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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  November 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the arch is illuminated in red, white and blue. good for them going through this. london has had share of terrorism as well as france. >> that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now deirdre: national raids, over 300. german officials canceling a highly-anticipated soccer match that was supposed to be the german and dutch team. german chancellor angela merkel was supposed to be there. france launching a new air attacks in syria. 16 in the past 12 hours, adding to the 20 from the night before. welcome, everyone, i'm deirdre bolton. it's a special edition of "risk & reward." more details now. french police are conducting more than 300 raids overnight in fact, have discovered two safe houses outside of paris. terrorists including the driver from the deadly concert venue, probably stayed there two days before the attack.
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he did pass through the french belgium border and was allowed to go through. they found some things that were used by the for bomb-making by the attackers. what is the latest? reporter: deirdre, an intense manhunt is going on in belgium and here in france. more than 100,000 french police and military have been mobilized. they're hunting for two suspects, two people that took part in active part on friday in the attacks. airstrikes against islamic state territory in syria. those airstrikes being launched and france moving the aircraft carrier, charles de gaulle into the region. that with will give france 36 fighter jets capable of attacking islamic state positions.
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the goal is not to contain but destroy the islamic state. he is meeting with u.s. president and president putin in russia coming days. we expect a vote on the state of emergency in france, a vote whether or not to continue it under those rules, new rules the president says says to fight a new kind of enemy. the french officials have right to carry out searches under warrant and place people under house arrest. deirdre, back to you. >> bill, thank you so much. bill harrington. deirdre: fbi director james comey, they are heading there to give a classified briefing on the paris terrorist attacks and what they imply for the u.s. a representative who will be in that meeting, will be our guest in a few minutes. also, this hour, the white house is on conference call with state governors, one who is are refusing to accept syrian refugees. we're going to bring you the
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very latest from that call as it comes in. meantime though, state department transcript is raising eyebrows. we'll tell you about it in a minute. secretary kerry suggesting in a speech at the french embassies saying quote, there is something different about what happened from "charlie hebdo" and i think everybody would feel that. there was sort of a particularized focus and perhaps even legitimacy in terms not of legitimacy but a rationale that you could attach yourself and somehow say, okay, they are really angry because of this and that. was friday's attack a difference from "charlie hebdo"? we'll bring in our next guest to talk about that. we will be speaking with kt a little bit about that. so, kt, first and foremost, john kerry's comments to be pretty clear, that wasn't coherent i
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think on his part. what he really saying. >> it is such baloney. far left liberal can't, blame the victim. isis and radical jihadists are justified in the attacks. they go back to the crusades, must be because of the crusades. always blame the victim. it is not the fault of islamic extremists after all they're reacting to maybe our presence in iraq. maybe reacting to afghanistan. maybe they're reacting, i don't know, to palestinian israeli situation. just a camp that you have to give them an excuse for something. there is no excuse. no excuse for violence. there is no excuse for murder. there is no excuse for assassinations or beheads or crucifixes. stop, enough already. it is not our fault. deirdre: not our fault, kt. how do you see the administration? we know that president obama has said, no, we're not going to put boots on the ground in syria. i have been advised that would
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be a mistake. what is your take? >> well here's the thing, deirdre. what he does, president obama has this way of saying we don't want to put 100,000 troops there, therefore we're not going to do anything. when the president stood up even after the paris attacks and said, look my plan's working. we're containing isis. everything's great, i'm not going to change a thing while at the same time paris is still burning? i think what we now, the world is crying out for american leadership. it is really only the united states that can step forward. it is not just the military solution. it is an economic solution. it is a diplomatic solution. we should all weapons we and our allies have to bring to bear. its cyber weapons. it is social media weapons. it is shutting down the funding sources for isis. and you know what? we may, like we had to do in world war ii, like in the cold war. sometimes we have to hold our nose and deal with allies we might otherwise disagree with, but who help us get the job
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done, if we have to work with the russians, do it. deirdre: kt, i love that you brought that up because you and i have been corresponding these past few days about that and i had a comment here from a french old-timer, making that exact connection, saying that you know what? maybe at the time during a world war ii the allies didn't really want to work with stalin. that watts only way to get hitler out, to your point. i want to ask you something more about the french and belgian police working together, increasing raids in brussels. some people have said that belgium is actually the weakest link in this whole fight against terror. is that true? >> well, whether it is belgium or the other countries in the region, they all embraced 20 years ago, of multiculturalism. we take massive influx of immigrants and we don't have to -- we'll tolerate their different way of looking at things. they will live in their own neighborhoods. they will live in their own
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lives and not become a part or a simulate into dutch, or belgian or french society. it has been abject failure. most european leaders say it hasn't worked. it creates a fostering of resentment in the second generation. unlike the united states, by second generation, americans are totally a simulated. they are at malls and iphones and ipads. they're driving cars. second generation in europe is often caught in between. they become very ripe for recruitment, particularly in areas with large unemployment and particularly large second generation islamic unemployment. >> kt, so glad to have you with me. thank you so much for the time. kt mcfarland joining us there. all right, we want to take it backhoe cali. this local effect of terror. there is a soccer game between germany and netherlands for this evening. it was called off. it was about 90 minutes before the game was about to start. it was supposed to be taking place in hanover, germany, but there was a bomb threat called
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in. a concert as well canceled in northern germany out of abundance of caution. with me now is a french tv and radio journalist. thomas, thank you very much for coming back. i know you were watching the game, another soccer game i should say between france and england which is being played right now, or was earlier in england and english team sung the french national anthem. you were watching. how did you feel? >> well not only the english team but most of the stadium sang the french national anthem which is very big for english and english people to do this. i loved that. that they actually observe admin of silence. i love the fact that french and english players mixed together for that minute of silence. it was almost perfect night, almost perfect because obviously france lost at the end. england won 2-0. deirdre: all right. i was going to ask you, some people come to france or england
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for soccer. some come for culture. how do you see the attacks? i will remind everybody, you and i talked about this last night. you were in new york for 9/11. we were working in the same bureau. how do you see attacks affecting paris and tourism? >> first there is something everybody needs to know, in case of a terror attack, there are two scenarios, first one people will get scared. they will stop spending. that is a problem in france. 2/3 of gdp growth comes from household spending. a second option people will actually spend more to save the economy. if you look at recent terror attacks, whether it was in january in france, in 2005, in london, in 2004 in madrid and spain, or even after 9/11. people actually spend and impact of the attack was minimal on the economy. now only thing that might have impact on economy is what the president said, the french president said yesterday. he said, you know it will increase spending, hire more
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policemen and judges. freeze cuts in the military. so that well cost money. between 500 million and one billion euros a year. that is the only impact it will have on the french economy, you know, for real. deirdre: yeah. it is not a time to be cutting jobs in either national security forces or local police forces. >> security is more important than stability. that is what francois hollande said. deirdre: great to see you. thank you for coming. >> thank you. deirdre: he is an anchor with bsn today. white house officials heading to capitol hill. we told you about that, correcting what they say is misinformation about the syrian refugee program. house pub bees are seeking to cut off the program. we're going to be talking about those details. a congressman will behind closed doors who said, accepting migrants is a plan that needs to be stopped. first up fox news bill hemmer on media's reaction to president
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obama's response after this. >> i guess the question is, if you will forgive the language is, why can't we take out these bastards? people talk about "deals"
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visit a local office or call liberty mutual today at take control of your rates. visit a local office or call see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance >> why even as we accept more refugees, including syrians we do so only after subject them to rigorous security threats. slamming the door in their faces would be a not our values. we welcome refugees desperately seeking safety, to insure our own security. we can and must do both. deirdre: capitol hill terror briefing with the department of homeland security. that is just one of the event in
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d.c. this evening. fbi director james comey going to be speaking. thirst 32 governors are saying no way to syrian refugees coming to the u.s. house republicans are pushing to cut off funding entire. newly-elected house speaker paul ryan weighing in today. >> this sis a moment where it is better safe than to be sorry. we think the prudent, the responsible thing is to take a pause in it particular aspect of this refugee program in order to verify that terrorists are not trying to infiltrate the refugee population. deirdr texas congressman louie gohmert pushing to block syrian refugees funding. with me, congressman, thank you so much for the time. what is it, assuming it is security. i have to ask what you are most worried about? >> well, it is definitely security. that is the number one issue and the president said it is a
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debraille of our values to say hold on bringing in refugees? i know he says that we're going to totally vet them. this is the same president who said we're going to help the vetted moderate syrian rebels right before they kept giving all of our equipment to isis. right before they made statements or the their leaders did they're aligned with al qaeda. that they're more aligned with isis than with america. when you have the fbi director, and i have a lot of respect for director comey, he is a pretty straight-shooter, but he said with iraq we had, i didn't know this, deirdre, but they had gotten fingerprint data off ied shell casings, all kinds of stuff. and we were working with the iraq government. we had all of their database. we have got nothing basically what he is saying from syria. so, yes, we'll do a thorough vetting but when we look at their documentation, we have got nothing to tell us whether it is
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legitimate or not. whether they're a warrior or not. so it's a dangerous thing to proceed as the president wants to do. deirdre: congressman, the white house says there is too much misinformation out there. the white house wants to lead so-called, counter-misinformation tour. have you heard from the white house personally? >> no, i haven't. that is interesting coming from this white house. normal by i don't go to the briefings because i find out far more accurate information on internet and fox news and fox business but i'm going to this one because comey is going to be a large part of the briefing. but let me just say, he can talk what he wants to about misinformation. his own u.n., that he worships at altar of,s have given us the data that says of 43 million refugees they estimate in the world, about 91% of them are women and children.
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about eight or 9% are men. of the refugees coming from syria, coming from across the mediterranean, the u.n. themselves say that is only about, well, there is 13 and 15, so 28% are women and children and the other 72%, from january to september, those are men. most of them fighting age. and i know there are stories out there in the mainstream media where they said, oh, i wanted to come make a better life for my family. when i have it worked out i will bring them. they left them to fend for themselves against isis? they go off and have the good life this that is insane. i don't want those people in america, if that is the kind of people they are. deirdre: well it is true that at very least, if they are accepted there needs to be some measure of control but i hear your
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comments, congressman. i thank you for your time. so grad to have you with us. >> sure. certainly, deirdre. deirdre: congressman louie gohmert. >> we found out today there is no follow-up. once they're here, nobody follows them. so we got to do better. thank you. deirdre: that is a great point, that is a great point to make. our own colleague fox news anchor bill hemmer had reaction after he heard president obama speak. >> if you were waiting to hear a u.s. president say, i feel your pain, or if you were waiting to hear a u.s. president say, it's them or us, that is not what you just heard. deirdre: bill is with me now. bill, glad you're here. so it was about a minute into the president's speech before he addressed the terror attacks in france. what do you make of that? seems like that should have been the first thing he spoke about? >> well it is my guess when you look at the totality of the
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press conference, it went about 45 minutes, deirdre, that he got around to saying everything he wanted to say about the u.s. strategy regarding isis in syria and iraq. that is this. the strategy has been laid out. we're sticking to it. and over time it will work. that is the words of the president. what will be interesting to know over the next week, the french president goes to white house to meet directly with president obama. will anything change or not? meantime you have french fighter jets in the air tonight, hitting at least 16 different targets in eastern syria. you have the russians who say that they have flown 2300 sorties throughout syria over the past 48 hours. that is an enormous amount of, of up tick in the level of military involvement between those two countries. they are clearly at this point taking the lead now in the battle against isis throughout syria, deirdre. >> so, bill, there is a lot of talk about strategy here. of course we had francois
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hollande, the french president going before congress and saying, at versailles, okay, maybe we should work with the russians. president obama actually seemed annoyed as he fielded questions about the u.s.'s strategy. let's listen in. >> i guess the question is, and if you will forgive the language is, why can't we take out these bastards? >> well, jim, i just spent the last three questions answering that very question so i don't know what more you want me to add. i think i have described very specifically what our strategy is. deirdre: so, bill, as far reaction you're hearing from the ground, i've been speaking with people these past 48 hours what they think about president obama. the feedback i get is in general they like him but they do not always understand his strategy in the middle east. when you speak with people here, what are you hearing?
5:22 pm
>> i imagine they feel the same weigh you find in this polling, deirdre. 70% of the americans don't believe the strategy can work or is working or is successful. what strikes me how little the french people mentio american military now. and perhaps it's because they believe that the position is not winnable one now. after the attacks on friday night. the french government today, announced that they will have another aircraft carrier in the eastern mediterranean by end of the weekend. the charles de gaulle. they will have a total of 3fighter jets in that region, to carry out strikes against targets shared by the u.s. military. what that tells me, deirdre, what the interior minister said yesterday. he said this is just the beginning. it will take a little bit of time for the french military to ramp up. but they are clearly headed in that direction. deirdre: bill, thank you so much. glad to have you here. i know you're working round-the-clock. >> sure.
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deirdre: bill hemmer with me there. the department of homeland security secretary, fbi, about to give a classified briefing on the paris terrorism attack. they're going to be giving this briefing to lawmakers. we'll fill you in. also, frighteningly enough, a former fbi counterterrorism expert thinks that the paris attacks could have been just a test. >> i would anticipate that this is not the only operation that isil has in the pipeline. and, security intelligence services right now in europe and other places are working feverishly to do what else they can do to uncover it.
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deirdre: governors and the white house talking right now on the phone about governors refusal syrian refugees. there are 30 states now saying they do not want migrants in their home states. so one of the governors who is on the call will be joining us as soon as he can.
5:27 pm
but in the meantime, the paris attacks as you know absolutely devastating, my next guest is a former fbi counterterrorism expert. he says the attacks here in paris on friday are part of a bigger plan for something potentially even in a larger scale in the u.s. eric o'neal is with me now. so, eric, what do you mean by that? >> well, i think that if you think of isis as a business and they're business is spreading terror to make it very simple, they have a new product. and it's a new way of spreading that terror, it's small, isolated attacks that are coordinated in a city that's caused paris and france to close their borders and just recently a soccer match to be evacuated. and i think it was a good test run for them. and my thought is this isn't where it's going to end. they're going to be looking for other places to launch
5:28 pm
their next attack and i'm sure their number one place on the list is here in the u.s. deirdre: well, we know that isis has, in fact, released video, very specific video yesterday saying, yes, we were able to strike at the heart of paris, and we are going to do the same thing in washington d.c. what do you make of the factual that isis seems to be going beyond inspiring attacks and now seems to be planning them out and carrying them out in western europe? >> my thought is that they've been planning for quite sometime. they are very sophisticated and frighteningly so. you know, i was just thinking today that isis really does have a brain. they are -- they are acting in the way that they spread information and the way they're communicating a lot more like hackers than terrorists and that makes it very difficult to identify who they are and where they're going to attack. i think that the paris attacks are a -- are a start, and i think that if they can force
5:29 pm
multiply that into other places, they feel they'll be effective in doing what they want to do, which is to cause fear. deirdre: cause fear, and, eric, as you rightly point out, it seems that isis at least for the moment has been able to take advantage of technicalological innovation, eric, thank you so much, former fbi terrorism expert with me now. we have a very quick break and when we come back the department of homeland security and fbi is now in a classified briefing on the paris terrorist attacks. we're going to bring you the details as soon as they come out. also new york city is stepping up security, launching a new counterterrorism unit. former nypd officer says we should be worried but new york is on it. more details coming up jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in.
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hi, tom. hey, how's the college visit?
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you remembered. it's good. does it make the short list? you remembered that too. yea, i'm afraid so. knowing our clients personally is what we do. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. thanks, bye. and with over 13,000 financial advisors, we do it a lot. it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. >> the assignment for which you have volunteered, that assignment, there is now no more essential assignment in the world of policing. we endeavor to keep you trained, equipped, focused to protect this city. deirdre: new york police commissioner bill bratton launching a new counterterrorism unit in new york city in light of these recent attacks in paris. former nypd detective fox news contributor beau is with me
5:34 pm
now, and his cohost after the bell david. welcome, bo. what exactly is this team designed to do? how is it organized? >> what they're doing now is effectively training more police officers to be able to use some heavy equipment. i e machine guns or any kind of weapons there. so if when it comes to new york, we'll be able to effectively have a force that's fully trained with these high caliber guns instead of 9-millimeters. this is what we need because in reality when you look at the effect of what's going on with isis, what they've said and what they're trying to do, they have a lot of them in the united states already and let's just face it. time square, you talk about time square, you talk about pen station, grand central station, just imagine the havoc. deirdre: we realize all of our vulnerabilities. >> and also you've got to remember even the private buildings like you have buildings that are landmarks in new york.
5:35 pm
we have to effectively talk about private security but i alice said what good is a security guard without a weapon? because we now have to take these guys out. there's no negotiating. if you have a hostage situation, you have to go in because they're banked on one thing. banked on killing people, as many as they can. you head shot them, and you take them out. deirdre: so, david, how effective will this be and as a citizen, does it make you feel safer somehow? >> yeah. i've lived here 35 years. thank god for bill bratton, that's all i've got to say. because if it was up to the mayor bill de blasio, we'd have one-tenth of what we need. de blasio our mayor is the one who disbanded the surveillance at the mosque that was going on. he's been piece by piece disbanding the ability of police to effectively stop crimes happening before they happen. all of this is coming in the context of this movement against police forces in the
5:36 pm
president of the united states there's any good to come what happened out in paris, may be to focus the minds of americans not just the citizens of new york but of all the major cities in the thaws police do a lot more good than harm in the united states and that to enforce the -- the dictates that they have to keep citizens safe includes antiterrorism steps such as the ones we made in new york. >> i really -- deirdre: so, bo, a quick question here. to david's point but also looping in technology, one thing that isis seems to have mastered is encryption at some level or another. how is new york city going to add more tech crime fighters and terrorist fighters? >> well, the problem is the technology out there. they have this new technology called telegraph, it's where it's an instant message and then it disappears. and that's one of those that you can't follow. these technologies we have, we have to stay one step ahead, use all the technology people we have in this company. our microsofts and all of our
5:37 pm
brains and put that together. also, i do agree with david. now is not a time to divide up police departments with we should all band together. it's not black, it's not white, it's america, and we're fighting a fight for our lives against this isis that wants to see america go down. so i want everyone to band together and stop the nonsense against the cops. deirdre: well said, bo. david so glad to have you both. >> thank you. charles: thank you thank you. well, the world is on high alert following the terrorist attacks. fox business gerri willis is with me now. so, gerri, is the u.s. doing anything differently from friday? >> well, i've got to tell you the big problem we're finding four airports being scrutinized, jfk, kennedy right here in new york, newark airport, and atlanta airport, the one that has the most airline traffic and san francisco. those airports scrutinized tonight because they failed
5:38 pm
big f, big fail by tests made from the department of homeland security. what they did was put in fake passengers, people posing as passengers who carried on fake bombs and other weapons, things that would be illegal to take through the system and 95% of the time, diedre, they got through. 95% of the time. now, i want to mention to you that they have excuses. here's what the new head of tsa had to say. he said pressure's driven by increasing passenger volume and increased in checkpoint screening of badge due to fees charged for checked bags as well as inconsistent or limited force size requirements for handbags create they say a stress screening environment at airport checkpoints. and that was the new head of the tsa. this is what he has to say. sounds like he's blaming it on the airlines themselves and their policies. but i've got to tell you.
5:39 pm
this is very concerning tonight coming on the heels of this attack in paris. us travelers, particularly airline travelers have to be worried. diedre. deirdre: gerri willis, thank you so much. so glad you're there. governors of states rejecting syrian refugees on a conference call right now with the white house. one of those governors who was on that call is going to be joining us after this >> refugees are pouring into our great country from syria. we don't even know who they are. they could be isis, they could be anybody. what's our president doing? it's insane we are beginning a journey, and at this moment,
5:40 pm
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>> holding a conference call with the 30 governors trying to block syrian refugees to come to their states, kansas governor sam brown back joins me now. good to see you, sir.
5:43 pm
or good to talk to you. what did the president say? how persuasive was he? >> well, the president wasn't on the conference call, it was several people in the administration and -- >> can you describe who they were, sir? >> people in state, homeland security, officer of governmental affairs and, look, they're just laying out the process that we follow in letting refugees into the united states. it's roughly the same process as when i was in the united states senate and over the refugee settlement system. the problem is you're dealing with a failed state or belligerent state. you can't get good information out of these places. you can try as much as be you want, you can get some information but at this point in time where we are with the terrorists saying they're going to infiltrate this process, this is unwise and inprudent for us to take these refugees. >> what was their position when they took that case?
5:44 pm
>> well, that case hasn't been raised they're just getting to the process. but if we want to take more refugees, okay. why not take bermies? >> what is your option now? everybody that knows federal rules usually do trump state rules on issues like this. on the other hand i had a talk with judge andrew napolitano here. he said you governors can't touch them in what they're doing there but if they sort of blend into the general population, you then are forced to take security measures of your own that cost money. maybe you have a case. are you going to pursue your case legally and how? >> i haven't made that decision yet. what we decided is this is a state, federal corporate program and we said as a state we're not going to corporate with the resettlement of syrian refugees. we haven't taken it further than that. i would hope that the
5:45 pm
administration would notice you've got 29 governors saying that now. you've got a big majority here. i would hope the administration would back off and say we'll bring refugees from other places. >> now, as you probably know, senator schumer, a democrat has just come out against the president's proposal to resettle. in favor of house speaker paul ryan's proposal, do you think there are going to be more democrats that break away from the president on this? and if so, will he change his position? >> well, i hope there will be. this is what we did after 9/11. george w bush reduced the refugees dramatically because, look, we're under attack and we have to figure out what's going on. i would hope more governors would jump onboard. >> thank you very much.
5:46 pm
david: and diedre is back with us. deirdre: thank you, david, i'm glad you were there. markets closing higher, to boost security spending. i am with an economist, journalist, she is with me now. sophie, thank you for joining me. >> thank you. deirdre: so what long term effects if anything will the terrorists attacks here have on the french economy? >> i don't think it will have any affect at all. what we know for sure is last year have no affect at all. consumption is resuming in france after a very deep and long crises. the economy is just starting to recover. deirdre: because that's why some people say in addition to the human tragedy and the cultural tragedy really that this was on friday that it's an economic one as well that france was just starting to turn, and we do know tourism is 7.5% of gdp. >> yeah. we had good figures on friday. and i think it's going to be confirmed.
5:47 pm
so it's -- it may be -- obviously very early to know but i think it's very hard. things are just reported. deirdre: so saying earlier that the government -- the french the government is going to spend more. they're going to spend more on troops. they're going to spend more. they're not going to make any civil cuts; right? >> absolutely. not cut the jobs here had planned cuts and obviously it may have a consequence on our fiscal spending. but but i think it's going to tolerate that. deirdre: so we're speaking about the economy but we were talking and earlier one of your friends had a child who was killed at the concert hall. how do you see this as an economic crisis and personal cultural crisis? >> i think it's very true of
5:48 pm
what happened on friday it's youth. most victims are very young people. it was in a district -- deirdre: where everybody mixes. >> everybody -- deirdre: it's young people but literally all over the world. >> yeah. it's a blend of communities that live together and what the jihaddists are want is to separate people. but the french society is withstanding, and we want to continue to go out and -- twitter recently there was a message go out. don't stop going out. deirdre: because some have said part of the isis strategy as you said is to separate people. in other words, make westerners so afraid of any religion that, for example, in this case muslims do feel marginalized and then are more willing to join isis and build what they're trying to build. >> it is a risk that the
5:49 pm
political -- the extreme parties take lives but we have to keep in mind that we have 5 million muslims who live in france and who live quietly and it's a tiny majority. deirdre: and you were telling me you had amazing just in your professional life show of force from americans who just said we're with you, we lived through this with 9/11, we understand what you're going through. >> yes. it's very nice. we feel very nice comfort from everybody, especially americans. messages bunches of flowers, a lot of support internationally. it helps a lot. deirdre: we are connected. thank you so much. economist and journalist. there is a new video just in of secretary kerry suggesting this morning that the attack was a little different than what happened on friday. we will show you that video after this
5:50 pm
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call unitedhealthcare today. ♪ >> something different about what happened from charlie, and i think everybody would feel that. there was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legitimacy in terms of -- not legitimacy but rational that you could attach yourself to somehow and say okay. they're really angry because of this or that. deirdre: new video just in secretary of state john kerry suggesting this morning that the attack in france in january had legitimacy and rational as opposed to friday's terror attack. former cia operations officer josh is with me now. so, josh, first and foremost,
5:54 pm
what do you make of secretary kerry's comments? >> diedre, i'm absolutely embarrassed. as an american. this is absolutely ridiculous, but i think it shows that the administration has no clue what is going on in the world, has no clue that these terrorist attacks -- or all terrorist attacks, they don't have rational except terrorism and this is an enemy. we are at war whether this administration wants to believe it or not. these comments are insulting, and i think, you know, victims of both attacks are -- and their families -- and they should be, absolutely outraged. deirdre: so, josh, let me ask you what i'm hoping to be a silver lining in this. is kerry doing this on purpose to telegraph to isis that we're not really paying attention or we're not making the correct distinctions wile
5:55 pm
we are working extremely hard diligently behind the scenes to wipe them out. >> you know, i so want that to be the case, and i think you want that to be the case, we all want that to be the case. i think that is unfortunately not the truth. i think the truth is that the administration has been and continues to drop the ball on this. i think what this shows to isis, which is just the fact that we don't get it. that the united states is going to be easily defeated in their mind and this is going to be propaganda. isis is going to use this to recruit people and encourage people to attack us and attack others. this is a very bad thing. deirdre: josh, one of my guests, i don't know fumbled or not who was just here gave me the specifics. she said there are 8 million muslims in france, about 8% of the population.
5:56 pm
but she said of those 8 million, about 11,000 have shown to have extreme sympathies. is it possible that isis is trying to divide the rest of europe let's say in this case and, in fact, make the more moderate muslims feel rejected so that they join isis? >> diedre, absolutely. isis here is playing a very interesting game in the fact that their propaganda is aimed at a couple of points. one of which is recruitment. the other is radicalization and then the other one is trying to divide the muslim community. deirdre: josh, i'm sorry, i asked you a question, we didn't have time, we have more after this we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
5:57 pm
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6:00 pm
visit the white house next week, going to be speaking with president obama about ways to wipe out the islamic state. so that meeting is going to happen in the oval office on tuesday. thank you for joining us here. charles payne starts now. charles: breaking news. a credible bomb scare cancels a german soccer match and the u.s. stock market rally. the world remains on pins and needles. ben carson's camp admits struggling to grasp foreign policy. and isis is evil, russia is mean and china is a bully. and the governors grown to 33 and we have one of them on the show tonight and secretary of state john kerry coming to criticism for rationalizing that charlie had the attacks and his comments had many people outraged tonight. >> there's something different about what happened from charlie hebdo, and i think


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