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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 18, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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all men. no widows and orphans here with suspected ties to isis. melissa: giving fuel to the debate on capitol hill whether we should take in anymore syrian refugees. congressman curt clawson, a member of the house homeland security committee will weigh in. david: details from the predawn raids in paris. [closing bell rings] david: let's get to the market rally. melissa: dow closing up over 250 points as bells sound on wall street. you can see there, 246 points on the dow. s&p up 33 points. look at nasdaq, up 2% on percentage basis. gold higher as well. crude oil bouncing, although still sitting at 40.70. look what was fueling the rally. lori rothman at new york stock exchange. lori? reporter: someone said, who knew? higher interest rates great for stocks. as you said, melissa, coming in close to session highs today but
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markets opened higher and really gained momentum after the release, 2:00 p.m. eastern release of fed minutes. even though a lot of people are doubting the fed's credibility lately there were key element to the minutes. officials say not lifting rates would signal lack of confidence in the economy. therefore the fed is confident in the economy. basically, most fed members are willing to raise rates in december. that is the first time in nine years. that is what the chatter is here about on the floor. we'll close at session highs. all 10 s&p sectors did close out in the green. back to you. david: we'll take it. great day, lori, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: we breaking news on honduras detaining five syrians who were headed to the united states. they were using stolen greek passports. that is the latest news. that is according to sky news. authorities say there is no indication that the detained
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syrians have any links to those that were accused in the paris terrorist attacks. now, on to paris. pre-dawn raid near, leaves two suspected terrorists dead. reports from the "washington post" now saying the mastermind behind friday's attacks could be among the dead. the raids apparently came just as another attack was developing. joining me with latest on big developments from paris, host of fox news's "america's newsroom," bill hemmer joins us now. bill, what can you tell us at this hour? bill: a lot. the french prosecutor came out about two hours ago and gave us some details of the plot last week which many of these details were not fleshed out, they were not known. this is what they say, melissa. three attack teams, three separate terrorist teams driving in three different cars from brussels, belgium, last thursday, novemberth, arriving within -- november 12th. arriving within ten minutes much
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each other in paris, france. the cell phone reported out yesterday, it was found in a garbage can at the concert hall. on the cell phone the last text message was sent 9:42 this evening. it read, let's start now. also, melissa, they found hundreds and hundreds of rounds of ammunition found at the concert hall, details we were given short time ago. melissa: bill, thank you so much for that. david: well, meanwhile hundreds of belgians joining in a candlelight vigil earlier in solidarity with the victims of the paris attacks. the vigil was held in molenbeek, a troubled brussels neighborhood home to two brothers involved in the attacks. the white house on defense after recent comments made by secretary john kerry. that one we read to you last night. president obama raising concerns about how the administration is treating the paris attacks.
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take a look. >> there will be setbacks and there will be successes. the terrible events in paris were obviously a terrible and sickening setback. >> something different about what happened from "charlie hebdo" and i think everybody would feel that. there was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legitimacy -- david: yeah, he walked back the legitimacy, but he actually said it. here is how the white house and gop candidates are responding to all of this. >> this president is delusional when he says he has a strategy to win. he does not. he is not telling the truth to the american people when he says this paris is temporary setback. it is not. he clearly does not understand the nature of the enemy here. >> i think what would encourage you to do spend just as much time focusing on president's actions as you do his words. >> his words, matter, josh, i have to stop you there.
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i have to stop you there. the president of the united states words matter. melissa: whoo. here with reaction monica crowley "washington times" online opinion editor and fox news contributor. monica, so much going on here. it really feels like from the administration, and you saw elisabeth hassleback challenging josh earnest with their language. feels like they're try to down play or diminish criticism the is that fair criticism after all? >> absolutely. this is who this president is. should the be a mystery who barack obama is, like carly fiorina says he doesn't understand the nature of the threat, i argue the exact opposite. i think he knows exactly what the threat is, he is just not choosing to fight it. he has not fought in seven years. he is not about to start now. melissa: why? >> because there is no change in strategy against isis. why there is no change in any of strategy globally. melissa: with would be motivation not wanting to fight it?
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fear of losing? i don't know, sympathize with it in some way, think it is our fault? >> two things. one he ran as the anti-bush. president bush of course his big legacy is iraq war and war in afghanistan. this president ran against the iraq war. why he got the democratic nomination from hillary clinton. that is what he ran on. he will never be engaged enagain or lead engagement by united states in the middle east. our enemies know that. the the second point you alluded to he comes out of very deeply profound american left that american power is source of all evil in world. not be exercised. our enemies know that as well. melissa: he received a lot of criticism across the board from reporters from all different venues in that first speech that he made, on monday i guess it was. he doubled down though in his most recent speech out of manila. let's listen to that. >> apparently they're scared of widows and orphans coming into the united states of america as
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part of our tradition of compassion. first they were worried about the press being too tough on them during debates. now they're worried about three-year-old orphans. melissa: this is a very real and heart-felt conversation that is going on right now, not just in the u.s. but around the world, how every country is balancing this idea of having compassion for people who are running for their lives from this terror and at the same time protecting your own country and your own family from isis that would traveling in the guise of these people who need help. instead of talking about it in an intelligent, compassionate which where we have the bath and forth conversation he brings up the debate from weeks and weeks ago. >> this is who he is, melissa. we're talking about the gravest national security issue of our time. this is islamic fundamentalism. iran is related to this because, can you imagine the islamist now equipped with nuclear weapon.
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it all comes into play. we're talking about life and death issues. this president is standing abroad, not even on american soil and more interested in beating up republicans than he is about carrying this fight to our mortal enemies who are here on the homeland. they are killing americans. they are killing our allies and this president is again more interested in the politics of this than actually doing his job as commander-in-chief. melissa: i might say, instead of going to france and standing arm in arm with our traditional ally, that we're here and support you. monica, thank you so much. david: thank you very much. in the wake of the attacks in paris, sweden raised its terror threat level, to quote, high threat. this is the fourth most serious level out of five categories. by definition this means that sweden's security service, that the quote, probability that players have intent and ability to carry out attacks is high. thou currently no known links between
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the country and paris attacks. david: melissa. >> the two planes headed to u.s. were diverted this morning after receiving anonymous bomb threats over the phone. one plane leaving from los angeles was forced to land in salt lake city, while the other leaving from washington's dulles airport was diverted to halifax, nova scotia. both landed without incident. we want to make sure we tell you that. all passengers got off safely. and there was no evidence of any explosive device found on either plane. david? david: with tensions like these rising, in the wake of the paris attacks there is growing concern over potential u.s. attacks during the holiday season. while there have been no concrete threats issued, fbi is ramping up their efforts and warning citizens of threats and height enviable lance in advance of the holidays -- vigilance. our own elizabeth macdonald is joining us now. elizabeth you have info from the fbi. go ahead.
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reporter: when the attacks on the raqqa highway, from raqqa to ramadi occurred, law enforcement reported how of that bombing occurred in the middle east, what happened was the paris attacks ensued. there is concern as bombings increase on isis they will activate sleeper cells elsewhere around the world. we know there have been five dozen isis sympathizers here in the united states that the fbi has charged. so you're right, the fbi is saying they are on heightened alert. there is no specific threat but they are modeling and doing, what are called dry runs, sort of training exercises with local law enforcement, police and as well as firemen. the most dire of which, david and melissa, is poll dead of a the mumbai 2008 attacks which spanned four-days and only 10, excuse me, 10 islamic terrorists killed 168 people and wounded more than 300. they have been doing these kinds of dry runs, at shopping malls,
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for example, empty, abandoned shopping malls and the like this. is something that we've been tracking here at fox business. what they're talking about is, when you see a football game, say at giants game, you will see more police presence there. also the cincinnati bengals game, places like that you will see more police presence. so they're talking about higher level of awareness at restaurants, shopping malls and sports stadiums. we'll track the story for you. the fbi has 10,000 cases of domestic and international terrorism that it is tracking including isis. so those are a lot of cases. fbi feels budgetary resources are being stressed. they're pulling agent off of other task forces including white color crime forces. back to you. david: focusing on holidays. we remember the plot that was broken up over the july 4th holiday. they're be looking forward to the ones coming thanksgiving and christmas.
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liz, appreciate it. stick around later in the show, walid phares, fox news middle east terrorism expert and a former director of the county county -- counterterrorism service in the fbi will discuss the war on terrorism. melissa: fbi has conducted 1000 investigations involving isis inside the united states. >> including 18 within the united states. here at home we have arrested more than 70 isis supporters over the last year. that is on average more than one per week. and the fbi says that it has nearly 1000 isis related investigations in all 50 states. if this is not a war, then i don't know what is. melissa: the fbi director had previously reported 900 isis related probes across the country. david: and you wonder whether they're related to refugees?
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eight suspected isis militants arrested in turkey. why their arrests are fueling debate over accepting more refugees here in the u.s. melissa: cia said with isis on the rise need to do more surveillance online, or quote, we'll face a world of hurt. david: in a moment of silence in honor of the 129 killed in paris, turned out to be anything but silent at one european soccer match. disgraceful. we have full video come right up or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away
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david: breaking news from central america. honduras is detaining five syrians who were headed to the united states using stolen greek passports, that is according to sky news.
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officials in honduras say there is no evidence that the syrians have links to the terrorists in the paris attacks. authorities have arrest eight suspected isis militants at istanbul airport that were headed for germany. they had arrived in in turkey from morocco. they were posing as refugees. they were all healthy young men. melissa: this is what members of congress are afraid and trying to prevent as debate on syrian refugees continues. house homeland security is scrambling to decide on a strategy to deal with the ref gees and keep america safe -- refugees. fox news's chief correspondent mike an manuel has details from capitol hill. reporter: former counterterrorism official from the obama administration says that isis is the most urgent threat facing united states. isis in his words is increasing in complexity, severity and pace of its external attacks.
4:18 pm
>> so far this year there about been 41 isis or isis-inspired attacks against western targets. that is it already more than double the number of attacks last year according to reports, as the cia director warned this week, ice list likely has other planned attacks. reporter: well-known military expert marveled at terror group to act like the military, protecting turf in iraq and syria while also launching attacks like paris. >> what isis has accomplished in the last few weeks is unprecedented and quite stunning. while conducting a conventional war in iraq and syria, isis has staged terrorist attacks on a global scale against the people from the countries who are fighting isis. reporter: as for refugees fleeing isis the house will vote on a bill tomorrow that says in the u.s. intelligence and lawn enforcement community can not certify that a person presents
4:19 pm
no threat they should not be allowed here in u.s. democrats worry that the bill would set such a high standard in effect end the refugee program. the house speaker -- talked about the bill on house floor earlier this afternoon. >> that is what the bill we're bringing up tomorrow is all about. it calls for a new standard of verification for refugees from syria and iraq t would mean a pause in the program until we can be certain beyond any doubt that those coming here are not a threat. it is that simple. reporter: a great deal of debate on capitol hill about the refugee issue what to do about them, how best to handle the situation and also fighting isis with disturbing numbers about activity by isis trying to attack places around europe and perhaps here in the homeland. melissa? melissa: thank you so much. mike emanuel, fox news's chief congressional correspondent. david. david: governors and congress
4:20 pm
are finding common ground in their concerns over taking in middle eastern refugees. but the clock is ticking for leaders who are calling for a pause in resettlement of refugees. my next guest was at a joint committee meeting on capitol hill. joining me congressman curt clawson, member of house home lan security committee. we have breaking news. we have news five syrians were arrested in honduras. they had fake passports trying to make their way to the u.s. earlier today in turkey they arrested eight men and they were all men by the way, no widows and orphans among them, eight men who apparently were part of isis who had maps detailing ways to get into germany. in light of all this, what is happening with the refugee question here in the u.s.? >> well, i think it's the hot question right now. you know yesterday, or the day before, our governor in the state of florida, governor scott, he put out the word that until we were sure about these
4:21 pm
refugees and these displaced folks, that our government would be bringing from that part of the world, that we need to hit the, hesitate, the pause button here. i immediately jump in the game myself saying look, i have a bill out that says look, until we're sure, let's just stop the train for now in the name of safety for all americans. i you think there is a lot of nervous folks right now, not just republicans. democrats. david: we just showed a map, congressman, just show you know that showed a couple of blue states with democratic governors. what is the best argument you've heard from those who want to keep refugees here, who want to keep refugees coming in here? is there any argument that they make that is persuasive to you? >> well what folks do on the other side, i think they equate america being charitable and being the promised land with this refugee crisis. look, we're the most giving country of all. we're the most charitable country of all. these 15,000 folks are not immediate litmus test for us in
4:22 pm
our giving and our charitable nature. david: is there anything, by the way, as the governors are getting together to try to keep the refugees out and of course there is a lot of legal questions whether they have the power to do that, is there anything that congress can now do to support them? i know you're going to withhold funding. of course that could still mean refugees could continue to come into states that don't want them? >> i think i will do everything i can to support our wonderful governor, governor scott. hopefully the bills, hopefully chairman mccaul's bill will pass now. we'll get the fbi involved in the certification process. i would like my bill to be debated on so we can stop the flood here. david: final question, congressman, then we've got to go. is there any way at the end of the day you could possibly vet all these refugees with all of the turmoil over there? >> look it is hard to vet folks when there is no database. it is hard to prevent this when turkey and greece blend together
4:23 pm
in the gnc. this is a tough task. all the more reason to slow down the train here. david: congressman curt clawson, good to see you congressman. >> thanks for having me on y'all. appreciate it. thank you. melissa: how many troops does it take to wipe out isis? details on the newest plan to defeat the terrorist group that is coming up. plus france and russia are striking back, launching extensive airstrikes against isis in syria. but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier. it's your idea
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on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline, then use your miles to cover the cost. now you're getting somewhere. what's in your wallet? david: senator and presidential candidate lindsey graham detailing his plan to defeat isis with stuart varney earlier. take a listen. >> i'm going to introduce after thanksgiving an authorization to use military force, not limited by time, geography or means. i'm going to do with isil what we did with al qaeda after 9/11. declare war on them. allow this president and every other president to do what is necessary to destroy isil before they hit is here at home.
4:27 pm
you need 100,000 troops. most would come from the region. 10,000 would include the american component. here's what -- >> 10,000 american >> as part of a regional force. 10,000 is not enough. but that is enough to give arabs in turkey the capacity they need to win. melissa: france and russia aggressively ramping up their airstrikes against isis in syria, this in response to friday's attack in paris and what is believed to be a bombing of a russian jet that crashed in egypt last month killing everyone on board. fox news's conor powell joins us with details of these strikes in the region. conor? reporter: melissa, the military operation against isis is intensifying and expanding. the france sending only aircraft carrier to the middle east today. that 42,000-ton ship is expected to arrive in the eastern mediterranean in the next couple days. it will help bolster french and
4:28 pm
coalition airstrikes against militants. not only raqqa, the isis strong hold but across the region wherever isis is. raqqa continues to face heavy bombardment following the friday night paris attacks. russia joining in with the u.s. and france bombing. the isis strong hold following the announcement that isis blew up the metrojet plane over the sinai desert a couple weeks ago. activists that three or four dozen militants have been killed in raqqa the last couple days. there is it no way of confirming this. there are reports that isis is digging in and preparing for a long and sustained bombing campaign. the u.s. and russia also going after isis black market infrastructure for oil, bombing not only the oil fields that isis controls but also these oil trucks that they use to transport oil to turkey and to other black markets. now, france and russia stepping up their military bombardment of isis but important to remember,
4:29 pm
melissa, that 78% of all airstrikes being launched over isis's territory in iraq and syria are flown by american pilots. this is still very much an american military operation against isis, melissa. melissa: thank you for that update, conor powell. david: why just now? why just now? if we knew the oil tankers were there, why didn't we get them before? don't understand that. meanwhile the fbi is bracing for holiday terror attacks are the threats credible? our panel responding to heightened vigilance at agency. melissa: why the head of the cia that the u.s. needs to ask or get ready, quote to face a world of hurt. not reassuring words.
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melissa: concerning new reports on the threat from isis right here on u.s. soil. fbi officials directly involved in the war on terror say they are bracing for the holidays and they don't think they have sufficient tools to cope with the up tick in terror activity. joining me walid phares, fox news middle east and terrorism expert. we have a terry turchi, former deputy assistant director of the counterterrorism section of the fbi. terry, let me start with you. this is a number of reports that surfaced, an article in the "washington times." speaking on condition of anonymity, an official familiar with the bureau's operations that director james comey has put a
4:34 pm
brave fate on bureau's fight against isis, that masks significant intentions that are going on behind the scenes with the obama administration. does this ring true to you, terry? >> sure. in fact i'm not surprised at that at all. if you look at just a couple weeks ago, this dust-up when director comey made the comment about what local law enforcement officials were telling him about people being afraid out of the cars, and doing works they had to do, this was something very important and i'm glad you said it and i work daily here with the local police in the san francisco bay area and i can tell you that is how people feel. that is not something that he made up. and, i was surprised at the reaction from the white house and some of the assistants and all these other people that work around the president, that they would push back on the individual who of all people probably has the most knowledge and certainly everyone trusts his judgment and what he has to say. and i'm really surprised that the pushback occurred.
4:35 pm
that is exactly what people are thinking. melissa: yeah. walid, at the same time we're hearing about this weakness we're seeing on the other side of the table the level of isis sophistication just jump. when you look at the coordination of the attacks, the sophistication, even the instruments used, you know when they talk about being able to communicate using, whether it is a playstation or developing new deepen crip shun that can care out their business without being detected do you feel that here in the u.s. we're talling behind? >> we are, with isis using very cheap technology but one they can use for communications. they're using web in those movies when they say the enemy is using our systems against us, that is what isis is basically introducing. the french government called what happen in paris an act of war, because of their assessment
4:36 pm
these unit were moving as if they were commandoes. not just one guys or two guys going into supermarket and shooting this was systemic organization, doing systemic work on the ground. what happened over eight or nine hours with the possibility that a second cell which stayed behind and that could have been a second attack. we have to look really what is happening in france and in paris and also in other places around the world and understand these things, these scenarios could happen here, maybe in different forms or shapes. melissa: yeah. terry, do you think there is a particular threat this holiday season? they talk about being on vigilant alert as we get into this time of year when people tend to gather in larger places. symbolically a time of joy. christmas is all about christianity. do you think there is particular threat this holiday season? >> well, it could be and it could be heightened because of all the things that happened and because of our so far the response to what happened in paris.
4:37 pm
but i think that every day in the last year especially and certainly going forward, we have to be vigilant and alert. we could have an attack any day now. we could also not have anything happen for another year. what you think is very, very significant in that we talked about a few times last couple weeks, is that isis is beginning to look a lot more like an intelligence service that is able to commit acts of sabotage which are essentially acts of terror. they are behind the lines. they can get into the country in variety of different ways. they know how to develop the cells. they know how to remain anonymous. and they seem to be able to keep all of their operations and their planning very, very secure and still until the attack actually happens. we're lucky that we've stopped some of these attacks but our luck may run out pretty soon. we have to remember the fbi is really pressed right now with all of the activity going on and volumes of things it keeps picking up. melissa: yeah, very sobering. gentlemen, thanks.
4:38 pm
david: they're not jv team anymore. concerns growing over surveilance of isis. cia director john brennan arguing for stronger digital surveillance powers domestically as well as internationally. director brennan saying we will quote, face a world of hurt if our efforts aren't raised. joining us for more our very own peter barnes. what does that mean, efforts aren't raised? reporter:cia director and the fbi director weighing in on technology issues melissa discussed in last segment. national security services are lobbying for strong access to digital data following backlash against them because of edward snowden disclosures. congress has been working on legislation to limit data vacuuming by agencies and companies are resisting demands for so-called keys or back doors into encrypted phones and communications in new software and devices. obviously in both cases the
4:39 pm
vast, the vast, vast, overwhelming majority of their customers are not terrorists and want strong privacy protections. but with the rise of isis and now the paris terrorist attacks, security chiefs are saying they're getting too strong. >> if they find somebody they think might kill on their behalf, or might come and kill in the caliphate, they move them to a mobile messaging app that is end to end encrypted and at that moment the needle we've been searching the entire nation to find and have found goes invisible to us. >> unless there is going to be some type of international understanding about what is appropriate and acceptable, within that digital main, we're going to face a world of hurt in the future. reporter: in the wake of paris, some lawmakers are already moving to hold hearings on these issues and to extend government surveillance programs. david? david: peter barnes in washington. peter, thank you very much. president obama has found
4:40 pm
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david: president obama in manila today criticizing those who would pause the syrian refugee resettlements in the u.s. take a listen. >> i can not think of a more, more potent recruitment tool for isil than some of the rhetoric that has been coming out of here during the course of this debate. david: so is it prudent to hold up on resettling refugees from syria? are we actually helping the terrorists as president says if we recommend that? here to weigh in brad black main, former deputy assistant to president george w. bush.
4:44 pm
chris hahn, former aid to senator charles schumer and jillian melcher, "national review" columnist. chris, first to you, the president says anyone who is against his refugee intake program is helping isis. now your old boss, democrat chuck schumer is against, he is in favor of a pause, against what the president wants. does that make him a friend of isis? >> no. and of course look, what you're saying about chuck schuler is not exactly accurate. chuck schumer says we need to look at process. david: i wasn't talking about chuck schumer and president his charges against those plans. chuck assumer is against what the president wants. i don't think he is in favor of isis, do you? >> that is not what chuck schumer he recommends a pause. david: the president is not saying that. hold on. the fact is, brad president is saying anyone against my plan which does not include a pause is in favor of isis or helping isis. how does he get away with that?
4:45 pm
>> well he is not. congress is meeting and i'm sure they will take this up sooner rather than later and say, unless the government can guarranty with reasonable certainty we'll be able to vet these people they're not welcome. there is no vacancy in america for terrorists. statue of liberty says give us tired, poor, huddled masses, not terrorists. unless we can protect our homeland these people don't deserve to come here. david: and jillian, the president charges, puts up a straw dog, saying these are just widows and orphans, how could anybody be against them? you say, the turks just arrested eight people who had fake passports, fake i.d.s, were trying to get into germany with maps. they were all men. they were all healthy. they apparently were all involved with isis. we're not talking about widows and orphans here. >> what makes it complicated we are talking about widows and orphans but we're also talking about people -- david: correct, it is both. >> making it very difficult to deal with the situation. >> right. >> on one hand one in 10 syrians
4:46 pm
are christians. they're certainly not participating in islamic state activities. particularly with some of the obama administration's bureaucratic incompetence and particularly what we saw in paris, i think security concerns are completely valid. we have to put national security interests first. the sad reality, that will hurt up people victims of isis. they're twice victims. >> that was well-said. david: chuck schumer, a couple of democratic governors against the president's program. dianne feinstein i think will come out against the president's program. will the president push something all republicans and even some democrats are against? >> i think the president will have to prove to the congress and to the american people that the plan they have in place will protect americans first, and allow for people who are fleeing tyranny to have a safe haven in the united states and other places. david: will he push against opposition from all pubs and some democrats? >> congress is about compromise. government is about compromise. >> the question is whether the
4:47 pm
president is about compromise? >> yes, yes. david: will he compromise or push back. >> yes, he will compromise. david: meanwhile president obama is enjoying spotlight as "gq"'s man of the year. he dished on everything from his favorite tv show to race for white house saying it would be entertaining to campaign against donald trump. brood, what do you think would happen if it was president obama against donald trump. >> i think it would be entertaining to see donald trump take on president obama. the guy has abysmal record. he doesn't have much to run on. it is funny how obama is not going out quietly. he wants a third term. and i think it would be hilarious to see obama and trump together. david: he thinks he is just magnificent what he is doing, jillian. i don't think chris hand would think he is doing a good as job as he is doing. this is the author speaking, casually compared himself to
4:48 pm
aaron rogers, and he wasn't bragging. of course he is bragging, talking about himself. >> there is humble way to make the comparison. i think bigger point trump is guy you either love him or hate him. he is a poll rising individual. for hillary clinton, if we're looking at polling numbers right now, even with the amount of ethical baggage that she has, several polls say that she would beat out trump. i think obama is looking at it, does have the experience, doesn't have the ethical baggage but, boy would he like that. david: well it would be entertaining. chris, go ahead. >> well, look i came in third in that g "gq" poll. behind brad blakeman. would i like to run against i would like to run against up interest up interest as well. it would be a hoot. the guy says whatever he wants. he will be crazy and you will win, i don't know, 48 states? it will be reaganesque style victory who runs against donald trump. david: i don't think obama
4:49 pm
versus trump but may be trump against somebody else. i thank you to the panel. melissa. melissa: donald trump has radio ad attacking president's leadership in the fight against isis. >> the tragic attacks in paris prove once again that americans need to get tough on radical islamic terrorism. president obama and other politicians have consistently failed us. i will stop illegal immigration. we'll build a wall on southern border and i will quickly and decisively bomb the hell out of isis. melissa: sorry. [laughter] so startling in an ad. they are part of a 300,000-dollar ad buy announced earlier this month. did he say bomb the hell out of isis? david: he used an s word before. he cleaned it up a little bit. melissa: all right. in, is another government agency the answer to fighting isis? one gop candidate thought so. trying to take those comments back now. details of that one coming up. ♪ it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve
4:50 pm
in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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go long™. ♪ >> republican candidate john kasich taking a lot of heat for a new plan he seemed to promote just yesterday to combat isis. the ohio governor suggesting he would create a new government agency, tasked with promoting judeo-christian values around the world. what a fantastic idea! brad, chris and jillian are back with us. he since walked back the comments. somebody told him that was stupidest thing they heard and create an agency to beam these ideas around the word. so many problems with this. jillian, you were out reporting in eastern europe. the idea behind this is the thought that these values seem to become really unpopular. all of sudden around the world people are not interested in freedom and democracy. is that true? is that perception real?
4:54 pm
>> i think people are interested in freedom and democracy. we're also looking at a moment a clash of civilizations. europe is in particular not holding up the end of the stick and creating a real problems and not confident. is government agency way to fix this? like a secretariat of values. melissa: his phone rang off the hooker this like literally dumbest thing you ever said. you need to walk that back immediately. there is other catchphrase, this clash of civilizations. a fight going on right now. i don't know if it is old is new or freedom or not, however you want to paint it. is that really going on around the world right now? and are we losing? >> no, there is turmoil in the world for sure but, look, according to obama we're one world. we're not superior as country. we shouldn't feel that we're, we have values in america that are,
4:55 pm
are values other countries don't have. we seem ashamed to be who we are. the fact of matter every word and deed should speak to who we are as people. we don't need an agency do do that. melissa: chris, there idea we tried to impose judeo-christian values on other countries that don't care, don't want it? that is common topic of universities and seems to me that president thinks that way too. >> memo to john kasich, we tried to do that once, called the crusades. richard the lie on heart, try to impose our values on other civilizations. that is what got us in trouble to begin with. the president speaks about american exceptionalism. i heard other conservatives talk about that. that is not true. this president speaks about the country in highest terms, almost reaganesque when he speaks. >> no, no. i knew ronald reagan.
4:56 pm
i worked for ronald reagan and obama's no ronald reagan. >> there is distinction between -- >> no, he is better. >> being assertive about what we actually belief. i think europe is nick lar is not being -- in particular is not assertive what they believe in what, the treaty of west fall yaw? these are two different things we're talking about. melissa: we agree the government agency is not the way to go. that which can agree on. david: minneapolis police and swat officers are trying to disperse protesters out of fourth pre-sent, taking down protesters tents which have been set up since 24-year-old jamar clark was killed sunday. after police received calls to folks unable to access the police pre-sent. -- precinct. act much remembrance overseas turns vicious. boos interrupting a moment of silence for parisian victims. stay tuned.
4:57 pm
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>> turkey soccer fans booing during moment of silence. david: many fans shouting out "allahu akbar!," which means god is great. according to multiple reports. what can you say? "risk & reward" starts right now gun. [gunfire] deirdre: 5,000 rounds fired. an apartment complex in suburbs of paris turning into near war zone as police hunt down terrorists responsible for friday es attacks. breaking right now, everyone, we're awaiting on word from paris prosecutor whether the mastermind behind this attack was killed in the raid. meanwhile seven subjects have been arrested. weom


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