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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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number is growing of governors who are refusing to take them in while ben carson and others on campaign trail calling on congress to stop funding any programs that allow these refugees to come here. melissa: before we get to that, let's show you stocks today, rallying into the close. [closing bell rings] the dow is up more than 230 points, 235 points. crude oil driving a lot of the trade, up $1.30. it was better than 3%. it was the energy stocks that led the way higher. david: over the weekend a lot of traders were fearing market was panic after the terror attacks. the exact opposite happened. ashley webster on floor of new york stock exchange. ashley, why the rally? >> interesting, david. a couple of things, traders believe markets were oversold last week of the attacks on paris happened on friday evening. gave investor and markets time to digest everything going on over weekend.
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we saw world markets opening up on monday there was no panic. dow started slightly lower at opening bell. all the money came in. to melissa's point, energy leading the way. oil doing better. sector as a whole up 3%. exxon and chevron up 3 and 4%. they led gainers on the dow today. we also saw the defense sector moving higher in relation to what's going on. lockheed martin, one of the standouts in that section. raytheon and lockheed martin up 3%. airlines across the board down. delta down 2%. priceline and expedia also down. concerns what has been going on in paris will hurt tourism and people's travel plans going forward. david: ashley webster at nyse. thank you very much. reporter: my pleasure. melissa: back to our top story. france is at war.
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french president hollande is vowing to ramp up attacks against isis. along with pledging to be merciless in the country's pursuit of the islamic state. fox business's deirdre bolton is in paris with the latest. deirdre? >> hi, melissa, you said it, president hollande declaring war on isis militants who did unprecedented, unprovoked attack. it is the worst kind of violence that france has seen since world war ii. i'm here in the plaza republic. that is the statue of a an al leg gory, symbol of the french republic. they like to think of themselves with open culture and intellectualism. the open have open borders. the let me tell you the country is rethinking the way it sees the world. you mentioned that declaration of war, i can tell you on every
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major piece of newspaper. [speaking french] that means the response. the basically on every single paper with exception of one or two more conservative once. you know you've been reporting on this all night. france in syria bombing about 20 raids, hitting targets what they are isis training camps and what they believe stocks of weapons. 170 raids, melissa, 170 in the country and picking up kalashnikovs and rocket launchers. melissa: thank you so much for that, deirdre. david. david: on the alleged mastermind of the paris attacks fox news's steve harrigan is on that story from paris. steve? reporter: david, intense global manhunt underway for the mastermind or anybody ha helped put together to finance the attack and that 8th attacker as well. in belgium two people arrested. in france, multiple raids across
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the entire nation. more than 160 separate police raids all from north to south over france. more than 20 people detained. 100 people placed on house arrest. police officials saying they uncovered arsenals of weapons including one rocket launcher. more details being learned about the eight attackers. among them at least four french citizens. the french president saying we have french people killing other french people, demanding new government powers and changes to the constitution that would give the government ability to strip citizenship away from a terrorist. david, back to you. david: steve harrigan, thank you very much. >> president obama defending his strategy for fighting isis at the g20 summit in turkey this morning. these comments coming hours after isis released a new video in which its members vowed to attack washington, d.c. peter barnes standing by at the white house with more on this one, peter? reporter: melissa, the president pushed back against calls for dramatic change in the strategy
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against isis in the wake of those paris attacks. he said he would not send ground troops to syria and iraq despite calls from critics to do so. he said that would be a mistake because in part that would only temporarily clear out isis fighters and that any strategy has to be sustainable. >> we would see a rep tips of what we've seen -- repetition of what we've seen before, which is if you do not have local populations that are committed to inclusive governance, and who are pushing back against idealogical extremes, that they resurface. unless we're prepared to have a permanent occupation of these countries. reporter: the president also defended his use of the word contained in an interview last week when he was asked about isis, saying he meant it geographically. thanks to the allied strategy in iraq and syria, isis now
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controls less territory today than last year. separately though the president's cia director john brennan said in a speech today here in wash an new technologies have made it easy for icy members to work with each other undetected. new government policies place new legal limits on collecting intelligence information. hopes the paris attacks will be a wake-up call for policymakers to improve data collection and sharing. melissa. melissa: wow. peter barnes, thank you so much for that. david? david: we have breaking news. 17 governors are closing their doors to syrian refugees. that number is growing by the hour as president obama asks america to continue to take more refugees in. take a listen. >> we have to remember that many of these refugees are the victims much terrorism themselves. that's what fleeing. slamming the door in their faces would be betrayal of our values. our nations can welcome refugees
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who are desperately seeking safety and insure our own security. we can and must do both. david: our own jeff flock is on this story from chicago. jeff? >> there are questions at this hour, david, whether these states have the authority to do that. some refugee organizations says 17 states, perhaps we have a map that depicts those 11, it stands at 11 now, some refugee organizations that they will be subject to discrimination lawsuits. the courts could order them to take syrian refugees if they elect not to do so. already number of syrian refugees increasing. we obtained numbers from state department today. which showed it was trickle back in fiscal year 2010 but ramped up to almost 2,000 syrian refugees in the last year. where are they going? they're going largely to large states like california. over 200 refugees. texas has taken in over last year 200 refugees. these are states that that
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already have syrian refugees here. michigan and illinois two of those that said they will take no more. rand paul introduced legislation which would put limits on number of refugees. in fact the would suspend the u.s. government from bringing anymore refugees in from quote, high-risk nations. he wants refugees to be fingerprinted and screened. state department for their part says it already does that he would want enhanced security and waiting period. again state department saying refugees already wait between 18 and 24 months between the time they make an application to the time they are admitted. he wants the visa overstay tracking to be in place for these refugees. again the state department is saying that it does that already. i don't suspect any legislation from rand paul will be anything more than a nonstarter with the president making his position clear on this. but i tell you, there are a lot of refugees already here and
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there are more coming. david: we're headed for a confrontation between the states and feds that the perhaps the supreme court will have to settle at some point. jeff, thank you very much. reporter: thank you. david: melissa. melissa: new threats from isis, warning that all countries taking part in the airstrikes against them will suffer same fate as france including an attack on washington d.c. here with the latest is catherine herridge, fox news chief intelligence correspondent. what have we learned? reporter: thanks, melissa. viewed the 11-minute video isis propaganda roll out sitting on the shelf waiting for paris to happen this is prepackaged videos threatening russia and u.s. specifically, washington, d.c the first three minutes are summary of news reports. the final eight minutes include a series of lectures in arabic by young isis fighters. according to one translation, we zare we will strike at america at it's center, washington d.c.
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after the tape released mayor in washington reallocated security to high-value targets or high-profile targets. there will be more changes based on new information. today the cia information said there were warnings about paris but not enough to act on. >> this is something that was deliberately and carefully planned i think over the course of several months, in terms of making sure they had the operatives, the weapons, the explosives with the suicide belts and so i would anticipate that this is not the only operation that ice still has in the pipeline. reporter: in the weekend arrests belgian authorities reportedly found a playstation 4. this popular gaming console allows for peer-to-peer communication and work around. law enforcement told fox that this is very intriguing find. there are indications based on social media traffic, that attackers and support network used encryption including the
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app known as telegram. a member of the house intelligence committee said that other options are being disclosed. >> i'm hearing it may have been by courier. and one of the encrypted apps, where they can go dark. this is really something we have to come to terms with. reporter: to that end an fbi team from the field office in new york is on the ground in paris and they're specifically focusing on phones and computers used by these terrorists so they can understand how they were able to operate underneath the radar. melissa. melissa: catherine, thank you very much for that report. david: good reporting. for more administration's response to the isis terror attacks, james woolsey, former cia director and founder of center for democracies. ambassador, good to see you. calling the terrorist attacks a setback, a horrendous set back to which you say what? >> i think they're more than
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that. the president tends to understate things like that. it is really a wake-up call, should be. that we are in a war. the president of france is right. this is not just a series of terrorist acts. we need to think like we did at beginning of world war ii and pull the country in ways that matter for a particular fight. it won't hopefully be world war ii but a big fight. david: the president in his press conference suggested that isis is not a state. indicating that this would not be a war against isis the way the french have declared war against isis. your response to that? >> that's not what they think. from their point of view they are restructuring the caliphate which existed in the first years following the death of mohammed, by 50 to 100 years after his death, the caliphate from
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current date pakistan to current france. along the southern mediterranean. the caliphate that isis is pointing towards having, if you count the states where they have some kind of claim as well as up withs they fully control, in, before too long, would be something on the order of half to 2/3 of that -- david: beginning to sound like a country? >> it is. david: ambassador, we're short on time. i just want to mention one thing. disinformation is something we used to accuse our enemies of doing. there is some suggestion that some people in this administration may be putting out some disinformation to try to derail the movement of refugees from overseas to this country. i want to play a little sound bite from ambassador nick burns on with neil cavuto here today. >> well, i think that report of a possible syrian who went through greece, as a refugee, that may actually be wrong.
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many of the european press outlets are saying it might be a hoax. so we don't know for sure yet but, in fact that report has been cast in doubt. david: now, ambassador, we have gone through all of the recent reports coming out of europe, and nobody there is suggesting that this person whose fingerprints were found, actually, his finger was found, his dismembered finger was found. they made a complete match with the records of greece. it may have been a fake passport, the fact is this guy was a refugee. why would the administration be putting outfalls reports? >> it is hard to track them sometimes, i don't know. they start with the story, with the, that they want to have presented. and nair stiff they call it. they work back wards to what they describe as the facts. most of would suggest you start with the facts, figures out what you want to accomplish, develop a strategy and move forward from
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there. so they do a lot of things backward. i don't know if they did this one backward. david: very quickly, washington, d.c., isis said that's the next target. comments on that? do you think we've caught it in time, that threat? >> it should lead to a real wake-up in and around the washington area for all of us, but it is very hard to tell whether or not there's enough warning to stop it from taking place. i think isis would not have thought that it could be stopped in, by announcing it, they make it more likely we'll stop it but they're sort of saying, in your face. david: former cia director james woolsey. thank you, sir, for being here. >> good to be with you. melissa: while france takes on isis in syria, egypt is launching an their own isis attack in response to the downed russian plane last month. we'll have the details. david: dealing with the threat
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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. melissa: president obama going on the defensive with his strategy to combat isis against critics calls for greater military intervention. >> there have been a few who suggested that we should put large numbers of u.s. troops on the ground. it is not just my view but the view of my closest military and civilian advisors that that would be a mistake. melissa: president says his critics strategy lacks specifics but he failed to give specifics
4:20 pm
on his own plan to fight isis. my next guest is calling for president obama to step up and lead or step down. joining me now, michael goodwin, "new york post" columnist, fox news contributor. huge article over the weekend caught a lot of people's attention you wrote in the post. one reason why you get a lot of attention as you say you're a democrat who voted for president, at least first time around. >> right. melissa: it is not like this core husband of war hawks out there. it's a growing number of people who say, something is going wrong here. you wrote, having long ago identified american power as a problem he continues to slash the military as the enemy expands its reach. in globalized ear rat obama doctrine smacks of cowardly retreat and fanciful isolation. it must have no surprise to you, it was surprise to a lot of us when he sat out there at the press conference we just watched and said again and again, nothing has changed. >> right. i think for him nothing has changed, and that is the
4:21 pm
problem. as i point out in the column, melissa, there can be no coalition of west, no western civilization without american leadership. it happened in world war i. that is why the allies won. that is what happened in world war ii, that's why the allies won. melissa: is that hubris of you to say, let me play devil's advocate. >> we are the united states of america. if he doesn't want that job he should resign. that is the past oval office. we're in world war ii. the coalition, france, britain, even russia needs a leader capable of uniting a broad coalition against this cancer which is he had having around the world. and if barack obama won't do it, it won't get done. and therefore i say if he won't do it, please step aside so somebody else can. melissa: you do think it made an impression on him today? i was watching news conferences, i know you were, reporter after reporter after reporter from all other world, left, right, print,
4:22 pm
tv, all asked him the same question. >> right. melissa: you underestimated them calling them jv. doget that and now changing your strategy. he finally got so frustrated you keep asking me the same question. >> for him nothing has changed and he is shocked, shocked people don't agree women had as they usually do. an take his great wisdom he knows everything, he is smartest man in the room. this is as i say world war iii. you can not say we'll send a few fighter jets occasionally, we'll drop a few bombs and try to scare them. this is different kind of enemy. they are not listening to threats. they only respond to death. they're willing to die for their cause. we have to at least be willing to win if we're going to prevail. we can not just go out there to try to teach them a lesson. we have to defeat them. that is what the military really says. the people he claims are supporting him, his own military i would like to see them say that publicly. all the military people who have
4:23 pm
left such as robert gates and others says he has no strategy. that he has no strategy and it is failing. they are growing and we are shrinking. melissa: what do you think of pictures over weekend putting his head together with vladmir putin. made it look like we have putin out front. they will take the brunt of it. they will do most of the work. we'll follow in behind them that picture seems to say that. do you believe it and is that winning strategy? >> putin wants what is good for russia. united states president is supposed to want what is food for the free world. putin is not focused so much on islamic state as he is enemies of assad. that is clear. that is what united states was saying for three years, just now is starting to say, well maybe we can work with putin. because he is already taken the lead. he already has assembled something of a coalition. we're the ones who are the outlyers. melissa: yeah. as we said before, when france beats you to the battlefield, that is really says something.
4:24 pm
>> what hollande said, is what obama should be saying, this is a war. melissa: michael, thank you so much for that. david? >> we have breaking news on home front and colorado georgia have become 18th, and 19th states rejecting sir was coming into the united states. governor of georgia is asking for help with homeland security to confirm background of 59 syrian refugees already in that state. this is something we've seen from many other states. you can see it there in yellow that already have syrians there. they don't want anymore until they confirm backgrounds of the people already there. melissa. melissa: wow, getting a sense saying we can't handle this. we can't do it safely. we need help. david: exactly. melissa: feeling the bern. bernie sanders is doubling down. how the senator claims that climate change is directly related to growth of terrorism. he stood by that over weekend.
4:25 pm
rise threat at home, growing number of states working to prevent terrorists from entering the country as refugees.
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david: national security quickly become the top issue among gop candidates in the campaign trail in the wake of horrific attacks in paris. fox news's mike mike emanuel has round up republican responses from the attacks. mike? reporter: a lot of talk from republican candidates about to what to do with syrian refugees. republican ted cruz says there is not credible risk of christians. >> we shouldn't bring in thousands of muslims. resettle them humanely in middle eastern countries that are muslim. >> we should apidealogical test the i would be very reticent to
4:29 pm
bring in people idealogically opposed the idea of america are. reporter: idea of only taking christians refugees hit a nerve with president obama. >> when i hear folks say that, well, maybe we should just admit christians, not muslims. we don't have religious tests to our compassion. reporter: florida senator marco rubio said it is virtually impossible to vet refugees leaving syria. former florida governor jeb bush says the u.s. should declare war on isis. bush requires that is taking the fight to isis in syria. ground troops would be needed but isn't giving an exact number to get it done. bottom line, bush says it is time to change course. >> it means re-engaging with the sunni tribal leaders that were successful fighting with us, side by side with the surge. it means a strategy. we don't have a strategy right now. this president is incrementally getting nice a quagmire without having a strategy to defeat isis this. is threat to western civilization, a threat to our
4:30 pm
own country. we need to be merciless in this effort. reporter: bush is clearly one of the candidates hoping with national security a bigger issue in the campaign, voters will take a closer look at those with political experience. david? >> bush, trump, chris at this, a lot of them. mike, thank you very much. appreciate it. melissa: now to the democratic candidates resonates on the paris attacks at their debate on saturday night. right off the bat clinton was asked whether president obama underestimated the threat of islamic state militants. >> well, john, i think that we have to look at isis as the leading threat of an international terror network. it can not be contained. it must be defeated. melissa: bernie sanders said there is a different issue at hand that is fueling isis. >> in fact climate change is directly related to growth of terrorism. if we do not get our acts together and listen to what scientists saying, countries all
4:31 pm
over the world this, is the what cia is saying. they will struggle over limited amounts of water and limited amounts of land to grow their crops. melissa: that is the next larry david sketch. clinton blamed the 2000 two vote on war in iraq for ripes of the islamic state group. david: unbelievable. the same strategy to defeat the terror group, is it time for another one? our panel weighs in coming up. melissa: new terror threats on u.s. soil. is our country prepared for what isis has in store? we have details coming up. jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in.
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it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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david: france has no doubt. they are going to war with terrorism. the french president vowing to destroy isis following the deadly attacks. our own rick leventhal is in paris with the very latest. rick, what more did the french president have to say? reporter: well, he spoke very tough, david, as you probably know, in this rare address to the national assembly and the senate, saying there will be no respite and no truce. saying that terrorists will not shake our resolve but instead reinforce our determination to eliminate them. hollande says he is sending a carrier to the gulf that will triple france's ability to carry out airstrikes against isis targets in syria and iraq. they had the first wave the strikes last night. 20 bombs on 10 targets.
4:36 pm
he says he want to sit down with president putin and president obama to join forces against the enemy. he will ask for three months of broad police powers to investigate possible suspects here at home which is of course happening as we speak. he also led a moment of silence before his speech. there was also a moment of silence observed across this nation at noon. schoolchildren, businesses, government workers. even at the mall where store owners closed gates to their stores and everyone stood in silence. when it was over there was a round of applause. people went about their business, david. david: rick, this is the secretary rift attack within a year where the president has not gone to france for solidarity. but we understand secretary of state kerry has arrived in paris, correct? reporter: just as he did last time, david. called a surprise visit by secretary kerry, in his meeting with french officials and embassy staff. the state department says his visit will reiterate america's commitment to the strong relationship with france and
4:37 pm
express condolences and shared resolve to counter violent extremism here and around the world. >> we will defeat daesh and all who share their despicable ideology. and we are on the course to do so. we will continue, also, to show compassion, to those who seek refuge from the violence that the terrorists engender. we will fight to insure that the world that our children inherit is richer in love and shorter on hate. reporter: the attacks are having an impact on the french economy as you might imagine. the hotel union says reservations at the top hotels are down 50% since friday night's attacks. that's a tough time for it to happen, david, moving into this holiday season. the same thing happened back in january after the "charlie hebdo" attack. david: why i like it if the president had gone. rick leventhal, thank you very much, from paris. melissa? melissa: president obama
4:38 pm
addressing the terrorist attacks today announcing no major changes in the fight against isis. when expressed to explain his resistance to a broader war against the terror group, here is what he had to say. >> if you will forgive the language is, why can't we take out these bastards? >> well, jim, i just spent the last three questions answering that very question so, i don't know what more you want me to add. i think i've described very specifically what our strategy is. and i have described very specifically why we do not pursue some of the other strategies that have been suggested. melissa: joining me now, chad jenkins, former fbi agent, retired army ranger. nile gardiner of the heritage foundation. tom ruskin, former nypd detective. nile, let me start with you, that reporter was from cnn, expressing frustration so many people said over the weekend. like why don't we turn this place into a parking lot so we
4:39 pm
stop this from continuing to happen. start this with the first premise, nile, is that possible? could we just go do that? >> well i think anything is hopeful with the right leadership. the problem with president obama is that he doesn't lead on the world stage. he doesn't really believe in the projection of american global power and he didn't really say anything of any substance today. although he was very defiant, very angry, and most of his fire was aimed at domestic u.s. critics of his administration who he seems to think are the biggest enemy out there. in contrast, even the french socialist president francois hollande has been tougher in the wake of these terrorist attacks than the u.s. president. that is pretty damning indictment of president obama's lack of leadership on the world stage. we need a clear-cut coherent strategy for defeating and crushing isis. the president simply hasn't put that forward. melissa: yeah. chad, is that a fair criticism? you know when he says i don't
4:40 pm
know what more you want me to say, he has been asked same question five or six times, obviously he is not answering in a way satisfying all the reporters from all different walks of life in front of him, are saying, why don't we stop this, why does this keep going on. do you agree with that crittism he is not stopping it from going on that he is isn't doing enough to stop isn't. >> look at following attack in paris. what did we do this mornorg late last night, reported that we bombed 100 fuel tanks, empty, mind you, in syria. i don't think that is showing the shock and awe of the u.s. military by coming 100 fuel tanks. more importantly, until we identify this for what it is, which it is a religious war, in which the bad actors of isis are committed to their cause, look, when i was an fbi agent, i studied and i investigated
4:41 pm
counterterrorism investigations of sunni islam extremism. isis is following a narrow sect of sunni islam and we need to make that identification before we put anything else on the matter f we don't identify of that, all the other things we talk about are really for nil. melissa: tom, meantime, a lot of people feeling insecure over the weekend after what you watched on television. you wanted your president to come out to say we have this under control in a meaningful way thaw believed. i don't think a lot of americans got that today. at the same time, isis puts out a video, america, you are next and we're coming to d.c. should we be afraid? >> i don't know about afraid but vigilant. we have to set things in motion. melissa: is it a real threat in your mind? >> yes. i think that the potential of a lone bomber or group of people getting together and bombing something, we saw faisal shahzad, two years ago in may, three years ago in may, come into times square to try to detonate himself with propane
4:42 pm
tanks. it's a real threat. why new york city and other cities around this country today are taking precautionary steps to try to secure our homeland as best they can. melissa: gentlemen, thank you so much. david? david: coming up more details on the deadly attacks in paris. our own deirdre bolton is live from paris. also, when we started this program 40 minutes ago, 17 states said no more refugees. the number is now 19. that number grows by every hour. even if they stop the flow, what happens to the syrians who are here now? ♪ (vo) me? i don't just wait for a moment. i watch for the perfect moment. the one nobody else sees. and when i find it- i go for it. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we give you the edge, with innovative charting and trading features, plus, powerful mobile apps so you're always connected, wherever you are. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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david: more states are shutting their doors to syrian refugees saying that they will not be allowing syrian refugees into their states in response to the paris attacks. here to weigh in new heights communications president and former indiana governor evan bayh. governor, would you let syrian
4:46 pm
refugees in if you were still governor? >> not without very serious vetting, david, which may not be possible at this point in time. i don't know what kind of data is available from syria about people's criminal backgrounds,a. i think we have to be pretty careful here. david: even if you were able to stop the flow of syrian refugees in the future, governor, what would you do for those that are there now? if it is impossible to vet them as you suggest what do you do with them? >> that's a good question. i don't know. i think we need to try to focus on each one of them and get as much information as we possibly can. that is what we do with normal immigrants. i think in addition to that, david, the very best thing we can do, and i've been listening to the various guests in the program, create safe zones in syria to stem the tide. until we do that we have to face the dilemma. until we do thats we'll have to
4:47 pm
get as much information as we can. david: christie, how far do you think president obama will push this? if governors don't want it will he try to force them? >> i do think there will be a fight and there should be. with all due respect to the governor an fellow democrat, i just think the attitude that we've seen by governors across the country today has been absolutely wrong, sad, and dangerous about, it is displays -- david: christie don't you believe it is dangerous, excuse me, don't you believe, particularly in light of the fact that one of the revenue geese, one of the terrorists came here as, came to france as a refugee? don't you think it is dangerous to allow people in with open arms who may be terrorists? >> of course but we don't do that. in fact refugees, are subject to some of the most stringent background checks of anybody coming into this country. david: you can't check them. you can't check -- >> of course you can. yes. david: we're at war with syria. we can't do background checks on people who have syrian passports. >> right. if you look at the people that
4:48 pm
are syrian refugees right now, there is tremendous amount of misinformation about who they are. for the most part we're talking about women and children. david: okay. >> really dangerous to say otherwise. david: final word from the governor, go ahead. >> our hearts go out to these people but i think it would be, it is balance we have to strike. given attacks in paris where it looks like syrian connection there and at least one person who blew himself up at a syrian passport and possibly came out as some sort after refugee, it would be reckless to not take a little time to vet these people. david: we are headed for confrontation between the states and feds, no doubt about it. christie, governor, thanks very much for being here. appreciate it. melissa? melissa: terror on the streets of france. let's go back to deirdre bolton who is live in paris. what is going on at this hour? >> you were talking about the issue of migrants and how u.s. will handle the very same issue. i heard you say up to 15
4:49 pm
governors have said they are not taking migrants. this is of great concern from paris as well. this just in from the press france, nationals will be under house arrest and subject to tough conditions in sense interviews why the time was there. long story short they may be placed under house arrest when they come back. that is from a decision from the current administration. even former administrations are getting -- nicholas nicholas nicolas sarkozy, who have s on the files, security risks, may have to wear electronic bracelet some of these people can be tracked a lot of concerns how to move forward for paris. pretty much a city of life, if you like. cultural center for your are. intellectual center. people like to think of themselves as humanist, not to take in migrants is probably a very tough decision.
4:50 pm
given recent events it seems like right one at least for now. back to you. melissa: thanks so much, deirdre. we'll see you at the top of the hour live from paris for "risk & reward." stay tuned for that. david: the presidential candidates all speaking out what should be done in the wake of the paris terror attacks. who will be best to lead the nation in this time of crisis? our panel weighing in. no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. therthat can be serious,ere. even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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4:54 pm
all evil for what happened, climate change of course. let's listen. >> yes. >> in previous debate you said greatest threat to national security was climate change. do you believe that. >> absolutely. climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism f we do not get our act together and listen to what scientists are saying, countries all over the world, this is what the cia says, they will be struggling over limited amounts of water, limited of amounts land to grow their crops and you will see all kinds of international conflict. melissa: christie, is he insane or do you agree with that? >> look, i think it is perfectly valid to say there is a national security argument in climate change, but, i think he is sounded really off here. i think it was a tough pivot for bernie sanders. and i don't think that with latest news at of paris will be helpful to him very much. melissa: no. you would think, betsy, would help hillary clinton she has all the experience for secretary of state, exempt for the fact she was part of the administration
4:55 pm
that was there as this built and gotten worse. obviously it had started before the president came into office but clearly gotten a lot worse. she said, she thought we should lead, more in spirit than physically. here is what she said about that. >> i don't think the united states has the bulk of responsibility. i really put that on assad and on iraqis and on the region itself. melissa: that is what is so amazing to me. she thinks assad should be leading us in the war on isis. do you think that is a tough sell? >> it is an interesting position by, any understanding of it. and you know in fact, republicans have also suggested that there should be someone other than the united states leading in this region. trump, for instance, indicate ad few weeks ago he thinks russia should be dealing with the problem. that said, american voters tend to trust republicans more than democrats on terrorism issue. "gallup poll" came out last month or september, indicated more than half of americans
4:56 pm
republicans are in the best shape. 36% for democrats. melissa: thanks, guys. david. david: president obama flew off to the far east after the visit to turkey. why didn't he sop -- stop in paris on his way? we'll talk over that next. ♪ i know how it is. you're all set to book a flight using your airline credit card miles. and surprise! those seats sometimes cost a ridiculous number of miles,
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5:00 pm
after visiting turkey over the weekend, pledging his solidarity with paris, why didn't he go to paris, like "charlie hebdo," all other leaders were there, president obama was not. >> he said he was too busy, same thing. "risk & reward" starts right no now. >> 3 teams of terrorist attacks in paris left at least 1 between people dead. more than 350 injured. i am deirdre bolton we're coming to you live, with "risk & reward" from paris, i am at plaza derepublic near where 2 attacks friday took place, mourners have been here, there


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