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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 19, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EST

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this morning. square and match groups set to start trading today. problem is they've priced below estimates. nine dollars a share way below expected range 11-13 a share. latest sign of weakening sentiments of offering and company valuations. ipo market has become a little shaky there. we will see how stocks open up. checking actions overseas. gains across the board. dax in germany up, cac almost 1% higher. asia overnight. similar story. major averages rising. december rate increase, looks like the markets are likely to see at this point. the others up one and a third percent. pretty much gains across asia.
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pfizer reportedly close tore make the formal offer, botox maker, 370 and $380 a share, announced as early as monday. shares expected to open up, take a look up about $4 or so on the day. it closed at 310 and change. turn to the campaign trail. donald trump maintains lead in new hampshire with 27%. ben carson dropping to fourth place tied with jeb bush. both at 9%. authorities in bem gum launching a series of raids on places linked to the paris attackers. this is french officials are seeking to confirm if the mastermind behind attacks was actually killed during raids. ashley webster is in paris. ashley, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, maria.
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we are still waiting to find out whether his dna was found at that location. in the meantime, the big story today in france is appeal to french lawmakers by both french president and prime minister to expand state of emergency for another three months, that would give police more ability to track and surveil those suspected of terror and french lawmakers are appearing to be receptive. one lawmaker saying this morning the attacks were too serious not to respond with extreme measures. well, that is certainly the case in belgium, maria, where authorities there are suggesting a set of rules proposal to put an electronic pag on those people suspected of being extremist. putting people in jail and
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extend amount of time a suspected terrorists can be detained without being charged. these are some extreme measures but low makers in france and belgium say we are facing an extreme threat from these terrorists. in fact, the french prime minister saying this morning that the terror threat could include chemical or biological warfare which got people's attention. life goes on in paris. eiffel tower closed yesterday was open today but it's like a cold, wet, miserable day and not a whole lot of terrorists. >> maria: i know they had lid up the tower with the colors of france. they opened it and closed it again yesterday? >> they did for a short period of time. >> maria: i'm sure. thanks very much, ashley. isis is lobbying new threats against the united states specifically targeting new york
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city and time square. look at the pictures. they posted on the internet. i want to bring in former navy seal commander. keith mccullough, great to see you. talk about what the threats entail with forces to do raids in france as well as belgium right now. what do those look like from a practical snrefl. >> you're going to get reports where you find where terrorists are, come up with a quick mission plan and go out and hit them and it's a beautiful thing to watch. >> maria: are they more effective when you go in and hit them like direct on the ground or what would you say about that compared to the air strikes? >> if you're talking about the ones that are takes place you have to do a little bit of both. i'm support of anything killing terrorists, whether it's air strikes, they're both effective.
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but eventually you're going to need to put people on the ground if you want to really battle damage assessment and see what kind of progress you're making and really move forward in the overall operations. >> maria: you and your colleagues were obviously in taking back a key city in iraq that we needed once they were there. how did you characterize what they are doing today in iraq and syria? >> that's a city we fought for. they are fighting for -- iraqi forces are fighting to take it back right now but they are going to need support and air support and likely groups on the ground to take it back. the enemies dug in there and that makes it challenging. >> dagen: compare and contrast the aggressiveness what the france is doing and the u.s. has been doing?
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>> in my opinion you absolutely need to turn up the heat, france and russia are going to be start alter aggressive, they've taken casualties in their own homeland and i believe we should support them and do the same and even beyond support, we are america. we should be taking leadership role in attacking this disturbing and disgusting enemy. >> keith: is that odd to watch for us to still not just get after it? >> it is very disturb to go see. we have military force that no other country in the world has, and so why would we not use the force to get rid of this horrible enemy. >> kevin: you are going to be sit here frustrated watching this? >> we should go with overwhelming force. if you're going to war go and win decisively. don't play around.
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>> maria: your team t navy seals so many of you fighting but it doesn't feel like you have a specific, you know, strategy in place, how do you deal with that when you've got so many different opinions? the president says i'm not going to deal with syrian refugee issue and i'm not going to put more troops on the ground? >> it's horrible because we have troops on the ground. their hands are absolutely tied in what they are allowed to do right now, which is again horrible thing to do and not the right strategy. if you're going to put america in harms way, give them the ability and authorization to do their job which right now they don't have. >> maria: has the military spoken up about this to the president, do you think the president understands the position he's putting his strongest most courageous teams in? >> i would say, no, the president does not understand. >> dagen: strategic patient that describes that the administration has used in the
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past, strategic patience. >> what are we waiting for? how much more patient do you need to be? we've got now threats against time square, how much more patience do you need? i'm not sure. >> maria: unbelievable. >> everyone has to remember that the locals on the ground are normal people, we go into a building and there would be a dad working on a car, two kids kicking a soccer ball and mom cooking dinner and what they want is to live in peace, and they can't live in peace obviously now, many of those people were murdered by isis in the city so it's very disturbing. >> maria: let me ask you this, what about the forces in the local areas. president keeps saying we need to empower them, we need to make sure to help them and train them. what would you say about your colleagues on the ground, our
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friends around the world? >> this is actually crazy talk because we had -- the soonies rose up and fought and now -- we let them get overrun and killed, they've been murdered by the hundreds those that stood up before us, now we need to wait for them. they did rice and fight against isis and now we left them, they got overrun and they've been murdered. i don't know where they're going to come from now. >> maria: right. thank you for your insight and obviously for your amazing service. >> it was an honor to serve, thank you. match match pricing below expectations. what does that say about the broader market or pio market? coming right back. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ can a business have a mind?
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>> maria: welcome back. authorities in honduras arresting five syrians intended to making it to the united states with stolen greek passports. jo ling. >> jo ling: good morning, maria. this comes after eight suspected isis members were arrested in turkey for posing as refugees yesterday. meanwhile here in the united states governor declaring a state of emergency in the state of washington, rain in 100-mile winds tuesday killed three
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people, over 300,000 resident lost power. to ipo's price last night, square at $9 a share. match group which operates, tender, $12. bottom of that range. we will start trading on the new york stock exchange. here we go. we are watching the tech companies come to market and as expected disappoints already. >> maria: this is an area, technology and financial services where you think there's going to be a growth there and square. >> this wouldn't have been expected six to 12 months ago. now we have even markdowns and if you look at snap chat, and then we have the not so good stuff. equity pipeline, albertson's.
6:15 am
it's interesting capital market scenario. i think it's a dangerous one. >> kevin: i think it's a great strategic to show mechanism. and so when they came to market the market priced it efficiently, you're not worth this, you're worth this. yes, yes. everyone intended to chase in the private market and started seeing that and we saw it come to the top when we were talking about fidelity. >> dagen: welcome to the real world. tell you what you want to hear. this is a reality. maybe your banker should have told you to hold off. we have seen -- they're not tech ipo's, a lot of ipo's delayed. home depot, nieman marcus. you get priced down and it's an
6:16 am
embarrassment. [laughter] >> keith: you know the thing about unicorns is that they don't exist. >> jo ling: exactly it. >> kevin: they came below market so expectations have been set. they have some other things in the pipeline like square capital. that's going to take a while to play out and that's risky. >> maria: what does it tell us about the broader market? >> jo ling: there's sus taped weakness in ongoing doubt and going back to fidelity, when a company like that marks down snapshot and then you have drop box ridden down as well, square has no indication of being profitable any time soon to sustain itself. >> dagen: the number of tech ipo's 62% compared to a year
6:17 am
ago. they had -- >> keith: when we were here in 1999-2000i thought there's no way in hell we are going to do this again. in 2007 we are doing it again and now doing it again. people are surprised by it. >> maria: wow would compare it from what happened in the 90's and then 2007 to where we are right now? >> keith: instead of the internet we call it the cloud. >> dagen: they just came back. i will save my crazy because i'm about to lose it. [laughter] >> maria: jo, thank you. ipo specialist. she will give tus low down and what it means. ben carson losing steam in republican presidential race. details right here. keep it right here in mornings with maria, fox business
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>> maria: welcome back, brand new fox polls are in. let's turn to campaign trail. donald trump in the lead. marco rubio coming in second. blake burman in washington, d.c. good morning, blake. >> blake: hi, there, maria. donald trump has a commanding lead. trump is 27% support among new hampshire republicans and as you mentioned, that is double his closest competitor marco rubio.
6:22 am
ben carson has fallen to 9% in that state joining jeb bush. the race on the democratic side, significantly tighter, bernie sanders topped hillary clinton by one point. democrats have essentially ping-ponging back and forth between those two. split on clinton as well when it comes to potential general election matchups when topped against eight republicans in the state. clinton only wins three. bo hand idly carried new hampshire in two elections. poll was conducted after fox business debate last week and the immediate days following the paris attacks. back to you. >> maria: blake, thank you. these polls do not look good for ben carson. interesting to see how he's come down. >> dagen: very strong in iowa
6:23 am
because of the ground operation that he has there, home schooling people have given him a lot of support. can he continue momentum. if he wins in iowa, strength on policy, there was an article in new york times which was unfair, nevertheless the questions had been raised and certainly donald trump on immigration, fits in after the terror attacks and reaction and above many refugees must stay out and matched with what donald trump has been talking about. >> maria: health care. >> kevin: that's why you are seeing a breakup in the poll
6:24 am
numbers. a taste are totally different. [laughter] >> keith: my friends here, we are going to get specific of that. rubio is quite specific on foreign policy and rise on the polls is going to continue here. again, he has some serious momentum here and i think that you have to kind of go back and say to yourself, who is a young republican going to look like against a pretty old hillary clinton. it's kind of the upside down. young obama against an old john mccain. i think he's going to do quite well and strongest suit which is foreign policy. >> dagen: watch ted cruz strong debate showing and certainly command of foreign policy and understanding will benefit him greatly. >> maria: i agree with you. rubio and cruz. >> keith: that's an interesting one. he wants to have that head-to-head. maybe he'll get it.
6:25 am
i doubt it. >> maria: i know he is out in manila but feels like he has a -- [laughter] >> dagen: unit the nation, bring us together, make us feel safe and secure, if we don't understand how these refugees are being -- >> maria: explain it. dismiss our fear.cture us. >> kevin: where did that come from? >> maria: he's still talking about the cnbc debate. they were afraid of moderators and now afraid of women and who
6:26 am
orphans. >> keith: we look weak and i think the russians are taking this crisis as another advantage point where they can wound up obama. >> kevin: what are we showing? >> maria: exactly. is it going to be next month. we will check it out to see if it's sooner than you may think. joining us new york jets owner, bush campaign finance chair. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are.
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maria: had the thursday, i am maria bartiroma.
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with me is dagen mcdowell, keith mccullough kevin kelly. the bent is back, here are the top stories on the east coast, french police trying to confirm whether the mastermind of the paris attack was killed in yesterday's green on a suburban paris street, firing 5,000 rounds of ammunition in the raid, two people were killed, eight is detained, reuters reporting this group was planning another attack targeting the financial district in paris. in belgium authorities launching six raids near brussels and to one of the paris suicide bombers, the focus of these raids, the attackers entourage, president obama reiterating his stance on syrian refugees after saying he would veto any legislation requiring any additional screening for those syrian refugees. >> the overwhelming numbers are children, when, families, themselves victims of
6:31 am
terrorists. we already have in place from most vigorous vetting process. >> the president saying refugees are under more scrutiny than other people in the entire refugee rhetoric will settle down. we will bring you the latest as developments come in. let's check markets, we expect a higher open for the averages he did indicate higher average for the industrial average off of best levels of the morning but nonetheless looking at a gain of 60 points on the dow industrials, big day, an ideas on the docket, square and mattress set to start trading after pricing last night, and price offering $9 a share when above expectations, the range called for a 11-13-share, priced at 9. match price the estimates, the latest sign of weakening sentiments which continue to be talked about. checking action overseas
6:32 am
european markets forcing gains across the board, all the majors, the cac quarante, between 1 and 1.5%. in asia major averages rising as yesterday's federal reserve minutes point to the increased possibility of an increase in interest rates this december, next month, markets will want to see that and many move into equities again. to the campaign trail the latest fox news polls are up, donald trump maintains his lead in new hampshire, 27% support for donald trump. ben carson dropping the fourth place tied with jeb bush at just 9%. janet yellen on investor radar after minutes were released yesterday, federal reserve's last meeting showed an increase in interest rates on the table for december. most officials said current economic conditions warranting a lift off on rates at the next meeting. longest job growth and inflation trends take a turn for the worse. we have been talking about this for a long time and you have
6:33 am
been in position they can't raise rates because the economy is too slow. >> i have gone with economic news so it is a bit of a joke, a big joke of the fed is actually dependent on the s&p 500. of the isn't the 500 goes down a won't go to make it stays of that is where they are. the data is bearish, you can look at one jobs report and find the unicorn or do what you want. and does your production came at zero.3%. we have had retail sales hitting a new low last week, all these things happen and the fed keep saying we're going to be dated dependent, this has to be the most mediocre exercise in american financial analysts in any single situation i have ever seen. we are going to wave from one data point of the dobbs reporters have baked or good enough, they will go and it is huge risk. >> the fed wanted to be transparent and give full guidance and to you what happened because we will hopefully raise interest rates
6:34 am
until they were wrong and the fed reality happen. >> janet yellen had an absolute conviction because of this -- got to look the acronym, the fed oversight modernization reform act basically to on the gloves that. she says look, you can't do that. lobbyists in washington going against the that that is dated dependency has shown they have to raise rates in december and that is why there telegraphing as we saw from their tour, said governor is going all around talking about the possibility. is showing up in the minutes. what we have seen is course cpi and a one.9%, just a shade under 2% close to the target, we saw the highest wage growth happening in six years from the last job numbers at 2.5% which they needed leaving the healthier inflation. how much lower could we get in the jobless rate? we can't. they're trying to telegraphed it because they don't want to be politicized next year.
6:35 am
they got to do it in-house the next year they are not subject -- >> the quarter point -- >> the message that the economy is okay. >> i heard this too many times. it is stock versus slow point, rate of change. i don't care if they raised by one basis point. and a slowdown if you have a real panelists on deflationary, the cpi up a little bit of a lows, producer prices, why you have corporate profits, new lows in >> reporter: terms, dog firings coming, the fed will raise rates for the first time in the slowdown, they could raise by 26 point and it is not talking to. >> i don't think it is a slowdown. look at this nonmanufacturing p.m. i, as p.m. i. it maria: the recession -- >> the services sector came in at 59 well above the 50 level.
6:36 am
that is huge. >> have you listened to the conference calls and nordstrom, macy's, anybody yet, these guys collapse, terry noe is more about retail minute and he said it appears to me my consumers entering a recession -- maria: the consumer company has been in a spiral. something to get his arms around the department store. some of this is a sea change within the retail industry. they are doing well and some aren't, he is one of them. amazon online retailer is eating lunch at the department store. >> in nail on the head. if you have been -- dagen: ok and traffic was okay 1.7%, come on, come on. >> that has to raise rates because inflation is going through the roof.
6:37 am
mcdonald's trading at 21 times, next year's earnings that turnaround story, they miss five of the last earnings cycles on pbs, it is scary, people going in because there's a 3% dividend yields. weakened going to is that. we have the best in the world at mcdonald's. my brother is a franchise -- said anything like this. mcdonald's is one of the best turnaround stories in the marketplace which is a cheap stock on a turnaround numbers. if you don't -- looking at the wrong thing. $0.21 earnings for the first time in the last two years beyond same-store sales -- >> your number -- >> that is the problem. that is what the market trend action in the market -- >> and no. you don't know yet. dagen: the earnings are still too hayek and stock is going up with the earnings downturn next year. >> mcdonald's trades 14 times our number. it is a great number and what
6:38 am
you do research. the reality is i don't know how you do that. >> the instituting from investor day. it is nothing. maria: we are getting all caught up. >> these and we will go into recession next year? >> absolutely. all the rate of change data continues to support. if you don't have a research team or model i don't think you can have an answer for this. i think at the end of the day there's a lot of qualitative nature to this little lot of people missed the slowdown and cyclical recession. a lot of people are quite certain it is not a recession that never held any slowdown to begin with. >> talking to straight quarters of contraction in 2016? >> yes. >> two stocks to watch, pfizer and halogen looking to acquire the biggest deal of the health-care company. nicole petallides has details here. nicole: new report pfizer in advanced talks to buy botoxmaker
6:39 am
allison for as much as $150 billion or $380. share. official announcement is expected monday. that price would be the biggest m&a deal of the year ended goes through it will allow pfizer to move its headquarters to ireland, helping to reduce that. more than 22% premium. we season trading to the upside closing at 31080, it would put under one roof $53 billion in sales, but talks could even move pfizer forward splitting into two companies but it depends on the treasury department because obviously they have been watching corporate inversion closely. maria: about to lose the ten largest companies, thank you. don't forget to start your day with nicole petallides on "fbn a.m.," weekdays on the fox business network. immigration debate heats up in
6:40 am
the wake of the terrorist attacks in paris with potential threats coming into the u.s. from syria and our southern border, 2016 candidates laying out their plans to protect americans here at home. we will break down for you, stay with us. there's a difference when you trade with fidelity.
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maria: president obama threatened to veto republican drafted bills that would suspend the program which allows your in and iraqi refugees into the united states. jo lin kent has details on that and other morning headlines. jo lin: this would require the top security officials including the fbi director and secretary of homeland security to certify that any refugee admitted into the u.s. does not pose a security threat. the white house claims the bill is untenable and if the veto threat while moving forward with plans to resettle 10,000 syrian migrants. workers at seven of the biggest u.s. airports are now on strike as they look to unionize contract workers. 2,000 baggage handlers and wheelchair operators want to list takata dollar and our minimum-wage. the strike is set to last through tonight affecting chicago's o'hare at jfk and la guardia airports in new york
6:45 am
city. republican presidential front runner donald trump using the terrorist attacks to make his case for immigration reform in this new radio ad. >> the tragic attacks in paris proved once again america needs to get tough on radical islamic terrorism. president obama and other politicians have consistently failed us. i will stop illegal immigration. we will build a wall in the southern border and i will also quickly and decisively bomb dog howl of isis. >> trump is way in front in a brand new fox news poll of republican voters in new hampshire with 27%. maria: joining us is for rudy giuliani adviser, thanks for joining us. give us your reaction to what the president said. >> vote president doesn't get it. in february he said the fuhrer to isis is jobs. friday he said they are
6:46 am
contained. monday everything is a setback. the president has no credibility and it is disappointing we don't have somebody in the white house to can protect us. maria: scary. >> there's a space between him leaving and everything else, russians and many people in this world would just as soon as kill us are going to take a vantage of it. >> absolutely. the president focused on his legacy while everyone else is focused on what can we gain, vladimir and looking to gain things, isis wants to eradicate everybody who isn't them and it is a distressing and dangerous world we live in and the president is not focused on it. >> the thing someone in the republican party can take over the foreign policy debate while obama is in office and who would that be? >> marco rubio has a very good sane approach to dealing with foreign policy. if you look in his plan for isis and used it several months ago we don't -- by little bit of monday morning quarterbacking, we will not be seeing such a
6:47 am
strong organization with the plan is not only to target them using special operations, bombing but also target them economically, it and every way you can do it and irrational way and the president was again jobs. >> hillary clinton's foreign policy comparable to the president's given she was secretary of state, part of the administration? >> not comparable, it is the president's foreign policy. >> did people see it that way? >> people will see as what they want to see it. hillary clinton everybody has preconceived notions, very few people have no opinion of hillary clinton. maybe she is out getting her donations from wall street because of the terrorist attack. maria: the thing contradictions in what trump said before now in the of fox business debate moderated by maria bartiroma from says we need to rebuild our defense department, make it great again but we should let russia deal with isis and we can't lead the world's
6:48 am
policeman, we need to spend on infrastructure now is bomb isis. >> donald trump, let's be honest, if he were running for dog catcher he wouldn't be qualified but he went out in the debate and said we should outsource getting rid of isis. let them fight it out of rivera and three days later we have what happened in paris. >> the president's strategy. >> donald trump been braced democrats including this president until he went on address certificate movement but this gets down to leadership and having a proactive plan. is that the difference between donald trump who keeps telling us he has plans i can't identify, maria struggled with finding his plans with some specificity, there are no specifics where as marco rubio, this guy, people say he is young. i think being young is a good thing. hard-core foreign policy guy or is he just a couple -- >> he is foreign-policy experience, sat on a party
6:49 am
committees in the senate, he has been around washington without becoming too much of an insider, understands what needs to be done and that is something we needed a president with our current president -- maria: let me ask you in terms of there is a follow-up to the donald trump -- we did not get to every question we wanted at the debate but if donald trump constantly says let russia kill isis what does that mean for israel? can you still have a program and policy to support is real but let russia and the middle east fight it out? >> we don't really have a program supporting israel but it is not the best thing for israel either. maria: that is the follow-up. if the u.s. pulls back and let them deal with it, what happens to our friends who are counting on us? dagen: what happens to europe? what happens to the rest of the world in terms of the tariff threat because that threat is no longer in the caliphate and in syria and iraq, it has arrived in europe and it will show up on
6:50 am
our shores unless something is done. >> you are hitting the nail on the head. everything in the world is very complex as you just point out. you have donald trump saying simplistic things which i'm going to bomb the heck out of isis. i think there are people in government especially the pentagon who would love to do that but that is not going to solve the problem or help israel. it is is going to be dropping some bombs and you still have to do things after that, go in and see who you got and provide support troops, getting with special operations forces and we are not doing that. we have 50 special operations forces and five well funded -- maria: they need back up. thank you very much, season. coming the highlights from my conversation with charles koch who weighs in on the white house race and money in politics, back in a moment. i said you better sign it...
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maria: what do you say to people who are upset about money in politics? >> we need a society of neutral benefit where people succeed by helping others improve their lives and people need freedom and the ability to innovate and have opportunity to do that. so when fay we are trying to rig -- we're trying to and read this system. maria: that was charles koch on money and politics, we will talk more about that and hear more of that interview.
6:55 am
putting more cash into politics helps unresisting? what do you think? >> it is like this again, at as shrugged the moment where you have all of these bureaucrats and these one of thes over here and the capitalists are tired of it. this guy is hard core. i would be fine with him being president of the united states or my boss for that matter. he understands, you put a dollar and somebody's pocket and make them earn something with that dollar you get closer to the meritocracy this country is really all about. not about hand out, or big government spending. maria: either hard work from a young age and that is how he became the billionaire he is. >> not one person in this country that became a billionaire any other way that i would respect. dagen: the entitlement train is rolling more in the last eight years and how do you put it in reverse? >> it goes back to the real question does the government ought to spend your money better than you do?
6:56 am
dagen: i don't think so. >> of course not. the answer is abundantly clear. maria: that is the point he was trying to make. we will talk more about it coming up because he has built a huge company, koch industries, that was part 1 of a two part interview with chairman and ceo charles koch. we will sit down with new york jets owner would be johnson talking about everything from the 2016 race to deflategate, all here on "mornings with maria" this morning, back in a moment.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
maria: i am maria bartiroma, thursday november 19th, with me is dagen mcdowell, keith mccullough and 3 gun capital's kevin kelly. top stories at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast, french police working to confirm whether the mastermind of the paris attack was killed in yesterday's raid in a suburban paris apartment. police firing 5,000 rounds of ammunition in that raid, two
7:00 am
people were killed, eight they change, reuters reporting the group is planning another attack at targeting the financial district in paris leading belgian authorities launching six raids near brussels linked to one of the paris suicide bombers. they're on the attacker's entourage. president obama reiterated his stance on syria refugees coming into the country saying he would absolutely veto any at legislation which requires additional screening for syrian refugees. >> the overwhelming numbers are children, women, families, themselves victims of terrorists. we already have in place the most vigorous bidding process we have for anybody. maria: the president went on to say the refugees are already under much more scrutiny and the anti refugee rhetoric will eventually settle down. we will bring the latest developments as they come in on this story. look at markets, futures indicate a higher opening, that
7:01 am
minutes out yesterday, the market is looking higher although i should point out we should -- we are lower than the highs of the day, the gains have been cut in half, down industrials up and up 40 points, something going on this morning where the market is losing momentum as we speak and nasdaq, as in the 500 higher but off of a highs, a big day for a public offering square and that troops are trading today, global payment company square priced at $9 a share, the expected range was 11-13, priced at 9, matt also priced in estimates as the latest sign of weakened sentiment around technology offerings and private company valuations. check the action overseas, european markets posting gains, pretty much where they have been, up 70 points on the isn't the, 35 points iron cante, dec in, 160 on fire in germany. in asia overnight, major averages in the federal reserve and this point to a likely
7:02 am
increase in rates come the december meeting from the federal reserve next month political stocks to watch, pfizer and allergen close to making a formal offer, the botoxmaker's price could be 370 to $3 a share. pfizer is expected to open up a fraction. the deal could be announced as early as monday. elgin shares rising, 3d dollar deal. stock is up and looking higher this morning. of the campaign trail the latest fox news polls out, donald trump maintaining his lead in new hampshire, 27% support new hampshire but look at ben carson dropping to fourth place tie with jeb bush at 9%. top stories this morning about that happening is overseas, authorities in building watching a series of raids on places link to the paris attackers. french officials seeking to confirm if if the mastermind behind the attacks was killed during yesterday's rating a suburb of paris. ashley webster on the ground live in paris. good morning to you?
7:03 am
ashley: good morning. as that goes on the lower house of the french parliament did indeed approve an extension of the state of emergency announced by french president francois hollande, they approved the three month extension at what that means now, it allows anyone deemed a public threat to be placed under house arrest and also allows searches of houses without a court order and police are also now being allowed to carry guns of duty. there was a large demonstration and rally set for this sunday in paris. that has been cancelled on the advice of authorities. in belgium they too are looking at much stricter laws, vaughn belgian prime minister today introducing some laws that some are calling for cronies saying we are in a war and have to take extreme measures which one would be an electronic tag on any suspects considered a major threat to the public. also in presenting any one that goes to syria or elsewhere to
7:04 am
fight for isis if they come back to belgium they will be put in jail. those issues being debated, the french upper chamber tomorrow will take up the state of emergency issue and if that goes through we will indeed see that implemented here in paris. meantime as you said we have no confirmation of whether the alleged ringleader in last friday's attacks in paris abdelhamid abaaoud was killed in the attack yesterday in the northern suburbs islam latest from here. back to you. >> ashley webster in paris, want
7:05 am
to bring in as assistant to donald rumsfeld steve bucci, the foreign policy has been criticized. what should we be doing now given all we know about isis? >> it is very clear the idea that isis is contained might be true if you are only talking about iraq and syria but clearly not true overall. we need to go after disguise in iraq and syria to lower their profile, lower their ability to recruits and get people to do these things elsewhere. maria: what was striking me was the fact that president francois hollande was fast with his reaction, send troops, with the u.s.'s help. it is a question i don't understand. if we knew exactly where all
7:06 am
those isis recruitment centers were, in syria, all these isis headquarters why did we need another terrorist attack in order to bomb those recruitment centers? the u.s. knew what exactly where they were. >> it sure seems that way. i don't have a good explanation for it, 50 to 75% of airstrikes, american ones come out without having dropped their ordnance because they don't have an adequate target but the french bid this incredible target list, i don't understand what the deal is with that. we need to stop ridiculous rules of engage and for our air campaign, really up the numbers and the vehemence of the attack, we did need at harris attack to kick this off. no excuse or reason for what happened. >> didn't the french need that baton, is that simply leadership baton? obama didn't want it, they took
7:07 am
and the french to me, i am not the biggest fan of socialism in france, they look pretty good. maria: yes they do. >> the french have picked it up. the problem is how long can they maintain it. no offense to anybody else in the world but these don't last very long. a -- an enemy like isis, to do it. dagen: i last hour quoted from the wall street journal editorial page, editorial entitled france leads from the front, quote, strategic patience. how the obama administration characterizes its national security policy and in the face of elise terror attacks that will not change, will it? >> the president said it won't. i don't see how it cannot change. strategic patience is a nice
7:08 am
intellectual concept to the if you are being attacked you got to act. maria: maybe they're just waiting for the clock to run out on obama's presidency but don't have to deal with it. >> that is part of the plan. dagen: i hazard by guess they think the strategy is still working despite the fact that isis expanded its area of attack because we haven't had an attack. until that happens nothing changes. >> is there a way to defeat isis without the bashar al-assad regime. we are seeing russia coming in clearly supporting the regime. is there any way to do that? does the united states capitulate and say we are fine with the bashar al-assad regime, let's defeat unified enemy. >> i don't think we have to ally with the bashar al-assad regime. we can go after them using special operators, boot on the
7:09 am
ground. isis, one of the major threats, and we should. >> why is the president adamant about the refugees thing. even though it feels the average american is questioning how to that everybody who is coming into the country, of course you want to be able to say these people were pushed out of their homes, you have to consider the vetting process. >> ben roads's comment about the vetting process being so expensive, so perfect is a bunch of baloney. is very flawed, difficult to do. anyone who says it is a slam dunk is wrong. maria: why is it so difficult? >> because arabic -- you are translating names to english, multiple ways to do that, arabic naming conventions screw up
7:10 am
western-style databases coming from a country where there is no baseline you can receive because it is a failed state. is very difficult to do. is not impossible, the president shouldn't just blow off the concerns of the governors and citizens of this country. just doesn't like anybody disagree with anything he does. dagen: if you disagree with his ideas, his approach has always been dismissed and attack. if you don't agree with him, you are an idiotic minutes tick. >> most ideologues think we are all idiots. most politicians that are ideologues, in their eyes i and an absolute idiot. dagen: i would i use some people in this country distress the president's stance on these refugees because they don't like or do not back his immigration plan.
7:11 am
connect the dots. the number one issue for the election. it moved from economic issues to national security. >> you need prudence and patience when coming to the refugee crisis as opposed to shooting from the hat. dagen: thank you, great insight. maria: appreciate your time, president obama ignoring the wishes of half of the country's governors at half of the representatives, explain that next. before we take a break, saw the light, best buy shares sinking, retail headquarters sales were down better than 2% from a year earlier cutting fourth quarter guidance, stock is down another retail rack to deal with this morning, back in a minute.
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
maria: officials in honduras >> six scenes with fake
7:15 am
passports. good morning. >> five the head to the united states, no signs of any links to the deadly attacks in paris. president obama is frightening to veto a bill republicans are pushing through the house that would increase screenings for scenery refugees trying to enter the united states. >> overwhelming numbers to have been applying eye children, women, families, themselves victims of terrorism. we have in place the most vigorous vetting process for anybody. jo lin: october was a hot month according to nasa and the national oceanic and atmospheric administration, the global average temperatures in october was lost ever recorded at almost 59 degrees. experts say this year's el nino could be one of the most powerful on record bringing
7:16 am
significant winter weather to the united states. mobile payment start up square going public today but priced last night at $9 far below its range of 11-13 and maxed group, shared at $12 a share, the bottom of the range. this is another indicator of what is happening to tech ipos. maria: would you buy ipos, would you buy into an ipo when you see is priced below estimates? >> no. because of that. you are seeing institutional investors saying we won't buy in 13 or the 11 or maybe we will did our toes in at $9, people getting better information than the rest of us revised that. they make it is a nice price compared to what prominent investors paid last year when raising money, $15.42.
7:17 am
>> there is a process, the process is the company goes around, do the road show and people know the company are like if they don't need to go public which is the problem but company would sell below 15 because they need liquidity, that is the problem to begin with. investors also got burned on a ali baba. dagen: jack ma dorsey, those two companies. maria: not emblematic of success. he is back but it is not necessarily turning things around. is suffering. maria: one person running two public companies. >> that might be the unicorn. when you are running two company's at the same time. when we look back my kids will look back and sat look at that bubba, you dumb enough to buy a bubble after the bubble. in 15 years we had three
7:18 am
bubbles. i don't know why it is is surprising. is not cool to have two companies the dagen: who were the dummies, those who invested in these companies in 99, that went bust and basically reinvested in the same concept that a higher price in the second internet bubble. >> had to go to work somewhere. maria: china made a move overnight. >> they cut interest rates. this is why overseas markets were strong overnight, the chinese the two things, there overnight rate at 2.75% but they also have 7 day lending facility, this is predators and planner because you have no idea what that is. when they cut they buy the futures. there is money everywhere. doesn't matter the retailers are missing, but if they missed what i hear from wall street, people don't shop there. >> the warm weather is affecting it.
7:19 am
>> you can't just pick on all the retailers because everyone knows amazon. this is a disaster. maria: we are dealing with another retail arrests this morning, thank you. we are looking at those ipos coming up. latest polls showing donald trump trumping dr. ben carson in a race for the white house, his appeal to voters. stay with us. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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maria: brand new fox poll in, donald trump in the lead, marco rubio coming in second, blake berman with the latest here. >> solid polling for donald trump, nationally and in new hampshire. in the latest fox news poll trump lead in efforts in the
7:23 am
nation primary with 27% support. that is double his nearest competitor, ben carson slipped into single digits in new hampshire dropping him to fourth. for trump, this is the twenty-second consecutive new hampshire poll over the last five months he has led in that state. nationally a new poll shows donald trump on top yet again. and leading ben carson 24 to 20, marco rubio the only other in double digits, showing an overwhelming percentage of republicans feel trump would be better if and carson at managing the economy and combating terrorism where cars and trucks trump, the doctor has better temperament and better ability to work with congress. getting back to the new hampshire poll five months trump on top in that state. pretty remarkable considering we are three months out into the primary.
7:24 am
maria: a lot of people did not think we did get these numbers the donald trump has held in the league, gaining steam in the first primary in the first caucuses. dagen: his stance on immigration, helps him in relation to syrian refugees and that backlash happening there and general concerns about terror in the united states. it will be interesting to see in terms of his campaign, operation on the ground. and how he can stand up there. this is a horrible thing to discuss but with the terror attacks on friday, he had gone down a road with ben carson verbally talking of about child molester. frankly little in sane. >> i have been dead wrong on
7:25 am
trump, and in risk-management terms, it would continue to narrow. don't forget marco rubio was basically saying i will remove janet yellen from her seat. what the fed is done, great quotes he had. maria: ted cruz as well. >> less crazy to me. when you go head to head on foreign policy issues those guys are up and come, but the spread will narrow. >> it is clear donald trump is contrary to obama. with trump you get a guy showing strength and resolve on whatever and you want that in a leader and a guy where you can feel like he would do what is in the best interest of this country unlike our current commander in chief. >> yesterday ted cruz said to obama say that to my face. maria: sort of like that. up next major deals could shake up the m&a market. we will talk about that next in
7:26 am
a moment. .
7:27 am
7:28 am
> . . >>
7:29 am
. maria: welcome back, let's check markets futures indicating green across the board should see higher opening o broader averages off the best levels are dow jones industrial average expected to open up about 33 points, earlier expecting a gain of about 80 points, investors eyeing a merge pharmaceutical giant pfizer nearing the deal to acquire allergan as much as 150 billion dollars canadian about about pacific 28 billion for norfolk southern a rail network across most north america, bring in equity strategist good to see. >> you what do euphoria around
7:30 am
stocks. >> less bad news out of china fed not going to kill us. and third quarter earnings not great weren't horriblet, all that is just a bit of a relief, we are moving from kind of the middle of the trading toward higher end. >> i guess we know a industrial part of the economy has been under pressure factoring that could be in recession, it was on consumer here we go this morning another booed fad for consumer you counting on consumer. >> absolutely. >> best buy macy's kohl's. >> walmart. >> walmart good, lowe's was okay, home depot was good it is mixed, the important point is bricks-and-mortar is not where they are spending their money. >> spending a lot of money buying new homes, trading up, in homes. >> cars. >> buying cars, buying experiences not going to macy's to buy shirts. >> this is --
7:31 am
>> -- that is all but that is all areas of the economy that are helped by extremely low interest rates. >> absolutely. >> now what? >> it is if rates were going fed funds from zero to 2, we have a discussion, but rates are going from zero to one quarter one per cent, it will not matter. >> how do you look brick-and-mortar nature of the s&p 500 components that are not amazon at 990 times trailing earnings certified disasters in the public equity, srt, retail etf down 12 percent for the year, how do you set do you buy into that or do you stay away from that. >> you have to become more selective consumer discretion off '09 bottom best of 10 now differentiate own home depots, lowe's be careful of the department stores that are struggling with same-store sales more bifurcated. >> i want to point out, supporting goods dick's
7:32 am
supporting goods numbers horrible stock 3 1/2 lows something like that. >> the -- the forecast for the current quarter was bad, keit keith,. maria: . >> going out of business, kind of a local supporting goods chaining filed for bankrupt. >> a shift from bricks-and-mortar to emoleculars away from ticket itemize to other things consumers are spend sag lot of money just not on advisable stuff that we go to store on. >> gdp, retail sales, by the way, not numbers -- >> have you checked out home sales existing home sales new home sales up more than 10% -- >> that is massive. >> autos as well -- >> that is not a huge component of gross domestic product is 1 1/2% recent
7:33 am
report retale lowest level of the year aggregate number includes a lot of -- >> so consumer networks all-time high, job markets best has been 20 or 30 years. >>. maria: good number october. >> starting to pick up, you are seeing, the consumer the amount spending on necessities, food energy debt services a percentage of disposable income 35 year -- >> that is they happened the end of the cycle not beginning this is end of u.s. consumer cycle. >> i disagree. >> you disagree this is the end. >> k consumers cycles don't end when wage growth is just beginning to pick up. when this have been there for a while you know, this about cycle has been elongated not pouf cycle but nevertheless those consumers not finished. >> talking about home depots,
7:34 am
lowe's, cherman well are you seeing values visa starting to see loft in leaders in the u.s. what is going on overseas because i noticed of dax outperformed u.s. one thun, three month, six month year base. >> coming from very low level, right, that is all i am taking. >> implementing quantitative easing over there, gar is stronger so you have to have money overseas i am not crazy about u.s. multinationals because of the strength of currency for the same reason i think you have to let yooun multinationals really good companies as you point out cheaper than u.s. complex. >> back to the -- so you disagree that -- when do you think the u.s. could go into recession. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> he thinks the recession is going to happen next year, 16. >> smart people like yourselves speaking that, i just don't see it that way, we will have a recession some point, i think, that the consumer will keep us from a recession, and manufacturing side is kind of
7:35 am
teeter-tottering watch pmi's, october, globally started moving right direction if that continues, i think the probability of recession goes down. >> pmi's in europe showed could improvement? >> the number. >> to be clear. >> beat expectations in spain was legislated the charge so you have a former member of the leading that that is in face of you know we've got volkswagen came down, really hampered on investor sentiment, sxheerl spending over there as well. >> if you have been long cyclicals industrials pmi's, the kwie at corneerstone saying pmi bodily injury since july the end interest is pmi positives continue to slow 3 month basis why is october one month bounce looked like stock markets or not i am on other side of that i i think the trend is bear iraq in pmi's, ism. >> you may be right since august bottom cybering cal out
7:36 am
important fomd. >> breaking nurtures maifrmd of paris attack moneying those killed in yesterday's raid according to announcement from france's prosecutor get that out right away we are learning that the mastermind has been killed, in paris raids. >> incredible because it was suspected all along that he was in syria. so when they raided this apartment in saint-denis looking for him -- thinking that he would be there. was pretty incredible, because it spoke to how did he get back in the country, number one, and, two, this was clearly other attacks being planned. in this -- in this apartment. >> the bullish thing could explain two day rally marks do discount this is very bullish he hadlines out of the news. >> i apologize for interrupting you wanted that out. >> you are saying buy stocks. >> attentively i am not pounding the table i think we are in a trading range are a, going to stake better economic earnings data to punch to the
7:37 am
high side make new all-time highs i think we get there not today or tomorrow. >> recessions in earnings recession we have seen that going to continue going forward s&p 500. >> leave there it good to see you appreciate it very much, president manila philippines vowing to veto republican efforts to restrict syrian refugees from entering united states white house correspondent right now was details, good morning to you. >> hey maria good morning been a while i think we are at another alfa bet network back in the day great to talk to you here is what what is going on in controversy, even though we are hear to take about, the economy, and the same story actually applied back during stop in turkey, quite bully pulpitly security has become the major issue, domestic and international given what happens in paris, and as relates to this security, apparatus and vetting refugees might skoem from syria the president was very clear
7:38 am
saying listen in fact he said throughout this trip, the idea of not accepting more refugees, into the u.s., makes no sense, it is against our values it is begins our tradition, yesterday he even said that when you consider the number of people that come here, come to the u.s. that is, on vacat the massive numbers, if you look at that number versus 10,000 syrian refugees potentially, the fact that that one number is not a risk, and 10,000 syrian refugees so he how a great risk doesn't jive with reality, but keep this in mind very quickly, there are a number lawmakers maria feel very strongly, that without a proper vetting process one that is stronger than 18 to this month process the white house keeps touting, governors are not going for this a tug-of-war i i suspect back to washington. maria: sure, all about the vetting, kevin thank you very much, we will check back later on as news develops coming up, charles cooperative on money in politics why u.s. tax
7:39 am
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7:42 am
. . breaking nice out of france mastermind of paris attack among those killed in yesterday's raid we have confirmed to announcement from france's prosecutor saying he was identified through fingerprinted and skin sam pelz headlines of the morning
7:43 am
airport workers, hitting the picket lines jo ling kent the story before thanksgiving holid holiday. jo ling: 7 days before thanksgiving thousands at several busiest airports on strikes cleaners bag gage handlers protesting what they say poor working conditions low pay want a minimum page 15 dollars an hour new york metropolitan transportation authority says it is losing money in battle between uber lyft, costing 10 million dollars a year, because you beenier lyft riders don't pay surcharges like riders in traditional taxi cabs do surcharges generate money for mass transit. >> front-runner donald trump paris attack to make case for immigration changes a new road ad take a listen. >> tragedy attacks in paris prove once again america
7:44 am
pleads to get tough on rally terrorism president obama and politicians the consistently failed us i will stop illegal immigration build a wall on southern borrowed yes, i will qui quickly asubsidize leave bomb the hel the. >> charles koch chairman ceo koch i asked if he wants ddz to focus on debt and deficits in the election if not what? >> well, that would be wonderful that is one of the biggest problems in the country, we have an liabilities over 100 million headed for financial cliff people want programs not sustainable, at this level. so we -- needs to be dealt with, this isn't one party this is both parties, contributing to this irresponsible spending and waste.
7:45 am
maria: the big kahoan is entitlements, social security, in particular. how do you think we actually move the needle on this, what kind of changes do you think make sense? >> well, i think, it -- we need to consider that people are living longer, and will live longer, and then we need to allow innovation to occur rather than regulations, and other things that are stifling it. because if we do that, if we allow notificatiinnovation medih more efficiently everything through an economy can but we need to get rid of the misguided policies, that are stifling, these opportunities, to make that these fabulous improvements in lives. >> on smaller scale you made the point uber a great service
7:46 am
yet they are trying to stop it from moving forward even though that service is probably better, it is being done better than what is on the market already. >> yeah, how do we know that? because that is what customers want that is what customers want that is very drivers want to have the opportunity to work when they want, be more flexible. and -- and then use information technology so people can vet the driver, and the whole system. and we what we see that everywhere, this is what i call corporate welfare or crony callism it is political capitalism not free market. >> when you say corporate warfare of welfare. >> 1.5 trillion, the estimates i have seen, have exceptions provisions that favor one group one industry one company one set of people, versus another.
7:47 am
and we need like we need everywhere, we need to put the consumer and the customers back in charge of the economy, rather than the government through the tax code, through regulations, through import tariffs merchandise not allowing consumers to make the choice, but those in politics, and the bureaucracy making the choice under mining well-being. >> in the book you right market-based management tell me what it is how you came to believe, in market-based management? >> well, my -- the essence of market-based management is that the way -- in a proper society, the way you succeed is not by focusing on how you maximize profits, but how do i maximize the value i create for others how do i best help
7:48 am
others improve their lives, so you focus on building capabilities to better help you create value for others. and then you focus on those opportunities, for which your capabilities will create the most value. >> so you pay people based on performance, you actually respond to the amount of value they are creating. >> right, and that is that is the way you -- in a -- you want entrepreneur like a bill gates somebody comes up with the developments that improve people's lives we want them rewarded because we want them to do more just like, non is unhappy lebron james makes all that money because it is obviously he creates value. maria: that was charles k koch chairman co koch industries part two will air tomorrow we talk money and politics so far he is not publicly announced who he is behind for president in 2016 we will get into that tomorrow
7:49 am
what he thinks should be the most important issues, charles koch on the issues of the day, he said that he just the u.s. is heading toward a will financial cliff we know that social security is ring for insolvency. >> right, i love that guy, by the way, he is he is awesome, if i if i were to pick warren buffett or charles koch i go with are charles koch, koch brothers villains you ask democrats you ha people clinging for handouts let them talk fantastic for the country doing that interview, really gets people back, to what this country was built on this guy is a raging free market capitalist i love him. >> corporate welfare. >> barack obama was to make corporations may taxes, ge didn't pay taxes for years
7:50 am
announced to committee just like just kidding guys i am actually going to -- at the corporate welfare basically hurt the middle class, and he is talking about are mortality rates the extension of people they are going to die later we are going to have a huge deficit here funding medicine. >> already do that is why social security is going broke. >> -- >> 65 trillion unfoundeded -- unfunded about liabilities, guess what medicare medicaid there is nothing you can do except when you have administration that keeps giving out welfare, then fighting, you know, sequestration, the budget, over what they want to increase welfare. >> defense spending we got to talk about that 6 600-billion-dollar downloading that is coming up we will be right back. it needs to be earned every day.
7:51 am
using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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7:54 am
maria: welcome back, let's check markets u.s. futures higher, we are well off the highs, looked for opening that is about 20 points higher in dow jones industrial average, nasdaq higher 15, s&p 500 up about 5 here, this market is giving up steam, i know that the china rate cut -- for markets. >> people beg for they want that rate in vain that is what market wants traditional easing did anyone ask why china cut rates, two nights go zi said things getting slower extended slowdown i have friends in pboc meetings in the week they are setting up to devalue guys are running out of time. >> why market rally yesterday after fed minutes looks like fed is going to raise. >> so why does -- just saying,
7:55 am
you swrust said investors. >> no two things, two things, there is -- markets very good sniffing out what this guy got sniffed out of his hole in france that is a very bullish data markets very good at discounting good news the best news i have seen in a month. >> discounted yesterday they expected the -- abaooud, killed. >> if you look at market going up it kas because of dollar weaker everybody has been so worried, about -- and corporations, so pull up a chart you can see, as weakerer markets stronger that is what is happening because everyone is anticipating through the fed that this is going to be a one and done situation. >> a i got you -- >> one and done that is it dollar -- >> great hypocrisy if we raise a good sign of the economy that is that is -- i can't use the word. >> i have said it what are you say being me. >> reality this market is frighten withed dollar goes up triple digit hiking expectations in there this
7:56 am
market can't handle it economy probably can but market joont two hours ago we first sat down market expected to open up 80 points i think what happened was be left bst buy as result the market is coming in looking at gain 20 points on industrial averages two week ipos priced below expectations another -- >> what happened the market as the decoupled from the economy the economy is getting stronger but the market is now starting to hit thally because multinational, right, so that is the biggest thing stronger day will impediment we have seen it. >> i can disagree with that what you said the economy getting slower best buy saying what they said macy's koeflz nordstroms the consumer is slowing light cycle best buy basically flat fourth quarter believe them biggest things
7:57 am
hurt best buy enterprise sales. >> i will sit down with woody johnson his support for presidential candidate jeb bush the current state of the nfl we will be right back, stay with us. onth. this is a very big problem for us with respect to fast and efficient transportation. it's kind of a losing proposition to keep going this way. we are trying to tackle the problem with several different modes. one of them is the brand new metro. we had a modest forecast: 110,000 passengers per day in the first line. we are already over 200,000. our collaboration with citi has been very important from the very beginning. citi was our biggest supporter and our only private bank. we are not only being efficient in the way we are moving people now, we are also more amicable to the environment. people have more time for the family and it's been one of the most rewarding experiences to hear people saying:
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maria: welcome back i'm maria bartiromo you are thursday, november 19 with me fobs business network dagen mcdowell, hedgeye ceo keith mccullough, and jonathan bush breaking news out of france, french prosecutors confirmed maifrmd of the paris attacks among those killed in yesterday's raids police firing more than 5,000 rounds of ammunition in a raid, suburban paris parliameapartmen least two coiled reuters reporting group was planning another attack farthing financial district in paris. >> in belgium authorities watching raids, the focus of
8:01 am
those raids on treeshgz enentourage president obama reiterated stance on syrian refugees coming to america saying he would veto any legislation requiring additional screening for those syrian refugees. >> -- they pose a more significant threat and all the are toists every single day, just doesn't jibe with reality that is not what law enforcement this can z not what anybody who looked at this problem thinks they are already under much more scrutiny, and so, my expectations is after the initial -- rhetoric the people will settle down take a look at facts. >> president said refugees are already under much more scrutiny than others antirefugee rhetoric will settle down the latest as they come in futures indicating a
8:02 am
higher openings for the broader averages although not much, look at what has happened in the last two hours, probably open lower dow jones industrial average now looking at a gain of 3 points at this point, the s&p and nasdaq also higher, but well off the highs of the day, partly cloudy because best buy reported it is cutting guidance fourth quarter stock selling off this morning big do a for public offerings square match group begin trading priced below expectations square price offering 9 dollars a share that was below the range that everybody expected, 11 to 13. match group pride below estimates the latest sign that weakened sentiment around technology ipo market private companying valuations. >> european markets holding on to gains ft 100 up 1% cac quarante in paris up half a per cent dax in germany up 1
8:03 am
and a third in asia major averages rising as federal reserve minutes pointing to december rate increase china loader rates boosted shanghai hein up 1 and a third per cent through asian markets companies to watch pfizer allergan, pfizer reportedly close to a formal offer for the botox maker allergan could be between 370, and 308 a share, the -- 380 a share to be on move today pfizer expected to open down, but look at allergan, actually this is also reversed course this is expected to openly higher on 380 price tag you are seeing allergan reverse course indicate lower, campaign trail we go latest fox news polls out donald trump maintaining his lead in new hampshire, 27% support for donald trump. dr. ben carson dropping now 4th place jeb bush at 9% breaking news out of answer from this morning it happen mastermind of paris attacks moneying those killed
8:04 am
yesterday according to announcement from france's prosecutor we just got that 20 minutes ago ashley webster in paris with the latest reaction, good morning to you. reporter: yeah, good morning to you maria well it is news we've been waiting on, finally as you say french prosecutors announcing they did indeed kill ab del hamid abaooud 28-year-old belgian national during that raid yesterday in paris suburb of saint-denis acting on intelligence before that originally thought abboud was in syria thanks to wire taps information, and tips, they then believed he indeed was in saint-denis and that approved the case prosecutors saying his body was found riddled with bullets, but ultimately it was his fingerprints that managed to solidify the identification. certainly, he was well-known to authorities, suspected in a number of other plots,
8:05 am
including that attempt on train in northern france that was stopped by those three young american men. but certainly the terror threat does not go away with this announcement, and today, thrower house or lower assembly of the french parliament agreed to extended state of michael jackson three months has to be proved by house of parliament tomorrow will give police broader authority authority to search houses without court orders to put people under house arrest if they suspect could be some sort of terrorist activity we will see whether the upper house french parliament tomorrow will agree same story in belgium raids in brussels, maria one person taken into custody for questioning, all of this is trying to find out how far out how far do the tentacles reach from that paris attack last friday who knew about it helped it, how
8:06 am
far does it go? they are not stopping until they try and get all of those responsible but the amuse today big news, of course, is the death of abboud back to you. >> ashley webster on the ground in paris there are reporting that a ptop clinic officials focused out over views on refugee crises, david bowers removed from clinton leadership council refusing to settle sign migrants in his city, good to see you. >> have thanks for joining us what is your take first on this clinton fibl being pushed out. >> i think that it is -- speaks to -- to the hard line of the clinton campaign, i find it curious that she pivoted so far left i understand why she is doing it i get her base, but frankly she doesn't have to, she is
8:07 am
already she is going to get the nomination, so she doesn't have to be this hard line. and she is going to have to move to center as we know, in order to win an election. >> is it all about bernie sanders? >> out bernie bernie, huh? >> they worried biden would get in? >> i don't think they really were worried about biden. >> really. >> no i think look i think maybe biden was they set that up, for the -- democratic party to look like it had some -- options, competition, i don't think that was ever real. maria: is that right? >> look, she is going to be their candidate. she has got the money got the organization, she has got it all. i just am surprised she isn't kind of -- moving away from obama doctrine, that is what has got me puzzled, where does
8:08 am
she go with that. >> obama is so unproperly you would think could take views moving away from him, she is not doing it. >> on two big -- i say couple big ones maria talked a lot about this, noni guess nonaccepted consensus on obamacare what is going on currently with refugee crisis, i mean what she take if to take one she didn't want would it be health care or foreign policy? >> that is a good question. i suspect right now would be foreign policy because after all, that is what is in the news, i mean that is that is -- the top of the news. >> national security particularly after isis getting strong as it is don't you think i thought jobs would be number one. >> i did too. maria: it is shifting. >> how could she be as weak as antibody on foreign policy that is easy is it not. >> never easy pivot away from sitting president policy if from same party that is never easy to do always take risk in doing that. maria: .
8:09 am
>> doctrine of strategic patience to quote "the wall street journal" editorial today. >> they were quoting -- >> hamlet -- >> maria. >> how going to do a study right now they are going to be see a is in a a quote from suzan rice earlier this year, "the wall street journal" editorial contagious we cannot afor youed to bufeed by alarmism in nearly us. >> cycle if scared sickest up. >> i will about he contrarian here, you know, this that they put out, on the internet threatening new york, and times square, i know, would i say to isis is are you kidding, i am a new yorker do they think that film is going to intimidate me? it isn't i am aware what is round me but if they are so stupid to come here we will give it back to them, and to
8:10 am
think that we should be -- let them think we are afraid of them? i am not afraid of them, i am a new yorker, and believe me, i am they can put all the stupidest films they want on the internet come to new york city, they will really understand what -- >> what number, pick a number? >> this is this is a show about business, business is about wild -- optimism bravery you take these on correspondent in paris mentioned the train attempt to train terrorism attempt foiled by a bunch american kids on their -- guy shows up with guns. >> that is american, come on. >> he got nowhere, one of the americans almost lost a finger because he was cutting with a razor blade kid held him down we learned quickly thanks to friend mr. ata, that we are all on the line, so we all are going to respond, by the way,
8:11 am
what is not going to stop loving the world and taking -- >> the made out of refugees -- >> then -- people. >> it is a country 10,000 people, own contrary, also i get it, but frankly, we are compassionate country we are a generous country we can'tfying out how to vet 10,000 people? we are talking 10,000. >> this is more than -- this is a question, this is more an issue how the president communicated with american people. >> dismissiveness. >> and also -- distrust by american people what he does so far in terms of immigration. >> you are absolutely right. maria: that is really an important issue. >> he has gone around, congress, he has gone around congress over and over and over. >> stomped on the constitution went around congress backdoor
8:12 am
in for obamacare, then went around congress backdoor in for immigration went around congress backdoor in u.n. iran deal people are getting tired of this we have a constitution a structure in place, you can't keep blowing off congress. >> now can't, you do need to explain to the american people, what it is, and how you can vet them because we are talking about 10,000 should not 4 blown up to the issue, that it has, with governors weighing in, and mayors, because really that -- that is that is not who we are as americans i have to say. maria: you think we can vote 10,000. >> i do, absolutely we can. . >> 10,000? >> how do you know where is database where is the actually information of who they are then. >> i have got i am happy to hear you say -- >> two years to vet -- >>. >> a i got to believe that we have the our intelligence forces and our capabilities can vet 10,000 people. i have to believe that, because if it can't, then we really are in trouble. if we don't know what is going
8:13 am
on who these people are. maria: all right. a great sentiment thanks for joining. >> good to be here. maria: joining the conversation we will be right back, stay with us. breaking ne
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
france on of alleged masterminded of the attacks. >> good morning. >> good morning breaking earlier this hour tmasterminded among those killed in yesterday's raid in saint-denis, according to french prosecutors, officials say, he was identified through fingerprints and skin samples, in u.s. exactly a week before thanksgiving, thousands of workers seven country's busiest airports are going on strike. cleaners wheelchair attendants -- addressing what they say low pay at o'hare, many other airports. >> a deal inching for close
8:17 am
electrifies inner talks with allergan for as much as 150 billion dollars a emerge would create a company nearly 53 billion dollars lipitor, botox, allergan in ireland would help pfizer reduce its tax bill, and the two companies did confirm they have been in talks for a while, now, but the deal closing may not be imminent. >> regulators do not want to use pfizer may move to ireland a much lower tax rate your take. >> too big to flee? >> now about -- moving forward with -- not too big. >> they can flee looking at 45% corporate tax, westbound what we should do 20 years the end of the election whoever wins gets the chance to reboot on that it is absurd, absurd. >> ireland handing out more acts a tax break for companies, based on products that are developed r and d,
8:18 am
done in ireland. that is -- and if they cut it to near nothing. >> we're the only ones making it will more expensive and costs regulator wise to operate in america in fact that is one of the reasons you are seeing small business refusing to higher workers because they are going to get fined if they don't offer health benefits, what did you talk about in commercial break united health. >> i think recently united maybe you can -- united put out earnings alert just now, and one of the things looking at pulling out of the connector, the obamacare marketplace, this is a highly commoditytized marketplace where you can't differentiate your product from the other products you have to be an identical product the only thing you can do check a price, that all of the payers a lot of pressure from white house during lobbying for obamacare to get on to put something up there so that they have a lot of federal dollars cover employees all play ball now as sort of third
8:19 am
base soccer team moved to other things, they are kind of looking at this saying how can i get less exposure, you know, not -- >> third grade policy with trump trying to have a canadian type health care system what is worse that or obamacare. >> risk of being one conspiracy guys i think some say maybe it not so bad -- >> oh, my gosh. >> i know that is not real that black helicopters on our side it is amazing how you are seeing the other thing there is a lot of pressure even to preventative health plans from creating their network, affordable care act premiums higher fewer doctors, less choice. welcome to obamacare. >> health plan what do you want you could do a network negotiate value you could do a high priced everything is in, you can't do anything, then why playing what are you doing. >> turning the claim clock for a penny a claim or whatever? >> -- we going to talk about
8:20 am
athenahealth coming up also new year jets owner jeb bush finance chairman woody johnson on state of the nfl and bush campaign back in a moment with woody johnson. jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in. it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
8:21 am
8:22 am
i just had a horrible nightmare. my company's entire network went down, and i was home in bed, unaware. but that would never happen.
8:23 am
comcast business monitors my company's network 24 hours a day and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. . >> welcome back next guess on the list of 50 most powerful women of the year, she guides streaming vision of a health care system, with over one billion dollars in revenue chief operating officer executive v.p. new york presbyterian hospital thank you for joining us. >> pleasure thank you for having me. >> we want to talk about marriage of health care and technology how you are using it at the hospital. give us your sense, of how
8:24 am
things changed at presbyterian. >> an academic million center is moving into the community, in an integrated way developing integrated deliver system to community physicians community doctors connecting the power of the academic million center and using technology to really enable that process. >> how? >> well as you think about it using data, so when a patient is in a local community, perhaps with a community doctor sometimes he or she needs to see a superspecialist we've got that at academic medical center using products, like athenahealth jonathan's electronic medical public records, to connect the dots, so wherever you are as patient your doctor, can connect in and see your information. >> that is that is going on right now because not only you have marriage of health care and technology but a revolution in commercialism people taking this on to get ahead of disease.
8:25 am
>> if only we reform to entire industry doing that rather than making putting more power in the hands of the government. doctor i want to ask you give me one example, of something that was xhaenchange that dramatically improved patient experience one thing. >> everybody hates to wait when you are waiting at hospital for a loved one going through surgery, it . >> we don't want doctor stopping what he is doing saying everything is fine we send automatictec texts, in our husband in surgery two hours later an tantamount text says he is out of surgery a half hour later come to recovery room now see your loved one, it was all work flow no doctor or nurse had to stop taking care of the patient, and you were reassured, it is a way
8:26 am
we're using text to help patients in experience. maria: i love it. >> -- we -- >> think about that experience, we always say that you know. >> if you have a bedtime manner helps the doctor. >> another example we have tablets for some patients they can use that to communicate with the nurses, so they are in bed remember old call bell press a button hope nurse may come now a tablet patient can economic wi communicate i have a question about this if nurse sees that is urgent she or he can stop come in immediately sometimes just a matter of communicating patient can look at what medicines am i on you can say i am on a new cardiac i want to than us better to think patient safety that is tech enabling that is in a we love
8:27 am
it in front of so many other industries in terms of those of the use of intelligent, thank you so much for joining us. >> pleasure thank you. >> up next new york jets owner johnson. we'll be right back.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> welcome back. breaking news out of france this morning. france's prosecutor confirming the mastermind of the attack is among those killed during the raid. he was identified through fingerprints. we will talk to former commissioner ray kelly about this and the potential threat to new york city tomorrow at 8 a.m. eastern. you do not want to miss this interview because of course, we know that isis is targeting new york city now. and we want to turn to the campaign trail. brand new fox polls are in.
8:31 am
donald trump is in the leave and labbing senator marco rubio is in second and blake, good morning to you. blake: good morning to you. solid polling for donald trump nationally and in new hampshire. in the latest fox news poll, trump leads in the first of the nation primary 27% support, double his near eest competitor and dr. ben carson into single digits and dropping into fourth. for trump the 22nd consecutive poll in five months he's led in that state. it shows trump on top yet again and comes from bloomberg politics and has trump leading dr. ben carson, and marco rubio the only other there in double digits and a percentage of americans feel trump would be better than carson, whereas
8:32 am
carson over trump having a better temperament. tease why taken in the immediate days after the paris attack. going back to our poll, the fox news poll, july, august, september, october, november, trump led in new hampshire and it's less than three months to go. maria: it's amazing. blake burman with the latest there. i want to bring in the jets owner, and woody johnson. thank you for joining us. and how does jeb bush make that breakthrough into the top of the republican polls? look at what we're looking at in terms of donald trump in the lead, marco rubio not far behind and then you've got jeb bush all the way at the bottom with dr. ben carson now. >> i think what we've found out is when people understand who jeb bush is and what he's done and what he did as governor and all the accomplishments as rnor3
8:33 am
million new jobs, cutting taxes every year, helping kids in third grade, not socially promoted which is a huge thing, and really representing children rather than the adults in the room, they will gravitate towards him. these are very, very positive, 90% approval when they know the story and they think they know jeb bush, but they really don't know jeb bush. maria: because he has to communicate who he is. >> yes. maria: do you think he's getting better at communicating that story line? many people think he's got the goods to be the leader of the free world, however, is he able to communicate that? >> i think when people are ready to listen to a serious candidate, like the next commander-in-chief, if they look at the speech that he made at the citadel, as an example. maria: which was yesterday. >> yesterday. you can look it up on the internet. if you look at that, you see commander-in-chief. particularly after paris and the russian plane that knocked down. you're going to see somebody you want to learn more about.
8:34 am
when they learn more about him i think they'll gravitate. take a look, for instance, in new hampshire, people make their decision last week and same thing in iowa. i don't know if they're focusing who they want as president, they're focusing on other issues, mad, mad at what their lives turned out to be the last eight years, ten years and looking for a change and somebody to change it and i think that will be jeb bush. maria: you've been a student of this for a long time, back in the romney days as well. do you believe the polls then this early on? should we just ignore the polls? >> i think completely ignore the polls. the polls are not looking at who is going to be the nominee. i think registering, the way the polls are, a lot of pollsters have dropped out, a lot of the famous pollsters have given up because it's so hard to get an accurate poll and so, i think as we get closer, i think as we get closer to the time when people are actually going to push the
8:35 am
ballot button or caucus-- >> jeb has been clear in terms of his economic policy and tax plan, how he would create jobs and cut down on regulation, he was very articulate in the debate about that. and how would you grade him in the debate? >> a solid b. maria: why not a "a"? >> i think we can do better. when he went to school, nobody got a's, the highest you got was a b. a solid "a" is a very good grade. maria: and yesterday, we heard some specifics on the military plan, right, in that speech. he says he wants 40,000 more soldiers on the ground, 4,000 marines, new submarine's, new aircraft. a time when america doesn't have a lot of will to send our men and women back into war, how does he make that case to the american people that this is what we need right now? >> the number one job of the
8:36 am
leader of the free world is to protect americans and you can't protect americans without no equipment and to ask our soldiers to go to war and not be protected in time of battle with ied's and all the things that they come across is irresponsible. the world and the nature of war is changing so we have to modernize our services and make sure they're all up to speed and we get more young people coming in. and that also does create jobs. i mean, it creates jobs and it helps the economy, but it makes people feel safe and it stabilizes the world, knowing that american power is there for them. maria: in fact, we've got 50 special ops right now who don't have any backup. >> right. maria: we've got the smallest navy ever, right? the smallest army since world war ii. >> right. maria: it's interesting that we're not hearing that rhetoric on the other side given the nature of reality right now. the world has become a much more dangerous place. >> right, it's hard to do
8:37 am
business in a dangerous world. so if you want to do business, increase the standard of living of everybody, particularly people that are just climbing up that ladder of success and give them an opportunity for that, you've got to grow the economy and that's going to take a more stable world that requires american leadership. maria: speaking of the business end of this and money end of this, is jeb bush having any problems in terms of money? we know where he is in the polls, are donors getting nervous? >> everybody is always nervous in the primary, but, no, i've been making calls around the country and after the last debate you were a part of, they're engaged, positive, all in, there's no defections or if there are defections it's kind after normal thing, no, we're doing very, very well. maria: you think by the time iowa, new hampshire happens we'll have a better idea in terms of-- >> oh, yeah, definitely. maria: you think his numbers go up? >> i think they go up dramatically. maria: let me switch gears and ask you about football, your jets, obviously.
8:38 am
a big controversy surrounding the daily fantasy football website, draft kings and fanduel, where do you stand on that? >> it has to be-- i don't think it's gambling, but that's up for the attorney general in new york. i think he'll-- you know, that's being litigated right now. maria: does it have an effect on the game? does it have an effect on the nfl? >> we really don't know. it's very popular, that's for sure. that's very popular and good for the tv networks and so much, doing so much advertising, it's amazing. what effect it has on football, i'm not sure. >> what effect does it have on football, deflate gate. what do you think about the ruling? >> there is-- when you're as popular as football is, you're going to get that, you're going to get all of these controversies a part of the media, a part of the media spin, so they get, maybe, blown out of proportion or underblown. >> the nfl's brand continues to
8:39 am
be incredibly strong. >> it is. >> and how and where is that resiliency coming from? >> i think that people love the game and like the excitement and the fact that there's fewer games so it's not like 190 games a year, it's every game is important. maria: sure is. what's the scoop on the jets? are you going to the super bowl? >> we're going to try to win this week. we're down in houston, texas, so tune in. maria: okay. >> jj watt, we're going to be facing him. maria: do you still get nervous on big games like this? >> i'm just as nervous as when i started. maria: that's goodment -- good. >> it's something i can't control. the fans are nervous, i'm nervous. when i get to the parking lot, everybody is optimistic and happy, and they had forgotten the week before we lost the game, but-- >> woody, good to see you. >> thank you. >> woody johnson here, mornings with maria starts every day at 6 a.m. here at the fox business network, before we go to break, the best moments from today's
8:40 am
show if you missed it earlier in the program. >> we should go with overwhelming force. if you're going to war, i'm going to war to win decisively. >> you know the things about unicorns, they don't exist. >> no offense to anybody in the world if there's know the a big effort in the united states these kind of things don't last very long. we're the only ones that can lead the world against an enemy like isis. maria: people don't want to see one person running two public companies, they don't. >> that might be the unicorn, somebody running two companies at the same time. >> as mcdonald's has one of the best turn around stories in the marketplace. it's a chief stock on the turn around numbers. if you don't have the right numbers you're looking at the wrong numbers, and only for the first time beat on same sales 20 times the numbers, next year's earnings. you're using concessions, that's the problem and that's what the market trades on.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> welcome back. we're following breaking news this morning out of france, following the week's devastating attacks in paris. jo ling kent with the latest. >> the mastermind of the attacks, abdelhamid abaaoud was among those killed according to french prosecutors. he was identified through fingerprints and skin samples.
8:45 am
>> and far below the range at $17 a share and the dating app, tinder, they're at 12 bucks at the range. they'll be on the nyse. maria: bringing in the manager of ren saps capital. kathleen, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. maria: ipo's have lagged the broader markets, particularly over the last two months, your take on two deals today. match group and square, we low expectations. >> yes, in a discounting mood ahead of thanksgiving. bargains in the ipo markets. and these ipo's are all about swiping. we swipe right if we like the price and swipe to buy. maria: interesting. the whole idea of swiping and the square business, financial services and technology, that is a hot area and a lot of
8:46 am
people say we're going to see disruption in this area of the industry and yet, the stocks did not resonate. we have a more disciplined public market, interestingly enough than the private side of the market. so the public market is really the surprise, the one calling the shots here and the square is interesting, because two-thirds of small business do not take credit cards. so, they're focusing on small business, have had a good run since they started six years ago, but, and, however, the focus on small business for them has meant lots of losses. they've got a billion dollars in revenue and we're not certain and investors are looking at what they're doing there because it's hard to make money with small businesses. and the customer acquisition cost is higher. so, those are the things and then on top of that, jack dorsey is only spending half the time with square.
8:47 am
maria: the company, twitter and square. >> to your point, the market, really, they almost look like binary options. by the time everybody is paid and they go public, they're binary. gopro had does not look like athena-- >> so long, and people dismiss it, no, athletic enthusiasts that are going to buy the companies. >> gopro. maria: no, and then the police-- >> and isn't that the point. as you know, they're very sophisticated analysts and portfolio managers looking at the companies and they say it's a boom or a bust, i've got to make a decision. >> there's some analysis happening here and we know the last round, square is the example, the play book for what's going to happen with this huge number of privately million dollars plus companies and-- >> i thought it was a fantastic idea, rebel, we'll bring to you next week.
8:48 am
the bottom line, small business is getting crushed. they're facing on the one hand, employees that want $15 an hour minimum wage and facing obamacare. they're going to get fined if they don't offer their employees health insurance and it's expensive. >> i think there's challanges for small business and even to see a company that's addressing the small business is a good thing and square is an example of what's coming down the pipe for the other private valuations where the bubble is. you may have thought square was worth 6 billion in the private market and this ipo is done at 3 billion. >>. dagen: should they have waited? you've got a lot of ipo's that were tabled. >> in the high billions for an ipo. my question is, is the ipo as a product disappearing? i mean, these companies are rising value up before they go public. maria: they want to stay
8:49 am
private longer. >> is the public market losing the mojo? >> if you want to stay private, how do you end up monetizing? i mean, as a company, it's fine, we've got private investors that own these stocks and they can't just sit there forever. their returns deteriorate the longer they hold them in the portfolio and we see the money drying up and if it's going to dry up, the returns are getting lower, the longer they wait and sit in there. that's why square came out now. it's not a good time for square to go public. maria: if they have to. >> . dagen: if the money is drying up, that speaks to the job market. maria: kevin kelly, we haven't forgotten about you from recon. you want to ask her a question. go for it. >> are we seeing going into next year, the ipo market slowing down, given what's happening with square, given what's happening with match? we saw alibaba wasn't a great ipo. it had much fanfare.
8:50 am
how is it going to shake out next year for 2016? >> well, the most important thing about the ipo market is not how many ipo's we have. the most important thing is are we making money? so, if we're making money in the market, and the market is no problem and yes, in the fourth quarter, the ipo's that got priced, got priced on average 18% below their proposed range. maria: and that was a good thing? >> and the result is they're up 8% on average in the fourth quarter. >> in the 401(k), got to lift. and the lift is going to the few private equity owners that ride it up and then you lose that lift for the average joe. dagen: stuck it to the private owner. >> we expect with the private returns we're going to see a good ipo market coming forward. >> what dagen said, sticking it to them. and if it's a cap or a unicorn, some of these are big, big
8:51 am
private equity things that have a lot of leverage. those are interesting to watch. >> look at first data, they were highly leveraged. the stock was discounted below the range to get it to trade 10% from its ipo price. maria: kathleen, great having you. >> thank you. maria: retail on wall street. best buy next. shouldn't what makes each of us a unique individual, help individualize our cancer treatment? now through advanced genomic testing, we may be able to pinpoint and diagnose what makes your cancer different, which can reveal precise treatment options that were not considered previously. with this important breakthrough at the
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8:55 am
united health, we're watching match and square ipo's. more with maria coming up. you're here to buy a car.
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♪ >> welcome back, two stocks to watch. best buy cut guidance and united health down 6%, trying to get out of the marketplace, obamacare. jonathan you mentioned that earlier. let's get the final thoughts from you. >> the thing about the obama marketplace trying to make it fair for the average consumer to shop, it was illegal to have a unique product and there's no way you can make a unique margin. no way to be unique, so quit. maria: the whole plan helped you, athena health. >> more people running more claims through the mill, we're a company that-- more is more. >> we only have a couple of minutes. on patient doctor experience, how do you make everyone aware of what you're doing so that your revenues can rip? you're making people aware of this patient-doctor experience that you certainly have. >> we've done a lot.
8:59 am
and go to the #let doctors be doctors. we're trying to get people angry about stuff they've become used to. and we try to engage hospitals and doctors completely. even the guys you had on, square, they're jumping over the old walls and creating a more intimate cool connection where any bum can take the credit card off the side of his skate board. that's a baseline for new stuff. dagen: my final thoughts, square, uh-uh, nice way to price your ipo well below the range, good luck. >> it's okay, it will be back. maria: are' upset the other guys in the private market paid-- >> not upset, but the volume of the company, waited, do you have the same ceo as another company in the valley. >> that will be a theme for all of these multi-billion dollar. maria: and how does athenna grow? >> athena grows because they
9:00 am
hate the pieces in the hospital and they think that the internet is big, it's not a crazy idea, we happen to be the only internet based medical records for-- >> are you allowed to say that on tv. >> no, you're not. but management worried about my mouth? don: thank you, dagen mcdowell and "varney & company" is up next, and stuart, over to you. stuart: thanks very much. got him, he's dead the man who orchestrated the paris attack has been killed. there's the headline and good morning, everyone. authorities in france confirmed it. a police raid took out abdelhamid abaaoud the so-called mastermind, that's indeed the headline from paris. the headline from president obama, a veto to any resistance to letting in ref fees. let them in said the new york


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