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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 17, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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good morning, everyone. more than half the states now say no and it's not just republicans. the democrat governor howser has joined the revolt. public opinion is driving this, 10 million facebook page views for our posting on this subject. russia comes clean and now saying publicly it was a bomb that took down its airlineder and putin is offering a $50 million reward for word on the bombers. wall street shrugs it off. charlie sheen says he's hiv positive and his partners. yes, we cover it all on "varney & company." ♪ >> all right. let's start with the market.
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this is tuesday morning, and will you look at that? we're going to go up again this morning, wall street shrugging off the paris attacks and this morning we're going to open in 20 odd minutes, we'll be up 80, 90 points on the dow industrials, that should take us one above 17-5. it looks like the nervous money, the anxiety money is coming to america, that's what it looks like. no retail ice age at wal-mart. remember that expression, retail ice age. one of our guys used that to describe the scene going in next year. no ice age for wal-mart, they're posting higher sales, the stock is up $2. same story at home depot, no retail ice age, retail sales growth solid. that will open up 3 or $4. how about the price of oil. rallying yesterday.
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and we're down to the $41 per barrel range. the nice i like, the price of gas, down a penny overnight. look at that, 2.14 is your national average. remember, please, triple-a continues to forecast $2 a gallon by christmas. six weeks away that is. one more on this, triple-a says at least 41 states there is hat least one station in 41 states which has gas under $2 a gallon. all good stuff. now, france wants help from other european countries. they want to invoke something called article 42. if one member of the eu is attacked, they're all attacked. it would be the first time an eu country invoked that clause. france taking the lead. this is just the latest action that france is taking, following friday's terror attack. listen first to president francois hollande's language and tone yesterday.
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>> the act of war, that we're committed on our ground. after the acts of this and because of all of the acts committed on behalf of this ideology, we have to be merciless. stuart: you heard that, merciless. that's a sharp contrast to president obama's collegial tone. one reporter called out the president on that, roll that tape. >> i guess the question is, and if you'll forgive the language is, why can't we take out these bastards? >> well, jim, i just spent the last three questions answering that very question. so i don't know what more you want me to add. i think i've described very specifically what our strategy is. stuart: well, you know, there was a sharp difference in tone and substance between president
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hollande in france, speaking at about the same time as president obama speaking in turkey yesterday. a huge difference in tone and substance. tamara holder is here. now, tamara, look, the press is deserting president obama. that was hostility from the press because they were not getting an answer on what is 0 your strategy. >> right, i agree. you know. stuart: were you somewhat disappointed by the president's performance there? >> well, i'm speechless, here is why. because this is a serious strategy that affects american immigration policy, right, are we going to take the refugees, what are we going to do to help syria? what are we go to do to help russia? what are we going to do to help paris? there are so many elements. we can't go in with some like crazy, what's the word, craziness, just crazy talk, let's go blow them up, blow up the bastards. it's more than that.
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stuart: to saying that, simply asking what is the strategy and has the strategy changed? there was no answer to either of those questions. >> i know. stuart: he couldn't define what the strategy was and wouldn't say there was any change. >> that's why i'm speechless because i think there's a lot of hostility on both sides, it isn't a political issue anymore because the american public is concerned. we want to know what are your answers, what is your procedure, what is your policy, we want to know those things. and we're all up in arms? we're all confused. stuart: are you. >> we want to know what are you going to do to protect our country. stuart: democrats are up in arms with the president? >> absolutely. ashley: do you feel your strategy is wrong and change it? he never answered it and that's why the reporters went back. he said a day before in an interview, isis is contained. >> that's terrible, obviously they're not contained. >> obviously.
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>> it's broader than turkey and one place, they're from all over the world. stuart: then he said no we're not going to change our policy on importing syrian refugees to the united states. and-- >> i think that's-- >> there will be a revolt on this. >> i'm against it and here is why. if somebody's possibly on the loose we make sure that we lock our door and don't let anybody in, period. i'm sorry. stuart: tamara, don't be sorry, we understand. ashley: yes. stuart: good lord. let me continue. >> sure. stuart: stay with us, please. donald trump, he repeated his call to inspect mosques and maybe shut them down. remember, what he said to look at mosques, he said it right here on this program. roll that tape. >> closing some mosques, you would you do the same thing in america? >> would i do that, absolutely. that's great. they have a lot of proposals, you go go out and fight for isis you can't back. you can't do it here. stuart: the mosques and--
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>> i haven't heard about the closing of the mosque. it depends if the mosque is loaded for bear, i don't know, you're going to have to certainly look at it. stuart: jillian turner is here, you're a former national security advisor under president bush, it seems to me that the republicans have grabbed hold of this issue and are running with it at the expense of the president. i'm not asking you to endorse trump or support trump, but, okay, i see the expression on your face, but he's running away with this thing, leaving the moderate republicans way behind. >> what he is proposing here is that we essentially subvert the entire fabric of our way of life here at home in reaction to the terrorists, right? he's proposing that we give the president free rein to control, summarily shut down religious institutions, that's mosques, that's temples, that's churches. this is an outrageous proposal and i think if it gains any
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traction we're in a lot more danger than the threat posed by isis. stuart: my point of view is that the president is saying so little, he doesn't have a strategy against isis and he's going to continue to let refugees come to the united states, even though we know that we cannot inspect them, screen them, the president is way behind on this issue, isn't he? >> he's behind, but i think that more importantly, he just fundamentally failed to see the events on friday as the game changer that they really are. what i noticed in the speech yesterday he continued to focus on what i would call tactical successes so that means cutting off some supply routes here, disrupting a cell there, and what he fails to understand is that the moment these terrorists penetrated the heart of the french capital, it pretty much obliterated the net gain of any success overseas.
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stuart: jillian, forgive me, i'm focusing on trump. he promises to deport syrians-- >> anybody brought in to this country from the migration is going to be out. we're not going to do it. we're not going to do it. we're not going to do it. we're going to have a country again. we're going to have borders, right now we don't have a country. stuart: trump and public opinion are way out front on this issue. wouldn't you agree? >> i would agree they're way out front of the average american voter, whether it's a democrat or a republican, whether they're conservative, whether they're liberal. he's going way off the grid here. stuart: i think that the public is way out front. i think what donald trump said is very much in tune with what average america thinks.
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>> i don't think that it's average americans looked at the reality of what it means, not just deporting syrian refugees, but deporting 11 million immigrants that we have residing in this country illegally at the moment. if we looked on the ground at people away from their families, tearing them apart from their children, i don't think that people would rally behind this. i think what they're rallying behind here is the idea that the president has been weak on this issue and donald trump is exerting some kind of bravado, i don't think it's more substantive than that. stuart: we appreciate your point of view and thank you for coming on the show at a very important moment. thank you very much. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: this is what you're going to hear a lot about on social media. actor charlie sheen made a big announcement. jo ling kent. what did we miss. jo: actor charlie sheen made a personal announcement about his health. this is what he said.
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>> to admit i am in fact hiv positive and i have to put a stop to this onslaught, this barrage of attacks. jo: sheen told matt lauer he's known for four years and paid millions of dollars to people to keep it a secret, including a prostitute who allegedly took a foelt photo of his hiv medication and he said he's no longer paying them after speaking out today. the actor was fired from the hit show "two and a half men" as he dealt with a history of drug addiction and prostitutes. stuart: thank you, jo ling, we heard it. new e-mails from hillary clinton from -- aide who says she gets confus confused. more varney after this.
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>> well, you know, it was quite a sight in paris. the eiffel tower reopened for visitors, lit up in the color of the french flag. the monument had gone dark for days following the terror attacks and it's lit up now. should the state revolt against syrian refugees? the latest count has 27 states saying no to taking in those refugees and one state led by a democrat governor, that would be new hampshire. congressman joins us from tennessee. your state has said no, you're not coming, but this, this is a symbolic act because you can't actually say none of these refugees can come to the state of it enten. symbolic, really, isn't it? >> it's a case where our governor and several other governors are actually listening to the people who elected them. it's refreshing to see them now we need to president who will actually listen to the people across america and hear what they're telling them. that we have a problem with resettling refugees that can't
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be properly vetted. >> now, is that to some degree inhumane? there are refugees that are really in terrible shape, women and children, who are indeed bona fide refugees. on a humanitarian basis we are closing the door to those people and that's inhumane, is it not? >> my responsibility and the president's responsibility first and foremost is to protect the people of united states of america. there are ways to deal with humanitarian crisis and right now we have no source within syria, as mentioned by the secretary-- or the fbi director, james comey, that we don't have the proper information to know whether the people that would be coming to america have links to terrorism. isis has already said that they're trying to infiltrate the refugee program. we saw the possibility of an attack in france came from a refugee through greece. it's not the fact that we're
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not humanitarian in nature or help people in need. we can have no-fly zones and set up safe zones in syria or northern iraq and help these people. stuart: now, in the back of your mind, is there something which is saying, we want to limit the size of the muslim population in the united states? and that's why we wish to keep out muslim migrants from syria? in the back of your mind, is that there? >> in the front of my mind is that there is a radical faction of islam, radical islamic terrorism is real and the president needs to come to grips with this. muslims have come to grips with this. if there was a radical faction within the commission religion, christians would be the first to step up to eradicate that. we need the muslims nations as well as the current nations, and france is engaged and america is shamefully leading from behind on this. people look to us to step up and fight this, this is not
9:18 am
about not having muslims in america, but listening to muslims that say there's a radical faction in their religion and making them look bad. the islamic state is exactly that, terrorists bent on killing not just americans, but people around the world and that's why other countries are joining in on the fight. stuart: would you allow christians in and not muslims, a religion test? >> first of all, we have a problem with our immigration program in general so we have people that can't immigrate here legally because our system is broken and now we're talking about refugees jumping line and flown in. in this case we have refugees we don't know aren't wanting to do harm to america. so, i think right now, you just freeze the refugee program because you cannot guarantee the safety of the american citizen. stuart: congressman, thank you very much for joining us on an important subject. thank you, sir. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: more on that when we speak to florida's governor rick scott in the in ex--
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next hour and he's not taking refugees and they are-- and an e-mail on hillary clinton, that she gets confused. and the lights on the space station won't be fixed until 2016. what's with that? just pay the bill. [laughter] ♪
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>> more e-mails from hillary clinton's top aide have been released. some might call them eye opening. humma says, have you been going over her calls with her so she knows the indian prime minister is at 8:00. the aide replies she was in bed for a nap by the time i heard an 8 a.m. call. and she replied, it's important to do that she's often confused. stuart: i don't know, that's a top aide to the secretary of state saying the secretary of
9:24 am
state is often confused. now that rings a bell in my head that that's not quite right, and you? >> i think that she was just talking about her schedule. it's not that big of a deal. and i think that the problem is, is that you, some of you on your-- of your ilk. [laughter] . stuart: you people. >> you people are looking like anything, anything to attack her. there are other things in there that are really interesting. the most interesting to me is that she revealed the security details of clinton's whereabouts where she was going, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. stuart: why are you telling me this? you're a democrat supporter a hillary supporter and you're telling me what's wrong with her e-mails? >> unlike you, you can find flaws on my side, you can't do that. i can say this is an issue with my people, but you can't do that because you're always perfect. [laughter]
9:25 am
>> i can find plenty of fault with the republicans, believe me. >> let's hear it, oh, wait, we're out of time. stuart: they're giving me a hard wrap. >> saved by the bell. stuart: tamara, you're all right. so much for the retail ice age. profits up at wal-mart and that stock is going up at the opening bell a couple of bucks. mcdonald's, wait for this, adding to its hugely popular dollar menu. they want you to buy two of everything so they've got a $2 menu. is that right, tamara? >> i don't know, i haven't been there. stuart: you're a wendy's gal. more varney in a moment. [laughter]. i have asthma...
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>> it's not great for the retailers a buildup and slash prices to get rid of it. don't forget terrorism hate to throw that in. but people want to go out into
9:33 am
the crowds in the malls. >> i think that retailers are sharp people. they're smart about it. ting that we're going to have a decent holiday shopping season when you talk to analyst. >> the sunny side up. liz mcdonnell. >> it is hard we're trying to find problems in the quarter but these guys are hitting on all cylinders, minged knows how to handle what's going on for the overall market housing is strong. not saying people are buying houses but going outs spepgding money on their houses that's why home depot is all time highs but remember, people don't go out to amazon to buy two by fours so people are spending too many there. they're spending money. >> new idea -- >> into the home depot 2 by 4 market. overall market up 200 points up yesterday. so the market seems to be just --
9:34 am
shrugging off terror attack and aftermath thereof shrugging off, todd. >> so friday we had the big panic 415. by 5:15 is wore off and futures lower, and came to a stop on a dime and by then they were also if racing because fear was gone. subside plus the fact this opens the door for feds not to raise rates again so what it's doing is propelling the overall market but it did come down to reasonable levels 2,000 s&p was a good spot to look to be a buyer and getting a nice bounce. 2080 and range here. >> people always ask me is the world is on fire and stock market goes up. can you explain this? >> i believe i can. i that you have you yesterday, stuart, the market oil on heels of news this goes lower.
9:35 am
market goes lower and follows it. when oil reverse course midday yesterday that's when the market followed it higher so oil moved u up over 2% on the day it rallied to new highs. if you watch oil with putin getting aggressive you see oil market move back up to 50 dollars and that will take us to new highs on the s&p. >> back up to $50 a barrel. todd you're shakingier head. i can hear you growning. >> we might touch new highs but we're going significantly lower here. if you look at the to 20 most stocks they're down a net of 15% for the year. that's what affects most of americans. we can talk about the dow because there are factors driving these normings. but overall most hold the apple, wal-mart those of the world down over 20%. and there's a few of them that are up. google 50% but overall picture is uglier.
9:36 am
>> 3% off our highs that tells you that people can accept where the narcotic is right now and there's money on the side put to work. >> that's a small quantity that's 5% involved in that much of the market. overall average investor is down, and they're involved in wal-mart of the world 30%. but all of those widely held stocks not involved. >> very passionate. >> we heard you. >> i want to look at individual stocks specifically apple. used to cover this thing hour by hour but it is dead flat around 1:12, 1:14 for a long time. news here is that hedge fund manager is buying more a stock. now what's the significance? >> now 20% of the position. a big guy to watch. closely watched on wreet he boosted his a share and holdings by 90%. what did he dumple?
9:37 am
solar company sun edison, and micron technology moving into apple into gm as well. >> fascinating. how about amazon and netflix? why do we bring them up because john is buying new stack in both of the companies back up to 6.50. big into net thrix 32 million. also wind results paypal the management loves these stocks he's dumping, got rid of the entire stake. the trouble company, a yahoo! as well and herbalife. >> i have to mention this, urban outfitters is buying pizza chain. it is boying pizza chain. nicole only you can explain this one. >> craziest of ideas to have a team retailer like urban outfitters boy a pizza chain. analysts were thrown offguard on
9:38 am
this one. investors are thrown offguard look at that down 12.5.37 they say there could be some customer base overlap. it is in line with what they do. they pick some thing sort of chic, east coast, small, pizzeria type, but the integration of the two companies also julings having a compelling new business seems wild, and challenging to say the least. challenging. retail business is challenging now we have the pizza business. >> thank you very much indeed. move over the one dollar menu. mcdonald's unveils the nick pick 2. >> dollar menu take 2 sounds look a lottery. >> $2 menu and you can pick two of the following items for $2. a mcdouble, mcchicken. small fry, mozzarella sticks two for $2. pmpleght buy two and buy two out
9:39 am
the tore. >> going to test it next year in january for five week course if it goes well, they'll stick with it. >> you love mcdonald's. >> and $2 menu suits me just fine. [laughter] >> 1.50 gas. >> the dow is now turning negative up 4 and a half points. i can't resist going back to mcdonald's, though. murphy. i can't believe it has mozzarella sticks. >> unaware of that. news flash. breaking news. >> the healthy eating i think mcdonald's is trying to go there but they're not there. i think you're going to see. >> cheese is unhealthy. >> what is unhealthy about a small senior black coffee to go for 53 cents? >> not at all. >> exactly. >> hillary clinton invokes 9/11 when explaining her wall street
9:40 am
donor. roll that please. >> i represented new york and i represented new york on 9/11 when we were attacked where were we attacked? we were attacked in downtown manhattan where wall street is. i did spend a lot of time and effort rebuilding. it was good for new york and good for the economy and a way to rebuke the terrorists who had attacked our country. >> murphy what are you going to say? >> as someone born and raised in new york ands lost close friends on 9/11 hearing that is trying to get votes or sympathy from 9/11 is kind of disgusting in my opinion. >> took more money from any senator in wall street that's what she did and now a tax for it. >> contribution from wall street she says because they got hit on 9/11 that's the justification. don't you think she would have had a better idea to take more money from wall street? >> would have said new york senator to represent interest in any district that's all she
9:41 am
could have saids that it. >> not with the current -- anyway. donald trump said it here. he said it here first. that he would look into closing mosques. now he's mag it a campaign issue. we have or more on that coming up for you. and more of half of the states say no to syrian refugee that is a revolt. is it legal? judge napolitano on that, and he's next. ♪
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>> putin taking the lead with the french in the middle east. refusing to take syrian refugees. maybe, doesn't that look like a revolt against the president? here's the question, though, can governor it is legally say no. governors in all of those states have said no, we're not taking them all. judge napolitano is here. is that legal? can they legally say no? >> they can legally say what they want. but they can't really interfere with what the federal government does, and i say this because -- because my heart is with the governors, but nevertheless the court is ruled that the admission of immigrants whether for humanitarian purposes, political, pursuant to the quota is strictly a federal function. in 2005, in response to the wave of migrants from the american invasion of afghanistan and iraq
9:46 am
the congress gave president george w. bush unlimited by no new numerical cap. >> president obama has that authority. >> i hate to interrupt you, judge. >> i don't think you do. [laughter] >> look -- can the states say no? we're not paying for this. we're not going to have the executive branch of government. they're coming to your state and you're going to pay for it. >> that a different and more complex question that requires a or more nuanced answer. here's the way it would work. the president orders dpght of homeland security to admit people to federal facilities loabted it within the state. if these people leave the federal facility they're entitled to the same social safety net. public schooling, housing assistance, living assistance. emergence here.
9:47 am
>> if they rife on a military base someplace, kids have to go to school. >> the issue is this: when president obama signed series of executived or terse in 2012, saying we're going to admit large numbers of undocumented children and we're going to let those who are already here stay here, the states got that enjoined. stopped by a federal court and the theory was that president is forcing us to spend money. us the state that we vice president haven't budgeted here he has the absolute lawful authority to admit people for political asylum and humanitarian purposes. do states have to pay for that? that's not their objection. the sox this is --
9:48 am
you think about the cash. initially the answer is yes, for the long-term i don't know what the answer will be. because the concept of immigration, naturalization, foreign affairs is not a state issue under our system. the federal government trumps the stay and by doing it forces state to spend money for a cause that is not politically popular? >> do you think i'm cheap buying senior's coffee for 53 cents in new york state? >> yes. >> thank you. >> i object only to the word cheap i'm think of they. frugal, bringing back thrift as a virtue. [inaudible] [laughter] >> i think you made your point. >> thank you. may see him at 11. if you are -- thank you judge good stuff here. question for you, when are we going to see muslims or mass
9:49 am
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9:53 am
by the way, the price of oil is falling quite sharply again back to $40 a barrel that is an indicator for stocks. how about diction sporting goods disappointing outlook what's you're looking at the a fresh 52 week low. down 16%. now this. muslim it is around the world condemning attack on social media. mike is with us with the america together foundation. which represent it is some muslim it is in the united states. mike, here's what i would like to see and here's what i think most americans would police vehicle to see tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of muslims demonstratings on the streets of america openly avertly saying no, we reject terror. we reject isis. so far, sir, i have not seen anything like that. will we? >> well, planning is underway and putting beautiful plan together to condemn terrorism.
9:54 am
still every mosque in washington, d.c., and if in the america we have done the candle light vigil. they have an issue of condemning terrorism. first of all, blaming your religion is the dumbest idea out there. ferghts not blaming the religion, i'm absolutely not blaming the religion i'm simply saying that muslims in america have yet to show a sizable, street demonstration condemning terror. i've not seen it. i think a lot of americans would you say luke to see it. >> we're planning on it i said earlier. >> when? >> sorry? >> what is it going to take place? >> december or january, in america -- >> why take so long? if you feel so strongly it be something, how is it just devastated by terror if you feel strongly about it. if you want to state your position you get out and you do it. >> writing in opt ed i'm here with you, and today there's a
9:55 am
big opt ed coming up. one of terror is dumbest idea forever. bush -- didn't work. obama didn't work. islamic way to deal with this terrorist on the -- >> tell us now what is the islamic way of dealing with islamic terror? >> absolutely president obama go on the television with the consent of united nations until you have three days to lay down your arms, if not we're going to hunt you down, and get you. and this is we're doing it for the islamic way. islam god created everything in balance. you're messing up that balance. because of that islam allows you to get you and kill you. we're not intending to kill you but put you only the trail and brof to the worlding that you are dead wrong. qur'an does not support what you're doing and islam does not support but crazy nut that's why
9:56 am
we're going to get at you and get one squire mile at a time in iraq and not to kill you but to capture you and put you -- >> why don't you or some of your supporters or some of the people in your organization get a sign? a big sign, a walk outside in new york, or washington, d.c. and say hey, you isis we're coming to get you. kill you the islamic way because you're the scum of the earth. would you look to make that -- not being facetious but waiting for some action here. >> stuart thank you for suggesting that i will take the lead we will get this sign made an do it right here in washington, d.c. and you will be the first one to be informed of the date and time. >> very good. sir -- that's excellent. we look forward to it mike, we look forward to it yes we do. sorry i'm out of time not trying to cut you off here. important we need a public demonstration of where you're
9:57 am
coming from not on facebook. not on some web posting. out there, in public where everybody can see you and tell u how you feel. mike -- sorry -- thank you. we'll do it. >> i want to know first. mike everyone. good man thank you very much, sir, appreciate it. next case, florida governor rick scott one of 27 governs saying no to syrian refugees. the left calls that racist and inhumane well governor will join us shortly. hillary's top aid calls her con feuded. ed klein man who wrote a book about hillary is coming up next as well with a comment on this confusion, quote, back in two minutes.
9:58 am
9:59 am
stuart: we will take you to the floor of the united states senate where senators will observe a moment of silence for the victims of the terrorist attack. we will take you there when the moment of silence begins.
10:00 am
we have a dead flat market for this tuesday morning. the dow industrials are up 5 points, there is action in the oil market, an indicator of where stocks are going to go, we are at $41 a barrel, moments ago we were at $40 a barrel, interesting question. do we did below $40. if we do we watch out for the stock market, it will probably come down. as for walmart higher profits, stock is up 2.5%, maybe they are avoiding the retail ice age we have been talking about. same story with home depot, profits are up, sales looking good and that stock is up 3%. have news for you and the terror front. russia says it wants to help france fight isis. france and the rest of the european union with help with security. as for the stock market, clearly it has shrugged off the terror attacks. liz macdonald is with me.
10:01 am
i want you to look at the economic impact in europe. liz: there will be a serious one. citigroup put out a report saying because of tighter border controls which you can expect in europe, they worry it could be worse than the aftermath of 9/11. look at what donald trump tweeted out about the influx of seeing refugees across the border. he put up a tweet moments ago, saying refugees in syria pouring into our great country, the united states, who knows where they are, is the president in sane? at the same question let's get back to europe. when you have to end border control and focus on security, you can see more countries saying, we will blow through them. grease is watching that. they will not abide by the debt cap in europe. because of what is going on.
10:02 am
ashley: forget e.u. budget controls. we will defend ourselves. stuart: the state revolt. united states. saying no to it syrian refugees from the unaided state. a new york times op-ed says this, i am quoting now, the refusal of states to take in syrians. rear confusing readies the terrorists is morally unacceptable as a matter of strategy, misguided. florida's governor rick scott is with us, he says no to see me in refugees coming here. you are being attacked, they say you are in humane and morally wrong to do what you are doing. your answer to the left please?
10:03 am
>> your heart goes out, 129 people murdered in paris. over 300 people injured in paris, my daughter in law living in paris, they were scared to death when they didn't know where the in-laws were and they got a lot of relatives of rivera. this president got to take isis seriously. we know one of these terrorists used to have other potential refugees status to get into france. stop, slow down, think about this, get the facts before you continue to proceed. don't go forward adding kent thousand refugees in the country, they want to put 425 in florida. i sent a letter to speaker ryan, and you have the ability, the state doesn't, you have the ability to stop funding this, stopped funding this, slowdown.
10:04 am
florida is a state of immigration. we love immigrants in our state but we don't want terrorism. stuart: i understand that there's another side of the call in and i will try to articulate it and that is many of these refugees are genuine refugees from terror. would not be possible to say you can come in or you christians can come in but when we are doubtful about, young blues -- muslim men, couldn't you discriminate use stop bringing in? >> you absolutely could but look what the president does. egos right away without taking any time to understand what happened in paris and says we will allow tend thousand more refugees in our country, they don't tell us what comes into the state.
10:05 am
and i am responsible for the 20 million people live in our state. we love immigration. we have 100 million tourists this year. we love people coming to our state, we cannot want terrorism, slowdown, make an informed decision and inform us. stuart: what about liability? i hate to bring legalism into this but if syrian refugees are resettled in america and heaven forbid one or more of them indulge in a nest acts and kills americans, who is responsible for that? who is accountable for that? >> ultimately what happens in our states if somebody violates the law we prosecute them but whoever has been harmed there are no repercussions for them, nobody steps up and says i will take care of view, the federal government doesn't offer money to do this, not a great partner for florida, they don't tell us what they're doing, they are
10:06 am
making the decision whether we like it or not to send 25 refugees to our state without giving us any information. stuart: is this your action saying no to these refugees? is that motivated by public opinion? is there a groundswell of opinion within florida that you picked up on that says we don't want them? >> there is clearly other public opinion but i am responsible for the safety of 100 tourists, the 20 million people live in our state. we don't want terrorism in our state. we don't want what happened in paris to happen in florida so by responsibility is to say what can i do to make sure that doesn't happen? i can call on the president to do his job as commander in chief and destroy isis cuff ask congress which is what i have done to say don't find $1 of federal land to relocate one syrian refugees caused our state until we slowdown and get the facts and understand what is going on, the most common sense
10:07 am
thing to do is slow down. one of the terrorists in france pose as the syrian refugee. why would we take the same risk right now? stuart: governor rick scott, republican, florida, we appreciate it. before we bring in -- he is there. i have to wait a couple seconds. this is lieutenant colonel alan west, former florida congressman, welcome to the program. i was dismayed when we watched president obama's news conference yesterday because he didn't seem to have a coherent strategy for going after, attacking, killing and destroying isis. it was an unsatisfying news conference for myself and many people who were watching it. can you define what is the president's strategy right now, and can you tell us what we should be doing? >> i cannot define the
10:08 am
president's strategy because he has not articulated. best thing i can say is the president is seeking every way possible to avoid any type of confrontation or any kind of escalation. he is so wedded to his campaign promise and his political ideologies that he does not want to accept reality and tries to come of with these false narratives that along with his ideology and and what he sees happening. what we need to be doing is we need to have individuals that will sit down and come up with a strategy, we need to have leadership, at churchill moment. right now we have a chamberlain leading this country and we know what happened last time when neville chamberlain trust in the benevolence and disregarded evil and tyranny so it is very simple when we see what happened with france and russia has confirmed this bomb, we have a coalition coming together, we have occurred on the ground, egyptian, jordanian skull we can build the coalition but we need to have a leader. stuart: does america want to go
10:09 am
back into the middle east with a sizable armed forces, boot on the ground? what is your judgment of american public opinion? >> the judgment of american public opinion is they want to feel safe. they have an enemy that was once defeated and destroyed, al qaeda in iraq that is now because of a campaign promise, to regenerate itself as isis and we are not doing anything. edmund burke, the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. stuart: is it so outrageous is that the turning point that says we need our military to go there and stop some coming here. is that the new logic? >> is an absolute turning point. someone can stand up and say this is not about nation-building, a strike operation that will go in and confront islamic terrorism and the autism and defeat and destroyed it. stuart: lieutenant colonel alan west, a pleasure, see you again
10:10 am
real soon. more news on the terror front, russia now says that passenger jet that crashed in egypt was brought down by a terrorist bomb. ashley: they have found traces of foreign explosives on the debris, they believe it was a homemade bomb put on the plane, exploded mid-air and explains why the debris was spread so far, difficult to figure out what brought the plane down. in response, russian president vladimir putin vowing to find and punish whoever was responsible, whoever was behind the attack and said i will go to the end of the earth to find them. they are offering $50 million reward for any information leading to the people responsible. stuart: only $25 million for getting usama bin laden as i recall. we have a new group which has declared war on isis. in case we all missed it. jo lin: the hacker group
10:11 am
anonymous declared war on isis. the activist organization posted this video saying isis should expect major cyberattacks that have begun sharing personal information with members of isis and a tweet saying, quote, we won't stop opposing the islamic state. we are also better hackers. in later news, a boy is starring in a bar the advertisement for the first time, a model of of the designer. added the latest move to gender neutral play marketing and remember the year this year targets of labeling toys for boys or girls using kids instead. stuart: where was the boy? i miss it. and draft kings reportedly feeling the heat as they face mounting legal problems. according to wall street journal the daily fantasy site asked tv networks to move its fourth quarter and to the first quarter of next year and requested more flexibility and making some
10:12 am
payment after new york city attorney general eric schneider mozilla man ordered a cease and desist last week, the next hearing is next when they. stuart: after the weekend. thank you very much. president obama face tough questions on his isis policy. he stood his ground with even the media got fed up finally. we will deal with that in a moment and winston churchill warned of the dangers of radical islam. more than one hundred years ago. we will tell you what he said in a moment. the pursuit of healthier.
10:13 am
it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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stuart: francois hollande says he is planning an going to washington dc november 24th, goes to moscow two days later, calling for a grand coalition to battle isis. that would be france, russia and the united states.
10:16 am
earlier we reported russia's vladimir putin wants to ally with the french in the fight against isis, taking shape. check the big board, 5 points tire, the industrial average reached 17487. even stocks looking good especially rayfee on moving higher after the attacks, it hit a new high earlier of 123 backed off a fraction. winston churchill warned of what he called the dangers of islam back in '89 the 9. here is the quote, individual muslims may shows splendid qualities but the influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. no stronger retrograde force exists in the world. strong stuff 100 years ago. ashley: it was. he was very famous for that line, islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog. he was very strong in his feelings for islam, basically
10:17 am
saying christianity teaches tolerance, islam simply does not. stuart: the main point is he would not be able to say that in britain today or canada today. liz: the founding fathers, john quincy adams and his father john adams said the same thing, they word about the dangers of islam acting with natural hatred toward infidels, who in christianity preaches the opposite, david cameron, the u.k. prime minister said it is dangerous to basically the night the fact that these individuals are self identifying as muslims because it did some power to the muslims who wanted to fight and eradicate them. ashley: 116 years ago those lines written by winston church of could be written today and would be applicable. stuart: but not said. if you write them you are in trouble too. the mainstream media is calling out president obama. they did this yesterday.
10:18 am
watch this. >> the question if you will forgive the language, is why can't we take out these bastards? >> i just spent the last three questions answering that very question. i don't know what more you want me to add. i described specifically what our strategy is. stuart: we picked right up on that because we were running the president's press conference at this time yesterday and when that question was asked we listened very carefully and the president responded by saying i already answered that question. i want to know do you have a different response -- >> did i miss it? does have a specific strategy? i give all little bit of credit. jumping in too fast after 9/11,
10:19 am
treating this with such a flippant attitude that was really rude and irresponsible. stuart: contradiction on friday morning before the attacks in paris, friday afternoon, friday morning, on tv saying isis had been contained and manifestly it has not been contained. >> and expect people not be like, what is hillary going to state? stuart: she is going to be the democrat nominee for the democrat party. >> she will say as little as possible and act like i already talked about this. we need a strong -- we need to defeat isis, but no one on any side is offering specific strategy. >> the republicans want. on the ground.
10:20 am
liz: eradicate them. stuart: the opposition, it is the french saying let's go kills them. it is extraordinary stuff. >> there is a middle ground but no one is articulating. stuart: is the president losing the media? liz: when he called isis the j.d. squad that is when isis was not contained, started to go into iraq and syria at that time. stuart: stay there, a lot more for you. top of the hour, brent bozell, media watchdog supreme, did he fall out of his chair listening to questions yesterday, fair question to ask and branch will answer it. 11:00 this morning on this program. where are we now? he is going to paris for the big u.n. climate summit. this is all about the president's legacy. he will claim it a victory. i say is anything but. you will have my cake and a moment.
10:21 am
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stuart: hillary clinton's top aide calls confuse in a newly released e-mail. one of the top critics is coming up about that. charlie sheen reveals he is hiv-positive. dr. mark siegel joins us on the advances in treating the virus. it is no longer a death sentence. the president marches on to fulfill his campaign promises and establishes legacy. next stop paris and the u.n. climate conference. bear in mind we already have to live with several failures. obamacare, the middle east, terrorism, the explosion of debt
10:25 am
and an anemic been faltering economy. the final frontier of the obama legacy, climate change. november '32 is the start date for the un conference. we already have a good idea of the president's thinking. you'll commit america to much tougher carbon emissions standards, he's beating up the time line for emissions cuts and we will have to pay into a $100 billion fund of the country's adjust to climate change. that is $100 billion a year. china will commit to trying to rain emissions in 200030. they can do what they like for the 15 years. this is presented as an obama victory. another item on the legacy list but we the people have no say in this at all with the paris conference will not produce a treaty to be voted up or down by congress. is an agreement which the president will sign on to in our name. the fact is it is president obama's successor who will have
10:26 am
to undo his legacy of failure. the next president will have to fix or repeal obamacare, destroy isis, get the economy moving and the next president will have to undo obama's victory in paris. he will be a tough job. the worst of it is it will be another year before the new president can get started. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation.
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accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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10:29 am
.. >> dow jones industrial industrial average is up 12 points as we speak just shy of 17.5 movement is in price of ole down approximately 1.5%. we have been lower than that earlier this morning. here's good news of the day falling penny a gallon a day. 2:15 national average. 41 states where you can find at least one gas station with gas under $2 a gallon, and keep
10:30 am
saying $2 a nationwide by christmas. here's what's breaking just moments ago lawn lawn lawmakerso vote for refugees coming here. >> governor said the same thing. speaker ryan saying it would be prudent this is quote prudent, they said they're dropping a plan to that effect talking about getting some sort of group together. some to say wow, lepts think this through. a pause here while we get the security is right. got it, ash, now this. hillary clinton using 9/11 as a way to defend her donation that came in from wall street roll that tape. >> when we were attacked where were we attacked? we were attacked in downtown manhattan where wall street is. i did spent a whole lot of time and effort rebuilding. that was good for new york, that was good for the economy, and it
10:31 am
was a way to reduce the terrorists who had attacked our country. >> what do you make of this? >> hillary clinton made statements? response to bernie sanders saying why making so many donationings to you hillary clinton before the comment on tape, said wait a minute senator, i do have hundreds of thousands of donors many of them small. majority of them are being donors. this is a smart skilled politician giving a not state of the art response here. so you would think after so many years in asking this question the response would have been better. >> e-mails recovered from the top aid huma abidin says that clean ton is often confused. she said have you been going over her calls with her in so she knows the indian prime minister is at aid.
10:32 am
replies she had an 8 a.m. call will go over with her. huma said it is important to do that she's often confused. ed klein is here. author of the book, "unlikable" hillary clinton has unreported medical problems, is confusion memo related to medical problems or is it just a case of secretary of state who can confused about it? >> i've been reporting about it in "unlikable" and edward i interviewed somebody who told me in regard to what you're discussing that hillary is -- has dizziness, more fainting, and that she's forgetting the names of her classmates whom she meets froact frequently, when she was campaigning he remembered 680 name of her
10:33 am
classmates today she needs somebody to point out who they are and what their names are. >> in the debate on saturday night she was very clear headed. and very organized in her thought, there was no confusion whatsoever. what had do you make of that? >> i'm told behind the scenes, when she leaves the staimg that she looks and acts old. behind thing headaches, dizzy spells. hands trembling. health issues. >> sounds like become biting gossip in the background. >> this is not from her adversaries but friends we're talking about. some people -- >> telling you that? >> people ask me that. i was speaking to the friends now for 10 years and they've been right again, and again and again. so i think we're on a very, very solid grounds when we talk about
10:34 am
hillary's health issues. >> are you saying that her health issues should prevent her becoming the president of the united states? >> no i'm not. i'm not a doctor. i don't know whether this disqualifies her but we need to know more about her health issues because it's clear that he she does suffer from dizziness and this requires -- that we know more. >> but don't presidential candidates have to reveal their medical records? >> not always. many have not. some have only -- put out two or three pages of their medical record not all have gave us a complete accounting. >> you were the executive editor was it "new york times"? >> i was editor in chief of "the new york times" magazine. >> so some people have raised questions about your journalistic standards. but for ten years you ran a great prize of american journalism. >> you don't reveal your source who is is saying this to you
10:35 am
about hillary medical condition. >> nobody writes about contemporary politics whether it's bob woodward or gaming change guys nobody reveals their sources because you can't report about contemporary politics and reveal sources or else you can't do your job. >> so you met a fire storm of opposition from left who said you're lying. you're making it up. it is just vicious gossip. >> was i lying about the blood feud between clinton and obamas? i don't think so. i think we see today that there's really bad blood between these two families. >> are you exaggerating? >> never. >> okay. >> ed klein, keep making headlines, almost speechless. [laughter] all right you say that her confusion has revealed her aid is, in fact, a sign of a medical problem which we don't know about. correct? >> that's correct. >> ed klein thank you so much for being with us. see you again. thank you. president obama he's attending or will attend the paris climate summit coming up, the summit
10:36 am
starts later this month attended in the month of december. he and the left say climate change policy is good for the economy. all right, come on in professor, professor of economics, got his bowtie on. straightening himself out. what do you make of that claim peter, that green policies going towards green energy will still late the economy that will have a nice growing economy because of our response to climate change does that make any economic sense to you? >> nonsense to me when china is not participateing in the game. if we were all becoming greener together, then there would be some real benefits to the toc economy. but what's gong to happen here is, we're going to raise the cost of american manufacturing, chinese won't comply with the same rule that manufacturing will go to china, more lost job and 7 million men at home doing nothing will become 8 million. >> so i'm trying to get my head around this a very, very big
10:37 am
economic saying flatout that policy it is that will be in december at the paris summit, they are bad for the -- for america's economy? is it is flat out that's what you said? >> flat out. there will be some gains in the green energy area. but there will be greater losses to the economy and broader manufacturing because we will be at a competitive disadvantage these are our principle xed tore. china, it's just look the overvalued u.s. dollar and everything else that obama refuses to correct. this is why obama's economy grows at about 2% an reagan economy grew at 4.5%. >> very specifically, president obama's policy on grown energy with the u.n. that raises cost of fossil fuel in the united states that's the bottom line, is it? >> that's the bottom line, there are mitigating technology. they cost money to implement there will be profits by folks
10:38 am
that make those implementing -- mediating technology and create some jobs but they won't be as large as losses we take. it is look the story of raising the cost of labor at mcdonald's. you can raise the waging to $15 an hour. they put in place computers to replace them. but overall mcdonald's becomes smaller. the same applies here to the u.s. economy. the u.s. economy will be smaller because of mr. obama weak need tactic and willingness to accept less than a full commitment from china to do less than we do. no commitment to do anything meaningful what so far. >> does it make sense economically in the long run if we reduce carbon emissions and whole world disease. suppose we're sflt in this effort we reduce carbon emission is it qort it? >> will china participate? if chin and india again would participate then we can reduce
10:39 am
global carbon emission and wouldn't face the cost of rising sea level perhaps. if that's the case then the overall economy gains in the long run. immediately, though, there are losses because of the change in the technologies that we use. longer term, we won't have to deal with rising sea level that's a good thing, but that's not what we're being offered this is just like terrorism in everything else. mr. obama issues, creating men, and demagogues the fact to create a full legacy. whoever takes his place is got a terrible mess on his hands after what he's going to agree to in paris in two weeks. >> professor thank you for joining us as always good stuff. thank you. >> tack care. >> before we go to the sick tore report dow jones industrial is up 50 points. i don't know what happened in the last five or six minutes but we've had a move up 50 points just in the last couple of minutes. all right now the sector report please jo ling kent has it. what are you watching for us today please?
10:40 am
>> consumer discretionaries looking at retail stocks. wal-mart up 4% rouse followed by home deepot on slight of revenue for wal-mart. you can see it is impacting rest of the sector right now. it is second best performing sector of the s&p 500 today tjx up 4%. you have kohl's as well. let's take a closer look at wal-mart you can see it is up about 4% overall. stuart. >> wal-mart back at 60 there's a story for you. thank you. next enrolled in american colleges that's causing problems for american students. how about that? charlie is next hiv positive in hiv is no longer a death sentence. taken a hit lately. mmm hmm. just wanted to touch base. we came to manage over $800 billion in assets,
10:41 am
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cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief we've seen back and forth action after yesterday rally only wreet. right now, the dow jones industrial average up 55 points, 17,538. s&p 500 a move up about 7 points and now back into positive territory. for the year twitch. nasdaq gaining. watching home depot and wal-mart winners after convertly reports. wal-mart actually is better than expected profit outlook. home depot seeing sales rise 5.1% in the stores with that
10:43 am
both are winners and tacking on roughly 30 dow points. a key eye on angies list up more than 50% but today pulling back saying that it won't pursue tun solicited offer from interactive corps. because it underis values the company. start your day on fox business fbnam. and host with lauren simonetti and we'll give you all a of the news you need.
10:44 am
10:45 am
>> strangest story about urban outfitters, number one they've got weak sales but number two buying a pizza chain not sure of the fit there. nonetheless that's what they're doing. market does not like it. urban outfitters is down 12% around 21, 21 a share. now nearly a million foreign students enrolled in american colleges for the 2014, 2015 year that's a new high. some american students are getting squeezed out because of that. is that accurate? >> this according to "the wall street journal," the families are saying wait a second we've been caying, for example, in california they're upset about it. saying we've been paying state taxes to support these schools and they felt that state universities have lost site of emission here basically seeing that intake of foreign students son the rise and intake of domestic foreign students in california school system is
10:46 am
going down so they're feeling there's a sense of inequity here. >> one third of the one million come from china. the reason why schools were taken because they pay three times as much as out of state and college want the money. so what's happening is people who live there to this point have been paying taxes and can't get into schools. how do you deal with that? paying top dollar and supporting everybody else with those top dollars. how do you say enough already? we want the locals, pay less. >> california schools have been eager because was budgetary distress in that state. >> yeah. liz god story. u now this charlie admitting he's hiv positive. let's attack a look at this please. i'm, in fact, hiv positive. it's a hard three letters to absorb. >> do you know how you contracted the virus? >> sitting here today, not
10:47 am
entirely. no. >> transmitted the hiv virus to someone else since your diagnosis? >> impossible. i released myself from this prison today. >> been paying woman to keep quiet about his hiv condition. dr. marc siegel l is here. now charlie sheen says he's had had for four years. back in the day talking 1980s it was a death sentence but apparently not today; correct? >> by the way, he may have had it longer than four years that raises issue of could he have spread it before and asymptomatic hiv doesn't necessarily get sick. the drug cocktail we use is at least three drugs that battle is virus has been e-ly successful in over 70% of the cases macs virus almost disappear and keeps people alive they don't get sick from the infections that used to kill them. over a million people are living in the united states today
10:48 am
because be of these retroviral drugs. >> that's extraordinary because it was a death sentence. now -- iftion taking care of people all of the time that was dying of aids. >> drug companies that introduce antiviral -- >> there's a slew of them. the number one is azt, with it makes that. epvira and many they involve huge industries. >> if i'm hiv positive and taking this drug cocktail, how much does it cost? >> if you don't have insurance coverage for it, and most insurance companies will cover it, it's in the many thousands of dollars year. that's a major issue. some of the drug companies have gone overseas by the way, and offered charitable use of these drugs in underserved it countries like in africa. continent of africa. >> million people alive today
10:49 am
because of the retroviral drug cocktails. >> not sick but living well. they have to be carefulling they're going to have sex with someone they have to announce they have it and supposed to use condoms if you use safe sex and let people know what's going on it cuts down transmission rate dramatically. >> dr. mark seeing it will good to see you. up next a guest who says about 70% of mosques in america preach radical islam. donald trump said on this program we should consider scrutinizing marks very closely, where is public opinion on this? we'll find out in a moment. i said you better sign it...
10:50 am
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>> we have some new video released by donald trump, he's sounding off on the plan to bring syrian refugees here. listen to this. >> refugees are pouring into our great considerate from syria. we doapght even know who they are. they could be isis, they could be anybody. what's our president doing? is he insane? >> there you go a short sharp message on issue of bringing those refugees to united states is the president insane it's a typical donald trump post on instagram. also saying, you know, that he's slamming the candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders and president for not referring to term using radical islam and
10:54 am
keep saying can't stop a problem if you don't identify the problem and david cameron we talk about in the u.k. when you don't use that term. empower the same muslim who could fight it. i will say that pugh research has noted consideration of concern in the middle east in tunisia, lebanon, egypt. jordan, an turkey their concern other there about the rise of islamic terrorism. >> liz thank you very much. let's move on, we have this donald trump saying he will close mosques to present against isis listen to him on this show. >> seeing some mosques would you do the same thing in america? >> i would do that absolutely. it is great. they have a lot of proposals over there. if you go fight for isis you can't fight back. why can't you do it? you can here. >> i don't know. i haven't heard it be the closing of the mosque it depends if the mosque is loaded for bear. you have to look at it. >> bring in gabriel you heard
10:55 am
donald trump there spopgd fog a question about a proposal from british prime minister david cam ronnel in the u.k. who proposed sam thing. law is under parliamentary system different from those in this country. what are your thoughts about that? >> america is very different. america is a place of refuge people came from all over the world speaking religious freedom here in the united states. what make this is country great is you can build whatever how was worship and pray to whatever god you want. the concern that we have prow right now is radicalism and what is taught in the mosque in the united states. to give you an example three separate studies done between 2005 and 2009, about book and publications that were districted and taught in mosques throughout the united states, and some of the most prominent including new york, washington, d.c., dallas, houston, lance, and oakland, and out of 200 book on publication here's the same
10:56 am
message repeated in these books and i quote they're talking about how to deal with them. hate them for their religion. hate them for a mistake. always oppose them in every way. maintain a wall of resentment against them. they say that democracy is responsible for all of horrible wars of the 20th century that democracy, justice, freedom, brotherhood and equality are the source of all of the world's problems. they also say and i quote, it is the religious duty of every muslim to impose functionally islamic government on every country in the world. >> so the message -- >> this religious duty is binging in principle so call for overthrow our democracy, and -- jihadist. >> you stated it very well we're out of time but very disturbing to hear those words that you've just quoted. martin thank you so much. coming up in our next hour a former double agent infiltrated al qaeda trying to bring them
10:57 am
down from the inside. what would he do about europe radical islam problem? and the president gets grilled by the media. is the press finally fed up with our president? media research centers found a brent bozell municipal next.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: president obama addressed a news conference. president hollande spoke about the same time. there is a sharp contrast. start off with hollande. and unforgiving and merciless war. he used those words. that is what he said. with some emotion, two. throw them out of the country. control the borders. a speech from a leader outraged by terror.
11:01 am
a thousand mile away in turkey, president obama answered questions about americans response to terror. the tone and substance were very different. a half-hour to answer four questions. it was hard to understand exactly what he was saying. he turned to fire only when attacking republicans. why can't we take these bastards out? his answer was i have already answer that question. this was not a great moment in foreign-policy. the socialist president of france has risen to the occasion. he is prepared to take the challenge. president obama went the other way. singling no change in an already failed policy. so many oh patients with this administration.
11:02 am
president obama has left us worried and worried. exploiting our weakness. ♪ >> have you underestimated their abilities and will you widen the rules of u.s. forces to take more aggressive action? did you receive a warning in your daily intelligence briefing that an attack was imminent, if not, does that not call into question the current assessment that there is no immediate specific credible threat to the united states today. >> do you think you really understand this enemy well enough to defeat them and to protect the homeland? >> how is that not under estimating the capabilities and how is that, i think a lot of americans think that the united states has the greatest military
11:03 am
in the world. it comes to take on isis. the question is, why can't we take out these bastards. [laughter] stuart: how about that. you just heard the mainstream media challenging president obama. media research founder is with us. you and i have had this conversation so many times. at some point, the establishment media would turn around and not exactly turn on the president, but ask some sharper questions. i think that moment arrived yesterday. >> boy, did it ever. certainly, we have not seen them in seven years. weighing pom-poms for this administration. when we had our 9/11, we watched
11:04 am
the world rally around us. france has just had its version of 9/11. i think the media and everyone else is looking in disbelief. while the president of the united states, the leader of the world is seemingly disinterested he had our strategy is working. clearly, it is not. i think what you saw was disbelief. asking the president these questions about the strategy. rambling on not wanting to give a straight answer. getting visibly more and more irritated. stuart: shortly, this will encourage the establishment media to keep on asking that kind of question. surely, that will happen for the next year. >> no. last night after that press
11:05 am
conference, it was actually very tough on the reports. this is what -- very interesting. something that was pretty incredible. around the world. our strategy is working. people do not believe that to be the case. that is the ground troop strategy. very tough. what happened in 48 hours? we have seen this happen with the clinton administration. obama will complain about the media. i expect many of them. >> the end of the press conference, we would continue to allow serious migrants into this country. now, we have more than half the states governors saying, no, not
11:06 am
in my state. my prediction is that the establishment media will look at those refugees and how we are slamming the door on them. we should be letting them in. thus pivoting back towards the president's position. >> this president loves to, his suites spot is politics. he will demonize this. i think at a certain point it will not sell with the american people. especially of 29 governors step into this. what will the media do? i do not think that they will ask the tough questions. they would have done it by now. >> i think that they might, actually. >> i want to say this on the record. every seven years, you are right. [laughter]
11:07 am
once again, thank you for having me on your show. >> 15 love. [laughter] thank you very much, sir. now, this. twenty-seven states have said that they will not accept any theory and refugees. donald trump said this on his instagram account just moments ago. >> refugees are pouring into our great country from theory of. they could be isis. they could be anybody. what is our president doing? is he insane? stuart: a double agent inside of al qaeda. welcome to the program. you just heard donald trump there. is the president and same for allowing these people in? what is your position here? >> the theory and christians and
11:08 am
all other religions, the muslims, maybe we should continue to help them. however, i do agree with mister trump. prophet mohammed himself lived for 13 years. he was prosecuted over there. he had to escape to live under the jews who accepted him. he had them all killed. the women and children as slaves. it is from an islamic tradition to put trade this kind of trust. stuart: do you know for a fact that it is isis policy to infiltrate these migrants that are coming to europe and trying to come to america? is that their specific, laid out policy? >> made it very clear. i do not know why the leader is
11:09 am
suddenly surprised. we will flood your up. we have done it. i do not understand why our intelligence are trying to do this. it is a disgrace. stuart: can you tell us more about the suburb of brussels? i am not sure of the pronunciation. is that a breathing ground for jihad? >> also where i come from. a parallel society. no connections with the outside world. they do not integrate. basically, this is where people get radicalized. stuart: that is fallen back, a
11:10 am
suburb of brussels. do you know similar places in the united states? >> i have not been to the united states in person. counterterrorism. actually training camps in the united states and outside of new york. stuart: all right. we thank you very much for joining us with your expertise. thank you. get back to the stock market. we are up again. another 70 up today. we have a nice modest gain for the dow jones industrials. how about the price of oil? 4097. home depot, this one is a good one. up 3.5%. walmart. the stock is up. 4% for walmart reaching 60.
11:11 am
i want to bring in ross gibbons. taking a look at stocks in particular. is it a buy now at 60? >> stuart, guests. the stock down about one third over the course of the year. cheaper in relation to the earnings. three and a quarter% dividend. stuart: five by walmart today, they will pay me 83% dividend as far as the eye can see. >> that is right. such a great track record. they have a long history of increasing that dividends. stuart: they are in a titanic battle with amazon. that chart does not look exactly like a good chart. i have, you say, okay. you will by walmart.
11:12 am
take it the% dividend and run with it. i think that you like that at $114 a share. >> i love apple. a similar case. the company continues to grow. the most loyal customers in the world. the first trillion dollar company and the planet. stuart: some people have been saying that for some time. 111, 112, 114. this is a buy. and opportunity to get in now. >> it has been the case with apple every time the market has discounted this company, the growth is over. samsung and china concerns, whatever else it may be. the stocks can always come back
11:13 am
and outperform. stuart: ross gibbons. he likes the odd couple. walmart and apple. thank you. good to see you. a critic of hillary clinton told this program that hillary has serious health issues. a hillary supporter response to that next. >> you need to know more about her health issues. it is clear that she does suffer from things like that. this requires that we know more. ♪ i'm definitely able to see savings
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through using the car buying on usaa. i mean, amazing savings. i was like, wow, if i could save this much, then i could actually maybe upgrade a little bit. (announcer) usaa car buying service powered by truecar. save money, zero hassle. stuart: stock is doing very well. a height of 124 earlier. the aftermath of the paris attack. how about dick's sporting goods. disappointing outlook. a fresh 52 week low. down 33 earlier.
11:17 am
it is still down 13%. hillary clinton invoking 9/11 to justify all of those wall street donations to her campaign. blake joins us now. a lot of people accusing her of being tone deaf. >> they were forced to respond to this over the weekend. suggesting the road mark was spontaneous. questions about the unfair attacks. this began at the des moines register debate in iowa on saturday night. charges that she would be too cozy to wall street because of the millions that she has received in donations over the years. exclaiming that she represented new york ray 9/11. here it was. >> i did spend a whole lot of time hoping for them to rebuild. it was good for new york, it was good for the economy. >> there was immediate
11:18 am
skepticism. calling it "stupid and defensive. martin o'malley tweeted out that it was "tone deaf." trying to mask her proximity to wall street. >> she does not have to mask it. it is what it is. that is the sort of economic advice that she would follow. >> this is an issue that could very well stick over hillary clinton's career. they make up for of her top five donation sources. stuart. stuart: got it. thank you very much indeed. i am going to stay on hillary. hillary clinton often gets confused. all right. listen to what ed klein had to say about hillary's health earlier on this program. >> i am told that behind the
11:19 am
scenes, she looks and acts quite old. she has blinding headaches. she has dizzy spells. hands are trembling. there are a lot of health issues here that have not been reported. stuart: a hillary clinton supporter and donor. holly. you heard what ed klein had to say. you can dismiss ed klein, if you wish, what he was a former editor in chief of the magazine and was there for 10 years. his credentials are impeccable. what do you make of that? >> i just came back from europe. i was there for two weeks. i get a little dizzy coming off the plane and traveling. she has lost more hours than any secretary of state. she is a little bit older. i just think that that goes with the territory. stuart: she has health issues.
11:20 am
she took a tumble in her own home, i believe, a couple of years ago. >> i am not buying that. i think that is cost up and you alluded to that. stuart: i am not going to deal in gossip. this man has impeccable credentials. his sources are describing hillary's behavior. splitting, blinding headaches. >> i do not see that. i had not seen her for a while. there i was in a room with about 80 people. she looked around and she saw me. came over and we hugged each other. a good memory. at least from my experience. stuart: you will keep giving money to the clinton campaign? okay. i understand. >> the perfect moderator for
11:21 am
this country. just on the issue that everyone is harping on. the comment in the debate. she worked with new york when they asked her about it. i tell you what. she actually has the right allen's. none of the other democratic candidates mentioned. she said that she would hold executives personally accountable. she will really be serious about dealing with the banks. if you look at her program, she has given regulators the ability to look at the banks. she said in that debate, if they are not playing by the rules, she will break them up. she did not take advantage of what i think is the best questions. the right balance in that answer stuart: she is still your candidate? >> absolutely. >> she better separate herself from president obama.
11:22 am
>> she is. she wanted to bomb syria. >> the redo with russia. >> she is a tough one. stuart: thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. we will see you again soon. let's not forget that russian passenger jet, please, that crashed over egypt. russia says that it was terrorism. it was a bomb. more on that in a moment. ♪ (vo) rush hour around here starts at 6:30 a.m. - on the nose. but for me, it starts with the opening bell. and the rush i get, lasts way more than an hour. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we've built powerful technology to alert you to your
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don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. stuart: we have a winner. it's name is mattel. investors like it. it is up 7%. netflix. taking a stake there. netflix is up four and a half percent. a homemade bomb brought down that plane. they are offering a $50 million row ward for those responsible. >> that will be paid in dollars. >> $15 million. they believe it was a homemade bomb. about a kilogram of tnt.
11:27 am
scattering debris over in 8-mile area. that is why it has been so hard trying to figure out what happened. all they will say outside of russia. the investigation has been focusing. nothing conclusive at this point. he will hunt until the very end of his time to find those responsible. >> the investigation is indefinite. this is coming as a backdrop. going to washington on the 24th to meet with president obama. then you will go to moscow to meet with putin as well. stuart: coming to america and then you will go to russia. three teams going here. they are going after isis. >> to bilateral meetings here.
11:28 am
they will be gathering intelligence. airstrikes will be continuing. stuart: thank you. i have two questions for our viewers. responding to the two totally different speeches. they both took place at the same time yesterday. how are they responding? how would a former advisor advise president obama on isis. we are live from paris with answers next. ♪ the future belongs to the fast.
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11:32 am
stuart: lookee here. all of a sudden the industrial average, the world is on fire. 200 yesterday. 176. how about the price of oil. we were down significantly earlier. still at $41 a barrel. after that attack on their city, listening to two very different speeches. one and passion and emotional. the other kind of business as usual. almost like a college lecturer from president obama. deidre bolton is live from paris.
11:33 am
what is the mood there? how are they reacting? >> very interesting ways. all i can tell you, i am right in front of the eiffel tower. there are people here. they are still out and about. to answer the questions about politics, it is complicated. as far as president hollande's view, helping france, putin is not necessarily well seen, in general, in france. pretty much every major newspaper has an editorial slant. they do feel like he is a guy that can get it done. controlling the civil war in syria and also defeating isis. he may not be the most traps for the person. they certainly do think he is capable of at least fighting in syria which will obviously
11:34 am
eventually help france. the real bad guy here is the serious president. this is why it gets complicated. putin has more support to a side. in light of recent tragic events, willing to overlook the fact that you may or may not be trustworthy. as far as obama goes, people here in general like him. when he speaks about strategy, he seems, perhaps, inconsistent. they are grateful for the intelligence sharing and for the cole bombing effort. stuart: right there close to the eiffel tower. thank you very much for joining me. france has the cleared war. a war on isis. will the u.s. do anything like that? elliott abrahams is with us.
11:35 am
that is not elliott abrahams. do we have elliott eschenbach there you are. >> here i am. [laughter] stuart: you are a senior advisor. the very top level of national security. if you are advising president obama today, what advice would you give them on national security? >> please, sir, more. more bombing. more help to the kurds in syria. more help to the kurds in iraq. more american special forces on the ground. more pressure against the side. recruiting for isis. i do not think we are doing enough.
11:36 am
stuart: what about serious refugees.ited states. i think it is 27 states, governors have said no. not coming to my stay. what advice would you give? >> first of all, we need to start from scratch and make sure we're doing what we need to do. meanwhile, i think we should do a lot more with christian refugees. we're basically doing nothing. they are not dangerous. they are not the source of terror. they are the victims of terror. stuart: should we let the questions in and put up paws on muslims? >> we do not need to do that. most think that we can. >> military age. twenty something out of syria
11:37 am
has not gotten a reliable paper trail. >> in that case, you have to wait. that does not apply to serious christians. the president yesterday said that it would be shameful. isis distinguishes. terrorist distinguished. questions much more than has happened for decades. we all a humanitarian debt, i would say, to help those people. i thought that it was shameful what the president said yesterday. he said that it was horrible to make a distinction. stuart: what about europe? i do not have a whole lot of time left. they have millions of people knocking on their door. would you give advice to europe? the ones that want to come to europe? >> no, i would not.
11:38 am
they are coming to grips with the fact that they have had an unregulated flow. clearly ending that flow very, very quickly. i do not think that they need our advice. stuart: these are important and difficult times. we value your advice. shocked by the paris attacks. many millennial's were not so. i have grown up with this age of terror. 57% say that they support sending troops to defeat isis. we have a woman with the young america foundation with us. finally we got to you. i am sorry i misidentified you. millennial's have grown up knowing terror. i am sure you were a mere youngster when 9/11 occurred. always lived with this era of terror. do you regarding the paris event differently from those of us
11:39 am
that are older because you have lived with terror. >> i think that that is absolutely accurate. just young children when 9/11 happened. i was in third grade. that leaves an impression. that leaves a scar. now here we are after eight years of failed leadership under the obama administration, making a serious impression. i think that it will translate into higher support. stuart: yes. go after them. knock them out. kill them. boots on the ground. go do it. or you can say hold on a second. we are a big enough society to absorb this kind of terror. i take it that you are the former site did. >> absolutely. most americans are probably on that. there is polling that shows
11:40 am
that. 57% of young people were supportive of boots on the ground. i work with young people every day. i see that every single day. we will have to see higher support they knew would expect in young millennial's. gerri: support to send boots on the ground into syria. what about the fact that 20% actually vote. why is there that disconnect of support for military action to lack of participation in the polls? >> i think that this is a serious problem. i think that it is a serious problem among young people. they may not feel like i actually have the power to make change. stuart: what was that word? [laughter] >> it is a new one.
11:41 am
>> i am going to put a trademark on that one. that is your judgment. we appreciate that. >> thank you. close to session highs. we are up about 100 points. i am not sure what happened in the last half-hour. a rise is what we've got here at here is what we are dealing with. donald trump considering looking very carefully. scrutinizing mosques very intently. we will discuss it with the judge. ♪
11:42 am
11:43 am
total ♪ >> i am the cole petallides with your fox business brief. lifting the dow up nearly 100 points. 237 points. putting the s&p 500 back into positive territory. the s&p up. watching the defense stocks. these have of arrows. that one could be an all-time high two days in a row. lockheed martin and boeing width of arrows. t.j. maxx earning growth. up 4.2%. dick's porting goods lower than expected. lower demand. fit that. that is a winner.
11:44 am
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i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. ♪ stuart: the brother of the alleged terrorist attack planner, the brother of the guy that actually got away, the brother has called for the guy that got away to turn himself in. >> the suspect, the brother
11:46 am
mohammed was arrested shortly after the attack. they know he had nothing to do with it. basically making an appeal to his brother to turn himself in. showing no signs of being a radical islam is. attended mosque occasionally. dressed in jeans and pullover. no signs. they have arrested the two men that went to pick up -- stuart: after that you then. >> at 4:00 a.m. in the morning. they picked him up and took him back into got away. stuart: we have donald trump. much closer scrutiny of mosques. here's what he had to say on our show a month ago. >> closing some mosques. would you do the same thing in america?
11:47 am
>> absolutely. if you go out, you cannot come back. stuart: -- >> well, i do not know. i have not heard the closing of the mosque. i do not know. you will have to certainly look at it. stuart: donald trump was talking about an issue that i raised. david cameron suggesting they close some mosques if looking very suspicious. can you do it here? i suspect that the answer is no. i suppose the answer by some is yes. i know exactly what you are going to say. suppose mr. cameron came to the conclusion that the church of england was a hotbed of radicalism. would they close old churches?
11:48 am
>> no. exercising political power. unlikely have that. >> if they are a threat to the peace and order of the society. >> what about the first amendment? you are a mom and a mosque or a priest in a church and the government is staring you in the face in the front row. taking down everything you say. scratching their heads. putting it into their ipods. >> it is observing religion. is it not. a takedown. take them out.
11:49 am
one cannot use the first amendment in its religious perfections. the ordinary criminal laws of the land. >> i am not with you. sheltering yourself in a religious institution and claim that you are not subject to the laws. the justice of the police cannot come into your house to listen to what you have to say. if they get a warrant to go into the church or the mosque. first of all, donald trump does not give that out. >> i heard him say, i have a substantial relationship with him, i owned a small piece of real estate that is managed by a company that he owns and they do a great job. who is he to close the mosque?
11:50 am
stuart: he was referring to what was going on in britain. here is what david cameron is thinking of doing over there. what do you think? whose side do you think you are on in the american revolution? >> a great document history. [laughter] stuart: all right, judge. we are done. charlie sheen reveals that he is hiv-positive did we are gauging the social media reaction to that. ♪ hi, tom. how's the college visit? does it make the short list? yeah, i'm afraid so. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. knowing our clients personally is why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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11:55 am
someone else since your diagnosis? >> impossible. i release myself from this today. stuart: what are people actually saying? jo ling: the number one trending topic on twitter. charlie sheen has lived his life very recklessly. but i feel sorry he has hiv. hopefully this helps people remember to be safe. use this example as a public health message. maybe this will take some of the stigma away from those people that have hiv as well. stuart: hiv. because he slept with women after he knew he was infected. and then pay these women off so that they did not tell the world that he is hiv-positive.
11:56 am
there is no moral condemnation for him. >> a lot of the controversy is about what he has done in the past. the hiv stigma may hopefully be a road it did there were people that he slept with under the care of the doctor. >> he was going to be exposed by some of the rags out there. he did not want to be paying, how much money was he paying out. $10 million in hush money. the social media says maybe this removes some of the stigma and they are supportive of him for doing that.
11:57 am
>> courageous disclosure. stuart: thank you very much. more varney after this. ♪
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: what is the islamic way of dealing with islamic terror? >> president obama go on television with the consent of the united nations and tell them, you have three days to lay down your arms. if not we are going to hunt you down. stuart: he runs an organization of muslims in america and he did tell me he would lead a demonstration with a big sign that he would hold up saying we do not support isis. he told me he would do that. here is what some of our viewers had to say about states banning syrian refugees from entering america. it is time to stand up, all the
12:00 pm
state should unite for our freedom and protection and katherine says this. i don't want any of them here. we met so many in illegally and they could threaten our lives. our time is up but neil cavuto. it is yours. neil: thank you, the latest pretty eiffel tower is open for business. not a lot of takers on climbing it at this hour but weakened the use they were looking for additional culprits behind the attack over the weekend, the series of attacks and they found seven others they thought might have been after they let those seven go and looking for an additional person besides this belgian national who might have been behind the attacks. we don't know the status of this additional person or his or her identity or their age or how they are connected, we just know the hon goes on. we also know back in this


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