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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  November 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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after visiting turkey over the weekend, pledging his solidarity with paris, why didn't he go to paris, like "charlie hebdo," all other leaders were there, president obama was not. >> he said he was too busy, same thing. "risk & reward" starts right no now. >> 3 teams of terrorist attacks in paris left at least 1 between people dead. more than 350 injured. i am deirdre bolton we're coming to you live, with "risk & reward" from paris, i am at plaza derepublic near where 2 attacks friday took place, mourners have been here, there have been vigilling ought --
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vigils coming out. 7 attackers are dead, one escaped there is a manhunt going on for him right now. my colleague, who is across town has latest on that. we're going to bring him in, steve harrigan what is the latest? >> reporter: that international manhunt underway for anyone who may have been involved in plotting, planning and financing of the attacks, two arrests made in belgium, as far as france more than 160 different raids from north to south, 100 people put under house arrest, 20 people detained police saying they found a 23408s of weapons, more detail are learned about the attackers. 4 of them are french citizens,
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president hollande saying that french people are killing french people, government is pushing for more power. these wants the ability to revoke citizenship of any terrorist, any day he will look for help from u.s., russia and european allies to continue the airstrikes against isis, the goal is a complete destruction of the islamic state, and a its operation in middle east, president hollande making an emotional appeal, saying our children are down, we have to pick them um umup, of those killed friday most of them were under 30 years of age. deirdre: thank you so much. reports right across the city with me. a new video has been releasedy presumably created by isis,
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peter barnes is standing by in dc, the language sentence, said he -- is intense, saying we struck at heart of france, we'll do the same to the u.s. >> reporter: that is right. one of the purported fighters in the video say, we say to state that take part in the crusader campaign by god you will have a day like france's as we struck sa france we swear we will strike america in the heart of washington. the fbi said there is no specific threat right now to united states issue the mayor of washington, d.c. today, said that district was redeploying security assets to high-value targets after this video surfaced. at the g-20 meeting, in turkey today, president, pushed back,
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against calls fora major overhaul of u.s. strategy toward isis, because of the terror attacks in paris. he would not send ground troops to syria and iraq despite the calls to do so, saying that would be a mistake in part it would only temporarily clear out isis spiders. >> a representation of what we -- repetition of what we have seen before if you do not have local populations that are committed to inclusive governance and pushing back against idealogical extremes they resurface. unless we're prepared to have a permanent occupation of the countries. >> reporter: president said there is a cost to occupation, such as deaths of american soldiers and billions of
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dollars in american spending, and use the word contained last week in a interview when he talked about isis, saying he meant is geographically, thanks to ally strategy in iraq and syria, isis controlled lester torrey than last year. -- territory than last year, governors from 20 states here said today they would not accept refugees from syria because of security concerns, that terrorists could sneak to u.s. with them, there are indication at least one of the attackers in paris came from syria. deirdre: peter barnes that is making the french rethink their policy toward migrants, one reason is this, this is from friday night, a terrified woman called for help as she held on to a 6 floor window ledge -- second floor window ledge outside of theater.
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the bataclan to escape the gunmen. my next guest is a anchor for a french station here. this video, is horrifying, you covered these events, i know you were up more than 24 hours. you are -- we were covering twin towers on 9/11, from these experiences do you think this is now our generation's world war. >> maybe it is, in a war, that word, war has been use by french politicians over the last 48 hours now, it seems france is realizing these are not just terrorist attacks the way we used to understand them 15 years ago. this is a different story, this war is fought differently, but it a war, yes. deirdre: former french president ar sa sarkozy said
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there are thousands of people with a risk on their file. he proposed they getronic bracelets to be -- get the electronic bracelets to be monitored. what do you think of that? >> you have been here a few days now. people are scared. over 130 people have been killed, a few hundred meters from where we are right now. we have to think about what politicians are telling us, what are those files? a file to indicate that people are being watched. by the police, and services. there are 16 different f files, out of those 16 different categories, only the f-14 is given to terrorists. you can't cover 10,000 or 11,000 people, you should only concentrate on dangerous
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people, this file is only used to watch people, if they know they are being watched than the file is is not necessary any more. deirdre: al all right. thank you so much. he is anchor with a local television andry station, one politician told me that france was attacked because it is a free country, terrorists pay the freedom. my next guest, a scholar of military islammism, also the author of the isis aco apocalypse. welcome we're glad to have you here and your insight, i know wondering now that isis seems to be carrying out the attacks what does that mean for the world? >> i think it means we're going to see more of these attacks.
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but we're dealing with a state of -- this is not just an insurgents organization not just a terrorist group it has a warchest that some estimate numbers to $2 billion that is a lot of money that it can put behind foreign operation. deirdre: okay, i heard that some say, isis is attacking out of weakness, but being here in paris and feeling the collective loss it does not feel like isis is weak. >> no, it is is not weak in a sense it is going away. but it is lost 25% of its territory, tens of thousands fighters over last year, but terrorism is the tool of the weak. also states like the islamic 7in siara and iraq, they are using terrorism. deirdre: will -- what is the
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most important factor in this beating isis. we look at their weakness what is the weakest link? the weakest link are sunni arab tribes they dominate, a number of them don't want to live under islamic state rule any more, if we can find a way to work with them, give them arms and weapons help them over throw the islamic state government, then the islamic 7 state government will crumble but it will take a concerted effort to do so. deirdre: great to you have us, thank you so much. he is a scholar and author. we have more when we come back, from paris. i am here at plaza de republic, you heard one of my guests say about 200 meters from 2 of the attacks friday. god bless you in your mission,
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a message sent out on facebook 72 hours before the attack. here is paris. we'll bring you more on the tech and social media angle after this. >> we have to be realistic and hard headed about the threats we face, requires a strong security response. jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in. it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems.
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quickly, we cannot continue to be going blind. deirdre: dill bratton is warning that terrorists are using cell phone encryption, and getting away with murder. with me now cyber security expert, morgan wright, he said one of the big issues with the use of encryption by terrorists is front and center, social media letting us stay in contact but also letting terrorists recruit and communicate faster. so morgan, what should be done to control, how terrorists find each other, how they are unfortunatelies so successful at recruiting. >> this has been an age-long discussion in intelligence. we have convergence of technology, and behavior, human behavior, when you bomb potential intelligence sources, kill them with hell fire missiles you lose ability
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to to 1 to penetrate the organization. one of the groups that attacked mumbai, came out with their own app for incrypted communication between their members, this is a problem that is not going to be solved in next 5 years, it will take policy, law and rethinking how we use social media. deirdre: speaking of social media, 72 hours, before the attack here in paris, there was a video, a message that went out, essentially saying god bless, god's speed to you the attackers, what role do social media companies have to play, i continue is tricky if they become known as those who share sensitive information people will find another way to communicate, what responsibility does a facebook or a twitter or instagram
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have. >> the same one when it came to discovering and getting rid of child pornography, you can detect those things, you can detect some of these, if you want to be a multibillion dollar company with a couple billion users, part is taking on the obligation to find out when there are these types of communications, some most likely channels they will be on and bringing that to attention of law enforcement and the appropriate countries. they can do the same thing with these videos by looking for key words, and sources where it comes from, but to your point, if they shut down the channels will they go somewhere else? yes, but at some point we have to shut them down, we're using it to attack us. we hav to out off their communication. deirdre: one thing we learned from edward snowden, former
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nsa contractor that nsa and cia embedded themselves in some games for example world of war craft and other video games that are popular to try to see if terrorists were com communicating, even in mario brothers, i could send you coins with messages that only you can pick up, do gaming companies need to recognize their role as an off line communication source? >> i think this is a wake u wake-up call for them, they understand any time have you appear to tear communication -- peer-to-peer communication one person can talk to another without another company. when you have this they is send messages, is it difficult? yes, you have 40 and 50 something trying to analyze what 20 somebodies are doing with technology, we have to change you on how we look at them, make sure gaming companies, sober add media
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company, voice over i-t companies have a roll to pla to role to play in stopping attacks like this. deirdre: thank you so much morgan right, in wake of unprecedent attack on french soil there is a common thread with young, unemployed french men, who choose to become jihadists, they have a quest to transform small angry lives into powerful wons. with me now, a whole group of people, who can be easily brain washed. she is a specialist here. isabella great to see you, why is it that french out is s is youth are so vulner toinl braivulnerable to brain washing right now dwhr in france the unemployment is quite high. deirdre: i don't mean to cut
5:20 pm
you off, the national unemployment rate is close to 11%, announce youth, young men it is something like 25%? >> yes, i think that is correct. deirdre: are you saying there are young people not working, they are home, frustrated. >> they are easy targets, easy to get brain washed because they are unemployed, i all assume so. deirdre: as far as your response as a citizen, i imagine, you have two children, i have two children it is very frightening but you said, you have to keep living your life. >> yes, i would like to continue living as before, this is not going to stop us, i don't want anyone to stop living because of this. deirdre: that said, for paris, tourism is a big part. i read a statistic before we started to talk, saying that something like 50% of travel plans have been canceled for this weekend.
5:21 pm
i know that gdexpec dp contribution is 7.5%, you have a restaurant in your family. >> it will affect tourism but hopefully not for a long time. life continues the economy will pick up again. deirdre: thank you isabel. >> you're welcome. deirdre: she is an i-t specialist with a bank here in paris. >> when we come bark, dem craddic candidates are -- democratic candidates are reluctant to use the term radical islam as least they were, one is going as far as blames the rise on terror attacks on climated change as well. >> i don't think they are gaining strength, from the start, our goal has been first to contain.
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and we have contained them.
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>> i don't think we're at war with islam, i don't think we're at war with all use limbs, i think -- islams, i think we're at war with jihadists. >> i don't think that term is what is important. >> i believe calling it what it. >> to say radical jihadis that is call what it is. deirdre: democratic presidential candidates are avoiding using the term radical islam, they did saturday night durings debate. republican candidate are responding. >> i don't understand it, like say we were not at war with nazis because we were afraid of offending the nazis. >> this is islamic terrorism, democrats have no clue, about this or they just refuse to call it what it is. these are islamic terrorists that are trying to take out
5:26 pm
our country, and destroy western civilization. deirdre: deadly terror attacks in france make foreign policy a key issue in the 2016 presidential election in u.s. our panel with me now, melissa francis, lisa booth, and david asman joining me now. hillary clinton's comments proving perhaps her greatest stremg i strength is also her greatest weakness. >> she went back and forth several times not only on what we 1 should do but what we should call the enemy. now, if she wants to say that you know she on the same page as president obama, then same breath say she thinks that assad should be out in front of us leading our way into this battle, that is frigh frightening. deirdre: that seemed like a
5:27 pm
frightening idea indeed, dead, doedavid does this make a turning point as for as presidential race? >> it does, we can talk about republicans, how does hillary dong her responsibility for mess that is now middle east, all that arab spring stuff happened on her watch. it was the administration with her encouragement supporting muslim brotherhood in egypt that not turn out well, libya, well we know about benghazi, there are big problems for hillary, because of what she did while secretary of state, it changes republican race, trump and christie, hardest ones on national security who have been warning on this and immigration they benefit. deirdre: lisa bringing you in, carson did not seem to help himself, with that fox news sunday interview, he had trouble names key names
5:28 pm
including countries, that he would include in an international coalition. what is your take on how key it giving just say image of buying able t being able to be a leader. >> this refocusing the debate, there will be a heavy emphasis on foreign policy, it going to come down to a lot of voters about which party makes me feel safe, when candidate. the majority of americans disapprove of president obama's handling of is expi isis and terrorism, that puts hillary clinton in a very tough position, and "new jersey now" republicans have to layout what their strategy would be. how would they protect our nation, despite what hillary clinton wants to say we're at war with radical islam, that is what isis wants a global calcall -- and ern living
5:29 pm
under sharia law. they feel rejected to your point join caliphate and build it up, i want to talk about bernie sanders, he seemed to go further blaming terror attacks on climate change. >> climate change is directly related to growth of terrorism, if we do not listen who what scientists say you will see countries all over the world, this is what cia says they are going to struggle over limited amount of water and land to grow their crops, you will see all kinds of international conflict. deirdre: what is your take on this, to me there is not a natural link? but other people?
5:30 pm
>> he says stuff like that, he does sound like a lunatic that benefits hillary clinton what did you not even want to name radical islam at the enemy, for any of the candidates you may want to take a page out of israel's book, they embrace democracy but understands idea what comes first and foremost is protecting your country and your people, i do don't worry about when the rest of the world is criticizing them, they are not being pc in the way they go about bedefending themselves from this same enemy, we should follow them on that track. deirdre: david? >> he not helping himself, the obama administration, what hill held was secretary of state that was pushing message causing the evil -- is poverty and so forth. not because they are deprived but they are depraved.
5:31 pm
one of the people that police are searching europe for, one of those on the loose, comes from a very upper class background, born in europe, he was not born in the middle east, he became radicalized in europe, with apple opportunity not just to feed and closing himself but prosper because of what his parents were, there are social -- their social status their economy status, it does not have to do with economy status let alone don't global warm snoog than snooging. deirdre: thank you so much glad to have you, home team thank you. >> thank you. deirdre: my next guest former head of french secret service, this square here evacuated about 20 minutes ago, he is going to tell us what is going on, we're back in a minute. >> think of their familieses going through the most inconsolable pain, the hundreds of young people, young boys and young girls who
5:32 pm
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deirdre: the attacks on paris are unprecedented, my guest knows what is going on behind the scenes to catch the remaining terrorist, with me now france's former head of secret service. french police are seeking one of the belgian terrorists, he
5:36 pm
was stopped at french and belgian border, he was allowed to pass, what is being done now? >> well, you know, now there is hunting again. then when they are looking in belgium and france. the guy was escaped. you know. the number 8 of the team. who escaped. and so you know we need -- they need some hours or days to find the guy and to find the other accomplices. deirdre: a lot of people, a lot of french people saying that belgium is the weak link with security. is that fair? is that true? >> no. we have a great relationship
5:37 pm
with bell jow belgium. but today they are suffering a spatial state is -- status, in which there are a lot of jihadists and terrorists, it is difficult for them to control everyone. for thousand control from -- for us to control france what is happening in this area. deirdre: to what extent do you put the events on friday in context? france i know has beena high alert since "charlie hebdo" in january. but this attack, shows that france was still more or less too trusting in the public. cia director john brennan today made a comment, you may find interesting. >> we did have strategic warning we knew that plans plotting by iselle is
5:38 pm
underway, looking at europe in particular as a venue for caring out these attacks. deirdre: did the french or u.s. not take this warning seriously enough? >> no, we were all knowing that there was a bigger risk than before. we were expecting attack. or some attack on the french. the surprise, has been the size of the attack. to say three teams at the same moment. attacking in three different places. and going until the end, that is to say, until the blowing. >> to say that unfortunately, isis has become more so kiss kateed in the way -- sophisticated in the way it plans and carries out attacks, and france and belgium and other country will have to work together to fight them, alain thank you very much for
5:39 pm
your time. >> thank you. deirdre: we have a quick break to take a moment of silence today, network stock exchange. we will talk about the markets, business, my next guest is an m&a expert, already dealing with difficulties, we'll fill you in after this. (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world.
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deirdre: investors in the world, di digested friday's terrorist attacks, looking at the global markets. in u.s., they finished in the green, dow up more than 235, more analysts i have spoken to say oil is the product to watch. not so much a stocks, my next guest is most troubled by the violence in his home city. he is facing some business pressure. bringing in right now merger and acquisition lawyer, he is with me now. so, i know you were working on a deal, your job, that to say you sell french companies,
5:44 pm
advise them if they want to partner with large foreign companies, you also do the inverse, you help large companies buy if they want to have a french presence. i know you were working on a deal for close to a year, it almost just collapsed because of friday there there was a lot. >> there was a lot of work that had been done, this week was supposed to be the big kickoff meetings of sellers and buyer. and it was set, on saturday morning i got a phone call saying, this is very troubling. we need to evaluate what we're going to do whether we come or stay. the good news is that they called me today, saying you know they think they need to move forward. deirdre: it shows a hesitation, this is a huge asian company, it would have
5:45 pm
been a coop for both sides, i am happy to hear it is figure through, but it does so red -- red sense that terrorism brings about. >> true, until now the impact on the economy has been sort was not remote, but not this kind of magnitude. deirdre: i know you were in new york for 9/11, you are here for this attack as well. how do you see our world? is this our generation's world war? >> well, first these attacks seem more real to me than those of september 11 because, irrespective of fact they are so horrific, the magnitude was different in new york. the downtown was closed. and everything that you could know about the attacks you watched on tv, whether you
5:46 pm
were in paris or new york of it the same, here, it down the street, you -- everywhere you go, you sort of mourn, pay your respects, and carry on with your life, this is what you have to do. deirdre: this is one of the reasons we chose that spot, place de la republique, attacks happened before close to here, people could see candles flickering there have been thousands of people coming here with a collective sense of loss and insecurity, maybe they would be in a bar and be shot or their friends shot next to them. we do hope for brighter days ahead for business. thank you so much for joining us. we want to bring you breaking news, from u.s., judge has denied a temporary restraining order, one that was sought by draft kings and fanduel this ruling after the daily sports site, said monday, that they were seeking a temporary
5:47 pm
restraining order, that was to be able to continue operating in new york state. the attorney general eric snyderman last week,declaring those games to be illegal gambling, demanding they stop taking money from new yorkers, so it seems at the moment, thathat latest for those games sites, when we come back, governors of 17 states signing executive orders to drop 10,000 syrian -- to block 10,000 syrian refugees from being located to their state. we will give you more on that. that is next. >> let me be clear, there should be nothing done on this no more entry into this country, at-this-point in time until a significant amount of time has been invested in who these people are. if we can't determine when they are, then they not comes in, it is that simple.
5:48 pm
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>> we're still planning to take in syrian refugees with robust vets procedures for those refugees. what we need to be able to do is sort out that foreign fodder flow. they have gone to syria come out and want to launch attacks. deirdre: that is obama's deputy national seb second as visor ben rhodes, saying that u.s. plan to accept the 10,000 syrian refugees is still a go even after a syrian passport was found near one of the bombers as part of this horrific attack on paris.
5:52 pm
governors of at least 18 states are taking a stand, saying no way, signing executive orders to block the move of migrants coming to u.s., at least to their state. retired general is with me now, should white house just move slower, given the change of events? >> absolutely, i am stunned that ben rhodes would make that statement, that we have a capability to vet the immigrants that are coming over. we have no database from them, fbi has said publicly they cannot do it i am stunned by his statements. deirdre: stunned indeed there are some extreme ideas coming from former administration people in france, what they propose, if someone gives any indication of being sympathetic to ises they person is to wear an electronic bracelet, as if a prisoner.
5:53 pm
if the u.s. takes these refugees, accepts the 10 people, does the u.s. have anyway of tracking them? >> i don't think so. that is part of the problem, we're having a huge problem with just the mexicans, and central americans that coming across the border illegally. how are we going to be able to track don -- an additional 10,000, we know through -- lexicon for immigration by jihadists by other country, that is part of the radical islamic ideology weaker have evidence from this in paris, it makes no sense. deirdre: i know that some have proposed to -- if we accept migrants to talk to them about their religion. i know that president obama has denied that as an option. but, speaking of some of the
5:54 pm
issues at play, hillary clinton, piling on if you like, on to president obama's comments on friday, kind of implying that isis is contained. >> i don't think they are gaining strength, what is true is that from the start our goal has been first to contain. we have contained them. >> i think that we have to look at isis as the leading threat of an international terror network. it cannot be contained, it must be defeated. >> our enemy in syria is dash. so it is not about containing but destroying this organizatio organization. deirdre: the idea where president obama said that isis is not getting stronger they need to be contained is anything from the past 48 hours show, is that isis is
5:55 pm
capable of expanding its reach . >> i think that france, should request article 5, if one nation is attacked all others are. that be implemented, the reasons that would bring all of nato then we could get the arab states to include, eshe egypt, saudi arabia, jordan, iraq and the uae, and form a coalition like president bush front did in desert storm -- we must take down isis quickly, we should be flying any from where from 500 to a thousand sorties a day, which we can do, and destroy isis, but the white house, this white house has deliberately put in restrictive rules of engagement that are not permitting us to use our
5:56 pm
advantage, if we can kill ge -- jihad johnny in a truck doing down the road or seize and kill the cfo of isis, a number of weeks ago in a special operation raid we know where they are, let us change the reals of engagement. deirdre: general, so glad to have you with us, we'll be right back after this. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though!
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step 23 arrested 168 had 104 people detained. three teens' detained the lf 129 people dead more than 350 injured not too far from
6:00 pm
where i am sitting right now. of course, france is still reeling from these unprecedented attacks the first on french soil since world war ii. people are continuing to light candles behind me. >> denticulate the of barclays retaliation even after obama says it is working french president says this is war. then the shaky start to the major indices. these colors don't run. now governors are pushing back scores are defying the white house they will not taken serious refugees. mike huckabee goes even further. making money starts right now.


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