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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  November 17, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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where 30-year-old tried to open exterior door, not cockpit door. we'll get more info and likely more pictures from more of those on the flight. we'll get more information on this soccer game that was canceled at the last second in hanover, germany. apparently a security threat. trish regan. here we go. trish: here we go. more breaking news. neil cavuto, we're monitoring situation in logan airport in boston. there are reports as you heard neil say, a 30-year-old female passenger had been restrained after allegedly trying to open an exit door while in flight. massachusetts state police, reporting a lot of this information in actually on twitter right now. they're saying the passenger was on a british airways flight enroute, 777 from heathrow airport in london to boston, boston's logan airport. you're looking at picture of the flight, of the british airways flight at the gate. the police are waiting there at that gate right now to take this
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woman into custody. as of now we have no information on her identity or nationality. that should be coming forth soon, should they, should they release that information. we'll continue watching this news out of boston. meanwhile, also, breaking right now, a stadium in hanover, germany, has been evacuated and the game between germany and netherlands has been canceled. chancellor angela merkel had been scheduled to be in attendance. she was not in attendance. there was reports of a suspicious object before kickoff. that item has not been found. this stadium in central, north, germany in hanover, which is in the central north part country has been evacuated. a lot going on right now. a lot we'll continue to mon for for you. all of course as we get that news, also breaking right now that france and rush are
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retaliating against isis with fresh at, in syria. many are asking where is the united states right now? meanwhile governors from across the country they are refusing to allow syrian refugees inside their states. 30 states saying no to president obama's plan to bring 10,000 syrian refugees in our country less than six weeks from now. those 30 governors are set to get on the call with president. the big concern whether or not the refugees can be properly vetted. the concern is they can't. two presidential candidates, former fbi official and four-star general here on "the intelligence report" in next 60 minutes with analysis. i want to get caught up on news, french and russian militaries are striking isis in syria. this is on the heels of the worst atrocity in france since world war ii. the president speaking out yesterday amid a lot of, a lot of criticism.
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we'll get to that as the police there in france conducted over one one raids overnight. they're trying to piece together just how exactly this attack was orchestrated. meanwhile over in belgium police arresting two men who they believed supplied the suicide bombs in friday's attack. the men admit they drove to france to pick up a suspected attacker who is still on the loose. this is his picture right there. here at home politicians, as i was saying ramping up pressure on president obama to invoke what is called article v of nato's protection clause. basically says an attack on one is an attack on all. congressman ted poe, texas, chairman of the house subcommittee introduced the resolution to invoke article v. he joins me now. congressman, welcome. >> thank you, trish. trish: tell me what it is you want to see from our president
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right now and how article v fits into that. >> as you say the article v of nato agreement of 28 nations says if one nation is attack they're all attacked. i filed a resolution that the united states would invoke article v on behalf of france and nato would be involved in this entire operations, 20 eight country, fighting back isis. remember that when 9/11 occurred several nato nations invoked article v on our behalf, made that a nato operation. so the attacks by isis are really more than just france or even europe. it is throughout the world. so let's have a coordinated joint response and eliminate isis by invoking the nato provision, article v. trish: let me ask you, congressman, how much support are you getting or seeing right now for this resolution? >> we have a lot of folks supporting this resolution and congress has taken the lead on
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this as it should, that congress has the authority to invoke article v in the sense that congress is responsible if the united states engages in military combat. so a lot of members of congress are supportive of this. it is just filed. hopefully we'll get a vote on this right away. trish: congressman, you have russia out there launching attacks on isis, uncoordinated with us, although they did tell us about the attacks. you have france striking isis in part with some of our intelligence helping them to do so but we don't really have a concerted effort right now from all of these countries, including the united states to wipe out isis. could article v change that? >> yes, article v could change that. you're right about the united states policy. it is very disturbing that the president said that isis is con attends. they're not contained. it is obvious that isis is not contained. the united states seems to have bunker mentality.
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in other words we're to hold in place. we have more and more security in the united states and we are reacting to crimes that occur against the u.s. we need to be proactive and lip nate isis, hopefully, the united states president will change his policy to have a strategy. trish: congressman, let me jump in to ask you a question about russia and putin. because russia, as i was saying earlier had launched these attacks on isis in syria, on the heels of what happened in paris. and also of course on the eels of what happened to that airliner, killing so many. do we need to be talking to vladmir putin? do we need to be engaging him right now? because this is a common enemy that all of us are fighting. i mean you look at sunnis and shiites, maybe they need to come together on this one as well. this is a terror group that wants to destroy humanity as we know it? >> of course we use nato. i think we ought to also share
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information with russia on the specific issue of isis. we have other concerns about russian involvement in syria. they're trying to support assad but on this one issue, yes, i think we should work with the russians and with the nato allies. trish: okay. well, there have been strange bedfellows in the past. you think back to world war ii and stalin. anyway, congressman poe we appreciate you joining us here today. thank you, sir. >> thank you, trish. trish: and as we've been discussing and discussing throughout the hour, the president would like to admit 10,000 refugees beginning six weeks from now, 10,000 refugees from syria, even though members of his own administration are doubtful whether or not we can properly vet these individuals. the fear of course that isis may seed the group with its own. >> hawists. -- jihadists. >> we will not know a whole lot about individual refugees from come forward from the u.n. high commission of refugees for
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resettlement and vetting. >> my concern there is are certain gaps i don't want to talk publicly in the data available to us. >> i don't obviously put it past the likes of isil to infill straight operatives among the -- infiltrate operatives among the refugees. trish: presidential candidate mike huckabee is slamming the white house's intention to bring in 10,000 refugees in next six weeks. if speaker ryan will not lead and reject the importtation of those fleeing the middle east he needs to step down and let someone else lead. governor huckabee joins me right now. governor, good to see you. unfortunate circumstances that we're meeting here again under. but it looks as though you were effective in getting speaker ryan to take note because, he is coming out and saying that that we need to be rethinking this entire situation.
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>> trish, i was heartened to see the speaker take a strong stand and admit there is no basis for us right now to have a wholesale admission of syrian refugees when we just don't have any way to vet them. today, marie harf, spokespeople for john kerry, took a shot at me, don't worry, 100% we can vet the people. we will trust the same people that gave the obamacare website, gave us the investigation on the irs and as well as on benghazi, and the same people that investigated james rosen. i'm sorry, but i just don't have a lot of confidence and trust in something this administration says, especially when the president is out there yesterday saying that we don't want to get into these slogans about america winning. trish, i do want america to win. i don't want the terrorists to win. i certainly don't want to invite them over and not have a clue we're actually inviting them to come to the united states and kill us. trish: governor, let's not forget we're talking about six weeks from now. even if you wanted to, even if
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you could possibly vet 10,000 people we don't have anytime! >> not only have anytime but where do they go? maybe go to chappaqua and stay in hillary's neighborhood. maybe upper side of manhattan or hollywood just somewhere around the capitol. trish: we have bill de blasio a long with number of other mayors across the country saying not only 10,000 but we need more. hillary clinton in the democratic debate, she wants 65,000 refugees to come here. new york would be one of the places that would take these refugees in, governor. >> but isn't it interesting the people who say this generally live behind gated communities or surrounded by armed guards? what about the people that live on just neighborhood streets and people who don't have an opportunity to have anything to do with who these people are, where they come from? we all share a concern about children and women who are being
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raped and pillaged but let's build a safe haven in the neighborhood. i was in pakistan right after the great earthquake that happened there. there were tens of thousands of people dislocated. there was an extraordinary encamment set up to house them and protect them. americans led in that. and that model is a whole lot better than shipping them 8,000 miles especially when many people could get in on the ride who do not come here because they're looking for shelter. they come here looking for mayhem. trish: let's not forget, looks as though one of the terrorists in terrorist attacks may have slipped in on syrian passport into greece saying that he was a refugee. senator, we have news breaking right now i would like to get your thoughts on, the majority leader there, mitch mcconnell, calling for moratorium on these refugees coming into the united states of nerc -- america. it in some ways feels like the elephant in the room.
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granted we're a humane society. as you point out we want to do what we can to help these people. there are a lot of very innocent children, women and men in this group but at the same time we need to protect ourselves. >> the number one job of the president of the united states is to protect americans. it is not to protect the reputation of islam which i sometimes think seems to be his highest goal. and the fact is, that if we want say there are is some real danger, we saw what danger looks like in the streets of paris friday night. i don't think any american is willing to take that risk and they shouldn't be. they shouldn't be asked to take that risk, trish. trish: do the democrats not get it? hillary clinton less than 30 hours from those attacks was there on stage saying we need to bring in 65,000 refugees. i would do more than president obama. in the meantime now, senator mcconnell saying look, we need to draw a line in the sand. we need to put a moratorium on
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this this is six weeks from potentially governor we're talking about bringing these people here. governor huckabee? can you hear me i think we're having audio issue there with governor huckabee. we'll come back to him. i want to remind our viewers, this news crossing right now, senator majority leader mitch mcconnell saying there needs to be moratorium on the program to bring in refugees. the president of the united states in less than six weeks plans to bring up 10,000 refugees. many intelligence officials have pointed out as well as members of the president's own administration as you just saw in the clip that we showed, there is no way to properly vet these people. they don't have a kind after track record that you can check. you certainly can't do it in the amount of time we're talking about. there governor huckabee joining with a number of conservatives on this issue who said we need to be realistic.
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governor, i apologize, we lost your audio. leader mcconnell says we need a moratorium. what needs to be done from the conservative community? not just conservatives. the democratic governor of new hampshire says they will not take refugees from new hampshire. this doesn't seem to be a political issue but seems some members of the democratic party think it's okay to open our borders at this rather scary time? >> trish, the good news is that there's at least some semblance of leadership. governors, the french president, all stepping into the leadership vacuum. i'm grateful to see what mitch mcconnell is doing, what paul ryan is doing. we need somebody to be be a leader. the president obviously doesn't want to be. i frankly was embarrassed, a french president, socially, left-wing politically correct
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president closing his borders even while america is trying to close gitmo and president is trying to make sure we import syrians here. i'm just glad a lot of governors understand, if they take these refugees, they will bear the cost for education and health care and housing. and i think they're rightly saying, no thank you. no thank you. trish: governor. tell me what you know about the legality of this. think about it. if the president told you got to take these refugees and you said, uh-uh we're not take them in my state, reality they could go to another state and nothing to prevent them from coming into your territory. we are the united states of america with open borders between our states, so even if one state, says, uh-uh, it's not happening that doesn't mean refugees, some potential terrorist could be in the u.s.? >> that's exactly why the governors are upset, because, look, they're going to be responsible for the safety of the people in their states.
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let me ask this, if somebody were saying here's a five-pound bag of peanuts. i just want to warn you, even though five pounds of peanuts are in here, there are six or seven of the individual peanuts are poisonous and will kill you, would you accept them and feed them to your family? the answer is obviously of course not. i think that what is a lot of people are beginning to say. mr. president, you're trying to tell us most of the people who come are going to be fine. okay. terrific. but we don't know which one isn't. will that person end up killing somebody we care about and love. why should we have what paris saw? why not on the streets some way to possibly avoid it. trish: we want to protect our loved ones. governor huckabee, good to have you here. >> thank you, trish. great to be with you. trish: new intel coming to us exactly how these terrorists communicated. authorities say sony's playstation may have been
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instrumental, sony refusing to, refusing to answer our questions. we have reached out repeatedly. so what really happened and are the tech companies partly responsible? that's next. it's more than a network and the cloud.
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>> there have been some policy, legal and other actions that have been taken make our ability collectively, internationally, to find these terrorists much more challenging. and i do hope that, this is going to be a wake-up call. trish: all right. we have new evidence that suggests isis communicating via playstation. you just heard director of cia talking about how difficult it toes monitor and police all of this chatter. all this chatter, by the way taking place just four days before the attacks.
2:21 pm
i want you to know, we contacted, here at "the intelligence report" sony. we contacted sony, which runs playstation, repeatedly. we contacted them five times, since sunday and you know what, sony hasn't responded. they have not responded to any of our inquiries, which is rather remarkable considering the circumstances. anyway i want to go right now to the former head of the fbi, former assistant director. shawn henry, for how these barbarians are communicating online and using things potentially like sony's playstation, to, work these operations. good to have you here, sean. tell me what you know about playstation and the dark web and how it that's these terrorists communicate. >> well, trish, we know these terrorists are looking for alternative means of communication. there have been a lot hit by drone strikes using cell phones,
2:22 pm
electronic means to track them. and to intercept their communications, have led to some disruptive behavior. they're looking for those alternative means. using playstation is one of the methods where they're able to use functionality, built into the system, it is not anything really special. they're using video chat. they're using voice chat. they're using text chat to communicate. people that are aggregating, meeting in virtual worlds able to collaborate, share information and really completely off radar of law enforcement and intelligence communities, chris. >> the shawn, i question what the liability of these companies will be. they are acting asfa sill tate tore. twitter, and others using twitter recruiting. whether sony has the platform enables these murderers to communicate.
2:23 pm
what role does corporate america need to be in this to cooperate with you guys to make sure this doesn't happen? >> when we talk about liability, do we hold a car manufacturer he and kill people? the features are lawful and used by typical consumers. the concerns are what are the manufacturers or providers, how are they interfacing with law enforcement? are they responsive to lawfully executed warrants, et cetera? i know the government has been talking to people in silicon valley, technology people, to express their concerns. trish: silicon valley doesn't like it. i talked to a lot of these guys. they don't want the government watching everything that they're consumers, their customerss do. >> on the heels of edward snowed enthere is this -- edward snowden, there is perception by many in the general public and globally that government agencies around the world are
2:24 pm
spying on all their citizens. at the end of the day what the government wants is the ability to lawfully look at communications of those who they have probable cause to believe are involved in crime or terrorism in this case. trish: right. >> the american public is going to have to decide ultimately in congress what is the balance between privacy and security. and we'll not have 100% of both. trish: it will sure be ongoing issue. thank you very much. i have more breaking news i want to bring to our viewers on the soccer game happening in netherlands, germany. hanover, germany, central part of the country. there was concrete threat that there was bomb planted there in the stadium. the stadium has been evacuated. we know angela merkel was scheduled to attend this soccer game. however she was not there. again the stadium has been evacuated. authorities learned that there was a concrete threat to
2:25 pm
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trish: breaking news that we are bringing to you right now. a soccer match was supposed to happen between the netherlands and germany, local officials have said there was a "concrete threat." a have evacuated the stadiums. chancellor angela merkel was supposed to be in attendance there. however, she was not there. the entire stadium has been evacuated. we are looking at another story right now.
2:29 pm
thirty governors from coast to coast are threatening to stop the flow of theory and refugees into their state following last week's attacks in paris. some say they do not have the legal authority to do that. george pataki worries the states will not be able to say no to president obama. watch this. >> you can certainly say that you will not cooperate, even not want the refugees, but i do not think that they have the ability to support him. this has got to stop at the level of the president veered the idea that we can vent these people is ridiculous. >> now he is telling us that we will check with the searing government to see if this particular person is a terrorist or not? think about it. if 1000 is a terrorist, that is 10 new terrorists coming to america. trish: even just one is threatening.
2:30 pm
>> i am just appalled that this president still does not understand that they are at war with us. trish: you, governor of new york, if you got it call for the president saying you'll taken these refugees, where would that put you? >> i would have said you are out of your mind. i would have done everything i could to get congress and the american people to say that this cannot happen. we know isis is using the so-called refugees to bring terrorist into the west and the united states. september 11, radical islam, even if we think it is on the other side of the world, poses a threat to our safety and security here. trish: you were governor at that time, during 9/11, you saw the events unfolding in paris, i am sure about that memories. what do we need to be doing? >> your heart goes out to the
2:31 pm
people of paris. this was not a surprise. i have been saying for over a year we have to destroy their training camps, their recruitment centers over there before they can attack us here. we are at greater risk of an attack here since september 11. this administration does not even call it radical islam. it is despicable. why did it take so long? if we knew it was a training center, why did he not destroyed months ago? this president has a lot to answer for. allowing our allies in the west to come under an exponential account i radical islam. wake up call after wake-up call. the president in turkey said that this is a setback.
2:32 pm
a setback? over 100 million massacred is a setback? it is a catastrophe. one that should be a wake-up call. i think we're going to need a lot more before this president ever wakes up. trish: thank you very much for joining me. >> take you, trish. trish: not wanting. refugees inside the united states. have the democrats handed over the keys to the white house? that is next. ♪ the future belongs to the fast.
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trish: 30 governors right now in 30 different states across the country that are saying no to refugees. promising open doors. it is kind of amazing. it is becoming this party line. maggie henson. one of the few democrats who say we will not take these refugees. just 30 hours, it you have the candidates they are on stage for their debate. they are saying it is our moral responsibility to let them into our country. >> i believe that the united states has the moral responsibility. with europe. with those countries like saudi arabia. making sure that when people leave countries like afghanistan
2:37 pm
and syria with nothing more than the clothing on their back that of course we reach out. >> 65. >> hillary clinton would like to bring in 65,000 refugees. a whole lot more than the president is talking about. 65,000 refugees from syria into the united states of america. the country is not with her on this. the country is not with president obama either. this is becoming a major political mistake you'd one that could cost the liberals the election. had the democrats just handed it to the republicans? this is an issue that i would say both of the aisle feel strongly about. they want to feel secure. they do not like the idea of 10 or 65,000 refugees coming to this country. >> this spells out something so
2:38 pm
sinister in the character of the monitored day democrat politician. they're more concerned about votes. they are counting on them to come. do not forget that they will be counted in the census. they will al dependent on our social, the democrats will dole out free stuff. you know that that is going to happen. just like illegals. all eagles posing as mexicans. they want these people counted in the census so that they count as select world votes so that the democrats can win. trish: 10,000 or in hillary's case 65,000 people. is that really enough to move the needle? >> it could be. if they all go to california and new york. if my theory is not right about this, i would be very surprised. the democrats say, if not, we
2:39 pm
want them. maggie, a democrat saying, no, we will not take them in new hampshire. we have a letter that i want to show you. you have democratic mayors saying we will welcome refugees with open arms. we stand ready to work with your administration to do much more. still much further. we settlement. twenty u.s. mayors. you have ron emanuel from chicago. you have bill de blasio from new york city. my question is, why here in the first place? why not saudi arabia. >> this is about compassion by democrats. i do not believe that for one second. trish: aside from the security concerns, would they have
2:40 pm
political concerns? i am a step back from you. how are they going to get elected when you do not have the country on that site. people are still shaken by what they have seen on the streets of paris. still shaken by the thread on the streets of paris. they do not want to risk bringing thousands of people. it is going to be extremely difficult to these people. i do not know how hillary clinton or bernie sanders, for that matter, would win on this platform. >> they are so different. we truly are living in two separate worlds. the top three issues to democrats, only 2% of democrats consider terror a top three issue. number one is economic
2:41 pm
inequality. trish: this is crossing right now as we speak. hillary clinton is tweeting. we have seen a lot of hateful rhetoric from the gop. the reason we turned them away because of religion is a new low. is this hateful or is it just practical? >> does not seem to care that we are ready have that and our kids have to pay. we are ready have horrible crime. we are ready have high unemployment. why is she not asking that question. trish: a new security threat. talking about one of these terrorists getting to paris. that is what is really scary. we have had a number of intelligence officials on this show. their concern is that isis will seize these refugee population
2:42 pm
with members of their own jihad group. >> and they absolutely will. why would they not. if terrorists are are ready coming into the country via illegal immigration, in my home state of california for example, you can vote, you can get a drivers license, a legal means nothing. they have every light, in fact, in every case, they have more rights. this is the same process that they have done. don't you remember? we thought that that was a pleasant cool hot potato. trish: thank you very much. good to have you on the east coast. breaking right now. we have more news who want to get to. outside the international terrorist base did you can no longer rely or place bets on the
2:43 pm
daily fantasy sports site. they hope that it is just a temporary thing. just ahead of peer, if you managed to place an entry before the 2:30 p.m. cut off time, apparently, it will still be eligible. this all comes to us after new york attorney general said that new york is seeking an injunction to stop them from conducting what he calls illegal gambling in the state. it is not gambling, but rather a game of skill. we will continue talking about the situation overseas and what it means for all of us here. the key to destroying isis is to destroy the territory that it governs. a four-star army general joining me next.
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.♪ trish: take a look at this. ten points they are on the dow. 473 is the low. the s&p down just a touch. a number of big retailers turning in some mixed results today. shares of walmart and home depot turning in earnings better than
2:46 pm
expected you'd urban outfitters not so good there. the stop plunging. down almost 7%. sales coming up short. results out of macy's and nordstrom just last week. it has analysts warning that this trend could be a weak holiday season. consumer prices rising modestly last month. coming up, we will talk with four-star general jack keane about his prescription to deal with isis. that is next. ♪ we live in a world of mobile technology,
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trish: the deadly attacks in. demonstrate isis. the so-called caliphate. the islamic state you'd right now, isis has one from northern syria into iraq. trying to expand. isis ruled them with brutal military force. trying to expand its power by attacking, including the united states of america. jack keane here with me. good to see you here. they have been recruiting. they have swelled since getting this region.
2:49 pm
how does that factor in? the fact that they have this control over a region. >> you better put your finger on the issue. isis is the most successful terrorist organizations and modern history. what is made of that is a growth in iraq and the shallows of the iraqi government and try to do what they have done and undermined the government. civil war in theory up. assad not contesting. as a result of that, they built a base, logistic center, training centers for the new recruits, they built an army. from there, they invaded iraq. 2014. from there, their global strategy, they have spread out into nine other countries where they have documented
2:50 pm
affiliation, leader there are signs and agrees to what they're going to do and that is in africa and the middle east and as far as afghanistan and pakistan. the global strategy is to dominate muslim lands. also to create an apocalyptic event in non-muslim lands, principally europe. the means of doing that is on display right now. by that, a conventional war in iraq in serious and conducting terrorist attacks. trish: with the idea that they get european so upset with them that it brings up on this so-called war which we are witnessing right now. >> what they want is for that alienation and grievances that are currently exists among some muslims and some european countries, they want to aggravate that to a very high
2:51 pm
level. they want the government to overreact to what took place there. to go into those muslim centers. search through people's homes. alienate the young people there. alienate the people that are innocent. trish: i want to know what we're going to do about it. to not go anywhere. general keane right after this. ♪ over $800 billion dollars in assets? huh. okay. here's our latest market outlook. two things that i'd like to point out... through face time when you really need it. so that's interesting, you know we had spoken about that before. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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2:55 pm
that if you want to destroy isis? >> tens of thousands of postings on social media today. at least 20 new graphic photographs in color a day. sites helping inspire followers in this country and also around the world did this organizatn president was saying the other day. i think he was likely referring to the territory in iraq and syria. that is not really the issue. this is an organization that is expanding globally. we brought radical islam to our viewers on the stand. a multi generational challenge. coping with it for the first 50 years of this century. most of what we have done with communist ideology. trish: this religious ideology. you had some players there.
2:56 pm
religiously motivated. >> it is religious based ideology. we have been talking about this for a long time. to do with that, it you actually need a comprehensive strategy to do what this radical islamic movement. remember, we had the national atlantic treaty. we came together because we had something bigger than any one country. we need to politically and economically to push back on it. that is what we need to do here. that takes leadership. and then in iraq and syria, we have to stop. that takes physical and military muscle to do that. trish: thank you, sir. we will be back with more intel after this. ♪
2:57 pm
: jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in.
2:58 pm
it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
2:59 pm
. trish: breaking news right now, sources close to reuters say there is video evidence showing that there were, in fact, three
3:00 pm
men in that car outside the restaurant where those shootings occurred on friday night in paris. police now say they are searching for the unidentified additional attacker. that news just coming into us right now, as we continue to watch the developments from france. i'm going to send it over to liz claman right now. liz: from france to germany, we have the dow at this hour fumbling, a 116-point lead, we're now up only 25 points. why? we have the developing story out of germany. security threats at this friendly soccer match between germany and the netherlands, the entire place has been evacuated in hanover with less than two hours before the start. what are we hearing? that there is a credible and concrete threat that has been discovered. the situation, we're going to guess is likely impacting our markets. we were up more than 116 points for the dow. we're losing that quickly. this, with the paris


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