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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  November 16, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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forward with the plan to resettle syrian refugees, safely. they might talk to some of those governors are not so convinced especially those who leave no paper trail. trish regan, i guess that is the problem. a lot of them have no paper trail. to you. trish: makes it very hard. neil cavuto. we have breaking news we want to share with you at this hour. the governor of north carolina, pack mccrory will come out any moments exactly what north carolina will do in terms of refugees. do not forget less than six weeks from now the president of the united states, barack obama, will admit as many as 10,000 refugees into this country. nine states have come out and saying they will not take any syrian refugees. north carolina could become the 10th. we'll go to the coverage as soon as it comes through for you. the governor of north carolina set to speak. this hour french authorities zeroing in on the deadly
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mastermind of terrorist attacks in europe. a new video, from isis threatens london, rome and washington, d.c. i'm trish regan, welcome to "the intelligence report." french police believe these two men are responsible for orchestrating three teams that targeting six sites across paris. 23 people are under arrest and dozens of weapons have been seized from suspected islamic terrorists. the attacks started friday night. they killed 129 people. injured 350 more. the first explosion rocked a soccer stadium at 9:20 p.m. it escalated with shootings at popular restaurants and with the soccer stadium and 9:30 gunmen went into the pat at that clan theater and opened fire and killing 89 hostages. the french president is demanding new powers not only strip citizenship of those involved but expel foreigners
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who pose a threat. as much as 2,000 french citizens it is estimated have connections to jihadist cells. additional 3800 people have sympathy to islamic extremism. clearly france has a problem. in contrast to the president of france hollande, president obama is sticking to his plan to open up our borders here in the united states to syrian refugees despite the the reality that we can not fully vet them for their terrorist ties. joining us right now is former u.s. ambassador to belgium, ambassador howard guttman, along with congressman peter king, republican from new york. first i want to go to deirdre bolton who is live in paris with the very latest on the ground there. deirdre, they say 23 people may have been connected to isis in this attack. >> and you're so right, trish. you gave those great stats which paint a picture that certainly illustrate the problem. when you mention that many people, what experts are telling
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me, this really represents a shift in isis's strategy as well. that is to say, they were able to use people who infiltrated the french system, the belgium system, and many of these were planned from abroad. isis is not only trying to inspire attacks if you like through social media but seems if they're carrying them out. you gave statistics trish, and others are significant. youth unemployment in france is 25%. for young men. that is a lot of people sitting around with not much else to do. the french government at times tried to be generous with benefits. at times it is better not to work. i have economists who say that will be clearly reviewed. a lot of people with extreme ideas getting paid to sit home and to formulate plans that end
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up hurting the people around them as we have seen here friday night. so i'm this is near two of the incidents that you were mentioning, trish. there has been essentially round-the-clock vigils. you can probably still see behind me as well as very heavy police presence. as you said, there are still a manhunt underway bustles. trish: 5:00, "risk & reward." do not forget to tune in. deirdre is live there at 5:00 p.m. eastern. we have breaking news. another governor right now, the governor of arizona, doug doocey, saying he will not allow syrian refugees into the united states. as we've been reporting less than six weeks from now president intends to allow as many as 10,000 refugees from syria into this country of the big concern is exactly how do we vet these people. of course one of the terrorists in the attacks there in paris is
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said to have come into europe, via greece on syrian passport. it is very challenging, given this environment that we're in to say, yes as americans we will take all of these thousands of people into this country. i want to get to our guests right now. belgium is very much in central focus. it is being considered a breeding ground of terrorism. terrorists are being hunted down there right now as we speak. with more on this investigation is the current u.s. ambassador to belgium, ambassador howard guttman. thanks for joining me, ambassador. >> i'm former u.s. am bass are do. i was ambassador from 2009 to 2013. trish: let me start by ask you, why is it, former ambassador, guttman, belgium is such a hotbed of terrorist planning? >> much like the united states when we had our immigration of irish and italian, belgium had a large immigration of moroccan muslims and turkish muslims that basically built infrastructure
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of belgium. that built the bricks and mortar. now you have got second and third generation but you have, you heard some figures about youth unemployment until france. it is higher in these neighborhoods in belgium. the youth unemployment, in molenbeek, the seen of most of the activity today, is above 30%. 800,000 muslims are in belgium. the last eight years, mohammed was number one name of newborns in brussels. trish: mohammed was the number one name in brussels the past year? >> last eight years. that has been true of rotterdam. there are many cities in france where that is true. you have large muslim populations in western europe. trish: and they feel disenfranchised. >> most of them are well-a simulated. largest group, unemployed, is disenfranchised. trish: how do you go from being disenfranchised, being
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unepemployed to blowing yourself up to kill hundreds of people? >> i tell you what happens in this case. they were sitting around in molenbeek. then assad used chemical weapons on sunni kids that got coverage here and coverage in europe, that created outrage. most of people that left belgium, four or 500 young bell gums went to fight in syria. they went to fight shia and assad chemical weapons against sunnis. once you get to sunni you can't tell the goods guys from the bad guys even with a scorecard. there are sunni moderates, sunni radicals. you have 2 to 300 returnees on streets of bell up g military trained. they have fought against isis with the shia and they are hard to track. trish: i do wander how much the caliphate factors into this as well? you have seen such a rise over the last 12 months in isis recruits. and i do think, curious to get
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your thoughts on this, this is in part stemming from the fact that isis has a place to recruit to that caliphate in syria? >> well, that they have a foothold, yes, but really these people are now back in europe. you see there was brother connection, going pack to his brother in medical len beak. -- molenbeek. connection to disenfranchised young muslims. unless you get the community all oaf them, unless you have ties to community you will never be able to do it with belgian security force. takes 10 belgians to cover one person. the security force is 200. 500 people have to be watched in belgium. trish: thank you, ambassador. i know you have a catch a plane to brussels right now. be safe over there. we appreciate you joining us. >> appreciate it. thanks so much. trish: all right, everyone. isis is threatening cities around the world, including washington d.c. in a new
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11-minute video. our president is now refusing to commit ground troops to fight isis. telling reporters at the g20 meeting it's a very different kind of war. while it may be different, it is still a war as french have acknowledged. isis needs to be destroyed in order to prevent more deaths to prevent attacks from reaching our soil. general wes clark, former supreme allied commander of nato, congressman peter king, republican from new york, join me right now with their perspectives. god to have you both of you here. congressman, king, start with you. when you look at amount of social activity out there, on social media from isis supporters, and i want viewers to see this. this is pretty incredible, most activity actually after saudi arabia and after syria and after iraq is coming from the united states of america. followed by likes of egypt and kuwait. congressman, it is clear. we have real problem. what do we need to do to insure
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americans are safe right now? >> first we have to put political correctness aside. here in the united states itself shouldn't have groups like civil liberties union and "new york times" attacking nypd when they have surveillance of muslim communities. throughout history, when there was mafia you surveiled italian communities. when it was westties, you surveiled irish communities. there is a threat coming from the muslim communities in this country. 99% of the people may be patriotic. the fact a threat is many coming from the communities. they don't always cooperate with the police. i have seen it in my district, four or five al qaeda operatives were arrested and they were not cooperating. >> profile something needed in your view? >> i would call it common sense policing if you're looking for muslim terrorists you look in muslim neighborhoods. you don't look in irish neighborhoods or italian neighborhoods of the you look where the threat comes from. that is common sense. racial profiling means you look at certain race or religion that they might carry out a crime.
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if they're self-identified muslim terrorists you look in muslim communities. that makes sense. trish: we have nine states, could soon be 10, waiting for governor the north carolina. forgive me, it is 10, the governor the arizona said we i will not take refugees from syria. the governor of north carolina we're awaiting his decision. general clark, president obama wants to admit 10,000 refugees from syria in less than six weeks into our country. in your view is that really the right step to be taken given the security threat we now face? >> first of all, i think we can vet these refugees. they're not coming in without vetting. we'll know who they are. most of the people that will come into the united states have educations. they are doctors, they are lawyers, they are engineers. they have done things and they're looking for an escape. trish: refugees are doctors, lawyers, engineers and you think they can be vetted? >> that's right.
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they can be vetted. now, it would be much better if we could establish an area in northern syria where the refugees could stay, under the leadership of the free syrian army. and the syrian opposition leaders. but to do that we're going to have to get a cease-fire. we'll have to have some cease-fire monitoring force on the ground. trish: well i mean you mentioned northern syria. also there are other middle eastern country cost take them. that might be the way to go. we're looking pictures there of some of the children in refugee camps. it is heart-breaking. we are a high main society. we want to do right by the people but at the same time, general, we also have to protect ourselves. what do you think, former head of nato there 1997 through 2000, as you look at european situation unfolding what do you think germany is going to do? they said they would take 800,000. will they still be in a position to do that given what has
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unfolded? >> i think germany will work hard and they are going to vet these people and they will fulfill their obligations. but i think it is also clear that we're going to have to tighten up internal security in european union, just as we've done in the united states after 9/11. and we're going to have to have an offensive strategy against isis that makes better use of people on the ground. muslim country who is say they're resisting isis and fighting against isis. they have got to do it. trish: they do. you know what? all sides need to join together right now. sunnis, shiites, they need to put all differences aside. this is very much an idealogical war. extreme islam. worse than communism ever was in the '80s. at least when you think about it, communist were rational players. these people are barbaric animals, want to kill everyone, based on religion. let me share with you quote from important article in the
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atlantic. what isis wants. the author writes, reality that the islamic state is islamic. it's very islamic. the religion preached by followers derives from coherent and even learned interpretations from islam. congressman king, how do we fight this, when it is all based on this arcane interpretation of religion? >> we have to start by, doing all we can to protect ourselves militarily, securitywise and attempt to dethem militarily. at the same time we have to get a different message in. that will take more support from the muslim community and muslim leaders we have seen thus far. if i respectfully disagree with general clark on vetting. i have great regard for general clark. i don't believe we can vet. i am on the homeland security committee and intelligence committee. fbi and homeland security say vet something difficult or impossible, there are no
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databases in syria or no records. when they vet, question people, but they have nothing to verify whether or not they're telling them the truth. this is different from other refugee situations. i think there should be a moratorium on syrian refugees. -- with general clark, northern syria. trish: agreement with number of governors. 10 governors came out and said they will not take the refugees. may soon be 11 with north carolina. general clark, before i let you go, article 5 of the washington treaty they're talking about invoking that. what would that mean for our ability to go after isis as a collective group? >> article v would be invoked. says attack against one is attack against all f that were the case and each nation is supposed to respond. so the united states is actually already responding to this. we're bombing. we're doing other things t would enable nato to use its influence with other countries in europe to strengthen their response
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against isis. that would be an appropriate response at this point. trish: all right. general, thank you very much. thank you for joining us. congressman king, thank you so much for all your perspective. coming up next, presidential candidate rick santorum about what to do about refugees. the
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trish: breaking right now, we're up to 11 states that are not accepting refugees from syria. we heard from the governor of ohio, john kasich, will not have refugees from syria coming into ohio. we're waiting on north carolina, the governor from north carolina giving a press conference. if he would ban refugees, that
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would put the tally at 12. 11 states are not planning to accept refugees from syria. the president plans to have 10,000 refugees from syria six weeks from now. joining us with all of this and his reaction, republican presidential candidate rick santorum joins us by phone. senator, welcome. >> thanks very much, trish. appreciate it. trish: the governor of your home state, pennsylvania, just came out and said he will take refugees from syria. pennsylvania will be accepting refugees. what is your thought on that? do you believe that's wrong? and if so, what do we need to do about this situation right now? >> yeah, i think that is a big mistake. i'm here in pennsylvania today. i can tell you folks that i have talked to are not happy about the governor's decision. this is a real security threat. isis is claiming that they have infiltrated the refugees. that they have already, people in europe. obviously the attacks of this weekend prove that is correct. we heard from our homeland security that in fact there is
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no way for us to reliably check to see if in fact they're isis sympathizers. clearly not all of them are but it doesn't take all of them. it takes 10,000 or 100,000, a very small percentage, as we saw in paris, eight people can cause a lot of damage in a big hurry. so this is a serious mistake on the part of the president. for two reasons. number one, bringing people who are dangerous to this country is one but, secondly, we are helping isis accomplish what they want, which is to drive people, majority of whom, i believe are peaceful, driving people out of the region. and, to a place where they're probably not returned. isis wants to get rid of christians, get rid of ethnic minorities, get rid of moderate muslims. we should not be helping them. relocating to a country like the united states which likelihood of these people ever returning is slim to zero. we're in a sense being
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accomplices of isis by accepting these refugees, christian and muslim alike. trish: so in your view what needs to be done then? how do we -- we are humane society. you see horrible pictures of little kids there in the refugee camps. >> yeah. trish: if can't take them, to your point, questionable whether we could vet them in way to take them. if we can't vet them and take them what needs to happen? >> there are refugee camps as you mentioned in some of the border states. saudi arabia has a huge refugee camp that is right now unused. and we could transfer a lot of these refugees to saudi arabia. we should be putting pressure on the saudis to accept these refugees. we should be supporting. whether it is in jordan or whether it is in turkey or whether it is iraq, we should be supporting them giving financial assistance but they should be relocated within the region, so when hostilities cease they can
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return to their areas to provide better long-term platform for success of a stable and successful future for that region. trish: senator, let me ask you quickly before you go, about security here at home. i spoke with general keith alexander, former head of the nsa and he made the point to me over the weekend and now that edward snowden essentially let the cat out of bag and everybody in the terrorist community how the nsa would go about tracking them, it is increasingly more difficult to do so. he said the u.s. helped thwart 25 attacks in europe by gathering certain amounts of data on europeans connected with terror cells. what do we do in the environment where there is a clampdown what the nsa is capable of doing, while we smallly have a need to make sure americans are safe? >> i support reauthorization of patriot act. i believe, not all of talk about
2:24 pm
privacy concerns, we're really misplaced. none of the claims of violation of privacy were backed up by any truth that the nsa or any other collection agency was doing anything with this data. we need to give the tools to our intelligence community, at a very critical time. and republicans and democrats alike, as they vote on this, because there was, been told everything is under control, that isis is the in control and usama bin laden is dead and everything is dead, that is going to be fine, that is simply never the case. isis is virulent. we have iran which is fomenting terrorism, sponsoring terrorism. this is serious to the security of our country. our intelligence community needs tools that can be available to ferret out who these bad people are. trish: this is indeed serious stuff. senator, thank you very much. talking to you again soon. >> trish, appreciate it. trish: the french government,
2:25 pm
everyone, is warning of more potential terror attacks in the days to come. we'll have more on the threat we may be facing stateside right here at home, after this. ♪ you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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trish: breaking right now. the tally is now 11. eleven governors from different states across the country say that they will not allow syrian refugees in their states after the aftermath of those coordinated attacks in paris. the president has come out and said that we as a country will take in 10,000 refugees from serious. the concern is can you properly let them? we just heard from peter king. we just heard from senator santorum. you cannot. the question is, if there are all these refugees, where do
2:29 pm
they go if not here to the united states. jeff flock is joining me right now from illinois. we are not going to take them. mike huckabee is calling on paul ryan to step down if he does not step up regarding this refugee crisis. that also just prompting right now. jeff: had not already become political enough, i think that that is absolutely correct. speaker ryan will not lead and reject the importation, he needs to step down. let someone else lead. yes. there it is. there are some organizations that say that these refugees can be batted here and a release and refugee organization. refugees are the single most scrutinized individuals with the u.s.
2:30 pm
they undergo more than seven security checks including biometric test, medical screenings and in person interviews with department of homeland security. they are saying, in fact, these refugees can be batted. they are very closely vetted and they say it is unfair that these refugees, the victims of isis be rejected because of that. trish: we have so many intelligence officials that say this is not a perfect assets. their fear is that isis will populate the population with members of the terrors. it is possible that one of the people that gave one of the terrorists in the attack came into greece, that is europe, which has very poor open borders now with a serious passport posing as a refugee.
2:31 pm
jeff flock, thank you very much. the united states that they will night take serious refugees. it has many of us questioning the roots of islam. whether this religion itself is a real problem. i will have the response to this strategy and what they're trying to fight extremists from within. ♪ i said you better sign it...
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trish: muslim leaders are condemning these deadly attacks and paris. why had they not doing more to combat this extremism within? what isis really wants. the author looks at the reasons for the rise in the extremism. i quote, the reality is that the islamic state is an islamic. very islamic. yes, it has attract psychopaths, but the religion preach by the most followers the ride from coherent and learned interpretation of islam. is the religion itself the real foundation of this problem? joining me right now is judy. doctor jasper, welcome. i know that you yourself are a practicing muslim. not coming out against isis.
2:36 pm
let me ask you about the religion itself. how do you defend this when it is saying things like, and i will share with you, i will cast terror. therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them. >> thank you for having me. we have a major leadership problem. also, realizing where islam is in its history. we are still charged with church and state. the feel craft dominate the interpretation of passages like that. that english transportation that is still stuck in the seventh century. my father and other scholars will interpret that differently. the identity and mixture with
2:37 pm
the islamic nationalism is the thickness, is the drugs that creates this militants. in till we take passages like that, moderate interpretation that not only -- trish: they do not want that. they do not want any kind of semi- lens of western influence on what they are doing. sort of the root of the problem for isis. >> trish, where muslims like me? flogged by the saudi government. the assad regime. hello isis. call between two evils. the voices of moderation. yes, we have a major uphill battle. it does not get into a long-range. decimate isis. decimate al qaeda. trish: how do you do that? do you get rid of the caliphate?
2:38 pm
>> caliphate is an idea. it will keep coming back. >> parts of iraq. >> you are right. the buildings there where they live. their military establishments. it will take some ground troops. even before isis. assad continuing to create an environment that through these guys. the egyptian dictatorship. arab awakening was opportunity to take the middle east away from this cauldron. our administration in america and the west has been completely disengaged. trish: it is good to see you out.
2:39 pm
from queens who runs the mosque there to come on this program today. he told us just yesterday that he would he here. everything was set up. he was going to join you and myself in this conversation. he is not here. the muslim community needs people condemning what has happened. the tragedies continue. >> as long as we are portrayed the fake domes and they run from the debate that we need to have two fixes cancer, the program will continue. i worry about my kids and your kids and our families. trish: thank you very much. more breaking news coming into us now. no, we will not take refugees. in north carolina and florida, they have jumped on board. they will not take the refugees
2:40 pm
and from serious. six weeks from now. taking 10,000 serious refugees into this country. the concern is that they cannot be properly vetted. there is no way to properly make sure that isis does not populate these groups of refugees with terrorists. we have heard similar things from other intelligence professionals. thirteen is the tally. they will not take refugees. isis says that there will be more attacks. there are threats right now against washington, d.c. and london and rome. we will have the details on all of these. ♪ the future belongs to the fast.
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♪ trish: all right. let's take a look at the markets here. towering higher. proving to be more resilient. up 191. near the highs of the session. better than 1%. the nasdaq composite index up 193. stock indices turning things around. some travel have been hit hard. there are signs here that investors are feeling as though the fed is not going to move come december.
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perhaps, that is part of the reason for the upside that we're seeing right now. traditional safe haven. oil prices are up. we will be back with more intel after this. the threats right here at home. what we need to do about it. ♪
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trish: breaking now. and then there were 14. fourteen states rejecting refugees. joining on the heels of north carolina, florida and arizona. all within the last 40 minutes. they will not take refugees into their states. six weeks from now. bringing in as many as 10,000. also just getting word. the state of maine has not taken refugees. fifteen states saying no. this all as a new isis video threatens the united states. joining me right now is kt mcfarland. we have heard from all of these governors saying they do not want these refugees coming in. i want to talk with you specifically about this threat against washington, d.c. out with an 11 minute long
2:46 pm
video. >> spreading a lot of wrongs in their own mind. they're going all the way back to the 14th century. fourteenth century. who are the main groups going after? the bricks. the americans and the russians. the tax they have had against all of those. a german france soccer game. they were making a statement. we are at war with western civilization. we see this. a class of civilization. we are bringing it on. by the almighty to survive.
2:47 pm
>> fighting communism. at least you are dealing with rational players. based on religious extremism and that makes it far more challenging to fight. september 11, the people being detergent? you could have won their hearts and minds. no. they have a very different game. nuclear weapons, weapons of mass distraction, the next step. all of a sudden you have people who want to use those weapons. >> and they want the apocalypse. >> they want to bring in on. they will not be frightened. trish: france has been bombing isis targets they are in serious. they struck some oil trucks which hits the hearts of the financing for terror did how much of that is important to be
2:48 pm
doing now as we engage in the forum? you want to take the terrorist out. one after another. in addition to taking the terrorist out, you have to take out the infrastructure which includes financing. >> that is right. it is a piece of the puzzle. willing to blow themselves up in the fear of war. secondly, it is finances. you do not need a lot of money to move people across borders. however, the important point here is you attack on all fronts. attacking the resources that they have built, though oil wells that they have captured on land and the refineries. they are selling gasoline. the trucks that are transporting oil. trish: i watch the press conference from the president this morning. really giving no further indication that he would do anything more.
2:49 pm
to me, sort of a pivotal moment. they have changed over the last 12 months. seeing isis rise. something needs to be done. >> it is not just isis. it is radical islam. communism during the cold war. islamic extremists. it is not just a matter of doing this, doing that. you have to have a comprehensive plan. >> i want to ask you about that. you think back to the days of world war ii. could we be in an environment where suddenly, and you saw that picture, having a deep puddle. we need to engage with the lice of putin and say, all right, we are in this together. the difference is aside. this is a threat to humanity.
2:50 pm
>> what i really wanted to see out of this conference is all of them affected. we had differences, but we will put aside those differences and understand what threatens western civilization is radical islam. we will have a military plan. we will have an ideological plan. we endorse you. we endorse your call to reform from within. we are going to have a whole range of issues to deal with this. the way we defeat this is the way we defeated the fascists. >> a comprehensive strategy. >> you really do. >> i do not know where churchill is. i do not know or fdr is. >> a higher level of intelligence now than we ever had.
2:51 pm
the level of cooperation is very high. we also have technological tools that we did not have before. >> maybe we do, maybe we don't. let's not forget the capabilities. thank you so much. good to have you guys here. we will have more right after this. my intel coming up. ♪ taken a hit lately. mm hmm. just wanted to touch base. how did edward jones come to manage over $800 billion dollars in assets? huh. okay. here's our latest market outlook. two things that i'd like to point out... through face time when you really need it. so that's interesting, you know we had spoken about that before. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. it begins from the the second we're because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness.
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plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ trish: we're up to 15 now. fifteen states saying that they will not take refugees from syria. the president in less than six weeks intends to bring 10,000 syrian refugees. there has been a big focus how you can vet them, whether you can vet them. one of the terrorists said to come into greece with a serious
2:55 pm
passport. the question is, can we possibly vet them? just within the last several minutes, not taking refugees. north carolina florida. arizona. all transpiring within the last 40 minutes. they will not bring me his refugees into their communities. this tragedy that has unfolded. isis must be defeated. this must be our number one goal. this is the biggest threat to the united states of america and to everyone across the globe right now. it is not climate change. it is this common enemy. this are varied terrorism that threatens us all. wants to kill us all. wants to destroy the world. it has effectively if space that
2:56 pm
it is governing fair. all across the globe to this callous state. it trains its military in the palisade. it plans the destruction of civilization as we know it. we have the capability of destroying that callous state. the us, isis. we need to act. we need to preserve humanity. continue watching this tragedy unfolding out of paris. our own dewdrop bolted is there on the ground. she will be joining us at 5:00 p.m. eastern for a special risk and reward. i will see you back here tomorrow. in the meantime, sending it over to liz claman's with the final hour of trading.♪ of many pieces in my life.
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liz: breaking news, greece and france, but our markets are jumping as we watch the reaction
3:00 pm
to friday's deadly terror attack in paris. you see the dow jones industrial average up 175 points. we take you live right now to the eiffel tower as, of course, it is lit up in red, white and blue, the colors of the french flag. and emotional wounds still raw at this hour as france continues to mourn less than three days after a coordinated terror attack that killed 129 people, injured hundreds more. president obama in turkey today defending our nation's strategy to fight isis while critics and political opponents make their disagreements well known in this form. and, folks, i need to tell you, this is a developing story and breaking right now, 15 -- the list of governors who now say they will refuse to accept syrian refugees in their states. that number, we keep changing the graphic. it


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