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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  November 18, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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before we help elsewhere. it's been quite a program. not only we have terror in europe, the syrian crisis over here and look at this. the dow jones industrial average is up now 130 points. that is safe having investment. my time is up but, neil, it's yours. neil: you know, i want to welcome you as an american citizen, stuart, and in my family, they come in dribs and drabs of citizens, we celebrate with a game of bocce ball. so you're invited now to the cavuto household. we'd love to have you. stuart: you want me to socialize, neil cavuto? neil: what was i thinking? i haven't got much sleep, buddy. but welcome. you're about 89 years old and you discover, hey, it's kind of good here. stuart: i just want to vote, neil. neil: seriously my friend, that is great news. i had no idea. stuart: thank you very much.
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neil: so america be ready. we have one more american and right now he's taking names. isn't that great news? the dow is up on stuart varney is an american citizen, no, i'm kidding but we are at 17,622, and i know this sounds a little cookie, this notion that the world is a littlancy after paris. the federal reserve has great cover not reasonably calculated to lead to the @ to raise interest rates. but, again, when you're talking about the fed almost everything sounds contradicting. but connell has the latest on these developments. >> well, it's very interesting, neil, and we'll talk more about the markets here in a few minutes what's happening in gold and stocks. but this story out of turkey today that broke earlier with all the talk of refugees and whether they should be allowed in here or other countries in europe, this story is getting a lot of attention. what happens was the turkish authorities in the airport
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detained eight people who they believe are members of isis and they detained them in an interesting way. according to the authorities they were going to sneak into germany posing as -- well, posing as refugees. now, the way they were going to do it, they had flown tois upon coming in, one of the guys had a handwritten note and he is detailed this migration root that would have taken the eight guys into germany, but it was complicated, they were going through greece and germany and buses involved, trains involved, all these kinds of things involved and eventually bringing the men to germany. so when they were questioning them about it, they said what are you doing here? they said, well, we're just here a few days on vacation and staying at such-and-such hotel. the authorities called the hotel, no names were booked with rooms at that hotel under any of these eight gentlemen. so eight members of isis
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posing as refugees trying to sneak into germany but they were caught. pretty good police work there in turkey. neil: incredible. you still have the sleeper cells out there doing god knows what. great job, connell. i want to get a read of this the numbers politically on both sides of the aisle, including jeb bush earlier today on this situation. take a listen. >> i think by pulling troops out after the forces agreement was signed and expired in 2012 with the expectation of it being renewed was a mistake. the simple fact is have we stayed past 2012, we would have had a stable iraq. neil: well, we'll never know. that was then, this is now, with us now the former vice president of the united states, we're making a big dan, mr. vice president, good to see you. >> good to see you. great to be back. neil: how are you feeling these days?
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>> great debate the other night. congratulations to the fox team. neil: i'm just happy it's over with. my favorite part was good night because it's a -- you know. you've been there. >> yeah. but on the other side. you're it's like a nervous, aren't you? neil: absolutely. you've been through a few. what is it your sense before i get into all the foreign stuff, mr. vice president with this race now and another experienced governor drops out so experienced governors don't seem to be cutting it. i don't know what that would mean for jeb bush or chris christy but for some reason they're not gelling. what do you make of this race and the crowd? >> well, still, two outsiders are getting more than 50% of the vote. donald trump, ben carson. trump has the lead in most of the polls and i think people are going to have to take him a lot more seriously than they have in the past. i think first they try to say, well, he's not going to run and then he ran. and then he's not going to file his papers and then he
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filed his papers and then, well, how about his financial disclosure? he's filed his financial disclosure, he's in and going to be around for a long time. neil: do you think he could win the nomination? >> i think he possibly could win the nomination. neil: key win the presidency? >> if he's the nominee, i hope so. when it becomes donald trump versus one other person. neil: and it has to be an establishment person. do you buy that? >> i think it will be. neil: who would that be? >> well, i would say, you know, the three people that you look at establishment folks would be, you know, clearly if jeb can come back but most people now are looking at marco rubio. and i -- don't under estimate ted cruz, he's got a good following and raised a lot of money. i would think one of those three will be the contender along with donald trump. now, the thing -- keep in mind if there's two of them there against trump, trump has a very good chance of prevailing. so we'll have to see how this all works out.
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neil: given the number still -- and more might drop out, given the fact that there's a lot of delegates aren't winner take all states like florida in exception. we can get to cleveland where republicans are going to have their convention without a nominee. >> well, the way that proportional representation works it's only up until march 15th. neil: i grant you that. >> okay. neil: am i potentially right? >> yeah. always potentially. theoretically. but practically, i don't see it happening. because somebody's going to catch on and after march 15 as you know there's a lot of winner take all states, you've got florida, california,. neil: what if rubio and bush don't take florida? >> well, if they don't take florida and somebody else wins, that's a problem for them. neil: but, look, donald trump's people have told me, mr. vice president that they take florida, you might as well put the republican
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nomination under his name. >> well, i wouldn't go that far. look, it's a long process. i think we'll have a little bit more clarity after new hampshire. remember, bill clinton came in second in new hampshire in 1992. neil: he was the come back kid. >> coming in second. neil: right? >> so whoever is the surprise in new hampshire will have their day in the sun. everybody has their day in the sun. neil: you're right. >> trump has his, ben carson. neil: and comes and goes; right? >> it comes and goes, and it's timing. the timing is when the votes are starting to be taken and that's first of february in the caucuses and then onto new hampshire. after new hampshire, they'll probably be four viable candidates and then after south carolina and that maybe there will only be three. but if it gets down to two fairly quickly, that's when the real -- neil: that's when everything could change. you know, i finished reading last night destiny in power. you're prominently featured in that book and come across very
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well. i didn't know you were -- you were kind of like a conservative bird over the president's shoulder regarding kuwait and staying tough -- i wouldn't say belligerent but not being unyielding. i was thinking in 1992, sir, as well that was the year in which you and president bush senior probably thought you were unbeatable going into that year; right? and this guy who placed second in new hampshire was going nowhere. >> well, what did us in in '92 was ross pero, and i was one that said, look, he's not going to run. at the very end of the day, he's got an participate, and at the end of the day i was wrong, he did run. i argued -- neil: you argued in the book that pero cut from both bush senior and bill clinton. you don't buy that. >> well, i'm sure he's had some votes but the great majority came from us. he got 19% of the votes.
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he's a businessman from the state of texas and a republican. so who do you think he took the most votes from? neil: and bill clinton got elected with less than 50%. >> by far he took more from us. but you don't really know these polls all over the place. but clearly he took from us. one of the things that i tried to do that was unsuccessful and i don't know if it's in the book or not, i want to keep pero out of the debates because in the debates it's going to be two against one and for whatever reason we were unable to do that. neil: you were also -- if the book is to be believed, and i think it made a pretty good story and gets a lot right that you were concerned that the administration was losing focus. and you could apply that to economic matters, you could apply that if the iraq war dragged on, the first iraq war. but you got a lot of things right. but i also read in 1992 that there was talk that he would dump you as his running mate and that they ultimately decided not to.
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how much truth was there to that? but you always hear that jfk was going to dump, nixon was prepared to dump agnu, of course he left. but was there pressure? >> and 43 was going to dump cheney. it goes with the territory. neil: did anyone ever talk to you, dan, mr. vice president. >> i had a number of conversations with the president and he knew full well i would do whatever he wanted and he never showed any inclination to make a change, we stayed the course, were a good team and won in 1988 a lot of people didn't think we would. neil: you were down 22 points in the polls. >> we were down big time and came back by won by 5 points i think. neil: you always remember iconic images and i think of that debate you have lloyd benson and you were using your background because unlike a lot of these candidates, you did have a pretty long résume
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and long experience and you properly ceased on john kenny, he's a friend of mine, how much did you resent that? how much today? i know it's been decades. do you resent that? >> it was well rehearsed. neil: he was ready. >> he was going to use it. you know, we -- i didn't know that he was going to use it. afterwards i found out how rehearsed it was, and it was a good line on his part. neil: did you -- >> but it was a good line on his part but it didn't matter in the end result, as a matter of fact, if you look at the debate itself and the substance of the debate, i think we did very well. we did very well because i talked about caucus, i talked about what kind of president so that he would be and, by the way, a number of polls said you won that debate. but you know what it reminded me of, vice president, that we remember lines from debates and now that i'm an
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experienced moderator as you know. >> you'll be on the neil: please. this isn't about me. >> yes, it is, neil. neil: but here's what i wonder. how much importance do we put in the stingers, in the lines like bensons, i'm not going to hold my experience against him or reagan say there you go again. you know, we always cling to these lines and assign some value to them and the scheme of things does it make a difference because all the candidates now, they all try to come up with their stingers. >> i think people are a lot smarter than you give them credit for because they're looking for substance. they're looking at okay. what is he going to do if he's president of the united states? what is he really going to do combating isis? what is he really going to do about job creation? they're interested in that. clever lines, oh, okay that was a clever pipeline but they
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gephardt beyond that, they really do. neil: john kennedy said after the debate the crucial thing he thought he proved and in retrospect he did, could they picture me being president? you put those thoughts to rest, yes, we could picture this guy being president one day. so that's part of it. but what if other things interfere? in other words, what if the love affair we have for these candidates like donald trump on or ben carson running into a heap of controversy. you know, you can't see that guy being president. when is that turning point? >> well, look, people start voting. right now, call up and you guys are totaled emerged in all of this. neil: you're watching cnn. >> all of this polling stuff but people, you know, say what is literally on their mind. they haven't really thought about voting for a president. neil: and they're not in the
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digital age, calling landline phones. >> that's not the younger people, 40 and under don't have landlines anymore, they do vote. but polls are polls. and when you start voting, you're going to sort this thing out and at the very end, people are going to pass that threshold test is he or her really capable to be commander-in-chief? do i want that person to lead this country with all the problems -- neil: well, do you think now that these latest terror incidents have changed this debate? chris christy was saying, yes, they have. >> yes. i think national security will be more important as we go forward. paris is going to be an issue in the election -- neil: then who then? who's tougher? a lot of people say donald trump, a lot of people say chris christy. >> well, i think the person that can outline how they would deal with this and let me just be very clear on this point. the way you're going to solve this is to get the sunni
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tribes on your side. and just having air strikes from 30,000 feet or whatever it is or 10,000 feet is not going to do it. you're going to have to go in and they're going to have to, you know, trust you. and therefore you're going to have to have sunni soldiers, sunni special forces, sunni people doing -- neil: they can't do it. >> well, they can't do it now but here's the problem now. that's why you're going to have a new president. here's the problem now. the alliance is russia, assad, and iran. that's who is the alliance over there and that's who we're about ready to hook up with. really? do you think that they're going to solve this thing? neil: italy's joining them, france's joining them, we're the odd man out. >> that's the alliance. iran, assad, russia. neil: and now advance italy. >> and the objective there we understand the objective, the objective is to keep assad in power and all alone we're got
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an keep assad in power. so we're at total odds. but, look, this president is going to be doing very little. he's not going to change his strategy, he just wants to basically get out of town, it will be a minimal effort on his part and then turn it over to the next president. he is not going to make any kind of changes, he'll -- look, he was -- this is not part of his game plan. his game plan was to extricate america from wars and now he has a country -- not a country but organization that has essentially declared war on western civilization. neil: but he hasn't changed his poste posture but criticized republicans governors who want to stop. >> what he gets passionate about really is politics. so when he can pivot away from substance on how he's going to deal with isis because they do not have a strategy that is coherent. neil: he says it's working, give it time. >> that's right. he said that we've detained them but nobody believes that. so where is the credibility of
12:17 pm
our commander-in-chief isn't. neil: if you were president, go on some of those air strikes because of the risk of collateral damage in killing civilians, should we be saying now going forward that isis killed a lot of civilians if that's the risk, we get them where they are. >> well, i would say for starters you're not going to be successful just by an air campaign. so that's part of it. but what is your ground campaign? how are you going to go in and get the trust of sunni tribes? how how are you going to get this thing on the ground? we had that trust. the subey tribe leaders came to our side. guess what? we leave too quickly and if you're a sunni tribe leader, you would be looking around, well, okay. where are my friends here? well, my friends are gone and isis is here. i have a family to take care of, i fear for my life, and i'm going to be with isis. until you deal with that and recognize that that is -- the root cause of it. so the president that can identify that is the root cause and a plan to do that is
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worthy of our consideration. neil: okay. former vice president of united states selected at 41, that makes you 43. >> i was 44th, you know who the 44th president is obama. neil: numbers matter. more after this i have asthma...
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12:22 pm
there was a turkeyized focus and perhaps even legitimacy -- not legitimacy but a rational that you could attach yourself to somehow and say okay. they're really angry because of this or that. neil: all right. a rational a rational for those attacks? i knew what he was trying to get at, man, oh, man, i don't think there was the time to be saying it, do you? >> i think he's just totally wrong on this one. and, neil, the fact that the word legitimacy even entered his mind and he's trying to find a rational or a justification for barbaric act, this is unbelievable. it shows you how out of touch this administration is with what is really going on across this country in the minds and the thoughts of the american people. neil: you know, chris christy
12:23 pm
was by here a little bit earlier saying john kerry needs to get some sleep and shut up. what do you think of that? >> i agree. neil: but that, you know, i don't know how that went down in france but there never is a rational for an attack. but the argument for a lot of the stuff that we would see is the knee-jerk quest to try to find one; right? >> well, and john kerry has been wrong on so many different occasions when it comes to middle eastern policy. and dealing with the middle east. and of course dealing with israel where he made the comment about a state. and what he does need to do realize we're at war, we have an enemy, it is radical islamic extremism. it is something we have to address, we have to get it under control. when you hear the french president. when he is coming out and
12:24 pm
being very precise in what he says, how he says, how he addresses this, and they are looking for people to help them in this fight, russia, you had putin say it was god's job to give forgiveness but it was his job to get those terrorists to god. and he is very firm in where he is going on this. i think this administration would be well served to firm up and realize we have an enemy and we are at war. neil: all right, congresswoman, thank you very, very much. i think that was a better way than saying get some sleep and shut up. but i got what she was saying as well. did any of you see this moment of silence -- supposed to be a moment of silence between turkey and greece, in the moment of silence to honor paris, this happened. [crowd shouting]
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neil: this was a game between turkey and greece, 30,000 to cram into the stadium, the leaders of all those countries have a moment of silence to recognize what just occurred in paris and rather than staying silent to good part of the crown acted up and among other choice phrases chattering repeatedly god is great and other disrespectful interruptions aimed at anyone but saying later on they were trying to clarify where words these moments of
12:29 pm
silence and sympathy for turkish citizens better than a hundred of whom were gunned down only a few months ago and no one said anything about that. that might be a point of view they felt they were robbed of the same global attention but it is proved that least in muslim strongholds they strongly dislike us. what do you make of that? >> disgraceful and shameful and this will be a wake-up call for people of this country to show them what we are up against with spread of radical islam. that is what the 9/11 hijacker's yells rights before the crashed airplanes, that is what the fort hood terrorists shot and the 40 killed 13 american soldiers. this is what we are up against. when you have a reformed muslim like king abdallah in that part of the world, they take the fight to radical islam. i am not surprised this happened in turkey.
12:30 pm
i am not surprise. this is an islamist party. neil: they wrestle with other religions, they have 40 represented there but you were deputy assistant secretary in the army. this is a reality deal with. i didn't buy the explanation no one at a moment's silence for us when a hundred of our people were killed in an explosion in a series of shootings a few months ago. a doesn't justify this type of asinine behavior. but that is what we are dealing with and these supposedly represent the country that is i guess our friend? >> in my book the new terrorism how to fight it and defeated i call out turkey and i call them our most unreliable nato allies has. we have right now all non strategic nuclear weapons in turkey. it is time to get them out there. we don't need them there. costs could eruhaos could erupt
12:31 pm
like that but the president wants to do more intelligence sharing. they warned france at least twice of the terrorists who undertook, at least one of the terrorists who undertook the attack in paris. a barrel lot of watching. neil: it would be like offering you dietary advice, blasting republicans for -- rather.
12:32 pm
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neil: is back and forth about what to do with terror, not our country versus other countries, republicans arguing with democrats and more to the point of the president blasting republicans for their questioning how he is going about love fight with isis. blake berman with more on that. >> reporter: this is back-and-forth with the president and in some cases the republican presidential candidates. last night he not only challenged their judgment but also their toughness as well. he said at a news conference in the philippines that republicans were worried about the press being too tough on them during the debate. they were worried about
12:36 pm
three-year-old orphans. he also said their position, the refugee process for syrians, plays right into the hands of terrorists. >> apparently they are scared of widows and orphans coming into the united states of america as part of a tradition of compassion. i cannot think about more potent recruitment tool for isil then some of the rhetoric that has been coming out of here during the course of this debate. >> the obama administration won't assuage the concerns of republican contenders that they have become an out reach process to governors across the country who are highly suspicious of the administration syrian refugee plan, the white house said it posted a call with 34 governors and the president's jesus staff
12:37 pm
is committed to working with the national governor's association. they say many things to improve sharing of information but one governor wasn't impressed, the governor of florida said he was not able to get guarantees that the vetting process is better than the vetting process of the french. he became more concerned after that 90 minute conference call. neil: this is repeated by democrats, republicans are afraid of moderators, afraid of taking on tough issues or taking on people asking tough questions. this party avoid fox like the plague. if you argue it, you think that
12:38 pm
you avoid as like i do but i digress. on to this other issue, going about this the wrong way, republicans blindly blocking anyone from getting into this country, these refugees, you would think governor cuomo was arguing they are all fine. >> the governors say i refuse to let the refugees in. how? how? where does it say in the state constitution you can refuse a person or place in the federal government, malaysia, fighting the federal government at the borders of your state? neil: reaction from new york, the legislation to halt refugees, uphill fight we believe the governor is right. the concern among many of the party, what do you do to countered that.
12:39 pm
the fed's ruling you guys rule. >> one of the things would clarify federal law to make it clear governors can refuse, what is brewing is most governors in the country starting to come against placement of refugees in their state. the obama administration saying states are not allowed to do that, that might be a court battle under current law to clarify one of the pieces of legislation i would like to see pass through congress would eliminate any confusion whatsoever making it clear protecting states rights they can refuse. neil: i am struck by the arrogance of cuomo's remark, my way or the highway and is this. if we want to force these people down your throat they might be terrorists and some might slip through the cracks that you have to deal with it. there is an arrogance to that
12:40 pm
and it is a dangerous arrogance. >> very dangerous. you hit the nail on the head. the best humanitarian victory we can deliver is white basis of the matter altogether. that would be a real humanitarian victory and the fact that the federal government can appropriately that these individuals to assure americans, to assure congress they are not terrorist threats, we don't hear the 3-year-old orphans that are not coming by themselves, worried about the 25-year-old middle eastern male who may be coming with a 3-year-old gordon, the federal government can't tell us won't pose a threat and what we saw in paris won't happen in the united states. is president has urged strategic patience saying we need more jobs, putting 50 special operations forces in the middle of a war zone and saying they are not a combat mission. we are concerned about national
12:41 pm
security, the federal government's one mandatory function constitutionally is provide the national defence, that is what this is about. i care about those innocent victims. you want to help the innocent victims is time to overwhelmingly destroy isis. neil: you can't demeaned the argument by demeaning the intent of those doing the arguing but it is what it is. thank you very much. regardless what is going on across the pond as they say is the new concern not only of security, who is going to line up with whom and when and bashar al-assad stays in syria but there's a bigger issue involved that is no less than carly fiorina picked up on when i chatted with her. something she predicted long before this violence that would hold the fed from doing anything at all. she didn't cite the instance, she just predicted what is likely now, the outcome. of what? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform,
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neil: everyone has a theory we are up triple digits at this moment. i hasten to at that as a snapshot, is done, no more permanence to it and at. having said that, being bandied about, all the violence abroad, terror abroad, what could have been expanded terror, and the federal reserve is put down, a good convenient excuse not to raise interest rates. carly fiorina didn't spell out that type of possibility. what she did tell me in the spin room after fox business's presidential debate was the federal reserve would seize on something. here is carly fiorina. >> i will make a bet, and won that bat. something always changes their
12:46 pm
mind. neil: to justify. >> the global economy slowing down, too much danger of global recession. they won't do anything until after the election. >> neil: scott martin on that. not only what carley was saying if left to their own devices they would love not to move at all but donald trump saying janet yellen wendell little further, doesn't want to do anything, that might be a little jaded but what do you make of that? the fed doesn't want to pull the trigger? >> i agree with her and like how she put it. she is exactly right, she said the fed always find a reason not to move and if you look at the commentary from janet yellen, chairwoman and other fed governors there is always this reason, always this excuse, your teenage son or daughter, that is where we are now, the economy is
12:47 pm
getting better, credit markets are getting looser, but now these terrible events overseas and the pressure it is putting on the u.s. dollar, the company's you alone in the s&p 500, your 401(k), things are falling apart in europe, we got to be careful and not raise rates. neil: i was adding this up, a french foreign minister saying they'd -- please don't raise rates and finance ministers saying that, christine legarde saying that, just their nationality alone, all the regions they have been through might be reason for you to hold off another six weeks. >> i think they are right and that is the whole point here. is not so much that the fed doesn't need to raise rates but they don't have to. neil: they do that line in the sand, they all but said by the end of the year is going to happen, there district president
12:48 pm
and governors, standing members have all but telegraphed. >> i would point to them saying similar speech in spring of 2015 and not following through in september or certainly october. to me this is the real tell. if you remember the day janet yellen came out and used the word live with regards to december as a rate hike possibility, look what the market did. it knocked the market down a couple hundred points on the dow and impacted you whether they like to admit it or not the fed realizes that stocks are drunk on the low interest rate alcohol and if they raise rates it will hurt your portfolio. neil: we will catch again, always a pleasure, thank you. hillary clinton wants to be president of the united states, that is hardly a fox news alert but what is going on in paris have a mile away fretting that, if her old boss is perceived as botching that after this. jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in.
12:49 pm
it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that
12:50 pm
i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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give the gift of amazing sleep. find our best buy rated c2 queen mattress with sleepiq. only at a sleep number store. know better sleep with sleep number. neil: cheese all how you seize the moment and interprets the moment, and growing foreign policy, fiers, charlie gasparino is crunchy out of various candidates are affected including hillary clinton. >> we should talk about short-term headlines. the short-term headline today is the market is up because the fed is going to raise rates. neil: another thing isn't. charles: which means the economy is better. this is short-term oriented but right now when you talked to clinton contributors, the money clinton in new york are scared because after last week they felt pretty good, 5% unemployment, say what you want about the numbers,
12:53 pm
underemployment, and wage growth, the economy is problematic but they were saying we might be able to campaign on 4% unemployment rate come the summer, that was there spin last week when it comes out, now given the tragic events on friday in paris, the fact of the matter is the world, at least short-term is turning to foreign affairs and terrorism. and maybe we may be focused on this the next six months. neil: it lead to a big change in the madrid elections but having said that. charles: this place not only into the strength of the unemployment number but the weakness of hillary clinton, benghazi, terrorism. neil: if he did not appreciate the severity of isis, never live
12:54 pm
that down. she gets dragged -- charles: it is fair because she hasn't criticized this foreign policy around the edges but if you are going to accept that, you own it. neil: she gets tougher talking about this stuff as an inch away from liberals trying to -- charles: it is not good for her. that is the conundrum they are, the hillary clinton conundrum may be fleeting. neil: the big beneficiary of the republicans. charles: bill crystal took a shot at one of my tweets, i don't think this is a donald trump moment and not because -- not because he has a grand plan to eliminate isis of there at some let's bomb the crap out of them, he was the guy that call, raised the notion of national security in terms of borders and the average american sits there, particularly the average republican voter, we almost
12:55 pm
cured a lot of diseases, aids is a manageable disease. we have all sorts of technology, we put men on the moon, satellites going to mars, we can't secure the borders? they understand from a granular level, the daughter will level that you can walk across the stream and it divides mexico and the u.s.. charles: strains and fences in europe, and forcing them out. charles: this benefits more forcefully, anybody else, bill crystal took a shot at me but doing this political stuff longer than me but i look at the polls and don't see donald fading that much. do you? charles: the times could make a man or the man that times. thank you. the man for all or times, charlie gasparino. neil: as charlie pointed out could be short-lived on this
12:56 pm
because of parents just like before that was london and before that an attack in madrid. what happens here? then what? all bets are off. a new report now that says it could be here and this turkey day, security folks.
12:57 pm
>> >> >> >>
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
neil: looks like a mastermind behind those terrorist attacks is dead. abdelhamid abaaoud. the belgium national that they were looking for. he was killed during a police raid north of paris. it included two other victims. one of film blew herself up. rick is in paris. >> that would be excellent news for france which is at war
1:00 pm
against terrorists and isis. the battle played out here for seven hours this morning. there are still many police on scene. this is where military forces carried out a raid on an apartment. if this guy could hide out. it started just after 4:00 a.m. this morning. a series of explosions. seven-10 more loud lasts. one of them turned out to be a male that blew herself up. the other blast was a male who blew himself up with a grenade. gunfire lasted for a solid hour. hundreds of shots fired, according to witnesses. more sporadic. there were two dead and seven in custody. two were the men that were caught were trying to hide in
1:01 pm
the rubble according to police. we, at this hour cannot 100% confirmed that authorities have captured or killed abdelhamid abaaoud who is said to have orchestrated those friday the 13th terrorist attacks. he had radon mine about being able to move freely between l jump and syria. we are still waiting to confirm that. not far from the stadium where the suicide awnings began. the paris prosecutor say that they tracked the suspects to this location using phone calls. they did surveillance. they also got tips from witnesses. the man who owns the apartment that he was doing a favor for friends. he did not know that they were terrorists inside the head. neil: rick, thank you very, very much. belgium national behind the attacks last friday.
1:02 pm
he has been killed. that is good news for paris. some relief. elizabeth macdonald reports on the new fbi high alert, we are not out of the woods. we just may be a target ourselves. >> that is right, neil. a state of heightened alert. there is talk in the agency of fears and concerns about a potential terrorist attack over the holiday season. they are prepared. there is no specific threat as of this moment. talking about individual foot traffic where a lot of people go. they are talking about football stadiums, shopping malls, restaurants. we know the giants stadium had heightened security. the other thing they're talking about, too, the training that is
1:03 pm
going on preparing for various scenarios. after the mom by 2008 attack where people were killed and more than 300 wounded here and that took 10 militants over four days to execute 12 coordinated attacks. they are basically training for that kind of scenario, neil. they are working also with local police and fire department officials. the nci has about 10,000 cases of domestically and internationally terrorism cases. they charged 60 u.s. citizens here. basically being sympathetic with isis. they either have attempted to or travel to iraq and syria. those are the numbers that they are looking at. they are saying that they are well-prepared right now. neil: thank you. i appreciate that. what do you do.
1:04 pm
i am worried. what do i do? a former top highly decorated new york detective. pat, what do we do? if you see something, say something. almost everything ic i see warrants saying something in this neck of the woods. give us advice. when we are out in crowds. >> what has occurred in paris has really shifted the landscape in a seismic wave. the see something, say something has now transposed and grown into girl eyes in the back of your head. grow eyes in the back of your head did if you can, if you can, arm yourself. get a carry permit. get a pistol. if they were pistols in that stadium, guns in the restaurant, they could have stopped these guys and saved the slaughtering. you need to throw eyes in the back of your head did.
1:05 pm
neil: you have to look around. you walk into a theater. you are just at a café. i know that there are certain rules in tel aviv or jerusalem. you do not sit near the glass. you do not sit out near front. what are the rules that you go by? >> i have not sat in a restaurant in 30 years without facing out to the door. we all face to the door. i have not gone to my mailbox without at least one gun pit starting saturday, it is not too rough offers. this is a new world. not one syllable, not one whisper captured about this incredibly complex plot. four different attacks. 129 dead in 33 minutes. this is a smarter and more clever terrorist today.
1:06 pm
neil: you are in a crowded stadium. someone in row 28 seats be is kind of freaking out. what do you do. >> 911, number one. get yourself situationally aware. keep an eye on them. be aware of your surroundings in a 360-degree way. it is no more. these guys are here. they are here. they may be in sleeper cells, but this is happening. be extra vigilant. be extra cogs -- cognizant. neil: they go to concert events. that is a lot of concentrated people in a concentrated space. very loud. everyone is in a raucous mood. you are in the same environment.
1:07 pm
leave your guns out for the time being. and a a lot of people are not prepared for something like that. you are looking around. suddenly, in the case of the concert hall in france, people just stood up and started firing. we know in the case of that stadium, two guys blew himself up outside. there were shooters inside. you are inside these venues. what do you do? >> we have had this conversation a few years ago. thirty were killed by that guy. if they have you trapped and it pains me to say this because a lot of people are not trained in that capacity, you have to bum rush them. they will finish you off anyway. neil: a lot of them. there are a lot of you storming them. >> absolutely. you saw that on the plane on 9/11. there are times where you really
1:08 pm
have to bite the bullet and charge ahead and really have to hope for the best. you will be dead anyhow. everyone is getting killed. you have a chance that way. you have a prayer. neil: a lot of them. there is still more potential victims being targeted then there are those targeting them. >> well, it depends, neil, on what the numbers are. let's go. there are people that just cannot get involved in that type of activity. otherwise, you are a dead duck. you are a sitting duck. it pains me to say it. neil: i hear you. >> there is no advanced intelligence now. ed snowden killed us by showing the answers to the quiz back in 13. these are the fbi guys. if you do not know them, do not
1:09 pm
talk to them. unless you are on playstation four. who would have ever thought that. that is unbelievable. unbelievable. neil: you are right. good advice. maybe we should pick up a few pages. all right. now to connell mcshane. wiretapping and all sorts of fun stuff. connell: to that point, neil, on intelligence, there is a push for more spine rather than less after all that has happened in paris. there has been talk about updating the current surveillance law. more modern form of surveillance to the point that you were just talking about. maybe a playstation or the new areas that these terrorist and suspects are now communicating. john brennan giving a speech in
1:10 pm
washington. unless there is going to be some type of international understanding of what is appropriate and acceptable within the digital domain, we will face a world of hurt in the future. a world of hurt is getting a lot of peoples attention. international standard. it is not just us trying to track these terrorist or potential terrorists. it is everybody else. if there is not an international standard, there is a problem. privacy and increased surveillance. the bottom line is, apparently, largely because of the way that people are communicating and how difficult it is to spy on them. the encrypted apps that we talk so much about. trying to come up with a way. neil: thank you, connell. very, very much. waiting to hear from the french prosecutor. he is speaking now. this felt jones national
1:11 pm
mastermind. reuters and some others are now flashing that. we are going to try to get there and find out exactly what we know. obviously, this happened the same day that another raid involving a second group may have been wanting to do something just as bad. stick around. you are watching fox business. >> on the next kennedy, the latest on the escalating syrian refugee crisis. i will see you at 8:00 p.m. pacific, five. ♪ you both have a
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1:15 pm
paris earlier today. we are getting no other confirmation of that. we are passing that along because they are citing sources within their prosecutor's office. whether this looks like progress there. telling me not too long ago, when it comes to isis, the french may be getting their hands on this problem. we are not. >> a do not have a strategy. that is coherent. we have contained it. nobody really believes that. where is the trust and credibility of our commander in chief? neil: this is the type of stuff that is raising questions. the president's credibility on the line. >> there is no question right before the attacks the president said isis is contained. i guess he has a point. certainly not contained in a way that does not threaten the
1:16 pm
western world. districts around the world. it does seem that he has a credibility gap here. neil: what are you going to do? if you are so tough and interested in going after isis, you want boots on the ground or you want to work with coalition with our allies or work with the french or work with others? >> i believe that it is a side issue. what we are willing to do as american people. are we willing to put tens of thousands into iraq and destroy them. can we sustain that support as american people. >> i am betting that we will not. i could be wrong. he knows that in his heart of hearts, they are scared of what
1:17 pm
is happening. they are not willing to look at collateral damage. even though isis kills a lot of civilians, we do not want to take out positions if that means in so doing we will be killing a lot of civilians. isis knows that. they take advantage of that. that is a game changer that should be a gimme. it is not a gimme to this president. >> maybe we are not there yet. what if a terror attack happens on our soil? would that change the dynamic? maybe not if, but when. they are not going away. the threat that they pose to not only europe, but the united states is real. at some point, we will have to have this debate about what exactly we are willing to commit as the american public. you cannot just supportive for a
1:18 pm
moment. you have to be willing to support the troops to go in there for as long as it takes. that debate may come into us in a different way. neil: well put. thank you very much. would you put your son, your daughter on the line for something like this? i guess that depends on how clear that order is. sometimes they can wonder, of course. isis knows that as well. very well. stick around. ♪ the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by
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1:21 pm
>> i do want to keep you up to date. we have no other confirmation. the french prosecutor is responding to questions that the architect of the paris attacks is dead.
1:22 pm
this belgium national who may have orchestrated this entire thing in his apartment. just outside of the business district in paris. that is a big relief for parisians, for all france. they just emerged. when you kill one, many more came out. we will keep you posted. brad sherman joining us now. belgium national gone. you know from new york people get a sense of relief. and then another not is right behind them. >> we cannot swing the pendulum too far one way or the other. we should not be called by the capture of the terrorist. we need to remain reasonable and vigilant. i would feel better if we found the bomb maker.
1:23 pm
those are two critical components in a terrorist organization. neil: congressman, breaking into our own newsroom. one of them was a mobile phone that had sent a message saying we are starting. presumably right on the verge of the tax. the nature of all the arms found indicates the attackers, presumably a attack. do we have any idea in a country that is so tough on gun laws, a city that is about the toughest honored for this sort of thing, how all of those weapons? >> france have tough gun laws. they both make it illegal to have these kinds of army munitions. what we have seen is a lot of weapons come out of eastern europe and russia.
1:24 pm
go to drug smugglers. it is quite possible that they have more access to military munitions than do other in the united states. neil: if it turns out, the attackers may have snuck through southern greece from tran -- the president says we should not change our policy. how do you feel about all of that? >> first of all, these refugees are coming into europe with not even two hours of vetting. we are admitting refugees after two years. the vast majority do not qualify. second, yes, you have to be concerned about people who have a serious passport. the attacked in paris had europn
1:25 pm
passports. some 13 million europeans come and visit the united states every year with no vetting. i am much more concerned about that and i am a 20200. neil: some of the fairest elements. it will happen. should the president be more concerned about being more discerning? about tightening this process up. getting them into this country. upwards of 4 million of them. largely from syria. what to do about them? do you tell them, you, too, wait a couple years while we go through the paperwork? >> europe and the united states will not admit 4 million.
1:26 pm
the fact is. neil: 10,000 to start. >> 10,000 over a several year. we have statutory limits on the number of refugees worldwide. we certainly cannot use all of them just for what is happening in syria. they are complex and refugees and silly places around the world. you have 4 million displaced out of syria and displaced within syria. we have to have serious living in syria. the idea of depopulating syria and leaving it only to the 15% minority and everyone else moves out of syria, that does not work for the united states. >> you are right about that. the only one that wants to keep it that way is of saud and vladimir putin.
1:27 pm
those are the ones that have gone the support of the french and italian's who are working in concert to attack, presumably, isis positions. holding their nose on a side saying and power. >> i think that we need to support elements that are both for and against the side. it has killed far more americans than isis. it has killed far more innocent muslims than isis. just because they have a bad taste about the headings on youtube, assad has good taste to after he goes thousands of people he denies it. neil: thank you very much. the mastermind behind the paris
1:28 pm
attacks is dead. the markets were already out. two competing views on this. leaving crime to raise interest rates. charlie gasparino reports just a few minutes ago. the other is that the fed is just as inclined to raise interest rates. do not focus on them. more after this. ♪ it's more than the cloud. it's security - and flexibility. it's where great ideas and vital data are stored. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions from a trusted it partner.
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1:31 pm
neil: i have this fellow on my
1:32 pm
fox news show. i really enjoyed listening to him. you do notavtoisn economist. we cannot all be perfect. do not know much about history. america at war. you were saying during the break, we kind of hide the truths about this stuff. >> we hide the truth about all history for the most part. proud and patriotic. it is not always true. i am interested about accuracy and what we learn from history can only be valuable if we tell the truth. neil: big difference. explain. >> as we talk about immigrants and refugees. as we talked before, there has always been fear and loathe her and. every generation has created its
1:33 pm
own. they are dirty, they will take our jobs, these, dangerous and ignorant. this was the irish. this was the germans at one point. getting all chinese out of this country after they built the railroad. neil: pearl harbor. we put them in a training camp. >> that is exactly right. concentration camps. the equivalent, obviously. neil: what do we do with germans? >> also in turn. one of the shameful episodes. neil: that was the measure and the measures that we took. we are already attacking. how do we differentiate? >> i think the important point there is fearful.
1:34 pm
will we let fear dictate what we are doing as opposed to call him, rationed, reasonable responses. that is when we get in trouble. we look down the road and say that this was the wrong response. clearly, thousands and thousands of japanese during world war ii is seen now as a terrible mistake. if we want to be a country that talks about the ideals of the land of the free and home of the brave and the ideals that we talk about in the pledge of allegiance -- neil: i do not want to sound like some crazy here. i kind of draw the line. they are coming from a region of the world that was shouting and interrupting during a soccer game in turkey. a moment of silence. god is great. or some of the various elements
1:35 pm
are slipping. very few. in the case of the mastermind, potentially true, from syria to greece to paris, how do we police that? >> ld is saying let's scoop of 10,000 refugees and drop them in times square. neil: they are in times square. >> we have a vetting process. is it perfect? probably not. could it be perfected and improved? probably. could we pull up the drawbridge? >> no. i agree with you on that. i spoke with some relatives about this. all of these other guys came here. they had to be spoken for. there had to be a family there. someone to greet them. they could not just be dumped,
1:36 pm
let's say at ellis island. >> they went onto the boats. you had first or second class. you are given a free pass, essentially. if you had enough money to get here, it was really the class that went through the inspections. >> losing track. >> let's be realistic. late 19th and early 20th century here. they work and ask a few questions. >> i know that. that is true. they were all, in my family's case, is that someone is here. where are you going? things may have changed. the numbers got bigger. the big change in how we dealt with this was, both people, cuban, exodus, explained.
1:37 pm
>> that is the difference between immigration and refugee status. most of them have done so since 1980. under the refugee act. these are asylum speakers. we had haitians. we had cubans. that was certainly the believe. the great fear. people were in a panic of who was coming in. we had a great movie out of it. scarface. neil: a spike in crime. florida. little rock, arkansas. >> that is probably true. there are lots of spikes in crime. it was also the era -- neil: a risk when this happens. a greater risk when not.
1:38 pm
shutting down. >> without getting too preachy about this, i believe that if we want to be true to principles, which we believe as americans, then the thing is not to tower and get into a fetal position, it is to project strength. what we teach our children all the time. neil: trying to get some history. some paper trail. there is no paper trail in a lot of cases. >> told, first of all, that half of this theory and so far have been rejected. if that is what the commissioner of the immigration service tells us, then -- it is good to be
1:39 pm
skeptical. the fear that throws us into these panics, just as we talked about the financial world, you often counsel. do not make financial investments out of fear and panic. the same thing applies to national policy. i am not saying do anything. just open the gates. let's be considered clear, rational. look at history and learn from it. there are lots of good lessons of things we have done right and things we have done very wrong. neil: if you watch cnbc, get out. no? [laughter] makes you think what is in it. do not know much about history. that one is fun. that one is fun. he gets it. now we know that isis
1:40 pm
communicates online. now attackers are communicating online to take isis off-line. ♪
1:41 pm
♪ connell: it is time now for your fox business brief. even with everything going on in the world, we still have time, or the government still has time, to think about and focus on fantasy football.
1:42 pm
now gas who is finding itself being targeted. the company was subpoenaed by eric schneiderman. he is a guy looking into the other companies. they are the big players. yahoo! is way behind those two. they have a hearing about this topic next week. no word yet whether gas who will be involved in that anyway shape or form. they have 95% of the daily fantasy markets. still being considered. neil is back right after this. ♪
1:43 pm
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1:44 pm
you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪ neil: all right. trish regan is joining us right now. some interesting reads. trish: yes. i spoke with governor bush just a few moments ago. he is pushing right now to see a larger military. we really need to confront this new threat. we need to leave the world as we deal with this new threat. he is pushing to see our military expanded. i asked him what we should be doing about the refugee situation. we are not taking these people.
1:45 pm
here is what governor bush had to say in response. >> will, if you are an orphan that has been a part of the tragedy tragedies of the 250,000 innocent lives lost or you are a crescendo where mass is no longer given because christians have been obliterated, persecuted, beheaded, i think it is proper for the united states to accept people that are not a threat to our country. trish: tried to walk this very delicate line. saying we will take some, but not others. trying to possibly bet these people. big questions right now on whether or not you ever can. it may put him in a challenging position. neil: you are not coming here. i look forward to that very much. jeb bush with chris -- trish
1:46 pm
regan, naturally. we are not getting quite the skinny on this. we know that hackers communicate now on playstation's. we also know that bad guys out there as well. now, the guys who are very big on this are going after the really really bad guys of isis. >> the bike guys after the bad guys. that is what is happening here. going after isis and their twitter feeds. their twitter accounts. shutting them down. you can see this picture. it is actually in italic in. i cannot tell you what it says word for word. they tweeted this. more than 55 twitter accounts. we have heard other reports that it may be as many as 8500. spoke with twitter. trying to get a comment out of them.
1:47 pm
they do not promote violence including threatening or promoting terrorists. now, anonymous is not the only one out there. go security website that is also going after isis. this is what it comes down to. our own government seems less than interested. neil: all of these countries that hacked us, we are good at this. we can act back. gerri: there are some cyber security experts, we get a lot of information out of these twitter feeds. we find out things about isis and the bad guys. shutting down these accounts could be bad news. neil: thank you very much. look at the dow. up 127 points. closing in on all the bad guys. closing in on all the bad guys. we are on it after ♪
1:48 pm
is almost as exciting as the thrill of the find. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we rebuilt scottrade elite from the ground up - including a proprietary momentum indicator that makes researching sectors and industries even easier. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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neil: you know, i want to apologize to gerri willis who was just here. apparently, i called her gerri lewis. [laughter] do they look anything alike? [laughter] gerri, i am very, there he sorry. you both are iconic symbols in this country. my apologies there. >> hello? neil: really? now we have doobie houser. >> ,, on. neil: a way to deal with this. not selling the details.
1:52 pm
taxpayer bottom line. charles: ultimately, you cannot have this with the current tax system. they tax every no. granny. the only thing left is this big money pot. they are coming at it. first you demonize the corporations. you make them a soft target and then you go in for the kill. neil: the national press. the current 35% corporate tax rate is too high. very few pay at that rate anyway. what do you think? dagen: she is not running for president. that makes me so sad. you are going to crush businesses through all of these regulations. when that is not enough, when job growth is struggling to keep up -- neil: well, dagen may go through
1:53 pm
all of it, but it is a heck of a lot better than seven or eight years ago. dagen: it is not where it needs to be in terms of wage growth. some of them. not a lot of them. >> here is the thing gdp, that s how it reflects in america. apple is selling a good julianne iphones in china. harley-davidson is selling motorcycles in japan. on and on and on. an argument at best. they may be a will to pull it over the public size. dagen: they are not speaking to the public. there are not speaking to the almost 95 million people that are not part of the labor force anymore. charles: they are lying about it. they are twisting the facts. u.s. prophets themselves are
1:54 pm
down considerably. neil: 1% -- dagen: somebody voted for elizabeth warren. elizabeth warren can say i will not go after the 1%. dagen: it is almost as bad as a young lady that you had on the air last week. it is idiocy fueling idiocy. it is this notion that jobs come out of nowhere. neil: they are giving stuff away. charles: i think it is dangerous to call them idiots. dagen: i did not call them idiots, i said it is idiocy. charles: you have this constant capitalist movement. howard schultz from starbucks. concentrating on this for over a decade. this is not overnight.
1:55 pm
going after the corporate allen's sheet is something that has been on their agenda. dagen: at danny meyer wants to eliminate tipping. charles: when they do this, though, he does it as part of the constant capitalist movement. hey, we want policy. it is his business. the fact that he did announce it , they are, and after. neil: real quickly, all of the republican candidates want to drastically lower taxes. they think that will draw people to them. there are a few people know what they gross every week or two weeks or month. dagen: i think that complicity cells.
1:56 pm
you are very complicated. dagen: taking the irs out of the equation. charles: letting people keep more than what they make. neil: we will have a little bit more after this. ♪ ♪ come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! >>what time is it? it's go time. >>come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. >>i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams at the mercedes-benz winter event. it's the look on their faces that makes it all worthwhile. but, hurry, these offers end soon. thank you santa!!!
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. .
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neil: we're just seconds away from those fed minutes. they're six weeks ago but they might telegraph what the federal reserve will be doing just a few weeks from now when they meet again to discuss potential of raising interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade. i know trish regan will be all over that. she has a very big guest named jeb bush to be all over that post that wisconsin debate. you're not stopping, young lady. trish: we're moving full steam ahead, neil. we're watching for those fed minutes. breaking this hour as well the suspected mastermind behind the paris attacks is reportedly dead. he is seen as the architect of
2:00 pm
attacks on friday that killed 129 people. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." we're getting to paris in a moment. we're expecting breaking news out of washington. peter barnes joining with us details on these fed minutes. peter is this going to move the market? what have you got? reporter: trish as you know at the last meeting they emphasized they might move at the december meeting and the next meeting. here is what the minutes say. members, quote, emphasize this change to convey the sense while no decision had been made it may well become appropriate to initiate the normalization process at the next meeting, that is raise rates, provided that unanticipated shocks do not adversely affect the economic outlook and that incoming data support the expectation that labor market conditions will continue to improve and inflation will return to the you were fed's 2% objective over the medium term. members saw the updated language


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