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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 18, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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with us. good night from new york. ♪ kennedy: i am watching demagogued take over the country from terrorism and refugees. and not g.o.p. hopefuls i am talking about the president he knows mishandling another crisis will do his tarnished legacy and monday he had the gall to call the terrorist attacks the setbacks. he could blame it all of the
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video of the jayvees god -- squad. when that fails he will try to get the sheep fired up to blame republicans. >> that is political posturing i cannot think of a more potent the agreement to will and the rhetoric coming out of here. kennedy: i cannot think of the greater wasted opportunity to be devoid of solutions the president is using the counter argument to make a case for allowing refugees. they're not shunning or
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vince italy's big getting themselves worked up about terrorist they don't want the sleepers were the syrians to solve radicalize once they disembark the president should point out the vetting process takes up to two years but there is no such program in europe. they don't take as long to figure out where they came a with a year in europe there is no saying goodbye. >> your out. kennedy: people's ears are fed to meet syrian refugees the brunt and the cause is not only misleading and hysterical if it is dangerous because it lets the next crisis fester. we will break down the
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argument of charlie sheen and then to respond to critics and secretary of state and john kerry said there was an understandable rationale. ♪ kennedy: president obama i got this. he cannot think of better propaganda the man republican rhetoric. to have the unintended unintended consequences as well. a radio host and the host of read i. welcome.
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>> it is like you're ready for those pictures the fact he says republicans talk about terrorists in refugees is a more robust recruiting tool for isis and christians on the beach towel off base? to make it is absurd but his usual approach to try to ridicule common demesne, said dismiss you you agree or you are a dopant and a moron that is the path he tries to use. my argument is when you dismiss concerns about the refugees and act like the people who have raised concerns about paris infiltrating the united states, without dealing with it to call their spirits spirits, you pointed out a two-year process fell only
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lead to greater outrage of a backlash potentially worse. kennedy: we're all americans attacking republicans to use that moral equivalence that they are as bad as the terrorist, he makes himself look like he is on the j.b. squad. >> of course, he does this every time and everything that happens is oldest recruit more people for isis. there doing pretty good. i don't think we have to give them any reason and his rationale. we do this every time you're afraid of portland and widows? well will they do? kennedy: it is so
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condescending. to have somebody bird comments themselves. >> we are in the middle of the campaign season but with the democratic debate day blame the crisis on global warming but to talk about a recruitment tool factually speaking the drone campaign is more the with any politician is saying. >> maybe but the christians in. >> this is the obama track record. he embraced the arabs during but it was great then said the attack in of weapons into syria but that is just the rhetoric of republicans. >> somehow they're to blame for everything but it is the
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turkish police have detained eight suspected members planning to sneak into europe as refugees so this purves europe has a much harder time to keep out terrorists because those borders are so porous greece is a series of islands you have so many passages is a difficult battle for people to get into that country. >> this will be big talking about in france it will be huge and of course, republicans are jumping on this instead of a rational argument could be have any issue that is not
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the president? kennedy: that is incredibly dangerous. >> it just makes you feel better. >> i said this before as the candidates get so angry about the illegal immigrants living in this country. you talk about the people at the same judeo-christian background and beliefs as the nation's here are bringing in people with even deeper faith than the people living here. where are they the strongest in the southwest and in the west the greatest number of catholics has been growing in recent years now they
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don't look too bad. kennedy: my problem with hysteria but it is easier for them to get the. kennedy: to be a refugee. >> to my point earlier a must they do something at least the theory to explain any rational way about how the refugees are coming and he will have something much worse the great progressive the left does not have a great track record and also happens to be a glass house
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will take a tour of the nation's capital to a bed car since advisers the he is struggling to grab a foreign-policy and the response to critics makes us less they. stay right here.
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kennedy: foreign-policy is the big problem for ben carson and. divisor's they is an ongoing problem and they are trying. nobody has been able to sit down with him to get intelligence information about the middle east. in to take advantage as an elderly gentleman. this is how i feel. correct me if i'm wrong paris banks him. >> is highly possible but know what your people talk to the your time he see how they characterized it.
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i don't know why he is talking to "the new york times". but it has turned into a giant story. into the left-field in then to be tiptop in for a policy. this was my eighth about this since i think his head is so full of impressive medical information there is room for little else. >> into have some clear ideas of the way the world should be.
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with a unique form policy. take a page from obama as playbook. don't say what you would do but what will you would not do. >> good to shift that conversation the urge you happy dr. carson revealed the chinese presence in syria? >> to get them out of syria nobody else will touch that issue. he is struggling to deal with foreign policy the rest of us are struggling to understand what he is he will probably do really well in iowa and that's all. kennedy: you are right. it is interesting.
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>> you watch his mouth moved to pay close attention and then to make a mistake then we be able to get away with more. kennedy: to use that technique. >> that is so true. >> people think everyone wants to hear specifics. there is a lot of talks about dr. carson and donald trump he will not get specific people will like the message more. kennedy: they do. because it is what a majority of people want to
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bomb isis. i would even make out with charlie sheen. [laughter] >> reported they had scores of women after he was diagnosed good exposure taken to court? we have a lawyer but first john kerry said the least the attacks against charlie hebdo had a rationale. stay here.
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kennedy: the attacks at charlie hebdo were publishing cartoons of the profit mohammed. john kerry almost still -- sounded nostalgic. >> there is something different about what happened with charlie hebdo a particularized focus of legitimacy, and not legitimacy better rationale to say they're angry because of this or that. >> such atrocities cannot be rationalized selected the secretary of state put his flooded his mouth were does it go deeper?
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>> was in this lip of the town? >> it has treated charlie hebdo suppose of the entire muslim speech one year before urd they were massacred they had come out dewy lawyer muhammed cartoons that had to close some indices. he said basically that obviously we have to question the judgment of this newspaper. that they were firebombed and that they were inflammatory.
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keep in mind hillary clinton was just talking about the benghazi hearings and use the words sparked the also charlie hebdo that was sparked by the cartoons. think about that. start is a few light something on fire it is not where you draw something on a piece of paper over here a thousand miles away then months later people decide to be mad enough about it. >> it is so insensitive than these recent attacks so it is not that different of a rationale for attacking charlie hebdo but i don't appreciate john kerry. [bleep]
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had it coming defense. >> exactly.two weeks after bengi obama gave a speech at the united nations that it does not belong to those is with a profit of islam. after our people are killed by lunatics he gives dublin a ticks the book that the -- the benefit of the doubt what the living hell is that? that draw on their own free speech under the bus to tell people out there if you want to get your grievance these - - grievances' legitimized killing enough people progress simple as that. and telling us you may not want to go that far because people will take a the wrong way. that will be inflammatory were reducing our free speech while legitimizing the monstrous grievances of prehistoric people. kennedy: ultimate cleaning the victim. this is offensive.
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>> is dangerous because it incentivizes people with you reward behavior you get more of it. to say if you have a sense of grievance we will highlight it because you kill and a people. >> did you have a lot of colleagues over there. it is such a crazy time and given it to hysteria when dash hysteria and given rationality to the discussion. we were made vulnerable to attack and help to expose nsa fighting. kantor the she be held responsible for exposing
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kennedy: marco rubio said his opponents ted cruz and rand paul have walk ended u.s. surveillance programs, let's bring in glen glean would. from the intercept. along with many other secret programs glen welcome. >> great to be with you. kennedy: i appreciate having you here. there are a lot of people who are using the narrative, that somehow your reports about snowden has weakened national security. is there a possibility that reporting put security at risk. >> no, if you look at what u.s. government has been saying back 20 years to 1997, after mchave a attack on --
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mchav-- vi -- they need a backdoor into it there is a 2001 article from "usa today" warning that al qaeda uses most advanced encryption possible, only thing that reports said is that, not that terrorists were targeting for surveillance but the rest of the world was being targeted. it shows how drastic the republican party has charged from small government roots. what clinton administration demanded a backdoor to encryption that of defeated. as founders taught us we would rather have that than government going through our e-mails.
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>> patrick henry did not say give me security. or give me death. all right, so. what role did encryption play in these terrorist attacks? how is that different from what louie freeh was talking about in 2001? >> so, that is the amazing thing, we have a week of cia fear mongering telling people only reason that terrorists got away with what they did, because they used incryp encryption. >> there is zero evidence they used encryption. they have no idea how they communicated. this is a third major terrorist attack in a row where perpetrators, some were siblingsesibling. the same is true with "charlie hebdo" bombing and the boston marathon. they have no idea that their
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scaremongering is even could rat, if terrorists might face-to-face should we allow government to put monitors in everyone's home. no bod would say that government should be able to have access to every communication. kennedy: it seems that road that france is going down now, open fully that opens door for a civil liberty discussion, i want to talk to you about anonymous, the hacker grouch said they -- group says they will bring down isis. hour important are these hackerred in dealing with terrorism. >> i don't think that anonymous can bring down isis. you know, i think that what anonymous has seem -- they say they have succeeded in doing is knocking a few of them off line. i don't understand why that is a benefit. if anything you want your adversary on-line to
8:33 pm
communicate openly gather intelligence. knocking them off line does not make them disappear. we should learn the lesson of afghanistan. in 2001, and 2002, u.s. said we'll destroy the taliban, 13 years later, the taliban is not destroyed. you can't destroy ideas, you can prevent them from getting stronger. that is thinne thing we should look to avoid. kennedy: do have you another edward snowden, is there someone else you are communicating with, who works deep went national security. >> about a month ago we published what probably was most sensitive and important leak of top secret documents about the drone program, we call the drone papers, we were clear about fact that is a
8:34 pm
source of government of that not snowden. in last two weeks we published an article based to leak of millions of recorded phone calls between prisoners and people outside, including their lawyers, so yeah we're creating technology to let people in government communicate with us securely to leak information to us. kennedy: are you a trader? >> you know, i went to law school, i did a lot of reading of the founding fathers and federalist papers and like for me what united states is, are those values, i think that journalism i do, and whistle-blowers is an affirmation of those valleys, these attacking them are in the government who are expanding their power at the expense our libertys. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up, panel returns, john kasich calls for
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kennedy: welcome back john kasich responds to the attack on paris with a call to new federal agency just what we need. >> its job would be to revive what we used to do when we would beam messages to former soviet union, we need to beam messages in world what it means to have a western ethnic, part of a
8:39 pm
judeo-christian society. kennedy: saying that is is human rights democracy, freedom of speech, and feed o freedom of religion. is the government's job, to be educating the rest of the world about religion. >> when i was a kid, republicans would pretended to be in small government. , this is insane, we have a department that trying to force our values on the rest of the world, called the department of defense. >> we drop that message with bombs. kennedy: oh, no he didn't. >> i think that john kasich is trueing to out compassionate, conservativize george w. bush, but he was elected twice, and created that prescription drug program. there is precedent that
8:40 pm
americans like this stuff. that you know, they believe in it. kennedy: i encourage more americans to explore and embrace their faith. i think it strengthens family, i do not think that family should have any part of desystem mate - -- >> how do you equate a government organization espousing and promoting beliefs of one area of religion, and drugs for old people, drugs for old people work because it is drugs for old people, how do you have a conservative promoting a giant government organization or a program. we already do this, called missionary work, the work of the church. you leave it up to people and their religion whether they choose to remot to -- promote that. kennedy: you cut people's taxes to donate more money to
8:41 pm
the organizations, so ngos can go out and help people. >> understood but i agree with you, reason that it works. kennedy: a big but. >> kasich was to the ropes he went the walker routine, and he was going to be a conservative governor, he was go to get kicked out he became combat -- compassion at conservative, he in the midwest it does work. kennedy: speaking of all of the ways i recent turkey in a soccer game, attending muslim responding to a moment of violence for the 1r-78 victims of the paris terrorist attacks with boos. turkey, turkey, turkey. go ahead defend the turks.
8:42 pm
>> i am, i don't know what was going on. kennedy: that was not silence. >> they do their moment of silence they vocalize, they pray, they said they were doing a god is great stuff. kennedy: opposite of silence, rude, and way -- god is great -- >> we never do se silence. kennedy: you know how they do so lin silence is with the armenian genocide. i have never fore geffen them for that -- fear given them for that. turkey on the gateway to terror, i am not pleased. >> number 8 seems less impressive with a stadium full of people chanting allah akbar, i am sure i could find you 8 terrorists in there. ther.
8:43 pm
>> i can sum it in in words of joeios-- yosemite sam. kennedy: i love your salty ways, didn't you just sit, watch the tv, and curse. >> i did too, did you walk by a mosque they do not do silence, they always make noise, i am saying maybe there is something we don't understand, don't jump to conclusions. kennedy: i never thought of you as an apologist for turkey. >> apparently i am. >> what is loud is my gun. >> here, oh, me god. >> that is a recruitment tool. kennedy: that is how americans can keep themselves safe, if
8:44 pm
we were all armed they are not coming over here. in a gq international, president obama said after his presidency, he said he would like to own a basketball team. don't you have to have a billion dollars to buy a nba team. >> maybe he has a clinton plan of taking a hundred million from saudi arabia turning to chicago bulls. kennedy: sheik let me be clear, buy the bulls. you can drive the rolls. he might be curing favor with governments to buy a team. >> he would fit in with owner like mark cuban. >> cuban. >> right? kennedy: cuban. >> i don't know.
8:45 pm
always yapping his crazy political theories, that obama would be in great company. >> i want him to own a team, i want him to get his rich friends to put up money, you see him do a steve bam mer, his team is losing. >> and run on to court. kennedy: what if only thing he could too is become friends with donald sterling. and he use his billion dollars he got from steve ballmer, they buy a crappy team like the massa peakia doughnuts. >> beautiful. >> thank you so much tom shah lou. >> thank you. >> steve fight, a great night, love you too. >> not even dirty, a heart.
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coming up, can charlie sheen be prosecuted for knowingly sleeping with women. >> we'll tell you all of the facts stay here. jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in. it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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kennedy: hello, charlie sheen admitte admit he correspondenhiv 4 years ago. co-host of the 5, how secon serious is this. >> a very unfortunate situation, a lot of people's
8:50 pm
lives are impacted by this. number of people that will have to go to see their physician, get regularly checked there is liability in state of california, civil and criminal for a situation like this. he could potentially look at quite a number of misdemeanor charges there is no requirement of a specific intent to infection. kennedy: that is my question. do you have to have intent if you infection someone without telling them that you are hiv positive. >> no. you can be charged with a misdemeanor, but for a felony you do, that he had an intent to transmit and infection, then had unprotected sex. so that is the issue there. but then whole other path, running parallel is a civil liability, people can sue for
8:51 pm
sexual abuse, and ne negligent inflection of emotional distress. just think about the anxiety, like you have relations with them, bre e said shy was concerned but charlie sheen's manager said he was tested about the time he was with bree, he did not tell her she was hiv positive, he was not in that month of that year, these are issues that facts that court would figure out. kennedy: yes, could he look at prison time. >> potentially right, if he knowingly infected somebody with criminal laws. that is unlikely to happen, given scope of what we know right now, but facts are developing. he said he report out you know on the today show to talk about it to stem the tide, onslaught of kind of hush
8:52 pm
money because people were shaking him down. kennedy: said we're going to reveal our diagnosis. >> and et cetera, he said i have to 3u9 put a top to this that is one way to broadcast to make sure that anyone going forward knows he is hiv positive, he said he would devote himself to finding a cure. and et cetera. kennedy: there are plenty of hiv policy en states that came out in his favor said, he cannot be kept from working because of this. he cannot be discram discriminated against because he is hiv positive. but it is a crazy case, it sounds like he does bear a lot of responsibility, you know if one of his sexual partners who was not notified of his condition. >> he said, is already specified there issue two individuals he had he claims consensual sex they consented,
8:53 pm
to have sex, it was unprotected but they have been under the care of his physician with regular checks and tested i don't know. kennedy: his physician said if he has issues with substance abuse and does not take his pills that could be problematic for him. >> you have to watch that, and think about this stress of this situation, telling the world that it reminds me of time of magic johnson who cape oucame out in support of charlie sheen. hopefully this encourages people to be tested and be safe. kennedy: there is still no cure, coming up, is there an elevated risk over holidays for an attack at home? we separate fact from fixedh according to to be a fbi report.
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us, washington times reports that fbi officials worried about their ability to cope with possible terrorist threats. in places like shopping malls, stadiums, restaurants and venues with a lot of foot traffic economy e-mack is joining me now. i do don't want to go far with but how worried should we about. >> because i was at "wall street journal," just because i have talked to them for a long time about this, they seem to be really nervous more nervous than before. because budget cutbacks, they pull agency from white collar crime, other task forces to do this job, they feel like their resources ar stretched thin, no paper trail to track syrian refugees. you know they are working with local law enforcement, just to
8:58 pm
have heightened vick len -- vigilantes like places -- vigilance at places like football stadiums. >> there are first responders because you know in paris, you have 6 different things going off at the same time, how do you respond to that? and i was thinking, a lot of these police department are going to be tasked with much bigger responsibility, when it comes to fighting terror. >> here is what they say, just recently, you know russia started -- the bombing of you know that highway. right after that paris gotbaum -- bot bombed, there is more heightened activity, and its caliphate, law enforcement said we have to buckle down. they have been doing, we know,
8:59 pm
they have been doing dry runs, practice suggestions for example, they did one in virginia, shopping mall, the most dire scenario they have modeled for, is styled after mumbai 2008 attacks, you know it took -- the people in certain media -- say, you know, get a grip, the syrian refugees are not a problem, that attack was done by tennis lamb -- islamic militants and terrorists in 2008 wounds 268 people, lasted 4 days. >> refugees have not been responsible for attacks tsarnaev brothers were not refugees. >> so far, a -- a -- one person can do a lot of collateral damage. jim: that is the show thank
9:00 pm
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