running for congress, a totally patriotic american, but there's a very tiny number, as geraldo pointed out, and this is going to be the challenge. are we prepared to go through
8:41 am
the kind of scrutiny to find the handful, remembering only took eight people for the massacre in paris, and that you really have to think about what are we prepared to do to find the terrorists before they find us. maria: because, unfortunately, it only takes a few people to actually cause the kind of devastation that we're seeing. mr. speaker, thank you very much for your insights this morning. >> thank you. maria: former speaker, newt gingrich there. coming out, we continue to follow the latest out of paris. coming to you live from streets of paris, and vigils every few blocks. stay with us, we'll be right back. you're here to buy a car.
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8:45 am
there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. ♪ >> those targets should have been taken out a year ago, months ago. the fact that the french were able to take them out quickly raises the question, why are these attacks being so half-hearted? don: that, of course, was congressman peter king last hour and now, there are new reports, new isis video that is making the rounds. washington, as well as in rome, geraldo rivera is with me here in paris this morning, dagen mcdowell and sandra smith in new york and geraldo, we have been talking through the commercial break. you said you have been thinking about a new approach in terms of the refugee crisis.
8:46 am
tell us what you're thinking about. >> we, first of all, i restate what i said earlier. we need to declare war on isis. this is no messing around. i would love congress to take the lead, force the president, if necessary. maria: how do they force the president? they tried to force the president on number of issues, the president does executive orders and does what he wants. >> it's a congressional prerogative, i wish the speaker was still there. it's a congressional prerogative to declare war, i think we can force the president's hand, recognize it's a defacto nation state and committed acts of war against the united states and our allies and declare war on isis. i want russia and the united states the two super powers and european allies to join together to crush isis, most importantly, having to do with the refugee crisises, we must create a safe zone in syria for the syrian people. the russians, the americans, the french, the allies, the british, if we don't have a
8:47 am
safe haven for sunni muslims in syria, they will continue to send their hundreds of thousands, 800,000 this year alone, 1.5 million over the last two years, if we don't give them a place where they can stay safely, they will continue to send their children, their brothers, their sisters, and amongst them some tiny percentage of their murderers. maria: that's true. in fact, sandra, dagen, in new york, one idea has been floated around, rather than taking in all of the refugees that they create safe havens at the border of syria, so they are not far from their homes, but have a safe haven. i don't know if something like that would actually be effective or work. sandra: i think that's a big question this morning, what to do with those refugees. we're hearing a lot of politicians here at home discussing that very point, maria. meanwhile, a lot of talk coming from politicians. donald trump notably talking about those oil trucks that isis has held for quite some
8:48 am
time, about the u.s. war planes now striking those oil trucks, 116, they're reporting, of those trucks were destroyed in this most recent attack and we know a main source of isis' wealth has been the oil. interesting to see the u.s. now taking that approach after guys like donald trump say, he's been saying this to do this for a long time and it will be interesting to see the impact of that. maria: which is why, we should point out, oil prices are trading up on the speculation that that gets worse, go ahead, dagen, i'm sorry. dagen: i'll bring it back, what geraldo said, decimated in the wake of the edward snowden disclosures, in fact, france passed a law earlier this year that allows for warrantless wire tapping, that allows for the kind of meta data collection that we're no longer
8:49 am
doing that it didn't work in the event of the terror attacks in france. are we going in the wrong direction in this country. you had, according to fox news reporting, 72 hours before the paris attack, four credibility social media accounts sharing messages. we're not on top of collecting this kind of critical intelligence. maria: which is why the fbi sent agents to paris. geraldo: we can't be so innovative if we don't understand that this is land, sea, air, but also cyber. we've got to know. maria: thank you for your insights. thank you for joining us, we continue our coverage and we'll be right back. stay with us. >> and connected and because the world is getting smaller
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8:54 am
pressure and marriott, starwood resorts, 12.2 billion dollars deal, marriott ceo says they've been looking at starwood since the spring when they were exploring strategic alternatives. gives them the ability to compete and the loyalty programs. we're seeing the stocks to the down side and they expect that to add to the earnings in the second year. more from maria bartiromo in paris. stay with us. but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier. it's your idea powered by active trader pro. another way fidelity gives you a more powerful investing experience. call our specialists today to get up and running.
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>> welcome back. quite a scene here in paris. we're live this week coming to you from paris, the city remaining on edge after friday's coordinated terrorist attack that left 129 people dead.
8:58 am
more than 300 injured. sand smith and dagen mcdowell at our new york headquarters this morning and ladies, we've been seeing reaction from across the world. there will be a moment of silence at the new york stock exchange coming up. sandra: meanwhile, business continues this morning, maria, we're looking at a deal. marriott deal for starwood happening. we've got earnings coming out this morning, dillard's profit and sales missed expectations the 12% pre-market. and dagen and i were looking at the markets and while it looked like things were flat to higher ahead of the opening bell, things have since turned negative, slightly lower open on wall street, 30 minutes from now. dagen: maria, i think that-- >> dagen, you made the point after september 11th we saw the huge selloff and it was short-term. dagen: i think one thing that would give investors a sense of stability is greater reaction from our administration. you had president obama on
8:59 am
friday morning saying that isis was contained a year ago, last year, referring to isis as the jv team and it's the administration fecklessness, quite frankly, that has helped give rise to isis and increase its power and strength. so now what? now what do we do? not just over there, but in terms of our own intelligence and surveillance of home grown terror and the threat here that lies on our shores. i think we need to hear a lot more out of this administration about fighting back this grave, global threat. maria: in fact, many people would argue that since we pulled out of iraq, that was one of the catalysts that actually strengthened isis. dagen: absolutely. the vacuum that we as a nation in the middle east has helped give rise to isis and president obama talking with vladimir putin, and letting them take over with isis, an idea that
9:00 am
donald trump floated. are we going to see strength on behalf of the u.s. maria: we'll see about that and we know the president will be giving a news conference and we'll take it live. stuart varney will pick it up now. thank you for your insights this morning and we'll continue the reaction to the deadly attacks in paris, we're live today and tomorrow from paris and we will see you then. "varney & company" begins now. stuart, over to you. stuart: thank you, we'll see you later. raids in muslim areas in france and belgium. the mastermind identified, on the run in syria, and the french interior says another attack could come at anytime. high anxiety over there and here, too. good morning, first, the financial fallout, it looks like america is something of a safe haven in all of this, stocks will open only slightly lower and maybe because of some hot money coming here, and also


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