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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  November 18, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> nicole: breaking news this morning. gunfire erupts in a suburb outside of paris as a massive police force vowppedz an apartment. good morning, i'm nicole petallides. >> jo ling: and i'm jo ling kent . we will have the latest development in the breaking story with a live report from paris. >> nicole: watching stocks over night showing somewhat of a
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muted development in france. u.s. stock futures dow futures down at the moment. you're watching fbn:am, latest breaking news and what to expect at the day ahead. massive police raid is underways, shootings and explosions as they surround an apartment building in this paris suburb the raid targeting abdelhamid abaaoud, mastermind behind the terrorists attacks in paris. he was hold up with a lot of heavily armed people. two suspects were killed who detonated a suicide vest. one person is still hold up in this apartment. at least five police officers
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were injured during the raid. one passer-by also may have been killed. >> jo ling: thank you so much for joining us. what do you make so for of what is developing right now? >> first it's intriguing that the main person suspect abaaud is surrounded by forces should have been gone a long time ago. authorities were looking for him immediately after the operation, terror act last week. he decided to stay in this specific area which is a specific sensitive suburb along with a women, three or four, we don't know how many other people were in this apartment. french authorities learned about
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where abouts. the woman blew up on herself with a vest and now waiting for the closing of the operation. what concerns me is that in fact of fleeing paris, want to most likely to either hide and then later on do another operation. operation. >> cause more hove ok, which is about a half a mile from the stadium where we had obviously three bombers there. this is an area that is a middle-class area. you have pedestrians and shops and they are holdup in this area and preparing to more havoc. more thoughts.
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>> if you look at the screen. we see the size of the operation. the outside perimeter is occupied by support groups. the french government doesn't want to take any risks. they want to end the operation. they are in tremendous pressure. >> jo ling: walid, abaaud bragged that he could move undetected between belgium, syria, get through borders. he's also very visible in isis videos. this is someone who takes pride in the fact that he recruited his 13-year-old brother to join isis. what kind of individual with the french authorities dealing with
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right now? what do you know about him that we will be able to allow him to sustain any longer in the face of this huge force that we are looking at right now on our cameras? >> at the point in time we don't know much about him but we will watch the french media and they poured a lot of information over the past few hours, number one that he was an organizer and this is a major in paris. they knew paris very well. he was going back and forth to syria, and what authorities are trying to find out who is his superior, who comes above him. it's another jihadist -- >> nicole: she said there were six attacks over the summer. at this point you see army forces, special forces, all
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piled up there to obviously get whoever is holdup in this apartment. people believed to be abaaud. they want them alive and they certainly don't want to hurt anybody else on the street, right? >> they don't want him alive. this would be a dream to get him alive because of the treasure of information that he has. it's a crucial moment. they would offer him to capture him alive and take him to justice, he's prolonging, he wants other after him in the next video to say he sustained an army by myself like boston bombers. boston was shut down. this video will be part of the isis.
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an entire army was here and he may want to die. we don't know. this is a psychological issue. my bet is he's going to end it. >> jo ling: we know it's a multicultural, religious, why do you think that he was in this area with his cohorts and there was an attack on the business district, can you say about the strategy where we are right now? >> any french you speak with, they give you the name, these are the suburbs, when you say the code name in paris or in france, you would know that this
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is originally, you know, made up with people who are migrant communities. you have a lot of gangs, thugs, we know that. they feel hiding in general because it was hard to go in. most european larger cities there are areas, so he thought that the police is not going to go for those areas for fear of creating incidents very similar to what has happened ten years ago if you remember november of 2005, there were riots, hundreds, thousands of cars were burned at the time. >> jo ling: i hate to interrupt you. please standby. we would like to move to our reporter in paris. >> nicole: amy kellogg who is live in paris.
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what are you hearing right now, amy? >> amy: the standoff is very active although it's been quiet in terms of hours after not hearing gunshots and explosions. we've just seen a police officer injured in the foot. a special operations officer all dressed in black with a mask on and all together that five police officers have been wounded. we have been hearing that, of course, most famously this female suicide bomber blew herself up when police entered the building or apartment. it's not clear the positions, but she blew herself up. we were not aware of a woman until now. paris is frankly in a lot of shock that there was a female suicide bomber hold up. and then another one of the suspects in that apartment was killed by a sniper.
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police arrested three of them and one apparently is hold up and police would obviously take him alive but given the nature of these people and profile and what we've seen in history, it would seem unlikely that he will just sort of surrender. it is the last standoff in connections with these attacks here on friday. the numbers are a bit confusing. originally the isis claim was eight brothers with bomb belts and ak's were deployed on friday night and then last night we were hearing about a ninth from police here. iraqi officials were quoted earlier in the week that they believe it was 19 people. how they had that information, is unclear. a lot of people have been speculating that it had to be more than eight or nine because of the amount of destruction on
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friday night. this may not be it and certainly not it in terms of who is out there in the bigger picture. >> jo ling: amy, i wanted to ask you ant the extended group or others individuals. what is the update of the manhunt of the other suspects of the islam, what do you know there? >> amy: salah abdeslam, he originally was mentioned as possibly one of the manholeup. it would be extraordinary that he managed to slip back into paris, france area, of course, it's possible if abdelhamid abaaoud was able to get back from syria once or twice but anything is possible, it's
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incredibly worrying, in terms of the others, bombers identify -- >> jo ling: amy. >> amy: go ahead. >> nicole: i've been listened to your reports, six attacks over the summer. the way that they operate and that is to have multiple explosions in multiple places in order to split up the security forces because it makes it next to impossible for them to run all places in the emergency rooms now, how they are having to prepare doctors to accept victims that are covered in bullet holes. it is a totally different way of life specially for these doctors in the emergency room and for these forces.
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>> amy: friday was a game-changer. they were gruesome and horrible and shook the nation, they didn't happen at the exact same time and they weren't coordinated in the way that this one was, we are not sure of the connection of these two attacks and the actors. this one as you said a diversion for all of security forces, way too much for the emergency room doctors to handle. this is what is frightening and we don't quite know exactly how they pulled it off. several of them did have a so-called dashai on their activities. people are slipping off radar on designation. you have people going back to syria and coming back. police are overwhelmed by the number of people to watch.
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these men are clever and slip off radar and go quiet and shift over the brussels. it's so far and impossible to police to track all of the time. >> jo ling: speaking of the police here, speaking of the police, you bring up a good point that the forces are certainly very overstructured at this time. we do know that the prim minister, what is the feeling on the ground when it comes to security for people who are just trying to go about their day-to-day lives and get to work or pick up their kids? >> amy: well, the reaction has been overwhelmingly, we mustn't been afraid. all the hashtags, that's what
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people believe. nerves have been afraid. huge alarms. people go running like mad. here on the hotel on saturday night there was a false alarm and a huge squad went door by door, banging down doors looking for alleged suspect. but this is what's been happening from time to time. you hear police sirens several times a day because there's a false alarm or police moving. there's a big police and army presence here. today a lot of that has shifted out. it's been quiet in paris this morning. but people's nervous have
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changed. >> nicole: no doubt. we also want to get you caught up here on the global market action that we've seen. in asia, for example, we did see a pullback because this occurred at 4:30 a.m. paris time. shanghai composite closed. the kospi and nikkei were close on change mark. >> jo ling: let's take a look at europe as the paris markets are open. you can see the ftse in london down 29 points. you see the cac down 64 points. north of 1% and dax and germany about 3 quarters of one percent. >> nicole: while citizens at home and abroad feel jittery. the markets are not reflecting that too much at the moment. u.s. stock futures looking down one quarter of one percent.
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dow futures down 38, this is as the fbi has concerned they are ramping up security for the holidays here at home as well. >> jo ling: key commodities oil and gold right now. let's take a look how they are trading. gold up slight sli. not too much action there. >> nicole: looking at the dollar versus the other key currency. very interesting, you have all up arrows, the strong dollar has dissipated today. euro, yen, all stronger against the greenback this morning. >> jo ling: you can see it's 2.27%. >> nicole: let's listen to our sister network sky news who have been covering the police siege overnight and tune in now. >> the mastermind, perhaps in this apartment, we are hearing two dead and possibly as many as
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seven injured, so it seems to be considerable-size stakeout that's emerging. >> well, i think from it started with three arrests and then two deceased and went to five arrests and now gone up to seven. there could be people giving assistance as the police investigation or investigate people in and out target premises where people hold up and suspect that something assisted him or harboring. hopefully the last remaining out of the premises. >> thank you very much. we'll come back to you on that. led me bring george, hostage negotiator. imagine this sort of scenario
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that's been unfolding here for the last few hours. something you're very familiar. talk us through the set pace that the neshtors were put in place, how they would plan to proceed in trying to eventually, the end result, talk as many people out as safely as you can. >> absolutely. the prime object is to get everybody including patrols to come out as safely as possible. for this situation here it's a very, very difficult and dynamic situation because of the fact that we understand that negotiations will be very difficult with this type of incident and with the ideologies that are behind this situation. lots of intelligence, lots of information sharing, lots of plans would have been put in the place and as this is a dynamic situation, it's the issues of intelligence is very important
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to identify the individuals that are in there at the moment. at the moment it isn't confirmed that it's not the mastermind behind it. it's a very daurnlings incident and what the individuals to make contact with the individual inside to see if there are any other hostages or two if the person is injured and whether they want that person to come out as soon as possible. >> george, you talked about the difficulty of the ideology here. i supposed in a lot of hostage situations you are dealing with people that can be potentially talked out whereas these people may quite simply not want to talk or not want to negotiate. >> yes, this is a new era of terrorism. it's a new era of negotiation. in the past, many people who
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have been in these situations, we were able to get them out after a long or maybe short conversation. however, with regard to the ideology, we understand that these people necessarily do not want to be at the end of it. what we have to do is to touch base with him and in regard to ideology and to ensure that, you know, we make them understand that they will be taken to prosecution, the legal state is behind all of this. they will be convicted of an offense, however, at the end of the day we want to save other peoples' lives so we need to get them out alive to know what's happening around the world and negotiate the people to understand that the prime object is saving lives.
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>> are the time constraints or is time generally on your side as a negotiator, the more you wear down those who you are dealing with? >> indeed, time is of an essence. however n -- in this case, hopefully we will confirm that there's only one person in there. we have the opportunity to sit to ensure that we have the area contained, members of the public themselves are safe and we will talk as long as we possibly can to ensure that we can get the perpetrator to understand what the situation is and, however, if there is a hostage in there then the time may be on their
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size because we need to preserve life. >> george, tell me a little bit more about the tone that you would adopt as a negotiator. i assume that can be pretty key. >> it is. >> what you'll find is that the negotiators are highly trained. they prepare through some very serious psychology training, scenario training. the tones of voice, approach is very important and i can't give away too much on how we deal with all of these things, but what it is is -- i keep -- the person listening and understand what the other individual is about. but it's about the coach and ensuring that we are not making
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them -- making the situation more difficult than it is. but that's what it is. it's about the tone of voice and approach and how we can manipulate the conversation as we go along to ensure that we win the confidence of the individual that we are in charge and we will actually deal with the the situation as it appears. snick snick and we were listening in from france to get the latest on the latest developments. >> jo ling: we also have some breaking news for you. the president of france is meeting with the prime minister and interior minister as the police oh conduct the raids that you are watching on your screen right now. the friƱ cabinet meeting that was scheduled will go ahead as it continues in this paris suburb. we want to want to talk to
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expert terrorist walid. >> sure. >> jo ling: we know that since friday russia and the u.s., putin and president obama had been pushed closer to working together to fight isis and the ongoing situation in syria. how dow yo think with the relationship and execution working terrorism which >> now the operation live, european officials are looking at this, including north america, everybody is looking at how it is going. now russians have lost a plane. now we know it must have been, it was a terror act. the united states is having hard
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time fighting isis. if the two superpowers put their energies together and resources together, they can really damage this organization. but they have to get to a consensus, a political consensus and what they are not agreeing on is what comes after. what regime will be there. that's the problem. >> nicole: the other thing is the concentration of the cells. ten thousand people that could be there. thousands andless so in other countries and states. but that is the way of isis is to plant people across the world and have coordinated attacks. how do you begin to control this ? >> well, first of all, isis is outdoing -- i mean, overdue what
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al-qaeda has done before. they're more successful in penetration. they are more successful in drawing a lot of jihadists. they have the land. they do control two large segments of syria and iraq. they have actually implemented the dreams of ben laden. but you have the point by mentioning that france has the largest demography. they do penetrate areas around paris, that's different from other countries such as germany or italy and even the united states where you have a number of jihadis. >> nicole: that's scary. >> jo ling: seven individuals have been arrested, two,
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including a woman who detonated a suicide vest, targeting at least six suspects and it's been a massive gunfight with heavily heavily-gunned individuals walid joins us now. i would like to know what happens next if the individual or two people supposedly inside the apartment are taken and they're taken alive, what is the next step for the french government? >> well, taken alive would be the preferred mode for getting as much information as they can. but we will see. we are really watching it live. this is unprecedented. list say this has been closed.
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the french government is going to go after the vast network. you mentioned a few seconds ago that the french know that there are hundreds or maybe thousands of individuals and they are french citizens who have trained with isis in syria and in iraq. now part of these people are back. i invite the viewers to think about it for two or three or four of these terrorists the french government deployed over thousand. we shut down the city and deployed hundreds of people. just think of the options of having hundreds or dozens of the jihadists roaming around the city. it's really a nightmare scenario. >> jo ling: thank you walid, we appreciate the insight ongoing situation. you are looking at lye pictures
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of an apartment in northern paris where they are targeting the mastermind of paris terrorists attacks abdelhamid abaaoud. >> nicole: we continue our coverage up to date. we are going to amy kellogg who has been front and center. what's the latest, amy? >> amy: well, nicole, the standoff, we keep seeing that it's in the final moments, we don't know if it is or not. but it's still very active and dangerous, one thing that it's worth mentions at this point that french president said we are at war and that's been repeated several times over the last few days but i think one thing that is particularly troubling to the french people, yes, we are at war with isis in roqaa and iriraq but we are at war with people that are french nationals, and that's a really
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scary thing for people to come to terms. at least all but one as far as we know at this point of the bombers were either french or belgium nationals. that is a horrifying thought for people, some of them and the reports are unconfirmed. we are just learning about biographies, one of them abdelhamid abaaoud went to a very prestigious school at a certain point and dropped out, one of the bombers had gone off to syria and father wanted him to come back so badly that the father traveled to syria to try to bring son home. what has gone -- what has gone wrong and how have these french and belgium european national fallen into this bloody and blood thirsty, that is something that people are feeling deeply,
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deeply scared and concerned about. a lot of unease. we don't know all the lo -- logistical details. salah abdeslam now on the run so there was a lot of planning that went into this as we know but not all of the dots have been connected, nicole. >> jo ling: amy, i would like to know what the current situation is, the u.s. striking a deal to share more intelligence. france is not part of the five
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agreement, how has this new relationship in terms of intelligence impacted what's going on the ground there, if at all? >> amy: well, i think it's hard to know because so much has kept from us for obvious reasons, but i think it's important to point out too that russia is being brought into this front against isis, and that is something that will be interesting to follow because relations with russia have been so terribly strained ever since and events in ukraine, we saw president obama hunkered down in private meeting with russian president and only two close aids with them. clearly the dynamic is shifting and more and more people are discussing how important russia should be brought into the mix.
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it's going to have to be examined. the european union should be in synced with sharing and huge gaps there as well. so realization is upon everyone, on both sides of the bond that intelligence needs to become more seemless. in terms of how that perfecting things as we speak, i don't know. i know that there have been air strikes in raqaa and those obviously well coordinated with the united states. >> jo ling: thank you so much for your excellent reporting. >> nicole: we want to get you caught up on the global action that we have been seeing here overnight in light of what we have been seeing w. we've had standoffs, arrests, deaths, right now we are watching what asia did when it closed the composite. the nikkei actually squeezed out a gain but again these actually pulled back some as the news
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broke. >> jo ling: let's take a look at european strikes. french index down. >> nicole: we will continue to watch right here at home as we await from target, lowe's, two tenths of one percent. s&p looking down. >> jo ling: big day for u.s. markets. let's have a look at key commodities. oil and gold trading higher with oil just up fractionally. >> nicole: as we take a look at the currency market and we see the dollar pulling back, it's worth noting that the dollar hit a seven-month high, but right now we are seeing the euro, uk pound, japanese yen higher against u.s. dollar. >> jo ling: you can take a look at how the treasuries are doing.
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they were up eight basis points. continue to hold there. it's about 2.2%. >> nicole: there have been seven arrests and two deaths and a standoff for one terrorist in the apartment that could possibly be the mastermind abauud. we are going to listen to french television station fran24. they have been covering overnight. >> a lot of tension and caution being urged throughout the area. >> we will bring experts on terrorism and extremist. rather ordinary place just outside the french capital. perhaps, an opportinistic.
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they're not going to go to a place which is known by the police as a haven for jihadist. they plan in a very logical way and precise way what they were doing when they did in paris. these crews if they are linked to not to what happened on friday, they are preparing something else. there's a confrontation and many dead. linked or not what happened friday, those people were preparing something here in paris. if they chose this place is because they this this place isn't spotted by the police, not because it's a neighborhood where jehadis move freely.
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>> the ongoing investigation into deadly attacks here in paris on friday that left 129 people dead. we know seven suik -- suicide bombers killed themselves in those attacks. one of the two people who had died, a woman who detonated a vest. >> it's the first time. up to this point women aren't involved in jehadi as warriors or combatant. this is something that they can do or allowed to do as a last
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resort in a defensive way as they describe it. i guess she did it simply not for being caught, that's why she detonated. it wasn't an offensive act. as a last resort for her. as you are seeing here in france and first here in europe so it adds up to the seven suicide attackers that committed last friday. we are facing something new. whole new scope of the threat, which is, i guess very new and dangerous for the population. the other people who were inside the apartment we were told by police forces were heavily armed. we don't have details which whens they had at the time. i'm sure many of you may be wondering how do people wander around the capital city of the powerful countries, tight
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security with military weapons, explosives. where the weapons actually coming from? >> these weapons can come from anywhere. as you know and everybody knows in all big cities all over the globe, there's arm trafficking that's criminal people, criminal, i don't know, webs or cells that act so arms can be found easily, even as many restrictions on arms here in europe they can be found in ways and even i guess people who sold the arms may not have suspected for a second that they are going to be used in such terrorists attacks otherwise they wouldn't have sold them. they want to keep going with their business. huge attack on european soil. it's not really surprising to see that people have because we
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see in all cities all over the world once in a week there's a murder with an arm used. but the use of the arms is something new in this case. look at another city here in paris. we have shootings every week. they are not terrorist shootings but criminal shootings. it happens all over the world, almost. >> we have been talking about the -- let's return to the broader investigation. you've been telling about the latest developments there. we do still have two of the seven attackers who have not yet been identified. >> yeah, exactly. there were seven attackers who
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died -- during this course of friday's events including at least six that blew themselves up and a seventh that may have been killed in police fire the man at the top of the most wanted list at least in europe is salah abdeslam, one of the men that carried the attacks, described the eighth attacker. crossed to belgium borders and rrashts unknown. they didn't know who he was or a person of interest and he was allowed to go on. he was the eighth person that was being looked for. on tuesday evening, police believed there was a second man
5:43 am
on the loose, attacker to nine. we understand that they were eventually able to look at secure footage and establish that there were three separate teams of attackers and each team made up three people, they are looking for the ninth person, may have been operated with the abdeslam brothers. brahim blue himself up. salah escaped. we don't know where the ninth individual may be. >> nicole: you have been watching french 24, we work closely to give you the latest where we have seen but we are
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getting reports at the same time that the police raid may be finished and over but at the same time it certainly doesn't appear that and we didn't hear anything about what occurred in that apartment. it was a big long standoff where reported they were trying to get the mastermind abaaoud. >> jo ling: police raid is over but you can see the area still very much secured. meanwhile over in germany we want to bring you news there. angela merkel is going to make a statement. but we want to bring you back to paris right now. now that the raid is officially over, what does this mean, greg? >> it is still very tense for sure.
5:45 am
i'll step away and show you what we are seeing. that's kind of like the ring of steel between us and what was the action down the street f you can see sort of the open passageway there. a block and a half is where the shootout happened. it happened at 4:20 in the morning paris time. right now we are looking at 11:40 in the morning here in paris. we are actually in sandeni, a mile outside of paris. if you know new york, it's kind of like queens and paris is manhattan. again, the shootout, confrontation between police and army and special force police and antiterrorist forces lasted for more than an hour right up until 7:00 o'clock in the morning. the building where the terror suspects were hold up was
5:46 am
stormed by the police and shocked by the amount of fire power from them fr the terror suspect. one woman with a suicide vest detonated the vest. she died. one terror suspect. a second terror suspect we believe was killed by a police sniper. five, and now seven, it's been updated in the last few minutes to seven terror suspects have been detained. on the other side, five policeman were injured and there had been reports of one passer-by injured or killed. there are a few passer-byes. bomb teams are going inside the building. >> greg, i know that you have been front and center next to all of the security, the armed forces all the special forces that have been conducting this
5:47 am
raid and operation, i even saw you speaking to a passer-by, family, but as we get the reports that the raid is over, we spent the last hours never jieght waiting to hear about the terrorists that were hold up in the apartment which could have been the mastermind abaaoud, are you seeing that are you seeing the activity changing in anyway or heard any developments about what was in the apartment? >> jo, we don't have the identity of the terrorist attacker that was killed. it could be a man, it could be the mastermind. police telling that the target was abdelhamid abaaoud, mastermind which left 129 dead, over 350 injured. but all along, 3-4 days we've
5:48 am
been saying that we believe that he's in roqaa in syria. >> nicole: are you seeing a change there. this is nicole. have you seen any -- anymore more recent capture or anything like that? >> nicole, what we are seeing is a more relaxed stance by the police. we were about two blocks away when we first arrived here. held back by the soldiers, they pulled back about an hour ago allowing us to get about an block and a half of the operation. they're casual and standing around. we certainly believe that the threat is over, again, we do not know the identity of the terror, the male terror suspect and we don't know the identity of the
5:49 am
seven detained. so there's a lot to find out about what were the results of this operation. there were late reports that this operation was all about yet another attack on paris target was business area of paris. grouping for skyscrapers, it's on the western outskirts. a lot of corporate headquarters there. equivalent of wall street for france, so their own version of 9/11, but we don't know that for sure. these are just the reports. a lot still to be clarified here. but there's a standdown mood here, but still usually urban scene here, very quiet. no one is being allowed back
5:50 am
into the area or told to relax yet. >> jo ling: i wanted to know, we had two plane flying in from the u.s. to paris overnight, france, those were gettered because of security concerns, 115,000 many on the camera right now. what is the overall security situation? what is the mood in greater paris? >> the audio mood you asked me -- sorry, like any big city, most cities dweller can take this kind of stuff whether it's a murderer or a couple of murderers or a small going off. but this was big.
5:51 am
young people enjoying coffees. in january -- let me put it this way, the quote "the new york times", they wrote a story about this yesterday, november is not january, meaning in january there was a sense of let's come together, let's not let anybody divide us. the sense now, well, no divisions, but let's get revenge, let's attack the people who did this. let's not give them any quarters. >> nicole: great point. you're talking -- right, it's very interesting. you certainly talk about a mood at much tougher talk here. quickly, what do you think immediately to try to avoid future attacks, quickly? >> it's been announced by french
5:52 am
president hollande. the raids about 100 or so each night are ongoing, they are going to sort this terror, this series of terror attacks out, on a foreign policy front they are going to be attacking the nerve centers of this back in syria, the isis operation and across the border in belgium where it was planned, where a lot of the terrorists were based. there's a multination effort going -- happening right now this week to tamp everything down and to look forward to see where this country goes and low ot of people have a lot of questions right now. >> jo ling: thank you so much. you're on the ground as the situation concludes but obviously continues in france. >> nicole: let's get a quick market check here. kicking it off with asia, pull back as results of the raid, finished down 1%.
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>> jo ling: you can see the cac down, ftse is down 20 and dax in germany 80 points. >> nicole: as we await the fed, just over one tenth of one percent. s&p off the lows now. down about 3. >> jo ling: key commodities, oil and gold trading higher this morning. >> nicole: interestingly enough after a seven-month high -- >> jo ling: staying steady. >> nicole: now we are going to continue our coverage and we are going right over to amy kellogg live in paris with the latest. amy.
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>> amy: raid is over. they are checking for boogie traps. some of them we understand were people outside of the department and people who were being questioned in terms of giving some information about how people managed to settle themselves in the very hard of suburb of paris, joe, and nicole. >> jo ling: look target region right now, we know that angela merkel is making a statement why the game was canceled. the area and the churches are all under lockdown right now, what can you tell us about the government's plan for security and the state of energy going forward? >> amy: the false alarmses and
5:55 am
jeters, it was a change. we hadn't seen isis attack european or carry out attack on european soils, coordinated attacks involving both weapons and suicide belts. all of that enabling to have high casualty toll. people are quite jittery responding in a massive way to each threat. in terms of how the governments are plan to go protect citizens, well, we know in france at least there's the extension of state of emergency and under that raids going on in the homes of people who are simply suspected of being jihadist. >> nicole: raids and suspecting suspecting the borders. we talk about apps and technology and the way that isis communicates. there was a belgium plaits, when
5:56 am
we talked about cell phones, technologies, apps, what do you think is developing there and what's the latest on that? >> amy: well, cell phones and technology are helping these terrorists operate and coordinate their actions on the one hand, but on the other hand regardless of how coordinated they are they always mess up at the end, the cell phone that has lead to intelligence gathering, possibly even helping with the raid or pointing police in the direction of this location which was raided overnight. gps's have been used. one of the cars that was located and traced to the attackers, the safe house that they had was found because police went to gps
5:57 am
and found out where they had last been. on one hand it is helping them coordinate and on the other is leading police to their trail. >> jo ling: amy, we do have breaking news right now. president obama has been briefed on the law enforcement action on the outskirts of paris where you are. you have to remember he is at apec leading with leaders of asia and including chinese president and many others and although this is a french lau. operation the president has been asking to be updated as appropriate. amy, looking at syria, of course, where the french government has been targeted air strikes, we just concluded number three of air strikes. what is the indication the french government has given as far as targeting more of recruitment centers and suspicious areas in syria to prevent something like that this from potentially happening in the coming weeks and years?
5:58 am
>> amy: why didn't they go in and take them out while waiting for terrorist attack. we don't have the answer to that. air strikes are not going to take out the islamic state. if you want to really end that organization, terminate them you need to put boots on the ground which is a whole -- whole other story that could be, you know, that could result in a bogged down situation. it's not something that countries are anxious to do. >> jo ling: thank you so much for your reporting out of paris as the situation develops there. breaking news this morning. >> nicole: yes, indeed,
5:59 am
absolutely true. continue our coverage from france. we have continuing coverage. we are going to hand it right over to dagen mcdowell in mornings with maria. >> dagen: thank you so much, i'm dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo. it is wednesday november 18th and we have major breaking news this morning. if you were just getting up and turning the television set on, you are looking at live pictures where a massive police standoff took place over night. we will get the pictures back up for you shortly. here is what happened about 4:30 paris time. that would be about 10:30 p.m. east coast time. it is near the soccer stadium where the deadly attacks on friday the 13th started. police were hunting for the mastermind behind those ho risk terror attacks on friday, he was expected to be hiding there.
6:00 am
there was shootings and here are the reports. at least two terrorists killed including one female suicide bomber who detonated an explosive vest. the other potential terror suspect was killed by a sniper. french authorities say that seven superintendents have been arrested so far in this massive operation. the suspected mastermind behind friday easter ror attack was the target. abdelhamid abaaoud we have not been able to confirm this at the moment but this we've gotten word that this raid in paris is over, but we will still be bringing live pictures. five police offi


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