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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 17, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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question is whether its statecraft or whether it's. >> witchcraft. lou: 81% of you say you are embarrassed for the president has spent 14 months since he said he would degrade and destroy the islamic state. that's it for us tonight. please be with us tomorrow night. good night from new york. kennedy: i am watching you and i my skeptical of his -- hysteria whether its bath salts or ebola. the truth gets buried under the surface of fresh and contagious. the latest round of hysteria saying that the syrian refugee crisis and whether or not the u.s. should take on at least 10,000 other reported 11 million people displaced by the steering more. act there they terrorist attacks in paris is reasonable to want to keep our homeland safe and the attackers masquerading as a refugee will give some people the apps and nobody wants them
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earning terrorist incubating in a mosque next door but what about those agitating refugee camps that are poorly resourced? their lives have gone from deplorable to unimaginable and their rage will easily be redirected at the west in the hands of capable imams. the u.s. is taken on millions of refugees from unpopular places over the years, vietnam, russia, burma iraq. by and large be a slightly simpler than that and worked and made the country a better place. my mom and her family fled romania after tangling with the nazis and the russians that they were suspiciously hazed once i got the boat over here. i don't trust our government to do much but i do know the engine of optimism that fuels most people who land here is a word investment. certainly the obama administration has to do more to explain and execute the vetting process than just say, trust me. we have to know people coming over here are well-intended as they distort that they distort
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the heaven and they must be subjected to an apolitical mechanism that somehow we get the best and brightest from the dark and the possessed or we can encourage those who have a greater interest in a certain serious outcome to impose their own pottery barn rule. you break it, you own it and that means you vladimir. russia wants a big win in syria and they have a patch of land in the united states and he can't stop flexing his packs and start hosting -- hosting his own magisterium because he is busy breaking everything in the store. has the atrocity of paris change the presidential playing playing field? how candidates are reacting and with all the news in paris he may have missed hillary clinton shamelessly hillary clinton shamelessly bring up 9/11 to score political points but don't worry we'll show you. plus charlie sheen drops a bombshell on tv, he is hiv-positive and we will talk about that. get ready. on kennedy.
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president obama has pledged to bring in 10,000 syrian refugees and 2016 bit more than half the governors in the united states say they will refuse to take this place syrians so what should we do? i say we welcome them on it big brilliant party panel the cohost of reby and along with andy julie banderas. >> you call me brilliant and you whistle at me. kennedy: settle down sweetie. gerald cook is also here writer for national review. welcome one and all. charles you are the man. i will start with you. >> mannish. kennedy: should we be accepting syrian refugees? >> one thing i do know is the debate has been a little bit silly. kennedy: and hysterical, would
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you agree it may? >> snl. there are reasons to be nervous and there are reasons to find a good policy where we should say this as a nation of immigrants and come in without checks as we have seen argued that probably the other side. what i meant is we are looking at governors who are pretending they have any authority in this area whatsoever. constitutionally the federal government decides. they can't restrict internal travel so yes it matters at the governors are -- but states will. kennedy: it's grandstanding on their part because presumably they know the lava lamp and they know it is the constitution that gives the federal government decision on who pretty much enters into this country so how would you describe the debate so far? >> i say this is a nation of immigrants to welcome them without checks. no, i don't. that's not my bag. i am with charles on this. i have mixed feelings on this
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and i believe and i cant the object of about it, my great great grandparents came to this country at a time when a lot of people didn't want jewish people here. it's not exactly the same thing but it's close enough for me that i can't be objective about it. there are a couple, to think as charles was saying it's not unreasonable to have fears that isis will try to slip them some ringers among legitimate syrian refugees and i'm really really tired of the moral preening going on on the left on this. but i'm also again as charles said, you are really leading me on. >> the governor stuff is stupid. the governor's stuff is pure political posturing and a part of them understand is people saying let's only that the christians in. they must be smarter than me because they know how that will work. i can't figure out how a
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religious test to enter united states would work. >> if you are hell-bent on killing people and you hear all you have to do is say you're christian and you are again, why wouldn't you just say it? pick me. oesn't that play to the isis narrative that muslims will be forced to choose isis or the west? >> that is what isis wants. francis conducting hundreds of raids. that's exactly what isis wants because most of those raids are in the home of muslim families. muslim families are not going to hate the government and sympathize with some of these terrorists however though as far as the government come is not just the governor. texas senator greg abbott said in a letter to the president federal officials can guarantee that syrian refugees will not be part of a terror attack? what is to say that another terrorist won't come on the boat
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from syria? one of them snuck his way through with a bunch of refugees. don't think it's our moral obligation to take care of the other countries problems when it comes to housing these people. there are no guarantees. what are the guarantees? kennedy: there are never guarantees that there aren't guarantees that if you are keeping syrians out that you are keeping terrorists out. >> the saudis. >> the saudis would take in more refugees, in other words if they would take in one refugee. kennedy: it's also closer in proximity. russia is closer than the united states. >> france put them in and look what happened. a lot of them came in with that influx of syrian refugees. >> i do think it's a bit unreasonable the way people are pointing to the rejection of jewish refugees in the second world war. purely because there were none hiding among the jewish refugees. i'm not anti-leading in the refugees.
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it wasn't as if in the second world war. you had many jewish serving. there was a distinction. in fact a disgusting distinction between the state of germany and those who it was depressing. that's not the case anymore. we need to debate it without throwing around these terms. kennedy: i agree we have you been into emotion and it's hard to educate ourselves from that and just have a practical conversation. that's the last thing is happening right now people do have valid concerns. we have a lot of refugees in the past and that has by and large turned out well. i think there are a lot of ways terrorists can get into this country. unfortunately in one of the biggest is by holding western passports. well let's switch to reuters because i know how much you love polls. reuters has a majority of americans want the united states to intensify efforts against isis in light of the paris attacks but don't want to commit
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ground troops to iraq or syria. donald trump is promoting his strategy at rallies. >> somebody criticize me the other day because they asked me what i would do and i said i'm going to bump the [bleep] out of them. kennedy: that's good policy. are people warming to the idea? >> i think they are warming to republican ideas because republicans tend to be more aggressive when it comes to the military. when he hear bernie sanders talk he almost wants to sing goodbye yellow tataris although i have to say with donald trump once again he's overreaching. he cannot fall from the campaign trail tell me what you're going to do when you're in office. it's the same approach with illegal immigrants. we are going to deport millions of them. that's impossible. you can't possibly predict a terror attack. you can do your best and rely on intelligence. kennedy: the attitudes that
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pragmatically implement. he said he is going to bomb the living [bleep] out of isis. >> americans say we won't be u.s. to do more to attack isis but they don't want to send troops in. we have to learn that airstrikes alone do not generally accomplished a cagey goals. i'm not arguing for boots on the ground although i would argue for killing the phrase boots on the ground because i'm sick of it. it would be nice if they learned it at some point soon. the other thing about airstrikes, it airstrikes tend to kill innocent people colon early or wound innocent people. kennedy: regardless of the rules of engagement. >> it's a great recipe for creating more anti-american and anti-western feeling so i'm just saying let's bomb the out of them or whatever is -- kennedy you have 10 seconds. >> for example both sides having
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commenced the american public. they want low taxes but lots of spending that they wanted to beat isis which republicans want but they don't want troops and with the democrats. both sides have convinced the american public at the same time. kennedy: there are a lot of republicans who say no boots on the ground that the president doesn't have a strategy is all he wants is an air war but they are essentially asking for the same thing. now you have just turned the polls for the republicans are coming out of the shadow thing we need ground troops. boots on the ground. coming up, the panel returns and saturday's democratic debate hillary clinton with a high-octane politician mode using 9/11 and one of her answers. this is rich. even by clinton standards. chris is here to break down how candidates are reacting to the paris attacks. how will it change the raise? we will
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kennedy: welcome back. during saturday's democratic presidential debate senator bernie sanders criticized hillary clinton for wall street connections saying why do you make millions of dollars in campaign contributions like they expect to get something. everybody knows that and hillary clinton responded to the accusation with this. >> i represent new york in ever-present new york on 9/11 when we were attacked. where were you the attack? we were attacked in downtown manhattan where wall street is. i spent a whole lot of time and effort helping them rebuild.
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that was good for new york, it was good for the economy and it was a way to rebuke the terrorists that attacked our country. kennedy: don't clap where does. the panel is back. andy i will start with you. a bag of rotting squirrel muck covered in lice and maggots or hillary clinton invoking 9/11? >> i wish this matter. i wish democratic voters cared that this was one of the worst human beings to run for the presidency in a lifetime but apparently they don't. this is par for the course for her. anyone who is surprised at the answer she gave as them and paying attention for the last three decades or whatever it is. she is disgusting. kennedy: julie was as they were hers defense? >> i would hope not but i think it was. she got really angry. what is she so mad about? why is she so matt? is she mad because people lost their loved ones on 9/11 so
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therefore she somehow gains donors to that? i don't understand where the raids came from. kennedy: i feel bad for those poor wall street investment bankers. they really deserve our sympathy and praise, don't they? was this just stupid? >> i'm amazed on what is an obvious flaw within the democratic party. flock, this is a liability within the basic democratic party within its political environment. having run for president before you would have thought she would have anticipated and contrived a good answer. but she didn't and that makes me wonder how good she will be during the actual election. she's going to be the nominee. i can certainly see why herb oddi doesn't want to put on the debate and people might watch them. i think she's favored to win the presidency because it said they suggest i don't think this stuff
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matters but if it did, this answer would have been absolute apocalypse because she starts out by saying many of my women are donors. then she moves to 9/11. >> people applauded. >> as julie put it she had the nerve to get matt does someone said this about her. how dare you say this about me. just that whole thing right there it's just so gross. i don't even know what else to say about her. >> she's begging for votes. we saw how defensive the president was yesterday at his press conference. how defensible she be when she ascends to the throne? much more with the panel coming up. university of missouri protesters are angry that paris has is taking the spotlight away from them. chris stirewalt is here to break down how candidates are reacting
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to the paris attacks. hi chris.
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call now this number and let healthmarkets find the right medicare plan for you. call now! kennedy: welcome back. the republican presidential field increasingly turning toward foreign policy in the wake of the terrorist tragedy friday night. reactions ranged from rand paul and others wanted to block incoming refugees. donald trump's claim that he would consider closing down mosques. chris stirewalt is here "fox news" central politics editor and boy does he know politics. it is his business and business is good for star wall. welcome back. >> good to be with you. kennedy: was with some of the candidates their reactions. when i saw the tragedy atop this is not good for dr. ben carson. foreign policy is a weak spot for him. how did he respond and what have
8:22 pm
some of their critics. >> the criticisms with the two most notable outsiders, carson and donald trump, is that can they really be president in and? people may like their ideas and what they're talking about. they may like the issues and they may like him personally as missing persons case but then you get to the nuclear launch codes decision about is this person ready and stable and steady enough to be in the gig? i think that's the rap on trump and carson which is when people do air radack were seemingly inexplicable things. it makes voters say -- so the candidates change when foreign affairs intervenes but so do the voters. kennedy: you're absolutely right. it certainly does change your perspective and one of the most presidential aspects would be your ability to handle a crisis. you are so right about strong and steady because i think
8:23 pm
donald trump comes off as very strong and steady i don't know when all he is talking about strategy right now is blowing the s on devices. a lot of people feel that when he talks about being a very intuitive person when it calms to terrorism. do you think that's enough for voters? >> well we will see. it's not as early as we think anymore. we are getting close. there are less than three months away from iowa and we will see. the thing with trump's at some point he has to evolve as a candidate. if he wants to win the nomination against a the nomination he has to change and be reassuring. he does so poorly with female voters especially the general electorate. here is what we found over the years, which is that bush used to call them security moms. i was a big phrase in 2004 bit married women with kids look at national security in a different way than single people and differently than men do. there is a higher price placed
8:24 pm
on security and national security and insecurity at home. kennedy: boy does it change the conversation also when i was considering who might benefit and who might falter in the wave of terrorism i immediately thought of marco rubio and how he is differentiated himself is such a hawk. am i wrong to assume that he will get a little bit of a bump and he's a more serious candidate with an issue like this. >> i think what you're seeingucd cruz, first they were talking about a legal limit gration and pathway to citizenship but in the wake of the terrorist attack , we have party sharp elbows between the senators and a little bit sharper and rubio even going on the offense saying that cruz along with senator paul fought for the end of what the government calls that he said you know what you may have succeeded in doing that but you
8:25 pm
made us less safe as less possible for defense to protect us and those are fighting words. i think they're going to see from cruz and from rubio who were ultra-hawks, we will hear from both of them. it will be interesting how they differentiate. kennedy: also that is an untruth. there is no correlation between the nsa revelations and whether that we are safer. that is propaganda and i'm resentful of those kinds of claims. these are very serious times and you don't need to trump up your claims in order to make them stronger case, no pun intended marco. hopefully senator paul, don't think he has got the nomination in his grasp but hopefully he will do a better job of defending civil liberties in light of the crisis. there's a case and we may put out now, last but not least that adorable bernie sanders who says
8:26 pm
of course naturally it's global climate change that is leading to terrorism. >> who could argue with that and i think we are down there. kennedy: thanks very much steve. he has laid out some very dire consequences of drought specifically. unfortunately he has not tied them to terrorism. he is not made that natural logical path that one needs in order to to cause -- tight cause with effect. >> and he is not running for president. he is running to be heard in he's an issue candidate and he will be extinct. kennedy: he is an issue candidate because he has so many issues chris by her up. >> that's not what i meant. kennedy: thanks for coming back. i appreciated it. on deck in paris, she will tell us what she has founded the city of lights. she has lived there for many years. later at her charlie sheen announces he has hiv.
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kennedy: the eyes of the world are on france after friday's attacks and deidre olson joins us from paris. she is live there right now to tell us more about the mood on the ground. deidre welcome. >> hi kennedy. great to talk to you. kennedy: you too. i know this is a city that you love. you speak french fluently. this is the part of the world you know well. how different is paris after these attacks? >> e, it is a whole different ballgame. listen, people are much like americans after 9/11. that is to say they are afraid. categorically they are afraid that they do not want to let the
8:31 pm
terrorists win so even just being out and about, people are determined to carry on. restaurants are fall, cafés are full. you do see people out. of course there are many stations all over the city where people are leaving flowers and candles, poems and posters. people are out. that's the big take away but i would say them or speak with people, yes things have changed. for example when i lived here unemployment was issa problem, was i something that people had to deal with but now the youth unemployment is around 25%. so for people who are mentally fragile, who are able to be brainwashed and have a lot of time on their hands there is this link between the young youth branch who perhaps have roots to north africa, that's their origin. they are here and they are frustrated and they feel they can't integrate with society and they don't have jobs.
8:32 pm
they feel like they have no future so that just breeds this just lets say go to group unfortunately for isis. i think people here are not necessarily surprised because i would even say in some ways this tension has been building for years but i think at the end of the day to have people appear to be your neighbors one or two streets over sewer willing to blow up a restaurant or a concert hall for many people, it's very shocking. kennedy: yeah and they also have passports from places like france and belgium. we are hearing about obviously that terror cells. our people in france suspicious or angry at belgium right now? >> that's a great question. i actually as the former head of the secret service, the former head of the cert -- secret service i asked him are you guys arguing over the ball with
8:33 pm
belgian and he said not at all. the thing those two cultures have in common especially paris see themselves as the intellectual center for europe, this kind of humanist center so they never wanted their orders to be closed-door monitor. that is all changing obviously. but according to the former head of the secret service here in france he said we are not mad at the belgians. we have to work together. they are friends and they are cousins and we have to figure this out together but to your .1 of the people you manage to escape, the only one who left paris after the attacks on friday was stopped at the franco-belgian border, was stopped, interrogated by french police and was let go. obviously they know they need to improve on both sides of the border. kennedy: tell me about the military and police presence. is it overwhelming there? do you see a lot of military police as you were walking around?
8:34 pm
>> there are definitely here. i think between the police and national forces and additional something like 12,000 troops but that is to say all over france so it's not just perusso yes they are very visible. their guns are very visible. they are in packs of four or five so it's not example back in my day 15 years ago maybe you would see to policeman someone visibly armed and some would not be visibly armed but there is a very strong presence. they are here and making their presence known and also overnight raids for lack of a better term. last night i think 100 homes were searched and the night before 170 homes search. divide -- the president françois åland put in measures. the police are not saying the raids are linked to the past but
8:35 pm
they are saying this is a general state of emergency. we are going to go into whoever's home we need to go into. by the way they have found things like rocket launchers. they have found kalashnikovs another semiautomatic weapons and not that is frightening enough, top of the police uniforms. one home in the south of france about 100 police uniforms. you can just imagine at some point terrorists were hoping to use. kennedy: is a prolific lack market which is something you see when you have that sort of gun control. these safe and thank you so much for reporting. >> thank you. kennedy: we will seize my panel returns. charlie sheen admits he has hiv. he had four years ago but is coming out about it now. found out why and protesters at the university of -- are angry
8:36 pm
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kennedy: hello. as we have charlie sheen announced he is hiv-positive and was diagnosed four years ago. sheen says he hired prostitutes who have tried to blackmail him over revealing his deeds. he stated hiv is lead to depression, drugs, alcohol and of course more prostitutes. here he is on "the today show." >> i'm here to admit that i'm hiv-positive. it started with what i thought they stunned the series of cluster headaches and insane migraines sweating, completely drenched and i went to mercy hospital. >> usw up in the victim of the trail and extortion. he told me that a lot of people have actually demanded money to stay silent about this. >> that is true.
8:40 pm
kennedy: the panel is back in the levy and charles could create so here we go. bribing people gets really expensive. do you think he is running out of money? >> if i knew charlie sheen, i have sympathy for his illness, okay but if i didn't know him as the man he was well before he was diagnosed and i would say i think he does not care in the fact that he has been with numerous women, i don't know how many women are protected but i know for a fact he is verbally abusive. he treated denise richards like. there were two otherwise after that so i think he is coming forward obviously because he has to, because "the national inquirer" was going to beat him to the punch so he's coming forward so he can resurrect his career. that is what this is about and everything about charlie sheen is selfish. does he have remorse or maybe women that he slept with that he
8:41 pm
didn't inform the to get hiv? his ex-wife is concerned because she had illness and hasn't been diagnosed but potentially could. kennedy: he said he is only had unprotected sex with two people who were under the care of his position. >> i don't know what that means. if you are hiv-positive you can have unprotected sex with women as long as the doctor is watching? i honestly don't know what that means. i am with julie on this. he actually shot his ex-wife kelly, one of the least sympathetic people in hollywood. that said i don't wish anyone to be hiv-positive rate i'm glad that he has made it and ejb is not a death sentence anymore. kennedy: he is lucky that he has said trailblazers and millions
8:42 pm
of people working before hamm, activists make him sure that millions of dollars poured into research facility so they could come up with better ways of treating the disease. maybe on one level is good for people to know that you can still contract hiv from unprotected sex and lord knows what else. is this unsurprising news? >> it's absolutely unsurprising. andy is right they are good people with hiv and there are terrible people with hiv and he's a terrible person with hiv. we shouldn't pretend that he didn't someone bring this upon himself. i know there are going to be a whole field of articles newspapers and web sites saying it's careful to point that out but it's also true. we do know how one gets aids and we do know what behavior leads to that. that's not to say it won't happen but there that decisions you can make and he did. >> he was using drugs before. if he had hiv for as long as four years ago when he allegedly found out he was using drugs. kennedy: i think i was after tiger blood and winning. >> it was during.
8:43 pm
he said he is has never used needles with drugs or anything like that but one of the things he said on "the today show" was well we could take educated guesses. i guess there were so many ways he could have gotten it that he can't pinpoint it. >> is almost impossible to tell. did i get it from spinach or curdled mock? campus protesters at the university of missouri are getting irritated at the attention the massacre in paris has diverted from their own plight. one firebrand tweeted quote racist white people kill me. you want everyone to have sympathy for your tragedy that you you have none for hours but another sondos we saying not to take away from paris at all but you are getting news coverage and world support, we deserve it too. and b there is a word this that you pointed out. >> there's this thing called in
8:44 pm
asia. its tone deafness. it's a natural thing. i think these people have moral amnesia. they don't understand that regardless of what's going on in missouri and what side you are on and how much you think their churches have increased it's not the same thing as a bunch of bombs going off in people being held hostage in them being gunned downed. it's somehow not quite the same thing. >> there really is not a moral equivalence, is there? >> it's exactly the same being slightly irritated by ilse decanted him .2 to the extent that you have to keep saying words like structural and people being locked inside a movie theater and mow down with ak-47s. we can't distinguish between those two things.
8:45 pm
kennedy: college is a totally unserious place where ideas have no meaning. >> what it does is it highlights perfectly how improper the use of the word is to discuss words. when somebody is upset by sentiments they may well have a case but they are not unsafe. the people in paris were unsafe. they were the victims of physical violence. i wish we would stop conflating these concepts. >> it's disingenuous and disrespect of that sadly not surprising. >> i am irritated by college students in general because i'm so tired of hearing the stupid things that they say in the fact that they are allowed to vote on the think we should rate the voting age to 30. kennedy: we ought to raise the voting iq. >> i do want to point out it was a great political thinker sarah silverman who said we have to listen to the college age because they lead the
8:46 pm
revolution. maybe we should say that college students are saying the situations are equal then both situations are equal. case closed. kennedy: case closed indeed. thank you very much charles, julie and andy. your eyes match her dress. that is the next event. we will separate fact from fiction in a moment. stay right here. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier
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kennedy: cia chief john brennan says has a comment other than the massacre and paris. how long before they do? rand moore is the national security analyst with aquarium project and he is here with me now.
8:50 pm
please don't scare that the jesus out of me. >> you should be concerned about isis but don't give them what they want to be terrified. go to the shopping mall and live your life like you are molly wood. kennedy: would you go to paris on vacation in? how likely do you think an attack is here? >> i think it's likely because isis know that they have this gap that they can dispatch operatives and they can do it in france and do it in germany and used the opportunity to go after the u.s.. success breeds more eggs success and the appearance of success radicalize as those that would see it as an endorsement. it's a benefit for them but at the same time we have to keep things in perspective. kennedy: let's talk about radicalization and then i want to get back to the style attacks. you say radicalization is happening faster in america than anywhere else. how and why? >> that's because the jihadists ideology is spreading because
8:51 pm
when isis declares a caliphate u.s. military operations can't proclaim that all is endorsing them. we are still still expanding and that's how arguments are largely settled in the jihadists world. you think you are right and i think i'm right but his winning on the ground congressional terrorism report that came out that we wrote about with aquarium project at the radicalization of americans is at unprecedented speed. >> it's interesting to me how radical islam takes root in different places in different ways but ultimately has the same effect. let's talk about the attacks a little bit because here in the united states a woman was in ohio. you saw the attacks in texas. there were other foiled plots in places like new york but this was not a lone wolf. this was as you you put it and not qaeda style attack. is that going to be more common for isis?
8:52 pm
why the shift? >> just because of the opportunity they now have trained operatives. isis only came onto the scene in a major way in 2014 so this feels like a long time. it's been a relatively short period of time so the operatives they have been trained to carry out these types of attacks are ready and being dispatched but in terms of responding to this we should pay attention to what they want. when you look at their account on twitter there are two themes i see that they want. the first one is they want an anti-muslim backlash. they believe that will bring the muslim committee to their side in the second second thing we want is for the u.s. to engage in a ground war in the middle east. kennedy: interesting so it sounds like france and the republican presidential candidates are playing to that hand. let's talk about anonymous because the secret hacking group says there are going to defeat isis because they have got better hackers and i have i said that hackers are going to run the world. what do you think about anonymous taking on isis?
8:53 pm
>> it's hard not to cheer them on. at the same time it will have a limited effect is when you shut down one accounts they opened it up somewhere else. they are prepared for this type of thing and is not going to discourage them. the thing that they're looking for to vindicate their roles and prophecy and vindicate their ideology is going to be about our response not anonymous so as we discuss policy options the republican presidential candidates talking about ground offensive, isis from the beginning has been saying that would be part of the fulfillment of prophecy. the troops going into syria and getting into battle. advisers and special forces or something different. ground offenses is something they been encouraging each other with. kennedy: thank you very much. coming up, is it time to privatize the tsa? a new report says the tsa can't get much worse. mercy, stick with me.
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kennedy: hello there. the "new york post" reporting tsa security screeners have consistently failed to find weapons and bombs smuggled to airports by undercover agents posing as passengers. the tsa flunked tests at a different locations conducted by the department of homeland security radius of just expensive security theater? gerry willis is here fox business anchor in personal finance correspondent and expert. welcome. i have always been very dubious of the tsa. some agents are lovely people and i embrace them heartily but this is really bad timing. >> this is horrible timing on this news. we found out the poor airports doing a bad job with its newer, kennedy atlanta which is an airport with the biggest traffic in the country. those airports are really in the crosshairs doing a bad job and this is coming on the heels of
8:58 pm
the news just after what happened in paris with terrorism there. you think people getting on planes right now must be really nervous. >> a look at these people like you are the first line of defense for air travel. he keeping us any safer? than we care tsa agents are performing behavioral analysis. so they themselves without a lot of training and expertise are looking at people trying to figure out who is the bad guy. >> which is found that they can screen for bombs and we are asking them to do the a girl analysis? that seems crazy. as an example one guy who was undercover put a fake bomb in his bag. he sets up one of the magnetometers but they first came in they don't find it. and that's how it risk we are as the blind public right now. kennedy: it's kind of scary because it's not just bombs. there are all sorts of devices, grenades and firearms that have made it through and this is a
8:59 pm
government agency that was created obviously after 9/11 when dhs was part of this giant umbrella. should we just privatize the tsa and get the whole thing over with? >> i think that makes a lot more sense because then you wouldn't have people in the job we don't want to be in the job. screening at the best people and then pay them at decent wage but i have to tell you this just isn't working. look at what's going on. we interviewed a woman today who said her husband went to the airport with a knife, at pen knife in his pocket. he was never detected. it's not working. kennedy: i have gotten through with a couple of other things. i was surprised because i got through. >> we forget sometimes. kennedy: i forgot. gerry willis i adore having you on. please come back to you make us smarter by your presence. thank you for watching tv can
9:00 pm
watch on the web site kennedy monday through friday on fox business network or follow me on kennedy now you go have a beautiful goodnight. gambling, and gangsters. >> arnold rothstein gave them a little bit of money to, supposedly, throw the series. >> "shoeless" joe was arguably the best baseball player of all time. >> he's banned from the game... >> one weeping fan of his cried out, "say it isn't so!" >> ...and the fascination with his tale endures. >> shoeless joe's really part of pop culture. >> so why is his autograph one of the rarest in sports? >> he was virtually illiterate. >> he had a very hard time even writing an individual letter. >> he did. >> as far as we know it, there is only one known. >> one? >> just one. >> and it's this woman's stra >> it started to dawn on me that this is a lot of money we're lk


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