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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  November 17, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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men in that car outside the restaurant where those shootings occurred on friday night in paris. police now say they are searching for the unidentified additional attacker. that news just coming into us right now, as we continue to watch the developments from france. i'm going to send it over to liz claman right now. liz: from france to germany, we have the dow at this hour fumbling, a 116-point lead, we're now up only 25 points. why? we have the developing story out of germany. security threats at this friendly soccer match between germany and the netherlands, the entire place has been evacuated in hanover with less than two hours before the start. what are we hearing? that there is a credible and concrete threat that has been discovered. the situation, we're going to guess is likely impacting our markets. we were up more than 116 points for the dow. we're losing that quickly. this, with the paris terror
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attacks fresh in everyone's minds, not a surprise markets are jittery. the paris terror attacks commanding attention as france takes the battle to isis and governors here narrow the focus of the fight to security in the homeland. at this hour, the number is now at 31. 31 governors now say that the country should not let syrian refugees cross our border. they fear inadvertently allowing terrorists to sneak in with those fleeing. it has happened already, we need to be watching out in this country. that's what the critics are saying. new speaker of the house paul ryan says the house will vote to delay syrian refugee settlement here in the u.s. and breaking in the last half hour, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell agreeing there needs to be a moratorium, a pause on syrian refugees coming into this country. this is now becoming a hot topic on the campaign trail. has terror replaced the economy as issue number one with americans? in france, cooperation.
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the nations of the european union unanimously agreeing to offer military assistance to france in the fight against isis, even russia coordinating attacks on isis with france. we've got it all covered here and in france, geraldo rivera on the ground in paris, he'll share his unique view on the migrant issue. and how france must turn global good will into weaponry against isis. we're less than an hour to the closing bell. the dow is now up only 3 points. let's start the "countdown." >> the focus at this hour in fact, at this minute is on hanover. show you the market to show exactly what happened. as soon as the newbroke, you see the drop in the s&p 500. we are flat to lower at the moment. recovering slightly from the earlier move. we see a situation developing
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in germany at a soccer stadium that has now been evacuated. no panic. no panic so far, but it is a game that angela merkel, the prime minister, the president of germany was supposed to be there. just eerily similar to what happened at the stade de france, which is where hollande, the president of france was supposed to be when the bombing attack happened. we have a ways to go for the dow to be positive for the year, it got worse as we see it is red on the screen. top two tiers show green with home depot and walmart higher, both with better-than-expected numbers but as looking at gains week have lost some at the moment. we would be remiss if we didn't point out the nasdaq solidly in positive territory today is flat to slightly higher. some of the best performing,
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mattel, netflix. we know there is apparently a concrete and credible threat. we are not at liberty to tell you what that is at the moment. news is fast and furious, the second it is confirmed we will get it to you, it was enough to clear out a huge soccer stadium in hannover, germany. 31 is the number of governors saying in light of the attacks in paris, they do not want any more syrian refugees to cross borders. this is the rhetoric how to handle the influx of refugees reaches a fever pitch. gop front-runner donald trump released this campaign ad. >> refugees are pouring into our country from syria. we don't know who they are. they could be isis, they could be anybody. what's our president doing? is he insane? liz: people think trump is the insane one. a former national security member under bush telling
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people trump's proposal is useless bravado. >> he's proposing we give the president free reign to control summarily shut down religious institutions, mosques, temples, churches. this is an outrageous proposal. if it gains traction, we're in a lot more danger than the threat posed by isis. liz: as we said house speaker paul ryan is crafting a bill that would press the pause button, the u.s. acceptance program of syrian refugees, he wants it to stop at the moment. as the decibels grow louder. geraldo rivera is on the ground in paris. the backlash against syrian immigrants is growing by the hour. we have breaking news of some type of situation at the soccer stadium in germany. as you watch the french mourn the horrific murders, how are they interpreting the changing tone and migrant flow in the u.s.?
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>> my goodness liz, there is so much to what have you presented to us. take it in pieces. first of all, i love donald trump, i was proud to be on celebrity apprentice with him. when he uses language like refugees pouring into the country, it is so far from the reality. there have been 2,000 so far. the first group is supposed to be 10,000. you can't tell me there aren't 10,000 women and children and old-timers that can be brought in. religious minorities. i think to use the inflammatory language doesn't do anybody any good. i find it distressing. i think the problem is tough enough that we should focus on the reality and not these fantas ma gorrical rhetorical flourishes by a man who could be our next president. i lament that. i think it is a controversy.
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another thing i find distressing is that republican governors are leaning one way, democratic governors leaning another. is this another bitter partisan issue? is it really about refugees or is it about ginning up a base to win a primary election. i think that we have to be sober now. we have to be temperate, practical now. of course. we aren't going to be letting in sunni muslim extremists or young men of fighting age, there certainly are enough people, enough suffering going on in the region where, we could do a little bit. here in france, for example, as opposed to the 10,000 who are slated to come in, that first group in the united states. 800,000 have poured into europe. i don't know how many hundreds of thousands are here in france and no one knows who they are. we can't overreact. i think what we have to do is remember the enemy is isis. we have to destroy isis where it lives in syria and iraq. we have to create safe zones for the refugees there so
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they're not flooding from anywhere but staying home. this is not a problem helped by rhetoric. liz: i'll tell you something, geraldo, stunning to some, certainly, that you have the position, and a generous position, considering that one of the bombers was known to have been pulled out of the drink in the aegean sea as a refugee and he was the one who went to the stade de france, we can show this guy's picture. it's a fake name. fake passport, and he was able to strap bombs around himself and go stade de france where your own daughter was. and thank god for the heroic security guard, though that guy had a ticket, the security guard didn't see something he liked about him, he refused, so the guy blew himself up. your daughter was in the stadium. thank goodness she's okay. explain to people how you can come to your stance right now, considering how close you came to that guy bombing the soccer stadium where your daughter
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was? >> how about the take your shoes off rule. if you don't have to take shoes off to clear airline security, you are okay to be a refugee. people over the age of 70 and small children. how about starting with them, and nursing mothers? there's an obvious, or christian clerics, there is an obvious group of refugees that the united states could take in with minimal danger posed. i think we have to be reasonable about it. going my daughter. we have had our trauma in our family, emotional upheaval. it has been such a traumatic experience for us, far more severe, obviously, for the 500 families whose relatives were killed or injured on that barbaric night when the savages perpetrated mass murder. i just left her. we were going to go someplace else in europe. we said why don't we go to the netherlands? nothing has happened in amsterdam.
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we'll enjoy the weekend and then team up with the rest of the family, and then the germany netherlands game gets canceled. and you are so correct to point out eerie similarity, francois hollande at the french-germany game, now angela merkel at the germany-netherlands game. that is the way terrorists operate. they scare us. all of europe, now, engaged. you mentioned how all of the european union now vowing to help france. the concept of the european union itself is being assailed by the terrorists. the whole notion of open borders between here and brussels, i submit that that border has proven more dangerous than the turkey-greece border. liz: and france invoked the european union mutual defense clause similar to article 5 in the nato union, an attack on one of us is attack on all of
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us, and the rest of you have to defend. right now our markets are very tentative and shaky, geraldo. the dow is down 23. it had been up more than 116 points. a lot of fears. we are at session lose right now. h geraldo rivera, godspeed to you and your daughter. everybody should remember we all came from somewhere, and it's going to be a part of the massive front and center conversation here in the united states. again, 31 governors now don't want, it's largely symbolic because they would have to suit federal government to enact border closures. last we checked there is a holland tunnel, lincoln tunnel, gw bridge, very difficult situation when it comes to the migrant story. the closing bell 49 minutes away. cuba's aging dictator may have stopped democracy for decades
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but can't stop wi-fi. charlie gasparino with breaking news on the longtime media blackout that's about to crumble in cuba. charlie breaks that story right here. and will the french ever be the same? back out live to paris for how the french are trying to return to normal following friday's deadly attacks. "countdown to the closing bell" coming right back. we are at session lows for the markets right now. don't go away. the pursuit of healthier.
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liberty mutual insurance. . liz: 44 minutes before the closing bell rings. we have fumbled and lost just about every single lead. though the transports are up just a fraction. at about 2:16 p.m. eastern time. news broke that a soccer game in hanover, germany was canceled. there is a credible and concrete threat supposedly that was discovered. as soon as we get details, they have to evacuate just to be safe because angela merkel, the head of germany was scheduled to be at this event, and as you see, lots of security there moving everybody out in a calm and orderly fashion. but no game for tonight. to this story, billionaire carl icahn has a stock pal. the activist investor cashed
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out of his entire equity stake, 46.3 million shares in ebay. this is interesting, scooped up the exact same number of shares of paypal. ebay down a third of a percent, paypal up more than a percent. icahn pushed ebay to spin off the epayment giant in april of last year and icahn trying to push over aig, holding onto one-tenth of a percent stake in aig, using to demand a breakup. he wants aig to spin off mortgage and life insurance arms to unlock shareholder value. so that stock is up about half a percent at the moment. carl isn't the only wall street personality putting pressure on a daily basis on aig. hank greenberg continues legal battle to recoup 40 billion dollars in damages for overstepping authority in the bailout during the financial crisis. greenberg's appeal that gave
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greenberg a moral victory considered by an appellate panel. just a few months ago, president barack obama announced we would renew diplomatic ties with cuba for the first time in more than 50 years. news that sparked controversy in the u.s. but also signaled dollar signs. major money opportunity to cash in for some wall street investors, and businesses too, right, charlie? >> unpack this a little bit. we reestablish relations with cuba, diplomatic relations, do not lift the embargo, except president obama has a carveout, and you can do telecommunications deals in cuba. now michael prello is working on a deal where they will broadcast cuban tv, not that there's a huge appetite for it here in the u.s., broadcast to the united states in april. that's the deal here. very interesting, i don't know what cuban tv is like, do you? liz: probably a bastardization
3:19 pm
of telenovela. >> telenovela, sports, take that to the u.s., try to get u.s. people interested in the cuban culture. trying to get u.s. investors and businessmen interested to go down on vacation to do deals. that's what this is all about. a fascinating neil. michael kramer, pirrelo and weinberg. cuba is not just baseball, it's boxing, soccer, a lot of different things. kind of obscure market. you should go to, the entire write-up is there. we get into it. talk to the business council who said this is a huge deal, and i think this is what's going to happen. they'll do the deal and you'll see follow-on deals. liz: look the markets. lost the entire lead we it. going in, we had a very nice move yesterday as you know from the markets where yesterday we had the best day in three weeks for the dow jones industrials and the s&p. now we see not only resistance but a retreat here.
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we had been up more than 116 points. as soon theews oke ter 00 p. eaern out e soer ge, bm. terrisms an enomic story. markets will trade off, businesses will react, and that's what we have to worry about. by creating so much fear do, people not go out for dinner, do companies hoard cash which i talked about yesterday, which had a feeble follow-up today. liz: the los of cancellations with airlines. >> and can this push the u.s. economy into a recession. there are a lot of positive things for the economy. this cuban deal is a p thing, it's a microcosm, a small think, this is the first private-public partnership. there is business opportunities, kramer thinks he's going to have other deals that go down there, this is going to be a big thing in the future. but terrorism takes stuff that you see, the positive stuff like cuba and turns it around. do a 180. liz: that's why we're here, as a business network, tell both sides of the story.
3:21 pm
you break the story, it's fascinating. have you tourism companies, hoteliers looking at this as a huge dollar sign. >> like i said, it's a work in progress. carveout is with telecommunications, the business council said this is never done before, this is unprecedented, according to the business council. unprecedented. liz: thank you for breaking it right here. >> you got it. liz: see if we can get fox business or some form of it on cuban tv! connect with us on social media, you got to see charlie's story. you can follow us, you can "like" us, my facebook page -- and all my links, a lot of people like the former israeli ambassador interview that's on take a look at that one. closing bell is 39 minutes away. the soccer stadium situation is very fluid as we speak.
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the entire stadium in hanover has been evacuated. very orderly, but there is apparently a concrete and credible threat. angela merkel, the head of germany was to be in attendance, we are watching this story very, very closely. but so much for the 116-point gain for the dow. now down 20 points. that could change between now and the closing bell. you need to stay with us. the city of lights in mourning at this hour as people struggle to put events of friday night at least in the near past. deirdre bolton has the very latest what's going on in paris and get you updated on the soccer stadium evacuation next on "countdown." please do not go away. stay with me. but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform,
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in panama, which is a city of roughly 2 million people, we are having 5,000 new cars being sold every month. this is a very big problem for us with respect to fast and efficient transportation. it's kind of a losing proposition to keep going this way. we are trying to tackle the problem with several different modes. one of them is the brand new metro. we had a modest forecast: 110,000 passengers per day in the first line. we are already over 200,000. our collaboration with citi has been very important from the very beginning.
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citi was our biggest supporter and our only private bank. we are not only being efficient in the way we are moving people now, we are also more amicable to the environment. people have more time for the family and it's been one of the most rewarding experiences to hear people saying: "the metro has really changed my life." . liz: breaking news. we have just learned that some of the 128 raids by the french overnight, they have yielded some serious findings. let us get to deirdre bolton, she's right there in paris,
3:27 pm
standing by with the latest on that. deirdre? >> reporter: i certainly am, liz. and some of these materials are extra frightening. rocket launcher, kalashnikov rifles, extra semiautomatic weapons. most frightening in a town in the south of france, there were 200 police uniforms found stock piled. so these raids overnight, 100, more than 170 last night, basically part of francois hollande, the french president three month emergency measure. listen, if we think you're sensitive to isis, we don't have to try to link this to friday's attacks, we're coming in, searching your home. just the law enforcement certainly going big. i want to show you this headline here. how they essentially pronounce isis -- they are essentially going into
3:28 pm
the homes with the three month emergency plan, and you have here a picture, the french president going before congress and essentially saying we may need to work with russia. as far as how the french see the russian president, vladimir putin, he's not exactly trustworthy from their point of view, but a lot of french people that i've been speaking with. the press reflecting the views that putin is the one to bring a resolution to the four-year conflict we have seen in syria and they seem to have a lot of confidence in the fact that putin could, in fact, help france stamp out isis. a lot of the oldtimers i've been talking to, liz, here, say listen during world war ii, the allies reached out to stalin to kick out hitler. for a lot of people this is bringing back very important historical touchstone. liz: i would think, and you saw president obama in a way in a huddle with vladimir putin two
3:29 pm
days ago in turkey, and it appears there's negotiating when it comes to the debt in the ukraine. so maybe there is some meeting of the minds on that. i need to quickly get your thoughts on the soccer stadium situation developing. in the past hour, the breaking news is that a credible and concrete threat is present at that stadium in hanover, germany between germany and the netherlands and angela merkel was expected to be there but they have called off the soccer match, german police, i'm sure that's making news in paris, deirdre? >> reporter: it very much is, liz, it is really eerie, the similarities, right? as we all know friday evening, the franchpresident francois hollande was at the friendly match between france and germany, and the reason so many french people and germans were there at a high level, that was a friendly match but supposed to be a feel good match. i'm sure you remember the airplane brought down, that was
3:30 pm
actually a german individual who committed suicide. the idea was it was supposed to be a feel good evening. both teams ended up sleeping in the stade de france because they didn't want to be separated and there was such chaos. so yeah, it's very fresh and it is very real to a lot of people, the new threat. liz: we just have this news. reports that a device has been found in the hanover train station. reports that a device of some sort was found in a hanover train station, not far from the soccer stadium. so the stories and the reporting, the headlines are very, very fluid, changing as we speak. tune into the special edition of "risk & reward." deirdre's continuing to be live in paris, 5:00 p.m. eastern tonight. no doubt she will have more headlines. 200 police uniforms were found in some location in the south of france as part of a raid overnight. extremely disturbing. this story is far from over.
3:31 pm
closing bell. exactly at the half hour here. 30 minutes left before we see the bell ring. the dow down four points having eroded all of the gains earlier today. same with the s&p and the nasdaq. with the paris attacks front and center for both the emotions and the economy, just how safe are we? not so safe if you believe a shocking new report about security at america's airports. gerri willis is just back from an area airport here in the tristate area. wait until you hear what she has to report. and france acting swiftly and decisively on the battlefield after friday's attacks, but is the u.s. doing enough to help the fight against isis? is it really up to france to translate this effort into all-out joint wars? we're joined by the former ambassador to france next on "countdown," in a fox business exclusive. jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in.
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. liz: you are looking at wembley stadium, this is breaking news, wembley stadium moments ago in england where the french national soccer team in defiance played against the english national team to show support and as you can see, the teams together holding and saying vive la france, live on france. look at french flags from fox sports one and our friends there. very emotional moment. we just got this video in. you can see all of the people who are there. let's listen in because we've got sky news, that's also covering it. our partners there. let's listen in. it's important. ♪
3:37 pm
♪. liz: wembley stadium in the u.k., chills just then, very emotional to hear the french anthem in the u.k. we have soccer very much an important part of this story. it was at the stade de france where a bomber tried to explode himself but didn't get inside. thank goodness, but we also have this in hanover, they're still looking and investigating, but there is a concrete and credible threat that made the stadium in hanover, germany, where germany and the netherlands were to play, evacuate. the game never happened. angela merkel scrambled away, she probably never got there.
3:38 pm
we'll keep you updated, that is a story developing as we speak. now france, back to the issue here is stepping up the push for a single alliance to combat isis. president hollande will travel to washington to meet with president obama. the french president then heads to moscow to do the same with russian president vladimir putin. i asked how he approached protecting israel regardless of political correctness. >> we are a democracy, we are very, very vibrant democracy which we're very much proud of. but we are a democracy under attack, and we have to defend ourselves and our values and our way of lives. we say human rights before or human lives sometime before human rights. liz: howard leach likely grappled with the same concerns. he became the u.s. ambassador to france a few months before
3:39 pm
9/11. the attacks here in new york and in america. he's here in a fox business exclusive. human rights versus human lives. the israelis straddled that under great criticism. we now have the migrant situation here where you now have 31 states as we speak, it changes, 31 states saying we don't want the syrian migrants because woon got through and was able to effectuate an attack in france. what are you thinking having been through a similar motion and even in? >> after 9/11 the french were supportive of us, one of the french newspapers printed a headline we're all americans. now that the french are looking for for support, president hollande spoke out to the combined meeting of the parliament today asking for cooperation from both the united states and russia in fighting this terrorism attack on all free people. they are trying to intimidate us and trying to deprive free people of their freedom.
3:40 pm
where isis rules, the people have no freedom. we enjoy it and they're trying to attack it. president hollande in asking for support from us would expect we would do that. i think they'd be disappointed from our government we're not going to do anything. liz: whoa, whoa, can i push back a little bit. >> we have air raids we facilitated with. there are pictures on twitter and the internet of bombs where americans wrote from paris with love headed straight for raqaa. there are the air raids to be fairment i understand where you say it doesn't seem the tenor of the united states leadership is coming through, but now we have the situation where it's focused back herous. when you were ambassador during 9/11. i'm wondering to france, there were refugees at that time or people of arab descent here and you likely had to grapple with the same questions that the 31
3:41 pm
governors are dealing with now? >> i think the 31 governors want to protect the american people. clearly what happened in france is a threat against people's freedom. and if the governors are thinking that isis would come here if they can. we must destroy isis. we aren't going to destroy them just with air raids and hot air from washington. it's going to take boots on the ground. that's what president hollande is asking for, not just ours but a coalition. we have a coalition to wipe out isis to protect the american people as well as protect people in other free countries. liz: amount of goodwill globally for the united states post-9/11. how does hollande wrap his arms around the goodwill coming after this horrific attack in france and use it to convince some of these other allies certainly in the european union because he has pushed to have that mutual effort on behalf of the eu to help. how does he broaden that to the
3:42 pm
middle eastern countries? where is saudi arabia, ambassador? they have the second largest military on the planet. arguably they should have a stake in this too? >> you make a good point. the way you build a coalition is you need leadership. in the past, united states provided that leadership. france is trying to do that now. going to russia, coming to washington, seeking a coalition. i think a coalition is exactly what we need to protect free people, because the freedom of all of the free people of the world are being attacked by isis. we must destroy isis. liz: well, okay, and that is clear. hollande invoked the word war, said he the war against isis must be ruthless. that emboldened a lot of people to say finally, it was an attack, an act of war on a free and open country. how important is the psychological, full, propaganda. if they're using it, why can't we?
3:43 pm
if the isis militants are using it, shouldn't the free nations of the west be utilizing that as well? >> we certainly should, and we know where isis is. part of isis is in syria and iraq, and that's where the money comes from, that's where the motivation comes from. liz: it's here, look at the pictures, you see the raids happening in france and what they discover. sir, they found 200 police uniforms. who knows? are they trying to put together a fake militaristic police department that can move in and successfully bomb a soccer stadium? >> the french are obviously make the raids, they are attacking the problem the best way they can. in order to be totally successful to keep the people of the west free, we have to wipe out isis where they are in iraq and syria. it's too bad we have to do something like thamp the only
3:44 pm
way the people the west can be free and have the freedom and enjoy the free lives that we do. liz: ambassador howard leach, former ambassador to the united states, thank you very much, we appreciate it. >> thank you, liz. >> the market absorbed the shocks of a soccer stadium in germany being evacuated, and punching back higher, up about 35 points. we need to talk about homeland security so that we avoid the war on isis coming somehow to here. we've got a great report from gerri willis coming right up. stay tuned. i'd steer clear. straight talk. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. theand to help you accelerate,. we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership
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. liz: the breaking news is that there has been a bomb, reports of a bomb found at a train station in hanover, germany, where of course, we had a soccer stadium evacuated
3:49 pm
because there was another credible threat apparently there. from train stations to the airport. tsa here in the united states, failing to detect bombs and weapons at major airports across the country. this according to an internal report and investigation. fox business' gerri willis. gerri, have you this troubling report. you've been to the airports, what are you seeing and hearing? >> here's what we know right now. four airports failed this internal investigation conducted by homeland security. here they are, jfk, here in new york. kennedy airport. newark across the river, newark international. san francisco on the other coast and, of course, atlanta. you know that airport. 93% of some 93 million flights go through each and every year. what happened? well, security agents posing as passengers tried to get through security using fake bombs, fake weapons that they would tape to themselves or put in their bags and 95% of the time they made it through. 95 presidents of the time they
3:50 pm
made it through. so that's what's so troubling tonight. only days after the attacks in paris which were so concerning, so deeply concerning, and here we talked to people at airport today, here's what that's said. >> i worked for the airlines for like 17 years, and for tsa to do that, that's totally unacceptable. >> when i heard that, i said i feel unsafe. >> never thought tsa security was all that secure anyway. the tsa is more a visual reassurance to the public. >> reporter: so not a lot of confidence in the tsa here, and now, we're proving homeland security, proving there's a very good reason why not. liz? back to you. liz: they confiscated my la mer
3:51 pm
facial moisturizer, they can't find a bomb? >> they would tape a fake bomb on the small of their back, and set off a magnomter and bring the wand over and still not find the fake bomb, very upsetting for people traveling in the wake of the paris terrorist attacks. liz: gerri, thank you, that fear about airports brings us to. this as terrorism replaced the economy as the number one election issue. presidential candidates adjusting positions as quickly as i'm speaking. hillary clinton said she will allow 65,000 syrian refugees to enter the country if given the choice. jeb bush wants to protect christian syrians. trump thinks we should send all immigrants back where they came from, don't let them in. and kasich saying no more syrian refugees should be allowed in the united states. let's bring in joe trippi and rich lowry.
3:52 pm
rich, to you first, geraldo was here at the top of the show saying this is a way for republicans to, quote, gin up the support in the primary, but it is a concern, now it seems there are disparate voices here. >> jeb is definitely on the wrong side of republican voters and substantively wrong, there is no reason to accept syrian refugees. you can spend that money much better and get much more bang for your buck if you help the states that are accepting millions of the refugees, like turkey and jordan, accepting 10,000 is a drop within a drop in the bucket, and it makes no sense, it's feel good symbolism and if the democrats want to mock republicans on this, i urge them to do it, the public is going to think this is just common sense. liz: joe, rich just handed you a hammer to bash republicans, but i don't know if that's helpful that the point. democrats have a different stance certainly. let's go back to japanese internment camps during world
3:53 pm
war ii which in retrospect were a horrible thing to do. what is the answer here and how do the democrats straddle this one? >> look, there's going to be a debate in the general election about this, if it's continuing argument. obviously, there is an argument that this is not the time of our values to turn these people back. that doesn't matter, i agree with geraldo. this really is right now to remain particularly to the republican side, to their race, they have a race on the nomination, unlike us on the democratic side, and i think donald trump, that sort of tough guy, keep them all out, this is going to play to him. it's going to work for him. there are others i'm not sure it is. all of this, because you've got the situation now where you have a bunch of people on the republican side who have no foreign policy experience, and how they project right now.
3:54 pm
liz: we're seeing children, quickly, more breaking news, the children this you saw sliding down a little hill there. kids, you have people saying just let the kids in. >> we accept 70,000 refugees a year. we have a migrant crisis in our own hemisphere. i don't see european countries willing to take central american migrants off our hands, why are we taking syrian migrants from them? the fact is you're in the going from aleppo to the united states, you're going from aleppo to jordan and turkey, there's not a great humanitarian imperative to come here. this is feel good symbolism, and from what you spend to settle someone here, you can support 11 or 12 refugees. liz: okay, joe, i'm giving you a coupon to come back. we have more breaking news. joe trippi, rich lowry, you will be brought back. this just in, german authorities are giving the all-clear, a german official
3:55 pm
says no explosives found, and no arrests made in hanover where the soccer game was evacuated earlier. still a developing story. we'll be right back. dow jones industrials up 18 points, stay tuned. . .
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liz: as you look at names on the screen, raytheon at the top iting all-time high. this is the maker of the tomahawk missile. defending defense plays, we have global financial capital cio. chris, you like raschein for obvious reason. is this a short-term pop? as they call it so-called war trade? >> certainly it is a longer term play in the fact we've seen a lot more global political risk. the world loves american technology as far as weapons area is concerned. and every time we see an es can like it is additional revenue for raytheon. so, and it's cheap and raising its dividend. so it looks really good here. liz: need to quickly ask you, the fed. so far we got two pieces of good economic data.
3:59 pm
cpi, consumer price index, we got output, got beter-than-expected home builder sentiment. the fed moves in december, 16th is coming up? >> certainly the new york report was market friendly. i think that the big elephant in the room they don't see is inflation. i think almost everything except at the gas pump is up in price. so that may even push them a little bit further towards doing it. liz: okay, hearing you say maybe a decent hike. chris, good to see you. five billion in management. likes rate teen and lockheed martin. that will do it for "countdown to the closing bell." very busy and breaking news hour. i will hand it over to david and melissa. david: the breaking news hasn't stopped. we're following manhunt around france an belgium for at least two suspects linked to terrorist attacks. while a soccer stadium evacuated in germany due to is called a concrete security threat. we have latest details.
4:00 pm
melissa: 32 governors putting their put down when it comes to taking more refugees from syria. coming up, sam brownback tells us why he plans to keep them out of his state. david: new poll show 63% of americans are fearful a paris-style attack could happen here. are we prepared? our panel weighs in. the closing bell rings] melissa: stocks inching higher at the as the bells sound on wall street. david: we're ending date with kind of a mixed bag. s&p barely to the negative side. the dow jones barely eking out a green arrow. oil is down. gold down another $15. so pretty much of a flat day here. but it was a very good day until the news came out of germany about that soccer game being canceled and the possibility of yet another attempted attack in europe. melissa: that's right. while markets wait for tomorrow, here is everything you need to know right now. we have breaking news as we said.


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