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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  November 18, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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all right, he's going to quickly and decisively bomb the hell out of isaksen, donald trump's new radio ad, everyone, where he says we need to deal with the immigration issue. tomorrow on the show, senator john mccain is going to weigh in on the entire refugee issue and the threat isis. in the meantime, liz clamaned hads you into the close. liz: a rally on our hands, up 197 points. french authorities working minute-by-minute to identify suspects living and dead to determine if the mastermind of friday's deadly paris attacks. was one nabbed in the overnight siege? that's the question. police firing 5,000 rounds and throwing grenades in a massive shoot-out in heavily muslim populated saint-denis near the stade de paris which is where
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one of the blasts was. seven were arrested in a raid authorities believe was the hideout of the terror cell that pulled off friday's deadly attack. was the suspected mastermind, 27-year-old abdelhamid abaaoud among them? no official confirmation yet so it is still a mystery at this hour. the tools of the terrorists also spooked overnight. are american and german tech companies unwittingly enabling jihad? that list was given out by isis. the one on your screen of what's safest to use so authorities can not listen in. two topics, first bringing them in to find out where encryption is or is not a major threat right now? are terrorists already here? a fox business exclusive with the former director of homeland security whether our nation is still safe?
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the question of whether we allow syrian migrants is magnetizing the nation right now. it's an issue and the president stands by his plan to allow thousands of syrians who are fleeing the terror as the congressman of the author of the new bills of press the pause button is with me live, congressman richard hudson. first on fox business on his battle to ban the refugees at least for now. wall street, as you see, we're up nearly 200 points spiking on breaking news regarding the fed's next move, that news comes directly from the fed itself. we're less than an hour from the closing bell. stay with me. let's start the "countdown." >> the war comes to a suburb in paris. a lot of overflowing news breaking at this hour. not the least of which is what you see on the ticker. the markets are jumping.
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federal reserve released minutes from most recent meeting and the reaction most pronounced in the dollar. rising against its peers after it was revealed that the fed said during the meeting in october that a rate hike next month is, quote, appropriate. data dependent but appropriate. that meeting decision would be december 16th. we'll be all over it. now to the terror attacks in the french using fighting words. french president francois hollande using the w-word, war, france is at war with isis, called the militant group an army and grave threat to the entire world. this as french, russian and u.s. aircraft, imagine russian and u.s. aircraft working together to strike the islamic state. targets in syria and iraq overnight. it's happening. more than a thousand russian sorties to bomb isis strongholds. as we wait for confirmation that the mastermind was killed.
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trust me, i'm watching the breaking news screen. the minute we know, we'll let you know. are we save? what could we see? federal and local authorities warning americans about the possibility of terror attacks on u.s. soil. important to stress, no concrete direct threats have been detected but cities across the u.s. on high alert and beefing up security ahead of the thanksgiving and christmas and hanukkah holidays. earlier at the overseas advisory council 30th annual briefing, cia director john brennan says since starting his career more than 30 years ago, the threat has never been more serious. here's what he said. >> i've never seen a time when we have faced more serious and consequential issues confronting our national security around the globe. liz: joining us, the former secretary of homeland security
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admiral james lloyd to tell us how vulnerable we are and prevent an attack like paris. and admiral, welcome. should we talk about the holidays? shouldn't high alert be constant? >> well, i think our high alert is constant. whether it's graded on a scale that we used to have and color ski. early days of dhs or just the reality of watching the news around the world, i think john brennan is absolutely right. the challenge is constant, and the only answer to that challenge is vigilance on our part with, regard to all of the things we've attempted to design and put into place to protect the people of the united states in the window between 9/11 and today. liz: what is the likelihood that it could happen here? very disturbing report out of boston that boston police and investigators were able to thwart a july 4th planned attack. it was a guy, an american who had all kinds of weaponry. the son of a police captain of all things. they found he had a pressure cooker. plans to buy guns.
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are they here among us? >> well, i think anyone who believes that there's not a chance that they are here among us is not listening to the reality of today. a couple of years ago when isis, isil came onto our screen, even with the language associated with forming a caliphate in the middle east, the notion was all about land and the opportunity to have sovereignty over a chunk of land, and today, in the wake of lebanon and the wake of the russian airliner and the wake of the terrible paris attacks last week, we recognize that there's an effort on their part to reach further than that, and to think that any of them would not fancy reaching to the united states is just the thought of someone who hasn't been paying attention for ten years. liz: all right, we want to go in with eyes wide open. are we doing enough? do we currently see, without ripping or criticizing the fine efforts of all law enforcement, do you see holes in what we do
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in the united states, sir? >> well, i think the challenge is recognizing those holes when you can identify them, and doing something about it. resourcing them appropriately when it's evident that there's a challenge on the table. so the whole notion of recognizing holes is to me all keyed to information and the means by which we gather information, analyze information and distribute tactics attended to that information. we're doing it better than we've done it before, there's no one that will walk into the oval office and tell the president, the last thing fell into place last night, sir, we are now secure. liz: we better never say that. we have video of times square today. a huge show of might, but what we don't see and what may or may not be going on is what we do technically, when it comes to surveillance, dimming tal surveillance, that has become a huge issue that superimposed
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over the hard working officers, it's different, we see they're using encrypted apps, encryption is a great thing for security, and when there's cyberattacks, everybody says we need double and triple encryption. now encryption was a tool for isis. what's safest to use? red circle, something out of germany called telegram. we chat and whatsapp are unsafe for them, perhaps too easy for the authorities. how do we square with privacy and security and then safety? >> this is an ongoing conversation. i remember when i was asked to stand up tsa in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. one of the very first things on the discussion table was the debate between privacy on one hand and security on the other. in those days we were looking for the one or two or three elements of anyone's
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information that would allow us in the government, in the tsa, to vet that person as an okay person to get on an airplane, and the challenges were immediately forthcoming from well-intentioned privacy experts who challenge the efficacy of us trying to do that. so this debate has been going on since then, and these are the kind of things like the debate with regards to metadata, the silicon valley debate, if you will, with director comey and the administration. and the debate continues today, and hopefully the people in government, and in these important positions will allow that debate to continue and get the best answer for the well-being of our country. liz: we are going to be watching it. in fact just coming up, we have people from silicon valley who are going to join into the debate. they created the actual cloud and encryption. stay tuned for that.
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admiral, great to have you, thank you so much. >> thanks for allowing me to be here. liz: admiral loy, former head of homeland security. we have quite a rally on our hands, the markets remaining strong and tough. dow jones industrials up 183 points. the s&p jumping 24 earlier today before the fed minutes came out. what's interesting about that is the fed said yes, we might see a rate increase come december. who knows? it didn't frighten the markets. didn't spook the horses. the closing bell 50 minutes away. oil showing no sign of fierce spike. as christmas nears will santa bring children an oily barrel of cheap as dirt oil? sure to bring holiday happiness, maybe not the kids around the world but america's driver. and the 2016 presidential candidates rushing to fine tune positions on terror, on refugees, on homeland security. but do smart leaders make
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decisions from a position of fear? we know business leaders don't. we know that on our business network. our political panel coming right up on "countdown." don't go away. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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i just had a horrible nightmare. my company's entire network went down, and i was home in bed, unaware. but that would never happen. comcast business monitors my company's network 24 hours a day and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. . liz: breaking news now, the dow
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is at its -- close to session highs, up 196 points, transports up 115. big moves across the board. the russell 2000 going up for the party. missing the target though would be target. the retailer is moving lower by nearly 4.75%. growth rates for both sales and traffic missed the mark. so it was what have you done for me lately? and talk about improvement, after missing analysts' expectations last quarter, lowe's beat by two pennies today. the company cited improving housing market for the positive results. the stock look good here at $73.30 a share. and whoever they is, i love this, they say the early bird gets the worm, and amazon is the early bird here, announcing plans to start rolling out black friday deals this friday. they plan to offer new deals as
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often as every five minutes starting friday. not the friday after thanksgiving. amazon is jumping 2.66%. oil prices dropped below $40 a barrel. $39.91 before settling just below $41. here's the news, u.s. crude stockpiles rose but less than expected last week, refinely activity increased for the first time since 2009, the national average of regular gasoline is set to drop below the $2 mark by the holidays. that according to aaa. let me bring in a guy who lives and breathes these prices and nothing else. he's opus brilliant guy overall. >> please. liz: he's one. they. who beside drivers is loving this news? >> probably not refiners right now. they had a process summer. not having such a great fall.
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liz: not crying for the refiners. >> not really. the producers are in trouble as well. prices getting down below $40 again. i think we'll challenge the lose we saw in august. they were at $37.75 for wti and prices in the low 30s and even in the 20s if you're looking at heavy canadian crude, about $26-27 a barrel right now. >> i'm looking at this, and all i can think while oil is down, you see the refiner stocks down for the reasons you articulated, why isn't what's happening in the middle east and paris affecting these? when you talk about opec and the cartel which tries to set oil prices, syria is not a member of opec. >> in the grand scheme of thing, not a significant producer, the geopolitical tension says what can they draw in? draw in iran, saudi arabia, russia. liz: iraq. >> and butt heads there.
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but while we talk about a potential geopolitical risk, let's talk about a demand risk. we're all scared to move around the country, whether it's getting on an airplane, whether it's driving around, that has an impact on demand. liz: news that 50% of flights or traffic and travel plans were canceled into the french region. that's probably a soft number because people will calm down and realize that the terrorists can't win and control our lives but perhaps that's the direct correlation you're talking about? >> yeah, i think it's more we tend to look at a geopolitical price risk but tend to forget about the downside. liz: should give an oily barrel of oil to my children for hanukkah? my son would be so mad. he wants a "star wars" video game. a gallon of gasoline? really, mom? tell us how much gasoline is in your area?
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we're hearing in missouri it went below $2 a barrel. send us a picture at the pumps near you. new jersey is pretty cheap. definitely below $3 a barrel. tweet me and visit all the links here. thank you very much, that's significant, though. oil went below $40 a barrel briefly today. closing bell, we're 39 minutes away. the human version of a trojan horse. terrorists sneaking into the nations disguised as migrants and refugees suddenly the hot topic on capitol hill and on the campaign trail. and as the president scolds the 26 candidates for harsh and fear driven talk, the congressman authorring the pause button bill, the safe bill, representative richard hudson says stop the influx for now. he will join me in two minutes. how will his refugee influx bill work?
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will it work? dow is up 205 points right now. don't go away. i'm on the news for you. romantic moments can happen spontaneously,
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. liz: should fear drive foreign policy? well, it's certainly taking center stage for the 2016 presidential candidates. it will soon emerge as the top issue in light of the terror threat? it's so far been the economy. the candidates on both sides stepping all over each other right now to tout how their positions best keep americans safe. this as isis seems to be growing in dangerous hyperspeed. former florida governor jeb bush announcing at the citadel in charleston, south carolina, calling to intensify presence on the air and the ground in
3:25 pm
syria and iraq to squash the threat. here's some of what he said. >> radical islamic terrorists have declared war on the western world. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat, or negotiate with it. we have but one choice, to defeat it. liz: sounds like he's saying go there. let's bring in mathew littman, a former democratic strategiest to then senator joe biden, and ron christie, former special assistant to president george w. bush. gentlemen, obviously, the candidates are rushing and understandably so, it matters to americans, part of the national conversation, this very second. they're rushing to formulate their plans, but ron, start with you, the republicans have come out swinging, they're reacting to the fear. is that a position they should be taking? who's got it right so far? >> i think, liz -- good afternoon, i think what you're
3:26 pm
seeing is a reflection of republican candidates saying the threat of isis had been contained and watching the horror unfold in paris this past weekend. republicans are recognizing that the president's strategy has not worked, that americans generally look at the pocketbook issues such as the economy saying we're worried about the threat of terrorism. we need to put forward a solid plan and lead when president obama is unwilling or unable to do so. liz: mathew, a real mistake to have said that isis was contained. i think everybody would agree. hopefully the president would agree too that that was a huge mistake. let's look forward right now. from the democratic side. they're less hawkish in their tone and not out there as much as the republicans, will that hurt or help them? >> no, hillary, liz, is giving a speech tomorrow on her policy as far as isis goes. we'll hear from her tomorrow what she has to say. on the republican side, one is trying to outdo the other.
3:27 pm
i think ted cruz wants to have literal fistfights with people. and people are talking about invasions and donald trump is throwing out epithets. the republicans would be satisfied if they can get rambo as the nominee. liz: hold on, hold on. governor john kasich is calling for a new federal agency to promote, and i quote, judeo-christian values. i'm sure the founding fathers did not have that in mind when it comes to religious freedom. >> no, a lot of this is really just -- really overreaction, there are good things happening, there are terrible things happening. we all know that isis is losing territory. that's a very good thing. we also know that isis is lashing out. that's terrible. and i don't know, i wish i could tell you going forward what the best thing to do it, i can't tell you, ron can't tell you, and all of the experts are in different places because we're fighting not just territory but ideology and
3:28 pm
difficult to defeat an ideology. liz: always, always. ron, donald trump is talking extremely tough and americans like it. a new new hampshire poll shows him well out-front on this, i think he's got 23%, up 5 points from last month. he's not the best liked, that would go to marco rubio. you can argue and people from the former bush administration say he's talk with a lot of bravado and no real backup of a plan? >> actions speak louder than words, liz, and donald trump is a lot about words and a lot about what he would do and how great he is. i haven't seen anything or heard anything with specificity. liz: except to leave it to the russians. >> exactly. which is totally bizarre, how he would specifically confront isis. how he would specifically deal with al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and other flash spots around the world. a lot more than talk, you have
3:29 pm
to build and forge relationships i'm not sure the person -- liz: we've got to go, mathew, it's up to president obama, he can do something and work with the russians? >> let me disagree with ron on this. words speak louder than actions in the republican party. people like what trump is saying, as long as he's getting 25% of the people, that's more than anybody else in the republican primary, liz? liz: great to have you both. mathew, ron, a very busy day. great to have your perspective. thank you very much. as we've been speaking, the dow up 200 points to the upside, up 201 point. no fear of what could very well be a december rate hike, depending on the data. that's what the fed minutes just released. an interesting behavioral move for the dow right now. the herd is unafraid. the closing bell 31 minutes away. the paris terror attacks igniting a brand-new debate about who our nation should allow into this country? the president still wants to
3:30 pm
let in thousands of syrian refugees. listen, some of them who got into other countries ended up being terrorists. that's the concern. we have the congressman richard hudson, who is crafting the brand-new legislation that he says will put the pause button on the process. first on fox business, he's standing by, he's going to explain how it will work. we'll ask will it work? stay tuned. excellent looking below the surface, researching a hunch... and making a decision you are type e*. time for a change of menu. research and invest from any website. with e*trade's browser trading. e*trade. opportunity is everywhere. it begins from the the second we're
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. liz: breaking news. we just hit a second ago the highs of the session. the dow was up 218 points, now up 215. look at the s&p, up nearly 30 points at the moment. lack of any other news except apple looking good, where goldman sachs added to conviction buy list, that's propelling it. the federal reserve minutes
3:35 pm
show they're getting antsy to tighten interest rates possibly by the december meeting, december 15 and 16. president obama doubling down on push to admit syrian refugees in the u.s. tweeting today, quote, welcoming the world's vulnerable who seek the safety of america is not new to us. we've safely welcomed three million refugees since 1975. now what's the president referring to? he's referring in 75 to the fall of south vietnam, cambodia and laos that led millions to flee their new dictatorships and try to come here. it was republican president gerald ford who answered the call organizing emergency military effort to evacuate refugees to the u.s. hundreds of thousands came on president ford's order. after a bitter war with that very country, vietnam. that the moment in congress gop leaders are racing to pass a bill before lawmakers head home
3:36 pm
for the 10-day thanksgiving recess, called the american safe act of 2015, it would be to temporarily freeze, freeze until authorities can verify no one entering is dangerous. representative richard hudson is the author of the bill. he's joining us first on fox business network. to be clear, this would freeze or end the refugee program? >> it would freeze the program. we're not saying we're never going to allow refugees into the country again. america is a very generous country. we have a history of allowing refugees to seek asylum here. all we're saying in this case and the case of syrian refugees, we don't have the ability to do the adequate background checks we need to exploit the refugee crisis into our country. liz: one of the terrorists had come in through greece as a
3:37 pm
refugee, he was pulled out of drink in the aegean sea, and acted and looked and seemed, i'm calling it a trojan horse in the form of a human. are you saying that our two year long vetting process that involve biometric, biographic, medical and criminal checks is not good enough in the united states and we have to pause it? >> it's a good background check in a lot of cases. in the case of syrian refugees, if do you a background check, you check third party databases, there aren't any we can access in syria. interview the neighborhoods in person. the neighborhoods don't exist anymore. the companies in syria aren't open anymore. there's no way to do proper vetting. we're saying stop and put proper vetting in place, if you can't, we're not going to allow them in. liz: there's already pushback from the heritage action for america foundation. they say the best way to do it would be to deny funding to the
3:38 pm
current program which is contradictory, it sends the same message in a different way. they're saying what your bill does, does not give congress enough teeth to change the system? >> we'll see if we can get the senate democrats and schumer and others have already expressed their own concerns about this refugee program. if we can get them to work with us, we can have a bipartisan administration to stop it. liz: have you spoken to senator schumer? >> i personally have not, i know our leadership is talking to him. i'm hopeful we can have a bipartisan measure. we tried to get democrats in the house to come along with us. they said it's too drastic, never bring refugees in if we pass the bill, they're not going to vote with us. my hope is if we get a few reasonable democrats to come along with us, we can put this on the president's desk and maybe be successful. liz: and tomorrow, you expect to have some type of vote, correct? just to be clear.
3:39 pm
>> tomorrow this bill will pass the house, we have the votes and we're going to send a strong signal and hoping we have some democrats. unfortunately leadership handed down the word they're not going to go along with it. we'll have a strong vote tomorrow, and the attention turns to the senate. liz: you're saying it first on fox business, this vote will pass in the house for the safe act that pauses the refugee program for the moment. we'll have you back, i'm interested in hearing what happens. representative richard hudson of north carolina. >> thanks for raising the issue. liz: trying to speak with democrats on the side, they reached out as you heard the representative say to senator chuck schumer of new york, a democrat. the paris attacks are reigniting and stoking a huge debate that pits privacy against national security. this matters to all of you, who use anything encrypted, whether you shop on sites or speaking on the phone.
3:40 pm
isis terrorists are hiding communication with one app, german based called telegram and cloud flare is under fire for allegedly protecting dozens of isis affiliated sites by the hacking group anonymous to take them down. steve herod helped design the cloud, and jason healy, he spent nearly 15 years working on the security in the public and private sector and directed president bush and directed goldman sachs' team as well. i'll begin with you, and you're a professor at columbia, talk about the issue of encryption, using the sites and encryption is a beautiful thing until the terrorists use it as a tool. >> helps the good guys and the bad guys. fuels american commerce and protects us from hackers but does get used by the bad guys. liz: so you know, on your
3:41 pm
screen, something the "wall street journal" got ahold of, it was reportedly distributed by isis, what's the safest way of chatting? and on the far left are the safest ways, this way they wouldn't get caught. >> it shows the terrorists have tense if not dozens of options. so a lot of what the u.s. government wants, justice and intelligence officials, i used to work the nsa, i feel their pain, feeling that the terrorists can hide communications, but the problem might be more the proliferation of the communications technologies rather than any single one. liz: steve, you cannot stop revolution, especially technological evolution, you built clouds and operations where i would imagine you have a back door password which is reminiscent of the 1980s movie with matthew broderick, they talked about a backward password, they can shut it down or figure out who's using it nefariously.
3:42 pm
is that the important answer? >> encryption is used for bank accounts, for e-commerce on itunes or amazon or jet, where we store our medical records and the back doors are used with unintended consequences. if up to the open up a back door, more often than not that the bad guys are getting in, this is where they can take money, stolen identities and so ironically the back doors for keeping us safe can trigger more of the negative behavior. liz: professor, one of these companies is a german company, and we can't make a german company comply. we can't make them open up their systems? >> that's right. that's what makes it so difficult. it's very difficult to do this in the way the terrorists won't go to new technologies that are developing. liz: steve, do we leave it up to anonymous, the hacking group attacking isis and we cheer them on, they've caused havoc themselves. they've claimed they're
3:43 pm
shutting down 5,000 twitter sites that isis is using. aren't we smart enough here and in silicon valley where you've built your companies? >> absolutely. i'm very optimistic. i think i see new technologies and new entrepreneurs every single day. and security is a heavy focus in silicon valley because it's an important issue for all of us, hard technical problems which people flock to and very good business to as companies need us just as much as individuals. i don't think we need to rely on splinter groups to do things. take technology and do partnership with government and apply it in a way that doesn't hurt us individually and hurt the commerce online as well. liz: i like that, we don't need to rely on splinter groups. the ingenuity is here in the u.s. with people like you and jason. thank you very much. >> thank you. liz: steve and jason, and by the way, one of those companies
3:44 pm
will join me tomorrow, the ceo of cloud flare. cloud flare is the company that is at the center in part of what's going on. was it used by isis? the company and the ceo michael prince is coming under fire because that company supposedly keeps websites running when they're attacked even if isis affiliateed? we give him props. he is coming on here, we will talk about the issue, stay tuned tomorrow. dow jones industrials now pretty much at session highs. up 219 points. we're looking at a pretty significant rally still below 18,000, but watching this, and again, oil slightly higher today. didn't do much. it's a confluence of things coming together that certainly helps those of you who hold stocks. can the guy who helped found twitter successfully launch a second tech darling? all eyes on jack dorsey as square goes public tomorrow. charlie gasparino digging into all the details.
3:45 pm
you know he's going to break something here. that's next on "countdown." dow is up 221. jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in. it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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. liz: put this in the books, the high of the session up 237 points for the dow. up 230 right now. we continue to climb and climb. since 2:01 p.m. eastern time when the federal reserve released minutes from the most recent meeting, and i could read you the headlines, the dollar started spiking the second the report came out. what does it is a? it is appropriate to incrementally hike rates starting in december. and the markets saw clarity, didn't have a problem with that? >> that statement in the old days or maybe tomorrow.
3:50 pm
liz: freak the markets out. >> or might freak the markets out. weird how the equity traders play. this now taken as a sign of bullishness, the economy is getting better. the last gdp report was good. it could change on a time. i've never seen the market this fickle before. liz: when you start to launch ipos, you got to hit it. if you hit on a day where there is siege or explosion or hand grenade. >> or terrorist attack. liz: that's what jack dorsey and square are concerned about i'm sure, but they're pricing it after the market close, right? >> i think it's tomorrow, right? interesting thing about the ipo and the market right now. in the old days they would have postponed this. a terrorist attack might have had a marked impact. this was the most muted market impact following one of these tragedies. i hate to reduce wars and terrible stuff with what's going on in the markets. viewers want to know.
3:51 pm
>> my theory is the russians are working with americans when it comes to doing the same thing. sorties, air bomb drops, tomahawk missiles, hellfire missiles dropping them on isis finally. >> i think this is why dorsey is going to do this in the middle of all this and the ipo, though they're pricing it some are below the range where they said they were going to price it. they value the company higher than it is valued now. probably valued around six billion. liz: mobile payments and payment options. >> that valued around four. there's a little froth off the deal. no doubt about that, and probably not be greedy on the pricing just so they can get it done in the difficult environment, but the market conditions are conducive. and i tell you when you see headlines like people starting to cooperate. what's his name hollande? liz: hollande. >> how do you they in english? liz: holland.
3:52 pm
francois hollande. >> taking a stand, that gives confidence to the markets, that's what you see right now. i find it interesting that goldman sachs got the lead underwritings. basically the book runner, lead underwriter on the square ipo around the same time they put out the statement of apple. what do they say? apple will be the greatest company in the world for the next 400 years. liz: they said it's not just a hardware or phone company, it's a services company. people keep coming back to it. >> let's be clear here, the average viewer who buys the stock they generally put out rosy scenarios or tilt to the rosy side on companies they consider clients. when you look at research, when you judge what goldman sachs is doing, it's doing this in part to secure business from apple or maybe square.
3:53 pm
square looks for a similar statement like that. remember that if you're the average investor, before you throw your money at this, it could be another twitter for all we know. liz: gopro going for $20 a share? >> he's staying at twitter, right? liz: i would like to tell you my favorite restaurant in paris was called gasparino. >> really? liz: yes. >> gasparino is a neopolitan name, southern italian. you remember the french took the controlled southern italy. that's where the mafia came from, an attack on the french, okay? liz: look at the markets up 247 points. we're going to make you money. stay tuned.
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liz: breaking news.
3:57 pm
the nasdaq is up 91 points. right now we're pretty much at the highs of the session. i saw a 257 print for the dow. there it is right now. we're looking at major rally. this superimposed over horrible headlines around the news. look, maybe bad news is good news? we have circle squared chief investment officer. what is going on here? this is pretty massive rally. >> the fuel for this market is bad news. the fed has been hiding in the tall grass afraid to raise rates. even though the fed minutes came out, you have to think about they came out before paris and macro data. they say they're data dependent. what is coming down to the fed is boy who cried wolf. market doesn't belief they will raise rates or if they do will be such a small increment it will be unimpactful. liz: people are worried about
3:58 pm
keep keeping their families safe and money safe. give us two that work with the headlines. >> there is cyber warfare against developed countries in the world. all the talk about encryption and attacks, are putting cybersecurity up. i would look at ford net and fireeye. i think those are two names and companies that are going to do well during this time. liz: either way people will pay them to keep things safe. on other hand terrorists using low-tech chief operations. they found a cell phone that had been discarded, thrown into the trash outside of paris bataclan that said, we are starting. that indicated to the french authorities. they have smart guys who know how to work twitter and cloud fare. this is company we speak to tomorrow. these two names you feel are the real moneymakers? >> the way i look at it, in
3:59 pm
cybersecurity there is big debate about privacy. re all know privacy an issue. when it comes down to it there are companies doing this for years. those are the ones that will make the most progress dealing with privacy concerns and security concerns which have to be counter balanced here. i think there is tremendous push here to make sure that we're not behind, we're not behind the times when it comes to technology. liz: right now, in way looks like we are. hopefully these companies are helping us fight back. jeff, great to have you. >> thank you. liz: jeff is with circle square. that will do it for "countdown to the closing bell." what a rally, david and melissa. very interesting, isn't it? david: close to session highs but there is lot of other news including breaking news. two separate very troubling reports. we're hearing five syrians in honduras have been arrested reportedly trying to make their way to america with fake passports. after we learned eight in turkey posing as refugees.
4:00 pm
all men. no widows and orphans here with suspected ties to isis. melissa: giving fuel to the debate on capitol hill whether we should take in anymore syrian refugees. congressman curt clawson, a member of the house homeland security committee will weigh in. david: details from the predawn raids in paris. [closing bell rings] david: let's get to the market rally. melissa: dow closing up over 250 points as bells sound on wall street. you can see there, 246 points on the dow. s&p up 33 points. look at nasdaq, up 2% on percentage basis. gold higher as well. crude oil bouncing, although still sitting at 40.70. look what was fueling the rally. lori rothman at new york stock exchange. lori? reporter: someone said, who knew? higher interest rates great for stocks. as you said, melissa, coming in


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