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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 17, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. ♪ if you can't see the show, dvr it, you don't want to miss it, you don't want to miss a moment of lou dobbs. he's next. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. french authorities tonight are searching for a second terrorist directly involved in the paris attacks. the disclosure of this second fugitive still at large comes as france and russia join forces to launch a punishing new wave of airstrikes against the islamic state. fallout from friday's attacks also spreading to neighboring countries, germany, belgium cancelling international soccer matches because of bomb threats but britain and france press on, calmly. defying the islamic statement we'll have a report on the latest developments, and here at home, a growing list of
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governors refuse to allow syrian refugees into their states. the rising resistance to president obama's insistence on bringing tens of thousands of refugees to america has forced the white house to hold a conference call tonight with the governors and no matter the outcome, it is already clear, president obama has again overstepped himself. >> all of our agencies will make every effort to vet every refugee coming into this country, from the databases to the interviews that those individuals are subject to, to the biometrics screening as well. certainly there are challenges to that process because of the situation in syria. lou: just exactly what does every effort mean? can the governors stop these refugees and this president? house armed services committee member congressman mo brooks joins us on thoses and more. and just how should americans react to a president who calls
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the paris terrorist attacks a setback? former ambassador to the united nations john bolton with us tonight. our top story, as i said, we've learned french authorities believe that at least 20 terrorists were involved directly and incorrectly in those paris attacks, and there is a widespread manhunt under way for two radical islamists who carried out the terrorist attacks in paris and who remain at large. most likely, outside france. most likely, in belgium or beyond. europeans very much on edge tonight with both germany and belgium cancelling soccer matches over the past two days over bomb threats. fox news senior correspondent rick leventhal in paris with our report. >> reporter: as parisians continue to mourn the victims of friday's brutal terror attacks, the aggressive manhunt continues for anyone else connected to the mass murders. french police executed 128 raids overnight, nearly 300 since sunday.
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with two fugitives at the top of the most-wanted list. salah abdeslam and a second person who hasn't been named suspected of direct involvement in the massacre. french police published a photo of a man they say is one of the suicide bombers. the name on the passport is ahmad almohammad, but it may be fake. 16 people have been arrested in the region since sunday, though some released in custody. and searchs are ongoing in belgium and germany. francois hollande called the assassins cowards. >> they wanted to weaken the french path and welcome the world to its doorstep. they've already lost that fight as today by standing up firm, determined against terror, we mark our indestructible attachment to the notion of liberty and cultural dialogue. >> reporter: france has ramped up military campaign gaines against isis in syria and iraq
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with ten fighter jets carrying out new strikes this evening. and asking the international community for help, making unprecedented demand to european allies for military or security support against the terror group. france's president hollande calling on coalition partners for help meeting with secretary of state john kerry, discussing how to increase joint efforts against isis, suggesting a cease-fire in syria might be possible. >> the level of cooperation could not be higher. we've agreed to exchange more information and i'm convinced that over the course of the next weeks, daesh will feel greater pressure. >> reporter: president obama will meet with hollande next week in washington. they will discuss a shared strategy to confront the scourge of terrorism. hollande is planning a trip to moscow to meet with russian president vladimir putin whose military conducted a significant number of strikes tuesday against targets in
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raqaa and aleppo, syria. >> it's necessary to establish a direct contact with the french and cooperate as allies, they have received instruction. it's necessary to develop a joint plan of action in the sea and in the air. >> reporter: we've also learned the united states marine corps sent additional guards to the u.s. embassy to bolster the security situation here, lou? back to you. lou: rick, thank you very much. rick leventhal reporting from paris. we want to know that many folks in europe are refusing to bow down in the face of terrorism. england in fact holding a friendly soccer match with france at wembley stadium, that in defiance of the islamic state. fans singing the french anthem held up paper banners forming the french flag observing a moment of silence to remember those killed and wounded in the attacks last friday. the paris attacks have many americans wondering whether we're any safer over the past year and a half?
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the fbi charged more than 60 people accused of ties to the islamic state, but critics say friday's attack show the obama administration has underestimated the islamic state throughout, and likely ignored both intelligence and military assessments of the strength and threat of the islamic state. now, our law fly,ing not only to understand the assessments but the actions taken or not taken by the commander in chief. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with our report. >> reporter: the chairman of the house homeland security committee says paris is part of the wider conspiracy with as many as 20 people involved. the available intelligence and recent repeats indicate the plot was masterminded by abdelhamid abaaoud. and a team of at least 8 carrying out the plan in paris. >> so it's an expanding model.
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you have one person in syria directing through belgium to france, that could be here too, just like that, all encrypted. >> reporter: abaaoud is linked to the suspect in the august plot disrupted by three americans to gun down passengers on a train. he was taken into custody, a u.s. government source says there was discussion among isis operatives by changing the way they communicate. on capitol hill, the attorney general loretta lynch said the fbi under her jurisdiction does all it can to deal with encrypted communications and agents use techniques to get around the problem. >> we rely on other means of gathering intelligence about the individuals, and their associates, but it does cause the loss of a valuable source of information. >> reporter: on syrian refugees and fears terrorists may infiltrate the flow, the house speaker and other republicans are calling for a pause until more intelligence can be
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gathered. >> containing isis is not enough. defeating isis is necessary and we do not have the comprehensive plan in place. >> reporter: lynch says the u.s. is better equipped to vet applicants. >> i would note we have the benefit of having that significant and robust screening process in place, a process that europe has not been able to set up, which renders them more vulnerable. >> i think we'll be vulnerable too when it comes to people from syria when we can't get access to the databases because the country is in disarray. >> reporter: at this hour on the hill, a highly classified briefing for the entire house, including the fbi director, homeland security secretary and the director of the national counterterrorism center, set up after 9/11 as the hub for threat analysis. lou: catherine herridge. it is not only speaker ryan urging a stop to the syrian refugee program. 33 governors, most republican, say they are opposed to taking in refugees amid heightened security concerns.
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the president's deputy national security adviser insists that 10,000 refugees from syria will be properly vetted. >> we have very robust vetting procedures for those refugees, it involves our intelligence community, national counterterrorism center, extensive interviews, vetting them against the available information. lou: other administration officials contradict rhodes. they've done so over recent weeks, referring to the difficulties if not impossibility of properly vetting refugees when there is no government to government relationship. >> we're not going to know a whole lot about the individual refugees that come forward from the u.n. high commission on refugees for resettlement and vetting. >> my concern is there are certain gaps. that i don't want to talk about publicly in the data available to us. >> i don't obviously put it past the likes of isil to
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infiltrate operatives among the refugees. lou: and one of the larger questions now, do governors state officials have the authority to stop syrian refugees from residing in their states? our legal panel on all of that later in the broadcast. not only are governors revolting against the president's refugee plans, but leading republican candidates running for president are outraged as well. >> one of the immediate ways we must stop contributing to our problem is we need to stop the flow of syrian refugees into this country. we cannot vet them. >> we shouldn't be bringing potential terrorists into america. >> refugees are pouring into our great country from syria. we don't even know who they are, they could be isis, could be anybody. what's our president doing? is he insane? lou: we're coming right back, and with answers to many of those questions, among our top stories tonight, why would a
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president declare he would degrade and destroy an enemy and then seemingly forget about them for more than a year? stay with us. we're back right after these words. house speaker paul ryan proposes a pause in the syrian refugee program until those refugees can be screened for terrorist ties. >> this is a moment where it's better to be safe than to be sorry. lou: can the refugees be thoroughly veted? with the answers, congressman mo brooks joins us next. russia escalates airstrikes against islamic state targets. russia and france working together and they have a strategy. where are we and w the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company...
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but that would never happen. comcast business monitors my company's network 24 hours a day and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. . lou: as we reported, house speaker ryan called for a pause, as he put it on, the president's plan to admit syrian refugees into this country. >> this is a moment where it's better to be safe than to be sorry. so we think the prudent, the responsible thing is to take a pause in this particular aspect of this refugee program in order to verify that terrorists are not trying to infiltrate the refugee population.
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lou: ryan and house republican leaders haven't taken emergency steps to strip obama's refugee initiative, they are trying to craft legislation that would stall or block the program this week. let's find out right now what they are doing, for real, or not so real? joining us our first guest, encouraged by the speaker's call for a pause. he's working to defund the refugee program, and joining us is congressman mo brooks, member of the armed services and foreign affairs committees. congressman, good to have you with us. this pause now mitch mcconnell says he believes that there should be a pause, even senator chuck schumer, the minority leader of the senate, well, majority leader presumptive if they could get that done, they want to stop that as well. are we actually going to see some success, you think, to do so? >> the only guaranteed path to success is if we take the defunding route.
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lou: right. >> we have in congress control of the purse. if we do not allow the money to be spent, and that takes affirmative action on our part, then it won't be spent, and the president cannot continue to undermine our national security by importing these refugees, some number of which in all probability, terrorists will become terrorists. the path being advocated by mitch mcconnell and congressman hudson, i think it's his bill, and paul ryan as house speaker, is a path that has a couple of major problems with it. i'm going support the bill, don't get me wrong, one problem is you have to get past the senate filibuster. the second problem is you have to have the president's consent, which is unlikely if he wants to bring the refugees in. which means if the president vetoes the legislation, we have to have two-thirds of the house and senate to override a presidential veto which means we'll have to have a whole lot of democrats who are willing to set aside their partisanship
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and election issues and instead focus on what's in the best interest of the country. so far we've not had enough democrats to help us override a single presidential veto. lou: i think as you're implying, congressman, you're not likely to get them, either. i hear these words, they come to us here on this broadcast with little bells going off all around them. when i hear the word pause instead of strip the funding and use the power of the first and the congress, i think why are they being so tepid? why not speak with authority? >> you'd really have to ask the house leadership and the senate leadership why they're not being more aggressive and taking the power of the purse strings approach which is 100% effective, and can be effective regardless of the president's position. we do have that power to withhold money, and then the president would have to cause us to firmly take the action to spend it.
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i would hope we would do that between now and december 11th when the continuing resolution to fund the government plays out and we have to pass a new spending bill. that's when i think we ought to bring this to a head, and i think the american people are pretty strongly on our side as are a clear majority of the governor of the states on our side, and perhaps the democrats join us under those circumstances. >> that might be cause for rejoicing congressman, and other times, other days. but under this president and the makeup of this congress and this senate, the will of the people doesn't seem to be expressed the way the republicans promised it would and the elections of 2010 and 2012. >> no question, one of my biggest frustrations. we have a third of the republican conference that is fairly liberal, think like the democrats and join the democrats on major spending issues and policy issues and that undermines our ability to be successful in the house and the senate on a lot of legislation that the american people want and america needs.
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>> congressman, you're supporting ted cruz. the president scolding those who would put up, as he called it, a religious test for admission to the refugee program, and islam in this country. very quickly, your reaction, we're already over time? >> i support ted cruz for president. i'm his alabama state chairman. but let's be clear, like it or not these are the facts. and the facts are that unfortunately all or almost all of the terrorism that's occurred around the globe over the last 10 or 20 years has involved people who are muslim and justify their murder and heinous conduct towards people based on religious faith. so i think we need to be much more careful with respect to this issue than we have been and not turn a blind eye to it as the president wants us to. lou: congressman mo brooks, thanks for talking with us. >> my pleasure, have a good evening. lou: you, too. vote in our poll tonight, the question is --
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we'd like to hear from you on the question. cast your vote at and follow me on twitter -- . lou: up next here, president obama mocking donald trump, saying it would be fun to run against him. no one seems to be laughing with the president, however. i'll have a few thoughts on leadership next, and much, much more. straight ahead. straight ahead. stay with us
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who blew up a russian jetliner killing more than 200 russian tourists over the sinai desert. this is what putin declared, quote -- notice putin promised vengeance, he declared the terrorists will be punished, no-nonsense about bringing them to justice, no silly, fuzzy language about investigations or generational warfare. or ultimately using all sorts of code and dog whistle for running out the clock on a presidency. putin immediately launched a bombing campaign in raqaa, ordered a russian missile cruiser to fully cooperate. with the french and combat operations against the islamic
11:27 pm
state throughout syria. french president hollande has declared war against the islamic state. he said the world would be better off if putin and obama were to work together to crush the islamic state, and hollande meets both presidents separately next week, but as for the world's only superpower, president obama seems content to defend his ludicrous statements about containment of the islamic state. acting as though americans such fools will forget he promised to, quote, degrade and destroy, end quote, the islamic state some 14 months ago. >> i don't think they're gaining strength. what is true is that from the start our goal has been first to contain, and we have contained them. >> it's best that we don't shoot first and aim later.
11:28 pm
it's important for us to get the strategy right and the strategy we are pursuing is the right one. lou: such sophomoric sophistry from our president that ignores the fact we've been at war with radical islamists for 14 years, and sillenes posing as strategy. apparently someone in the administration, most likely not the president realized how enervated mr. obama appears in contrast to hollande and putin. the united states attacked for the first time oil trucks, the major source of the terrorist group's funding, destroying more than 100 of the trucks. the obama white house removed the trucks from the target list throughout because they might have civilian drivers. no matter the oil that has been used by the islamic state to kill thousands of other civilians and destroy cities
11:29 pm
and downs and factories and some of the great archaeological structures in the middle east. russia, for their part, just bombs their targets. russia unconcerned about the precision munitions and ordnance. putin and now hollande are focused squarely on defeating, destroying the enemy. our enemy, no matter the cost. i only hope our president will wake up to the damage that his passivity and poorly placed pride have done. we've lost much under this president. he is a president who fancies himself quite a thinker but who seldom gets lucky with what he calls policies and strategies. a president who leads from behind but doesn't seem to notice that most are not following. in my opinion, that leaves two questions, as our president, why would mr. obama lead from behind, and how much moral authority is required to lead
11:30 pm
from behind? or is it that the second question answers the first? our quotation of the evening. this one from someone who led from the front, general george s. patton. he said -- i think most americans now are getting downright patton-like. we're coming right back. the united nations demands that the united states continue to bring in hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees, no matter what you and i think. >> what's our president doing? is he insane? lou: and the president of course agrees with the united nations. and the powerful union behind the minimum wage demonstrations has endorsed a presidential candidate.
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. lou: the republican presidential field cut down today. louisiana governor bobby jindal dropping out of the race saying it's been an honor, but, quote, not my time. he says. joining us now author and columnist jedidiah bila, former clinton pollster, doug schoen, both fox news contributors. good to have you here.
11:35 pm
>> good to be here. lou: bobby jindal, such a smart guy, effective governor, and he recognized, which i give him credit, it's not his time. >> any chance he pulled rick santorum and jeb bush and a few others along with him? you said something kind about him. he is a nice guy. he has changed his heart on issues. he used to support common core and came around. he does a nice job in the debates. if you watch the debates and watch his performance and interviews, he's not getting his message across to people and not going to be the nominee. the good news is, he unlike many others he realizes it, he realizes it's time to go, to let the field tighten up and pick our guy or female who's going to go against hillary clinton. it's our time. lou: they looked like they were going to be there for the duration. they struggle with so many things like the straightforward things like the fact our enemies are radical islamists and not one had the guts to say
11:36 pm
it. what do we make of that? >> two things, i think they should say it, but there's a more fundamental problem, what is lacking in both parties is a strategy to take this on, to kill the extremist, to eradicate islamic fascism, terror, however you want to characterize it, and we have a president who as you accurately put it, is not only not leading from behind, he's not leading at all. french are leading with the russians and we are failing to take action. that's just criminal. lou: it's criminal. it is disappointing. it is -- represents everything that we as americans are not. but as you talk about both parties lack, we have a president in office for seven years and now gets to take credit for all he's done or blame, and this is a man, as i said in my commentary, through his dog whistles and codes, is running out the clock rather
11:37 pm
than presenting rational thought or decisive -- taking decisive action. >> can't disagree. the way i would put it, and associate my friend jedidiah with this, we're all americans. when isis comes and they said they are coming, they're not going to ask party identification before they kill us all. lou: maybe they are as feckless as our president, who said he would degrade and destroy them? he has not. should we make more of their promises than that of our own president? >> i'm not going to compare the two, because they are -- lou: i'm not asking you to compare the two. i'm asking to you answer a go. >> and my answer is i take them at their word, and i believe that we are not doing anything in a serious and sustained way to eliminate the threat in a way that all americans regardless of party, ideology, race, creed or color, demand us to do, period. >> he's not a leader, that's
11:38 pm
never been his priority. this is not a president that seeks to expand the ideas of american exceptionalism or democracy on the international stage. this is not a man who prioritizes the issue of terrorism. he prioritizes taxation and domestic issues. lou: this president just bores me, he blathers and he fancies himself a rettorician in order. he considers himself an architect of geopolitical algorithms. it is mindless, he parades around preening and prancing and to what direction? with what effect? what in the world is he doing? tell me what he's doing! >> the words you used politely were running out the clock. but what i would say, and i have a different perspective, lou. we are all americans. lou: i'm sorry that you have to
11:39 pm
use your perspective. >> it is an american perspective. not a partisan perspective. and i believe what we need now. lou: seems to be self-congratulatory. >> i'm not, i'm being as open and candid as i can be, because we have to pull. lou: we will seize this moment. >> i hope we will. lou, you can make jokes about it, or jokes about me, they're probably well-deserved. lou: i don't mean it as a punishment. >> we will be punished, as a nation regardless of party father congressional leadership and the president, whatever we think of him, and i share your views on his policies, but this is a time for national attention. lou: he is the man in charge, and you cannot unite from below. >> we need a national unity. do you agree with that, yes or no? lou: no. >> i'm sorry, i think you should. lou: then i'm wounded, but i have to continue. >> i appreciate that. lou: the reality is that
11:40 pm
someone has to lead. and take responsibility, and it is the job of this man whether he's running out of clock, fancies himself a philosopher king who spends hours studying himself in the quiet of his own abode. the reality is we have a nation to lead, and there are responsibilities and consequences for what he does not do as well as what he does. you get the last word. >> he's not going to do it because he's never been a leader. lou: did i seem hopeful? >> all you need to do is put a side-by-side of campaign speeches next to foreign policy speeches, you will see a man that doesn't see that as the job. lou: i'm not interested in this man anymore, i've written him off. >> i haven't because he is the president, and we need national action. you know it and i continue. lou: he dithers and dithers and dithers. >> we need national action. >> we need a new president. when we get a new president, we'll get national action.
11:41 pm
lou: doug schoen and jedidiah bila. up next, secretary of state kerry under fire for his comments he made about the "charlie hebdo" attack. we'll have that for you, and you won't believe it. and putting exacting revenge. russia pounding the islamic state capital of raqaa and aleppo with cruise missiles, bombs after a terrorist bomb brought down its passenger jetliner over egypt. ambassador john bolton with us next on whether this administration should perhaps rather than lead from behind, follow this time hollande and putin. we'r
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. lou: you know, i was just speaking with the sophistry of our president, president obama, but he may have been exceeded today by his secretary of state. our secretary of state, john kerry. he's under considerable criticism tonight after suggesting there was a, quote, rationale to the terrorist attack against the french publication "charlie hebdo" earlier this year. unlike friday's as he put it indiscriminate terrorist
11:46 pm
attacks. >> something different about what happened from "charlie hebdo," and i think everybody would feel that. there was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legit massey, not legitimacy but say they are really angry because of this or that. lou: because the publication drew a cartoon of mohammed, he did not say. fox news tonight has obtained an intelligence report from may of this year. that report warns about the growing sophistication of the islamic state and capability of sophisticated, coordinated attacks. the report published by the department of homeland security warning about the possibility of the islamic state carrying out more complex attacks against western targets. it also singled out the suspected mastermind of the
11:47 pm
paris attacks, saying abdelhamid abaaoud was the islamic state's ringleader in belgium and well known to intelligence services and as we know he was sought and they were -- he was on the kill list. joining us now to put all of this into context and perspective, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, american enterprise institute senior fellow john bolton. fox news contributor as well. ambassador, first, the words of secretary of state kerry in paris? >> well, reprehensible is the first word that comes to mind. pathetic is the second. this is a classic washington gaffe. kerry said what he actually thought, and it reveals volumes about his view of the world, and i think barack obama's, that you can publish a cartoon, lampooning mohammed, and
11:48 pm
there's a rationale for people to be upset about it, to kill innocent civilians. that is the sort of moral equivalency that poisoned civilizations and came from the mouth of our own secretary of state. it's unbelievable. lou: it is, it's stunning and to think he's uttering the words to the embassy staff in paris. let's turn to russia. russia now leading along with france under the leadership of president hollande, and the united states under president obama has been sidelined. that's all there is too this, and suddenly yesterday discovers that our military, it's okay to kill people and to destroy the enemy that he promised to 14 months ago but in the entire time, as far as i know, he never once would permit an attack on that convoy of hundreds of trucks carrying oil that results in a million
11:49 pm
dollars a day of revenue for the islamic state. >> yeah, there's a lot going on in the middle east, all of it bad for the united states. first by finally acknowledging that the russian airplane was destroyed by a terrorist bomb, and by making it very clear that russia would retaliate, putin demonstrated he's playing for dominance in the middle east, and we're absent from the scene. one important point, some of the cruise missiles fired at isis targets were from russian vessels, submarines in the eastern mediterranean which used to be a nato lake. this is a terribly significant strategic development, and to have the socialist french president taking a harder line against isis than the american president really is too much for words. what this signals to everybody in the region and around the world is a continuing, declining united states under
11:50 pm
barack obama. lou: it signals something, i think, also, i believe every bit as profound, and that is that russia has broken through the coalition that the president thought was standing fast against russia in support of his -- of his recrimination against putin for seizing, annexing crimea, invading eastern ukraine. you have the french president now saying that the president of the united states and vladimir putin should be working together to crush the islamic state. there is a noticeable lack of energy within nato to defy either putin or certainly to work with this president. >> yes, and i think for putin, the economic sanctions imposed because of russian adventurism in ukraine has always been on his mind, getting rid of the sanctions. and i think hollande sent an important signal today. he did not try to invoke
11:51 pm
article 5 of the treaty of washington, which is the nato treaty. instead he went to the utterly toothless european union to invoke provisions of their mutual defense. lou: but john, to the point they was -- we're running out of time here. the fact of the matter is these are massive fissures in the nato organization and alliance. >> absolutely. lou: it is not going in the way of the united states and our president. >> that's absolutely true. and the president shows no signs of understanding that these structures that his predecessors worked over decades to create, to create structures of deterrence are falling apart on his watch. lou: falling apart or broken apart. one can sometimes seldom tell the difference. john bolton, thanks for being with us, appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. lou: ambassador john bolton. up next, john kasich, lindsey graham, george pataki.
11:52 pm
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11:56 pm
attorneys in the business, both "fox news" legal analyst and i mean just kill her attorneys. great to have you both here. >> thank you. her let's start with the tough stuff and that is stopping the syrian refugees, 33 governors as we reported want to stop. they said they are not going to permitted or are urging the president to stop it. legals you are shaking your head >> i know, i'm sorry. you are not going to like this answer but legally the state, there is the refugee act of 1980 which says governors cannot block refugees. lie and the 2005 was well. >> we are taking charge of visits immigration policy and the purview of the feds. lou: is there any other recourse but the governors? these are resourceful men and women. surely if their citizens don't want this, there is a way forward for them to stop it.
11:57 pm
>> how about the fact is that this executive type of power at the state level they can make these decisions for public safety issues. we argue no they tried it in arizona. if the public safety issue. we are not talking about the executive branch. we are talking about the safety of our community and our state and there's a direct link. at least we know one of the terrorist was a syrian national and that's one of the reasons they are up in arms and saying we can't do this. lou: to that point, we know because syria we are trying to bomb them out of existence. we are trying to destroy assad's regime. they are not cooperating and vetting. there is no way in hell that we can successfully that refugees from serious so what legal basis is there to say you can't do this mr. president? >> i think what the feds are
11:58 pm
going to say to that end to both of your arguments is so we in the united states we will somehow back in. lou: we can say that until we are blue in the face. >> but the lies they are. >> it's as public safety issue. lou: let's turn to another issue which is kasich and pataki and graham want to be on saturday night live like donald trump was. >> i think it's awesome. lou: and equal time provisions. but why? it's on the newscasts. >> the rules are really wishy-washy on that. we love it. snl may fall into that and be subject to the equal-time rule. not so much in the clarity of news though. lou: so they are going to get the host? >> i don't think they will. lou: i really want to see that because these are the most illustrious people.
11:59 pm
>> and on the same night. lou: absolutely a nice fellows all but come on. donald trump, what would you call or come entertainment appeal, i don't think so. let's turn to if we made charlie sheen hiv-positive for four years. all of the women he slept with. >> they have civil claims against them for sure because they will comport that we didn't know he was hiv-positive. lou: and once you paid out millions of dollars. >> let me tell you something he admitted on camera on "the today show" that he committed a misdemeanor in california because he said i had unprotected sex with two women knowing i had hiv. no intent but that's admission under california law to a misdemeanor. lou: it's going to cost them a little money. >> it's criminal, up to a year in jail. lou: how many women? >> six of them so far. lou: i don't care what the
12:00 am
question is whether its statecraft or whether it's. >> witchcraft. lou: 81% of you say you are embarrassed for the president has spent 14 months since he grade and destroy the islamic state. that's it for us tonight. please be with us tomorrow night. good night from new york. kennedy: i am watching you and i my skeptical of his -- hysteria whether its bath salts or ebola. the truth gets buried under the surface of fresh and contagious. the latest round of hysteria saying that the syrian refugee crisis and whether or not the u.s. should take on at least 10,000 other reported 11 million people displaced by the steering more. act there they terrorist attacks in paris is reasonable to want to keep our homeland safe and the attackers masquerading as a refugee will give some people the apps and nobody wants them


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