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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 18, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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everyone with a syrian passport we're exposing ourselves. here we are, 6 weeks from now. possibly making ourselves much more vulnerible. ill see you tomorrow on -- charles: breaking news, did french get their man, officials not identifying that second body found in paris raid today, by reports they that the mastermind is dead, just before air, president obama said he will veto the refugee bill, we have a new fox news poll just released, have you been asking, you got it. guess what, someone took a big lead, but first, fox news steve harrigan with latest from paris. >> reporter: it was urban warfare today in suburbs of paris after 4:00 a.m., shooting kicked off in a 5 story apartment building there was at least 5 suspected terrorists outside on the street, 100 of the elite french police, and more than
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100 soldiers, firing lasted for more than an hour, more than 5,000 rounds fired, grenades as well, the siege lasted more than 7 howrntio hours. by end of day, two suspected terrorists were dead, a lot of speculation over whether one could be ring leader, we'll wait for dna, 5 police wounded one police dog killed in the fight today. real concerns now that we could see more such raids, acrosses country, there have been 100,000 police mobilized, their goal is to put down any terrorist cell before they can attack, that is what they did today. we could see more urban fighting across france. france. >> reporter: thank you, steve harrigan.
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charles: a gunfire blasting in paris suburb this morning, the suspected architect of friday's terror attack is believed to have been in the apartment 5 others, one of the 17s that i -- suspects. remains at large, joining me now shawn henry, former fbi executive director, steven yates, and steve rogers. let me go to you steve, what do you make of what happening in france? you see, statement -- there has been statement changes but they are small and large? >> they are significant, we have done is see a change from law enforcement action it fighting enemy combatant that gunfire you heard, was not a file of -- field of battle, it on city streets. the fire is that gunfire would be heard here in u.s. if we do
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not take act against these terrorists. charles: steve your boss, dick cheney, it feels like american public is coming to notion that sometimes you must take a hawkish stance issue now the people and is the citizens of france as well. >> there are a number of things playing out that are more than a decade ago, there is a theory you need to take the fight to them overseas, it would seem that french people are learning a little bit of this. a wake-up call for us here in the united states there is also a notion of really taking iriusly you have to -- seriously you have to pro mil profile and monitor people, who fit a certain target set if you keep your citizens safe. we feel a certain way about this is civil liberties but
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when it comes to people coming in we need to screen them, and scale them. charles: what do you think. they say they believe they caught the mastermind, they believe, there are strines attached, this person was born in europe but still had this vengeance. >> if they killed the mastermind, that does not pit an end to this threat, and risk too the people of france, and elsewhere in western europe, even here. there are a lot of tentacles, others that will step up. we've seen this this al qaeda in past with killing of leadership overseas, that helped to keep them off our shores here, i am certain but there has been a reconstruction. people need to understand that threat is not going away any time soon, isis said they will continue to infiltrate western
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europe, they will put foreign fighters on land there. they are there now, i am certain, we're looking in u.s., fbi and others to try to disrupt any potential attacks similar to what in paris. >> you mention that we have had a lot of success in killing leaders, and new person pops up all of the time, let's talk about the organization, some say that isis could be in some form of retreat mode right now, syrian city of raqqa has been getting rocketed with french and russian warplanes, conducting nonstop airstrikes, terror group losing city of san jar, to -- sinjar and iraq. then al-asad, he is turned back a one year siege on aleppo. it feels like these dominoes are falling at same time, the
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big question, is, is isis in some form of retreat, if that is the case, is now the time to go in for the kill? >> i don't think they are in a retreat, they have the entire mideast, when the president said they have isis contain, he has got it wrong, they have us contained. putin is going in it take care of business, and french, but for us to have a solid chance we have to lead. charles: everyone acknowledges that america must play a role, if that is the case, i don't think that this administration has the will to do that, but if it is would russia and france move aside and let us dictate terms, and also, we know that it would involve some sort of troops on the ground, that is where we run into trouble from public relations aspect in america. >> there is no doubt, that
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there is noel in this administration to take the fight to this enemy overseas, and a great reluctance to part of that administration to put boots on ground, but there no theory in victory of warfare that comes from the air alone, dealing with a determined enemy like this this is regrettable that the french and russians are hitting dark it-- targets that we've known about for a year. we have really let our allies down, it will take a lot to regroup, this is a moment where pressure should be put on defeating isis headquarters, but i think all other prior comes right, isis is way bigger than this narrow geography. with a demonstration affect of hitting the at their core helps. charles: a grand bargain with russia, united states, europe,
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france, and perhaps al-asad and iran? would it take the ultimate configuration of frenemies to put them away for good? >> this has to be a globalco leg, have you open -- global coalition. that will require a broad coming together of various woarg organizations to make it right. charles: amazing. to consider that assad would be occurred one of the good guys. just moments before the show, police authority in honduras,
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detained 5 syrian national trying to reach united states using stolen greek passports, believe that one of the paris attackers slipped into europe, registered in greece. but i have to tell you, there is no sign of any links to last week's attack in paris otherwise, but this is one thing that bothers a lot of people. we started the show talking about potential mastermind, they -- and a lot of these instances, whether it was tennessee or in this case in belgium, they are born, raised in west, somehow they come to hate the west. i think that someone happens in the home ethen later in life. i want to ask uhow does this happen. >> how can somewhere born in the wes western country that took their family in, fed them, nurtured them, how could they turn to the country so viciously. >> you talk about radicalization, they are not
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happy, they are -- charles: one second, i'll let you finish, but, you leave your country, with just clothes on your back, you go somewhere you get welfare benefit, medical benefits, you actually get a job, do you well, your kids go to college. where are they being disenfranchised? >> i have seen with radicalization here, certainly domestically, i have not been in syria. here, these are people who are having difficulty somewhere issue they are reaching out, not unlike the way that street gangs in this country in united states have radicalized people and brought them in they are look for something to connect with. they want to feel like they are part of a larger whole, a organization, and that is part of them looking out for another group that will help make them feel like they belong. charles: i get that crips and bloods, no father, in the
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home, but, you take this tsarnaevs. their mother, behavior she exhibited during the court proceedings, and afterwards this someone who was here, took hundreds of dollars worth of welfare, and recented this nation to point she raised people that hated us enough to commit these atrocities. trish: >> that is right, that one of reason that we have to look at, i agree there is no such thing as self ratification -- radicalization, they either travel to the troubled areas or they come back or they are approached on-line. or by people in their own community, there is something that is toxic about this, islamist ideology that is know mating this violence, it getting -- that is animating this violent right now, it is getting people to do more horrific things. >> i do not have answer to,
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that on refugee issue i could share this, i would rather be safe than sorry, not that we're not being commission at. charles: i know that, i am saying that when we've shown compassion. as concerned as we are with embedded terrorists, with these refugees, there are people who are already here, born, raised here, with all benefits of being american citizens lived a great life, still, that nugget that kernel of hate blooms into carnage. charles: honduras detains 5 syrian that was headed to u.s. with fake pass are on thes. -- pass part ofs, president obama before the show vows to veto it, we'll be right back. jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in.
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charles: congress is moving quickly to respond to the terrorist attack. breaking news, right before the show, president obama he vows to veto a bill, main author of bill, is joining me now, representative hudson. president obama feeling the pressure, comes out to say he will veto the bill, this is also a form of intimidation, your thoughts? >> disappointing. to tell you the truth, i can't think of a single bill that we brought to house floor that president has not issued a
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veto threat on. my hope that if we get reasonable democrat senators who have expressed concern, maybe president will reconsider. charles: you had them express concern, well-known democrats like feinstein talking about your lack rit sig -- situation with respect to foreign policy, how do you think you stand right now. >> i'm not sure we're at a veto-proof point right now, i have worked hard with democrats this week. we got really close, but we don't have a commitment from them, the words come down from nancy pelosi they are not voting with us. i have a lot of individual democrats who told me they are with us, my hope is we could
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get a number of democracies that hear same from their constituents that i hear from my folks at home, that american people would like to stop this process until we are comfortable with vetting. charles: to our point, the polls showing a amazing swing. majority of americans are saying what your constituents are saying, this not the right time, they don't feel safe, only smart in their mind to hold there back, the question is, we have seen a lot of democrats lose their career on backing things like obamacare, maybe that where you get them, do you give up your career for something like this? >> tomorrow saying, you support the status quo, i hate to have to go home and explain why i support the status quo. charles: they are saying they are vetted through certain agencies like fbi, department of defense, biometric
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fingerprinting and interviews, what should be added to that, that we'd feel safer at a nation. >> this is not richard hudson saying there is a problem, the fbi said have is a problem president obama's own director of homeland security said there is a problem. we cannot do background checks on these folks, you talk to your former employees, and neighbors, but you can't go to syria and knock on the door when the whole block has been blown up. the problem is, as fbi director said, we cannot vet these folks properly, and that is why there is a red flag, it not me saying it but the president's own administration. charles: let's hope this is one time that president puts 308 politics, side and listens
6:20 pm
to the voice of the american public, they are being loud and clear. >> thank you, i would tell your listener, light up the white house switchboard let the president know where you stand on this. charles: thank you. >> thank you. charles: breaking news for you, a new fox news poll out, you have been asking for it, shows that donald trump has a strong commanding lead in new hampshire, 27%. rubio and cruz follow with 13 and 11%, what happened to carson? thinking like iraq, we'll be right back.
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charles: you have been asking for it a new folk news poll -- fox news poll, donald trump takes lead of g.o.p. race in new hampshire marco rubio receives 13%, just above ted cruz, 11%, ben carson did you
6:24 pm
not break double digits he ties jeb bush with 9% followed by john kasich. and chris christie, this is where he makes a stan at 6%, 3% carly fiorina, and rand paul, back there, then in meantime lindsey graham, mike huckabee, and ric santorum 1%. if general election was held today who would win? marco rubio is choice polling ahead of hillary clinton by 7 points. jeb bush in second, and although trump is in a favorite among g.o.p. voters he performs worse of against hillary clinton, when voters were asked how things are going in country today, 58% are unhappy with the way things are going, that is a reflect of probe rob's al president obama's overall rating, joining me now tammy bruce. and darren shaw.
6:25 pm
the polls, everyone has been waiting for this poll after paris, and last debate. what of most interesting aspect from your point of view? >> couple things, to note, first, you hipped at before the -- hinted at before the break, ben carson is kind of nowhere to be seen, he is with the pack, in national poll and iowa poll he is at head. either with trump or some others. here, he actually trailed jeb bush, he trailed ted cruz, you know and marco rubio. and that is a change in the race. other point i observe is that donald trump's support, how certain are you to vote for candidate you prefer. donald trumpa only one whose supporters over 50% likely to say, they have made up their minds, and ben carson supporters are most likely to say, they might change their
6:26 pm
mind. trump's supporters, are saying they are not going anywhere. charles: rub rubio is getting traction that media said, they said he won but we did not see that in polling. >> look, this is a fascinating poll, in that you have as your other guest noted number of people who decided that they are with their candidate, 55% said that they could change their mind. that shows you fluidity of this field, i think that is significant. other thing, also here, new hampshire is never been real strong for carson, iowa is his strong suit, nationally they are name recognition polls, i think it is way too soon to think that carson has been impacted in rest of polling other than mr. trump.
6:27 pm
with 5% margin of error almost everyone else is tied. have you everyone in that dynamic, it could go anywhere. whoever your favorite is, no one has been knocked out of this. >> what do you make of the once again, with the general election, we continue to see time after time, where hillary clinton fares bet against donald trump. what is that about? >> i think as you pointed out rubio is strongest against hillary clinton, you could look at an honesty phenomenon, republicans are polling well against hillary clinton, and, marco rubio and ben carson, he looks strong against hillary, it may be that those candidates with honesty as a cornerstone of their campaign do well with matched up against hillary clinton, trump, maybe because he is a businessman or people assume
6:28 pm
he cut corners, he does not score well, maybe big republican advantage, trump is one candidate who does not enjoy that. charles: hard to believe that anyone would trail hillary clinton in honesty category. just saying, thank you very much. well, too cool for school? commander in chief? he trying to attempt to address some key issues by issuing a series of tweets this morning. we'll hit the reply button when we come back.
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it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. charles: president obama attacks the g.o.p. with more passion than with radical islam. >> apparently they're scared of widows and orphans coming to the united states of america. they're worried about the press being too tough on them during the debates now they're worried about three-year-old orphans. that does not sound very tough to meet. needs to stop because the world is watching. charles: i get there always on the attack but there has to be a time of being president of united states is more important than partisan bickering.
6:33 pm
our panel is back. does the president of the world stage talk about the g.o.p. rivals back in the state's? of presidential is that? look with even less respect than before. >> when he makes statements like that they should be accurate. when you look at what was and what was about to be its 898 change. last year we took didn't 1800's syrian refugees most of which were women and children the next your secretary kerry has announced 10,000. that we have learned a lot of lessons that occupational force on the ground to bring some serious dudes in here by mistake.
6:34 pm
in to do it in a year with five times the amount to not expect to have a mistake as i have gone on the record to say we cannot guarantee results. >> we have seen and of miles long lines of refugees going to europe. it becomes apparent with that overwhelming majority are fighting and so why are they fighting back at hom why did they leave the widows and orphans behind? the enemy is abetted among them. >> i served before and during and after 9/11 i find it completely on regis to
6:35 pm
have of president is engaging in political snark to suggest on twitter we have strong man with #diplomacy. it is the undeniable fact we have a flood of humanity coming out of the caliphate they have declared. you cannot know moody's people are. and any moderating force to take these people in to have of major strategic consequences. >> and then doubling down on the ice this strategy here is one. protect the american people is my top priority with the 65 partners to lead the campaign to destroy ijssel.
6:36 pm
at wed betrayed our deepest values. it sounds like an insurance commercial the only time we have seen them get upset with the g.o.p. opposition by the way is echoed by the american people. >> this is an american problem making reference to trump and chris trustee their right. it is not that they're not compassionate but we're doing the best we could to protect the american people. >> it feels like he tries to the strategy even when it is a working. so now blame the next g.o.p.
6:37 pm
guy but this whole idea of coalition partners we have france and russia say we are ready to destroy them if you take the lead right now. >> when i was in the navy we had as saying tuesday leader follow or get out of the way. we refused to read it now putin has. we can either follow or get out of the way. we cannot get out of the way so now they try to put off the best spin to make it look like they are part of the leadership but in fact, we are not. putin is running the show. charles: we will get final word on the refugees. there was just no wiggle room. it seems that we were headed to destruction with these refugees. >> coming way too far from an 11 to keep up a watch who
6:38 pm
is coming and. to be a referendum election we don't get all the blessings of liberty. charles: your all fantastic very much. snap chat to read the cool stuff of the future and indeed the future today. wheat -- we will talk about it next. to put off
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charles: we know isis is very rich and as creative ways to communicate around the world. after the paris attacks could have gone through police station for and it has the least $3 million of bitcoin. the idea of bejewel currency particular libertarians but now they can use that to fund terrorist cells it is scary. >> it is but communications are great the fact people can use them for the purpose does not lessen their value to our society.
6:43 pm
charles: the fbi knows tv crew mitt process to bottle the messages of course, you don't want to get rid of this but how we go people are safe? >> we have to look to the means to stop from terrorism is still protect people's right when you talk about police station they are natural capabilities that our inherent in the game they video chat and voice chat the terrorists are just looking for another communication road to intercept a they have to come up with other ways to develop intelligence to disrupt these types of attacks will take a lot of continued effort and
6:44 pm
citizens to determine their civil liberties and if there is a balance there willing to make concessions. >> dianne feinstein came out yesterday her district includes silicon valley she came down pretty hard. of responsibilities they will have safeguards for the public? >> for those who wish to do us harm will find effective methods if the u.s. has been proposed to create back doors don't be naive. they will let use the back
6:45 pm
door communications as their method of gauging so we will that add any additional protection of. but what we will be doing is harming the privacy of americans and people around the world. so then to defend themselves from these digital attackers. so we have to be very careful. charles: it is a very fit nonpro -- a very thin line. now the dow is up triple digits now they will add evidence they will hike rates. we will explain it when we
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let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare today. ♪ charles: stocks ended stronger on a high note getting a big boost from the fed and the fomc may hike rates. the editor the conclusion is the notion that it will take us down to under 50 points -- 200 50. >> that the fed will probably raise rates. bad news good news to raise
6:50 pm
rates if it doesn't make sense look at the commodities that are down to lead the market with energy stocks the market could turn back down. >> no doubt we are trading wildly in a tight range. the market is grappling. i was disappointed because i am in target and relatively hammered on good news. you have to be very selective in almost lucky. >> revenues were down 2% also topline growth to say they can be manipulated in consensus we are not sure what they mean.
6:51 pm
charles: it feels like there are great opportunities. wal-mart gives up a lot. there are some major companies that are 30 or 40% because they will miss this quarter estimate the earnings have been sliding backwards so just because the market rally does not mean all stocks are raising. the leadership is very narrow. amazon, google microsoft and apple joined today. charles: is pure carnage that people don't realize how many stocks are down 20% this year. having said that you still say but then into an upturn. >> no reason to trust the market with the canary in the cold wind they continued to slide the market will
6:52 pm
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6:56 pm
syrian refugees. tammy bruce, steve rogers and captain chuck nash are back with me. out to you, captain nash. is this just a french thing to do? is this compassion? what's going on here? >> well, the french have the most percentage ever muslims in all of western europe. the pew research found out about 7.5%, back in 2010. current estimates are about 10% to. put that in perspective, taking that many more aboard, france is a little smaller than the size of texas. so if the entire united states is going to take 10,000 next year and the french are going to do that in -- that many every year for two years plus, and cram them all into something smaller than texas, 60% of the prison population right now in france is muslim. so you got to play with the
6:57 pm
numbers here and it's not an upside story. charles: obviously, tammy we feel this compassion, but it is certainly a head scratcher. >> look, he's a socialist, a leftist. while the massacre in paris is going to change things in the long run, this is a habitual way of thinking. i think at the same time, he's going to hear perhaps from the french people, that there's an understanding that you can be a free nation be and compassionate, it doesn't have to be suicidal, and there's ways to find where you can be compassionate and bring people in, like we're working on not necessarily right now and to find ways to make it work. he's going to hear from the french people who i don't think want to die. i i don't think they want their society to die and have to have the cultural conversation. but when it comes to politicians, look, there are still political animals, he
6:58 pm
wants to move his agenda, he has a sense what's better for france. long run, he will likely change his mind. charles: steve, one thing i think all of europe, particularly the scandinavian countries, certainly germany, certainly france, losing culture to a group of people who refuse to assimilate seems nuts, crazy. you don't want to lose your culture. we have a culture of assimilation in this country. i became when salsa was the number one condiment over ketchup, that told me something, there is something unique about the way people assimilate here that's never materialized in europe. >> it probably won't and this is going to make things worse. the solution to the problem is this is where presidential leadership could come in handy. you meet with putin. charles: hollande is showing presidential leadership, he's doing in his mind the right thing, maybe it's the ideology. >> it's what tammy said, the politics of the matter really.
6:59 pm
some people are more interested in politics than people. the safe haven idea, the corridor, get the states involved, give the middle eastern states ownership, put a save haven in the mideast, protect them there. >> captain nash, this has been going on a long time. europeans dug themselves a deep hole with the low birth rate. every economy needs fresh people, more people and this put them over a barrel where maybe economically they have to accept people who are going to bring trouble with them. >> sweden started that first, then germany has stepped up mostly with turkish immigrants, and yes, the low birth rates in europe, and you look at the substantially higher muslim family birth rates, and the estimate was that by 2030, using sustained growth of about 1% per decade, by 2030, europe would be a percent muslim.
7:00 pm
charles: getting ahead of that now. >> i think we're going to beat numbers by a long shot. charles: thank you very much, we appreciate it. at home, of course, we always appreciate it, catch us every night at 6:00 p.m., if you can't see the show, dvr it. lou dobbs is next. keep it right here on fox business. . lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. paris police and french special forces tonight have successfully carried out a raid on a radical islamist terrorist group reportedly ready to attack paris' business district. overnight raids in saint-denis resulting in the deaths of two terrorists and arrest of 8 others. their target, abdelhamid abaaoud. the belgian man accused of master mined the paris attacks. while intelligence sources say they're confident he was killed in the raid, they don't have verifiable evidence he is dead. we'll have the fl


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