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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 17, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EST

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and florida senator marco rubio reminding americans just how vulnerable they are at home. >> what happened in paris can happen at a major american city at any moment, not that there's a specific threat that i'm going to share about, we know that it's true, there's element that is could strike us in homeland and have the capability to do so. >> maria: we will be speaking with arizona senator john mccain about the threats to the homelands and the flaws in the current policy, coming up in the 8:00 a.m. hour. let's talk markets for a moment. you have gains across this morning. two and a half percent. all averages are higher. big rally yesterday on wall street. futures this morning in the u.s. also pointing to a higher opening. money moving into equities and that has lead the markets globally. stocks to watch today are in the
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retail sector. this is an important area to keep an eye on, wal-mart and home depot will be reporting earnings this morning. wal-mart stock is down 32%. year to date, home depot is up better than 15%. wal-mart is the worst component because of weakness in terms of guidance and slowdown in consumer buying, an important area to buy specifically after terrorists attacks. in china we saw pretty good up across as well. wife fox -- we have fox business network dagen mcdowell. tensions overseas being felt at home, governors in 27 states have opposed letting syrian refugees into the states in the
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wake of terrorist attacks. democratic front runner hillary clinton weighing in over the weekend at the debate. >> i think that is the number one requirement. i also said that we should take increased numbers of refugees. the administration said 10. i said we should go to 65 but only if we have as carefully screening and bedding process as we can imagine, whatever resources it takes, because i do not want us to in any way inadvertently allow people who wish us harm to come into our country. >> maria: joining us is fox news analysts morgan ortuegas. >> good morning, maria. >> let me kick this off with you, you just heard what hillary
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clinton said on debate saturday night. she would know in terms of bedding, does she not think that the bedding is nearly impossible given the state of the syrian government? how would we vet these people? >> how would you vet them, we look at database. if they're not in a database there's really nothing we can do about it. why would they not be in a database? the other reason they might not be in database is because that's who they are. they've lying about their name, age and country of origin, they want to slip in through the refugees that are come to go europe and potentially in the united states. the head of isis is even sad, we are going to use refugee crisis
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to put terrorists in there, if it's only 1% of them, you're still talking about a couple hundred who might, indeed, be ready to come to the united states who might be ready to con tuct terrorists attacks and become sleeper cells for terrorists attacks later. >> maria: right, this is going to be one of the key issues in 2016. geraldo rivera you said that congress could force the president's hand. >> the president is being naive. but we have to be practical about it. we have to use an israeli type approach of who we let in the country. no shoes rules. who has to take the shoes off when you clear airline security.
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who doesn't have the very young and the very old, women and children. that's a no brainer, who represents the enemy, the enemy is represented by muslims of fighting age. that's the demographic that demands the most intense scrutiny. religious minorities who are being per sec suited by isis clearly they represent less of a threat than muslim men of fighting age. we have to be practical about it. >> maria: yeah. >> yeah, we are a country request religious freedom rules, but to be blind to who represents the enemy i think is really counterproductive and doesn't help anyone. >> maria: morgan, how do you see it? >> if you really need took place on the ground, no matter what we were doing, when we were in iraq and afghanistan, a lot of the
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ways to vet people were boots on the ground. we don't have that in syria. that's the main issue is not having the capable partner and really what are the governors going to do and presidential candidates going to do. do government have no legal authority to tell the president that they will not take refugees in. it's a real crisis. >> maria: you know -- >> go ahead, if we are concerned about humanitarian issues why not do like military issues, give aid in the region and the people that that the british are taking into their own country, the women, disable, the ill, the people who aren't definitely the profile of a terrorists as geraldo says. do it over there. you don't bring it to the united states or to europe.
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>> maria: let me ask you about the money issue on this, the money ankle rather. isis has been selling oil in the black market, turkey and jordan are buying it, but they've also been able to control 40% of the weak market apparently in iraq and now they're accepting or charging taxes from their so-called population. it's extraordinary to me how powerful this group has become, the most well-funded terrorist group that we have ever seen geraldo. >> again, not to be critical of the united states, we started hitting oil trucks, maria. we hit over a 100 of them as i understand. i don't understand why we have not tried to strangle the economic foundation of isis prior to this? why have we waited two years to attack the economic targets? why are there still operating oil refineries, why are
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pipelines. pump is right, we could build them in a couple of weeks, exxon or other companies can fix the infrastructure. isis is so well funded. they took the banks in rokaa, now they have been running a pretty lavish oil industry. the oil price plunging has helped us in an ironic way. >> maria: there's the kid napping. your thoughts on the economic power of the group? >> it's an essential threat like we did with communism to combat it torques defeat it, destroy it. you don't just throw took place out, you need a comprehensive strategy. part of that comprehensive strategy is to strangle financing sources.
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that's why we haven't bombed the refineries, oil trucks, tankers that are carrying isis oils, why haven't we used the banking system to control funds of anybody who is doing -- >> i agree here. this is what i did for a living is chasing the financing of al-qaeda and groups. the treasury department has to be unleashed. there's a lot of capabilities. i mean, someone who spent a lot of time how we are not using the resources of the u.s. government, not just bombing, but the economic and sangs resource that is are at our disposal to stop the funding of isis. >> it's more than that. it's all of the aspects of american power and working with allies that we might have to hold our nose to deal with in order to defeat isis.
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>> maria: chas why the question came coming up yesterday after the french lead the bombing of certain isis military centers, you know, they have the recruitment center and all of that in syria. if we knew exactly where the centers were beforehand, why did we need another terrorist attack where 129 people are dead in order to bomb those centers if we knew exactly where they were beforehand. yeah. >> i think the president has been worried about civilian casualties which is not something that we should ignore and it's not something that we should take likely, however, we know there's targets. i was struck by reading the president's comments last night. that he's really -- i really think and concern that this president does not think that american can defeat isis.
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he said that once we defeat them they come somewhere else. i think that's the problem. >> maria: we will take a short break. russian authorities certain that a bomb brought down bier airliner this month. vladimir putin is vowing a harsh response. stay with us on a busy edition once again this morning live in paris. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought.
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jeb bush: leadership means it's not about yappin'.. >> maria: welcome back from
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paris. jo ling kent with the details. >> jo ling: good morning, maria. the islamic state operative suspected to be the mastermind was monitored by syria, they couldn't locate him in the weeks leading up to friday's traj. this as u.s. secretary of state john kerry visits paris. in a statement kerry said in addition to one american student that was killed, four other americans have been reportedly been injured. tragedy in paris is sounding the alarm in other continents. australian police, will now be train today shoot armed terrorists on site instead of containing and negotiating with them according to to the asp. russia federal security certain that a bomb brought down the
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passenger plane that crashed in in dessert last month. has ordered special services to find those behind the bombing aircraft. isis claimed responsibility for the attack that killed all 224 people aboard. maria, back to you. >> maria: all right, jo, thank you so much. we will take a short break. we are come to go you live from paris this morning. we have the latest developments in the paris terrorists attacks as we report to you from the scene. stay with us. we have a market that's souring this morning. wal-mart is being looked at, looking for sign that is the industry is healthy. the stock is down 30% year to date. all of those numbers next up back in a moment. ♪ ♪
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we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> maria: welcome back to the program, we are live coming to you from paris this morning. we want to check global reaction to what we are seeing. following a very strong close yesterday, big rally on wall street. investors on slew of big retail earnings. home depot reporting results moments ago beating analysts expectations on earnings per share. it was revenue in line with expectations. nonetheless the stock is up 15% year to date. wal-mart, meanwhile is going to be reporting as well as tjmaxx. wal-mart is down about 32% making it the worst performer in the dow jones industrial.
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what does the fourth quarter look like in terms of activity representing two-thirds of economic activity. joining with me jason pride and dagen mcdowell and geraldo rivera on site in paris. what are you expecting from the retailers this quarter? are you worried that the attacks in paris will keep people from shopping and doing the activity that one would expect in the fourth quarter? >> hi, maria, thanks for having me on. we are still in the mind set that we are still in a longer term economic expansion. the retail story is going to be good as we head in december. that's probably likely going to show up in spending because consumers on average spend almost every dollar they receive in the u.s. from an economic perspective, we think we are still in pretty good shape. in terms of paris attacks,
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there's unfortunate, unnecessary lost of lives here but two primary things that could have headways on the markets. number one is it increases ongoing international conflict, which the markets get spooked by and second in economic terms, we actually had a slightly positive-kind-of-hidden blessing here where 269,000 refugees were going per month. 2.1million per year. it was actually fixing a demographic problem with europe with economy. a lot of skilled workers crossing over. that could be an impact longer term. it's not a nearer-term issue. >> maria: that's the point
6:23 am
consumer spending two-thirds of the economy. you have to wonder if, in fact, worries of terrorism weigh on a fragile situation. geraldo, i don't know if you've had a chance to walk around, it's sad to see how quiet things are in paris. what's your take? >> i was at a hotel my brother craig and i after all the reporting on the streets had a drink late last night and we noticed as the bar was closing a young american couple asked me if i would sign their map of paris. they arrived on fighters to see the concert. it was her 40th birthday. everything was shutdown. they had seen nothing, all all the museums were closed. state of emergency existed. france, you know far better than i, a fragile economy. they need desperately the
6:24 am
tourist dollars. in terms of france, this has been a body-blow from which it will be months of recovery. >> maria: dagen, you've been waiting for consumers. you were optimistic that consumers will be spending holiday, christmas. >> dagen: first of all, i've kind of been wrong. they were weaker than expected. only up half of one percent. you are going to see much better retail sales data over the holiday season. i think with wal-mart, what would be critical there because the stock has lost one-third of the value so far this year, you could get any kind of good news there could mean upsize surprise
6:25 am
in the stock. look at home depot. came better than expected. >> maria: yeah. >> dagen: one concern is luxury. i'm not sure people are planning for that. >> maria: and jason, big rally in markets this morning. what's your take, would you put money to work in stocks right here, real quick? >> we wouldn't. i would to reiterate that she's actually right based on credit card studies they are spending savings now while they are spending 60% in march. we are on that track. this is an environment where you should be incrementally be buying stocks because the economic expansion is continuing to go. >> maria: all right, we will leave it there. we will see you soon. coming up next live from paris we are coming to you right in the middle of the city, coverage of cities of paris as the city tries to recover from the
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terrorists attacks on friday. back in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪
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francois hollande..
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maria: welcome back. i am maria bartiroma live from paris. those streets are quiet in this french city, french military calling isis strongholds in syria once again, french authorities conduct 128 raids across the country in the hunt for the mastermind behind friday's terrorist attack. dagen mcdowell and morgan ortega highway me this morning at new york headquarters, geraldo rivera here with me in paris talking about the latest reaction to these terrorist attacks and we are going to be joining our friends momentarily in new york and fox and friends but let me get your take on what you are seeing in terms of reaction to these reinstating place across europe. >> i am impressed with the
6:30 am
french people. they have responded as one. it is heartening for me to see the place where they came, the charlie hebdo massacre last january where 17 were killed, and also of the jewish restaurant but to see them come out, this feeling of camaraderie is heartening. last night on my way home seeing a lot eiffel tower little in national colors emblazoned with the motto of paris, the shipmate rock but never sinks. maria: it makes me remember 9/11 and when we were down on the floor of the stock exchange there was such a feeling of resiliency and particularly when markets reopened on september 17th the feeling that we are down but not out. morgan in new york and dagen mcdowell in new york what you watching today? dagen: in this backward looking, how do american people react to
6:31 am
the terror attack. and in new york city, we understand the grave threat of radical islamic terror, some people won't say it, time sub-some people in the united states are used to living with that great threat over are heads. maria: i am looking to see what the presidential candidates are going to say but what they're going to do to defeat isis. president obama made it clear he believed his strategy of air strikes is working. what does hillary clinton, bernie sanders, what will they do? another year of air strikes and hoping it works? >> we did hear from hillary clinton on a refugee crisis saturday night, and 65,000
6:32 am
refugees, it is impossible to that the men this moment given we are not given information from the syrian government, no databases but it is impossible to that these people, 27 governors said to the president and the white house we are not letting in any refugees. we will join our friends on fox news, good morning to all of you. >> maria bartiroma on the streets of paris where it is 12:32. >> good morning. the economic angle of all this, when you consider the fact the isis group is the most successful terrorist group, given that they are charging taxes to the so-called population and selling oil and controlling the wheat field in iraq. >> anyone buying that stuff will
6:33 am
have zero values and ethics mutton the long run people get cheap goods, buying and sustaining it. in the big picture one of the ways to take these guys down is to take away the money supply is. any sense there will be at unified effort to do that? maria: you would think so. right now what we know is that they are making most of their money through the sale of oil on the black market. we don't have confirmation but the speculation is turkey is buying that oil and you have jordan buying that oil. obviously there selling oil cheaply on the black market and making money on it. apparently they have also managed to control 40% of low wheat market, crop production patton director human trafficking is adding to the chest of money but they are generating a pair of the accords of $1 billion a day with all
6:34 am
their success in terms of this so you would think the economic part of it would be one way to dismantle them. >> united states airstrikes, 116, used to smuggle their oil in to see readjust yesterday. and of course this conversation focused on isis because they make good on their promise to take it to paris, you're standing right now, paris, france does today have a different feel with the people than it did yesterday. do you sense healing in paris yet? maria: great question. one i am feeling is calm today. yesterday the streets were very quiet, they are pre quiet today as well. we are standing in the square where there's a lot of me and people walking to where they need to go but it doesn't feel like a vibrancy you would usually see in paris. you can understand the city is
6:35 am
still in mourning and still very sad after the terrorist attack but there's a feeling of resiliency. we were talking about the events the days after 9/11, a iron was down there on wall street and there was a feeling like we are sad, we lost our loved ones but we will rise again and the resilience and i feel that resiliency in the streets of paris as well. we will see what happens after all grades, radar picking up across paris and europe because i think the french government was very quick in terms of its leadership in response. >> the have been trying to be very aggressive in leading to the attack. what he is trying to do is rally the world around france calling on russia and the united states to join him to annihilate and have the merciless fight against isis. is there a sense france is alone? we said to the secretary of state president's words were not exactly reassuring for an
6:36 am
aggressive fight isis yesterday. maria: we also heard from the president on the refugee crisis a identify and for this conversation. we are a country that allows a opens our arms to refugees and that is what we will continue to do. we have not seen a change in strategy. we will speak with john mccain momentarily, going live on "mornings with maria" on the fox business network and going all around the world trying to get people's opinions and they're taken terms of how the strategy may change. we have not seen a change in the white house strategy in terms of isis. the president continues to say we want to defeat and destabilizes and dismantle isis but it takes for example the roads that a french lead sunday night. if we knew exactly where these isis recruitment centers were in syria why did it take another attack in paris and 129 people dead in order to get those recruitment centers bombed. france did it. we will see what john mccain
6:37 am
says in a little while. she continues to push for boot on the ground but there is not a lot of will on the part of the american people to send our troops back into war. >> geraldo rivera is right next to you on the streets of paris said is your camera pools under, after we talk to you yesterday's and of course you went to paris to collect your daughter simone who was there in the stadium when the bombs exploded outside the stadium. got a number of queries from our viewers. initially you were going to bring her home although the plan before that was your family was going to have thanksgiving with her. is the plan still even though she is studying this year abroad to bring her home or has she decided to stay? >> the prime plan is for me to not let her out of my sight. even though she is 21 years old she has her dad looking over her
6:38 am
shoulder and touching her, my hand right there, where are you going, what are you doing, the program has encouraged them to stable we are staying as close to her as possible, we have meals together, we will all be leaving together. i don't want to tell you our travel plans. we will rendezvous for thanksgiving in europe in a place other than france which is stricken, have to lead this country recover but my crime priority is dealing with my own daughter and my own family's safety, she is still rattles, confused about what happened in some ways, the randomness of some live and some died. all of the victims were kids her age in their 20s enjoying a night out at a concert or a sidewalk cafe. when the three terrorist bombs exploded, you can rest assured there reason i have prolonged my
6:39 am
stay here is i am not leaving without her. >> that is what ed that does. thank you very much for joining us from the streets of paris. a feeling for what the french are doing on this tuesday. maria: thank you so much. meanwhile over half of u.s. states rejecting plans to bring in syria refugees in the wake of the terrorist attacks. what it means for the escalating crisis next on "mornings with maria". stay with us. live this morning from paris. we will be right back. but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you
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maria: more fallout from the terrorist attacks in paris and has more than half of american governors now say they oppose allowing any syrian refugees into their states. blake vermin with details at the washington bureau. give us the developing story be >> some call it humane, others an open door to terrorism. that is the debate that is echoing from governor's mansion in the capital to the white house this morning when it comes to vetting and accepting syrian refugees leave the obama administration said it will take in 10,000 over the course of the next year from war-torn syria and president obama stood behind that principle yesterday. however as you mentioned roughly half of the country's governors are asking for re-evaluation or suspension of the plan in light of the paris attacks in which at least one of the terrorists is
6:44 am
believed to have used a syrian passport to get into europe. >> it is very important and we did not close our hearts to these victims. of such violence. >> if they are young men with absolutely no information on them how do you get them? >> reporter: according to the state department nearly 2,000 syria refugees have been that it and admitted into is the u.s. since october of 2015, roughly half live in just five states, california, texas, michigan, illinois, pennsylvania. the governors might not be legally able to turn away admitted refugees but congress could potentially vote to slash funding. maria: that is a story we want to follow. what can congress do it? lieutenant colonel bill cowan, thank you for joining us.
6:45 am
what do you make of the president's comments? he does not want to change the strategy. anything congress can do to pushback? >> i listened to the president yesterday. what i consider to be babble throughout this whole thing particularly talking about strategy against these guys we have these governors speaking out against it, congress has to do something. i was listening to the news earlier today and understand no matter what congress decides to do the president can himself use the executive order to bring people in. i understand personally the vetting process very well but better and better roads, vetting these people as some members of congress have said is going to be right next to impossible. any concern we have all about these people are not going to be resolved by whatever vetting process this white house may believe it can carry. maria: explain that for us, tell us the process of of getting these folks lose some of the
6:46 am
points we were making yesterday in terms of we are not getting proper information, reliable information from the syrian government so how do you of that long? from your standpoint what is the difficulty in getting these folks? >> in any country we will go to that country's government and ask them to go down to the district or town or whatever to find out whether there are any records on that individual we are asking about the with the local police, national police, security or intelligence, any type of information about that individual, his family, his relatives, his extended friendship, where he works, we run fairly comprehensive background checks on these people before we allow them to coming to our country, that is why and often takes a long time for regular people trying to emigrate here after going through a lengthy process including an interview by the state department. when you look at syria, we know is a fractured nation. the ability to go out and find
6:47 am
records on these people at the town, city or national level is nonexistent. as some people have said we don't even know these people are using the correct names when they come to as. i worked intelligence operations in the middle east one time for one of the guys i was running at two test ports, two passports with two different spellings of his name and used those passports anyway when depending what he was trying to do so the point being vetting these people is going to be right next to impossible. and i think that is the concern we all need about whether we should allow them into this country or not. maria: which is why 27 governors from america's that we are not letting them in our states. i am here with geraldo rivera, you were making the point earlier that congress can't pushback and ensure we are to allow these refugees in when we don't know who they are but the truth is the president has blown
6:48 am
off congress on so many levels over the last several years whether it is obamacare or immigration or anything else, he can go to executive order like he has and in the past. >> yes of course but let me talk directly to the immigration authorities doing the vetting. it is clear to me the gravest danger is a the sunni muslim fighting age. it is a demographic from which 99% of the troubles stem. we have chronicled the oppression and destruction of religious minorities in syria by isis. we have seen what they have done to the christian community, to the various other minority groups inside syria, how they have attacked and raped them and killed. why is it so un-american to take that group, the most imperiled group first. taking the jews of europe during world war ii, doesn't that make sense? maria: that is a great point?
6:49 am
and got to get your thoughts on this new russian conversation. and getting reports, and a number of strikes in syria vladimir putin vowing to get isis back, out what is your relationship between russia and america right now? >> let me say first if i can that i agree with geraldo, there a certain numbers of people, it is a human tragedy beyond comprehension. i do believe they should be exceptions, some people should be allowed in if we can find a safe way to do it. with respect to russia the breaking news this morning they confirm the airliner came down, russia is going to do what we won't do, what we have not been able to do because of restrictive rules of the engagement by our white house, russia does not care if an innocent civilians eyes when they're firing cruise missiles or dropping bombs, russia is going to go after the head of
6:50 am
the snake. and they are going to pound hard and i think the french are going to do the same thing, and let me say this, when you are counting those guys hard and they're worried about their own survival they don't have time to wonder about planning operations and thinking about killing us. we need them to be on the run all the time, we ought to be doing it. >> thank you for your insight. lieutenant-colonel bill cowan joining us. we will take a short break live from paris, best known for its bargains, wait till you hear what the on my retailers stashing in utah in case we see a further upset, back in a moment.
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maria: big news that russia. vladimir putin confirming a bomb took down a russian passenger plane two weeks ago, jo lin kent has the details. >> reporter: federal security service says it is certain the bomb brought down a passenger plane the crash last month, russian security services found traces of explosives that were in the plane. the russian government is offering a $50 million reward for any information on who brought it down. vladimir putin the president of russia vowing to intensify air strikes on but islam estate stronghold in syria. maria: thank you very much, jo lin kent, dagen mcdowell, strikes against isis overnight, russia very immediate and
6:55 am
looking strong in reaction to attack on the attack on russia. dagen: with all these forces coming to the, france and russia can only be helpful in fighting isis and syria and iraq but i want to point out something, president obama extremely upset about these governors not wanting that syrian migrants and refugees in their states, but also great at lecturing people about morality and terrible at finding islam terrorist killing innocents and christians so very upset about states not wanting these refugees but ought to be more upset, we would not have this crisis in the first place if we had been tougher on this program. we have been talking about almost two years about how it is like the mob, but in discriminant in killing and the
6:56 am
u.s. didn't do anything about it. maria: it doesn't look like from a legal standpoint these governors will keep refugees out anyway. 27 governors, doesn't look like they have the power to actually make that happen. dagen: absolutely right. i am curious to watch the backlash among people who live in the states because maybe the white house has to act. maria: we will take a short break, next hour over half of u.s. governors fighting plans to bring syrian refugees. we will speak with dr. jack sayre who will give us his take on the president's policy toward refugees and geraldo at stake on how much governor those powers have. type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are.
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maria: from paris it is tuesday november 17th, the french assault on the islamic state continued overnight. the french military using u.s. intelligence to target the mastermind behind friday's horrific terrorist attack in paris. french police conducting 120 leads across france to root out the accomplices of that attack. in the united states the debate over admitting syrian refugees into america hitting a fever pitch. more than half the country's governors telling the white house they are not willing to allow ec irian refugees into their states, 27 governors concern over the vetting process despite the fact nearly 2,000 syrian refugees have been admitted into america. president obama claims he has no time for this debate. >> i am not interested in
7:01 am
imposing or pursuing some notion of americans be issued or america winning or whatever other slogans come up with. that has no relationship to what is actually going to work to protect the american people. i am too busy for that. maria: presidential candidate and senator marco rubio reminding americans how vulnerable they are at home. >> what happened in paris could happen in a major american city at any moment of any time, not the there's a specific threat i am going to share or know about, we just know it is true. did there is an element that could strike in the homeland and have capability to do so. maria: coming drebin the program i will talk with john mccain about the threat to the homeland and flaws in the current u.s. policy coming in the 8:00 a.m. hour, joy and as for john mccain coming the. market's rallying, european
7:02 am
stocks moving higher to the tune of 1% to 2% across the board throughout europe on top of a rally in the u.s. yesterday stock prices, futures indicate higher open for wall street. major averages set to open higher extending a rally yesterday. a couple stocks to watch in the retail sector. walmart end of the purported earnings today, wal-mart stock is down 32% year to date. home depot already reported earnings, that stock is up 15% year to date beating expectations, revenue in line with expectations and stock trading higher on the news, home depot and wal-mart are dow component said that will impact the dow performance today. asian markets mostly higher with exception of shanghaied but for the most part money once again will get to stocks in asia. joining me from fox business headquarters in new york city dagen mcdowell and morgan
7:03 am
ortega, co-chair of maverick. we will talk with morgan coming up and senior correspondent geraldo rivera with me here in paris this morning. back to the top story of the morning, the latest in the fight against isis. france launched another wave of care strikes in syria after french president francois hollande called for a global coalition to destroy the islamic terrorist group. fox news's conner powell with the very latest out of jerusalem. >> good morning. for the second night in a row france launching airstrikes on the isis stronghold, this city is where most people think most of the leadership of isis is located, command-and-control area. area that has been hit before, but has not been an impact on isis operations in iraq and syria but they're getting pummeled by french planes and also russian planes from what we
7:04 am
understand. now they have determined it was in fact isis and the bomb that brought down that flight from egypt to week or so ago we had seeing significant bombing in the last 48 hours or so by france, the u.s.-led coalition and now also russia. what the targets are there is unclear, french officials say they're hitting command posts, training camps and some ammo depots centers. there is very limited intelligence on the ground so the u.s.-led coalition, france and russia to an extent simply don't know what they are hitting on the ground. the entire air campaign has been mixed, isis has been driven out of places, a couple other places like iraq and because of the u.s.-led air campaign and ground forces on the ground, kurdish
7:05 am
fighters but in places like this there are no ground fight as a followup with the airstrike so essentially the u.s.-led coalition, hitting buildings and camps and things like that but we have little intelligence on what is actually in those buildings at any given time and so for this point at this juncture in terms of looking at the overall strategy is an air campaign that has limited results but right now france, the u.s. and other coalition members and russia are doubling down on this there campaign, very limited talk about ground troops to do much more. maria: thank you. conner called this morning in jerusalem and as france continues to pound isis, u.s. officials are reporting russia is conducting a significant number of strikes in the country both by sea and long-range bombers. i spoke to lieutenant colonel bill cowan who said russia is willing to do what president obama has not been.
7:06 am
>> russia does not care if an innocent civilian guise when they are firing cruise missiles or dropping bombs which russia will go after the head of the snake right there and they are going to pound hard and i think the french are going to do the same thing while we dilly dally around and let me say this. when you're counting those guys are and they're worried about their own survival they don't have time to be wondering about planning operations and thinking about killing others. >> joining us now is retired navy captain fox news military contributor check nash also with me on location is senior correspondent geraldo rivera. dagen mcdowell in new york with morgan ortega in new york. thank you for joining us this morning. what are your thoughts as we hear of this increased attack not just from friends but also from russia? >> good morning. bill cowan is spot on as usual. the russians if you look at the
7:07 am
history of their military operations in afghanistan they are absolutely brutal which it did not work out well for them that that does not mean that is not how they will operate going forward. take a look at the evidence and it is on the air almost every day. you will see weapons release video provided by russian military and you will see the x year and a bomb blows up over to be righted the slow it back over. jerrod not a very precision oriented military. they are rude force coming in your face and the civilian-casualties got. the french got targets from us. if we knew about the targets wyatt and we had some? those targets probably involved collateral damage we were unwilling to except. the bottom in a sentence, we have limited our surgical staff to that which a chiropractor can't use and how it is time to
7:08 am
cut out the cancer and we are bringing in the cutters and a surgeon will tell you which tends to cut is a chance to cure. maria: geraldo rivera. >> tremendous respect and affection for them but also have experience in a place in afghanistan, first city we liberated in the fight to get rid of the taliban and al qaeda in afghanistan. that city has a hospital run by doctors without borders, just about two months ago we hit that when it came back to the taliban killing scores of civilians, men, women and children. i don't think that helps the cause. that is why we need a ground force, however monumental strike, drive the bad guys underground. that is why i am matt fan of the drones right where we can.we can kill leaders, we know some, we
7:09 am
traction, we kill them, we know the russians and americans sending ground troops, first as special operators a units at brigade levels. the only way to get them out of their holes. maria: so adamantly, what is your take on that? >> no american kids in the middle of a multilayer war. this is a civil war, a religious war, and gained war, all kinds of stuff going on, we don't understand the culture, sunni arabs contrarian's this and what is going to happen. i take geraldo's point about you killed the father and he has six kids, six kitty america. i get that but we are talking the russians going in handy syrians. the bottom line on this, what is going to happen is you are going to see the russians a assyrians and allies start to prosecute isis because now we have shared
7:10 am
common objectives in this for the first time and the united states will be active on the iraqi side, russians and syrians will be active on the syrian side and we have more than enough ground troops to take out 15 to 20,000 committed fighters which is all they have. it is not our guys. maria: jump in here. >> one of the things i have been looking at closely this morning, you have been talking, it is important to note the attacks they put off in paris are quite cheap, rifles they use are $1,000 on the french black market. is important to call off their funding and look at ground troops these lone wolves and people affiliated with isis can come to paris, new york, russia and for little cost can pull these off. >> maybe, it is interesting point to make that check-.
7:11 am
assault weapons are banned in france and isis fighters were able to bring a bunch of ordnance into this country and not be seen. how do you do that? >> that is the ridiculous nature of this whole gun control argument which is putting gun-control, the people who are law-abiding citizens of the ideologue, the people who aren't don't so has the guns? the bad guys. this is very straightforward, the smuggling operations, they smuggle people, and basement of anything that earns them money and one of the hot items, the russians just updated a whole bunch of older models on the street. youth and by a surface-to-air missile for the right price. maria: fitting suit, we appreciate your insight. we will see you soon.
7:12 am
russian authorities are in a bomb brought down a jet early years this month. vladimir putin vowing to see a harsh response to that tragedy. we will look at his plans next and later arizona senator john mccain will join me to discuss the governor rejecting series refugees, 27 governors a and we don't want isn't here including his home state and. back in a moment. with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier. it's your idea powered by active trader pro. another way fidelity gives you a more powerful investing experience. call our specialists today to get up and running.
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>> western allies monitoring and sought to kill the man behind a deadly paris bad tax. >> in paris the wall street journal reporting but islamic state operatives suspected of being the mastermind behind the attacks was monitored inside syria by western allies who wanted to kill him in an airstrike, but in the weeks leading to friday's tragedy.
7:16 am
john kerry visits paris to show american solidarity with friends and offer his condolences and in addition to one american student killed in friday's attacked four other americans reported in being injured. in australia as well, police in new south wheels, most part of a province and australia will now train their forces to shoot armed terrorists on site rather than containing and negotiate which was their previous strategy. it is certain obama brought down a passenger plane that crashed in egypt at sinai peninsula. the government is offering a $50 million reward for information on who brought it down. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack which killed all 224 people aboard. and kerrimac thank you so much. jo lin kent in new report, thank you. big week for retail earnings, the group investors watch today
7:17 am
hoping third quarter results give a broader sense of the strength of consumer spending and the state of the economy but how latest terrorist attack impacted retail into the holiday season? we will break it down for you. walmart report earnings, home depot reported the numbers when we come back live from paris, stay with us.
7:18 am
7:19 am
7:20 am
maria: live from paris u.s. futures edging higher, we expect a higher open for the broader average after a strong close stock prices. a slew of retail earnings, and because third quarter results they released moments ago, earnings in line with expectations, revenue came below expectations, stock nonetheless moving higher in pre-market, that stock is down 32% year to
7:21 am
date. results earlier this morning beat analyst expectations that earnings per share, revenue in line with expectations, home depot, more on this, wall street journal cheap economic correspondent jon hilsenrath joining us, chief financial investment officer rob morgan, good to see you both. do you think this terrorism terrorist terror attack will have an impact on the rest of the earnings season? it has been something of a wreck or retail this quarter? >> i don't think will have an impact on retailers. if you look back at 9/11 which happened here in our homeland american's response is that by going out and binging on automobiles when they got zero%
7:22 am
financing. when their own economic fortunes are getting worse. the job market is improving and we won't see that. maria: let me get rob morgan in here, the retail environment here. >> if you look back since 9/11, these terrorist attacks have smaller impact on the market and consumer spending, and small declines by a low oil prices, we are seeing some wage inflation, starting to see some higher job growth so i tend to think, the consumer discretionary, unlike home improvement and those are
7:23 am
numbers. maria: what about the federal reserve after the job number we sigh and october. it is almost unanimous, things are improving and they want to get off of zero. any results of the terrorist attack? >> something is changing for the fed. they had strong enough numbers to move in december. the october policy statement, they took out a line in which they talk about global head wind, they were settling down overseas. right after they settled down overseas, that is a head wind to the u.s. economy. they end the moving in december as long as there's no big shock
7:24 am
in the data. they are reluctant to move forward in 2016 with second and third and fourth interest-rate increases unless you see follow-through in the economic data and job inflation numbers. >> the dollar is once again strengthening, this is currency related implications to buying stock. >> i agree with john, high rates in december will strengthen the dollar so the dollar, stronger dollar, a small-cap u.s. stocks, u.s. investors should underweight international, and technology and consumer discretionary but i would continue to the strong dollar place here. >> looking beyond stocks, what they are looking at really closely at the fed is
7:25 am
real-estate, there is a lot of capital into the markets and residential real estate, lower rates are at a further impetus to real state so when you think about the investment landscape you got to look beyond stocks and think about how real-estate fits into this. >> you think the market is overheated in terms of real-estate? >> in different parts of the market, the fed has to worry about what point they do something about that. we're in early middle stages of sectors rising again, what they have to address. dagen: you have to look hard to find bad news in the low walmart and home depot numbers, even home depot backing of the high end of previous guidance, walmart, same-store sales up
7:26 am
1.5%, the quarter of growth, traffic is up 1.7%. and the stock has been cut by 1/3 this year, there is a lot, no good news factors in, that was good news from walmart and certainly these companies don't give the fed reasons to sit on the sidelines next month. >> what matters is people respond to what is happening in their wallets and not their tv screens and the fact that oil or gas prices are down is fattening up their wallets. >> we live with the threat of terror every day and we have known that since 9/11 so as horrific as they was, nothing new to us. >> we are coming live from
7:27 am
paris, 27 u.s. states to bring in assyrian refugees and the attacks in paris. and the escalating crisis and how much power the those governors have? can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought.
7:28 am
can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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maria: welcome back, more fallout following terrorist attacks in paris more than half of america's governors say they oppose allowing syrian refugees into states blake burman in washington. reporter: some kau it humane others open door to terrorism from governor mansions to capitol hill to the white house when it comes to vetting accepting refugees the obama administration said it will take in 10,000 over the course of the next year from war to recognize syria president obama stood behind that
7:31 am
yesterday, roughly half governors are asking for reevaluation or suspension of the plan, in light of the paris attacks one is believed to have used a syrian passport to get into europe. >> it is very important that we do not close our hearts to -- these victims. of such violence young men was absolutely no information on them how do you vet them? >> according to the state department, nearly 2000 syrian refugees have been vetted admitted into u.s. since october of 2014. roughly half live in just five states california, texas, michigan, illinois, and pennsylvania. why while the governor's might not be able to legally turn away admitted refugees, congress could potentially end up voting to slash funding
7:32 am
back to you over there in paris. >> all right blake thank you so much i bring in american islamic forum for democracy founder president, zudi maverick pack national co-chair morgan with us with dagen mcdowell are in headquarters thank you for joining us let me ask you, about this -- situation, what are your about observations terms of the terrorist attacks, and new debate, that seems to be really operating at a feverrich pitch about refugees coming to america and europe. >> well you know, listen my family is from syria, i am by-product of immigrants patriotic love the freedom this country gave us but, unfortunately, this president and his lack of leadership has put us in a situation, where the america i know, is having to protect itself, from immigrants listen the bottom line we fought many wars took in refugees had within them threats whether vietnam world
7:33 am
war ii, et cetera, but we had filters the cold war immigration papers asked are you a member of the communist party this president will not acknowledge that within the faith i love is islamism if we can't zbrierlt haddists within those accommodation in governors had to do that as much as it hurts me to see us initially and i hope this is a short-term thing that long term we will be able to open it up, to doing our roll humanitarianly once we understand we are vetting for islamic ideology. >> how do you vet those people? i mean, given the current state of affairs, it has been said that it is virtually impossible to properly vet those people coming, into the country, whether america or europe, do you agree with that? >> no, i don't, i think if you had the problem is it is impossible if you have the muslim advisors to this
7:34 am
administration brotherhood to group islamic apologists, in syria there are areas run by free syria army know if preliminarilies are coming part of eulogize movement think can tell who they are other preliminarilies we know the political ideology but in cold war humz studying soviet war theory we have nobody studying that if they do under radar because of political correctness other things we have to i hello and i pray these attacks were a tipping point to where the populations in the west can again to say we want to begin to filter against this political ideology. we can do it, it is obviously who is part of islamic political party brotherhood, and others. >> morgan jump in here. >> thank you, you know, i think that this all comes down to leadership, both in u.s. both home and abroad leadership in the u.s. what is the president going to do whenever he have a has this many governors you go win to
7:35 am
take refugees they don't have a a legal ability to but when you have almost a majority of the gvs refusing to do it president needs to lead at home and get people onboard to defend what are we going to do about refugees, abroad in syria we're seeing strong responses from the french and russians, but a very muted, and just lackluster response from americans i think almost a historical precedent whenever allies attacked we have nothing to say, so it comes down to leadership, both in america and abroad, the president has got to lead to get the governors onboard with whatever plans for refugees we have you a cluster you know what brewing in syria with french and the russians, everyone the americans everyone involved there is no american leadership to be seen. maria: what about that, how do you think that -- go ahead, go ahead. >> well i was going to add i think if anything that can teach us look at belgium cell
7:36 am
that caused this barbaric attack, they have had over 5 month muslims from belgium to electrify as jihadists 190 have come back u.k. has starting saying you know prime minister cameron said we are going to start revoking passports they can't come back once again belgium has not done that if you have your citizens that are going, and fighting abroad, and you allow them to come back, and forth braging in isis magazine that he avoided the forces that looks at him he still made it by the grace of allah as he said, obviously, it is not working yet we are supposed to believe vetting of refugees is going to work? i do want to add one thing which is if you look at the vast majority of these attacks they weren't done by refugees they are done by homegrown elementaries isis is in 15 states we need to make sure we don't overfocus on refugees rarely committing acts of trevor like boston bombers that are much more, much more
7:37 am
dangerous, because of their separatism. maria: i mean thinking about that, then -- then many of them are likely already in the country. >> yep, exactly. this threat is here, and because we have been -- blind% on nypd backed away from its undercover program because of the islamist groups said it was profiling, et cetera, and enough is enough when are we going to begin to say you know what muslims like myself are hung out to dry nobody will research reform because they don't want to address it or call it islamic if you don't you can't engage kep reformers you can't call political islam the enemy liberty the solution. >> thanks very much, appreciate your insights carl icahn selling stake 46 million shares in oe. bay we tell you where he is taking money
7:38 am
straight ahead later fox news host bill hemmer weighs in on president obama's strategy in the middle east stay with us live from paris this morning. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad...
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sophistication. . . maria: fox business network coming live this morning from paris, days after the worst attack in a decade here, we have been keeping on a story for you in eye on story for you vladimir putin er confirming a bomb took down
7:42 am
that russian passenger plane two weeks ago, jo ling kent has details right now. jo ling: that is right russian federal security services say it is now certain that a bomb brought down the passenger plane that crashed in egypt sinai peninsula last month security servicers found traces of sploefef explosives ie plane russian government offering 50 million dollars of a reward for any information one brought it down president putin vowing the intensive air strikes on islamic strongholds in syria, fanduel draft dings lost rounds in court a court denied their request to prevent attorney general from nothing of cease and desist order. >> a peak into portfolios of some biggest names on wall street of note billionaire investor carl icahn exiting
7:43 am
his stake in ebay taking 1.4-billion-dollar stake in paypal recently spun off also making huge investments in minor freeport mechanic moran a aig. maria: dagen mcdowell in new york carl icahn original ebay investors pushing for spin-off interesting that he is now reaping rewarding here is what your take. >> man -- >> knows when to sell that is part of his strategy, and big question what is he going to move on to next you interviewed him so often, i kind of can't wait to see what he is on now. maria: i think interesting to note finds freeport a company crushed with mining sector a large mining company, we've had a huge collapse in commodities, mining is one of the areas that have been hit hard by slowdown in china selling of commodities, maybe
7:44 am
he is sayings basically that we bottomed out in terms of mining. >> we've seen a professional investors trying to catch that bottom in not necessarily in mining stocks but in energy stocks, and you can get taken to the woodshed if timing is wrong, but does you are right does speak volumes for a lot of commodities. >> interesting to note broader markets a big rally in europe, and when you saw the markets turn around yesterday you know there with questions why this is market turning around a few days after worst terrorist attacks in paris in a decade we say resiliency yesterday we talked about how you usually don't get market reaction from a terrorist attack you are seeing strength a feeling that look you've got to own stocks here, after the most repeat about jobs date, and certainly, as momentum has favored u.s. stocks.
7:45 am
>> talking about commodities light bounceback in the cost of crude, but a major move to the upside yesterday, on energy stocks. that is best performing in s&p up 3 and one quarter per cent, and today i think, that at least in the short run, you get some decent numbers out of walmart has again lost a third of value so far this year, then decent numbers to back up the -- the run-up in shares of home depot. that is going to give investors at least a little bit of solace security into the hollywoiday shopping sen if you didn't know starts this week. maria: it is try, certainly you've got a lack cats list cpi a out this morning industrial production later this morning, of course, the retail numbers is certainly those retail numbers legislated the markets this morning, home depot and walmart trading up, walmart is down 32% year to date, a short
7:46 am
break coming up more than half of americans governors are basically saying no to syrian refugees they are going against president obama's plan to let in large numbers of syrian refugees to the country, the president believes actions are counterproductive we will discuss this coming up next back in a moment on mornings. >> those kinds of steer types are counterproductive, they are wrong. they will lead i think to greater recruitment in territorization. welcome back l
7:47 am
7:48 am
7:49 am
paris this morning checking global markets we are seeing a money move into stocks once again check u.s. futures, and futures are higher this morning, indicating a higher opening for the a broader
7:50 am
averages, a slew of up abate earnings announcements from big retailers driving the action one stock to keep eye on is walmart retailer giant moving higher in premarket this morning posting third quarter earnings that topped analysts expectations, revenue was beatened for the most part the earnings better-than-expected as a result stock higher that stock is down 3 % year to date, president obama, making comments about the attacks in paris yesterday, the g-20 conference, listen to this. >> what i am not interested in doing is posing or pursuing notion of america leadership america winning or whatever other slogans they come up with that that is no relationship to what is actually going to work to brekt the american people i am too busy for that. maria: joining me right now,
7:51 am
from new york, is former u.s. navy officer fox news counterlea gabriele geraldo rivera with me in paris lea let me kick this off with you what do you make of the president's statement there? >> you know, maria i think there is a lot of pressure on this administration right now, to do something to keep us safer here at home, and there is a big concern about the refuse jesus, that were planning on taking here in u.s. 10,000 next year, you know, of course, at the same time, people are putting more pressure on administration, to take action in syria, to try have to -- try to clamp down on isis i think the president kind of digging into what his strategy has been the administration strategy has been, at this point, maria. >> right, and, you know, the democratic debate on saturday night hillary clinton basically said look the president has said 10,000 refugees i think we should take in more than that i think we 14 take in 65,000 refugees geraldo rivera she also said i want to take in as many as possible so long as we can get them isn't that the point we can't vet them that is the
7:52 am
point. >> i think that is the partially true i want to reference what the president said how he said it is why he being too cool for school? it is so ivy league to effetive it irks me i generally like president of the united states i root for his suck of george w. bush joovk you are a patriot. >> but for example, in what he just said there, i am not interested in this and that and language -- why can't he reassure american people that everything is being done to pursue the mass measured of killers who wish us ill cut off heads of our united states citizens, why can't he reassure us that the united states will pursue these criminals to the ends of the earth? that is true. why not say it? why be so resistant i don't understand. maria: he wants to go against congress and he just with ans to always look sort of tough that he is going to stick to gwynnes i don't know what the
7:53 am
answer is. >> the fact of the matter is we really pursue them on the refugee crisis, i lament that this is turning into a partisan issue this can't be a partisan issue you can't have ratepayer governors saying no democratic governors saying yes is that what the country is really? is all about partisan politics. >> not about -- this is a real problem, it is possible that there are solutions to this problem, why can't they work together, to find solutions? >> i think very well said geraldo thank you for that lea gabrielle let me ask you about the way this terrorist attack took place in paris how so much was missed, i mean you know, the u.s. sent fbi agents here, to paris over the weekend, to basically scrutinize devices telecommunications missed terrorists hat ongoing twitter accounts felling followers something was about to happen how did that happen in your view. >> maria technology, ant internet made it years for
7:54 am
terrorists to communicate to be able to come up with plans, and really to be able to spread their message, i remember reading the world is glat yea flat talking about internet technology flattening the world in terms of economics being able to you know, countries that used the to be third world countries able to use that technology, to improve their academieconomies g terrorist groups yugthat technology to communicate able to educate themselves people throughout the world not necessarily in connected to them about geographically to be about able to inspire we need a more robust efforts on our part to go ahead on cyberer side of things you know we really need to be recruiting very smart young people, who are good with technology good with the internet, figuring out ways, to get in these chatrooms and to -- to be able to find out when attacks are going to occur, before they can occur we saw there were indications,
7:55 am
and a lot easier to be able to pull something apart after the fact and piece it will together based on the evidence that you have, it is much harder to predict it but i go back to what i said on your show before maria it really comes down to we have to be able to give intelligence communities ability to track people the ability to see what is happening before it happens, and that comes down to allowing them, to be able the look at things mike let data, ip addresses who is communicating with who what runs to look at phones who is communicating with low if we can't do that we can't prevent this kind of thing it is going to show us a trend that allows the intelligence community to be able to predict things watch certain people certain organizations, wr just shooting ourselves in the foot not letting them do it maria. maria: yeah which is why with whole idea of the patriot act sharing information, has become front and center geraldo, you know there are telecom companies which have managed to encrypt information and this is this is a big
7:56 am
debate right now, our national security versus our privacy. >> one thing, that i would very heartened by maria lea mentioned we recruit young people bright young people, nimble young people, i was delighted to here that notorious hacker, group anonymous has declared war on isis if anyone is going to construe around with digit communications and their ability to pass messages, you know via internet let it be no mores they penetrated american corporations so forth let them mess with terrorists i would love that. >> thought that was interesting, too geraldo lea gabrielle thank you very much for joining the conversation take a short break. next hour here on monday mornings monday mornings john mccann, fox news bill hemmer in paris will join us he live with his reaction to the president comments from yesterday, back in a moment. >> if you are at home
7:57 am
wondering with your set of anger, and your own set of fees are about what could happen next, you are not alone, because that is precisely what you feel here in paris, france. and if you are awaiting for clarification on your feelings to q&a you weren't going to get it. christiane
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
amanpour . maria: welcome back good morning. i'm maria bartiromo, reporting live this morning from paris, it is tuesday about november 17, and the french assault on islamic state inside syria continue overnight the french military using u.s. intelligence to target mastered behind at a terrorist attack in paris free speech police conducting more than 1 8 raids across france to root out about accomplices, in america a fevered pitch more than half country governors told white house they will not
8:01 am
allow syrian refugees into their states 27 governors concerned that those refugees cannot be vet this despite fact nearly 2000 syrian refugees have already been admitted, the president says he wants to take in 10,000. president obama, however claims he has no time for this debate. >> what i am not interested in doing is posing or pursuing some notion of american leadership or america winning or whatever other slogans they come up with. that has no relationship to what is actually going to work. expect american people -- i am too busy for that. >> presidential candidate florida senator marco rubio rienlding americans how vulnerable they are at home. >> what happened in paris could happen in a major american city any moment of
8:02 am
any time, not that there is a specific threat that i am going to share or know about i just we know this is true. that that there is in fact an elements to strike in homeland have capability to do so. maria: coming up in program i will be speaking with ask arizona senator john mccain about threat to homeland and the flaws in u.s. current policy coming up in moments. turning to markets this morning we are seeing money moving to stocks on european stocks moving higher after pretty good performance yesterday, in u.s. across the board gains for european indices today at home in u.s. indications are that we will see a higher opening for the broader averages we've got money into stocks there as well, that rally continues, a couple stocks to keep an eye on today, are in retail steshth, walmart wrorth a mixed third party retailer hurt gi slowing sales however they reported earnings better than expected the stock moving higher in premarket the company boosted forth quarter outlook that certain is driving investors today, home
8:03 am
depot also moving higher walmart is down by the way 32% year to date home depot higher in premarket, up 15% year to date reported better-than-expected same-store sales this morning asian markets higher overnight with exception of shanghai in china, deport most part you had money into japan as well as hong kong. joining me, all morning from fox business network heads are in new york city fox business dagen mcdowell, and maverick co-chair morgan ortega we get to them first more than half of u.s. governors now say they oppose allowing syrian refugees into their state in wake of terrorist attacks here in paris in saturday democratic presidential debate secretary hillary clinton made accommodates in support of accepting migrants only she says after they were screened. >> i think that is the number one requirement, i also said that we should take -- uh he
8:04 am
increased in conjunction of refugees, the administration, said ten i said we should go to 65 but only if we have as carefully screening and vetting process as we can imagine, whatever resources it takes. because i do not want us to in any way inadvertently allow people who wish us harm to come into our country. maria: joining me now, is arizona senator john mccain, senator thanks very much for your time this morning welcome to the program. >> thank you good morning. >> so, senator, we just heard hillary clinton now she is a former secretary of state she knows voting process i assume. in terms of of the state of the world right now how difficult is the vetting process to actually know who syrian refugees are they who they say they are? >> i think nearly impossible, i think it is pretty obvious that already, coming into for
8:05 am
taking in about horrific events in paris there were people came through greece concern of governors is very legitimate right now i am not sure that we have a way of voting these people, especially when i am confident that mr. baghdadi the leader of isis obviously sent them already probably sent more the director of the cia yesterday made a comment he thought there was or there was operations already taking place, and i think the governors are right. but i also believe that we could step back and look at this, and make sure that there are individual cases there are others humanitarian and others that we can authenticate. but right now let's not take anybody until we are sure that somebody wants to do bad things, is not aloud lowed to ce here. >> the syrian government, is
8:06 am
obviously, not equipped to give us details or the specifics on who is who. coming out of their country. >>, of course, not. again, it is very clear that are at least one and maybe more are different estimates could be as many as six, were in syria and came out, either through greece in the case at least one, or moved back and forth. as you know once they get to europe all they need is a plane ticket to get to the united states, of america. but maria as we focus on, this let me just point out, that this is the symptom this is the result of a failed policy by the president of the united states. who again doubled down on a failed nonxivent strategy took time out to take shots at people like us saying we want to pop off other comments like that very unpresidential to start with second of all we do have a plan, and we've had a plan, and we have said that
8:07 am
that plan will work, and people on the level of general david petraeus, general keane very respected people said same thing. what does he say we just pop off, the president sets up a strawman, saying they want 100,000 troops or nothing, that is not true. what we want is about 10,000, and a coalition of arab countries including probably french now i would imagine, and others, where we can go out go in and take isis, they are not 10 feet tall we can defeat them if we do right thing, airpower lone won't do. >> it we have seen air strikes taking place senator what type of military action do you think is appropriate, in response to these attacks? in paris first off, and talk to us about this broader strategy, that you believe is needed right now. >> well, for years, we have sought a no-fly zone, a place
8:08 am
refugees could have k sanctuary could train and equip moderate forces protecting innocent i have civilize from horrific barel bombing, assad killed 240,000 of his people caused to a large degree millions of refugees then we get a coalition force composed mainly arab hope european countries 10,000 of ours one-tenth of that contingent go in with use of american airpower. we can take them out 37 with no-fly zone with armed training equip with sanctuary forces coalition that is a specific proposal the president says we don't have. that is a specific proposal which frankly has been endorsed by most experts that -- and people who like general pet raraeus general keane
8:09 am
successful when we succeeded before the president pulled everybody out. maria: senator is there anything, that congress can do about this? i mean you know, you are getting lots of ideas, obviously you have had this feeling and have been provocati vocalizing it seems people powerless the president as he zis what answer is will bioaround congress do an executive action so is there any way to stop the current strategy in place, and that strategy of you know leading from behind? >> well, i think obviously we will have hearings including senate armed services committee we will look at different pieces of legislation but what i am hoping, now, maria, is that this tragedy as it was, by the way, not the only tragedy in paris what about russian families 224 lost there were
8:10 am
those died beirut in boejz continued attacks orchestrated by isis as quote contained i think this is probably a catalytic event maybe the american people will demand something besides in fact a lot more than what the president said yesterday which was really almost embarrassing. maria: two quick questions for you senator before you go first off, you know, tlsh some people who feel that isis is already in the country. do you believe there are isis fighters in america right now? >> well they have uncovered numerous plots. that we have been able to foil, by the way, there is a great quote of terrorist at a said you have to be right lucky all the time, we only have to be lucky once. mr. brennan director of the
8:11 am
cia yesterday said he believed there were operational things going on i adopt remember his exact words but there aretive cel cellsh active cells in the united states today how bad and how series that is i wouldn't be i wouldn't be surprised. maria: and what about this sort of new relationship with russia, the president took to the sidelines g-20 meeting to talk to vladimir putin. and now, two nations have talked about coordinating after there seems a coldness between them do you believe that russia, you know, vladimir putin says that he is going to vow to get back at isis after taking down that -- that commercial jet, what i also your take on america and russia's involvement together? . i think that our values and what we want are directly contradictory to russia what vladimir putin wants largely succeeded reinserting russian
8:12 am
to middle east they haven't had that kind of influence since anwar sadat threw him out of egypt in 1973, protect his base, that the recurrence have on mediterranean. and, of course, prop up russia assad or a stooge, that would replace bashar al-assad we must get rid of bashar al-assad he are slaughtered with barrel bombing he is an evil man russian objectives dramatically opposite from ours john kerry president in delusions may seek to do that it can come to no good if we get in bed with vladimir puti putin. >> senator thank you so much we appreciate your time. >> thank you, maria. >> we will see you soon senator john mccain in walker we are live in paris we will be right back, stay with us. i said you better sign it...
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if you were waiting to hear a u.s. president say i feel your pain, or if you were waiting to hear a u.s. president say it is them or us, that is not what you just heard. president obama called the attacks here in paris a setback at one point. he was asked is it time for you to change your strategy. more or less he said no if you at home wondering with your own set of anger, and your own set of fares about what could happen next you are not alone, because that is the precisely what you feel here in paris, france. maria: that was bill hemmer co-host of america's newsroom on fox news, react to go the president's comments, that g-20 summit yesterday. bill is joining us right now, here live in paris, bill thank you so much for joining us, good to see you, is president obama reaassuring of safety. >> if you look at polling
8:17 am
absolutely not you are 60, 70% believe the strang against isis is not there cannot be one won with what we are doing i i felt what you got yesterday the president saying i am sticking with my game plan i am not changed i was thinking back to president bush in 2006, remember everyone in america was saying get out of iraq. time to go, what did he do? he stood in the face of defiance and double down with surge, he won. that was the card he played the card president obama is playing the biggest difference these are innocent 20-year-old men and women go to a convert on friday night not wearing kev larry to the flying in helicopters driving with tanks humvees,these are innocent people goes to what we are seeing grim mood in paris they feel that anyone, could be -- >> many people questioned president obama's strategy for
8:18 am
a long time in terms of foreign policy strategy, this leading from behind, and then they say that the leading from behind, is one of the issues that actualempowers isis made i stronger. >> continues to get stronger this mastermind on video bragging about how he terrelled to belgium with easy never stopped the attacks happened under noses, i get sense we are in two different orbits here. maria: i know. >> you get communities that brought together you have the rest of france, that has been living the way they've been living past several hundred years, really two different orbits. maria: let me get your take economic end isis making money selling oil only the black market making money, by kidnapping and also control 40% of the wheat industry in iraq apparently. how do you get at this
8:19 am
economic strength this is the most successful richest terrorist group we have seen. >> selling oil only black market how they fund. >> it who jordan turkey. >> i guess yeah two those two perhaps others that have not yet been reported i will tell you yesterday the united states military has been watching more than 1,000 fuel tanker trucks in eastern syria, and yesterday they took out about 100. now why did this not happen before why were training camps hit by french not taken out before, isis hides behind civilians as human shields we will not taings so long as that is the case two f-15's dropped leaflets an hour before trucks were hit telling drivers attack was coming, it came but you have well over 900 more trucks that still exist in eastern syria can ship oil make money for the terrorist groups. >> extraordinary, thank you very much bill hemmer in paris we will take a short break looking at what are attacks
8:20 am
will mean for a the economy, the holidays coming up two retail giants walmart home depot in news we will be right back. stay with us live from paris. you're here to buy a car.
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and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. a. maria: welcome back live from paris this morning to look at globally markets reaction two days into the worst terrorist attack here in a decade, we have seen two days of gains for stock prices, as the markets are looking more at the the fundamental backdrop walmart reporting mixed third quarter this morning trailer hurt by slowing sale we continue to hear that as global economy continues, franc ill the stock motivating higher premarket stock is down, 32% year to date, however, today, walmart
8:24 am
boosted outlook for the fourth quarter. home depot higher in premarket this morning, reported better-than-expected same-store sales that stock up 15%, year to date both stroks dow components will help broader markets with more on markets help of consumer i bring in global chief investment strategist, dagen mcdowell also joining conversation from new york radius good to see you thanks very much for joining. >> thanks, maria. maria: lemt me ask you about recent rally in stocks commentary out of retail sector what is your take on backdrop for investing. >> in terms of those of the rally a couple things going on we've seen decent data in the u.s. last couple weeks, that is alleviated dooir concerns about state of the economy. at the same time you've got expectations for more surplus from yooun central bank, bank of china, potentially from bank of japan as well so that is given multiples in
8:25 am
valuation a lift on war matt number u.s. consumers on solid ground not clear that they can carry the rest of the world economy with them. and to me that is one of the risks into 2016. maria: so i assume you do not think that then this changes the paris attacks terrorism attacks changes federal reserve's plan most people expect fedto raise interest rates next month. >> i agree with that traj in paris reminds us unfortunately ongoing fight with global terrorism is with us but from economic perspective academies are resilient we believe france will go relatively resilient there may be aftereffects weakness in the euro but in terms of changing the trajectory of the dm domestic economy particularly in u.s. i don't think it will do that i think fed likely to go in december. maria: dagen mcdowell.
8:26 am
>> with walmart stock maria we've been talking about it log a third of value so much bad news reflected in the shares there, so when walmart comes out says hey, up 1.7% most recent quarter same-store sales still grew in the u.s. all be it only 1 1/2% the fifth straight quarter, sales have been up enough good news particularly if you looked at the forecast the forecast for earnings, for the current kwaet was better than expected. and home depot shares had been healthy as well so it is not -- it what would have sent stock down it would have had to have been a lot of bad news i think at least gives people a little bit of relief if you will, but look at dick's sporting goods down 15% therebs in premarket trading sales could actually be down, over the christmas season. maria: right. >> this illustrates important
8:27 am
point go ahead maria. maria: go ahead. >> no, please go ahead continue. >> i think diversion between retail stocks thinking about is illustrative, one hand anything that is receipt sensitive auto markets housing market obviously home depot levered to this part of tale space really low rates support spending other parts of retail spending apparel struggling, so you've seen this diversion we saw again last few days of the department stores anything not rate sensitive is not having good of a year as people thought. maria: yeah i think that is a really got a appointed to make the truth is consumer spending as relates to retail things like you saw in department stores is a small portion of overall consumer spending quick on global markets what are you telling clients we've seen this rally in stocks, you want to buy into it? >> i think we are buy into it selectively we still like international stocks, we still
8:28 am
like stocks in europe we expect more qe in december i think the rally japan can go longer one of the keys for intensifiers think about having positions, hedging the currency, because we do think the dollar is going to continue to appreciate, you don't want to get back to stock market gains losses on the expect side. maria: all right. we will leave there it radius, good to have you on the program we will see you soon, sir. >> thanks, maria gentleman we will take a short break live from paris this morning 37 we'll be right back. tucson.
8:29 am
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>> more fallout following last week's terrorist attacks in paris, and more states saying they oppose letting refugees into their state. hi, blake.
8:32 am
>> some call it humane and others call it an open door to debate when it comes to vetting and accepting syrian refugees. the obama administration says it will take 10,000 refugees over the course of the next year from war torn syria and president obama stood behind that principle yesterday. >> it is very important that we do not close our hearts to these victims of such violence. >> however, roughly half of the country's governors are asking for reevaluation or at least suspension in might of the paris attacks, at least one of them used a syrian pat port. and he is among one of the skeptical lawmakers as well.
8:33 am
>> right now let's not take anybody until we're sure that somebody who wants to do bad things is not allowed to come he here. blake: more questions surround the governors and whether or not they have any legal footing for what they're asking for. dagen: thank you, blake. maria: washington we want to bring in george allen right now. and geraldo rivera is here with me, and dagen in new york. co-chair morgan ortega is with us as well. what are your thoughts on the-- >> bon jour. maria: thank you. what are your thoughts on this migrate debate in syria? >> having been governor of virginia, i would say the top two responsibilities of a state government is safety and public
8:34 am
education. i think that the governors are reacting in the safety of their citizens because i don't think anybody has any confidence that the syrian refugees, hundreds of thousands that are flowing across into greece, europe and 10,000 or more to the u.s. are adequately screened. the point is, is that somebody's coming into our country, who are you going to ask in syria about someone's background? how are you going to do a background check when there is awe absolutelily no one to talk to in syria, libya or iraq that gives you any confidence whatsoever, so, i think the governors are doing the right thing. and i think that state legislature should cut off funding if any tried to be resettled in their states as well. even if you have a governor who doesn't want to say we don't want to be welcoming. maria: we have been talking about this this morning, but, you know, why wouldn't the president see that? eem, clearly he's been calling
8:35 am
for the head of syria to step down, that we have to get him out yet he continues to stick to this plan to take in at least 10,000 migrants. hillary clinton former secretary of state says she'd take up to 65,000. >> in my view they're both out of touch and they're both wrong. because the people of the united states realize that our security is at risk here. they've learned from what they've seen happen in paris. moreover, the overall strategy from the beginning should have been refugee camps or settlements where food and clothing and water and shelter are provided around the syrian borders. make them a no-fly zone. whenever syria becomes stable they can go back to their home areas if they so desire. there's no reason that there should be literally hundreds of thousands of people risking their lives over the aegean sea and displacement beyond the
8:36 am
worry of safety and jihadists somehow in the midst of these folks. it seems what the united nations and international community should be doing is settings up refugee camps and good ones with the proper shelter and living standards that you can and have folks near the regions of their home as opposed to other continents. my goodness when you're flying, they ask if you've been on a farm and prevent vegetables and things coming in, somewhat reasonable. my goodness, a jihadist is more dangerous to our country than a reindeer jerky or a mango. maria: can the governors push back on the president's policy or they will not have any power and this will move forward?
8:37 am
>> well, congress, first of all, can cut off funding. as far as the governors are concerned or the states, to the extent that there's any reciprocity or shared expenses, i was listening to delegate tim hugo driving in, saying that while the governor is not one of those governors saying we don't want having syrian refugees coming in, he says they're going to make sure that in the next two years, in the state budget, there's no funding from virginia taxpayers for syrian refugees. so, the congress can cut off funding, so can the states, and hopefully the president will learn from what happened in paris and will also listen to the american people and say, we're going to have to take a pause here. let's focus on refugee settlement camps or cities near syria and the syrian borders and that region rather than having this migration of great
8:38 am
risk, of great cost and also, of danger to those countries in which they might come into. maria: i'm here with geraldo rivera, that the governor can actually do something and the governor says it's about cutting off funding. >> let me just say aside from best wishes, the 10,000 that will get into the united states eventually and the 800,000 who have flooded from syria willy nilly through turkey and through the balkans and into europe, no one knows who those people are. i think that vetting, while not perfect, unfortunately, you can if you have small children and the elderly and the persecuted religious minorities, it is possible to get-- to glean 10,000 out of that vast population. maria: how if you're not getting answers from the syrian
8:39 am
government. >> if it's your grandma or infant you have a reasonable expectation they're not going to be a suicide bomber, maria. maria: i don't know if you do actually. they're putting children up for this. these people have said they love death as much as we love life. >> and geraldo, are you going to-- >> muslim extremists of fighting age who can be excluded, yes, i will divide families if necessary, if you're a christian, a syrian christian and provable and we know that, what are the odds, as far as i know, unless you're a secret american convert, you're not going to be a suicide bomber. my point is this, it's not impossible to get a tiny symbolic token number, that's all it is, 10,000 is a token, and millions are on the move here. i agree with the governor, the senator, in the sense that we need safe havens in syria and
8:40 am
united states and russia have to-- totalling turning our backs is not totally appropriate. >> let me be clear as you have the sirens behind you, that there should be no religious test for those who come into our country, and i think it would be very hard to actually verify someone's religious beliefs, they carry a cross on with them or something like that. these jihadists, these radical islamists terrorists are very-- >> why can't there be religious tests, governor? why can't there be ? in world war ii wouldn't we have a good sense we would accept jewish refugees during world war ii, the jews were the focus of the atrocities. maria: because you don't know who they are. >> i agree with you. >> religious minorities being destroyed in syria.
8:41 am
maria: go ahead, governor. >> i agree with you on world war ii, you're right as far as world war ii is concerned. the reality here we don't have any accurate, realistic, verifiable methods of doing a background check on individuals. >> i know plenty of syrian christians and they-- >> finish up, go ahead, governor. >> the point is that somebody will all of a sudden start protesting to be a christian. if we end up with a religion test, which i don't think is the american way, where everyone is treated the same regardless of their beliefs as thomas jefferson said, believes in one god, ten gods or no gods doesn't pick his pocket or break his leg. and to say that we're only going to allow in christians. >> i didn't say that, there is a demographic reality that we're avoiding.
8:42 am
>> can't prove it. all of a sudden you'll have people with necklaces with crosses and praising jesus, let me in. you say 10,000, all you need is an a few of them to cause disruption to our lives and economy. and i think we need a pause and focus again on the refugee settlement areas in that region and say this isn't going to be the dias forepeople coming out and being safe members of our communities. that's one of the basic sovereign duties. >> the argument that sounds so good, to invoke thomas jefferson and the secular nature of our country, and then at the same-- in the next sentence say so we can't take anybody i think is an excuse and avoiding doing--
8:43 am
i think the president is being stubborn in his language. he could reassure the american people that we're taking people who are totally verified. the syrian clergy, for instance, the orthodox church in syria, they know who is who. i think that we just can't say let's sort this out-- >> we can't they not go to-- >> i think why can't they go to-- one thing and republicans another. i think i think this is partisan politics in the guise of dealing with a humanitarian country and i don't appreciate it. >> some of the governors who are opposed to this are democrats, it's bipartisan in so far as the governors who are opposing this settlement of syrian refugees. i think this is an american security issue and i think the president, once he listens to his advisors and listens, i know he's overseas now, but if
8:44 am
he actually gets the sentiment of the american people. maria: yeah. >> this is common sense, this is not anything-- the americans are welcoming. governors of welcoming, normally as a governor welcoming tourists and investments to your state. this is a matter of security and that's a prime responsibility. maria: governor, thank you so much for joining us, governor, we appreciate it and governor george allen there. geraldo rivera, great to have you this morning. we'll be right back live from paris coming up. stay with us.
8:45 am
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>> welcome back. actor charlie sheen dropping a bombshell on the today show with matt lauer. jo. >> that's right, charlie sheen just announced he's hiv positive and diagnosed four years ago and paid millions to keep it secret. and he had a troubled history of drugs and prostitute. russia security says it's positive that a bomb brought down the plane that crashed in the sinai peninsula last month. they have found traces of explosives in the remains of the plane. the russian government is offer a $50 million reward for any information on who brought it down. president putin is vowing to intensify air strikes on the islamic state strong holds in syria. and arizona senator john mccain speaking with you, maria,
8:49 am
earlier this hour commenting on the migrant crisis in europe and the debate here at home. >> this is the result of a failed policy by the president of the united states, who again doubled down on a failed nonexistent strategy yesterday and then took timeout to take shots at people like us, saying we want to pop off and other comments like that, which are very unpresidential. jo: this is coming as president obama meets with world leaders at apac in asia. maria, back to you. maria: jo, thank you so much. investors turning attention to some of the country's largest retailers. we'll take it to the new york stock exchange next and look at earnings results and see how the markets open. mornings with maria, live from paris.
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>> i'm nicole petallides live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. we've seen traders show resiliency in light of what we've seen in paris, the devastating attacks and yet, the markets have held on. up arrows once again this morning. home depot same-store sales did rise, the number one retailer, up about $4. contrasted from macy's and nordstrom. wal-mart gave an upbeat outlook, they had lowered it. and tj maxx and marshall, 5.3% in quarterly sales, also a winner today. you are likely to see dick's sporting goods and urban outfitters down. much more on mornings with maria out of paris, coming up.
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>> welcome back, france becoming the first in the european union to request help
8:57 am
from its members, saying the eu member nations should help in the security situations, helping in syria or providing support to france from other nationsment we're coming to you from paris. i'm joined by dagen mcdowell. final thoughts. dagen: i've said i never had a problem with the nsameta data program and now we're seeing potentially the results of us losing surveillance ability. we've had the time and again jim comey sounding warnings and yesterday, john brennan sounding the same thing. we need to rethink this, if we don't terror will arrive on our showers. i agree with dagen about this. it's not just putting boots on
8:58 am
the ground and air strikes, it's the mehta data and financing, and america's got to lead. >> you have to believe that this issue of the refugee crisis will be front and center for the election going into 2016. dagen: you're already seeing that with marco rubio and jeb bush with the need to focus on christians, and the president scoffing at that suggestion, what geraldo said, if you want to focus on christian refugees, you need to look back and could we have done more for the jews in europe and even the late 30's and the answer is absolutely yes. you have christians in syria and iraq being targeted by isis just simply for being christians. and that's something that, if you're going to be in favor of this taking in these refugees, this one area of focus that has to be front and center. >> and i want to hear from--
8:59 am
go ahead. maria: final thought. i want to hear from bernie sanders, and hillary clinton, what are you going to do about metadata. we know we'll have air strikes, somebody needs to articulate how we're going to beat isis. maria: we merred from john mccain earlier in the program saying that the air strikes campaign has not been enough and so far, the strategy has been a failure. we'll see if there's a change in that strategy. so far with the president on the road he has been pretty adamant there is no a change in strategy. thank you this morning, good to talk with you both. thank you for joining us live from paris. that will do it for us, "varney & company" is coming up, stuart all yours. stuart: thank you, maria. great work there in paris. now, 24 hours ago on this program, we began coverage. states saying no to muslim migrants, news flash, it's now a full scale revolt. good morning, everyone.
9:00 am
more than half the states now say no and it's not just republicans. the democrat governor howser has joined the revolt. public opinion is driving this, 10 million facebook page views for our posting on this subject. russia comes clean and now saying publicly it was a bomb that took down its airlineder and putin is offering a $50 million reward for word on the bombers. wall street shrugs it off. charlie sheen says he's hiv positive and his partners. yes, we cover it all on "varney & company." ♪ >> all right.


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