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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  November 17, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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state should unite for our freedom and protection and katherine says this. i don't want any of them here. we met so many in illegally and they could threaten our lives. our time is up but neil cavuto. it is yours. neil: thank you, the latest pretty eiffel tower is open for business. not a lot of takers on climbing it at this hour but weakened the use they were looking for additional culprits behind the attack over the weekend, the series of attacks and they found seven others they thought might have been after they let those seven go and looking for an additional person besides this belgian national who might have been behind the attacks. we don't know the status of this additional person or his or her identity or their age or how they are connected, we just know the hon goes on. we also know back in this country, the all goes on or the
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plan to bring syria refugees to the united states. over the last couple years close to 2,000 have been welcomed here but now they have to go when it comes to the president's move to bring an additional 10,000 here. speaker ryan just announcing there will be a pause in that program to connell mcshane with the latest. connell: conservative pressure has been building for ryan to ask and to do something about this refugee issue and we may have legislation to address it by the end of this week. some more on that in a moment but listen to the speaker of the house paul ryan and what he had to say earlier today in washington. >> this is a moment it is better to be safe than sorry. we think the prudent, the responsible thing is to take a pause in this particular aspect of this refugee program in order to verify that terrorists are not trying to infiltrate the refugee population. connell: he is pushing for a pause, the legislation that should make it to the house
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floor by thursday, three republicans behind it. what it would do is place a moratorium on the president's refugee plan unless certain requirements on that and there are stringent retirements in this legislation, the fbi director, director of national intelligence would have to confirm to the congress that each and every refugee is not a threat and there would be an audit to make sure the vetting process is being followed. that will be in this legislation by thursday after governors from 27 states weighed in on the issue and said they did not want cerium refugees in their states. all of them republicans with the exception of one. the governor of new hampshire and the speaker of the house adding his voice is adding the president to pause, to close down. connell: as you were speaking it is up to 29, no go, and assyrian
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refugees already here. 187 to date. what do we know about them. >> we have some indication today. senior administration officials on the call, the stringent vetting process, the demographics of who was being admitted. have of them are children. adults over 60 and only 2%. you see the matter which depict the 29 states governors said they are opposed, that is a little deceiving, only 18 of those states said they would block those refugees. another a levon are opposed but they will not take steps to block them. in addition i should point out seven states say bring them on in. we are happy to have them. they include colorado, connecticut, delaware, white, pa. and washington. they can come and isn't a whole
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lot to stop refugees from going from one state to another in the u.s. said that is a concern as well. dennis: depicts from what you might call hot zones in the middle east. since 2012 from iraq, 64,000 refugees have come to the u.s. that are currently here from serious since 2012, 2,164. from yemen 33 refugees and from libya six. if you want to break that down the syrians by religion i would give you these numbers. according to the state department state department numbers given to fox business network refugees by religion, sunni muslims, syrians, 2,000 sunni muslims, 44 christians, 13 shiite muslims and 97 others. there is your data dumped from there. ashley: what will be asked in
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the screening process for any of these when it come to the united states, did we check exactly where they're coming from? did we have a paper record? that is concerning a lot of folks the we are letting people in with open hearts but not necessarily open minds. all of a sudden it will bite us. even if a small percentage is problematic people start worrying. you mentioned the human connection. that raised hackles among some conservatives who obviously worry about human being the hotbed for a lot of extremist violence. >> syrians tend to be pretty well documented and all so this to me is the headline of the briefing this morning. they said we do not want to send refugees anywhere they are not welcome. we rely on congressional support, we rely on bipartisan support for the refugee resettlement program and we are not going to send people where they are not welcome. we want to talk to those governors and l.a. their fears.
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maybe that takes a little heat off. ashley: which wins out legally? you have to do it -- >> the federal government, the constitution says the federal government's responsibility, states are not in control over that, refugee act of 1980 is an affirmation of that. i don't know. it will come to a court battle. ashley: thank you very much. neil: to bring you a kid that, speaker paul ryan table for a couple days this idea of finding a way to bring the 10,000 or so refugees, the administration allowed to come to the united states until they can button up how forceful they will be to make sure we got the eyes das and cross the deeps with the they represent a threat and until we get that no more will be welcome. former u.k. parliament tom brown says it is not so much of those who come here but those who
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could sneak in here because up north in canada they are letting them in at a fairly frenetic pace and that worries you. that border with canada is more open than the border with mexico. a lot of those guys particular in the ones you fear might be dicey. >> the left wing always have policies -- often totally irresponsible as i think this is because it requires not thousands but just 5, 6 or 10 people to get in to cause mayhem which the paris talks, terror incident may only be a rehearsal and canada is already -- syria is a target, kill all canadians and france which is rumored may
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invoke article 5 of the nato treaty which means mutual defense as america did after 911. that means canadians have to fight in syria. if that leads is that so it is going to further endanger canadians and as you rightly point out, very porous border, american citizens and injuring them and oversstretching security services and increasing badly security costss which means more debt, more borrowing and so on. i think it is totally irresponsible myself. neil: the argument is the vast majority of those seeking asylum in any of these countries are legitimately taking asylum but not like the old they when my parents or grandparents came into this country in the case of through ellis island when there was someone to vouch for them here, someone who would pick up the tab for the uncommon someone who could vouch that they
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received and welcome and there were friends or family or connections and we knew where they came from. we knew where for example in my case italy where they were from, their background, very little paper trail here and in way of family or friend the communication or length here so it is a different ball game. >> absolutely. you hit it right on the head. that is the problem. only requires so few. these terrorists are dedicated, prepared to give up their lives, not just on suicide missions but suicide terror and with bombs attached to them, explosive tests, even more dangerous than before and the fear is the incident in paris is merely a rehearsal and it shows how much damage can be done by very few people at very little cost. i think the opening of borders
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is totally responsible. angela merkel in germany is running a severe risk already and you never hear about it in the media. supermarkets have been overrun, and smashed up. and huge grassroots feeling in germany and the vladimir putin danger, angela merkel continuing -- neil: we have to still allow those who seek asylum and need asylum to have asylum and she is being rejected by german citizenry who says not enough. where do these upwards of 4 million largely syrian ago? we have them in camps between borders, croatia, slovenia, by and large they are in camps without a home and i am wondering, more and more countries are leary to accept them, what happens to them? >> my fear is if they are allowed into these countries and
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incidents occur there will be in tournament within the country's anyway. neil: before the paris incident it was getting pretty mild and a lot of these refugees many for good reason i getting impatient, getting exasperated and some are hungry to put it mildly depending on what border town they are at. you got to wonder how this sort of devolves here? >> the complete lack of leadership by president obama and now the leadership looks like is being seized by president francois homeland of france. if the article 5 of the nato treaty, then we are all going to have to be involved in active fighting in syria. the biggest danger is russia defending bashar al-assad and that could lead to nato facing russia in syria which is very serious but when you have a president who even yesterday
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after the paris incident almost refused to say radical islam, almost accepted no responsibility and will continue the non strategy we have at the moment which is leading and magnifying this problem. neil: you just crystallized it brilliantly. whether you are for or against what is happening in any of these countries and the refugees here but the irony of the situation, last weekend's this time france was among the ot of these refugees, not with great glee but in greater numbers than almost any country in europe save germany. that has all changed. right now that is not being talked about at all. they are shutting down their border completely. belgium doing the same, italy doing the same, poland doing the same, spain doing the same, portugal doing the same, collectively saying we don't want them, four refugees seeking
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asylum and now in no man's land, many in internment camps and no one willing to pay for the internment camps, border towns that have been dated up, locked up and those refugees locked away. they are getting restless, towns where they are bordered are getting restless and western governments are wondering what do we do? after this. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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neil: remembers they were looking for one guy in france keeping their sights on belgium, that has expanded and it appears there might be more accomplices rollover western europe. we don't know for sure but rick leventhal has a latest on the manhunt. >> we just learned a second fugitive directly involved in
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the terror attacks is being sought by authorities. they have not identified with this person is male-female but there was a woman spotted with these terrorists friday night but we know they have identified or told us there's a second fugitive involved. 115,000 french police and soldiers have been mobilized since friday's attacks but the french defense minister says that is not enough but he is calling on european union allies to step up. the involved never before used article of the e.u. isn't treaty which has 28 member nations to give aid and assistance to up nato country that is a victim of armed aggression on its territory. the defense ministry says other countries can take part in france's operations in syria and iraq and providing other security support. they carried out seven more air strikes on syria targeting an isis command post and training camp and french police carried out 128 more raids last night, near the 300 since sunday.
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you can't have 100 accusing dozens of weapons including a rocket launcher, more raids were carried out in belgium and germany where police have arrested several people with possible connections to the terror cells that killed or wounded knee and the 500 people last week but no sign of the two most-wanted besides that new person they are looking for. they are looking for the moroccan born radical abdelhamid abaaoud accused of plotting numerous attacks including the one where three americans foil would-be terrorists, he is believed to have fled to syria. then there is the one whose brother blue himself up, brahim abdelslam, the one who drove back into belgium saturday morning, was topped by police and about to continue on because they didn't know he was wanted. he was with two other men saturday morning when he was detained, those other men are in
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custody. neil: as rick was speaking we have our 30th state rejecting any more refugees maryland becoming the 30th state to do so. these states are saying 10,000 refugees largely from syria we are contemplating bringing them to the united states, they have all said to varying degrees we don't want to come here. keep in mind federal law dictates, these guys might have nothing to say about it, 29 governors who are republican, one who is democrat have also effectively no, no, no. this comes on the heels of paul ryan saying we will table this measure to take up funding for this and how we fund all of this is thursday but that doesn't mean it is a done deal but if you hear the administration's stated has full authority, washington has the ultimate say so on this that that is falling on deaf years with governors saying we don't want them.
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we go to retired lieutenant colonel bob mcginnis on how cheap this was to pull off. without being crass about this, this entire paris attack might end ed up costing less than 2,000 usd, the 9/11 attack less than $5,000 so we seem to be concentrated on going after their oil funding and revenues. when this is the equivalent to change they could find under their couch cushions. that is how effective they are with very little money. you have to wonder if they can do that kind of damage on that kind of go, relatively small boy imagine what they could pull off with much more. >> that is true. they obviously back in june, mozilla, $400 million, a hunk of gold as well, confiscated billions of dollars of our equipment, they control a piece of terrain with oil infrastructure and do all sorts of things to earn money.
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neil: where do they put that money? they can't keep it in paperback's. there must be a conduit or a system they are using, what? >> there are certain countries behind-the-scenes assisting some of these people, there are ridge charities, rich donors facilitating and i have no doubt that they have conduits through damascus into moscow, conduits to riyadh, conduits elsewhere. this is the nature of that part of the world and we need to get past hour night at a to get to what we are facing here. these are pretty insidious folks. neil: in western nations, places like paris, if the two that are suspected of having come from c rea 37 greece to a part of this refugee influx they obviously came to a place where they would
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be sheltered, where their weapons, explosives, all this stuff they would use ultimately to carry out these attacks so there were systems in place, havens in place within these western nations and cities, right? >> of course. we have them in this country as well. the fbi director sydney and investigations in every state. we have sells here. we just have to find the man destroy them but unfortunately a blended in. given the civil liberties, porous borders as your previous guest talked about, we have people all over and they are continuing to be communicated with through social me and the like of which we haven't shut down. neil: we clearly have it backwards, no offense, not to you but this notion we have to jays the money that fund them through these oilfields and everything else that they could throw in places like the outback of iraq when the real problem
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seems to be in the western nations that already house them, support them, financially provide these for dan and support them in ways more in just money. >> the sympathy was already in belgium and france when those guys came up from syria with directions on what they were going to do and we have to recognize the trigger may be in morocco but the messenger will travel to the flow of tsunami refugees going to western europe or get on united airlines and fly to dollars airport and come down to d.c. and link up with a cell that is going to attack something. that is the nature, in human intelligence is critical year and unfortunately in that part of the world our human intelligence is very for because we abandoned that part of the world. neil: good points all. thank you very much. the good colonel was on this before a lot of people were
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connecting the dots. that was scary, why wasn't anyone listening. stocks unfazed by this. would entitle you this was a pattern? happened after charlie hebdo in two london attacks and happen again and again, madrid comes to mind as well. stocks go up on the believe that it is not us, we are ok, we are safe. doesn't always work out that way. that is how wall street is treating it today. more on why wall street.
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and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen. . neil: all right, take a look what's happening on the corner of wall and broad. stocks up again. a lot of this has to do that them over there in paris like it was them over there in london. just like it was them over there in madrid. every terrorist attack we've seen since 9/11 seems to
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involve others, whether you're talking mumbai, india or other locales that have nothing to do with us. what ails them doesn't necessarily ailus. we had this purported isis video that claims washington is a future target. concentrating on what we know right now, we are a beacon compared to the rest of the world certainly financially. walmart proving that numbers were much better than wall street thought and sales are already doing the trick and it looks forward to a very, very aggressive and happy yuletide season. jared levy, across the pond, for how long, do you think? >> i don't think we should brush this off obviously in america, and not to sound insensitive, that's what the market has been doing. that's a knee-jerk reaction, you look at northrup grumman, lockheed, the gun makers the
12:29 pm
ammunition makers are all soars. neil: if you think we live in dicey times and take the word isis, defense related stocks do very, very well. >> they tend to. this knee-jerk reaction is dangerous. and you are right to a point, neil. americans feel we are safer over here and it happened over there, and as horrible as it was, this isn't a major conflict. and what's weird, markets like big conflicts because war means spending, war means economic stimulus but we're not at that. the president made it clear he's not going to engage isis and everything is going to remain status quo. in reality what markets are looking at now, well, the fed will be accommodative, why? the euro is dropping, it's in a low against the dollar, because obviously this is going to have ramifications for their economy. so i guess the bottom line, neil, if you're an investor, be
12:30 pm
careful with the knee jerk bump. neil: this development alone in paris might prompt the fed to hold off, why in the middle of all this global angst hike rates and rub more salt in the wound, right? >> yes, because we're tied to them. you got to remember, this is all a currency game. what happens with us in china and us in europe and us against every trading partner is a currency game. if their currency is dropping too much against ours, the fed is going to look at that as well. though they might not say that, that goes into the thought process. i don't care who you are, it's the truth. and perhaps does influence their take on rates in december happening today. don't be fooled. i'd be careful here, wouldn't be a buyer except for defensive names. neil: carly fiorina, when i caught up with her after the debate on fbn, when we were in the spin room. she said neil, i don't think, this is before all of this transpired, i don't think the
12:31 pm
fed is going to raise rates because i think this is -- this is quoting her, don't raise rates because they don't want to raise rates. there are people who will argue whether there is an economic or need to raise rates, but this legitimate excuse not to add problems in a world that's full of them right now with the u.s. going one way on rates and putting them at a disadvantage it. certainly makes sense to me. >> it does, and several gop candidates have brought this up, that there will have no objective formula for the fed. the fed has the pleasure unfortunately, of sort of doing what they deem to be right. and what they deem to be right may not be right for the economy or right for the american people but at the time, yes, something like paris could be used as an excuse, and i think it will be. my models, i was at a 75-76%
12:32 pm
probability for rate hike. they've dropped now to 40-45%. neil: is that right? >> yes, that's where i'm looking at personally. neil: buddy, thank you very much, jared levy, good at this stuff. and paul ryan tuned into say this measure to bring refugees, wants to halt the program, rethink the program and toughen up on the program. button the whole thing down before we let a refugee in. you think it's going to go away just like that? come on, this is washington, folks! stick around, you are watching fox business.
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. neil: all right, we've got news from syria, bashar assad saying if the french government is not serious in fight against terrorism, good luck seeing me collaborate with you. that is not happening. he's drawing a hard line that unless he gets a sympathetic response from western paris particularly france in battle against terror, nothing changes with him. in the meantime, on things of a political nature here, the seiu, the services workers union has decided to endorse hillary clinton for president. she's running the map now with all the major unions backing her. this is post joe biden backing out of the race. there had been hope among the seiu workers that they would back him, but he decided not to
12:37 pm
run, they took their time. a little patience here and threw support behind hillary clinton, that leaves very few unions jumping to the other candidates. we'll be following that. also following speaker paul ryan taking a go slow approach to the measure that would bring 10,000 syrians here. these guys' efforts might have prompted that, the congressman from the fine state of montana, former s.e.a.l. team 6 commander by the way. urging to go slow here, and that is exactly what happened. he hasn't said no, right, congressman? he wants to tighten it up, reexamine it on thursday, he might put it through anyway, right? >> we're going to have a vote before the weekend out. had a meeting with the speaker this morning, he said we would vote on it before we leave, and i think it's appropriate.
12:38 pm
look, we can't allow terrorists and terrorist sympathizer into this country and the refugee program as it is right now allows. that so congress needs to do our duty. neil: how do they know by not tracking where they are from? the administration says we most certainly do track where they're coming from, we have a paper trail, if we don't have a paper trail, we don't advocate letting them in. we focus on those we can track where they are coming. from you don't think they're doing that adequate free? . >> no, there is no database who's a sympathizer, who's not, but the hudson-zincy safe act ensures that the dhs or fbi certifies a congress that those coming into the country of refugee status are not terrorists or sympathizers to terrorist activities. neil: how would you know that? >> well, we're going to have to
12:39 pm
look at the vetting process, because as it sits right now, we can't vet. there's no database overseas. you have to go to each individual, analyze a background check, and i think that's appropriate, considering the risk that america is facing it is entirely appropriate we slow down, we looked at refugee program and make sure that the refugees coming to the country are properly vetted, and that vetting has to be certified and i think the dhs and fbi are the people to certify it. i heard the white house talk about the center for counterterrorism. they don't vet people. so, again, the vetting program has to be looked at and we got to make sure as americans we know who's in this country and they're not conducting terrorist operations. neil: all right, congressman, thank you very much. good seeing you. see what happens, thursday is the first chance to get a chance to tighten up this, we'll see. all we know is 30 states have said no to the refugees.
12:40 pm
that in varying ways they're not inclined to accept them especially with things as loose or unclear as they are right now. janet napolitano says it's one thing for states and governors to say that, another to say do they have the power? . >> do they judge? >> no, as sympathetic and rational as the cause is. the congressman will be frustrated by. this in 2005 whether we begin to experience influx of refugees from afghanistan and iraq as a result of the wars there. the congress gave the president unlimited, meaning without a cap, authority. to admit any numbers of political asylum-seekers or people fleeing for humanitarian reasons that he wanted to. there's no numerical cap. over the weekend, ben rhodes, the president's national security adviser said 10,000 this year and 100,000 next year.
12:41 pm
congress has the power of the purse but can't control the number without changing the statute. neil: can't change the means by which they're allowed can, it? >> no, that's in the executive branch. another flaw in my view of mr. rhodes' argument, and i agree with congressman zinke, the ability to check a person's background, you can only do that as goodsa the information is in the computer. i don't know where they get the background on the people, unless they traveled to united arab emirates and they're in one of the computers. neil: i'm told the vast majority coming from syria, most from syria, some from other countries, they're part of syrian wave. there is no paper record, they come from poor towns. >> not all of them are muslims, there are catholics in there. governor christie, i can understand his objection but he
12:42 pm
can't interfere with the apparatus. neil: not even the five-year-olds, he made that statement. >> i was surprised he was that harsh. if the department of homeland security brings 10,000 syrian refugees to mcguire air force base, the governor cannot interfere that. if they certify them for a finite period of time and release them off the base, he really has problems, the social safety net that the state of new jersey and others make would apply to emergency rooms of hospitals, housing assistance and money for food. neil: in the case of our ancestors, mine immigrated from italy. >> as did mine. neil: around the same time, by the way. must have been a party at ellis island. but i understand when i researched this many years ago that they had to be spoken for. in other words, there had to be family and/or friends or both
12:43 pm
to greet them, account for them, to provide support for them that they would not be going into a vacuum. now i don't know if that was standard policy for all immigrants coming at time, but couldn't get a paper trail the way they were coming, you certainly had one to where they were going to. >> that was it. that was the only requirement. laws have been radically changed. neil: made it much more dangerous. >> correct, but significantly different after 9/11. tightened up after 9/11 and loosened up at the discretion of the president. the president was george w. bush then, barack obama now, he has that power. much to congressman zinke's chagrin, and i share the chagrin, it's in the president's hands and his discretion up and to his people to decide what is a thorough background investigation or not. the governors may sue as they did with the president's executive orders on immigration that got a federal court to enjoin him. they might have similar success here, i doubt it.
12:44 pm
this is really a foreign policy issue which under the constitution is in the hands of the president. neil: incredible. all right, thank you very much, judge. >> you're welcome. neil: a number of tech companies under fire for not helping out in this process, when it comes to getting information on bad guys, not sharing it. that i have reason to do it. once burnt, more than twice shy. can they be a little too shy and a little too reticent and a little too resistant? i know how the judge feels on this subject. how do you think top tech ceos are responding on this subject? after this. something powerful about progress: that whether times are good or bad, people and their ideas will continue to move the world forward. as long as they have someone to believe in them. citi financed the transatlantic cable that connected continents. and the panama canal, that made our world a smaller place. we backed the marshall plan that helped europe regain its strength.
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and pioneered the atm, for cash, anytime. for over two centuries we've supported dreams like these, and the people and companies behind them. so why should that matter to you? because, today, we are still helping progress makers turn their ideas into reality. and the next great idea could be yours.
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we are beginning a journey, we are bound by nothing. technology empowers us to achieve more. it pushes us to go further. to keep track of almost five million athletes, in 170 countries, you need a lot of data. up 'til now we've been tracking a lot of data manually. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information
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to track their personal best. special olympics is really about celebrating differences, to create a world where we can accept and appreciate the gifts that we all bring to our communities. technology is the tool to make an impact. it is the tool to make a difference. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time we can invest in our athletes, our work, and changing the world. . neil: we're going to go to deirdre bolton in paris, they're trying to track down not only all the bad guys or accomplices to the attacks but what companies may have helped or shielded them unknowingly, deirdre? >> reporter: so, neil, to your point, listen, terrorists now
12:48 pm
have the same tools that once upon a time only governments had. for example, all these encryption tools we are talking about. twitter, i do know this, isis is effective on twitter. twitter did suspend about 1,000 accounts it did suspect being led by isis and the social media companies in the middle. they're trying to keep the line, which is we are just the distribution pipe, but yet when they see themselves being used as recruiting tools, they just shut these sites down. neil, you and i were talking the other day about the possibility, i'm not saying this is being pursued as a link to what happened here on friday. there was, in fact, a link or the possibility of a link to people communicating through playstation 4. if you and i play a game, we could be playing super mario coe on the coin, send it to you, and you and i are the only people who see that.
12:49 pm
that is not linked to friday's events. tech experts here and in person here say anything is possible, and unfortunately, isis does show in fact that they are using technology pretty well. they are also training would-be terrorists how to use it. on a brighter note, neil, i want to leave you with, this as you can tell, i'm in front of the eiffel tower. it is very crowded here, so people certainly getting back to living life which is very nice to see. back to you in new york. neil: that is nice to see, deirdre bolton. a lot of the guys may be contacting each other over a playstation device. kids use it all the time. the same with xbox, they communicate, talk to each other, it's wild. how far do you go policing that? i don't know, we're asking all these questions now because it went down in paris this past weekend. can you blame a lot of ceos and a lot of companies, not just gaming companies for
12:50 pm
holding onto a lot of their cash. what would you do? would you be spending willy-nilly in this especially if you are feared that could be repeated. charlie gasparino on why they're keeping their wallets closed, after this. you both have a
12:51 pm
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7.
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12:53 pm
. neil: all right, if in doubt, no cash out. it's not exact rule of thumb, but pretty close when ceos are very, very nervous about what's going on in the world, not to commit more capital across the board but enough to get charlie gasparino's notice, what's going on? >> a lot of attention has been spent on just why is there so much cash on balance sheets? and i'll be making calls and doing a little research, and it's funny, when you talk to
12:54 pm
corporate ceos, they give you the reason there is so much cash on balance sheet, the unfavorable tax laws in the u.s. and terrorism. what they point out is this, if you have a catastrophic terrorist event, particularly after 9/11, you need to be more liquid, cash on the balance sheet. the insurance companies don't pick up everything. the insurance companies have to rely on reinsurers to cover the claims when it comes into the tens of billions of dollars. that is one of the reasons major companies are keeping cash on the balance sheet, companies like ge, yes, they don't want to pay the taxes to -- on this stuff. they may not want to hire people because they're afraid of the economy, but also, you know, inputting into their equation terrorism and the cost of terrorism. look at the insanity that occurred after 9/11. insurance companies not being able to properly cover stuff,
12:55 pm
how to rely on reinsurers who weren't equipped to do it. the federal government got involved, there was the federal terrorism recovery act or something along those lines. to help fund the insurance companies. neil: what do you make of the one that decides to heck with this, we're going to continue the 12+ billion deal. >> that doesn't mean they won't keep the cash on hand. in january of last year, president obama and congress agreed on this to extend this. what this does means the federal government does step in in certain circumstances like 9/11-type terrorism events where they will throw some money at the problem. neil: especially in fast market conditions, fast-forward to 2008. >> let's be clear, terrorism is a horrific event.
12:56 pm
a human casualty, people die. but it's also an economic event. and one of the things that if you talk to anybody in the fbi about what is the end result? what do the terrorists want? they want to destroy our life and destroy our economy. this is the way do you it, through the catastrophic events which stops people either from going out and spending money or in the extreme case of 9/11, you destroy stock markets and cause capitalism to go to -- be at a standstill for a week, which is unbelievable when you think about it. that didn't quite happen in france. but every quarter ceo watched the events in france and came back and said what is our exposure? where do we sit? how is the balance sheet structureed? . neil: are we covered? >> god forbid. there is an economic issue. neil: we have rudy giuliani coming up. remember, rudy giuliani said you always got to be watchful and be prepared.
12:57 pm
now 30 governors are prepared to say no to all the refugees that want to come here. unless we button this up and fast, the north carolina governor is saying no, not now, i'm not prepared. i don't feel that good about this. ♪ come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! >>what time is it? it's go time. >>come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. >>i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams
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and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? neil: welcome back. this is coast to coast. i am neil cavuto. talking about getting tough on terror. no thank you. if you think you will be working in concert with us, it is not happening. they are not on the same page. vladimir putin, at least when it comes to the french, they are. payback for a certain airplane crash. >> a significant development this morning. thanking the british and americans on what brought down there airplane.
1:01 pm
it was terrorist that brought down the plane. an explosive aboard the plane and brought it down. that came to the russian security service. now, the vow of payback is important as well. the russians were resistant to now, they are saying that it is. they are offering, according to reports, a $50 million reward on information on what exactly brought the plane down. we know that isis claimed responsibility. according to reports today, it appears to have been russians. airstrikes are actually going after isis. remember there were so many questions about what they were really doing in syria. going after isis, warplanes. coordination now between the
1:02 pm
french, navy and russian navy. that is the significance. presumably isis terris that brought down the plane. neil: huddling around a table with their translators. renewing talk that maybe these two have not exactly seen eye to eye. it can work together when it comes to battling terrorism. david is with us on that. stranger things have happened in the past. >> certainly stranger things have happened. it is not out of the realm of possibility. we are still very far apart. the biggest obstacles is the same obstacle that existed in previous peace talks in switzerland. the fate of al-assad. the u.s. coalition and our arab
1:03 pm
partners. president obama we iterated that in his press conference recently. russia, of course, is there to prop up the regime. at least right now committed to assad. you will have to give something to russia to get russia to back off its position. russia has to convince iran to back off. the question is, what is that? what can the u.s. give russia? maybe more sanctions. maybe our nato commitment in regions near russia. those are big things to give up. we just do not know how to accomplish that at this point. neil: what do you take of what president assad has been saying in regard to the french? he says he will only share intelligence with france if he changes his policy in syria.
1:04 pm
i do not know if the french will change their posture. i know we do not seem willing to change the posture. i know how vladimir putin is willing to work with the french. i am also picturing him as being the odd man out in this situation. >> a couple of things. clearly, assad does not shut hundreds trust the french or anyone else. he does not need france right now. a lot of help from russia. neil: what if russia threatens to throw assad? look, we are making progress with the french, with the u.s., with these countries that have been hit by terror. cf. would not want to be you. >> that would be great. that is what we need to happen. i just do not think that it is going to happen.
1:05 pm
neil: that famous picture of them huddling around a table looking like they are serious and not childish, they actually seem to be talking. do you see that as short-lived or what? >> talking goose important. that is part of the diplomacy. they are in communication. maybe i am wrong. maybe something will come out of it. i just do not think so yet. neil: thank you very, very much. always good to have you on. i do not know if you have been shopping at walmart the last three months, the world's biggest retailer, it turns out a lot of people were. the earnings themselves much better than expected. has been up about 7%. a big reason why the dow is up right now 90 points. what is causing that? a lot of this is built on consumers and their optimism.
1:06 pm
monica, what do you think of this? >> i think walmart has found a way to take some from its competitors. what we saw last time was that it was losing share to dollar stores, grocery stores that were trying to basically get into their game and also online. amazon was eating a good part of walmart's lunch. they have found a way to sneak some of that back. i would not get too excited and read this as some sort of predictions as to what is happening towards the economy and consumer. neil: e-mail or advertising. sales every day. all of these guys. in the case of walmart right now, $49 tv, i don't know what it is. obviously, sales or constant. a constant way to bring people in. home depot was well. i am just wondering, what
1:07 pm
happens later on in the holiday shopping season that people are numb to that effect. in other words, they just expect that to be the case. >> we absolutely expect that to be the case. at this point, black friday used to comprise the 10% of sales. we saw it drop last year. that was no indication of how holiday shopping was going altogether. we saw holiday shopping rise. people are not questioning their spending around one promotional event. they expect sales all around black friday. neil: they huddle around walmart as it is opening. 5:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day. they kill each other to get their hands on a flatscreen tv. this is probably what the world looks like on the final days. what compels that?
1:08 pm
the magic of that moment disappearing. >> i do not think that the magic is disappearing. 57% of consumers have already started shopping for the holidays. compare that to 50% about eight years ago. neil: already's art of their shopping? >> started shopping for something. you have not started, neil? neil: no. the 24th. monica, thank you very much. can you imagine? no? the gift that keeps giving. all right. we have some big offerings this week. square, square, they began publicly trading on thursday. looking anything more promising.
1:09 pm
i do think things will go? >> they have not done so well recently. hot areas. when you look at mobile payments , that is an area that everyone is very excited about. a lot of these companies and a lot of these little unicorns, these valuations that have started to come back in, you get the sense that wall street is saying we better get these out while we can. in the case of online dating, it is very possible that this will drop a lot of attention to investors. ipos do not do as well when you are at a risk off environment. lately wall street has been in a risk off environment. high-yield spreads are still pretty wide. a lot of uncertainty out there. it could change very, quickly. i think that investors need to be aware of this. usually a timeframe when ipos do not do so well.
1:10 pm
this is what we have seen all year. neil: if the dating site cannot find the love from investors, what is that? >> there is a lot of competition in all online worlds. we look at companies like facebook. they go after certain areas online whether it is shopping or videos or any other form of online things that generate revenue. they can put a company out of business very quick. certainly, i know a lot of people that are on these sites. i know that they are very popular. i am not saying that this company will not do well, investors have to be aware that there is a company and a company at a certain price. a decent price for the company no matter what the company is. you also have to make sure that the company is profitable and they have good projections moving forward. you still have to do your
1:11 pm
analysis. >> we told you about these 30 some odd governors who have said, you know what, we just do not like this idea to bring these serious refugees here so we will pass. legally, they may not have a prayer. now we are told that they will hold a conference call tonight with these governors over the theory and refugee situation. what seems to be the problem? thirty governors speaking at once. one of them will be joining us after this. ♪ >> on the next kennedy, we are graced by the presidents andy leiby. a pm eastern, 5:00 p.m. pacific on fbn. ♪
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i just had a horrible nightmare. my company's entire network went down, and i was home in bed, unaware. but that would never happen. comcast business monitors my company's network 24 hours a day and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. >> that is a problem with some
1:15 pm
in the muslim community in this country. there is a problem and we have to be honest about it. [applause] neil: you may like him, you may hate him. he is taking that country and a look at what is going on with terrorism and multiculturalism. taking us by storm. a lot of the things we see transpire in paris over the weekend, too many western governments being too willing to blend. is he right? is that fair? he is coming up later this hour. we have richard newton on focusing on not only where ice escape this money, but who is buying that oil. that is a big question. who gets that oil. >> now as not just a terrorist organization. think of them as state like.
1:16 pm
infrastructure. they have territory. they have enough territory. >> they have friends and allies. they have other organizations out there that provide that support and empower them and enable them to go off and do these very integrated synchronized attacks like we saw in paris. we need to go after not just isis, but those that support them. we were in the hunt for bin laden. we went after any nation states or organizations that supported in london also. it is a whole effort. not just focusing on oil. those that are supporting them as well. neil: pictures that we got from the region did presumably filled with oil. going some where. someone was buying that oil. someone was facilitating isis or maybe looking the other way. providing that oil.
1:17 pm
>> $1.5 million a day. it is the black market. it could be going to surrounding nations. maybe even the assad regime somehow. it could be and may be unknown or known also. that is important. the intelligence. we would use that and need that to understand where it is going. not only in the human intelligence, but the cyber intelligence also. what we need to do from this point on is the night isis. we need to destroy out all their activities and then we need to destroy. the oil is a significant part of that. neil: are you afraid of where this leads?
1:18 pm
>> i think that we may need to smoke him out. we are under new conditions. i said isis about 5-foot seven, let's not make them into six. it. they are in europe. on monday, there are other operations in the pipeline. this is something that we need to go forward. it is american leadership. neil: general, thank you very, very much. moving or not to move on taking me serious refugees. finding the city of new york on these refugees. we should not close our borders to any group of people. to do so, hand paris a victory over our democracy. americans who died are risked their lives for it.
1:19 pm
i wonder what rudy giuliani thinks of that. america's mayor is next. double go
1:20 pm
1:21 pm
1:22 pm
are or but to make more information available? >> the number one obligation is to provide for the united states. >> access and order to save lives. we need the cooperation of these technology companies. ultimately, the authority of the united states may be is. neil: it is time for these technology companies that may have impairment in. cough it up and get it out there. dagen mcdowell, elizabeth macdonald. liz: already has access to metadata. it is not just facebook. i beg your pardon. neil: can we see this stuff?
1:23 pm
liz: they did comply with 75%. it has been greatly, greatly reduce. and individual privacy. the overall safety of the nation. you have to admit, i have been against the crackdown on these programs from the very first day we talk about them. the metadata program from the nsa, what is still available is the money algorithms on song records, phone records, different databases by the phone companies. e-mail and instant messaging that we are now allowed to run out rhythms on any longer. liz: they have this thing called the snoopers charter that they have been wanting since may 2012. the uk would ban what sap, i message or snap chat.
1:24 pm
they do not store the information for a year. access it with just a warning. we do not host the data. we just vaporize it. it disappears. neil: this latest james bond movie. fantastic. i digress. when bond, james bond, wanted information, he did not run it by apple. nobody ran it by these guys. i am cynical enough to believe that this happens all the time. if the government really want something they get it. they do not ask for permission. dagen: if it is encrypted, it simply is not that easy anymore. in some instances --
1:25 pm
neil: who is the guy with this device? >> -- [laughter] >> it will say that on the device. the software scrambles it and encrypts it. liz: jim made the fbi director specifically want to force technology companies with encrypted software and hardware. the government in a court order could, get that information. the back door. what is happening is the more sophisticated the technology gets, the more sophisticated we get communicating. actually being forced to pull back. the government has less power. less access to information. it makes zero sense. >> i know for a fact for decades
1:26 pm
they can get access to a lot of information. it is kind of weird that companies are being dragooned. yes, we get it. we want to catch the bad guys. >> the latest james bond? >> based on the crack down. based on the tool edward snowden we can see no evil and we can hear no evil. that reigns down on us unless we change the way that this is going. neil: that is what they are doing. thank you very, very much. authorities at the international airport awaiting the arrival of a british airways flight. gaining access to the cockpit. never good. is is the this the plane coming
1:27 pm
in? this is the plane coming in. we will keep you posted on this. a lot more on this in the threat that this could have been. never did gain access, but they are taking no chances. more after this. ♪ you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right
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1:29 pm
the 15 this is a british airways flight that has just landed.
1:30 pm
and emergency landing when a passenger aboard had to be restrained because he was trying to break into the cockpit. massachusetts state troopers are aboard there. it is a female? what we know is that british airways radioed this to the boston faa. we do not know much more than that. just that she tried to get into the car hit. was very close. tackle dan now being held down. we do not know how. what a great time to have the mayor, america's mayor, rudy giuliani with us now. >> my goodness. all weekend was a reliving of the september 11 for me and tremendous empathy for the people of paris. >> you do not know what is going
1:31 pm
through this woman's mind. >> we do not know. a crazy woman, it does not sound like a terrorist. >> two weeks after a russian plane went down. >> it is big. looking for big things. they did not do one attack in paris, they did five. one attack does not get you the attention that five gets you. what they have to do is try and us. the attack on our people in the prediction, the chance of any of us being killed by terrorists are minimum. we will die of something else. neil: we have locked the things down. that is impossible. people are inherently afraid of
1:32 pm
planes. you have a better chance of dying in an automobile than an airplane, but people are afraid of airplanes. if you do an airplane thing, you really get into people's heads. this is what it is all about. it is not like hitler trying to take over countries. this is playing with your head. they cannot take us over. they are trying to play with our heads. week. it can disrupt our economy. it can disrupt our way of life. neil: this was an incident. this was a plane that had to make an emergency landing after a woman try to storm the cockpit. she came close. she was tackled. we do not know what was going on. we will find out shortly. could you imagine for the folks on that plane. it had to be very scary. >> you have to be thinking about
1:33 pm
it. the school canceled a trip to paris. for good reason. charlie: my advice always is, screw them. go ahead and do it. stand up to them and show them it will not stop you from living your life. everyone had a right to make their own decision about it. neil: bill de blasio in this sphere. we are open to that. i am paraphrasing here. >> it is a joke. one of the things that my business does is background checks. we also have it set up background set up systems for businesses.
1:34 pm
how do i do a background check? i check somebody's records. there are no records on these people. you do not think isis is capable of creating phony identifications and phony records? my god. it can be done by a halfwit criminal on the streets. neil: may be on a conference call. thirty of them. with the white house tonight on this. what would you be asking? >> exactly what records constitute your bedding? do you have their employment record? what records? neil: it is fair to say that a fair majority are seeking asylum. >> this reminds me of the 125,000 cubans coming into america. 100,000 were perfectly wonderful
1:35 pm
people and have gone on to great success. 25,000 in saint asylum. neil: remember the governor was most upset. charlie: the reason why he never liked jimmy carter. he went to the white house and asked carter to please take these people. he did blame it on carter. why are you throwing this on us? charlie: what we should do is what john mccain and lindsey graham and i think dianne feinstein recommended five years ago. this never would have happened. we should set up a no-fly zone in syria. they should be surrounded by nato troops in a should be protected. they should be kept in syria. they should not be overwhelming jordan. they should not be overwhelming western europe.
1:36 pm
they should not be overwhelming the united states. let's make a portion of syria say for them. that would also push back isis somewhat. they should stay where they are. we should protect them there. expand the resources if necessary. neil: you had to deal with a crisis. people are antsy. a soccer stadium is being evacuated. because of an apparent threat. it would have interfered with germany, netherlands soccer. >> you will have a lot of that. we were having like 120, 130 bomb scares a day in the four or five days. almost a panic in grand central station. somebody thought that there was a bombing grand central station.
1:37 pm
neil: you had to get the word out that the threat was there. charlie: i advise them to deal with it. we have to run them all down. do not get over excited about it. i have been on an airplane where there has been a ticking. a lot of people thought that it was a bomb. there was a little panic on the airplane. when they saw me, they got even more nervous. they thought they are taking the play down because of me. [laughter] it turned out to be an alarm clock. neil: 9/11 .-middle-dot new york. we were a little far, but not too far away from the district in paris. certainly in the juried. that is not by accident. charlie: no. they wanted to hit our institutions. i think they thought of the world trade center almost
1:38 pm
literally. not realizing the office building. i think they saw it as a financial hub. right next to wall street. they also try to hit up political institutions. stuart: they gravitate to where politicians are. neil: right? charlie: 20 minutes. neil: in the case of germany soccer game, angela merkel was among those expected to be there. here we go. british airways. an unruly customer. the company putting out a statement. we do not tolerate abusive behavior. obviously, a woman trying to storm the cockpit to get in would fall under that category. >> it is totally not that this period, any time, to be storming a cockpit as tense as they are.
1:39 pm
amazing. thank you very much. i came out of the men's room. they saw me. [laughter] neil: pushing you out a window. rudy giuliani. how he kept everyone cool and in control. that was then. this is now.e it never goes away.di experien we will have more after this. ♪ around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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1:41 pm
♪ connell: time for george fox business brief. taking a look at the key numbers today as we continue to follow breaking news. no spikes in oil after the terrorists tax in paris. selloff in treasuries. interest rates are heading up. you would think that that means stocks are lower, but they are not. the market is up again today. concerns about paris. we have seen it come off a little bit. probably important. the fourth week since august. bouncing off all of those lows. breaking news in the last few minutes in boston and germany. s&p 500 still about 3% below its record high. another record high today.
1:42 pm
neil is back in just a moment. ♪ the future belongs to the fast.
1:43 pm
and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. neil: all right. still really scary here. it could have been a lot worse. a flight coming in from london landing at logan airport with a woman trying to enter the cockpit forcibly, we are told. she became deranged and out of control.
1:44 pm
she was tackled and everyone on that plane is safe. we do not know what happened with this woman. we can only guess that they tackled her and got her under control. germany. police had to be at a germany netherlands soccer match outs going to be attended by angela merkel. it was canceled. we do not know any more than that. they emptied out the stadium as an abundance of caution. all of this days after the paris attacks. heightened sense of emergency. we have the north airline a governor with us now. go slow on these refugees we are allowing into the u.s. and recheck the means by which we checked them. governor, good to have you. i understand it is going to be a conference call. part of the president call me
1:45 pm
knees down. what do you want to hear? >> i think what we need to hear is what kind of background checks they are getting from the syrian refugees before they enter our countries. how long the process takes. what information they get. a country amidst a civil war. it is hard enough to get a background check in the united states. i cannot imagine one in a war-torn country like syria. collaboration with the administration. the administration tends to make these announcements of two to 10,000 people without any input or communications whatsoever with the governor that have to do with this issue. i am glad that the white house is responding today. yesterday, we were getting lectured. citizens want to know exactly what is going on. we do not have any check point charlie when they bring the
1:46 pm
syrian refugees into north carolina. we have about 59 in the recent times. coming into north carolina. there is very little, if any communication because they go from the feds directly to nonprofits. we do not know exactly where these people end up or the backgrounds of these people that are coming. we want to help them, but we also want to be sure that the federal government did their job. neil: a spokesman saying that this female passenger who disrupted the plane was not forcing the cockpit doors, she was trying to open the exit door on a plane. that would be a little scary. that is what prompted this emergency in this landing. it was scheduled for logan anyway. the plane landed without incident. this woman was apparently trying to open the exit door on the plane which would have been instantly catastrophic if she
1:47 pm
would have succeeded. we know of about 19, close to 2000 serious refugees that have already been granted asylum over the last two years in the united states. we did have a process for this. we did have an incident with this. or any of them. what changes now? are you changing? are you concerned more with what happened in paris over the weekend. >> paris woke us up. one of those people apparently went through the refugee program. there was recently a house intelligent jury report that came in. infiltrate the refugees program to get to countries. our people need to be reassured. we need to have confidence in the federal system. neil: you have no choice.
1:48 pm
we understand your concerns, but this is a federal issue. if we say that we are going to be putting thousands of refugees in your neck of the woods, among north carolina being your neck of the woods, you just have to deal. what are you going to tell them? >> it is that way right now. we are requesting feedback and input. >> what if they don't satisfy? >> the good news is yesterday the president was lecturing us and calling us shameful. now they are setting up a meeting. there is a lot of concern. not just among governors, but citizens of the united states. we just saw a country have an act of war against them just like the united states did on 9/11. this is a friend in this is waking up people's eyes. the incidence of terrorism are at our shores. they are in europe. they could come back to us at any point in time. we have a strong ice is present
1:49 pm
among several countries. asking commonsense questions common sense questions in which we need a surety and the president. neil: maybe what happened at once what has inspired. neil: a woman trying to manipulate and forcibly open the exit door the plane. not that cockpit door the plane. passengers, that would obviously be a lot scarier. she failed. got her under control. we do not know what her beef was or what set her off. we do know that she was contained in the flight landed. i imagine that was scary for all of those that was on the plane. ♪ ♪
1:50 pm
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neil: we are learning more about this germany netherlands soccer game that was canceled. this game, angela merkel, the leader of germany was supposed to be attending. nigel, here we go again. i think we just lost our feed with him. all right, we're back with you. i apologize for that. repeating. the threats are out there. >> the threats are out there. the threats are real. the point is, we have in each of these european countries a group of people who actually hate us. they despise our way of life and they want to destroy it. that threat has been there for a very long time. my beef, my argument and what really upsets me is that for the last six months that we have
1:54 pm
been adding to that problem by allowing terrorists to come into europe posing as migrants and refugees. i have repeatedly said that if we go on over the next few years accepting countless millions of people, too many of them will be terrorists. neil: a politically incorrect environment. what happens to these millions of syrian refugees? >> the point is, i feel sorry for anybody that is living in the warsaw area like syria. the problem is, if we as a european union allow a biblical proportion, there will be a defensive about large number of people who are being put in delivery late i isis. the evidence already is one of the people in paris landed as
1:55 pm
recently as last month on the greek island and claimed asylum. i am not surprised. now i hear that there are 17 states in the usa telling obama we will not take refugees. neil: now it is up to 30. maybe more. the fear seems to be that we are going the other way. we are putting up walls again. how do you answer critics who say you are being too guarded. you are being too nervous. what do you say? >> well, i have for the last two years made in argument that in iraq and in syria there are a group of people that because of their religion are being persecuted and murdered and have no neighboring states to go to. do you know that they are called christians. yet, mr. cameron, mrs. merkel, no one has given refugee status to the americans.
1:56 pm
i am perfectly happy for us as a country to provide sanctuary to some of those christians. just to say to people, because they come from a war-torn country or because they come from a poor area that they can come to the area, i am mad. there is a balance. they do not qualify as refugees. they are economic migrants. they are too many terrorists. neil: nigel, thank you very, very much. a lot of the horrible stuff going on right now. we have found out a little bit more on this woman. she was 30 years old. she appeared upset. yeah. ♪ and when i find it- i go for it. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we give you the edge, with innovative charting
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. .
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neil: what i'm waiting for pictures from passengers on this flight, brittish airways flight,
2:00 pm
where 30-year-old tried to open exterior door, not cockpit door. we'll get more info and likely more pictures from more of those on the flight. we'll get more information on this soccer game that was canceled at the last second in hanover, germany. apparently a security threat. trish regan. here we go. trish: here we go. more breaking news. neil cavuto, we're monitoring situation in logan airport in boston. there are reports as you heard neil say, a 30-year-old female passenger had been restrained after allegedly trying to open an exit door while in flight. massachusetts state police, reporting a lot of this information in actually on twitter right now. they're saying the passenger was on a british airways flight enroute, 777 from heathrow airport in london to boston, boston's logan airport. you're looking at picture of the flight, of the british airways flight at the gate. the police are waiting there at that gate right now


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