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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 16, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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now. of course, france is still reeling from these unprecedented attacks the first on french soil since world war ii. people are continuing to light candles behind me. >> denticulate the of barclays retaliation even after obama says it is working french president says this is war. then the shaky start to the major indices. these colors don't run. now governors are pushing back scores are defying the white house they will not taken serious refugees. mike huckabee goes even further. making money starts right now.
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>> more than a dozen governors vowing to reject refugees from entering the -- their state. >> they are fast and imperious. >> over 20 than sated '01 assyrian refugees but now it is 60 that say they will specifically bar them. we'll show you a map of those of us said no. the screening process cannot ensure that they are not terrorists. but the state department shares what they do to st. the refugees that it in person interview, a security check, a medical exam and 18th thru 24 but wait. they also point out we have hundreds of thousands, from a highly risky country like iraq and iran and syria. 13,000 for iraq alone
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already here. another 2,000 from syria are already in this country. where are they? their many in the states that the governor say they don't want them. specifically california and texas have the most then michigan and illinois they don't want them by surprise they are already here. battle could be shaping up one state's rights if the exhibitors have the right to exclude refugees. some say they're subject to the anti-discrimination lawsuits. charles: republican candidate mike huckabee slamming of hamas leadership today calling his response amateurish and also retreated speaker wright and will not reject the importation of those fleeing the of the least he needs to step down today and as somebody else lead.
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i have to get your thoughts of governors pushy back against the white house. >> the governor's reelected but clearly they're not putting the american people's protection first is mower concerned about his reputation in the america. that is what the editors say until we know there is the process it is one thing to take women and children by a young man who very well could turn out to to be boston bombers are in effect we have seen in paris? no thank you. think about this. the left-wing socialist present -- president of france has closed the borders and has launched an
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all out war and our president says the will and by some refugees to america. we have that comes out or a commander in chief. i said that on the base but today and people are really upset but they were upset because it was an insult to of the cub scouts. charles: a few media outlets said this is an exit at one dash exercise the futility. >> are they just posturing? >> why steadied civic center their retreat branches of government now one in the
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supreme court is not the supreme branch the nonsense that the courts can make lot is what andrew jackson said when the car tried to tell him he said that the mentor said. we have pretended something like judicial supremacy as though lot of the land they have every right to protect their states and one of the things that people need to recognize if the democrats like hillary and bernie sanders and murder maliki think refugees is a good idea then ask hillary. ask bernie sanders, they go to vermont? how many go to baltimore? and in the upper east side of manhattan and hollywood and georgetown why is that
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liberals have so interested that this is a matter of compassion but they will not say, to our neighborhood to live next door to russ? data know if they are really refugees or terrorists. charles: but they don't care because the but it is not in their backyard. they also threw down the gauntlet on paul ryan is this a defining moment for him as well? >> if the president will not protect the american people then of falls upon the congress to do something. people said what can he do? cut the purse strings the
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initiative that we could pay for all of this we are broke we have millions of americans who have jobs and a decent places to live. who will house the more feed them or take care of them? if we're really into the humanitarian effort and put the refugee camps for the people that go into them are familiar with the culture and the climate to bring it here is incredibly disruptive so let's make some contributions to samaritans first and work towards a christian and pagan and least the notion just to bring them here is a nuts. charles: would've force our allies to take them in? i have seen photographs of
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tent city is without a single resident. >> absolutely it is ridiculous to ask the united states and european countries to take these refugees and not - - the saudis don't take any the we'll build some mosques in germany? that is nonsense there obscenely rich because of america so say there is the deal you will take them and you will help with some fund and shelter but they are in your backyard. charles: there is a new call to screen based on religion and today obama was serious and blasted the idea. >> when i hear people say maybe we should just admit the christians but not the muslims when i hear
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political leaders suggesting there is a religious test? that is shameful. that is not american. >> i don't think you oppose a religious test it is that whether you check to find out their fate they may not be in a steady way -- on a steady rate but we don't have a good process of the middle east but the president gets hot and bothered because somebody suggested we might want to protect americans first? i just want 2.0 how embarrassing it said that the president of friends for god's sake shows the spine and backbone to say we will go to war and obama says we have to worry about climate change.
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of france closes its borders our president wants to close guantanamo. we need to bring more people in. not turn them loose. these are people who plotted to become americans that it is a real experience. >> we know the recidivism rate is very high of five more were cheers for to be let go. getting back to religion a certain degree i felt obama said there was the nation of european immigrants everything was okay. but now given sure tired and hungry and power of different nations not european descent. i read between the winds howl i am interpretingwhat
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he said. >> i think this president is just so defensive of anything as long that he cannot bring himself the leader can help of a or march and rally or bernie sanders to read the jihadist are islamicradicals the president made a ridiculous statement we want to get to the underlying problem. they're radical interpretation of becker raw and and they're radical desire to take us back to the seventh century for religious reasons. not all muslims are jihad is banality hottest are muslim. he does not want to admit that. charles: i hope one of them brings the. and the idea that there is radical left wing dash
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radicalism involved is mind-boggling. thank you for helping held this afternoon. charles: u.s. governors said a full revolt against the syrian refugee plan. has your governor joined? let me know where your governor stands. we will be right back. ♪ i have asthma...
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charles: the number continues as 17 governors refused to except syria refugees following the attack in paris.
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but the president defended his strategy to save the have to be slow and steady of the decided the mantic president hollande has declared war that containment is not enough. marcel blackburn joins me now. i just heard that your state now refusing to accept refugees estimate exactly. the states that have not come out against this type the keyword getting ready to hear from some mayors because it is the president and that they should abide address this as an act of war in said you send it to the local communities to deal with as a law-enforcement issue ended is ridiculous. of course, of mayors and city council say absolutely not. you cannot push this off of
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us. charles: there is no way a that a mayor can now look at the carnage in paris tuesday i don't want to wait until after the fact. looking at the federal government power grab this administration has taken all the power of congress and the supreme court could this be a defining moment when the state's rise up together to say no more? >> is a defining moment on a couple of friends. -- france. absolutely not. we have had it with your policies you will not continue to push this off on us but also for the american people. it is a tipping point. paris is a game changer. people are telling us the phones are ringing off the hook you have to get a handle on this.
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key president is out of touch and does understand the impact. he refuses to say we are at war and we are at war with the radical islamic extremism. we have an enemy and we know who that is. it is time for this administration to admit it and instead of saying there is no change of our policy had to fight isis, it is time to say containment doesn't work. trying to destroy you does not work trying to fight tb will killian and destroy your network to put an end to this. that is what the american people are wanting to see. charles: we saw obama quadruple down. >> he is wrong. charles: i do disagree but the administration says if we take 100,000 and 2,000
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last year nothing has happened we know what we're doing we have a process. trust us. >> that process does not work as started an investigation of refugee resettlement one year ago there is no vetting process with an individual with falsified documents they will assume they are there illegally with falsified documents. this is ludicrous it is absolutely ridiculous. the refugee resettlement needs to put a hold of this. and then they altered that in september and then with those syrians the suit -- so
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far i am glad to see the french president tuesday will not give that to us. charles: thanks for taking time with us. breaking news. a judge denied a temporary restraining order after to the fantasy sports companies said they receipts gained temporary restraining orders to operate in the states of new york the last week gave byrd declared illegal gambling that they stop taking money from new yorkers. i have to is a brilliant military minds next. ♪
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charles: president obama hours before claimed that i sis was contained the idea then murdered parisians was evidence that we need to change our course a strategy. and to offer this to them. >> also into popoff to have opinions what they think they would do to prevent -- present a specific plan. if they think somehow their advisers are better than the chairman of my joint chief of staff than those abroad the ground and want to meet them. and we can have that debate. charles: capt., had to had the opportunity to take the
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president up on his offer? what is the right strategy? >> first things first have the confidence iran and the guts to call the enemy what it is. a virulent ideology causing death and destruction of this plan is is the years 622. it is radical islam. and a battalion of those words to the gills is half-hearted and half baked the tissue even have the conviction of your ideas. charles: he does but they come from a very leftist place we're all in it together one world. [applause] we are equally exceptional and this is the policy that will fall but how would you tried to persuade him? >> i will pop off and me your challenge. the political rhetoric
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coming of the white house and in particular, hillary rodham clinton, o'malley and his sanders not to identify them for what they are their enemies and radical islam and then hillary clinton to suggest they fight but god forbid there is a bombing in this country they have to stop this political correctness to stand up for this country. you goal lead with overwhelming force the average within 24 hours and ammunition dumps and headquarters we need to bomb the living daylights out of their condition doesn't define lines in the oilfields. homeland defense. what police officers do their job the idea to get of methodologies like to stop and frisk that is what i would do.
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charles: the presidents of france said they will be merciless and made a point they're not interested in containing a is is they're at war with them. or does it take to get the same sort of reaction? that feels like it is inevitable we will have to deal with that. >> i believe that as well and quite frankly when you look at it you have to read mitt will take ground troops and of think it is u.s. -- u.s. ground troops don't have to be kids from iowa. charles: we have spent billions to trade these middle easterners are they capable? to have the spirit or the will to complete the task? >> they have been fighting among each other for millennia. yes. they are quite capable it
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isn't highly specialized people with the latest technology. for the most part they operate in pickup trucks with the fuel or bird vehicles. but i think this will come down to the huddle that the president had with what is your putin off the side of the mayor de blasio conference following vienna between secretary kerry that what is being discussed is a grand bargain between russia and united states where the syrian allies you are quite capable if left alone they handle syria and united states and iraqis and the kurds handle iraq and deadly crash isis but then that turns into syria.
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charles: we will have you back later in the show. a piece comparing the paris attacks to the fall of rome bailout their defense is to crumble in only have their souls to blame. is american next? ♪ what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to
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seven francis still morning following the terrorist attack 129 dead and hundreds injured. 99 in critical condition. we go to paris with the latest. >> unfortunately no progress to report in the manhunt of the eight terrorists involved friday night despite the fact he was almost caught when he crossed the border into belgium. police stopped him with two other men they checked is a dedication but did not realize he was on the country's most wanted and allowed him to leave now they are searching desperately for that man. there have been more than 150 raids many last night and took many into custody and the mastermind of the attacks is described as belgium's most notorious jihadi to plant the failed
6:34 pm
attack, the trade that was foiled by three american heroes and financed other attempted plots before pulling off the paris attack. he was in belgium for the attacks because it would be more difficult to catch and if he is headed to syria as the country struggles to recover. charles: one harvard historian compares the attack to the fall of rome. now europe has allowed itself to have its defenses to crumble. if your article is starts off very bold that what happened on friday was not unprecedented. the world stands with it in france is a hollow phrase because he will not stand with president hollande because you don't believe it. >> we have heard this before.
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they now have been at the frequency once every six months the same thing since then the islamic states has increased and then the fine words of the ineffective actions when we say we would only do and for over a year with the presence in iraq and syria. charles: what should francis do? >> with respect to vengeance
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>> this cannot be done from that air it is clear but we pulled out of iraq recreated a vacuum that the islamic states has come. only a significant employment of special forces will the feet the islamic state to receive more airstrikes there will not degrade the capability. >> search of the comparing what is happening now to of all of the roman empire. today's become so large that the american economy has done that is this inevitable and the business goes through?
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because empires have fallen. >> but with the european union in its base is three challenges a bank cannot survive without leadership and a pat -- a problem of mass migration but it has a fifth column of the radical islamist within the european society right now i don't see europe to have that capability. charles: they put into neutral they conquered the world paid mercenaries but this is an idealist.
6:38 pm
there is no greater is the diplomatic solution? >> i think there is. the work on his life of how the middle east used to be blended was united states that called the shots. when of kissinger's achievements to bake the united states the past broker. but that has further to go until we have american leadership. >>. >> three days after i isis calendar 29 people the president labeled the slaughter a setback he has many ways with words but fellow democrats are not echoing them anymore. ♪
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charles: a major democrat obama backer gives it to the american people straight. his comments are next.
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>> the implications are it is not just an intelligence failure of a coalition campaign we have a lot isis to have stationary in iraq with too much time to plan and plots and resources directed against us. unless that changes strategically we can expect more attacks like this. charles: colleague u.s. campaign against isis a failure. to say one of many democrats to be a fan of the obama strategy.
6:43 pm
joining me now former aide to senator schumer. former h. w. bush campaign director. >> a lot of frustration and by what is going on in the middle east. obama should dismiss this cool demeanor he has kept regardless of the situation. and that may bother some people optically. >> sometimes spike lee says go off sometimes. you can be too cool for school of people were slaughtered. >> it is said huge rebuke of the white house the to the top democrats were intelligence dianne feinstein in a coordinated
6:44 pm
messages but separate call the strategy is insufficient and the failure. it is a huge development without a civilizing it brought obama is the pepe le peu of the democratic party. >> that would not go that far. but i think the president has to do what are the will the french ask for article five? that is a debate because the coalition is based in europe >> with american politics with that victory lap because this could happen at any of moment. >> they have access to the highest secrets of national security day one and two get
6:45 pm
away from the policies. been how many other members of the democrat side will follow suit? there are four other members on the democratic side who won their race was 70% or more last year they are safe the right things secretary glinted was hedging on saturday night as well. charles: making a euphemism for a leadership. >> chuck continues to go with his poll numbers if the jobs dash 5% i will be shot. >> isis has a new targets
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after so many russian fighters out could inflict so much carnage on the and adults? next. ♪
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ over but the investigation ended is ongoing as officials continued to hunt down of a terrorist. reporting live from paris. >> there is a man hunt going on and one of the terrorist involves specifically the unprecedented attacks and he was stopped at the belgian border with the discussion with law-enforcement end somehow a massive manhunt is
6:50 pm
on for him now. over the past 48 hours 170 police force is going out in overnight raids about 23 people or rested literally from all over the country. en even find a a rocket launcher in the south of france. a lot of open questions for this society to the humanist the way that france will said excepting the migrants. that governors are coming out right to say we will not accept my grandstand for the french there are clear decisions.
6:51 pm
but french nationals returning from syria may be put under house arrest and subject to growing. so if you go to syria to come back here prepared to be under house arrest and grilled. and summer even calling for more if you have then shown to be the nicest sympathizer be will put electronic bracelet nt will be tracked this is before they happen this is 200 meters away from the incident on friday night there is the ongoing vigil people keep bringing candles just wanting to connect and
6:52 pm
show solidarity. yes they are afraid but it is the same as 9/11 the dollar of the terrorist to win but to live their lives and live a free life. >> 826 show politician believes isis has a new target that is why they targeted a restaurant and a bar a soccer stadium and a concert. why would they go after the millenials? so let the westerners from america and canada why kill them in such a brazen way? >> to pervert the religion in europe and america.
6:53 pm
obviously most are against their practices that we have to get more active most of the targets are in their 20s that is a horrible atrocities but that they miss use the teaching. charles: why aren't they out there more visibly outraged? why didn't a bunch get together to meet up to show the world they don't represent us? it feels like they are too quiet and that is unsettling to a lot of people. >> five understand. but to raise awareness and stand-in's solidarity muslims of one of the largest pectins and we stand
6:54 pm
very strongly in doing what we can. a lot of major states that they need to be active and that is why i appear. charles: you were just out there one had a syrian passport? using below more a sympathetic but to say we don't want them it is to a much of a risk civic there is still much of our risk. if you have this many people crossing with for control with fake identification but at the same time the people that i met were moderates. not just muslims it is more
6:55 pm
than you think. >> but then you don't know who did say christian there is no records so what type of teeeighteen program could we have? how do we justify strapping young men coming to this country? >> this will not be is simple solution of but one way to get a bad solution is to make generalizations. the people who are moderate that dislike the islamic state is a resource. >> it will lead the those that are fleeing. and if we saw these men
6:56 pm
taking a stand if they live or die to put up a good fight. >> the whole thing that you were talking about those were assimilated neighborhoods that have non assimilated they are a code generation a list you have crossed the line. if you check-in to a secular society you paid the price joined us or die. charles: ltd. mastermind i believe was born in belgium. i'm not sure but if there is the up boston bombers to come here as a young age or somebody to could mastermind
6:57 pm
such an atrocity how does the west deal with that? >> young folks need to be educated working on counter extremism but these people first and foremost, me to know what they're doing is against islam and people who murder and justly i don't know what type of is what they are practicing if they do this in the name of their religion they have no basis. they have to go to the basic teachings of the acheron. we say that but there is no chance god would let you into heaven if you commit suicide.
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