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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 18, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EST

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there was shootings and here are the reports. at least two terrorists killed including one female suicide bomber who detonated an explosive vest. the other potential terror suspect was killed by a sniper. french authorities say that seven superintendents have been arrested so far in this massive operation. the suspected mastermind behind friday easter ror attack was the target. abdelhamid abaaoud we have not been able to confirm this at the moment but this we've gotten word that this raid in paris is over, but we will still be bringing live pictures. five police officers injured in
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this raid. president obama has been briefed in manila and what the white house is calling a law enforcement action. we have team coverage today. i'm joined by new york attorney who can speak to the issues this and anastasia am or -- am >> your reaction to the developments? >> president has already requested from the french parliament a three-month extension of a state of
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emergency. part of that is because they still had those that were -- they believed directly in bringing about the horrific attacks at large. there are a larger number of terrorists in operating in france that they haven't been able to be adequate in despite the high levels of survey lanes that -- surveillance. as much as this is a break-through and seen as a win, i absolutely don't believe that we are out of the woods in terms of the proximate danger that the french government exists right now on the ground on their country. the impact that you're going to
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see socially, economically as well as the significant political that exists right now both between muslims living in france, large piece of the population, about 8%, most of which are citizens as well as the french opposition looking to take presidency themselves. this is a radically different environment than the incredible show of unity and the fueling of safety that we experienced in france after the charley bombings back in january. >> dagen: doesn't that need to happen? don't you need -- the posture of this french government and the authorities there is certainly allot more aggressive in the bombings that have been conducted in the after math of friday the 13th attacks in syria? just what we are seeing today, conducting a massive operation in a very dense urban area, speaks to their aggressiveness.
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>> sure it does. what i would say is these larger attacks that we've seen in france, they're by far the most significant that i've ever seen that has not lead to an expression, immediate expression of unity. think about 9/11. after 9/11 the rally to president bush both in the united states and outside the u.s. was extraordinary, same thing was the case after the charley ebdoe bombings in attacks back in january. that's not the case at all here, and yes, you are seeing a very aggressive response but no where close to where you see called by former president who has thrown the hat in the ring for the upcoming presidential elections in france. he suggest that had the french government call off the global summit which is coming in just a few weeks on climate.
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you're going to have over a hundred state of head visiting and delegations staying all over paris. doesn't have the ability to ensure the security of all those leaders coming in. he's also suggested that some 11,000 french citizens that are on terrorist watch lists and radical watch lists, that they be given electronic monitoring bracelets and put under house arrest. this is -- this is the level of disagreement, political disagreement that is now being experienced in france in the direct aftermath of the attacks. it's something that they've just never seen before. >> dagen: i want to go to you first, is this necessarily a bad thing? just your reaction to the pictures and the information we've gotten from this raid in
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paris. >> a lot is hinging on successful execution, not just for the people of france and the people of the eu but here at home because really in recent days, what we've been hearing about our eu counterparts is that their law enforcement and intelligence communities are overwhelmed. not just by refugee crisis but the data they are analyzing in the after math of attacks. to see the french come in today with large-scale operation and success sfl implementation and perhaps the perpetrator of friday's attacks would be very significant, i think globally at this point. >> dagen: i want you to listen to this, it was something that president obama said in the debate over allowing ri -- refugees in the united states. i just want to play that given some of the details about one of the alleged terror suspects that
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was killed in paris. can we play that, guys? >> apparently they're scared of widows and who orphans. that doesn't very tough to me. >> dagen: widows and orphans, the woman that took her own life, i say woman, there was a female involved, one of the terror suspects, we don't have many details. the other reportedly killed by a sniper but -- but this speaks to what president obama was des missing, does it not? >> it does in a sense. we have seen this employed as a tactic, other african terrorist organizations, they pray -- prey
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on vulnerable. they are preying on women and recruiting because women are more easily able to go under the radar, they are more able easily to penetrate international borders because of profiles that all governments at this point have going about terrorists op -- operatives. what president obama says we can go greenbay on this, there's no reason why we can't uphold national defense, at the same time allow ourselves to continue humanitarian missions that allow refugees to come inside the united states. >> dagen: i want to bring anastasia who are in the studio.
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this is a business network and we always go back to the business impact, the economic impact of the new -- i would say the new war on terror, the new fight on terror that you see when you see this kind of action in a dense, densely populated city center where the raid took place. you had two air france flights that were grounded overnight. you had one spirit airlines flight that was held at the gate on the east coast because they were concerned of individuals on the flight. are we beginning to see the economic fallout from the newer world we are living in? >> anastasia: the reason the markets have not acted terribly to this, we have a lot to side
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here. it's part of reality today. it's not going to deter the way we live our daily lives but the question that, i think, it creates on peoples' minds is how to address threat. some are not a threat. some are a threat. it's about people who are already living in this country who recollects are already living in france. a lot of the people were french citizens, belgium citizens. my question to gillian, the president receives a security briefing, i'm sure you have isis individuals with ties to isis that have been identified, do we have the tools, do we have the means to track individuals and the tools to naturalize them.
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>> dagen: greg, i've been watching you all morning. just fill us in on what happened? >> the situation is calm and quiet but it wasn't that way at 4:20 in the morning when war broke out, but usually quiet area on the outskirts of paris. i'll ask my cameraman to zoom in. special forces, for sure but in a relax mode. about a block and a half behind them where all occurred. the toll had changed in the past couple of hours. but the final toll we believe is one woman, terror suspect, probably much so a terrorists, blowing herself up with a vest.
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many from that building itself and also joining buildings. one passer-by either injured or killed as well as five policemen injured. there was a huge fight here. mastermind of the paris terror attacks which left 129 dead, over 350 injured friday night was actually here in this building. abdelhamid abaaoud. excuse me. but we had been reporting that he was in roqaa for the past four days pulling the strings in the isis headquarters there. the fact that he would be here, maybe half a mile from the national soccer stadium where there were terror attacks friday night, short distance from all the rest of the locations and with police all around that would be an amazing but we don't have that confirmed. we also had another report
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interesting for your viewers, i'm sure that the corporate, business area of paris on the outskirts was being thought of as a target for new attack possibly at new location. there's a lot to check out right now, but it looks like there were terrorists both killed and terror suspects taken. right now forensic teams are making sure there's no explosives there. it's still a very much of a live scene. the main street empty. we are talking in the middle of the day. this is raw working-class area of paris. there's nobody out. people were evacuated from the immediate area and the rest of the people tens of thousands of people who were here and not at work told to stay inside.
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yet, another dramatic episode here in this situation in france in the last couple of days that have shaken the country right down to the core. >> dagen: i want to ask you, you covered so many hot spots around the world. being there in paris, correct me if i'm wrong, i think you've lived there. put in perspective how you might think this would impact the kind of day-to-day of perisians? >> well, it's striking. we were here in january for the terror strikes against that newspapers and a couple of other locations. one article put it this way, november is not january, and january there was a sense of
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solidarity. it was definitely seen as an attack on the people of france. now there's anger, feeling of revenge wanted and we can see that already from the stepped up air strike against raqaa and other low caigs that -- location that isis hold. it's a city that i wasn't familiar with. i lived here for nine years. i remember walking by and the fact that suicide bombers and islamists should be shooting up the place where we would walk by it on a sunday afternoon to relax, unbelievable, unbelievable. >> dagen: we are getting breaking news from the prosecutor saying that information recovered from police does suggest that the
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suspect abdelhamid abaaoud, alleged mastermind of deadly attacks on friday the 13th, suggests that he might have been at that site, the location of that raid. and as you were pointing out in reporting, this is a significant development because he was expected to be in syria. we knew that -- authorities tried to bomb a site in syria where he was this year. he tried at one point tried to get back in the heart of europe, but if he is, indeed in france but in paris, what does that say? >> that's interesting. again, i'm sorry i didn't report that to you. that just crossed in the two minutes we've been speaking. >> dagen: it's all hands on deck, greg. >> what it sounded like you were saying, my audio is interrupted that authorities believed that that he was there, maybe not
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necessarily this morning but had used that as a base of operations. that would make sense. it's a perfect staging operation -- staging location. half a mile away is the target. you walk downstairs and maybe you drive, i would think to the stadium and do terror acts. this definitely could have been a logistics center. even if the mastermind wasn't there, it's very important for authorities to get accomplices. hopefully you can be with us all morning.
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i know you've been listening to greg reporting, can you weigh in, reaction? >> sure. i guess i would say a couple of things. americans should think how radically different the global environment was today than after 9/11. the united states economy was doing incredibly well, the relationship between the u.s. and allies were very strong. the willingness of americans of all stripes to rally around the flag and the abilities to get allies around the world to support us in going after al-qaeda in wars in afghanistan and eventually iraq was very strong. the environment, the timing around these attacks could not be more different or worse for the global economy and also for
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geopolitics and stability. both sides are making hay out of the reaction that they think should or should not take place to what we are seeing in france. you see that with statement of governors, refugees. in europe you have the beginning of this extraordinary refugee crisis which has been enormously unpopular across europe. chancellor angela merkel in germany has taken a leadership role to taking refugee in. she's under fire for that position. everyone in europe that can make a political play off the back of these french attacks to support their own national agendas are absolutely doing so. with france, itself, an economy that's not doing well, this was
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-- they already were under a high alert. you know, they were doing everything possible. they had expanded dramatically surveillance of potential terrorists with a very controversial new law similar to the patriot act but more extensive in france back in may and yet we see these attacks occurring nonetheless. the president is a consequent extremely weak, opposition across france extremely strong. all of those things are making dangerous and challenging. one more thing that i would mention, is that the french government has engaged with direct coordination in bombing with the russians in surrian, the french are a nato ally of the united states. the united states is not an ally on russia and what they're doing in syria. the united states is still a
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fairly marginal actor in what's going on the ground in dealing with isis in syria itself and the americans are playing catchup. the russians no question militarily are right now showing themselves who is in the driver's seat, the fact that the french are on board and asked for european help and have not asked nato to invoke to get the americans engaged shows how much support the russians are getting behind them. >> dagen: i want to bring in and he's been sitting here patiently arthur. is that how they view terrorism? carefully selected words.
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>> i will tell you from a legal point of view, i'm happy with the way the french government has hand reacting, as much as this feeling of revenge, they are doing things that appears to being by the law, the president has gone to congress and asked for state of emergency, that's legal, proper. you just quote it had prosecutors are involved. those are all coming from prosecutor's office. those are lawyers who have taken an oath to uphold the law. as bad as we want to get revenge to the people who did this, the reason why they are doing this dagen is to change the way our life, democracy, we can't let them win. we have to get them and play by the rules that we fought so hard for so live in a democracy of the people, by the people even in france even though it's
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america's motto. right now i want to go to nicole petallides. we are talking about the mastermind -- i'm going to get the name right before it's all over -- abdelhamid abaaoud. target it had matter -- mastermind of the deadly attacks. one woman killed herself with an explosive vest, another reportedly killed by a sniper. nicole petallides has her eye on this story and more this morning. two flights bound from paris. i brought that up earlier, nicole. what do you know right now? >> nicole: let's delve into this. two air france flights headed from the united states to paris last night were gettered because of bomb threats according to
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u.s. government officials. the first flight from los angeles to paris landed in salt lake city and shortly after a flight from washington's airport was diverted. they both landed safely. meanwhile, secretary of state john kerry, backlash for comments justifying in paris france that resulted in the murder of 12 people in january of this year. >> there's something different about what happened and i think everybody would feel that. there was a sort of particularized focus in terms of
6:25 am
-- rationale that you could attach and say they are really angry because of this and that. >> nicole: the information was published by the department of homeland securities intelligence and analysis which fore shadowed capability and the fbi ramping up security ahead of the holidays. agents from other tasks including white collar crime will be pulled into duty to cope with the growing worry. dagen. >> dagen: thank you so much nicole.-- were you listening. did you hear that comment from secretary kerry about comparing
6:26 am
to the charley hedgo attack. i wanted your reaction. this seems in some way an administration that thinks that these are individuals terrorists who can somehow be changed even talked to, even rationalized with? >> he doesn't necessarily see friday the 13th attacks as a game changer which were for the world. i think that even then he continued to sort of count the tactical successes that the anticoalition might have. he was talking about a supply group disrupted in syria.
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kennetts attacks, more capable and the fact we obscene isis directly say washington is in the bullseye, washington is next, i got to tell you if you are the obama administration and you notice year yet is a slippery slope and it is getting steeper and you know you are going to be under massive political pressure to, quote, do
6:30 am
more, you know that doing more will be very unpalatable and unsustainable in terms of political support from american citizens over the medium to long term you want to wait on that especially responding to an attack in the united states. the obama administration doesn't want to jump in. let the russians do the fighting, the russians have not been primarily attacking isis the going after most the enemies of bashar al-assad who have not been isis but doing more against isis now. i happen to think the position the americans would rather see other people pursues his fight and not take up themselves is not quite popular one and one
6:31 am
that obama has been wrestling with. dagen: arthur is shaking his head. i am going to say this. until something happens at home everything changes. >> absolutely. those of us knew yorkers, we really feel, even people who don't agree with donald trump often say before we blow off another american kid's legs or arms, if the russians take the fight to them and airplanes being blown up, you are on target where russians changed their targets and if they can get -- someone told me last night president obama's biggest coup would be to get china involved. get the chinese involved, russians and americans focus on the same target, we are pretty powerful. dagen: we expect to hear from francois hollande of france, we will take a quick break and look
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i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. y we are waiting for comments from france's president francois hollande. we will take you there live. to bring you up-to-date on what is happened, 4:30 a.m. 10:30 p.m. east coast time, pre-dawn, a raid by police and authorities there to look for the masterminds of the paris terror attack on friday the thirteenth. abdelhamid abaaoud, belgian man, 22 years of age, thought to be in syria but we heard from the french prosecutors that he had been in this apartment in st.
6:36 am
denis, paris, police suggested the islamic state suspect might have been at that site. we have two dead, one killed by a sniper, and other terror suspect, will wind blowing herself up with a suicide vest, we have more of arrests, seven arrested, we hope to get more information about what police discovered, what they knew before the raid but a want to bring in even bremer. there's a headline in the wall street journal that goes to the conversation about the u.s. and whether their role will grow in fighting isis in syria and elsewhere, that france, russia and the u.s. have moved beyond cooperation and into a far more difficult round of action calling it a grant and! coalition. you think that takes shape? >> we are not there yet. we are still talking about the notion that bashar al-assad has to go and the russians have made
6:37 am
it very clear that that is not a precondition, will not be an acceptable precondition for any thing that happened. russians are in the driver's seat, may have gotten the fringe on board, the french president has said bashar al-assad is not france's enemy, that isis is and that plays well with the russians, the americans are not there. the u. s is flying seat of the pans with the understanding that if the europeans and russians are going to be coordinating in syria, what will the americans do? the united states stepped up its bombing, we have seen this economically and going after oil convoys and isis has been using. americans were concerned about civilian casualties. it is very clear that number one, obama wants to see a two
6:38 am
track solution. the diplomatic solution we have seen in the talks, it will be a cease-fire in six months, we will have a new government, there's not a single syrian representative around a table. it is aspirational and has no connection, militarily, the russians are not putting troops on the ground. and hurting isis, not destroying it in syria and iraq. isis itself has morphed well beyond iraq and syrian borders. is active in yemen, the sinai and egypt, cells are getting larger that are active across europe and none of what we are talking about militarily either in france or the united states
6:39 am
is addressing that. is premature to start talking with the we will see a grand coalition in destroying isis. we are seeing more coordination between the russians and europeans specifically in the syrian fight and the americans are probably going to have to become part of that. dagen: i want to bring you in in terms of fighting this so you have this raid in paris raising the question of why these terror suspects are still there, why worry they so close? this an area near the soccer stadium where the attack started friday and mimi kellogg was reporting you have roughly 10,000 french national basically on a list in france that have been identified as being
6:40 am
radicalized by militant islam. and the why now. what did we know, there are strikes by france, why now and not earlier. >> families of loved ones want to know the answers to those questions and strategic bombings, what we did a week ago. anyone's job, the fbi will tell you they don't have enough people to focus on all but tips they have. and everyone's focus, you go laser focus, if you are building a house and doing all different parts, and the weak spring this in one area that has all the resources for that. any law enforcement is
6:41 am
pinpointed, all leads are canceled, all holidays, vacations as user of a year, all hands on deck and they use their resources to target what they have to target. -saying this is too little too late, two weeks ago, a week ago. dagen: one of the washington examiner reporters talking in a second about the 2016, also talking about political, military impact, local impact, we are a business network, is this going to change the economic picture? >> it is appropriate to talk about, this is a human tragedy, and it is going to be shaken. they want to shake our way of
6:42 am
life. they are no different from the charlie hebdo attacks. this is an attack on free speech, freedom of assembly. this is an attack on everything isis does not support. and get past this, we won't change our way of life. consumption will rebound on all those things. you do have suspect you know about, and social media contact, they have gone to syria. why can we not neutralize them before something like this happens, one of the legal ramifications of that? what do they get after as?
6:43 am
>> you can't arrest somebody after a crime is committed, that person has a profile, before we rob somebody, and they are here, after september 11th, and protect ourselves. dagen: rob and neal, a look at the futures, it is essentially flat, gains across the board, as this rate was still on going, a few hours, the futures will lower, the resiliency of not only this nation but the world nation. we will be right back.
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dagen: we are awaiting comments from france's president francois hollande at a meeting of mayors after the deadly attacks in paris on friday but we have been covering all morning long this early-morning raid, early-morning in france and 4:30 a.m. at 10:30 p.m. east coast time when the rain started. there are two suspected terrorists who are dead, one woman who blew herself of wearing a suicide vest, seven arrest, more details as they are coming out, the mayor of the neighborhood in paris where the
6:48 am
raid happened, the city needs serenity. he was caught off guard, and the recent attacks were hiding in this city to weigh in on this, to shed much more light and but this. we want to bring in retired u.s. navy seal, a man who shot usama bin laden, good to see you, your thoughts on what we know so far about the raid. >> my thought initially, none of them are confirmed. because of the way the police raids have been going down to thwart isis attacks. this one was met with fierce resistance, they have been arresting people, they found everything from weapons, rocket-propelled grenades, the fight that went on, several explosions, the defenders throwing grenades, trying to
6:49 am
cover up high value individual or cover up a plot in the near future, based on the intel, terrorists killed by ed snider, secured the entire airy and waited for the assault team to enter. and can't confirm it. a suicide bomber detonated a suicide fest when they said one of the working dogs in which was good on the fringe swat team. and suicide bombers on barricades. and give their life for their pack. and on that, checking out spots the we cannot get into securing parameters.
6:50 am
by the fighting going on, the shooting, something important was there, can't say for sure if it was the mastermind or anything but a spot like that in paris something is going on. dagen: speak to the fact there is a woman there now bid, terror suspect who blew herself out, is that unusual? it is shocking when they hear that particularly this isn't a western city, talking about iraq or syria. >> and a lot of these radicalize groups webinar playing bigger roles that scar as recruitment because they bring in prizes for the fighters, on the front lines you get this many women -- they are very religious, they have seen it before on rate in
6:51 am
pakistan, with flashlights with the assault team, human shields, usama bin laden raid, hopping onto those, at it is more common, at this of these fanatics will do -- i remember when suicide bombing started happening, they're blowing themselves up, a suicide bombing, and term. dagen: i will pursue that when we come back from break, thank you so much, in terms of what the fanatics won't do. i will pursue that when we come back, we will take a quick break, more on this early-morning raid in paris looking for the mastermind of the friday terror attack. was abdelhamid abaaoud there? not apprehended, the rate is over but our coverage continues. we will be right back.
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dagen: breaking news coverage on the fox business network a massive anti terror operation taking place in the pre-dawn hours in the paris suburb of saint-denis. they are targeting the mastermind of the terror attack, fox news reporting to to people that including a woman who blew himself up with a suicide yes. seven others, and a meeting of france's mayors to bring you that as soon as we get it but certainly this changes the tone of the 2016 race. bring in gabby, what do you make of this? >> what is happening in paris, national security to the forefront of political compensation particularly those happening in the current presidential election cycle and
6:56 am
this is going to make it difficult for candidates like rand paul and ohio governor john kasich, paul who opposes increased defense spending and is seen as an isolationist and john kasich who backs the united states intake of cme refugees to find your footing and a republican presidential field to become increasingly hawkish and has already been extremely critical for the current administration security strategy. dagen: of final comment from you, some of these candidates going too far? >> i believe they are on the syrian refugee issue. i don't think there's any reason we have to choose between homeland security, protect national security interest, accommodating for the intake of refugees. president obama is proposing 10,000 syrians taken in over the course of the year is just about 350 a week, not a number that is
6:57 am
going to overwhelm law-enforcement. dagen: the washington examiner and the and bremer i can at thank you in f. a global picture, and rob o'neill, arthur aidalla and anastasia, more when we come back. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me.
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dagen: dagen mcdowell in from maria bartiroma. it is wednesday november 18th and we have breaking news coverage all morning long. fringe police surrounded and apartment building in the paris suburb of saint-denis where the mastermind of the terror attack was suspected to be hiding, we are talking about abdelhamid abaaoud, shootings and explosions started going on roughly an hour according to reports on the ground, 4:30 a.m. paris time, at 10:30, two
7:01 am
terrorists were killed including a female suicide bomber who detonated an explosive vest. french authorities, this mess of operations, the suspected mastermind between the terror attack was the target. we cannot confirm at this moment it house soon he was there. we got word from the prosecutor that the police said there was at least some evidence he had been there. what kind of timeline we are talking about we do not know. this was the man, abdelhamid abaaoud, thought to be in syria. is he in france or in paris what does it say about the potential planning for additional attacks in that nation? five police officers were injured in this raid. an unconfirmed report that one passer-by was also injured and killed. president obama was briefed in manila and what the white house is calling a law enforcement action. we have team coverage here
7:02 am
today. i am joined by arthur aidalla who could speak to the legal issues, jpmorgan's anastasia will give you a gauge of global market reaction. she can talk about the economic impact. rom france's president francois hollande. we will take you there live when this happens. this is a meeting of friends's mayor going on after the attacks on friday. we are lucky to have with us robert o'neill, former navy seal, the man who killed usama bin laden, he can speak to the type of raid going on and also the flight had not only for fringe authorities but us. what is in your gut when you hear about this? >> my first reaction is the president said law enforcement action which technically it is because of police but when you have grenades and suicide bombers, isis -- dagen: may be the mastermind. >> one of the worst terrorist
7:03 am
attacks in the history of the world. we are still waiting on that to call it what it is but just because a lot massive flooding in the street north of paris they are protecting something. we saw this on the usama bin laden rate when we tried to reach the outdoor gate and opened the brick wall behind it. this is fake or guarding it, not the mastermind. french police -- dagen: in terms of the tactics the detail about what is going on but the fact that they were able to identify the building, clearly there were terror suspects, a woman that is willing to kill herself when the raid happened. the fact that they were able to
7:04 am
identify it -- very -- >> to walking to ak-47s. and a suicide bomber, and they are going to get a shield which is not the most fun job. and the swat team behind it. and you don't know where they are hiding, they're not fair fighters or clear any space trying to find the unknowns or terrorists. dagen: there was an article in the washington times, and the fbi is breaking for islamic state holiday terror attacks. in terms of what you are willing to escape about radical islamic terrorists and our capabilities because so much surveillance capability has been dialed back in the united states. how confident are your views in
7:05 am
law-enforcement and intelligence communities? >> i am confident in intelligence and law-enforcement to track some phones but they themselves admit even the director of the cia is saying it is harder now because a lot of the rules we place on ourselves because people have been misinformed that for some reason we have this major data center where everyone is calling your mom. dagen: we have 900 people under investigation in this country in 50 states, even months ago in the spring, sounding alarms about the restrictions they have. >> before 9/11, different agencies share intelligence, they want to own the five and all of a sudden when we get bit it hurts. yesterday's the police commissioner said two things, he needs cellphone company's to work with law enforcement and fix this untraceable foam thing, that is a tremendous impediment
7:06 am
to them, and number 2 because of what happened in france, they change the policy, and and they are going to kill whoever it is. we learned from france, building up for a more dramatic finale. dagen: apps to bring in greg, the reporter on the ground, he has been covering this, what do you know right now? >> when a difference a few hours makes. it is calm, the suburbs to the north of paris of block and have behind me it was a war zone, ak-47s, grenades, back and forth from terror suspects and
7:07 am
apartment behind me and the police, the toll as we know it now, seven terror suspects in custody, two terror suspect dead, one killed herself, a woman using a suicide vest and another terror suspect was killed by a police sniper. five police officers were injured in the melee. they were going after the mastermind of the friday night terror attacks. isis led which left 129 people dead in paris that turns out he was not dare. we were saying he is probably in syria and that is where he is better in the past hour or so the police could very well have headed off, ford and other terror attack on paris, this one in the business area, commercial area of paris, to the west of the city. apparently that was in the works according to a police force and
7:08 am
that was thwarted. after the siege ended, the forensic experts went in. and any police involved in this. and they were involved in the operation on friday. one of the leads that brought police to this place was a cellphone they found out side of the theater where 89 people were killed, all sorts of details in the location, the last message, let's go in french. and the terror happened friday night. gps, the three rental cars the terrorists use also brought them to this location.
7:09 am
i said this on one show, sometimes they look like a terrorist that couldn't shoot straight but luckily they left the traces to find their dead the ames. dagen: thank you for your reporting. greg holocaust on the ground in france. rob o'neill, i want to get your thoughts on this but this certainly looks like good police work and it is as you went to college investigation the investigation is leading to additional terror attacks being supported. >> they are doing radon a lot of suspects, monitoring and once they get there, they got to be intelligence, and new targets, persons of interest. a lot of them, everything from cellphone records to whatever is written down, to whatever drop phones they have. find stuff inside, interrogate the suspects and that will lead to more stuff. they're doing a good job.
7:10 am
dagen: what is the one thing we are not doing as a nation that needs to get done? talk about what is happening in syria. >> we are not admitting to the enemy is, what the bigger picture is, the we have 100 people in this country who have been to syria and fought with isis and they are here now and this is real. they said they will attack us, they rarely lie about that. they will do it. dagen: thank you for being here. we have francois hollande beginning to speak, a meeting of the mayors after the attack on friday. listen to francois hollande. >> the application of mayors of france, dear friends what. the mayor of paris. ladies and gentlemen, the
7:11 am
mayors. france is gathered fruits you. we are together. we are united in the same revolution. be able to face the circumstances. today the circumstances are exceptional. at this moment, there is a police operation that was very dangerous and heavy, just ended. aiming at neutralizing terrorists, and linked to the authors of the terrorist attack and the awful crime of friday night. two of these terrorists died during the raid and there were some the tensions.
7:12 am
people in police custody. i imagine how serious the inhabitants, i salute their calm. i also want to formulate my solidarity to them mayor who already went through the attack next to it and one more time was their presence next to the law enforcement at the moment it was started. i also want finally to express our gratitude, our admiration to law enforcement, police officers
7:13 am
that launched this operation. they knew the danger. they were probably underestimating of the violence they were going to face and they went to the end of their mission. several were wounded and i also think about the police officers, the same one and others that went into refined conditions to get the terrorists and to neutralize them. france is proud of to have this type of forces. to protect our citizens.
7:14 am
this action confirm one more time that we are at war. award against terrorism that its self has decided to lead the war. the jihadists has an army. will resources occupies a territory, has accomplished this in europe, and inside our own country with young islamists radicalized committing massacress, it has killed, november 13th at least 129
7:15 am
people lost their lives. we are thinking about them, killed, traumatized, thinking about their families. in an incredible morning, this terrorist attack brought blood into paris. involved every french citizen wherever they are. the entire country has been attacked because of what the country represents, the values, the time that leading to eradicate terrorism and simply because of what we are. terrorists wanted to aim at the
7:16 am
idea of a front, what does this represent, what it is across generations, the freedom that is reclaiming, the universal rights it is defending. this is what has been attacked. during the night of november 13th. the barbaric people blindly aim at the french people and in its diversity without considering any kind of origin, color or religion. this is the use of france that has been targeted. the vitality, the generosity and the freedom. simply -- the emotion is immense, iraq is huge, each and
7:17 am
every one, a feeling of compassion for the victims of those terrorist attacks but also there is a requirement for action, to put the people out of the ability to harm. the terrorists want to give us the vision, we have to make sure to preserve, in each of every region of france the unity that makes us france and also the calm that make our dignity, you are elected of the republic. you are representing the diversity of our territories, but also the sensitivities of our country, but fixing the
7:18 am
terrorist threats, there is no difference between the terroristss, no difference, no more separation. we just have people that are elected and have duties, the responsibility in the republic and i know that you have at heart to make this undertaking and to prevail in your winning this. in front of the parliament, united in congress i have exposed my responses, the responses that i intend to put in place to respond to the attack at the international level. the operations in sea area have been intensified. the charles de gaulle has
7:19 am
arrived and allow the region of the mediterranean to multiplied our capacity. i called the international community to take part in what could be a common ground to eradicate daessh. a washington, thursday i will go to moscow with mr. obama, vladimir putin, we will support him in their efforts to work in a decisive way to reach this objective. we have to form a large coalition, a coalition to strike in a strong way on the them
7:20 am
because we have to do it with a spirit again to gather the international community, they don't have the same interests, the same concept, or the same allies but what is at stake is to an end to, eradicate an army that is threatening the entire world and not only some of the country versus others so this mission, i will leave it in france through its army will have to play a major role in the resolution of this conflict, in the military way but also through diplomatic channels in the political area. i have decided during the night the tragedy, border control will
7:21 am
be reestablished i have decided. respecting european commitments, i issued the state of emergency and and large it to the outside territories so that the state of the emergency should be applied everywhere. there would be a threat. there is a bill that would be presented tonight allowing the expansion for three months of the emergency space. this bill will clarify the exceptional procedure, emergency state is true, justifies the restrictions to the liberties, temporary restrictions.
7:22 am
using it is giving all the means to reestablish liberties, searches, search will be conducted, home arrest. those measures rule targets, clear objective to identify accomplishments. isolate radicalism. stop all trafficking. and necessary financing of their awful crime. this is what is urgent to. and this more in fact, and this started several years ago and we will leave time to get rid of it, we will get patient and
7:23 am
threaten our selves and i want to give the country the means to lead the fight respecting the law and two laws, and one law for intelligence has been voted, but we still have to learn from those services and improve law-enforcement. create new tools so no threats could be left. and also after thinking about it, propose a revision of the
7:24 am
constitution. we don't change without justification and reasons. we have to have the legal framework to face exceptional circumstances so we are not under stage because it would brat transfer power to the military. it is not all so according to article 16, and the musical spirit, i do not want to exclude anything, even if some are against european commitment and international commitment but i wanted the space council to be gathered to give us all of the
7:25 am
response, and concerned with their will be collaboration. and 8,000, more than a thousand jobs will be created, with more police officer, and -- >> that is french president francois hollande gathering before speaking of mayors after the attacks on friday the thirteenth in paris across paris. you can clearly get engaged with his tone and the strength of his
7:26 am
voice. we are at war, and all morning long, the pre-dawn raid outside paris targeted terrorists linked to the paris attacks he said, two dead, two terror suspect dead, one woman blowing herself up with a suicide vest. and fox news military analyst bob scale is joining us on the phone. bob, i want you to compare the tone of francois hollande and the careful language and tone of not just president obama but the members of his cabinet of john kerry, you name it, compare and contrast. >> great question. as i listen to this man's resolve and the definitive nature of what he was saying and his commitment to a war, not a police action, i will be honest, i was reminded of churchill in
7:27 am
his worst our and the battle of britain. this is a man who is a socialist who is setting his job and saying we are going to seal our borders, increase the police and army and electronic surveillance, he did not worry about any political pushback, he went down the line as a commander in chief, and telling his security forces to be prepared to fight in contrast to the administration which is dodging and weaving and avoiding the subject and leading in washington with national security officers as somehow the beginning of a legitimate response by the united states to this global threat.
7:28 am
this outset is -- it would be like nine fully armed terrorists with explosive belts and ak-47s on canal street in manhattan. and it is in the middle of the city. these guys, isis turned their terrorism, away from the enclaves in the suburbs and put it at the heart of paris and who knows how many other of these nests of terrorists are setting up for more terrible attacks in the city's? this is war. it is not a police action. dagen: when we heard the president speak after those
7:29 am
attacks on friday and ensuing discussions he is folding those concerned about refugees coming into the country. this is a bigger picture, why aren't we hearing the kind of tone and language from the administration? given the fact that isis is now much stronger and more capable based on this one deadly attack on friday. >> found all my uniform friends in the pentagon. the word from the administration is don't even think about planning a response to isis, don't even talk about it in the halls of the pentagon or you are in big trouble and the president said yesterday if anybody has a better plan how come i am not seeing it? the reason they don't have a better plan is they told the military not to do it. can you see this circular logic
7:30 am
he is using? don't plan, and we don't have any plans because no one could think of anything better to do. almost comical. dagen: i will talk and we will play it later, we will be on the air, it was the comments made in france by secretary of state john kerry and he tripped himself a little bit, but referring to the perceived legitimacy, he used the word legitimacy in reference to the of charlie hebdo attacks contrasting them to the attacks across the city. these are radical islamic terrorists that can still be rationalized with, they can have a conversation with these individuals, and talk them away from essentials murder. >> that is so interesting.
7:31 am
when they talk about the threat, the term war or military is never used, it is always conciliation, diplomacy, economic assistance, taking in of refugees, it is what we used to call soft power. they are using machine prongs, explosive devices of every sort. an enemy at war with us, we are at war with the enemy and that can't last forever. this is, you can't have one side at war and the other tried to walk away from it. secretary john kerry's remarks reflect a sort of hidden embassy
7:32 am
inside the administration that says these are downtrodden people, people who are seeking -- people who have been abused by the west, they are terrorists. dagen: thank you. be well. we will bring you up-to-date on all your headlines when we come back on fox business. shouldn't what makes each of us a unique individual, help individualize our cancer treatment? now through advanced genomic testing, we may be able to pinpoint and diagnose what makes your cancer different, which can reveal precise treatment options that were not considered previously. with this important breakthrough at the intersection of science and technology, we've arrived at precision cancer treatment. the evolution of cancer care is here at cancer treatment centers of america. call or visit to learn more about precision cancer treatment.
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dagen: breaking news on fox business network we've been covering for all morning long, a 7 hour unite terror operation taking place in saint-denis overnight, it starting around 4:30 a.m., french time, local time, in france. police units target it happening mastermind behind friday's terror atack that is abdelhamid abaooud fox news reporting at the very least two people are dead including a woman, o who blew hers up with a suicide vest the other killed by police, seven others had been referred we heard from françois hollande a short what i will ago saying this
7:36 am
was a part of the operation, a raid targeting terrorist linked to friday's detailed attacks in answer from that killed 129 people with more than 350 injured, in that series of attacks on friday, meantime u.s. secretary of state john kerry facing backlash over some controversial comments that he made while speaking about friday's terror attacks in paris, balkan blalake burman ha. >> good morning. >> john kerry indeed facing criticism for comments made in paris about the charlie hebdo attack suggested shooting at newspaper in january was different than friday twakdz because it had a quote rationale. >> there was a sort of particularized focus of perhaps even a legitimacy in terms of not legitimacy, but a
7:37 am
rationale that you could attach yours so somehow say okay, they are really angry but there is a this or that. >> this friday was absolutely in. >> al-qaida arabian peninsula claimed responsibility for that massacre in january president obama pushed back against critics of his administration's plan, to take in 10,000 syrian refugees over the course of a year speaking from philippines at one point the president tailored his message to some of the republican presidential candidates. >> apparently they are scared of widows and/or infancy, coming into the united states of america, first they were word i about the press being too to have you on them during debates now they are worried about -- three-year-old orphans. >> that doesn't sound very tough to me. >> that comment came hours before the latest police raid
7:38 am
in paris we know this morning, dagen, a woman kas believed to have blown hers up back to you. dagen: blake burman in washington thank you so much we will see you in a short while. french president françois hollande speaking a short while ago at gathering, of france's mayors he said point-blank, in french, france is at war against terrorism before i islamic state he wants a large coalition working together against isis militants to destroy a group that threatens the whole world and commits massacre in the middle east he also said the french air carrier charles de yria e left to help he french against isis joining me now weekly standard sr., writer john mccormac former federal minutes of defense, thank you so much john i start with you. the president wants to
7:39 am
politicizesides make it about candidates opponents he greece with do we need to hear a different stronger message from our own leader here in. >> certainly, i think right now the president, is engaging in probably worst moment of of his presidency -- france struck by a terrorist attack, and the president doesn't respond with any sense of resolve rather petty petulant paifrn sniping at republicans there is a serious debate to be had mr. what to do about sign refugees to mitigate the risk, that terrorists could sneak in the bigger question is what to do about isis, isis, predecessor al-qaida in iraq basically destroyed, by the u.s. military, under obama's predecessor george w. bush now rekons tooutdz into a terrorist army plotting tactics not only against utopia but united states for president to aallow this nation state to simply exist in middle east, legacy as president i think he needs to
7:40 am
think long and willard he really believes there is nothing more we can do to detonate it. >> -- to defeat it. >> we have been covering this you'll morning bremer was on earlier saying you are seeing greater coordination between france and russia in terms of those of dealing with syria the u.s. as it stands now still a mar engine a.m. act-- marginal actor like we don't want to get pulled into anything a pushback you feel from leaders. >> we definitely need a broader coalition than just russia and france, the interesting fact is that whennot hollande asked eu the member states for support er was not asking nato. so that might serve as a reason, for some of the more reluctance personnel in a washington to say leave them with -- first, i don't think that this could be a solution.
7:41 am
we need to -- our intelligence services to captooperate with each other you have means we can only dream of in europe we've had a lot of mistrust in the last couple years after nsa scandal a lot of things backing away from each other here we need help, on the military level we need help we need help when it comes to strategy what to do in broader scope it is not all about military, of course,. you need to address other issues there as well this cannot work without u.s., hesitant shy u.s. in that regard would be a disaster they need to act now. >> from your perspective i want to hear big lunrelucence f you sit why do we have this when threat is clearly not an external threat and how is this each different what happened in france from what happened in 9/11, this is attack on homeland in the heart of the homeland, so why are we are so reluctant off to
7:42 am
a full scale military response. >> we have fatal ayiigue many countries around the globe true over here try several for many you european countries reluckance is something you know i would say in u.s. also my home country in germany, so, it -- it is connected, of course, in germany to its own history of that, on the other hand we have troops supply in afghanistan for many, many many years. but that has led to another -- people look at afghanistan people look at iraq, often what actually the outcome of it, is there any clear success we see today or is mess even bigger than before? then politicians come there say hmm -- 2017, elections in 2018, elections next year. should we really slide into something which former politicians called adventure -- i say we should we need to that is one of the reasons many don't have -- >> stay right there you are
7:43 am
going to be with us. for sometime, we will get back to that, but i want to thank john mccormac i apologize for not having more time with you if i called you the wrong name apologies please come back see the you soon, you a thursday aidala aidala. >> two terror suspects dead at least seven arrested some injuries to police officers in predawn raid in saint-denis, france, more on the latest, in the aftermath of that antiterror operation, next. can a business have a mind?
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. dmoo we continue to follow the latest from the terror raid in france this morning the story continues to grip headlines, two air france flights headed from united states to, paris last night diverted because of bem threats according to u.s. government about officials, both flights landed safely have been given all clear byian, and u.s. authorities. >> by canadian and u.s. authorities. . >> kill there you could hear sounds of gunshots from this morning on striests paris northern suburbs as a free
7:48 am
speech government spokesman said it began 4:30 free speech time has ended we are also learning that all 129 victims of the paris terrorist attacks last friday have been identified, this according to the french government, all of this fox news obtained unclassified assessment from may of this year the information was published by department of homeland security intelligence and analysis when warned of isis expanding capabilities as well as possibility of carrying out complex attacks against wern targets "mornings with maria" will be right back. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph,
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7:52 am
>> this is a new world we live in breaking news this morning, the time out of copenhagen denmark authorities there, say that a main terminal at k07 hagen international airport, the main hub, has been evacuated, because of a suspicious bag. police have no more details at this time. the passengers flights moved to other parts of the airport other term nalinals over late october over 22 million traveled through. >> arthur aidala. >> covering this -- predawn raid in paris it was started in about 10:30 pm eastern time two are dead one woman killed hers, with a bomb strapped to her the other killed by police, i want to get back to the overall global reaction do
7:53 am
you see something you were touching on do you see nations coming together? because right now you have greater coordination with france and russia russia most interesting player of them all i think where does germany land where does u.s. stand the language from our leaders here say kind of a kind of sad to contain isis clearly not contained there. >> i don't seeness number of nations coming together, i see a cult you're we have phased before, already, which is a coalition of the willing, and the subcoalition of the willing, suddenly we have a coalition of those determined others who are hesitant one really interesting factors right now is russia, russia, of course, has a good reason now after this whole plane story of the egypt to get more involved. but they got involved at the time when they so he saw
7:54 am
political advantages for themselves aling with france would create very positive sentiment toward russia. dagen: european nations what was happening the crimea. >> how could you defy europe more he properly than putin doing it right now he does very cleverly on the other hand we will need tell me. >> growing up in russia. >> i want to jump in here growing up in russia i have to say that i think russian people russian president a lot more afraid of the extremist they have seen more i have seen more in russia versus in the united states thankfully but issue of packages left in airports, that has been ongoing, you know, 20, 30, 40 year, right so that is the reality there is a sense of -- of i am going to use word legitimacy why russia wants to be involved and destroy this terrorist network the other thing i want to say this is a
7:55 am
war in a used to be fought on so many different levels there is a combined armed approach that is not a just about defeating isis where they are this is about defeating the extremist cells on home turf addressing refugee problem as countries unite as a politicians unite we have to make their three areas are being addressed -- >> there is no unification here in terms of the refugee issue more than half governors of the states saying we're not taking syrian refugees. >> exactly where i was going dagen, again, taking a lawyerly thought not taking them in reality is what are governors going to do call upstate police put on borders of states a war with fbi and army that is not going to happen andrew cuomo speaking at harvard says day america says close gates build a wall
7:56 am
i say take down statute of liberty he says we need to protect americans without america losing its soul i think we need to keep that in mind that is what trifrts are trying to do change our way of life they are trying to change, what america is what america means, so, there is a very precarious balancing act that, america is divided. dagen: i was going to say -- >> between coasts saying okay. let's let them in, and middle america saying no, we don't want them to do it. >> 37 governors i think don't want to take syrian refugees at this point i want to take a quick break i made a promise we are going to talk about markets this is a business network we have been watching the futures there will be reaction, in this economy, but katie, an as taishia arthur stay with us on fox business network, two dead in a raid in , two dead terror suspects.
7:57 am
more when we come back. .
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo. this morning. it is wednesday, november 18, about those what an epic day so far. breaking news, this morning, started 4:30 a.m. paris time, french police surrounding an apartment building in paris suburb of saint-denis mastermind behind friday terror athink a subpoena duces tecum to be hiding talk talking about abdelhamid abaooud 4:30 a.m. french time predawn hours the siege the raid lasting for about seven hours. in first hour, or so, shooting was heard, explosions, two terrorists killed concluding a family sued bomber detonated an explosive vest french authorities say seven suspects have been arrested so far if
8:01 am
suspected of mastermind behind the attack objectionable objectionable was target no word or confirmation if indeed he was in the apartment at the time doesn't appear as if he was françois hollande speak being very raid, last hour and he said the raid targeted terrorists linked to paris attacks, at this point we should have gotten word that if abdelhamid abaooud was there or had been there in recent days the reason that is important, is because he is believed to be in syria. five police officers in this raid injured, there were also some unconfirmed reports with an passr bye had been injured initially the report that he sheer had been killed, president obama has been briefed in manila what white house is calling, calling this raid a law enforcement action, and french president françois hollande spoke earlier confirming overnight raids think are targeted trists
8:02 am
linked to raid last friday, the apartment where raid took place was a staging area or logistics area for attacks last friday we are hearing this hour the nation of turkey detained suspected mil tants posing as refugees headed for germany, we have team coverage today i am joined this hour, by new york attorney arthur aidala can talk to legal issues, j.p. morgan an tasha will gage global market reaction former defense ministers can talk about everything going on around this world we take it to washington first the police raid in paris comes as this battle over refugees is escalating around the world hotter here at home than maybe anywhere else blake burman in d.c. with very latest. >> good morning to you president obama, pushed back sharply, last night, against critics of his administration's plan to take in 10,000 syrian refugees over
8:03 am
the course of a year. speaking from philippines at one point, president tailored his message to some of the republican presidential candidates. >> apparently they are scared of widows and/ orphans in united states of america first worried about press too you have to on debates now worried about 3-year-old orphans. >> that doesn't sound very tough to me. >> that comment came just hours before the latest police raid in paris, in which a woman is believed to have plutonium hers up. also this morning, the white house press secretary jash ernest defending the president calling paris attacks a setback point to go president's immediate meeting with his national security team the other day. >> the first question is the president asked in that meeting was to make sure, that to verify all necessary steps were being taken inside united
8:04 am
states to ensure safety security of the american people and u.s. homeland. >> dagen he also defended refugee program describing the screening process, as rigorous slp back to you. >> make thank you so much i want to bring in quickly i know were you in europe during attacks last week you talked to european ladders, and having being from germany germany refugee situation is -- our situation here is nothing compared to what germany is grappling with. >> this discussion here is bizarre accepting 10,000 refugees per day in germany, so we expect a number of 1.3 million probably around 1.2, 1.3 million the end of the year only in germany will population 80 million people having said that that is to a much we need a term limit there there is something german politicians need to act as well but the discussion
8:05 am
over here where we have been already in europe we say not every single person is a terrorist that comes over here or that comes to europe. but to see that there are other fleeing terrorism as well something that we need help yes, but need to act together, as americans, as germans europeans to create a screening process next to the place where problem is evolving to do in a more or less coming own here already within european borders circuits insecurity nationalism, creates -- rise of the surge of parties so this is where we need the help of the u.s., where the u.s. actually needs more european help we need to act together. >> what is the screening process today? >> the screening process today is that -- it is actually supposed to be so-called doubling he it is supposed to
8:06 am
take place at the borders or country european crown where refugees come to first so that is not taking place properly any longer many other european countries would actually wave refugees through because they are overstretched, obviously, overstretched what we need is turkey as partner there more help in greece what we need is help places, where we actually can build a secure factor not existing right now. dagen: i want to bring in former ambassador to the united nations john bolton, ambassador i know you have been following this raid, this -- in the predawn hours in saint-denis outside of paris. i know of you been following the language and the receipt rhetoric what say about you this. >> well, i think the raid in paris,overnight and also the cancellation of the soccer match in ham you burring germany yesterday chancellor merkel was schedule to attend
8:07 am
demonstrates this threat continues to me metastasize isis demonstrated ability to strikingly in western europe our intelligence in western intelligence generally missed you have to worry they've got compa capacity to strike in united states as well i think the refugee debate is complete out of what can number one many don't qualify under international treates conventions for status to begin with i think the president's approach has been dishonest the only way i can say it. to be a refugee, in the first place, you have to demonstrate a well-founded fear of persecution based on refugee, political beliefs, race ethnicity similar kinds of things the with edge when bulk of the so-called refugees from syria can't prove that i think the christian communities can pro it uzidis, can the rest
8:08 am
are victims of ongoing military conflict that doesn't allow them to rise to the level, of refugees to begin with. dagen: ambassador please say there stay with us on the phone i want to go to fox news coroner's report greg palkot live on the scene, in saint-denis. greg tell us what you've learned in the last hour or so. . reporter: dagen, we've been moved forward, the coordinates almost completely dropped so we can get a sense of what this firefight was like, it is a little bit too tar to give a close-up about a half block down over my shoulder, is where the terrorist suspects were hiding out. the fusillade of fire machine gun automatic rifles the stun grenades, explosives starting 4:20 this morning i got to tell you standing in this street, five stories on either
8:09 am
side narrow pavement, it must have sounded like a war! in fact we talked to one person here a short while ago, and he said he didn't know what was going on, he feared in fact it was another terror attack, the toll that we're getting now it has shifted, over the past couple hours, two terrorist suspects dead one a woman killed hers using a suicide vest, and another man was hit by a police sniper and died. a third, is in the hospital, all told there are seven terror suspected detained. on police side there were five policemen injured that says how badly these guys wanted to defend themselves, how difficult they made it for security forces, but after going inside with forensic teams, they were assured that there were no more booby traps explosives a lot of evidence, the fear was the thinking was that perhaps being planned in that house half a block down from where i am, was yet
8:10 am
another massive terror attack on paris, speculation is that they were thinking of doing something in the commercial the business area of paris, that is on the western outskirts of the city it is called -- perhaps that attack was a headed off, the -- evidence also-pointed according to police to in the direction of this is incredible if true, the mastermind of the friday night terror attacks that left 129 dead, he too was supposed to be possibly in there, now we can't completely rule that out, remember there was one man, who was killed, in the firefight. and apparently, has image was so destroyed, in a it is going to take dna to find out exactly who he is, police are north ruling out the fact that maybe the person hidden all this horror could have been hiding out right behind us back to you. >> greg quicklybly, one of the suspects who got away, after
8:11 am
the attacks on friday, he is still out there, right, we need to connect to mastermind of the attacks they grew up together associates from this recently in belgium outside of brussels both jailed in belgium in 2010 for armed robbery before they joined isis have we heard anything about him. >> the search goes on, in belgium principally dagen was he stopped in a car leaving from france, into belgium, about three days ago the police let him go, so that search goes on, one final note amazing note, luckily for the police some terrorists well they didn't shoot straight they left a mobil phone, with messages and gps coordinates in fact between that and some rental cars they used, with -- led police to this very house behind us, led police to this important break in this case,
8:12 am
back to you. dagen: thank you so much greg, grel palkot, the risk reporting on the ground in saint-denis for us, ambassador bolton on phone with us you heard what greg was reporting, that sounds like good police work, terrific police work do we in this nation have or i arms around the potential threat. >> i don't think so we do totally i think over the past 6 or 7 years we have abandoned so many of the techniques that were festive in new york for example, the police, disbanding a very effective counter terrorism ubiquity the ininhibitions about tracking terrorists cooperation between intelligence and law enforcement agencies, has declined, obviously, there are all scrambling today it takes this kind of tragedy wake-up call to get them going, but it is why the -- the testimony we have heard from the director of national intelligence, the director of the central intelligence agency over the
8:13 am
past year, that the isis threat the continuing glonl terrorist threat is now at a level even greater than before 9/11, so whatever steps need to be taken, in the near-term, against an attack on united states, which isis just threatened two days ago i think we need take very seriously. >> ambassador at bonn always terrific to talk to you thank you so much for joining us on the phone former ambassador to the u.n. john bolton, katie, anastasia, arthur will be with us they will be sitting right here they are ready to react to the very latest right now you are looking at live pictures, from on the ground in saint-denis, france a suburb outside of paris, where french police engaged in a standoff, at an apartment, a raid preyou can raid 10:30 pm east coast time, and massive gunfight explosions, two terror suspects dead, one detonating a suicide vest we
8:14 am
are on it, what other additional information will police get out of this raid? we have so much more straight ahead right here on fox business. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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8:17 am
dagen: we continue following the latest from terror raid in saint-denis france, this morning, the story continues to develop. and gripping to say the least we go to nicole has more. >> no doubt that is absolutely right good morning dagen everyone we are hearing that turkey has just did hetained 8 suspected isis militants posing as refugees headed forced germany that is all we know at this time. but we will continue to update you with more, details, as they become available. he meanwhile, two air france flights headeded from united states, to paris last night the were diverted because of bomb threats, according to u.s. government officials. both flights landeded safely given all clear by canadian and u.s. authorities.
8:18 am
>> [gunfire] safely given all clear by canadian and u.s. authorities. >> [gunfire]. >> there you can hear sounds of gunshots from this morning on the streets of paris northern suburb of saint-denis. a french government spokesman says seven hour police operation that began 4:30 french time this morning has now ended. we are also learning that all 129 victims of the paris terror attacks last friday have now been identified, according to the french government, all of this fox news obtained an unclassified assessment from may of this year the information was published by the department of homeland security intelligence and analysis directorate warned offize expanding xaikts as well as possibly carrying
8:19 am
out more complex attacks against western about twashths. dagen: thank you nicole that video was a gripping, can you imagine a densely pop ladies area of paris in a relatively small building. and for the police to execute that kind of raid with two dead a female suicide bomber blowing hers up, that happened in the heart of france thank you so much, up next we are keeping eye on the unfolding situation in the aftermath of that raid, and the aftermath of those devastating terror attacks on friday 13 we bring the latest from the ground next.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
. dagen: this is a business network, and we will check on your global markets, aftermath of that raid in saint-denis, france by police two terror
8:23 am
suspects now dead, european markets are lower across the board and you do see some sort of impact on cac quarante in france, down about two-thirds of one per cent. here in united states as this raid was still ongoing, when we knew very little about what was happening, you had futures that were down and now futures are heading higher we will get you caught up on the earnings news this morning, but anastasia we did not see any market impact in fact a rally after that the attacks on friday what do you o put in perspective. >> we have a terrifying press dent look to 9/11, london to madrid what we see is impact on consumption is transitory one however if we think about it from not a market perspective but from human perspective that is a devastating thing that we have that precedent, i guess the thing to highlight we are not seeing impact on the surface
8:24 am
level when it comes to the markets, but we are seeing it under it whether airlines, retailers they are going to feel brunt of the impact feel however much slack we get in consumption because of the tritt attac terrorist attacks a big rally because i think the fed budget will be ultimate not beneficiaries but lifted because of it we have seen this in united states i suspect we will see this in europe as well. >>. dagen: this raid in paris, it does speak to the vigilance in strength and aggressiveness of france and françois hollande language expresses should a as well something we don't hear here. >> you are reading my mind, i was going to say -- >> we actually. >> i got to say you said about markets rising, i don't know how long that is going to hold
8:25 am
up for only because what i feel is lacking is a sense of leadership here in america. and in the great of the respect to europe and rest of the world, what needs international crisis happen i still believe everyone looks to america, and right now, what you said earlier, 37 states are against federal policy we are not united not -- united we stand divided we fall first get america's house in order then europe's highways in order, also making a comparison to the attacks it happened in france in january when france was so yun feud to what happened on friday where fractured, we need leadership globally. dagen: françois hollande said he wants a large coalition to fight you islamics states will we get it will we be part of it. >> you should be part of it, it should be a coalition that aligns around what we call
8:26 am
that values we don't define any longer properly that is one of the things we so more of a target because of weakness in that regard i see the very moment a smaller coalition of the willing germany -- use the world war françois hollande has used out of reasons that -- >> haven't used the word. >> international law so that is that could bring you in a situation doesn't cope with expectation of the electorate pure cynicism doesn't bring us anywhere we talked about budget i think an important thing. the europeans have to a budget as well not manner we have done for many, many years in, that case but every single member states need to have a coherent approach. >> part of the economic story so much more about this police raid two terror suspects dead, one a woman killing hers, with a suicide vest.
8:27 am
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>> the paris attacks, washington's response to the rise of the islamic state becoming front and center in the race for the white house. refugee crisis, you name it, these politicians have weighed in on it. blake burman is here with more on this. blake: the question will be brought up, what does it mean over the upcoming weeks and months on-- in terms of the race for the white house, there's a brand new poll out this morning that i want to alert your attention to from the state of new hampshire, the first in the nation primary. this was taken over the weekend and while the uncertainty and many of the questions about paris were playing out, this poll was taken and you can see
8:31 am
that there is not necessarily a change in the top three, but more so marco rubio and dr. ben carson now tied at 13% according to one wber poll in new hampshire-- wbur poll in new hampshire, and donald trump at 23%. in terms of the middle east, what do you think the necessary president should do? here were the responses to that, 22% said remove as many troops as possible. 28%, keep troop levels as they are. but the overwhelming front runner there among likely republican primary voters in new hampshire, send more troops. that, at least, in part the initial response there. of course, there are questions on the democratic side how might this affect everything. hillary clinton said in the past that president obama doesn't get the credit that he deserves, after the debate on
8:32 am
saturday night i'm quoting here speaking in terms of isis, it cannot be contained, it must be defeated. that was a little bit of contradiction, to president obama saying that isis is contained. and bernie sanders is scheduled to make a speech on socialism and we're told that he will get into what they describe as specific ideas on how the u.s. can lead the world in defeating isis. so a lot going on here, on both sides as we look to the race for the white house. >> we should point out that bernie sanders thinks that climate change is a bigger threat than islamic terrorism. he won't use those two words. it sounded like in the debate he thought that campaign abuse is more than isis.
8:33 am
blake: bernie sanders has made his on income inequality. dagen: is this a candidate who makes you feel safe is a question that voters will be asking themselves. thank you, blake burman. france's president francois hollande is war the islamic state and will not cede to fear. he was urging his fellow frenchmen and french women to go back out to the cafes and live life to the fullest despite the violence on friday and the police raid that ended with the deaths of two terrorists. and what to make of this? paul mitchell, and owns p this,
8:34 am
what do you think. >> the terrorists are total nuts and they're killers. even those open to the president's ideas, all due respect to the president that things are getting better, he's wrong. my feeling is that in order to overcome this, the world has to understand that these people are killers. god doesn't want you to go out there and blow up people for no reason other than your idea and cut their heads off. you must remove from someone's agenda, that's political agenda, this is something that our top military advisors, our top intelligence people, a lot of intelligence along with the senate and the congress, should get together and come up with a solution. again, no disrespect to our president, but he was wrong that we have this thing contained. we look at a large group of murderers out here under shall we say the pretense, well, this
8:35 am
is the way to get to heaven and convincing smart young people that this is the way to do it. dagen: they're merciless and we should-- >> i'm a peaceful person, but in this case you've got to look at thousands of murders out there. they have to be stopped. we cannot let this happen. >> and this goes beyond the issue of isis, we were talking earlier, the reason why isis has become such an issue because we have a contingent of the population that's open and prone being susceptible to being radicalized. even if we're successful in defeating isis, what is to say there won't be another organization. and the policy has to be overarching to address individuals who are susceptible and how do we properly use that communication. and that's our privacy discussion no doubt and that's what we have to figure out. >> there's something i wonder why no one talks about it, why
8:36 am
is it, every single islamic organization that are real true religious people, and not killers, tell everyone in their congregation, these guys are terrorists, they're nuts, they're killers, this is not islam. are you kidding? these are radical islamic murderers. why don't they do that? if they would do that i'm sure a lot of these young people wouldn't be influenced. >> you hit the nail on the head. there's a call, geraldo rivera has been saying, why isn't there more of an uprising. a simple example. in the italian american community, 20 years ago when organized crime was running rampant, the italian american organizations, the knights of columbus, all of those, they rallied and we went into schools and we spoke to young kids and said, this is-- you want to be justice scalia
8:37 am
and you don't want to be john gotti. . >> we want to stop the newbies, killing people for no reason whatsoever, have to be eliminated. dagen: i want to talk about surveillance, there's a shift back to surveillance rights, privacy rights over basically public safety and you can weigh in on this. but i think as a nation, younger people, we're giving up more of our privacy, just handing it off to technology companies for the ease of use, for advances in technology. so our surveillance laws and capabilities need to keep up with that. shouldn't there be more give towards surveillance, rather than taking away? the two are going in the opposite direction not kind of-- >> that's an extremely complex discussion, but as the situation now shows we need to have proper surveillance. on the other hand we need to
8:38 am
explain those steps also more sophisticatedly, more properly to a population which is anxious about what's happening right now. and to get back to your point, you brought up that thing about the younger generation, attracted by islamist movements, by their-- what they're involved. what do we have to offer here? are we still attractive enough with our set of values, with our definitions of values, with all of those things? we have a lot to offer, but do we do it properly? not at the moment. not at the moment toward these kinds of people. so, this is where we need-- where we need experiences from your side, from our side, from the others. speaking up in a way which we usually don't do any longer, which is a pity. and it's unbelievable. you have already in europe and the young people come in there as refugees, the first ones waiting for them are people embracing them are helpers from germany and others and then you
8:39 am
would have standing there, we know your story. you have despair as your background, you don't have a future. we offer you a future in germany which is different from what you would actually connect with values. >> the american dream is definitely still alive, i know. dagen: you preach it every day, you live it. but not enough people talk about it, they talk about disaster, again, no disrespect to our administration, but how we have to give more to those, well we should be saying we should give more to help them go to work and help themselves. the american dream still workers. they could do good in our country and other countries. they don't talk about that. they talked about it when i was in high school and grammar school and i believed it. and it's true. if there's murderers there, they have to be eliminated, that's not right. >> it's a good point if you listen to the republican candidates or the democratic
8:40 am
candidates for that matter. how we hear about we need to make america great again. dagen: that's donald trump's slogan. the other countries-- >> from someone who came from outside of america, i'm thrilled to be here and we need to spread that message. the other point you brought up, this is not just a west versus isis fight, this is the west and the muslim community, the middle east community against is isis, basically it's the world against isis. >> i don't know if you have a perspective on this, but are we bringing other people in this fight against terrorism other than u.s., france, and maybe now russia? >> it looks like, my gosh, isis is doing that for us. france is at war now. isis is creating its own problem. with all the powers and might as well.
8:41 am
they could have eliminated east sis in a month. why this long-term war is beyond me, they could wipe them out in one month. >> it's difficult. i would love to have that situation and that's not the case any longer, because we have isis or connected to the group already in yemen, in northern africa. >> everywhere. >> everywhere. >> if you see the belt where you find potential islamism and radicalism, it can go all the way to east asia. and this brings it back to your question. it's shaky, should we do nothing? >> and how to get in the boat or not. and i need to give you the final word. >> the islamic state is what i'm talking about, their presence in syria and iraq, that's what i'm talking about wiping out within 30 days, yes, there are pockets, but you've got to get ahead of it first of
8:42 am
all and the central organization and then-- >> america is still great. peace, love and happiness all the way, we'll get through there. >> jean paul dejoria, paul mitchell and petrone. give next, give to charity, give of your time. and we'll have the deadly raid when we come back. we are beginning a journey, and at this moment,
8:43 am
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>> as we continue to follow the latest from that terror raid in france this morning, the story continues to develop, and each detail is even more gripping. let's go to nicole petallides with more. >> good morning to you, dagen, on the heels of arrests and raids, and we have more breaking news, this time out of copenhagen. authorities saying the main terminal at copenhagen's international airport has been evacuated because of, quote, a suspicious bagment an airport whereas of late october, 22 million people have traveled. meanwhile, u.s. secretary of state john kerry is facing backlash for comments that critics are saying may be justifying the terrorist attacks against journalists and at "charlie hebdo", in january of this year.
8:47 am
>> there's something different about what happened from "charlie hebdo" an and i think that everybody would feel that. there was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legitimacy in terms of-- not legitimacy, but a ration are that you could say okay, they're really angry, but this or that. >> and the fbi is bracing for terrorist attacks and agent from other tasks including white collar crime and fraud task forces will be pulled into duty to cope with growing worries, back to you. dagen: nicole, thank you so much. stay with us, everybody. we bring you more from france and that police raid, and one
8:48 am
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and talk to unitedhealthcare about our plans, like aarp medicarecomplete. let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare today. ♪ we're continuing to follow the latest from that police terror raid in france and saint-denis that left two terror suspects dead, one a woman who killed herself with a bomb vest. i want to bring our panel back in. tasia and arthur. kt, just what is next? >> we have to expect more things like that. it's not over. whoever thinks that last weekend has shown us the peak of what we could expect for the next months to come, it's complicated and probably even more messy if we do not come to turns as an alliance, as western partners, as even,
8:52 am
including russia. we need russia, also, in this whole thing and we have to be very, very careful not to slide into lousy compromises because we need russia aboard. the next couple of months will be a huge political challenge, a societal challenge and a technological challenge as well. it's all things, they're getting better and better. they're using social media, using outreach, using surveillance methods and the other things. we have to be upfront again. >> i think what is to come next month and frankly, the next year, this is not just a government issue, right? this is a corporate america issue as wellment -- well. we talked about cyber security, talked about explosives and communication channels. the government will need to find a way to work with all of those providers, telecommunications providers so it may not be an immediate economic impact, but you bet
8:53 am
the way that these people are going to deal with government is going to change. dagen: very strong language in wanting a back door, if you will, into the encrypted technology of a lot of the major technology companies. they've pushed back against the fbi and the white house decided not to get involved in it. there was no resolution. we've seen the government authorities, the like, the nsa, they have less power and less capabilities now while people are using these technologies, and i'm just saying people in general. >> yesterday, they called on sony, too, because in playstation four, they can communicate in a way that law enforcement cannot infiltrate. dagen: that was an earlier report. >> i'm going to quote governor cuomo in my closing re, ma. we need to protect america, but we need to do so without sacrificing the soul of america, our standards and our
8:54 am
values. if we just give in, the terrorist win. so, we need to still be the land of the free, the land of opportunity. where the american dream is alive, but, our priority needs to be to protect americans from the murderers. i like the way he called them murderers, i call them murderers as well. dagen: we have a few minutes left. thank you, arthur. thank you. it's about 35, 36 minutes until the opening bell and we'll check on your markets and get final thoughts from these fabulous individuals. big day for news and there's more of it ahead. amerivest selects the funds and manages your portfolio.
8:55 am
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8:57 am
>> it was a terror raid launched in saint-denis, france. essentially looking for
8:58 am
abdelhamid abaaoud, the mastermind behind the terror attacks on friday. there was no sign of him. some evidence in the raided apartment that he had been there. but two terror suspects dead one a woman wearing a suicide vest. i want final thoughts. >> we've been talking about the devastating impact it's having on our daily lives. this is part of our daily lives so we have to be mindful every day. this is a threat that's been with us. we've managed it, somewhat effectively here on the homeland, but we cannot drop the guard. we have to continue to be vigila vigilant. when i focus on the market we don't expect an immediate fallout or longer term foulout. if we're talking about the action of the day, i will be focusing on the housing starts and building permits and so far this morning, actually competing expectations and of course, we're talk about the
8:59 am
federal reserve that comes out in minutes and the market reaction and ripple effect that will be sending through the markets, visa the dollar channel. >> quick thoughts. >> we face threats without question and i think that needs an answer that reflects that and the unity that we need now across the atlantic and with other partners. we need more concerted efforts. we need to give our lives, but also show that these lives have the value that we've been standing and living for so many years. we need to counter the narrative of the murderers. >> and we need leadership to keep the confident up and going in our economy. dagen: you're doing the mind meld. >> we need leadership, international. dagen: what kind of leadership will we get between now and the election? >> that's the question and stay tuned to the fox business channel and you'll find out. dagen: you don't have any indication of that? >> donald trump will come up
9:00 am
with best he can, and mr. carson seems to be stumbling and the president-- . dagen: and right now, it's all about another fabulous individual, a lot to cover, stuart varney, it's all yours. stuart: thank you very much, dagen. now hear this, a military style battle in paris. the fbi warns terror may come here for the holidays if not before, but president obama turns his anger on republicans, his fellow americans. what a day. good morning, everyone, it's wednesday. intense gunfire, explosions, heavy weapons, in an urban setting just outside paris. two terrorists dead, they were looking for the mastermind and don't know if we've got him. it looks like, it feels like


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