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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 16, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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thanks so much for watching. and remember, you can't take it with you. ♪ >> the attacks leapt 132 people dead, more than 300 wounded. and investigators identifying him as a 27-year-old belgian
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national who fought for the islamic state in syria, french president françoise hollande says the french military launched dozens of airstrikes on islamic state targets in raqqa, iraq. his decisive action in contrast to that of president obama who declared in a news conference that he would not fundamentally changes strategy while denigrating those that would seek him as he put it, an immediate resolution. >> the strategy that has the best chance of working, even though it does not offer her the satisfaction, i guess, of a headline or an immediate resolution. >> the president's refusal to act drawing heated this is a from republicans are looking to replace the president next year. president obama also facing a revolt by at least 20 governors who announced the united states
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should halt acceptance of syrian refugees and we will be talking with one of the governors refusing to allow syrian refugees to be settled in his state. governor phil bryant of mississippi. we will also take of thegovern administration response to theoi terror attacks with director james woolsey. major general bob scales and ma pentagon official k.t. mcfarland. the top story tonight is the noi widespread international manhunt for those responsible for the paris terror attacks. please in france and belgium conducting extensive raids in seeking care is that they believe are planning the worst attacks since world war ii. senior correspondent rick leventhal is in for our report. >> the eiffel tower has reopened for the first time since friday's terror attacks lit up in the country's flag tonight, a
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show of strength in a city struggling through some of its darkest days. security remains tight with thousands of soldiers totingo su police and securing tourist attractions, schools and government buildings while the bu manhunt for others continues. investigators have identified abdel hamid abaaoud is the suspected mastermind. he is considered the most notorious belgium cheap artist. massive raids are ongoing in the search for abdel hamid abaaoud and other co-conspirators, including abdeslam salah. te his brother was one of the seven who killed himself in friday's attacks. another of his brothers was held by police over the weekend has beenen released. the father says he had no ideare that the pair had beencali radicalized, saying that they are big boys and we don't ask for their timetable when they leave the house heard he also says that his parents are in shock. are belgian prosecutors sinay s fivd seven people arrested over the
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weekend have been released, the other two of them have been linked to theeen rele plot. french retaliation began in earnest last night with french fighter jets hitting targets in syria, dropping bombs on the stronghold including major hottie training camp with thembn help of u.s. of th intelligence. >> we were at war against jihad is terrorists which threaten tht whole world, not only france. >> today the french presidentce said that his nation will continue to step up operationsoe in syria needs help from allies. >> the need to destroy the islamic state state is an issue that faces the whole of the international community. i have therefore asked the security council to hold a meeting as quickly as possible to adopt a resolution to markci the school shared by all to fight against terrorism. >> secretary of state john kerrd landed in paris tonight and promised the united states is not going to turn its iback nnr france. >> we will defeat daesh and alla those that share the despicablee
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ideology. and we are on the course to do so. that is our responsibility that is our duty, and we will do the duty side-by-side and we will prevail. >> meanwhile the french president claims to ask parliament an to extend the stateg to eende of emergency for another three months which would give the police and military extra powers and allowing them to ban public demonstrations and impose curfews as the crackdown with terror ties intensifies. rick leventhal for fox news. >> the president today forced to defend his strategy in fighting the islamic state at a newsate conference from the g20 summit2 being held in turkey. president obama became extremely defensive as he faced a number e of questions because of the terrorist attacks. and the president bristled when. he was questioned closely about his claims that the islamic state was to university team
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that the islamic state had beent contained. >> this is an organization that you once described as a junior varsity team that evolved in a force thatinto a f is now occupa territory in iraq and syria and they are now able to use that il safe haven to launch his attacks another parts of the world. how is that not underestimating capabilities and how is that contained. and i think a lot of americans have the frustration that they see the united states has theco greatest military in the world. they have the backing of nearly every other country in the world when it comes to taking them ono sotherount i guess the question. can't we take out these.eee [inaudible] >> ip just spent the last three questions answering that very question. so i don't know what more you want me to add. >> the president went on to reject calls for dramatic changes in his strategy to fight the islamic state as well.prsidn
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the president said that ground troops would be a mistake and he mi defended his approach as one that is going to work.. and of course it was nearly two years ago that the president called the islamic state university, just last friday when the president said that the threat of the islamic state hads beenidentf the contained. ining >> what is true is that from the th start, the goal has been forcedf been f to contain and we have doneirste that.t.ha they have not gainedve c grounda iraq and in syria, they will come in, they will leave, butut you do not see this systematicir march by isil across thehas run terrain. >> the white house has run into sharp and strong resistance sistanc against mr. obama's plan to bring in tens of thousands of refugees from syria, 21ria. overnors now say that the obame administration should halt themn acceptance of refugees from
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syria and the white house plans th to accept 10,000 refugees within thee next year, according to datasie provided since october of last y year, nearly 2000 syrian refugees have already been t vetted and admitted to the united states. my first guest tonight says that he will do everything humanly possible to up the syrian refugees from entering his state. the governor says that the policy of bringing individuals into the country is not onlyis r misguided but dangerous. joining us tonight is the governor of the great state ofit mississippi. governor, it's good to have youi at this. >> i'm glad to be glad to be wi. >> the degree to which you have influence over whether theseaccp refugees can be accepted, how dr you see the power to stop that shouldn't be attempted rightnow? >> hopefully, and i know that it is just a hope, the president of the united statess will begin tn
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listen to governors that have the initial go responsibility fortect the pe protecting the people within their states. hopefullyully t this president l say that if those governors are that concerned about theire people, perhaps i should bernorr well, that i should give themre authority that those people that are coming here from syria, we are also reaching out to aa conventionalalso delegation andm sure the other governors will say look, give us some authorits as we have to go about changing theha laws necessary and as many american citizens i am concerned about the safety of people inpid america. i stood at the border overlooking syria and talked tot those individuals that lived there, israelis atop daily about the threat that occurs in their not country and we do not want that in mississippi. >> what do we know about the knt
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security checks being t carried out at the state department and byan the fbi and some u.n. agencies as well? >> what i know is that on the eighth of october the director of the fbi said that there were gaps in the background and youi can imagine, how are you goingos to take someone that comes from syria, find their village and etermine whether or not over the last decade or number of w years that they were not a threat to not only syria now a a threat to the united states, these are from those that havemi been trained since very early io their childhood to wish to destroy the united states of america unite and israel, not te part of those 10,000 refugees headed this way and secretary o state john kerry was saying that they could reach 100,000 into,0,
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the future. 10,000, that is three military e battalions and it took onlyem eight of them to destroy 120 lives in the city of paris. li now there are only 10,000 here,, don't worry.n' but we are concerned and we aree going to do everything within al our power and all that is humanly possible to resist these syrian refugees that are being lorced upon us. us the. >> governor, it's good have youu with us. >> thank lou: there is much more straigh ahead. >> thed. cia director claims tht deadly attacks are not a one-time event.rorcks ambassador james woolsey, bob scales with us here next and in tee midst of these terror attacks, democratic presidential candidates refuse to utter the words radical islam. th
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lou: cia director john director john brennan said that these are not a one-time event. >> this is something that was deliberately and carefully planned over the course of several months and in terms of making sure that they had the operatives and the weapons, the explosives and so i would anticipate that this is not the only operation that isil has in the pipeline. lou: joining us now is james woolsey, former director of the central intelligence iannelli chairman of the foundation for the defense of democracy. it's good to have you with us. and tonight we are reporting that the united states has struck a convoy of oil tankers. how in the world is this convoy permitted to be aggregated and
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being shot up in all of the days and weeks and months previously a maximum that is a great western. the answer is that the u.s. command changed their battle plan and they decided to redirect what they have against the pocket book of isis, and they get most of their money from black-market oil. so they set up a convoy and bush in the middle of the night, to systematically take he struck out one at a time, they knocked out 116 and then they ran out of ammunition and flew back to turkey. lou: is former head of the cia, can you get us a sense of why in the world as president would say that the islamic state is contained? >> c-1 we have the president of france declaring war. members of the so-called
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coalition have been sitting on the sidelines. has this administration been perpetrating a fraud through the rules of engagements in the fact that it has not struck, if you will, straightforward targets? >> it is really amazing. you never know where the distortion occurs, whether it is someone down the line or someone that they think have a song that wants to be sung, but my experiences is the caa calls the things pretty straight and above that level at the national security council staff level or even higher, people get bothered because intelligence is not supporting their view. and so they lean on the intelligence people to see if they will do it differently. i don't know if that is happening to john brennan or not, it happened to me. lou: general, let me ask you this. france immediately bombed
11:19 pm
targets in raqqa, iraq, and those were presumably provided by u.s. intelligence because that is the predominant agency at work in that region. so how could those targets be available? it is stunning? >> the answer is rules of engagement. the administration has been very clear that if only one civilian is going to be harmed i a strike, the strike doesn't go down. that is why 25% come back with their bombs still aboard and the french were limited by rules of engagement and have struck targets that until recently had been prohibited by the united states and the french took them on and not an out with 20% in bonds. lou: the rules of engagement. if there is one civilian in the
11:20 pm
convoy, half of it destroyed, one civilian, the obama white house has said, the commander in chief has said that you will not strike. meanwhile, there are 180 dead civilians, more than 300 wounded, almost 100 of them critically. is no one in the white house or pentagon thinking about civilians beyond those who are working with the islamic state? >> apparently not because your point is extremely well taken. you are going to have collateral damage of any kind of military operation. we have limited it as much as possible by using drones, sometimes, which very rarely kills more people than you want or are trying to kill. there is just a lot of effort put into this. but holding back on blowing up the transportation system for oil which is their life live in, because you have possibly one
11:21 pm
casualty from someone on the ground that you didn't mean to hit. and it is not really fighting, it is acting like you are fighting. lou: political and military theater, if you will. one has to wonder about civilians in raqqa, iraq, one has to wonder about the trucks transporting oil to produce millions of dollars every day, would not have loaned them to smithereens while they were unoccupied. >> yes. lou: always did have u.s. >> thank you. lou: be sure to vote in tonight's online poll. the question is, are you embarrassed for president obama that it has been 14 months since he first said that he would degrade and destroy the islamic state.
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follow me on facebook, twitter, instagram, links to everything out and the deadliest on record with only 47 days remaining, baltimore's homicide total surpassing 300 people. just four hours after announcing that 300 murder, baltimore police reported on a shooting death on saturday night the first time since 1999 that baltimore has had more than 300 homicides. coming up next, all three democratic presidential candidates refuse to say that america is at war with radical islam. what does that say about their ability to comprehend the enemy? the ideology into actually
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lou: a few thoughts on petty political correctness and important of speaking plainly. especially when leading this nation. to talk tough on terror during their second debate held this weekend, they failed and failed misarably. they could not muster the strength or judgment to name our enemy in so-called war on terror. they refused to say the two words radical islamists, here is how they responded when asked whether they agree with senator marco rubio's characterization that we're at war with radical islam. >> i don't think we're at war with islam, i don't think we're at war with all muslims, i think we're at war with jihadists, i think you can
11:28 pm
talk about islamists who are also jihadists. >> i don't think that term is what is importance. what is importance to understand is we have organizations whether isis or al qaeda. who to believe we should go back several thousand years, we should make women third class citizens, that we should allow children to be sexually assaulted. that they are a danger to modern society. >> i believe calling it what it is radical jihadis, that is called what it is. lou: no, that is not what it is, it is not who they are, they are radical islamists. the democrats are so concerned with political correctness they are incapable of namingure en, our enemy.
11:29 pm
which is also refused to call these terrorists, radical islamist terrorists. but the president inherited his aversion in part to truth, and plannin -- plain language about the terrorists. embracing political correctness to suffocate truth in our political arena. who may well do the nation the great service of killing off political correctness, and its mind bends disportio distortion of reality we must overcome, imagine as far back as 200 2002, i settled on term radical islamist to name our enemy, i was shocked and
11:30 pm
disappointed to find that bush white house failed to name the enemy. i put on the air, a lot of discussions with arab and muslim historian, foreign policy, middle eastern experts. i criticized the bush administration's refusals to say the word, radical islam. instead using so-called war on terror. it might as well have been called a war again tug, i said then, i was wrongly criticize for saying, if you have not got the guts to name our enemy, you sure as hell can't defeat your enemy. i could not have imagined then we would more than 13 years later, be in this country debating labels for our enemies instead of killing the enemies of this great nation. who are without doubt our
11:31 pm
reservation properly called radical islamists. how cowardly, and how ignorant must anyone be to refuse to call them what they are. >> a quotation of the evening. there is a big difference between fighting the cold war, and fighting radical islam, the route rules have changed and we haven't. we're coming right back with much more. >> president obama does not want to screen syrian refugees for their religious ties to islam. >> that is shameful. that is not american. lou: why is the president reluctant to support the highest level of vetting to protect american citizens, our political panel takes up the issues and more next. >> how does the black lives matter movement reaction to
11:32 pm
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11:36 pm
gavin. thank you all for being with us. i am going to start if i may, kt, is this president looking for reasons not to act? because that seems to be most frequently cited statement by this president. >> he is going to kick it to the next presidency, he is not doing anything different. the press conference today, made it clear, he thinks his policy is working fine. i am wondering what if president of france invoked article 5, if one of us is attacked all others come to its defense, george bush invoked in after september 11, if president of france invokes it would will president obama do, say sorry, not my problem. lou: that clause 5, the president of france, john hanna, has already declared that france is at war with the
11:37 pm
islamic state. in your judgment does that su suffice for everyone in nato. >> no. >> we have a lot of members of nato that are doing nothing on the ground or in the air. in syria or iraq. united states is at least in the fight, however ambivalent the president has been. we need the rest of that alliance in the fight with us, president should lead that with the president of france. lou: bill gavin, a lot of the fbi, right now in paris, working withs french trying to do as much forensic research as possible to learn more. fbi also involved in intelligence operation in the war against radical islamist terror, and fbi responsible
11:38 pm
for vetting in part the refugees, syrian refugees, who president of u.s. wants to come here by the tens of thousands. is this an agency that can stand up to all of these demands? >> lou, this is very difficult, with so many different casts for the fbi. i think that if left to their abilities they could perform these tasks, it is the white house interfering with the things that disturbs the balance of what can be done. right now, i know that in paris, they have brought high-tech piece to the puzzle to try too resolve the issues that are unresolved at this time. they have also brought the intelligence on second to second basis, that is helpful because a lot of time intelligence is not relayed to allies until it is a little bit stale, and not as useful.
11:39 pm
in terms of vetting, would be refugee from syria, he has been told, white house has been told, it is not possible to vet these people completely, you are putting the united states in danger by bringing these people here, it just is not sinking in. it does not conform to his version or his picture of the world, and therefore, i think that we're in for a another tragedy. things are in play in united states already. i have no doubt about it. now they are working out details to how to get it done, we need to be retaliatory in our actions rather than listening to halo rhetoric. lou: you are saying that fbi has communicated to the white house the fallacy of what they are doing? >> i think that the military, the intelligence apparatus and law enforcement have all communicated, in one way or
11:40 pm
another, that this vetting of the would-be refugees out of syria is not possible right now we don't have the information from syria that would give us what we need to say this is high-risk, or no-risk or this 57 should never -- person should never be allowed into any country. lou: we're told a thousand suspected terrorists are in view in 50 states throughout the country. all 50 states. >> right. lou: all these demands, resources and manpower of the fbi, and this president, is willing to gamble after being told by up teligent -- intelligence, military, and law enforcement they have been incomplete picture of the threat? >> the director of fbi has said, if somebody does not
11:41 pm
show up on a day on day already, we have no way of vetting them could a syrian refugee said here is my name, aim age, country of origin, if that does not come up on a database, she okay, he may be lying about his background. that is the extent of the vetting we'll get, these are people we're bringing in, even if only 1% are terrorist or recruiters or sleeper cells we're in big trouble. lou: john hanna. >> look, what we saw in france it takes 8 people to transform a country and its civil liberties overnight. that is all we need in the united states and we will be changed forever. we can't afford that. lou: john hanna, kt mcfarland, bill gavin thank you very much. >> thank you. >> up next, republicans blasts the president for rejecting calls to dramatically change course in the fight against
11:42 pm
the islamic state. >> i was watching our president talking, boy -- he does not get it. he does not get it. and you know, you hear the term radical islamic terror implemenism, he won't say it, you can't solve the problem if you refuse to talk about what the problem is. lou: we'll tell you what else they are saying, here, next, stay with us, we're coming right back. the future belongs to the fast.
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lou: the president's response to the paris attacks sparking
11:47 pm
a war of words with the republicans to want to replace him next year. among antive -- adjectives are a failure on all fronts, a sign of weakness, whimpish and amateurish. mike emanuel with our report. >> reporter: terror attack in paris is having an impact on 2016 ca campaign trail, jeb bush said this u.s. should declare war on isis, ted cruz emphasis how they would handle those. >> we should not bring in tens of thousands of syrian muslim refugees we should resettle them humanely in middle eastern centuries. >> cruz's call yesterday to allow christian refugees? , saying there is not a mean full risk they will commit terrorist actions, hit a nerve
11:48 pm
with president obama, cruz had a different tone and message last year. >> we have welcomed, refugees that, tired hu huddled masses for century, that has been history of united states, we should continue to do so. >> carly fiorina ripped president for taking a victory lap on isis. >> isis is not a jv team mr. president, they are not contained, they are at our shores, they measure their victory in body counts. >> reporter: yesterday dr. carson seemed to struggle on how to handle a coalition, in nevada, he call on congress to strip public funding for refugees. >> we should apply ide idealogical tests, i would be reticent to bring in people who are opposed to idea of america. >> reporter: yesterday, marco rubio said it impossible to
11:49 pm
vet those fleeing syria. >> there is sno is -- is no way to background check those coming in to america. >> new jersey governor chris christie away former u.s. tapper played to his strength by emphasizing getting tough on terror. >> we must never allow this cult of evil to take hold in our nation or live among us, it is the an this of what is means to be an american. >> it would impose a 30 day waiting period for back ground checks on visas for people from other country. lou: thank you. >> on wall street, stocks closing higher, a rally, dow gaining 238. s&p you of 30, nasdaq gained 57. volume on the big board 3.7 billion shares. >> and listen to my reports 3 times a day on salem radio
11:50 pm
network, up next, media turn on president for his low key response, to the paris terrorist attacks, and missouri campaign activists complaining that paris terrorist attacks, stole their spot light. the blaze a amy homes, and hank shine coff on what they are thinking here next. i know how it is. you're all set to book a flight using your airline credit card miles. and surprise! those seats sometimes cost a ridiculous number of miles, making it really hard to book the flight you want. luckily, there's a better way... with the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline, then use your miles to cover the cost. now you're getting somewhere. what's in your wallet?
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coverage of the terrorist attack in paris. demonstrators from black lives matter tweeting their anchor saying interesting how the news reports cover the paris terrorist attacks but has said nothing and of the terrorist attack at mizuno. now it is a terrorist attack? joining us is amy homes. what would these people be taking about to say such a thing about the awful terrorist attack? vivid they have high need for antipsychotic drugs. there is the idiotic sense this is about death and the
11:55 pm
american in real-life and they don't see that assault they see something different >> black flies matter is a caricature. >> how to describe yourself in 140 characters it is outrageous that they would say we wouldn't get attention when the world is mourning the death of 129 innocent people their lives are dead and gone and if you read the stories of heroism that night it is incredibly moving to a one the president's response to say his strategy is working and he will not change and it will work as some point. >> the strategy is now working a the country is a risk as a matter of fact we have given a terrace of the
11:56 pm
world to say we to put together the military strategy to manage the treaty obligations. so with the attack of when and where. kennedy: lou: declaring war in the midst of patent and tragedy by contrast this is a setback. >> it is disgraceful and embarrassed for our president he is disgracing all of us with this reaction. remember the massacre to show solidarity with the world leaders they were all there but our president was not. today for the moment of silence the leaders are all around the table dutch
11:57 pm
circus turkish prime minister our president was light. hall a disgraceful and embarrassing. lou: as we have been analyzed radical islam and three democratic presidential candidates refused to use the expression summit hillary needs to pray because then it doesn't matter but it is very painful for her as people serve in the military to give up their lives to fight for this extraordinary nation. lou: that debate of to a
11:58 pm
possibly lead our country and there's also a democratic contender as global warming bernie sanders tried to make a completely ridiculous connection of all of the reactions. >> of all the algorithms' they come together in one giant implosion. >> on every front they are wrong. they are wrong. they are wrong. >> is the freight in knowing the you were telling a lie and one-stop. >> to give bernie sanders credit the key really does believe. [laughter]
11:59 pm
lou: you give them considerable credit and now these governors say no to the refugees with that sense of responsibility has to look at those pictures of refugees moving into europe and we're told they're not in the database people forget the syrian government is not on this side dash of the united states government. >> we don't have a database. lou: thanks for being with us. 96% of our viewers say the world's only super firepower lacks the political will to secure our border in the face of a global war on terror. we are wide open.
12:00 am
black flies matter is shameful to say adobe's. we did more governors to just say no. you have 21. good night from new york. kennedy: it is a new we. the tragedy of paris was in just a wake-up call it had been suffering from insomnia since the train massacre this summer as a reminder that the terror is years and what should we do now? to what roundup every jihadist on the planet drop in the whole with an arsenal of nuclear weapons on their head. but to eradicate the red


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